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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(1776) Git: let me guess. you are the servant of Basht who will follow us around constantly nagging us to do her quest until we break down and concede, yes?
(1772) DM: eh?
(1772) DM: oh no. ignore Norf for the time being. lol
(1772) DM: Wait 5 more min for Aggie and then we'll begin.
(1773) Norfirion: nah, im a epic lvl oozemaster
(1773) Norfirion: feel the power of slime
(1776) Git: Norf is.... a travelling boot black who is also a master of necromantic arts and a specialist in making dark magic boots. Oooo, shiny buckles... yes?
(1773) Norfirion: I was freed by ancient arts from my imprisonment in the vending machine
(1758) Sarrim: For all intents and purposes, the Oozemaster is really a glorified name for a salsa dispenser
(1776) Git: mmmm... salsa
(1758) Sarrim: So where's this Marcia person?
(1772) TaliesinNYC: not sure
(1776) Git: oozemasters are pretty cool though. do you have a pet ooze who follows you around?
(1776) Git: she said last week she wouldn't be here
(1772) TaliesinNYC: ah all right
(1773) Norfirion: heh nah im just a simple dawn elf wizard
(1776) Git: aww... too bad. Though we have been lacking in magic
(1786) Agatha (enter): 22:01
(1758) Sarrim: Agatha!
(1772) DM: After declining Basht's offer...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1786) Agatha...
(1775) Vrondard: ok Agatha is here.. lets go kill some orcs
(1775) Vrondard: : )
(1723) Renly: ( was it declined? seems only Git declined ?)
(1775) Vrondard: Vron would probably decline unless I'm missing something
(1776) Git: yeah, we were suppose to discuss, but I decided to storm off
(1772) DM: you've decided to see whether you could do some good in the eastern portion of the Kingdom, so you've made your way to the Castle and sought Isilar. You're now in the conference chamber in the Castle wherein you met with the royal ranger weeks before and were inducted into the King's service.
(1772) DM: (well if this isn't what you want to do, let me know and we can begin again)
(1772) DM: (actually I'm not sure if you declined. so clarify that and then let me know what's what)
(1776) Git: (show of hands; who wanted to follow Basht? Yay or Nay)
(1776) Git: (Nay)
(1786) Agatha: ((nay))
(1723) Renly: ( abstain... too new to the group )
(1772) DM: if you weren't in the group at the time of the game, you can still decide but pls consider this IC
(1758) Sarrim: (A religious task, and the need to play the devil's advocate, Yay)
(1772) DM: (and no you can't abstain. :) )
(1723) Renly: ( yay, then )
(1776) Git: (ah.. but not your religion...)
(1758) Sarrim: (He makes an interesting point...Could I get a recap on the religion in question? Its aims and values?)
(1772) DM: guess it's up to Norf and Vron
(1775) Vrondard: (nay.. on ot the orcs!)
(1772) DM: LG Zay'ali Aspect of Solnor
(1723) Renly: ( its a aspect of Solnor, Ra )
(1773) Norfirion: Nay as well
(1758) Sarrim: (Well, my choice is moot anyway, damn majority)
(1772) DM: (ok, then ignore this voting procedure and we'll continue)
(1775) Vrondard: ((not a follower of the War Father or Krauchaar... buggers on it))
(1776) Git: (also, consider, what if we sent the flail of with the other members of our group, Kha Gilman, whoever else is no longer with us... technically they'd also be chosen)
** (1723) Renly is impressed to be inside the castle for the first time. ( I assume ) **
(1772) DM: So you're at the conference chamber, and as you take your seats, Isilar motions you to quiet yourselves as soon as you make your introductions, and taps the table. Entering the room is a dawn elf in gleaming white robes.
(1776) Git: (nah, it's mostly just a big house with some walls and stuff)
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): Knowledge Check! I'd like to know who I'm addressing [1d20+5] -> [20,5] = (25)
** (1772) Isilar motions to the elf to take a seat. **
** (1723) Renly glances at the elf. **
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): Erm...That's a +8, sorry
** (1776) Git looks up to the entering elf curiously, "And you would be...?" **
** (1786) Agatha gives Isilar a curious look. **
(1772) Isilar: This is Norfirion, an journeyman magus in the service of the Order of the Silver City
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): Neeevvermind
** (1775) Vrondard sneers at this stranger **
(1776) Git: (sorry, which one was the silver city?)
(1772) Isilar: He wishes to join your company.
(1776) Git: :peering sideways at the elf: "Why?"
(1775) Vrondard: "bah.. what is that... Silver is for broken picks and weak backs"
(1786) Agatha: "Pfft, figures. You're dumping another one on us."
(1772) Isilar: Tell them, Norfirion. (hiding a smile)
** (1773) Norfirion bows in politeness. "As Isilar said, I am Norfirion. It is my honor to meet all of you." **
(1775) Vrondard: "hoi hoi now... saddlin me up with a pointy ear elfie... and one wearing a dress on top o' it?"
** (1758) Sarrim nods to the man from his seat. "Sarrim Veld, in the humble service of Tammara. The honor returned." **
whispering to Git, secret society of mages
(1789) Cethlyn (enter): 22:12
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1789) Cethlyn...
** (1723) Renly also nods at the elf. " Renly" **
(1776) Git: :comments proddingly to Vronard: "This dress wearer may grow a beard though, juss yer type... hehe"
(1773) Norfirion: "I have heard of your exploits, and I took seek more information and the ultimate destruction of the Fellowship."
(1791) Cole the DM (enter): 22:12
(1791) Cole the DM (exit): 22:12
(1775) Vrondard: "and not like yer averidge she-elf got anything to look at but this one aint got nothing... and that means he be a he"
(1773) Norfirion: "I ask nothing from you, other than simply allowing me accompany you."
** (1775) Vrondard gives Norfirion an unwelcome... **
(1789) Ari (whispering): sorry, what'd I miss?
(1772) DM: (Ceth: the PCs are in the Castle, meeting with Isilar, a ranger in the service of the King. The PCs are a company of warriors who entered the King's service secretly (see the logs for details). They want to help find out what's going on in the eastern part of Wylund. They're having a meet and greet with Isilar and a new member of the group, a mage named Norfirion)
(1775) Vrondard: (if he didnt notice)
** (1776) Git snickers in amusement at Vronard's comment and with a careless sigh turns back to the mage as he finishes his explanation, "Yeah that's great. But unfortunately we're going to have to ask something of you if you want to join." **
(1786) Agatha: "Hmph. If you walk with us, you ougtta pull yer weight. You mentioned bein' a magus?"
(1723) Renly: " can you vouch for this elf, Isilar ?"
(1775) Vrondard: "holy bugger me now.. and yer a blooming stinking mage?"
(1789) Ari (whispering): yikes, so where do I fit in, or should I just wait around til they get back to wherever we left off last time?
(1773) Norfirion: "Of course madam, I will take my share of duty and responsibility. You have my word."
whispering to Ari, just jump into it and play along. lol
whispering to Ari, I moved things up a bit.
(1775) Vrondard: "going to kill us all he will.. with his foul magic.. mark me words e' will"
(1776) Git: :waves a dismissive hand at Vronard: "Mage's are fine, depending on their character. And we're going to need you to give your word right now."
whispering to Ari, should have warned you that I toss players into the fire and make them make the best of it. :) you'll thank me later. :)
** (1776) Git leans forward with a serious look toward Norfirion **
(1773) Norfirion: Description: Norfirion is a young handsome dawn elven male. Standing around 5'2" he's tall for his race but his wiry frame hints at a life of study. He appears to weigh around 100 stones soaking wet and appears as no threat. You can sense a deep sadness from his grey eyes. His long silver hair is cropped short in the front and dangles down his back in a long braid that nearly touches the floor. Two mithral bands along with silver thread hold the braid together.
(1775) Vrondard: "mages aint fine! no no no no no no no"
(1789) Ari (whispering): new logs, since - what 2pm this afternoon?
** (1773) Norfirion bows. "You have my word, and the word of Hurishta, for I am her humble servant." **
** (1772) Isilar smiles slightly. "As much as I can vouch for the presence of a *cough* thief *cough* in the walls of this Castle." **
(1758) Sarrim: "Don't mind the dwarf...He's just a little paranoid after our last bouts with mages...What was it, the jeweler's child, the pink tree madman, and the channeller with illusions of grandeur?"
(1775) Vrondard: "tis foul magic.. twists yer soul inside yerself... summnin demons and such as well"
** (1723) Renly frowns. **
(1773) Norfirion: "It is unfortunate that you despise me so sir dwarf, for I share a great deal of respect and fascination for your kind and the troubles ye have faced."
(1786) Agatha: "Aye, mages typically haven't done well by us."
** (1772) Isilar leans back and watches you. **
(1775) Vrondard: "balls o' fire that burns yer beard.... slick patches of oil from nowheres"
(1775) Vrondard: "webs that stick all o'ver yer eyeballs"
whispering to Ari, reference to the 11th or 12 session
whispering to Ari, not sure which
(1786) Agatha: "Aye, aye, we've heard the rant before Vron."
(1723) Renly: " best to have one on our side then, perhaps... magic is derived from the gods after all..."
(1789) Ari (whispering): you asked for it.
(1773) Norfirion: "Unfortunately you'll not see any of that from me. I am a magus of the light. Perhaps one day sir dwarf I shall assist you in reclaiming the Altspire."
(1775) Vrondard: "and I don't despise ya... but yer magic I do!"
whispering to Ari, I look forward to it, my lady. :)
(1775) Vrondard: "naw... there be good magic and bad magic.."
whispering to Ari, let me know if you want me to take over the luggage. the luggage is right next to your chair.
(1773) Norfirion: "Fair enough, I only ask for the opportunity. I understand your leariness."
(1772) DM: The door opens and in walks in Ari, along with her wolf Silver.
(1775) Vrondard: "and if it don't be comin from the gods or a drum or a chanters chant it aint good"
** (1772) Silver growls at something unseen and whines softly. **
** (1772) Isilar motions at Ari and Silver to take a seat. **
** (1789) Ari looks toward Norfirion with fascination. **
** (1758) Sarrim stands. "I believe that, Vrondard's protests of murdering magics aside, we could do well with a mage. I for one accept you." **
(1775) Vrondard: (Vrondard will rant and rave till the end of time so trying to talk him out of this will (unless your an Elf) be the death of you))
** (1789) Ari glances at Silver and what he looks toward, whispering "hush both of you." **
(1776) Git: :having been uncharacteristically silent, Git gets up from his seat, circling the table in thought before speaking up, "Do you all mind if I say something?"
(1773) Norfirion: "Not at all"
** (1776) Git stands still and speaks down on the dawn elf, "If you come with us, it means you drop any alliegances or codes of honor or rediculous inhibitions at the door. I'm tired of taking on stranglers who bicker over their pride and their religion and their supeiotity when we have real problems to face on our jobs.Our lives are at risk, and I need to be sure that you'll put the mission before some pointless tradition or hang up. Same for all of us." Looking around the room to his comrades, "This is what I demand from each of you . Is it agreed?" **
(1776) Git: "I don't ask you to forget your former oaths."
(1723) Renly: " aye, having one on our side is well and good. I am leary of magic that does not come from the gods, but I will not simply dismiss him out of hand. You can join for now, but I believe you will be on say.... probation.. until you prove yourself."
(1776) Git: "I don't ask you to forget those things you care for."
(1776) Git: "But I do want to know we will act clearly and logically to accomplish the best we can, rather than demanding the others conform to our wills"
** (1789) Ari listens and begins to wonder if she is should be here herself. **
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): i think you wanted taht for Norfirion?
** (1786) Agatha wonders to herself "Oaths? What the bloody hell is he talking about?" **
** (1776) Git suddenly strikes a smile to Aggy, "Don't worry, you're one of the few people here who's never bugged me, luv"\ **
(1789) Ari: "I have taken no oaths that I feel will hinder this mission."
(1773) Norfirion: "You have no need to worry, I have no obligations except to my magic."
whispering to Vrondard, eh?
(1776) Git: (it's kind of a pact he's asking for, sortof, a "lets all get along" kinda things)
(1786) Agatha: "And what kind of magic is that?"
** (1776) Git nods to Ari and Norf in turn and looks to his older friends waiting **
(1758) Sarrim: "I will aid and protect my friends through pain, torture, even death...But you know I cannot abide that, Git. Tammara and my divine service to her is above all in this matter or any. But I know your heart is true, and so there should be no quarrel."
(1786) Agatha: ((I know. Makes sense. I just don't recall taking any sort of oath. One of Git's truer-than-true truths, I'm assuming))
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): you want Vron to pet the dog or Norfirion
(1776) Git: (didn't mean you when I mentioned oaths, that's mostly for the religious boys. Though Pride may meed you a bit"
whispering to Vrondard, the wolf. lol
(1775) Vrondard: "well what are we doin now... we goin to take all our clothes off and start huggin each other now or go slay some Orcs?"
** (1773) Norfirion cracks a smile at the dwarf's humor. **
** (1775) Vrondard scratches the wolf behind the ears seeing it wants some attention **
** (1776) Git gives a nod to Sam and gives a chortle to Vronard's comment **
(1776) Git: "Whatever..." :plops back into his seat: "So Isilar... what's our status?"
(1723) Renly: " seems to be the consensus, I suppose"
** (1772) Isilar straightens and coughs, motioning for quiet **
(1775) Vrondard: "this wolf the only sensible one here... sides me of course"
** (1772) The Magister appears in a seat next to Isilar. **
** (1789) Ari glances at an empty corner and smiles knowingly. **
(1776) Git: "Aye... the wisdom the flea ridden"
** (1772) The Magister grins. **
(1776) Git: :glances to the Magister: "Show off"
** (1758) Sarrim listens intently to Isilar **
** (1773) Norfirion turns and looks to the Magister. **
** (1772) The Magister snaps his fingers and the room darkens save for candles on the table. **
(1804) DarkRayden (enter): 22:33
(1804) DarkRayden (exit): 22:33
(1775) Vrondard: "arg....damn magic!" he curses
(1776) Git: "There are doors. and if you wanted it darker, we could have snuffed the lights"
** (1723) Renly shakes his head. **
(1772) DM: The image of a shimmering cloud castle appears in the midst of the room, hovering a few inches off the center of the conference table.
(1805) Xeriar (enter): 22:33
(1775) Vrondard: "this be what I'm talkin bout"
(1805) Xeriar (exit): 22:34
** (1776) Git glances to the cloud castle and asks of the Magister, "Your summer house I presume..." **
** (1773) Norfirion turns to the table and stares at the image as he tries to recall anything of note from his memory. **
(1772) DM: It is really an island, composed of solid cloudstuff in the middle of which sits a castle easily twice the height of a normal castle. Figures can be seen moving about on the cloud island. They appear to be giants...surrounded by orcs.
** (1723) Renly watches the show. **
** (1772) The Magister gestures to the castle. **
** (1758) Sarrim reaches out, considering poking it. **
(1773) Norfirion: "de'Amberville?"
(1775) Vrondard: "oh oh... I'll make an exception... send me there.. ya!"
(1776) Git: :to Norf: "Say what?"
(1772) The Magister: We have determined one of the causes of the seeming solidarity amongst the orckin in the eastern part of Wylund.
(1775) Vrondard: "do your worst... and sends me poor body over the torturous magical pathways to dere"
(1772) The Magister: Nay, not the d'Ambervilles. This is a cloud citadel that we recently detected...how it has slipped past our magicka is of great concern. Apparently, it has been present for quite some time.
(1808) Xeriar (enter): 22:36
** (1776) Git gives an errant slap to the back of Vronard's head **
(1773) Norfirion: "A place that dissappeared from our own existence mysteriously" *to Git in regards to de'Ambervilles*
(1772) The Magister: We do not know where it is currently at the moment -- what we do know is that the island is completely inhabited by creatures that serve those who reside in the castle.
** (1775) Vrondard will find the butt end of his axe jabbing into Gits softer spots when is he not ready for it **
(1773) Norfirion: "And who is the master of this realm?"
(1775) Vrondard: "har not for long!"
(1776) Git: :nods to Norf and asks the Magister: "So... the orcs are coming from a floating castle?"
(1772) The Magister: We do not much else beyond this point but are endeavoring to discover more information.
(1775) Vrondard: "look those be giants or I'm a tall gnome"
** (1775) Vrondard butts Git... **
(1773) Norfirion: "I see. Quite a strange and fascinating structure."
** (1776) Git groans as he takes an axe butt to his gut. Growling at Vronard, he discretely gives the dwarf's shin a kick under the table and asks, "Have you captured any orcs to interrogate about it?" **
** (1758) Sarrim looks toward the Magister and says, "Do you have a place you want us to search for?" **
(1772) The Magister: No. The orcs have inhabited the wildlands of Wylund for quite some time. The castle predates their inhabitance. Where this castle comes from, what its residents' goals are and who has allied with them is unknown to us at this time. However, although we will not ask you of it now, we hope that you will at a future point be able to discover those facts for us.
(1789) Ari: "I have heard strange tales of a place called Amber. I do not know if it is the same place."
(1772) The Magister: Actually, yes. (glances at Sarrim)
** (1758) Sarrim nods. "And that is...?" **
(1773) Norfirion: "Highly unlikely, but nothing is impossible." *to Ari*
(1772) The Magister: We have learned from orckin that we have captured, that the orcs and their allies are looking for a specific magickal item that has thus far eluded their grasp.
(1776) Git: "Let me guess... it's a flail"
(1775) Vrondard: "hmmm any chance it be an axe?"
(1775) Vrondard: "bah!"
** (1773) Norfirion stands silent, intrigued by the matter. **
** (1789) Ari glances shyly at Norfirion, "tis true, nothing is impossible" **
(1772) The Magister: This item is possesses much power -- or at least is attributed to have those qualities by stories that surround its creation -- and allows its wielder to survive any attack, regardless of the point of origin.
(1772) The Magister: It is in fact, a Sword.
(1772) The Magister: It is in fact, one of the Twelve.
(1758) Sarrim: "Such an item belongs in the hands of no mortal. Can it even hold at bay divine wrath?"
(1776) Git: "Pft... magic weapons. Some people always seek the easy way to power"
(1772) Isilar: As it was forged of divine magicka, and tempered with the blood of a human child, or so the stories claim, ays, it can.
** (1786) Agatha is genuinely surprised. "One of the twelve?" **
** (1789) Ari shakes her head sadly, not understanding the need for power. **
(1786) Agatha: "Which one?"
** (1758) Sarrim shivers. **
(1772) Isilar: The Sword known as Shieldbreaker.
** (1723) Renly frowns. **
(1775) Vrondard: the gleam in Vrondards eye fades finding out its just a sword
(1775) Vrondard: and returns again!
(1772) Isilar: Each of the Twelve has a weakness however, for in their creation, the gods decreed that there exist a balance in their existence.
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): If I might, could I make a knowledge check for knowledger about Shieldbreaker?
(1775) Vrondard: "oooh that sounds nice... sure it aint an axe?"
(1758) Sarrim: "So you are sending us to destroy this?"
** (1789) Ari gasps in horror at the thought of such an object, her tri-colored eyes shimmer on the brink of tears. **
whispering to Sarrim, sure
(1786) Agatha: "But ain't that weakness usually one of the other swords?"
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): Alright, [1d20+8] -> [11,8] = (19)
whispering to Sarrim, an unarmed foe can disarm and kill if necessary, the one who wields Shieldbreaker
** (1773) Norfirion lowers his head and sighs at the mention of such a sacrifice. **
(1789) Ari: "And is it possible to destroy such a weapon of power?"
whispering to Sarrim, an unarmed and unarmored foe
(1776) Git: "Shieldbreaker... that one can destroy the other swords... can't it?"
** (1789) Ari wonders, not for the first time what she has gotten herself involved in." **
** (1758) Sarrim gives a hoarse laugh. "Shieldbreaker...And it's weakness is that which only a madman would use." **
(1789) Ari (whispering): hey, I live with a madman, does that help?
(1758) Sarrim: "I remember reading about it...A peasant, with only his hands would fare a better chance at slaying the wielder than a legion of knights, am I correct?
(1758) Sarrim: "
(1773) Norfirion (whispering): any of this familiar to me?
(1772) Isilar: No, we would like you to discover for us why the search, and if you can, halt it. This quest will be long and arduous, and you would be committing suicide by going straight to its source. You will need a guide who knows much lore in the creation of the Swords. Unfortunately, no such person now exists....but there are those who exist between life and death. I am speaking of the il-Ruene, the ghost elves who reside amidst the ruins of the Forest of Miir.
(1776) Git (whispering): btw.. I think I'm gonna let the magister and them continue calling me Folan Serrias. After all, they aren't sure of his real name, and he doesn't like them very much. ;-D
(1772) Isilar: Ays, Sarrim, ays.
whispering to Norfirion, roll knowledgew
whispering to Git, ok
(1773) Norfirion (whispering): which one
whispering to Norfirion, arcana is fine
** (1723) Renly smiles at the mention of more elves, glancing at Vrondard. **
(1758) Sarrim: "A clan of dead elves? Why haven't the Gods taken their souls Beyond?"
(1776) Git: (religion check about the ghosts. know what they are, but wondering about contact)
(1776) Git: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [14,4] = (18)
(1773) Norfirion (whispering): 1d20+12
(1773) Norfirion (whispering): [1d20+12] -> [20,12] = (32)
(1775) Vrondard: "yer daft if you think I'm going anywhere near a bunch o' dead ghosts"
(1775) Vrondard: "live ones being bad enough"
(1789) Ari (whispering): may I just say, I hate open rpg? it has lost the node I had last week.
(1773) Norfirion: "I have seen and heard many a strange thing while in Miir. Perhaps it was the songs and moans of the dead."
(1786) Agatha: "How do we contact these ghosts?"
(1776) Git (whispering): since his father was a priest in of aranis El-Mascil in Miir, would he know of them?
** (1772) Isilar looks up with a pained glance. "They choose to straddle the border between worlds, the better to protect that which they have sworn to protect eternally, until the Ara-Cemnari arise and defeat Teneraél Undol in the last battle of the world. **
(1775) Vrondard: "yer don't! not ifn yer want to live"
** (1776) Git leans forward on his arms on the table contemplating quietly **
(1789) Ari (whispering): Thou Art God!
(1772) The Magister: You can contact them by going to where they reside.
(1758) Sarrim: "I take it they will not consider us hostile then? If not, we should leave as soon as possible."
** (1772) The Magister waves his hand, as the image of the cloud castle vanishes and is replaced by a ruined city set deep in the ancient elven forest. **
(1789) Ari: Listen Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [8,7] = (15)
(1789) Ari: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+2] -> [3,2] = (5)
(1789) Ari (whispering): I am beginning to hate this new comp, as much as the old one.
(1723) Renly: " they likely to welcome us?"
(1773) Norfirion: "That place......"
** (1773) Norfirion draws unusually quiet. **
(1772) The Magister: This is the ruined city of Celdenir, once the capital of an elven empire that stretched from the shores of Kern to the plains of 'Athaq. We do not know what caused its destruction, but we do know that its guardians and its magicka live on, lo these long years past.
** (1776) Git looks to the image, though gives a glance to Norfirion's response **
(1789) Ari: "Perhaps, the Elves of this party should attempt to contact them first?"
(1772) The Magister: They are more likely to welcome those who come not to loot and plunder than those who come with greed in their hearts. (glances around the table, lingering on Git for a moment).
(1772) The Magister: They would be more likely to speak to you if you had the presence of an elf amongst you.
** (1776) Git still looking to the ruins, he gives an offhand offense gesture to the Magister, ordering, "Explain already" **
(1758) Sarrim: "Then we shall have no difficulties with them. Right, my friends?"
(1723) Renly: " guess its a good thing we have one now"
(1772) The Magister: The rulers of ancient Celdenir were dawn elves...and mages as well. (smiles slightly)
(1789) Ari: "I would be willing to attempt to speak for us, if no one has any objections?"
(1773) Norfirion (whispering): have i seen this place? I spent some amount of time in Miir during the kernin invasion some 30yrs ago
(1775) Vrondard: "well congratulations.. yer finally found a use fer an elf"
whispering to Norfirion, you've seen images of this place but never been there
whispering to Norfirion, its heavily guarded both by creatures of the wood and by elven magicka
(1775) Vrondard: (vrondard is only slightly oblivious that he is surrounded by elves)
(1789) Ari (whispering): you could at least let Silver growl on behalf
whispering to Norfirion, and there are baneful creatures who live inside who seek to escape, but that is really the stuff of legend
(1775) Vrondard: (he is in general denial)
** (1772) Silver growls sharply... **
whispering to Ari, I can do only so much Marcia. lol
(1823) dicemistress (enter): 22:59
(1776) Git: "Hence, white robes(Norf) here is our perfect spokesman, right?"
(1775) Vrondard: "what?" he asks the wolf directly
(1772) The Magister: Why yes, I believe so.
(1775) Vrondard: (as in an apology)
(1823) dicemistress (exit): 23:00
(1773) Norfirion: "I have seen images in musty tomes of this place. Words written that say of baneful creatures who live inside and seek to escape, and yet of powerful protectors, both beasts of the wood and powerul magicka."
** (1789) Ari glances as Silver walks over to her and sits at her feet. **
whispering to Norfirion, infernal creatures. daemons.
whispering to Norfirion, headlesses -- creatures who appear as hairy humans except they have no heads.
** (1776) Git raises an apprehensive brow at Norf, "In that case, you can definately go in first" **
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: the white robes were Stan's choice :p I like dark blue or black myself heh
** (1786) Agatha opens her mouth to make a snide remark but decides against it. **
(1829) Lightfaith (enter): 23:01
(1773) Norfirion: "I remember one book, it mentioned dark infernal beasts, devils, daemons, headless creatures whom appear as hair men."
(1773) Norfirion: hairy*
(1829) Lightfaith (exit): 23:02
(1723) Renly: " so these elves keep these things bottled up?"
(1773) Norfirion: "Indeed I will for I am no coward."
(1776) Git: :to Norf: "Stop stop... save something for the trip, or what horrible images will we listen to?"
(1789) Ari: ((this is me being so very quiet))\
(1772) The Magister: It is my belief that the il-Ruene of Celdenir can guide you in your search for either an answer to Shieldbreaker or to the location of Shieldbreaker itself. Once you have this information, your next task will be to arm yourselves with power and potential, and to assist those who are besieged by the orcs, in preparation for your eventual assault on the cloud citadel.
(1773) Norfirion: "It seems so Renly"
(1773) Norfirion: "Power and potential......indeed." *smiles*
(1758) Sarrim: "Let us get to it then. Time is of the essence."
(1789) Ari: "Is that so different from others? Do not other races keep things 'bottled up'?"
** (1776) Git glares at the Magister, "We never said we were storming your cloud citadel for you. Don't you guys do anything for yourselves?" **
(1723) Renly: " how far away is this forest?"
(1772) Isilar: Long lost elven magicka, ays. The magicka is dependent on the forest...should the forest be torn down and destroyed, the binding spells will fail and chaos will be unleashed.
** (1789) Ari turns to Git, "You need not come if you do not choose to do so." **
(1772) The Magister: Four days travel, by horse, to the east. One cannot spelljump through or past the Forest of Miir. One can only travel through it, or around it.
(1775) Vrondard: "bah If we don't bring Git we will all die from some silly trap"
(1775) Vrondard: "and if I don't come... yer all die fer sure"
** (1776) Git turns a sneering eye to Ari, which melts to a weak grin, whispers lightly, "Sorry, mayhaps I do protest too much" **
(1758) Sarrim: "I would not have it any other way." *Grins*
(1772) The Magister: Why, we have never been able to determine. What we do know is that this has saved us on more than one occasion over the centuries. It is one of the reasons why Tolmara has only fallen to invaders twice in its long history.
(1789) Ari: "Well then your company is appreciated. However, if one does not wish to join in this, I do not see any benefit of forceing the issue."
** (1772) The Magister flicks his wrist, and the ruined city vanishes, to be replaced by a map of the Forest of Miir. **
(1776) Git (whispering): Oh, I keep meaning to ask you about git's festival events. whether or not they would still happen. technically the drinking contest should have happened by now
(1776) Git: "So what transport do you supply us?"
(1772) DM: (brb, phone)
Game disconnected!
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(1775) Vrondard (enter): 23:12
(1776) Git (enter): 23:12
(1786) Agatha (enter): 23:12
(1789) Ari (enter): 23:12
(1808) Xeriar (enter): 23:12
** (1773) Norfirion chuckles at the two. **
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(1772) TaliesinNYC (exit): 23:13
** (1786) Agatha rolls her eyes. **
(1776) Git: (welcome back Stan)
(1758) Sarrim: "Is there someone we should see specifically, when there? Is there an actual civilization there, or are they the merely the renmant protectors?" (Repeat)
(1773) Norfirion: "It is highly likely we only need to find our way to Miir, the rest should fall into place."
(1837) Isilar: (to Git)
(1837) Isilar: Horses, of course. And ponies for those who cannot ride such creatures.
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): Norfirion chuckles at the two (only thing you missed)
** (1775) Vrondard shakes his head at bad goes to worse **
(1723) Renly: " that is generous"
(1837) The Magister: The city is nothing but a set of ruins. There may be elves who reside in the ruins, guarding the place....but it is more likely that you will encounter the eternal guardians of Celdenir before you will encounter a living elf.
** (1776) Git turns from his fliritng, giving a serious nod to Isiliar, "Fine, and do we have a guide to Cendenir?" **
(1758) Sarrim: "For all this comforts Vrondard, you should make us sail the ocean before flying in the air and riding another week on ponies." *Grins*
(1775) Vrondard: "what about a chariot.. somethin I can stand on wid me own two feet?"
(1789) Ari: "I cannot imagine any Elven settlement that does not have a clan leader of some sort."
(1786) Agatha: "Aye, but let us hope the creatures are brave enough to go into the Mirr."
(1837) The Magister: You have this map. (gestures and the map shrinks in size, then appears in Git's hand)
(1837) DM: ((OOC: you can see a copy of the map on the site, under the Photos section))
(1776) Git: :to Aggy: "Don't worry, Miir's a lovely place. or at least I hope it still is"
** (1789) Ari smiles at the Magister, could we not at least get one wagon as well? **
** (1775) Vrondard looks like he would more than likely die (in response to Sarrim) **
(1773) Norfirion: "Indeed it is Ari, I have visited it my last time in Wylund."
** (1776) Git holds up the 'map', commenting in minor impression, "Neat" **
(1723) Renly: (brb)
** (1758) Sarrim tries to keep from openly chuckling. **
(1837) Isilar: When dealing with the il-Ruene, you will need to be on your toes...one cannot hope to bargain with those who have eternity to practice their skills unless one is a master tradesman and merchant bar none.
(1776) Git: "Gotcha. I'll do the talking then"
(1775) Vrondard: ((map of Miir... got it))
(1837) The Magister: A wagon will only hinder your efforts, but I shall see what I can do.
** (1789) Ari attention is taken entirely by Norfiron. "You have been there before?" **
(1773) Norfirion: "Yes I have been to Miir before, several years ago."
whispering to Vrondard, if you can upload it to the window, pls...I seem to be having difficulty with the infernal map tonight
(1773) Norfirion: "I didn't have the proper state of mind to enjoy its true beauty, I'm not sure I ever will."
(1789) Ari: "I feel somewhat naive, having kept to my grove and wood nearby for so very long."
(1775) Vrondard has sent you a tree node...
(1775) Vrondard: ((map address there))
(1773) Norfirion: "Tis nothing to be ashamed of."
(1773) Norfirion: "Sometimes knowing when to stay put can mean the different between life and death."
(1776) Git: "The guardians... can they be reasoned with?"
(1773) Norfirion: "If only I had waited to take The Test at a later time, maybe I myself wouldn't be standing here now, seeking to undo the mistakes of the past."
(1758) Sarrim: "Is there anything else? We really should be preparing for this journey and setting out, lest we waste more time for the orcs to search for Shieldbreaker."
(1773) Norfirion: "Ineed Sarrim."
** (1773) Norfirion takes a final glance at the map then nods to the magister as he readies himself for departure. He exits and returns a few moments later with a pack, weapons, and a new set of robes. He carries a quarterstaff in his hand, and a dagger and light crossbow from his waist. He wears new robes (apparently his original ones :-p) that are of the darkest black. He appears as if he has never changed from attending a funeral service from long ago. **
** (1775) Vrondard isnt a very good geographer and doesn't look at the map much **
** (1789) Ari considers her past and the man Tan To whose life is now gone, " Your statement has relevence, more than you know." **
(1786) Agatha: ((my map didn't load))
(1775) Vrondard: ((dont load it here..do it somewhere else))
(1758) Sarrim: (sam here)
(1758) Sarrim: (Erm, Same here)
(1789) Ari: ((apparently mine either, though I didn't realize I tried to load it.))
(1776) Git: (stan, you still here?)
(1758) Sarrim: "With your leave, Isilar, Magister?"
(1775) Vrondard: ((well its on the website if you want to look at it))
(1837) The Magister: Certes.
(1837) The Magister: May the Lady be with you.
(1837) Isilar: Namarie, friends.
(1773) Norfirion: "With you as well Magister."
(1758) Sarrim: "My thanks, and may Tammara fill your life with wonder."
(1789) Ari: ((later, fear of losing this connection makes me hesitant.))
(1723) Renly: .
(1776) Git: (fear is irrelevant. face the risk)
(1773) Norfirion (whispering): the reason for the black is RP related, the color for mourning, ie
** (1758) Sarrim heads to pack his things. **
** (1775) Vrondard belches to relieve the tension **
(1837) DM: (ok, going to fast forward unless you have things to do...)
(1775) Vrondard: "alrighty... off to find some dead elves in some woods...wonderful"
(1789) Ari: (not me I've all I need with me.)
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: no objections here
(1775) Vrondard: ((unless there are some hot hair dwarfbabes around... you can FF))
(1776) Git (whispering): can I make a proposition about my beauty pageant to the Magister?
(1723) Renly: (fine)
(1775) Vrondard: ((hmm have to get some rations... other than that im fine))
(1786) Agatha: ((I'm good. ))
(1775) Vrondard: ((elves can eat leaves and survive but not Vrondard... he needs real food))
(1758) Sarrim: I'd
(1758) Sarrim: Like to ask Isilar before we leave, about the situation with the demon-child, and see if they've made any progress.
(1723) Renly: ( I got 4 days, probably need more )
** (1789) Ari smiles at Vrondard, "I know Silver will share whatever meat he might catch." **
whispering to Git, sure
(1837) DM: You feel your chair move a little, Sarrim, but by what, you don't know or can't tell.
** (1758) Sarrim blinks. **
(1775) Vrondard: "ah then I'll be free to share me foodstuffs wid Silver ifn that be the case"
(1837) DM: Perhaps it was just your imagination.
** (1758) Sarrim turns his head behind, and sees if someone accidentally bumped him or something. **
(1776) Git (whispering): I'd like to try to talk him into acting as a judge in Git's place, since he can't be there. After all the legendary lord Tremaine would bring prestige to his little show and it may even draw in a different crowd. He could even let the Magister perform some magic tricks to impress people with his greatness. he seems to like that ;-D
(1837) DM: Oh, no. The floor is clear.
(1786) Agatha: "Something wrong?"
(1723) Renly (whispering): can find someplace to buy somemore rations I suppose ?
(1789) Ari (whispering): are you playing with my luggage?
whispering to Git, he responds by saying he's actually been a fan of the show and wanted to tell you what a SPLENDID idea this was
** (1776) Git stands up and asks the Magister to come off to the side with him for a discussion **
(1758) Sarrim: "No...I thought someone bumped into my chair or so..."
** (1758) Sarrim checks under his chair. **
whispering to Git, he grins from ear to ear
(1776) Git (whispering): figured he was a pervert
whispering to Ari, yup
(1789) Ari (whispering): lol
whispering to Renly, yep
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): if it was something.. the wolf might get all crazy
(1786) Agatha: "I wouldn't worry about it."
whispering to Git, oh and in conversation with him you find out he is a HUGE pervert
(1723) Renly (whispering): usual price, if so will get 4 days worth, 2 gp
whispering to Git, he has devised a spell from an inspiration gleaned from your show that puts magic missile to shame.
(1776) Git (whispering): We can work out the event details later, like I said in a post a while back, since he wouldn't be in town, he'd arrange for a subsitute to do the charm work from his Raven days. he'd have to split his profit of course
** (1789) Ari sighs and stays very quiet. **
whispering to Renly, 5% markup due to the festivities in town, but yes.
whispering to Git, k
** (1758) Sarrim shrugs. "Yah...Probably getting flat-footed. Don't even know when I move." *Grins wryly, and gives a quick, almost imperceptible glance toward the magister* **
(1837) DM: You see The Magister in animated conversation with Git. He grins from ear to ear and winks slyly at the rogue.
** (1776) Git laughs in strange amusement as he holds a whispered conversation with the Magister, ending on a final shake. "It's a deal then. I'll arrange the final points before I leave" **
(1775) Vrondard: (Vron will pick up 10 rations for himself)
(1723) Renly: " what are we supposed to do with the item we found? by the way?"
(1776) Git: :looks back to Renly: "Oh, right... that."
(1786) Agatha: "We take it with us, of course."
(1773) Norfirion has sent you a tree node...
(1776) Git: :not mentioning the specifics of the 'item' : "Like we said, we'll take it with us"
(1773) Norfirion (whispering): sent u my spells memorized
(1723) Renly: " seems we are going into dangerous areas, we dont' want it falling into the wrong hands"
(1776) Git: "Heh... lets give it to Kha. let him wonder off with it somewhere"
** (1773) Norfirion looks on puzzled. **
(1723) Renly: " I believe it will be safer with teh group then some lone person"
(1786) Agatha: "You're worring about the wrong thing Renly. What ya should be concerned about is what trouble Git just signed us up for."
(1789) Ari (whispering): are you certain I couldn't 'hold on to it' in the luggage?
(1773) Norfirion: "You mean 'him'" *smiles*
** (1789) Ari looks as puzzled as Norfirion. **
(1776) Git: :glances to Renly and Agatha, groaning, "Whatever... if there's nothing else, I'm gonna head out to prepare and you should all do the same. Shall we all agree to meet at the east gate to depart in say.. two hours?"
(1758) Sarrim: "Magister...I had some questions, but they can wait for later...I'm going to go get my things ready." *He heads to get his things and return, giving the lord a questioning look as he leaves.*
(1723) Renly: " though I suppose it has to come with us... if the girl was right then those snake fellows will leave this city alone"
(1773) Norfirion: "That is fine. "
whispering to Ari, you can try. lol
** (1837) The Magister nods at Sarrim. **
** (1789) Ari smiles, "Certainly, Silver? Are yo staying with Vron or coming with me?" **
(1723) Renly: " that's fine, I assume our mounts will be waiting for us there?"
** (1786) Agatha crosses her arms and gives Git the practiced stare of "Oh no you don't. I'd like to know what the scheme is this this time." **
(1773) Norfirion: "Those cultists...." *his face reddens with anger as he calms himself at the mention of the fellowship.*
** (1837) Silver whuffs at Vron softly, licking him in response, and pads over to Ari reluctantly **
(1789) Ari (whispering): you're the one who said it couldn't be done last week. I was just wondering if you'd reconsidered.
(1837) The Magister: Certes, Renly.
(1786) Agatha: stare of a mother who knows when a child's been up to mischief*
** (1773) Norfirion bids farewell to the magister in the tongue of sorcery. **
(1723) Renly: (huh?)
(1837) Isilar: Be sure to speak to Treach, the watchguard at the gate. He will have your payment then.
** (1775) Vrondard is a treasure to any dog... sticky remainders of meals reside on his hands, beard and face (if not his feet) **
(1837) DM: (re your mounts)
** (1789) Ari looks uncertainly at the rest, "Payment?" **
whispering to Ari, there's a reason why it can't be held in the luggage
whispering to Ari, and I'm not prepared to disclose it at this time. :)
** (1837) Isilar grins. "Ask Git for details." **
(1789) Ari (whispering): I didn't have any real intention of trying, since its too much fun to have most of the group not know of its existence.
** (1776) Git gives a tired sigh. "I'm off then. Have to give Milette a finally talking before I head out. I tried to explain last night that I'd be leaving early, but that girl can be so spoiled sometimes." Walks out the door. "What can you do?" **
whispering to Ari, lol
** (1789) Ari shakes her head, letting her long red hair cascade about her shoulders. "Men." **
** (1776) Git ignores the payment talk as he heads t the gate... and watchguard **
(1775) Vrondard: "ok lets meet at the gate in an hour or so"
(1775) Vrondard: "im off to buy me some rations"
** (1723) Renly buys some additional rations then is pretty much ready to go. **
** (1786) Agatha watches Git walk off. "Later then." **
(1776) Git (whispering): okay if Milette and his mother in law follow to the gate to see them off, I really want to intro his daughter
** (1789) Ari looks at Vrondard and shrugs, "Are we not going into the wood? Does not the forest provide?" (Perhaps it is just the druid in me that thinks this way.) **
whispering to Git, ok
** (1773) Norfirion heads to the gate and stands waiting patiently. He hums a solemn song as he waits. **
(1786) Agatha: "It's wise not to trust anything in a strange forest, 'specially a haunted one."
(1776) Git: (Since we already knew we were heading out, Git would have picked up some supplies too. At least six days worth of rations)
(1808) Xeriar (exit): 23:48
(1775) Vrondard: "hmmm not usually and not very conviently"
** (1789) Ari follows Norfirion with Silver, et al. following. **
(1775) Vrondard: "I aint one fer eatin moss and leaves"
(1775) Vrondard: "and most animals er faster then I am"
(1758) Sarrim: Will purchase a week's worth of rations and some snare ropes to back up
(1837) DM: You meet up at the east gate of the city. Off in the distance behind you, the Diamond Citadel towers gleam in the afternoon sunlight, the jewels embedded in its walls making it seem like a crystalline castle. Git confers with a handsome half-elven boy and a maiden.
(1776) Git (whispering): boy? maiden?
(1775) Vrondard: ((note: the art of ranged warfare ends at javelins for Vrondard))
(1837) DM: A lieutenant, by the looks of her ranking insignia, walks up to you and salutes Sarrim smartly. She holds out a jingling pouch and hands it over to him.
(1723) Renly: ( heh, can't even afford a crossbow )
(1776) Git (whispering): he has a 5 year old daughter and Mrs. Copperwell is an older woman...
whispering to Git, oh well, sorry
(1786) Agatha: "Hafta say, I'll miss this crazy place. Never a dull moment here."
** (1758) Sarrim nods and takes it with a slight hesitation. "My thanks." **
whispering to Git, you said his mother
(1776) Git (whispering): Git's mother in law
(1837) DM: (strike that to a half-elven girl child and an older human woman.)
** (1773) Norfirion continues humming his song as he waits with his eyes closed. **
(1776) Git (whispering): tsk tsk tsk... don't even read the information you need for the game... heheheheheh
** (1758) Sarrim scratches his head in puzzlement and checks the contents of the bag. **
(1837) Treach: By the grace of The Magister, Sir. Godspeed and be you well.
whispering to Git, been a while
** (1789) Ari rolls her eyes, thinking coins, fine for the city, but hardly worthwhile in the wood, I know of few woodland creatures that would take coin for anything needed. **
(1837) DM: It's filled with crowns and royals.
** (1776) Git kneels holding the girl and speaking comfortingly to her. **
** (1758) Sarrim bows to the Lieutenant. "Send him my regards." **
(1776) Git (whispering): don't worry, I'm just ribbing ya
** (1723) Renly stands off to the side, waiting. He looks about for the mounts. **
** (1789) Ari looks around as if searching for somethign. **
(1837) DM: (if you check one of the past logs, it says the PCs will be paid whenever you're sent out on a mission. this is half of that payment.)
(1758) Sarrim: (Memory lapse, :P)
** (1758) Sarrim splits it up for the group. **
(1758) Sarrim: (How much in all?)
** (1837) Treach bows. "Indeed, Sir." **
(1789) Ari (whispering): ok, me, I'm wondering what my luggage is doing, i.e.messing around with Git and Girlfriend?
(1837) DM: 500 total per person.
** (1758) Sarrim blinks at such a large amount. **
whispering to Ari, its creeping up on Sarrim's horse, attracted by the sound of jingling coins.
(1837) DM: Sarrim, your horse neighs nervously and whickers sharply.
** (1773) Norfirion peaks an eye open in surprise. **
** (1758) Sarrim looks sharply at his horse and the surroundings. **
(1789) Ari (whispering): thank you, that's funny. at the moment I really don't want to think about money.
whispering to Ari, lol
(1758) Sarrim: "What in the..."
(1723) Renly: " I suppose when the horses get here we can leave "
(1837) DM: It's prancing around in circles as if its trying to eat its own tail.
** (1776) Git pays no attention to the guards payment as he remains talking with the child in his arms, "How about I bring you back an authentic elven dress when I return? Like the one I got yer mommy a coule of years ago. Would you like that?:" **
** (1773) Norfirion glances to the horse as he stands up and stops his humming. He holds his hand to his eyes as he shields himself from the brilliance of the Diamond Citadel while starring at it before leaving Tolmara once again. **
** (1837) Treach looks on in amusement. "Having trouble controlling your horse, eh, Sir?" **
** (1786) Agatha hands the lieutenant a scroll. "This is a letter to my daughter. Please make sure this gets to her. The messengers should know where to find her." **
(1789) Ari (whispering): It's really rather uncomfortable, I'm about to get an inheritence, and it is sort of hurtful. I don't know how to explain it.
(1775) Vrondard: "hmmm should buy some healing magic wid this... but perhaps later we can"
** (1758) Sarrim tries to calm it and examines the tail. "I don't understand it..." **
(1775) Vrondard: "fer now its goina go on me mule"
whispering to Ari, actually its trying to escape the luggage which it can sense but not see. you do understand I need to edit out all references to the luggage right? before I post the log.
** (1773) Norfirion looks to Git and approaches him. He smiles to the young girl and seems lost in his own memories. Finally he comes too from his daze and speaks. **
(1773) Norfirion: "Is she yours?"
(1773) Norfirion: "The child that is."
** (1776) Git glances up to Norf, first addressing the girl jokingly, "Maybe we can get you a dress like his." **
** (1789) Ari looks woefully at Silver, who responds by growling at nothing. **
** (1776) Git then nods to Norf with a proud smile **
(1776) Git (whispering): if you're unsure about her, is it okay if I RP her?
** (1786) Agatha Agatha whispers something to Ari. **
whispering to Git, ok
** (1758) Sarrim makes sure his horse is alright before mounting it. "I'll be back in a minute or two...I'm...Going to go put this stuff to use." **
(1789) Ari (whispering): yes, I understand, I do believe I've been very careful about that.
(1773) Norfirion: "I see..."
** (1773) Norfirion reaches down and smiles to the child. "Hello there little one. What might your name be?" **
(1723) Renly: " Tis too bad we didn't get this earlier, I probably could have put the money to good use "
(1776) Git: :the girl giggles at Git's remark, retorting, "Nah... I want something pretty." She gives a sniffle. Grinning now though tears mark her face
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): I'd like to head to a temple dedicated to Tammara and donate a 100 gold to them...Barring that, I'd like to head to productive craftsmen and give each some in turn.
(1786) Agatha: (privately to Ari) "For God's sake, control your pet."
(1773) Norfirion: "Whats wrong child?"
(1776) Git: She grins up to Norf, "I'm Amilia."
(1773) Norfirion: "A pretty name and quite fitting. Hold out your hand and I shall present you with a surprise."
(1837) DM: As Sarrim momentarily departs, a brown tabby emerges from under the steps leading to a tavern and meows at your group. It then climbs up the steps, stretches, then reclines, watching you.
(1776) Git: She's about to reply to Norf's question she come's back with a snife, "Nuttin. What's wrong wit you?" Git laughs at that as he picks her up giggling
** (1723) Renly glances at the cat, " wonder if that be her" **
(1776) Git: *Amilia glances to her father to get a nod of approval before holding out her hand
** (1773) Norfirion rumages behind his back for a moment then deposits several crowns in the child's hand. **
(1773) Norfirion: "I'm sure with that you can afford a better dress than mine." *smiles*
(1786) Agatha: "A hitchiking cat? It has to be her."
(1776) Git: "Ooo... shinies."
** (1776) Git glances precariously at Norf, "Ya know I've tried to instill in her a notion that money isn't important and you ruin it like that." Turning back to his daughter, "Presents are what really count, right?" **
** (1789) Ari watches the proceedings of Git and Amilia and then eyes Git uncertainly. **
** (1837) Amilia looks up, her eyes wide... **
** (1773) Norfirion laughs. **
(1837) Amilia: Daddy...what's that? (points to nothing in particular)
whispering to Ari, remember, children can see it
(1776) Git: "What's what, sweet heart?" Looks off
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): I'll head back as soon as I've redistributed the wealth a little.
(1837) Amilia: That thing. It's got pink feet.
(1789) Ari (whispering): yes I know, but I'm keeping very quiet.
(1837) Amilia: Ooo. (giggles)
(1789) Ari (whispering): 100 little pink feet
(1776) Git: "It does?" :looks for what she's talking about:
** (1789) Ari turns away trying to hide her smile. **
(1837) Amilia: It's right next to the big wolfie.
** (1837) Amilia giggles and squeals. **
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: while in town I want to get rid of that abomination Isilar or the magister gave me, ie the white robe. I'll get a some spare clothing more fitting of me incase I need a change later.
(1837) DM: You see nothing.
(1776) Git: :looks toward the wolf: "WHat? Vronard?"
(1685) Alexus (enter): 00:08
(1685) Alexus (exit): 00:08
** (1773) Norfirion stares in the direction and looks about inquisitively. **
(1789) Ari (whispering): laughing hystericallly.
** (1837) Silver whuffs, looking at Ari, then pads over to Amilia and lays down in front of her. **
(1776) Git: (just a hunch. he always seems to be near it)
** (1776) Git sets amilia down and asks, "Did it follow the wolf over?" **
(1837) Amilia: Nice wolfie.
** (1789) Ari bites her lip for a moment, "Should we not be going?" **
(1776) Git: (spot check for invisibles)
(1776) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12)
(1837) Amilia: Ooo, yes. Mmmm, wolfie is next to it.
whispering to Git, nope
(1789) Ari (whispering): even if he saw it, would he believe it?
whispering to Ari, lol!
** (1837) Silver growls at nothing in particular **
** (1776) Git looks up to Ari and gives a weary nod. "Well, Milette, maybe it'll follow you home. Daddy and his friends have to get going now, okay?' **
** (1786) Agatha shakes her head. "In two days, we've managed pick up two elves and an entire menagie." **
(1837) Amilia: Um.... (hides behind Git)
** (1789) Ari looks around, "We really should have some sort of cart or small wagon." **
(1837) Amilia: Will I see you again, Daddy?
(1723) Renly: " why?"
(1773) Norfirion: "Yes you will young one."
** (1776) Git stays kneeling as she runs behind him. Reaching back to give a rather odd hug. **
(1789) Ari: "For Vron."
(1776) Git: "You know Daddy always makes it home."
(1773) Norfirion: "I'll make sure to."
** (1837) Amilia beams and runs off to Mrs. Copperwell. **
(1786) Agatha: "I suppose this is what the merchants meant about taking a little bit of the festival back with you."
** (1837) Amilia turns around and waves to Git, and then to nothing in particular. **
(1837) Amilia: Bye bye. Take care of Daddy, pwease?
(1773) Norfirion: "Spending time with one's children is never a waste. They need nourshiment and love to grow just like any living creature."
** (1789) Ari gives Norfirion a strange look, "How could you promise something like that?" **
** (1775) Vrondard seems eager to go... regardless of any tearjerking departures here **
(1773) Norfirion: "I
** (1776) Git smiles to his daughter and Mrs. Copperwell, "I'll be back soon as possible. Keep an eye on this for me." He throws the pouch containing the 500 crowns just recieve streamered with his blue bandana. **
(1773) Norfirion: "I will Amilia, be safe and stay away from strangers."
(1776) Git (whispering): note: the bandana was a gift from his late wife.
whispering to Git, k
whispering to Ari, how fast can the luggage move?
** (1773) Norfirion sighs and lowers his head as he walks away stepping on the white robe left flapping in the street. :p **
(1789) Ari (whispering): do we have horses to mount here?
whispering to Ari, yes
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: heh ok enough robe jokes before i take an xp hit
** (1776) Git turns off, hops on his horse and begins to ride off ahead, waving all the way **
(1848) Clay (enter): 00:16
** (1789) Ari mounts a horse without saying a word, the look on her face is cold **
(1837) DM: The tabby yawns and stretches, then pounces on a passing mouse and begins batting it around.
(1848) Clay (exit): 00:17
(1848) Clay (enter): 00:17
(1837) DM: It quickly loses interest and stalks off.
(1837) DM: (fast forward)
(1848) Clay (exit): 00:17
(1723) Renly: ( yes please)
(1775) Vrondard: (ha)
(1789) Ari (whispering): btw Agatha & Renly know about the luggage. however no one else does.
** (1758) Sarrim eventually returns to the group **
(1837) DM: Your journey is quite peaceful, as you make your way from the edges of the city and out into rolling farmland. The forest gradually makes itself known from a line of green trees on the horizon to the emerald depths of virgin forest land before you. The road you've been riding on wends this way and that amongst the trees.
whispering to Ari, ok
** (1789) Ari finally begins to feel at home **
(1776) Git (whispering): thanks for granting my little RP'ing wish. Just wanted to get his fatherly aspect into the mix of understanding his character
** (1723) Renly rides along on the horse provided for him, keeping an eye out for danger as he goes. **
(1773) Norfirion: "It's amazing the memories that can be stirred from a mere landscape."
(1837) DM: (this takes place over the course of four or five days)
(1789) Ari: "Memories?"
** (1776) Git rides along hummingly idly, until Norf speaks up, "Oh? this specific landscape?" **
** (1773) Norfirion spurs his horse forward to the front of the group as he hopes to catch a glimpse of the familiar landscape. **
** (1773) Norfirion 's ignoral of Ari's question seems intentional, he doesnt reply. **
** (1789) Ari glances at Silver, or near was it near Silver, and smiles. **
(1789) Ari (whispering): please give Norf's horse a reason to rear, if only for a moment.
(1775) Vrondard: (the further we get into the woods the more jumpy Vron gets)
** (1776) Git stares after Norf for a moment before breaking a smile, and replying just askew of topic, "True I guess. I remember the first time I traveled this path.. I was three and ten winters. Broke, starving and heading the other way." **
** (1758) Sarrim scans the horizen, occasionally giving his comrades a glance. **
(1776) Git: "So Ari... can I ask you a question?"
(1773) Norfirion: "I know that feeling all to well. The death I saw while here 30 years ago was a sight I'll never forget. The Withering plague ravaging these lands, the Kernins running rampant...."
(1776) Git: (oh, didn't expect him to suddenly be talkative. gomen)
(1837) DM: Suddenly the peaceful wood is shattered by a blast of mighty wind as a gigantic bird clears the treetops near the path and swoops down straight at you. Resembling an enormous eagle, it must be as long as a dragon, with a wingspan close to over 150'. A humanoid figure, at least 10' tall and armored head to toe, sits astride the enormous bird, yet even this giant of a man is dwarfed by his steed.
(1776) Git: :looks back to Norf, commenting a bit shyly, "That's rather before my time actually"
(1837) DM: (Initiative)
(1723) Renly: " what the?"
** (1789) Ari remains quiet, not wishing to discuss the deaths she has been witness to. **
(1723) Renly: Initiative Roll [1d20+0] -> [20,0] = (20)
(1773) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [7,7] = (14)
(1789) Ari: [1d12] -> [1] = (1)
(1776) Git: [{1d20+4}
(1789) Ari: [1d20] -> [5] = (5)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [20,10] = (30)
(1776) Git: [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(1786) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
(1776) Git: (Well... that was surprising...)
(1837) DM: (everyone else?)
(1758) Sarrim: Sarrim ::[1d20+0+0] -> [19,0,0] = (19) Initiative
(1837) DM: (Vron?)
(1789) Ari: (argh the dice bar from hell strikes again.)
(1837) DM: (someone roll for Vron)
(1776) Git: [1d20] -> [3] = (3)
(1837) TaliesinNYC: he goes on 6
(1776) Git: (now add whatever)
(1789) Ari: (I know you don't mean me.)
(1837) DM: (30, the creature)
(1837) TaliesinNYC: desc: The armored figure is twirling a two-handed sword high above his head and screaming in a deep, guttural voice, "YEAAAAAA! Hoo-hoo-hee-hee. Everybody DIEEEEE!!!! AAAAR!!!" The great eagle snatches Ari up in its claws and carries her over the trees, flattening you all with powerful winds in the instant it passes overhead. IT is all over in an eyeblink, and everything is normal and calm again, except that Ari is gone.
(1775) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [8,3] = (11)
whispering to Ari, you and I need to confer via YAHOO
(1789) Ari: "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"
whispering to Ari, hold on a sec, you're not there.
(1773) Norfirion: "What in the Lady of Veil's name is going on?!?!"
(1786) Agatha: "Holy-"
(1837) DM: The rest of you, what are you going to do?
** (1773) Norfirion spurs his mount to its breaking speed. **
(1789) Ari (whispering): that was me being carried away.
whispering to Ari, yep
(1775) Vrondard: "holy hammers" Vrondard curses of course
(1723) Renly: ( tell which way it went, if so follow)
** (1758) Sarrim scrambles to hold onto his sword, then remounts and charges after the creature, sparing only enough words for, "Let's GO!" **
(1837) DM: (ok, going to confer with Ari via Yahoo. brb.)
** (1776) Git groans as he's nearly knocked from his horse. what the f-- urgh... Heels the horse to head off in the direcdtion of the bird **
(1837) DM: (tell me what you plan on doing for the next round or two.)
** (1786) Agatha quickly scrambles up to her mount. **
** (1775) Vrondard will also follow (for as much as that will do) **
(1775) Vrondard: "follow it.. dont let it get away"
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: how far up are they?
** (1775) Vrondard will also curse it "cowardly bird! come back and fight" **
** (1723) Renly urges his mount after the bird and rider. **
(1758) Sarrim: Going to try and follow, and lore check to try and think of what that thing is [1d20+8] -> [18,8] = (26)
(1776) Git: "Anyone have any idea what that thing was?"
(1723) Renly: " big bird..."
(1776) Git: "Thanks Renly... clears it all up"
** (1786) Agatha pulls out her greataxe. "No clue but we better find it fast. It has Ari." **
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: if its possible to get a spell off before they leave range, I want to try and cast a web spell anchoring it on each end of the birds wings
(1866) Xeriar (enter): 00:33
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: range for that spell would be 140ft for me
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): let him do that spell.. but it wont work
(1866) Xeriar (exit): 00:34
(1837) DM: (200' high, Norf)
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): have to teach spellcasters to know their spells the hard way
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: ok
(1837) DM: Sarrim, it's a roc.
(1775) Vrondard: "heckfire no.. dont have that underground in the mines"
(1837) DM: ((ooc: not possible))
(1865) Kin (enter): 00:35
whispering to Vrondard, not possible because the roc went on 30 and Norf goes on 14, and there are ppl before him
(1776) Git: "I was actually refering more to the crazed giant steering the bird"
(1723) Renly: ( we gaining on this bird at all as we ride after, or it pulling away?)
(1837) DM: (It's flying too fast for you to catch up.)
(1776) Git: (don't think we can keep pace with it, just heading in the same direction would be our best hope)
(1723) Renly: ( can see any place it seems to be heading for in the distance?)
(1776) Git: (brb)
** (1773) Norfirion references the map in his head and tries to guess where the beast may be headed. **
(1775) Vrondard: "well what the heckfire do we do now?"
(1758) Sarrim: "Damnit...We'll kill our horses before we catch that...There's nothing to do..."
(1723) Renly: " what can we do but follow"
(1775) Vrondard: "think it took it to its nest?"
(1837) DM: ((Renly: make the appropriate check. Spot is good.))
(1723) Renly: Spot check: [1d20+4] -> [10,4] = (14)
(1758) Sarrim: "Git. The map. Check and see if there's any landmarks from what directions it's headed.
(1758) Sarrim: "
(1837) DM: ((Actually, should be Climb, but I'll let it go. Renly climbs up a tree and sees it fly off to a tower in the midst of a clearing to the NE))
(1786) Agatha: Spot Check: [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27)
(1773) Norfirion: "Tis said those creatures nest in mountains of unfathonable height. The rider is in control and I doubt it is heading to nest."
(1837) DM: ((About a 1/4 mile off.))
(1723) Renly: " if it had no rider I would say yes... but with a rider, it took her where he wanted too "
(1723) Renly: ( heh, I wouldn't be climbing any trees...)
(1837) DM: ((it circles the tower once and drops something into the tower))
(1776) Git: (bak)
(1837) DM: ((Agatha then.))
(1723) Renly: ( break my neck )
(1789) Ari: Reflex save: [1d20+19] -> [17,19] = (36)
(1865) Kin (exit): 00:43
(1758) Sarrim: "Where did it go?"
(1786) Agatha: ((hmm? Agatha then? We're still on our initiatives?))
** (1776) Git pulls out the map, opening it up to examine the area up ahead **
** (1775) Vrondard will mutter, sputter and curse (and be no help at all) **
(1837) DM: (someone pls calculate a Reflex save for a 4th level druid/ranger with a dex of 16
(1775) Vrondard: +4
(1837) DM: (Marcia is a bit new to 3E)
(1789) Ari: Reflex save: [1d20+19] -> [17,19] = (36)
(1775) Vrondard: ah wait
(1775) Vrondard: +5
(1723) Renly: 5
(1837) DM: ((no, I'm assuming Agatha is climbing a tree to see where the roc went))
(1775) Vrondard: +6.. i stink
(1837) DM: ((correct me if I'm wrong))
(1786) Agatha: ((Yup))
(1789) Ari: [1d20+6] -> [17,6] = (23)
(1775) Vrondard: ((you are correctish... i doubt anyone but Git woud climb a tree, except Vrondard and Agatha unarmored))
(1776) Git: (+4 wouldn't it be?)
(1837) DM: (The roc flew 1/4 mile to a wooden tower, circled once and dropped something into it.)
(1775) Vrondard: (+3 dex +3 ranger +0 druid)
(1773) Norfirion: vrond is correct
(1786) Agatha: "I can see a tower! It flew to a tower!"
(1789) Ari: [1d20] -> [11] = (11)
(1758) Sarrim: "Git...Is it on your map?"
(1723) Renly: " a tower... how far ?"
(1776) Git: (actually, if it's split 2/2 it should just be +3, neither has a bonus to reflex until lvl 3)
(1773) Norfirion: "Don't worry Vrondard, its not mine."
(1837) DM: (The roc then vanishes into thin air.)
(1773) Norfirion: 3.5 ranger does
(1786) Agatha: "Less than a mile away!"
(1776) Git: (oh...)
(1723) Renly: " not bad, lets get going"
(1773) Norfirion: good reflex saves
(1776) Git: (the tower on the map?)
** (1773) Norfirion spurs his mount forward. **
(1837) DM: (no)
(1723) Renly: " though storming a tower.... but we have no choice"
(1775) Vrondard: "well then figure out how to get there and lets find that thing... if its stone I'll be happy to be there"
(1758) Sarrim: "Aye...Ride on. Let's go."
** (1786) Agatha slowly makes her way down the tree, grunting and groaning the whole way. **
(1776) Git: "Why do villains always still the maiden? Couldn't it have grabbed a half decent looking sheep if it was so lonely? No gotta have standards.."
** (1723) Renly follows along on his horse. **
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): I'd like to keep my evil sense going on as he move...Don't want any ambushes
** (1758) Sarrim heads forth, sword out and scanning the surroundings, concentrating on it. **
** (1786) Agatha snatches something up off the ground before following the group. **
** (1776) Git puts away the map and rides off. "We shouldn't take a direct route. If it's baiting us to follow, we may run into traps ahead" **
(1872) Kin (enter): 00:52
(1872) Kin (exit): 00:52
(1773) Norfirion: "Indeed Git, as was I thinking"
(1775) Vrondard: "bah lets go... it knows we are here"
(1773) Norfirion: "But if we scatter, we are easy pray alone. We need to stay together also."
whispering to Sarrim, ok
(1775) Vrondard: "why waste time.. she could be et if ya fool around"
(1773) Norfirion: "I agree with Vrondard."
(1773) Norfirion: "The quicker the better, we may catch them by surprise with our haste"
(1776) Git: "Exactly, Vronard. And the fastest way there is the path of least resistance. We curve around south a bit and head for the tower to avoid any surprises"
(1758) Sarrim: "Time is a factor here...At best we can only change direction at which we come, and even then they'll know. I'll try and keep myself aware of anything foul in our presence."
(1786) Agatha: "Aye, we'll run like 'ell to the tower and look at the problem from there."
** (1773) Norfirion seems confused about what to do but continues to ride at full speed caring to arrive before deciding his plan of action. Emotion winning over logic in the elflord's mind. **
(1775) Vrondard: "thats just what we are going to do Agatha... lets go"
** (1775) Vrondard joins Agatha into the most direct and speedy way to get there **
** (1786) Agatha continues to ride forward. **
** (1776) Git groans as they rush off. "So damn reckless" **
** (1773) Norfirion looks to Vrondard as they ride and surprising he shouts out a battle cry in dwarven. **
** (1776) Git keeps his attention as focused as possible on the course ahead, watching for traps or ambushes **
(1776) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
(1786) Agatha: "Reckless, but hardly helpless."
(1837) DM: (sec guys, lots of typing)
(1776) Git: (I can't even remember the last time I rolled anything over an 8)
(1837) DM: (ok, you head off to the tower. full speed?)
(1776) Git: (yep)
(1758) Sarrim: (As fast as I can while maintaining concentration
(1758) Sarrim: )
(1786) Agatha: ((damn straight. Like a bat outta hell.))
(1775) Vrondard: (a bingo bango)
(1877) Cethlyn (enter): 01:03
(1775) Vrondard: ((Vrondard hits the tower like its full of jelly bellies))
(1789) Ari (exit): 01:04
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1877) Cethlyn...
(1837) DM: (only Ari hears this)
(1837) Burly: Duh, hey Hurly. Uh, I hates to see 'er go ta waste. I wanna eat 'er myself."
(1837) Hurly: Ah shuddup, Burly, Jus' watch de fun. We can always get anndur one. Kin you bring the bird back?"
(1837) Burly: Hey liddle girl....after you get yourself ripped lim from lim' tell ol' Burly here whad it feels like, huh? Oh dats roight -- you can't, cuz you'll be DEAD!!!"
(1837) Burly: Oooh Hurly, maybe you shoulda fed Chomper sumpin in da las week, cuz he looks awfully hungry.
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: sounds like my redneck neighbors
(1837) Hurly: Don' worry, he won't be fer long!!! (guffaw)
(1837) Hurly: Hey, liddle girly, iz you gonna cry fer yer mommy?
(1837) Burly: She won't, Hurly, she'll be ta busy beggin us fer mercy!!! (guffaw)
(1837) Burly: You head to the tower
(1758) Sarrim: (Such sudden articulation from Burly and Hurly, :P)
(1837) Burly: You burst out of the forest and emerge onto a clearing. The tower is in the midst of the clearing.
** (1723) Renly looks for an entrance. **
(1837) DM: (lol strike that)
(1837) DM: (sec)
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): Can I sense anything?
(1775) Vrondard: ((need the theme song for the Lone Ranger here))
(1775) Vrondard: (du da da da du du da da... du da du du da da)
(1776) Git: (Hiho Silver! Away! *Heels the wolf just befoe it turns around tries to bite his face off for trying to ride it)
whispering to Sarrim, oh yes
whispering to Sarrim, headaches
** (1837) Silver follows Vrondard eagerly **
** (1758) Sarrim grimaces **
(1758) Sarrim: "There's something...Bad...Nearby
(1758) Sarrim: "
(1776) Git: "No kidding"
(1775) Vrondard: "yep its me... and they going to regret it"
(1758) Sarrim: "I'm serious...There's something very foul close by...Be careful of ambushes."
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): Can I sense a direction?
** (1776) Git takes in the clearing and tower apprehensively. Curiously he takes in the architecture of the structure, wondering if it's truly something the giant would have built or just ceased. **
** (1723) Renly glances about at Sarrims warning. **
(1776) Git: Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14)
(1837) DM: In the exact center of the clearing is a cylindrical stone tower. IT is about 50' high, the bottom half is 50' diameter, fanning to 60' in the top half.
** (1775) Vrondard will put his shield into place in response but continue on determinedly **
** (1723) Renly also straps his shield on. **
(1775) Vrondard: "fine now I be ready"
(1837) DM: The tower is very old, its walls are heavily weathered and bits of masonry have fallen to the ground. Just to your right is a barred door at ground level and to your left is an open window 35' off the ground. From the window, you can hear guttural voices laughing and shouting. A cry for help can be heard.
whispering to Sarrim, inside
** (1775) Vrondard nods to Renly **
(1758) Sarrim: "...From what I can tell, it's all inside...Breaking down the front door might not be too effective, though."
** (1786) Agatha drops something to the ground as she straps on her buckler. **
(1837) Ari: HELP!!!
** (1776) Git looks up for a possible way to climb to the window **
(1773) Norfirion: "I have a spell that can unbar the door without bashing it down"
(1723) Renly: " useful"
(1775) Vrondard: ((tell Ari to jump and I'll catch her?))
(1773) Norfirion: "I have a spell that can slow her fall as well"
(1786) Agatha: "That'll work."
(1775) Vrondard: ((works better with feather fall however... : )
(1837) Burly: Hey liddle girl....after you get yourself ripped lim from lim' tell ol' Burly here whad it feels like, huh? Oh dats roight -- you can't, cuz you'll be DEAD!!!"
(1776) Git: (there ya go. She just has to get past the wonder twins and we're hom free)
(1837) DM: (the rest of you hear that)
(1758) Sarrim: "True....But as a rule of thumb...The door is often the most well-guarded part of a tower...We could try and climb it."
(1758) Sarrim: "Git, you can get a rope up into that window, can't you?
(1758) Sarrim: "
(1723) Renly: " sounds like there are at least two "
whispering to Git, you do, and the sight within chills you to the bone
** (1775) Vrondard looks up waiting for them to be heard... (his expectation) **
(1723) Renly: ( we close enough to jump off horses and begin?)
whispering to Git, Ari is inside a rope cage and is being slowly lowered to the bottom of the tower, into the arms of a GIANT scorpion
(1773) Norfirion: "Give me a moment, I may be able to distract them."
(1776) Git: :to Sam: "I can toss my grapple, but metal on stone tends to make a distinguished sound"
** (1773) Norfirion ponders for a moment. **
(1877) Cethlyn: Lo, there do I see my father. 'Lo, there do I see... My mother, and my sisters, and my brothers.
(1758) Sarrim: "So we make a distraction."
(1758) Sarrim: "Git, you save Ari. The rest of us will take the hosts on."
(1837) Hurly: Hey you! Stay still or me will smash you with a rock!
(1776) Git (whispering): I do ...what? see away up? have already climbed up and am looking in the window?
(1786) Agatha: ((???))
whispering to Git, yes
(1877) Cethlyn: Lo, there do I see... The line of my people... Back to the beginning Lo, they do call to me.
(1773) Norfirion: "I have an illusionary magick I can cast, but it is soundless. We could use to destract them perhaps while we retrieve Ari."
(1776) Git (whispering): yes... what? I thought I was still on the ground with the others
** (1877) Cethlyn holds scimitar ready. **
whispering to Git, I said, you climb up to the window and see inside
(1758) Sarrim: "I think some righteous justise is in order for kidnappers and murderers."
** (1758) Sarrim smiles a cold smile. **
(1773) Norfirion: "From their speech they sound obviously stupid, perhaps they'd fall for it."
(1773) Norfirion: "Yes, but we need to sercure her saftey first and foremost. They can be dealt with afterwards"
** (1776) Git grumbles in annoynance and makes his way up the side of the building, arguing back, I better not be facing this ugly cuss on my own **
(1758) Sarrim: "We'll need you to unbar the door. Git can save Ari, and we'll make do from there."
(1837) DM: There's a barred wooden door leading to the inside. It's barred on the outside.
(1773) Norfirion: "What if I unlock the door then use my magicks to make it appear as if we are entering from the ground level? Then someone can sneak inside?"
(1758) Sarrim: On the outside.
(1786) Agatha: "Righteous or not, these morons picked to the wrong people to scorn."
(1775) Vrondard: "get on wid whatever yer goin to do.. or ill bust down the door meself"
(1758) Sarrim: Right. I'll get to work taking the bar off.
** (1776) Git slips on his cloak before slipping in the window, seeking a place to hide, and drawing his bow **
(1776) Git: Hide Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [16,9] = (25)
whispering to Git, k
whispering to Git, spot
(1776) Git: (Finally a nice one, +10 with elven cloak too)
(1776) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [17,6] = (23)
(1758) Sarrim: "We are entering from the ground Norf...Illusion or no, they won't be held forever, and even then only one might come down unless we cause a real ruckus."
whispering to Git, two ogres, one on each side of the tower, on the third floor -- 40' up, lowering Ari into the arms of the giant scorpion.
(1758) Sarrim: Does the bar come off, or will I need help with the lift?
whispering to Git, a winch like clock contraption to which the rope cage is attached.
(1837) DM: (easily)
(1773) Norfirion: "I can make it sound as if we have a squad of around 16 "
(1776) Git (whispering): great, they guarding the contraption? how's it working, slowly lowering her for torture purposes?
** (1773) Norfirion casts Mage Armor on himself before proceeding any further. **
(1758) Sarrim: "Go for it."
whispering to Git, its a winch like contraption and they're lowering the rope so that she'll eventually be torn limb from limb by the scorpion
(1758) Sarrim: "On your mark Norf...The rest of you ready?"
(1786) Agatha: "Psshaw, Vron and I can do that ourselves, and we don't need magick."
** (1773) Norfirion he retrieves a small leather piece and with some arcane words and gestures is surrounded by a brief glow which fades. **
** (1723) Renly pulls his mace out and is ready. **
(1758) Sarrim: "You know...I'm almost half-tempted to try and convince them that we're merchants."
(1776) Git (whispering): and my position?
whispering to Git, just below the window, barely out of reach of the thing
whispering to Git, it hasn't seen you...yet
(1877) Ari: As Ari begins cutting the ropes around her she once again begins her litany, "Lo, there do I see my father. 'Lo, there do I see... My mother, and my sisters, and my brothers. The line of my people... Back to the beginning Lo, they do call to me. They bid me take my place among them. In the halls of Valhalla... Where the brave... May live... forever!
** (1786) Agatha grips her greataxe. "Now, what's the fun in that? Let's just do this the old-fashioned way." **
(1837) Hurly: I warned you!
(1776) Git (whispering): reach of the scorpion? is it caged? is there a path that I can sneak toward the ogres?
whispering to Git, its roaming free on the floor of the tower
(1723) Renly: ( heh, see 13th warrior a few times...)
** (1758) Sarrim yells out. "HEY! You UP THERE!" **
whispering to Git, you'd have to climb the tower and there's a ladder opposite the chamber that leads up. but to get there, you'd have to get past the scorpion
(1776) Git: (d'oh... there goes my scheming)
** (1773) Norfirion withdraws a small lump of wax and as before after some chanting and gesturing, the sound of 16 men screaming and clammering about erupts into the bottom of the tower. (Ghost Sound cantrip) **
** (1837) Hurly hurls a rock at Ari. (only Ari and Git see that.) **
(1775) Vrondard: "har"
(1758) Sarrim: "You're on King's land, and you haven't paid your taxes in years! Come down here this instant, before we have to send the guards in!"
whispering to Git, you see one of the figures hurl a boulder at Ari
(1773) Norfirion: "There's up top! Form the line men! We'll put these vermin down!" = the ghost sound
whispering to Ari, Reflex
(1773) Norfirion: They're*
(1723) Renly: " Agatha, I can make you harder to hit if these fellows are evil, which Sarrim believes they are... do you wish me to use the spell on you?"
(1837) DM: The sound of an army can be heard, battering the door down.
** (1775) Vrondard will now work to get up there - through door(s) as needed **
(1776) Git: "King's land? Miir? .... idiots."
(1877) Ari (whispering): that was plus 6 right?
(1837) Burly: Uh, cut 'er free and we'll leab!
whispering to Ari, yes
(1776) Git (whispering): try to sneak to the ladder
(1877) Ari: [1d20+6] -> [10,6] = (16)
(1776) Git: Hide Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [10,9] = (19)
(1776) Git: Move Silently Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [19,9] = (28)
** (1773) Norfirion follows suit with his cantrip with Silent Image. He creates the illusionary effect of a squad of armed Wylundian Knights, heavy armored and armed. **
(1786) Agatha: "You're a healer, right?"
(1723) Renly: " we can't hve them flying away"
(1776) Git: (29 on hide)
(1723) Renly: " yes "
(1758) Sarrim: (King sounds better than Burgher of Miir, Git, :P )
whispering to Git, Stealth
** (1773) Norfirion maintains focus on his illusion as needed. **
(1758) Sarrim: Will open the door after a moment or two and actually head in.
(1775) Vrondard: (intends to confront these brutes and... he is Gits bodyguard anyway)
(1884) Tarl (enter): 01:30
(1884) Tarl (exit): 01:30
** (1723) Renly waits until the door is openned before he casts the spell. **
(1837) Burly: The boulder misses Ari by inches and smashes into the floor, also missing the scorpion by inches.
(1786) Agatha: "Let's be quick about this 'fore they let that bird loose."
** (1773) Norfirion has the sound and image of the warriors forming ranks and begining to enter and search the tower with blades and shields bare. **
(1837) DM: (Git, Reflex)
(1776) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+8] -> [15,8] = (23)
(1837) DM: The door flies open and you see within the tower, a GIANT scorpion, the color of bone, clicking its pincers and curling its tail as Ari slowly descends into its clutches.
(1758) Sarrim: "Sweet Tammara!"
** (1758) Sarrim rushes the creature. **
(1775) Vrondard: "holy boulders" (when he sees this creature)
(1837) DM: (init)
(1758) Sarrim: Sarrim ::[1d20+0+0] -> [16,0,0] = (16) Initiative
(1776) Git: [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
(1723) Renly: Initiative Roll [1d20+0] -> [18,0] = (18)
(1786) Agatha: "Renly, do you know how to cure poison stings?"
(1786) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(1776) Git: (did I make it to the ladder?)
(1837) DM: Suddenly, Ari drops like a stone on the floor
(1773) Norfirion: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [11,7] = (18)
whispering to Git, yes
(1723) Renly: " I can help her naturely fight it off, but curing is beyond my means for now"
(1877) Ari: "ow"
(1775) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [3] = (3)
(1776) Git: (she's still trapped? is the rope still connected winches above?)
(1837) DM: (Renly?)
(1723) Renly: ( did ... 18 )
(1837) DM: (she's in a rope cage, so needs help cutting herself free)
(1883) Kin (enter): 01:34
(1837) DM: (if the scorpion doesn't get to her first...)
(1837) DM: (18, Norfirion)
(1723) Renly: ( we need mini's and stuff for this ?)
(1837) DM: (no)
(1837) DM: (you'll know if you need a mini, believe me)
(1886) Ja' Zeel (enter): 01:35
(1786) Agatha: "Renly, get Ari while we take care of this overgrown vermin."
(1886) Ja' Zeel (exit): 01:35
(1776) Git: (is her cage still connected to the ropes above? if so, how far up the ladder and over to the rope?)
** (1773) Norfirion ceases concentration on the visual illusion and it fades away. He then begins to mutter in the arcane and points his finger in the direction of the large scorpion. Seconds later a bright brillant red beam fires forth towards the creature. (Scorching Ray) **
(1883) Kin (exit): 01:37
(1773) Norfirion: Ranged Touch Attack [1d20+5] -> [4,5] = (9)
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: crappy rolls
(1837) DM: (18, Renly)
(1837) DM: (no, the figures above cut them loose)
(1786) Agatha: "Nice trick. Hope you've got enough of 'em for our playmates ahead."
(1723) Renly: ( how much room between the scorpion and where Ari is, can I make it there with getting hit by the scorp?)
(1837) DM: (20')
(1723) Renly: (without getting hit)
(1877) Ari: ((Ranged attack?!!!??))
(1837) DM: (prob not)
** (1723) Renly casts a spell on the scorpion then moves to help Ari. **
** (1723) Renly points at an area and voices words of power. A thundering boom follows a sonic pulse. **
(1723) Renly: Sound Burst : range 35', 10 ft rad [1d8] -> [5] = (5) sonic damage DC: 16(fort) or be stunned for a round.
(1776) Git: (am I behind th scorp? which side is Ari on, where's the scorp facing?)
(1837) DM: (Ari is in the center of the tower chamber. The scorpion is directly in front of her, moving into her square.)
(1837) DM: (Git is behind Ari. the rest of the group is behind the scorp.)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [6,12] = (18)
(1837) DM: The scorpion seems to be unaffected.
** (1723) Renly moves in after the spell, hoping the scorpion is stunned. ( move 20' ) **
** (1877) Ari hums a song from another age.. doom de doom doom duh doom de doom.... 'Lo, there do I see my father. 'Lo, there do I see... My mother, and my sisters, and my brothers. **
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): Could I try a disbelieve?
(1837) DM: (16, Sarrim)
(1723) Renly: ( still takes the 5 dam either way )
(1837) DM: k
(1837) DM: (will for disbelieve)
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: You gettin ready to enter Valhalla?
(1889) Rain (enter): 01:43
(1877) Ari: Lo, there do I see... The line of my people... Back to the beginning Lo, they do call to me. doom doom de doom....
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: lol
(1758) Sarrim: Saves: Willpower: [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)
(1776) Git: (ah... the viking elves)
(1758) Sarrim: Any effect?
(1837) DM: (Oh, no, the scorp is still there, clicking away)
(1877) Ari: Lo, there do I see... The line of my people... Back to the beginning Lo, they do call to me.
(1837) DM: (doing anything else?)
(1758) Sarrim: Bah, I'll move to attack it.
(1758) Sarrim: Yelling loudly and trying to steal its attention
(1758) Sarrim: Weapons: Sparksword Attack (To Hit:[1d20+8] -> [9,8] = (17)) (Damage:[1d6+4] -> [4,4] = (8))
(1837) DM: (hit)
(1837) DM: (lightly wounded)
(1837) DM: (15, Git)
(1877) Ari: Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+1] -> [1,1] = (2)===> DMG: [1d6+0] -> [6,0] = (6)
(1837) DM: (Ari freed herself from the cage. (init))
(1889) Rain (exit): 01:46
(1877) Ari: [1d20] -> [19] = (19)
** (1776) Git groans in annoyance, knowing this is not how he wanted things, but the strong adapt. Trying to use Ari as a blindspot he rushes in to come up and around her to stab under the creatures mouth(hide and sneak damage if aplicable **
(1837) DM: (ignore the attack roll. you go on 23)
(1776) Git: Hide Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [7,9] = (16)
(1776) Git: Dagger(Frost, sneak) Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [15,8] = (23)===> DMG: [1d4+1+2d6+1d6+0] -> [2,1,5,3,6,0] = (17)
(1776) Git: (26 hide)
(1837) DM: (hit)
(1837) DM: (lightly wounded)
(1837) DM: (9, Agatha)
(1776) Git: "This is not my idea of a fun time"
** (1786) Agatha lets out a roar as leaps at the scorpion, axe raised. **
(1786) Agatha: [1d20+9] -> [19,9] = (28)
(1837) DM: (hit)
(1786) Agatha: [1d12+7] -> [4,7] = (11)
(1837) DM: ((after the game, y'all want to prob walk Marcia through a sample combat round b/c she's a bit unfamiliar with 3E))
(1837) DM: (seriously wounded)
(1776) Git: (hai hai)
(1837) DM: (8, Vron)
** (1775) Vrondard will attack the Scorpion (seems it will have to die today) coming in to slash it good and ugly with his axe **
(1775) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+4+4+1+1] -> [9,4,4,1,1] = (19) Critical on Natural 20
(1877) Ari: ((it its 3am you can bet Marcia will be in no condition to be walked anywhere by anyone))\
(1837) DM: (hit)
(1837) DM: (LOL)
(1775) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [10,4,1] = (15) damage
(1837) DM: (seriously wounded)
(1775) Vrondard: "take that you walking land crab"
(1837) Hurly: Hey! You no fair! (hurls a boulder at Vron)
(1773) Norfirion: lol
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [16,7] = (23)
(1775) Vrondard: "bugger you!"
(1837) DM: (AC 23)
(1877) Ari: ((fair? whowver said life was fair?))
(1775) Vrondard: ((ha dwarf ac bonus +4 ))
(1775) Vrondard: ((they be giants?))
(1837) DM: The figure in armor above you all hurls a massive boulder in Vrondard's direction, missing him by inches...
(1837) DM: ((can't see))
(1837) DM: ((well it's 40' up and in shadows))
(1773) Norfirion: ooc:thats only against melee attacks tho isnt it or ranged also?
(1775) Vrondard: ((never thought about it...until now))
(1837) DM: (no comment.)
(1837) DM: (I believe its melee only.)
(1775) Vrondard: ((up to the dm.. without bonus that would hit))
(1775) Vrondard: (dodge is on scorp)
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against monsters of the giant type. Any time a creature loses its Dexterity bonus (if any) to Armor Class, such as when its caught flat-footed, it loses its dodge bonus, too.
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): and im not flatfooted
(1786) Agatha: ((I'm looking at my PHB. It only states it as a dodge bonus. Doesn't specify what kind of attack.))
(1837) DM: (PH doesn't say, I would rule he has it IF it were giants...but since its difficult to see if they ARE giants, I'll say no.)
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: true
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6+3] -> [2,4,3] = (9)
(1775) Vrondard: ((this is DnD 3.5 version Stash... thats fine with me))
(1837) DM: (Vron, take 9)
(1775) Vrondard: .
(1837) DM: (so I don't have the 3.5 PH...and in any event, you'll see why soon enough)
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: its all good, dont have it either
(1837) DM: (3, the scorpion)
(1775) Vrondard: ((giants have +1 Boulders damn them! Guess its a good thing they aren't +1 Flaming Boulders))
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: boulders of returning heh
(1837) DM: It loses interest in Ari, who hasn't hurt it yet and whirls around to lunge at Agatha
(1776) Git: (and now git shall be mercilessly torn limb from limb)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+15, 1d20+15, 1d20+10] -> ([13, 15], [4, 15], [16, 10])
(1776) Git: (woohooo!)
(1837) DM: (AC 28, AC 19 and miss)
(1837) DM: (pincer, pincer and sting) (sting missed)
(1776) Git: (and here I was worried it would go for the guy with a knife in it's chin)
(1775) Vrondard: ((ah not Aggie... take one of the damn elves!))
(1786) Agatha: ((damn. well at least the sting missed. dmg?))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8+5] -> [4,5] = (9), [1d8+5] -> [7,5] = (12)
(1837) DM: (take 21)
(1837) DM: (next round)
(1837) DM: (23, Ari)
(1877) Ari: Scimitar Attack Roll: [1d20+1] -> [17,1] = (18)===> DMG: [1d6+0] -> [3,0] = (3)
(1837) DM: (seriously wounded. was a hit)
(1837) DM: (18, Norf)
** (1786) Agatha lets out a scream and the pinchers crush her through her chainmail. **
(1776) Git: "Aggy!"
** (1877) Ari cries out in alarm "Agatha!" **
** (1758) Sarrim bares his teeth in a enraged rictus. **
(1837) DM: (Norfirion?)
** (1773) Norfirion begins to chant and move his hands about invoking his magic, as he finishes two darts of energy dart forth striking the scorpion (magic missile) **
(1773) Norfirion: [1d4+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
(1773) Norfirion: [1d4+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
(1776) Git (whispering): If I tumble under it's legs to find a soft spot to stab, do I retain a flanking bonus for our position?
whispering to Git, yes
(1837) DM: (seriously wounded)
(1837) DM: (18, Renly)
** (1723) Renly circles around and touches the screaming Agatha, casting a spell. **
(1775) Vrondard: ((damn Sarrim needs some Pepto Bismo.. enraged rictus what did you eat an Extra Spicy Ration?))
** (1723) Renly voices, " the power of Solnor heal you". [2d8+4] -> [1,8,4] = (13) **
(1877) Ari: (you've said that before.)
(1758) Sarrim: (Lol)
(1723) Renly: (done)
(1877) Ari: ((loo))
(1837) DM: (16, Sarrim)
(1837) DM: (Sarrim?)
(1758) Sarrim: (Solrry)
(1758) Sarrim: (Lag)
(1877) Ari: ((er... lol))
** (1758) Sarrim slashes at the creature, aiming for the head. **
(1758) Sarrim: Weapons: Sparksword Attack (To Hit:[1d20+8] -> [11,8] = (19)) (Damage:[1d6+4] -> [5,4] = (9))
(1837) DM: (seriously wounded)
(1837) DM: (15, Git)
** (1776) Git goes for a tumble under the bugs legs while it focus away from him, trying to roll up under the head to stab up into it's gullet and straight the the nerve center **
(1776) Git: Tumble Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [10,8] = (18)
(1776) Git: Dagger(Frost, sneak, flank) Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [1,10] = (11)===> DMG: [1d4+1+2d6+1d6+0] -> [1,1,3,4,6,0] = (15)
whispering to Git, yes
(1837) DM: (miss)
(1776) Git: (nice tumble... bad attack)
(1837) DM: (9, Agatha)
(1837) DM: (45 minute warning.)
** (1786) Agatha lets out a scream that'd make bears hesitate as she relentlessly lays into the creature. (raging) **
(1786) Agatha: [1d20+11] -> [1,11] = (12)
(1837) DM: (miss)
(1775) Vrondard: ((ha i totally was thinking that))
(1786) Agatha: ((#@*(@!&%@(%&*^%*!!!))
(1837) DM: (8, Vron)
** (1775) Vrondard slashes away... making sure he is flanking with Git now... **
(1775) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+4+4+1+1+2] -> [10,4,4,1,1,2] = (22) Critical on Natural 20
(1775) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [9,4,1] = (14) damage
(1837) DM: (ya think?)
(1837) DM: (critically wounded)
(1775) Vrondard: "come on! you want some of me!" he badgers it
** (1837) Hurly hurls another boulder but this time at Sarrim **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [2,3] = (5)
** (1837) Hurly misses Sarrim and curses mightily... **
(1837) DM: (3, the scorpion)
(1837) DM: (turns to face Sarrim)
(1775) Vrondard: ((woo hoo... not me!))
** (1758) Sarrim holds his sword ready, side-stepping slowly. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+15] -> [17,15] = (32), [1d20+15] -> [17,15] = (32), [1d20+16] -> [9,16] = (25)
(1775) Vrondard: ((secretly cheers the land crab on...))
(1837) DM: (AC 32, AC 32 and AC 25)
(1776) Git: (DAMN!!)
(1786) Agatha: ((Nasty.))
(1758) Sarrim: (Jesus man...Just throw in the backstab and we'll be all set)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8+5] -> [2,5] = (7), [1d8+5] -> [1,5] = (6), [2d6] -> [3,5] = (8)
(1775) Vrondard: ((hmm seems didnt need dwarf cheerleader))
(1776) Git: (will venom do?)
(1786) Agatha: ((Come on, low dmg))
(1837) DM: (take 13 and lose 8 strength)
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): give him is fort save
(1758) Sarrim: Gah
(1776) Git: (... low dmg anyway...)
whispering to Sarrim, Fort...
whispering to Vrondard, might not make the Fort. but its possible
(1758) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+11] -> [12,11] = (23)
whispering to Vrondard, failed
whispering to Sarrim, failed
(1877) Ari: [1d20] -> [12] = (12)
(1837) DM: (23, Ari)
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): had to make another one 10 rounds from now...
** (1723) Renly see's Sarrim get stung, " damn poison..." **
whispering to Vrondard, I know
(1837) DM: (miss)
(1775) Vrondard (whispering): if he fails it he will be incapacitated most likely... but wont die from poison.. only Con damage does that
** (1776) Git bites his lip at the sight of Sam's assault **
(1837) DM: (18, Norf)
whispering to Vrondard, k
(1776) Git (whispering): you take into account Ari's bonuses for level and ability, right?
(1773) Norfirion: (a sec)
** (1758) Sarrim clenches his teeth and holds an arm to the gaping hole in his torso. **
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: do I have a clear shot with my xbow?
whispering to Git, of course
(1775) Vrondard: ((its probably pretty large.. but we are all over it as well...could go either way))
(1776) Git: (Gets out a pointer stick and a lab coat and points out Sam's wound, "Now kiddies, this is what we call alternative ventilation")
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: I know im gonna take a - for firing into melee, but just want to know if i can even see the thing to shoot it
(1773) Norfirion: ooc: since there's an army of people swarming it right now lol
(1877) Ari: lo do I see.....
whispering to Git, she needs at least a 16 and a 14 is a miss
(1837) DM: (perhaps)
(1837) DM: (dispense with the OOC crap and just phrase it in double parentheses)
** (1773) Norfirion running low on spells Norfirion draws his crossbow and fires a hopless shot as he mutters something to Hurishta. **
(1837) DM: ( :) )
(1776) Git (whispering): hai hai... just making sure you noticed. You don't gotta get all soap box ;-P j/k
(1775) Vrondard: ((haha... shoot and find out is your answer))
(1877) Ari: ok Lo do WE see' our fathers. 'Lo, there do we see... Our mothers, and sisters, and brothers....
(1773) Norfirion: (ok) >_<
(1773) Norfirion: [1d20+3] -> [1,3] = (4)
(1773) Norfirion: (gah)
(1775) Vrondard: ((Vrondard instinctively ducks from elven presence!))
(1837) DM: (18, Renly)
** (1723) Renly steps up and swings at it. **
(1837) DM: (30 minute warning)
(1775) Vrondard: ((Mages dangerous with and without spells... tarnation!))
(1723) Renly: MW Heavy Mace attack: [1d20+2+3] -> [14,2,3] = (19)
(1837) DM: (hit)
(1723) Renly: H. Mace Damage: [1d8+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
(1837) DM: (critically wounded)
(1877) Ari (whispering): ah but what was hit?
(1837) DM: (16, Sarrim)
whispering to Ari, eh?
** (1758) Sarrim would like to try and attempt to drag himself out of combat without getting raped with the stinger. **
(1877) Ari (whispering): nevermind.
whispering to Ari, I don't usually describe combat unless I'm feeling creative.
(1837) DM: (roll then)
(1837) DM: (15, Git)
(1758) Sarrim: (What am I rolling, again?)
(1877) Ari (whispering): roll what, I've too many conversations going on
(1837) DM: (nm)
** (1776) Git tries to sneak off as the fight commences, drawing away from the fighting as he makes his way over to and up the ladder (bluff to leave the forfront, hide to escape up the ladder unnoticed) **
(1776) Git: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+10] -> [4,10] = (14)
(1776) Git: Hide Skill Check: [1d20+9] -> [7,9] = (16)
whispering to Git, ok
(1776) Git: (26 hide if it makes it)
(1837) DM: (9, Agatha)
whispering to Git, yes
** (1786) Agatha continues her assault on the beast **
(1776) Git (whispering): cool, time to deal with the ogres
(1786) Agatha: [1d20+11] -> [7,11] = (18)
(1837) DM: (hit)
(1786) Agatha: [1d12+10] -> [7,10] = (17)
(1837) DM: (critically wounded)
(1837) DM: (8, Vron)
** (1775) Vrondard slashes away... surprised he is not flanking with Git anymore... **
(1775) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+4+4+1+1] -> [19,4,4,1,1] = (29) Critical on Natural 20
(1776) Git: (should still be flanking with Ari)
(1775) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+4+1] -> [10,4,1] = (15) damage
(1775) Vrondard: "gar.. get down wid ya!"
(1837) DM: The creature drops to the ground, threatening to bury Vrondard. (Reflex)
(1775) Vrondard: Reflex: Save [1d20+3+0] -> [8,3,0] = (11)
(1837) DM: It ceases in mid strike and expires.
(1775) Vrondard: "sandstone!" trying to get out of the way
(1837) DM: Hoots of anger rain down from above.
(1775) Vrondard: "avalanche!"
** (1837) Hurly hurls a boulder at Vrondard. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
(1723) Renly: " lets get out of here, we have Ari "
(1837) DM: (miss)
(1775) Vrondard: (switch to the above menace with dodge Hurly is 1 and Burly is 2 [1d2] -> [1] = (1))
whispering to Git, you get to the third floor landing and see the two ogres, who don't see you yet...
whispering to Git, one is armed in a suit of ill fitting armor and wields a two handed sword. the other is in mangy furs and a spiked club.
(1786) Agatha: ((are there any stairs up to them?))
(1837) DM: ((nope))
(1837) DM: ((there is a ladder that Git is climbing))
(1723) Renly: ( attack up a ladder, not good )
(1786) Agatha: ((no other way for me to get at 'em, and I still have a good 6 rounds of rage))
(1776) Git (whispering): are they right near the hole? I'm hoping to shoot them when lifting boulders to throw, hopefully knocking them off balance to fall
whispering to Git, yes
(1776) Git (whispering): this crap's gonna be tricky
(1837) DM: (ok, well this part won't take 20 minutes to resolve, so let's break here and remember our inits.)
(1775) Vrondard: ((good for me))
(1837) DM: (see you in a week.)
(1776) Git: (awwwww.....)
(1723) Renly: ok

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