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(2) Vrondard: and starts eyeing up any half-orc he sees for a little tussle
(1) DM: ok, unless you need a recap, we're starting with Agatha and company
(2) Vrondard: especially since the drinking contest seems delayed or in jeopardy
(2) Vrondard: ::grumbles::
(4) Git: yyyyeeeeaaaahhh.....
(1) DM: The fire which consumed an entire section of the Alms Ward a week ago is where the other part of your company went to whilst Kha was taking his Test
(1) DM: You decided to investigate that part of the City to determine what the cultists might have been up to...and to get a clue as to where next to go.
(3) Gilmat (whispering): just testing to see if this works...
(3) Gilmat (whispering): Hmm sorry bout that not what i meant to do
(1) DM: Once there, you see that the buildings are in fact gutted, some of them razed and most lie in ruins. That doesn't stop squatters from trying to reclaim lost holdings and you do in fact see an occasional cultist on the corners, exhorting passersby to give alms to the poor.
(4) Git: ((They walk around in broad daylight plainly distinguished?))
(1) DM: The typical cultist of Ssith'tarn is a human man or woman, although in some cases you've seen half-dawn elves, garbed in dusky green or grayish robes tinged with a dark brown, and brown sashes, usually cowled with their hoods down. Spartanly dressed and austere robes.
(1) DM: Their heads are shaved, and the symbol of their god is that of an open human hand in welcome.
(1) DM: ((oh yes))
(1) DM: ((they have nothing to hide, hehhe))
(4) Git: ( :blink, blink: And Isilar and them have been having trouble finding them?)
whispering to Gilmat, ok
(2) Vrondard: ((hee))
(1) DM: (Isilar mentioned he has had difficulty determining where their lairs are, if any. They do have a shrine called "The Fellowship" located in the Alms Ward. That's it.)
(4) Git: (and wasn't there a lair in the burned out section as well?)
(1) DM: When you arrive there, the scent of burned wood is still in the air, and the depths of squalor and human misery are everywhere. A baby squalls in the distance, its cries keening among the poor around you.
(1) DM: (yes, the fire exposed a lair and destroyed most of the contents within. what wasn't destroyed by the fire was destroyed or contained by the City Watch)
(1) DM: (The cultists however have disavowed knowledge of this thing and called them renegades or apostates from their true faith.)
(1) DM: (For his part, Isilar thinks they're lying through their teeth.)
(6) Kha: ((They are snakes, what did you expect :p ))
(1) DM: (it was how you heard the rumor that these cultists were breeding people with snakes to create abominations.)
(2) Vrondard: "well thats them huh?"
** (2) Vrondard looks over the the alms seekers **
(1) DM: So anyway, you're in the location marked (23). This is Git, Vron and Agatha. (I'm running Agatha)
(2) Vrondard: at
(2) Vrondard: "you want me to go over their and kill em?"
** (2) Vrondard states this to Git mostly **
** (4) Git walks casually among the impoverished area, "Yeah, or at least the good ones... if there are any" **
(1) DM: Most of the structures here are hovels and wooden buildings lying in ruins
(4) Git: "Um.... maybe we could be a bit more sneaky than that."
(2) Vrondard: "ok... I get yer plan"
(4) Git: "Lets try to find out if anyone knows how the fire started or if they saw anything strange. Okay?"
(2) Vrondard: "ok... you over behind the wall and start shouting that you found some gold er sometin"
(2) Vrondard: "then I'll follow those that come in and then kill em"
whispering to Kha, if you see Darunus or Agatha in the other rooms could you pls ask them to come here?
(4) Git: "Uh.... clever as that is..."
(6) Kha (whispering): yup will go look around
(4) Git: "This area is populated by a large deal of beggars. No point in getting ourselves ovverrun."
(2) Vrondard: "ha... they wont be foolin with me unless they want to loose the only thing they gots... their life"
(7) Arinth Scornfallow (enter): 22:14
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (7) Arinth Scornfallow...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (7) Arinth Scornfallow...
(6) Kha (whispering): Not on Dev2, or 3, or better games
(1) DM: An urchin comes up to you and tugs on Agatha's cloak.
(4) Git: ."Right, we'll keep that as plan B"
(1) Benn: Gotta penny or two, missus?
** (4) Git moves off from Vronard, Strolling along the ruined housings, handing out alms(about ten crowns worth) talking with care and concern, asking if anyone needs further aid, and subtely coming around to ask about how the fire started and if they saw anything strange as the catastrophe raged **
(4) Git: (or not....?)
whispering to Kha, that's Ag. its ok, they'll find it
(2) Vrondard: ((ok will be getting pressure to eat with Mother and Wife... dont think this is a battle i want to fight...))
(7) Agatha: "Huhn? Oh well..
** (7) Agatha fumbles for a couple coppers. **
(1) DM: (go ahead D)
** (2) Vrondard wont give anyone anything **
(4) Git: (right then...)
(4) Git: Gather Information Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27)
(2) Vrondard: "aint yeah gots hands for diggin or hammerin?"
** (7) Agatha drops a couple copper coins into the child's eager hands. **
** (2) Vrondard will complain they are lazy louts **
(1) DM: Presently, you attract a large following of urchins and quite a few beggars, all clamoring for coins.
(1) DM: Here! Here! Here!
** (7) Agatha curses under her breath. **
(7) Agatha: "So it's true what they say."
(1) beggar: I 'eard 'was a candle, it was.
(2) Vrondard: "all yer doin in encouragin them to be this way ya know"
(1) urchin: Prolly the missus of Old Greenbeard an' her drinking, 'twas. A coin, mister?
(8) Morfin Kellibin (enter): 22:19
(1) beggar: Could da been all the sparks from the horde o'barbarians an' their garlic breath from the swords contest in th' Fields, eh? Yer a nice 'un, lassie. (to Aggie)
** (7) Agatha keeps a close eye on her purse and her equipment. **
(1) DM: And so forth. A woman with a shaved head in dusky green robes looks up, startled as you turn the corner, and ceases her exhortations.
** (4) Git hands a copper a piece to the obvious loiterers, other hand in his pocker holding his purse and watching with opportunists, "Well I guess there are a lot of possibilities" **
(8) Morfin Kellibin (exit): 22:21
(1) DM: She smiles and nods at Vrondard, and continues preaching good will to the passersby.
(9) Agatha (enter): 22:22
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (9) Agatha...
(1) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(7) Agatha' from room...
(7) Agatha (exit): 22:22
(9) Agatha: "Thank ye child. There might be a few more coins for you if you can tell us about the orphanage."
(1) Benn: Which 'un, ma'am? Th' one run by th' silver kilts or th' ones run by th' Fellowship?
(4) Git: (sense motive to seek out the more promising beggars...?)
(1) Benn: Those silver kilts need to laugh or smile more often. Their soups good tho.
whispering to Git, ok
whispering to Git, roll
(4) Git: ((Silver Kilt?)
(9) Agatha: "I heard 'un burned down a while back. Any of you know about that one."
(4) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
(9) Agatha: ((sense motive to spot the thieving types))
(1) DM: (Benn is one. Another is Ginny, a lass of about nine years. A third is Jorn, a beggar with a glass eye but otherwise healthy.)
(9) Agatha: [1d20+6] -> [11,6] = (17)
whispering to Agatha, roll
(1) TaliesinNYC: ((most of them. LOL))
(11) Morfin Kellibin (enter): 22:26
(1) Ginny: (pout) Benn, go away! Ye have more than I do. (pout) Th' silver kilts, sir. The priests and pala...pala...knights of Solnor.
(11) Morfin Kellibin (exit): 22:28
** (1) Ginny stutters **
** (4) Git holds out a silver to the one called Jorn, after having dealed out a healthy amount, "So, old soul, what was your perspective in all this?" **
** (1) Old Jorn shrugs. A bit o' th' balance in all things. What ye sow, ye reap. Thank ye kindly. **
(1) Old Jorn: Come with me for dinner? (shoos a few urchins away)
(4) Git: "A bit early for dinner, ain't it?"
** (1) Old Jorn glances at Ginny, shaking his head and begins to hobble off. **
(1) Old Jorn: I like to eat early.
(1) DM: (he means lunch.)
** (4) Git looks up to the sun, apparently judging the position, "I think it's early enough to start drinking though." **
** (4) Git gives a gesture for Jorn to lead and follows along. **
(1) Old Jorn: I'd be honored to have ye in my home, an' thank ye fer yer kindness. (pockets the silver)
(4) Git: "just returning a bit of wealth. I started out in these streets myself"
(1) DM: The cultist who acknowledged Vrondard smiles to a druid who stopped to ask her a question, turns and heads off a few paces away, not saying anything, as if to wait.
(1) Old Jorn: Ah. Well, one good turn deserves another, to speak so.
(1) Old Jorn: It's not too far off. Near th' palace o' rags.
(1) Vestria: The peace and love of the god be upon ye, Old One. (smiles gently)
(4) Git: "I'm honored to be your guest." :follows along: "So, how long you been working these streets?"
(9) Agatha: "Hmmm..."
** (1) Vestria smiles gently at Old Jorn and at you. **
(1) DM: Her smile reminds you of a cobra waiting to strike.
** (1) Old Jorn cringes for a second when she speaks, and just as swiftly, the expression is gone as soon as he turns the corner. **
(4) Git: "Good day, Ma'am, can we help you with something?"
** (4) Git stares after Jorn, "Sorry, guess we're not in the helpful mood." Follows the old man **
(1) Old Jorn: Hrhmmm, well, for th' past twenty years or so, since I lost th' sight o' my eye in a battle with a weremage. Famous one, so they say, buried in a tomb near here.
(1) Old Jorn: Used to be a venturer much like yourself. Those were th' days. (sighs wistfully)
(4) Git: :catching up: "Sounds like you were a bit more impressive than me. I can't recall ever downing a weremage in my life."
(4) Git: "So what was his famous name?"
(1) Vestria: Oh, the god watches over him as he does over us all, and gathers those in need to him as a shepherd gathers his flock in the evening.
** (4) Git glancing back at Vestria, though keeps his focus on Jorn **
(1) Old Jorn: Artanal, his name was. A wizard of tremendous power...and evil. (shudders slightly)
(1) Old Jorn: We defeated him but at th' cost o' our company an' my eye. He sleeps, not slain, in his tomb which lies sealed by ward and spell.
(4) Git (whispering): int check to recognize the name?
** (1) Vestria smiles gently at you and turns to begin preaching again. **
(1) DM: Somehow, her movements seem fluid, graceful...almost sinuous.
** (1) Old Jorn climbs up a set of rickety steps that leans perilously to one angle. Mind th' chamberpot on th' second floor. **
** (4) Git listens intently, offering soberly, "Things do turn out for the worst eventually." **
whispering to Git, ok
whispering to Git, roll if you want
(2) Vrondard: ((mostly back))
** (4) Git gives one more examining look back at the serpentine woman, examining her body language to determine if she might be one of the hybrids. (Sense motive?) **
(4) Git: Int check: [1d20+3] -> [17,3] = (20)
(4) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [3,6] = (9)
whispering to Git, roll
whispering to Git, nope re Vestria
whispering to Git, Artanal was an infamous wizard who terrorized Tolmara twenty years ago when he managed to penetrate the wards surrounding several nobles' homes and made off with several prominent noble family members.
** (4) Git follows old Jorn, being SURE to mind the chamber pot, and keeping an eye and ear on his surroundings, less he be lead into an ambush **
whispering to Git, He was eventually defeated and his tower tumbled by The Magister. There was a battle of note, but no finality. The Magister personally sealed his tomb, and no more has been heard since then.
** (2) Vrondard will remain Git's bodyguard (as usual) if that is in the mix **
whispering to Git, his spellbooks however were lost in the aftermath of the siege of Artanal's tomb and have never been recovered.
(4) Git (whispering): any idea what kind of lycanthrope he was?
(5) Sarrim: (A strange brown creature crawls from the chamberpot, screaming "NO SPICE! NO SPICE!" Roll initiative!)
** (1) Old Jorn pulls aside a tattered yellow curtain, stained with grease and grime and invites you inside. There is a faint odor of lilacs mixed with incense which perfumes the interior of the hovel. **
(2) Vrondard (whispering): let me know if im here or not
(1) Old Jorn: Most o' th' buildings in th' Ward are one or two floors in height. Because we're next to th' palace, this is one o' th' best buildins in th' place. Not stone o' course, like th' cultists...but good enow.
** (4) Git gives a quick bw before entering after Jorn. (listen, spot to determine a trap) **
whispering to Vrondard, you're here but your typical dwarf self
whispering to Git, werewolf
(2) Vrondard: "yep can't beat stone fer buildin..."
whispering to Git, no noises, no traps
(2) Vrondard: "but yer gots to be thinking yer goin to be a while to build something outa stone"
(1) Old Jorn: Have a seat. Dinner will be in a minute. (putters into the rear of the hovel)
(2) Vrondard: "them cultists as yer say... must be thinking o' staying a good long while"
** (4) Git moves in to take a seat, curiously perusing te abode **
** (2) Vrondard will make sure he isnt sitting in the ole man's last bowel movement and then sit down **
(1) Old Jorn: They moved in not too long ago. Used to be a temple to the Holy Mother but long ago abandoned.
** (9) Agatha slowly takes a seat, eyeing the place suspiciously. **
(1) DM: His voice and diction changes. Not as homely as it was outside.
(2) Vrondard: "ah so they be renters then of sorts"
(1) DM: (liquid splashing)
(1) DM: It really is a hovel. But you see hints of Jorn's previous life as an adventurer around the place. A battered suit of armor lies in a corner, well worn and cared for, hanging on pegs.
(2) Vrondard: "or snakes.... kinda like snakes that take over a gophers hole... since they can't burrow their own"
(1) DM: A broad longsword hangs just out of reach, atop a cloak rack.
** (2) Vrondard thinks himself sly **
** (2) Vrondard give Git a look like he wants a pat on the back **
** (1) Old Jorn comes out, bearing a platter of dried sausage, stale bread and sliced cheese, along with a jug of wine and a pitcher of water. **
(1) Old Jorn: I'm afraid I have no goblets, so if ye have skins, feel free to serve yourselves.
(2) Vrondard: ((/me eats the obviously poisoned food in dwarven disdain!))
** (4) Git gives Vronard an idle pat.. on the head and turns to their host. "That'll be fine" **
(9) Agatha: ((sense motive for foul play/trap))
(9) Agatha: [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12)
(1) Old Jorn: Can't be too careful with those slimes about. Those cultists. All my friends are gone, never heard from again. (settles into a chair and serves himself)
** (1) Old Jorn takes a wineskin and pours some wine into it **
(4) Git: "You don't seem too fond of the cultists. Anything we should know about?"
(1) Old Jorn: Well (chewing), for starters, they're a bit eager to spread the word and love of their god if you know my meaning. Could be nothing though. I was never the religious sap Albrana wanted me to be.
whispering to Agatha, nope
** (2) Vrondard digs in... **
(4) Git: :raising a brow: "Albrana...?"
(2) Vrondard: "only thing someone should be over eager 'bout is to be hacking orcs and bashin goblins"
(1) Old Jorn: (swallow) Mmmf...(chewing) And they like going after people not from the City...on the other hand, they also are generous with their silver and pence.
(2) Vrondard: "glad to see yer eatin right... not bad"
(1) Old Jorn: Oh, a companion of mine. Er...she's dead now. (swallows)
(1) Old Jorn: The golem got her. Smashed her head in against the wall like a ripe muskmelon.
** (9) Agatha guesses that the food is alright and digs in. **
** (4) Git gives a nod."yeah, I guess you have a point. Any bald person who acts that happy obviously has issues." **
(9) Agatha: "The golem?"
(1) Old Jorn: (takes a piece of bread and enfolds it about a piece of cheese and sausage, then bites) So, those cultists. They spread their coins around, my friends took them in and now they're gone, never heard from them again.
(1) Old Jorn: (glances at Agatha) It was a mean thing. Made of clay and earth. (looks pained)
(2) Vrondard: "hmm sounds like some foul magery animation... too bad"
(2) Vrondard: "such is things that come from that element..."
(4) Git: "Noticed a lot of people dispearing in their flock then, huh? Any idea what happens with them?"
(2) Vrondard: ((that being arcane magic))
(1) Old Jorn: And it's funny how they've taken over most of the orphanages here in the City, except for the ones run by those walking anvils.
(1) Old Jorn: I heard they become snakemen, or worse. Which is why you're here, I take it. To run them out of town. And if I can help, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand.
(12) . (enter): 23:04
** (2) Vrondard glances at Git and Agatha... and being the trusting sort barrels on **
(2) Vrondard: "Yep we aim to do just that"
(9) Agatha: "We're just curious right now."
(2) Vrondard: "find out their secrets and run em outa town"
(2) Vrondard: "that is the fast ones... the slow ones wont be that lucky"
(9) Agatha: "Vrondard's the eager type. Truth is that we haven't decided anythin' yet."
(12) . (exit): 23:06
(4) Git: :picking at the cheese he raises a brow. figure how forward Jorn decided to be, Git asks: "Have you ever heard of a Golden Flail?"
(2) Vrondard: "well I am eager for a fight"
(1) Old Jorn: Strange bit that, I heard that Xornuil got an order from a cultist to make lots of spiked chains. Paid a handsome amount too in coins of gold he'd never seen before.
(2) Vrondard: "kinda sad the tourney bouts are over"
(2) Vrondard: "and I aint got nobody to fight... and no orcs in sight neither"
(1) Old Jorn: A golden flail. Hm...(thinks a moment)
(1) Old Jorn: Well, flails aren't my favorite type of weapon....so no, not really. Unless it were one o' those desert knight things.
(4) Git: "No idea... just know it's suppose to be under the city somewhere and the cultist's are looking for it"
(1) Old Jorn: There's a strange legend I once heard about something called The Flail Of Kings. Part of a matched set that went with an item known as The Orb of Kings.
(4) Git: "Was it gold?"
(4) Git: :doesn't seem too optimistic of a match as he pops a bit of cheese in his mouth:
(1) Old Jorn: Well, that's the thing. Ays, 'twas....but those were lost in the lands of the Empire, in the north.
(4) Git: :Shrug: "Maybe coincidence, or maybe they're digging in the wrong place. Who knows?"
(9) Agatha (exit): 23:13
(1) Old Jorn: If ye could look into these cultists, I'd appreciate it greatly. I can't offer ye anything, except the thanks of an old man who wishes he could do something worthwhile whilst he still lives.
(13) Agatha (enter): 23:14
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (13) Agatha...
(13) Agatha: ((between bites)) "Mm. Sounds close enough. How's the tale go?"
(5) Sarrim: f
(5) Sarrim: (Oops)
(1) Old Jorn: About the Flail? The legend goes that a priest of Set used the flail and the orb to summon the god in order to smite his enemies and turn them to dust.
(2) Vrondard: "well we gots a free meal... if yer need to feel ye paid us... well then yer did already"
(2) Vrondard: "hmmm sounds kinda neat cept the evil got thingy"
(1) Old Jorn: While using the items, the priest grew arrogant and dared to step beyond his bounds. In response, his god turned him to stone and set a guardian over the items. The flail and the orb continue to call to all those who desire power without heed for any price.
(4) Git: "Nah, the one they're looking for is suppose to control snakes"
(2) Vrondard: "and it being a flail... not an axe"
(1) Old Jorn: Well, the god Set is a god of snakes. His symbol is that of a snake about to strike, or so the legend goes.
(2) Vrondard: "friggin snakes..."
(4) Git: "Hmmm... in that case... where abouts you speculate this place was?"
(1) Old Jorn: I beg your pardon?
(1) DM: (What place?)
(13) Agatha: (brb)
(4) Git: (not an exact place, but the general area to the north where he was suggesting these items were)
(4) Git: "The flail and orb, you said you thought they'd be to the north?"
(4) Git: (the Empire he mentioned is refering to Melcendia, right?)
(1) Old Jorn: Ah, I see. (look of confusion passes)
(1) Old Jorn: Well, from what I've heard, in order to use both items, ye need to have both the flail and the orb in your possession, and you need to be a priest but not necessarily of Set. Just a priest will do.
(4) Git: "So... what? A decent and noble priest of Solnor could wield the evil ball and flail?"
(1) Old Jorn: The orb is rumored to still be in the arms of the priest of Set, still as a stone statue. The flail on the other hand has appeared numerous times over the course of the centuries...in Imperial lands, in Wylund, Gwythnecht, and whereever magick is commonplace or held not in disdain.
(1) Old Jorn: Do I look like a priest? I'm just a warrior with a soft spot for tales.
(4) Git: "So in other words... there's a pretty good chance the flail is here... right below our feet?"
(1) Old Jorn: There's a pretty good chance this is nothing more than a tall tale. Or yes, that the flail is right here below your feet.
(1) DM: (yes, the empire of Mel'Cendia)
(4) Git: :to Vronard and Aggy: "We should ask Kha later if he heard anything about an orb in all that. if they don't have it, that's half the problem off the list"
(4) Git: :back to Jorn: "You're friends... before they disappeared did they mention anything about the hidden shrines?"
(1) Old Jorn: Hm. (thinks)
(1) Old Jorn: Well, a few mentioned something about worship services held nightly at The Fellowship's hall, for anyone who wants to partake freely of their god without commitment or some such nonsense.
(2) Vrondard: "heh"
(1) Old Jorn: I went one night just to see what it was like. A bunch of hooey if you ask me. Give me an axe or a sword, that's what I worship.
** (2) Vrondard smiles but not that exuberantly **
(4) Git: "Right... what about digging or searching, if they're looking for this thing, I figure their using servants to do the foot work. Did they mention anything?"
(1) Old Jorn: No, not that I can think of.
(4) Git: "Hmmm.... what about the fire. Can you give us any info on how it started?"
(1) Old Jorn: I'm sorry. (thinks) I don't remember being told anything or hearing anything of that sort.
(2) Vrondard: "prolly some evil mage had his shell go aflewwy"
(2) Vrondard: "and ended up burning the whole place down"
(2) Vrondard: "tis the look of it anyway"
(4) Git: :grins to Vronard: "Well that is a bit more believable than the barbarian garlic breath theory"
(1) Old Jorn: Now that...that is a piece of work if ever I heard one. (laughs)
(1) Old Jorn: (swallows and belches, then leans back with a contented sigh)
** (2) Vrondard grins **
(1) Old Jorn: (then solemnly) I heard it was a spell that went awry by a mage or a priest amongst those cultists. Should've heard the look on a Watchman's face when they uncovered what was down there. (shudders)
(2) Vrondard: "aha! told ye it was some fool mage"
(2) Vrondard: "hope he burned himself to a crisp fer his sins"
(1) Old Jorn: Besides corpses, they slew several things that tried to kill them.
(4) Git: "I'm amazed..... Vronard was right about something...?":Gives a low chortle:
(4) Git: "Those were probably the human, snake hybrids
(1) Old Jorn: If it wasn't a creature, it was a trap. Some doors that hadn't burned down were heavily trapped and took the lives of some o' the Watch.
(2) Vrondard: "hmm let me predict something else... yer goina ter be wailing like a little girl sometime soon"
(4) Git: "A trapped orphanage? that can't be considered child-friendly"
(2) Vrondard: "and not in a good way" glancing at Agatha
(1) Old Jorn: The Watch did find a curious thing....some of these creatures that were dead had silver collars, which were linked to a chain, which was linked to a similar silver manacle.
(2) Vrondard: "oy more foulness"
(4) Git: :about the chains: "Enchanted maybe... to keep em in line"
(2) Vrondard: "just keeps on comin"
(1) Old Jorn: Can I get ye anything else? More bread and cheese?
(2) Vrondard: "yar... im good thank ye"
(2) Vrondard: "well if we find some werk fer yer sword... we will let ya know"
(4) Git: "Nah, we should get going if we're going to check that burned out lair before meeting with our friends"
(2) Vrondard: "this was more an a bit informative"
(13) Agatha: "Aye, we still some more rounds to make."
(14) Xeriar (enter): 23:44
(14) Xeriar (exit): 23:45
** (2) Vrondard stands up and gives him a warriors clasp handshake before he goes" **
(1) DM: (on to the burned out lair)
(1) Old Jorn: (returns the clasp)
** (4) Git pops a final bit of sausage into his mouth and stands to leave, offering Jorn a shake after Vronard **
(1) Old Jorn: Please feel free to stop by whenever ye feel the need to, friends. May cold steel bite your foes' backs. (grins)
(2) Vrondard: "aye that they will!"
(2) Vrondard: "and you the same"
(4) Git: "Yeah, see you again old Soul. And I'll bring fresh bread"
(1) Old Jorn: The lair itself is guarded by a pair of Watch guards.
(4) Git: "Don't worry. we have clearance"
** (13) Agatha points to her axe. "That we do. One way or the other." **
(1) DM: The guards wave you on.
(1) Garrett: Mind the (shudder) corpses.
(4) Git: :to the guard: "Thanks for the warning"
(2) Vrondard (whispering): this has got to be boring for the others
(2) Vrondard (whispering): so force feed us any info we find here
(2) Vrondard (whispering): if you can
** (4) Git makes his way into the lair (any lighting?) **
(1) DM: Apparently the lair itself was pretty extensive and went underground. The orphanage was probably a two story building. Ashes and bones litter the debris everywhere.
** (2) Vrondard seems to not need any lighting... poking around and looking around **
whispering to Vrondard, I know. I'm trying to do this as fast as possible, but I can't.
(2) Vrondard (whispering): ok
** (13) Agatha lights up a lantern. **
whispering to Vrondard, this is what happens when you split the party into two
(2) Vrondard (whispering): ha
(13) Agatha: "All those children. Such a pity."
(1) DM: (no lighting other than what you have)
** (4) Git grimaces a bit as he does his best to avoid stepping on any children's remains. **
(1) DM: You find nothing in the lair itself apart from skeletons, pieces of skeletons and evidence that something was being created that smacks of unholy magicka. Snake and human hybrids.
(1) DM: There is evidence that digging was going on, however.
(4) Git: "I doubt there will be any ledgers or notes that survived the blaze. But there there might be tunnels or hidden rooms that were spared"
(1) DM: Not a lot of digging as far as you can tell, since they didn't get very far. Certainly not far enough to undermine the wall.
(1) DM: (the city wall that is)
(2) Vrondard: "buncha foulness... everywhere"
(13) Agatha: "If we find the scum who did this, my axe and I shall be very happy."
(2) Vrondard: "hmmm me axe might be a bit pissed... I might just wring em with me own hands"
(4) Git: :gesturing to the ash and bone littered floor: "Feel free, Aggy"
(1) DM: Your poking around yields very little...apart from carnage and debris, a scroll that reads the following:
** (2) Vrondard of course blathers about the paper scroll... "it aint written in stone... it aint worth readin" **
(1) DM: 8 Harvesttide


Our mistress demands that our efforts be redoubled in the face of the upcoming celebrations which will provide not only an influx of new slaves to work our will, but also the chance that we will be discovered. I sense that we are searching for naught. You have but one week to produce evidence that the flail resides here...and then we must move on.


(1) DM: A partial map of Tolmara is scrawled on the back of the scroll.
(2) Vrondard: ((we will call him Dick for short....))
(1) DM: It shows a few streets, a gate and a building marked prominently in red.
(1) DM: (Location 93 up on the map above, is the building that's marked)
(13) Agatha: ((heh. Dick. short.)
(2) Vrondard: ((making it 66 or 93?))
(1) DM: (very funny. heh)
(4) Git: (no map above yet, but I'll take your word for it)
(1) DM: (and that's all you get from the burned out lair.) (where next?)
(4) Git: (on to the siren, I guess, which means back to Kha's dream test, right?
(13) Agatha: ((works for me))
(5) Sarrim: (Sure)
(1) TaliesinNYC: (yep)
(1) TaliesinNYC: (ok gimme 5 min to get food and then we'll resume Kha's Test. last week, we left off at the lighthouse.)
(5) Sarrim: (Aye)
(3) Gilmat: (( where we found out that we were a bit out of our league...))
(15) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 00:14
(6) Kha (exit): 00:16
(2) Vrondard: will have to what Kha till Stan comes back
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (15) Kha...
(5) Sarrim: Ho Hum...Hum dee...
(1) DM: ok, I think we left off at the lighthouse, where Sarrim detected something indescribably evil within the lighthouse.
(5) Sarrim: Indeed
(3) Gilmat: (( aye))
(1) DM: You're outside the structure. A chill wind blows from offshore.
(1) DM: (apologies for making you wait this long but this is what happens when things get split up)
** (4) Git gestures toward the door, "Well, Kha, what're you waiting for? Go slay the evil or what not" **
(5) Sarrim: "So...Should we try and...Cleanse this place? Or head over to that tomb that the man spoke of?"
(15) Kha: "Think we should check the 'Giant's Table' or Tomb or what ever you want to call it before facing what ever eavil is strong enough to almost overwhealm Sarrim"
(4) Git: "He gets overwhelmed pretty easy, haven't you noticed how highstrung he is?"
(2) Vrondard: "dont matter to me none"
** (5) Sarrim gives Git a dirty look. **
(4) Git: :shrugs to the paladin, with a self-amused smirk:
(15) Kha: "I still say we check it out first. Ada said it was guarded by a creature of the light, maybe he can help us."
** (5) Sarrim nods. "It is your decision." **
(3) Gilmat: (nods) "I agree, though the decision is yours to make."
(4) Git: :groans: "Ugh... that's gonna take even longer"
** (15) Kha does a full circle trying to remember what direction to go then heads off **
(5) Sarrim: "I don't suppose you can utilize that teleportation that got us here, can you? I think this Giant's Table is a good distance away. It'll take a few days."
** (5) Sarrim follows behind, voicing his concern. **
** (4) Git kicks a stone at the lighthouse before turning to follow the others **
** (3) Gilmat takes another look at the lighthouse then follows behind Kha... **
(15) Kha: "I dont need much sleep, only a few hours a night. You all can wait here if you prefer and I will travel though the days and nights to get there"
** (2) Vrondard goes where they do **
(13) Agatha: "Perhaps. But do ya really want to go up to this thing, blind?"
** (15) Kha continues on at as fast a pace as Vrondard can keep up with and will only stop when the others ask him to or he gets too tired himself **
(5) Sarrim (whispering): I'd like to do a religion check, if possible. Something this evil might have a tie-in with the Elder Lord, and my lore check can only guess at it from the man's description. If it's this far back in history, there might be something noted.
(4) Git: :with a bemused snicker: "This place is just a dream though, Aggy, ain't it. We aren't even going to remember it."
** (2) Vrondard ha no trouble keeping pace.. and never tires **
whispering to Sarrim, ok
(5) Sarrim: "True...But supposedly this dream can affect our reality. I personally want to see the best outcome of it."
whispering to Sarrim, roll
(5) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+9] -> [18,9] = (27)
whispering to Sarrim, yes, in fact.
(4) Git: "I don't see how this silly flashback effects me in anyway"
whispering to Sarrim, The Solos'alin (ancient elves) have a legend that one amongst their kind summoned a creature known to them as The Shadow to the world of Andurin and that this creature was immensely evil, even more evil than the god Gorgauth.
(15) Kha: "If this is anything like the dream world I visit sometimes what happens to you here realy happens to you. Not like that fake competition the Magister set up"
whispering to Sarrim, the creature called itself "Shai'tan" or "The Dark One" or "The Shadow". All of these names with the exception of the first are also names for The Elderlord.
(4) Git: :quirks a brow: "How so? What is this place?"
whispering to Sarrim, at the same time that this creature appeared, an order of wizards or mages calling themselves the Aes Sedai also appeared on Andurin
whispering to Sarrim, yet these wizards were not like any wizards previously known and they were all women.
** (13) Agatha rubs her forehead. "Gods, I hate magic. No sense at all in it." **
(15) Kha: "The Magister used Illusion, this is a reality. It is a reflection of our world."
(13) Agatha: "Whatever the hell it is, best we play our roles. It makes everythin' less complicated."
whispering to Sarrim, however, it is a little known legend and not one widely known even amongst those whose work is the study of legends. ((OC: also this is written up in the documents on the site.))
** (2) Vrondard completely agrees with Agatha **
(15) Kha: "This is not magic, well magic may have been used to get use here, but the world of dreams requires no magic to access. Just practice of controling your dreams"
(4) Git: "No... it's a reflection of the past of our world. We can't effect things which have already happened. Unless...."
(4) Git: :pauses verbally and physically: "Your god can't send people back in time.... can he?"
(5) Sarrim (whispering): Interesting
** (5) Sarrim is silent for awhile, then speaks slowly, dredging up words as he goes. "Git, you pose an interesting question. I've been...Thinking. The man, by description, gave me the idea that this was a simple ghast or ghoul. But when my senses...Touched it...It was horribly evil. This is far back in history, is it not?" **
(15) Kha: "He is the God of Time, Destiny, Fate, Death, Dreams, and other things. So yes I am sure he can."
whispering to Sarrim, depending on the legend, this is either how the Novothas'alin (elves of the Shadow) or the ilythi'iri (drow) came into being.
(4) Git: "But this is just a test for you, right? He wouldn't risk throwing off the very coarse of time for a test, would he?"
(5) Sarrim: "He might...This, this ties into some history that I remember. It's connected to the Drow, I think."
(4) Git: :to Sam: "You know about this... incident?"
** (5) Sarrim looks darkly, down at the ground. "The Ancient Elves wrote of an entity...A terrible being that was called The Shadow...They said that he was more evil even than the Elder Lord." **
(15) Kha: "He writes ttime," **Quotes something** "The function of Oneiros in the pantheon of the gods of Andurin is to be the Keeper of the Book of Truth and to advise those would seek his counsel, be they god or mortal. The Book of Truth is a journal which serves as the ultimate historical record of both the Celestial Jewel and its mortal reflections. When the last page has been turned and the last entry recorded, then will the Lord of Fate seal the Book shut and present it to his Aspect, Death, who shall then usher in the end of existence. "
(16) Aaron Ra'Villious (enter): 00:35
(5) Sarrim: "Kha...Is it possible to rewrite this Book of Truth?"
(5) Sarrim: "Perhaps a page...Just alter it in some way?"
(16) Aaron Ra'Villious (exit): 00:36
(4) Git (whispering): religion check for any info on The Shadow
(15) Kha (exit): 00:37
(4) Git: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [9,4] = (13)
(17) Kha (enter): 00:38
(5) Sarrim: "Anyway. This creature called himself a number of names shared with Gorgauth, save one, "Shai'Tan"
whispering to Git, ok
whispering to Git, only that there is an obscure elven legend that one of their number summoned a creature from another world to Andurin, in a bid for increased power and that this creature proved to be even more evil than Gorgauth....calling itself "Shai'tan", "the Shadow" and "The Dark One". Not much else.
(5) Sarrim: "Around this time I remember also that the Aes Sedai came into being, and also connected to this Shai'Tan are the creations of the Drow, or the Shadow Elves, depending on the version."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (17) Kha...
(17) Kha: "Shai`Tan, or the Dark One as Jenna called him. The Magister said the Dark One was the Ultimate Evil"
(2) Vrondard: "well whats it going to be?"
(5) Sarrim: "...So again the question arises. Is Oneiros trying to rewrite history in this...Dream?"
(1) DM: Your journey to the plateau known as "Giant's Table" takes about an hour. (heh)
(5) Sarrim: "That was...Fast."
(17) Kha: "Dont realy matter if he is or not"
(1) DM: (but this is a conversation you had on your way. was just fyi)
(5) Sarrim: "It can't affect the current time?" (I had assumed so, hehe)
(4) Git: ""Uh, yeah actually, it's a big deal if he is"
(17) Kha: "If he is I say great if he isnt Fine by me, he is the Time Lord not me."
(2) Vrondard: "lets just blooming get on wid it"
(3) Gilmat: "Look, history is history. We can't change what happened. Whatever we do now is how it actually turned out, if we are really back in time. Since the changes we make now will have always been as far as the world is concerened." Gilmat puts in his two bits after listening to them the whole way discussing it
** (4) Git takes in the setting of the "Giant's Table" **
(17) Kha: "Well looks like we are here, Wonder what a Creature of the Light looks like?"
** (2) Vrondard doesnt like this stuff... hurts his head **
(3) Gilmat: "But all of this is besides the point, let us see if we can find the being of Light."
(5) Sarrim: "Sounds good."
** (17) Kha starts scouting around for the entrance to the Tomb **
(4) Git: "No Gil... if we're here and we weren't suppose to be, we're already changing history. For all we know our buddy in the light house is suppose to raze the village and slaughter the people in mass"
(5) Sarrim: "What I'm trying to comprehend is why something so evil would hide in a Lighthouse...In the most godforsaken place I've been to."
(1) DM: When you get to the plateau, it really does appear as Ada described, that of an immense plateau that looks as if a slab of mountain was pounded flat by the gods and then dropped neatly into place on top of the eastern end of the island.
(5) Sarrim (whispering): Could I do a Lore check and try and remember the fate of this Island?
(13) Agatha: "But if history were written so we'd be here?"
(1) DM: The sheer cliff face of the plateau seems unclimbable, just as looking over the edge makes the sharp rocks at the bottom of the cliff that much more menancing.
(5) Sarrim: "But that's just it. If Oneiros writes into the Book of Truth, it's like washing out the ink and rewriting it."
(1) DM: Near the base of the plateau is a small cave. A flight of stone steps is carved into the side of the cliff face, ascending to the plateau above.
(3) Gilmat: "It really makes no difference, we are here to do a task if we can we will it is as simple as that."
whispering to Sarrim, sure
(5) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+8] -> [8,8] = (16)
(4) Git: "But you can't change just one page in the middle Sam"
** (17) Kha starts up the steps, barly listening to the others now that they are at the Tomb **
** (2) Vrondard acends as well glad to put all this mumbo jumbo behind him **
** (4) Git follows after Kha as he continues the discussion out of boredom **
** (17) Kha comments while climbing the steps "No but he could rewrite the book back to this point" **
** (5) Sarrim shrugs. "I don't know. It wouldn't be so difficult a process, would it? A mage tears out the page of a story, rewrites it, and makes the rest of the book fit in with it." **
** (5) Sarrim follows Kha. **
(1) DM: (want to clarify something. the cave and the steps are two separate things.)
** (3) Gilmat looks toward the cave then hurrys after Kha **
(5) Sarrim: "Wait, you mean like going back through the book? Not just finding a page but tearing through what you've done to find a certain page?"
(3) Gilmat: "Don't you think the cave would be a likely place for the tomb...?"
(4) Git: "But if he has power like that, he could just rewrite it so Shai'tan never entered our world, couldn't he?"
whispering to Gilmat, the interior of the cave is really a short passage that ends at a closed stone door (that's visible)
(3) Gilmat: "There seems to be a door in there..."
(2) Vrondard: "thats where me ancestors be buried... in a cave or stone temple"
(5) Sarrim: "That may be what he's trying to do Git. I'm not sure whether Oneiros can intervene directly...It may be why we're here."
(17) Kha: "Not if Sahi`Tan does something he wants to happen, he would need to write a way to get rid of him."
(4) Git: "He could just go back and erase the one who summoned The Shadow"
(17) Kha: "Might as well see whats on top of the table before going under ground"
(5) Sarrim: "True...The purpose of Oneiros, as you said, is to finish the Book of Truth. Undoubtedly, every creature, good or ill has played a part in realizing that goal."
(3) Gilmat: "All right then..." (shrugs and follows after the group up the stairs)
(1) DM: You ascend to the top of the plateau, fairly quickly.
(5) Sarrim: "I'm not sure I can climb that"
(5) Sarrim: (Wait...Thought you said it was sheer cliff?)
(17) Kha: ((With stairs))
(3) Gilmat: (( there are carved steps))
(5) Sarrim: (Ooohhhh)
(4) Git: :to Sam: "I find that idea kind of detestable. Who'd want to live there life by a book"
(5) Sarrim: (I thought those lead to the cave. My bad)
(1) DM: It's a wind-blown place, devoid of most plant life except for lichen and occasional clumps of moss. Dotting the landscape here and there are stunted dwarf silverbark trees.
(5) Sarrim: "I wouldn't either. But I don't really get to have much of a choice like that in the eyes of the divine."
(17) Kha: "You are. Though I doubt Oneiros scripts everything, more like records it as it happens"
(2) Vrondard: ((gets excited about the dwarf... till he realizes they are trees))
(5) Sarrim (whispering): By the way, did I remember anything about the fate of this island?
(1) DM: (OC: silverbark trees are trees that dawn elves grow primarily for their bark, which when woven with the proper spells is as strong and light as the finest suit of leather armor, but immensely fragile.)
** (17) Kha looks around for anything interesting on the top of the Table **
(4) Git: "Forget the divine. They're only a crutch"
(2) Vrondard: ((bah! special elven trees... the worst))
whispering to Sarrim, you need to roll. lol
whispering to Sarrim, ah nm
** (5) Sarrim gives Git an angry, fuming look. "Fun at my expense is all well and good, but do not slander the Gods." **
(5) Sarrim (whispering): Already did, got 16. Scroll up
(17) Kha: "I would not go around disrespecting the gods Git. iIt may prove hazordous"
(2) Vrondard: "just a bunch of stunty trees up here"
whispering to Sarrim, yes. Was once a star elven settlement but was long since abandoned when the Imperials first arrived. They found an entire village in the interior of the island mysteriously abandoned, with no signs of conflict whatsoever that caused the disappearance of the elves.
** (3) Gilmat looks to Git, "So it is your right to belive...however, I would not press the subject much..." **
(4) Git: :gives a snicker: "Right, Forgive my directness. From now on I'll keep these things to my mind where only the intruding dieties can hear them"
(3) Gilmat: (( ack spelling errors aside))
whispering to Sarrim, Curiously, the settlement is a place where magicka does not work.
(2) Vrondard: "why dont one of you pointy eared fellas go talk to one of these trees and find out if this is the place"
(5) Sarrim: "..."
(17) Kha (whispering): Want me to make a spot check to see if I notice anything interesting on the top of the table
(5) Sarrim: "You know...There's something else to the history I spoke of earlier."
whispering to Kha, yes
(3) Gilmat: "Eh? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"
(17) Kha: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [7,4] = (11)
** (4) Git moves off shaking his head as he takes in the plateau, searching amounf the moss and plants for any thing of interest **
(5) Sarrim: "This Shai'Tan...He was summoned by an Ancient Elf. And if I'm not incorrect, This land was home to Star Elves before the Imperials came."
(4) Git: (aren't we near the scrape?)
(17) Kha: "Maybe this is that Elf's tomb."
(5) Sarrim: "The interesting thing is...When the Imperials arrived, there was no sign of the elves, save for their empty homes. No sign of battle, anything."
whispering to Kha, Glancing around, you seem to find nothing....and then you see a tall man, well it must be a man....garbed in brown robes with a cowl hiding his face. Chained to one bony arm is a massive leatherbound book that he holds in his right hand with ease.
(5) Sarrim: "Another point is that Elves built a settlement in a land where magicka doesn't function."
(2) Vrondard: "hmm maybe they transformed into one of these trees then... I've heard stories 'bout em doing that"
whispering to Kha, he's standing a few feet to your right. he wasn't there a moment before. Only you can see him.
(5) Sarrim: "And this too. How does a plateau like this form?"
(2) Vrondard: "either that or this isnt the place"
whispering to Kha, ((when you reply to this person, DO NOT whisper to me))
(2) Vrondard: "and we just climbed this thing fer the view... which aint too bad"
(4) Git: "Skilled carving or magicka"
** (17) Kha turns to his right and walks a few feet **
(5) Sarrim: "But magicka doesn't work here. And they're elves. Remember the man?"
whispering to Kha, Potmos: So, your Test proceeds, disciple.
(5) Sarrim: "He came this way
(17) Kha: "Hello Sir"
(5) Sarrim: And after, the...Huh?"
** (5) Sarrim looks strangely at Kha. **
(4) Git: "Hm?" :turns to see who Kha's greeting:
** (3) Gilmat looks toward Kha to see who he's talking to... **
(17) Kha: "So this is the The Mirror of Destiny, or have you come to me outside of your shring?"
(1) DM: You see nothing but dust, dried salt, moss and a dwarf tree.
(3) Gilmat: "..." (turns to the others) "Is he talking to that tree?"
(17) Kha: ((Err shrine))
(4) Git: :raising a brow, tries to focus his gaze toward where Kha's looking, perhaps futily:
whispering to Kha, Potmos: This is not the Mirror, ye who would follow my brother. This is your Test and I am here to keep the record of your deed.
(5) Sarrim: "Kha...Are you...All right?"
(4) Git: :Sighs: "More of the divine?"
(17) Kha: "Oh, Are you able to provide any help or just recode what happens?"
(13) Agatha: "Hmph. Guess so. Funny thing is that I'm not that surprised."
(3) Gilmat: "Mabey it's something we, as we aren't being tested, can't see..."
whispering to Kha, Potmos: Though ye are in Tel'aran'rhiod, ye are also in a place outside the normal flow of time and therefore your actions CANNOT affect what has already happened within the waking world.
** (17) Kha glances back to the others "Yes more of the divine. Potmos, he is the Aspect of Destiny" **
(4) Git: :to Gil: "Well, ain't that stingy?"
(17) Kha: "Oh thats good to know, will make Git happy anyways."
(4) Git: :to Kha: "What? Your god is going to pay us for our troubles?"
** (2) Vrondard seems satisfied that Kha took his advice **
** (17) Kha turning to Git "He said we are in the world of dreams, but an area outside of normal time so we can not affect our reality" **
(4) Git: "Figured that already"
(3) Gilmat: (shrugs) "It changes my feeligns in no way. We are still here to do what we are here to do."
(1) DM: Potmos: (chuckles)
(1) DM: (whoops)
whispering to Kha, Potmos: (chuckles)
(5) Sarrim: (Lol)
whispering to Kha, Potmos: Ye are here to do what ye shall do, not what ye must do. What ye shall do is yet unwritten, disciple. Ye have not yet passed the Test.
** (17) Kha turns back to Potmos "Thanks for answering or debate, guess we can get on with our search for this creature of Light now" **
(5) Sarrim: (Gotta love DM spoofs. With one group, the DM accidentally said out loud a critical part on how he and and one of the characters he was whispering to were conspiring to murder the rest of the party.)
** (17) Kha turns back to the group "Find anything interesting up here?" **
whispering to Kha, Potmos: And your companions are here in every sense of the word. They SHALL remember this, although not in the way they were told.
(3) Gilmat: "As I said, I would imagine the being is in the cave. There does not appear to be anything up here."
(2) Vrondard: "yep"
whispering to Kha, Potmos: This is but the first meeting. There will be two more before the end.
(4) Git: "There's a tree"
(5) Sarrim: "I have one more possible idea...Do you guys think that this plateau may have been the summoning ground for Shai'Tan?"
whispering to Kha, he's gone in a blink of an eye.
(2) Vrondard: "and why would I know that?"
(2) Vrondard: "or think it"
(3) Gilmat: "I have no idea... though anything is possible."
(17) Kha: "Oh he said we are here to do what we will do not Must do, and That you all will remember this, but not in the way you were told. And that he will meat with us or me two more times before this test is over"
(4) Git: "Huh?"
(17) Kha: "Well lets go check out that cave then, see if the creatures is in there"
(5) Sarrim: "Well...Look at it. This place, it couldn't have formed naturally. This was a settlement of elves. And Elves wouldn't live in a place where magicka doesn't function. And then the elves disappear, and this cave."
(2) Vrondard: "probably not though.. probably some creepy spooky place with fire and shadows all about"
** (4) Git shakes his head and heads back down the stairs **
(2) Vrondard: "curved knives, snake blood, human sacrifice... all that blather"
(3) Gilmat: "It could be, I have no way of knowing Sarrim." heads back down the stairs
(4) Git: :to Vronard: "Sounds like a theme restaurant I went to once in Kern"
** (5) Sarrim sighs, gives the plateau one last hard look, and follows the rest of the group. **
(1) DM: The interior of the cave is caked with dust and dried salt. Tracks enter the cave, stop at the passage and turn around, departing the cave.
** (2) Vrondard raises his eyebrows at Git **
(3) Gilmat: "Hmm, that's probably the mysterious stranger..."
(3) Gilmat: ( looking at the tracks)
(2) Vrondard: "somebody got scared..."
(2) Vrondard: "or got smart!" ha!!!"
** (17) Kha examins the tracks **
(4) Git: "Well, if this is sacred ground and he was unholy..."
(17) Kha: Wilderness Lore Skill Check: [1d20+8] -> [20,8] = (28)
** (5) Sarrim grins. "Guess that makes us blooming idiots." **
(5) Sarrim (whispering): Could I do a detection real quick, around this area?
(3) Gilmat: "If this is a place of the Light, and he was evil he probably would not have been able to stand it."
** (13) Agatha looks around for secret doors where the tracks turn around. **
(5) Sarrim (whispering): Just trying to pick up a residual aura, nothing currently present
(13) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
** (4) Git moves into the cave looking for carvings or drawings on the walls **
(17) Kha: ((Does the cave go deeper then the tracks?))
whispering to Sarrim, instead of what hit you when you performed a ritual of detection at the lighthouse, you sense an aura of utter harmony and peace that erases all sense of doubt and despair from yourself.
(1) DM: ((no))
(1) DM: ((What was the wilderness roll for?))
(1) DM: (no carvings)
(5) Sarrim: "Lets go...I like this place."
** (5) Sarrim begins striding deeper, smiling faintly. **
(17) Kha: ((To check and see what type of tracks, or if I could notice anything strange about them"
(4) Git: (how deep is the cave? is there anything in it?)
whispering to Kha, human. within a week. nothing out of the ordinary.
whispering to Kha, booted feet though
(17) Kha: "Well the tracks are less then a week old"
(17) Kha: "Human, but nothing strange about them"
(3) Gilmat: "To the door then?"
(4) Git: "Huh?" :stares at Sam, for a second wondering why he seems a bit off. (sense motive to determine if he's possibly enchanted)
(4) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [8,6] = (14)
(2) Vrondard: "well I'm all fer that.. hope this cave has some nice rock formations"
** (2) Vrondard walks into the cave **
whispering to Git, nope, but he seems at peace with himself.
(17) Kha: "How do you expect to go past the wall where the tracks end Sarrim?"
(3) Gilmat: (( open the door?))
(5) Sarrim: (One could only assume, =) )
(4) Git: "Glad you like it Vronard."
(1) DM: The interior of the cave is really a short passage about 10 feet wide by 20 feet long, which ends at a closed stone door. The symbol of a blazing sun is carved on the surface of the door. The door appears to have been blasted with great fire, but is still intact.
** (5) Sarrim nods to Vrondard when he catches up. "This place makes me feel...Happy...Like nothing in the world could hurt us here." **
** (17) Kha arches his eyebrow at Sarrim **
(4) Git: :to Sam: "Maybe some kind of empathic spell"
** (17) Kha takes a look at the door **
** (4) Git moves toward the door, search for traps, figuring on magic. **
(13) Agatha: "Could be."
(5) Sarrim: "I can assure you, I'm under my own will. Just, when I cast my senses...There was no trace of evil...Instead I felt...Serene. It's never happened before."
(2) Vrondard: "hmmm sun sumbol" stating the obvious
(3) Gilmat (whispering): Religion check to see if I know the symbol?
(2) Vrondard: "who's that belong to again?"
** (5) Sarrim examines the symbol closely. **
(4) Git (whispering): religion check for any meaning to the sun symbol?
(4) Git: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [12,4] = (16)
(5) Sarrim (whispering): Lore and Religion checks, respectively, to identify an owner?
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24), [1d20+10] -> [20,10] = (30), [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)
** (13) Agatha points at the symbol. "I'm no cleric, but that's a good sign." **
whispering to Git, no noise, yes on traps
** (17) Kha shrugs "Oneiros` holy symbol is a book bound in chains" **
(2) Vrondard: "yeah much better than a skull or snake looking at ha"
(2) Vrondard: "or that creepy hand thingy"
whispering to Gilmat, very well, roll
(3) Gilmat (whispering): Knowledge Religion Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [2,5] = (7)
whispering to Sarrim, roll
(3) Gilmat (whispering): ouch
(4) Git (whispering): fire trap, right?
whispering to Gilmat, nyet
(5) Sarrim: "But whatever imprisoned the creature might've been under this symbol"
whispering to Git, heat trap
(5) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+8] -> [9,8] = (17), [1d20+9] -> [18,9] = (27)
** (17) Kha places his hand on the sun symbol **
** (4) Git grabs Kha's hand **
(4) Git: "Don't..."
whispering to Sarrim, Solnor
(4) Git: "It's trapped"
** (17) Kha stops **
(3) Gilmat: "Hmm... I don't recognize it, it's not Solnor's that I know."
** (5) Sarrim traces the symbol. "Yes...I actually think it is Solnor." **
(5) Sarrim: (Not touching it)
(5) Sarrim: (Mind you)
(3) Gilmat: "..."
(17) Kha: "Ah"
whispering to Sarrim, actually it's Natan-ahb. apologies.
** (4) Git looks over the door carefully, sizing it up **
whispering to Sarrim, crystal dwarven Aspect of Solnor
(5) Sarrim: "Erm...Wait."
(5) Sarrim: "Nooo..It's an aspect of Solnor."
(3) Gilmat: "Ah, that is much more likely."
(5) Sarrim: "Crystal Dwaves, Natan-Ahb."
(17) Kha (whispering): will embrace the source, not channel anything yet though
(3) Gilmat: (( had me worried there, thought I didn't even know the symbol of my own god lol))
(5) Sarrim: (Hehe)
whispering to Gilmat, hah. well it is in a way your god. not quite though.
whispering to Kha, all right
(4) Git (whispering): can I take 20 on a disable device?
whispering to Git, if you wish
(3) Gilmat (whispering): (shrug) Well, I can't know them ALL can I heh
(5) Sarrim: "Well...Vrondard, if it's trapped, do you think you might be able to take a look at it? Maybe the dwarves used a technique that you know?"
(2) Vrondard: "yep could be that.... Natan-ahb"
(2) Vrondard: "I aint a Crystal Dwarf none"
** (17) Kha steps back and lets Git do his thing **
(4) Git: "It's a magic trap, I can disable it, but it'll take a while
** (5) Sarrim shrugs. **
** (2) Vrondard will look at the door and stone (aiding Gits attempt so I need a DC 10) **
(1) DM: After a while, it seems to have been taken care of....
(5) Sarrim: "You can make magical traps? That's seems quite the feat."
(2) Vrondard (whispering):



[1d20+1] -> [14,1] = (15)

(17) Kha: "Crystal Dwarves, Star Elves, this is a strange island to have both"
(3) Gilmat: "Perhaps not all at the same time."
(5) Sarrim: "So it seems. Unless the dwarves merely cleaned up the Elves' mess. An after the fact type of thing.":
(17) Kha: "True"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+19] -> [14,19] = (33)
whispering to Git, passed...for now
** (4) Git steps back after a while a careully filing and fiddling at the door. "Okay, who ever wants to open it, feel free." **
(5) Sarrim: "How...Do you open it? Just press on the symbol?"
(4) Git: :strolls back away, I'll be back here:
(5) Sarrim: "Want me to Kha? If it's still active, as Git has given me reason to worry about...You need to survive."
** (5) Sarrim gives Git another dirty look. **
(17) Kha: "Well to be honost I dont think we should go trapesing though a magicly locked tomb with the Holy symbol of Natan-Ahb. Not with out permision anyways"
(4) Git: "I think I got it... magicka's tricky"
(2) Vrondard: "well if you figure it out.. let me do it"
(2) Vrondard: "it might like me better since I gots a beard and all"
(13) Agatha: "Ya said a mouthful, Git."
(5) Sarrim: "True...But this being of Light is supposedly here, and the creature of immense evil is only an hour away."
** (17) Kha turns to Gilmat "Would Solnor approve of us rumaging though a sealed tomb?" **
** (4) Git nods to Aggy **
(2) Vrondard: "aint this what we are supposed to do?"
(4) Git: "It's for the greater good, get over it"
(2) Vrondard: "and if it aint... why are we here?"
(2) Vrondard: "and if we aint supposed to be here... where else we supposed to be"
(5) Sarrim: "Gilmat...Would Natan-Ahb understand if we search a tomb under his protection in the service of a greater cause?"
(3) Gilmat: "It is for a greater good. Though this tomb was sealed by Natan-Ahb who is an Aspect of Solnor, and has different views which I am unfortunatly not entirely aware of. I belive it is in the best interests of those people in the town however so let us see if we can get them help."
(3) Gilmat (whispering): Of course I just made that up... uh is it true?
(4) Git: :sighs: "Can we open the door now?"
(5) Sarrim: "Why not?"
** (5) Sarrim walks up to the door. "Just in case...You guys might want to seek cover." **
** (2) Vrondard chooses a logical spot **
(4) Git: :strolling back and standing behind Gilmat, "Way ahead of ya"
whispering to Gilmat, sure, heheh
(17) Kha: "We arnt saposed to be anyware Vrond, Potmos said that we are here to do what we will, we are judged based on what we do. I assumed that since the first person we met said that we were saposed to kill the evil thats what we were saposed to do, but it may not be"
** (5) Sarrim reaches his hand up, and fiddles with the symbol, trying to push it in or turn it, or whatever, to open the door. **
(3) Gilmat (whispering): Ooh that's reasuring
** (13) Agatha takes her position. **
whispering to Gilmat, a large part of this game is made by the players, you know. so if it passes muster with me, its ok
** (17) Kha stays standing next to Sarrim **
(3) Gilmat (whispering): Ah, righty oh then :)
(1) DM: The door opens as Sarrim touches it, with a soft click.
** (3) Gilmat stands back a respectable distance prepared to heal Sarrim if nessecary **
(5) Sarrim: "Hum...Nice work Git. It appears that I am yet unmolested by magicka."
(4) Git: "Wait for it..."
** (4) Git suddenly huddles back while Sam looks his way **
** (5) Sarrim raises an eyebrow. **
** (17) Kha pushes the door all the way open and looks in **
(1) Voice: Enter, O Seeker!
** (5) Sarrim jumps. **
(17) Kha: "Guess thats me, they been calling me seeker since I started this test."
(5) Sarrim: "That was...Startling...Go ahead Kha."
** (17) Kha walks though the door **
(3) Gilmat: "Yow... well then... uh should we stay here then or...?"
** (4) Git snickers and comes out from behind GIlmat, strolling toward the door **
(5) Sarrim: "I think...That it's Kha's duty. The voice asked only for one."
(1) DM: The interior of the tomb is dark, except for a single shaft of light which illuminates a single mithril short spear.
(1) DM: The spear is in the exact center of the tomb, which appears to be a spherical chamber. The rest of the chamber is dark.
(4) Git: :to Kha: "Who's this now? Oneiros' aspect of haughtiness?
(17) Kha: "OOOOOOO, Nice looking spear. May I aproch it?"
** (4) Git waits at the door, not entering the chamber **
(2) Vrondard: "yep I know me name... and it aint Seeker"
(3) Gilmat: "Yes, let us stay out of the room... it seems to be for Kha alone."
** (1) Teleute smiles **
** (17) Kha turns to git to answer before entering fully "I dont know I cant see anyone, but I couldnt see anyone at the Temple either" **
(5) Sarrim: "Who's that Kha?"
(1) DM: A tall, immensely beautiful woman with pale white skin and raven black hair, in a black robe appears to the right of Kha. She's holding a silver ankh.
(13) Agatha: "A spear? All this trouble for a spear?"
** (17) Kha turns back "The one we met this morning on, Teleute, the Aspect of Death" **
(1) DM: She seems familiar, but you can't quite place her.
** (2) Vrondard nods his agreement with Agatha again **
(4) Git: :to Aggy: "At least it seems to be an expensive spear"
(3) Gilmat: (( We don't remember that))
** (1) Teleute says nothing, instead watching you. **
** (4) Git cocks his head to the appearing woman. **
** (17) Kha enters the tomb fully ignoring the others for now **
** (5) Sarrim turns to the others. "I think that Kha may be losing it. I would remember if I saw the Aspect of Death right in front of me.": **
(1) DM: The chamber suddenly blazes with a radiant light that blinds all of you. (Fortitude)
(5) Sarrim: Saves: Fortitude: [1d20+11] -> [9,11] = (20)
(17) Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+8] -> [4,8] = (12)
(3) Gilmat: Fortitude save: [1d20+6] -> [15,6] = (21)
(4) Git: : to sam: "Maybe we did and she played with our minds after that. These gods seem fond of that"
(2) Vrondard: Fortitude vs. Magic Spells/Spell-like: Save [1d20+3+3+4+2] -> [10,3,3,4,2] = (22)
** (5) Sarrim shields his eyes. **
(4) Git: Fortitude save: [1d20+2] -> [17,2] = (19)
(1) DM: (Git and Kha fail)
(5) Sarrim: (Mental high five to the dwarf and the clllerrric!)
(1) DM: As the light clears from your eyes, you spy a crystal dwarf at the far end of the chamber, in white leather armor.
(13) Agatha: [1d20+9] -> [4,9] = (13)
(2) Vrondard: "hoo hoo"
(3) Gilmat: (( oh oh... another god?!?))
(1) DM: He's standing expectantly at the far end of the chamber and says nothing, instead observing Kha.
(4) Git: (except for those of us who are blind, whom spot nothing)
(2) Vrondard: "Natan-Ahb... me thinks"
** (17) Kha rubs his eyes clearing them **
(1) DM: (if you failed, you're blinded for a few seconds, recovering)
(5) Sarrim: "For a magic dead zone...This place has a lot of divine activity."
(3) Gilmat: "I don't know... but it might be logical, this must be another test of some sort..."
(17) Kha: "Ahh, that hurt. Oh hello Sir Dwarf."
** (17) Kha heads over to the Dwarf **
** (1) Vontaros holds up his hand **
** (4) Git turns away, rubbing at his eyes and blinking until his vision returns, muttering something about "Divine jerks" **
(1) DM: You find yourself unable to proceed past the short spear.
(1) Vontaros: Why have ye come, Seeker?
** (17) Kha stops and looks at the spear since I cant pass it **
(4) Git: :with bleary vision, looks back to check out the dwarf:
(17) Kha: "To Seek of course. I can looking for clues to the Evil that is inhabiting the Lighthouse. Ada said a stange man visited this area and claimed an evil god would protect him."
(1) DM: Instead, Kha appears to be talking to Partic, back in the temple audience chamber.
** (5) Sarrim blinks and stares. **
(1) Vontaros: *snort*
(1) Vontaros: Ye are unworthy of the spear. Begone!
** (13) Agatha is still seeing spots. **
(2) Vrondard: ((well jeez i could have told you that yesterday))
(4) Git: :snorts: "Well aren't you high mighty for someone so short?"
(2) Vrondard: ((can't even use the spear i bet... lest he tripped and fell on it))
(4) Git: :still rubbing his eyes:
** Sorry, don't understand what a /makes is...
(17) Kha: "Why. I didnt even know about this spear. I came looking for something that would help us get rid of the evil, since it almost overwhelmed my friend even before we entered the light house"
(1) DM: Partic is standing, saying nothing, observing Kha.
(13) Agatha: "Helluvan entrance, master dwarf. I'm sorry but we ain't leavin' empty-handed."
** (1) Vontaros does nothing to send Kha away however **
(1) Vontaros: Why do ye think that it needs to be gotten rid of? How do ye know evil is there?
(17) Kha: "I trust my friend Sarrims judgment on this. He is a follower of Tammara, and when he opened himself to it, the evil almost overwhelmed him."
(1) Vontaros: And so...you trust the word of a follower of another god over that of your own?
(4) Git: "When did a follower of Oneiros tell us there was no evil there?"
(17) Kha: "Over my own what? My judgment? I have not meet this creatures so can not for a judgment based on that. But what I have been told about it I would agreee with Sarrims judgment yes."
(1) DM: Partic seems to not have heard you.
(5) Sarrim: "I'm not sure...But I don't know if they can hear us."
(17) Kha: "Or if you mean over the word of a follower of Oneiros, I am the only one in this group and I must form my own opinions based on the information I have."
(4) Git: "Forget them then."
** (4) Git takes a seat **
(3) Gilmat: "Don't forget this is a test, they are trying to see how Kha will react to the situation."
(1) DM: And what do you think, Seeker? (somewhat amused)
(13) Agatha: "So what are we here for then? Companionship? They could have summoned up a dog or two for that."
(1) DM: (whoops lol)
(4) Git: :to aggy: "It's not as fun to waste a dog'd time"
(5) Sarrim: (Twice in a night! Doin good Stan!, =P )
(13) Agatha: ((Let's try for a hat trick!))
(5) Sarrim: "We all play a part...I suppose they don't want outside influences on him when they judge his charcter."
(17) Kha: "I think I came here seeking more information to compleate my opinion. As it stands now with the information I have I would agree it is evil."
** (1) Vontaros nods with satisfaction. **
(1) Vontaros: And so, do ye seek to fight it with an opposing force?
(4) Git: :rambling: "Might not be evil. Could just be misunderstood. Maybe that bit o' undead had a thing for the lighthouse keeper, and he was too busy being scared and running for his life to notice that it was sweet on him."
(17) Kha: "I still have questions that I would like answered about it though, such as If this strange man actualy has anything to do with the evil or it is just coincedence. If he does why did he take over the light house but not leave it. Amonge others."
(1) Vontaros: Your questions will be answered in due time, Seeker. Do ye seek to fight it with an opposing force?
(17) Kha: "Opposing?, how is it opossing, So far it has only harmed one person that I remember Ada mentioning, and that person went to attack it. It did scare The owner of the Light house away, but why I still do not know, so I dont currently see it as opposing to me. Evil yes but not opposing"
(19) Aaron Ra'Villious (enter): 02:11
(1) Vontaros: That ye question is good, for the work of your god is to question as well as answer.
(17) Kha: "It cant be opposing unless's its goals directly conflict my own or those I seek to protect. And right now he is neither."
(1) Vontaros: Well answered, Seeker.
(19) Aaron Ra'Villious (exit): 02:13
** (13) Agatha takes a seat on the floor and munches on some rations. **
(1) Vontaros: And if ye were to find that ye needed to fight this creature with evil, what then?
(17) Kha: "If it came down to it I would.
(5) Sarrim: "...An ill answer."
** (1) Vontaros nods, pleased. **
(1) DM: Partic smiles slightly.
(1) Vontaros: It appears I was wrong after all. I have misjudged ye. So we shall see if ye are worthy of the spear and the answers to your questions.
** (1) Vontaros charges at Kha. **
(4) Git: :Groans: "You guys think they're almost done yet? This the most boring religion I've ever sat through"
(1) DM: (init)
(3) Gilmat: "Ack...."
(3) Gilmat: (( everybody or just Kha?))
(17) Kha: INIT: [1d20+4] -> [13,4] = (17)
(1) DM: (just Kha)
(1) DM: Partic attacks Kha, barehanded.
(4) Git: :raises a brow: "Oh... floorshow. Maybe they aren't so bad"
(1) DM: The old man is surprisingly nimble...for an elderly man of eighty.
(13) Agatha: "They are takin' their sweet time aren't they?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] -> [3,5] = (8)
(1) DM: (17, Kha)
** (5) Sarrim tries to push forward and help Kha. **
** (17) Kha having no weapon tries to grab the spear he is right next to **
(13) Agatha: "Hmm. Shouldn't we do something?"
(1) DM: You find that your hands pass right through the spear.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
(4) Git: "Why? he's fighting an old man. I don't think he'd appreciate the implications"
** (17) Kha grunts frustrated **
** (17) Kha is suddenly holding a short spear engulfed in flames **
(17) Kha (whispering): Firey Weapon Level 2. Weapons DMG 2d8. Tied off will last 40 hours or untill I release it
(3) Gilmat: (shrugs) "again it's his test not ours, besides I bet we couldn't help if we tried."
(13) Agatha: "Right then. Want some raisins?"
(20) No Name (enter): 02:22
(3) Gilmat: "No thanks..."
** (1) Vontaros tries to grab Kha and overburden him, but misses. **
(4) Git: "Oh, thanks" :takes a handful and begins snacking:
whispering to Kha, ok
(20) No Name (exit): 02:22
(1) DM: (your move)
(4) Git: :calls out: "Come on old man, you do better than that!"
** (5) Sarrim looks somewhat forlorn, watching the battle anxiously. **
(1) DM: Partic appears to not have heard you.
(17) Kha: "Whats the point of attacking me? To judge my combat abilities?"
(17) Kha: Spear of Fire Attack Roll: [1d20+7] -> [16,7] = (23)===> DMG: [2d8+4] -> [6,3,4] = (13)
** (13) Agatha pops a nut into her mouth as she watches the action. **
(1) Vontaros: (amused) To see if ye are worthy, Seeker.
** (17) Kha sidesteps Vontaros` grab and stabs at him with his new spear **
(1) DM: Drops of blood fall to the ground, silvery blood that sparks on the floor of the tomb on contact.
(1) Vontaros: I yield. (smiles impishly)
(13) Agatha: "Hunh? That's it?"
** (17) Kha holds his spear defensively **
(4) Git: "The old man was unarmed and Kha had a flaming spear, how was that a fair fight?"
(3) Gilmat: "Uh, well Osineros isn't a god of combat after all.."
(17) Kha (whispering): in full defencive mode +4 AC
whispering to Kha, ok
(17) Kha: "That was to easy if you wish to see if I am worthy."
** (1) Vontaros smiles gently. "Ye are still unworthy, Seeker, and your path shall be more difficult. However, in order to defeat the creature, ye shall need help, and so ye shall have the spear." **
** (13) Agatha chuckles. "Can't say I've ever seen the lad this cocky." **
** (1) Vontaros gets up and walks back to the far side of the room, waving his hands as he does so. The spear falls to the ground. **
** (17) Kha 's Flaming spear vanishes **
(17) Kha: "Thank you for the help" **Bends down and picks up with Mithral spear
(1) Vontaros: A priest of your god cannot be armed, although he can wield magick.
(17) Kha: "The best paths are always difficult. Then how is a priest saposed to use this spear? And my weapon was magic, though not Arcane or Divine."
(1) Vontaros: The only exception to this rule is in the dreaming, where the rules you are bound to are loosed.
(4) Git: "Maybe the firy spear was the result of his garlic breath"
(1) Vontaros: The magicka ye wield cannot be used as a disciple of your god.
(17) Kha: "Though I do currently carry a dagger and some mundane spears, since I was trained to fight with them."
(1) Vontaros: Ye are unworthy, but your heart is true. So ask now and let your questions be answered. You may have the spear.
(22) Kha (enter): 02:34
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (22) Kha...
(22) Kha: "I say it can since I use it and I worship Oneiros. Clerics of Oneiros are colecters of knowledge. And this type of Magic is just another type of Knowledge."
(22) Kha: "Though I will admit I dont understand it yet"
(1) Vontaros: Ah, but the magicka of Oneiros is a part of this world, and the magicka ye wield is not.
(1) Vontaros: Therefore, ye cannot use your magick as a disciple of your god to work in furtherance of your god.
(13) Agatha: "You boys catch any of that?"
(4) Git: :calls out though he doesn't expect to be heard: "Then what's his magick?"
(4) Git: :To Aggy: "Not a clue. Good thing it's got nothing to do with us"
(1) Vontaros: The magicka ye wield was introduced into this world long ago, but it is in and of itself not from this world.
(1) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(17) Kha' from room...
(17) Kha (exit): 02:39
(1) Vontaros: As ye say, it is neither arcane nor divine.
(13) Agatha: "I told ya he was an odd one. Shoulda just left 'im with that loony mage and the pink trees."
(22) Kha: "Knowledge is Knowledge, of this world or not. It's not like I went seeking this magic it just came to me. Anyways we must be off to talk with this thing in the tower, I'll debate weather I can use my skills and powers to further Oneiros` cause with Oneiros"
(3) Gilmat: "Pink trees?"
(13) Agatha: "Would've been a perfect fit."
(13) Agatha: (to Gilmat) "Long story. All ye need to know is that most mages ain't right in the head, 'specially sorcerors."
(3) Gilmat: "Hmm, I'll keep that in mind..."
** (22) Kha turns and starts out of the room **
** Sorry, don't understand what a /smiles is...
(2) Vrondard: "aint that the truth..."
** (1) Vontaros smiles gently and sadly. **
(13) Agatha: (to Kha) "Are we done here, lad?"
(1) Vontaros: To face the creature in the lighthouse, ye must steel yourself and your companions for it is a formidable warrior.
(22) Kha: "Well lets get going back to the light house, I have to talk with this creature in the light house to see if I want to destroy it or not."
** (1) Teleute smiles and fades away. **
(5) Sarrim: Exits, stage right...
(5) Sarrim (exit): 02:46
(1) DM: The chamber darkens as Kha departs.
(23) Evil Joe (enter): 02:46
(2) Vrondard: "alrighty.. had enough of a rest"
(22) Kha: "Vontaros did not provide alot of answers except that this spear might help if we must destroy it."
(24) Sarrim (enter): 02:47
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (24) Sarrim...
(2) Vrondard: "bah..."
(22) Kha: ((Need to AKF Bio Break and a smoke, be back in a few))
(3) Gilmat: "Vontaros...?"
(23) Evil Joe (exit): 02:48
(1) Vontaros: That is, disciple, ye did not ask the right questions. So ask, and be answered.
(2) Vrondard: "must be talking to spirts in there"
(1) DM: The spear speaks. ((hehehe))
** (4) Git stands and stretches **
(3) Gilmat: (( I KNEW IT! Hah))
(3) Gilmat: "....." (stares at spear)
(1) DM: In retrospect, what happened was that Kha entered the chamber and seemed to be fighting with the spear when he laid hands on it.
(4) Git: "Now what...?"
(1) DM: So although you saw him talking to Partic and alternately talking to the dwarf, he was battling the spear to see if he was "worthy".
(3) Gilmat: (( ah, neat))
(4) Git: (eh?)
(2) Vrondard: "he's gone daft, he thinks a speak is a good weapon"
(2) Vrondard: spear
(2) Vrondard: "aint no good unless yer out in the open and gettin charged on by a horde of goblins"
(1) DM: ((OC: it's difficult to show scenes that only a PC can see, so I decided to do something that would enlighten you as to what was going on instead of boring you with one sided conversations))
(4) Git: "Give the man a break Vronard.... he isn't "worthy" yet"
(3) Gilmat: (( worked out fine, and I knew the bloody spear was intelligent...))
(2) Vrondard: "aint nobody worthy... just less useless than the next guy"
whispering to Kha, have to understand from an OC view, Oneiros is a N god, so the questions were designed to Test you from a N aspect.
(4) Git: :nods: "That's very poetic Vronard."
(3) Gilmat: "Hmm... interesting world view Vrondard..."
(1) TaliesinNYC: ((LOL))
(22) Kha (whispering): I figured that out rather quickly :)
(22) Kha: ((Back))
(13) Agatha: ((He did call it.))
(3) Gilmat: (( hope it works out better than the last intelligent weapon in a game I was in... last one ended up eating the souls of 3 party members...))
(24) Sarrim: (That certainly would be a barrel full of monkies worth of fun!)
(3) Gilmat: (( heh oh yah))
(1) DM: ((not mine of course))
(22) Kha: "You did not answer the questions I did ask. Weather the strange man Ada spoke of had anything to do with the thing in the light house, and if it did what the thing might want, but I guess I have to ask that last question of the creature itself
(13) Agatha: ((Heh. Yeah. PC Souls are like the Pringles of immateria. Once you pop, you just can't stop.)
(1) Vontaros: (chuckles)
(1) Vontaros: Very well, disciple. Listen closely and learn:
(3) Gilmat: (( we can hear the spear ? so we don't think he's talking to himself?))
(2) Vrondard: ((well i think we could hear him talk to the other two gods))
(2) Vrondard: ((and now we can hear the spear... where before we could not))
(1) Vontaros: To begin, the story is a long story that ye have no time for at this time. Suffice to say that the creature in the lighthouse AND the man that the woman Ada spoke of is one and the same.
(22) Kha (whispering): you know whats funny last week I was toying with an idea for and intelagent weapon that Kha would like and it was an short spear that could Talk and had a serious ego issue :)
(22) Kha: "As I thought in the first place"
(22) Kha: "So this god of his, corrupted him into what he is now?"
(1) Vontaros: Second, as ye know, ye are in Tel'aran'rhiod, otherwise known as the dreaming world. The lighthouse is but the dreaming's version of a certain tower in the city wherein you reside, in the waking world. If ye slay this creature in the dreaming, this will also happen in the waking world. If ye die in the dreaming, this will also happen in the waking world. Once ye enter the lighthouse, ye cannot turn back. As the Master Dreamspeaker said, how ye die shall determine whether ye pass or fail.
(2) Vrondard: "yikes... that count fer us too?... this aint my deal after all"
(24) Sarrim: "If we die, we die."
(4) Git: "Wait... is it the actual creature in a tower in Tolmara or just some guy represented as such.... who will get killed?"
(22) Kha: "That is what he said.. Would this lighthouse represent The Shadow Square? If not what Twoer does it represent?"
(1) Vontaros: Third, your companions are here, but not present in body or spirit. If they die, their deaths shall not be of consequence. However, yours shall, for you alone entered the temple audience chamber.
** (22) Kha continues walking back tword the lighthouse while talking with the spear **
** (22) Kha nods **
** (24) Sarrim follows, somewhat peturbed by a talking piece of wood. **
** (3) Gilmat follows listening to the exchange between weapon and wielder **
(2) Vrondard: "hmm something to be said fer minding yer own business"
(1) Vontaros: Fourth, there are questions that cannot be answered until you have passed or failed the Test. So any question that you ask that is not answered at this time will be answered at the appropriate time.
(22) Kha: "I have traveled to Tel`aran`rhiod a few times on my own, I understand many of the dangers posed here, but not all. It is one of the many many things I am currently studying"
(22) Kha (whispering): Is the whole spear Mithral or just the tip?
(24) Sarrim: (Fair enough, =))
(1) Vontaros: Fifth, as to what the man wanted when it entered the lighthouse, it sought a piece of lore which it found. In the dreaming, it sought magick, for the Keeper of the Lighthouse, Hraemar, is a minor mage, though he does not know it. In the waking world, the creature that inhabits the tower sought a piece of lore, although it is trapped in its current location and cannot escape, and the gate with which it used to enter the tower lies shut due to a higher magick worked by one who is familiar to you and one who is not.
whispering to Kha, the whole spear
(4) Git: "What? Speak clearly"
(13) Agatha: "The magister, I take it."
(4) Git: (wasn't 93, the red marked spot on the map a tower?)
(2) Vrondard: ((1) map had a tower on it 2) that seemed to be 93))
(1) Vontaros: Last, the creature within the lighthouse wields weapons crafted from another world, and so in order to fight this creature, so must you, Kha Opren, wield an angreal with which ye may be able to defeat it...if ye are strong enough.
(4) Git: "Is it the same creature here and in the waking world?"
(1) Vontaros: Yes, inquisitive one, it is one and the same. Its nature will not be disguised, even though the rest of your surroundings have been.
(22) Kha: "So Leaving the creature traped in the light house would prevent it from returning that lore to this Hraemar, though I dont know why this would be preferable to letting it return, So it is your opinion that I should destroy it with out speaking with it? And I thought you said that a Priest of Oneiros could not use that type of magic?"
(4) Git: "Don't worry Kha. Hypocrisy and faith go arm in arm"
(1) Vontaros: Surely, you did not believe me, did you? (chuckles) It shows why ye are unworthy to wield one such as me.
(24) Sarrim: "...Git...Please..."
(22) Kha: "You are just full of conflicting information, and tells me I need to do what I think is right and stop listening to a talking chunk of metal"
(1) Vontaros: What does your heart tell you, Seeker?
** (22) Kha continues on in silence **
(13) Agatha: "A spear just outwitted Kha. I'd like to say I'm surprised but.."
(25) Artorious Dielhelm (enter): 03:14
(4) Git: :snickers at Aggy's words:
(22) Kha: "Outwited me? Hardly. Tried to confuse me yes, and anoy me yes. Maybe prove a point but not outwited me. Though I dont doubt that it could if it wished to."
(1) Vontaros: Leaving the creature trapped in the lighthouse would prevent the creature from wreaking further havoc in the dreaming. In the waking world, leaving the creature trapped in the tower is no solution for it can be freed at a later date. In order to destroy it, you must fight it. There is no other way. And it is as evil as the darkest night in all of creation. However, it is not of this world, and should you need to fight it with BOTH good and evil, it must be so.
(25) Artorious Dielhelm (whispering): what game platform are you running?
(4) Git: "But he's the only one who can hurt it, with you, right" :to the spear, refering to Kha:
(24) Sarrim: "You need not succumb to evil acts to destroy the entity, Kha. All that is good has the strength to defeat even this creature."
(1) Vontaros: Your magicka is not of this world, and yet you use it along with the magicka given by my god to further his goals in this world. One day, disciple, you will need to choose a path, and it cannot be both. It must be one or the other.
(1) Vontaros: This is why, in the name of the god, I judge you unworthy. However, it is not entirely up to me. If you pass this final test, then you will become a cleric of Oneiros.
(22) Kha: "I never chose the magicka that I currently weild, it chose me."
(25) Artorious Dielhelm (exit): 03:18
(1) Vontaros: A choice made without foreknowledge is still a choice that is made.
(1) DM: You're outside the lighthouse.
(22) Kha: "True enough, and I do find it very usefull. But I have already made my choise on which path I will follow. Another thing I currenly wield no magikca granted by Oneiros, thats what this test will decide. Or if I do I dont know it yet anyways."
(1) DM: The words of the Lord Dreamspeaker come unbidden to your mind: : Very well. Ye have passed this first test, Seeker, although there are those amongst us, myself included, who have reservations about ye and your capabilities. The test of truth is as much your willingness to hear unflinchingly those who see much of ye and of yourself. The truths spoken by a dreamspeaker are often painful to hear and painful to bear. If ye have the inner strength and will to be what we are, this shall be determined in the second part of the Test.
** (24) Sarrim gestures to the Lighthouse. "We're here Kha. You tread a delicate balance by walking the line of good and evil, and I fear you'll fall to the dark. Rely on me, on us, if need be. Don't fall into the pit so many have before. Evil is so easy...You won't know until it is too late." **
** (24) Sarrim takes a deep breath. "I'm ready whenever you all are." **
(1) Vontaros: This creature can only be slain by use of the magicka you wield...and then only by either a particular weave or by the next setting of the sun.
(4) Git: "Wha?"
(1) Vontaros: If you enter the lighthouse, you must be prepared to do battle for as long as you are prepared to do so.
(22) Kha: "Absaolute good is just as bad Sarrim, there must be a balance or this would be a very dull life indeed."
** (13) Agatha swings her greataxe through the air in some practice strokes. **
(24) Sarrim: "I understand that there must be a counter to all...But you are my friend. I will not have you drawn to antipathy and cruelty."
(22) Kha: "Well I doubt I know that weave currenly. the only harmfull weaves I know are the firery spear, and a weaves that allowes my dagger to burn what I hit with it."
** (4) Git does some stretches and gets ready for the perhaps foolish assault. **
** (3) Gilmat readies Mace and Shield... "I will do my best to protect ye Kha, thought what I will be able to do against the evil inside I know not." **
(3) Gilmat: (( thought=though))
(22) Kha: to Sarrim: "Cruelty does not suit me."
(13) Agatha: "Let's hope that trick of yours is enough then, spear dancer."
(22) Kha: "Do you know this weave Vontaros?"
(1) Vontaros: Ays, I do.
whispering to Kha, healing weave
(4) Git: "How come you know it? I thought priests of your god weren't allowed to use such Magicka"
(22) Kha (whispering): oh ok, guess I do know it. What level Angreal is the spear so I know how high I can go with the heal spell?
whispering to Kha, 2
** (22) Kha seems to stiffen and consentrate a moment **
(4) Git: :takes a second to think, and eclaims: "Ooooohhh.... right. The Hypocrisy..."
(1) Vontaros: The inquisitive one does not listen. (chuckles)
(26) Sarrim (enter): 03:29
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (26) Sarrim...
(26) Sarrim: (Argh)
(1) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(24) Sarrim' from room...
(24) Sarrim (exit): 03:29
(1) TaliesinNYC: rotk soundtrack applicable lol
(1) Vontaros: ((its the beacon scene I'm listening to now))
** (26) Sarrim looks despairing. "I knew men who said the same thing Kha...Before they turned around and murdered for an insane cause." **
(3) Gilmat: (( Hmm, well... the good guys win in the end.....))
** (26) Sarrim swings his sword around a bit. "Shall we go?" **
(22) Kha: "Ok let us enter, No is as good a time as any."
(13) Agatha: "Aye, what are we waiting for? We can't very well let a shadow be in a tower of light."
** (26) Sarrim holds up his shield, and presses forward, opening the door carefully and quietly as possible. **
(1) DM: You enter the lighthouse. As you do, the odor of dust and fried eggs assaults your senses. A metal stair climbs up into the interior of the structure.
(22) Kha (whispering): holds the power ready to use it
** (4) Git draws his new dagger and follows to the rear **
** (26) Sarrim holds his shield above him for the ascension. **
(3) Gilmat: "Hmm, no way but up..."
(4) Git: :sniff, sniff: "He's cooking?"
(1) DM: Suddenly, a tall, muscular human with sinuous grace in ebon black leather, with pale skin and no eyes leaps out from the shadows. (init, Will)
** (13) Agatha takes a guard position right behind Sarrim. **
** (22) Kha starts up the stairs in the lead **
(26) Sarrim: Sarrim ::[1d20+0+0] -> [12,0,0] = (12) Initiative
(26) Sarrim: Saves: Willpower: [1d20+7] -> [11,7] = (18)
(4) Git: [1d20+4] -> [8,4] = (12)
(4) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [4,2] = (6)
(22) Kha: INIT: [1d20+4] -> [8,4] = (12)
(3) Gilmat: Will save: [1d20+7] -> [16,7] = (23)
(13) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [15,3] = (18) Initiative
(22) Kha: Will save: [1d20+8] -> [20,8] = (28)
(3) Gilmat: Init: [1d20}
(27) Aaron Ra'Villious (enter): 03:34
(3) Gilmat: Init: [1d20] -> [7] = (7)
(13) Agatha: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6) Will save
(1) DM: (Vron?)
(1) DM: (Git and Agatha fail Will)
(4) Git: (effect?)
(1) DM: (if you failed, you're at -2 to attack, damage and saves for a certain amount of time, from the sight of the creature)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [5] = (5)
(22) Kha (whispering): For the healing weave do I need to make a touch attack?
(1) DM: (ok, someone roll for Vron, add +4 to the roll)
whispering to Kha, yes
(22) Kha: INIT: [1d20+4] -> [9,4] = (13)
whispering to Kha, can only slay it once it's at -10 or below. this is a change from what the books say.
(1) DM: (Vron fails)
(1) DM: (someone roll Init for Vron. add +3 to the roll)
(22) Kha (whispering): Ya, thought they were out of it at -10 but didnt actualy die till the sun sets and a healing spell could bring them back, but it all well and good
(26) Sarrim: [1d20+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
(26) Sarrim: (Poor Vrond, hehe)
whispering to Kha, no, the books state they can be brought back from -10 or fewer with a healing weave.
(26) Sarrim: (Not to try and rush things, but I will need to be going soon)
whispering to Kha, I'm changing it to they can only be truly slain once at -10 or more AND a healing weave is cast OR until the next setting of the sun
(22) Kha (whispering): ok
(1) TaliesinNYC: (so if you go, we'll stop)
(22) Kha: ((Its what almost 4AM EST?))
(26) Sarrim: (I can stay for awhile though, so lets keep going, =) )
(1) DM: (we can stop here and resume next time if you want. it's 3:45 am anyway)
(26) Sarrim: (You guys want to?)
(22) Kha: ((Ok lets try and finish this thing off))
(3) Gilmat: (( it is a wee bit late, and a good tense moment to leave the game))
(3) Gilmat: (( but whichever works))
(1) DM: (up to you, I have no problems leaving it here heheh)
(4) Git: (i can finish this)
(13) Agatha: ((That's fine with me. I'm all for suspense and drama.))
(22) Kha: ((Lets start the fight))
(26) Sarrim: (Why not? Lets do it)
(3) Gilmat: (( ok... so we'll all have to die in round one end it quick heh))
(13) Agatha: ((Alrighty then. Majority rule.))
(3) Gilmat: (( to battle then))
(1) TaliesinNYC: [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
(1) DM: (no need to use minis)
(13) Agatha: ((Hope Dave gets back before his turn. Extra muscle never hurts.))
(26) Sarrim: (Agatha goes first!)
(1) DM: (I'm skipping Vron until he comes back. He gets retroactive attacks though, so keep track someone pls.)
(13) Agatha: ((there's a first.))
(1) DM: (13, the creature)
(1) DM: strike that
(1) DM: (18, Ag)
** (13) Agatha is startled by the creatures eyes, or lack thereof, but pushes herself onward for an attack. **
(13) Agatha: [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
(1) DM: (hit)
(13) Agatha: [1d12+5] -> [2,5] = (7)
(1) DM: It doesn't bleed either.
(13) Agatha: ((already adjusted for shock effects))
(1) DM: (13, the creature)
(13) Agatha: "What in the-?!"
(22) Kha (whispering): Does this spear have any special effects I should account for or will you account for them on your end?
(13) Agatha: ((Am I lagging?))
(1) DM: With a ferocity that shocks you, the creature launches itself with stunning speed against Agatha, unsheathing a longsword that seems to be crafted from a piece of the night sky. You swear that you can see pools of inky blackness within the blade. It bears down on Agatha, heedless of you.
whispering to Kha, yes
(26) Sarrim: (No)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [2,13] = (15), [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27)
(1) DM: (AC 15, 27)
(13) Agatha: ((second one hits))
(1) DM: (fort)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+4] -> [4,4] = (8)
(13) Agatha: [1d20+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
(1) DM: (take 8)
(1) DM: (fail)
(13) Agatha: ((@#$*%&@()*))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [1] = (1)
(1) DM: lose 1 Con as well
(1) DM: (12, Sarrim)
** (26) Sarrim throws himself at the creature, stabbing at him with his sword. **
(26) Sarrim: Weapons: Sparksword Attack (To Hit:[1d20+8] -> [4,8] = (12)) (Damage:[1d6+4] -> [6,4] = (10))
(1) DM: (miss)
(1) DM: (12, Git)
(26) Sarrim: (I think...In all my time of doing combat, I have hit approximately 5 times)
(28) ALE (enter): 03:54
** (4) Git feels himself trembling nervously because of the creature's foul presence. Steeling him self, he moves to flank it's turned back as it strikes at Agatha. Steadying his new dagger, he stabs for the creatures back **
(4) Git: Dagger(Frost, sneak) Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [14,8] = (22)===> DMG: [1d4+1+2d6+1d6+0] -> [2,1,3,5,2,0] = (13)
(1) DM: (hit)
(4) Git: (ignore sneak damage if undead)
(1) DM: (12, Kha)
(1) DM: (nope)
** (22) Kha slips behind the creature as it rushes Agatha, and tries to slip his new spear deep into it. **
(28) ALE (exit): 03:55
(22) Kha: Shortspear Attack Roll: [1d20+9] -> [11,9] = (20)===> DMG: [1d8+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
(1) DM: (miss)
(1) DM: (7, Gil)
** (3) Gilmat calls upon Solnor to bless his companions (Casts bless, +1 to hit and fear saves) **
(1) DM: (18, Ag)
** (13) Agatha focuses on her wound and memories in order to let rage override her fear. **
(13) Agatha: [1d20+9] -> [13,9] = (22)
(1) DM: (hit)
(29) ALE (enter): 03:59
(13) Agatha: [1d12+8] -> [1,8] = (9)
(1) DM: (seriously wounded)
(1) DM: (13, the creature)
(1) DM: It stops for a moment, considering its options...or so you think. Then, cocking its head, it peers around Agatha's head, and whips around (AOO), launching itself at Kha.
(26) Sarrim: Weapons: Sparksword Attack (To Hit:[1d20+8] -> [20,8] = (28)) (Damage:[1d6+4] -> [4,4] = (8))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [6,13] = (19), [1d20+8] -> [20,8] = (28)
(26) Sarrim: Weapons: Sparksword Attack (To Hit:[1d20+8] -> [9,8] = (17)) (Damage:[1d6+4] -> [4,4] = (8))
(26) Sarrim: (no crit)
(22) Kha: ((We get AOO's?))
(1) DM: (28 hits, 17 misses)
(26) Sarrim: (8 damage)
(1) DM: (only Ag does)
(13) Agatha: ((I'll take it))
(26) Sarrim: (Oh...Nm, hehe)
(26) Sarrim: (Ignore all that, unless I can use that roll for my next attack)
(1) DM: (no, of course not lol)
(26) Sarrim: (DAMN!)
(3) Gilmat: (( lol))
(22) Kha: ((LOL))
(3) Gilmat: (( nice try))
(13) Agatha: [1d20+12] -> [2,12] = (14)
(1) DM: (miss)
(26) Sarrim: (*Curses quietly*
(26) Sarrim: )
(1) DM: (On Kha, it hits AC 19 and 28)
(13) Agatha: ((what horrid luck.))
(22) Kha: ((One hit))
(1) DM: (Fort)
(22) Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+9] -> [13,9] = (22)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(22) Kha: ((I made a decent fort save for once))
(1) DM: (take 7 and lose 6 Con)
(1) DM: (strike that lol)
(1) DM: (just take 7)
(26) Sarrim: (Ouch)
(1) DM: (12, Sarrim, Git and Kha in that order)
** (26) Sarrim tries to get an underarm slash into the creature. **
(26) Sarrim: Weapons: Sparksword Attack (To Hit:[1d20+8] -> [17,8] = (25)) (Damage:[1d6+4] -> [2,4] = (6))
(26) Sarrim: (A HIT! HOLY CRAP!)
(30) Shaddowweaver (enter): 04:06
(1) DM: =)
(26) Sarrim: (6 damage)
(1) DM: (Git, go)
** (4) Git growls, noticing there attacks aren't doing much, he falls back on the idea that Kha is suppose to be able to hurt it, and decides to improve his chances at least, moving to the creatures side and trying to distract him with feint slashes near it's face( aid attempt) **
** (22) Kha ducks one strike, but catches the back swing and spins while thrusting his spear **
(4) Git: [1d20+2] -> [4,2] = (6)
(22) Kha: Shortspear Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [6,10] = (16)===> DMG: [1d8+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
(4) Git: (pft)
(1) DM: (miss)
(1) DM: (6, Gil)
(1) DM: (er I mean 7)
** (3) Gilmat moves into the fray attacking the creature **
(3) Gilmat: Heavy Mace [1d20+8] -> [5,8] = (13)
(3) Gilmat: (( and missing))
(1) DM: (remember to count +1 to all rolls due to the bless, so those of you who failed the initial Will save now are at -1)
(3) Gilmat: (( aye, allready in there))
(30) Shaddowweaver (whispering): Hi, do you mind if i watch?
whispering to Shaddowweaver, sure
(1) DM: (18, Ag)
(30) Shaddowweaver (whispering): Thankyou.
** (13) Agatha with a feral roar, lays into the creature with reckless abandon. **
(13) Agatha: [1d20+12] -> [6,12] = (18)
(1) DM: (miss)
(1) DM: (13, the creature)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [20,13] = (33), [1d20+8] -> [20,8] = (28)
(1) DM: AC 33 and 28 (both threats)
(2) Vrondard (whispering): ((sorry about not being here))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [19,13] = (32), [1d20+8] -> [20,8] = (28)
(1) DM: (both are crits)
(1) DM: (2 Fort saves)
(22) Kha: ((Ouch))
(22) Kha: ((Me?))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+4] -> [4,4] = (8), [1d10+4] -> [8,4] = (12)
(1) DM: (yes, you)
(4) Git: (uh oh)
(22) Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+9] -> [10,9] = (19)
(22) Kha: Fortitude save: [1d20+9] -> [19,9] = (28)
(1) DM: (both pass)
(22) Kha: ((Decent forts atleast))
(26) Sarrim: (Nice)
(13) Agatha: ((better than decent))
(1) DM: (take 40 damage)
(3) Gilmat: (( OUCH, you still standing??))
(22) Kha: [27-40] -> -13
(26) Sarrim: (Shit)
(3) Gilmat: (( Karma?))
(26) Sarrim: (Karma)
(13) Agatha: ((little late for that, isn't it?))
(1) DM: (not if he has the requisite amount and spends them now)
(13) Agatha: ((that's 3 points to make you reroll, right?))
(22) Kha (whispering): dont know how may I have, but if I have them I'll spend them
(1) DM: (it's 3 to reroll, yes)
(1) DM: (you have 8)
(3) Gilmat: (( I'd make him reroll at least one... if not both))
(1) DM: (so you need to spend 6)
(1) DM: (if for both)
(22) Kha: ((Ok better then dieing :p ))
(1) DM: (erase the points from your sheet please. I'll reroll to see if they're crits.)
(22) Kha: ((Did))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] -> [8,13] = (21),[1d20+8] -> [6,8] = (14)
(1) DM: (regular hits)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d10+4] -> [5,4] = (9), [1d10+4] -> [4,4] = (8)
(22) Kha: ((HP: -13 / 33))
(1) DM: (take 17 instead)
(22) Kha: ((Oops))
(22) Kha: ((HP: 10 / 33))
(22) Kha: ((That I can survive))
(1) DM: (Vron, roll your retro attacks. 2 rounds have gone by)
(2) Vrondard: (ok)
(2) Vrondard: facing ever present danger he would rage on!
(2) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+4+4+1+1+2] -> [5,4,4,1,1,2] = (17) Critical on Natural 20
(1) DM: (you're at -1 to all attacks, damage and saves due to a fear effect that you're under from seeing the creature's face)
(2) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+4+4+1+1+2] -> [15,4,4,1,1,2] = (27) Critical on Natural 20
(1) DM: (27 hits)
(2) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+6+1] -> [7,6,1] = (14) damage
(1) DM: (now make a 3rd attack)
(2) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his +1 Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+4+4+1+1+2] -> [7,4,4,1,1,2] = (19) Critical on Natural 20
(1) DM: (miss)
(2) Vrondard: 19...
(1) DM: (12, Sarrim, Git and Kha)
(2) Vrondard: maybe 21
(2) Vrondard: if flanked
** (26) Sarrim would like to Lay on Hands Kha, if I'm close enough. **
(1) DM: (ok)
(26) Sarrim: 16 hp healed
(1) DM: (Git?)
** (4) Git moves for the flank and takes a stab at ugly's kidneys. **
(4) Git: Dagger(Frost, sneak, flank) Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [20,10] = (30)===> DMG: [1d4+1+2d6+1d6+0] -> [3,1,3,5,1,0] = (13)
(2) Vrondard: ((just came back from a terrible bakery on those ones))
(4) Git: Dagger(Frost, sneak, flank) Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [13,10] = (23)===> DMG: [1d4+1+2d6+1d6+0] -> [3,1,1,4,4,0] = (13)
(1) DM: (oh yes)
(3) Gilmat: (( woot!!))
(1) DM: (critically wounded)
(1) DM: (Kha)
** (22) Kha takes two jarring blows but keeps his feet **
(4) Git: (hehe.. hope it actually hurts him though, 17)
(4) Git: (er 21)
** (4) Git grins in satisfaction **
** (22) Kha feels the healing from Sarrim and continues his attack **
(22) Kha: Shortspear Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [10,10] = (20)===> DMG: [1d8+4] -> [3,4] = (7)
(22) Kha: ((I am throwing this spear away :p))
(29) ALE (exit): 04:25
(1) DM: Suddenly, the spear flares in a radiant white light that bathes each of you gently, washing away your fear and pain, but on the other hand, dissolving the creature in its radiance -- whereupon it shrieks for the first time, a high pitched keening that shatters the windows in the lighthouse.
(1) DM: It falls to the ground unconscious.
** (26) Sarrim grunts at the piercing sound. **
(31) Vrondard (enter): 04:27
(2) Vrondard (exit): 04:27
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (31) Vrondard...
(26) Sarrim: (Shall we end it on that note?)
(1) DM: (for you, if you want.)
(22) Kha: ((Maybe I wont throw it away))
** (4) Git shrugs away from the screeching noise **
(31) Vrondard: "argg"
(1) DM: (there's more of course. hehe)
(26) Sarrim: (Alright, I'll stay a smidgeon longer)
(1) Vontaros: Well done, disciple.
(3) Gilmat: "ack, worst sound I 'eard in a long time.... now what?"
(30) Shaddowweaver (whispering): Thankyou.
** (13) Agatha is pulled out her rage by the painful shriek. **
(30) Shaddowweaver (exit): 04:28
(4) Git: "Yeah, are we done yet?"
(1) DM: You're standing once more in the temple audience chamber, with Partic.
** (22) Kha looks around **
(22) Kha: "Thought I had to use that weave on it, or did the sun raise?"
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Ye have passed the test, Initiate Opren.
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Your companions may enter the chamber, Initiate.
** (22) Kha bows "Thank you Sir" **
** (1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros smiles gently **
** (26) Sarrim nods and enters. **
(31) Vrondard: "huh... oh errrrrr its over.... durnit"
** (31) Vrondard manages to calm down after a bit **
(3) Gilmat: (( so is it just Sarrim, Git, and I now then or which?))
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: The Test is but a foretelling of events in the present and the future, Kha. Your deeds today will not go unnoticed by many. (solemnly)
** (4) Git twirls the dagger in his fingers and flicks it deftly into its sheath **
(3) Gilmat: (( git being Kha rather))
(22) Kha: ((Think just Gilmat and Sarrim came with me to the Temple))
(1) DM: (yes, only Sarrim, Kha and Gilman)
** (3) Gilmat enters and bows to Partic and then looks to Kha **
(4) Git: (the rest of us are busy drinking at the Siren by now)
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: I believe ye have questions for the god, but before we get to that, there is the matter of your Gift.
(31) Vrondard: ((ahhh no complaints then!))
(22) Kha: "Gift?"
(22) Kha: "And yes a few questions."
(13) Agatha: ((Show 'em what's behind door number 1 Johnny!))
** (1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros goes behind the obsidian altar in the middle of the audience chamber and returns with a mithril tipped short spear, presenting it to Kha. **
(4) Git: (a lovely collection of scented soaps from bed, beauty and Beyond)
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Behold Vontaros, whom ye have earned the right to wield as an initiate of Lord Shaper.
** (22) Kha accepts the spear with a slight bow of the head **
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Ye may find it useful. (smiles impishly)
(22) Kha: "I hope he is less conflicting with his information, if he even talks out of the dream world" **Directing the next to the Vontaros** "You able to talk in our reality as well as the dream world?"
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: (smile fades, speaking solemnly) Behold, an angreal made possible by a working of a dreamspeaker of Oneiros and a witch of the Shawl. Use this well in the furtherance of the god, Initiate.
** (3) Gilmat looks to Sarrim questioningly... **
(1) Vontaros: (giggles)
** (26) Sarrim shrugs at Gil. **
(3) Gilmat: "....." (stares at Spear)
(22) Kha: "So now onto my questions, what tower did the lighthouse represent?"
(26) Sarrim: (Alright, now I do have to go. I'll see ya all next week. Play me as an NPC, as needed)
(3) Gilmat: "Uh... the spear just .... hmm, that reminds me of something, but... no it's gone, anway that spear just well giggled..." (( seeya Sarrim, good game))
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: The lighthouse represented the tower known as The Tower of Wintry Fires, here in the waking world. Ye broke the seals which were put into place by The Magister and an Aes Sedai, one hundred and twenty years ago.
** (26) Sarrim found the F4 macro key **
(13) Agatha: ((I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open, so I'm gonna crash too.))
(26) Sarrim: (Argh)
(26) Sarrim: Exits, stage right...
(26) Sarrim (exit): 04:38
(13) Agatha: Disconnecting from server...
(13) Agatha (exit): 04:39
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Your acts, as I said, have not gone unnoticed.
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: However, ye did defeat and in fact slay a creature of intense evil so I'm sure there are those who will forgive your...impertinence. (smiles impishly)
(22) Kha: "The Magister will not mind, but I dont know any Aes Sedai"
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Ah, but you do. Not a true Aes Sedai, but one corrupted by The Dark One nonetheless.
(4) Git: (Martha Stewart?)
(22) Kha: "I sapose I should go speak with the one in charge so I can Talk to them about it. Oh ya, Jenna. She is interesting. I think she wants me to join her."
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: And in fact, the one who sealed the Tower and the one ye know are one and the same. But she could not unseal the Tower for she does not possess the magicka she did then, when she was a sister of the Green Ajah.
(22) Kha: "Not very nice though, poisioned me and sent me tumbaling off a tower. Dont think I will try and Talk with her next time."
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: And your other questions?
(22) Kha: "Yes, I wanted to know about a Golden Flail that can control snakes"
(22) Kha: "It is here in this city, and some evil snake people are hunting it, I dont think they should have it."
(31) Vrondard: ((fool... ask about the Silver Codpiece that can control women!))
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Ah yes, The Flail of Ssith'tarn, otherwise known as The Flail of Kings, or The Flail of Ahmahknet.
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Behold!
(3) Gilmat: (( ack I hate when they say that...))
(1) DM: You see a shimmering image of a golden flail inset with sapphires and black pearls, wielded by a snake-headed human, who also holds a shimmering golden sphere surrounded by crimson flames.
(22) Kha: "Looks like the snake people found it first."
(1) DM: The priest seems to be commanding abominations of snake headed creatures and a horde of snakes as they advance out of the desert into a massive dwarven citadel, rampaging and killing dwarves left and right.
(31) Vrondard: ((super bah!!))
(31) Vrondard: ((refuses to believe that.. easily done since he is not here))
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: I show ye a vision of the Flail and Orb of Ahmahknet as it was, one thousand years ago, when the Flail and the Orb were in the hands of those who worship Set, in the Empire of Zayal.
(22) Kha: "Oh, well good thing they dont have it now. Any idea if it is within the city?"
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: The priest who ye see here, was one Ahmoset who abused the power vested in him by his god and thus earned his god's wrath.
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: He was turned to stone, still holding the Orb although the Orb is not stone. A guardian was set in place, but the Flail was lost over time.
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: No, it is not in the City...anymore.
(22) Kha: "It was? Well I think it is still nearby because I saw it over and over with in the dream world last night."
(1) DM: (ok, on that note, I need to stop. your homework is to think of more questions to ask Partic, but you have only 5 more you can ask him.)
(1) DM: (you've already asked two)
(22) Kha: ((Ok))
(31) Vrondard: ((thank the ancient dwarf im not a part of this))
(3) Gilmat: (( i'm interested in what lore the creature was looking for...))
(31) Vrondard: ((vron has trouble deciding which swill to drink))
(3) Gilmat: (( course I don't remember that so I can't ask it lol))
(31) Vrondard: ((cheap or extra cheap...))
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: You saw its resonance which is what happens when you use an item of immense power such as this, but it is not in the City at this time.
(3) Gilmat: ((Extra cheap, you get twice as much...))
(1) TaliesinNYC: (ok, have to go folks)
(31) Vrondard: nite all
(3) Gilmat: Night, or morning, all Good game
(4) Git: hai.. hite all
(4) Git: Disconnecting from server...
(4) Git (exit): 04:52

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