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(11) Sarrim has sent you a tree node...
(11) Sarrim (whispering): Done
(11) Sarrim: This map seems to be taking an abnormally long time to load
(2) DM: before we start, is everyone going to be here tonight?
(2) DM: or is anyone leaving shortly?
(11) Sarrim: I'm cool for tonight
** (8) Darunus will all the way, unless something he can't foresee happens...like the end of the world **
whispering to Sarrim, I'd rather that your description come out in game
(7) Gilman: I'm good for the night
(9) Git: well, I'd like to get to bed by 5 am
(11) Sarrim (whispering): Oh, well, I can do that
(11) Sarrim (whispering): I was just wondering if you wanted it
whispering to Sarrim, not as a node
(10) Agatha: I'm here for the duration.
(11) Sarrim (whispering): I can type it out, as needed, or off my head, if you so desire
(2) DM: David?
(5) Vrondard: im here
(5) Vrondard: nope not leaving
(5) Vrondard: just massaging preg ladies feet
(2) DM: ok
(2) DM: TMI
(5) Vrondard: she is swelling up
(11) Sarrim: Should the map be taking this long to load?
(5) Vrondard: feet look like elephants
(2) DM: ok tonight's session begins the day after the attempt at His Majesty's life.
(5) Vrondard: there thats TMI
(9) Git: what's TMI?
(5) Vrondard: and after armory visit?
(5) Vrondard: or shall we enjoy getting stuff for free in a roleplay envir
(2) DM: (Anyone who has not posted their shopping list to the board, you have one last chance before we begin. Jaimes is an exception to this.)
(11) Sarrim: (Alright...Lemme do that then.
(7) Gilman (whispering): GW: Jus testing my GW, for whatever reason I actually have to type out "/w 11,10,9,8,6,4,2,7=GW:" instead of just using GW (shrug)
(9) Git: (HEY!! I have map!!)
(11) Sarrim: (Under...Purchases?)
(12) Proximo the Great (enter): 21:42
(11) Sarrim: (Same here! =D)
(12) Proximo the Great (whispering): do you mind if I sit and watch your game?
(11) Sarrim: (Stan...Where do you want me to post the list?)
(11) Sarrim: (...I'll just put it under purchases then.)
(12) Proximo the Great (exit): 21:45
(2) DM: (let me know what you want and I'll ok it here, then later, put it on the site)
(11) Sarrim: (Alright, it's in the node then)
whispering to Sarrim, what;'s the list?
(10) Agatha has sent you a tree node...
(2) DM: don't send me a node, just type out the list please so I can get that out of the way. then post it on the site, thanks.
(9) Git (whispering): forgot to ask, is Oaken hold a human settlement or elven?
whispering to Git, mixed
(11) Sarrim (whispering): The first thing. The only thing I desire is help in covering the cost of making my sword. I don't really see myself needing any armor or other swords. A greatsword, masterwork, crafted by myself, hopefully with one of your nifty custom base metals, depending on the cost.
whispering to Sarrim, that's what you want from the armory?
whispering to Sarrim, you're sure? stuff from the armory isn't limited to weapons and armor
(9) Git (whispering): hai hai, just want to determine the orcish threat to the elves. reminds me, I want to pinpoint hometowns for my chars later. small notion I'm interested in
(11) Sarrim (whispering): Oh...Well...A minor protective charm would be the only other thing I can think of that I really need or want to take from the armory, save for the metals needed to craft the sword and the training required to do the crafting.
whispering to Sarrim, ok, ring of protection, +1
(11) Sarrim (whispering): Alright, thanks
(5) Vrondard: (primes pump... hopefully i wont lag too much tonite)
(6) Kha (whispering): Helm of Comprehend Languages, Strand of Prayer Beads, Ring of Sustanence
(2) DM: In case I was unclear the first time....if you have not already posted or e-mailed me a request for the items from the armory, which is not limited to just weapons or armor, please list them here and do not send me a node. ONLY if you have not already sent me a list of items. Thanks.
(9) Git: I'll take the most flamboyant jewel, keyword: valuable encrusted item in there
(11) Sarrim (whispering): Am I to roll for the weapon, or shall necessary time pass so that I could do it simply through time and care?
(9) Git: ;-D
whispering to Sarrim, this will take time and care, neither of which you have at the moment.
(11) Sarrim (whispering): Understandable, =)
(2) DM: I'll take that to mean as everyone is satisfied with whatever they've received.
** (11) Sarrim nods. **
(5) Vrondard: i am got my stuff
(5) Vrondard: (unless im missing something... covered it on the site)
(2) DM: The morning after breakfast, Isilar introduces you to the newest member of your group, Jaimes, a mercenary warrior who seeks to hire himself out to individuals.
(2) Isilar: I thought that like should go with like company. (grins)
** (11) Sarrim looks somewhat put off. **
(10) Agatha: "A mercenary? What do we need 'im for?"
(5) Vrondard: "yes I dont remember discussing this.."
(5) Vrondard: "whadda mean sticking us wid yer leftovers?"
** (9) Git looks over the suggested joiner, asking dryly, "So... what use are you to us?" **
(8) Jaimes (whispering): mercenary? I suppose that can work for him.
(2) Isilar: Apparently, he has abilities that one amongst your kind can train him in. Garath mentioned that to me in passing. (shrugs)
(6) Kha: "Greatings Jaimes, ignore the other members, they treated me the same way when I first joined up with them"
(2) Isilar: I'm not a magciker. Go ahead and ask him.
** (8) Jaimes stands tall and strait, just over 6 feet tall. He is darkly handsome, with long curly dark brown hair to past his shoulders. **
(5) Vrondard: "whadda mean when yer first joined up"
(5) Vrondard: "yer still in that waggin"
** (5) Vrondard smiles at Kha **
(7) Gilman: "I canna say much as I myself am a recent addition to this group." (looking over Jaimes)
(13) Reiner Swiftblade (enter): 22:01
(8) Jaimes: "I have certain...magics at my fingers. *He pats his longsword* and I have a strong supportive arm to give.
(6) Kha: "When you found me in the dwarven cabin by the pink trees, you tried to pick a fight with me if I remember corectly Vrond"
(5) Vrondard: "whadda mean tried?" he eyeballs Kha
** (9) Git raises an inquisitive brow, "Certain... magics? Divine? or.... weird.." gesturing his head toward Kha **
(8) Jaimes: "I am also looking for someone to help me understand these magicks. Seems very hard to find anyone that knows anything about them.
(5) Vrondard: "still aint too thrilled wid yer profession"
** (6) Kha suddenly has a flaming spear in his hands **
(6) Kha: "Magic like this?"
(5) Vrondard: "yer aint got no axe in yer hand"
(5) Vrondard: "and that be worse" indicatin his spear
(5) Vrondard: "cant yer make that at least a decent axe like Agatha's?"
(6) Kha: "Shut your trap dwarf before the flames light your beard on fire"
(7) Gilman: "Ack.. lad, I wish ye woulda warned me before ye did that..."
(5) Vrondard: "aye dont be doing that.... or I'll stop kiddin 'round"
** (8) Jaimes squints ad Kha. "Yes, just like that. I can...feel you doing it. **
(6) Kha (whispering): can I change its shape once I call up a weapon with sword of fire?
** (10) Agatha groans. **
(9) Git: :looks to Kha then to the new boy: "Cousins... or just... close?"
(5) Vrondard: "well enough of this prankster... whadda got to say fer yerself Jayme"
(10) Agatha: "Not another one. Well at least he don't talk so much."
(6) Kha: "Ya strange magic, I dont understand it much myself. and both my parents were Arcane magic users, and I trained to be a cleric. so it is neither Arcane nor Divine."
whispering to Kha, yes
** (5) Vrondard looks for a beard on the chap **
(8) Jaimes: "Well, I was a carpenter in Toralin, and left there because of my...abilities, as they are frowned upon there greatly."
** (6) Kha 's spear suddenly changes to a Giant Battle Axe **
** (8) Jaimes has a nicely trimmed beard. **
(5) Vrondard: "hmmm well"
(5) Vrondard: "hey... thats more like it" liking the axe
** (9) Git leans next to isilar, **
(6) Kha: "This better Vrond, it can be what ever I want it to be, but if I let go of it it vanishes"
(8) Jaimes: "I wandered and ended up in Kern, and in the military there. I rose in the ranks fairly quickly, according to my officers, but left abruptly because of an incident between a slave trader and I."
(9) Git: "Are you sure they aren't the tieflings?"
(5) Vrondard: "well that sounds reputable"
(8) Jaimes: "Can you not tie off your castings?"
(5) Vrondard: "ya respect yer parents?"
** (8) Jaimes nods. "My father was, and still is as far as I know, one of the best carpenters in our region, and my mother was a wonderful woman before she died." **
(6) Kha: "I can but the Fire weapon does not respond to it, if I tie it off I dont have to consentrate on it any more but I still can not let go of it"
(8) Jaimes: "Hmm...well, I've never seen that used before. Maybe you could teach it to me some time, if your party accepts me into it's folds."
(6) Kha: "Umm I have other powers too but dont wish to use them all, they drain me and I am going to take my final test to become a cleric of Oneiros today"
** (11) Sarrim stands and bows slightly, saying politely, "We can use all the help we can get in these times. I am Sarrim Veld, a servant of Tammara, at your service, Jaimes. I trust Isilar has filled you in on the details of the situation?" **
(13) Rainur Swiftblade (whispering): how ya feeling dude?
** (8) Jaimes bows in return. "Well met Sarrim. Isilar has informed me of much." **
** (9) Git asks of Isilar as the others talk, "So... who is this boy and why are you dumping him on us? **
(6) Kha: "Just ignore the dwarf and the ladies grumbaling, they are rather surly and hard to get along with at times, though I will grant they know how to fight"
(5) Vrondard: "hey.. just letting him know what he's in fer"
(7) Gilman: "Aye, we could always use another member. I am Gilman Greene, Cleric of Solnor." (he stands and bows slightly)
(5) Vrondard: "and I aint disliking him"
(5) Vrondard: "and thats sayin a lot right there"
** (8) Jaimes returns the bow to Gilman and bows to the dwarf. "Many thanks." **
(2) Isilar: His name is Jaimes and he boasts much of his skill at arms, not to mention he has done well at the tourneys whilst he has been here. Other than that, apart from his Kernin accent, we know not much about him. (smiles slightly)
(5) Vrondard: "ah did yer win your tourney bouts?"
(2) Isilar: I shall leave you to your introductions. If you have any further questions, see me in the barracks on your way out.
(7) Gilman: "Though, I would like to speak to ye in private when we get the chance." (sits back down)
(8) Jaimes: "My fair share of them."
** (9) Git smiles back wryly at the ranger, "Of course, best to put him in our company to test his intents rather than around the royal court." **
** (2) Isilar leaves the chamber. **
(11) Sarrim: "My other friends in arms are Vondard, who could drink an ogre under the table; Agatha, a kind, warm lady who never gets angry; Git, who could sell bows to a fletcher and Kha, a rather interesting fellow." *Gestures to each of them in turn*
** (8) Jaimes looks about at the party members. **
(5) Vrondard: "yeah me name is Vrondard..."
(10) Agatha: "Why is it that everyone feels the need to hoist their unwanted mages on us?"
(11) Sarrim: "And you have met Gilman."
(5) Vrondard: "and there aint an axeman you'll meet that can beat me"
** (8) Jaimes nods to each, with a slight bow to each. "My full name is Jaimes ((OOC: pronounced 'Jay-mis")) Do'Rahmin" **
(5) Vrondard: "course if yer looking to be beat by a woman wielding an axe"
(5) Vrondard: "Aggie here is yer girl"
(8) Jaimes: "Agatha, if I may call you that, my main profession is not as a practitioner of magic, but that of military."
** (9) Git peers after Isilar for a moment, before turning back to Jaimes and offering a polite bow, "Nice to meet you Young Do'Raahmin. I hope you thrive in our company." **
(13) Rainur Swiftblade (exit): 22:17
(8) Jaimes: ((by young...he's near 27, and has a full beard, and the look of a man that has seen alot.))
(14) Kha (enter): 22:17
(10) Agatha: "Aye, but I doubt that you weren't happy as a drunken clam to throw your magicks about."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (14) Kha...
(2) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(6) Kha' from room...
(6) Kha (exit): 22:18
(10) Agatha: ((27 is pretty old in this group.))
(9) Git: (what that's nothing compared to a dwarf or an elf.... granted I'm only half-elve, but...)
** (8) Jaimes shakes his head. "Actually, I am still reluctant to use them. In Toralin magic is frowned upon greatly." **
(9) Git: "And sparking up big flaming spears near me is also frowned upon without good reason, so at least you already have a step up on some"
(10) Agatha: "For good reason, I might add. Mages have done little but lead our group to trouble."
** (5) Vrondard snickers **
** (8) Jaimes chuckles. "Well, I promise you my magics, nor anything about me, will lead you astray." **
** (11) Sarrim grins slightly."I believe we can leave the traditional berating of the new addition later. We have work that needs to be done." **
(14) Kha (exit): 22:21
(15) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 22:21
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (15) Kha...
(9) Git: "Quite true Sam. I want to check out the sight of one of the snake cult's altars that was recently burned out."
(9) Git: "We can berate him on the way"
(15) Kha: ((Bah sorry computer rebooted on me))
(10) Agatha: "Hmph. Well, if he's got Isilar's blessings, I guess it couldn't hurt to see his worth."
(15) Kha (whispering): Could you sent me the info about what I found in the dream world
** (10) Agatha offers her hand. **
** (8) Jaimes stands strait, awaiting to see what the others will do. He strikes an impressive figure, a tall, broad-shouldered man in a dully gleaming breastplate with some kind of markings on the right breast, most like for rank. At his side are his longsword, and an odd whip with a dagger attached to the tip. **
(10) Agatha: "Here's hoping you last looking than the jeweler."
(10) Agatha: last longer*
** (8) Jaimes takes her hand in his firm swordsman's grip. "I share those hopes, I am sure." **
(9) Git: : to aggy: "Oh, yeah... wonder what ever hapened to that boy"
(5) Vrondard: "well... I be ready to get this show on the road"
whispering to Kha, you still haven't gotten that?
(11) Sarrim: "Alright. I think Git's idea is a good place to start. We may want to check the inn afterwards. "Melisana" may have left something behind."
(5) Vrondard: "Jaimes... hmmm well yer welcome til yer wear out yer welcome"
(15) Kha (whispering): no. email is lagged by 3 - 5 days, you said you were gona send it in a node
(5) Vrondard: "and if that comes to be... I'll be sure ter let yer know"
** (8) Jaimes nods to the dwarf. "I'll keep that in mind." **
(9) Git: "Right, first though, I'm going to stop by my place" :gesturing to his dress clothes: "I think I should don something more professional for investigations"
** (15) Kha is sitting back thinking **
(5) Vrondard: "hmmmm"
whispering to Vrondard, check your e-mail and answer it then
(8) Jaimes (whispering): Would I be happening to be staying at the same inn as them?
whispering to Vrondard, I need you to answer the questions I posed to you regarding Kha.
(5) Vrondard (whispering): ok checking
whispering to Jaimes, you're with the party, so that question is irrelevant
whispering to Jaimes, probably. I can arrange it if need be.
(11) Sarrim: "Alright then...Shall we meet back here after we've gathered our things together?"
(9) Git: "The altar is in the alms quarters, we can stop by the siren on the way to ask about Melisana, or we can split up to hurry it up"
(8) Jaimes (whispering): Just wondering, horse and all. Unless I've the horse with me then it's all good.
** (15) Kha sits bolt upright suddenly **
(8) Jaimes: "I've my things with me, and the rest with my horse, so I'm ready when everyone else is."
(7) Gilman: "Eh... Kha ye allright?" (looking to Kha)
** (8) Jaimes looks to Kha. **
(15) Kha: "Umm I have some important information on the snake cult. I figured it out last night in the dream world"
(9) Git: :casually glances to Kha: "The beans from breakfast just hit ya?"
(9) Git: :brow rising: "Do tell..."
(15) Kha: "They are running the orphanages, and breading human snake halfbreads under them"
** (2) Teleute winks at Kha, smiling slightly. **
(7) Gilman: "They're WHAT?"
(8) Jaimes: "That's...sick."
(5) Vrondard: "holy boulders and stones"
(9) Git: :remains calm, though quiet for a second: "Do you know where?"
(15) Kha: "Orphanages within South Commons, North Commons, the Heart Quarter and Gypsy Quarter are being run by individuals who have converted or are in the process of being indoctrinated by the snake cultists. The cultists take those who are indigent or homeless and give them purpose by housing them and finding them employment."
(10) Agatha: "Sure that wasn't just the fancy food getting to you?"
whispering to Vrondard, you and Jake need to reply to that node.
(15) Kha: "I am sure"
(5) Vrondard (whispering): oh i did get that... thought it was a new one
whispering to Vrondard, especially since David may need to leave soon
(5) Vrondard (whispering): im thinking im going to make the game now if the baby comes out right
whispering to Vrondard, please reply to it in any event
(5) Vrondard (whispering): but ill do it yes
(7) Gilman: "... that's horrible, using the unfortunate to further thier evil plans..."
** (11) Sarrim is quiet, his face darkened. "Alright. The snake cult can wait. I believe it would be best to put a stop to these orphanages as soon as we can." **
(15) Kha: "Give me a few moments I wish to analize what I saw a bit better"
(11) Sarrim: (*Snake cult building, that is*)
** (9) Git says nothing for a moment, before letting out a slight snicker, "Heh, you're pretty handy Kha. Maybe we can start a reclamation service later, hunt down stolen items for people." **
(9) Git: "You know any specific locations on these orphanages?"
(10) Agatha: "Or how many?"
(11) Sarrim: "Simple enough. Ask around. The townfolk should know the locations."
(11) Sarrim: "From there it will be an exercise of finding a way through. We have the authority to search the buildings."
(9) Git: :to Sam: "Yeah, but not which are controlled by the cultists.... unless it's all of them...."
(8) Jaimes: "But what if the snake cult is listening?"
(11) Sarrim: "...Expect the worst, and you'll be least surprised."
(11) Sarrim: "A difficult prospect. Git...Do you have any ideas of how to get in a place like that?"
(9) Git (whispering): about how many orphanages are there in Tolmara?
(5) Vrondard: "fergit em"
whispering to Git, 4 remaining. there used to be 5, but that was before the fire
(11) Sarrim: "Perhaps you could pose as a city official? Maybe say that a decree has been issued to offer all the orphanages money to aid their business, provided the establishment passes an inspection."
(5) Vrondard: ((yeah things are progressing here))
(9) Git: "Through the front door...? depends on the orphanage; as a priest for a holy order, as a child for others. or just be sneaky
(11) Sarrim: "We can hope that their greed will blind their suspicion."
(11) Sarrim: "For our part, we can acquire guard's uniforms from the armory. Surely they'll let us borrow them"
(9) Git (whispering): oh, so the altar was at the orphanage.... any news on the children there?
(5) Vrondard: "they wont be liking anybody bargin in on em"
(16) Kha (enter): 22:38
(9) Git: "Nah, cultists care more about their beliefs than posessions"
(10) Agatha: "The only way to do it is to hit them all at once."
(9) Git: "Don't know how many there are aggy, and charging in could make hostages of the children"
(8) Jaimes: "But first we have to find them all. And then come up twith the resources to hit them all at once."
(10) Agatha: "The moment we clean any of the 'em out, the rest will know what we're up to."
(16) Kha (whispering): Back computer went loopy again
(15) Kha (exit): 22:40
** (11) Sarrim nods. "Perhaps we need merely gather the information. We can bring it back to Isilar, and he will provide us with the soldiers needed to storm each building." **
whispering to Git, none survived, which is probably just as well.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (16) Kha...
(11) Sarrim: "For that, we may need to see this Snake cult shrine first. It may yield up more clues."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (16) Kha...
(9) Git: :to sam: "No. They use force, the kids are the ones who will suffer the consequences"
** (16) Kha passes his Jornal around to show the others what he wrote **
** (9) Git leans forward to read the journal **
(16) Kha: "I know they are looking for a Golden flail that enables its wielder to command snakes of all kinds
(5) Vrondard: "bah...
(11) Sarrim: "Perhaps...If we find that..."
(5) Vrondard: "Gnoll weapon... no good"
(16) Kha: "They also have one of the swords of power, one with ruined castle wall etched in white on the hilt"
(5) Vrondard: "well we meet any snakes... I'll be cuttin its head clear off"
** (16) Kha turns to Islar, know which that is, my guess would be Stonecutter" **
(9) Git: (assuming it's written in the journal) :to Kha: "They noticed you spying them?"
(11) Sarrim: (Isilar is gone)
(7) Gilman: (( he left the room...))
** (8) Jaimes listens attentively, learning. **
(16) Kha: ((Bah things happening when I am disconed ;P)
(16) Kha: "I would guess thats Stonecutter, based on the song the Magister told us."
** (11) Sarrim recalls from the book. "I know who could find the thieves in your journal...Loathe as I am to call on her." **
(2) Teleute: No, he has the gift of second sight.
(10) Agatha: "Another sword of power? I thought these bloody things were supposed to be secret. Seems everyone and their sisters is carrying one."
** (16) Kha waits to explain anything else untill the others finish reading his jornal **
** (8) Jaimes reads it when it comes 'round to him. **
(2) DM: For a second there, you see a tall woman, with skin of pure snow and hair as black as the deepest night, garbed in a dress the color of tar, standing amongst you. She is incredibly beautiful.
(7) Gilman: "Looks like it's in a dragon's horde, not our problem at the moment. The orphanages and the temple are of more immiediate concern. You wrote down here that there are portals to Alibardicus in the temple. So many things learned, all of them quite disturbing."
(16) Kha: "Yes, they noticed me, so what you were thinking about my going to infeltrate them as a foriner wont work now, I doubt it will anyways"
** (8) Jaimes blinks **
** (11) Sarrim blinks. **
(11) Sarrim: (Hehe)
(8) Jaimes: "who...?
(2) DM: You have no idea how she managed to come into the room, and yet here she is.
(5) Vrondard: "hmm they get a wiff of you... yer dead"
** (16) Kha stutters "T-T-Teleute?" **
(7) Gilman: "Er..."
** (9) Git looks to the strange woman, then to Kha, "Friend of yours?" **
(11) Sarrim: "Kha...This isn't...A dream from...That world you talked about...Coming here...Is it?"
(2) Teleute: You have the gift of second sight, granted to you by me, because you wish to become a priest of Oneiros.
(16) Kha: "Umm friend, I hope so, she is an Aspect of Oneiros"
** (8) Jaimes just looks. **
** (7) Gilman bows head in respect (even if it isn't his god it's still an aspect of a god) **
** (16) Kha tries to manage a bow from a sitting position and stammers "Th-thank you Teleute" **
(2) Teleute: Use it well, seeker. They can hear me, but they shall not remember this, except in dreams. This gift shall last until the rising of the three moons.
(9) Git: :looks back and forth between the two before letting out, "I hate being left out of the loop."
** (10) Agatha struggles to pick up her jaw. **
** (11) Sarrim looks thunderstruck. It is all he can do to keep his composure. **
(9) Git: :to teleute: "Excuse me?"
(8) Jaimes: "I doubt I'd forget something like this..."
** (2) Teleute turns to each of you, smiling slightly. "Do not thank me, for one day, each of you will come in turn, to me." **
** (8) Jaimes looks disbelieving. **
(9) Git: "When you say "they will not remember" yuo better not mean you're going to be playing white wash with our brains, fair lady"
** (2) Teleute then turns to Kha, bowing deeply, then vanishes. **
(16) Kha: "I will try to use it wisely, I think I will be......." **Kha doesnt get to finish as she vanishes
** (11) Sarrim speaks apparently without thinking, "I half-expect Jenna to come waltzing in here to offer us wine." **
(7) Gilman: (( is still somewhat shocked))
(9) Git: :shaking his head: "At this rate she might. let's hope it's a good year to the bottle"
(7) Gilman (whispering): I'm assuming that kind of thing isn't common?
** (8) Jaimes shakes himself and takes a deep breath. **
whispering to Gilman, extremely rare actually
(9) Git: :to Kha: "So, are you going to tell us who that was? or is this priviledged information?"
(11) Sarrim: "Soo...Kha...What is this, this Second Sight? Can it help us find the cult or what they seek?"
(7) Gilman (whispering): Right just checking
(16) Kha: "I wonder if today is the day Teleute takes mortal form and no deaths can occer?" **Kha mumbles to himself
(5) Vrondard: "lets stop yakking and start whacking"
whispering to Gilman, used sparingly even by DMs who like to be mysterious, such as me. heheh
(9) Git: "Say what now?"
(7) Gilman: "Kha... you realize of course that very very few people ever actually physically see their god..." (in a hushed awed voice)
(7) Gilman: (( well mabey "physically" is a bad word for it))
(10) Agatha: "Unbelieveable."
(16) Kha: "Wha? Oh was just thinking, in my reaserch Teleute only takes mortal form once a century and on that day no deaths can happen. You would have known this if you had not ignored me at the dinner yesterday I explained it all then."
whispering to Kha, your "gift" will last until the next rising of the three moons, or in other words, for two more days, and is useable once a day (preferably at night or while asleep)
(8) Jaimes: "But yet it happened."
(7) Gilman: "indeed, Kha ye are indeed an interesting person..."
(11) Sarrim: "I have to agree with Gilman on this. You are blessed. Or cursed. Or both."
(16) Kha (whispering): ok so it kind of works like the dream world?
(8) Jaimes: "Truly...to be visited upon by our God."
whispering to Kha, that's exactly what it is
(9) Git: "Dinner conversation hardly begets the appearance of a God in human form"
(8) Jaimes: ((your** god))
(9) Git: :jaw tenses visibly:
** (5) Vrondard ignores all this **
(16) Kha: "Well if you would have been listening at dinner..Oh never mind"
(16) Kha (whispering): Ahh ok, so my dreamwalker feat wont work after two days?
(11) Sarrim: "Well, if today is that day Kha, then our aims should be focused on finding information on the cult. I say that this weapon the cult is searching for could be very potent if used against them. We could take the orphanages with little, if any violence, if we could command the snake blood in their...creatures."
(2) DM: (OC: In fact, when you wake up tomorrow, except for Kha, you will have forgotten this already. Just FYI.)
(7) Gilman: "Uh..." (shock is somewhat wearing off) "Back to more physical matters. What is our plan for the snake cultists. If we can get to the orphanages we may be able to find information about where exactaly the temple is..."
whispering to Kha, wasn't aware about the feat
** (9) Git gives a sigh, suddenly releasing all the tension from the deities appearance, " **
(8) Jaimes: "That is a plan, Sarrim, but the finding of that weapon may take weeks. How long have they been searching for it?"
(11) Sarrim: "I don't know...But if Kha can look into their plans..."
(9) Git: There are four orphanages left, besides the one the last altar was over"
whispering to Kha, my fault. how often can you do this?
(16) Kha (whispering): I took Latent Dreamer, and Dreamwalker as my first two feats. I used it in the mantion with the Friendly ghost Lorells
(9) Git: "And if they aren't imbeciles they'll be on alert since Kha was discovered"
(8) Jaimes: "So any snooping will only alert them, beacuse they're probably already on high guard."
(11) Sarrim: "Yes...I had forgotten about that."
(9) Git: :to Kha: "Did you get a look at any hidden entrance ways?"
(16) Kha (whispering): Every night, I have to be asleep to do it, and cant make myself goto sleep yet, thats a diffrent feat, maybey she granted me that ability for two days
whispering to Kha, the priest ability (which is a granted power) allows you to do it at will, more or less.
whispering to Kha, she granted you the ability to for two days.
(7) Gilman: "I have reservations of attack an orphanage with arms though, they could easily use the children as hostages... or worse, shields." (shudders)
(16) Kha: "You all can mull over what information I wrote down, I have a test to go take at the Temple today. I am finishing my clerical training. I will proccess my dream further durring the test if I can"
(16) Kha (whispering): Ok
(7) Gilman: ((of attacking**))
(11) Sarrim: "Will you have need of any of us"
(11) Sarrim: (?)
(8) Jaimes: ((be right back, getting a drink))
(9) Git: :to kha: "Well, good luck on your little religious thing. But first, did you see anything of how the cultists move about therir altars? do you know if thery're connected?"
(5) Vrondard: "hmmm well lets kill em before they do that"
(16) Kha: "I do not know, Lord Dreamspeaker, Partic Alandaos did not say if I needed you all to be there."
(5) Vrondard: "dont think they will use the children... aint going to save em"
(9) Git: :patting kha on the shoulder: "That's okay, send our best. Now the cultists...?"
(5) Vrondard: "probably come out and throw snakes at us"
(11) Sarrim: *To Vrondard* "Evil does strange things to the logic of a man."
(16) Kha: "I would say they are connected to some great power" Kha points to a passage he wrote " lair in the northwest portion of Wylund, which houses a great evil"
(11) Sarrim: "And what of this castle? What is the importance of it, and how is it connected to the snake cult?"
(16) Kha: "Though Partic Alandaos may be able to clear some of this dream up"
(9) Git: :blinks: "I mean physically... connected by tunnels between the altars. the Altas here in Tolmara.... which we're looking for..."
(5) Vrondard: "well its better to save some than none at all"
(16) Kha: "The world of dreams is the realm of Oneiros after all, he might help us interpret what we can not"
(8) Jaimes: ((back))
** (16) Kha shrugs "I am still trying to recall details" **
(11) Sarrim: "...Hmm...Alright, shall we head to this Dreamspeaker of yours then?"
(8) Jaimes: "Well, do we plan on continuing on without Kha? Or are we going to wait until after he has completed his test?"
(16) Kha: "Well I would wait if I were you, since a God just came and granted me the ability of second sight."
** (9) Git sighs, "Well, Kha, if you think your god can clear it up, feel free to try. I'm going to hit the burned out altar, and investigate the orphanages **
(9) Git: (three wells in a row.... tis a sign of water to came)
(5) Vrondard: "hmmm well maybe we should be nearby in case yer need us"
(16) Kha: "Ok, Keep a look out for the Golden Flail as well, they are looking for it and if we find it first we can control them"
(9) Git: "Doubt I'll suddenlt stumble upon it... but I'll be sure to keep my eyes open."
(9) Git: "Any one else care to share anything before we head out?"
** (16) Kha stands and gathers his Jornal to head off to the Temple **
(11) Sarrim: "Hmm...Lets split up then. I'll go with Git and help him explore. We could use Gilman as well. If the rest of you don't object, you could follow Kha, help him if he needs it, and get the questions we have answered during his test."
(5) Vrondard: "how about a pint o' ale?"
(5) Vrondard: "toss back a few... case we never see ya again"
(9) Git (whispering): do I know how long the cult has been active in Tolmara.... about?
(11) Sarrim: "Wait...No...Kha's doing a test of the Divine, and Gilman and I might have the best understanding of it."
(11) Sarrim: "It might be best if you, Gilman, and I went with Kha, and the rest with Git."
(9) Git: "Not your god Sam"
(9) Git: "Doubt you'll understand it any better"
whispering to Git, shortly after you left, actually.
(7) Gilman (whispering): I know my history is a bit sketchy but I would have taken a similar (somewhat similar in that we're both clerics) for Solnor at some point right?
(16) Kha: "So anyone coming with me to see if the Lord Dreamspeaker can help clear some of this dream up before the test?"
(10) Agatha: "I'll go too. You boys might need some backup if things go sour. Like they always, always do."
whispering to Git, they started small, but have since become open about it of course
(9) Git (whispering): just occured to me, I never roller my new hp for leveling
whispering to Gilman, yes
(5) Vrondard: ((ok my attendance is completely optional now.. ignore me at will))
(11) Sarrim: "You never know...How does this sound then? Gilman, Kha, Me, and Agatha, and Git, Jaimes and Vrondard to the ruin?"
(8) Jaimes: "I'll follow wherever I'm needed. Though investigating this burned alter sounds best for my usefulness."
(2) DM: (David, send me the node before you leave. I'll do Kha's stuff first, since it can potentially go into next session)
(11) Sarrim: (That is, the former 4 to the temple, the latter 3 to the ruin)
(2) DM: (I'll be alternating between the two groups though)
(16) Kha: "Sounds fine with me."
(9) Git: "Nah, Aggy, you're coming with me, that elven ring may come in handy. Vronard... please behave yourself if we go investigating arounf the children
(11) Sarrim: "Alright. Any objections to this then?"
(7) Gilman: "That sounds good to me. Ye will need us if your test is anything like my own."
(7) Gilman: (( was**))
** (16) Kha starts off to the Temple. "Lets go who ever wants to go to the Temple" **
(16) Kha: ((I am going to AFK before the Temple stuff for a smoke so I dont have to leave in the middle of it, Be back in a few))
(11) Sarrim: "Lets go then." *Gathers his things, that he hopefully had time to get, and follows Kha* "I'll see you guys in a few hours, I hope!"
** (7) Gilman follows after Kha **
(11) Sarrim: (I need to grab a snack too, AFK real quick)
(9) Git: "Right then..." :to those with him: "I'm heading back to my place to change. we'll meet up at the Siren to ask about Melisana"
(10) Agatha: "Aye, I'll see ya at the Siren."
(9) Git (whispering): rolling hp [1d6+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
(8) Jaimes: "Fine with me. I'll head there directly, I've my things with me and on my horse."
(9) Git: (I think Aggy, Vronard and Jaimes are with me, right?)
(8) Jaimes: ((true for me))
(11) Sarrim: (Back)
(10) Agatha: ((yup))
(2) DM: You arrive at the Temple shortly after leaving the Castle. (This is spoke-y building under #32 in the top right part of the map)
(5) Vrondard: ((yeah take me anywhere... im your Dwarf Dog from now on))
(11) Sarrim: (Hehe)
(9) Git (whispering): btw, here's a new node for Git
(5) Vrondard: ((course me saying that and you saying that to Vron are too different things))
(9) Git has sent you a tree node...
** (11) Sarrim grins. "Ready Kha?" **
(2) DM: When you arrive at the Temple, it's all but deserted, except for a single acolyte, who meets you at the entrance.
(16) Kha: "Yes as ready as I'll ever be."
(8) Jaimes: ((I am guessing the difference involving a big axe?))
** (16) Kha turns to the Acolyte "Hello, I have a meeting with the Lord Dreamspeaker today" **
(8) Jaimes: ((involves**))
(2) Haridyn Storm: Yes, so Lord Alandaos said. Please, this way, O Seeker. We have been expecting you.
** (2) Haridyn Storm leads you into the interior of the temple. The silence surrounding you is as thick as the folds of a wool cloak. **
(16) Kha: "I dont under stand this 'Seeker' stuff but since Teleute called me that as well it must be something segnifigent"
** (16) Kha quiets down and looks embarest for disrupting the silence **
(2) Haridyn Storm: 'Tis the custom that much of our brethren meditate on the wonders of Lord Oneiros, as soon as a seeker makes himself known to us. This explains why silence enfolds us, when normally there are people around us.
(2) Haridyn Storm: 'Tis rare that one is called to serve Lord Oneiros, and rarer still to see an Aspect of him or his family. Thus, ye are a seeker.
(16) Kha: "Oh I see that has something to do with the conclutions I came to reguarding the Champion of Oneiros"
(2) DM: Presently, you come to a pair of ebony double doors which stand closed. Haridyn indicates that the Lord Dreamspeaker is beyond. "Only the Seeker is to enter. Ye must wait outside."
** (11) Sarrim bows to the acolyte. "If I am needed to attend my friend, I will be here." **
** (16) Kha turns to the others "I will let you know if he is able to clear up my dream at all" **
(7) Gilman: "Then we shall wait." (bows)
** (16) Kha continues though the doors **
(5) Vrondard: ((ok ive this has been the 4rth request of wife to turn off computer...soo i think im done))
** (11) Sarrim sits against the wall, and turns to Gilman. "You'll have to tell me of your test sometime, if you are willing. It must be quite a tale." **
(5) Vrondard: ((ill send email stan and hope to show tomorrow))
(2) DM: The doors close behind you, and you enter a chamber shrouded in darkness, save for a single pillar of light that emanates from a hole in the ceiling, illuminating a pedestal before you in the center of the room. A stack of cards sits on top of the pedestal. There does not appear to be anyone else in the chamber, whose dimensions you cannot immediately discern.
(7) Gilman: "It is, I will tell ye one day perhaps." (quietly to Sarrim)
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Speak, O Seeker. State your name and age, and from whence you have come.
(9) Git: (We feel for ya Dave...)
(10) Agatha: (brb, grabbin' a snack)
(8) Jaimes: ((Good luck Dave))
(9) Git: (... and we'll wait for you to leave before making derogatory whip cracking sound fx's)
(5) Vrondard: ((thanks all))
(5) Vrondard (exit): 23:31
(16) Kha: "I am Kha Opren, I am twenty one years old. I come from a small town in The Kingdom of Gwythnecht."
** (16) Kha looks around the room to locate the Lord Dreemspeaker **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Gwythnecht, hm. Such a long way to come for a lonely calling as ye will know, if ye pass, Seeker. Come stand into the light, so that we may have a good look at ye.
(2) DM: You do not seem to see anyone....yet.
** (16) Kha shrugs and moves into the light **
(16) Kha: "Not such a long way. I have learned many things in my travels. even a very uncommon form of fighting which I was told was a lost art by someone."
(2) DM: The light washes over you and enfolds you into its embrace, much like the touch of a cool breeze on a warm spring day. Although not harsh or glaring, it does little to illuminate the chamber beyond. The cards are placed or arranged in a pile, face down, their backs presenting a pattern of alternating white and black dots.
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: So. Ye come here to prostate yourself before the Lord Oneiros. Why? What expectations do ye have?
(9) Git: (prostate? .... what kind of religion is this?)
(16) Kha: "I hold no expectations. I was training to be a cleric of Oneiros in the small town I lived in but the day before my test I left because I wanted to see the world for myself and since I determined a prophacy I read about was going to happen soon I wanted to witness it happening and record as much as I could. Before I left I made a promis to my teacher that I will compleat the test when I was ready and I belive I am ready now"
** (2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros chuckles **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Do ye now? We shall see soon enough, Seeker, we shall see.
(18) Kha (enter): 23:42
(18) Kha (whispering): I got disconed right after he laughed
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: The Test has two parts, Seeker. The first is a test of truth, in which ye shall face yourself. We shall determine if ye are unflinching in the face of your own truths and in the face of those truths that others know about ye.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (18) Kha...
(2) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(16) Kha' from room...
(16) Kha (exit): 23:43
** (18) Kha nods **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: The second part, Seeker, is a test of the heart. Your companions, who will be summoned here, shall take part in this test with ye, should ye desire their help. This test shall determine if ye have the skills and faith necessary to walk the path required of us as dreamspeakers of Oneiros.
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Do you have any questions before we begin? Do ye wish to leave before we commence?
(18) Kha: "About the testing no, and the other questions can wait untill it is compleate"
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Very well then.
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Let us commence...
** (18) Kha waits paitently **
(19) Xeriar (enter): 23:48
(19) Xeriar (exit): 23:48
** (18) Kha begins studying the patters on the back of the cards in front of him **
(18) Kha: ((*patterns))
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: On a clear day, you chance upon seeing a strange animal. Its leg is trapped in a hunter's clawsnare. Judging from the bleeding, it will not survive long. Do ye draw your dagger, mercifully ending its life with a single thrust, use herbs from your pack to put it to sleep or do not interfere in the course of events -- rather preferring to learn about an animal that ye have never seen before?
(18) Kha: "I would try to free the animal and heal its wound, and hope to befriend it long enough to study it. But if I must chose one of the three options you gave me exactly I would use herbs to put the animal to sleep so that it did not have to suffer, in which case I could study it while it was sleeping anyways"
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: (smiles gently, and intones solemnly)
(11) Sarrim (exit): 23:53
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: So noted, Seeker, yet stray not from the path. (chuckling softly)
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Your cousin has given ye a very embarrasing nickname and even worse, likes to call you it in front of your friends. You have asked him to stop, but he finds it very amusing to watch you blush. Do you, beat up your cousin, then tell him that if he ever calls you that nickname again, that you will bloody his nose a second time; make up a story that makes your nickname seem like a badge of honor instead of something humiliating; or make up an even more embarassing nickname for him and use it constantly until he learns his lesson?
(20) Sarrim (enter): 23:54
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20) Sarrim...
(20) Sarrim: (Godforsaken Disconnect)
(18) Kha: "Make up a story that made the name a badge of honor."
** (18) Kha mumbles something about unfair answers being forced if this is saposed to be a test of truth **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Your mother sends you to the market with a list of goods to buy, After you finish you find that by mistake a shopkeeper has given ye too much money in exchange for one of the items. Do ye return to the store and give the shopkeeper his hard-earned money, explaining to him the mistake; decide to put the money to good use and purchase items that would help your family; or pocket the extra money, knowing that shopkeepers in general tend to overcharge customers anyway?
(18) Kha: "Give the money back since I have never had much need for money"
** (2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros seems satisfied with this answer. **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: We summon here, the shade of the one known as Aragit Fellthorn who is known by other names.
(9) Git: (do I get to be a floaty spector thing? ;-D )
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Speak, ye who are known to the Seeker by the name of Git, and answer to us this question: Is the Seeker worthy to be a priest of Oneiros, in your estimation? What are his flaws and his faults?
(2) DM: Git appears next to you.
** (18) Kha looks startled for a second then starts to speak but thinks better of it **
** (9) Git speaks honestly, "I have no idea. I care little for your religion or his capabilities to join into it. If you wish for a character study though, I find him to be a bit pompous and unnecessarily secretive. And then there's his unexplained need to flash firey weapons around at people... **
(9) Git: seems like compensation frankly. Perhaps it makes up for his rather dry personality. The man is a bit too serious."
** (18) Kha smiles "Secretive comeing from someone who did not even tell those he travels with his true name" **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Very well, we thank ye for your answer.
(9) Git: "I have been keeping a close eye on him though... honestly because I don't trust him entirely. But he does seem to be an honest man as far as I can tell"
(9) Git: "and Kha..."
(9) Git: "Names aren't everything. If they held true value, I'd be pretty rich man, with all I've possessed."
** (9) Git offers a wink and a tip of his headband before disappearing **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: We summon each of your companions, in turn. Speak, ye who are known to the Seeker by the names of Sarrim, Agatha, Jaimes and Gilman, and say unto us as to whether this Seeker is worthy to be a priest of Oneiros in your estimation. What are his flaws and his faults? Each of ye has one minuite to speak in turn.
** (18) Kha shurgs **
(2) DM: (actually, you don't disappear. =))
(9) Git: (....and then suddenly reappears, realizing he can't do that.... hehehe)
(9) Git (whispering): sorry, thought I was being dismissed
(10) Agatha: "I've met many a fool in my time. But this spear-dancer or whatever fancy title he
(10) Agatha: ((oh sorry. hit the wong key. scratch that
(20) Sarrim: "It is not my custom to speak ill of others, knowing the faults that I have myself...But...He is naive, and reckless. He lacks forethought, and has the potential to be corrupted, though his morals are well-defined. But a man learns much in a few years, and he would make for a good priest, as any mortal could."
(2) DM: (OC: I should point out that each of you are not here, physically present at this time, and none of you, except for Kha, will remember IC what happened.)
(10) Agatha: ((I'd like that stricken from the record, your honor.))
(2) DM: (ok)
(7) Gilman: "I believe Kha would make a fine priest of Oneiros. He is one of the most curious people I have yet met. He seems fairly wise and intelligent. Yet he does have flaws. He acts brashly and without thinking of the consequences. He is also too curious at times, which can get him into trouble."
(8) Jaimes: "Though I have known him for as brief a time as I have the others, I measure him as honest and as someone who willl do well for himself and others as a priest. He seems to have the blessing of his god, to meet with and Aspect and be spoken of and gifted with this Second Sight, I believe he will make a fine man for whatever job you give him.
(8) Jaimes: ((unless we are already starting to forget all that, then leave it out.))
(2) DM: ((heh))
** (18) Kha looks around when there is a lull in the speaking to see if Vrondard appeared too, not remembering his name mentioned **
(10) Agatha: "I've met many a fool in my time. But this spear-dancer (or whatever fancy title he's taken for himself) takes the prize. I've never seen a lad prattle on like he does, nor the trouble it causes. He seems to have no concern for what lies in the future. However, the cause of this trouble seems to be his high ideals. It may speak a credit to the boy. I think it marks what a foolish child he is. It will be the death of him.
(18) Kha: "Spear dancer is what I call myself, though the people I was trained by called themselves Algai`d`siswai. I always found it too long and complicated to say in common speach"
(7) Gilman: [1d6] -> [6] = (6)
(7) Gilman: ((ack sorry bout that))
(9) Git: :After Agatha, Git speaks up in pointing: "True. I actually believe the boy will make a wonderful priest. He rushes in determined and positive that he will succeed without fault, even though it will probably lead him and anyone around him to ruin." :dryly: "Faith is the key to a priests existance, yes?"
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Very well. Ye have passed this first test, Seeker, although there are those amongst us, myself included, who have reservations about ye and your capabilities. The test of truth is as much your willingness to hear unflinchingly those who see much of ye and of yourself. The truths spoken by a dreamspeaker are often painful to hear and painful to bear. If ye have the inner strength and will to be what we are, this shall be determined in the second part of the Test.
** (18) Kha nods **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Your companions have been summoned here, to aid ye in your Test, should ye desire them and their aid. Know this that should they die, ye shall not have failed. If ye die, you will have failed. However how ye fail shall determine if ye pass the Test. If ye are ready to begin, indicate your assent in their aid.
(18) Kha: "I would like their help"
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Good. Ye begin this test with a full complement of spells as if ye have prepared properly. Choose any number of cards, from two to five, from the deck of cards before ye, but DO NOT turn them over. When ye have taken a card, place it, face down in front of ye.
** (18) Kha studies the cards for a bit **
(18) Kha (whispering): Are the cards in a stack and can I pick some at random or just have to take from the top?
whispering to Kha, pick at random
whispering to Kha, in a stack
(18) Kha (whispering): how many are there or just lots?
whispering to Kha, lots
** (18) Kha will draw four cards, The thierd one from the top. The twelth one down, the foorteenth and the twent ninth **
(2) DM: The stack disappears.
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Ye may turn them over now. However, before ye do so, know that the less ye turn over, the less difficult your Test will be. Each of these represents a gift or an item that ye may have access to during the Test. Choose wisely, Seeker.
** (18) Kha flips the first one over and looks at it before deciding if he will flip others **
(2) DM: The card Judgment, reversed.
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Either ye, or one amongst ye, or one ye shall face, shall be given a gift of great power and then judged based on your use of that power.
** (18) Kha nods and flips the second card **
(2) DM: The card, The Tower, reversed.
** (2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros pauses. **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: A force for change, usually not an expected change or one for the best. One of ye, either ye or your companions, or one ye shall face, either in this Test or in the future, shall be changed against your will.
** (18) Kha quietly ponders this before deciding to flip any more **
(18) Kha: "So these cards can have an effect on those outside of this test?"
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Yes.
(18) Kha (whispering): are the others still there able to talk to me?
(2) DM: A shaft of light illuminates the rear of the chamber, which ye can see Partic standing in. Figures, cowled in robes lurk behind him, seated on a circle of benches which surround the chamber.
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Your companions may advise ye from this point forward.
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Before ye proceed...
** (18) Kha turns to his friends **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: ...know that there has not been a Seeker or a priest of Oneiros in many many years. One does not seek to become a priest of the Loregiver, one is born into a family where a priest has already served in the past as a priest of the Loregiver. So your proclamation took me and us by surprise. There is much riding on your Test, Seeker, for if ye pass, then there is a possibility that your prophecy is a true prophecy.
(18) Kha: "Should I turn more or stop now. I was not aware the cards could affect anyone outside of this test and at a later time. Since many of you think my judgment rash I will ask you since my judgment is telling me to flip the next card"
(9) Git: :nods before speaking up: "Right then... first things first, no more card games. For all you know one of them might spread a horrid plague throughout Tolmara. And considerring my Little girl is here, I'd prefer that didn't happern"
(7) Gilman: "I agree, though in the end it truely is your choice..."
(20) Sarrim: "I think that you have equal chance of good or ill in the cards. Oneiros, I believe, is a god of Balance. And you have chosen one good, and one ill. I will follow you either way, and pray for good."
(9) Git: :plainly to Gilman: "No it isn't. Don't encourage him."
(18) Kha: "I would not necisarily interpret the card I just turned as Ill. It could mean that Jenna will sudenly be forced to stop following this Dark One she spoke of, The card said Me, any of you, or one we face, and jenna is one we have faced so I use her as an example."
(8) Jaimes: "My council is to proceed as you will. Unlike the others, I do not know you so well, but I will stand beside you throughout." :That is all he says, besides a nod:
** (18) Kha turns to Agatha "and you?" **
(20) Sarrim: "Remember though, it is against your will. Whatever you believe, that person will oppose it."
(9) Git: "And conversely the King might suddenly turn to darkness. or some begger we've passed on the street may gain a streak of madness to him, or a kind innkeeper may decide to hack up his wife and children"
(10) Agatha: "Don't be a fool. The test may be a breeze or it may be a storm. But you can't tell your worth if you let outsiders play with your fate."
(10) Agatha: "Whatever comes, we can handle it ourselves."
** (18) Kha shugs "the begger maybe Git, but the King or the Innkeeper, not the way I read it, we would not be facing them nor are they me, or those here at the test." **
** (9) Git walks up in front of Kha, staring into his eyes and stating, "I'm 'facing' you right now" **
** (18) Kha nods "Point taken" **
(9) Git: "Sometimes you have to consider literal meaning as well"
** (18) Kha turns back to Partic Alandaos "I will stop with these two cards" **
(18) Kha: "Unless you would like to provide further clerification on the effect of this card"
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: In order that the Test may not be altered unduly by a force other than the actions of the Seeker, I am forbidden from giving a full interpretation of the cards. What has come, has come from your actions. What comes must come from the Seeker alone.
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: If that is your choice, we shall proceed. Indicate your assent that this is so.
** (18) Kha nods "I understand and I chose to stop with these two cards then, I can not justify harming others to become a priest of Oneiros" **
** (2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros smiles. **
(2) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Very well then. Close your eyes, and the Test shall begin.
** (18) Kha shakes his head realizing something before closing his eyes, then does so **
(20) Sarrim (whispering): When we are in with him, will we have forgotten all that has happened before he entered?
whispering to Sarrim, nope. you just won't remember what you're doing now
(20) Sarrim (whispering): Alright, hehe
(2) DM: As you do so, Partic's voice fades, instead replaced by the sound of the ocean breaking against cliffs. It is immensely cold around you, all of a sudden....
(2) DM: When you open your eyes, you're standing on a wharf.
(2) DM: Icy ocean spray billows into the harbor as dark breakers crash against the stone breakwater. Two wooden wharves jut out into the sea, rising and falling into the gently rolling sheltered water. Several fishing boats are lashed to the wharves, rigging and gear all gently stowed. A lone fisherman sits in one of the boats, smoking his clay pipe as he carefully mends a fishing net.

At the end of one of the wharves stands a tall, pale-skinned woman. She clutches her coarse gray cloak tightly about her to keep out the chill. Her dark hair swirls sideways in the erratic gusts of the wind. She motions to an empty mooring spot at the wharf, and your rowers skillfully maneuver the boat to it. The woman offers her hand to help you out of the boat, and says, "Welcome to Gunhorm. I am Ada, your guide." The crew quickly unloads your scant gear, bids you farewell, and pushes off again into the cold, dark sea. They will return for you in one week, to take you back to Wylund,

** (18) Kha looks around for his friends **
(9) Git: (are we considered to be understanding why we're here? or is this new to all of us?)
(18) Kha: "Hello Ada, since you are the guide, guide away. Though I must admit I do not know why I came here"
(2) DM: (don't worry about it. technically, you're not even here, you're just shades.)
(2) DM: (They're here. just not "here". heheh)
(18) Kha: "Or maybe I have forgoten why. Either way Guide away"
(2) DM: As you leave the wharf and make your way up the trail toward the village, you pass a stone building, in front o which stand three large, hidebound structures. Wisps of thin white smoke leak from beneath the hides, and the stiff breeze scatters them across the rocky shore. A group of men and women, all dressed in coarse, woolen clothing, stand in front of the shacks by a makeshift table, gutting and cleaning barrels of fish.
(9) Git: (ah... in that case... :floats around Kha making creepy moaning sounds:)
** (20) Sarrim turns his head to Kha as he walks and says, "I must apologize for what I said in the temple, Kha...I couldn't...Help myself." **
(2) DM: (you're here in physical form. you don't do that. lol but not here, if you know what I mean.)
(9) Git: (I know, just screwing around)
(2) DM: As you and Ada walk past, the workers pause to stare at you with furrowed brows and uneasy gazes. One of the older men mutters something to his companion, and then gestures toward the northeast. Turning that way, you see that he has indicated a dreary, desolate spire jutting from a small rocky island to the north.
(18) Kha: "Truth is Truth, cant hurt anyone and most of what was said I agree with"
** (9) Git strolls along casually offering idle waves and a few brief bows to the fishers they pass. **
(2) Ada: So, ye've come a long way just to be here with us. May the Loregiver have mercy on us all.
(20) Sarrim: "Do you know where we are, Kha?"
** (8) Jaimes is quietly looking about, accepting of the surroundings. **
** (18) Kha looks around trying to determin where he is **
(9) Git: :to Ada: "Dear, I wonder, where are we exactly?"
(18) Kha: "Ada may I ask where we are, The Loregiver sent us from Tolmara, and that is a landlocked city"
(18) Kha: "So how we came by boat I am unsure"
(2) Ada: Ye are on Teratha, an island near the icy wasters of Aramna-emnuil. Local lore calls the island, "The Bowl of Death". Legend has it that the island was the first place where Gorgauth, the Elderlord, stepped on when Andurin was first formed. And in truth, there is no more hellish place to live on this world than here....except perhaps The Dead Lands.
(2) DM: Trudging along, and breathing with difficulty, Ada catches her breath and turns to Kha.
(18) Kha: "Interesting, why did the works point to the tower?"
(9) Git: :blinks before speaking flawlessly: "Well, what a rich conversation piece this place is. You must be very proud."
(2) Ada: We are a poor fishing community, and we have no hope...until ye came here. Please, please, for the sake of the Loregiver, please see us through this dark time.
(9) Git: :after ada's referal to them as their only hope: "And now you've lost me..."
(18) Kha: "I'll do what I can, though I sapose I need to know why you have no hope and what it is you need done first"
(20) Sarrim (whispering): Could I do a lore check and see what the bowl of death has for local geography?
(2) Ada: That, is our lighthouse. Come, you must meet the Keeper. There is a spirit that haunts the tower and is the cause for the malaise that has set in our village. With no ships to pass through the straits that lie off in the distance, there is little left for us to live on.
whispering to Sarrim, ok
(9) Git: "Wonderful, more spirits...."
(20) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+7] -> [11,7] = (18)
(10) Agatha: "Seems to be our trademark."
(8) Jaimes: "A spirit? And we are to deal with it?"
** (18) Kha turns to the others "More undead, Git you have that Broach that the Magister said was protection against undead?" **
(18) Kha: "And the ring as well?"
whispering to Sarrim, Refers to the fact that for most of the year, it's night time here on the island. You're technically near Andurin's south polar region.
(9) Git: :to aggy: "Hmph, perhaps we should start painting our faces pale and running around in gauzy haunting cloaks"
(9) Git: :to Kha: "I think Sam has them"
(8) Jaimes: ((Bah!! Gotta restart OpenRPG, be back in a moment))
(8) Jaimes: Disconnecting from server...
(8) Jaimes (exit): 01:12
(22) Jaimes (enter): 01:12
(18) Kha: "Might as well get them out who ever has them, they might prove usefull"
(20) Sarrim: "I might. We're near the edge of the world, by the way...If you could call it that."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (22) Jaimes...
** (10) Agatha smiles grimly. "At least we'd fit in with the company we run into." **
** (20) Sarrim digs through his bags in search of these items (I honestly have no clue if I have em, =) ) **
(18) Kha (whispering): Do I have any clerical powers yet, since he said I have a normal spell stuff, or was he just refering to my channeling powers?
** (2) Ada leads you into a semi-subterranean burrow and motions you inside. **
(9) Git: (technically no one does)
(2) Ada: It gets inhumanly cold here at night, with winds as sharp as a jagged cliff sometimes. Ye wouldn't want to be out here, in this weather.
(18) Kha: ((They are just party loot noone claimed them to wear yet, thought I would just bring them up if anyone wanted them now))
(9) Git: "Kha, you should take the stronger broach, since you're the one who has to survive, and I suggests Gilman take the other... priest and all.."
whispering to Kha, no clerical powers yet
(2) DM: A set of rough stairs cuts into the rocky earth and leads into a narrow, semi-subterranean passage roofed with turf. The passage, about 5' wide and 6' high, is cold and dark. Ada retrieves a small stone bowl from an alcove cut into the wall. She strikes a flint, and soon, a pale, flickering light dances from the bowl. Gazing inside it, you see a wavering yellow flame burning from the tail of a small dried fish.
(20) Sarrim: "Sounds good."
** (18) Kha nods "Ok good idea" **
** (9) Git casually follows Ada into the burrow **
(2) DM: (food, brb)
** (22) Jaimes takes a moment to stand and look at the place, seeming to look somewhere else for the moment. **
(22) Jaimes (whispering): Embracing the source.
** (18) Kha ducks while in the cave, and gives the burning dead fish a strange look **
(20) Sarrim: "Ada...If it pleases you, would you go into detail about how you and your town came to such unfortunate times?"
** (18) Kha glances over at Jaimes to see what he is doing **
** (10) Agatha wrinkles her nose at the fish and follows the group in. **
(7) Gilman: "All right then." Follows
** (20) Sarrim walks alongside the guide. **
(18) Kha (whispering): Weave sight to see what power Jaimes used [1d20+6] -> [17,6] = (23)
** (22) Jaimes smiles grimly to Kha. "Just preparing, my friend. Just preparing." **
** (18) Kha nods good idea **
** (18) Kha pulls out his dagger and focuses on it for a moment **
** (20) Sarrim gives an inquiring glance toward Jaimes and Kha, and then turns back to Ada. **
(18) Kha (whispering): I used Wand of Fire on my dagger and tied it off, effect will last 12 hours
whispering to Kha, none at the moment
(2) DM: From the passage, you step into a comfortable looking common room filled with stone benches and sheepskin covered tables. A huge fire burns in the stone fireplace, filling the room with a welcome heat. Ten people are gathered around one of the large tables, listening to an eleventh person tell a story. The storyteller is an old man, completely bald, wearing hide clothes decorated with shells, beads and ivory. He ceases speaking as you enter, and all eyes turn to you. Ada glares back, and the people resume their activity. She takes you to an empty table in the far corner.
(22) Jaimes (whispering): Going to try and use Weavesight to see if I can recognize the weave Kha is using.
(2) Ada: Don't mind them (gesturing to the group). They aren't used to outsiders such as yourselves.
** (9) Git follows quietly with Ada as he listens in on the story **
(22) Jaimes: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(22) Jaimes: ((oops, sorry, didn't mean for that))
** (18) Kha follows Ada listening but looking at the man who stoped talking when they entered **
(20) Sarrim: "Understandable. So, so, as I was asking before. How did this unfortunate turn of events befall this island?"
** (22) Jaimes follows along, quiet and a bit detached-looking. **
(23) CondorDM (enter): 01:28
(23) CondorDM (exit): 01:28
(2) Ada: I'm the Matron of Gunhorm. It was I who summoned your aid. That man (pointing to the storyteller) is Hraemar, the Keeper of Light. It is his lighthouse that is haunted. We need ye to get rid of the spirit. (leaning close to Kha, she whispers) It is a creature of immense cunning. It slew my apprentice when she tried to ensorcel a ward that would prevent it from leaving the tower. It hid in the shadows and leapt out when she least expected it, embracing her in its claws and folds of its skin. I only learned about it when she managed to crawl back here, a broken shell of herself.
(2) Ada: The townsfolk know nothing about this creature, only that it is a malicious spirit of great evil. I am almost at my wits end, were it not for you and your friends.
(22) Jaimes (whispering): May I make the check?
(7) Gilman (whispering): Knowledge: Religion if I know any kind of undead creatures like that?
whispering to Jaimes, sure
(22) Jaimes: Skill: Weavesight [1d20+5] -> [6,5] = (11)
whispering to Jaimes, nope
whispering to Gilman, ok
(22) Jaimes (whispering): Oh well :P
** (20) Sarrim leans back, lost in thought. **
** (9) Git cocks his head considering, "Do ghosts usually have claws and engulfing folds of skin?" **
(7) Gilman (whispering): Knowledge: Religion [1d20+5] -> [8,5] = (13)
(2) Ada: It's not a ghost. Did I say it was?
(18) Kha: "Might not be a ghost, she said Spirit"
(20) Sarrim (whispering): I'd like, if possible, to do a lore check to try and guess at a monster that would fit the description posed by Ada. Check: [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27)
(22) Jaimes: "A spirit. A real thing, not just a shadow of realism."
whispering to Sarrim, sounds like a ghoul or a ghast
(9) Git: "Whatever... forgive me madam, but it's not my field of expertise"
(20) Sarrim (whispering): From that roll...Could I possibly know what results in the creation of a ghast/ghoul? =)
(18) Kha: "I wish to speak to the keeper of the light since it is his building the Spirit is ocupying"
whispering to Sarrim, someone who died with great hatred or who was immensely evil but not sufficiently evil to become a wight or a wraith
whispering to Sarrim, such creatures usually haunt tombs or graves.
** (2) Ada nods sagely. **
(20) Sarrim: "It sounds like a ghoul...Perhaps its larger cousin, a ghast. Was there...Anyone who died near or at the lighthouse, that would have a reason to hate the Hraemar, or the village, so greatly as to rise from his grave?"
(2) Ada: All of the townsfolk will fear you, for ye are strangers in this community. Do not worry. They have heard that ye speak with gods. That scares them, as does any sort of magick.
** (18) Kha ponders making a giant spear of fire appear for a split second then decides against it **
** (9) Git shrugs, "O **
(9) Git: "I'm afraid speaking with gods nor magicka are my expertise either"
(2) Ada: You will be staying in that room (pointing to a hide covering that separates the common area from it). We can give you food, and although it is hard fare, we have plenty of it. (pours some hot seaweed tea, a briny smelling concoction into a clay teacup). Keeper Hraemar will now tell you about the spirit.
** (9) Git listens in on the story of the lightkeeper **
** (20) Sarrim listens intently. **
** (18) Kha bows his head "Hello Keeper of the Light" **
(2) DM: The old man does not look up at you, instead shuffling forward, bent over his tea mug.
** (2) Hraemar mumbles a greeting. **
** (22) Jaimes leans against a wall, and watches, his far-away look going away. **
** (2) Hraemar sits at the table, and takes out a small flask, uncorks it and pours a little clear liquid into the mug, then reseals it and drops it into his pocket. Hands shaking, he pours some tea into the mug and takes a sip. **
** (20) Sarrim nods politely. "Greetings, good keeper." **
(18) Kha: "So tell us about the thing that is infesting your lighthouse. I would like to know when it came, and why you think it came"
** (18) Kha tries to sound calming and friendly **
** (9) Git sidles into the a seat across from the keeper, notsaying anything yet **
(2) Hraemar: It is darkness, that thing, and its after my soul. The Light save me, it is! The night....evil....I never saw it and yet I knew it was there. Watching me. Ever since...
** (22) Jaimes doesn't really try to, but he does look kind of imposing, standing there against the wall, armed and armored. **
(2) DM: A glazed look replaces the old man's stare.
(18) Kha: "Ever since?"
(2) Hraemar: Ah,,,
(2) Hraemar: Ever since...
(2) Hraemar: A fortnight ago, 'twas. I was heading up the stairs to light the beacon. (looking right at Kha) Halfway up, it started.
(2) Hraemar: Ripped off a floorboard. Back down, rats on my face. Ahhh!!!! (holds up his hands as if to ward you off)
(2) DM: People look up in alarm, but Ada glares back at them and they sit back down
(18) Kha: "Ok so why do you think it came, or why do you think it is after your soul?"
** (2) Hraemar continues. I screamed, turned and ran. It laughed. I was almost out when I heard the darkest, evil laughter. It jumped out from the WALL! And razed my shoulder. My shoulder could not move. I crashed through the door and tried to get away, but it didn't follow me out into the night. **
(2) Hraemar: I'm not sure....(sips his mug and glances up at Kha fearfully)
(2) Hraemar: Light help me, I fled.
(18) Kha: "If I was alone and caught by surprize I probably would have done the same thing"
(10) Agatha: "Wait, it was night, but it didn't follow you?"
(22) Jaimes: "Aye. It seems vile, this spirit. I'd have done no different."
(2) Hraemar: No, it didn't.
** (18) Kha gestures to his friends "I wouldnt be heading there alone, noone can blame you for running" **
** (22) Jaimes turns to Agatha. "You think mabe it is bound to the lighthouse?" **
(7) Gilman: "I am sorry to do this to you, but did you see it's eyes? Did they glow an evil red?"
(9) Git: "Perhaps it's bound to the lighthouse"
(18) Kha: "So did you ever get the beacon light, and do you have to light it every night?"
(2) Hraemar: (glances up at Gilman with a look of terror in his eyes)
(2) Hraemar: (fearful, abject terror)
(20) Sarrim: "I think that is a yes...Gilman, is there something significant in the eye color?"
(7) Gilman: "Please, be calm... it won't get you here..." (Calming tones... hopefully)
** (18) Kha looks over to Gilman and whispers "Trying to calm him not terify him. He will give clearer answers when he isnt terified" **
(10) Agatha: "I ain't sure. A spirit makes its home in a lighthouse, and stays out of the darkness of night...it downright seems queer to me."
(2) Hraemar: It had no eyes!
(7) Gilman: "I aplogozie for that good man... I know that this is difficult."
(20) Sarrim: "That's odd...Ghouls have eyes...At least...Last I remember. Good keeper, has there been any - odd - happenings over the past months?"
(22) Jaimes: "Well, if we go in after the thing, we'll need to know the layout of the lighthouse."
** (2) Hraemar violently seizes the hem of Sarrim's cloak. **
(2) Hraemar: It...had...no eyes!
** (2) Hraemar releases Sarrim's cloak, whimpering with fear. **
(18) Kha: "Its ok. It's ok" **Trying to calm him down**
(9) Git: "Yes, we're sorry to put you through all of this questioning, but we are here to help. And the clearer your answers the quicker we can clear the evil from your lighthouse." :clamly though confidently: "Please trust in us. We will protect you... and your village. So help us help you."
(9) Git: (diplomacy check to calm him)
(9) Git: Diplomacy Skill Check: [1d20+12] -> [1,12] = (13)
(9) Git: (BAH!!!)
(2) DM: (doesn't help much)
** (20) Sarrim looks deeply into the man's eyes. "Take heart. You have been through much, but we shall aid you as best we can." (+4 against fear? =) ) **
** (2) Hraemar glances at Ada, who smiles gently. **
** (2) Hraemar breathes deeply and looks into Kha's eyes. **
(18) Kha: "So did you ever get the beacon light, and do you have to light it every night?"
(2) Hraemar: Please, please help us. Please rid this thing.
(2) Hraemar: I have to light it every night.
(18) Kha: "Ok" **Turns to his friends** "Any other questions?"
(9) Git: "That night you failed to light it when he appeared and all nights since, huh?"
(2) Hraemar: A stranger passed this way a month ago, 'tis odd that you ask that. (to Sarrim)
(9) Git: :gives a snicker: "Nah... couldn't be that simple"
(20) Sarrim: "Can you remember anything of him? Any features? Did he have reason to hate anyone here?"
(2) Hraemar: He wanted to see the interior of the lighthouse. Claimed he wanted to get a good view of the harbor, so I let him in and let him take a look.
** (20) Sarrim nods. **
(18) Kha: to Git: "Thats why I asked if he had to light it every night, if he didnt I would think there might have been a conection"
(2) Hraemar: He was tall, about as tall as you. Pale skin, black hair, sharp features. Carried a black wavy blade. Fearsome warrior. Ada can tell ye more about the ship that docked here a month ago. Bought up our supply of firewine.
(2) Hraemar: He must have spent an hour here and then went away. I never saw him or the ship again. 'Twas a ship of black sails.
** (20) Sarrim looks at Git and Agatha in turn. **
(20) Sarrim: "A ship of black sails..."
(10) Agatha: "You think it might be those smugglers?"
(9) Git: :to Sam: "There are many such ships. Mostly pirates"
(20) Sarrim: "Possibly. More than likely. But...Do you remember what we found in that house? So many things. The lab, the creatures. What smugglers would have such things?"
(18) Kha (whispering): can I make an Int check to see if I learned of something this may be from the people who trained me as Algai`d`siswai
(9) Git: "Smugglers who served an emerald drake and set up home in necromancy loving dead pirate king"
whispering to Kha, ok
** (22) Jaimes observes, not really knowing much about the smugglers besides the little he was told back in Tolmara. **
(18) Kha (whispering): [1d20+2] -> [2,2] = (4)
(18) Kha (whispering): nope guess not :)
(20) Sarrim: "You're probably right...Anyway. You said the man had a blade, wavy blade?"
(9) Git: "-king's former abode"
(20) Sarrim: The second part is to Hraemar
(9) Git: " as in flamberge?"
(2) Hraemar: (glances up) Yes, he did.
(2) Hraemar: A dagger.
(20) Sarrim (whispering): If I might roll yet another lore check to determine the possibilities of what such a blade might entail....Check: [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)
** (18) Kha slowly holds up his Longtooth dagger, "Similar to this?" **
** Sorry, don't understand what a /me's is...
(2) DM: His eyes widen.
(2) Hraemar: Yes, indeed. (shivers with fear)
** (18) Kha puts it away **
(9) Git: "Well that's confirmation."
(18) Kha: "Well no time like the present to take care of this if noone else has questions"
(9) Git: "How long did he stay?"
(18) Kha: "Didnt he say he never saw the man or ship again after he showed him to the Lighthouse?"
(2) Ada: He stayed a few days. A bit curious. They bought up our entire supply of firewine, as Hraemar told ye, and paid in coins of silver and platinum. The fellow Hraemar mentions wanted to take a look at Giant's Table and poke around some.
(9) Git: "What's the giant's table?"
(2) Ada: I mentioned to him that the Table was guarded by a servant of the Light. He sneered and mentioned that his Shai'tan would keep him safe.
(2) Ada: Hraemar lives at the Lighthouse. So of course, he wouldn't.
(2) Ada: I didn't like him much to be honest with you.
(18) Kha: "Did you notice if he had eyes, since Hraemar said the thing that attacked him did not"
(2) Ada: The Table is a rock formation on the eastern coast of Teratha. It is a vast plateau that reminds one of a table set for a meal by giants, hence the name.
(2) Ada: There's a tomb there, or something like that. Guarded by a creature who serves the Light.
(2) Ada: Yes, of course. What a thing to ask. (puzzled)
(9) Git: "The spirit, how was it dressed?"
(20) Sarrim: "Shai'tan, leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, that name. I don't think I've ever heard of it before, however."
(18) Kha: "Wonder if its the Dark One that Jenna mentioned to me at out last meeting. I have heard of most of the gods but I have never heard of Shai`Tan or the Dark One, and the Magister said that the Dark one was not a good thing"
(22) Jaimes: "Aye, if he is named the Dark One, it must be for good reasons. And by what I hear from you, those that worship him are not of the kindest ilk."
(18) Kha: "Anything else this man was interested in around here?"
(2) Hraemar: (shuddering as he looks up from his tea) I didn't see much, it happened all so fast. Seemed black, leather armor. Breeches. Black silk cloak. Graceful. Claws though. Unarmed.
(20) Sarrim: "Do you think there might be something at this tomb, Kha?"
(18) Kha: "Worth a look"
(7) Gilman (whispering): Now that I have more information could I make a second check to see if I know what it could be?
(20) Sarrim: "Hmm...Yes...We should probably cleanse the lighthouse first though."
(2) Ada: Not to my knowledge. Before we came here, Teratha was inhabited by elves, although we have never determined what race or species. The island was deserted when this colony was first founded. To be honest with ye, I think the Empire has forgotten about us.
** (22) Jaimes nods. "I agree. These people need our help with that. We can investigate other things afterwards." **
whispering to Gilman, ok
(7) Gilman (whispering): Knowledge: Religion [1d20+5] -> [13,5] = (18)
whispering to Gilman, you've never heard anything like it
(18) Kha: "Not if they were the same person, maybe something happened to him the the Tomb that we need to fix to fix him"
(9) Git: :nods his head: "RIght, right.... which Empire is that again?"
(10) Agatha: ((Melcendia, I think))
** (2) Ada glances at Git oddly. "Mel'Cendia, of course," **
(9) Git: :blankly: "Mel'Cendia.... right"
(9) Git: "May I bother you for today's date?"
(18) Kha: "Oh since you just said that you remeinded me of something, how far away is Mel Nethra from here?"
(2) Ada: Certainly. It's the year six hundred and fifty-five according to the calendar of His Eminence, Praxis I.
(2) Ada: (glances at Kha) An ocean and half a land away, why? Are ye all right? The voyage must have addled your senses.
(10) Agatha: "To say the least."
(2) Ada: The third day of Tempests, although ye would not know it. Not the season for it.
(18) Kha: "Same Empire and I wish to go there some time. Not much of a voyage were in Tolmara then we were steping off a boat here"
(10) Agatha: "So what's the plan then? Do we head for the ghoul or for the tomb?"
(2) Ada: Must be a new city, as I have never heard of such a place.
** (18) Kha turns to Git "Why you asking the date?" **
(7) Gilman: "I think I know why he asked. We can talk about it later..."
(9) Git: :to kha: "Just curious"
(2) Ada: Ye can set out for the lighthouse in the morning. Or ye can go now if ye wish.
(22) Jaimes: "Aye...I think I know what he might be getting at. But I think the important thing is that we get rid of this thing."
(20) Sarrim: "The sooner the better, I think."
** (18) Kha shrugs "Any other questions before we head to the lighthouse?" **
(9) Git (whispering): just to clarify, isn't the present year 3030? or am I using the wrong calender and/or am completely wrong?
whispering to Git, heheh yup
(9) Git (whispering): gotcha
whispering to Git, the date of the current campaign is in fact 19 Harvesttide, 3030.
whispering to Git, not 3 Tempests, 655. heheh
** (20) Sarrim shakes his head. **
(18) Kha: "Well then lets go"
(9) Git (whispering): gotcha. I'll have to start keeping track of the days. Hey maybe we can celebrate Birthdays!
whispering to Git, yes, actually we can
whispering to Git, I've been. have to in both campaigns.
(9) Git: : to Kha: "Fine by me."
(20) Sarrim: "Alright then."
(7) Gilman: "Indeed." (Stands)
** (22) Jaimes pushes off from the wall and stands strait, uncrossing his arms. **
** (18) Kha picks up his pack and heads for the door **
(18) Kha: "Are you going to lead us Ada or are we ok to find out way there from here?"
(10) Agatha: "About time. No offense to the folks here, but I wouldn't want to spend any more meals here than I needed."
** (20) Sarrim gathers his things, and thanks Hraemar and Ada." **
(9) Git: :To Kha: "We'll just head to the tower on the horizon"
(2) Ada: I have my own duties here in the village. May the grace of the Loregiver speak to you in your time of need.
** (9) Git offers a bow to their hosts, "Hope to see you again soon." **
(18) Kha: "see you soon"
** (7) Gilman bows and follows after Kha **
** (22) Jaimes bows to them both, and follows the others out **
** (20) Sarrim follows them out. **
(9) Git: :as they leave, Inquires: "So.. who's studied up on their history like a good little servant of their lord?"
(2) DM: You arrive at the lighthouse after trudging through the rocky island for more than an hour. The island is in fact devoid of life apart from occasional tufts of seagrass, skygulls that sometimes swoop down for a rest, and villagefolk. Why anyone would live here is beyond reasoning.
(22) Jaimes: "Seems the Empire still has some kind of influence here."
(7) Gilman: "I make it what? 2,000 years in the past?"
(9) Git: "At this point the Empire has influence in a lot of places"
(20) Sarrim (whispering): I'd like to cast my senses around, and see if I can pick anything up
(9) Git: "2,375, I believe"
(22) Jaimes: "Somewhere around there."
(10) Agatha: "Bah. Enough of the history lesson. We're here to do a job."
(7) Gilman: "Quite right
(18) Kha: "Interesting."
(7) Gilman: "Where, or rather Whenever we are we still have a lighthouse to cleanse."
(22) Jaimes: "We're also here about two and a half millenia before we moost of us were born."
** (9) Git stares ahead to the lighthouse, scouting for a path to sneak up to scout **
** (18) Kha walks up to the door to see if it is still open **
(7) Gilman: "Up, the fellow said he found an open floorboard halfway up the lighthouse."
(7) Gilman: (( put a ? there))
(2) DM: (OC: The date, according to Ada is 3 Tempests 2655. Year 2000 in the Noldri calendar is Year 0 according to the Praxthian calendar.)
(9) Git: :or he could just follow them.....:
(22) Jaimes: "Someone have a lantern?"
(9) Git: (oh, thought you said 655)
** (22) Jaimes takes a moment to concentrate on something, and then moves ahead again. **
(7) Gilman: (( nevermind the time bit then woops))
(22) Jaimes (whispering): Embracing the Source.
** (20) Sarrim gazes about, concentrating on the horizen, following them idly. **
(20) Sarrim (whispering): Anything?
(2) DM: (OC: well to Ada, it is 655. But to most of you, it's 2655, or about 350 years before you were born)
whispering to Sarrim, evil you mean?
(7) Gilman: (( ah, not quite as much as we were thinking then...))
(18) Kha: ((Still interesting))
(7) Gilman: ((still neat though, I love time travel ))
(20) Sarrim (whispering): Aye
** (9) Git takes careful account of the tower, listening for stirrings and looking for windows he can get a look in to) **
whispering to Sarrim, yes, if evil. something in the lighthouse is so evil it makes your body ache.
(18) Kha: "I have not lantern sorry"
** (10) Agatha does a survey of the site looking for possible entrances, both hidden and visible. **
(2) DM: The only thing that you spot is a door that clatters against its frame. It's the door that Hraemar burst through as he fled the tower.
(7) Gilman: "I have the light of Solnor, if it is needed."
(22) Jaimes: "Mine is with my horse."
(2) DM: The tower has windows, none of which are open, as far as you can tell.
(2) DM: Frenzied tracks are in the dirt, as if someone or something was there, in an extreme hurry to get away.
** (20) Sarrim groans and leans against the nearest person for support. "It's in there...Something's in there..." **
(7) Gilman: "Sarrim... are you all right?"
** (22) Jaimes looks to Sarrim. **
(20) Sarrim: "Worse than...Worse than Melisana."
** (9) Git shoves sarrim off.... gently... to fall on someone else **
** (22) Jaimes supports him with one arm. **
** (18) Kha looks at Sarrim "Thats not good." **
(9) Git: "We figured that much.... can you tell how strong it is?"
(22) Jaimes: "Don't look with holy eyes, it will not help."
** (22) Jaimes steadies him until he can stand on his own. **
(20) Sarrim: "When I felt Melisana...My head felt like it was hit with a hammer...Here...My body feels like its falling apart."
(9) Git: :whispering: "That.... probably isn't a good sign"
(18) Kha: "Maybe we should check out Giants Table first then."
(10) Agatha: "Shite."
(7) Gilman: "Perhaps we need the help of someone or something more powerful than ourselves, Perhaps the guardian of Light at the tomb Ada told us about would help us..."
** (20) Sarrim nods, and shakes himself, drawing himself back to his height. **
** (22) Jaimes lets him go and looks at the others. **
(2) DM: (all right, stopping in 5 minutes)
(2) DM: (who can continue this middle of the week?)
(20) Sarrim: (Damn, that felt shorter than it had in awhile, hehe)
(7) Gilman: (( woah it's 3 am allready...))
(18) Kha: "Or we could try to use one of the card/gifts things. One said it would grant one of us great power and I would be judged on how that power was used."
(9) Git: (depends what day)
(20) Sarrim: (I would only be able to stay for 2-3 hours at most)
(22) Jaimes: ((Which day?))
(18) Kha: ((I can more or less any day))
(7) Gilman: (( I should be good after 5 PM most days... though mabey after 6 PM some, any idea of the day and I could make sure to be home by 5PM EST that is))
(10) Agatha: ((I'm busy up 'til Wednesday.))
(2) DM: (yes. scratch that, forgot my boyfriend was coming from SF this week)
(9) Git: "it also said it could be used to imbue someone we face with power, didn't it?"
(2) DM: (ok, stopping then)
(2) DM: yes it could =)
(18) Kha: "Yes..."

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