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(11) Agatha: "Le'ts just head up and get this done with

(154) DM: speak of the weird one heheh
(167) Morti (enter): 18:23
(164) Vrondard: hmmm that doesnt look good
(164) Vrondard: boot 166
(168) Agatha (enter): 18:23
(168) Agatha: (Hunh. Crowded here tonight.)
(166) Morti (exit): 18:24
(164) Vrondard: hey M n' A
(169) Git (enter): 18:24
(168) Agatha: S'up Dave.
(170) Git (enter): 18:25
(164) Vrondard: Dave is an obscure human name
(167) Morti (exit): 18:25
(164) Vrondard: I be Vrondard and i siggist yer dont fergit it
(164) Vrondard: : )
(171) Git (enter): 18:25
(169) Git (exit): 18:25
(168) Agatha: (...)
(172) Darunus (enter): 18:26
(168) Agatha: (...............)
(173) Git (enter): 18:26
(168) Agatha: (..Alright then.)
(163) Jake: Wow look at all the Gits
(170) Git (exit): 18:26
(168) Agatha: lol
(173) Git: I keep getting booted
(163) Jake: Now, Dave is Vron, who else do I know from the Saturday game?
(171) Git (exit): 18:27
(173) Git: Hoi, Morit on Saturday
(173) Git: Morti rather
(164) Vrondard: mr blinky
(154) DM: wow, a full house


(174) Darunus (enter): 18:27
(154) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(172) Darunus'...
(172) Darunus (exit): 18:28
(173) Git: Eldrak? Aren't you the new half-orc on the saturday game?
(154) DM: ok, let's begin
(162) Eldrak: yup
(154) DM: Eric, send me your char and change the name pls
(154) DM: We're not going to begin right away, until Jake finishes his PC
(173) Git: hai hai
(173) Git: so what are our new pc's?
** (164) Vrondard pokes the laggers with the speartip portion of the haft of his axe **
(154) DM: Normally, I prefer to cheat as little as possible, but with respect to tonight's game, I'm going to break that rule once again and have the two PCs appear during your trial.
(173) Git: Great.... what are they?
(154) DM: The alternative is to have them wait until after the trials are over and I don't know when that will be, if tonight or next session. So, I'll opt for convenience's sake.
(155) Kha: atleast one is a cleric can heal me from the exploding eyeball
(155) Kha: ((HP: 7 / 33))
(165) Spec 4 Cyrus Ro (exit): 18:34
(173) Git: hehe... sorry about that. last weak was really a time of bad decisions for me
(154) DM: For the rest of you, do we need a recap or are we all set?
(155) Kha: I am the one who decided to go stab the eyeball
** (164) Vrondard doesnt care... who is behind him as long as they dont stab him in the back **
** (155) Kha is sitting against the wall holding his sides and moaning **
(154) DM: All right, in the aftermath of Kha's attack on the "eyeball", you hear two groans in the rear of the room...can't be yours, and can't be the goblins who are dead...so they have to be other people....
** (173) Git is scratching his hand as he strolls into the room, contemplating studying some zoology **
(164) Vrondard: "hmmm you didnt kill em all"
(164) Vrondard: "lets have at em!"
** (164) Vrondard rumbles into the room lookin fer a fight **
** (155) Kha moans and relaxes a bit **
** (173) Git glances toward the other 'victims' **
(164) Vrondard: "where are yea Gobbies... yer death just showed up" (in goblin i believe)
(154) DM: Huddled, in the rear of the room, more like a couple of sacks of potatoes than dead goblins, are two figures bound from head to foot and gagged for good measure.
(154) DM: A human man and an elf.
(163) Jonas Gord: "Mmm Meh Mooah Mhhh."
(164) Vrondard: "bah... aint no fun left but these poor saps"
(173) Git: "Well.... wasn't expecting that...."
(164) Vrondard: "and whats worse... ones an elf ter boot"
** (155) Kha walks over to the group looking a little better **
(164) Vrondard: "dont ungag the pointy eared one! probably a caster of foul magic he is"
(155) Kha: "So who are these, should we finish what the blast didnt?"
** (164) Vrondard ungags the human **
(164) Vrondard: "whata yer mean being all helpless like?"
** (173) Git strolls over, , asking, "So tell me.... dinner? or degenerates?" **
(163) Jonas Gord: "Ah, thank ye' sir dwarf...."
(155) Kha: "Or are they other dungon perticipents that we were warned not to kill?"
(168) Agatha: "Not exactly magic loot are they?"
(164) Vrondard: "just ello sions probAbly"
(164) Vrondard: "they might 'ave some loot"
(173) Git: :to kha: "I don't believe we're actually sharing space with the other contestants. I believe we're all in different dimensions of the contest... so to speak."
(155) Kha: "I say we finish them off just in case they are part of the dungon then if they arnt we can meet them after we finish it"
** (164) Vrondard pokes the elf and the human to see if they squirm **
(163) Jonas Gord: "Uhmm....Wait a minute.... I happen to like being alive..."
(154) DM: (description of the room): Along each side of the room are four bunks, all appear to have been slept in recently. A small footlocker sits beside each bed, and there is a small window in the east wall. The floor of the room is uncarpeted. The remains of several goblins are scattered about the room, along with shreds of flesh from the remains of the "eyeball".
(173) Git: "The you should really start talking... my friends aren't very patient. Who are you two?"
(164) Vrondard: "hmmm these ones feel real emough"
(155) Kha: "You wouldnt realy die you would just be brought back to the Waiting room"
(163) Jonas Gord: "I am Jonas Gord (He does what seems to be a bow though tied up you can't really tell.) Cleric of Solnor..."
(173) Git: :to kha: "Not if they're part of the game world. Then they're good as dead"
(164) Vrondard: "and what of this one... you hanging with such?" nods to the bound and gagged elf
** (173) Git reaches over to ungag the elf, "Well?" **
(162) Saren: (In front of you is a star elf, about 5'11. He has pale skin, and a strange look on his face. His long hair goes down to his shoulders.)
(164) Vrondard: "ah now we be finished boy!"
(163) Jonas Gord: "I don't know... I think I was hit in the head it's a bit fuzzy before you showed up."
(164) Vrondard: "a hex-a-plenty yer heapin on us"
(155) Kha: "That guard we captured felt real enough as well, just ask Sarrim he got tossed around like a rag doll by him, and that exploding eyeball felt real enough as well, and if they are part of the game world they should die anyways, but I dont think a Cleric of Solnor would be in the employ of the theives guild"
(163) Jonas Gord: "Of course not! That would be completely against all our beliefs..." (sounds indignant at the suggestion even with armed men plottig his death...)
(173) Git: "And why were you near enough to a place such as this manse to be captured by goblins?"
(162) Saren: "What is going on here? I demand an explanation? Do you know who I am?!"
(164) Vrondard: "yeah yer an elf!" he says daring him to deny it
(162) Saren: (The elf laughs for no reason.)
(155) Kha: "Dont care who you are realy right now, we can figure that out latter we are kinda pressed for time, You willing to help us catch a wooden mouse?"
(162) Saren: "A mouse aye? Sounds fun. Could I have it? I promise I wont hurt it."
(164) Vrondard: "i gots the cheese... we aint needin no more help"
** (164) Vrondard proudly displays said hunk of smelly muenster-style cheese **
(163) Jonas Gord: "Er, I suppose. A thieves guild you say? And with goblins in their employ, I can't see why helping you would be a bad idea. Though I must say you could be more hospitable at first meetings..."
(168) Agatha: "Aye, but this might be part of the game.
(155) Kha: "They might know they way up"
** (173) Git gives a suppressed chuckle to Vronard's words. "Alright, alright" **
(162) Saren: (the strange elf starts to bite his nails constantly, his eyes darting back and fourth.)
(173) Git: "How about we let the priest up and the elf can come too... but lets keep him tied for now"
(155) Kha: "No hosbitability required right now we are not even sure if you are a real person, but if you will help us thats all well and good"
(164) Vrondard: "and keep an eye on im... and his hands... I think he's casting a spell on us right now" he says suspiciously
** (164) Vrondard gives Saren the pig-eye **
(155) Kha: "I doubt that Vrond I have seen my parents cast many spells and I dont think nail biting was ever part of it"
(173) Git: "His hands are tied. but if it makes you feel better, feel free to regag him... he seems a bit off"
** (168) Agatha looks hard at Jonas. "A place like this...it's wise not to trust anything." **
(164) Vrondard: "well I ain't heard o' no cleric of solnor doing bad things so I'm fine with the human runnin abouts"
(163) Jonas Gord: "Hmm, a good point."
** (173) Git leaves the hostages to the others and heads over to give a quick look through the footlockers **
** (155) Kha walks around the room and looks for any hidden doors or stairs **
(168) Agatha: "You look the part, but the costume is hardly rare."
(163) Jonas Gord: "I do not know how I may prove myself to ye, except by my deeds."
(154) DM: The footlockers are filled with the detrius of goblin life -- and a few silver harpstars to boot.
** (162) Saren eyes around his surroundings curiously **
(154) DM: (about 12 hp total)
(154) DM: (none that you can find)
(164) Vrondard: ((bad abbreviation for hapstars))
(154) DM: ((hs then))
** (173) Git gives a weary snort as he picks out the harpstars and returns to the group, "we going or leaving em? choose quick" **
(168) Agatha: "Well then, if ye truly be a cleric, you should be able ta patch up young Kha here."
(155) Kha: "I dont see any secret doors or stairs here either, maybe we have to go back and though the frond door to reach them?"
(164) Vrondard: "ha leave it to a woman to have the sense of the group"
(164) Vrondard: "course I knows this by me own marm"
(163) Jonas Gord: "Indeed... untie me and I shall heal him with the power of Solnor."
(155) Kha: "I am doing much better but I could use the clerics attention still"
** (164) Vrondard slits the bindings on Jonas **
(164) Vrondard: "there yer be"
** (164) Vrondard cuts the elf loose but doesnt do his wrists **
(173) Git: "ok"
(155) Kha: "I healed most of my own wounds before I stood up"
** (173) Git heads over to the preiest, cutting his bonds and letting him stand, keeping a ready position behind him, dagger in hand **
(164) Vrondard: "well then the demonstration will have to wait... though he could heal himself
(155) Kha: "Oh and I can no longer protect our silence
(173) Git: "Do you're magic brother"
** (168) Agatha keeps a very close eye on Jonas, axe ready to attack. **
** (163) Jonas Gord stands up a bit shakey at first then steady, to a height of 6'2" **
(163) Jonas Gord: "Thank you, now who is in need of healing?"
whispering to Jonas Gord, what domains did you take... you get 3 which is very cool
(164) Vrondard: "aint me... hard to hurt I am and even harder to kill"
(164) Vrondard: ((getting the lonely feeling.. sound off iff you would))
(164) Vrondard: ((here))
** (162) Saren stares at Vrondard blankly, still trying to get used to the sudden change off enviorment **
(162) Saren: *of
(168) Agatha: "Huh? Why the hell not, lad?"
** (155) Kha looks down on Jonas, "Carefull with your prays cleric, I have been trained as a priest as well though I quite my training right before my corination" **
(173) Git: (jonas get booted now?)
(164) Vrondard: ((not sure - we might have a big lag for some.. hoping they will catch up if we stay silent))
(155) Kha: Disconnecting from server...
(155) Kha (exit): 19:06
(163) Jonas Gord: "You never did say who was the person in need." (keeping his hands to his sides and taking a glance at Agatha)

(11) Agatha: "Le'ts just head up and get this done with."
(18) Vrondard: ((comp craqsh - all me))
** (5) Kha tries to silently move up the stairs to make sure noone is comeing down **
** (11) Agatha folllows **
** (18) Vrondard goes along with the crowd **
(8) DM: As Git moves down the length of the room, you hear chanting, coming from somewhere in the room.
(9) Git: (follow who aggy?)
(19) Gester (enter): 21:35
(9) Git: (listen check to pinpoint?)
(10) Jonas Gord: "Ack, a spellcaster..." (heads into the room behind Git trying to pinpoint the location of the chanting)
(5) Kha: ((Me prob))
(18) Vrondard: (vron will be travelling with Git as general)
(8) DM: (initiative)
(10) Jonas Gord: "Somewhere in the east..." (Whispers to Git)
(10) Jonas Gord: Initative: [1d20] -> [2] = (2)
(8) DM: This enormous room is a ballroom or a banquet hall. The floor is highly polished, and a wide staircase ascends to the second floor of the NW corner of the room. A few ingeniously folded chairs and tables, the room's only furnishings, lie on the floor under a large, dark window in the E wall. (for Vrondard) Chanting on the E side of the room.
(10) Jonas Gord: (( uh oh))
(11) Agatha: (I'm headed upstairs with you and Kha
(11) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
(18) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [16,3] = (19)
(9) Git: [1d20+3] -> [18,3] = (21)
(8) DM: (hold on. who is in the ballroom? Ag is on the stairs.)
(8) DM: (So Ag, Git and Vron are on the stairs. Jonas is at the entrance? and where's kha?)
(10) Jonas Gord: (( ok so Vron, Git and I are in the ballroom, Ag and Kha are on the stairs))
(9) Git (whispering): (GW): GW: Well, I'm rolling some sweet init tonight anyway
(8) DM: (ok...proceed)
(5) Kha: INIT: [1d20+4] -> [1,4] = (5)
(5) Kha: ((I am on the stairs))
(9) Git: (well how far did I get before the chanting started?)
(8) DM: (vron? init?)
(8) DM: (midway)
** (18) Vrondard sees Git going and starts to follow **
(5) Kha: ((I am on the stairs))
(8) DM: (21, git)
(9) Git: (no I was heading to the western door, Kha started upo the stairs, did vron even enter?)
(11) Agatha: "I've got a bad feeling about this."
(18) Vrondard: ((i was bonked so I'm with you as stated per usual self))
(8) DM: (pls load your minis and resize them)
(8) DM: (place them in approx positions aroiund the room)
(8) DM: (don't forget to rename them per your initial cap)
** (9) Git rushes for the chanting, pulling a spare dagger to throw in the direction of the voice if he can pinpoint it **
(8) DM: (19, Vron)
(18) Vrondard: follows Git
(9) Git: (listen check if I can to detect location for better chance to hit)
(9) Git: Dagger(thrown) Attack Roll: [1d20+5] -> [13,5] = (18)===> DMG: [1d4+0] -> [1,0] = (1)
(9) Git: ((50%miss chance for invisible foe, right? other penalties?)
(8) DM: On 19, suddenly a woman in dark robes appears levitating in mid-air, extends her fingers at Git and hurls forth a spear of black light that smells faintly of charcoal and burnt paper...
(8) TaliesinNYC (whispering): Reflex
(18) Vrondard: "holy buggers"
(5) Kha (whispering): (GW): Git, Ag where your minies?
whispering to TaliesinNYC, Reflex vs. Magic Spells/Spell-like: Save [1d20+3+0+2] -> [16,3,0,2] = (21)
(8) Gwyfen: By the seven stars, I shall have thy head!
** (18) Vrondard tries to dodge the black lance of death that comes down the stairs **
(8) Gwyfen: Think ye could come here so easily, Master Serias? Think again!
(10) Jonas Gord: Reflex save: [1d20+1] -> [4,1] = (5)
(8) TaliesinNYC (whispering): reflex save Vron
whispering to TaliesinNYC, 21...
(9) Git: (Stink bomb away!!)
(9) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+6] -> [13,6] = (19)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, hmm maybe il lagging again
whispering to TaliesinNYC, im
(9) Git (whispering): (GW): GW: Mine's in the SE room, and Ag is reight net to yours
(8) TaliesinNYC: (right, take 9 damage. ignore that)
(9) Git: "You talking to me or the dwarf?"
(18) Vrondard: "I don't knows her"
(8) DM: (Vron, I need a Reflex save from you. Git takes 9, Jonas takes 17)
(18) Vrondard: (i whispered a 21 to you)
(10) Jonas Gord: ((ouch))
(9) Git: "Guess that answers that..."
(18) Vrondard: ((ugg think im laggin))
(8) DM: (skipping Vron until David responds. 15, Agatha)
(8) DM: (Vron, take 9)
** (18) Vrondard will get up and smack her **
(10) Jonas Gord (whispering): yah need a reflex save
(8) TaliesinNYC (whispering): need an action from ypu
(10) Jonas Gord (whispering): heh nevermind
(18) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack:
Vrondard attacks with his Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+3+3+1+1] -> [19,3,3,1,1] = (27) Critical on Natural 20
(18) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+3] -> [10,3] = (13) damage
(18) Vrondard: (getting behind her - she gets an aoo if she has a dagger out... not likely)
(9) Git: (gotcha)
(8) TaliesinNYC (whispering): what are you doing?
(18) Vrondard: ((ok i dont know where Gits mini is but put me near him))
** (9) Git cringes and bites back a cry of pain as the magick assault wracks his body **
(18) Vrondard: (dodge on her done - im lag city)
(8) DM: (Git, roll damage. Vron, pls tell me what you're doing. Agatha, tell me what you're doing)
** (11) Agatha curses under her breath. **
(11) Agatha: (whispering) "Kha cover me."
(18) Vrondard: ..
** (11) Agatha rushes the cloaked woman without her trademark scream. **
(11) Agatha: [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27)
(11) Agatha: [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(11) Agatha: (so much for a crit.)
(8) DM: As Gwyfen's spell leaves her fingers, the air crackles around her with the scent of burnt flesh, at the same time as Git embeds his dagger in her arm causing her to cry out with a shriek of pain.
(11) Agatha: [1d12+6] -> [11,6] = (17)
(11) Agatha: (but that'll do.)
(8) TaliesinNYC (whispering): you saved at a 21. did you hit AC 21?
(11) Agatha: "Y'know, you folks really need to learn some manners."
(9) Git: :gritting his teeth, he tries to offer sweetly, "Gwyfen, Love, can we try taling this out? I'm really in no mood to hit a pretty face"
(11) Agatha: "You treat all your old friends like this?"
(8) DM: (hit and critically wounded)
(9) Git: [1d4] -> [2] = (2)
(9) Git: (I said, dmg was included in my original roll, however, here's the reroll)
** (5) Kha whispers to Agatha "I am gona stay here and make sure noone joins us from upstairs" **
(8) Gwyfen: Master Motrok gave us the night off but he told us that a guest would come by, trying for the figurine. Who knew that it would be thee, traitor!!!
(11) Agatha: (Uh oh. I fear the evil lag spirits have returned. Can I get a roll call?)
(10) Jonas Gord: "Great friends you have there Git..."
(10) Jonas Gord: (( I think yah just sliced her in half...))
(8) DM: Suddenly Vrondard rushes up to her, battle axe waving, and neatly splits the rogue mage in twain.
(10) Jonas Gord: "Er... remind me no to get either of you upset." (He says to Agatha and Vron as he comes round the corner to the bottom of the stairs)
(9) Git: well to be fair about an hour and a half to 2 hours of that was used switching servers
(23) Jonas Gord (enter): 22:13
(22) Vrondard: (here)
(23) Jonas Gord: (( I feel like a poorly thrown yo-yo))
(9) Git: then there's all that lag and whatnot to consider
(8) DM: its usually not this bad. I have a feeling Friday nights are bad on Open for some reason
(11) Agatha: (I've haven't had this much trouble since I tried running the multiplayer Halo demo on my system. Time stamp 12:14 central)
(23) Jonas Gord: (( lots of groups run friday night games I would imagine, lots of stress on the servers and things at elast that's my guess))
(8) DM: Anyway, back to the game. The stairs continue upwards. There is a closed door to the north.
(22) Vrondard: ((well running a memory eater like fog if never wihtout probs))
** (22) Vrondard is happy a mage is dead by his axe **
(22) Vrondard: "hee hee heee"
(23) Jonas Gord: (( I was going to heal myself with my domain Cure moderate and Git with my domain cure light))
(22) Vrondard: "spells aint no match fer axes.. righ Aggie?"
(8) DM: ((ok))
(23) Jonas Gord: Healing for Jonas: [2d8+4] -> [1,5,4] = (10) Healing for Git [1d8+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
(22) Vrondard: (think i took 9hps damage)
(22) Vrondard: .
(9) Git: :to vronard: "Good to see you so happy vronard, just try not to be so quick on the kill in real life"
(5) Kha (enter): 22:17
(23) Jonas Gord: "There yah are Git, be more careful. Vron you are a dwarf and no doubt sturdy so If you think you can go on I would like to save my other healing magics for emergencies."
** (9) Git gives a relieved sigh as the healers powers work on him, "Oooo... that's nice" **
** (11) Agatha smiles. "The problem is that wizards never think to watch their back. " **
(22) Vrondard: "ha with mages... it aint quick enough"
(9) Git: "Thanks Jonas. I'm finally pleased we untied you." :then heads up the stairs after the others:
whispering to TaliesinNYC, did i take 9 hps damge?
(23) Jonas Gord: "So what have we up here..."
(8) TaliesinNYC (whispering): yes
whispering to TaliesinNYC, 1/2 damage... figure i did
(22) Vrondard: "lets find out"
** (5) Kha moves along as quietly as posible **
** (22) Vrondard continues as urged **
(8) DM: Stairs continue upwards, but a door stands closed to the north.
(22) Vrondard: "we go all the way up?"
** (5) Kha whispers "Lets move to the mouse floor" **
(23) Jonas Gord: "Hmm, Should we continue up or check this level. I would imagine this is where most of the thieves are, we could hear them partying from below."
(8) DM: The sounds of revelry are stronger, although still a bit distant.
** (9) Git continues upward (move silent) **
(24) Gester (enter): 22:20
(22) Vrondard: "ogres... they said there were ogres somewhere"
(22) Vrondard: "gots to be them partyin"
(8) DM: (Well Git is continuing upwards...so do you follow him?
(22) Vrondard: "I say we bum rush em"
** (22) Vrondard follows Git **
** (5) Kha follows Git up moving silently **
(23) Jonas Gord: "After git I say..."
(11) Agatha: "Hmph. It's been a cold reception so far. Let's head up."
** (23) Jonas Gord goes last with his clunky breastplate armor **
(25) Darunus (enter): 22:22
(9) Git: :whispers back to Vronard: "Shh... Be quiet and wait here a moment, me and kha will scout"
** (11) Agatha follows the group. **
(11) Agatha: (scratch that last one. I'll stick with Vron)
** (22) Vrondard stops moving... the best thing he can do to stay quiet **
** (22) Vrondard gives Agatha the happy killer look she deserves... clearly admiring her axe werk today **
(25) Darunus (exit): 22:25
** (23) Jonas Gord stays at the bottom of the stairs watching the northward door wearily **
(8) TaliesinNYC (exit): 22:25
** (5) Kha sticks with Git and in the shadows and moving as quietly as posible **
 (11) Agatha: "What are you looking at?"
(23) Jonas Gord: "Just making sure nobody sneaks behind us..."
(22) Vrondard: "yer bloody axe...."
(23) Jonas Gord: (smiles) "They are thieves after all."
(11) Agatha: (was speaking to Vrondard)
(22) Vrondard: "its enjoying itself today and that makes me happy"
(23) Jonas Gord: (( lol woops ignore that then))
(11) Agatha: "Hm? Oh."
(28) Darunus (enter): 22:28
** (11) Agatha takes out a dirty cloth and wipes off the blood. **
(26) Darunus (exit): 22:28
(27) DM: (In the future, I'm not using fog. what I will be doing is updating my maps using my mapping software. a bit more time consuming but it'll be less memory intensive )
(27) DM: In any event, you emerge onto the roof.
(9) Git: (nothing could be more time consuming than all this)
(11) Agatha: "I swear, you dwarfs are the oddest sort. I thought you were eying me for moment."
** (5) Kha looks around the roof to see where the mouse might be hidden **
** (9) Git stays low(hide) as he takes in the layout of the roof, searching for the archers and the room of the mouse **
(22) Vrondard: "bah if yer grow a beard maybe I would"
(22) Vrondard: "yer would make a find dwarflady"
(23) Jonas Gord: (tries his best to not pay attention to the somewhat disturbing conversation)
(22) Vrondard: "ifn yer husband could survive ya"
(9) Git: ( :cringes at the display of dwarven sweet talking: )
(5) Kha: ((Tries to ignore the disturbing Disco map))

(2349) Git: (just a suggestion: from now on everyone should play with easy access to their e-mail prepared)
(2353) Kha (whispering): (GW): what did I miss before the server mess other then me saying that we might have to go around to the main door to get to the stairs?
(2335) DM: You had just cut Saren and Jonas loose.
(2347) Agatha: (or the message board in a minimized window)
(2341) Vrondard: ((I have the log up to us yapping after we cut em loose))
(2349) Git: (Saren is still partially bound though, I believe)
(2335) DM: ((their character names may change down the road, their PCs aren't set in stone, fyi))
(2341) Vrondard: ((yes on Sarrim))
(2335) DM: ((right))
(2341) Vrondard: (saren)
(2341) Vrondard: ((DnD foul... two names that sound the same!))
(2335) DM: ((hah))
(2343) Saren: (heh)
(2353) Kha: ((LOL))
(2335) DM: (so anyway, moving along...)
(2341) Vrondard: ((kha is your Aim on?))
(2353) Kha: "Git you didnt notice any other doors did you, before we have to go around to the front door?"
(2354) Darunus (enter): 19:46
(2353) Kha: ((Yup))
(2353) Kha: ((Err is now, it loged me out))
(2349) Git: "No, but there's gotta be one. I suggest we have the elf and Aggy start looking. the elven ability to sniff out hidden passaged wil come in very helpful I figure"
(2341) Vrondard: ((ok thats where we are - just using my mini as a marked dont need everyones up there))
(2353) Kha: "Lets head back to the kitchen"
(2347) Agatha: "You got it, Git"
(2341) Vrondard: (was there a door there we cant see on the map... and not a secret door)
(2356) Darunus (enter): 19:48
(2341) Vrondard: (see arrow for clarification)
(2335) DM: This room is lined with shelves containing cooking utensils, wooden plates and 12 pairs of silver knives and forks. At the far end of the room is a large wood-burning stove.
** (2347) Agatha picks up the elf by the scruff of the neck. "Come on lad. If ye wanna get outta here in one piece you gotta do your part." **
(2354) Darunus (exit): 19:49
(2335) DM: (no)
(2357) Darunus (enter): 19:49
(2341) Vrondard: "strange there be two parts of this house and no way to get to the other side"
(2335) DM: (wrong description, sorry): There are many tables placed about this undecorated room, four chairs at each table. Wall shelves hold many trays and pots along with wooden eating utensils. Atop the counter at the south end of the room is a tray with three different foods on it - a yellow cheese riddled with tiny holes, a half loaf of dark brown bread and an apple.
(2341) Vrondard: "least not any that I be seein"
(2356) Darunus (exit): 19:50
** (2347) Agatha starts searching for hidden switches or doors. **
** (2343) Saren hurries to his feet, sighing heavily and muttering under his breath. **
(2335) DM: A section of wall slides aside to reveal a hidden wooden, steel-bound door.
(2349) Git: (in which room?)
(2347) Agatha: "Well hallo hallo. That was easy."
(2341) Vrondard: "oh there we go... now I be seein it"
(2335) DM: (where V's mini is)
(2349) Git: "Nice work Aggy"
(2353) Kha: "MMM I missed that"
(2335) DM: ((even tho there isn't one on the map, there's one there.))
** (2349) Git moves forward to check the door for traps "my turn" **
(2350) Jonas Gord: "It's coming back to me now, I was sent here to do this trial in the name of the church of Solnor, unfortunatly I was attacked by those bloody goblins from behind and they tied me up before I had a chance to fight back." He says after a minute of thinking. "I suppose I shall join with you now as it is obvious I cannot do this on my own. We must retrieve the wooden mouse from the top of the manse I belive, and any magical items." (Finishes his reflecting) "Ah secret doors..."
(2335) DM: (one mini will suffice for now, pls)
** (2343) Saren looks at Jonar, a surprised look on his face. **
(2347) Agatha: (Oh. Okay. Sorry)
(2350) Jonas Gord: "I'd say something similar happend to this fellow here."
(2341) Vrondard: "that so elfie?"
(2335) DM: The door opens outward...
(2335) DM: ..and it's closed.
(2349) Git: :while searching the door, mutters back over his shoulder to Jonas: "Fascinating... fascinating..."
(2353) Kha (whispering): I have a group mini, its just a yellow circle with cross hairs if you want the link to it
whispering to Kha, im enjoying Vron being important...
(2343) Saren: "Hmm. I was sent for the trial myself, but I refuse to tell you who my authority is. These stupid green men found me, and the next thing I remember, You guys found me yourselves. Dont remember much before that though."
(2353) Kha: "Well Git hows the door?"
(2347) Agatha: "So you're the competition then. Well, isn't that lovely."
(2341) Vrondard: "well then... I'll grant yer freedom... but don't be castin no spells near me"
(2341) Vrondard: "oh... maybe not then"
(2341) Vrondard: "we're winnin this fer ourselves"
(2341) Vrondard: "that door goin to open itself Git?"
(2341) Vrondard: "or der yer be wantin me to be opnin it"
(2349) Git: (I guess I'll take that as I find no traps)
** (2349) Git opens the door should it be unlocked **
** (2353) Kha looks to the Vrond "I think your gona end up thumping him" **
(2343) Saren: "Yes. Is there a problem with my story little dwarf?"
(2341) Vrondard: "Aggie says yer not goin to be on our team"
(2341) Vrondard: "that yer playin fer the other side"
(2341) Vrondard: "aint no surprise pointy ears"
** (2341) Vrondard assists Git in opening the door (when he says coast is clear) **
(2335) DM: (open the door then?)
** (2341) Vrondard opens the door **
(2353) Kha: "So are your a Wizard or Sorcerer Saren, my father was a Wizard and my mother was a Sorcerer so I know a little bit about the Arcane arts, though I astranged myself from my parents due to their art
** (2341) Vrondard looks ill **
(2335) DM: The floor of this large round chamber slants gently upward toward the far end, then levels out to form a small stage. There are three rows of chairs, 10 in each row, facing the stage. The chairs are padded with cushions and are of fine polished wood, but are not worth very much money. In the center of the stage is a magnificent golden harp with shimmering silver strings and a soundboard shaped to resemble intertwining serpents, their eyes set with small rubies and emeralds.
(2347) Agatha: "Well that's mighty convenient, elf. If I cared enough, I might clock you and leave you where we found ya."
(2335) DM: There is a closed wooden door to your left.
(2341) Vrondard: "ah its a musicallie room"
** (2341) Vrondard enters... avoiding contact with the harp since they seem slightly fragile **
(2353) Kha (whispering): (GW): mm reminds me of Kha meeting Vrond
(2335) DM: At the far end of the chamber, another door srands closed.
** (2353) Kha chuckls to himself **
(2347) Agatha: "Quiet now. What do we have Git?"
(2353) Kha: "Well lets get though the door then if its open already"
** (2349) Git looks back to his colleagues to give one final warning before the door opens, "Everyone, keep in mind from here on we aren't silenced by Kha's spell, so against some of your natural impulses, try to remain quiet" **
(2335) DM: (stands*)
(2349) Git: "I'm working on it" (seems to be a very slow door)
(2353) Kha: ((DM Lock up?))
(2341) Vrondard: "hmmmm"
(2341) Vrondard: "alright... I wont be yellin then"
(2349) Git: (yes Regis, that's my final answer)
(2347) Agatha (whispering): Git are we there yet? Git are we there yet? Git are we there yet? Git are we there yet? Gitarewethereyet..
(2335) DM: Above you, faintly, you can hear the sounds of revelry. Laughter. Singing. But you're unsure.
(2353) Kha: ((Yes Git said he opened it since you didnt say it was locked))
** (2341) Vrondard proceeds forward when he can **
(2335) DM: A faint cool breeze sweeps through the room when Git opens the door.
(2353) Kha: "Saren so which are you Wizard or Sorcerer, or are you keeping that secert as well as who your authority is?"
(2341) Vrondard: "alrighty... this feels like outside.. or at least a window thats open"
** (2341) Vrondard looks around **
(2343) Saren: "Is that so? You really want to take your chances with a soceror? Something beyond your power perhaps?"
(2353) Kha: ((How large is the Harp?))
** (2347) Agatha looks at the harp from a distance. "Hmm...treasure or a trap?" **
(2349) Git: "Heh... whatta ya know an auditorium..."
(2343) Saren: "I can cooperate. I mean no harm."
(2341) Vrondard: "too darn big"
(2350) Jonas Gord: "Hmm." (looking into the room) "Well, why don't we continue and leave the questions for a more oportune time, I believe this is a timed trial."
(2341) Vrondard: "and it'll break... dont look too sturdy with them little strings"
** (2349) Git heads for the door to the left to search for traps **
(2343) Saren: "Well I dont need your Aggie to tell me that. I came here alone, and I shall finish this alone little dwarf."
(2343) Saren: (brb)
(2341) Vrondard: "hmmm not looking to be on me good side or Aggie's either"
(2341) Vrondard: "ha!" he laughs loudly besides his promise to be quiet
(2347) Agatha: "I say a lot of things, Mister Dwarf. Now keep yer yammers shut."
(2335) DM: ((note: 2nd door is not on the map, but is in the east curved portion of the room)
(2349) Git: "Mind the harp, could be magic, could be a trap."
(2350) Jonas Gord (whispering): I knew there was a good reason not to be an elf ranger :)
(2341) Vrondard: "could be nothing... it aint a mouse who cares"
whispering to Jonas Gord, yep
** (2341) Vrondard starts looking at the next door and room **
(2335) DM: The door leads outside. (You can see across where Agatha slew the two guards.)
(2335) DM: Git's working on the 2nd door (the one not shown on the map)
(2347) Agatha: (whispering) "What about the harp?"
(2349) Git: (BTW... the doors open and we're into the next room...)
** (2341) Vrondard waits impatiently for Git to finish his "minstrations" **
(2341) Vrondard: ((dm is having slowness may be busy trying to fix))
** (2350) Jonas Gord follows into the round chamber (Quietly) "Hmm interesting insturments" **
(2341) Vrondard: ((everyone take a 2 minute break if you want))
(2335) DM: ((nope))
(2341) Vrondard: ((scratch that))
(2335) DM: ((I just want you to be clear, there are two doors in the room. the one to the left of the kitchen led outside.))
(2341) Vrondard: "alright... I dont think we are going outside"
(2341) Vrondard: "so where too now?"
(2347) Agatha: (listen check to figure out what the heck is going on)
(2335) DM: At the far end of this large room is a huge fireplace with the red ashes of a dying fire glowing brightly in the hearth. Reflecting the light from the embers, a polished copper stand holds pokers and bellows. Behind this stand is a small pile of chopped wood and a tin bucket filled with kindling. On each end of the mantle is a candle holder. In the dimness above the mantle is a portrait of a man. A large gold-rimmed mirror hangs on the N wall, and in the center of the room are three plush velvet lounges surrounding a dark mahogany table. Besides the S wall is a small cart that holds crystal glasses and decanters containing various colored liquids.
(2347) Agatha: [1d20+9] -> [13,9] = (22)
(2350) Jonas Gord: "Ack, sounds like they be a partyin'." (quietly)
(2335) DM: Two doors: one on the E wall and one to your right, to the south.

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