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(2911) TaliesinNYC: (2237) Git: "What I wouldn't give to call in a force of holy exorcists to teleport in from other cities

(2911) TaliesinNYC: (2237) Git: "What I wouldn't give to call in a force of holy exorcists to teleport in from other cities. Wish I had a way to do that." :shurgs: "Ah well..guess we'll have to make due with what we have."
(2227) Telin: "So,
Temples and posibly locating Dame Gold or the test?"
(2225) Cormac: " I say
Temples "
(2231) Joroch: "I wouldn't mind a chance to loosen my sword arm up on some undead beasts first either."
** (2227) Telin looks to Git **
(2248) Agatha: "You know for all the undead we find, we never see that many holy soldiers. Wonder why that is?"
(2237) Git: "Hmm.. I wonder if there are any tunnel connections to that temple. Going through the front door is just asking for trouble. And it gives them time to brad the Dame, if they have her, as a hostage. Alternative entrance would be preferable, if we were to enter."
(2225) Cormac: " It is a hard calling Lass , but one I follow "
(2237) Git: "I wonder if the library has construction plans on the temples. If not, the Empty Hand may know a way in."
(2227) Telin: "They may be, I didnt feel like exploring too deeply alone. Not good practice when your target is potentialy the Nine."
(2231) Joroch: "Understandable enough. So, when should we visit?"

(2917) Lunauc: (True, I'm kind of surprised how people fall in line behind Git. ;p)
(2911) TaliesinNYC: (it's his sex appeal is why)
(2917) Lunauc: (Understood)
(2913) Rynn: (Probably the case for Rynn, actually...)
(2918) Zane: (( and it was either him or Aggy... :-P ))
(2921) Gatz: ((better a schemer than a tempermental border-line psychotic?))
(2905) Cormac: ((lol))
(2918) Zane: (( no comment. ))
(2917) Lunauc: (hmm... split party to recon? Two teams give a check of the "empty temples" and possibly one researcher checks the local archives?)
(2917) Lunauc: (or we all stay together; takes more time, but safer)
(2918) Zane: (( and makes the DM happier... ))
(2905) Cormac: ((true))
(2917) Lunauc: (That too. ^_^)
(2921) Agatha: ((We stick together. The guy on his own has a bad habit of getting in over his head and being mostly dead by the time we get there))
(2918) Zane: (( I thought that was Kha? ))
(2913) Rynn: (Kha? :P)
(2917) Lunauc: (to be fair, the guy on his own was usually Kha.)
(2905) Cormac: ((usually))
(2913) Rynn: (Can't stop laughing here...)
(2911) TaliesinNYC: (so what's to do?)
(2918) Zane: (( Ok, so tyhe whole group does a couple quick checks of the other empty temples, and then tries to find a way into the temple of undead? ))
(2921) Agatha: ((Hm. Good point. So..who wants to be the new Kha?
(2917) Lunauc: (ok, to save time, could the reasearcher(s) check the archives in the morning, possibly ooc,, before the group goes stalking in temples?)
(2905) Cormac: (( I will follow the group consensus))
(2917) Lunauc: (wouldn't Ajaiyah/Telin be the new Kha..?)
(2913) Rynn: (been around for about two sessions and spent most of them away from the party, although he/she usally alive)
(2918) Zane: (( beginner's luck... ))
(2911) TaliesinNYC: (we can assume you did that between sessions)
(2917) Lunauc: (alternatively, Git could also pull a gather information in the morning, looking for clergy still in the city, who may have dwelled in the temples, and may be familiar with any obscured entrances)
(2911) TaliesinNYC: (easily done via whisper. please come to a decision so we can get started.)
(2913) Rynn: (Rynn would have voted to sleep in and when that was shot down, follow Git around some more)
(2917) Lunauc: (could do both actually. So, quick OOC info/research check, then open the group around noonish planning the temple search?)
(2905) Cormac: ((sounds good to me))
(2918) Zane: (( let's do it ))
(2911) TaliesinNYC: ((k, sec))
(2917) Lunauc: (Roll gather info?)
whispering to Lunauc, yes
(2917) Lunauc: Gather Information Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [14,9] = (23)
whispering to Lunauc, see the node
(2913) Rynn: (will you accept an aid other?)
(2917) Lunauc: (sure, might get better info at 25)
(2913) Rynn: Gather Information: [1d20+10] => [18,10] = (28)
(2917) Lunauc: (ah, maybe you should have done the roll. ;D)
(2911) TaliesinNYC: (send Rob the node please)
** (2921) Agatha is practicing her swordplay as best she can in their room. **
(2921) Agatha: ((or are we ff'ing to the main event?))
(2917) Git: (figured we'd diiscuss quick what we know and what we're going to do. cool?)
** (2918) Joroch goes through a number of his fighting stances as well in another corner of the room, but leaves his sword sheathed due to the lack of room currently. **
** (2917) Git returns to the inn with Rynn, once more regaling her with tales of .. whatever he goes on about for hours... ".. so you see, if he really wanted to keep that ring, he would not have taken it off and hid it in his pocket. Obviously he didn't take his marriage seriously anyway." **
(2913) Rynn: "I see..." ::Rynn seems lost but pretends to listen anyway::
(2917) Git: :nods, as he heads up stairs: "Now, on the topic of lessons, it's time to eductate our comrades, care to get the others? We'll meet in my room."
(2905) Cormac: cormac follows
** (2905) Cormac follows **
** (2913) Rynn nods, "Right away." Rynn gathers the others, where ever they decided to spend their mornings. **
(2917) Git: "good, soldier." :offers with a smirk, as he heads to his room, and starts drawing a rough map.(one stop while they were out, to get pen ink and paper)
** (2918) Joroch meets up with the others, wiping a thin layer of sweat from his brow after his workout. "So, what did you find out?" **
** (2905) Cormac looks around the room and settles into wait **
** (2913) Rynn finds her way to the room and claims the edge of the bed as her seat. After sitting down and taking off her boots she rubs her feet, a little sore from all the walking that had been done in the past two days. **
** (2917) Git greets the others with his usual affable manner, "Well, thanks to a very friendly dejected priest, we have gotten some leads to aid in our intrusion." **
(2905) Cormac: "Aye some good info?"
(2917) Git: :nods: "A few helpful tidbits." :shows the map: Besiders the Main entrance, thereis an outer courtyard entrance, though that is still open. Better yet there are two hidden entrances, one through the stables, and one through an outhouse to a vegetable garden."
(2905) Cormac: "any clue as to which is the better way in?"
(2918) Joroch: "So through beast waste, or humanoid waste. Just great options you found Git." Joroch comments with a smirk.
(2917) Git: "Of course, we'll still have to get past some orcs on patrol. But I'm hoping our lovely invisibility machine can handle that for us." :winks to Rynn: "But, I'm thinking the stables, at the moment, since the others are more exposed."
(2905) Cormac: " Either way we would smell better than the undead "
(2917) Git: :to Joroch: "The other option is to storm in the front doors and hope we can fight our way all the way through."
(2917) Git: "Now, I definitely want to do this during the day, since the orcs may flood back in at night for a place to rest."
(2918) Joroch: "Although that would work for me, I agree that finding a less obvious way in will make it easier to get through."
(2905) Cormac: " Sounds good"
(2918) Joroch: "There is no time more 'during the day' than right about now."
(2921) Agatha: "If there's a commotion, they'll storm in any way."
(2905) Cormac: " If ye be wanting to do it during the day maybe we should best be doing it tomorrow morn that way the orcs will all be away"
(2921) Agatha: "..Damned if they'll know what the hell is going on though."
(2913) Rynn: "Then lets not make a commotion."
(2918) Joroch: "So we'll just have to quickly take out any that we do come across so that there can't be a commotion, agreed?"
(2917) Git: "Hmm.. about how many hours of daylight, ya think we got left?" (it's about 11 or noon now?)
(2905) Cormac: "well if we be doing this we best be about it "
** (2905) Cormac stands and looks about the room **
(2911) DM: (about that)
** (2917) Git nods, and stands. "Right.. WE'll aim first for the garen entrance, since it supposedly leads to administrative areas within. Though, if that is too heavily guarded, we'll hit the stable." **
(2905) Cormac: " Right "
** (2918) Joroch stands up as well. "Lead the way. **
(2913) Rynn: "But does that mean the same amount of guards spread over a smaller area?
(2913) Rynn: "If we use my spells for stealth time is an issue, it would be best to fly over the heads of many in a small area."
(2917) Git: "Guess we'll find out." :grabs his gear: "And, please, while we're sneaking in.. don't step on any twigs."
(2918) Joroch: (( lol ))
** (2917) Git heads out of the room **
** (2905) Cormac hefts his scyth and follows the others whistling a tune **
(2918) Joroch: "I guess we'll see just what we have when we get there," he mentions to Rynn as he follows Git.
** (2913) Rynn puts her boots back on and follows, pulling out a single silver piece to roll between her fingers as she walks. **
** (2921) Agatha watches Cormac walk ahead. "There's something downright disturbing about that." **
** (2905) Cormac turns and grins at Agatha **
(2917) Git: (ff to the temple?)
** (2905) Cormac then continues on whistling merrily **
** (2921) Agatha returns a half-hearted awkward smile. **
** (2905) Cormac as we leave the inn and head into the street stops whistling **
(2911) DM: (k)
(2911) DM: [1d6] => [2] = (2)
** (2917) Git leads the way to the temple, looking for a spot of nearby recon, someplace with a view of the outhouse and/or stable preferably, and where we can get a feel for the orc patrols. **
** (2905) Cormac kisses his holy symbol whispering a silent prayer to Arawn **
** (2918) Joroch frees his sword from its sheath an inch, making sure that it is loose and not stuck. He then lets the sword fall back into place and waits for the sign to move in. **
(2911) DM: The temple of Taarth looms in the distance, its exterior cracked and burned as if it took part in some great conflagration.
(2911) DM: The temple of Taarth looms in the distance, its exterior cracked and burned as if it took part in some great conflagration.
(2911) DM: There are signs that the grounds are inhabited, although not a soul or an orc is in sight....for now.
(2911) DM: The main gate is clearly visible, though the porticullis is down.
(2911) DM: A ramshackle door can be seen in one corner of the structure. It's closed.
(2911) DM: An abandoned stable is off to the western side of the building.
(2911) DM: The grounds appear deserted.
(2918) Joroch: "This is too easy, isn't it?"
(2917) Git: "On the outside, maybe."
(2905) Cormac: " Possibly lad "
** (2913) Rynn takes this moment not to talk. **
(2905) Cormac: "yer choice lad"
** (2917) Git gives a careful look around the grounds, as if looking for something that isn't there, before giving himself a nod, and turning away to head for a nearby alleyaway from street view. **
** (2918) Joroch wonders for a split second and then follows Git. **
** (2905) Cormac waits a moment watching the others then follows **
** (2921) Agatha pulls up the rear, just waiting for a trap to be sprung. **
** (2917) Git stops in the alley, taking a cozy lean against a wall, waiting for the others. **
** (2913) Rynn catches up swiftly. **
(2917) Git: :keeping his voice low, as he looks among the group. "Okay, best not to be seen entering. The places seems quiet and sealed from the outside, lets keep it seeming that way, if possible. Rynn.. Would you do the honors?"
(2913) Rynn: "Invisibility and flying?
(2917) Git: "Just the invisibility is fine."
(2911) DM: [1d6] => [5] = (5)
** (2913) Rynn nods and casts invisibility, touching each party member to extend the spell to them as well. **
(2917) Git: :once invisible: "Right.. everyone hold hands, try to stay together. We'll head for the outhouse at the northwest end."
** (2913) Rynn tries to grab onto a hand with each of her own. **
** (2918) Joroch stands rigidly as Rynn casts her spell. He then follows Git's direction and tries to grab on to the others. **
** (2917) Git takes a hand and starts to lead the way. **
** (2905) Cormac hopefully takes a hand and lets himself be led **
(2911) DM: (if you scroll up, you'll see where the two entrances are that Git mentions. the one up top is the outhouse, the one to the west is the stables. let me know where please.)
** (2917) Git tries to lead the group on a path skirting the wall, making for the outhouse. **
** (2918) Joroch follows those whose hands move first. **
** (2921) Agatha lets herself be led, however reluctant. "The outhouse? Really?" **
** (2917) Git gives Aggy a quiet hush on the way **
** (2905) Cormac following **
(2911) DM: If the place is abandoned, the odor emanating from the other side of the closed door doesn't seem to indicate that.
(2911) DM: Even though the door is closed, it's quite pungent.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [1] = (1)
** (2918) Joroch casts a glare towards Git, or where he thinks Git might be. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [2] = (2)
** (2905) Cormac breathing through my mouth to avoid the smell as much as I can **
whispering to Cormac, [1d100] => [78] = (78)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6] => [3,4,3] = (10)
** (2917) Git stops a ways away, whispering, "Hold on." He then sneaks toward the othouse to check if it is occupied. **
(2911) DM: Loud grunts can be heard from around the corner to your left.
(2917) Git: Move Silently Skill Check: [1d20+15] => [9,15] = (24)
** (2905) Cormac looks towards the sound **
** (2913) Rynn tries to slow her breathing as much as she can, partly to be silent, partly to not have to smell as much. **
** (2918) Joroch stands still, so as to not step on any twigs. **
(2911) DM: Around the corner (OOC: at the X) are a group of orcs, huddled around a fire. They appear to be cooking something.
** (2917) Git moves back to the group, minding the group of orcs, feeling around to make sure they're still where he left them, not quite resisting the fun of pinching a nose or two, before whispering, "Already, we're moving in, Rynn, can you cast an illusion of the closed door to cover when I open it?" **
** (2913) Rynn nods, but then realizes how pointless that was and simply says "Yes" before going ahead and casting. **
** (2917) Git leads the group to the outhouse, opening the door quietly as possible to check around inside for their prospective entrance. **
** (2905) Cormac as git opens the door turns to look at the orcs **
** (2918) Joroch follows, watching the ground to make sure he avoids all sticks and stones. **
** (2913) Rynn shifts in slowly after everyone else, careful not to break her concentration. **
(2917) Git: :whispers: "Keep an eye on those orcs, if one comes over, let him in. We'll just have to work around a dead orc."
(2911) DM: The door opens and out comes a blast of aroma.
(2918) Joroch: "Aye."
(2911) DM: The chamber within is quite small, and littered with junk. Another door is on the opposite wall, also closed.
** (2905) Cormac grips his Scythe loosely and watches the Orcs **
(2911) DM: A pit has been dug in one corner of this room. It's filthy.
** (2918) Joroch stops as Git pauses to open the door. He looks over at the orcs, preparing to look back at the ground when he feels the group moving again. **
** (2921) Agatha stifles a cry of disgust. **
** (2917) Git is glad to be invisible, so no one can see him cry, as the stench brings him to tears. heading inside, he ushers the others to follow, ready to shut the door behind them. **
** (2905) Cormac feels the group move and goes in **
(2918) Joroch: (( do we really think all of us will fit in there? ))
(2917) Git: (not sure, if not, guess the door stays open for now)
(2911) DM: (well, it's 15' x 15' so maybe...)
(2917) Git: (the other door lead outside or further in?)
(2918) Joroch: (( 15' by 15', minus the pit... ))
(2911) DM: (further in)
(2911) DM: (correct Z)
** (2913) Rynn stops focusing on the illusion, knowing Git will have time to close it before it fades and makes her way to the room. (That's eight squares left) **
** (2917) Git moves to the next door, listening and checking through cracks, if available, for movement beyond, before trying to open it. **
** (2918) Joroch follows the group with whereever he was in the party. **
** (2905) Cormac stands and waits by the door to the outside **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [16,14] = (30)
** (2913) Rynn speaks in a hushed tone, "Did everyone make it?" **
** (2917) Git opens the door. **
** (2918) Joroch nods, forgetting the invisibility, trying to hold his breath while in the outhouse. **
** (2905) Cormac waiting for movement from either door **
(2911) DM: There is a stone chamber beyond that leads into the depths of the temple. An iron gate stands closed across the way -- through it is an overgrown garden that doubles perhaps as some kind of cemetery.
(2911) DM: All is silent.
** (2905) Cormac peering into the opened area at tthe overgrown garden **
** (2917) Git looks over the deathly garden, musing in murmur, "Somehow this is creepier than the shithole." **
** (2921) Agatha lets out a sigh of relief and breathes in deep once they're out of the outhouse. **
** (2918) Joroch makes sure the both doors are closed as the group passes through the outhouse and into the garden. **
** (2917) Git cautiously begins across the yard to the iron gate. "Weapons ready, but don't do anyting rash." **
(2911) DM: (to be clear, there is a corridor that leads into the temple. the garden is through the gate.)
** (2905) Cormac moves to the corner and looks down the corridor **
(2918) Joroch: (( ok - then as the group moves into the cooridor, make sure the doors are closed behind us. :-) ))
(2911) DM: (not sure if you can see it on the map. there's a second door to the south -- that's the aforementioned gate.)
(2918) Joroch: (( yeah, just barely - but it's there. ))
** (2918) Joroch draws out his longsword and rolls his wrist with the blade in hand, loosening up for when it is needed. **
(2911) DM: The stone passage leads down quite a distance (90'). At one end is a door of some kind. You can't tell at this distance. Possibly other passages lead further in. The corridor could bend around, but again you're not sure from this distance.
(2917) Git: (the iron gate closed?)
(2905) Cormac: "Lead on Lad" Cormac whispers
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [1] = (1)
** (2913) Rynn follows, holding on to the hand in front of her. **
(2911) DM: (yes, I believe I said that)
** (2921) Agatha quietly pulls out her broadsword. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [3] = (3)
(2917) Git: (doh, meant to ask locked)
(2911) DM: (well are you checking it?)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [2,14] = (16)
(2917) Git: (heh.. good point ;p)
** (2917) Git checks the gate over. **
(2918) Joroch: "Garden or hall?" Joroch quietly asks, since the group is not holding hands as much as they had been, as many are drawing out their weapons.
(2913) Rynn: "Hall for now, to many directions to gaurd from in an open area."
(2913) Rynn: *guard
** (2918) Joroch starts down the hallway. **
(2917) Git: (brb)
** (2917) Git moves with Joroch down the hall **
** (2905) Cormac follows the others **
(2918) Joroch: (( aww, I thought it would have been funny if he had gotten left behind. :-P ))
(2905) Cormac: (( lol))
** (2918) Joroch keeps his eyes open for any enemies as he moves down the hallway, his left hand still behind him, holding onto someone as he now apparently leads the group. **
(2911) DM: A sickly honey-like scent wafts down the corridor from the south.
(2918) Joroch: (( just going to keep moving down, normal movement rate, until I reach the door or a turn. ))
(2911) DM: The passage intersects another after a few feet.
** (2921) Agatha hangs in back, wondering where the rest of the watch is. **
** (2918) Joroch inhales and smiles a bit at the scent - after all, anything honey-like, even overpowering, is better than the outhouse smell. **
(2913) Rynn: "Now which way..."
** (2918) Joroch looks down the intersecting hallway to see what's there. (See a door and a turn at the end, right?) **
(2911) DM: At the intersection, you can see that it turns to the left and heads down about 50' to a bend. At roughly 20' to the left there is a closed stone door. The passage you're in continues about 20' to a wooden door that's partially ajar. The corridor turns to the right.
(2917) Git: "Anyone know what that smell is?"
(2913) Rynn: "cooking most likely, fresh it would seem. That isn't the way to go."
(2918) Joroch: "Smells like honey." he mutters, moving on toward the partially ajar wooden door ahead of them, pulling whoever is behind him.
** (2917) Git keeps a dagger ready, as he moves to the southern door with Joroch **
(2905) Cormac: [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13)
(2911) DM: This room is almost bare except for the stairs on the opposite wall. Five feet from the door is a mound of filthy rags. Many flies buzz about the room, and the air has a sweet honey scent.
(2918) Joroch: "Two hallways, two doors, and stairs. Where to start?" he asks quietly.
(2917) Git: "Looks around the filthy, asking seriously, "Seriously.. honey..?"
(2911) DM: The corridor turns to your right and ends at a closed wooden door. (This other door lies to the west of 5B.)
(2905) Cormac: "Lead on your choice"
(2913) Rynn: "I have no idea..." :She turns to the sound of Git's voice, "If we're looking for people, the honey is the place. From the smell of everything else it might just be there to make it bearable."
(2918) Joroch: (( then make that three doors. ))
(2921) Agatha: "It must help with the smells. That or someone has one hell of a sweet tooth."
(2917) Git: "I don't think what we're looking for is stairs. Supposedly on the ground floor toward the rear of the temple there is supposed to be a door to an inner sanctum."
(2921) Agatha: "If we're lucky, it's someone brewin' mead."
(2918) Joroch: "Then let's try the nearest door."
** (2918) Joroch leaves the room with stairs (5B) and turns to the nearby closed wooden door. "Git?" he asks, letting the man take a look at the door. **
** (2917) Git follows with Joroch, giving the door a habitual once over. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [4,14] = (18)
** (2905) Cormac waits as the others do their thing **
** (2917) Git gets out his picks, while listening for anything on the otherside of the door. If he hears nothing, he starts picking the lock. **
(2918) Joroch: (( quick smoke, Git can lead again for mow. :-) ))
** (2917) Git stops, listening more intently. **
** (2921) Agatha adjusts her grip at Git's reaction. **
** (2917) Git gives a hushing gesture to the others, insinuating something beyond the door **
(2918) Joroch: (( a gesture, that no one can see... ))
(2917) Git: (oh, we still invisible?)
(2913) Rynn: ((Up to stash, it should last nine minutes))
(2918) Joroch: (( I assumed we are... ))
(2917) Git: :whispers to the others: "Sounds like a handful of guards.. talking about feeding.. something..."
** (2913) Rynn whispers back, "Lets avoid everyone we can while we still have the choice..." **
** (2918) Joroch turns and prepares to head toward the other hallway, waiting for those that were in the back to now lead. **
(2917) Git: :whispers: "Agreed. Just keep the noise down in passing."
** (2913) Rynn takes a hand again and lets the others lead her* **
** (2905) Cormac follows as before **
(2918) Joroch: (( guess that leaves Aggy to lead... ))
** (2921) Agatha leads the way down the other passage. **
** (2918) Joroch moves along, keeping his eyes and ears open for any other signs of habitation. **
(2911) DM: (should be running out shortly)
** (2917) Git listens for last bits of info, before folowing th einvisible train down the hall **
(2911) DM: The other passage is quite dusty, though there are signs of tracks here and there. As it rounds the bend, you see that there is yet another wooden door closed, and a flight of stairs that leads down into the depths.
** (2913) Rynn whispers, "I think this is it...right?" **
** (2905) Cormac whispers to the others " should we be heading down?" **
(2918) Joroch: (( so stone door, wooden door, and more stairs... So many options. ))
** (2921) Agatha quietly checks the door. **
(2911) DM: It looks like it's in really poor condition...
(2911) DM: It's also slightly ajar.
** (2921) Agatha kneels down and listens for guards before peeking through the gap. **
(2911) DM: The only sound you hear is that of your own breathing, though a chill wind blows from somewhere and quite out of place.
** (2913) Rynn shivers a bit. **
** (2905) Cormac holds scythe at the ready **
** (2918) Joroch squeezes Rynn's hand slightly, reminding her that she is in good company. **
** (2921) Agatha peeks through the gap keeping low before opening the door. **
(2911) DM: The door opens into a chamber that's filled with skeletons and rotting corpses. The very air takes on a chill quality and shadows flit about with malevolence.
(2921) Agatha: "Oh hell."
(2913) Rynn: (are they standing up or just the regular type?)
** (2921) Agatha raise her blade in defense! **
(2911) DM: A shadowy outline of a human lunges out of the darkness and attacks Agatha!
(2911) DM: (init)
** (2918) Joroch relesaes Rynn's hand and starts moving forward at Aggy's exclimation. **
(2918) Joroch: Initiative: [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
(2911) DM: (the corpses? they're not moving)
(2905) Cormac: Initiative: [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8)
(2917) Git: init: [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
(2921) Agatha: Init: [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26)
(2918) Joroch: (( wow, just wow... ))
(2911) DM: (anyone else?)
(2913) Rynn: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11)
(2911) DM: The spirit attempts to overwhelm Agatha. (AC 11 touch attack)
(2911) DM: (13, Jor)
(2941) Akazu (enter): 01:05
(2913) Rynn: (I got the 13)
(2911) DM: (Ag isn't, but the rest of you are if you haven't made an attack.)
(2911) DM: (13, Ryn)
(2941) Akazu: Disconnecting from server...
(2941) Akazu (exit): 01:06
** (2921) Agatha twists safely out of the way. **
(2913) Rynn: ::not quite sure of what happened and unable to see her allies, Rynn casts Bull's Strength on Joroch, who's hand was touching hers::
(2911) DM: (11, Jor)
** (2918) Joroch feels the power of Rynns spell course through him even as he moves forward. He moves up past Aggy and her attacker and spins, slicing at the creature as he does in an attempt to strike out at it. **
(2918) Joroch: Longsword attack w/ Bulls Str: [1d20+18+2] => [18,18,2] = (38)
(2918) Joroch: (( no crits, right? ))
(2921) Agatha: ((not sure but if you run past the attacker in these narrow hallways, it'll provoke))
(2918) Joroch: (( still invisible until I attack ))
(2911) DM: (no crits, correct)
(2918) Joroch: Parting the silk damage: [8+8+2] => 18
(2911) DM: (total?)
(2918) Joroch: (( 18 ))
(2911) DM: (9, Ag)
** (2918) Joroch pops into view, striking the creature. **
(2911) DM: His blade rends it in twain, yet runs through it as if its form was not wholly of this world.
** (2921) Agatha spins up and thrusts ahead at the see-through priest. **
(2921) Agatha: ((full attack))
(2921) Agatha: Sword, bastard used 2 handed Attack Roll: [1d20+15] => [6,15] = (21) ===> Damage: [1d10+2+4] => [1,2,4] = (7)
(2921) Agatha: Sword, bastard used 2 handed Attack Roll: [1d20+10] => [19,10] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d10+2+4] => [4,2,4] = (10)
(2921) Agatha: ((actually the damage is 9 and 12))
(2921) Agatha: ((done))
(2911) DM: (8, Cor)
(2911) DM: (Cormac?)
** (2905) Cormac Grasps his Holy symbol and Brandishes it Calling" Arawn Drag this spirit back to your Care" **
(2905) Cormac: Abilities: CHA [1d20+2] => [11,2] = (13)
(2905) Cormac: (( same as turn check))
(2905) Cormac: [2d6+12] => [5,5,12] = (22)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19)
** (2905) Cormac Pops into View Brandishing his Holy Symbol **
(2911) DM: It's held at bay, its sense of frustration quite evident.
(2911) DM: (7, Git)
(2917) Git: (the door blocked by allies?)
(2921) Agatha: "What did you do?"
(2918) Joroch: (( I'm not in the doorway. ))
** (2917) Git draws his bastard sword, as he moves into the room, greeting the spirit with a shiny blade. **
(2917) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword Attack Roll: [1d20+10] => [2,10] = (12) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [4,3,0] = (7)
(2917) Git: (well.. at least it wasn't a 1)
(2911) DM: It continues to be held at bay. (13, Rynn)
(2911) DM: (still a miss)
(2913) Rynn: (Is there a clear shot to it?)
(2911) DM: (yes)
** (2913) Rynn casts orb of sound. **
(2913) Rynn: Ranged Touch Attack: [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19) (crit 20)
(2911) DM: (dmg)
(2913) Rynn: [9d4] => [3,2,2,1,3,4,1,3,2] = (21)
(2911) DM: It dissipates.
** (2905) Cormac looks at the Others " Thank Arawn " **
** (2913) Rynn nods, almost relieved to be visible again. **
(2921) Agatha: ((orb of sound = loud?))
(2917) Git: :gives Rynn a thumbs up: "Nice."
(2917) Git: "Any commotion from back down the hall?"
(2918) Joroch: "Yes, although it seems we all, or almost all, had a hand in removing it."
(2913) Rynn: ((It's a compact ball, so I figure it makes a drone sound upon striking, but other than that only makes noise to the person hit))
(2913) Rynn: "Before I forget, I think everyone should hold hands for a moment."
** (2918) Joroch checks through the room, making sure nothing else in there is moving around on its own. **
** (2905) Cormac grasps a hand **
** (2917) Git takes a hand **
** (2918) Joroch returns to the group shortly and graps a hand, leaving his other hand free to hold his longsword. **
(2905) Cormac: (( all together now Cumbaya my lord ))
(2918) Joroch: "Now what?"
(2917) Git: (heh)
** (2913) Rynn casts Mage Armor upon the party, everyone feeling as if a light weight was set on their shoulders. "That spell should offer some protection, it will last nearly ten hours." **
(2905) Cormac: (( can I do that with magic vestment?as well?))
(2913) Rynn: (( If it's armor bonus, it won't stack. Any other bonus probably would ))
(2905) Cormac: (( ah ok... its an ac bonus would add 3))
(2917) Git: (any other doors in this room?)
(2911) DM: (no)
(2921) Agatha: "Well this is going to draw trouble. Stairs?"
** (2913) Rynn nods, "I think it's the way to go. Should we go invisible again?" **
(2905) Cormac: ((brb))
(2918) Joroch: "We did pass that stone door as well."
(2917) Git: "Well, stone doors are more impressive."
(2917) Git: (are we at the front or rear of the temple now?)
(2921) Agatha: "It's too close to the guards. Rynn, do your magick. At the least we could pull an ambush."
** (2913) Rynn casts invisibility on the party once again, commenting afterwards, "It's been a while since I've cast so many spells. **
(2918) Joroch: "Didn't you say once that you felt better after casting?"
(2913) Rynn: "Yeah, it's a release of energy, very relaxing."
(2918) Joroch: "Well, just don't fall asleep on us by getting to relazed, ok?"
(2918) Joroch: (( *relaxed ))
(2913) Rynn: "Ha, this place will have me on my toes well enough."
(2911) DM: (front)
(2918) Joroch: "Then let's get going and see what awaits us."
** (2905) Cormac gasps his Scythe and prepares to follow the others **
(2917) Git: "I vote for down. More likely hidden secrets are kept below, and there may be a stairway leading up near that sealed sanctum door."
(2918) Joroch: "Then down it is. Lead away Git."
(2913) Rynn: "I do as well."
** (2905) Cormac silently thanks Arawn and moves after the others when they move out **
** (2917) Git gives nod, takes a hand, and begins leading down the stairs, sword point first **
** (2913) Rynn follows in the same fashion, minus the sword. **
** (2918) Joroch links up with Rynn, sheathing his sword for now to grab on to someone else behind. **
** (2905) Cormac allows Joroch to lead him **
(2917) Git: (stalking through a pit of evil hand in hand. There's a lot of love in here.)
(2918) Joroch: (( or is there? *cue evil music* ))
(2905) Cormac: (( well I am listening to Cruxshadows lol ))
(2918) Joroch: (( did we lose Stash? ))
(2911) DM: ((here))
(2918) Joroch: (( ahh, just checking since I didn't notice any action. ))
(2911) DM: ((well I am fading if that's an indication))
(2917) Git: (ah, understood)
(2918) Joroch: (( thought that might be the case. :-P ))
(2911) DM: ((need to check something))
(2905) Cormac: (( if needed we can call it a night ))
(2918) Joroch: (( can't the cleric cast a rejuvination spell on the DM? ))
(2905) Cormac: (( I wish))
(2911) DM: (okay, I need to know what marching order is and how you're lighting the way)
(2913) Rynn: (Well there goes invisibility
(2918) Joroch: (( order: Git, Rynn, Joroch, Cormac, Aggy. Light - not sure. ))
(2911) DM: (so Git is in front?)
(2917) Git: (git's in front, just depending on low-light vision, though that do't help the others)
(2917) Git: (yes)
(2913) Rynn: (Is there rocks or loose chunks of...anything around?)
(2911) DM: (so far it's been a stone building, and there has been debris, yes)
(2911) DM: (but that doesn't answer my question)
(2918) Joroch: (( probably a few twigs. ))
(2918) Joroch: (( gotta have something for Joroch to step on. ))
(2911) DM: (probably stop in 20 minutes because I'm finding it difficult to stay awake....)
** (2913) Rynn picks up a rock as soon as the light starts to fade, casting light upon it and handing it to Git, "You can throw this if you suspect someone is coming." **
(2917) Git: (so far, no light yet, anyone care to offer one, or have something ready?)
(2905) Cormac: (have a sunrod if you want me to use it ))
(2911) DM: (k)
(2918) Joroch: (( Figured Rynn had a plan there. ))
(2917) Git: (no prob stan, just say when)
(2918) Joroch: (( or if we don't hear from you for 10 minutes, we'll assume you fell asleep at the keyboard. :-P ))
(2911) DM: The stairs lead down to a landing. There is a door in the center of one wall. The air here has a bitter odor different from the rest of the temple.
** (2917) Git takes the glowing rock, and continues leading forward, ready to hide it in his pocket, if he hears anyone approaching. **
** (2917) Git hands the rock back to whoever his behind him, and moves to check the door. **
(2918) Joroch: (( that would be Rynn. ))
** (2913) Rynn takes the rock back, being sure to hold it so Git can see well. **
(2911) DM: To your immediate right is another flight of stairs down. The sound of rushing water can be heard down those steps.
** (2913) Rynn looks down to get a better view, but doesn't take a step down the stairs. **
** (2905) Cormac readies his Sycthe and stands so as to move quickly if needed **
whispering to Rob, A narrow stone ledge runs down the perimeter of the chamber beyond the second flight of stone steps. On the other side of the ledge is a deep channel filled with foul-smelling water. The chamber is quite vast and it's difficult to hear or see anything on the landing where you are without going down further to investigate.
(2921) Agatha: "An underground river? Here?"
(2918) Joroch: "We are near the ocean still - so why not?"
(2917) Git: "Sure.. right next to the honey jarring room."
(2917) Git: "Might explain how the orcs are entering the city."
(2913) Rynn: "Well I think it's there on purpose, it looks pretty constructed to me."
(2921) Agatha: "Hmph. Considering how relaxed the law is here, I figured they just strolled right in."
(2911) DM: (so which direction?)
(2918) Joroch: (( still waiting on Git and the door. ))
(2917) Git: "Good idea to check it out though. We could confirm if it is an underground waterway they are entering through." :as he examines the door.:
(2917) Git: "Though, it may just be the water source for the temple"
(2917) Git: "Door seems safe, but we may as well check downstairs first."
(2918) Joroch: "We'll figure it out before we leave, but not that important right now."
(2918) Joroch: (( or, strike that comment ))
** (2913) Rynn and the light sorce start walking down the stairs. **
(2917) Git: :shrugs to Joroch: "Either way. After all, we're not really sure what we're looking for yet."
** (2918) Joroch follows, being pulled by Rynn. **
** (2905) Cormac follows Joroch and Rynn **
** (2917) Git follows the light **
** (2921) Agatha keeps rear guard. **
(2911) DM: The stairs lead down to what appears to be a vast underground sewer system deep beneath the temple of Taarth. A long narrow ledge runs around the perimeter of this chamber, the farthest reaches of which are shrouded in darkness. To the left of the ledge is a channel filled with foul-smelling water. This is the source of the rushing sound.
(2921) Agatha: "Oh good. More shit."
(2913) Rynn: "I could leave the rock here and grab another, or throw one over to the far side for better light. Or is it to big of a risk to leave a trail like that?"
(2918) Joroch: "Because we've seen so many guards so far?"
(2913) Rynn: "It could be a lot of we left a trail straight to us."
(2918) Joroch: "True. Why not just carry it with us over there?"
(2913) Rynn: "It's bothersome to not see the whole place, at least I think."
(2917) Git: "Okay.. tralling a sewer isn't my first choice for a fun afternoon. I say we give it quick once over and turn back if we don't find anything."
(2918) Joroch: "Sounds good to me."
(2905) Cormac: "fine "
** (2913) Rynn tosses the rock into the air and catches it with a mage hand. After she has a nice mental hold on it she moves it closer to the middle of the room. **
(2917) Git: :watches the floating rock: "Huh... can you give the perimeter of the chamber a sweep?"
** (2913) Rynn moves it out 50 feet into the middle of the room. **
(2913) Rynn: ((Anything else visible?))
(2918) Joroch: (( *now* did we lose Stash? ))
(2917) Git: [1d100] => [77] = (77)
(2918) Joroch: (( I'm thinking we did... ))
(2917) Git: (oops)
(2918) Joroch: (( we have 77 undead attacking us now? ))
(2917) Git: (eh.. it happens)
(2918) Joroch: (( why is it so easy to see Git responding to a horde of undead in just that manner? ))
(2911) DM: The ledge heads down deeper than your immediate surroundings, even with the lightrock.
(2913) Rynn: "It looks like walking is all we can do."
(2911) DM: Down the ledge, on one side, there is what appears to be a crack in the wall and a rough hewn passage to your right. On the other side of the channel are three daises, each of which leads in three separate tunnels to your left.
(2911) DM: The ledge continues ahead and is shrouded in darkness.
(2918) Joroch: (( should we go ahead and call it here, or are you good for a bit Stash? ))
(2911) DM: (and we can stop here. sorry for the delay in getting things started but I think we can hit the ground running next weekend)
(2911) DM: (your DM has been up since 8 am this morning)
(2911) DM: (must go to bed)
(2905) Cormac: cool
(2917) Git: (ok, get some sleep)
(2918) Zane: You mean 8am yesterday morning...
(2913) Rynn: Alright, see ya
(2918) Zane: and yes - go sleep Stash.

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