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(2243) TaliesinNYC: (1838) Ajaiyah: "Fair enough, though if you need information on the city I will help

(2243) TaliesinNYC: (1838) Ajaiyah: "Fair enough, though if you need information on the city I will help."
** (1876) Git stares at Ajaiyah a long moment, before cracking a grin, "Yeah, as long as you think it will serve your purposes, you probably will." **
** (1838) Ajaiyah nods "True enough." **
(1876) Git: :takes a seat on the bed: "Alright then.. first thing's first. We need to enter your theive's guild, and for that we need to steal a seal. Are you of the mind to answer a few questions?"
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Sure."
(1876) Git: :nods: "Where is the seal kept?"
(1838) Ajaiyah: "I dont know, Shayla probably told you about eveything I know about that situation."
(1879) Joroch: "Let's get some sleep and look at this all in the morning, it's been a long day."
(1876) Git: "Well, that's no help, no wonder you destroyed a city before. Do you at least now what it looks like?"
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Sorry, I dont know that right now either, though I would be willing to help you aquire it."

(2243) TaliesinNYC: (from last session)
(2243) TaliesinNYC: (let's assume that it's the next day and that Ajaiyah briefed you on the situation in Highport)
(2243) TaliesinNYC: (and for the record, she doesn't know where the seal is except that it's somewhere in Mordus' mansion)
** (2231) Joroch rises in the morning, and immediately looks around to check that everything was still where it was left the previous night, and that there were no new surprises. **
(2225) Cormac: Cormac looks around as he awakens and makes his way to the common room
** (2237) Git spends the questioning session taking notes with borrowed pen and paper, grumbling about his missing journal, while scribbling odd notes throughout the night, before nodding off to bed. Though he insists on gaurd details. Then next morning, he makes his way down to the tavern for breakfast. **
** (2226) Rynn takes her time, trying to look her best while she has the luxury, before making her way to find some food. **
** (2231) Joroch heads down shortly after the others, meeting them in the dining room for breakfast. **
(2243) DM: Breakfast is on the sideboard, all ready for you -- although it's late in the morning as most of the inn is bustling about.
(2243) DM: Panfry, sausages, corn cakes, apple cider doughnuts, clabbered cream, soft-boiled hen eggs, roast squab and elderflower wine
** (2248) Gatz attacks the sideboard while there's still something to eat. **
** (2231) Joroch grabs some food for breakfast and finds a seat before digging in to a nice warm meal. **
(2225) Cormac: Offering a Prayer of thanks to Arawn as he makes his Breakfast.
** (2226) Rynn takes her plate and sits down next to Joroch. **
(2231) Joroch: "It appears as though the rest last night in a real bed treated you well," he offers to Rynn.
** (2226) Rynn smiles, "Very well, I hope you boys didn't stay up to late fussing about nothing." **
** (2227) Ajaiyah collects some eggs and sausage **
** (2237) Git makes his usual rounds, socializing with the other patrons of the tavern, while he enjoys his breakfast, making acquaintaces, while seeking information, particularly on their new friends of the Empty Hand, and how many note worthy members they have, or conversely, how many lowly followers pad their ranks.(gather info) **
(2237) Git: Gather Information Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21)
(2225) Cormac: " I slept Fine Lass , no Worries "
** (2231) Joroch casts a glance at Git. "I doubt it was nothing, but I believe we got a few questions answered." **
** (2225) Cormac winks at Rynn as he takes a bite of Fruit **
** (2226) Rynn chuckles, "The new one, the worst I see it she is a spy. And when we already know we're being spied on, who cares if we can see them too?" **
(2231) Joroch: "But it matters if we are going to believe any information she has about the city. Afterall, I don't think the rest of us know much about this place."
(2226) Rynn: "I might only be able to recall a streetname or two, but I'm sure I've been here back in my mercinary days. Although I purposely failed to keep track of who hired me and what their agendas were so I couldn't use it against them, mercinary business ethics."
(2231) Joroch: "Of course."
(2225) Cormac: " Oh and I suppose ye think I be a Spy as Well ?" he looks at the others
(2226) Rynn: "Doubt it, I remember you being pretty keen on announcing your goals way back when, people don't change that much."
(2237) Git: well, since Beguiler is a natural spell casting class, rather than a wizard type, I don't think it's a big problem. Mostly he'd be trying to tap his elven blood and he'll likely seek to learn from other sources as well.
(2237) Git: (ignore that,supposed to be a whisper)
(2231) Joroch: "I don't - Rynn speaks well of you and that's enough for me. But I can't speak for the others."
(2225) Cormac: " Thank ye Rynn ,and Joroch " he nods at the two
** (2226) Rynn gives a smile and a nod before stuffing her face with a cake. **
(2231) Joroch: "Of course, if you are a spy and betray us, I will just have to remove your head from your body," he says calmly, taking another bite of breakfast.
(2225) Cormac: "only if Arawn wills it Lad "
** (2243) Shayla saunters inside and, on seeing your group, comes over and grabs a bite to eat, then takes a seat. **
** (2231) Joroch nods to Cormac in acceptance. **
(2243) Shayla: "Good morning. Had a nice rest?"
** (2227) Ajaiyah nods to Shayla **
** (2226) Rynn gives Shayla a wave. **
(2225) Cormac: " Aye "
(2243) TaliesinNYC: "Good to hear. And everyone been treated all right?"
(2243) Shayla: "Good to hear. And everyone been treated all right?"
(2226) Rynn: "Yes, I've had a good day so far."
(2231) Joroch: "Of course, after our position yesterday at this time - this is heaven."
** (2243) Shayla nods, satisfied with a small smile on her face as she bites into a corn cake. **
** (2248) Agatha is too busy to eat. **
(2248) Agatha: ((er too busy eating.
** (2225) Cormac stands and stretches and heads back to the side board for another plate **
(2231) Joroch: (( I was wondering... ))
** (2226) Rynn finishes up quickly, having no manners in the way she eats, and leans back in her chair. **
(2243) Shayla: "I'll leave you to your meal then. I was hoping you'd decided to look into Mordus' test. After all, we're always in search of able-bodied people like yourselves."
** (2237) Git sits aside, entertaining some other patrons across the way. **
(2231) Joroch: "That is not something I would decide, but we'll be sure to pass on your interest."
** (2243) Shayla nods faintly as she continues eating. **
(2225) Cormac: me looks at the others quizically and arches his eyebrows and sits back down nibbling on cheese and fruit
** (2231) Joroch continues eating, waiting for Git to conclude his rounds. **
(2226) Rynn: (( throw a '/' before the me. ))
(2237) Git: "Oh, Shayla, luv..." :noting her from across the room: "Sleep well?"
** (2243) Shayla notes Cormac's quizzical look. "Oh, they didn't tell you? I'm sure you'll find out sooner or later." **
(2225) Cormac: ((forgot it))
(2243) Shayla: "Mmmhmm."
** (2237) Git bids some farewells to the strange patrons, apparently with a parting joke, before heading over to the table with the others, offering Shayla a grin, and a remark: "Hope you slept well enough without me." **
(2243) Shayla: "I would've asked to join you last night but you were engaged."
(2243) Shayla: "It would've been better if I had a bed warmer."
(2237) Git: :shrugs: "I always am, it seems. I'd get myself disengaged, but it sounds like it would be painful."
** (2237) Git takes a seat at the table, settling his mug on the top, as he slides in beside the visiting rogue, "Was your boss upset?" **
(2227) Ajaiyah: "So your first priority?" ** looks at Git ** "Mordus' test or finding Dame Gold?"
(2237) Git: :peers up to Ajaiyah, then glances back around the public room: "You really speak quite candidly, don't you?"
** (2226) Rynn gets up and goes for a second helping, sitting back next to Joroch and Cormac as she returns. **
(2227) Ajaiyah: "You look at me oddly, but coverse politly with Shayla?"
(2237) Git: :shrugs: "PLease forgive the double standard, but I am a bit biased in our situation." :sighs: "Regardless, what do you know of Gold's condition?" :keeps his voice low:
** (2225) Cormac leans forward to hear better **
(2227) Ajaiyah: "I told you already I know she is in the city, but not where."
** (2231) Joroch doesn't bother to force himself to pay close attention, simply letting what he catches be enough. **
(2237) Git: "Right.. then how can we help her, if we don't know where to find her?" :raises a suggesting brow:
(2227) Ajaiyah: "Begin serching for information on her location. I already have some of my contacts looking for information, but I was unsure how much she could help me so I have not commited all my resources to it."
(2225) Cormac: " Who would benefit from holding the Lady?"
** (2237) Git stares into his mug thoughtfully for a moment. Before asking, "Can your contacts find her?" **
(2227) Ajaiyah: "On their own? Doubtful but they should be able to come up with information on who has her."
(2237) Git: "Do any of those contacts work in the customs offices? Special prisoner convoys should be well documented, even if they are given aliases to secure identities."
** (2248) Agatha says between bites. "With the forces she was trying to gather, I'd say there'd be all sorts looking to stop Dame Gold." **
** (2227) Ajaiyah thinks a moment **
(2225) Cormac: " Do we know she was even really taken? " Cormac muses , " Perhaps she is in hiding then? "
(2237) Git: :shakes his head: "No, she was taken. Whole town was ransacked just to grab her and her allies."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, oh she was taken all right. the last you'd heard about it, she was en route to being sold as a slave
(2237) Git: "Hmmm..."
** (2225) Cormac sits back a look of disbelief on his face for a moment as Gits statement hits home **
(2227) Ajaiyah: "There isnt a customs office here. Though one of my agents works on the docks and saw her about three weeks ago."
(2237) Git: "Three weeks ago, huh? She might not even be in the city anymore."
** (2231) Joroch nods to Cormac, his face telling it all. "Yes, not good people that we are facing here. In fact, that's where I met this group." **
(2226) Rynn: "That was a terrible place... I hate death."
(2225) Cormac: " Lass death is not to be feared , a poor death is "
(2231) Joroch: "Death happens. The destruction the kidnappers brought on the town is what should be despised."
** (2226) Rynn shivers in memory, and tries to repress it by going back to her food with vigor. **
** (2231) Joroch let's the topic drop for now, seeing no point in troubling Rynn more. **
(2225) Cormac: " Arawn despises death that comes to those before their time "
(2237) Git: "Were there any details on who was transporting her?"
(2227) Ajaiyah: "Oh, from the description I got, I doubt who ever took her would risk taking her elsewhere, she is like you" ** nodding to Git, Agatha, Joroch and Rynn ** "She still had her spirit intact."
(2227) Ajaiyah: "No, as I said I have only had a few agents looking for her. We could go speak with my agaent later this afternoon. I will leave the signal for him to report in if you wish."
(2237) Git: :shrugs: "Not really.. if he has so little to offer, I'm not that optomisitc about his aid. More importantly would be to find who Almeena trusts in this city. She lead the abduction of Gold, and if she is still involved, it would be her order bringing Gold here. Meaning, wherever the Dame was taken, it must be someplace tied to Almeena, unless of course the Evermaiden has washed her hands of the whole affair."
(2237) Git: "For the case of public executions, where are general prisoners held?"
(2227) Ajaiyah: "The only information I got at the time was that she, was well guarded, far more so then the other slaves off the same ship. So simple logic dictates that someone rather high up took her."
(2227) Ajaiyah: "The Plaza of Stone Death, the Plaza of Dark Delights or the Plaza of the Sapphire Orb. I doubt who ever took her plans on a plublic execution though."
(2237) Git: "What about high profile prisoners? Is there a recluded place for them?"
(2227) Ajaiyah: "The Sapphire Orb plazza is closest to the docks if you want to start there. The Other two are in the River district and the Tenderloin respectivly."
(2237) Git: "Oh, I don't plan to break into a prison without good reason. We are in too delicate a position at the moment to take such rough actions, for so little chance of a pay off. Though, if you have any contacts in the prisons, it may be wise to have them keep an eye out for the Dame, perhaps under a false identitiy. Though it is probably more likely she is under more personal captivity."
(2227) Ajaiyah: "That I have not been able to find either, though I suspect it is inside one of the Temples."
** (2225) Cormac looks at the others and shrugs " we can start wherever Lad" **
** (2231) Joroch stumbles with a spoon a little at Ajaiyah;s comment, but recovers and continues eating. **
** (2227) Ajaiyah looks at Cormac "Maybe you can pose as a visiting priest, and I as your student, since my master of the divine arts is limited, for each of the temples, so we can get in to get information?" **
** (2225) Cormac looks over at Joroch's gaff then turns to Ajaiyah **
(2227) Ajaiyah: (( *mastery ))
(2225) Cormac: " Oh I am a visiting priest all right lass juts not one of who follows the Temples here "
(2237) Git: "Given the current climate against religions in the city, would you be well accepted?"
(2225) Cormac: ((just))
(2225) Cormac: " I doubt it , but perhaps we could ask fer sanctuary ?"
(2237) Git: :shrug: "I suppose."
(2225) Cormac: " fer me and my guards" he looks at the group
(2226) Rynn: "Well I would have to look more guard like."
(2237) Git: :raises a brow: "I didn't say I'd follow you into a deathtrap."
(2227) Ajaiyah: "This is why I have not been able to get much information. I can pose as a priest well enough, but to gain entrance into the areas I would need to get the information I would need to pose as someone with higher standing then I could mimic."
(2225) Cormac: "That way I get ye all in " he strokes his Goatee " That would enable us all to search the temples "
(2225) Cormac: " Or at least those of us better suited to searching "
** (2226) Rynn keeps her voice hushed, "Is just sneaking in not an option?" **
(2231) Joroch: "You remember how well that plan worked the last time we tried it?"
(2237) Git: :to Cormac: "If that were the plot, I would suggest you present yourself as a priest of their faith, rather than your own, and that takes a bit of research before hand, and perhaps a forged correspondance in advance, notifying of your arrival."
(2226) Rynn: "No I don't, actually..."
(2227) Ajaiyah: "The correspondence I could take care of."
(2225) Cormac: "Perhaps that would be best but one from a place far from here hmmm ?"
(2231) Joroch: "Well, you did miss most of it, as you stayed outside to keep the image up. But you did notice the explosion I believe. (referring to the castle with shield that we tried to sneak into)
(2225) Cormac: " If we all agree to this plan that is " He looks at the others
(2226) Rynn: "We were forcefully split up after that, so I was never filled in on what happened."
** (2237) Git peers aside at Ajaiyah a moment, before forcing a grin, "Smashing of ya, lass. Though you should work out a backstory and get a handle on what you'll be walking in to first." **
(2231) Joroch: "Ahh, I will have to tell that tale sometime then."
(2227) Ajaiyah: "Just bringing all of us into one of the temples for sanctuary is a bad plan."
(2225) Cormac: " I believe Arawn would forgive me the deception as it seems this is preventing unneeded deaths as well as untimely ones"
(2227) Ajaiyah: "Only one or two of us need to get in, and only long enough to verify that the Temple is a legitimate temple."
(2225) Cormac: "I bow to the party on the decision of who goes in , perhaps the others can wait at a place to help us escape if need be?""
(2237) Git: :nods to Ajaiyah: "Right.. I suggest you go first in disguise, as a worshipper, get a feel for the place, it's clergy, pick who to address the letter to, and buddy up to some patrons to learn about the goings on." :then to Cormac: "And you should do some studying on the practices of said faiths, to better emulate them later."
(2225) Cormac: "aye Lad "
(2226) Rynn: "So we're going to have a bit of time to rest?" **Rynn seems to look forward to the idea of extra rest**
(2248) Agatha: "Hmph. Leave me out of it. I've got more than enough divine prescence in my affairs as is."
** (2231) Joroch looks to Git, "Just let me know where I can help best." **
(2225) Cormac: "Is there a Libraray or somewhere for me to get some idea of the practices of the priests here ?"
(2237) Git: "Generally a letter of intent should come a week or more in advance of such an arrival, but you'll more likely plan to visit tomorrow, or the day after, no? You may consider staging some interference of the letter, slowing it's arrival."
(2237) Git: :to Cormac: "I do know of a library, by chance. If Joroch is so bored, perhaps he can show you the way."
** (2227) Ajaiyah nods "I will start at the Temple of Taarth" **
(2225) Cormac: " Perhaps one of ye can deliver the letter and appear to have been in a battle to explain the delay ?"
(2231) Joroch: "Don't know if I was so bored as to visit a library, but I can watch over Cormac as he researchs."
(2227) Ajaiyah: "The Temple of Taarth is the great library."
(2237) Git: :to Cormac: "Then you may be needing a disguise early on."
(2225) Cormac: " Well lad is there anything else I need to know before I head off " he looks at Git
(2237) Git: "Yeah.... try not to carry or wearing anything distinguishing."
** (2225) Cormac looks at git in surprise at needing a disguise so soon **
(2243) DM: (it's NEAR the Great Library.)
(2227) Ajaiyah: (( sorry ))
(2226) Rynn: (( It's still good advice ))
(2231) Joroch: (( gee whiz Ajaiyah - can't you keep your facts straight? :-P ))
(2225) Cormac: " Rynn would ye be holding my things fer me ? " he begins to take his holy Symbols off and leaves his Priestly items on the Table
** (2226) Rynn nods, "I have nowhere to go in this plan, I was thinking about playing here in the tavern for some spare coin." **
** (2225) Cormac after divesting himself of all but his basic clothing and some coin and a staff he turns to Joroch " Well Lad lead the way " **
** (2231) Joroch stands and wraps his cloak tighter around him, trying to hide his armor and blade a little bit before leading Cormac to the Great Library, which is near the Temple of Taarth. **
(2237) Git: :reminds them on the way out: "And please.. this is a learning day.. no trouble."
(2231) Joroch: "Then I will be bored quickly, but I'll try."
** (2227) Ajaiyah finishes her breakfast "I have work to finish, meet again here sometime after dark?" **
(2237) Git: :nods to Ajaiyah: "If I'm here, I suppose. Good luck to you."
** (2227) Ajaiyah nods and leaves **
** (2237) Git watches the others leave, before turning back to Aggy, Rynn and Shayla, "Alright... that's about all we can do with that affair for now. On to other business...." **
(2226) Rynn: "Time for a private room?"
(2237) Git: :to Rynn: "If you like."
(2226) Rynn: "It's the best place to discuss business of our trade." **She grins somewhat**
(2237) Git: :shrugs: "That hardly stopped them."
(2226) Rynn: "It made me nervous, we can't affoard to have our faces known. I'd suggest changing the inn we stay at every night even."
** (2248) Agatha rises. "Hmph. Don't include me in your trade. I just know this way is gonna lead to trouble. Someone needs to around to pull your arse out of the fire." **
(2237) Git: "And give up free boarding." :with a cheeky grin, then leans in: "Besides.. I doubt there's an inn in this city we wouldn't be traced to with a bit of effort."
(2237) Git: :then to Aggy: "And we all appreciate your motherly diligence, Madam. But I have to ask you indulge our questionable crafts for just a while."
(2226) Rynn: "True, there are people watching us and I've stopped caring what they see. It's the people who aren't watching us I don't want to alarm."
(2231) Joroch: (( going out for a smoke while Cormac does his research. ))
(2243) DM: (what's the plan for the group while Cormac and Ajaiyah have their three hour tour?)
(2237) Git: "Fair enough."
(2237) Git: (Was thinking of a bit of recon of Mordus' place.)
(2231) Joroch: (( Joroch would make the coconut radio, but I don't think he's smart enough... ))
(2226) Rynn: (I was thinking a perform check if Rynn wasn't needed for anything)
(2243) DM: (k)
(2237) Git: (( *waits for DJ to play a sound bit of "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts"*))
** (2237) Git downs the rest of his drink. "I believe I'll be taking a bit of a stroll then.Anyone care to keep me company?" **
** (2226) Rynn nods, "Sure, I just need to lock up Cormac's things." **
(2237) Git: :nods to Rynn: "Alright, then."
(2243) DM: (then give me 10 min to do some mapping)
** (2226) Rynn grabs the priestly items and puts them in her room, locking the door and pocketing her key as she makes her way back. **
** (2237) Git leans down to whisper to Aggy, as Rynn heads off, "If you're sticking here, keep an eye out for our fat orc friend. He may come by with that reply." **
(2248) Agatha: "Hmph. You sure you want to do that? Dependin' on the reply, the orc may not make it back."
(2237) Git: :grins: "If that's the case, you have to dispose of the body. Just keep that thought in mind."
(2226) Rynn: "That's a lot to dispose."
(2237) Git: "Yes.. a lot of stinky, sweaty.. and by that time probably mess."
(2237) Git: (probably *gory* mess)
(2237) Git: "Well.. off to greet the neighbors...." :offers a brief wave, before turning to head out of the inn.:
** (2226) Rynn follows beside him. **
(2248) Agatha: "Hmph. The right kitchen won't know the difference."
(2237) Git: :to Rynn: "Got your flute with you?"
(2237) Git: (this soilent green moment, brought to you by Agatha)
(2231) Joroch: (( lol ))
** (2237) Git heads out through the plaza, beginning down the streetways, scanning about for anyone watching or following, as they go. **
** (2226) Rynn nods, "Yes I do." **
** (2226) Rynn adds after a moment of thought, "Both of them actually." **
(2237) Git: "Good. Maybe you'll get to do some street performing after all."
** (2237) Git takes a round about route toward Mordus' manse, keeping watch behind them for anyone following his slightly randomized path. **
(2237) Git: :along the way, he chats with Rynn... or more to the point, at Rynn.. over the finer points of street performance versus stage performance, rambling off names of obscure artists he'd known or seen and commenting on their habits and ticks a bit more than their music:
** (2226) Rynn spends most of her time looking at Git oddly, probably unnoticed due to his attentiveness to their surroundings. **
(2237) Git: "... and Balacathalamphor really was a bit of a Prima Donna, always fussing about the setting of his crevat as he played his fiddle..." :etc: "... Malina fancied me a good deal, can't really blame her. Though that scathing song she wrote when I slept with her sister was completely uncalled for in my..." :etc: "... and that's why I was kicked out of the theatre. You see, it really was Tenkins own fault for being so flat."
(2237) Git: (get to Mordus' place alright?)
(2226) Rynn: "Ohh... I just put my lips on this end and move my fingers up and down the top of it."
(2243) DM: (ok)
(2237) Git: :nods to Rynn, as if humoring her: "Well.. you'll get better with practice."
(2243) DM: Mordus' mansion is, as promised, the most opulent building in all of the Tenderloin. It's also the tallest. Most buildings are two or three stories high. The manse, what little can be seen above the walled property, rises at least four stories due to a central tower that adjoins two wings
(2243) DM: It's a bit tacky.
(2226) Rynn: "I wouldn't mind living there."
(2243) DM: The compound is surrounded by a moss-covered wall. The wall is about 15' high and quite thick.
(2237) Git: (What's the area like around it? all estates? Shops and tenaments, plazas and markets?)
(2243) DM: There is a main gate that has a pair of guardhouses (at 2)
(2243) DM: In addition, the compound appears to be regularly patrolled by a contingent of guards and guard dogs, mostly half-orcs by the looks of things.
(2237) Git: :shakes his head: "It doesn't really fit in well with the surroundings though. Kind rise up like a well dressed tumor, really."
(2243) DM: (shops, tenements, the occasional market. most of the area is run-down)
** (2226) Rynn tilts her head to the side and squint as if it were to help her see it better, still thinking it looked rather neat. **
** (2237) Git keeps his cloak and hood to conceal himself somewhat, as he looks over the front gate, noting the orcish trend of the guards. **
(2237) Git: (any buildings surrounding with a vantage over the wall into the grounds?)
(2226) Rynn: "Oh look!" Rynn points to a market stall making her way over to look at the wares, giving Git the excuse to stand and look around without suspicion.
** (2237) Git lets Rynn wander off, playing the bored tag along companion, as he takes in the guards and their patrol duty, looking for symbols or uniforms that identify them.: **
(2243) DM: (an abandoned belltower)
(2243) DM: The guards appear to bear the sigil of the Empty Hand.
(2243) DM: A square metal pipe runs down from the top of the wall and stops a foot above the ground (at 6)
(2243) DM: There are four sets of patrols (at each point marked 5)
(2227) Ajaiyah: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (2237) Git looks around at the regular citizenry, trying to gage their response to the half-orc guards, looking for prejudice or mistrust in eyes of market dwellers nearby. **
(2243) DM: Most people stay away.
(2243) DM: In fact, very few people approach the compound and those that do get rudely shoved aside by the guards, who brook no nonsense as they go about their assigned duties.
(2243) DM: There is a changing of the guard roughly every three hours.
** (2237) Git strolls off toward Rynn, as he keeps an openly curious eye back on the gate and guards, as he asks, "Find anything ya like, luv?" **
(2226) Rynn: "Hmm... nothing I couldn't find later, we're short on coin as it is."
(2237) Git: :shrugs, and speaks well enough for the shopkeeper or others to here and hopefully respond: "Guess the shopping matches the hospitality. Those orckin sure got a nasty attitude about em. You'd think they were guarding a dragon's horde, with all that surliness."
(2243) DM: Although it's not marked on the map, there's a spot near the extreme northeast corner that seems as if it would be very simple to climb using twigs and vines as footholds.
** (2226) Rynn glances over as if she first noticed, "Hmm." **
(2237) Git: :if that gets no response, tries asking on of the locals: "They always like that?"
(2243) Pulgh: "They're mean and nasty, about what I would expect from the Hand."
(2237) Git: "The Hand...?" :plays dumb:
(2243) Pulgh: "At least they won't stab you in the back like the Brotherhood. You can usually see them coming."
(2243) Pulgh: "The Thieves' Guild. You're not from here I take it?"
(2237) Git: :shrugs: "Nah.. just arrived on the boat the other day."
(2237) Git: "Is it an orc run group?"
(2237) Git: "There seem to be a lot of them?"
(2237) Git: (second line shouldn't be a question * )
(2243) Pulgh: "The Hand?"
(2243) Pulgh: "It could be. What's it worth to you?"
(2237) Git: :nods: "...welll.. they do seem to have a preference in their guards. Not really worth much to me though."
(2257) No Name (enter): 00:32
** (2243) Pulgh shrugs. **
(2237) Git: :giving a sly grin: "Why? You got some scandalous tidbit you've been dying to pass around?"
(2243) Pulgh: "The Hand is a mix of humans, shadow elves and orckin. They don't care as long as their work is done, unlike those scuzzy Slayers."
(2237) Git: "I'm sorry.. Slayers?" :acting as if he's just trying to keep up with the conversation, to get free tips:
(2243) Pulgh: "If you've got talent, if you get my meaning, you'll find you're valued."
(2243) Pulgh: "The Slayers' Brotherhood. Assassins, all of them. You want someone's knees broken in? Call them. You want someone's throat slit? Pay up and call them."
(2226) Rynn: "That's terrible..."
(2243) Pulgh: "Their guildhouse has a razor. Rumor is that the 'pprentices sharpen their knives on the building's edge."
(2237) Git: "Hmm... I'll keep it in mind, in case I get ripped off by some shoddy vender."
(2243) Pulgh: "This town's got too much goin' on. As soon as I can, I'm leavin."
(2237) Git: "Oh? Got a nice safe destination picked out?"
(2243) Pulgh: "Somewhere far from here. I'm a simple country boy."
** (2243) Pulgh picks his teeth with the edge of a fingernail as he sizes you up and down. "So what's your story?" **
(2237) Git: :shrugs: "Merchant.... I'm looking for new markets."
(2237) Git: "This is a high trade hub.. though.. it seems to have it's problems."
(2243) Pulgh: "New markets, eh? Highport's got them teemin' full of it. Whatever you want, it's all right here."
(2243) Pulgh: "Everyone wants a piece o' the action. Issa wonder the House o' Nobles an' the council can hold the thing together."
(2237) Git: "Yes.. though before I can expand my trades through the area, I have to get acquainted with the local layout and make some financial contacts. With all the varying factions, choosing the right ones to aid my needs may be tricky as it is. You know?"
(2243) Pulgh: "What's hot right now is the skooma trade. Thas' moon sugar for you. 'Course its illegal but everyone wants a piece if you know what I mean."
(2243) Pulgh: "Well, I could. If you've got the coin for it."
(2243) Pulgh: "I could show you 'round town, make your life easy. Name's Pulgh."
(2237) Git: "Jaspus.." :offers a name, and his hand to shake:
(2259) FeralHobo (enter): 00:41
** (2243) Pulgh shakes your hand. "Pearl's good, Jaspus. First lesson, blend in. You look an' talk like you're new here." **
(2243) Pulgh: "I don' know why this is but I trust you. An' I'm not easy."
(2243) Pulgh: "You have this look like you got caught skinnin an aleswife."
(2237) Git: "Yeah, gotta say, I'm getting a bit fond of you as well. And how'd you find out about the aleswife? That wench promised she wouldn't tell." :jests:
** (2226) Rynn seems a bit lost. **
(2243) Pulgh: "Eh, I smelled it. Is like new cheese from a cow. Fresh an' hot."
(2237) Git: :chuckles: "Fragrant.. yet disturbing, I'm sure. So, how long have you been in this city, that you're so anxious to flee?"
** (2243) Pulgh winks at Rynn. "Yeah, the Hand's no joke. Everyone pays to keep 'em off their back. But they've got a finger in every pocket." **
(2237) Git: "Oh..? In that case, I may need to make friends with them."
** (2226) Rynn gives Pulgh a friendly, possibly suggestive, smile. **
(2243) Pulgh: "Me? Used ta be a sellsword in my days. Me mates came here lookin' for coin but we broke up. I fell on hard times myself an' I'm tired of lookin' over my shoulder. You live here long enough an' you'll see."
(2237) Git: "Sounds stressful. I commend you on sticking round so long. But in the end you are planning to leave. Business failing?"
(2243) Pulgh: "Eh, not enough work, ya know? Or maybe too much of the wrong type."
(2243) Pulgh: "Too many orckin in town these days. There's somethin' brewin' and I don't like the way it smells."
(2243) Pulgh: "The council got rid of th' priests a couple years back. People are barely holdin' through."
(2243) Pulgh: "Kitty's got your friend's tongue?"
(2237) Git: "More complications, eh?" :shakes his head, and turns to Rynn, asking: "Luv, would you mind taking a look around for our friend. I think he's out thattaway.." :point in the vague direction of the manse, slightly skyward: "Just take a quick looksie around, while we men talk business. If you don't find him, just come right on back." (subtly suggesting one of Rin's flyby stealth recons to check the grounds and see if she can spot Mordus)
** (2243) Pulgh jerks a thumb at Rynn. **
(2237) Git: :shakes his head to Plugh: "She's just shy around new folk."
(2243) Pulgh: "Shy, eh?" (strokes his chin)
(2243) Pulgh: "Ah, she's probably not goin' for lil' ol' me."
(2237) Git: "In some ways yes.. in other ways... who knows? So... the orcs giving you problems?"
(2226) Rynn: "Sorry, I didn't want to disrupt your conversation." She makes a small bow to Git as she walks off in a slight hurry.
(2243) Pulgh: "She's gotta nice voice."
(2243) Pulgh: "Oh right, the orcs. Eh, they're sword happy. I bashed in a greenskin's skull the other night and almost fell in with th' Guard."
(2237) Git: :nods: "Oh yes.. and quite the lovely performer she is too." :waggles his brow suggestively:
(2243) Pulgh: "Used to be there weren't that many orckin here but in the last couple years it seems like they breed like rabbits. Or they're comin' from somewhere. Makin' me uncomfy."
(2237) Git: "Eh.. Orcs.. humans.. all the same, long as they pay. Just gotta sell what they want."
(2243) Pulgh: "See? Soon you'll be like me, a native."
(2237) Git: :grins: "I can't wait. I feel welcome already. So... where do welcome merchants go to mingle in these parts?"
whispering to Diarmadhim, I see you saw my reply to your ad
** (2237) Git continues to smooze with Pulgh, while Rynn hopefully understood his coded suggestion. (we can leave this ooc to FF to someone elses scene of course) **
(2243) DM: (sure thing)
(2243) DM: (one sec)
(2243) DM: (okay to FF to DJ and Cormac)
(2237) Git: (sorry that dragged on so long, but what started as a recon turned into an interesting intro to one of the things I'm interested in toying with, Highports trade and finances)
(2231) Joroch: (( how dare you actually take over part of the session with RP! :-P ))
** (2225) Cormac looks at Joroch " Well it seems we found the things we needed " **
(2237) Git: (yeah.. I'm a prick like that.)
(2231) Joroch: "Good. Are you confident that you will be able to behave properly in these temples?"
** (2225) Cormac as he downs a mug in the inn **
(2225) Cormac: " I believe so Lad " warming up to the Challenge
(2231) Joroch: "I hope so. Any idea as to what story you are going to use?"
(2225) Cormac: "Visiting from Wylund , say and Was sent to investigate the effects of the Edict on the Temple and Our Followers " he winks
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The Tangled Web
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(2225) Cormac: " how Do we get ahold of ummmm er damn I be fergetful the lass ?" he muses
(2231) Joroch: "Hmm, sounds solid enough. I believe the Edict is a couple years old from what I've heard, but checking on the lasting effects of it could still work out. Now the question is - are you going alone, with Ajaiyah, or a couple people?"
(2231) Joroch: "Git? He'll be back when he finishes whatever he went to do."
(2231) Joroch: (( so - we did return to the inn then? ))
** (2226) Rynn dispells her magic back in the allyway and hurries back to Git, mentioning she couldn't find the 'friend' and appologising for it. ((no need to RP that further)) **
(2225) Cormac: "Ajaiyah thats the one , I figure just her and me maybe one other as a hired guard "
(2231) Joroch: (( if so - is Aggy still waiting around inside? ))
(2225) Cormac: (( back at the Inn it's late afternnon ))
(2262) DM: ((yes))
(2225) Cormac: "We need to let her know what should be in the letter , and get it delivered at least a day before we arrive "
(2259) FeralHobo (exit): 01:12
(2231) Joroch: "She mentioned something about contacts and one of the Temples I believe. Hmm, I guess she'll return when she gets done as well."
** (2231) Joroch takes a drink of his ale, relaxing alongside Cormac for now. **
** (2225) Cormac fingers his ponytail and muses " I should do something about me appearnce as well " **
(2227) Ajaiyah: (( Ajaiyah isnt returning to the Inn until after Dark, since she is doing her recon at 6pm ))
(2231) Joroch: "Maybe. How long have you been wandering about town and sleeping in alleys?"
(2225) Cormac: " Actually had just arrived here yesterday " he blushes
(2225) Cormac: "Arawn smiled upon me whenhe had Rynn find me " he smiles
(2263) Jade (enter): 01:16
(2263) Jade (exit): 01:16
(2231) Joroch: "That's actually better. It's less likely that anyone at any of the temples would have seen you. We could do a little something though, to make sure. I'd think that it would be more important to have different looks in case we have to visit different temples."
(2225) Cormac: " Aye lad that sounds fine " he shudders " I'll just cut me hair and trim me beard" he looks up thoughtfully " I wonder who would be less likely to butcher me hair ? "
(2231) Joroch: "Someone who uses a slightly smaller blade then mine most likely." He pats his sheathed longsword. "And I wouldn't trust Aggy's stikes to not be too solid either."
(2225) Cormac: " Thanks fer the warning Lad" he strokes his neck " Would not want to fine a Haircut now would I ? "
(2225) Cormac: " Ever been to Wylund Lad?"
** (2225) Cormac looking at Joroch intently **
(2231) Joroch: "I have not. That is south of here, right?"
(2225) Cormac: " Aye , it is "" he looks thoughtfully a moment Clears his Throat " Yes it is " trying to change his accent somewhat
(2231) Joroch: "Yeah, this is the furthest south I have ever been." Joroch takes a drink, "Hells, a month ago I had never even been out of Hyboras."
(2231) Joroch: (( if I have my timelines right - if not it's about that long at least. :-P ))
(2225) Cormac: " I have been on the road since my early twenties" he looks wistful " ever Since I left Cambria "
** (2225) Cormac stretches and looks older for a moment " Been on the road around twenty years " **
(2231) Joroch: "And in all that time, you've just been wandering around following your god's call?"
(2225) Cormac: " Aye " he looks happy and unsettled at the same time almost as if a painful memory has come to mind
(2231) Joroch: "What has been the purpose for this trip? I assume you weren't just out to wander, but with some goal in mind."
(2225) Cormac: " Sometimes now I just don't follow Arawns call , Like the Time I helped Rynn " he smiles
(2225) Cormac: " Arawn seems to want me to see how other people and their ways of dealing witth Dieing "
(2237) Git: (btw... we're probably coming back to the inn when our recon is done, unless Rynn feels like performing, in which case, Git might go off to meet more tradesmen and meet back up later)
(2226) Rynn: (Why not? Let's see how lucky she is with that flute of hers, she wouldn't make you stay either.)
(2225) Cormac: ((people live))
(2231) Joroch: "I see - that doesn't sound like something most people you meet would take comfort in. In my experience, most common folk prefer to avoid the topic of death."
(2226) Rynn: Perform (any): [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
** (2225) Cormac sits up straighter and looks with compassionate eyes at Joroch " Death comes to All Joroch , Arawn is your last Friend , it doesn't matter that ye die but how and when ye die " **
(2225) Cormac: " Life can be grand and a live well lived is a grand thing so why not die in a grandway?" \
(2231) Joroch: "I agree. To live with honor is to have a fullfilled life. To die without it, I do not want to experience it."
(2225) Cormac: " See you already are almost a convert to Arawn "
(2231) Joroch: "Of course, there are times that even honor must be held in check..." he continues musing for a bit. "Oh? I've never heard of him myself. After a number of years fighting off the barbarian hordes, one learns that death comes to all."
(2225) Cormac: " Aye that it does lad " slipping back into his normal speaH PATTERN
(2225) Cormac: (( ERR speech pattern))
(2231) Joroch: "Of course, I have to plans to go easily into death, it's going to have to pry my blade away from me," he adds with a smile.
(2231) Joroch: (( *no plane ))
(2231) Joroch: (( *no plans ))
** (2225) Cormac getting up and walking around the room a bit getting another ale **
(2225) Cormac: " Well lad Arawn would be glad to embrace ye in your Final moment of peace "
(2231) Joroch: (( I think we are good for someone else to arrive... :-P ))
(2231) Joroch: "I will keep that in mind."
(2225) Cormac: " You do that lad , Want another ale?"
(2231) Joroch: "Not yet. I want to keep wits about me here still."
(2227) Ajaiyah: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (2237) Git , back in the market, spends a while with Pulgh, making some connections and chit-chat, before heading to collect Rynn. He pauses to listen to the tail end of her performance, along with what crowd she has gathered, appluading her professional finish. **
(2225) Cormac: " The other belief of Arawn is one of order ... not just of tthe peace of Arawns embrace"
(2262) DM: (G -- check with Rynn's player because she does more than attract a crowd of onlookers. :) )
(2231) Joroch: "You know, I think you were correct. It seems I almost already whorship Arawn without evening knowing it. At least, his principles."
(2225) Cormac: " Arawn teaches us that there is a law to life and good as well "
(2237) Git: (0.o she's been invited to perform in the forum, and it is special invitation only?)
(2231) Joroch: "Again agreed. There must be a solid structure in order for life to be fruitful."
(2262) DM: (you could say that. :) )
(2225) Cormac: " We should work to increase the order in the world so that the weak are protected and death does not come to anyone before their time on the wheel of life is over"
(2231) Joroch: "And by everyone finding their place in the order of things, life for all is improved greatly."
** (2226) Rynn finishes up her flute playing smiling, pleased at her performace. **
(2225) Cormac: " yes , Joroch I believe you do understand, Perhaps you would like to make your acqaintance with Arawn?"
(2231) Joroch: "I could hear more about him. Obviously there must be more to him than just two simple ideas."
** (2237) Git saunters over to meet her, noting, "Ah.. you're getting better. You were practically the shadow of Hanneman for a moment." :mentioning on of the names he dropped along the walk here. Was he the one who drank cat urine for pitch, or the one who's mother used to sit in on every show in her house dress? hmmm...: **
(2225) Cormac: " True there is more to Arawn , We are protectors of the weak "
** (2231) Joroch sits, listening to Cormac. **
(2225) Cormac: " Guardians of the dead, Hunters of Undead and those who would defile the dead "
(2225) Cormac: " we also seek to prevent those who have ended their turn in the Cycle of life from reentering it "
(2237) Git: "Anyway.. shall we head back to the inn, before you make more friends?" :nodding toward the empty hand guards:
(2262) DM: (so eventually Cormac makes his way to the temple of Taarth)
(2262) DM: (where you find Ajaiyah waiting, suitably disguised)
(2231) Joroch: "But how do you know for sure whether it was someone's proper time or not? Does Awarn always tell you?"
(2231) Joroch: (( we what - I thought we were waiting for a day or two before heading there. ))
** (2226) Rynn nods and takes the hat she had used for a basket and follows Git. **
** (2227) Falkrin makes his way over to Cormac "Bad idea to go in there." **
** (2248) Agatha yawns. "Haven't you any new stories, cleric? **
(2225) Cormac: " Aye if they can be healed and it's not their time he will allow them to be healed by another of the Tuatha De Danaan "
(2265) who (enter): 02:01
(2265) who (exit): 02:01
** (2237) Git heads back toward the inn with Rynn.. once more going into a long disseratation along the way, this time about market place antics, peppered with points of proper haggling ettiquette. **
** (2227) Falkrin is a tallish Orc, with one broken tusk, and the other coming out sideways **
(2231) Joroch: (( Was I wrong about the plan? ))
(2225) Cormac: (( thought we were gonna enter temple tomorrow ?))
(2227) Ajaiyah: (( No I thought we were waiting a few days too, to do a little scouting and prepare the forged documents ))
(2237) Git: (yeah.. thought Ajaiyah was going to scout the place, found her target, forge a letter announcing Cormac's arrival, then go there a day or so later)
(2231) Joroch: (( ok - so Stash, Cormac wouldn't be there, save the warning for a little bit. :-P ))
(2248) Agatha: ((Okay, so who's where doing what now? I'm all befuddled. I know Aggy was at the inn.))
(2231) Joroch: (( Aggy, Joroch, and Cormac are at the inn. Rynn and Git are making there way back there. Ajaiyah will join us at the inn after dark. ))
(2226) Rynn: (( Unless Stash has plans, Git and Rynn are heading back to he Inn. ))
(2231) Joroch: (( unless some of us get captured or something that is... ))
(2248) Agatha: ((Okay good, that's what I thought was going on.))
(2262) DM: ((so I'll assume everyone gets back to the inn and Ajaiyah rejoins you with her findings, cool?))
(2226) Rynn: ((yeah))
(2237) Git: (sounds fine)
(2227) Ajaiyah: (( ya ))
(2225) Cormac: ((cool))
(2231) Joroch: (( ok, we just wanted to make sure everyone touched base before taking off since Cormac was in the middle of trying to convert Joroch. :-P ))
** (2227) Telin enters the Inn just after dark and takes a seat **
** (2226) Rynn thumbs through her hat to count the coins. **
(2262) DM: ((I think Cormac will take a few sessions to work on Joroch unless Z has other plans))
** (2225) Cormac looks up as the others enter " if you want we can talk later about Arawn , Joroch " **
(2231) Joroch: (( Joroch will hear him out. After all, so far he's heard nothing he doesn't agree with. ))
(2231) Joroch: "Very well."
** (2231) Joroch glances at Rynn's stash. "You seemed to have a decent day." **
** (2237) Git gets himself an ale, sits down with the others, "Yeah, our girl's got some talent. Shame ya waste your time as a merc, luv." **
** (2226) Rynn smiles, "It feels great to express one's self. I was given some trouble for playing in public, but it was worth it." **
** (2225) Cormac looks up and offers a silent Prayer to Arawn for guidance and wisdom in helping Joroch see the truth **
(2231) Joroch: "Some trouble?" He looks at Git, "Apparently you warned the wrong person to stay out of trouble."
(2248) Agatha: "I thought you two were supposed to keep a low profile?"
(2237) Git: "Nah... just some people do not properly appreciate the arts."
** (2225) Cormac looks over at Rynn " my teaching Paid off still? " **
** (2226) Rynn nods to Cormac, "I'm going to have to keep practicing." **
** (2227) Telin orders an Ale "Work can be so interesting sometimes. Others, like today, you just wana go be alone and let the world wash over you." ** looks toward the rooms **
** (2225) Cormac looking at Git " our day was productive , yours?" **
(2237) Git: "A bit yes, a bit no." :glances to Telin: "And your findings?"
(2231) Joroch: "Speaking of which, I didn't take any time out this morning, or the past couple weeks of mornings for that matter." Noting Telin's comments though, "Although it seems like it will have to wait a little longer."
(2237) Git: "Meet anyone friendly." :adds some suggestive accent to the last word:
(2231) Joroch: (( that was to Telin Lun? ))
(2225) Cormac: " Got a plan and things we need" he looks at Git , then Looks over at Telin with a puzzled expression
(2227) Telin: "Not at all, too many damn Orkin crawing around this city." ** sighs ** "Cant seem to find an honest person around any more."
(2237) Git: (yeah)
** (2226) Rynn pockets the coins, puts the point back to the hat and puts it on. **
(2237) Git: "Tell me about it.." :snickers: "Find a good target temple at least?"
** (2227) Telin looks around a little puzzled "I hear Taarth has the most active Temple in the city." **
(2237) Git: :nods: "Lets hope they're everything they're cracked up to be. What about that letter we discussed earlier." :looks between Telin and Cormac, keeping his words purposely vague: "The matter sorted yet?"
(2225) Cormac: " not yet , perhaps we can discuss it in private?"
(2237) Git: "Alright."
(2227) Telin: "Ya, the letter wont be needed. I found out the person we were going to contact is no longer in with the living."
** (2237) Git raises a brow to Telin **
** (2225) Cormac a shocked expression crosses his face and then one of righteous anger " was it on purpose?" **
** (2227) Telin motions to Cormac to calm down "It wasnt of natural causes." **
** (2248) Agatha watches the latest twist with mild interest. **
** (2225) Cormac makes a Silent Prayer to Arawn to be allowed to bring Vengeance down upon the killers **
(2231) Joroch: "What did happen?" Joroch dares to ask, but quietly.
(2225) Cormac: " If the Temple is busy perhaps we still need to partake of it's services " he looks at the others and at Git intently
** (2227) Telin looks to Git, then leans back in his chair and rolls his head toward the room **
** (2237) Git nods to Telin and stands to head for the privacy of their room. **
** (2226) Rynn stands and follows the two. **
** (2231) Joroch looks to Git, wondering if they should all try to squeeze into the room of some of them remain downstairs. **
(2231) Joroch: (( *or if some ))
** (2227) Telin flips two gold coins on to the table, before headding to the rooms **
** (2225) Cormac watching the others shrugs his shoulders and looks to Joroch for Guidance **
(2227) Telin: (( Our room have a window? ))
** (2237) Git nods to Joroch to follow. **
** (2231) Joroch stands up and nudges Cormac on the way to have him follow as well. **
** (2231) Joroch then follows behind Git and the others after a moment, making sure they don't clog up the hallway. **
(2262) DM: ((yes))
** (2225) Cormac follows Joroch as he moves upstairs **
(2262) DM: ((it's also on the 2nd floor, facing east))
(2237) Git: "Alright.. what happened?"
(2262) DM: ((going to stop in 10 min as Diarmadhim is interested in joining))
** (2231) Joroch closes the door once the entire goup has entered. He then leans against the door helping ensure that it stays closed. **
** (2227) Telin looks around one those that are coming crowd into the room **
** (2227) Telin holds her finger upto her mouth motioning for silence **
** (2226) Rynn stands next to the window, leaning on the wall. **
** (2225) Cormac finds a place to sit comfortably and waits **
(2262) DM: (if you see an NPC talking, assume it's taking place elsewhere and offstage)
(2227) Telin: "Ok.." ** motions for those who want to hear ** "The Temple of Taarth is non existent, full of Orcs and Undead. The other two are abandond."
(2262) Talakara: "They've entered into some kind of stasis chamber that's blocking my divination."
(2262) Najardac: "Well, by all that's bloody, can't you get around it?"
(2262) Talakara: "If I could, don't you think I'd have done it by now?" (snaps)
(2237) Git: "Interesting revelation. No one in the public has noticed?"
(2262) Uroz: "Patience. Let them savor this minor victory for now. In the meantime, you should prepare the spirit-wraith."
(2227) Telin: "They seem to be keeping up outside appearances, but I am guessing that anyone who enters vanishes, so word cant spread other then to avoid going to service."
(2237) Git: "Heh.. finally my habit of skipping temple services pays off. Do you know who is in charge of the operation?"
(2226) Rynn: "This town doesn't seem the type to turn to faith, that wouldn't be to many people vanashing."
(2262) Uroz: "The corpus magicka will soon run out if preparations are not begun underway to prevent its rot. Time waits for no one, not even those practiced in the arcane arts."
(2227) Telin: "No, once I spoted the undead I left to check out the other two."
(2237) Git: ".. which were abandoned?"
** (2225) Cormac at the metion of undead sit up listening intently **
** (2231) Joroch looks to Cormac. "So, what does Arawn think of undead running around?" **
(2227) Telin: "I didnt do any deep exploring, but they were not full of Orkin and undead."
(2262) Uroz: "Isn't that right, my dear?" (turns to the shadowed figure in the room, who steps forward)
(2225) Cormac: " An abomination to be detroyed and those who raised them punished"
(2226) Rynn: "The dead should stay dead I imagine. There is little worse the desgracing those who have passed on."
(2231) Joroch: "Another point of agreement," he says with a smile.
(2237) Git: "Hmmm..." :rubs his chin in thought.:
(2227) Telin: "The Undead have their uses, though they are harder to sneek past, which makes them good guards."
** (2262) Selene waits a moment and then lets a slow smile spread across her face as she looks at each member of the Nine Council assembled in the little chamber. "Yes. Begin at once. This I command, in the name of the Lord of the Dark." **
(2231) Joroch: (( drumroll for the reveal that is about to happen - OOC of course... ))
(2237) Git: "What I wouldn't give to call in a force of holy exorcists to teleport in from other cities. Wish I had a way to do that." :shurgs: "Ah well..guess we'll have to make due with what we have."
(2227) Telin: "So, Temples and posibly locating Dame Gold or the test?"
(2225) Cormac: " I say Temples "
(2231) Joroch: "I wouldn't mind a chance to loosen my sword arm up on some undead beasts first either."
** (2227) Telin looks to Git **
(2248) Agatha: "You know for all the undead we find, we never see that many holy soldiers. Wonder why that is?"
(2237) Git: "Hmm.. I wonder if there are any tunnel connections to that temple. Going through the front door is just asking for trouble. And it gives them time to brad the Dame, if they have her, as a hostage. Alternative entrance would be preferable, if we were to enter."
(2225) Cormac: " It is a hard calling Lass , but one I foloow "
(2225) Cormac: ((FOLLOW))
(2231) Joroch: (( Welcome to OpenRPG, where typos are a must. ))
(2237) Git: "I wonder if the library has construction plans on the temples. If not, the Empty Hand may know a way in."
(2227) Telin: "They may be, I didnt feel like exploring too deeply alone. Not good practice when your target is potentialy the Nine."
(2225) Cormac: (( Just suffer from finger dyslexia))
(2262) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
(2231) Joroch: "Understandable enough. So, when should we visit?"
(2231) Joroch: (( doh - not quite fast enough.... ))
(2262) DM: (I'll get your thoughts in, but we're almost out of time)
Attempting to DISABLE moderation in the current room...
Server Administrator-> This channel is now unmoderated
(2262) DM: (so I just want to get a sense of what's going on -- you want to do the temple of Taarth, but when? the day after? or do you want to do something else in the interim? KIM you don't need to be endlessly adventuring especially if some of you have plans on doing stuff in the city)
(2262) DM: (we can discuss this via e-mail)
(2262) DM: Diar, you can talk now
(2262) TaliesinNYC: and this time, Zane got the last word in
(2262) TaliesinNYC: so there =P
(2257) Diarmadhim: kk
(2231) Zane: Yay! :-P
(2257) Diarmadhim: Hi all :)
(2226) Rynn: Hi
(2225) Cormac: Hi
(2257) Diarmadhim: Congrats Zane, I take it that's a rarity?
(2231) Zane: Hey
(2262) TaliesinNYC: I will start work on a map of Highport, probably this weekend
(2237) Git: (oh, heck yeah. I'm already getting fun little delusions of grandeur in this city. ;p Aside from that, not decided yet what to do next. If the Temple issue sems absolutely urgent, that may be the first stop. Though, if the seal can be pulled off quickly, and I might have rough idea for that, might go that route to snag aid from the Empty hand before delving the temple dungeon))
(2231) Zane: Actually, not really. It depends on which game it is. I just like doing it, and no one else seems to care.
(2262) TaliesinNYC: OOC, the seal will take a couple of sessions to resolve
(2262) TaliesinNYC: Mordus told you that you could use help in passing his little test
(2262) TaliesinNYC: so that means you can take all of the PCs along if you like
(2231) Zane: Wait - I thought Mordus didn't know of the test, it was Shayla's idea.
(2262) TaliesinNYC: Shayla introduced the idea to Mordus
(2237) Git: eh, raiding the thief HQ is so passe though. ;p
(2231) Zane: Ahhh
(2262) TaliesinNYC: who approved it
(2231) Zane: Rob - now you have to remember what you saw on your flight for a whole week...
(2226) Rob: Have it saved in a node
(2226) Rob: I can always check again, sorcerers are awesome like that
(2231) Zane: lol
(2226) Rob: I mean, how many of you did I get flying and invisable?
(2231) Zane: four
(2231) Zane: So you can do it four times, at least, on yourself.
(2226) Rob: Rynn'll get around to telling you sometimes
(2226) Rob: When she feels like it.
(2226) Rob: Or someone asks.
(2226) Rob: Sooo....there was an interested guy?
(2231) Zane: Oh yes - back to him.
(2257) Diarmadhim: That's me, just reading what ya'll are saying :)
(2262) TaliesinNYC: yeah, he and I have been talking via TS while the game was running
(2226) Rob: Ahh
(2257) Diarmadhim: Seems like the game is almost solely driven by the players. Am I correct?
(2237) Git: And Fueled by Scotch!
(2226) Rob: It's a good balance
(2231) Zane: Basically. Although every once in a while the hand of the DM decends.
(2226) Rob: We don't really choose the scenerios, but we have a lot of freedom on how to go about dealing with them
(2257) Diarmadhim: Scotch eh? Haven't been a fan since the last big Michigan Aflac party in 2004.
(2231) Zane: and we actually have a few choices of what scenario to do at most points in time.
(2225) Cormac: I am not one to ask I just joined , this is my 2nd session
(2257) Diarmadhim: Then you're one of the better ones to hear from :) How ya liking it?
(2225) Cormac: I am having a great time
(2257) Diarmadhim: better ones to hear from... Phrased that wrong! You're one that it will be good to hear from since I hope to be in the same boat
(2225) Cormac: actually the first 3.5 game I am enjoying
(2226) Rob: I've been in the group for...wow, half a year. O_O
(2237) Git: good to here John.. and we haven't even really pulled you deeply into the story yet
(2257) Diarmadhim: That's a long time too :)
(2237) Git: hear even*
(2225) Cormac: I am a old school 1st edition/ with some adds from second edition
(2225) Cormac: Gamer
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: Campaign has been running since 2003 or 4? I dont remember is was so long ago =P
(2231) Zane: I've actually only been in the game about 4 months, but been playing under Stash there for... damn, how many years has it been now?
(2231) Zane: It must have been 03, I think I started playing in Sept of 04
(2262) TaliesinNYC: October 2003
(2225) Cormac: I have enjoyed being able to run with a chaire idea and be able to work it into an established group , and so far it seems to be meshing quite well
(2262) TaliesinNYC: you're in the Sat game
(2231) Zane: And Damorsil started Aug that year, yes?
(2262) TaliesinNYC: correct
(2262) TaliesinNYC: you began when the PCs were in Highkeep, prior to Castle Amber
(2226) Rob: I'm surprised at how well Rynn is doing in the group.
(2226) Rob: But enough about that, any other questions for the players of this campaign?
(2231) Zane: Yeah, I remember that. It took two years real time to get two weeks in game to pass for the characters.
(2231) Zane: At least, it seemed that way. :-P
(2262) TaliesinNYC: its gotten better
(2262) TaliesinNYC: Diar should ask the players ?s
(2231) Zane: Oh yes, getting off topic. Sorry about that.
(2237) Git: quite true, the pacing has really picked up since then.
(2257) Diarmadhim: Erm - sorry the whole prospective interviewing the group is new to me :)
(2257) Diarmadhim: I'm learning a lot though by the tangents.
(2237) Git: That's okay.. no pressure.
(2237) Git: -2 points for inexperience
(2257) Diarmadhim: The group seems to mesh really well. No jerks - which is nice :) Nothing like arguing with someone over the internet to make you feel silly.
(2231) Zane: Yeah - you can see this is a very long running game. So, we want to make sure players are a good match for the game style, thus why we have the "interview".
(2226) Rob: It's a long process to get into this campaign. But if it's right for you, you will do fine. It's just long. Sooo, you really want to know what you're getting into.
(2257) Diarmadhim: Defin
(2257) Diarmadhim: *Definitely
(2231) Zane: No jerks? Hmm, he hasn't gotten to know us at all, has he Lun?
(2231) Zane: :-P
(2257) Diarmadhim: Was in the Navy so I'm betting our definitions of jerks are very different ;)
(2248) Agatha: That he has not, meatbag.
(2231) Zane: lol - quite true
(2237) Git: PLus, deep DEEP immersion role playing.. for some people. Some characters can be jerks, even if the players are nice .
(2257) Diarmadhim: Nothing wrong with that.
(2231) Joroch: meatbag? I thought it was meathead. Darn woman, how can I keep up with all your pet names for me?
(2237) Git: ^_^ remember you said that
(2257) Diarmadhim: I played the most jacked up Black Robe in DL ever on a NWN server
(2257) Diarmadhim: DLROH.
(2226) Rob: Although the heavy roleplaying, which you pretty much saw, is not at the expense of combat. When there is combat it hits ya hard.
(2248) Gatz: Oy
(2226) Rob: So this is in no way a one or the other scenerio.
(2257) Diarmadhim: So many questions one might have are already answered just due to the longevity of the campaign.
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: Ya, which I like because it means the combat means something and isnt just filler for lack of story
(2257) Diarmadhim: It's obvious the content is there - or else it still wouldn't be going. DM must be tolerable or else he'd find himself constantly in need of players.
(2231) Zane: Aye - and the obvious candor of the players answers another whole set of typical questions.
(2226) Rob: If you come up with any questions I'm sure you could email them to stash (NYC) and he could forward it to the group.
(2257) Diarmadhim: Exactly, so when you look at it there really are rather few questions left to ask.
(2226) Rob: But I have practice swinging sharp objects at 10 until 12 this morning
(2257) Diarmadhim: Most of those the wiki have answered. What the wiki doesn't, the logs probably will.
(2226) Rob: so I need to get some rest
(2257) Diarmadhim: Have fun :)
(2226) Rob: Oh it is
(2257) Diarmadhim: Swinging sharp objects... Fencer?
(2262) TaliesinNYC: bye Rob
(2237) Git: how much do you know about the group and camp beyond what you sat in for tonight, btw?"
(2226) Rob: Gumdo
(2226) Rob: Korean katana fighting
(2257) Diarmadhim: Sweet.
(2231) Zane: Oh, they answer a lot, but you will still have questions - I just about gau-ron-tee.
(2226) Rob: night!
(2226) Rob: Disconnecting from server...
(2226) Rob (exit): 03:23
(2231) Zane: g'night
(2257) Diarmadhim: Low magic. You need meatshields ;)
(2237) Git: we got aggy and joroch for that. But could always use another
(2257) Diarmadhim: You have a Barb/Ftr, Hvy Ftr of sorts, rog/rgr, rog, sorc, and priest
(2231) Zane: Can't have too many.
(2231) Zane: basically, yes
(2248) Gatz: No we just need enough casters to fill up the pit traps so we can walk over them. ;P
(2225) Cormac: hey now
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: the second rogues would be closer to rog/sorc =P
(2231) Zane: lol
(2257) Diarmadhim: What do you each feel is the most important aspect in choosing a gaming group?
(2225) Cormac: at least wait till I kill the undead lol
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: Combatibility with the group and material
(2237) Git: breast size
(2231) Zane: For me - getting along with the players and DM. It's amazing how many other potentials problems are cleared up when that happens.
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: If you dont get along with the group and wont really enjoy the material. You wont last long in the group
(2225) Cormac: the Dm and the group then the story
(2231) Zane: And judging by the group, Git needs a non-existant breast size.
(2257) Diarmadhim: lol
(2237) Git: ^_^
(2225) Cormac: have played and had good times if the Dm and group were good even if the story wasn't top notch
(2257) Diarmadhim: Oh and Git, I don't know a lot yet. I've only managed to skim through the wiki so far. I do have a Bob idea in mind though.
(2237) Git: yeah, this game is like that. It's a good group we've gotten comfortable with. But the story is still going good.
(2257) Diarmadhim: I saw TaliesinNYC response to my post while you all were gaming so I figured I'd hop on and check it out a bit.
(2248) Gatz: Good story mainly, which players and DM contribute to. If the story is lacking, there better be a good system in place.
(2257) Diarmadhim: Is there enough room for you to develop your character? Like really flesh them out?
(2225) Cormac: thats what I was doing tonight
(2257) Diarmadhim: While every now and then I find it nice to have a good fight - I really enjoy doing something unique with my characters. Giving them goals and aspirations that they strive for.
(2237) Git: Depends on your own level of involvement, I'd say. Only get back what you put in, ya know?
(2257) Diarmadhim: K, wanted to know if the chance was there.
(2231) Zane: yeah - I'm still fleshing Joroch out, and I believe Rob is still doing the same for Rynn. So - yes.
(2248) Gatz: Yup. Definitely have had the option.
(2257) Diarmadhim: Okay, good.
(2237) Git: For instance, I'm already plotting Git's mercantile career in Highport, should the others and Stash go along with it. Could be fun.
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: Ya there is deffinently the option. My last char (This one is only 2 sessions old) was well developed and had reach a point I felt it was time to end them, and was finaly given a situation I felt was a good way to do so.
(2257) Diarmadhim: Good stuff. I've actually had a character become a merchant / farmer / vineyard owner before in a campa
(2257) Diarmadhim: Opened it up and gave the GM ideas for sessions
(2231) Zane: And no one saw him do it! :-)
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: That was the best part IMHO
(2237) Git: cool
(2248) Gatz: Aggy was just an angry, anti-heroic type at first. I think by Zayal, she fell into something more noble. Currently, the stakes have been upped so she might regress or start slipping into darker territory.
(2231) Zane: Mine too - Joroch is still kinda pissed at Kha because of what he led them to, since he doesn't know what really happened.
(2237) Git: Well, Gautum, dark territory could be fun. ;p
(2231) Zane: Diarmadhim - in your post you said you prefer voice chat. We have a server but don't really use it regularly, how important is voice chat to you?
(2257) Diarmadhim: It's more to help me focus
(2248) Gatz: Yeah, but it would most likely involve "volunteering" comrades for suicide missions.
(2257) Diarmadhim: The wife hates it though - so if I don't use it she'd be happy (which means I'd be happy too)
(2231) Zane: lol
(2231) Zane: I just figured I'd ask while we had you here.
(2237) Git: Not necessarily G... that's what you hire fodder for.
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: Ya, I have had the TS server running for a little over a year, and 2 weeks ago is the first time we used it =P
(2257) Diarmadhim: Yeah, I like it. I'm just easily distracted at times so I have to make sure I don't have music playing or the tv on or anything :)
(2257) Diarmadhim: On your Sunday game right?
(2237) Git: Nothing spells lovin' like civilian casualties.
(2257) Diarmadhim: Isn't that Forgotten Realms?
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: Ya
(2248) Gatz: Okay, I think I'm gonna call it a night. I've been kinda drained all day.
(2257) Diarmadhim: I actually think the typed form will be better for me anyways. We can save these, right?
(2257) Diarmadhim: I have a horrible memory so being able to go back through and read it would help 8^D
(2257) Diarmadhim: G'night Gatz.
(2231) Zane: Yep - a couple of us have it set to automatically save the entire thing even.
(2231) Zane: g'night
(2248) Gatz: laterz
(2262) TaliesinNYC: later G
(2248) Gatz: Disconnecting from server...
(2248) Gatz (exit): 03:40
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: I think the TS server would be best utilized for quick DM questions instead of whispering him in game. Any character actions and such are better to be in the chat so we have a log of everything. :)
(2231) Zane: it also worked for a quick list of rumor topics, that could then be emailed out later for record. But it saves the DM having to type them all up.
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: Ya
(2225) Cormac has sent you a tree node...
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: well I am off to sleep. See ya tomarrow
(2262) TaliesinNYC: nite DJ
(2227) Dj Gilcrease: Disconnecting from server...
(2227) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 03:42
(2225) Cormac: any other questions?
(2231) Zane: If you do have any that pop up - feel free to email. Stash likes to get tons of questions?
(2262) TaliesinNYC: lol
(2257) Diarmadhim: Not really, I think the majority I had were self-evident and the others I asked were enough for me.
(2231) Zane: If you do have any that pop up - feel free to email. Stash likes to get tons of questions...
(2257) Diarmadhim: haha, okay.
(2231) Zane: But seriously, he always is more than willing to answer them, or to send them to rest of the group to answer.
(2257) Diar: I'll be sure to ask if any pop into my head.
(2237) Git: and we will answer you at unnecessary length and unwanted honesty
(2231) Zane: k - I'm heading out as well then. See you all later.
(2225) Cormac: night
(2231) Zane: Outta here.
(2231) Zane (exit): 03:46
(2237) Git: ok, I'll tyope up some ideas later or tommorrow to run by yall. Till then. cya
(2257) Diar: take care
(2237) Git: Disconnecting from server...
(2237) Lunauc (exit): 03:46
(2225) Cormac: well unless there is anything else I will see ya guys later
(2257) Diar: Nothing I can think of :)
(2257) Diar: Have fun.
(2225) Cormac: you too
(2225) Cormac (exit): 03:48
(2257) Diar: Actually, is the campaign predominantly Lawful, Chaotic, Good, or Evil?
(2262) TaliesinNYC: good question
(2262) TaliesinNYC: all the PCs are generally good to neutral
(2262) TaliesinNYC: weighted to good
(2257) Diar: hmm, k.
(2262) TaliesinNYC: there's a good balance across the ethical spectrum
(2262) TaliesinNYC: the moral spectrum is G or N
(2262) TaliesinNYC: evil alignments are not allowed
(2257) Diar: Thought I had read that, just wasn't sure about the players.
(2262) TaliesinNYC: ?
(2257) Diar: I really don't have many questions bud.
(2257) Diar: I do have a rough outline of a Bob though if you're interested.
(2262) TaliesinNYC: the nature of the storyline is such that a PC with an evil alignment would be wrong for the game
(2257) Diar: What about a PC that was generally self-interested that didn't like to see others wronged too greatly?
(2262) TaliesinNYC: its not in the best interest of either the group or the game for evil aligned PCs to enter the game
(2257) Diar: Someone shoving a kid he'd accept - but a grown man decking a kid would call for a buttkicking type thing?
(2262) TaliesinNYC: I won't tell you how to RP your character or what he or she can't do, but evil alignments are not allowed.
(2257) Diar: Chaotic Neutral of sorts
(2262) TaliesinNYC: I don't read the Bobs
(2257) Diar: Really?
(2257) Diar: Whom does?
(2262) TaliesinNYC: e-mail me the Bob and I'll forward it to the players
(2257) Diar: the others?
(2257) Diar: kk
(2262) TaliesinNYC: the players will rate your Bob and vote
(2257) Diar: So you're interested in my Bob then? If not, let me know :)
(2262) TaliesinNYC: its up to you, really
(2257) Diar: Overall with the questioning and such tonight how would you rate me?
(2262) TaliesinNYC: if you're interested in joining, please send me the Bob and we'll take it from there
(2257) Diar: kk
(2257) Diar: So it was more of an introduction :) A prelude if you will.
(2257) Diar: lol, junk happens :) You pick up and move along.
(2257) Diar: kk
(2257) Diar: *ok
(2257) Diar: Sorry, trying to keep it down - wife and girls are sleeping.
(2257) Diar: Definitely understood.
(2257) Diar: It's nice to hear a DM admit that.
(2262) TaliesinNYC: CN is okay. I will ask you to define the alignment according to your viewpoint
(2257) Diar: What level does a new player start out at compared to the rest of the party?
(2262) TaliesinNYC: 10th
(2257) Diar: I wouldn't be my Bob - but I'd probably have some aspects put in there. The way I look at it, part of making a character believable is by putting a little of you in each one you create.
(2257) Diar: kk
(2257) Diar: [1d6] => [2] = (2)
(2257) Diar: [4d6] => [1,5,6,2] = (14)
(2262) TaliesinNYC: so if you don't have any more ?s for me, I'm going to go play some EQ2 then bed
(2257) Diar: haha, k. Take care :)
(2262) TaliesinNYC: SobaAddict70 at gmail dot com is my e-mail address
(2262) TaliesinNYC: take care
(2257) Diar: Gonna hit the sack and work on Bob in the morning. Saw that in the wiki :)

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