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(1) DM: So, does anyone need a recap or are we all set?
(9) Sarrim: I suppose I can pick up as we go along
(10) Vrondard: think we are at the beginning of a new story series
(8) Git: just need to know where we're at
(10) Vrondard: so there is no-recap
(4) Kha: We are picking up after the meeting with the king right?
(10) Vrondard: just history
(10) Vrondard: yeah there was a bit of a time warp here
(10) Vrondard: we went from A to C to B and now we are ending C and going to D
(2) Gilman: Well, we stopped at the citadel with us having just reappeared there after getting the mouse, but then later that night was the session you guys had before with the king
(1) DM: right. heheh. Well, you have your meeting with His Majesty later that evening.
(9) Sarrim: There it is again!
(9) Sarrim: DM, that laugh is unsettling
(1) DM: And there is that unfinished piece of business with Umbra, if you want to follow up on that. And an invitation to the Royal Ball the following evening.
(9) Sarrim: Shall we go in that order then?
(10) Vrondard: and as I remember... the Kings homely daughter took a fancy to Git and after the Royal Ball the King is going to annouce their engagement right?
** (4) Kha is going to The Tower of Knowledge to finish his reserch while he has a day or two **
(8) Git: eh?
(9) Sarrim: Ahh...Sweet love, eh Git? Eh, eh?
(8) Git: oh, and we have the cult to deal with
(1) DM: No, I don't think so, especially considering that Ayyers has no wife, and therefore, no heir.
(1) DM: not yet anyway, muahahah.
(8) Git: hai, but maybe I can hit on his new fiance
(10) Vrondard: bah go ahead and ruind my fun
(1) DM: all right. Anyone else have unfinished business before we skip right to the ball?
(9) Sarrim: No particularly...Ball it is then. OH!
(8) Git: just the routine, check on umbra, set up his contests... if I can still do them
(10) Vrondard: agatha might want to kick my ass since she doesnt know a dwarven complement from a human putdown
(9) Sarrim: Could Gareth identify that thing I found? The mail? See if there's anything special to it?
(1) DM: ok
(4) Kha: ((we gona need fancy clothing for the ball?))
(1) DM: ((yes))
(1) DM: What about Umbra?
** (4) Kha will go buy some fancy clothing for the ball then **
(8) Git: check on her, make sure she's alright
** (10) Vrondard will buy no fancy clothing whatsoever **
(8) Git: they left her at the siren, right?
(9) Sarrim: I'd like to go about her...But wasn't that what the king's meeting was about?
(1) DM: She really is not a child. You manage to spy on the "foundling" and see that she indeed has horns, hooves and a well-concealed tail. Still acts like a child however.
(1) DM: She appears much like a daemonic halfling.
(9) Sarrim: Well...That's...Disturbing
(13) Agatha: Yup. Ain't she just precious?
(1) DM: The Magister did warn you that the foundling wasn't exactly human to begin with. (heh)
(9) Sarrim: Are we meeting with her right now then?
(9) Sarrim: Or just giving her a cursory glance on the way to the ball?
(1) DM: well, I think Git wants to do something, so if you could let me know who exactly will be going with Git, that'd be great.
(8) Git: Yeah, just a stop through the freakshow.
** (2) Gilman will wear his Cleric's Vestments to the Ball **
(9) Sarrim: Well, I'll accompany Git...Since I promised to help the innkeep out and all
(10) Vrondard: ((think Git is going for rummaging thru her underwear drawer))
(8) Git: nah, I was just saying that up until the ball he'd be taking care of the daily stuff to get his contests ready
(1) DM: ok
(1) DM: Kha? What exactly do you want to know?
(4) Kha (whispering): How much do I have to spend on my fancy clothing, so I can take it off my char sheet
** (10) Vrondard couldnt give a hoot about anything unless there are some free drinks to guzzle **
(13) Agatha: ((well with regards to the child, I'll tag along.))
whispering to Kha, 200 cr
(9) Sarrim (whispering): I need to know...Was the using of my remove disease in the trial still used for the week? Or did it replenish when the trial was over?
whispering to Sarrim, no
whispering to Sarrim, not used
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Alright
(4) Kha: The studying? or the Buying cloths part? Studying I was reserching what ever I could on the Isle of the oracle, The aspects of Oneiros, and his son who rund or lives on the isle of the Oracle
(1) DM: (studying)
(1) DM: hm, ok
(1) DM: Oneiros' Aspects number six. You already know their names and what they translate to, but I can provide that if you want it again.
(4) Kha: You said I was 1/3rd of the way dont before we started the dungon delving things
(1) DM: right
(4) Kha: No I have that I was more looking for info on the exact meaning of what the oracle in town told me and info on the isle so I am prepared when I go there
(1) DM: Teleute rarely appears as a mortal, but when she does, it's usually as an extremely beautiful woman of whatever race the viewer belongs to, with black hair and white or an extremely pale complexion.
(10) Vrondard: ((woo hoo... sexy black beard... thats hot!))
(1) DM: She appears once a century to take on mortal form, the better to understand the lives she takes.
(1) DM: 'Tis dangerous to seek out Olethros, for doing so will cause ye to be much changed in the seeking and in the resolution. Those who accompany ye in your quest may end up dead or beyond recovery.
(1) DM: Aponoia can only be sought after sacrificing whatever it is that you truly hold dear.
(1) DM: To seek out Mania is to drag yourself to the edge of oblivion and to remain there, on the border between sanity and lunacy.
(1) DM: Potmos is unapproachable, except in one place where 'tis said the god of Destiny regularly visits -- the Mirror of Destiny, an Imperial shrine in the heart of dread Mel Nethra, in the heart of the Mel'Cendian Empire.
** (10) Vrondard will search out dwarven society in town if he has more than 3 hours of free time **
(10) Vrondard: (take about 2 hours just to say hello and goodbye))
(1) DM: ((ok))
(1) DM: (hold on brb)
(10) Vrondard: He's tempted to go to a wig shop and get a chin-wig for Agatha
(1) TaliesinNYC: ((bio break))
(10) Vrondard: ((even if its not... call it a PissBreak))
(10) Vrondard: ((Bio Break sounds much to serious))
(9) Sarrim: (I think he meant food)
(10) Vrondard: ((then it would be Food Run))
(9) Sarrim: (*Shrugs*
(9) Sarrim: )
(10) Vrondard: ((or everyone's favorite.. "Pizza Man is at the door"))
(13) Agatha: ((You do and you'll get such a pinch. And not the good kind either.))
(10) Vrondard: ((he has no amorous designs... its more like dwarf-respect))
(13) Agatha: ((Knowing Agatha, what do you think would happen if you handed her a beard?))
(2) Gilman: ((I saw her swinging that axe at those Ogres, I wouldn't want to be on the recieving end...))
(10) Vrondard: ((bad things... why he isnt bringing it back.. he has a little wisdom))
(10) Vrondard: ((she'd look awesome though))
(13) Agatha: ((lol))
(10) Vrondard: ((Ogres, goblins and orcs would be terrified of her))
(9) Sarrim: (All things...Including trees, look awesome with beards, to a dwarf)
(1) DM: (back)
(2) Gilman: (( lol))
(10) Vrondard: ((she'd be the tallest Dwarf they ever saw))
(13) Agatha: ((Agatha, the bearded nutcrusher))
(1) DM: (something s wrong with my keyboard> have to go sort it out< so brb in a few)
(9) Sarrim: ( =( )
(10) Vrondard: ((think of the stories they would tell around the goblin pit))
(4) Kha: ((Just bang it on the table a few times, that normaly fixes mine))
(9) Sarrim: (Try pressing the insert button...Sometimes that clears some things up)
(10) Vrondard: ((you having trouble typing... that happens to me.. its a software snafu))
(4) Kha: ((Thats thinking any goblins would live to tell about her there Vrond
(2) Gilman: (( DON'T spill a can of coke on it, it doesn't help any... I know form experience))
(10) Vrondard: ((she might not get them all before they ran away))
(1) TaliesinNYC: the thing is i have win xp installed and my caps lock key is pressed but its lower case
(9) Sarrim: (Are you kidding? I feed my keyboard a fine chardonay every night, and it love me like no other thing)
(1) TaliesinNYC: and when i select stuff with a mouse< it selects everything
(1) TaliesinNYC: i"m trying to figure out how to get it back to it"s previous configuration
(4) Kha: One of your shift keys is stuck down probably
(2) Gilman: ((ah, don't have much experience with XP sorry stuck with 2k))
(1) TaliesinNYC: no it isn"t
(1) TaliesinNYC: hm
(9) Sarrim: (2k is nothing to be stuck with...I'd rather have a good 2k than XP...Though it would be a close call between XP Pro and 2k)
(1) TaliesinNYC: interesting
(10) Vrondard: ((well if you need to tell us SHUT UP!))
(13) Agatha: ((Apparantly, milk doesn't hurt too bad. However, it does leave a permanant stain on LCD screens. People still rip on my roomate, because the stain looks like certain bodily fluids.))
(10) Vrondard: ((we will figure it out even in lowercase))
(1) DM: ok shut up
(9) Sarrim: (Ew)
(4) Kha: ((tmi))
(1) DM: heh, alright. basically Kha, you manage to discover more cryptic verses about Oneiros and his aspects. (hush folks)
(1) DM: in short, here they are, along with a few explanations.
(13) Agatha: ((His story of milk sounds less convincing in that light.))
(1) DM: Death (Teleute) appears once every century or so, in mortal form, the better to understand those she takes when individuals die. During this day, no deaths occur, but no births occur, and no deaths CAN occur. Undead are held in stasis whilst Death is mortal.
(1) DM: Despair (Aponoia) exists in a hall of mirrors, a euphemism for the mirrors of our souls. You can only seek Despair after what you desire has been sacrificed. Sacrifice what you truly hold dear, and Despair shall come to you.
(1) DM: Mania (Delirium) cannot be sought out except by those who are truly insane or hold on to some shred of their former selves. You cannot speak to Delirium without being like her in some aspect, some way, or risk losing your mind forever.
(1) DM: Destruction (Olethros) is the most dangerous of all of Oneiros' Aspects to seek out. If you dare, at least half the people you know or come into contact with will be destroyed or changed in some manner.
(1) DM: Destiny (Potmos) cannot be sought out on the mortal or the Celestial plane, except in one place where the mortal realm touches the Celestial plane of Sul: The Mirror of Destiny, a shrine dedicated to Potmos, in the center of dread Mel Nethra, the capital of the Mel'Cendian Empire.
(1) DM: Desire (Epithumia) is the least dangerous of Oneiros' Aspects, but also the most unpredicatable. What you desire is not what you desire at this moment, but rather what you thought you desired a moment ago. To speak with Desire is a dangerous thing, for he/she can make you want everything without ever getting anything. Seek Desire only by seeking nothing and wanting nothing.
(1) DM: As for the son of Oneiros, he is called by many names, but the one that most mortals remember him by is Orphe, otherwise known as Orpheus. Orpheus is the Lord of Songs as his father is known as the Prince of Stories and the Lord of Dreams. The ultimate test you will face in seeking the Oracle will be to sing a song or compose a tune that he has never heard before and that shall never be heard again.
(1) DM: The dangers posed by the Isle of the Oracle are many, and are meant to deter the casual seeker or those whose heart is not true. Besides the physical obstacles imposed by Nature herself (i.e. weather and storms), you wil have to surmount a maze of shifting coral reefs, schools of piranha and tiger sharks that surround the isle and a tribe of sea elves that have sworn to defend the Isle from unwanted intruders.
(1) DM: Landing on the Isle only begins your test. You will have to best the Bacchae, warriors dedicated to Epithumia who desire nothing but the defense of Orphe, and who desire nothing but your death.
(1) DM: Actually, the tests that you speak of will be solved once you land on the Isle. Your first test will be with the warriors of Epithumia, the Bacchae. The key to their defeat lies in defeating Desire at her own game.
(1) DM: Your second test involves confronting Aponoia's mortal representative on this plane. Her representative is none other than a banshee, a creature of true despair.
(1) DM: Your third test is that of Olethros. You must best the Lord of Destruction in single combat, unaided by your own skills and wits and one item that you may bring to this test.
(1) DM: Your fourth test is not a test but a respite for the tests to come. This will be your second meeting with Potmos. If you have bested Potmos in your first meeting, you may ask him any number of questions of your own choosing, and he will answer you correctly, but be warned that those answers will not come to pass unless you commit to the actions that result in them, in the first place.
(1) DM: Your fifth test is that of Despair. You can only defeat Despair by being at peace with yourself.
(14) GM-Bubba (enter): 22:36
(13) Agatha: Or was it my dry-cleaning bill?
(14) GM-Bubba (whispering): hi full up?
(1) DM: Your sixth test will be a meeting with Death herself. And although you cannot best Teleute, the challenge she offers you will be for you to live life as herself, to see if you possess the wit and wisdom to speak with Dream.
(1) DM: Your last test you have already learned. And when you have won, you will be asked to make a payment. If you accept that payment, the Lord of Song will speak or prophesy truly, without confusion, without mystery, without secret, anything you desire to hear, without fail.
(13) Agatha (whispering): Sorry, Stan. Forgot to hit the whisper that time.
whispering to GM-Bubba, yes, but feel free to lurk if you want
(14) GM-Bubba (whispering): thx
(1) DM: (and I'm sure you're more confused this time around lol)
(10) Vrondard: ((nah this clears everything up))
(10) Vrondard: ((orginally we had thought we could win and survive))
(10) Vrondard: ((now we dont have to mess with silly thoughts like that))
(14) GM-Bubba (exit): 22:41
(4) Kha: ((Not realy, go to the isle pass tests speak with the son of my god. and he will anwser me truly or prophcy for me))
(10) Vrondard: ((and just commence with "you are going to your doom" & "all hope is lost" scenarios))
(2) Gilman: (( wow you make it sound pretty easy...))
(4) Kha: ((Simple question simple quest right :p ))
(9) Sarrim: (I have five bucks that says Kha's journey is Dante's Inferno, without the angel)
(1) DM: ((right. heh.))
(9) Sarrim: (Not literally, mind you, but in the sense of the thing you're getting yourself into there, Kha)
(1) DM: ((in other words, it's really easy. All you have to do is go to Mel Nethra, make it in alive, go to the temple, do your business, make it out alive, and then go to the Isle.))
(9) Sarrim: (Annnnnyway...Shall we commence with what were doing earlier? Visting Umbra and attending the ball and all?)
(1) DM: ((just so you're not terribly confused, the test with Potmos is getting to the Mirror. you can only be tested once by an Aspect, so speaking to Destiny on the Isle isn't a test. Well it is, in a way....you have to ask the right questions, and by that, I mean, you'll want to ask the "right" questions.))
(1) Fessig: Oh ho, it's ye again! (grumbles) What do I owe ye now?
(1) Fessig: (to Git)
(8) Git: (oh, thought we were going to the ball...anyway)
(9) Sarrim: (You and I are visiting Umbra, I believe)
(8) Git: "Nothing really, just checking in to make sure everything is on schedule"
(8) Git: "The auditions for the girls is set, right?"
** (9) Sarrim gazes about the room, taking everything in, then turns his attention back to the conversation. **
(1) Fessig: Uh, right. Exactly on schedule (blank look)
(1) DM: The inn is busy, full as usual.
(9) Sarrim: Any sight of Umbra?
(1) Fessig: If there's anything I can get ye, ask Brenner behind the bar. (jerks his thumb)
** (13) Agatha Agatha takes a survey of the surroundings with a look of disdain. **
** (8) Git raises a brow to the aggrevating inn owner, "Great then...." **
(1) DM: Yep. (darted through the kitchen door and behind the bar)
(1) Fessig: Now, if ye'll excuse me, I need to go take a nap.
** (8) Git shakes his head as he strolls to the bar to order a cup of elven wine **
** (9) Sarrim raises an eyebrow at Fessig, and says to Git, "Does he usually do that when the inn is bustling?" **
** (1) Fessig leaves Git and makes his way upstairs, bumping into a cloaked and hooded figure that makes its way down and apologizing profusely. **
(8) Git: "Gotta be more careful who I do business with" :grumbles:
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Could I try a spot check and see if I can make out any of the features of the cloaked figure?
(1) DM: The figure ignores Fessig, and strolls through the crowd, settling in on a table in the corner. Revealing itself, it turns out to be a rather scarred and formidable woman, about the height of a spear and just as fierce.
(8) Git: :to Sam: "Yeah, not the most realiable man"
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Neevvermind, =)
(1) DM: Armed to the teeth and garbed in ebony scale.
(13) Agatha: "Have I mentioned how disgraceful this whole show of yours is?"
(9) Sarrim: "Sweet Tammara...A king would have trouble getting a suit of armor like that..."
** (8) Git gives the odd woman a cursory glance, before looking back to Brenner, "Put a rush on that wine big guy" **
(8) Git: :To Agatha: "Not today."
(1) DM: A full mane of black hair and tanned, weathered bronzed skin, she looks distinctly uncomfortable in her furs which she's dressed in out of necessity. She lays a crooked dagger on the table and calls for an ale and a platter of roast fish, then leans back and surveys the crowd.
(13) Agatha: "Well, I'm saying it now."
(8) Git: "I
** (1) Brenner grunts and slaps a tankard on the counter. **
(8) Git: 'll keep it mind ma'am"
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Lore check on a possible identity?
whispering to Sarrim, if you want
(8) Git: :to Brenner: "Thanks" :sips at the wine and lets out a sigh after it slides down his throat:
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Alright then... [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)
(8) Git: (btw.... when is this? right after the king? the next day?
whispering to Sarrim, Cyradian, from the looks of her. Probably a warrior of some sort.
(1) DM: (next day)
(9) Sarrim: (Dun dun dunnn)
(8) Git: :changing the subject: "So... what are going to do about the snake cult?"
** (13) Agatha glances at the strange woman as she orders a mug of ale. **
(1) DM: Her dinner arrives, and the warrior woman tears into it with great gusto. A ruffian from a neighboring table gives her a leer which she ignores.
(13) Agatha: "What else? We rile 'em up and stomp 'em out. Simple as that."
(9) Sarrim: "Deal with it as it comes for the moment is all I can say...Our...Friends have more information than we do right now."
(8) Git: "Appealingas that option is Madam, we don't know how many there are or how strong they are"
(8) Git: "Best to work with subterfuge at first. We know they approach foreigners to join. So I say Kha and me go in first."
(8) Git: "We can find out where they are... and what we're dealing with"
(9) Sarrim (whispering): If you might be willing to refresh my memory...Who are the Cyradian, and how often might one see such a cyradian in ebony armor?
(13) Agatha: "Nice plan. Any idea how you're gonna get out of the snake's den when things go sour.?"
(10) Vrondard: "best thing to do to a snake is cut its poison fanged head right off"
(8) Git: :gives an amused snicker: "Haven't thought that far ahead yet. Actually, I'm hoping we can just grab one of them and pump him for information about the slave ring"
whispering to Sarrim, subjects of the Mel'Cendian Empire to the north, most often used as infantry in the Imperial armies or as mounted archers. Fearless in battle, known to frequently make suicide missions against orcish and goblin hordes. A single Cyradian can best a battalion of orcs with only a pair of swords without breaking a sweat.
whispering to Sarrim, not frequently btw. and that's onyx drakescale armor (as in black dragon scale)
(1) DM: "Didn't ye hear me? I said, 'tis a fine and lovely morn we have, m'lady." The ruffian clears his throat, and stands, even as his friends hold him back, giving the warrior a wide berth.
** (13) Agatha chuckles at the thought. "Git, no offense darling, but ya ain't 'xactly the intimidating type." **
(9) Sarrim: *Quietly* "Git...Do you...Know who that woman is? And do you know what she's wearing?"
(1) DM: He approaches her. You can almost smell the sour odor of distilled malt liquor on his breath.
** (8) Git glances to Sam and then back to the woman in question before replying, "No... and armor." **
(1) DM: Almost casually, the woman tears off a haunch of beef with her teeth, reaches down with one fluid motion into her belt and whipsaws a dagger at the man's unprotected belly, and goes right back to eating without glancing up.
** (13) Agatha glances back at the scene, smiles quietly, shakes her head, and turns back to her drink. **
(8) Git: :watching the man approach: "And something tells me that guy's in trouble
** (9) Sarrim winces. **
(1) DM: The table of ruffians gasps as their friend clutches at the dagger in his stomach, and topples over, dead.
(13) Agatha: "Serves the idiot, right."
(9) Sarrim: *Quietly again* "Black dragon scale. And she...Is a Cyradian."
(1) DM: Murderer! Ye'll pay, bitch! Let's get her! By the Night's Eye!
(8) Git: :turning back to the table: "And that's why you never interrupt an eating woman during hormone season"
(13) Agatha: "Hey Git, 25 crowns says you can't get her into your show."
(8) Git: :looks to the bartender: "Brenner... where're the guards?"
(8) Git: :to Agatha: "Don't tempt me"
(1) DM: She belches, wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and calmly stands up, uncloaking her furs and unsheathing her swords, staring them down with her deadly gaze. Twin bastard swords come singing out of their sheathes, jagged edges anticipating battle.
(10) Vrondard: "whoo hooo.. this looks like a good show"
** (13) Agatha notices the blades. "35 crowns." **
(8) Git: :watching the scene: "Crap, we don't need this now"
(1) Brenner: (doesn't look up) What guards? Lady Melisana'll make short work o'em, and I'll just toss 'em out th' door.
(10) Vrondard: "thats lookin like a bad nightmare"
(8) Git: :turns back to Brenner noting the name: "Melisana....?"
** (9) Sarrim pushes himself off the bar and begins making his way over to the scene. To the ruffians he calls out, "You there! Put up your swords before she cleaves you men as well. I have need of your services anyway, and I can pay well!" **
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Could I make a diplomacy check?
(8) Git (whispering): isn't that the woman Garath was talking about?
(1) DM: A ruffian charges towards her, short sword swinging. Clad in gleaming onyx drakescale armor, the Cyradian calmly sidesteps him and neatly decapitates him, sending his head halfway across the room. His headless corpse crashes onto the table, spurting blood everywhere. Brenner ducks to avoid the spray.
whispering to Git, yep
whispering to Sarrim, sure
(9) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+10] -> [9,10] = (19)
whispering to Sarrim, a bit too late though lol
** (13) Agatha winces. **
(9) Sarrim (whispering): That, it is, =)
(8) Git: :shakes his head: "Hope this don't take long to clean up"
(9) Sarrim: "Damnit! Stop this worthless bloodletting before you maim someone besides these fools!"
(1) DM: The bar quiets down, seeing this display. A few head out into the night, vacating the premises quickly.
** (13) Agatha turns to Git. "Final chance. 50 crowns." **
** (1) Melisana glances at Sarrim and continues her bloody work. **
(8) Git: :to Agatha: "I'd prefer not to insult the woman so.... or the Magister..."
(10) Vrondard: "she be knowing what she be doing with her swords it seems"
(15) Reiner Swiftblade (enter): 23:16
(15) Reiner Swiftblade (exit): 23:16
(15) Reiner Swiftblade (enter): 23:16
(1) Melisana: You heard the knight. Put up your swords or die like your friend, the thief with ill manners. (calmly)
** (13) Agatha frowns slightly. "You're no fun." **
(13) Agatha: "Should we jump in?"
(1) Melisana: You'll get no quarter from me. 'Tis less than swine like you deserve.
** (9) Sarrim has a look of relief in his eyes. "Your friend is dead. There is no changing that. But you don't need to waste your lives. Run with what you have." **
(10) Vrondard: "aint nuthin to do wid me"
** (1) the ruffians drop their weapons and leave the bar, muttering **
(8) Git: "besides, for this kind of contest, a young woman is preferable." :with a wink he offers: "Too bad I didn't get to you in your younger days"
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Can I now use my persuade roll?
whispering to Sarrim, sure
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Nevermind, hehe
(10) Vrondard: "I aint responsible fer none o it"
** (1) Melisana shrugs **
(10) Vrondard: "better watch out Sarrim... yer ruined her fun"
** (9) Sarrim sighs visibly. "I thank you for that mercy, good Lady, though I know they did not deserve it." **
(1) Melisana: You! (pointing to a quivering wench) Stop your sniveling and clean up this mess. Here's a crown for your services.
** (13) Agatha throws a dangerous look at Git, then smiles. **
(8) Git: ".... and so well tempered"
** (1) Melisana ignores Sarrim. "The trouble with you knights is that you think the world deserves your assistance when none was needed nor warranted." **
(13) Agatha: "I might not have clocked you back then. But my husband certainly would've."
** (1) Melisana resumes eating. "So?" (to Git) "I don't recall the pleasure of hearing your name." (making it clear it isn't a pleasure) **
(8) Git: :calls out helpfully on Sam's behalf: "He can't help it. Terminal idiocy. Wonder if it runs in his family"
** (1) Melisana takes a long pull of ale. "Typical knight. Sounds like a knight I used to know." **
(8) Git: :to Agatha: "I'll keep it in mind should I ever traverse time"
(8) Git: "Oh? was he famous? or infamous?"
** (9) Sarrim bows his head, hurt by the insult, but says nothing. Instead goes about dragging the bodies outside. **
(1) Melisana: Famous because he liked to proclaim his name and title to whomever he met. Infamous because he slew evil whereever he could find it...and was quite good at it.
(13) Agatha: "He was a man."
(8) Git: "And this name was...?"
(13) Agatha: "No more. No less."
(1) Brenner: Oh, don't bother, m'lord. Fessig'll rout me if he discovered them out in the street. Here, let me take 'em for ye.
(1) Brenner: (to Sarrim)
** (9) Sarrim nods, and thanks him, and apologizes for not trying to end it sooner. **
(13) Agatha: ((oops.)
(13) Agatha: ((Well, scratch my stuff then. ))
whispering to Sarrim, (whispers) She's got m'lord in a bind. He's scared witless of her. Apparently she just showed up the other day, and decided she could board for free. We don't know how to get rid of her or what to do with her.
(9) Sarrim (whispering): I'll see what I can do. Thanks again.
(8) Git: "The knight... his name?"
** (9) Sarrim turns back to the group. "Perhaps I might evoke happy memories if I followed suit then...I am Sarrim Veld, Follower of Tammara. It would be interesting to know the story of a knight managed to get a compliment of battle prowess from a Cyradian." **
(10) Vrondard: "harrrph" annoyed the fun is over and the yapping has started
(1) Melisana: Why do ye ask? He's of no concern to ye.
** (13) Agatha takes little interest in the conversation as she orders a second pint." **
(8) Git: "General curiousity I guess."
(9) Sarrim: "Well, I am always interested in a good bit of history, but right now...In particular. I'm more interested in you, why such a skilled warrior has taken board in a little inn like this, decked in armor wrought from a dragon's hide. You seem like the sort that would be leading an army."
(1) Melisana: Ayyers, if you must know. (munches on a piece of rib)
(8) Git: :smirks: "Ah... so you are that Melisana."
** (1) Melisana takes a cloth and cleans her swords with it, before sheathing them. **
** (1) Melisana shrugs. "I see you've been listening to the bards again" (nonchalantly) **
** (1) Melisana resumes eating. **
(8) Git: "Actually I heard your name from Master Garath"
(8) Git: "I seemed to recall you quite fondly"
** (9) Sarrim turns his head ever-so-slightly toward Git inquiringly, before remembering his manners and focusing on the woman again. **
(8) Git: (er.. he seemed rather)
(10) Vrondard: "well I needs a drink... me throat is parched from all this talking" (this is a jest)
(1) Melisana: I see. (tears into a loaf of rye) Managed to worm your way into the Citadel, have you?
(1) DM: (Spot, anyone sitting at the table with her)
(9) Sarrim: (How about standing next to her?)
(8) Git: :sliding over to take a seat at her table he offers, "I wouldn't say worm... we were invited in after all"
** (1) Melisana sheathes the dagger on the table. **
(8) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+6] -> [14,6] = (20)
(1) DM: (that'll do)
(16) Lost (enter): 23:36
(9) Sarrim: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(9) Sarrim: (Blind as a bat, =) )
(8) Git: "We even won his silly little dungeon delving games."
(15) Reiner Swiftblade (exit): 23:37
(1) Melisana: Impressive. (swallows more ale) And you'll have to tell me if that fuddy-duddy's grown a new beard the color of a nipple.
(16) Lost (exit): 23:37
(8) Git: :raises a brow: "I wouldn't know."
(8) Git: "I haven't seen the shade of his nipples"
(10) Vrondard: ((off ot get a drink - not at the table at any rate))
** (13) Agatha notices Git in shmoozing mode as she orders a tart. **
(1) Melisana: You mean he hasn't turned any of you into quivering piles of slime? And lived to tell about it, no less?
(9) Sarrim: "Well...He DID turn a few of them into rabbits."
whispering to Git, one of her swords has a black hilt and a silver blade with veins of blue running throughout the blade.
(8) Git: "Well... he turned me into a rabbit for a little while. That man really has some trust issues"
(1) Melisana: Of course he does. (smiling grimly, then resuming eating) He is the Magister, after all. Has a million enemies who'd like him dead. (belches)
(8) Git: "Given the attitude I understand why?
(8) Git: ?="
whispering to Git, on closer inspection, the sword has a design of a target, etched in white on the black hilt.
(1) Melisana: Well, gentles, Sir Knight. I must be off. (standing and dressing herself in furs) May the War Father smile upon you, and may your swords shine brightly where no sword was ever intended to shine.
(4) Kha (whispering): Umm looking at the maps I see two for Mel`Cendia. and they seem to protray very diffrent areas. One is called Mel`Cendia the other is called Melcendia. Which is the dorect map of that area or are they two diffrent areas with names that only differ by a `
whispering to Kha, same region, I forgot to include the apostrophe
** (8) Git stands and offers a casual bow "The pleasure is all ours ma'am. Hope to see you around" **
whispering to Kha, one shows the southern provinces of Cyradia and Tel'Alin, the other shows the heart of the Empire.
(4) Kha (whispering): Ahh ok
** (9) Sarrim is somewhat surprised. "I...Of course, good lady...If may says, before you take your leave, if ever you find yourself in need of a steady hand and heart, I will offer my services to any whose intentions are noble." **
** (10) Vrondard sneers at that **
** (13) Agatha raises a mug in salute as the lady takes off. **
(1) Melisana: "The trouble with good intentions is that they lead to the worst of outcomes. I'll take my chances however, Sir Knight." (nods at the rest of you)
** (9) Sarrim bows to her, but gives her a wary glance as she leaves. **
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Could I do a detect evil as she goes?
** (8) Git watches the woman leave, or more to the point he watches her sword in consideration before heading back to the bar **
whispering to Sarrim, of course
whispering to Sarrim, you get an earsplitting headache
(10) Vrondard: "har... shes a wild one..."
(10) Vrondard: "swingin a sword... well two... such a shame"
** (9) Sarrim staggers, and falls to one knee. "By the Gods...." **
(10) Vrondard: "no beard neither but what can yer do..."
(8) Git: :to Sam: "Don't kneel there... it's bloody"
** (9) Sarrim holds his head for a moment, before righting himself. "There's...Something...Something horrible here..." **
(10) Vrondard: "can't grow a beard for em... or I would"
(18) Kha (enter): 23:50
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (18) Kha...
(1) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(4) Kha' from room...
(4) Kha (exit): 23:50
** (9) Sarrim looks frantically about the room, and then holds his head in pain. **
** (8) Git strolls back to his seat at the bar, patting Vronard sorrowfully, "Don't worry. I'm sure we'll find you a nice hairy woman someday" **
(18) Kha: ((Bah modem just disconected for no reason))
** (13) Agatha notices Sarrim and approaches him from the bar. **
(13) Agatha: "What's wrong, lad?"
** (8) Git turns back to Sam **
(18) Kha: ((Is the Inn they are all at the Inn we have been staying at?))
(9) Sarrim: "I let loose my senses as she left...There's something...Horribly dark here. I don't know if it was her...But..."
(1) DM: (this is Fessig's inn, not the Inn you're at)
(9) Sarrim: "I haven't felt this much in a long time..."
(18) Kha: ((Ok didnt think it was just checking))
(10) Vrondard: "dwarf-woman would do just fine"
(8) Git: "The sword..." :suggestsas he raises his cup: "...just guessing"
(10) Vrondard: "course I aint ready to settle down and breed her a pack of rats... not yet"
(10) Vrondard: "will wait till I'm much older fer that"
(9) Sarrim: "Perhaps...Give me a moment...Try and keep me up if I fall."
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Could I continue the detection, and try to pinpoint the source?
(10) Vrondard: "yea aint had much to drink"
(10) Vrondard: "bit too early to be fallin down now"
** (13) Agatha places a reassuring hand on Sarrim's shoulder. **
(9) Sarrim (whispering): You there?
whispering to Sarrim, sorry afk fam
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Ah
whispering to Sarrim, yes, of course
whispering to Sarrim, she's out of your range now. it was her btw, no check needed
(19) Reiner Swiftblade (enter): 23:57
(18) Kha: ((Everyone vanish?))
(8) Git: (seems so)
(10) Vrondard: (im here)
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Ah
** (9) Sarrim winces. "It was her" **
(1) DM: As Melisana leaves, the inn resumes its normal activity but at a hushed level, almost as if she's coming back and they're looking over their shoulders.
(9) Sarrim: "Whatever she's doing here...It cannot be for good...And there could be no other reason for her presence...Save for.."
(13) Agatha: "Umbra?"
** (9) Sarrim nods. "We must inform Gareth of this...The ball tonight." **
(8) Git: :shrugs: "Well... Garath said she had been 'corrupted'. Yeah we'll tell him. But Brenner seemed to refer to her as a regular, so he might already know"
(10) Vrondard: "bah... bunch a dancing and prancing around... whats going to happen there"
(9) Sarrim: "It can't hurt though."
(10) Vrondard: "wont be running around with those big toothed swords none anyway"
(9) Sarrim: "In the meantime..." *He turns and heads to Brenner* "I must apologize, but I couldn't determine a way to free you of your troubles in this case. The least I can do is offer to reimburse you of the money she has used."
(10) Vrondard: "though she aint bad wid that dagger o' hers"
(1) Brenner: Oh, thank ye. No trouble, 'tall.
(13) Agatha: "A strong evil warrior clad in dragon-scale armor..."
(9) Sarrim: "Would a few crowns suffice?"
(13) Agatha: "I'm gonna need a tougher ax."
(8) Git: :gives a snicker and comments to aggy: "And ya know... Tremaine compared you to her."
(10) Vrondard: "har... not likely Aggie"
(19) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): is this THE melisana?
** (8) Git swigs back the rest of his wine and places the cup back on the table, "So, we ready to go?" **
(13) Agatha: "What? I don't know what you're talking about."
(8) Git: :to aggy: "Nevermind"
(13) Agatha: "Did you see the temper on her."
(13) Agatha: "A lady should show more restraint."
(8) Git: :blankly: "How would you know?"
(9) Sarrim: "Careful Git...That's like to get something cut off...And I don't mean your hair."
(8) Git: "Hehe... good point. Just kidding Aggy."
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, what do you think? lol
(10) Vrondard: "there ain nobody here I suggest crossin wid her swords but me"
** (13) Agatha grins slightly. **
(1) Brenner: A few, if that's all right with ye, lord. No trouble, 'tall. Thank ye, lord.
(10) Vrondard: "cept maybe Aggie, but no offense Aggie but yer too easy to hit"
(19) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): sounds like her...acts like her...hmm well must be her
(9) Sarrim: "It is the least I can offer you. Thank you for your services. *To his friends* Shall we get going? Time waits for no man, or so they say."
(13) Agatha: "Hmph. What do ya expect when you're on the front line in every fight?"
** (9) Sarrim gives the man 5 crowns. **
(19) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): muahahaha!
(10) Vrondard: "why I werk wid a smaller axe than a full size one... so I can protects meself"
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, if its a duck...
(19) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): get her out of that armor and she is a pussy...cat
whispering to Reiner Swiftblade, lol
(8) Git (whispering): btw... I keep forgetting, but concerning the name Folan Sirrius, since it seems to be the prefered alias by the Tolmaran higher ups, I was figuring I'd use it as the name he worked under in Tolamara. Also the name he would have participated in events before in previous festivals. So he may be known for attending the balls as Folan Sirrius.
(1) DM: All right...cutting to the ball.
(9) Sarrim: "Your prowess and skills will be here tomorrow for you two to debate over, but we need to acquire suitable clothing and hopefully bathe before this event. After all, we will need to make a good impression if we're to achieve any of these goals with Umbra or the Cult."
whispering to Git, ok
(19) Reiner Swiftblade (whispering): hey girls just want to have fun! LOL
(8) Git (whispering): er.... serrias rather
(9) Sarrim: Fair enough, =)
(9) Sarrim: (If I might, I'd like to get some courtier's clothing for the event, black with blue, as my colors go)
(1) DM: (ok)
** (18) Kha is wearing his fancy new clothing and his dagger, other weapons back at the Inn seeing as spears arnt very easy to carry **
** (9) Sarrim wears his mail with the clothing, trying to clean it so that it looks fairly ceremonial. **
** (10) Vrondard wears his normal stuff **
** (2) Gilman is still going to wear his Cleric's Vestments **
(10) Vrondard: ((he doesnt know and even if he wont care))
** (9) Sarrim will also clean his scabbard and sword for the occasion, buckling it on with pride, =). **
** (13) Agatha looks around self-consciously, uncomfortable in such a fancy dress. **
** (8) Git dresses in a fashionable suit he pulled from his closet, a green silk coat over a ornamentally embroidered white shirt and pair of fitted and green slacks to match the coat **
(19) Reiner Swiftblade (exit): 00:17
(9) Sarrim: (Kha, that be cold, =P )
(8) Git: :forgoing his usual headband, he lets his elven ears show, while his dagger hides discretely in the rear of his jacke
(1) DM: The evening celebration at Castle Falconedge is something you've all been waiting for. One of the celebrations anyway. Aside from King Ayyers Falconedge, also in attendance are: The Magister, Garath Tremaine; Dobhalain, the Chosen of Elantra; Morduin, the Hand of Tevesh; Asianna Corsair, of Tolrindel; The Lord High Marshal and Master of Coin, Isilar Rivencloak; Mrin Xandilar, Lord High Mayor of Tolmara; the leading members of the noble families of Rhaunaguth, Rendor, Thimblewine, Tespar, Arlenstar, Eironaesil, Belabrant, Wifesilver, Moonglade, Cassalaunt, Ravenswood, Glimmershoal, Piirados, Huntinghorn, Cragsvale, Esperin, Hawkvine, Helmgauntlet, Tremaine and Falconedge.
(8) Git (whispering): Who's Dobhalain? As a former follower of the star elven aspect of Elantra, would I know who he is?
** (18) Kha looks around the ball and starts mingaling with people. **
(1) DM: In addition, there are the heads of the five most powerful trading costers in the land: Orsarnor, Halambarathon, Silverstation, Phalaveen and Milvauun; dozens of other nobles and landed gentry; a host of adventuring companies, and of course, yourselves. You have heard speculation that there are a few Aes Sedai in attendance as well, but have not seen any. There are rumors that a few members of the Citadel are present, along with the Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros himself.
** (8) Git strolls in and takes a deep breath, taking a look about the busy room with a content little smirk **
(1) DM: The celebration begins with a period of mingling, conversation and beverages in the antechambers and Silver Ballroom of Castle Falconedge. Dinner will be served in one hour.
** (10) Vrondard attempts to enter with breastplate, shield, axe and javelins (and all the rest of his crap) **
whispering to Git, yes, you would LOL
** (18) Kha sets out to finid the Lord Dreamspeaker, while making small talk with random people **
whispering to Git, Dobhalain is a famous druid of Elantra who was instrumental in the events of the Kernin invasion and subsequent events that befell from that, along with curing the Great Plague
(13) Agatha (exit): 00:25
** (9) Sarrim goes through all of the niceties that are required of nobility, making his way lastly to Garath, if he can. **
whispering to Git, She is the most powerful druid of Elantra in southern Telluria, even more powerful than the Matriarch of Brynnel, in the Council of Alalminor.
(20) Agatha (enter): 00:27
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20) Agatha...
(10) Vrondard: (if there is anything more out of place than he is... he will make a bee-line to it)
** (8) Git happily mingles among the guests flirting with the respected ladies and chatting with the nobles. (gather information to learn anything of the goings around the castle, and the Almeena that Ayyer mentioned the nigh before) **
** (2) Gilman mingles little, still distant for some unknown reason **
(1) DM: (he succeeds.)
** (20) Agatha hasn't worn anything this fancy since her wedding day. **
(1) DM: (Vrondard manages to make it into the Castle, weapons intact. However, he finds eyes all around him that seem to latch onto him like a hawk. =))
(10) Vrondard: ((he is more than fine with that...))
** (8) Git strolls up to Agatha after his shmoozing, "Something wrong, you look uncomfortable" **
(10) Vrondard: "what you never seen a Dwarf befere?"
(1) DM: (Kha, you first)
(10) Vrondard: and a flippin of his beard is his response to attention
(10) Vrondard: ((flipping of beards is like the italian salute to those that dont have one))
(1) DM: (Morduin, I should point out, is a famed dwarven monk of Tevesh. A skillful healer, but also a pacifist.)
(20) Agatha: "I'm not used to parties. At least not these sorts of parties."
(20) Agatha: "What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say?"
(8) Git: :shrugs: "Eh... the grow on ya. I had never attended one of these until I was eighteen."
(8) Git: "Relax"
(18) Kha: ((me First what, I am just mingaling with random people trying to find the Lord Dreamspeaker and ejoying the hell out of myself with so many interesting people to chat with))
(1) DM: (you do, eventually...)
(8) Git: "FIrst thing first, look around." :gesturing to the crowd: "Most of these people are dry, humorless sops who sit around in there mansions all day bored out of there minds with their wealth."
(18) Kha: ((Morduin is the Lord Dreamspeaker?))
whispering to Git, yes, there are a number of things you learn
(20) Agatha: "Aye. But I doubt they're interested in the tales of an old barkeep."
(8) Git: "They find anyone different, bold or brazen to be utterly facsinating, and flock to them to chat like hungry pigeons being fed in the par."
(1) DM: ((Morduin is a monk of Tevesh, god of healing, peace and non-violence))
(1) DM: ((you eventually find the Dreamspeaker though))
(8) Git: :takes a sip of his wine and instructs the older woman: "Follow my lead"
whispering to Git, there are a number of adventuring companies in the Castle, who will be presented to the King later on this evening. These companies will be entered into the Book of Names.
whispering to Git, the King is expected to announce his engagement this evening. His consort will be revealed.
** (18) Kha will try and strike up a conversation with the Dreamspeaker about Oneiros, and try to gradualy guide the conversation to the prophacy of the Champion of Oneiros **
(18) Kha (whispering): Ok I was compleatly lost in that conversation, since I had seen no prior mention of the monk I thought you were saying he was the dreamspeaker which didnt make sense to me
whispering to Git, The ambassador from Kern has recently arrived, one Lady Almeena Darlastair. There are tales that abound of her youth and beauty, considering that she is at least two hundred years old if stories are to be believed.
** (20) Agatha follows reluctantly. **
(21) No Name (enter): 00:39
(22) Darunus (enter): 00:39
whispering to Kha, scroll up and you'll see that I mention that Morduin is in attendance with all the other people
whispering to Darunus, you're late!!!
whispering to Darunus, heh
** (8) Git hooks his arm in Aggy's in escort and strolls toward the more crowded area of the room, speaking up haughtily, "Truly a woman of your years and a mother no less out adventuring . I am amazed madam." :discretely drawing attention as he speaks: **
(20) Agatha: "Y'know, Vrondard and that cleric fellow seem content standing by the wall. Maybe I should..."
(22) Darunus (whispering): Hey, sorry I'm solate! Bloody stroms knocked out a power line somewhere on highway 90, and guess where that one leads!
(8) Git: "Do go on, please tell me about your recent victory in the dungeon delvings"
(20) Agatha: "I, uh, well..."
** (20) Agatha notices a glance or two and decides to go with it. **
whispering to Git, The snake cult has struck again! One of their lairs was recently found and razed, shortly afted a mysterious fire gutted a portion of the Alms Quarter, a section of The Commons near the wall leading to the Inner City.
whispering to Darunus, heh
(20) Agatha: "Oh well, it was hardly what I'd call a victory. We came out of that thieve's fortress by the skin of our teeth."
(22) Darunus (whispering): *Is upset* I'll stay after tonight and roll stats if you're able, and I'll discuss my character some more.
** (8) Git sips his wine as he offers Agatha a prodding waggle of hi brow **
(8) Git: "Do tell... what was the battle like. Be graphic"
whispering to Git, The fortress of Oakenhold is under siege by orcish hordes. There are some who question the wisdom of this celebration when battles rage across the eastern front of the Kingdom.
whispering to Darunus, sure np
** (8) Git stands at rapt attention, paying no mind to those around who's attention they seek to grab **
(20) Agatha: "Oh come now, I'm sure no one wants to hear about the guards I decapitated."
(20) Agatha: "Hell with all the blood being thrown around. I was sure we'd be confident."
(8) Git: "Decapitated?!" :the word comes out loudly and jovially, followed by an amused guffaw:
(20) Agatha: caught not confident*
(20) Agatha: ((multi-tasking is fun))
(8) Git: "And yet you managaed to make it through... and even win the title. You must be verily skilled for such a feat"
** (10) Vrondard tires of insulting everyone in dwarf fashion and cruises for the best booze he can find **
(1) DM: (at the liquor bar, no less)
(8) Git: "Did it end in climatic combat?"
** (2) Gilman continues to stay on the outskirts of the party chatting genialy but uninterested with whoever happens his way **
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: (to Kha) What can I do for one such as you?
(20) Agatha: "Climatic? Master Git, you are one easily impressed. 'Twas only a game after all. Still I dare say I was on the verge of death."
(18) Kha (whispering): Was the lord Dreamspeaker interested in my conversation...I'll RP out the actual comversation if you would prefer
(8) Git: "Truly? Sounds as if t'were horrific."
(20) Agatha: "There I was, standing off against two ogres, their skills improved by a meddling witch."
whispering to Git, The Network has issued a challenge to those who might find themselves worthy: Solve the mystery of the House of Cards, and claim rulership of the City!
whispering to Kha, yes he was
whispering to Git, that's rulership of Highkeep, btw
(20) Agatha: "Ogres, you understand are bad enough on their own. But that witch cast such magicks on 'em, that they easily danced circles around me."
** (18) Kha bowing deeply "You honor me by just speaking to me Lord, but I wished to convers with you about Oneiros. I was in training as a cleric five or six years ago in a small town in The Kingdom of Gwythnecht. I left right before my final stages" **
(8) Git: :gives a gasp: "A woman who would face down two ogres.... How old is that daughter of yours? and is she anything like you?" :gives a wink as he listens on:
** (9) Sarrim stops by Gilman during his rounds around the hall. "You don't look like you're enjoying this too well." **
whispering to Git, This whole idea of company presentation is Lord Cassalaunt's idea. He's trying to legitimize adventuring companies in Wylund, and wants to improve their image.
(2) Gilman: "Eh... oh, no no a fine party. I just have somethings on my mind that is all."
(20) Agatha: "My daughter? Oh perish the thought. She was always the gentle one. Married a year ago to a sensible farmer."
whispering to Git, The King is worried about his line of succession. He has no wife until now, and thus no heir.
(2) Gilman: (( some things rather, not one word))
(20) Agatha: "My son on the other hand..."
(9) Sarrim: "Care to talk of it then? I can assure you that nothing you say would escape my mouth."
(8) Git: "Ah... tis a shame... though I doubt she'd meet the image you bring to mind. And I doubt your son is quite my type"
(18) Kha: "To persure some adventure and because I had read a prophacy about The Champion of Oneiros that I belive will be happening very soon. I wanted to see some of this prophacy happen myself. But anyways I was wondering if it is still posible for me to become a cleric of Oneiros. I promist the Priests back home I would and I think it is Time I fullil that promis if at all posible."
whispering to Git, The King does well to keep so many guards about. There are some who still have sympathies towards the Kernin during their last invasion thirty winters ago.
(8) Git: "Enough of that though, back to the story... what happened with the ogres?" :eager to hear, his manner prodding toward others: (bluff check to gather attention... hehe)
** (20) Agatha smile sadly. "No, I guess not." **
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: That, my son, is only a question that ye can answer for yourself. As to the Champion of Oneiros, such a quest has never been fulfilled for no one has ever delved into the riddles of the god and solved them successfully. And now that the Empire has fallen into corruption, 'tis more impossible that such a truthtelling will ever come to pass.
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Only one of the riddles is clear, if you have done some research: Go to the Mirror of Potmos, in dread Mel Nethra, and survive.
(2) Gilman: "Ach, master Sarrim, perhaps someday. Now is not the time for my past problems." (His eyes seem to cloud over) "You would think after all these years..." (he shakes his head) "Nevermind, perhaps we should go find Vrondard before he drinks His Majesty's whole liquor supply."
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: The question then, for you, is, will you survive walking on the Road of Skulls? Mel Nethra is now a necropolis of undead.
(20) Agatha: "Even as a boy he'd talk my ears off about heroes and adventurers. When he thought I wasn't looking he'd learn how to fight from customers at the bar."
(18) Kha: "I have done much reaserch, and where that reaserch lead me is surprizing to say the lease"
(20) Agatha: "He had a lot a spark, god rest his soul."
(8) Git: "Your son? Has he married yet? If he's as capable as his mother, perhaps you can find him a wife here while you're at it"
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Then, if you desire answers to your questions, come to the Temple on the morrow, and I will provide you with answers to your questions...if you will agree to be Tested.
(20) Agatha: "But back to those ogres..."
(9) Sarrim: "Dark memories breed dark moods...That I know well...But don't let yourself be dragged too far down into it...Lest you end like some have...Shells of themselves. I would join you, but I must seek out the Magister. Try to keep Vrondard of out trouble for me, would you?" *Grins and heads off*
(8) Git: "Oh... forgive me"
(18) Kha: "I started my reaserch after the Oracle in the shrine told me to visit the Isle of the Oracle because only Orphe could answer the question I asked of him."
(18) Kha: "I will gladly come to the temple on the marrow. And I will gladly be tested Lord."
(2) Gilman: "Quite true, you are wise indeed." (takes a few moments to orient himself towards Vrondard)
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Then only Orphe can answer that question, if you believe that to be the case.
(2) Gilman: "Vrondard, have ye left any liquor for the other partygoers?" (as he approaches the dwarf)
(10) Vrondard: "no... these are mine"
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: Do not agree so readily to the Testing, my son. You may not like what you see. The Test will reveal whether it is in you to become a cleric of the god. And whether you will fail.
(10) Vrondard: "but you can git more over there"
(20) Agatha: "I was on me last legs. The cleric I'd met was out of healing magic. With the blood running into my eye, I was surprised I could se anything."
(10) Vrondard: "I know em pretty good... ifn i go wid you I can get you some free drinks too"
(8) Git: "So what did you do?"
(10) Vrondard: ((is dble fisting at the moment))
(18) Kha: "Well yes, to be truthfull with you my Lord. My reaserch has lead me to belive that I am to become the Champion of Oneiros. Because getting to Orphe to ask him my question would fullfill the requirments to become the Champion, and since an Oracle of Oneiros told me to ask him..."
(2) Gilman: "Well, perhaps later. What do you think of the party? I imagine it doesn't suite your temperment as well as slicing into those Ogres did."
(1) Partic Alandaos, Lord Dreamspeaker of Oneiros: The mingling in the ballroom comes to an end when Shaana, the butless, rings a small silver bell and announces in her most dignified voice, "Dinner is served."
(1) DM: (whoops)
(1) DM: (strike that heh)
(9) Sarrim: (Holy $#^@! The Dreamspeaker is the DM! All hail the Dreamspeaker!)
(20) Agatha: "What else could I do? I screamed my bloody head off and swung at 'em as fast and as hard as I could."
(18) Kha: "I wish to become a cleric of the god and that is why I agree so quickly to be be Tested. I was trained as a cleric for many years before I decided I wished to learn more about the world before continuing on my clerical path."
(1) DM: The King departs first, and is then joined at the doors with an extremely beautiful half-elven woman of great dignity and bearing. Crowds part ways, making a smooth path for the monarch and his bride to be. Once the King clears the room, everyone else files out.
(8) Git: :with a chortle: "Which would bring us back to the decaptiations I suppose?"
(10) Vrondard: "well that was fun... and your right cept these drinks this aint too much o a hoot"
** (18) Kha bows his head "It seems we will have to continue our talk later or on the marrow at the Temple" **
(1) DM: You cross the hallway, under the courteous but watchful eyes of the Knights stationed here for security, into the Grand Hall. Whereas the ballroom has a sleek, smooth, almost austere feel to it, with its cold, polished marble floors, minimal decorations, the Grand Hall has a warmth to it that makes you feel welcome.
(20) Agatha: "Didn't do much, but it let what was left of my party to get some shots in. They returned the favor when I took a chunk outta the last one's neck."
** (8) Git stares up to the King's progression, then turns back to Aggy offering his arm in playacting politeness, "On to dinner then madam?" **
** (9) Sarrim allows the nobles to precede him, before entering himself with a quiet dignity. **
(1) DM: The U shaped dining table is a huge set up with a central portion featuring two carved wooden chairs in the precise center, no doubt for Ayyers and his consort. The Magister is seated at the King's right hand. The seating capacity is fourscore people. (OC: 80 people)
(8) Git: :the false sophistication in his voice reaches to a mocking punctuation as their crowd disperse, "My my, madam, tru-ly astounding"
(20) Agatha: "Oh. Why thank you, Master Git."
(25) Agatha (enter): 01:06
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (25) Agatha...
(25) Agatha: (in a low voice) "You think that caught anyone's attention?"
(1) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(20) Agatha' from room...
(20) Agatha (exit): 01:07
** (18) Kha looks around the table to see if the adventuring groups are sitting together **
** (8) Git escorts his elder to the dining hall with an air of playfully mockery which straightens to a calm and serious tone as they move to take their seats.: "I do believe so" **
(1) DM: Even so, the grand table is scarcely enough for the crows. Two other tables have been set up, one near the south wall and one near the east wall. Even so, it bcomes apparent that not all of the adventuring companies will be participating in the ceremony later on, but managed to get themselves invited to the feast beforehand. You count yourselves blessed by Benvolio that not only did you get invited, but that you managed to get a seat at the main table, on the south wing.
(8) Git: :sitting down he takes a perusal of the table, making sure no one important is unaccounted for:
(1) DM: Set in the west wall is a large stained glass window showing a mosaic design of a paladin in silver armor astride a flying sunrise drake. The room contains many tapestries of scenes from the royal lineage of Wylund, most involving the slaying of fantastic beasts. (OC: sunrise drake = gold dragon)
** (9) Sarrim sits down, intently studying the works in the room. **
(8) Git (whispering): btw... who informed me of the network's challenge?
(8) Git (whispering): anyone of merit?
(1) DM: The room smells of burning pine logs, roast boar, wax from the candles and sweet apples. This promises to be a fine feast. People can mutter all they want about Wylund's snobbish attitudes and claims to civilization, but you are experiencing Wylundi culture at its finest and it sits well with you!
whispering to Git, Maraeil, of course. =)
(25) Agatha: "Do we really need this many forks?"
(8) Git: :grinning contently: "I love this feast. I attend every year. And I doubt they'll care if you don't use every utensil"
(1) DM: The sheer scope of this whole evening does not fail to amaze you. The local clack is that there are about thirty adventuring groups present within the walls of the Castle tonight. The smallest ones are a handful of fellowships with four members apiece. The largest one has about a dozen members. Most are between six to eight members. Still, that means that the King is entertaining 180 adventurers, in addition to the heads of the many noble houses and other distinguished personages.
(2) Gilman: "His Majesty can certainly throw a party that is for sure."
(1) DM: Speaking of the noble houses, you notice that each family is represented by its respective heads. There are about a dozen regal-looking couples at the table, and you correctly identify them as the noble families.
(8) Git: "Aye... the best around"
(1) DM: Dinner begins with an appetizer fof baked mushrooms stuffed with liver pate.
** (18) Kha looks around and starts smaking his libs slightly in anticipation of the food **
** (18) Kha scrapes the liver out of the mushrooms before eating them **
(1) DM: This is followed by tureens of warm pigeon soup served in bowls of mother of pearl and ivory spoons.
(1) DM: Then a salad of chilled melon slices, cockatrice ham and an herb dressing.
** (8) Git happily eats the extravagant food as he chats with those nearby **
(1) DM: The main course consists of roast boar stuffed with strips of roast partridge, roast parsleyed potatoes, green beans with almonds and fruit sauce with cinnamon.
** (18) Kha explains to his companions everything he learned today about the aspects and the tests and the isle between courses **
(9) Sarrim (whispering): An excellent evening, but my paranoia gets the better of me...Could I do a detection as far as I can, and isolate any sources? I'll just study the tapestries for awhile longer.
(1) DM: A second main course is brought out for all to see: a crimson drake made of pastry coated with pomegranate leaves and seeds. The head is sliced off, out of which fly doves with colored streamers tied to their feathers.
(8) Git: (gluhgyy.... drowning .... in ... own... saliva... yyyauuuagghhhee))
(1) DM: The head is stuffed with a ground lamb paste, baked onions and sweet apples. The body of the drake is stuffed with entire sausages, roast capons and haunches of beef.
whispering to Sarrim, nothing, so far...
** (18) Kha also explains about his meating tommarow with the Lord Dreamspeaker and being tested to see if he is suitable to become a cleric of Oneiros **
(22) Darunus (whispering): I've a feeling with all the lightning and thunder I might black out again. So if I suddenly depart, that's probably the reason. If it happens and I can't get back online tonight, I'll be back on sometime on Sunday, as I've no real intrest in the Superbowl.
(2) Gilman (whispering): Just like to tell you you've made me hungery lol
** (9) Sarrim does his best to look dignified at the foods, but his eyes regard the drake longingly. **
(1) DM: Throughout the meal, baskets of freshly baked bread are kept full, as are glasses of blood wine and mugs of ale.
** (8) Git pays little attention to Kha's prophecy talk, humoring him mildly, before turning to Vronard to ask of the grand food drake: "Now what do you think of this feast?" **
(1) DM: Dessert is a whipped mousse, made from lemons, starfruit and cherries, laced with an almond liqueur and topped with a hand-whipped cream.
** (25) Agatha does her best to mind her manners but still wolf's through her food. **
whispering to Darunus, ok
(9) Sarrim: "Great Gods...It just keeps coming...I didn't think there to be such food in a single place."
(10) Vrondard: "feast is good... I aint complainin"
(2) Gilman: "I want to know how many cooks it took to make all of this..."
(25) Agatha: (between bites) "Take notes Sarrim..."
(8) Git: "Aye, sure beats meals on the road, eh?"
(1) DM: Pink claret is served afterward as a digestif, followed by cups of strong black coffee from Zayal, and herb tea.
(25) Agatha: ::pointing to her dessert:: "For this is truly divine."
** (9) Sarrim says nothing, but flicks his eyebrows upwards and nods. **
** (18) Kha seems to enjoy watching other people around the table eat more then eating himself, when he isnt Talking that is **
(1) DM: As the meal is nearing its end, the adventuring companies begin to line up near the head of the table.
(2) Gilman: (Quietly) "So does anyone know what the procedure is after dinner?"
** (9) Sarrim shakes his head. **
** (8) Git sips contently at his coffee after finishing the moose. "I believe they're going to sign into the book **
** (18) Kha shrugs "Dancing I would think, I hear thats what happens at Ball's anyways" **
(1) DM: (the presentation ceremony)
(1) Vorik: (ahem)
** (10) Vrondard avoids the funky drinks **
(9) Sarrim: "Let us join them then."
(1) Vorik: Your Majesty, may I present The Company of the Golden Gauntlet
(21) No Name (exit): 01:25
(8) Git: "Wait on that. After all, did the King not say he hired us because we weren't in the Book of Names?"
** (9) Sarrim nods. "True. Perhaps my wine's getting to me...I should've remembered that." **
** (18) Kha whispers "What you bet half of these groups are no more then pettie Thugs with fancy names for themselves?" **
(8) Git: (By the way, is the group from Faustmann's manse here?)
(1) The Company of the Golden Gauntlet: We, the members of the Company of the Golden Gauntlet, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Ayyers Falconedge, the First of Solnor and Defender of the Crown, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Wylund. By this pledge, we vow to obey Wylund's laws when within the kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow.
(8) Git: "Perhaps Kha, but a lot of these men proved themselves to be here"
(1) DM: (yes)
(9) Sarrim: "Mayhaps...Mercenaries, Fighting Eunuchs, or just adventurers...You can doubt their morality, but none can their skill, if they've fought and bested what we have as well."
(18) Kha: "Ok lucky Thugs, but I sapose the same could be said about us"
(1) Vorik: Your Majesty, may I present The Company of the Stag Runners?
(1) The Company of the Stag Runners: We, the members of the Company of the Stag Runners, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Ayyers Falconedge, the First of Solnor and Defender of the Crown, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Wylund. By this pledge, we vow to obey Wylund's laws when within the kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow.
(10) Vrondard: "Should been the Comapny of the White Whale... sounds like a buncha blowhards"
(10) Vrondard: (snide comment)
(1) DM: As each of the companies come up to the mouth of the "U", each of them recites the oath in unison and drops to the floor on bended knee, then stands and salutes the King.
** (8) Git gives a snicker at the dwarf's words while he watched the companies pledges **
(1) Vorik: Your Majesty, may I present The Company of Tensaddle Crowns?
(1) The Company of Tensaddle Crowns: We, the members of the Company of Tensaddle Crowns, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Ayyers Falconedge, the First of Solnor and Defender of the Crown, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Wylund. By this pledge, we vow to obey Wylund's laws when within the kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow.
(10) Vrondard: "oh whippie.... they gots 10 horses in one whole town... thats a hoot"
** (2) Gilman watches with respect for each group that goes forward **
(18) Kha (whispering): A oath to the first circle is the strongest oath there is right?
(9) Sarrim (whispering): I'd like to begin performing detections on the various groups, if I may, or just keep an ongoing detection going.
(1) DM: And so it goes, until at last Vorik, hoarse-voiced reaches the end of the list (or near the end of the list)
** (18) Kha snickers at Vrond **
** (9) Sarrim watches the groups intensely. **
whispering to Kha, (yes)
(25) Agatha: "Between the food and this brigade of boors, I'm gonna be asleep before the party's even over."
whispering to Kha, the First Circle
whispering to Kha, not the "first circle"
** (10) Vrondard eyes his butter knife... wondering if he should poke his eyes out **
whispering to Sarrim, ok
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Alas, late again, =)
(10) Vrondard: and plug his ears with his own bloody orbs
(1) Vorik: Your Majesty (takes a drink from a goblet on the table), may I present the Company of the Emerald Swords?
(18) Kha (whispering): Diffrence noted
(10) Vrondard: "yep cant argue that.. this is agony with no refill"
(8) Git: "True. This is the most boring part of the party. My wife and I use to slip away around now, retire to one of the side rooms until the festivities commenced" :a sly grin graces his lips:
whispering to Git, they're the ones from Faustmann Manor
** (10) Vrondard laments his empty cups and what seems like elfswine left to drink **
(9) Sarrim: "Isn't that the group from the manor?"
(1) The Company of the Emerald Swords: We, the members of the Company of Emerald Swords, duly chartered and recognized by the grace of King Ayyers Falconedge, the First of Solnor and Defender of the Crown, do so pledge our loyalty to the sovereign ruler of Wylund. By this pledge, we vow to obey Wylund's laws when within the kingdom's borders, to neither plot nor aid an action against the kingdom's well-being, to come to her aid when summoned against a threat to the kingdom, and to faithfully renew our charter within the prescribed time allowed. This we pledge in the name of each of the gods that we follow.
(8) Git: :looking to the Emerald Swords: "Yup. It's nice to see some familiar faces"
(1) DM: You notice that the group is missing one member.
(8) Git: (the one we killed? or another one?)
(2) Gilman: "You know these fellows?"
(1) DM: (the one you killed)
(10) Vrondard: "well emough said... swords and not axes... (blech)"
(8) Git: (then he isn't really missing)
(9) Sarrim: "Yes...We had the misfortune of being with them at a certain lord's manor."
(1) DM: (right, strike that, lol)
(10) Vrondard: "and a bunch of millies all of them"
(9) Sarrim: "Not that they were the worst of company, mind you, but they sure didn't make surviving the night any easier."
** (8) Git sits forward in his seat, offering a polite wave to the Emerald Swords in greeting **
(18) Kha: "They seamed nice enough except the one we had to kill got posesed by something and turned into a gargoyl"
(9) Sarrim: "An illusion."
(8) Git: "Yeah, that was unfortunate"
(1) DM: As Vorik starts to read from his scroll, there is a commotion at the far end of the hall, where the double doors are.
(9) Sarrim: "And it's best not to burst out with the killing of someone...Eh?"
(2) Gilman: "Eh... hmm I'll have to hear that story sometime." (Looks back toward the King)
** (18) Kha turns to the dubble doors **
** (8) Git looks to the doors **
(1) DM: The King glances from his consort and The Magister, at the end of the hall with some concern.
** (25) Agatha turns to the doors, hoping for some excitement. **
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Anything from my detection coming from that direction?
** (2) Gilman looks toward the doors curiously **
(1) DM: All eyes turn towards the doors, which open, as a guardsman is hurled into the passage. Melisana stands before the assemblage, garbed in onyx drakescale armor and armed only with a single sword....
(22) Darunus (exit): 01:40
whispering to Sarrim, a blinding headache
** (1) Melisana smiles maliciously **
** (18) Kha whispers "Maybe we should have mentioned her before dinner" **
(8) Git: :blinks at the woman's appearance: "Perhaps..."
(1) Melisana: How fitting that the reign of King Ayyers Falconedge should come to a most troublesome end, on the night of his betrothal.
(2) Gilman: "Who in blazes is that?"
(9) Sarrim: "Auuhg.." *Holds his head* "I couldn't find Tremaine...I'm sorry"
(1) The Magister: YOU!
(1) The Magister: I slew you! How!!!?!?
** (1) The Magister stands and points, aghast and astounded. **
** (9) Sarrim puts his hand on his sword. "This is going to get ugly...And I'm not going to be stopping it this time around." **
(10) Vrondard: "hey thats the two swords girl from the bar"
(18) Kha (whispering): I want to try and slip away from the table and up much closer to Melisana
(1) Melisana: I send a message from Eclavdra, "Your Majesty". For thou, for thou, who hast wronged me!!! (begins to chant and dance)
(25) Agatha: "Ooh. Dinner and a show"
(18) Kha (whispering): with out the others in the group noticing if posible
(10) Vrondard: "watch the dagger... just as bad as her other sword"
(1) Melisana: (turns around, and in doing so, the sword in her hand begins to glow brighter and brighter)
(10) Vrondard: "ooooh I got to learn that one"
(1) The Magister: GUARDS!!! Seize her!
(25) Agatha: ::to the crowd of heroes::
(8) Git: "We should probably get down"
** (9) Sarrim stands and draws his sword. **
** (10) Vrondard is very jelious **
(2) Gilman: "No....Quick, protect the king!"
(25) Agatha: "Don't just stand there. Protect your king!"
(8) Git: :glances up to Sam: "Or not.."
(10) Vrondard: "my king is a thousand leagues from her under a mile of earth and stone"
** (25) Agatha tries to hold Sarrim back. **
** (9) Sarrim strides out toward Melisana, and stands ready. "Greetings, good lady..." **
(1) DM: The room erupts in chaos as adventuring groups and guards all descend on the laughing warrior woman, who continues dancing in a circle, heedless of the hordes of venturers descending on her.
(25) Agatha: (and fails)
(1) DM: (init if you really want to...hehhe)
(2) Gilman: (( this is gonna be baaad...))
(9) Sarrim: (I may be hopelessly obsessed with goodness, but I'm no fool. I'll stand guard near the king)
** (8) Git leaps the table and grabs Sam, while Melisana is busy with.... everyone else **
(9) Sarrim: "Git? What are you doing?!"
(18) Kha (whispering): I want to use Voice of Power, and Shout STOP as loud as I can which would sound like a God Speaking to most people
(8) Git: "Are you crazy. That's what the guards are here for. and we should be keeping a low profile right now"
** (10) Vrondard will protect the guy, but not engage her letting a few fools get there first **
(18) Kha: INIT: [1d20+4] -> [6,4] = (10)
(1) DM: As the first guard reaches Melisana and attempts to knock her down or disarm her, she lets the sword go with a cry..."FOR MY HEART, FOR MY HEART, WHO HAST WRONGED ME!!!!"
** (25) Agatha fades back with Git, hauling Vrondard with her. **
(8) Git: "Come on dummy" :tries to drag Sam back to the table:
(10) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [17,3] = (20)
(2) Gilman: Initative:[1d20] -> [9] = (9)
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Can I try to use my cutting arrows feet, and stop any flying swords...Should they happen my way?)
(8) Git: [1d20+3] -> [4,3] = (7)
(10) Vrondard: "you gots some strange girlfriend there"
(25) Agatha: "We're not a formal adventuring party, remember?
(1) DM: The Sword flies from her hand and with a howl of fury, flashes and flies from her hand straight to Ayyers' heart, who is suddenly thrown aside with violent force by The Magister, as the Sword embeds itself into The Magister's heart.
(25) Agatha: "Nobody's s'posed to know who we are."
(9) Sarrim: "By the Gods..."
whispering to Sarrim, you can try
(2) Gilman: "No..."
whispering to Sarrim, but it won't work...see below for why
(8) Git: "Ah crap"
(25) Agatha: "Good gods."
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Why not? You do realize, that this is the 4th late action of mine, =). I'd try anyway...But obviously, fail.
** (1) The Magister dies, the life sparking out from his eyes. **
(25) Agatha: "You heard the man. Let's get outta here."
(9) Sarrim: "...There is nothing we can do here...Perhaps it would be best."
whispering to Sarrim, the Sword wasn't aimed at you, and in any event, she won initiative with an init of 30
(2) Gilman: "bu...but..." He stutters and then nods and follows
(8) Git: "Finally making some sense"
(10) Vrondard: "nice shot"
(25) Agatha: "Good man."
(1) DM: Melisana is buried beneath the guards and venturers.
** (25) Agatha hikes up her skirt and rushes along. **
(9) Sarrim (whispering): True
(1) DM: Nobles and dignitaries make a mad dash for the doors and the exit as the room rapidly clears.
(1) Isilar: YOU! I want you here, now. (points to you)
** (18) Kha moves over to Isilar **
** (8) Git lgances curiously to Isilar, "Who are you refering to?" **
(1) Isilar: (points to you and motions furtively towards a side door)
** (9) Sarrim turns to Isilar and nods, and yells to his companions to return. **
(1) Isilar: (exits the room furtively)
(2) Gilman: "Yes sir." Follows Isilar's motions
** (25) Agatha stops in her tracks and turns around. "What now?" **
** (18) Kha heads to the side door quickly trying not to be noticed **
(9) Sarrim: "Isilar wants us! Follow Kha! I'll get the others!"
** (8) Git follows after them quickly. **
** (2) Gilman found the F9 macro key **
(2) Gilman: ((sorry bout that))
** (10) Vrondard looks a little miffed but follows the others leads **
(1) DM: The chamber rapidly clears of nobles and dignitaries. Guards and venturers are milling about in a state of dazed confusion where moments before, revelry and laughter were heard.
(8) Git: (sorry to say it guys. but I gotta go for the night.)
** (9) Sarrim exits into the next room after everyone is inside, and closes it. Bars it too, if possible. **
(1) DM: As you leave the chamber, a pile of snow and a rapidly spreading puddle can be seen where Melisana was standing....
(8) Git: (g'nite, see yall later)
(8) Git: Disconnecting from server...
(8) Git (exit): 01:55
(10) Vrondard: "flying sword.. just like the grand hammers in the stories"
(9) Sarrim: "If only I could have found the Magister beforehand..."
(1) Isilar: You find a haggard Isilar standing in an empty conference chamber outside the dining room.
(18) Kha: "I think that was Farslayer that the Magister mentioned"
(10) Vrondard: "well that was something I wasn't prepared fer"
(18) Kha: "He called it the Sword of Vengeance"
(10) Vrondard: "zing... did you see that?"
(1) Isilar: Very perceptive of you. Yes, it was the Sword of Vengeance. We are saved however, for we possess magicka which can save the Magister. Fortunate, indeed. (grimly)
(9) Sarrim: "Isilar...You must know...We found Melisana earlier...She was in THE inn...With the foundling. I tried to tell Garath during the meeting in the hall, but I couldn't get to him."
(25) Agatha: "So what do you expect us to do? I ain't dressed to fight that monster."
(18) Kha: "Melisana survived as well did she not? Seeing only snow where she should be gives me doubt she pairished"
(1) Isilar: We are forced to use resources at our disposal which we did not want to use. (grimly) In any event, I must ask you to become active fairly soon....such as immediately.
(1) Isilar: That was a simulacrum. Not the real warrior. A magical construct.
(1) Isilar: Thank ye for your report. We have been watching the inn for days but had not found her....DAMN! How did she escape our detection?!?
(2) Gilman: "Who did ye have watching the inn?"
(10) Vrondard: "we saw her earlier... you should have been drinking with us"
(25) Agatha: "Nevermind that now! What's your plan, ranger?"
(10) Vrondard: "gutted this guy in the bar with no thought at all"
(18) Kha: "We were planing on starting soon in our reaserch of the cult. We have not yet developed a plan yet though"
(10) Vrondard: "figured him fer saying the wrong thing to her"
(1) Isilar: We have nothing for you to act upon, only hunches. No real connection to whereever the Cyradian might be. The sole clue she offered tonight, which was an opening gambit for whatever game is being played, is "Eclavdra". As I have only heard stories of this Eclavdra, I shall have to wait till The Magister is fully recovered.
(9) Sarrim (whispering): On the off...Chance...Lore check? =)
whispering to Sarrim, sure
(9) Sarrim: [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
(10) Vrondard: "yer Magister musta done the same thing"
(9) Sarrim: (Well. Crap)
(10) Vrondard: "better ask him what he said"
whispering to Sarrim, sounds vaguely like an ilythi'iri name
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Fair enough, hehe
(10) Vrondard: "sounds like one of those fancy things we ate at dinner"
(10) Vrondard: "Eclavdra salad... soup... whatever"
(9) Sarrim: "It's Ilythi'iri, I think"
(1) Isilar: In the meantime, I authorize ye to act in the name of the Kingdom. (takes a scroll out of his pouch) Here. Give this to any guard who tries to stop your activities. The scroll mandates your acts as my agent and an agent for the Crown.
** (9) Sarrim nods. "We shall not abuse your trust in us." **
(1) Isilar: Right. And I know naught of this name, save horror stories told by The Magister.
(9) Sarrim: "So...Where shall we start then? Perhaps we could find something back at the inn?"
(1) Isilar: I'm sure ye shan't. (thinks) The scroll also authorizes ye to outfitting yourselves in the Castle armory...within reason. 'Tis a one-time gift, so make use of it wisely.
(10) Vrondard: "yer got dwarven smiths?"
(1) Isilar: If ye did any searching tonight, ye should have gotten a horde of clues regarding goings on in the Kingdom. I suggest ye start with those and begin from there.
** (10) Vrondard eyes brighten a bit **
(1) Isilar: Certes, master dwarf.
** (10) Vrondard breaks out a full smile **
(2) Gilman: "If I may ask sir, when is the Magister expected to recover?"
(26) Git (enter): 02:07
(9) Sarrim: (Welcome back Git)
(10) Vrondard: (course covered by his red beard... its still hard to see)
(18) Kha: "This Cryadian, it was not mentioned in out last meeting. What is it and why do you need to know its whereabouts?"
(1) DM: (OC: in other words, you each have a homework assignment: submit a wish list, in the form of an e-mail, no later than Wednesday to me. on this list is a list of magical items that you would like to have. keep it reasonable. I'll consider this list and pass on the results prior to next session)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (26) Git...
(26) Git: (eh?
(9) Sarrim: "They're humans, Kha. Scary warriors, if I remember correctly. They could take on entire battlions of orcs. Alone."
(10) Vrondard: ((magic dwarven waraxe... that wasnt tough))
(26) Git: (how much did I miss in the last five minutes?)
(10) Vrondard: ((bing))
(2) Gilman: (( uh where did you leave?))
(25) Agatha: ((we've hiding in a conference room with a free pass to the armory.))
** (1) Isilar glances at Gilman. "Your face is unknown to me, but since you are in the company of these fellows, I shall trust as to your trustworthiness. We do not know, as it depends on the effectiveness of our...magicka." **
(9) Sarrim: (We got a writ of authority and the ability to plunder the armory, =) )
(26) Git: (Had an emergency. I'm gonna actually have to leave again in about fifteen minutes)
(10) Vrondard: ((just dont tell me its a Bio Break))
(1) Isilar: I shall not send ye to meet your deaths against Lady Rothovien. At least...not yet.
(1) Isilar: (grimly)
(10) Vrondard: "that her name..."
(1) Isilar: You shall need all of your wits and more, to survive against her legend.
** (25) Agatha grimaces. "How kind of you." **
(10) Vrondard: "sounds nice fer what we saw that puddle of water do"
(26) Git: (what did the water do?)
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Ohh! Legend! [1d20+7] -> [6,7] = (13)
(1) Isilar: That puddle as you put it, is a fraction of her true might. As ye saw today, you know what she can do if ye faced the real person.
(9) Sarrim (whispering): Bah, knowledge is wasted on the dice, =)
(9) Sarrim: "Not a prospect I'd hope to pursue any time soon."
(1) DM: (stopping in 45 min)
(9) Sarrim: (kk)
(10) Vrondard: "well I gots all me wits"
(10) Vrondard: "and I gots a lot more behind it"
(18) Kha: "Did any of you find anything usefull out today. I was reaserching my own things and learned nothing of the happenings in the city."
(10) Vrondard: "what were we supposed to find out... i was hanging out with a few dwarves in the craftsman district"
(26) Git: :to Kha: "Lots of interesting stuff. Nothing I truly care about at the moment however"
** (10) Vrondard seems miffed like he was kept out of the loop **
(10) Vrondard: ((hes missing that he's not really part of this conversation))
(1) Isilar: In any event, I shall leave you in a few moments to discuss your endeavors. You are invited to stay in the Castle this night. You shall have no worries as to your reported whereabouts. I activated an illusion of you fleeing the carnage as people left. On the morrow, arm yourselves and begin your mission. You may pursue what you shall need to in the course of your acts. I ask only that you report to either myself, the Magister or His Majesty once every tenday as to your progress. At the first of every month, visit the manse of any city official in the Realm to receive your payment, but be sure to present your scroll of writ first.
(9) Sarrim: "Isilar...If I may, I have some skill in the healing arts, and I have been graced with the healing touch, if I may aid in the recovery of the Magister. Gilman is undoubted greater in power than I though, and may be of more use.
(9) Sarrim: "
(1) Isilar: (considers and stares at you for what seems an interminable length of time)
(2) Gilman: "If there is anything I can do of course, I am a Cleric of Solnor. My powers are meager compared to some but I will help in any way I can."
(25) Agatha: "I think that means no."
(10) Vrondard: "well I'll be choppin this womans head off"
** (18) Kha nodds to Isilar "I would like to retire to a room for the night. I have been reading books since early this morning I must give my mind a rest before investigating anything else." **
(10) Vrondard: "that will make him feel better"
(26) Git: (gotta go again. this time for real. g'nite)
(26) Git: Disconnecting from server...
(26) Git (exit): 02:20
(9) Sarrim: (Later Git, g'luck)
(1) Isilar: No, unfortunately, I cannot make this decision at this time. But rest assured, my friends, your zeal and your eagerness are commended and valued. We have resources, as I said earlier, which we are loath to use but which we must, to save The Magister's life.
(2) Gilman: (nods) "As you wish."
** (9) Sarrim nods. **
(18) Kha: "Is it another of the swords of power?"
(9) Sarrim: (I think the cult ties in with the Queen of PMS, =)
(1) Isilar: (smiles wryly) Something approaching that. You ARE quite perceptive, aren't you?
(1) Isilar: You will trust me if I cannot affirm or deny that at this time. (smiles slightly)
(18) Kha: "Well I remember most of what I hear and I wrote down the information about the swords and if I remember corectly there was a woundhealer as well, so I figured it might be that sword. Though I dont know how they work I can make guesses based on the song and their names"
(1) Isilar: You have seen the Sword then. Very well...know that each Sword is marked similarly and differently.
(1) Isilar: All of them have black hilts and similar, blue veined blades. All of them, save one, have symbols and designs on their hilts, etched in white.
(1) Isilar: To use such items demands great power, both in the wielding and in the mastery.
(1) Isilar: If you have any more questions, I shall stay and answer them as best as I can, but I am urgently needed elsewhere and cannot stay for long.
(9) Sarrim: "Alright...I have nothing more to ask. I am going to inspect the armory, and see if I might need anything. It'll also give us some time to cool down and think about possible places to begin. Actually...I was hoping...Isilar, as a requirement of my goddess...I must do something that may seem trivial in order to appease her. I am to learn a craft, and...I was hoping that I might be able to rely on your smiths to teach me the arts of weaponsmithing. I shall continue my investigations...But, well...The divine powers don't often make allowances for this sort of thing."
(18) Kha: "I would hope so, If just anyone could pickone up and use it the world would suffer I am sure. I have no more questions now except which direction to the room in the castle?"
(10) Vrondard: "bah humbug...swords aint no good"
(2) Gilman: "I have no more questions."
** (1) Isilar waves his hand wearily. "Certes, ask to be trained, and ye shall." **
** (9) Sarrim nods. "Thank you, both for the allowance and for understanding. Is anyone coming with me?" **
** (1) Isilar gives you directions. "Ask the guards to direct you to my quarters." **
(9) Sarrim: "We'll not let you down."
(2) Gilman: "Yes Sarrim I shall accompany you to the armory. Farewell Isilar, may you have good fortune in these trying times."
(18) Kha (whispering): This night I will enter the wold of dreams and investigate as much of the Heart Ward as posible looking for anything that might point to a location of the snake cult, either their HQ or a sub branch of them
whispering to Kha, ok
** (9) Sarrim nods to Gilman. **
whispering to Kha, isn't it wonderful that a map of The Commons is almost ready to be put up on the site? LOL
** (18) Kha heads off to get directions to Islars quarters **
(18) Kha (whispering): Ya, Once it is I will see if I have any more specific locations in mind in that area
** (10) Vrondard trudges along... excited to do something **
whispering to Kha, I need to create a secondary map though. the general map is useless to you without the secondary map and location key
(25) Agatha: "I'm going too. A bitch like this requires a good axe."
** (9) Sarrim grins. **
(9) Sarrim: "Alright then." *Heads off down to the armory.*
** (2) Gilman follows along **
(18) Kha (whispering): Ok if you get it dont durring the week great, if nor no biggie I'll still just search the area in the dream world and see what I see :)
(1) Isilar: Very good. If you require anything at all, pull on the bell rope in each suite of my quarters. May the Green Mother watch over you. Namarie el'ilsaril.
(2) Gilman: (( woops, sorry let's leave after he says that...))
(1) DM: ((ok, I'm stopping now cuz of XP))

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