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(1877) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1873) Rob' from room

(1877) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1873) Rob' from room...
(1873) Rob (exit): 22:00
(1882) No Name (enter): 22:01
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1511) Ajaiyah: "My name is Ajaiyah, I met your traveling companions in my desert homeland of Zayal. Git here I knew a little better then the others."
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1510) Joroch: "Yes, he seems to have that effect."
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1512) Git: "So, Ajaiyah, what brings you to a place like Highport, and with so many odd contacts, at that?"
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1511) Ajaiyah: "If you remember back in Zayal I told you I wished to see the world. I ended up here as it is a very interesting part of the world. As for the contacts, I had to do quite a bit of digging when I learned you were in the area and would likly end up here. I wanted to provide you a warm welcome and aid you, so I made sure Shayla would get you introduced to Mordus and figured while you are in the city I can use my contacts here to aid you either directly with skilled personal, or indirectly with information."
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1512) Git: "Well, you sure work fast." :eyes her with interest: "Wish we had taken you along to begin with, we'd have overthrown the whole council by now."
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1512) Git: "So, how did you find out we were headed for highport? We didn't exactly come by the most planned route."
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1511) Ajaiyah: "I have my contacts within the Council. Your description was being spread around quietly. It didnt take me long to figure out they intended to capture you for some pourpose or another."
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1512) Git: "And you even knew we were going to end up in Highport, those are some contacts. I wonder if you're responsible for retrieving our gear as well."
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1511) Ajaiyah: "And once Dame Gold showed up here in the city, it was obvious they were intent on bringing you here as well."
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1512) Git: "Oh? Dame Gold is here?" :asks as he looks about for other familiar faces, lurking about:
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1510) Joroch: "So, the Council wants us in this city?"
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1511) Ajaiyah: "She is in the city. I have yet to locate her though." ** frowns **
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1512) Git: "But you were able to pin point the exact boat we would take to highport to have Shayla waiting, before we even knew we were going to be captured? Those contacts are a bit picky, huh?"
(1877) TaliesinNYC: ** (1511) Ajaiyah laughs "I have had contacts on every incoming boat for the past five days, and have contacts on boats for the next three looking for you." **
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1512) Git: "Thorough... and expensive, unless they all work out of kindness."
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1512) Git: "Did you retrieve our gear?"
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1511) Ajaiyah: "They arnt free, but they arnt expensive either." ** shakes her head ** "That I cannot take credit for, it was aquired before I was able to."
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1512) Git: "By who?"
(1877) TaliesinNYC: ** (1510) Joroch keeps his eyes watching the streets - figuring that there will be so few out at this hour, anyone he does see should not be there. **
(1877) TaliesinNYC: (1511) Ajaiyah: "I dont know, it happened to quickly, and too recently to launch a proper investigation.
(1877) DM: let's go
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(1877) DM: (yes you're late but we just started)
(1877) DM: (so we're starting where we left off from last session. see above for the end of the log)
** (1879) Joroch looks around the street, letting Git deal yet another of his old friends. **
(1838) Ajaiyah: "I will of course help in any way I can in finding who retived your gear."
** (1876) Git draws a grin to his lips, agreeing mildly, "I'm sure you will." He lets out a somber sigh, before softening his expression, to inquire, "By the way, how was your trip to Zayal? Trek over the mountains would have taken too long.. boat ride from the north? Or magical transposition?" **
(1876) Git: (trip from Zayal rather*)
** (1881) Rynn looks around, finding herself once again at a loss as to the current situation. **
(1838) Ajaiyah: "I left about a week after you did, and I employed magical travel."
(1838) Ajaiyah: (( we were in that tower for a month or more before being sent to Heathwatch if I remember corectly ))
(1876) Git: "Ah.. us too.. best way to travel really.. a quick poof and your their. Someday everyone will travel like that, I'm sure, that is the means become more available." :rolls his eyes in thought a second: "Maybe I'll set up a network for it." :shakes his head, returning to the matter: "So, who was kind enough to provide you the travel? Unless you had the ability yourself, which would make me very upset about all that walking you let us do through the desert."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "I do not possess that much skill, though I do have a little skill. I was sent here my my Handlers."
(1876) Git: "Ah.. still with teh Everlasting then? Or have you gotten new handlers?"
** (1838) Ajaiyah takes a seat on a broken crate **
** (1878) Gatz still eyes Ajaiyah with suspicion. **
** (1878) Agatha still eyes Ajaiyah with suspicion. **
** (1881) Rynn pulls out a gold coin and rolls it in her palm. **
** (1838) Ajaiyah smirks "I was never 'with' the Everlasting, I was in Zayle on vacation and playing with the Everlasting seemed like fun. Running across you a.." ^em^** cuts herself off ** "Who my handlers are I cannot tell you right now, but my current assignment is to aid The Grey Walkers in bringing down the Nine." **
(1838) Ajaiyah: (( bah color formating is off, oh well ))
(1878) Agatha: "Hmph. And these Grey Walkers would be?"
(1876) Git: :raises a brow: "Ah, forgive me for the mistake then."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "The Grey Walkers are an orginization." ** looks at Git ** "You may have dealt with them" ** then back to Agatha ** "That aids slaves in leaving Kern and has been working to over throw them."
(1876) Git: "A very noble casue. I wish you luck with that."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "My Handlers have an intrest to see the Nine overthrown or replaced, so I was sent here to find potential allies. I have found many people, but none posess half your skill, from what I saw in Zayle an.." ** cuts herself off again **
** (1881) Rynn flips the coin and then frowns at the result. **
(1876) Git: "Oh, I don't know. Yo useemed to have found at least one talented firend. And far as I Telin is a hard man to find."
(1876) Git: (far as I know* that is)
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Easier then you would think, I have known him his whole life you could say."
(1876) Git: :grins: "I'm sure you have."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Why so suspitious Git, you wernt so on edge in Zayle."
(1876) Git: :sighs: "Oh, I'm always suspicious. It must just be more apparent today. Must be still feel the effects of all that salty sea air."
(1876) Git: "So, did you want anything else?"
** (1881) Rynn chimes in, "Or the manacles." **
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Yes, and I worked hard to ensure you would be freed as soon as you arived."
(1876) Git: "And thank you, ever so much for that."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "And no there is nothing else. I just wanted to contact you, and not where others can see as you stick out in this town, to offer my services and those of my many contacts within the city."
(1879) Joroch: "If we stick out after being here less than a day, why whould we stay here?"
** (1876) Git gives an understanding nod, "Right... well, as soon as we get better situated, I'm sure your aid will be welcome. How shall we contact you?" **
(1879) Joroch: "And thus, need these services?"
(1881) Rynn: "I'm sure Git knows a thing or two about being hidden he could share, and I have spells that can aid that too."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Figured you might stay to do some good here. You have already anoyed someone to get sent here." ** turns to Git ** "You can contact me by leaving a note here, or asking Shayla to contact me."
(1876) Git: "Well, then, we'll be sure to do that." :offers a bow: "If that is all, we should bid you good night, madam."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Or though Juni,or Telin for that matter. Juni knows who to contact to reach me, and Telin knows how to contact me dirctly"
(1876) Git: "Right.. we'll keep an eye out for them." :begins to saunter back away:
** (1838) Ajaiyah nods and laughs at Git, then steps into the shadows quickly fading from sight **
** (1879) Joroch shudders slightly as Ajaiyah disappears easily into the shadows. **
(1881) Rynn: "I'm not sure if I like her."
** (1876) Git then turns and begins away from the district, eyes and ears pinned, commenting aside to Rynn, "If that was a her." **
** (1881) Rynn lets out a soft chuckle before she follows Git. **
(1876) Git: (what time is it, btw?)
** (1878) Agatha doesn't laugh as she walks out. "It wouldn't be the first time. **
** (1879) Joroch follows behind the others, checking the road for anyone watching them or following them. **
(1877) DM: (close to moonrise)
(1876) Git: "Well, don't get bogged down just yet, kiddies. We have at least one more creepy encounter this night. Shall we get to it?"
** (1881) Rynn groans like a small child, even though she is grinning. **
(1879) Joroch: "Yes, then it seems as though we need to find some solitude somewhere and talk."
(1879) Joroch: (( *privacy, not solitude - better word. ))
(1876) Git: "And perhaps an out going ship to escape on.. but we'll keep that as plan B."
(1881) Rynn: "The inn was rather nice, I liked the bath."
(1877) DM: '
(1879) Joroch: "As long as we don't have to sacrifice part of our gear to get aboard the next ship as well."
** (1876) Git heads toward the arranged meeting place for the returner of their belongings. Though not directly there, stoping a ways away. **
(1881) Rynn: "What is wrong?"
(1877) DM: Someone's snoring nearby.
(1876) Git: :draws a breath: "Just getting that feeling I always get before walking right into a trap."
** (1879) Joroch holds up the rock with the note, never having gotten rid of it. "Try this method again?" **
** (1881) Rynn looks around at the sound. **
(1876) Git: :shakes his head a Joroch. "Nah... though you might be able to lob it at someone's head."
(1879) Joroch: "No problem."
(1876) Git: :glances to Rynn, leaning in to whisper, can you make illusoruy doubles of some of us to head straight to the meeting, and make the real one's invisible?"
(1877) DM: Whomever it is isn't shy about keeping quiet. Raspy snores.
(1878) Agatha: "Hm."
** (1881) Rynn looks a little on edge, "I could, but I am no where near as skilled with my tongue as you, and I control the sounds the doubles would make." **
(1876) Git: "Oh, I'll be there with you. But it doesn't hurt to have an unseen Aggy ready to bash someone's brains in."
(1881) Rynn: "A few illusions with a few invisible would be much more manageable."
** (1881) Rynn looks for the source of the snorring again. **
(1876) Git: :nods: "Whatever works best for you. Now, let's take the indirect route." :turns off the main street, heading into back alleys, for round about approach: (where is the meeting, outside or at an address?)
(1877) DM: (at the Plazq of Dark Delights, underneath the blackened arch of Pulg)
(1877) DM: (Plaza)
(1878) Agatha: "Hm. Y'know, it could just be some drunk snoozing for once."
(1879) Joroch: "That doesn't seem to be the luck this group has though."
(1877) DM: sleeping man: It seems to be an old man with ruddy tanned skin, black hair greying at the temples and pulled back into a pony tail, and neatly trimmed salt and pepper goatee. He's dressed in somber colors his clothes neat yet travel-stained. In one hand he hoids a scythe and leads a horse with a longspear tucked across the saddle bags curled under him. A scar runs from under his right eye to his chin and a pendant hangs from a silver chain about his neck. It appears to be a carved ivory skull wearing a silver helm.
(1876) Git: "Ignore it for now. If you hear snoring where we're going, then be worried." :continues into the shadows:
** (1881) Rynn looks over him, her head slightly tilted. **
(1877) DM: He's huddled in a corner, not far from your (Rynn's) present location.
(1882) Cormac: rolls over to his Side " Snoring Louder"
** (1879) Joroch prepares to follow Git, but waits for Rynn. **
** (1881) Rynn kicks him a bit, "Hey, sleeping on the streets will only get you robbed." **
** (1876) Git pauses, turning back a disbelieving look at the sorceress. **
(1882) Cormac: Looks up sleepily his eyes narrow then he breaks into a Smile " Rynn?"
(1882) Cormac: "Lass it that you ?" he stands
** (1881) Rynn blinks as she fails to recongize him. Then cringes a bit knowing most people who know her would probably want her dead. **
** (1879) Joroch shakes his head slightly. "What is this city?" **
(1882) Cormac: " Highport me lad " he smiles as he turns to him
(1876) Git: "It's like the legendary City of Reunions." :to Rynn: "You know him?"
** (1881) Rynn looks back and forth between Git and Cormac, "I'm not sure... he knows me apparently." **
(1876) Git: "Yeah, there's a lot of that going around."
(1882) Cormac: " Ye Still Play the Flute ? Ye are Rynn aren't ye Lass?" he looks concerned
(1879) Joroch: "Apparently" he responds to Git.
** (1881) Rynn suddenly lights up, "Cormac?" **
(1882) Cormac: " Aye to be Sure tis' I "
(1878) Agatha: "If I see Felix next, we run for it."
(1882) Cormac: he smiles and moves as if to rub her head .... then seems to think better of it
(1876) Git: :nods to Aggy: "Agreed."
** (1881) Rynn turns to the others, "I must have been thirteen when I met him, I had no home or money. He taught me to play the flute for coin...saved my life." **
** (1881) Rynn turns back, "I'm startled you knew who I was, that was close to a decade and a half ago. I sure didn't recognize you." **
(1876) Git: :grins: "Then what a happy coincidence for you two to meet here, of all places."
(1882) Cormac: " tis but a small thing I did ", he looks at the others " Cormac Ar'Fidlegh Servant of Arawn at yer Service"
** (1879) Joroch figures this meeting is not a threat right now, so he shifts his concentration back to watching the streets. **
(1876) Git: :nods: "I'm Git. Nice to meet you."
(1882) Cormac: " Glad to be meet ye I be sure "
(1882) Cormac: err (be meetin)
** (1881) Rynn sits in the awkward silence, "Well, how should we continue now?" **
(1890) Gutz (enter): 23:10
(1877) DM: An incredibly obese orc strolls into view.
** (1881) Rynn stands a bit shocked, thinking it is a troll for a moment. **
(1877) DM: His armor seems to have shrunk in places, or perhaps it's because of the rolls of fat that bulge unsightly in cracks and seams.
(1877) DM: He's also whistling offkey. It reminds you of a cat in heat.
(1877) DM: He regards your group for a moment, then heads to the Arch of Pulg.
(1881) Rynn: "I take it that armor is for show..."
** (1879) Helisandra notes the orc to Git. "Looky looky." **
(1877) DM: 0.o
** (1879) Joroch notes the orc to Git. "Looky looky." **
(1878) Agatha: "What's an orc doing walking around like that in these parts?
(1879) Joroch: (( stupid alias jumping. ))
(1876) Git: :shrugs: "Guess they get very well few around here."
(1879) Joroch: "Based on his destination, looking for us."
(1882) Cormac: " What " he looks puzzled.
(1881) Rynn: "No idea."
(1876) Git: "Possibly.. though unless that is a disguise, I have trouble believing tubby over yonder orchestrated this whole thing."
(1881) Rynn: "He looked sick as the devil though." Rynn notes as an afterthought.
(1882) Cormac: " So Rynn Lass what have ye ben doing?" he turns to her
(1879) Joroch: "A messenger?"
(1877) DM: The orc waddles to the blackened arch and seeing hardly anyone around in the deserted plaza, leans back as if waiting for someone.
(1876) Git: "Either way, we do have an appointment to keep." :makes a gesture to leave:
(1881) Rynn: "Wandering. I got caught up with these guys after deciding life alone was a bit to dangerous. I have a debt to repay to Git." She says as she points him out.
(1879) Joroch: "Rynn, why not catch up with Cormac here. You can also watch our backs."
** (1881) Rynn nods, "Any spells you want to take with you? Strength, armor?" **
(1879) Joroch: "I doubt one orc would cause us any trouble, so I'm good."
(1882) Cormac: " Any more problems like before lass?" he looks concerned , " Or have things been better for ye?"
** (1876) Git gives the fat orc a glance, seeing if he's carrying anything. **
** (1879) Joroch nods to Aggy and Git to head on over, as he watches the area for signs of anyone else for a moment before joining them, keeping the rock held in a closed fist. **
** (1881) Rynn nods to Joroch before turning to Cormac, "I'm not a theif anymore, picked up mercinary work and, if you haven't noticed, spellcraft." She chuckles a bit. **
(1877) DM: He's got a rusty short sword as well as a pair of daggers strapped to his belt. You have the sense that they're more for show than use.
(1877) DM: He takes out a piece of wood from a belt pouch and begins picking his teeth with it.
(1882) Cormac: " Good to hear lass would ye and yer friends be needin' a Priest?" he smiles
** (1876) Git holds up a hand, pausing Joroch. "No rush. If he were the one who called for us, he'll either know who we are, or know to wait." **
(1877) DM: The orc looks in your direction, seemingly unconcerned. After a few moments, he plops down to the ground.
(1881) Rynn: "We can't pay you, but we seem to be running into a lot of trouble." She pauses, knowing that they could use all the help they could get, "In fact they found me bound in a castle filled with countless undead."
** (1879) Joroch follows Git's lead - scanning the area continually for signs of any others. **
** (1881) Rynn grins knowingly to Cormac, "You deal with undead, don't you?" **
(1882) Cormac: " Arawns Ballocks Lass undead ye say , Oh aye I could have helped ye out then "
(1882) Cormac: " Wouldn't want pay just a share of the profits as it were and a chance to serve me laird Arawn"
(1881) Rynn: "Oh, we have had many offers of reward. If I knew adventuer life paid this well I would have just followed you from when you first found me."
** (1876) Git leans in to Rynn, to whisper, "Sorry to interrupt your reunion, but I need a recon on that plaza, invisibilty and flight to check the rooftops would be nice." **
(1882) Cormac: Chuckles " It all hasn't been Tea And Cakes Lass"
(1881) Rynn: "Just me or a few others?"
(1879) Joroch: "Go ahead Git, I'd rather remain here watching things."
(1876) Git: "On should do, as long as they have a keen eye."
(1877) DM: He leans back and looks in your direction expectantly.
** (1881) Rynn casts flight upon herself, and then conjures invisibility. **
(1882) Cormac: " Yon Orc seems to be expectin' somethin"
** (1876) Git reminds her to slip into the shadows before casting **
(1876) Git: "how nice for him.."
** (1881) Rynn nods, having casted flight alread, she does shift to the shadows before invisibility takes effect. **
** (1876) Git slips himself aside into the shadows as well, noting, "If he knows it is us, he may get tired of waiting and stroll over. If he insists on staying there it is a stronger indication of a trap, though not definite, of course." **
** (1881) Rynn flies to the sky, and swoops over the rooftops, looking for anything on them or in the allies. **
** (1878) Agatha keeps watch with Joroch. **
** (1879) Joroch remains in his spot, scanning everything, but not just watching the orc. **
(1876) Git: :out of a mixture of curiousity and boredom, turns to ask the strange priest, "So, why is it you are sleeping in the streets, friend? financial troubles?"
(1878) Agatha: "I get a bad feeling this night is just going to get stranger and stranger."
** (1879) Joroch notes Git chatting the new guy, so he speaks quietly with Aggy. "Aggy, with all that is happening, I've been meaning to ask - what exactly is this Council that I seem to have gained as a foe since I met you all?" **
(1882) Cormac: " Actually was tired and set meself down and dozed off" he looks Sheepish " Must be getting old "
(1876) Git: :snickers slightly: "What a laid back attitude. I almost envy you."
(1876) Git: "Though, Rynn was right. You may want to check that you still have your purse on you."
(1878) Agatha: "Near as I can tell, they're a bunch of powerful folks who decided that they know better what's best for everyone and took over."
(1882) Cormac: " Arawn watches over me " he raises his symbol " I hope to end meself grandly, and not in some alley" he chuckles
(1876) Git: "Okay..."
(1878) Agatha: "Problem is they still can't keep from fightin' each other for top spot."
(1879) Joroch: "And now you all have decide to stop them, right?"
(1882) Cormac has sent you a tree node...
(1876) Git: "What brings you to Highport then? Not planning this as your 'End', are you?"
(1882) Cormac: " Nay lad just was traveling , I am studying burial roituals and beliefs , and Highport was the next port of call ye might say"
(1882) Cormac: err rituals
** (1881) Rynn floats back to Git and says, hoping not to startle, "No one I can see, might as well send someone who can take a few hits just in case, we are only here to get our belongings are we not? I'll keep watch though." **
(1876) Git: :blinks: "Fascinating."
(1876) Git: :not looking at Rynn, as to giveaway her invisible position: "Thanks, Rynn. Guess we'll take it from here. Be ready to back up though."
** (1876) Git gestures for Aggy and Joroch to now proceed toward the arc. **
(1879) Joroch: "Looks like we're up." He heads toward the arc with Aggy.
** (1881) Rynn nods out of habit, although no one can see, and takes to the skies again, landing on a rooftop in case her spell faded before she was ready. **
(1882) Cormac: " Well would ye be wanting a new companion?" looking at Git '
(1876) Git: :grins to the elder fellow: "Only follow us if you really do want to meet your end." :he then turns, heading after Aggy and Joroch.:
(1882) Cormac: he Shrugs , smiles and whistles a tune and follows
(1879) Joroch: (( Gatz - still here? ))
** (1876) Git draws a dagger unders his cloak, continuing toward the arc, though listening for the actions of the priest behind him. **
** (1879) Joroch walks up to the orc. "You there, who sent you?" **
** (1878) Agatha keeps an eye out for any more fishy business as she heads for the arc. **
(1894) Muulsh: "Ug."
** (1879) Joroch sighs. "Of course, one of the stupid ones." He glances at Aggy, "Unless Ug is our benefactor." **
(1894) Muulsh: "Ogo of the Brotherhood."
** (1876) Git flanks round to the side of his teammates, circling round behind the orc, for a veiw of him and the strange priest who has opted to follow them. **
(1894) Muulsh: "Yub frum de Ghool?"
** (1894) Muulsh wobbles to his feet as he looks at you. **
(1879) Joroch: "I think that was it, yes - the Ghool. What does Ogo want?"
(1894) Muulsh: "He ons yub to werk fer hib."
** (1881) Rynn keeps a watchful eye of anyone approaching. **
(1881) Rynn: Spot: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
** (1879) Joroch appears more than relieved that he can communicate with the orc afterall **
(1879) Joroch: "Of course. Doing what?"
** (1894) Muulsh peers at you (Joroch) thoughtfully. **
(1894) Muulsh: "Yub ken fight?"
** (1879) Joroch smirks, opening his arms a little - showing his appearance off. "What do you think?" **
** (1878) Agatha jabs Joroch in the ribs. "Quit showin' off meathead. There's no one here to impress, even if you could impress." **
** (1894) Muulsh seems unimpressed. **
(1894) Muulsh: "Yub or nub."
(1879) Joroch: "Don't tell me you're still jealous about that bar fight."
** (1879) Joroch sighs. "Yes, we can." **
** (1878) Agatha rolls her eyes and looks to the orc. "Yub" **
(1876) Git: :sighs, asking the orc from behind: "More specifically.. who does this Ogo wish for us to fight?"
** (1894) Muulsh grunts as if satisfied, then farts loudly. **
(1898) Kalreen (enter): 23:52
(1894) Muulsh: "He ons yub to look fer sumtin."
(1894) Muulsh: "Ib nub remember." (mumbles)
(1879) Joroch: "Then maybe we should practice our fighting on you to give your master an answer."
(1898) Kalreen (exit): 23:54
** (1894) Muulsh holds up his hands as if to ward you off, his jowls shaking. "Nub! Nub! Ib nub remember. He said sometin abut de temples." **
(1876) Git: "Did he give you a note or such for us? Just incase you forgot what to say..?"
(1894) Muulsh: "Oh! Yub."
** (1894) Muulsh begins to look in his belt pouches, relieved that you're not going to cut him up. **
** (1879) Joroch shakes his head as the orc begins searching. **
(1890) Gutz (exit): 23:56
(1894) Muulsh: "Here be is." (rummages through a pouch and hands you a filthy scrap of parchment)
(1895) Ana (exit): 23:57
** (1879) Joroch snatches the parchment away and glares at the orc. "Get lost, now." **
(1894) Muulsh: "He ons an answer."
** (1876) Git asks the orc, before he leaves, "By the way, what Brotherhood are you from?" **
** (1894) Muulsh leans back against the Arch and waits, piggish eyes squinting. **
** (1876) Git moves round to glance the contents of the parchment, over Joroch's shoulder **
(1894) Muulsh: "Ib greenskin errand boy."
** (1879) Joroch looks at the parchment before handing it over to the others as well. **
(1876) Git: "I see.. is Og Greenskin as well?"
(1879) Joroch: (( and apparently, Zane is typing slow tonight, ))
(1876) Git: (Ogo even)
(1894) Muulsh: "He a humie."
(1876) Git: "Oh? Well, what Brotherhood does he belong to then?"
(1879) Joroch: "What other name does Ogo's Brotherhood use?"
(1894) Muulsh: "Da Slayers' Brotherhood."
(1876) Git: "THe Slayers? Are there a lot of them in this city?"
** (1879) Joroch looks to Git and Aggy to see if the name means anything. **
(1894) Muulsh: "Yub."
(1894) Muulsh: "Dey da assy guild."
** (1878) Agatha catchesJoroch's look and shakes her head slightly. **
(1894) Muulsh: "Dey in da House of Blades."
** (1879) Joroch looks over the note, but lets Git speak for the group as to whether they agree or not. **
(1894) Muulsh: "In da Tenderloin."
** (1878) Agatha takes the notes and tries to make sense of the handwriting. **
(1876) Git: "Uh huh.. and id he give you any further contact info.. or even which temple he's refering to?"
(1894) Muulsh: "Da one wid da sparkly lights."
(1894) Muulsh: "I tink da temple of Kos."
(1879) Joroch: "You remembered that, but not what he wanted?"
** (1876) Git rubs his head.. feeling an ache coming on. **
(1894) Muulsh: "Mebbe da temple of Taarth."
(1894) Muulsh: "Ib nub sure."
(1882) Cormac: Looking disgustedly at the Orc ever sice he mention Lsayers
(1882) Cormac: (ever since he Mentioned Slayers)
(1876) Git: "Right.. tell Ogo, next time... get the message right."
(1879) Joroch: "So, are we agreeing?"
(1882) Cormac: " We be working for Ogo Or the Brotherhood?" he sneers at the Orc
(1876) Git: "To what? I'm not even sure what he wants."
(1879) Joroch: "Just to investigate - which could mean just walking up to it, and leaving. Although if we believe the end of it, I'm sure he'd want more."
(1894) Muulsh: "Ogo."
** (1894) Muulsh shrugs. **
(1894) Muulsh: "He tol me dat he knows where de Goldwoman be."
** (1894) Muulsh grins toothily. **
(1876) Git: "Good for him."
(1882) Cormac: Looking at Git and the Others " Sorry ,I won't be holding workin fer Assasins , So had to ask"
(1894) Muulsh: "Dat yub wan her."
(1879) Joroch: "I don't even know who you are talking about."
(1894) DM: The orc frowns, his piggy eyes squinting even more.
(1894) Muulsh: "De humie woman wid de blond hair."
(1876) Git: :gives the priest a quizzical look, before turning back to the orc: "Look, tell your buddy Ogo next time he contacts us, include the name of the temple he wants investigated, what he expects us to find there, and just what he expects us to do when we find it. When he can offer that, we'll consider the job."
(1879) Joroch: "Personally, I don't like investigating anything without knowing who exactly I am doing it for. Human, blonde hair? Sounds cute."
(1894) Muulsh: "Me tell hib dat den."
(1876) Git: :sighs: "Do you need to write that down?"
** (1894) Muulsh just looks at you (Git) dumbly. **
(1876) Git: "Anyone have a pen?"
(1879) Joroch: "Just a rock."
(1882) Cormac: " I do "
(1894) Muulsh: "Guess nub Linze too."
(1882) Cormac: he reaches into a pouch and retrieves one
(1901) Gatz (enter): 00:19
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1901) Gatz...
(1894) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1878) Gatz' from room...
(1878) Gatz (exit): 00:19
(1894) Muulsh: "Guess nub Linze too."
** (1901) Gatz suddenly grabs the orc by the throat. "What did you say?" **
** (1901) Agatha suddenly grabs the orc by the throat. "What did you say?" **
(1876) Git: :to Cormac: "Thank you." :turns the letter over to right his own requests in reply.
** (1879) Joroch quickly shifts to stand in front of Aggy, but underestimates her anger and is not quick enough. **
(1894) Muulsh: "Ib said 'me tell hib dat den'."
** (1894) Muulsh begins struggling valiantly. **
(1894) Muulsh: "Hay!" (gurgles)
(1882) Cormac: Moving back and taking his Scythe in both hands
** (1901) Agatha doesn't let him go and uses her free hand to unsheathe her sword. **
(1894) Muulsh: "Um....nub Linze too."
** (1879) Joroch gives Aggy a moment before laying a hand on her shoulder. "You do realize that reaction is what someone wants, right?" **
(1901) Agatha: "Aye, but I bet it's more than this one bargained for."
(1882) Cormac: Turning to watch behind us and looking to see if anyone reacts to these events
(1879) Joroch: "And even if it is a stretch, do you want to lose a chance for more information?"
** (1881) Rynn is startled by the events and swoops to the ground next to the group. **
** (1876) Git watches Aggy work, handing Cormac back his pen, before sidling near the strangling barbarian, asking the orc: "Do you know who Linze is, or just the name?" **
** (1901) Agatha focuses on the orc. "Listen you stuck pig, if you enjoy the sound of your own breath, you're gonna stop playing and tell us everything we want to know. You'll then take us to your master, and if you're lucky, you just might live." **
(1894) Muulsh: "He tol me to say dat if yub said nub."
(1894) Muulsh: "Me wanna live." (whines like a stuck pig)
(1876) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [2,9] = (11)
(1882) Cormac: absently taking in from him he continues to watch for anyone seeming to take an interest
** (1881) Rynn sighs in relief, but is still breathing heavy. **
** (1879) Joroch watches Aggy just as closely as the orc, intent on hooking her sword arm back if she actually moves to strike it. **
(1876) Git: :shakes his head: "This is a waste of time. Aggy, let him loose."
** (1901) Agatha snarls and narrows her eyes. "Who is your master? Give me a name." **
(1894) Muulsh: "Ogo!"
(1901) Agatha: "And who does he work for?"
(1894) Muulsh: "Yub wan meet hib?" (gurgles)
(1894) Muulsh: "Da Brotherhood!"
** (1879) Joroch waits for now, letting Agatha get what info she can. **
(1876) Git: "Don't fell like walking into a den of assassins tonight. But thank you."
(1879) Joroch: "Or we have him come to us."
(1879) Joroch: "But, our greenskin messenger here would need to be let free with his master's note." he adds, mainly for Aggy's benefit.
(1882) Cormac: backs up to git " we have soemones attention : he whispers
(1901) Agatha: "To rescue this pile? Even a saint wouldn't bother."
(1879) Joroch: "Not to rescue, to hire us."
** (1876) Git glances to Cormac, curious what the man means: **
(1882) Cormac: nods and points with his chin to the beggar watching us
** (1901) Agatha flares her nostrils and gives the orc a look like he's about to be run through. Instead, she releases her grip. **
(1894) DM: A pair of beggars are across the plaza. One is drunk and lies against a wall, oblivious to the world. His mate scans the plaza as if looking for someone, then settles his gaze on you.
** (1881) Rynn turns around, knowing she can't be seen anyways, to olook at the beggar. **
** (1894) Muulsh falls against the Arch, arms flailing as he rubs his throat. **
** (1879) Joroch collects the note from Git with his written response, handing it to the orc. "Give your master that response. Now git." **
(1901) Agatha: "Run home orc, but speak the name of Linze again and I'll keep your tongue as a trophy."
** (1894) Muulsh nods, gets to his feet and waddles off. **
** (1876) Git gives the beggars a once over, noting if they are watching purposely, and if there is familiarity beneath their guises." **
** (1881) Rynn floats over to the beggars and lands silently in the shadows for a close look. **
** (1901) Agatha clenches her blade. **
** (1879) Joroch looks to Aggy to make sure she has calmed down once the orc leaves. **
(1879) Joroch: "And by calming your emotions, we were able to pass the note back to Ogo."
(1879) Joroch: "Of course, if you hadn't given in to anger to begin with - well, we could have had the same result, without the fuss."
(1879) Joroch: (( to Aggy, obviously. ))
(1876) Git: "Well, I can't much blame you for getting frustrated Aggy, what with the name dropping and all." :glances back toward the beggars, expectantly: "Personally, I'm liking this place less and less, by the hour."
(1882) Cormac: not relaxing still watching
** (1901) Agatha looks not at Joroch and speaks in icy tones."The mess would've attracted trouble. That was all that saved him." **
** (1879) Joroch simply nods, letting the topic drop. **
(1894) DM: The beggar gathers his begging bowl, looks over at his companion, then gets up and stretches. He looks over in your direction once more, then scuttles off.
** (1881) Rynn flies back, sensing no danger she despells her magic to talk more easily. **
(1876) Git: "Lets get back to the inn. It's been a long day."
(1901) Agatha: "Everywhere we go, everyone and their damned brother knows who we are, where we are, and what we're after."
** (1881) Rynn nods in aproval, "Finding Linze is MY highest priority, there is not much worse in the world than wronging a child." **
(1879) Joroch: "And who else this group has met."
(1894) DM: When you get back to the inn, Telin is here.
(1876) Git: "Yep, kind of hard to get anything done in these circumstances." :begins back toward the inn:
(1894) DM: He's at the bar having a bite to eat.
(1901) Agatha: "He's not a child, not so much anymore. Those days are past."
** (1879) Joroch talks to the priest as the group moves back to the inn. "So, are you serious about trying to join this group? I'm apparently in too deep and I've only known them for a few weeks." **
(1882) Cormac has sent you a tree node...
** (1876) Git shakes his head at the sight of Telin, and sighs over the odd priest following them home, and turns t head upstairs to his room. **
(1882) Cormac: " ah Why not I be thinking ye have Rynn who is such a good child" he winks at her
** (1881) Rynn laughs a bit to herself. **
(1879) Joroch: "Don't say you weren't warned."
** (1838) Telin gets up and starts to follow Git **
(1882) Cormac: " Warned ? Arawn will call me when he wants me"
(1838) Telin: (( sorry I had stepped out for a smoke, expected their interaction with the Orc to last a little longer =P ))
(1882) Cormac: Looking for the innkeep
** (1879) Joroch simply nods to the priest, noting Git's old friend again. **
(1882) Cormac: " Rynn Lass I forgot to take me horse to the stable,Could ye do that fer me lass?"
(1838) Telin: "Hey Git,you got a moment to talk, or should I come back in the morning?"
** (1879) Joroch moves to follow Telin, not getting the idea from Git that the "friend" is wanted around. **
** (1881) Rynn shakes her head, "You've been in town longer than me, I don't know where a stable is." **
(1882) Cormac: " Can ye ask about a room fer me then ? While I stable me hores?"
(1882) Cormac: errr horse
(1879) Joroch: (( lol ))
(1881) Rynn: "I don't see why I couldn't, or were we all sharing rooms?"
(1882) Cormac: going out to find the stable
** (1876) Git peers back at the other rogue, with a mix of amusement and annoyance, "Eh.. why wait? What did you have to say?" **
(1894) DM: (you stable your horse)
** (1879) Joroch comes up behind Telin, waiting to see what happens. **
(1838) Telin: "Not much, Ajaiyah just asked me to fill you in on the workings of the city if you wanted to hear it."
(1879) Joroch: (( figuring I got time for a smoke break, so taking one. ))
(1876) Git: :snickers: "From you?" :shakes his head: "Nah.. I'd prefer honest answers."
(1882) Cormac: Making my way back into the inn I find Rynn" What have I got meself into lass?" he asks her as he sits
(1838) Telin: "I'll give you honest answers."
(1876) Git: "That would be an interesting change of pace."
(1881) Rynn: "I'm not quite sure myself. I just enjoy the excitement." She gives Cormac a grin.
(1882) Cormac: " I believe that Lass" he smiles " ye look well "
** (1838) Telin shrugs and heads back to his table "If you dont want information thats fine by me. I was just asked to help you out." **
** (1881) Rynn nods, "Thank you, you seem to be alive dispite your scars. I'd say you've done well for yoursel as well." **
(1876) Git: :laughs: "Yeah, I'll send for ya, when I need a dagger in my back."
** (1876) Git heads for his room. **
(1882) Cormac: " Arawn keeps me Lass, he hasn't seen fit to Claim me yet "
(1838) Telin: "Why would I try and hurt you? We got along well enough back in the Ravens."
** (1838) Telin appears hurt by Gits comment **
(1876) Git: :casts back a harsh scowl: "It's frightening how sincere that sounds."
(1881) Rynn: "Tell me, any of your spells able to detect deception? That would be a much needed asset to find our enemies and not offend those who actually try to help us." She makes a glace at Telin.
(1882) Cormac: " Hmmm Aye I have one at least but I have got it ready can prepare it fer the mornin"
(1882) Cormac: err have not
(1838) Telin: "I am being honest with you Git." ** sags down in his seat ** "I figure seeiing someone from your past would make the help more welcome."
(1881) Rynn: "If no one kills anyone by then, that would be very helpful."
(1882) Cormac: " true lass but then we could all be dead by Morn ,If Arawn wills "
(1838) Telin: (( *figured ))
(1876) Git: "Oh, come on.... lets not go pretending you and I were buddy-buddy or anything like that. We worked together is all, and I didn't even trust you then. Disappearing and then popping back back up after all this time under these coincidental circumstances, you really expect to be trusted? We're both professionals. You should know better."
(1879) Joroch: (( back ))
** (1838) Telin laughs at that "Buddy buddy, never. But would you have prefered I approched you as someone you had never seen before? How would that have made me any more trust worthy, it wouldnt. So I figure approching you as someone you at least might have still had profesional respect for." **
** (1879) Joroch raises an eyebrow at Telin's comment, realizing that the surprises for the day aren't over - although the day should be. **
(1907) Jade (enter): 01:16
(1907) Jade (exit): 01:17
(1876) Git: :shakes his head: "Not under these conditions. You're too big of a risk. And it's not helping your case that you're willingly open to talking about such matters in public."
** (1881) Rynn sighs and stands up, "I'm going to see myself to my room. If it makes anyone comfortable you can set up a watch." **
(1876) Git: "That girl's got the right idea." :heads toward his room:
(1838) Telin: "Noone here will listen to what I have to say, they are all friends of our, Ajaiyahs and and mine. But in any case if you dont want my help thats fine."
** (1879) Joroch looks around, to see if there are any others in the common room at this hour." **
** (1881) Rynn relaxes in the bath for a while before retiring, feeling she was a bit rushed before and getting the feeling that she won't get the chance for a long time after. **
(1882) Cormac: heads to his room and prays to Arawn and then goes to sleep
(1894) DM: (okay to FF if you like)
** (1876) Git pauses a moment, to offer back, "Perhaps if you're willing to explain how you ended up here, I might change my mind. But, given that I can't trust your answer.. it does complicate matters. You know?" **
(1894) DM: (never mind)
(1879) Joroch: (( anyone else around? ))
(1838) Telin: (( if Cormac obviously a priest? ))
(1838) Telin: (( *is ))
(1882) Cormac: (( I think So ))
(1901) Agatha: "Or, we could hear him out and decide what to do with the story after."
(1838) Telin: "Have him" ** points to Cormac as he head to his room ** "Ensure I am telling the truth."
(1876) Git: :shakes his head: "No good. Spells can be overcome.. and that's not if his convenient planting at the scene of the meeting and following us home really is coincidence. See what I mean? There's no end to the questions in this city. It's really a pain."
(1838) Telin: "What meeting?"
** (1876) Git shakes his head and heads to his room. **
** (1838) Telin shrugs and goes back to his drink **
** (1879) Joroch notes the rather large group of people around at the late hour. "Come with me," he tells Telin. **
** (1838) Telin stands and follow Joroch **
** (1879) Joroch leads Telin to their room, where there is a little more privacy. **
(1876) Git: (to our room?)
(1879) Joroch: (( yeah - the only one we got. ))
(1879) Joroch: "Ok, it seems best for everyone if you start explaining what you know. Even if Git feels we shouldn't trust you yet, I will listen."
** (1876) Git is tossing his cloak over a chair as you enter. A black dagger in hand, he peers aside to the entrants. **
(1879) Joroch: (( or did we have more than one room? ))
** (1879) Joroch nods to Git at the sight of the dagger, not really trusting a man that Git doesn't. **
** (1876) Git kicks a chair over to a neutral corner of the room, gesturing Telin toward idle with the dagger, suggesting, "Why don't yo uhave a seat?" **
(1894) DM: (more than one room)
(1894) DM: (3, 2 per room)
(1879) Joroch: (( ok - then to a room that he and Git were going to share. Plan on Aggy and Rynn sharing one. Guess Cormac could go to either one. ))
** (1879) Joroch closes the door behind him and Telin, leaning against it to blockade it even more. **
** (1838) Telin takes a seat on the chair "Ok lets see, I cant tell you everything right now as I have to clear it with my supiriors. But I came here at the same time as Ajaiyah, and reestablished this personality as a way in with the Thives Guild here. It's a personality I have not used since I killed it back in the Ravens, so figured it would be a good on to reuse." **
** (1901) Agatha looks at Telin with curiosity. Based on the openess and the swagger, it doesn't look someone who has sold them out...yet. **
(1876) Git: "Then you were with these superiors of yours back when you were a Raven?"
(1838) Telin: "Yes"
(1838) Telin: "My work i n the Ravens was a job for them."
(1882) Cormac: (( away for a moment ))
(1876) Git: "What's their part in this mess? Am I really supposed to believe you goons are going through all this cloak and dagger for the charity of freeing slaves?"
(1838) Telin: "I could careless about the slaves personaly. Though it's a flawed system as you get more productive work out of people when they are willing to work for you. Anyway my supiriors were hired by someone else to aid the Grey Walkers in over throwing the Nine in such a way that the people who hired us could step in. Either by directly replacing the Nine or establishing a new system."
(1876) Git: "Hmph.. looking to work an overthrow, huh? But who goes into power after them?"
(1838) Telin: "My job is to find people who can help us do that. I dont care who goes into power after that, I am just doing my job. Though what I know of those that Hired my supiriors things for these people here would improve since they tend to dislike slavery as it tends to lead to revolts."
** (1838) Ajaiyah stands and blurs before your eyes, leaving Ajaiyah standing there **
(1876) Git: "That's vague and careless. To have such far reaching ambitions though, would require a substantial breath of power for your superiors. People like that.. if they want a government torn down.. they have plans."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "That might help explain some things."
** (1879) Joroch remains in position, listening to the conversation, not having anything to add at the time. **
(1876) Git: :shakes his head, at the change: "Not really. I figured one of you was the other, or neither at all."
(1879) Joroch: "Well, it does a little actually."
(1879) Joroch: "I take it Yuni is also not actually Yuni?"
(1901) Agatha: "Hmph. So the growing urge to punch the cocky ass wasn't such a coincidence."
** (1838) Ajaiyah sits back down "Yes, they have plans. I am not prive to them all, but I should get new instructions once I find the right people to help us. I am hoping you are those. You proved skilled in Zayle." ** looks at Joroch ** "Juni is Juni, just as I am Ajaiyah, and Telin. And many other people that none of you had met before." **
(1876) Git: "So, you're telling me you were Telin way back then?"
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Yes."
(1879) Joroch: "Oh. And the priest must actually be himself as well."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "And Ajaiyah in Zayle, and Juni in Hyboras. All assignments from my Handlers."
(1876) Git: :grins: "Cute. Not sure I should believe it. but it is an amusing anticdote, nonetheless."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "My Handlers even give me assignments for my vacations since the first vacation they didnt tell me who to do, I destroyed the government of a city trying to help it on my own."
** (1879) Joroch shakes his head, trying to wrap it around all the revelations - especially considering the long day they have had. **
(1882) Cormac: (( back had to help my Mother go to bed ))
(1838) Ajaiyah: (( *what ))
(1876) Git: "That doesn't exactly fill me with confidence."
(1838) Ajaiyah: "I am rather skilled at my job, but coming up with all the little details on my own is a bad idea. I need people to help keep thing orginized and point out the flaws in my ideas and pound them into plans."
(1876) Git: "Right... so basically, you want us to help you help some faceless organization achieve some goal they won't tell you about, even though we have no reason to trust you or them?"
(1876) Git: :dryly: "Sound about right?"
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Their goals are to overthrow the Nine, but yes that sounds about right."
(1879) Joroch: "They are claiming to want to bring down this Council."
(1876) Git: :shakes his head to Joroch: "Most likely to seize power for themselves. Hell, to know so much about our movements, it may even be one or more of the Nine conspiring against the others."
(1879) Joroch: "Thus the 'claiming'. So far I agree Git, just wanted to point it out."
(1876) Git: :gives Joroch a slight agreeing nod:
(1838) Ajaiyah: "If the peopled who Hired my Handlers already had a member in the Nine, they wouldnt need my orginization. And yes they want the power for themselves."
(1876) Git: :to Ajaiyah: "Whatever you do or don't believe about your employers is little concern to me. When it all comes down to it, I'm not sure who the true enemy is in all this. Finding that out is my first priority. And sorry, darling, but you're still onthe list of suspects."
(1879) Joroch: (( just think - how much of this headache would have been avoided if we had searched the castle for enemies before following Kha through that portal... ))
(1876) Git: (I knew I should have just ditched kha when he jumped through the portal without permission ;p)
(1879) Joroch: (( lol ))
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Fair enough, though if you need information on the city I will help."
** (1876) Git stares at Ajaiyah a long moment, before cracking a grin, "Yeah, as long as you think it will serve your purposes, you probably will." **
** (1838) Ajaiyah nods "True enough." **
(1876) Git: :takes a seat on the bed: "Alright then.. first thing's first. We need to enter your theive's guild, and for that we need to steal a seal. Are you of the mind to answer a few questions?"
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Sure."
(1876) Git: :nods: "Where is the seal kept?"
(1894) DM: (falling asleep)
(1881) Rynn: (ditto)
(1838) Ajaiyah: "I dont know, Shayla probably told you about eveything I know about that situation."
(1876) Git: (okey)
(1879) Joroch: "Let's get some sleep and look at this all in the morning, it's been a long day."
(1876) Git: "Well, that's no help, no wonder you destroyed a city before. Do you at least now what it looks like?"
(1876) Git: (know even)
(1879) Joroch: (( oh well - I tried to get the final word in... ))
(1876) Git: (never 0.0)
(1879) Joroch: (( you should never say never. Wait, I just did... ))
(1894) DM: (sorry folks. stopping in 5 minutes)
(1879) Joroch: (( no prob. ))
(1876) Git: (s'okay, we can stop whenever you're ready)
(1882) Cormac: (( whenever ))
(1838) Ajaiyah: "Sorry, I dont know that right now either, though I would be willing to help you aquire it."
(1894) DM: (then we'll stop here)
(1881) Rynn: (( I'm pretty tired right now...))
(1879) Joroch: (( and DJ gets the last word tonight ))
(1879) Zane: :-P

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