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(1507) TaliesinNYC: Git: "Rynn.. you about done? I'm kind of tired of stinking of two weeks in stowage."
** Joroch looks to Aggy as she finishes getting ready. "You said you lost your weapon Aggy, do you have a back-up?" **
** Agatha picks up her broadsword. "I've got plenty." **
** Rynn casts invisibility upon her self and walks out from behind the screen carrying her belongings, her old clothing drying off the invisible form while water drips from nothing, "Have at it boys." **
Joroch: "Just checking."
** Joroch notes the floating clothes, but once he realizes what is happening, he turns back to his gear, making sure everything is packed well. "Go ahead Git." **
** Git goes to take a bath, little concern of modest as he strips most of his clothes on the way behind the screen. "By the way... I may need to take some time off to pull that little job for Shayla, if her help seems promising." **
** Agatha raises an eyebrow. "Hmph. Practical magic. That's a first." **
Git: :the slosh of water and a relaxed sigh elicit from behind the screen:
Git: "For all we know she may be tied in with whoever got us and our belongings shipped here. Her presence on the ship was a bit convenient."
Joroch: "Not to mention that she managed to sneak off the same place we were let go free."
Git: "No.. she actually told me to meet her here."
Git: "Though you're right. We were obviously allowed to leave."
** Rynn starts putting on her new clothes, an almost comical sight while invisible. **
Joroch: "Yes. You might have been able to sneak off on your own, but I have trouble believing that I would have slipped by unnoticed."
Git: "Like I said before we even started marching to the coast, this is a set up. It's just a question of who is setting us up."
** Rynn cancels the invisiblility once dressed, "So who is meeting with who, where when?" **
Joroch: "And if that woman did actually want us free in this town, why would she want Najardac to not know about it?"
Git: "Because we may be getting used by one Councilor against another."
Joroch: "And this is why you have one guy in charge." he mutters.
** Rynn gets all her items into the right pockets of her new outfit, and then puts on the pointy hat. **
Git: "Sure... then you just have to worry about who's trying to depose that one guy."
Joroch: "As long as he is a fair and powerful enough ruler - no one does."
Git: "Except the greedy and ambitious people who want his position."
** Git sloshes a bit in the water, getting the grime scrubbed off. **
Joroch: "That's what the Blades are for," he says with a smile. "To deal with fools like that."
Rynn: "If it starts getting cold it takes but a simple spell to warm it back up." :to Git:
Git: "Yeah, that's a lovely fantasy. Thanks, Rynn.. I could use a bit of a temp raise."
** Rynn waves her hand in the air and speaks a syllable, the tempurature rising without her even turning around. **
Git: "Aahhh.. the wonders of the arcane. I gotta learn some of that one day."
** Joroch takes his whetstone and works on cleaning his longsword, and the second longsword Git bought, as he waits for Git to finish. **
** Rynn pulls out the blood-red gemstone given to her by the madwoman and stares into it, "I can't even remember what I was told to do with this." **
** Git eventually gets out, cleaned up and humming along the tune Rynn was playing earlier. Not particularly bashful, he strolls out from the screen nude and drying himsefl as he moves to get dressed. "I'm still a bit worried about Kha's corpse though. I admit." **
Git: "I mean... what would that witch want with his body?"
** Rynn looks up and then quickly back down wide eyed. **
** Joroch moves to clean himself as soon as Git leaves the washroom, taking some basic clothes with him to change into afterwards - not as free with himself as Git is. **
** Joroch just concentrates on getting the majority of the filth off, not worrying about being squeeky clean. Thus, he spends less time in the bath than any of the others. When he finishes, he dries himself off some and puts on his leggings and breeches that he brought with him, leaving his dirty rags in a corner, out of the way for now. **
** Git gets into his new clothes, oblivious to Rynn's discomfort, as he redons his armor and checks his weapons, **
** Rynn looks up about halfway to see if Git is decent, relaxing once he is. **
Git: "So.. everyone ready for dinner?"
Rynn: "Yes, I haven't had a good meal in who knows how long."
** Agatha is already out the door. **
** Joroch walks out of the screened off area after cleaning and drying. "Will be in a second." He returns to where he left his items and collects a shirt to put on, along with a pair of boots that Git bought. He works his dagger into the boot, meaning to kave it with him if needed. **
Joroch: "Ok, let's go eat."
Git: "Right then.. Let the night begin." :heads out and downstairs
** Rynn checks herself in the mirror first, deciding that she actually doesn't look that bad in the hat and takes it with her downstairs once Joroch is ready, hesitant to leave anyone alone. **

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(1510) Zane: Ok, I want to make one adjustment to the end of the session, if I may. Originally - Joroch did not fully gear up before dinner, but since everyone else is doing so - he will as well.
(1507) DM: (ok)
** (1510) Joroch joins Git downstairs just a few minutes after he left, will his armor and sword back in their rightful places. **
(1507) TaliesinNYC: You head downstairs to dinner. Shayla is waiting at the bar. She seems positively ravishing, compared to hours before.
(1507) Shayla: "Well, well. Much better than before."
** (1512) Git heads down to grab seat at the bar, and have some dinner. Grabbing a seat beside Shayla, with a grin, he comments gladly, "Well, you certainly clean up nicely." while he himself is back in more metropolitan attire, along with fancier weapons and gear. **
(1507) Shayla: "If you should do well on this little 'assignment', we should talk further." (winks)
(1512) Git: "If you didn't already admit to having a bit of burning crotch, I do declare I'd be all over you." :waggles his brow in accent to the jest:
(1511) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
** (1510) Joroch joins Git, an eyebrow raising slightly at Shayla's new appearance, but lets it pass and takes a seat on the other side of Git. **
(1507) Shayla: "I'll have to take you up on that sometime." (winks)
(1507) Shayla: "So, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourselves? And don't worry about dinner. It's on me."
(1510) Joroch: "You mean you don't know everything already?"
(1507) Shayla: "Well, not about you. Other than that you look competent enough, more than those sad sacks aboard that ship."
** (1512) Git is grins, "The hospitality neve ends with you, does it? Alright... as you've already deduced I am a Raven, and my friends and I are enemies to the Nione Council. Unfortunately, we are under their watchful eye thus far, without reprieve. We seek escape from their eyes a moment, so we may plan retalliation against them. As for our compotence.. well... you will have to wait and see, no?" **
(1510) Joroch: "Apparently not competent enough to avoid being on that ship in the first place." he mutters.
(1507) Shayla: "Well, you're alive, aren't you? You're here, aren't you? So take comfort in that."
** (1510) Joroch merely shrugs in response, focusing instead on his meal. **
(1507) Shayla: "As for my hospitality. Let's just say that Mordus believes in treating his future employees well."
(1512) Git: (Mordus who we were supposed to steal the seal from?)
(1507) DM: (yes)
(1512) Git: "Mordus..? So, we are to steal from him as a form of interview?"
(1507) Shayla: "Precisely. Very perceptive."
(1507) Shayla: "If you can make it inside his stronghold and come out alive, you're hired. If not, well, then so much for that."
(1512) Git: "Interesting. This is sounding fun already. How about the rules of the game? How much information are you allowed to give us?"
(1507) Shayla: "You'll probably want help. You'll need it."
(1507) Shayla: "Not the layout of his manse. Nor his grounds. I can answer some questions if you like, but I can't give you all the answers."
** (1507) Shayla smiles. **
(1507) Shayla: "Your friend, the meathead, will probably want to join you."
(1512) Git: "Which one?"
** (1507) Shayla smiles at Joroch sweetly. **
** (1510) Joroch glances to Shayla, but then just sighs. **
(1512) Git: "Alright.. how long do we have to retrieve the seal?"
(1507) Shayla: "Three days and three nights."
(1512) Git: "Who has access to the seal?"
(1510) Joroch: "What about what forces he has? Can we be told that?"
(1507) Shayla: "Very few people. Perhaps less than one hand's worth."
(1507) Shayla: "His personal bodyguard, a few creatures as well as what lies inside his manse."
(1507) Shayla: "Oh, you'll also need to deal with a few 'prentices who've been told to look out for visitors to the grounds."
(1512) Git: "Is it kept under special locks or wards?"
** (1507) Shayla giggles. **
(1510) Joroch: "Does it matter how they are dealt with?"
(1507) Shayla: "It'll be obvious, if you manage to figure it out."
(1507) Shayla: "Feel free to use as much or as little force as you need to."
(1512) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10)
** (1510) Joroch nods. **
** (1510) Joroch looks to Git, "Do you already know where this manse is located?" **
(1512) Git: :shakes his head:
(1507) Shayla: Well yes. It's in the Tenderloin.
(1507) Shayla: It's also the most expansive piece of property in the district and the only walled property.
(1510) Joroch: (( oh - of course. ))
(1507) Shayla: "You won't have too much difficulty locating it."
(1512) Git: :to shayla: "Where is the Manse? How long has your guild controlled it? Who controlled it before them, if anyone? And have they modified the place since the previous owner?"
(1507) Shayla: "My my, you're inquisitive. It's a few hours' walk from here, near the edge of the city wall. We've controlled it for the past ten or so years, through hook and crook. The previous owner was a foe of the Nine."
(1512) Git: "That Foe no more?"
(1507) Shayla: "They'd have been a fool not to."
(1507) Shayla: "He was laid low when he wasn't looking. We'll not make that mistake."
(1512) Git: "Good thinking." :nods: "Does your guild have its own carpenters, trapmakers and spellweavers? Or do you contract outsiders for that work?"
(1507) Shayla: "We work with members of the guilds of the city, that is, when they're not being forced to work for others..."
** (1507) Shayla regards you with a hint of reproach. **
(1512) Git: :shrugs: "Understood. By the way, how many members are there in your guild?"
(1507) DM: A young man dressed in dark leathers slips lithely through the crowd at the bar as if they weren't there.
(1512) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+8] => [10,8] = (18)
(1512) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28)
(1510) Joroch: Spot: [1d20+12] => [19,12] = (31)
** (1510) Joroch keeps an eye on the man as he eats, letting Git focus on Shayla. **
(1507) Shayla: "Enough to cause the lords of this city some pain if we tried."
(1511) Ghost from Ravens Past: "You let me get close enough to bumb into you my friend, you are slacking or I am getting better!"
(1510) Joroch: (( I take it that was the young man? ))
(1510) Joroch: (( and who was the comment directed at? ))
** (1512) Git gives the man a glance, and a semi-understanding grin, a hand idle checking if his purse is still there, while the other settles for a dagger hidden under his clothes. **
(1511) Ghost from Ravens Past: (( ya, he bumped into Git ))
(1512) Git: :grins, replying: "What can I say? With time we falter, and there is always room for surprises."
(1507) DM: ("Enough to cause the lords" was directed to Git in response to his question.)
(1512) Git: (yeah.. but he got distracted.)
** (1510) Joroch scans the rest of the room, wondering if there is anyone that doesn't know Git. **
(1511) Ghost from Ravens Past: "That there is my friend," ** glances at Shayla, the Joroch ** "Interesting company you keep these days. Why in High Hell are you in this shit hole?"
(1511) Ghost from Ravens Past: (( *then ))
(1512) Git: "Couldn't I ask the same of you?" :questions with a smile:
whispering to Zane, apparently not
(1511) Ghost from Ravens Past: "Aye," ** smirks ** "Sorry about the body and all, but you know how it is, when one persona is at it's end it is best to make sure it is verifiably dead before creating a new one and moving on."
** (1512) Git maintains an affable manner, in spite of his buried wariness, "Oh, of course. It must have been quite the ordeal for you. I know I was put out. You owe me five crowns for your funerary flowers, by the by." **
** (1511) Ghost from Ravens Past laughs and pulls up a chair "Cant stay long as I got buisness to attend, just spotted you when I came in for a quick drink and figured I would say hello to an old friend." **
(1512) Git: "Well, Hello to you to." :waits for his "old friend" to put his hands visibly on the counter, as a sign of trust, before following suit. then nodding to Shayla, he asks: "You two know each other, by chance?"
(1507) Shayla: "He's an up and comer in our ranks."
** (1507) Shayla seems faintly amused by the exchange. **
(1507) Shayla: "I wasn't aware you had your own admiration society here in Kern."
(1511) Telin: "So since Aragit here is being rude, Names Telin." ** looks to Shayla ** "Aye, I plans on replacing her in a few more weeks. Aint that right love?"
(1512) Git: "I'm sure he is." :keeps his eyes, and a grin turned to the stranger: "Any other old friends from Tolmara around these parts?"
(1507) Shayla: "We'll have to see about that." (giggles)
** (1511) Telin shakes his head "Not that I seen, but I might be able to dig a few up if you want." **
(1512) Git: "Oh, really? maybe we could have a big reunion party? Cocktails and steaks over tales of looting?"
(1511) Telin: "Actualy, now that I think about it I had heard rumor of Shylo Slick when I first got her, but rumor says he went to the desert and aint been seen since."
(1512) Git: :nods: "Yeah, heard that myseklf."
(1511) Telin: "Oh I dont think I could gather up enough for a full party, though if you want to throw one I will be sure to stop by."
(1512) Git: "Well, maybe when I get more "old friends" together. I seem to have a shortage nowadays."
(1511) Telin: "Ahh well, do contact me when you are ready to throw the party." ** looks directly at Gits purse **
** (1507) Shayla eats sparingly while listening to your conversation. **
(1512) Git: "I'll try to find you, if aren't otherwise disposed."
(1511) Telin: "Sorry I didnt get your name my firend",** pats Joroch on the sholder as he stands up ** "But I realy must be off, guild buisness and all."
** (1510) Joroch simply nods to Telin in response. **
** (1511) Telin blows a Kiss at Shayla as he is leaving "Do treat them well my dear, or you'll never hear the end of it." **
** (1512) Git gives Telin a departing nod, offering simply, "Do, take care of yourself." **
(1511) Telin: "Always do my friend." ** glides back though the crowd **
** (1512) Git watches Talin leave, from the corner of his eye, before turning back to Shayla, "You have some interesting friends." **
** (1510) Joroch chuckles at the irony of Git's comment. **
(1512) Git: "Is you have manyof his caliber?"
(1507) Shayla: "I try."
** (1507) Shayla sips a bit from her chalice. "So, you were discussing the manse?" **
(1507) Shayla: "We have a few here and there. And soon, perhaps you."
(1507) Shayla: "It's been a slow war of attrition these past few years though. Our best man yet, Arasthalion, was captured not that long ago by one of the Nine. The last I heard, he was in a castle to the northeast."
** (1507) Shayla sighs a little. "Still, the road goes ever on." **
(1512) Git: "That is troubling" :sips his wine, before returning to the matter at hand: "Is your guild being targeted by the Nine for some specific reason?"
(1507) Shayla: "Oh, I can think of a few reasons. We're a persistent thorn in their side."
(1512) Git: "Good to hear. Good for our cause anyway."
(1507) Shayla: "Before the rise of the Nine Council, we were a significant player in Kernin politics. One of the guildmasters claims descent from a Grand Duke."
(1512) Git: "How Noble. Stripped of his lands and title?"
(1507) Shayla: "Killed or more likely sold into slavery."
(1507) Shayla: "We haven't seen him in over a decade."
(1512) Git: "What was his name?"
(1507) Shayla: "Feodor."
(1507) Shayla: "The city is a hotbed of intrigue, and possibly suitable for people like yourselves. That is, if you aren't killed by the scum and villany that live in the streets."
(1512) Git: "Sounds like my kind of town."
(1507) Shayla: "Is it? You'll fit right in then."
(1512) Git: "By the way.. this Arasthalion you mentioned.. he wouldn't happen to be a scrawny green elven fellow, would he?"
(1507) Shayla: "I do know one thing though. Whomever's running the show up top has tipped the population of Highport southwards."
(1507) Shayla: "There's more orcs and orckin here than you can shake a stick at. Makes me uneasy, it does."
** (1507) Shayla seems taken aback. "You saw him?" **
(1512) Git: :nods: "Freed him from a place called Caer Thorne a short while back actually. Not sure where he is at the moment though. Perhaps on his way back here."
(1510) Joroch: "Orcs make you uneasy? And I thought nothing would be able to shake you."
(1512) Git: :shrugs: "With the boat ride, we may have beaten him back."
(1507) Shayla: "Well! You might have promise after all."
(1507) Shayla: "These aren't normal orcs."
** (1512) Git gives a full smile, "Trust me, I'm full of promises. And almost half of em are true." **
(1507) Shayla: "They're not brutish louts like common greenskins. These are more intelligent and apt to stick a knife in your back as follow orders in a regiment."
(1510) Joroch: "Yeah, sounds about right to me."
(1512) Git: "Do you know who be giving those orders?"
(1507) Shayla: "I don't know. Could be one of the Council. There's always been a rumor that one of the Nine lives in the city but we've never uncovered who it is exactly."
(1512) Git: "Guess we'll reserve that as game number two then." :continues eating his food, idly glancing the mirror on the inside of his guantlet once in a while, keeping watch behind:
(1507) Shayla: "Oh, and by the way, I hope that you've managed to buy some healing potions and poultices. Priests are difficult to come by in Highport."
(1507) Shayla: "By decree of the Nine Council, all of the temples were vacated and sacked. That was some time ago though."
(1507) Shayla: "The temple district is a shadow of its former self." (sadly)
(1512) Git: :swallows: "Unfortunately, we're short changed at the moment, having just gotten off the poor boat and all."
(1507) Shayla: "Well perhaps when you do manage to get the seal, you'll be able to enrich yourselves."
(1512) Git: "One can only hope."
(1507) Shayla: "I don't hope. I know." (winks)
(1512) Git: "Even better for you then."
(1507) Shayla: ""You'll have to prove me wrong."
(1507) Shayla: "I'm not often wrong."
** (1512) Git shrugs, standing from his seat, "I'll try not to make this one of those times. Now, would you mind entertaining my friend, Joroch, a moment, while I see to some private business in the outhouse?" :turns and walks away, patting Joroch on the shoulder: "Ya seem like you could use the company." **
(1510) Joroch: "Thanks," he mutters as he finishes his meal that he had been working on.
** (1510) Joroch looks to Shayla as Git leaves. "You seem to have him convinced, but can you provide me with any real reason we should attempt to pass your master's test and start working for him?" **
** (1512) Git heads outside, to a more private spot, to delve the note from his purse for a read, keeping his eyes and ears pinned for approachers. **
(1507) Shayla: "I can't."
(1507) Shayla: "But I know what we can offer you, having seen you in action and heard of your prowess."
(1510) Joroch: "And just when did you see me in action?"
(1507) Shayla: "And...well, I know what you could do for us. But it's premature to talk about that."
(1507) Shayla: "Let's just say I'm a good judge of character." (winks and smiles slyly)
** (1510) Joroch looks at her passively, obviously not content with her answer. "So, you want to help us so we can help you. Seems like an even trade, although it seems quite odd to test a group that you claim to have seen in action and heard about the prowress of." **
(1507) Shayla: "I need to be sure of you before I present my case to Mordus."
(1516) Stormcrow (enter): 23:17
(1507) Shayla: "He doesn't know about this."
** (1507) Shayla seems about to tell you something but thinks better of it. **
** (1512) Git stops a passerby on the street, to ask, "Excuse me, do you know where this address is?" :flashing the note: **
(1510) Joroch: "So, you don't believe what you've heard - or you plan to put us in a more difficult situation than you saw us in." Joroch nods as he makes the conclusion.
(1507) Passersby: "That's on Carter Street." (gives Git directions)
(1510) Joroch: "And you believe he would still take us on after stealing from hmi and likely killing a number of his apprentices?"
(1507) Shayla: "It shouldn't be difficult for you to resolve. There are certain factors in your favor."
(1510) Joroch: "The Nine."
(1507) Shayla: "Apprentices aren't difficult to get." (shrugs)
(1512) Git: "Thank you, friend." :gives the sumaritan a nod, and heads back inside, heading back to the bar.:
(1507) Shayla: "They'll be out for blood so it's a fair trade."
(1507) Shayla: "And you're not stealing from him so much as proving yourselves."
(1510) Joroch: "So you claim. And we are left with hoping you are right about his feelings about it all."
** (1507) Shayla looks at you with deadly seriousness. "If you can survive Mordus' manse, you can delve into the stronghold of the Nine." **
** (1512) Git retakes his seat, musing, "Does that mean his abode is so well guarded, or the Nine is so lax?" **
(1507) Shayla: "Besides, Dame Gold spoke well of you."
** (1510) Joroch simply nods, his face still completely passive, just taking the information in. **
(1507) Shayla: "It could mean both."
(1507) Shayla: "I didn't see you come in. You're good."
** (1507) Shayla looks askance at Joroch and continues eating. **
(1512) Git: "Hmph.. if that's true, you're rustier than I am." :picks up his wine glass, hesitating a moment, to ask: "Are we allowed to meet Mordus, before the test?"
(1507) Shayla: "Hm. Well, I suppose that could be arranged."
(1507) Shayla: "Perhaps later tonight?"
(1512) Git: "Splendid. I'd like to know in advance what kind of man I seek employment from. We do have an appointment tonight, but I think we can make it later."
(1512) Git: (what time did the letter we got with our gear say to meet?)
(1507) DM: (moonrise)
(1507) DM: (midnight in OOC terms)
(1512) Git: "The other appointment that is. Shall head to your guild after our meal?"
(1507) Shayla: "Not here though. Too dangerous. Meet us behind the Great Library on the Street of the Thinkers at sunebb."
(1507) DM: (9 pm in OOC terms)
(1512) Git: :shrugs: "As you wish."
** (1507) Shayla nods. "Any more questions?" **
(1510) Joroch: "Not that you would answer." (matter-of-factly)
(1512) Git: :shakes his head: "No, I think this will do for now."
(1512) Git: "You have been absolutely lovely hostess. We'll be sure to do our best to repay your kindness."
(1507) Shayla: "You haven't asked the right questions." (coyly)
(1507) Shayla: "I hope so."
(1512) Git: "Because I'm not sure I can trust the answers." :winks:
(1507) Shayla: "That's three royals you owe me."
(1512) Git: :grins: "Don't worry. I'm good for it."
** (1510) Joroch watches the exchange between the two, not even bothering to try to understand the hidden undertones to it all. **
(1507) Shayla: "Well, I won't keep you. See you in a few hours. Remember, the Great Library."
(1512) Git: ".. at sunebb."
** (1507) Shayla pats Joroch gently on the shoulder and flounces out. **
** (1512) Git sips his wine, then asks Jaroch, "Should we harass the others to join the meeting?" **
(1510) Joroch: "I might as well share the headache such a meetng will give with them, so yes."
(1516) Stormcrow (exit): 23:39
(1510) Joroch: (( or - we can chase away a lurker. ))
(1512) Git: "Wrong!" :corrects with a slap to Joroch's back: "Never show all your members when dealing with thieves. The more they know, the more they can prepare."
(1510) Joroch: "I knew it was going to give me a headache."
(1512) Git: "Oh, we haven't even started yet. Unfortunately, this night is only going to get more confusing, so strap in tight."
(1510) Joroch: "I'll just let you do the talking, and I'll keep eyes out for ambushes. That way, I'll have at least a basic comprehension of what I am dealing with."
(1512) Git: "If it makes you feel better." ;shrugs, as he finishes his meal, and stands from his seat: "But you'll never see them coming."
** (1512) Git moves off, greeting a few strangers down the bar. (ff?) **
(1510) Joroch: "Maybe not, but I won't see them coming if I'm trying to follow the conversations that you two have either. And this way, I might get lucky."
(1510) Joroch: (( sure. ))
(1512) Git: (git will do a quick gather info between now and the meeting, mostly confirming Shayla's identity and the base knowledge of the guild with the locals, and, if he can, will try to find what rumors he can about their practices, their Nine problems, and the traps of creatures in the manse)
(1512) Git: Gather Information Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10)
(1512) Git: (GAH!)
(1512) Git: (never fail to fail)
(1510) Joroch: (( your second one already tonight - and we've only been doing RP... ))
(1507) DM: (hmmmm, must be a full moon tonight)
(1512) Git: (yeah.. I'm special like that.. not good special.. corky Special)
(1507) DM: (you can take 10)
(1512) Git: (do I have time?)
(1507) DM: (not really, but you can try.)
(1512) Git: (was gonna do that the next day anyway, but if I can do it tonight, sure)
(1507) DM: (if you walk fast, you can probably make it to the Library in time)
(1512) Git: (someone just say something?)
(1507) DM: (yes, that was me)
(1512) Git: (The City of Gold! ... an eight inch tall model)
(1512) Git: (any idea where they are moving from?)
(1510) Joroch: (( Mmmm... rat meat. ))
(1512) Git: (Orcish wererat sewer nation! Get your rabies shots today!)
whispering to Saisix, Teamspeak is a voicechat recognition software. we're testing a program out so part of tonight's session was done by speaking instead of typing.
whispering to Lunauc, you're not really sure. some people say that the orcs are being moved from deep inland in Kern, some overland from the Northern Fhaard, and others from Hyboras. a few people think it could be from one of the temples. too many conflicting sources of information.
(1510) Joroch: (( bio break ))
(1512) Git: (guess when the info portion is complete, we're off to the library, yes?)
(1507) DM: ((yes))
(1507) DM: ((the reason why I spoke instead of typed it was to save time))
(1507) DM: ((I can send an e-mail later tonight that summarizes what you gathered if you like))
(1512) Git: (appreciated, I'll probably forgot things not in writing, after tonight)
(1507) DM: (well just remember orcish wererat kebabs and you'll get the gist of it. :) )
(1507) DM: So a few hours later, you're behind the Great Library.
** (1510) Joroch keep his eyes peeled, watching the shadows as past he can, trying to keep on guard for any hostility. **
(1507) DM: The Library is a huge structure, sprawling out onto the street. It is three stories high in most places, only two in others. At first glance, the building seems run-down and an eyesore. Upon closer examination, it is apparent that long ago it was a great structure.
** (1512) Git takes his time on the walk up, watching for observers, as they go. **
(1507) DM: Most of the people who enter are members of the gentry and nobility. However a few patrons are clearly members of the lower classes.
(1512) Git: (too bad. Morti would love it.. if he weren't baindead now)
(1507) DM: After a while, Shayla comes into view. A hefty man in dark leathers stands off to the side.
(1510) Joroch: "Letting such a structure fall into this shape tells us enough about the ruler of this city."
(1512) Git: "Illiterate?" :chances Joroch's suggestion, before noting Shayla, and accompaniment.:
** (1512) Git offers a friendly wave, showing his hands discretely unarmed, as he approaches. "Good evening." He stops about ten paces away. **
(1510) Joroch: "Possibly" he offers, ending his musings at the appearance of Shayla.
** (1510) Joroch remains just behind Git, but to the street side of him slightly, allowing him a wider view. **
(1512) Git: :observably at ease, the ready (defensive stance), he offers a slight bow: "I am Git, and this is my associate, joroch. It is a pleasure."
(1507) Mordus of the Empty Hand: "Evening."
(1507) Mordus of the Empty Hand: "Shayla has mentioned that you are gifted and talented."
(1512) Git: :shrugs: "At the very least, I'm arrogant and boastful."
(1512) Git: "Besides, I make it a point to travel with talented folks, to make me look good along with them, ya know?"
(1507) Mordus of the Empty Hand: "Indeed."
(1507) Mordus of the Empty Hand: "Is there a purpose to this visitation?"
(1512) Git: "A bit. For the most part, I wanted to meet the man who seemed so interested in employring us. It would not do to apply to a job I ended up disagreeing with after all."
(1512) Git: "I hear you have been having quite a bit of Council trouble. Shayla could not say, but perhaps you can offer more insight to how you perturb them so?"
** (1507) Mordus of the Empty Hand looks around. **
(1507) Mordus of the Empty Hand: "This is not a good place to discuss such matters. The walls...have ears."
(1512) Git: "You too, huh?" :nods in understanding: "Alright then, perhaps you could at least explain how you came to know of our rag tag group then?"
(1507) Mordus of the Empty Hand: "You didn't mention that I was to come here for an interrogation." (sourly, to Shayla)
(1507) Shayla: "They're well worth the time though. I have my sources, Mordus."
(1507) Mordus of the Empty Hand: "Are they?"
** (1507) Mordus looks at Git with extreme skepticism. **
(1507) Mordus: "A skinny runt of a whelp and an unwashed drunk? This is the best you've come up with?"
(1510) Joroch: (( hey - Joroch washed up, and he's not currently drunk. ))
** (1512) Git keeps up his glib tongue and careless grin, "I'm sorry to discourage you. If you prefer, we can leave you to be flushed out by orcs and council slaves all on your own." **
(1512) Git: "It's simply that from my own perspective, your invitation is a bit too convenient to be true. Thus all the questioning. A man of your own secrecy understands, I'm sure."
(1507) Mordus: "No, but I need proof more than words."
(1507) Mordus: "What do you want then? Forgive me, but I prefer to get to the point."
(1512) Git: "Now we're seeing eye to eye. The question becomes then, how does either one of us sate the needs of the other?"
(1507) Mordus: "Indeed. You could do a great deal for us, I imagine. And we in turn."
(1512) Git: "Are meeting is no coincidence, I'm sure. And I do not only mean your Shayla's fixing. Our journey to this place to meet you seems to have been plotted a while back. And for what purpose is what nags at me."
** (1507) Mordus shrugs. "I have no idea what you're talking about." **
(1512) Git: "Then it is little matter, I suppose."
(1512) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [15,9] = (24)
(1507) Mordus: "Our meeting is entirely Shayla's doing. She has heard of your -- talents -- from others."
(1512) Git: "But from where? From Who? How did she know me on that boat to invite us here?"
** (1510) Joroch casts a glance in Shayla's direction, while still keeping watch for others that might try to intrude in the conversation. **
(1512) Git: "How did we end up on that particular boat for that matter?"
(1507) Shayla: "Happenstance?"
(1507) DM: The street is a little deserted, though some drunken orcs are on the far end of the road.
** (1512) Git gives Shayla a glance, pausing a moment, before snickering **
(1512) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [14,9] = (23)
** (1511) Old nervouse servent turns down and the streed, looking Nervously about and makes his way toward the group **
(1507) Shayla: "What's that saying again? She's always repeating it."
(1512) Git: "No Fate but what you're given?"
** (1507) Shayla thinks a moment. "I can't remember though it's on the tip of my tongue." **
(1507) Shayla: "That's it!"
(1512) Git: "She..?"
(1507) Shayla: "Well, I think it's a she. Or he. Whomever it is is adept at hiding her or his face."
** (1510) Joroch watches the figure that seems to be approaching the group, intent on interrupting the man's path if he does continue to where they are talking. **
** (1511) Old nervouse servent goes and stands infront of Joroch, his head bowed **
** (1512) Git glances back to the strange servant, looking to Mordus, to see if he should be wary. "Perhaps we'll meet... it.. later." **
(1507) DM: A nervous old servant hurries up to Joroch's side, oblivious of his surroundings. He doesn't see where he is until a second later.
** (1507) Mordus steps back into the shadows as the old man approaches. **
(1510) Joroch: "Keep moving, you don't want to be here." Joroch tells the servent, directing him away.
** (1511) Old nervouse servent is in clean clothing well pressed clothing, though clearly ageing as he has more ear hair then hair on his head **
** (1512) Git looks the old man over carefully, minding what he does, and what he may conceal. **
(1512) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+8] => [14,8] = (22)
(1518) No Name (enter): 00:41
(1511) Old nervouse servent: "Excuse me master, I do wish to be here." ** keeping his head bowed deeply ** "I was send with a letter for you."
(1518) No Name (exit): 00:41
(1518) No Name (enter): 00:41
** (1511) Old nervouse servent holds out a note and looks up "I have one for you as well Lady Shayla" **
** (1507) Shayla glances at the tableau unfolding in front of you and whispers something to Mordus who in turn stands still, observing but ready to bolt at a moment's notice. **
(1510) Joroch: "Then deliver it and..." Joroch pauses mid-sentence and he peers closely at the servant for a moment.
(1510) Joroch: "Who are these from? And who are you?"
(1507) Shayla: "I?" (seems mystified)
** (1507) Shayla takes the paper warily, and steals a glance from it. "Who...?" **
** (1512) Git takes a stap off to the side, resting his back against the building, as he observes the messenger's deed. **
** (1510) Joroch takes the note from the servant, not taking his eyes off the figure. **
(1511) Old nervouse servent: "They are from my master, My name is Juni, master."
(1507) Shayla: "Well, Juni, tell your master that we'll be along to see him. Go now."
** (1511) Juni nods holding out his hand for a moment **
** (1507) Shayla seems clearly uncomfortable but the moment passes. **
(1510) Joroch: "Juni? Why does..." Joroch's eyes fly open suddenly. At Shayla's proclomation, Joroch nods. "Yes, come along - let's get you off these streets." Joroch starts to lead Juni back down the street a ways.
(1507) Mordus: "A friend of yours?" (to Shayla)
(1511) Juni: "Thank you Master, so you do remember me? I wasnt sure you would since I am just a body servent."
(1507) Shayla: "Just a contact from a villa on the River District."
** (1511) Juni heads off with Joroch **
** (1507) Shayla watches Joroch's and Juni's backs before continuing further as she lets out a sigh of relief. **
(1507) Mordus: "We'll need to talk when we get back. I don't like speaking out in the open to strangers, and I don't like being seen." (to Shayla, severely)
** (1507) Shayla nods, a bit contrite. **
** (1507) Mordus turns to you (Git). **
(1510) Joroch: "I did not at first, but aye. What are you doing down here?" Joroch replies once they have moved off enough to be out of earshot so that Git can continue with his questioning, hoping that the man will be safe enough on his own for a few minutes.
(1507) Mordus: "So, what do you want?"
(1507) Mordus: "There are things that we can...discuss, but this place is not safe." (looks not at Git but at the drunken orcs down the street)
(1511) Juni: "One Master is much the same as another. though I do not get paied nearly as well here. I was captured while delivering a latter for your old Master. Some time after you had left."
** (1512) Git looks back to Mordus, now speaking business. "We need funding, information and a way to aid, if you are capable of giving what we wish, we will jump your hoops and join under your flag. AS long as we are all on the same page in stopping the Nine, all should work out well enough." **
(1511) Juni: (( *letter ))
(1512) Git: :glances to the Orcs Mordus seems worried over: "So, what do you know about their movement in the city?"
(1507) Mordus: "Done, done and done. In return, IF you prove yourselves, we will tell you what we can. There is much to do here, and where it may lead, none know for certain."
** (1507) Mordus steps further into the shadows. "Come." **
(1507) DM: His tone brooks no argument.
(1510) Joroch: "Some time? Has it really been that long?" Joroch thinks for a moment before shaking himself out and returning his attention to Juni. "I am pleased that you have survived, many would not. By what name does your new Master go?"
** (1512) Git nods, and follows into the dark, though carfeful to stay on guard and keep 5' between himself and others. **
(1507) Mordus: "We think they are being moved from somewhere in Kern to Highport, either on the slave ships or by magickal means."
(1512) Git: "I heard something about a temple involvement, do you know which?"
(1507) Mordus: "Though there might be truth to the rumor that they're coming from deep within one of the temples of the city."
(1507) Mordus: "It could be the temple of Issa, the temple of Kos, or the temple of Taarth. One of those three. People have seen lights and strange noises emerging from deep within."
(1507) Mordus: "Though the temple of Taarth is probably it, since it's the largest of the three. It was for many years, the temple that held the place of honor in Highport, before the rise of the Nine Council."
(1512) Git: "Alright, and is there any truth to the wererat involvement in this?"
** (1507) Mordus shrugs and spreads his hands. "Who can say?" **
(1507) Mordus: "Perhaps those are the words of raving lunatics. Though there does seem to be an increase in vermin lately."
(1512) Git: "Hmph.. this is a fun city you got going. I wonder if next month they unleash a plague and bet on survivors."
(1511) Juni: "Countess Kronia, is my current Master. Though I must be truthfull to you, the letter came from another, who I cannot tell you."
** (1507) Mordus says nothing in response. **
(1510) Joroch: "Not allowed, or do not know?"
(1512) Git: "Don't suppose you have any hints on the member of the Nine supposedly residing in tow?"
(1512) Git: (town even)
(1507) Mordus: "I have heard that Lady Kronia might be involved, but she is relatively minor in the scheme of things. We dare not touch her even though she encroaches on our...trade regularly."
(1512) Git: "Ah, well. Guess we'll have to stress the small stuff another time. For now, I just wanted to get a feel for you and your situation. Thank you, for your time."
** (1511) Juni shrugs and looks around nervously "Both, I get the letters from a different intermediary every time, and I am sure each gets their instructions from someone else. But I do know that the one who does the directing works with those two you were talking to, and belives him or herself above them both." **
(1510) Joroch: "Very well, I appreciate the information. I cannot say when it will happen, but if you desire, I can work to find a way to get you back home."
(1507) Mordus: "No. A surer bet would be Uroz the moneylender."
(1512) Git: "Hm..?"
(1507) Mordus: "You asked who of the Nine was involved in the city. It is well known that Uroz maintains a palatial home here in the River District, yet he is hardly ever seen. Why is that?"
(1512) Git: "I don't know. I haven't met him... yet."
(1507) Mordus: "If he were a member of the Council, it is a likely bet that he is somewhere else in the city, doing what deeds are best done in darkness."
(1507) Mordus: "I hear footsteps. This meeting never took place. You have not seen us."
(1512) Git: "Seen who?"
(1507) DM: The fat man turns quickly with a speed that belies his size and in a flash, is gone.
(1507) Shayla: "I'll be in for it, for certain." (mutters)
(1512) Git: :turns back to Shayla, lingering in the shadows a moment, listening for the footsteps which send Mordus running, "Oh, I don't know. Just flash that pretty smile and bat your lashes. Things should be aliright."
** (1507) Shayla looks up at you (Git). "The trial begins tomorrow at dawnfast. You must have the seal in three days, before moonrise of the third day." **
(1507) DM: (6 am in OOC terms)
(1511) Juni: "I thank you Master, I really must be returing to the Countess, and you should return to your friends."
(1512) Git: :nods: "Alright. And what does it take to get you to get it for me?" :asks with a smile:
(1510) Joroch: "Very well. Take care, this is a strange nation."
(1511) Juni: "That it is, which is why I server two Masters here."
** (1510) Joroch turns back to where he left Git and the others, frowning when he sees that they are no longer there. **
(1507) Shayla: "Mmmm, not on your life."
(1512) Git: :shrugs: "What? We need the seal? You need us to prove ourselves to save your rep. Seemed a fair deal. And saved me a bit of time as well."
** (1512) Git moves up to peek round the corner, waving to Joroch. **
(1511) Juni: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (1510) Joroch moves up to Git as he waves. **
(1512) Git: :asks Joroch: "Good news from a secret admirer?"
(1510) Joroch: "What? Oh, haven't even looked yet." Joroch looks the letter over for any seal or sign of sender before opening it.
(1512) Git: :back to Shayla: "Will you be running off into the night now too? Or did you wish to share our company a while longer, perhaps find out if your notes match?"
(1507) Shayla: "I could come with you. Both of you in fact." (winks)
(1512) Git: :rolls his eyes, speaking rhetorically: "Oh, and I wonder where we'll be off to."
(1511) Juni: (( back ))
(1507) Shayla: "Your bedroom?"
(1512) Git: "Not if he's coming along." :nods to Joroch:
(1507) Shayla: "I've never had an elf before." (smirks)
(1510) Joroch: "You can have all of him you can handle."
(1507) Shayla: "Fancy that."
(1512) Git: :grins: "Madam, I barely know you, yet. Besides.. I'm afraid I have matters to attend to tonight."
(1507) Shayla: "Well, I can come along whereever you want to go but I do need to get back to Mordus before he gets grumpy."
(1507) Shayla: "Madam? Hm. You do have potential." (winks)
** (1512) Git gives a wink in return, and bends to kiss Shayla's hand, insisting, "We have only dim deeds to finish this night, best you take your leave and meet me on a brighter evening." **
(1507) Shayla: "You know, I REALLY have never had an elf before. Even a kiss."
** (1507) Shayla sighs, then slips away. **
** (1510) Joroch appears more than ready to go, so he turns and moves a couple steps off to give the pair privacy. **
(1512) Git: :watching her turn away, asks: "How about breakfast?"
(1507) DM: ((Ooooo, Git got to flirt tonight. Yeah baby!))
(1512) Git: (too bad I know she has an std, and we're in pre-condom eras.. and no clerics around in this city..)
(1510) Joroch: (( you just did that so he would rate the session highly, didn't you? :-P ))
(1507) DM: ((you know me all too well LOL))
(1512) Git: (hehehe)
(1507) DM: (so where to now?)
(1512) Git: (was asking her to meet for breakfast, btw, for some further questions.)
(1510) Joroch: (( we got another meeting, don't we? ))
(1512) Git: :to Joroch: "So.. what's the letter about?"
(1510) Joroch: "It's an address, sent by someone that works with your friends back there. Someone that keeps their identity, and gender apparently, well hidden."
(1512) Git: "Can I see the address?"
** (1510) Joroch hands the letter to Git so he can see. **
(1512) Git: (familiar address?)
(1507) DM: (same warehouse)
(1507) DM: (the one on Carter Street)
** (1512) Git gives a light chuckle, and hands back the paper, "Demanding lil prick, ain't he?" **
(1512) Git: "You got quill and ink?"
** (1510) Joroch takes the note and puts it away. With a look at Git he asks, "Do I look like I carry those things around?" **
(1512) Git: :shrugs: "I usually do. Guess we can make a stop at a shop or an inn before the next meeting."
(1510) Joroch: "This late? Will any still be open?"
(1512) Git: (note for future: music, probably going to interfere with the teamspeak.)
(1512) Git: :shrugs: "Inns will be. I just need to right a quick note."
(1510) Joroch: (( not if you run two computers like some of us do. :-P ))
(1512) Git: (la di da)
(1512) Git: (was planning to reply to DJ with a note on a rock through the window of his warehouse ;p)
(1507) DM: (oh I bet that'll go over well)
(1510) Joroch: "Then I guess we head back to our inn?"
(1512) Git: "If it's on the way. Or we can just pop in any place with a ready ledger book along the way."
(1511) Dj Gilcrease: (( it's actualy about what I was expecting, though I was expecting him to plan some type of counter ambush, but with only three players and 1 not yet introed to the group that wouldnt work ))
(1510) Joroch: "You know what you're looking for and where we are going - lead the way."
(1512) Git: (well, figure, either he wants us to go inside to meet him, or he is planning to intercept us outside the warehouse for something, so..)
(1512) Git: (yeah, so best I can do is reschedule his meeting, under git's terms)
(1512) Git: (Wanna FF through it, just gonna stop in someplace, write a note, tie it to a rock and have Joroch, with the stronger arm, heave it through a window. probably scheduled to be at the square outside our inn in the morning , or something.)
(1512) Git: (?)
(1510) Joroch: (( works for me. Joroch wouldn't mind a little vandalism in the sake of safety. ))
(1512) Git: (if we really wanted to drag it out, both could keep trying to control the meeting terms until they both settle on a "safe ground". But I don't think you wanna wait that long for an intor, Dj. No?)
(1512) Git: (intro even)
(1507) DM: (heh)
(1510) Joroch: (( of course - they might send another bag of goodies with the next note of a meeting time... ))
(1511) Dj Gilcrease: (( just play it out for a bit ))
(1507) DM: (okay to FF through it)
(1507) DM: (okay then)
(1511) Dj Gilcrease: (( can ff to the part where they have writen the note and are making their way to the warehouse ))
(1512) Git: (ok.)
(1511) Familiar Voice:

as you turn the last corner on your aproch to the warehouse you hear a Familiar Voice coming from the shadows

** (1510) Joroch approaches the warehouse, the note tied around a rock in his right hand. He twists the rock a little, finding the best grip on it for the toss. **
** (1512) Git leads for the most open path, as they head for the warehouse, someplace with few hiding places, and no concern for vagrants about. **
(1511) Familiar Voice: "There wont be anyone in the warehouse."
** (1511) Ajaiyah steps out of the shadows "I must appologize for my rather obvious interuption of your meeting with Mordus, but Shayla was about to give away my surprise. She is quite skilled, though a little over ambitious to please." ** looks around ** "So where are the rest of your companions, Kha? the tall lanky one who thought himself a cleric of Fate. and Agatha? The one with the large Axe." **
** (1510) Joroch grips the rock tight, turning his head toward the voice - ready to throw it as a weapon instead of as a messenger if needed. **
** (1512) Git sighs, looking the woman over. (spot to ID if she's a fake) **
(1512) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13)
(1510) Joroch: "You interrupted the meeting? If you wanted that done, why not do it yourself?"
(1512) Git: (we considered close friends of intimate for bonus?)
(1511) Ajaiyah: "Because I wished to surpise Your friend here. Joroch, I was not sure you would recognize Draous Metellus' body servent, but I hoped you would."
(1511) Ajaiyah: "You do not look pleased to see me Git. Was the friend I send you from your past not as close a friend as I had hoped?"
(1510) Joroch: "I did not at first, as I did not expect anyone from my home here, much less an old man. So, who are you - since you seem to have history with the others."
** (1512) Git forces a smile, to reply, "Lets just say.. it was a surprise." **
(1512) Git: (when was the last time we met Ajaiyah? before Joroch?)
(1511) Ajaiyah: "My name is Ajaiyah, I met your traveling companions in my desert homeland of Zayal. Git here I knew a little better then the others."
(1510) Joroch: (( WAYYY before Joroch. :-) ))
(1510) Joroch: "Yes, he seems to have that effect."
(1512) Git: (yeah, which is why I wonder the connnection with the servant and all)
(1511) Ajaiyah: (( yes, it was before Joroch, and she poofed into Basht. Dont remember the exact details of why though ))
(1507) DM: ((you were still with the Everlasting I believe))
(1512) Git: "So, Ajaiyah, what brings you to a place like Highport, and with so many odd contacts, at that?"
(1511) Ajaiyah: (( no we "freed" her from slavery in Heathwatch, though that was likly just Basht imitating her, I would have to reread the logs to remember ))
(1512) Git: (Not sure. the who's who game gets confusing whenever Basht is around)
(1510) Joroch: (( well - Heli likes her. ))
(1510) Joroch: (( that's about all that any of my characters know of Basht ))
(1511) Ajaiyah: "If you remember back in Zayal I told you I wished to see the world. I ended up here as it is a very interesting part of the world. As for the contacts, I had to do quite a bit of digging when I learned you were in the area and would likly end up here. I wanted to provide you a warm welcome and aid you, so I made sure Shayla would get you introduced to Mordus and figured while you are in the city I can use my contacts here to aid you either directly with skilled personal, or indirectly with information."
(1512) Git: "Well, you sure work fast." :eyes her with interest: "Wish we had taken you along to begin with, we'd have overthrown the whole council by now."
(1512) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [5,9] = (14)
(1510) Joroch: (( haven't you learned yet not to roll tonight? ))
(1512) Git: "So, how did you find out we were headed for highport? We didn't exactly come by the most planned route."
(1512) Git: (I never learn)
(1511) Ajaiyah: "I have my contacts within the Council. Your description was being spread around quietly. It didnt take me long to figure out they intended to capture you for some pourpose or another."
(1512) Git: "And you even knew we were going to end up in Highport, those are some contacts. I wonder if you're responsible for retrieving our gear as well."
(1511) Ajaiyah: "And once Dame Gold showed up here in the city, it was obvious they were intent on bringing you here as well."
(1512) Git: "Oh? Dame Gold is here?" :asks as he looks about for other familiar faces, lurking about:
(1510) Joroch: "So, the Council wants us in this city?"
(1511) Ajaiyah: "She is in the city. I have yet to locate her though." ** frowns **
(1512) Git: "But you were able to pin point the exact boat we would take to highport to have Shayla waiting, before we even knew we were going to be captured? Those contacts are a bit picky, huh?"
** (1511) Ajaiyah laughs "I have had contacts on every incoming boat for the past five days, and have contacts on boats for the next three looking for you." **
(1512) Git: "Thorough... and expensive, unless they all work out of kindness."
(1512) Git: "Did you retrieve our gear?"
(1522) Saisix (enter): 02:25
(1511) Ajaiyah: "They arnt free, but they arnt expensive either." ** shakes her head ** "That I cannot take credit for, it was aquired before I was able to."
(1512) Git: "By who?"
** (1510) Joroch keeps his eyes watching the streets - figuring that there will be so few out at this hour, anyone he does see should not be there. **
(1511) Ajaiyah: "I dont know, it happened to quickly, and too recently to launch a proper investigation. Though I suspect you will find out at your meeting later tonight."
(1512) Git: :raises a brow: "You even know about that meeting, huh? Certainly are well informed. I know we haven't told anyone about it yet."
(1511) Ajaiyah: "You told Shayla, she told me on her way to setup your meeting with Mordus"
(1512) Git: "No.. I told her we had a meeting, which by the letters we recieved could have been this meeting."
(1507) DM: (going to stop a bit early tonight because it seems that one of the lurkers wants in on the game)
(1507) DM: (so I thought it might be best to do the interview)
(1510) Joroch: (( k ))
(1511) Ajaiyah: "Well she knew it wasnt this meeting as she knew about this meeting beforehand."
(1512) Git: "I mentioned nothing of the mysterious return of our belongings, or the invitation we received."
(1512) Git: "She can read minds now?"
(1511) Ajaiyah: "No, but I can make connections Git. You have a meeting tonight later then the one I planed, and you are asking if I was the one who aquired your equipment. Not a large leap to guess that the meeting was in connection with the return."
(1512) Git: "But Shayla, who you claim told you of it, did not know that."
(1512) Git: "For that matter, I did not say anything to you of a meeting beyond this one."
(1511) Ajaiyah: "She knew you had a meeting at midnight, which is all you told her. She knew I planed my meeting earlier, was hoping you would come before you went to speak with Mordus, but my first hint didnt work. Had you failed to head this way afterthe second I would havetaken more direct mesures to get you here."
(1512) Git: "I said nothing of a midnight meeting."
(1510) Joroch: (( he did say the group had another engagement later in the evening, one that could be moved to accomodate the meet with Mordus. ))
(1512) Git: (sorry if I'm being an annoying ass, but.. it would be OOC to accept this overly convenient scenario)
(1510) Joroch: (( and since we knew no one else in town and had virtually no money - what kind of engagemtn could we have planned? ))
(1507) DM: (no, I know you're not. =P )
(1507) DM: (and even Shayla knows you're not.)
(1511) Ajaiyah: (( sorry my confusion, you didnt specify midnight, but she still would have known it wasnt the meeting Telin was there to setup ))
(1512) Git: (but shayla knew she and joroch both got letters, and git likely got the same from Telin, thus, that is the only later meeting implied. No one said anything about a "midnight meeting" or that it pertained to our gear returns.)
(1507) DM: (I can edit the log, let's just move on.)
(1512) Git: (ok)
(1507) DM: (I don't want to take sides in this, except that Lunauc's pov is logical)
(1507) DM: (so I'll just strike the parts where Ajaiyah mentions tonight's later meeting)
(1512) Git: (no prob.)
(1507) DM: (I think we should stop here because there's no way I can run the 2nd meeting and still be awake for the interview)
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(1507) DM: rate this session please (not you Saisix or John)
(1512) Git: (that's fine)
(1522) Saisix: who what now?
(1512) Git: hmm..9/10, a lot of roleplay and the fun fun spy stuff I enjoy.

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