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Attempting to assign the role of GM to (1280) TaliesinNYC...
(1281) Zane (enter): 21:21
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1281) Zane...
(1281) Zane: Woah... You're here early, and there's no interview? :-P
(1280) TaliesinNYC: nope
(1282) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 21:22
(1281) Zane: Sup DJ?
(1282) Dj Gilcrease: Not much. Just an FYI I will prob leave early since I work up at midnight
(1281) Zane: Since Kha is still (?) dead - may not be a problem.
(1282) Dj Gilcrease: I think he was raised, or that was what I was told, but since I missed that session maybe he got left dead
(1280) TaliesinNYC: that's fine
(1280) TaliesinNYC: he's still dead
(1280) TaliesinNYC: he'll be raised eventually
(1280) TaliesinNYC: no spoilers please ^^
(1281) Zane: Joroch saw some spell being cast on Kha - but he has no idea what it was.
(1283) Lunauc (enter): 21:26
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1283) Lunauc...
(1283) Lunauc: yo
(1281) Zane: yo
(1280) TaliesinNYC: yo
** (1281) Zane waits for DJ to join the other yo-yos. **
(1282) Dj Gilcrease: Ahh ok, damn necromanic people playing with dead bodies =P
(1281) Zane: Yeah - those good for nothing necromancers. Who could trust one of them? :-)
(1283) Lunauc: fien. I know when I'm not wanted!
(1283) Lunauc (exit): 21:28
(1281) Zane: lol
(1283) Lunauc (enter): 21:28
(1281) Zane: Couldn't stay away, huh?
(1283) Lunauc: Did I leave my hat in here?
(1283) Lunauc: nvm, found it
(1281) Zane: lol
(1283) Lunauc: so, today we get to play Amistad.
(1281) Zane: Stan - got your email about using Lando, the problem is we need him to reply to emails to use him. :-)
(1283) Lunauc: Can we eat the crew?
(1281) Zane: Wouldn't the other slaves be stringy?
(1283) Lunauc: Hmm.. so, we should eat some of hte slaves too then?
(1283) Lunauc: I'd say only the healthy ones though
(1281) Zane: Not sure how many crew there are, they may not feed us all until we reach land again.
(1283) Lunauc: Good point. We may have to pirate other passing ships for more meat
(1280) TaliesinNYC: he replies
(1280) TaliesinNYC: just not as frequent as you
(1281) Zane: lol - another reason to fear pirate ships
(1281) Zane: Yeah, he's better than some people *cough*Drew*cough*...
(1281) Zane: nekokurama (not sure who exactly) is going to be about an hour late - just got an email.
(1285) Gatz (enter): 21:38
(1280) TaliesinNYC: woohoo
(1280) TaliesinNYC: ok well we have 4 so if people straggle in, its ok
(1281) Zane: we've got 3 alive PCs, and one dead. Does that count as 4?
(1280) TaliesinNYC: yeah
(1281) Zane: Cool
(1280) TaliesinNYC: I mean I'd rather have a game than hang around twiddling
(1283) Lunauc: (ghosts count, unlee Kha has already been resurrected. 0.o
(1281) Zane: same here
(1280) TaliesinNYC: lol
(1280) TaliesinNYC: ok
(1280) DM: It's been about two weeks since you were captured and in that time, the most you've seen of your surroundings has been the hold of the ship or the cook's stove.
(1280) DM: However, that changes the next day.
(1280) DM: It seems the ship has made dock at port, but where you are, you have no idea.
(1280) DM: It's as foreign to you as a desert, except this is somewhere on the Kernin coast.
(1280) DM: All of you are rousted from your assignments and made to work offloading cargo.
** (1281) Joroch moves into his new assigned role, doing as he is directed - even as he tries to keep an eye as much as possible on the location of his companions. **
(1280) DM: It seems as if the guards are rather lax as their attention is diverted elsewhere. Or perhaps because you've been cooped up for weeks on end. Could be your imaginations?
(1280) DM: Selene leaves the ship, followed by a pair of mute slaves who carry Kha.
(1280) DM: She pauses and regards you coldly, before stepping into a palanquin. The slaves follow suit.
(1280) DM: After a moment, the palanquin leaves and heads directly into the strange city.
(1283) Git: (are we chained together? surrounded by guards and dock workers? Threatened with whippings?)
(1283) Git: (And did our rogue friend say how she was planning to escape, as she offered an invitation)
(1280) DM: (nope)
(1280) DM: (you're free to move, oddly enough)
** (1281) Joroch keeps moving back and forth from the ship to the dock, unloading the cargo. **
** (1283) Git forces himself to work, in spite of fatigue and cramping from having been working the oars of a ship so long. Making sure to work grouped with his assocaiates, he discusses as they work, "Is it just me, or are they inviting us to leave?" **
** (1281) Joroch whispers quietly, "That woman paid the captain to get us here alive, maybe that's the extent of the deal." **
(1283) Git: "Huh.. could be." :looks around to see if the other slaves are being treated so carelessly:
(1283) Git: (are we in any particular slave garb? collars brands? etc?)
(1286) Corin (enter): 21:51
(1286) Corin (exit): 21:52
(1280) DM: (just the rags on your backs)
(1280) DM: They're not looking in your direction, that's for sure.
(1283) Git: :shrugs, as he sets down another load: "Shall we take in the city then? I know a little place I'd like to check out."
(1280) DM: The other slaves are being kept in a tight leash. You, not so much.
** (1281) Joroch nods to Git to lead the way. **
(1285) Gatz: ((any loose rope around?
(1280) DM: ((some scraps))
** (1283) Git gives Aggy a glance and nod off away from the ship, instructing silently to follow, as he casually heads off with Joroch. **
** (1285) Gatz looks around as she grabs just enough rope to strangle and follows. **
** (1281) Joroch follows Git, being sure not to glance around too much, just acting as though he is following orders is going that direction. **
** (1283) Git strolls along into the city, staying out of the way of traffic, and glancing around occasionally to make sure they aren't being followed. **
(1280) DM: A couple slaves look up as you saunter off but don't make a sound.
(1280) DM: The guards don't bother looking for you either.
(1281) Joroch: "We going after Kha?"
** (1283) Git sighs, moving down the streets, turning one alley after another, randomly it seems, to make sure they aren't being followed, "Why would we do that?" **
(1285) Agatha: "Because his corpse is being carried off by some icy slip of a mage. No good can come of that."
(1281) Joroch: "He was your friend, was he not? And Aggy seemed quite distraught about the woman and her spell."
(1283) Git: "And even less good will come of us going up against a nasty Aes Sedai witch and her entourage, unarmed, barely clothed, and.. I don't know about the two of you, but I'm not feeling so spry after that "luxury cruise"."
(1280) DM: The city feels strangely familiar yet not, at the same time. Almost as if there's a seamy underbelly side to it lurking underneath the surface.
(1283) Git: "Besides.. it's not like he's going to get any more dead."
(1281) Joroch: "I agree, I just didn't know what else you would be after specifically?"
(1283) Git: "A new pair of breeches would be nice."
(1281) Joroch: "Yes, but I have a feeling that you have a plan for something more than just clothes."
** (1283) Git looks around for some friendly commoners to ask directions to the inn he was told of (forgot the name) **
(1283) Git: "Roughly. Hopefully We'll be able to get some aid."
(1283) Git: "Unless We were allowed to escape so that we could be scryed upon thus leading the way for whoever is interested in where we're going. How long does a spell of scrying generally last anyway?"
** (1281) Joroch just shrugs **
(1283) Git: "Or that Diabloist might just be wandering around behind us invisible. Who knows?"
(1285) Agatha: "Who'd want to spy on us? Hell, even we don't know where we're going!"
(1280) DM: You turn the corner and emerge into a wide plaza.
(1283) Git: :grins to Aggy: "Ain't that a kicker? Even when you have nothing left to give, you still have to worry about others taking something from ya."
(1280) DM: There's an execution going on in the middle of the square.
(1280) DM: A crowd of gagglers and onlookers jeers at a group of prisoners on their way to the chopping block.
** (1281) Joroch glances at the spectacle - but then ignores it. **
** (1283) Git saunters to the edge of the plaza, looking about the crowd, for their approval of the show, and noting for loose purses and distracted venders **
(1280) DM: An inn adjoins the square, calling itself appropriately enough, "The Begging Bowl".
whispering to Lunauc, go ahead
whispering to Lunauc, there are quite a few
** (1283) Git gives a little grin, noting, "Eh... when in need." Briskly he wades in among the edges of the crowd, fingers working here and there to try snatching purses and baubles from distracted targets **
(1283) Git: Pick Pocket Skill Check: [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28)
whispering to Lunauc, they don't notice you at all
** (1281) Joroch keeps back from Git, so as to not draw more attention to him. **
whispering to Lunauc, whisper me again pls
(1283) Git: Pick Pocket Skill Check: [1d20+11] => [2,11] = (13)
** (1285) Agatha plays lookout. **
(1283) Git: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [15,19] = (34)
(1280) DM: A portly and rather ugly heavy-set man jerks around as if he's dropped a purse.
(1280) DM: He seems momentarily confused, then wanders around the crowd as if looking for something.
** (1283) Git strolls along through the crowd to the next dumb looking wealthy pigeon **
(1283) Git: Pick Pocket Skill Check: [1d20+11] => [4,11] = (15)
(1280) DM: The heavy-set man returns and mutters under his breath, "Damn thieves."
** (1281) Joroch meanders on past the man a moment after he returns to his spot in the crowd, moving as though he is trying to get a better view of the spectacle in the middle. **
** (1283) Git continues along, U'ing around back toward the others, looking for a last grab along the way **
(1283) Git: Pick Pocket Skill Check: [1d20+11] => [3,11] = (14)
** (1285) Agatha frowns. Git is pushing his luck too far. **
(1283) Git: Balance Skill Check: [1d20+8] => [10,8] = (18)
(1283) Git: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [14,19] = (33)
(1283) Git: (ignore the balance check)
(1280) DM: Shayala ducks into the inn, turns around and gives you (Joroch) a broad wink, then saunters inside.
(1283) Git: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [5,19] = (24)
(1280) DM: After a while, the crowd disperses. A few look your way suspiciously before they walk away.
** (1281) Joroch heads for the inn, telling Aggy on the way, "I'm moving to the inn over there." **
** (1283) Git returns to the group, his rags a bit fuller. "Well, that was nostalgic." **
(1283) Git: "I think I'm a bit rusty though. But I might have gotten a bit of the right attention at least."
** (1281) Joroch pauses as Git returns right then. "Let's head for the inn, get out of these streets for now." **
(1283) Git: :nods: "Was heading that way anyhow."
** (1283) Git turns to follow Joroch toward the inn. **
(1283) Git: :noting as he goes, who bothers watching them:
(1280) DM: Since you look like beggars, hardly anyone. For once, you're beneath notice.
(1289) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 22:34
(1285) Agatha: "The right attention? That lunatic spree could brought half the city guard down on us!"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1289) Dj Gilcrease...
(1280) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(1282) Dj Gilcrease' from room...
(1282) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 22:35
** (1281) Joroch just makes his way to the inn, letting his size and likely smell make holes in the moving crowd. **
(1283) Git: "Aggy, have some faith. First of all.. I'd be surprised if one guard bothered to even chase me very far for petty pickpocketing, let alone have the city's authorities. Secondly, I had a reason for doing that."
(1283) Git: (Half the city's even)
(1280) DM: The common room is half-empty. Shayala is at the bar with her back towards you. She's deep in conversation with the bartender.
** (1281) Joroch glances at Git. "Think we could use some of that for something real to drink?" **
(1283) Git: "Sure... as long as you are not morally against it."
(1281) Joroch: "Against what? How you obtained the coin, or the drink?"
(1290) Rob (enter): 22:42
** (1283) Git heads to the bar, shrugging back to Joroch, "Well, lets forget about the coin, and just how the drink is agreeable." **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1290) Rob...
(1280) DM: (bring Rin up to speed please)
(1281) Joroch: "Even the worst ale would be wonderful right now."
** (1280) Shayla turns around and beckons you over. **
(1280) Shayla: "Have a seat and try not to look so conspicious. And stop fidgeting."
** (1283) Git takes a seat a few places over from Shayla asking the tender, "I'd like a fine elven wine, and my associate apparently wants the poorest ale you have." **
(1281) Joroch: "Actually, house ale will work." he mutters.
(1283) Git: "Suit yourself then." :slides over a couple seats closer to Shayla: "So, beautiful, come here often?"
(1280) Shayla: "This is my hometown."
(1283) Git: "Ah... welcome home."
(1280) Shayla: "And this....is where I first began as a "picker"." (winks and grins)
(1283) Git: "What a coincidence.. it's where I reemerged as one." :whispers with a waggle of his brow: "Though it was a bit sloppier than I once was, I must say."
(1280) Shayla: "So. You're strangers here with nowhere to turn. I could offer help, for a price." (out of the side of her mouth as she sips)
(1283) Git: "Depends, who's offering the help? You a free agent in this?" :keeps his voice low and his attitude, over friendly:
(1280) Shayla: "Yes and no."
(1291) Shayla: "I have my own reasons for helping you, which I'll tell you later if....you're worthy enough."
(1291) Shayla: "And you must be, in order for you to have simply slipped away from that ship."
(1291) Shayla: "I had a devil of a time escaping. Nearly lost my skin for it."
(1283) Git: "That sounds all too familiar. And I'd assume we had some aid in our escape, so, perhaps it best you not speak too much to us, on second thought, less you know a mage who can proof us against divinations. I think we're being watched."
** (1291) Shayla shrugs. "Perhaps." **
(1283) Git: "So.. what kind of proof are you after?"
(1291) Shayla: "Didn't you know? Magicka is forbidden here in Highport, unless you're in service to the Grand Dukes."
(1291) Shayla: "If you are being watched, then its already too late." (archly)
(1291) Shayla: "Proof? Oh, a little test if you will." (takes a goblet of ale from the tender and toasts you)
(1283) Git: :shrugs: "It's been too late for me for a good long while, but I don't have much else to do but play this little game."
(1291) Shayla: "It's not a game." (sips)
(1283) Git: "Sure it is.. just a dangerous one... with extremely high stakes." :grin fades as the words sink in, and he sips his wine:
(1291) Shayla: "I want revenge against the Nine Council but I need to know if you're as talented as I think you are."
(1283) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21)
(1291) Shayla: "You don't believe me." (sips)
** (1290) Rynn makes her way to the group, having snuck off before and looking much more relaxed than she had the past few weeks. **
** (1281) Joroch drinks on his ale (assuming it made it), obviously enjoying the drink after weeks on the boat. **
(1291) Shayla: "I don't have anything to lose if you fail. You'll be dead." (sweetly)
** (1283) Git takes a moment, rolling the flavor of the liquid in his mouth a moment, before swallowing and responding, "You want us to get revenge for you against the nine council, before you'll help us? That's a bit of a paradox, I'm afraid." **
(1291) Shayla: "I want you to prove yourself worthy before I offer you aid against the Council."
(1283) Git: "And how do you know we're against the council? I just told you, we strolled away from a ship and possibly led others here."
** (1285) Agatha watches Shayla from behind. She discreetly reveals her bit of rope and looks at Git. **
(1291) Shayla: "All you need to do is break into the House of Grom and procure the guildmaster's seal."
(1291) Shayla: "How do I know? I don't. But I'm a good judge of character."
** (1283) Git waves his hand, a negative signal to Aggy concealed as a halting gesture, "Guildmaster of what?" **
** (1290) Rynn finds nothing interesting in the conversation of Git and Shayla and takes a seat next to Joroch. **
(1291) Shayla: "Haven't you been paying attention to a thing I've said? Grom is the guildmaster of thieves in Highport."
** (1285) Agatha frowns in slight annoyment. She puts away the rope. **
(1283) Git: "Highport.. is that where we are?"
** (1291) Shayla rolls her eyes and nods slightly. **
(1283) Git: "Huh... Well.. you do present an interesting challenge, though I'll need some information to go on, and this may not be the best place to talk about it. Is a nice place to have a meal, a bath and rest in a proper bed though."
** (1281) Joroch looks to Rynn as she takes a seat, quietly asking, "You appear more relaxed - I take it the boat ride ended up not being that hard on you." **
(1283) Git: "Shall we save the details on that job until after my friends and I have freshened up a bit?"
** (1290) Rynn shakes her head to Joroch, "I can't say I envy your chores, but I have never gone that long without casting a spell since before they found me." **
** (1291) Shayla shrugs. "Suit yourself. Your stay is on me." **
** (1291) Shayla slips a golden mark to the bartender. "Enjoy your stay." **
(1283) Git: "Ah appreciated. Thought may I inquire about a slight helpful advance in?"
(1281) Joroch: "So, not casting caused a problem for you?"
(1291) Shayla: "After dinner."
(1283) Git: "Just a little while a woman in silver, riding a palanquin along with a corpse headed off through the city from the docks. Could you use your homtown charms to find where that palanquin went?"
(1283) Git: "As you wish, miss, and thanks for the accomodations."
(1290) Rynn: [1d12] => [8] = (8)
** (1290) Rynn nods, "It's terrible, as if an incredible tension builds up unable to release" **
(1291) Shayla: "I can put the word out if you like."
(1291) Shayla: "Any other requests?"
(1283) Git: "PLease, do. I think that is enough for now, unless you can find that divination blocking mage... who workds cheap.."
(1283) Git: (luggage still with us, btw?)
(1285) Agatha: "Some clothes would be nice. The draft grew old after the first hour.
** (1281) Joroch frowns slightly, "I think I know that feeling as well." **
(1290) Rynn: "I imagine it would be the same for you to be forbidden from the practice of your arts."
(1283) Git: :to the bartender: "My good fellow, we're going to need warm food, baths and beds, not necessarily in that order."
(1291) DM: (no)
(1283) Git: "Can I have all three at once actually?"
(1291) Shayla: "All right, I'll be back."
** (1291) Shayla looks around, then glances at Agatha. Her eyes grow wide for a second, then passes. "I shall see you later tonight, or perhaps tomorrow morning depending on how my inquiries go." **
(1281) Joroch: "Actually, not really. My way of fighting is all about finding a focal point and pushing out distractions. I was actually able to practice my techniques even better on the ship, focusing on the task I was given and ignoring the roll of the ship."
(1291) Turkyl: "Of course. Rooms have been paid for."
(1290) Rynn: "Hmm... that's very interesting. I never thought swordplay to be that deep, but then I'm not the one who's any good at it."
** (1291) Shayla leaves the inn. **
** (1285) Agatha eyes Shayla curiously as she leaves. **
(1283) Git: "Wonderful, and if you could serve up whatever ready fod you've got for my company, we'd be utterly grateful. Unless it tasts like shite."
(1281) Joroch: "Not everyone takes it that seriously. Some," Joroch slightly nods in Aggy's direction, "prefer to use emothions in fighting."
(1283) Git: "But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt."
whispering to Gatz, I lost that
** (1290) Rynn chuckles, "That's how I work my talents, hardly any thinking involved. I imagine the result and my body seems to do it for me. Pure instinct. Sometimes I think about that, it's almost scary how little I know of the workings of magicka." **
whispering to Gatz, pls repeat that
(1283) Git: :glances to Aggy: "Ease up a bit, take a seat, enjoy the friendly service." :even though he glances around for anyone watching them as he turns to invite her to sit.:
(1281) Joroch: "So you don't even know how magick works, you just do it?" Joroch shivers slightly, unable to stop himself.
** (1290) Rynn laughs, "That's what I mean, scary isn't it?" She shakes her head, "No, I have not a clue." **
(1281) Joroch: (( oh, and taking care to talk quietly - after the news of magickas and this city that Shayla gave us... ))
** (1281) Joroch looks at Rynn, studying her a little better. "Have you never tried to find out? After all, how do you know you won't try something sometime and end up like Kha did?" **
** (1285) Agatha is still on edge at all this subterfuge but sits down and takes a long swig." **
** (1291) Turkyl passes a key to Git. "Dinner will be served in a few hours. You'll probably want to wash up." **
** (1290) Rynn shakes her head, taking a quieter tone, "No, I can't trust anyone who knows." **
(1283) Git: "Definitely. Where you keep the baths around here?"
(1281) Joroch: "I see, I think. You had no mentor of any kind, just found yourself with the ability, right?"
(1290) Rynn: "It lost my my family."
(1290) Rynn: (*me my)
(1291) Turkyl: "Upstairs. Each room has its own. It appears you've been given the master suite."
(1291) Turkyl: "You must have influential friends." (raises his eyebrows)
(1283) Git: "Well.. I am very charming."
** (1281) Joroch just nods to Rynn, not knowing what else to say. **
(1283) Git: :to Aggy: "You want first bath? I'm gonna go do some clothes shopping."
** (1290) Rynn changes the subject, not quite willing to speak of her origins yet, "So how did you come across your talents?" **
** (1285) Agatha finishes her drink. "Gladly." **
(1283) Git: "I'll pick you up something inconspicious while I'm out."
** (1283) Git hands Aggy the key. **
(1281) Joroch: "Simple enough. I got drafted into the guard back home, and was trained there. Natural ability with a blade found me a mentor in the guard. Since then, I've just been working on perfecting what he had taught me."
(1290) Rynn: "I've been running around as a mercenary myself. Taking a few risky jobs for high pay, and then going to the countryside to live like a queen until funds ran out."
(1281) Joroch: "And then returning for more jobs, huh? How was that circular path treating you?"
** (1285) Agatha takes the key and wanders up the stairs. Her suspicion gets the better of her and sets one hand on the only weapon she has: a spare piece of rope. **
(1290) Rynn: "Rather well, until I started feeling like those jobs weren't fun enough. I started making my own, seeing how much danger I could get into and slip out of. I eventually found to much trouble and was locked in iron in a castle of undead. I was saved by Git and Kha and followed them to hopefully return the favor. To be honest, now I feel like I missed out spending the past fifteen years of my life traveling alone."
** (1283) Git downs the last of his wine with a satisfied sigh, and stands from the bar, dropping a silver in his place, and moves to place a hand on either Rynn and Joroch's shoulders. "Well, kiddies..." **
(1283) Git: "Mama Aggy's gone up stairs to take a both, and Big Brother Git is going shopping. Keep an eye on Mama, and you want anything while I'm out?"
(1281) Joroch: "I couldn't imagine that, although I guess now I'm out wandering around, huh?"
(1290) Rynn: "Clothes, maybe." Rynn looks at her pitiful attire.
(1283) Git: "Some low cut and sassy?"
(1283) Git: (some*thing* that is)
** (1290) Rynn smirks, "Whatever you think looks best on me." **
(1281) Joroch: "Aye, clothes would be good. I'm sure Aggy would be up for a weapon of some kind, even a dagger - as would I."
(1283) Git: "Leather bikini it is."
(1283) Git: :to Joroch: "That's second on my list, of course."
(1290) Rynn: "Maybe a hat. I don't think I've ever had a hat."
(1283) Git: "Something pointy, with a wide brim?"
** (1281) Joroch raises an eyebrow, glancing at Rynn to imagine the outfit. He smirks a little before turning back to his ale. **
(1281) Joroch: "I figured so, but it was worth noting."
(1290) Rynn: "And why not." Rynn laughs, appartly in a better mood now.
(1283) Git: "Actually, I'd better let you guys choose your own weapons, make sure they have the right feel for you. I could grab Aggy an axe, and you a sword.. but shame if it were the wrong balance for you."
** (1290) Rynn pipes up again, "I could use another flute, if we are low on coin I could play on the streets if needed." **
(1283) Git: :pats Rynn on the head: "I'll see what I can do. You kids don't go drinking too much now."
** (1283) Git turns and heads out from the inn. **
(1281) Joroch: "I can make do with just about any blade, but a longsword would be best."
(1290) Rynn: "I haven't had a sip yet, I could use one though."
** (1281) Joroch looks to the bartender, trying to get a couple more drinks on their tab. **
(1291) DM: Minutes later, a street urchin comes in with a bulky package and sets it in front of Turkyl. He looks up, tosses a silver penny to the urchin and waves him off. "Shoo!"
** (1291) Turkyl comes over and takes a look. "Hm. This is for you." **
(1281) Joroch: "Us? Uh, thanks."
** (1291) Turkyl hands the package to Joroch. A scroll is attached to it. **
(1289) Dj Gilcrease: (( well I am off to sleep to dream up my characters background details. I hope I will have it ready by next week, but since I tend to like to put more work into my BG then average It may be the week after ))
** (1281) Joroch slides the scroll out and unrolls it where he and Rynn can read it, but where it remains hidden behind the package from the bartender - just as their bodies block it frm anyone behind them. **
(1281) Joroch: (( alrighty - later. ))
(1283) Git: (Git will just go to a couple shops, pick up clothes for everyone, with his ranks in disguise, figure he knows enough about sizes and fashions to get you agreeable garments, you pick the styles. ANd I'll see about getting Rynn her hat and flute. If I have enough, might stop by a weapon shop and see if I can find some decent weapons for a good deal.))
(1283) Git: (Let us know if you need anythhing DJ)
(1289) Dj Gilcrease: Disconnecting from server...
(1289) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 00:00
** (1290) Rynn looks over the note but swiftly gives up trying to read it. **
(1283) Git: (brb)
(1291) DM: The scroll is covered in small, cramped handwriting.
** (1281) Joroch frowns, but leans in closer to try to read it better, as Rynn has given up on it. **
** (1290) Rynn admits, "If I had the time I could work it out, but reading and writing have always given me trouble." **
(1281) Joroch: (( that work better to read it? ))
** (1290) Rynn rants on under her breath, "My parents taught me, and they were no good at it either. There's to many letters, to many that you say exactly the same. They should just get rid of half of 'em, they won't be missed..." Her mutterings continue. **
(1281) Joroch: "Yeah, sure." he mutters to himself before glancing out the window to guage the time of day.
(1283) Git: (reading the cramped lettering closer works better... to give you eye strain and a headache. ^_^)
(1281) Joroch: (( well - it did do that... :-) ))
(1291) DM: ((I might have to cut tonight's session short by a couple of hours. A friend just called and wants to come over and talk.))
(1281) Joroch: (( ahh, k ))
(1283) Git: (Oh, does he? *wink wink*)
(1291) DM: The package is quite bulky and clinks when you lift it. It's also heavy.
(1290) Rynn: ((Alright, if it has to.))
(1291) DM: (yes Git, lol.)
** (1281) Joroch actually leaves the package on the bar. **
** (1290) Rynn tries to peek into it, seeing what it is in case it is not meant to be seen by others. **
(1285) Agatha: ((3 possibilities: 1. booty call; 2. dating woes; 3. friend needs an alibi; the 3 are not mutually exclusive.))
whispering to Rob, you have the sense it might be your items
(1291) DM: ((well since he just broke up with his boyfriend, I think its 2))
(1281) Joroch: (( could be 3 as well, depending on how rough the break-up was... ))
(1290) Rynn: "Joroch? I think this might be our stuff..."
(1285) Agatha: ((And #1 could serve #3))
(1281) Joroch: "Really?" Joroch then peers into the bag as well.
(1283) Git: (depends.. did he say anything about needing help "moving" something?)
(1281) Joroch: (( lol - I feel bad for the potential players that read *this* log... ))
(1290) Rynn: (( T_T I don't know which node that was))
(1291) DM: (see the individual nodes. you'll see that some items were removed.)
(1281) Joroch: (( yep... ))
(1283) Git: (anyhow... Git's gonna do his quick shopping, buy the clothes, flute, hat, and maybe a could daggers, axe and longsword, if he can afford them and return to the bar, keeping an eye out for anyone following him.)
** (1281) Joroch rests an arm on the bundle, offering his glass of ale towards Rynn as a toast. "To things looking up." **
** (1290) Rynn raises her glass as well and takes a drink. **
Game disconnected!

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