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(809) DM: so last session you freed Elexa's uncle, teleported out of Castle Justheart and into an ambush
(809) DM: and well, the rest is history
(805) Joroch: *in a Mills Lane voice* Let's get it on!
(812) Gatz has sent you a tree node...
(806) Rynn: (X_x)
(807) Git: (where are we coming back in?)
(809) DM: Some time later, you waken from your collective stupor only to find that you've been stripped, bound and gagged, and herded into a small clearing. Malvira and her goons sneer on seeing you wake.
(809) Malvira: "Kneel."
** (805) Joroch shakes his head slightly as he wakes. Seeing his captors standing over them, he simply looks at them, with no emotion. **
(809) DM: Kha's lifeless body lies a short distance away, tossed on top of a horse like a sack of potatoes.
** (806) Rynn mutters incomprehesibly what was probably a string of curse words. **
(809) Malvira: "I SAID KNEEL!"
** (807) Git sighs, settling to his knees, offering offhand, "Alright, but the last woman who asked me to kneel at least returned the favor." **
** (809) Malvira gestures to a rogue who clubs Rynn on the back of her head with the butt of a shortsword. **
** (806) Rynn gives in, kneeling down, her eyes burning with fury. **
(809) Malvira: "Good."
** (805) Joroch just looks atraight at Malvira. **
** (812) Agatha tries to say "Drop dead you perverted whore!" but with the gag it sounds more like "Mmph med moo mphmph mmmoor!" **
(809) Malvira: "Right now, I could kill you. It would be easy. It would be merciful. Unfortunately for you, I am not merciful. You have caused a minor inconvenience to my lords and ladies. To them, you have been no more than an irritating fly. But, you do not know my lords. They are cruel, oh, quite cruel. They would not swat a fly -- no, they are slow and patient."
(807) Git: (oh missed GAGGED)
(807) Git: (guess that came out as a lot of mumbling then. ;p)
(809) Malvira: "They have sent you to me, not for me to kill you, not yet. No, first you will work as my slaves. Then, perhaps you will wish to die. Indeed, you might collapse from exhaustion. But, I will have you raised. And we will begin again. I wonder, how long, how many times can you survive?"
** (807) Git mumbles some question through his gag. **
(809) Malvira: "You may be wondering how you came here. We found the scroll of portals. It was easy enough to change the magicka on the scroll. And now that we're outside of that cursed castle, the lord you brought is a thorn no longer in my lady's side. And his magicka is useless, as it did not protect him one whit."
** (809) Malvira paces a bit, looking smug. **
(809) Malvira: "Bring their things."
** (812) Agatha just smiles as she imagines what she'll do with this deluded wench. "Mmph." **
(809) DM: A rogue lumbers forward, dragging a sack that clinks and thuds.
(809) Malvira: "You recognize these?"
** (805) Joroch remains where he awoke, simple watching Malvira as though she was a boring play. **
** (812) Agatha looks around for the Luggage. She tries to be discreet. **
(814) Zach (enter): 22:26
** (807) Git settles from kneeling to a comfortable seat upon his heels, listening to the posturing, waiting for his turn to speak, as if this were a civilized discussion, in spite of bounds. **
(809) Malvira: "An ilythi'iri dagger. How lovely. I haven't seen one of these in years."
** (806) Rynn took a while to notice, but once her eyes locked onto Kha's form the fire in her eyes fades and her head drops. **
** (809) Malvira drags a dagger set with a glowing amethyst out of the sack and tosses it into a pit of quicksand. **
(809) Malvira: "Oh, a cloak of Imperial silk. A pity you won't need this anymore."
** (809) Malvira tosses a green and brown elven cloak to one of her rogues who uses it as a scabbard. **
(807) Git: (are hands bound in front of back, btw?)
(809) DM: She's quite thorough in going through your belongings, which she gives away to her minions or tosses into a pit of sand.
(809) DM: (back)
(809) Malvira: "Now. Our rendevous with the Sinking Ghoul is in three days. Forced march to the coast, and from there we set sail. March, or die, it's your choice."
** (807) Git sighs through his mask, as Malvira makes a show of power, and turns to Joroch, nudging the othe man. Idly, the rogue mumbles through his gag, as if holding a casual conversation. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (814) Zach...
** (805) Joroch moves his gaze to Git as he gets nudged. **
** (806) Rynn looks around, counting the heads of the enemy, not having a chance when she first passed through the portal. **
** (809) Emistil comes up to Malvira and whispers in her ear. **
** (809) Malvira shrugs. "Bring the youth. He's too dangerous but I shall do our lady's bidding." **
(807) Git: *mumblemumblemumble*
whispering to Rob, about 20-25. half that number died during the battle.
** (805) Joroch gives Git a slight nod and turns his gaze back to Emistil, at whom he gives a slight grin. **
(809) Malvira: "Bring them along. We leave within the hour."
** (807) Git randomly shifts his head about as he carries on through the cloth in his mouth, eyes discretely noting where each useful bit of his gear goes. **
(814) Zach has sent you a tree node...
(809) Emistil: "Up." (gestures to you, as a phalanx of rogues surrounds you to make sure you do his bidding)
(809) Emistil: "It's a long walk to the coast. I hope you're up to it." (snickers)
** (807) Git hops up, and gives a curt stance, as if a salute would accompany it, if he could lift his arms **
** (812) Agatha tries to singal to the luggage to rescue their gear from the pit after the party leaves, then follow **
** (805) Joroch waits until one of the captors helps 'motivate' him to stand - his gaze never leaving Emistil. **
** (814) Berard stumbles to his feet. **
** (806) Rynn shifts to her feet, her eyes not moving from Kha's corpse, as much as she tries to hide it, she appears broken already. **
** (809) Malvira takes a long look at Kha before heading to the front of your group. **
** (814) Berard quitely murmurs a prayer for the dead for Kha. **
** (812) Agatha gets up, eyeing the crowd for any opportunity. **
(807) Git: (what kind of bonds do we have anyway?)
(809) DM: (flax rope, and lots of it)
** (807) Git stands, watching Malvira, grinning below his gag, waiting. **
(809) DM: (your hands are bound tightly, and cloth gags stuffed in your mouths and tied around your faces)
(809) DM: Your captors keep a close eye on you, and prod you forward as Malvira gives the signal to start marching.
(807) Git: (do we have clothes, or are we freezing in the winter naked?)
(809) DM: (loincloth, if that.)
(807) Git: (ah.. how long till hypothermia kills us?)
(807) Git: (roughly..?)
(816) Zane (enter): 22:46
(809) DM: (well, it's not winter, so probably not)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (816) Zane...
(809) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(805) Zane' from room...
(805) Zane (exit): 22:46
(809) DM: (more like late spring)
(807) Git: (oh? thought it was cold weather when we first arrived in Kern. Maybe I'm thinking of something else. nevermind)
(809) DM: (I'd have to go look. I can always do a retcon if necessary.)
(807) Git: (no matter)
(809) Emistil: "Ungag them, except for him" (points at Berard) "and her" (points at Rynn).
(809) DM: One of the rogues asks, "do you think that's wise, Emmy?", to which he's slapped.
** (806) Rynn growls through her gag. **
(809) Emistil: "The fresh air will do them some good." (snickers)
** (807) Git peers up at "Emmy", giving the man an approving nod. **
** (816) Joroch works his jaw a little once the gag is removed, but otherwise doesn't seem to respond. **
** (807) Git works his mouth a bit, and spits out the "gag taste", before speaking up to Emistil, "My thanks. I do find it utterly boring to travel in silence." **
(809) Emistil: "M'lady wants you healthy, so hale you shall be."
** (809) Emistil mounts his horse as you march forward. **
(807) Git: "Of course, after all, we are the honoured guests of the Council, yes? I shall try to be well mannered in my stay."
(809) Emistil: "Guests of the Council?" (snickers)
(812) Agatha: "How gracious of you. When all this is over, I'll try to make sure you die last."
(809) Emistil: "D'ja hear that? They think they're goin' south."
(807) Git: "Well... a Councillor anytway, no?"
(809) DM: Guffaws all around.
(809) Emistil: "Yer goin' to Highport, ta be sold on th' block."
(807) Git: "Is that all?"
** (806) Rynn does nothing but walk in silence, stray tears falling in the thought of Kha. **
** (809) Emistil slips into an easy cadence as his speech slurs. **
(807) Git: :blinks: "That seems rather tame really. You were ordered to take us alive, yes?"
** (816) Joroch remains quiet, even with his gag removed. He simply walks, watching the sights as they travel. **
(809) Feodor: "Th' black ones want yer friend...."
** (809) Feodor falls silent as Emistil throws him a look that could melt steel. **
(807) Git: "You mean the one sprawled dead over your horse?"
(809) Eldredd: "Whomever din', well yer dead." (shrug)
** (806) Rynn winces. **
** (809) Feodor glances at Emistil, who nods once. **
(807) Git: "Strange, I still feel rather spry for a dead man."
(809) Feodor: "Ays."
(807) Git: "And we're simply to be sold at auction..?"
(809) Feodor: "You might."
(809) Feodor: "To th' highest bidder."
(807) Git: :unimpressed: "A bit boring really... anticlimactic. I suppose they really do still want us alive."
(809) Eldredd: "Yer wiggly friends 'ill fetch a high price. They shud be proud."
** (809) Eldredd tosses his head at Berard. **
** (807) Git wears a thoughtful expression as he walks along, apparrently something in his mind more important than the goons surrounding them. **
** (814) Berard grunts sourly. **
** (809) Eldredd jerks his thumb at Rynn. "If'n ye behave, might rise up wid a lord." **
(807) Git: :looks up and nods: "Oh, yes.. I'd say we're all in quite fine shape. Should fetch a wonderful price."
(809) Edwin: "Thas if they win onner tha' Arena." (grins toothlessly)
(807) Git: "Well, Joroch may be drafted to that calling."
** (816) Joroch chuckles. **
(816) Joroch: "You speak as though this Arena would be difficult. As I recall, Emmy's warrior companion was not match for us - much less an arena."
(807) Git: "Personally I'm hoping to be a houseboy to a still young yet Nympho who entertains garden parties in sapphic tradition with myself a token male." :sighs: "More likely, our owner is already picked."
(807) Git: "So, what will you do with your intended target slain?" :nodding toward Kha:
** (809) Edwin grins and wiggles his tongue around. **
(809) Edwin: "Not agains' warriors."
(809) Emistil: "She wants him."
(816) Joroch: "Ahh, beasts then I take it? Even easier."
(807) Git: "Talakara?"
(809) Edwin: "Shud be fun. No knives, just yer hands."
** (809) Emistil shrugs. "M'lady. I dun' know her name." **
** (816) Joroch shrugs - apparently not concerned. **
(807) Git: "Oh, so you'r just conscripted goons? That explains much."
(807) Git: "Are you all together then, or separate companies?"
(809) Eldredd: "We're paid well."
(807) Git: "Of course you are." :humors back, as if the man were a child showing off a fancy toy:
(816) Joroch: (( gonna grab a smoke while we walk ))
(807) Git: "Is Malvira the one directly connected to your Lady, then?"
** (809) Eldredd looks at Emistil but he's not paying attention. **
** (809) Eldredd shrugs. **
(809) Eldredd: "Whom'ver pays us th' price."
** (812) Agatha occassionally looks back behind her as if searching for something. Or perhaps she just misses her hard-won equipment. **
(807) Git: "Ah, then I guess I'm wasting tiem speaking with you." :speaks in resignment rather than offense.: "I wonder if she even knows who you're working for."
(807) Git: "Do you even know who ordered you to dump the magical items in that particularly sand pit?"
(807) Git: Bluff Skill Check: [1d20+19] => [7,19] = (26)
(807) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [14,9] = (23)
(809) Feodor: "Wer they?"
(810) Lord Volker (exit): 23:28
** (807) Git grins with some amusement. **
(809) Eldredd: "We do wot we're tol' to do."
(807) Git: :nods: "Yes.. you will."
** (807) Git is quite sure of that, and apparently pleased by the fact. **
** (809) Edwin wiggles his tongue around and grins. **
(809) DM: (ok to FF if you like)
(816) Joroch: (( sounds good ))
(807) Git: :in some arrogance: "Do stop grinning. You don't even know what's going on."
(807) Git: (sure)
(806) Rynn: (yeah)
(812) Agatha: ((go for it))
** (809) Edwin shrugs. **
(809) DM: After three days of marching, you're brought aboard the Sinking Ghoul, a slave galley.
(809) DM: Your ropes are replaced with chains and manacles; the cloth gags with iron mouthpieces.
** (814) Berard looks like death warmed over, the march has been difficult for him, and he is tripping over his own feet when they get to the galley. **
(809) DM: You're separated and assigned duties aboard the galley. Joroch, Aggie and Git -- as oarsmen. Berard -- to the galley/hold. Rynn -- to the crow's nest.
(809) DM: As you're assigned your separate groups, the captain looks you over and thanks Malvira for her service to the Grand Dukes of Kern, then dismisses her and her minions.
** (816) Joroch falls into his assigned duty, doing as he is asked. **
** (807) Git wonders where the last three days went, as he now sits at an oar. (damn flashback blackouts!) **
(809) Arslan: "Bring the youth below decks. And step lively. Wouldn't want to keep the lady waiting."
** (809) Arslan points to Joroch. "You, boy. Be careful, unless you want to be fish food." **
** (812) Agatha narrows her eyes at the captain in suspicious but continues on. **
** (816) Joroch corrects his work as best he can, remaining silent. **
** (806) Rynn makes an effort to glare at all those who address her, her face battered from the physical scolding. **
(809) Arslan: "Bring him." (points to Joroch)
(809) DM: The captain turns and heads into a cabin, then climbs down a flight of steps.
** (816) Joroch stops as he is pointed to, ready to move when the one sent for him gets to him. **
** (816) Joroch follows along without complaint to whereever he is directed. **
(809) Arslan: "In here." (gruffly)
** (816) Joroch moves into the room. **
** (809) Arslan opens a door and yanks you inside. Standing by a cot is a tall woman with midnight black hair and pale white skin, in a silver robe. You have a keen sense of having seen her before. **
(809) Selene: "You can put him down here. He'll need lots of rest."
** (816) Joroch looks at the woman, trying to place her. **
** (809) Selene glances at Kha with a thin smile. It's not gentle, and in fact reminds you of the edge of a knife. **
** (807) Git rows, as instructed, managing to hum a jaunty little tune through his gag, in spite of a terribly tired and aching body. **
** (816) Joroch looks back and forth between the woman and Arslan, waiting to find out what is going on. **
(809) Arslan: "I hope you know what you're doing. Lord Najardac will have my head if he finds us out."
** (809) Selene laughs. Her voice is like silver chmes, or the tinkling of tiny bells. **
** (806) Rynn refuses to speak, even if she has the ability. Only a nod here and there to show that she understood a command. **
(809) Selene: "Fear not. By daybreak two days from now, it will be as if you had never seen me before."
** (809) Arslan nods, though he doesn't seem convinced. **
** (816) Joroch takes a moment to tighten and relax his muscles as he waits, trying to work the tiredness and burn out of them. **
** (812) Agatha silently rows as she eyes the area. Someone is pulling a fast one, but who's side are they on? **
** (809) Selene reaches inside her robe and hands the captain a bulging pouch. "Five hundred gold marks to deliver your cache to Highport, unharmed. They can be beaten or disciplined, but I shall not have them killed aboard your ship, or Najardac will be the LEAST of your worries." **
** (809) Selene glances at Joroch. "What are you doing here still? Leave us!" **
(809) Arslan: "Back to the oars with you."
** (816) Joroch can't help but raise an eyebrow at the exchange but quickly removes himself from the room at Selen's outburst, apparently quite confused. **
whispering to Zane, The last thing you see as you leave the cabin is the woman placing her hands against Kha's forehead and concentrating as a white glow surrounds her form and infuses his skin.
** (816) Joroch pauses outside the room (if alone - otherwise move back to the oars), seeing if he can catch any more of the conversation. **
** (816) Joroch tries to find a spot at an oar with either Aggy or Git when he returns to the oars. **
(807) Git: (are we all still gagged? and I'm assuming chained to our seats at the oars..?)
(809) DM: (chained and manacled)
(809) DM: (you can speak)
(809) DM: (Berard is made into an assistant cook)
(809) DM: (which isn't anything to speak of since most of what's served is food that even pigs would turn their noses up)
(814) Berard: ( Are the casters gagged? )
(809) DM: (for instance: thin gruel, a soup made from oats, dried fish and salt cabbage; codfish cakes and gourds filled with stagnant water)
(809) DM: (nope)
(807) Git: (how'd he get the cushy job? Brown nose."
(807) Git: )
(809) DM: (but with your hands manacled together and no components, you might as well be)
(816) Joroch: (( if you don't want to eat it - you really don't want to know how it was made. ))
(814) Berard: (That does it, Git is getting the stale gruel.)
(809) DM: Although your surroundings are gloomy, the ship is a microcosm of Kernin society. It's quite lively, even amongst your fellow slaves.
** (806) Rynn finds herself looking to the water, wondering if the chain did not bind her to the crows nest if she would just try to jump in and let herself sink. It was a tought that frightened her. As much as she tried to stay attentive, her eyes kept wandering to the shadows of the crows nest. An observent listener might even hear her whisper to them. **
(809) Alicia: "You're a quiet one." (to Rynn)
** (809) Alicia is a navigator and a bosun. **
** (807) Git chats with some of the other inmates, a bit of "what're ya in for?" conversation to pass the time, and see if anyone knows any good chanties. **
** (806) Rynn looks to Alicia and back to the shadow, then turns back again, uttering her first coherant words in days, "Yes." **
(809) Alicia: "Where ya from?"
** (809) Alicia shoos away flies as she calls down your position. **
(806) Rynn: "A place of misery. It seems I am going home."
(809) Alicia: "Hmph. Can't be worse than here."
(809) Alicia: "I'm Licia. From Wylund, though now this ship is home."
** (812) Agatha is quiet and spends her time sizing up the crew and figuring out a way to properly interrogate Selene. Just asking in the positions they're in won't turn up anything reliable. **
** (814) Berard shuffles around the kitchen preparing food in silence. With his body between the food and the head cook, he quickly puts together some of the stale cakes, being careful to scuff one of them with dirt. **
** (816) Joroch finds a spot next to Aggy to row and after getting chained back into place, takes up the oar again. Once the guards move off, he quietly mutters to her. "I met a tall woman with midnight black hair and pale white skin, wearing a silver robe. She's who hired this ship." **
** (814) Berard heads off to serve the other slaves... **
(812) Agatha: ((oh sorry. Thought we skipped ahead))
(812) Agatha: "Hmph. And who is she working for?"
(816) Joroch: (( no prob, I had been getting some other info down. ))
(809) Shayla: "Where does the fourth raven fly?" (to Git)
(816) Joroch: "Not Najardac. She's hiding this from him."
(806) Rynn: "I might have been there." :Rynn shoots the shadow a quick glare before looking back over the sea:
** (814) Berard moves among the slaves handing out cakes. **
(809) Alicia: "Welp, if ya dun' wanna talk, ya dun' wanna talk. Tho' ya might as well get used to it. Or bored."
(812) Agatha: "That doesn't rule out her working for another member of the Nine."
(814) Berard: :to Git: "Here, have a cake. They might be a bit chunky, so eat carefully."
** (814) Berard presses the marked cake into Git's hands. **
** (809) Shayla rows beside Git, though she can't help but glance at him from time to time. **
(816) Joroch: "True, his was the only name mentioned. Oh, and apparently we are worth 500 gold, total." Joroch frowns as he mentions this last tidbit.
(806) Rynn: "I perfer the countryside, aimless wandering. There are a lot of places I have probably been and will never know."
** (814) Berard moves on to the other slaves until all of the cakes have been served, after which he returns to the galley. **
(809) Alicia: "I don' remember much. Cap'n mentions there was a raid, but I was just a baby."
(807) Git: :grins up to Berard: "thank you, oh so much." :rests his rowing to take the cake, and turns to Shayla. "I've been waiting all day for someone to ask me that.... Cake?" :offers the chunky cake.:
(809) Shayla: "Kinda far from home to be here, neighbor."
** (809) Shayla takes a bit of cake. **
(812) Agatha: "Hmph. So tell me about the woman. What did she look like?"
(807) Git: "Well, home is where the heart is, and I like to carry mine in my chest. THough it does roam a bit at times." :peers aside: "A bit far flung yourself, no?"
(809) Shayla: "Oh, I see. Chunky cake." (nods carefully, then continues rowing)
** (806) Rynn looks at the cake she recieves, "Would you have a key to these manicals? This is going to be difficult..." **
(809) Shayla: "Been a slave for a couple years."
** (814) Berard sets about cleaning the galley once the food for the shift has been served. **
(809) Shayla: "Hard life."
(816) Joroch: "Tall, midnight black hair, pale white skin. Seemed familiar for some reason, but can't say why."
(807) Git: "Yeah, but can you match these benefits anywhere else?" :with blatant sarcasm.:
(809) Shayla: "Nyp."
(809) Shayla: "Though we're to make landfall in two days. Highport 'cordin to the cap'n."
(807) Git: :nods: "It s a lovely town, or so I've heard. Been there before?"
(812) Agatha: "Aye you said that already. What I want to know is what we're dealing with. Was she strong-looking? Did she wear robes or charms? Things like that are what I'm interested in."
(809) Shayla: "Nyp, 'cept at my auction."
(807) Git: "Is that why you're going back? Resale?"
(809) Shayla: "Thas' an evil town though. Rumor has it it's ruled by an emerald drake."
(809) Shayla: "Nyp. Need to restock, sez the cap
(809) Shayla: cap'n."
(812) Agatha: "Best way to up your shot in a fight is to use your eyes before anything happens. Figure out what they're about and you'll already have the first few swings won."
(807) Git: "Oh, you're a permanent fixture aboard this ship then?"
(816) Joroch: "Oh. Uh, silver robe. Didn't seem physical to me. Voice sounded like bells. Oh, and she did something to Kha's body. Something involving a white glow."
(809) Shayla: "Could say that."
(807) Git: :nods: "Enjoying your stay?"
(809) Shayla: "Your friends are like you, far. Barbarian from the Fhaard. And the others from the north."
** (812) Agatha turns suddenly to Joroch. "What?!" **
** (809) Shayla shrugs. "It's a hard life." **
(816) Joroch: "I'm fairly sure the captain wanted me to see her. She didn't seem pleased that I was around, but I'm sure I was supposed to see at least part of the exchange."
** (807) Git nods, "Yes... loud too." **
** (816) Joroch looks to Aggy. "Bells, chimes, that's what her voice sounded like." **
(809) Shayla: "Welp, we could help each other, if you want." (mutters)
(809) Alicia: "Neber been to the country, but I always wanted to go." (takes on a dreamy look)
(807) Git: "Oh, really depends what kind of help you intend. I mean, the only help I'm really interested in is assisted evacuation."
(809) Shayla: "That's what I mean. You scratch my back and I'
(809) Shayla: I'll scratch yours."
** (812) Agatha snaps at Joroch in hushed tones. "Not that you idiot! Some witch is using magic on the lad's corpse and you don't tell me that first?" **
** (806) Rynn tries to eat the cake as best she can with her mouth, "It's the only place I'm not hunted." **
(809) Alicia: "Hunted? Why, wot for?"
(816) Joroch: "It was magick, why would it matter?"
** (809) Alicia shoos away flies. **
(807) Git: :grins; "Thank, I'll settle for a bit of metal or a nail to pick these locks with though." :whispers: "With some assistance, we could be controlling this ship by morning."
(809) Shayla: "I don't think so. I mean to be out of here when we dock." (whispers)
** (806) Rynn shakes her head, "Never mind I said that, it's a very...personal thing... It hardly matters now anyways." **
(812) Agatha: "So either she's a saint or a damned necromancer raising an undead mage who can use some One Power to conjure fiery spears and shoot bolts of lightning. Lovely."
(807) Git: :nods: "We could go that way as well. Personally I was thinking of taking the ship, binding and gagging the crew and selling them into slavery, while we sail off. But then again, I'm prone to fantasies. I take it you have plans of your own."
(816) Joroch: "Or reading memories, or locating something or someone he knew, or any of hundreds of other things."
(816) Joroch: "Does it change anything to know that there was some kind of magick being cast?"
(809) Shayla: "Oh, a few."
(812) Agatha: "Damned right it does! Some swaggering meathead or a sniveling yes-man I could handle. Throw magic into the mix and everything goes cock-eyed."
(809) Shayla: "All in good time. If we get separated, look for Harlequin at the Manta Ray."
(807) Git: :gives a nod: "I'll be sure to look it up."
(816) Joroch: "True, it does have that effect."
(812) Agatha: "As for what kind of magic, Kha's dead. There's only one thing for a mage to do with a dead body: Raise it, one way or another."
(816) Joroch: "If you say so. Too many different magicks for me to ever worry about them."
(807) Git: "So, how did you end up a professional oarsman?"
(809) Shayla: "You could say I rotated a few jobs here and there."
(809) Shayla: "And slept with Arslan on the side but not before I gave him the clap in revenge."
(809) Shayla: "He didn't want to kick me overboard so made me a rower."
(812) Agatha: "Hmph. In case you hadn't noticed, we're surrounded by the stuff. Being able to spot the bad ones and fight 'em is the only chance we've got."
(815) Stormcrow (enter): 00:44
(807) Git: :nods: "Purpose placement, a spot of revenge. I like it. But why have you not tried to leave before now. Surely I'm not the first person to take a seat beside you, anxious to flee."
(809) Shayla: "Well, look around you."
(816) Joroch: "And follow the good ones into ambushes?"
(815) Stormcrow (exit): 00:45
(809) Shayla: "A slave in Kern might as well be in a death sentence."
(809) Shayla: "And don't think I haven't tried."
(807) Git: "All the more reason to do whatever it takes to escape."
(807) Git: "What happened the last time you tried?"
(809) Shayla: "His pet diabolist caught me in the act and would've gutted me. Fortunately love won out."
(807) Git: "Diabolist...?"
(809) Shayla: "Oh, you're not from here."
(809) Shayla: "I keep forgetting."
(809) Shayla: "Wizzies who practice blood magicka, or summon infernals. They used to be widespread in the years before the Devastation centuries ago. They're known more in Mel'Cendia, but for obvious reasons are feared here."
(807) Git: "Thank you for the textbook description, but I wasn't asking what, but who is this diabolist you speak of?"
(809) DM: (I'm fading, though I'll try to stay up a bt more. Also I haven't really prepped as much as I'd like to for the next leg of this module.)
(809) Shayla: "Szasarz. He likes to carve himself up. If you look around long enough, you'll see him when he thinks you're not looking." (shudders at saying his name)
(807) Git: "Right, I'll be sure to greet the fellow properly when we meet."
(807) Git: :just a hint of suggestion in his voice:
(809) DM: (ok, I really am fading)
(816) Joroch: (( no prob. ))
(806) Rynn: (All right)
(809) DM: (gimme a sec)
(807) Git: (fair enough, don't we're doing anything till whatever the next step in the module is anywa)
(812) Agatha: ((I'm fine with stopping, though I'm having fun berating the meathead about how much he sucks at fighting ;P ))
(816) Joroch: (( bah - you'll have to do a lot more to get to him though. ))
(809) DM: (feel free to continue RPing.)
** (806) Rynn keeps her attention divided between the shadow and the ocean. **
** (816) Joroch keeps his voice quiet, but very matter-of-fact as he talks with Aggy. **
** (812) Agatha conversely speaks with a certain passion as she berates Joroch. **
(812) Agatha: "...And what's that nonsense about closin' your eyes and all that focus before ya step into the ring. You should already know all about yourself another few seconds ain't gonna help any."
** (816) Joroch starts to explain, but seeing that she is in rant mode, he just lets her continue. **
(816) Joroch: (( or, I'm assuming that since I see you still typing. ))
** (807) Git continues chatting about with Shayla and the surrounding slaves, acting his general friendly self, and has apparently decided to stop rowing for the time being. **
(812) Agatha: "Keeping your eyes open and watching what the other guy's doing. That's what'll win you that the fight. Keepin' 'em closed is why you can't hit squat and can't fill me in on the most important things to know about someone we might have to fight to get outta here!"
** (812) Agatha realizes at this point that it's impossible to storm off in a triumphant huff when you're chained down in place. **
(809) DM: (okay, best for me to stop here)
(816) Joroch: Joroch waits until she stops to catch her breath, "If you are actually curious, I can show you my method. As far as the magick workers around here, I am not accustomed to so many. I should have hit that wizard when we first faced the trio, but I miscalculated and thought their warrior friend would be the most difficult."
(809) DM: (I'm going to keep this window oipen for now)
(809) DM: (but if you want to continue talking, be my guest)
(806) Rynn: (T_T Rynn is alone...)
(816) Joroch: (( so is Berard... ))
(807) Git: (git only has NPC's ;p)
(809) DM: Eventually Arslan will assign you new tasks.
(814) Berard: (Yeah, but Berard can talk to his deity.)
(816) Joroch: (( congrats - Berard can seem to talk to himself. That should keep the others away from him. ))
(812) Agatha: "Your 'method' is useless. And going after the mage first wouldn've ended the fight the same way it did, just with one less corpse on the ground."
(812) Agatha: "Now quiet down meathead. I gotta figure out how we get to the next scene."
(816) Joroch: "You have your thoughts surely - but my method is not useless by any means."
** (816) Joroch nods, whether Aggy is paying attention or not, and puts his focus fully into rowing. **
** (812) Agatha doesn't bother to answer as she ponders her visions. **
(812) Agatha: ((Stop here?))
(816) Joroch: (( I'm good. ))
(806) Rynn: (allright)
(816) Zane: Equipment and materials to travel to another country: 30,000 gp
(816) Zane: dealing with getting caught in an ambush: cost 1/3 or pride.
(816) Zane: Seeing Aggy's reaction to finding out about magic being cast on her dead friend: priceless.
(816) Zane: *1/3 of pride
(806) Rynn: see you guys next week, unless there's anything else that needs to be said
(816) Zane: don't think so. see you all later.
(814) Berard: Bye
(806) Rynn: Disconnecting from server...
(806) Rob (exit): 01:22
(807) Git: adios
(807) Git: Disconnecting from server...
(807) Lunauc (exit): 01:22
(814) Zach (exit): 01:23
(816) Zane: see you tomorrow Stan.
(816) Zane: Outta here.
(816) Zane (exit): 01:32
(812) Agatha: laterz
(812) Agatha: Disconnecting from server...
(812) Gatz (exit): 01:34

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