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447) TaliesinNYC: tell you what, I'll just e-mail you the sound files and you can upload them
(447) TaliesinNYC: wasted enough time already and it didn't take
(446) Dj Gilcrease: lol, ok
(447) TaliesinNYC: (311) DM: The assassin crumples to the ground, dead.
(311) DM: His hand opens, and as he falls to the ground, drops a dagger that quickly crumbles to dust.
(289) Berard: "...or we could not get settled for the night."
** (272) Joroch remains above the crumpled figure for a moment, still watching it. Slowly, his stance relaxes and he lowers his blade. **
(278) Rynn: :after a moment of silence: "That was an adventure."
(272) Joroch: "Hmm, apparently they do not know me as well as they thought. From the way everyone was talking, I expected someone more dangerous."
(311) DM: The man seems to have appeared from nowhere. His features are completely beneath your notice in every possible way, as if he was in plain sight all along.
** (278) Rynn picks up some of the dust and throws it out the door, wary of what would happen if it all remained in a single place. **
** (272) Joroch looks around to make sure no one else is being attacked unexpectedly. **
** (294) Kha shrugs and shuts the door and sits down again to make sure no more assassins visit in the night **
(311) DM: All seems to be as before. Perfectly normal.
** (286) Agatha does a cursory search on the body. **
** (272) Joroch looks over to Aggy, notincing the blade in her hand. "Thanks for offering to help, I'm sure it will be needed in the future." **
(286) Agatha: "Keep your guard up. Something still doesn't feel right."
** (278) Rynn casts mage armor upon herself, knowing it would last through the night and into the morning. **
** (272) Joroch tightens his armor back on securely. "Will do." **
(286) Agatha: "And it wouldn't have killed you to just knock the bugger out instead of skewering him."
** (286) Agatha ponders that expression for a moment. **
(272) Joroch: "He tried to kill me first, without a word. Didn't expect that he was going to be talkative. But next time, I'll keep that in mind."
(278) Rynn: "They look pretty unstable to me, I'd bet they'd crumble even if you didn't aim to kill."
** (289) Berard moves over to study the body **
** (294) Kha starts chittering in rat to see if there are any rats near by who want some free food and to keep him company, figuring that their senses are better then his and they would flee if someone approched **
(272) Joroch: "No way to know now. Go back to rest Rynn, and we'll all hope that was our excitement for the evening."
** (278) Rynn shifts back to her bedroll, "How many colors of these dustfolk have we met?" **
(286) Agatha: "Enough to have an idea of who's been following us. Perhaps that wasn't their creator we found in that tower."
(272) Joroch: "So, who?"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, a few
** (289) Berard straightens the body and offers a somewhat terse prayer to the Lord of Cerements. **
** (294) Kha chats idlely with the rats, feeding them every so often. **
(286) Agatha: "Damned if I can remember. I wasn't the one flippin' through the journals."
(272) Joroch: "Kha?"
(294) Kha: (( I am outside the room and the door is closed ))
** (272) Joroch nods his head to the hallway, indicating outside, "Kha was, right?" **
(272) Joroch: (( but still speaking to Aggy. Sorry - this was not very clear anywhere but in my mind. ))
(286) Agatha: "Right about what?"
(272) Joroch: "He was the one flipping through the journals you mentioned."
** (286) Agatha shakes her head. "Kha was waiting outside the tower the entire time. It was Git and his peddler chum I think. **
(272) Joroch: "Ahh, those journals. So, are you going to get some rest?"
(289) Berard: "The body is going to be rather ripe by the time morning comes."
(272) Joroch: "True. I killed it, I'll take it outside. Besides - someone has to berate the innkeeper for allowing this guy in."
(289) Berard: "Hm. I don't know that I would mention it to him."
(272) Joroch: "No? And how do you suggest getting the body past him with him saying anything?"
** (286) Agatha nods. "There's no need to to tell him. We'll be gone by morning." **

(447) DM: (from last time)
(448) Joroch: "Well, I'm not keeping the body in this room with us. There must be somewhere to put it without taking it past the innkeeper."
** (446) Dj Gilcrease sits outside the room keeping watch to make sure noone else gets into the room **
** (446) Kha sits outside the room keeping watch to make sure noone else gets into the room **
(450) Agatha: "Hmph. What we need is a distraction."
(448) Joroch: "Think you can manage that?"
(450) Agatha: "I'm sure I'll think of something.
** (448) Joroch smiles. "I'm sure you will. Go ahead, I'll make my way around the distraction." **
** (450) Agatha gets up and heads outside. **
** (446) Kha looks at Agatha as she leaves, ^t^"Why dont you just walk out with him like he is drunk?"^e^ **
** (450) Agatha turns to Kha as she comes out of the room. "How did he get in then?" **
(450) Agatha: "We just need to keep them from thinking too hard about it."
(449) Git: "Or.. you could just stick it under a bed. I don't think he's human, so I don't think he'll rot like one."
(446) Kha: "Was already in there would be my guess."
** (448) Joroch waits a moment and then picks up the body of the attacker. He places the body over his shoulder for now to carry it easier and makes his way out of the room. As he nears where others are around, he puts the body's feet to the floor and carries him so that it appears the other person has drunk to much and needs help getting around. **
(450) Agatha: "Right. But likely no one saw him come in."
(450) Agatha: "Did you ever wonder what's so special about Dwarven brews?"
(446) Kha: "Not realy."
** (448) Joroch returns to the room a few moments earlier. "Whoever needs it should get some rest." **
(450) Agatha: "Neither have I, but I bet the innkeeper will have something to say about it."
** (446) Kha goes back to chatting with the rats in the walls as the other take care of the body **
** (450) Agatha is surprised at Joroch's swiftness, but shrugs it off. "Everyone should get some rest if they can afford it, meathead." **
(449) Git: [1d100] => [94] = (94)
(448) Joroch: "Agreed." Joroch takes a seat in the same corner of the room he sat in earlier, leaning against the wall, resting.
(449) Git: Great then, fun's over, off to bed. We'll take turns standing guard. I believe Kha has volunteered first rights. I'm not sure... I don't speak rodent."
(448) Joroch: (( so, FF through the night, or do we get another visitor? ))
** (446) Kha nods at Git **
(447) DM: ((FF))
(447) DM: (morning)
(447) DM: You have no further visitations through the evening.
** (446) Kha is sitting in the common room eating some food **
** (448) Joroch rises in the morning and joins Kha in the commons room for some breakfast. **
(446) Kha: "So we are off to the castle, still leaving the bird cage for later?"
(448) Joroch: "It appears so. There seem to be bigger time concerns with the castles."
(449) Git: "Eh.. not really." :as he takes a seat: "Actually, there's a good chance we're too late to help by now."
(448) Joroch: "Oh? Hmm, I guess we still might as well finish the job as we said we would."
** (448) Joroch picks at his breakfast, eating some of it, but not everything. **
(449) Git: :shrugs: "I suppose. After all, I am curious if it will enlighten us as to why the mage was killed."
(447) DM: (are you going in to scout first or...?)
** (446) Kha packs his back and heads out of town in the direction they need to go **
(448) Joroch: "Well, I'm going to head outside for a few moments before we take off."
(449) Git: (how far is it to the castle?)
** (448) Joroch heads outside to do some practice routines before they head out. **
(449) Git: (did we decide if we're going straight there or through the ruins?)
(447) DM: (a few days travel)
(447) DM: (I think the ruins were second)
(448) Joroch: (( we were going to see if Git's seer friend showed up in the morning. If so, we were going to take the catacombs. If she is not - head to the castle's front door. ))
(449) Git: (ok)
(450) Agatha: "I still don't think that little rod is going to get us in the front door. If we have to go to the ruins, we'll still nedd a guide to find the catacombs and get through."
(447) DM: She doesn't seem to be around.
** (449) Git shrugs at the lack of a toking guide, "Right then.. overland intrustion?" **
(448) Joroch: "Appears so. The sooner we get going, the faster we can finish our other goals." Joroch mentions as he rejoins the group outside.
** (449) Git nods, turns and begins out of town, toward Justheart. "Okay, we'll have to scout the area when get there and plan our invasion. Hopefully the barrier has made them too cocky to keep up a constant vigil." **
(447) DM: The castle is about two or three days travel to the south by horse.
(447) DM: Terrain is lightly forested and slightly hilly.
** (448) Joroch travels in the rear of the group, keeping an eye out for any trouble. **
** (446) Kha follows along quietly **
** (450) Agatha keeps pace. **
(447) DM: After a few days of travel, you reach the castle, which stands atop a small hill that overlooks a lake. A shimmering field can be seen that completely envelops the castle.
(449) Git: (does the barrior extend to th lake?)
(449) Git: (how far does it reach from the castle?)
(447) DM: (no, just the castle)
(447) DM: (it surrounds it completely, from your vantage point)
(447) DM: There may be figures atop the parapets, but you'd need to get closer....
** (448) Joroch remains where the group stops, trying to peer to the castle. **
(446) Kha: "So want me to just walk up and say hello, while you get a good look around?"
(450) Agatha: "Not a chance."
(449) Git: "The barrier might impede your walkiing up. And if we're sneaking in, letting them know someone just strolled past their impenetrable barrier, might put them on guard."
(449) Git: "We'll take a walk of the grounds, look for guards on the on watch. We'll wait for night to attack, after we know their readiness."
** (446) Kha shrugs **
(448) Joroch: "So, all of us walking down there won't catch their notice?"
(446) Kha: "Thats why I though me walking up and saying hello, even if I cant get past the barrier, might provide a distraction while the rest of you scout"
(449) Git: "Wasn't planning to get that close. And hopeful they aren't keep too stalwart a watch."
(449) Git: "No.. one guy walks up and that'll rouse them. The barrier is absolute security. After this long without challenge, they shouldn't be expecting anyone."
(448) Joroch: "But if all of us go up, we could be a group passing by on the road."
(447) DM: http://www.andurin.com/sounds/battle.wav
(448) Joroch: "Or, not necessarily go up, but if we wander by as a group. Is that what you mean?"
(449) Git: "Uh.. if it's all the same to you guys, I'd ratehr just wait until it gets dark, and make a circle of the barrier looking for torches or movement up on the walls."
(448) Joroch: "Works for me, you probably have a better head for plans anyway."
(450) Agatha: "Coming from you that's not sayin' much meathead."
(449) Git: :Shrugs: "Dunno bout that. But the way I figure, even creatures who can see in dark can only see so far. We should be able to see them better if they are standing guard. Once we feel we have a sound grasp of the situation, we can close in and use the rod to enter. "
(448) Joroch: "Haven't heard any ideas coming from your mouth."
(449) Git: :glances between Joroch and Aggy, offering :"Well.. not that I don't enjoy all this sexual tension, but i'm gonna take a look around the perimeter for decent entry points."
** (448) Joroch looks over at Git and chuckles a little. **
** (450) Agatha stares at Git. "That's not funny." **
** (449) Git turns, giving a wave over his shoulder, as he heads off to make a longe range perimeter sweep of the castle. "I'll be back." **
(449) Git: (figuring gates are closed, so he'll be looking for windows or walls not likely to be guarded, perhaps from the lakeside, and approaches with some trees for cover. You don't need to give any definitive answers. just noting he's doing it)
whispering to Lunauc, Spot
** (448) Joroch settles in a little to where they stopped. He takes out his blade, easily moving through a number of different stances with his blade. **
(447) DM: Time passes...
** (449) Git returns to "camp" eventually, moving to take a seat, under a tree and draw rifle through his satchel. "Alright.. it looks about how I figured. A skeleton crew of guards bored out of their minds, not expecting any trouble. Unfortunately, the moment that big glowy barrier comes down, that is gonna change damn quick. It's too bad we don't have an illusionist who could mimic the effect." **
(448) Joroch: "So, we need to be quick then, right?"
(450) Agatha: "It would be a hell of an effect even if we had one."
(449) Git: "Quick won't necessarily cut it. When that barrier drops, it will be panic. They obviously aren't prepared for the eventuality. The problem is controlling their reaction."
(449) Git: :looks to Kha: "Can you weave any illusions?"
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(446) Dj Gilcrease' from server... Removing dead client
(446) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 00:43
(449) Git: (heh)
(448) Joroch: (( we take that as a no? ))
(449) Git: (So he fled in fear of imminent failure.)
(449) Git: (know if rynn had illusions? Silent image would do.)
(447) DM: ((not sure))
(450) Agatha: ((Rynn had some tricks. Nothing for this scale though I believe. Maybe Invisibility?
(449) Git: (doesn't help. Besides, not expecting anyone in this group to make that huge of an illusion.)
(449) Git: "Though.. I may know someone fit for the job, I'm planning." :looks to the ring on his finger.: "What do you think the response would be from the castle is someone walked up, in view of the guards, and evaporated their barrier with a touch?"
(447) DM: (if he doesn't come back in 5 min, we might as well table it)
(448) Joroch: "Depends on how well trained they are. Based on what you said, they don't sound overly well trained, so they will probably freak out at first before they send someone in to warn their leader."
(450) Agatha: "More likely in their panic, a few will get the smart idea to just shoot you down."
(449) Git: :nods: "First thought will probably be attack the intruder, which is why I'd rather none of us be the ones in view. After that.. if they have any sense, they should send out a team to capture for questioning, of just why they are now defenseless, hoping if this person could tear the shield down, maybe they can bring it back up. Either way though, we will have a moment of panic, to take advantage of."
(449) Git: "If the distraction is focused toward one side of the castle, it should give us a moment to access, via the parapet on the opposing side."
(448) Joroch: "Hmm, sounds like it could work alright. But if none of us are to be in view, how are the guards going to see someone touching the shield and taking it down?"
(449) Git: "Once inside, if we enter successfully, without rousing attention, we can find a place to hide, and wait for the commotion to settle, guards resume posts on watch, while we move more freely inside."
(449) Git: "If we can route them from within, it will make things much simpler."
(449) Git: "Like I said.. I may have something in mind for that."
(450) Agatha: "And what makes you so sure we can really take down the barrier?"
(449) Git: "Well.. provided the rod we got from the tower isn't a dud, we should be alright."
** (449) Git gets out a grappling hook, and some stained clothes. with his dagger, he begins making strips of the cloth, as he asks, "Any objections so far?" **
(450) Agatha: "That's what I'm afraid of."
** (450) Agatha ponders for a moment. **
(450) Agatha: "Maybe you should try play drunk to be safe."
(449) Git: "Huh?"
(450) Agatha: "If the rod doesn't work, they won't think anything of you."
(449) Git: "Yeah.. and they might just shoot me for fun..."
(448) Joroch: "Which is a possibility even if everything goes according to the plan."
(449) Git: "Look.. if the rod doesn't work, we have to double back to find entrance through the catacombs anyway.. unless we decided to ditch this aggravation and push on."
(448) Joroch: "We should find a way in, we are here now."
(449) Git: "Right then."
(447) DM: (going to call it)
** (449) Git begins wrapping the strips of clothe around th metal of the grappling hook, padding it to avoid the clanking sound upon stone walls **
(449) Git: (understood)
(448) Zane: (( k - we got about as much accomplished this week as last week. :P ))
(447) DM: ((heh))
(447) DM: ((I think Super Bowl weekend has a lot to do with it))
(447) DM: see y'all tomorrow
(448) Zane: It could, we'll see how the turnout is tomorrow
(448) Zane: later Stash

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