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(311) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(307) TaliesinNYC' from room

(311) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(307) TaliesinNYC' from room...
(307) TaliesinNYC (exit): 01:00
(272) Joroch: (( that explains it. :-) ))
(272) Joroch: (( what time of day is it? ))
(311) DM: ((evening))
(311) DM: ((DJ -- you're going to have to e-mail me the log of tonight's session because I lost it when I rebooted))
(294) Kha: (( ok ))
(272) Joroch: "Very well, in the morning then. I guess one more night in that tree shouldn't kill any of us."
(294) Kha: (( back btw, my brother just got his wifes response to his divorce papers, and it was so filled with lies it was funny to read, but it freaked him out so I had to calm him down and get him thinking logicly again ))
(272) Joroch: (( sorry, but we're still going to have to vote Kha out of the next adventure. :-P Seriously, I hope you could help him. ))
(286) Agatha: "That's what I'm thinking, but damned if someone isn't going to try."
(278) Rynn: "You think someone might be after us?"
(272) Joroch: "That's what Gespard was saying."
(289) Berard: :to Agatha: "Do you think it might be safer to camp on the road?"
(278) Rynn: "I wouldn't mind pulling out bedrolls and everyone sharing a single room with watch shifts. It's just like camping but warmer."
(286) Agatha: "That puts us on the run. I'd rather cut off whatever trouble we've gathered here before it catches up to us where we don't need it."
(272) Joroch: "Hmm, might be a little cramped, but doable."
** (294) Kha twidles his thumbs "I am still wondering why we are wasting our time running around without advancing our goals of getting Agathas sone back and taking down the Nine, but I seem to be out voted. So I guess I could do something usefull like going and finding the person following us." **
(278) Rynn: "It's nothing I care to do as well, but it was a promise..."
(294) Kha: "I'll take that as approval of me going to find the person following us?"
(272) Joroch: "Aye, we promised Elexa we would help her uncle - so we shall."
(286) Agatha: "Then it's settled. If anyone like that Gaspode fellow wants to make a move, they might try it tonight. If not, so be it. We move on towards Castle Justheart and then the catacombs if we have to.
(272) Joroch: "The one we just spoke to? Why find him now?"
(272) Joroch: "Speaking to him again without his Masters things is likely to send him off in a worse rant. We might as well wait until we are finished, then find him."
(286) Agatha: "Let him go Kha. He's either mad as hell or desparate. Either way there's a good chance hel'll come back. We've got his master's gem after all."
(272) Joroch: "So, let us go rest. The sooner we rise and move out, the better."
(294) Kha: "Oh, I must have been thinking about something more important at the time. Well I guess I can stand watch all night then if you all want to sleep in the same room. Not that I dont like you all but I dont fancy sleeping in a small room with all of of us cramed in there."
(278) Rynn: "That leaves inside our outside of town for our choice of sleep."
(278) Rynn: (*or)
(272) Joroch: "The room at the inn would be more secure."
(278) Rynn: "And easier to find."
(272) Joroch: "And easier to defend our backs."
(278) Rynn: "I personally don't think anything that would pose a serious threat would be hindered by wood. However I'm just making points, I don't have a preference I just like being well informed."
(294) Kha: "I vote the Inn"
(272) Joroch: "As long as we stay ground floor."
(289) Berard: "Joroch and Agatha both believe the inn to be defensible, so I will defer to their judgement."
(278) Rynn: "Very well."
(311) DM: (ok?)
(278) Rynn: (Yeah I think)
(272) Joroch: (( back to the inn to rest, then in morning check on seer. If she's no good - we're heading to the front door, right? ))
(286) Agatha: ((yup))
(289) Berard: (( Sounds right. ))
(311) DM: ((ok))
** (278) Rynn found the F4 macro key **
(311) DM: When you return to the inn, you find the door to your room unlocked.
** (272) Joroch takes the rear position as the party travels back to the inn (thus, not the one to find the room unlocked) **
** (294) Kha enters the room "Did we leave the door unlocked?" **
(278) Rynn: "I slept upstairs with Git, I don't know."
(311) DM: Nothing seems to be touched. All is as it was.
(272) Joroch: "Not that I know of." Joroch enters and looks around the room, apparently seeing everything where it was supposed to be.
** (294) Kha shrugs and heads back out and sits down outside the door take stand guard while the others sleep **
** (286) Agatha looks around suspiciously. "Could have just been someone cleanin' up, but is a damned tree. Search the room." **
** (286) Agatha begins to do just that. **
** (272) Joroch isn't sure what he's looking for, but help Aggy search. **
** (278) Rynn makes haste to claim a corner with a bedroll, a folded heavy blanket under it to work as a mat. **
** (289) Berard stays just outside the doorway, watching the doors to the other rooms and the street. **
(272) Joroch: "I would think I would have made sure it was locked, I can't remember the last time I left a door unlocked when I left. What am I supposed to be looking for anyway?"
** (286) Agatha shrugs. "I ain't Git, but I can't see anything to fret about." **
(272) Joroch: "Everything looks right to me as well, just as it did at first glance."
(289) Berard: "Any signs of magical tampering?"
(286) Agatha: "Can't be too careful. Could've been some trap set for us. Maybe some majicks. Maybe someone hidin'.
(272) Joroch: "And how are we supposed to know if there has been magical tampering. I see no scorch marks from a spell gone astray, but that's all I can say."
(289) Berard: "Kha? Rynn?"
** (278) Rynn mumbles as she sits up from her bedroll, "Yes?" **
(289) Berard: "Any sign of maigcal tampering?"
(294) Kha: "Not my field. I would have to pray to be able to detect any magical auras"
** (278) Rynn mumbles a few arcane words and a few waved fingers casts Detect Magic, focusing on the room. **
whispering to Rob, seems normal
** (272) Joroch shudders a little involuntarily as Rynn casts. **
** (278) Rynn shakes her head, "It was a simple spell, but the only one I have of that nature. I saw nothing. If Kha is awake, we should be fine. I trust him." **
(289) Berard: "Then we might as well get settled."
(295) Trouble (exit): 01:38
(272) Joroch: "Then rest, likely a cleaner." Joroch takes a seat in the front corner of the room where he can see out the door. He loosens some straps on his armor, but leaves it mainly in, sitting in the corner.
(311) DM: Suddenly, a tall man that you've never seen before -- and completely nondescript in every way -- lunges at Joroch and attempts to stab him in the heart.
(311) DM: (surprise)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] => [1,7] = (8)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18)
(311) DM: Joroch doesn't appear to have been taken by surprise (or perhaps lightning reflexes save the day). His attacker is perfectly average, except for a gray pallor that shades his skin.
(311) DM: (init)
(289) Berard: [1d20] => [18] = (18)
(272) Joroch: Initiative: [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
(278) Rynn: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)
(311) DM: (23, Jor)
(312) Philo Phleetfoot (enter): 01:45
** (272) Joroch leaps up, drawing out his blade and positioning his shield before him all in one motion. Joroch just seems to stare at the man, but strikes out quickly with his blade. **
(272) Joroch: Longsword attack: [1d20+18] => [1,18] = (19) (crit 17-20)
(286) Agatha: init[1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
(272) Joroch: (( done ))
(294) Kha: Listen Skill Check: [1d20+15] => [9,15] = (24)
** (294) Kha hops up at the sounds of battle on the other side of the closed door **
(294) Kha: (( next round I'll roll init ))
(311) DM: (miss)
(311) DM: (20, Rynn)
(311) DM: (make that 23, Ag)
** (286) Agatha pulls Bar'eth-el out immediately, but the tight quarters keep her from attacking right away. **
(286) Agatha: ((done))
(311) DM: (20, Rynn)
** (278) Rynn stands from her laying position and shifts close to Agatha, invoking Bull's Strength upon her, "Fight strong..." **
(311) DM: (18, Ber)
** (289) Berard claps his hands together and mutters a brief prayer. (Prayer +1 to allies, -1 to foes on attacks, dmg, saves, skills) **
(289) Berard: (( 40' burst, so that covers everyone. done. ))
(311) DM: The assassin noiselessly and implacably continues his attack, this time attempting to flank Joroch in a nakedly blatant attempt to slice through him.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+17] => [9,17] = (26)
(311) DM: ...and once again misses.
(311) DM: (next round)
(311) DM: (Kha, roll init)
(294) Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] => [17,7] = (24)
(311) DM: (24, Kha)
** (294) Kha opens the door and looks around scaning over the assassin twice before spoting him **
(294) Kha: (( Done ))
(311) DM: (23, Jor)
** (272) Joroch tightens his look at the attacker, but otherwise seems to not respond to the attacks he easily avoids. He then quickly lashes out into a series of attacks himself on the stranger. **
(272) Joroch: Longsword full attack:
Attack 1: [1d20+18] => [16,18] = (34) (crit 17-20)
Attack 2: [1d20+13] => [18,13] = (31) (crit 17-20)

(272) Joroch: Longsword Crit Check: [1d20+13+4] => [3,13,4] = (20)
(312) Philo Phleetfoot (exit): 02:00
(311) DM: The assassin crumples to the ground, dead.
(311) DM: His hand opens, and as he falls to the ground, drops a dagger that quickly crumbles to dust.
(289) Berard: "...or we could not get settled for the night."
** (272) Joroch remains above the crumpled figure for a moment, still watching it. Slowly, his stance relaxes and he lowers his blade. **
(278) Rynn: :after a moment of silence: "That was an adventure."
(272) Joroch: "Hmm, apparently they do not know me as well as they thought. From the way everyone was talking, I expected someone more dangerous."
(311) DM: The man seems to have appeared from nowhere. His features are completely beneath your notice in every possible way, as if he was in plain sight all along.
** (278) Rynn picks up some of the dust and throws it out the door, wary of what would happen if it all remained in a single place. **
** (272) Joroch looks around to make sure no one else is being attacked unexpectedly. **
** (294) Kha shrugs and shuts the door and sits down again to make sure no more assassins visit in the night **
(311) DM: All seems to be as before. Perfectly normal.
** (286) Agatha does a cursory search on the body. **
** (272) Joroch looks over to Aggy, notincing the blade in her hand. "Thanks for offering to help, I'm sure it will be needed in the future." **
(286) Agatha: "Keep your guard up. Something still doesn't feel right."
** (278) Rynn casts mage armor upon herself, knowing it would last through the night and into the morning. **
** (272) Joroch tightens his armor back on securely. "Will do." **
(286) Agatha: "And it wouldn't have killed you to just knock the bugger out instead of skewering him."
** (286) Agatha ponders that expression for a moment. **
(272) Joroch: "He tried to kill me first, without a word. Didn't expect that he was going to be talkative. But next time, I'll keep that in mind."
(278) Rynn: "They look pretty unstable to me, I'd bet they'd crumble even if you didn't aim to kill."
** (289) Berard moves over to study the body **
** (294) Kha starts chittering in rat to see if there are any rats near by who want some free food and to keep him company, figuring that their senses are better then his and they would flee if someone approched **
(272) Joroch: "No way to know now. Go back to rest Rynn, and we'll all hope that was our excitement for the evening."
** (278) Rynn shifts back to her bedroll, "How many colors of these dustfolk have we met?" **
(286) Agatha: "Enough to have an idea of who's been following us. Perhaps that wasn't their creator we found in that tower."
(272) Joroch: "So, who?"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, a few
** (289) Berard straightens the body and offers a somewhat terse prayer to the Lord of Cerements. **
** (294) Kha chats idlely with the rats, feeding them every so often. **
(286) Agatha: "Damned if I can remember. I wasn't the one flippin' through the journals."
(272) Joroch: "Kha?"
(294) Kha: (( I am outside the room and the door is closed ))
** (272) Joroch nods his head to the hallway, indicating outside, "Kha was, right?" **
(272) Joroch: (( but still speaking to Aggy. Sorry - this was not very clear anywhere but in my mind. ))
(286) Agatha: "Right about what?"
(272) Joroch: "He was the one flipping through the journals you mentioned."
** (286) Agatha shakes her head. "Kha was waiting outside the tower the entire time. It was Git and his peddler chum I think. **
(272) Joroch: "Ahh, those journals. So, are you going to get some rest?"
(289) Berard: "The body is going to be rather ripe by the time morning comes."
(272) Joroch: "True. I killed it, I'll take it outside. Besides - someone has to berate the innkeeper for allowing this guy in."
(289) Berard: "Hm. I don't know that I would mention it to him."
(272) Joroch: "No? And how do you suggest getting the body past him with him saying anything?"
** (286) Agatha nods. "There's no need to to tell him. We'll be gone by morning." **
(311) DM: (we could stop here if you like, particularly since your next stop will be Castle Justheart and I don't have things ready)
(311) DM: (and Git isn't here)
(311) DM: (up to you)
(311) DM: and again, sorry for being late. I appreciate the wait
(272) Joroch: (( either way works for me. ))
(278) Rob: a'ight, it's no problem
(272) Joroch: No prob - thanks for sending the email so we knew to wait.

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