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(4066) Git: The Mighty Brooch of Pine Freshness! Ever making you smell of dewy pine
(4069) Kha: I just gave myself enough to level exactly since he didnt say exact amount
(4067) DM: Everyone is now 3rd level.
(4067) DM: so your nodes should reflect that.
(4069) Kha has sent you a tree node...
(4069) Kha: My char node and web page char sheet both reflect that
(4070) Vrondard has sent you a tree node...
(4090) Cade Tealeaf (enter): 22:20
(4067) DM: All right, do I need to do a recap or are we set?
(4066) Git: set
(4069) Kha: I am ready
(4070) Vrondard: sarrim a lorekeeper 3 now?
(4067) DM: and as for items, you can get those identified before the next trial begins.
(4071) Agatha: I'm good.
(4071) Agatha: IDs? Sweet.
(4067) DM: Consider it a gift.
(4067) DM: =)
(4097) Christoph (enter): 22:21
(4070) Vrondard: im thinking Kha is the only one who hasnt gotten anything costly in the 2k range
(4070) Vrondard: unless mistaken
(4069) Kha: I got a magic dagger
(4070) Vrondard: ok
(4070) Vrondard: and git got a different dagger
(4069) Kha: my magic +1 Longtooth dagger I think is worth about 2k
(4090) Cade Tealeaf (whispering): your town is awsome!
(4070) Vrondard: so i guess we are all represented and back to square 1 then
(4067) DM: send me a node containing the items you want identified and I'll let you know what they are (as per The Magister)
whispering to Cade Tealeaf, its actually a city, thanks
(4066) Git: free?
(4090) Cade Tealeaf (whispering): lol sry
(4069) Kha: he said it was a gift
(4066) Git: as per a stipulation of our taking his job?
(4067) DM: Free, but don't push your luck.
(4066) Git: hai hai
(4066) Git: ...
(4067) DM: Free, as the winners of the first trial.
(4066) Git: push again later
(4099) Sarrim (enter): 22:24
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (4099) Sarrim...
(4099) Sarrim: Bloody connection
(4067) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(4068) Sarrim' from room...
(4068) Sarrim (exit): 22:24
(4070) Vrondard has sent you a tree node...
(4071) Agatha: Good stuff. I say we get adamantine items taken care of. They're the only real mysteries.
(4070) Vrondard: node sent to dm
(4066) Git: oooo... and the mirage potion
(4066) Git: I'm guessing it's invisibility. anyone wanna bet?
(4070) Vrondard: i think that is idnentified
(4099) Sarrim: If I might take a look at them, I might be able to find something of interest on them
(4090) Cade Tealeaf (exit): 22:26
(4070) Vrondard: nope not invis
(4070) Vrondard: potion of blur is my bet
(4066) Git: it was id'ed?
(4070) Vrondard: displacement even better
(4099) Sarrim: Could I make a lore check on the adamantine items? Oh, and I'll send my node real quick
(4070) Vrondard: i guess not
(4089) Jozan (exit): 22:27
(4066) Git: heck, might be change self for all we know
(4067) Garath Tremaine: When worn, the adamantine ring grants its wearer a slight modicum of protection against certain undying creatures.
(4071) Agatha: My guess is shape change or some similar effect.
(4099) Sarrim has sent you a tree node...
(4099) Sarrim: Node sent
(4099) Sarrim: (Wait...We started?_
(4069) Kha: ((That would have been handy to know before the last dungon :p)
(4066) Git: (I guess)
(4099) Sarrim: (Umm...Scratch my aforementioned sayings, please, hehe)
(4101) Knave (enter): 22:28
(4067) Garath Tremaine: When worn, the adamantine brooch grants its wearer a stronger modicum of protection against certain types of undying creatures. This item cannot be worn in conjunction with the ring. It cannot be used by a necromancer.
(4071) Agatha: ("certain undead". Probably limited to zombies and maybe skeletons.)
(4101) Knave (exit): 22:29
(4066) Git: "20 crowns says the mirage flask is invisibility"
(4099) Sarrim: I could use them, but I don't have as great a need. If any of you need it, go ahead.
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Are there any more items you wish to have me identified?
(4067) DM: You note that The Magister does not even cast any sort of spell. He just glances at the item in question.
(4099) Sarrim (whispering): Also, is there any special notes about a 3rd level lorekeeper, or same as Paladin?
whispering to Sarrim, same as paladin
(4070) Vrondard: ((well the mirage potion is aden's who is not exactly here))
(4099) Sarrim (whispering): Alright
whispering to Sarrim, at 4th level is when you gain the ability to cast arcane spells. =)
(4066) Git: :picks "mirage" out of limbo and hands it to Tremaine : "Yes this please"
(4066) Git: (worth a shot)
(4097) Christoph (exit): 22:32
(4099) Sarrim (whispering): Arcane! Ooo...Do armor penalties count? And is that in place of divine spells?
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Ah ha.
** (4067) Garath Tremaine grins mysteriously **
(4099) Sarrim: "Something of interest, I take it?"
(4071) Agatha: "What is it?"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: You're not planning on using this anytime soon, are you?
whispering to Sarrim, in addition to divine spells. yes, armor penalties count.
** (4066) Git raises brow. "Not sure....is it going to be bad?" **
(4066) Git: "... for me?"
(4099) Sarrim (whispering): Hmm...
(4067) Garath Tremaine: When drunk, this elixir causes its imbiber to hallucinate for a brief period of time.
** (4067) Garath Tremaine grins deviously. **
(4066) Git: "I don't believe you...."
(4066) Git: "Drink it and prove it"
(4070) Vrondard: "hmmm that might be good if you were going to be over-run by an orc horde"
** (4067) Garath Tremaine shrugs. **
** (4066) Git gives an affable snicker **
(4070) Vrondard: "or about to smashed under some giants club"
(4099) Sarrim (whispering): Will they play a big part in the class? If so, I'm going to have to do some heavy work trying to make up for the lost AC, hehe
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Why not? (smiles mysteriously)
(4069) Kha: "So you will be seeing a few mirage's and maybe a pink duck or two, but that might not be all that stange since we have seen pink trees"
(4070) Vrondard: "or about to git married..."
** (4067) Garath Tremaine uncorks it and takes a sip. **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Ahhhhhhh! How refreshing, almost like oversweetened lemonade.
** (4070) Vrondard shivers **
(4066) Git: "Uh..." :gapes at the mage: "Huh?"
** (4067) Garath Tremaine offers Git the vial. Here! Have some! **
** (4071) Agatha takes a step back, not sure what kind of crazy hallucination the Magister will see. **
** (4066) Git stares at the vial offering back politely: "No thank you, I don't drink from others glasses unless I've known them a while longer" **
** (4067) Garath Tremaine giggles and restoppers the vial. **
** (4071) Agatha worries he'll see an undead horde where she stands. **
** (4099) Sarrim looks quite apprehensive. **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: That spell does come in handy at times.
(4066) Git: "I suppose it would, depending on who you have to share your company with"
** (4067) Garath Tremaine hands Git back the vial. **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Anything else?
(4066) Git: :takes the flask, pocketing it for now:
** (4099) Sarrim glances at his companions..."Ah, I was wondering, if you might take a look at this vest of mine? It seems of rather nice quality, and I suppose I should know if it has any interesting properties to it." **
whispering to Sarrim, where did you get the vest again?
(4099) Sarrim (whispering): Found it in the cupboard with the hidden peg
(4070) Vrondard: "hmmm that does make me think of the ring I have"
(4099) Sarrim (whispering): In the haunted mansion
** (4070) Vrondard points to the ring **
whispering to Sarrim, ok
(4070) Vrondard: "I was told it was to give me some protection but I don't really knows what that really means"
whispering to Sarrim, in Faustmann manor or the one at Fenwick?
(4099) Sarrim (whispering): Fenwick
** (4067) Garath Tremaine snickers **
(4099) Sarrim: "That can't be good..."
(4099) Sarrim: "It won't...Make me...hallucinate...Will it?"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: If I thought better, Master Veld, you were a nightshade instead of a lorekeeper. When worn, this vest allows its wearer to be a more skilled rogue.
** (4066) Git gasps at Sam. "You're a thief!?" **
(4066) Git: "I'm so disappointed
** (4069) Kha sits back not interested in the items **
(4099) Sarrim: "Git...Shut up, and just take it."
** (4066) Git hangs head, shaking it sorrowfully **
** (4071) Agatha has a good chuckle. **
** (4099) Sarrim undoes his armor and throws off the vest, handing it to Git. **
(4066) Git: "I will NOT! You probably stole it you ... you.... CURR!"
** (4066) Git snickers in amusement **
** (4099) Sarrim looks as if he'd like nothing better than to throttle Git. **
(4069) Kha (whispering): is he IDing items right before we enter the next dungon or just some time?
(4086) Tarl (enter): 22:45
(4099) Sarrim: "Bloody luck of mine"
(4071) Agatha: "Haha! That's a new one! Bet you don't even know what a curr is."
(4086) Tarl (exit): 22:45
(4069) Kha (whispering): cause I think we are saposed to meet someone in a bar before the next dungon arnt we?
whispering to Kha, before the next trial
** (4066) Git holds up his hands in submission. "Ok, ok, I'm sorry." :looking over the vest, I'll be sure to get you a gift later" **
whispering to Kha, the amount of time you spend in these trials is negligiable
whispering to Kha, don't worry about it
** (4066) Git slips on the vest checking the fit **
** (4099) Sarrim grins. "It's alright, though I do admit I liked the style." **
(4069) Kha (whispering): ahh ok, just trying to figure out timing since I missed last session
whispering to Git, the vest shrinks to fit you.
whispering to Git, +1 to search, spot, listen and jump checks.
(4066) Git: :as the vest shrinks: "Ooooo.." :then looking up to Agatha: "A cur, an foul, ill-bred fellow... "
(4066) Git: "Like Vronard" :patting the dwarf on the head:
(4066) Git (whispering): sweet
** (4099) Sarrim starts buckling his armor back on. **
(4099) Sarrim: "My lord Tremaine...There is a question I would ask of you. Your knowledge seems limitless, so perhaps you could help me, regarding a bit of old prophecy?"
** (4067) Garath Tremaine strokes his chin. Anything else? **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Seems is the key word. Even I am not omniscient. (smiles gently)
(4069) Kha: "Since your looking at everyone elses stuff you mind taking a look at my dagger
(4099) Sarrim: "Ah, go ahead, I'll have to search out the notes I took down on it."
** (4070) Vrondard forgets about his ring and scowls at Git **
** (4099) Sarrim begins digging through his pack. **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: (glances at the dagger)
(4069) Kha: "If you want help on Prophecy I might be able to help you, or the oracle in The Shrine of the Oracle
** (4071) Agatha is beginning to get hungry in her impatience and starts digging through her pack for something to munch on. **
** (4066) Git gives the dwarf a placating show of his palm and weak smile **
(4069) Kha: "I am in the middle of reserching a Prophechy myself"
(4099) Sarrim: "Perhaps. You're both here, so you'll both be a help. Of the Oracle...I'm not so sure..." *Takes out a sheet of paper* "Anyway, it's regarding Solnor and Oneiros. It spoke of the daughter of a man who is not a man, from a city where eternity meets belief."
(4067) Garath Tremaine: When wielded, this dagger inflicts a slight amount of magical damage in addtion to the damage that its wielder would inflict on a creature. Against certain types of humanoids, it inflicts a greater amount of damage. Likewise, using this dagger allows its wielder to strike truly with varying degrees of success depending on who the victim is.
(4069) Kha: "That seems like a nice dagger, I think I'll keep using it"
** (4071) Agatha smiles as she finds some rations and starts snacking as she sits back. **
** (4067) Garath Tremaine listens and ponders, eyes narrowing to slits. **
(4067) DM: His demeanor quickly changes from jovial to somber and straightens immediately.
(4069) Kha: "The city where eternity meets belife might be the island where the son of Oneiros lives, and the son of Oneiros may be the man that is not a man"
(4066) Git: :to Kha: "Then... what is he?"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Wrong.
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Where did you hear this prophecy? (to Sarrim)
** (4070) Vrondard begins to curl the strands of his beard... something he likes to semi-groom on occation of boredom **
(4099) Sarrim: "It was something I picked up, probably from reading...(Came from a lore check on Umbra)...The whole thing revolves around an innkeep in the city. I must ask your discretion however, for I had promised to try to help the man in his problems."
(4069) Kha: "Guess I am wrong, but sit was a wild guess since I have not researched any of it, but I have researched the Prophecy of 'Cerberus ek Oneiros'"
(4099) Sarrim: "He took in a young urchin. A girl apparently named Umbra. She, she's not human, that much is for sure. She looks to have the origin of a demon, though definitely without inheriting any cruelty or so."
** (4071) Agatha starts popping raisins into her mouth as the show gets more interesting. **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: That depends. This "city where eternity meets belief" is another name for the City of Sigil, a place not of this world. I repeat, where did you hear this prophecy?
(4099) Sarrim (whispering): I need a source...Wasn't given one at the time of the check...
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Describe this demonkin.
(4067) Garath Tremaine: (grows increasingly serious)
whispering to Sarrim, Fessig's inn
(4099) Sarrim: "A girl, with horns on her head an a forked tail. The innkeep describes her as having amazing agility. I picked up the knowledge of the prophecy at the inn owned by a man named Fessig."
(4069) Kha: "Ooh this sounds interesting, especialy since you said it has to do wit Oneiros, which is my god"
** (4066) Git doesn't seem any more serious, though he pays careful attention **
(4099) Sarrim: "Perhaps, Kha, perhaps."
(4067) Garath Tremaine: That is no girl, but a creature known as a tiefling. The daughter of a man who is not a man, otherwise known as a cambion -- a half man, half daemon. A tiefling child in the midst of Tolmara is a great danger, not only to the city but to herself. (mutters)
** (4071) Agatha just noticed that Kha has been unusually quiet. She can only hope that he might be feeling ill. **
(4069) Kha (whispering): can I do a religion check to see if I have read or heard anything that may pertain to this Prophecy that Sarrim is talking about?
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Tell me where you saw this or heard of this creature. I must attend to this immediately. Alicius will escort you to the trial area.
(4066) Git: :speaking quickly: "It was a story we heard"
whispering to Kha, ok
(4067) Garath Tremaine: From whom? (to Git)
(4099) Sarrim: "So she is a demon, then? From the description the man gave me, she doesn't act like it though. (Gives location of Fessig's inn). You should know, that a group of thieves are after her, perhaps other groups as well."
(4069) Kha (whispering): [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
(4099) Sarrim: (Erm)
** (4066) Git glares suddenly at sam **
(4071) Agatha: "Dangerous? A tiny 'lil thing like her? Are you serious?"
(4066) Git: (was gonna bluff but kinda hard now)
** (4099) Sarrim looks apologetic and abashed. **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Ah, so my suspicions were correct. Thank ye for the information and for confirmation.
(4069) Kha: "I hope you are not considering killing the child just because she is a Tiefling"
** (4066) Git stares to the Magister awaiting his answer to Kha's question **
(4071) Agatha: "Aye, what are ya plannin' to do with the child."
(4070) Vrondard: "bah its some halforc/half devil thing"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Ays, dangerous. A tiefling is a creature born of the unholy union betwixt a human and a daemon. Most are evil without the shadow of a doubt. Most are born with incredible powers of magicka. Such powers are uncontrollable until mastered. Pray she has not developed such powers.
(4070) Vrondard: "probably as evil as they come"
** (4066) Git gives the dwarf a quick, light smack to the back of the head, eyes never leaving Tremains. **
(4099) Sarrim: "You would have to ask the owner. Please though...I had given my word to help the innkeeper. He seems a good man, fallen on hard times. If you cannot help him, at least, try not to cause him any grief over this."
(4071) Agatha: "But she's just a wee lamb. She can't 'arm anybody as she is."
(4067) Garath Tremaine: (glances at Agatha) 'Tis a matter of great concern to the Kingdom. Naturally, I shall do what His Majesty decides.
(4069) Kha: "Who are you to judge a child due to who her parents were. if she is raid with a loving and caring family I doubt she would growup to be evil, though she will still have the powers she gained from he demon parentage but not necicarily the vial nature"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: I believe Maraeil already knows what she must do. (nods at the shadows)
(4067) Maraeil: At once, m'lord.
(4066) Git: "What?!" :glances to Maraeil's form:
** (4099) Sarrim has a deadpan look. "You?" **
(4071) Agatha: "Hmph. Never a dull moment.."
(4066) Git: "And what exactly is that which she'll do?"
** (4067) Maraeil steps forward out of the shadows, with a slight amused look at Sarrim **
(4067) Maraeil: I told ye we would meet again, did I not?
** (4067) Maraeil bows to the Magister. **
(4070) Vrondard: "hmmm magey tricks... turned herself into the wall"
(4067) Maraeil: At once, m'lord.
** (4069) Kha glances at Sarrim "I would watch who you tell of Demon children in the future. No all people are willing to judge a person on their own merits but those of their race. Kinda like You all with Jenna" **
** (4099) Sarrim looks anything but amused. Opens his mouth and closes it, unable to think of anything to say. **
** (4067) Maraeil whispers a word, and vanishes. **
(4066) Git: "At once... what?!" :uncharacteristic hostility in his voice:
(4067) Garath Tremaine: (ahem)
(4066) Git: :glaring at Tremaine: "What the hell are you planning? Turning her over to the Sisterhood?"
(4070) Vrondard: "not to interrupt all this yappin..."
(4070) Vrondard: "well actually to do just that"
(4070) Vrondard: "but aint we supposed to be doin something?"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: The Sisters of the Shadowed Eye? Ye have been far away from the City for too long, Master Serrias. The Sisters is our foothold in your much vaunted Network.
(4066) Git: "I'm no longer a member of the network and I also have no concern for your political standing. What kind of life do you think that girl will have though raised by a thiefs' guild?"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Now, I do believe ye have a trial to attend? If not, our audience is at an end.
** (4070) Vrondard nods **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: That creature will either be banished or slain.
(4071) Agatha: "What?!"
(4066) Git: "What!?" :hisses out vehemently:
(4066) Git: "You have no right"
(4070) Vrondard: "ive killed lots of stuff... might makes right me boy"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: (chuckles)
** (4066) Git slaps vronard again... harder. **
(4070) Vrondard: "as long as you are doing it fer a good reason... what does it matter?"
(4071) Agatha: "You can't do that! She doesn't even know what see is!"
(4070) Vrondard: "whadda ya want to get a dent in yer head boy!"
(4071) Agatha: "Daemon or not, she's still an innocent child!"
(4070) Vrondard: "Ill give ya one and it might be permanent"
(4099) Sarrim: "He has the right, however. She is a danger to Tolmara. To slay the child to protect the lives of only the Gods know how many others. I cannot hope for the child, but at least, please leave the innkeeper and his family from this...They didn't know, couldn't have known...I..I am going to await the next trial..."
** (4066) Git passes the dwarf down at the dwarf before returning it up to Tremaine **
(4071) Agatha: "Shut it dwarf!"
(4071) Agatha: "Sarrim?!"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: There will be NO blood shed in the Citadel. You (to Git) shall cease your prattling this instant. (points a finger at Git)
(4069) Kha: "Garath pray that child does not die. I am starting to get sick of people who judge others on their race or skills not the merits of the person"
(4066) Git: "Or what? You'll smite me to appease your supreme ego?"
whispering to Git, reflex save, -5 to your roll
(4071) Agatha: "No blood shed? What about that little girl's blood, eh?"
(4066) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+6] -> [6,6] = (12)
(4066) Git (whispering): doh, 7
(4067) Garath Tremaine: And you (points to Kha) will cease or be silent.
whispering to Kha, Reflex save, -5 to your roll
(4069) Kha: Reflex save: [1d20+8] -> [15,8] = (23)
(4067) DM: A thin blue ray strikes Git in the face, and transforms him into a rabbit.
** (4099) Sarrim looks downcast at the ground, brooding in his own thoughts. **
(4069) Kha: "Git we can not kill him now, if the child dies he and this city will pay. that I promise you Garath"
(4066) Git: (what a dick)
** (4070) Vrondard bristles at Git... thinking him a rabbit **
(4067) DM: A thin blue ray stikes Kha in the face and transforms him into a rabbit.
(4070) Vrondard: "woah!"
** (4071) Agatha tries to grab Garath and pin him to the wall. **
** Sorry, don't understand what a /sighs. is...
(4070) Vrondard: "damn its happenin and I'm not even tryin"
** (4066) Git twitched his nose nervously **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Am I surrounded by fools?
(4069) Kha (whispering): that was including my -5 would have been 28 with out the -5
(4067) DM: (hhehe, initiative if you REALLY want to)
whispering to Kha, right, and that's what happened
(4071) Agatha: [1d20+7] -> [8,7] = (15)
** (4066) Git rushes toward Agatha, hopping in front of her to try to stop her progress **
** (4070) Vrondard frowns as he wasnt thinkin the same for Kha **
(4066) Git: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(4070) Vrondard: "hey Kha wasn't supposed to get squashed"
(4099) Sarrim: (You're like as not to get trampled, Git, =) )
(4071) Agatha: (ooh. sorry. did grapple check by accident)
(4071) Agatha: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(4070) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
** (4069) Kha hopps tword the exit **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: I am unused to having my actions questioned by fools and imbeciles. Ye would be reminded that ye are a guest in my home.
(4067) Garath Tremaine: The effect will cease as soon as your companions leave this place.
(4070) Vrondard: "I aint doin nothin wrong"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: No, ye are not, Sir Dwarf. Your companions however must learn proper manners when speaking to their elders.
(4071) Agatha: "I don't care if you're the bloody king! What you're talking is murder."
(4067) Garath Tremaine: (glances at Agatha) And ye have no conception of what this child will do.
(4066) Git (whispering): just a rating on Git's knowledge... I'm guessing the Sisterhood is more likely to recruit Umbra than kill her. that thinking feasible?
(4070) Vrondard: "yep no respect fer their elders... well they aint dwarves so they dont know that one"
(4071) Agatha: "Oh, so you're a prophet, now?"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Now then, ye have a choice, Mistress Magveyd, ye may continue to the next trial or become a rabbit.
** (4069) Kha continues to hop tword the exit **
whispering to Git, actually, you don't know
(4070) Vrondard: "course I might be older than you unless yer counting yerself with dwarfyears instead o' human ones"
(4069) Kha: ((AFK for a Smoke))
(4066) Git (whispering): just curious what my character's opinion would be. Considering the info you gave me, I jump to the conclusion they's recruit her behind the citadel's back
** (4071) Agatha pauses. **
(4070) Vrondard: "but like yea said this is yer house as well... not like yea doin anything to set me off to begin with"
** (4070) Vrondard works his way thru his circular dwarflogic **
whispering to Git, it could go either way heheh. won't know until you find out later, eh?
** (4066) Git sits back on his haunches glaring up at the Magister, twitching his cute lil' nose **
(4070) Vrondard: "well they will get sick o being like that.. dont ever do that to me mind ya"
(4070) Vrondard: "just take away all the carrits and taters and they will hop outa here eventually"
(4071) Agatha: (in a low voice) "Very well..."
(4070) Vrondard: "good day fer yerself"
** (4070) Vrondard nods and makes his way outside **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Good. Ye may leave now.
** (4070) Vrondard mutters a few things but even those with the hearing of rabbits cant make it out **
(4067) DM: True to his word, the effect ceases as soon as you leave the Citadel.
** (4066) Git mutters a few things on the way out only a rabbit could understand **
(4070) Vrondard: "dern......... rabbits........... aint got....... gotta"
(4066) Git: :finishes off as he returns to his real form: ".... cretin."
** (4071) Agatha lets out a frustrated scream. **
(4070) Vrondard: ((better get out before Kha or Git ends up pregnant with a clutch of coneys))
(4067) DM: On exiting the Citadel, you find that it's early evening. You must have spent more time than you thought whilst within its walls.
** (4066) Git glances to Sam in annoyance, "You have to learn to keep your mouth shut from time to time. And there's no way in hell we're taking his job tonight" **
(4067) DM: Maraeil is leaning against a lamppost on the far side of the promenade.
(4071) Agatha: "That thoughtless, self-righteous, spineless cowardly dog!"
(4099) Sarrim: "I knew...I thought I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to him...What if he's right though? If I hadn't said anything, this whole city could be in danger..."
(4099) Sarrim: *Quietly* "And still...I condemned a child..."
** (4066) Git stops still to stare at the witch, "What job done already?" **
** (4067) Maraeil grins on seeing your exit, takes out a pipe and lights it, puffing contentedly. **
** (4066) Git cocks his head, peering at the now smoking woman **
(4071) Agatha: "I swear if I find even one horn on that child harmed, wizard or no wizard, I'll hunt him down."
** (4067) Maraeil grins mysteriously, beckoning to you to follow her, as she straightens and turns down a shadowy alley. **
** (4071) Agatha finally notices the woman and scowls. **
(4071) Agatha: "What now?"
** (4066) Git takes a deep breath. "Time for a trap. shall we be that dumb?" **
(4066) Git (whispering): do I know if there are alternative routes into that alley?
(4071) Agatha: "Right now, I don't care either way."
whispering to Git, yup
(4069) Kha: "I will be back, I am going to find some infromation on this child"
** (4069) Kha head off to The Shrine of the Oracle **
(4070) Vrondard: "well doing the mouse thing shouldnt matter ... you all still on fer that?"
** (4069) Kha pauses **
(4067) DM: (sure you want to do that? its quite a walk to the temple district from where you are)
(4069) Kha: "Will he still let us participate after that?"
** (4099) Sarrim gives a half-choked laugh. "I'll see what she wants. Perhaps I should, anyway." *Follows after Maraeil* **
(4066) Git (whispering): is it far to that other route?
whispering to Git, no9pe
(4071) Agatha: "I'll go with you, lad. Can't let you go walking into trouble by yourself."
** (4071) Agatha follows. **
** (4069) Kha follows Sarrim **
** (4066) Git groans and heads off from the others **
** (4070) Vrondard follows as it makes sense **
(4069) Kha: "I dont think he will let us participat in the event after we toll him he is a fool, most people dont like to hear the truth"
(4066) Git (whispering): heading for the other alley, I'll double around behind her, sneak and listen, waiting for a hint of ambush
(4066) Git (whispering): spot check as necessary to look for hidden assailants
(4069) Kha: "You didnt stike me as the carring type Agatha, but that may be because we go off on the wrong foot"
(4071) Agatha: "Fool? No, just an arrogant, heartless bastard."
whispering to Git, you enter from the other side, and see Maraeil, Rivalathalen and Isilar waiting expectantly at the intersection. They're conversing and laughing.
(4099) Sarrim: "You need not risk yourselves. I agreed to serve Tolmara, and its...Its various offices. If it is a trap, it would be fitting that I should pay for the innocent I jeopardized."
(4066) Git (whispering): whisper check to hear what their saying
(4069) Kha: "I dont know this person, she may agree with us"
(4071) Agatha: "Aye, if I wasn't so mad right now, I'd be scared that we actually agree on something.
(4066) Git (whispering): er.. listen rather
whispering to Git, Maraeil: You're quite right, love. Very predictable for humans. But still, good hearted, so we've chosen true.
(4071) Agatha: (to Sarrim) "Nonsense, lad. Last thing I need to have two lives on me conscience.
** (4066) Git heads off aon his own away from the group and down a different alley from Maraeil **
whispering to Git, Isilar: If only the dwarf didn't prattle so much about his fighting prowess (smiles wryly)
(4069) Kha: "Dont be scared we agreed that killing a child just because someone thinks she might be a danger in the future is moraly wrong"
** (4099) Sarrim gives a half-hearted shrug and continues into the gloom on the alley. **
whispering to Git, Maraeil: Your lorekeeper is a bit nobleminded for a paladin of Lady Tammara.
(4066) Git (whispering): how far am I from them? is there a window above them? high high is the roof?
whispering to Git, Isilar: Ays, methinks he belongs to the wrong faith at times.
whispering to Git, 30'
whispering to Git, no
whispering to Git, 20'
whispering to Git, Mareil: Ah, they come. Let's come out to greet them.
** (4071) Agatha wonders if Git will be alright. **
(4069) Kha: "Judgeing people based on their race or abilities not on the merits of their action always pissed me off since thats why I was almost killed as a child"
(4067) DM: You see Rivathalen, Maraeil and Isilar come out to greet you.
(4066) Git (whispering): I pull my short bow and wait. 30' means there just in range for a ranged sneak, right?
(4067) Isilar: Well well, look what the farmer dragged out of the field (chuckling).
** (4069) Kha nods to Isilar **
whispering to Git, yes
(4071) Agatha: "Isilar?"
(4071) Agatha: "What are you doing here?"
(4067) Isilar: Ays, love. The three of us have come to tell you three things. First, once ye have finished speaking to us, the trial of the Wooden Mouse will have begun.
(4138) Preach (enter): 23:50
(4067) Maraeil: Second, your actions in audience with the Magister were very commendable, and it seems we have chosen truly. We and he apologize for the deception, but ye were tested and found true.
(4066) Git (whispering): quirks a brow hearing about the mouse trial, but holds his position, ready action to attack
** (4069) Kha looks confused **
(4067) Rivalathen: Last, ye as before have one question amongst yourselves to ask, before the trial begins, so be wise with your questions. Ask and be answered.
(4138) Preach (exit): 23:52
(4067) DM: (Rivathalen means each of you have one question to ask)
(4070) Vrondard: "hmmmm"
** (4069) Kha looks to Agatha and Sarrim, "We could not enter this competition unless we agreed that killing a child is wrong, and getting turned into a rabbit?" **
(4067) Isilar: That is one of your questions?
(4067) Isilar: (chuckling)
(4069) Kha: "No"
(4069) Kha: "I was talking to my friends, though I think it stange"
(4071) Agatha: "Keep your mouth shut for a moment and think for once, lad."
(4067) Maraeil: No, it was necessary for The Magister to test ye, to see if your character was true, for the task he has requested of ye.
(4070) Vrondard: "ah this be like the last trial"
(4071) Agatha: "Well, I have a few things ta tell you folks too."
(4070) Vrondard: "ok I get it"
(4067) Maraeil: Your questions will be answered, in due course. But for now, be assured that no harm will come to the tiefling child known as Umbra. On that ye have my word and that of the Magister, though ye may mistrust us.
(4070) Vrondard: "ill ask the same thing... which be the most dangerous thing in the trial before us?"
(4071) Agatha: "First, I oughta slug each one of you, for pulling such a trick."
(4069) Kha: "Oh I see, but still turnning me into a rabbit was not very nice especialy since right before he did so I said to drop the issue since would could do nothing about it"
(4069) Kha: "Now about the trial..." **Looks around to see if Git is nearby**
(4069) Kha: (to the group): "Should I go get Git so he can join us in this Trial?
(4071) Agatha: "I'm no fiddle. As such I don't appreciate being played like one."
(4067) Rivalathen: A very good question indeed, Sir Dwarf. Many things, even the most innocent of items. But in terms of immediate physical danger, I would suppose the ogre guards would do the trick.
(4070) Vrondard: "yeah you be shaped like a chello..."
** (4099) Sarrim has some of the light back into his character. "A good idea...I hadn't noticed him missing." **
(4070) Vrondard: "your fiddlin days been long gone"
** (4069) Kha jogs off to find Git **
(4071) Agatha: "Second, this bloody job had better be worth all the hoops we're jumping through. I don't like being kept in the dark. I expect a good explanation and proper compensation."
(4066) Git (whispering): /me slaps his head as Kha runs off
(4067) Isilar: (chuckles) Very often the best magick is one of belief. None of what occurred there was real.
(4071) Agatha: "Thirdly, I demand to know what will become of the child. That will be my question."
(4070) Vrondard: "course I aint partial to waify elfy instruments anyway"
(4067) Isilar: In fact, ye are still in the audience chamber.
(4071) Agatha: "We're wha?"
(4067) DM: Indeed, at Isilar's words, the scene shifts to reveal that yes, you are still within the audience chamber, except that the five of you are before the diamond throne, the three elves stand before you, Git crouches in a corner with a bow aimed directly at Maraeil's back, and Garath sits in the throne, observing silently.
** (4069) Kha stops joging and looks around confused **
(4099) Sarrim: "Git?"
(4070) Vrondard: "hmmmm speak o' the devil"
** (4066) Git lowers his bow and gives a little chortle, "I'm really starting to hate you people. and that's an impressive feat. I don't usually hate much anyone" **
(4069) Kha: "What, bah damn magic" **Walks back to the thone**
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Again, we apologize for the deception but it was necessary for us to do so. No harm shall come to ye and yours, and no harm shall come to this child. So do I swear, by the First Circle.
(4066) Git: :offers a plastic smile: "Even a kid who beat me up once when I was a boy and stole my pants. Him I didn't even hate. Heck, Braxus didn't even seem that bad"
(4070) Vrondard: "aint lived long enough"
** (4069) Kha walks over and punches Garath in the sholder(not too hard) "Thats for turning me into a rabbit" **
(4070) Vrondard: "takes a while to really get some good hate brewin"
** (4099) Sarrim stands quietly, lost again in thought. **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Surely ye don't think ye could just walk through the gates of the Citadel? Ye need the assistance of a mage to exit or enter this place. (shrugs)
(4069) Kha: "Now about our questions, since I dont know the goal of this Trial I cant think of any, Git you know the Goal of this Trial?"
(4066) Git: (:shrug: all you said was that we exited)
(4067) DM: (heh, actually you find that when you punch him in the shoulder, you miss)
whispering to Git, that's what I said, but that's not what actually happened. =)
(4069) Kha: (/shrug)
(4066) Git (whispering): disbelieve the figure of Garath
(4066) Git: Will save: [1d20+2] -> [8,2] = (10)
whispering to Git, there
** (4066) Git gives a sigh, "We sneak in and snatch the magic mouse. Other than that, I don't know a thing" **
(4070) Vrondard: "hmm its a magic mouse?"
(4069) Kha: "Ahh ok, steal magic mouse got it. and Vrond found out that there are Ogre Guards in there"
** (4071) Agatha rubs her forehead. "More magic..." **
(4066) Git: "Yeah. I believe that's what the synopsis of it entailed. Perhaps our host could offer a better description
(4099) Sarrim: "Where and how is the mouse hidden?"
(4067) Maraeil: The goal of this trial is to penetrate a safehouse of the Network, and steal or procure an item known as a figurine of stealth. This item takes the form of a wooden mouse. To enable you in your search, the item resides in the topmost room of the safehold in a room with no windows.
** (4066) Git puts away his bow and arrow **
(4067) Maraeil: In fact, this trial contains almost no magic. So ye shall not have to worry, except when least ye expect it.
** (4069) Kha rolls his eyes **
(4070) Vrondard: "ha well I'm all fer that"
(4067) Maraeil: Ye have four questions left. Ask and be answered.
(4067) DM: (make that three)
** (4070) Vrondard is getting giddy.... **
(4067) Isilar: Of the child, this will be answered last.
** (4066) Git peers to Maraeil curiously thinking over the multitude of questions he has over a break in **
whispering to Kha, swearing by the First Circle is pretty serious business
(4071) Agatha: "That's more like it."
(4069) Kha (whispering): was wondering that, what exactly is the first Circle?
whispering to Kha, it means that if the oathtaker breaks the oath, he has to answer immediately to ALL of the gods
(4070) Vrondard: "we get to bash the ogres... we git ter slash em good"
(4069) Kha (whispering): ahh ok
whispering to Sarrim, swearing by the First Circle is pretty serious business. it means that if the oathbreaker breaks the oath, he has to answer immediately to ALL of the gods.
(4069) Kha: to the group " should I ask 'What is the fastest way and the dangers each way to the object we seek, including posible secret ways?'"
(4067) Rivalathen: Ye have no questions? None at all for your last two? (chuckles)
** (4066) Git huddles up near his allies, conceding to ignore his aggrevation for now and focus, "I would ask for a layout, though I doubt we'll get something that indepth. Guard rotations though this seems pretty straight forward as far as the ogres are concerned. Perhaps asking for any magical items in the trial which might help us, since we missed any in the last." **
(4099) Sarrim: (My question was above, =) )
(4069) Kha: to Git "Asking the location of magical items might be usefull, especialy since we can keep them when we leave"
(4069) Kha: "What is the fastest way and the dangers each way to the object we seek, including posible secret ways? is my question"
(4066) Git: "also, if there's a trap to the mouse itself"
(4067) Rivalathen: Ah, yes, the mouse. In plain sight. (smiles)
(4066) Git: (who still has to ask?)
(4069) Kha: ((Mine still has to be answered then we are done I think))
(4066) Git: (just me, right?)
(4067) Maraeil: The fastest way of course, is simply to climb up the building to the roof. But that is also the most foolhardy way, for ye shall be exposed to archers who lie hidden in gardens and on the grounds. The most difficult way is to penetrate the manse and fight or stealth your way to the tower. It should be faiirly straightforward for venturers of your caliber.
(4067) DM: (yes, you and Aggie)
(4070) Vrondard: "hmmm well I'm all fer both... where are the ogres... lets go find em"
(4066) Git: :to Aggy: "You wanna ask about the magic items? I'll ask about the mouse?"
(4071) Agatha: "I already asked my question."
(4066) Git: "Then it's just me." :takes a second to think over wha to ask: "Hmmm.... greed or safety?" :shrugs: "Ah, hell. Greed. What are the locations of the magical items in this trial, if any?"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Ask again, Master Serrious. (smiles)
(4066) Git: "Why? didn't hear me?"
(4066) Git: :politely:
(4066) Git: "Alright." :pronunciating carefully: "What are the locations of the magical items in this trial?"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: And I say, ask again. Such a question will not be answered. (smiling)
(4066) Git: "stingy."
(4067) Garath Tremaine: What, and take the fun out of it? Ye are a rogue, ye specialize in this sort of thing. Unless I have misjudged your skill, eh?
(4066) Git: "Fine then. Is there a trap in or around the mouse itself we should be wary of?"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: This trial is as much a timed trial as a scavenger hunt of sorts. The secondary goal is to discover exactly how good ye are at acquiring items whilst under time pressure and whilst in danger of being found out. So nay, I shall not divulge the locations of any items -- ye shall have to find them in order to win.
(4067) Garath Tremaine: As to a trap, ays, there are. In addition to the obstacles that exist, ye shall have to defeat the guardian of the mouse. One amongst ye shall be the guardian. (smiles)
(4067) Garath Tremaine: The guardian shall be chosen at random.
(4149) Steven Westpoint (enter): 00:37
** (4066) Git cocks his head "A charm spell then. Just can't stop playing with minds can ya?" :asks semi-humoringly: **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Nay. not a charm spell. More than this I shall not reveal.
** (4071) Agatha looks around at her friends and then at herself. "Random, eh? I'm sure." **
(4149) Steven Westpoint (exit): 00:39
(4067) Garath Tremaine: It shall not be a spell that shall affect any of ye. (smiles mysteriously)
(4069) Kha: "Well then, just Agathas question left"
(4067) Isilar: What of the child do ye wish to know?
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Or perhaps, 'twould be best if I began at the beginning.
(4071) Agatha: "Please do, m'lord."
(4067) Garath Tremaine: We first became aware of this "tiefling" about a year ago. Reports of a creature that appeared as a halfling but with a daemonic appearance.
(4067) Garath Tremaine: I became alarmed, because I have had dealings with such creatures in my long and varied past. Fortunately, no reports of magick run awry accompanied these sightings, so I set to watch this creature and in turn set spies upon the city in the hopes of locating her.
(4067) Garath Tremaine: About six months ago, we found her and have been keeping track of her ever since.
(4067) Garath Tremaine: As for the Sisters, let us say that we have a hand in their creation. Maraeil is a Citadel mage who was a particularly starred pupil of mine. She is in the employ of the Crown first, the Citadel second, and a member of the Network. Of course, ye did not hear this from me.
** (4099) Sarrim puts his hands to his chin, deep in thought. **
(4067) Garath Tremaine: A tiefling child, ye must be aware, is the product of the union between a cambion or a succubus and a human.
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Many are evil and most are born with great magical power which they cannot control. The consequences of such untrained power can be disastrous.
(4153) Germ (enter): 00:46
(4153) Germ (exit): 00:46
(4067) Garath Tremaine: We have been watching her for the sake of the city first, and her second. If she were to prove a danger, we will act in the city's name, keeping in mind the nature of the child of course. We are not so heartless as to condemn a child, even one such as a tiefling, to death.
(4066) Git: "Good to hear.... for a change"
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Yet at the same time, there are many who would want such a child, and thieves are the least of her worries.
(4066) Git: "Then I suppose she deserves up front protection rather than having a bunch of hooligans stalking about her and frightening the ones caring for her" :glannces meaningfully to Maraeil:
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Now. I know ye have many questions, first and foremost about the nature of the task I have laid before ye. All ye must do is trust that they will be answered in due time. I however, am not at liberty to discuss them. For that, ye must hear them from His Majesty himself.
** (4069) Kha clances at Isilar and mutters something about drow and idiots **
(4067) Maraeil: She does. But there are many who are watching, and so 'tis best that her guardians be hidden, in plain sight.
(4066) Git: "Then at least back off them."
** (4067) Maraeil shrugs. **
(4067) Maraeil: There are two sides to every coin, sirrah.
(4069) Kha: "Well that answered, let us finish this trial I have research I must do"
(4067) Maraeil: The one known as Fessig is actually in on the take of the Blades.
(4156) Draithe v 1.4 (enter): 00:52
(4066) Git: "You're giving poor Fessig the shakes. He's not use to such attention from an attractive women" :offers a fake, though incredibly sincere smile:
(4156) Draithe v 1.4 (exit): 00:53
(4066) Git: (didn't he say the blades were the ones hastling him when we were there?)
** (4067) Maraeil shrugs. I care not whether ye care for me, but I shall not shirk my duty. **
(4067) DM: (he said the Sisters were hustling him)
(4066) Git (whispering): actually in that session you said the blades, and also said Maraeil was with them. I'll take it as a typo thought
(4099) Sarrim: (damnit...I'm going to have to go guys, sorry.)
whispering to Git, I may have said the Blades and that Maraeil was with them, but you have to consider the source.
(4066) Git (whispering): hai, just said, I take it as a typo. moving along
whispering to Git, but you know that she's with the Sisters
(4099) Sarrim: (I'll see ya'll later, and good luck)
(4099) Sarrim: Disconnecting from server...
(4099) Sarrim (exit): 00:56
(4069) Kha: ((See ya))
** (4066) Git gives slight chortle as he awaits the trial's commencement **
(4066) Git (whispering): oh, not a typo. ok then
** (4071) Agatha breathes a sigh of relief. "It's good to receive some straight answers at last. I thank ye, Lord Tremaine, Lady Maraeil." **
(4155) Hydon (enter): 00:58
** (4071) Agatha hikes up her belt. **
(4155) Hydon (exit): 00:58
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Think nothing of it. But when ye hear words from His Majesty later on, ye shall understand the need for such secrecy, one hopes.
(4067) Garath Tremaine: Now, let this trial commence!
(4069) Kha: "Oh do we get to rach into the goody bag before we go in this time as well?"
(4069) Kha: (err reach)
(4067) DM: (ok, you'll kill me. I have to stop here because I'm unprepared. I have a lot of text boxes to type and things will go much more smoothly if they're typed. haven't had time to do that yet)
(4067) DM: (no goody bag)
(4066) Git: (d'oh!)
(4067) DM: (so we'll resume next week from this point)
(4067) DM: (been busy this week at work. maps not even done)
(4071) Agatha: Wait a sec...did we actually get further than expected for once?
(4067) DM: Yes actually we're on track.
(4071) Agatha: Shiggy.
(4067) DM: Now I won't quit here if you want, because we can fast forward to the meeting with the King.
(4071) Agatha: Or is it snoogins?
(4066) Git: in three more sessions we should be starting the woden mouse trila as scheduled =-))
(4067) DM: Or you can wait until after the trial. Up to you.
(4067) DM: hah, Lunauc, whatever. =)
(4066) Git: right, meet the king...
(4066) Git: what were we meeting him for?
(4069) Kha: Meeting with the king sounds good
(4069) Kha: We are meeting him the the privet room of the bar, thats what I gathered from the logs of last weeks session
(4066) Git: I thought we were meeting some lowly messenger. not the king
(4066) Git: guess he's a hands on kind of guy
(4163) Shaun Leadfoot (enter): 01:04
(4067) DM: All right, this scene occurs that evening.
(4163) Shaun Leadfoot (exit): 01:06
(4067) DM: You arrive at the bar and are shown to the conference room promptly upon your arrival. The innkeeper says that you can order whatever you wish, within reason.
** (4069) Kha orders a sweet red wine and what ever the special is for the night **
** (4066) Git orders an apple wine and a some bread and cheese **
** (4069) Kha pulls out a book and ink and quill and starts writing while waiting for food and the person we are waiting for **
** (4071) Agatha orders something strong and tells the innkeeper to keep 'em coming. **
** (4070) Vrondard orders two drinks **
(4070) Vrondard: "i gots two hands..."
(4066) Git: "...and one big mouth"
(4070) Vrondard: "might as well use both of em"
** (4066) Git takes a perusing glance around the conference room. **
(4066) Git (whispering): spot for anything resembling a peep hole or one way mirror
(4067) DM: Suddenly the door opens noiselessly, and three hooded and heavily cloaked figures enter the room. One closes the door quickly and quietly. They doff their hoods to reveal Isilar, the Magister and a tall human male with regal bearing and a thick mane of blond hair and a close cropped blond/brown beard. He places his finger to his lips and gestures to Garath, who begins muttering an incantation whilst weaving his hands in a complex pattern. Presently, a faint glowing sphere encloses the room, and then melds into the walls.
** (4069) Kha finishes writing a sentance and puts the writing tools away and leaves the book open to let the ink dry **
(4066) Git: :as the casting ends: "Is it safe to talk now?"
(4067) Isilar: May I present, friends, the King of Wylund, His Majesty, King Falconedge.
** (4067) Ayyers holds up his hand **
(4067) Ayyers: Be seated, friends. Do not rise on account of me.
(4069) Kha (whispering): I will enact Shield of Silance at lvl 2 power(Gives a 25ft raidius max so should fill the room)
(4070) Vrondard: "alrighty..."
** (4066) Git remains in his seat. "Well if you insist... but please lower yourself to our level." :Kicks out a chair on the other side of the table in offering **
(4067) The Magister: Ye will forgive the manner of this greeting, but perversely, this place is at the moment, the safest in all of Wylund save for the Citadel. Even in the Castle, there are eyes withn walls.
** (4069) Kha blows on the ink to help it dry faster **
** (4066) Git grins as politely as he speaks **
(4070) Vrondard: "yer want a drink"
** (4067) Ayyers takes the seat that Git offers. **
(4067) Ayyers: Certes. (to Vron)
(4066) Git: "And how exacly did the city get this bad?"
** (4067) Isilar stands vigil at the door. **
** (4067) The Magister speaks a word and vanishes from sight. **
(4066) Git: "If I'm not offending in adking.."
(4067) The Magister: I am still here, but invisible to your eyes.
(4069) Kha: "I have raised my own shield to protect against eavsdroping since I saw you doing the same"
(4067) Isilar: 'Tis a long story, and one which we do not have time for. Suffice to say that the witches of the Tower have a hand in the telling.
** (4070) Vrondard gives his the fullest of his two mugs he's been drinking out of **
(4070) Vrondard: "there ya go"
(4070) Vrondard: (him)
(4067) Ayyers: It has come to my attention that your company is not known, nor are you entered into the Book of Names...yet.
(4066) Git: "Of course, why bother us with petty details?"
(4066) Git: "Many people are not in it. May we get to the point, considering your rush.."
** (4069) Kha turns to Ayyers "So you must be the King, I have always wanted to me royalty" **
(4070) Vrondard: "aye is that true... I'm not fer certain"
(4067) Isilar: Why indeed. But we do not have time to tell it, Git. The enchantment we left in place at the Castle will not wait for that.
(4070) Vrondard: "but I'm not one fer fancy scribling anyhoo"
(4071) Agatha: "Then let us get down to business."
(4067) Ayyers: Very well then. In simple terms, I am asking ye to become agents of the Crown in a series of tasks.
(4066) Git: "What kind of tasks?"
(4067) Ayyers: There are a number of things of concern to this Kingdom, which might or might not be of interest to ye.
(4070) Vrondard: "hmm many masters and even more tasks.."
** (4069) Kha stays silent waiting for the King to finish his explination before asking questions **
(4070) Vrondard: "guess thats why we are getting so much finery these days"
(4067) Ayyers: Ultimately, it will involve acting for the good of the Kingdom, and the good of all who live, everywhere. But I am far afield of myself.
(4067) Ayyers: We have reason to believe that there are a group of individuals who would desire nothing more than the destruction of this Kingdom. This group is spread far and wide, but at the core are a few people who are from Kern.
(4067) Ayyers: Such individuals engage in amongst other things, murder, blackmail, extortion and other crimes. The highest, blackest crime of all is slavery.
** (4066) Git sits back, seemingly uninterested though paying careful attention **
(4067) Ayyers: There is however, no proof that these are anything more than rumors. However, there is a clear pattern that seems to suggest as if a greater force were behind this group's actions, that make it seem as if the force of an entire kingdom were behind it.
(4067) Ayyers: And so what I am asking ye to do, not commanding ye, but asking ye, is to become employed in our name, to act in our stead, to do what must be done, for the sake of us and the Kingdom. And ye will find, for the sake of those ye hold dear -- (gazing at all of you) -- for if they will enslave humans, what is to stop them from stopping with just humans?
(4069) Kha: "Do you have a name for this group?"
(4067) Ayyers: That is just it, we have naught but rumors.
** (4066) Git does not react yet, staring across the table to the king with thoutful eyes **
(4066) Git (whispering): sense motive for the hell of it
(4067) Isilar: Well, not all rumors, Your Majesty. There is the matter of Cerrad.
(4071) Agatha: "Who?"
(4070) Vrondard: "hmmm there were me dwarven friends who had trouble... but don't think thats related to this"
(4069) Kha: "Rumored names may help, because if I am going to be fighting against something I will want to do my own research on the matter...Cerrad who is he and is he still alive?"
(4067) Ayyers: Ah yes, Cerrad. Cerrad, otherwise known as Nederman, a thief who hails from Highkeep but is known to be a Kernin spy and not a very good one at that.
whispering to Git, ok, roll
(4066) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [17,5] = (22)
whispering to Git, telling the truth
(4069) Kha: "Likly a ploy then to keep you from seeing the true spy"
(4066) Git (whispering): sorry, thought it was one you rolled
whispering to Git, not in this case
(4182) John (enter): 01:33
(4066) Git: "Is he the only lead you have?"
(4071) Agatha: (ditto on sense motive)
(4067) Isilar: Well, ye let him loose if I remember correctly.
(4069) Kha: "I am guessing you use him to feed false information to these unknow emimies then?"
(4071) Agatha: [1d20+6] -> [13,6] = (19)
whispering to Agatha, roll then
whispering to Agatha, telling the truth
(4182) John (exit): 01:35
(4067) Isilar: He was instrumental in forming a smuggling ring which was broken up by a band of venturers from Fenwick.
(4066) Git: "Fenwick... smuggling ring? Did it involve an old haunted house in the marshlands down to the southwest?"
(4067) Isilar: I lost track of him after he left Highkeep, about three months ago.
(4071) Agatha: (My memory is foggy, but this all sounds terribly familiar.)
(4067) Isilar: I think so.
** (4071) Agatha chuckles. "And so it comes full circle..." **
(4066) Git: "Hmph...."
(4066) Git (whispering): the maps of fenwick, where there any markings on them?
(4067) Isilar: Ays, ye are correct that we use him as a sort of informer but he's not a very good informer because of the amount of real information he passes on to us, or that which we can verify.
whispering to Git, yes, high tide and low tide
(4067) Isilar: I should say, that he passed on to us, because now I have no idea where he is.
(4069) Kha: "Since you were watching Jenna do you think she is involved in this as well?"
(4066) Git (whispering): and the deeds, did we ever decipher where the property was?
(4066) Git: "So then.... you have nothing to go on?"
(4067) The Magister: No, not the only lead. There is the matter of the Aes Sedai witch we know as Jenna, and also Alibardicus.
whispering to Git, the mansion = the deeds.
(4066) Git (whispering): oh
(4066) Git: "Ali-who?"
(4069) Kha: Who is Alibardicus?
(4067) The Magister: We have lost Jenna ever since she departed your company prior to your arrival at Faustmann Manor. Alibardicus is a priest of Ssith'tarn, a Zayal god of secrets, vengeance, and darkness. His priests are snake cultists.
(4071) Agatha: (snakes. it just had to be snakes.)
(4069) Kha: (Better then spiders)
(4066) Git: "Do you even know where he is?"
(4067) The Magister: He is known to head a cell of snake cultists who operate somewhere in the alleyways and backlots of The Commons.
(4070) Vrondard: "hmmm not good company... sound like Drow scum"
(4066) Git: "Guess he'll be the easiest to find then. Do you have any information on the cultists?"
(4066) Git: "Number of followers roughly? common race? distinguishing marks?"
(4067) Isilar: Interesting that you ask.
(4066) Git: "Do they fear mongoose?"
** (4069) Kha pulls out his ink and quill again **
(4067) Isilar: They seem to be human, or human appearing. Mix of men and women. WE estimate somewhere between twenty and forty-five followers. Roughly centered in and around the Heart Ward. (OC: this portion of the city map has not been detailed yet)
(4067) The Magister: We have been relatively unsuccessful in discovering their main lair. Their satellite lairs have been raided -- we have the sense that they're slowly dwindling, but ever we've been thwarted in our search for their main quarters.
** (4066) Git gives a considering nod **
(4067) The Magister: The priest is also rumored to have a larger lair, somewhere in the hills to the northwest of Wylund, near the border with Toralin.
(4067) Ayyers: And finally, there is the matter of the orcish tribes.
(4066) Git: "Orcs? What do we have to settle all of your problems?"
(4067) Ayyers: This may be an unrelated matter, but in the past year, the orcs of the Forest of Miir have been active again, and this time, with a vengeance. They have taken to looting and pillaging entire villages. It has been a ceaseless war in the eastern portion of our Kingdom. That we have these celebrations is even a miracle considering the problem at our backside.
(4070) Vrondard: "ah orcs... Ill help you there"
** (4066) Git quirks a brow, his stone face breaking for a moment, "Any word of the elves living in the forest?" **
(4067) Ayyers: As ye can see, there are a number of problems facing us. That is why I ask ye to enter service with us. As for what tasks I ask of ye, see which interests ye and act on it. Ye shall be well paid for your service.
(4067) Ayyers: Ays, they are beset. They have been assisting us with our efforts against the orcs, but they have been unsuccessful thus far. Someone or something is determined to see this through to the bitter end.
(4067) Ayyers: Several skirmishes have been won, but the conflict proceeds apace.
(4069) Kha: The orc raids may be a ploy to draw your forces east to open a target of importance elseware, I would recomend not sending to many forces to deal with the orcs untill you better understand the reason behind their sudden bravado"
(4069) Kha: Thus far two people our group has encountered randomly have suposedly been involved with this plot to enslave humans. I doubt this is coincidence,
(4066) Git: "Are there other problems we personally should worry over?"
(4067) Ayyers: (smiles at Git's question) Garath, my friend?
(4067) The Magister: Ays? Oh, sorry, I was concentrating on a disturbance in the Pattern.
(4067) The Magister: No, no other problems that I can think of.
** (4067) The Magister pauses. **
(4067) The Magister: No, none.
(4069) Kha: "Have your sages found any Prophacy they think is involed in whats going on now?"
(4067) The Magister: Only something about "The Holder of the Twelve"
(4067) The Magister: But that is a physical impossibility.
(4066) Git: "could be magically possible though, right?"
(4067) Isilar: (glances at the King)
(4069) Kha: "Why is that imposible?"
(4069) Kha: and what is the Twelve?
(4067) The Magister: Anything is possible with magicka. It is a physical impossibility because at least five of the Swords in the prophecy are lost or hidden.
(4070) Vrondard: "hmm well if there are orcs about I'll slash their heads off "
(4069) Kha: what is lost may be found and what is hidden may be stolen
(4067) Ayyers: Garath is referring to the Twelve Swords of Power. The legend has it that the Holder of the Twelve, when he or she has all of the Swords, will rule the world.
(4066) Git: "Splendid. Is that all?"
(4069) Kha: "Do you know if the Prophacey mentions anything about someone or a group of someones that will be able to prevent this?"
(4191) xiN (enter): 02:08
(4067) The Magister: Coinspinner, Doomgiver, Dragonslicer, Woundhealer, the Mindsword, Stonecutter, Shieldbreaker, Sightblinder, Townsaver, Soulcutter, Wayfinder and Farslayer.
(4066) Git: "Ok, I'll bite. where are the lost five?"
(4067) The Magister: Hm, I'd have to check. The possibility of finding all Twelve and holding them is the biggest barrier of them all. Many attempts have been, and many have died trying. None have been successful. Five of the Swords are lost or hidden, whilst the rest are scattered throughout Andurin.
(4067) The Magister: The Sword of Luck is notorious for never staying long enough in one place or one time. So that is one of the biggest barriers.
(4066) Git: "In other words, that's a problem we don't have to worry about for a good while...?"
(4067) The Magister: It may be a problem if there is an individual or group of individuals who are seeking them out. (worried)
(4069) Kha: "Which five are lost, assuming the twelve names use just spoke are the names of the swords"
(4069) Kha: "The Sword of Luck is Coinspinner?"
(4067) Isilar: The lost five are also the most dangerous. Soulcutter, the Sword of Despair. Farslayer, the Sword of Vengeance. Shieldbreaker, the Sword of Force. Doomngiver, the Sword of Judgment. The Mindsword, the Sword of Tyranny.
(4067) The Magister: Ays, exactly. Each of the Twelve also represents a god in the pantheon.
(4071) Agatha: "Ah, I wouldn't worry too much about it. If these swords couldn't be gathered for Gods know how long, no reason anyone would be able to now.
(4067) The Magister: Legend has it that the gods created the Swords out of their essences and quenched them in the blood of mortals, then cast the Swords out into the world for mortals to gather, as a sort of a game.
(4066) Git: "Fun game" :looking to the king: "How long would it take to get word to the current sword holders to keep a watch out?
(4067) Isilar: Not long at all...if the Sword of Vengeance were found and used. (slight worry)
(4067) Isilar: There is no known defense against the Sword of Vengeance, except if one wielded the Sword of Force.
(4069) Kha: "is the power of each sword known?"
(4067) Isilar: Some. Not all. There is a song....how does it go?
** (4067) Isilar thinks. **
(4070) Vrondard: "bah need to get a good axe is all"
(4070) Vrondard: "solve most of yer problems"
** (4070) Vrondard looks for Agatha for support **
(4069) Kha: "You might like Stonecutter Vrond"
(4070) Vrondard: "Orc cutter or Giantslicer"
(4070) Vrondard: "you got one o' them?"
(4069) Kha: "Dragonslicer I am sure would work as well on Giants"
(4066) Git: "I'd settle for bread slicer
(4071) Agatha: "Don't you be looking at me, Vrondard. This is magic of mythic scale. I have enough trouble with illusions.
** (4069) Kha is writing everything down between questions **
(4194) Christoph (enter): 02:20
(4069) Kha (whispering): have I noticed anyone trying to get though my shield?
(4067) TaliesinNYC: Description: Who holds Coinspinner knows good odds whichever move he make
But the Sword of Chance, to please the gods, slips from him like a snake.

The Sword of Justice balances the pans, of right and wrong, and foul and fiar.
Eye for an eye, Doomgiver scans the fate of all folk everywhere.

Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, how d'you slay? Reaching for the heart in behind the scales.
Dragonslicer, Dragonslicer, where do you stay? In the belly of the drake that my blade impales.

Farslayer howls across the world, for thy heart, for thy heart, who hast wronged me!
Vengeance is his who casts the blade yet he will in the end no triumph see.

Whose flesh the Sword of Mercy hurts has drawn no breath; whose soul it heals has wandered in the night;
Has paid the summing of all debts in death, has turned to see the returning light.

Whose flesh the Sword of Mercy hurts has drawn no breath;

Whose soul it heals has wandered in the night,

Has paid the summing of all debts in death

Has turned to see returning light.

The Mindsword spun in the dawn's gray light
And men and demons knelt down before.
The Mindsword flashed in the midday bright
Gods joined the dance, and the march to war.
It spun in the twilight dim as well
And gods and men marched off to hell.

I shatter Swords and splinter spears;
None stands to Shieldbreaker.
My point's the fount of orphans' tears
My edge the widowmaker.

The Sword of Stealth is given to
One lonely and despised.
Sightblinder's gifts: his eyes are keen
His nature is disguised.

The Tyrant's Blade no blood hath spilled
But doth the spirit carve
Soulcutter hath no body killed
But many left to starve.

The Sword of Siege struck a hammer's blow
With a crash, and a smash, and a tumbled wall.
Stonecutter laid a castle low
With a groan, and a roar, and a tower's fall.

Long roads the Sword of Fury makes
Hard walls it builds around the soft
The fighter who Townsaver takes
Can bid farewell to home and croft.

Who holds Wayfinder finds good roads
Its master's step is brisk.
The Sword of Wisdom lightens loads
But adds unto their risk.

(4069) Kha: Garath what was this disturbance in the force is spoke of a few minutes ago?
whispering to Kha, nope
(4067) The Magister: A casting. (concentrates)
(4067) The Magister: The Song of Swords tells you, if you listen closely, what each Sword's power is.
(4194) Christoph (exit): 02:24
(4067) The Magister: Each of the Swords opposes another. Six control, six to oppose. All and neither to win.
(4070) Vrondard: "blah..."
(4067) Ayyers: I must have your answer my friends. We must away soon enough.
(4066) Git: "Right, well for now we'll leave the swords to you. I suppose we'll try a hand at Alibardicus for now."
(4066) Git: "Sound good?" :looking to his comrades:
(4069) Kha: "Looking into the Sanke Cult sounds good for now."
(4071) Agatha: "Aye, let's stick to what can be touched and kicked in the hind quarters."
(4070) Vrondard: "bah.. wht of the Orc horde.. thats what I be likin"
(4069) Kha: "I will try and find out what I can about them from books in the Twoer of Knowladge after I finish myown reaserch"
(4069) Kha: "The Orc hord is far to the east the Cult is here in town"
(4070) Vrondard: "I just got to be learnin Orc so I can shout insults at em"
(4066) Git: "Ays Vronard, best to stat close"
(4069) Kha: "Deal with the threats close at hand first then venture out to seak more"
(4070) Vrondard: "yeah and whats wrong with that... cooped up in this city long enough as it is"
(4070) Vrondard: "this snake cult got underground tunnels?"
(4066) Git: "Sounds like it. and plenty of religious fanatics to wail one."
(4070) Vrondard: "better or I'll be grumpy"
(4071) Agatha: "More likely to find caves in these parts then in an elfin forest."
(4066) Git: "Then everything'lll be the same"
(4070) Vrondard: "snake cult... who would worship a snake anyway.."
(4069) Kha: "Theirs is the god of vengance too so they may whold a clue to the location of Farslayer"
(4067) Ayyers: Then it's settled. Isilar, I'll leave it to ye to induct them and settle on details. My friends, thank ye for accepting. May the Light of Solnor shine on shields.
(4066) Git: "one more question..."
(4066) Git: "...if I may...? :to the king:
(4067) Ayyers: Garath, let us return to the Castle. Can't keep Almeena waiting, ye know.
** (4067) The Magister groans. **
** (4069) Kha nods and continues writeing the song into his book **
(4067) The Magister: Do we really have to? She gives me the chills.
(4066) Git: "The fall of the Ravens from top place among the guilds... what caused it?"
(4067) Ayyers: Ays, what is it? (glances at Git)
(4067) Ayyers: (smiles gently)
(4066) Git: "And how did Sisterhood rise to take the place?"
(4069) Kha: "Didnt Garath say that they had a hand in the creation of the sisterhood, I would think that they caused the Ravens to fall to implant their own guild as Top Dog"
(4067) The Magister: We're still figuring it out. Someone or something caused the Thirteen Shades to walk again, and vent their fury in a night of blood and death. By the Thirteen, I mean the dead master thieves of Tolmara.
(4066) Git: "Thank you..."
(4067) Isilar: It was shortly afterwards that the Network splintered and fell apart. But by then, the Sisters had already been formed, and emerged. Then, all out war took place in the underguilds.
(4196) Evil Joe (enter): 02:36
(4067) Ayyers: Garath, we have to. That bitch is probably wondering what's taking me so long to dress. Ichuckling)
** (4067) The Magister groans and pops into visibility. **
(4196) Evil Joe (exit): 02:38
** (4067) The Magister mutters something about Kernin mages **
** (4066) Git takes a sip of his apple wine as he sits back contemplating the situations ahead **
(4067) The Magister: All right, let's away.
(4198) Christoph (enter): 02:39
(4071) Agatha: "'Twas a pleasure, your highness. Until next time, I hope."
** (4069) Kha fineshes writing and contemplates all the infromaton **
(4067) Ayyers: Isilar will tell ye all the details. Ye have my thanks, and my blessing. Fare thee well!
** (4071) Agatha raises her mug. "Long live the king!" **
** (4067) The Magister mutters an incantation and wiggles his fingers, eventually fading away, with Ayyers in tow. **
(4066) Git: :offers a slight tip of his mug: "Ays, Good evening to you both"
(4066) Git: "So. anyone up for a nightt of sniffing out cultists?"
(4067) Isilar: All right, first things first. Ye need to settle on a name for yourselves if ye don't already have one.
** (4069) Kha consentrates on the walls a moment **
(4070) Vrondard: "I think 'ave one"
(4069) Kha (whispering): Still keeping my shield up to prevent eavesdroping
(4071) Agatha: "Stand up fellow, the King. I think I see now why there's such a hullaballoo whenever 'is birthday rolls around."
(4070) Vrondard: "Shield of the thingy"
(4066) Git: (didn't we already present ourselves to the Citadel as the "August Wanderers"?)
(4067) Isilar: This name will be the name ye shall use for the service of the Kingdom. And shall be the name we shalll use in all official communications --- HOWEVER, this name shall not be entered into the Book of Names, which is a ledger that we keep, to track all of the venturing companies in the Kingdom.
(4069) Kha: The August Wanderers
(4071) Agatha: "'Ey, now, didn't Sarrim go and call us that once?
(4066) Git: "Yeah, seems like a nice name"
** (4066) Git tears off a bit of bread, popping it into his mouth. **
(4071) Agatha: "Sounds as good as any other."
(4067) Isilar: Good, then. As Lord Ranger and master of coin for the Kingdom, I am authorized to pay ye the sum of six hundred crowns per month, free of taxes and bills of charge.
(4069) Kha: Each or as a whole?
(4067) Isilar: That would be each of ye, thirty score crowns per person.
(4070) Vrondard: "oh yeah.. thats it"
(4066) Git: :whistles: "Not a bad fee"
(4067) Isilar: This sum shall increase as time progresses and your skills and talents increase -- and should ye deserve it, which we hope ye shall.
(4071) Agatha: "Now, that is what I call a grand game."
(4070) Vrondard: "hmm I could afford some decent armor in a year or so"
(4067) DM: (Keep in mind that a month consists of three weeks of ten days each)
(4069) Kha: Will we have to work for you full time, because there is an issue I wish to persue on my own. a Prophacey that I belive is going to happen soon and I would like to be a part of it."
(4067) Isilar: Ye shall be paid for as long as ye are acting in the name of the Crown, which is to say that ye may be called upon to act at any time. Of course, the Crown knows that ye have things which must be acted upon and so, may do so whenever needful at a reasonable period of time.
(4066) Git: "Which reminds me, the second to last night of the festival is no good for me. I have a prophecy scheduled involving a bevy of attractive women and multitude of paying slobs"
(4067) Isilar: At a certain point, should ye become deserving, greater rewards may be in the offing, such as lands and titles. But that is a whiles away.
** (4070) Vrondard looks less interested in that **
(4067) Isilar: Now then. Some of ye are known to be of....certain types of character. This is to be expected, and so long as ye are acting in the Kingdom's name WITHIN REASON, shall your actions be ignored. In other words, if ye are a thief, don't bite the hand that's feeding ye.
** (4070) Vrondard snickers at Git **
** (4069) Kha looks tword Git **
** (4066) Git raises an unamused brow, offering sin a stale tone, "I'll try to wayside my foul habits. Now can we get back to the snake cultists?" **
(4067) Isilar: To collect your payment, ye must send your spokesman to the Castle, or the Lord Mayor of whichever town ye are in, and present him or herself in an official capacity.
** (4067) Isilar holds up his hand **
(4067) Isilar: Ye can follow any of the leads that we have presented, and see where what comes of those. We ask only that ye present your findings from time to time, as reasonable.
(4070) Vrondard: "well I say if we are doing all of this"
(4067) Isilar: AS to the cultists, here is what we know:
(4070) Vrondard: "then this little mouse game can be forgotten about"
(4070) Vrondard: "we gots better things to do"
(4066) Git: (we fast forwarded over the mouse game, I think we already did it)
(4067) DM: (this actually took place AFTER the mouse game)
(4067) Isilar: First, they congregate in and around the Commons, specifically the Heart Ward.
(4069) Kha: ((we timewarped and will timewarp back next session to actualy runn it I think))
** (4070) Vrondard shuts up **
(4066) Git: (yeah, it's easy. It's just a... jump to the left)
(4067) Isilar: Second, they have a clear preference towards foreigners and tend to prosletyze heavily amongst them. No word on their successes, if any.
** (4066) Git gives a glance to Kha momentarily before looking back to isilar **
(4067) Isilar: Third, 'tis known that the area wherein they reside or congregate is an area of much illicit doings.
(4070) Vrondard: "bah weak minded fools is what they are after"
(4067) Isilar: Fourth, there have been reports as of late, of a series of murders in this vicinity wherein the victim was bled dry and dried to a husk. This may or may not be of relevance.
(4066) Git: "Perhaps not, but thank you for creeping me out with it:"
(4070) Vrondard: "hmm I'll take that brooch thank yea"
(4067) Isilar: Fifth, there have been reports of late, in the area where they are known to congregate, of various alchemical shops broken into, with poisons and acids stolen, but everything else left untouched. This may or may not be related.
** (4069) Kha catches Gits glance and nods knowingly **
(4071) Agatha: "Wouldn't be much of a snake cult without venom, would it?"
(4066) Git: "True, aggy"
(4070) Vrondard: "hmm you would think they have their own poison"
(4069) Kha: "Might not be able to make enough fast enough for something they are planing"
(4066) Git: :takes a sip of his wine: "don't know what blood draining has to do with a snake god though."
(4067) Isilar: Last, if ye need more information regarding the god that these odious cultists worship, seek Transtra, who resides above The Thrown Gauntlet (an inn of dubious repute). She is a sage of much underguild lore, specifically the Heart Ward.
(4069) Kha: "Or drying the bodies like you would meat"
(4070) Vrondard: " the whole area sounds like a cesspool o' shit"
(4067) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
(4067) DM: See you in a week.
(4066) Git: "You couldn't tell us that to begin with?" :refering to Transtra:
(4067) DM: next session is the mouse game.
(4066) Git: hai hai
(4070) Vrondard: "probably be that way with the snake cultists anyway"

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