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(195) TaliesinNYC: Recap: (150) DM: The death knight walks over to a section of stone wall and regards you with a look.
** (155) Git resheathes a dagger and retakes hold of the dancing sword in his free hand. **
(150) Agrovale: "She has gone to the aerie of the Nine Council."
** (150) Agrovale regards the wall silently, then presses a hidden panel as a section of the wall slides open. **
** (163) Agatha looks around, wondering if there's another illusion. "And I take it that ain't around here?" **
(150) Agrovale: "Nys. The aerie lies several hundred leagues away, somewhere along the southern coast of
** (150) Agrovale regards you all solemnly. "I caused you to come here in fuifillment of a dark bargain. You have kept your side of the pact and so I shall honor mine. Within this chamber you will find the answers to many of your questions." **
(163) Agatha: "You are free then?"
(150) Agrovale: "I have one final task."
** (150) Agrovale enters the room beyond, kicks open a chest and throws down his weapons. **
(150) DM: He looks down into the chest and stops. "This coil holds many memories for me, but the call of sweet death sings. May the gods be with you."
** (150) Agrovale bends down into the chest and grabs hold of a ceramic crown, then shatters it, and collapses into dust.**
(163) Agatha: "Hmph. And so it goes."
** (153) Berard walks over to the dust heap, kneels, and starts praying quietly. **
(155) Git: "And that achieved...?"
** (163) Agatha pays him silence but for a moment then goes to investigate the room. **
(163) Agatha: "He said what we're looking for is here. I suggest we find it before we any newly freed looters come poking around."

(195) DM: (from last session)
(195) DM: (since Ag isn't here, she's in limbo as usual)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (196) Zane...
(195) DM: (strike that)
(195) DM: The interior of this small chamber contains a number of wall hangings which depict the Goddess in all her radiant glory. A great heap of coins lies on the floor near one wall. Nearby are four large iron chests. Agrovale's armor lies scattered on the floor, his skeletal form now a small pile of ash.
** (185) Lunauc moves in past Berard's praying to see if anything else was in the chest, beside the ceramic crown. **
** (187) Zach stands back up, dusting himself off and looking rather pleased. **
** (196) Agatha looks around at the wall hangings for a moment. **
** (185) Git moves in past Berard's praying to see if anything else was in the chest, beside the ceramic crown. **
** (184) Kha heads in and starts taking down the wall hangings **
** (187) Berard stands back up, dusting himself off and looking rather pleased. **
(195) DM: Except for the torn remains of a lavender pillow, this chest is otherwise empty.
** (185) Git moves on to the other four iron chests, moving to one and searching it over for traps. **
(194) Questing beast (enter): 21:51
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] => [7,12] = (19),[1d20+14] => [16,14] = (30)
(185) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(194) Nobody but us bugbears in this cave... (exit): 21:54
whispering to Observer, Teece, TaliesinNYC, Nicholas Sellers, Mudguard, (GW): so if you see me typing and nothing's happening, it's because I'm engaged in whispers with the players
whispering to Observer, Teece, TaliesinNYC, Nicholas Sellers, Mudguard, (GW): at the moment, the rogue is checking for traps
** (185) Git gets strips off his satchel and sword, gets out his tools and sets down to work on the chests, warning, "You all might want to be careful in here.. in case I set a trap off." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] => [9,13] = (22)
** (196) Agatha takes a step back out of the room, just to be safe. **
(187) Berard: "Quite. I'll keep an eye on the hall then."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] => [19,13] = (32),[1d20+13] => [11,13] = (24),[1d20+13] => [11,13] = (24)
** (184) Kha roams back to the silver disk while Git is working on the chests and says Down one." **
** (187) Berard moves over to the door to 70 to keep watch. **
(195) DM: There is a soft "shink" as a needle comes flying out of the lock of the second chest. A drop of orange liquid falls to the floor and burns a hole through the stone, but nothing happens otherwise.
(195) DM: Something cracks in the third lock as Git jiggles it. No effect on the fourth lock, though the aroma of almond sugar wafts from nowhere.
(185) Git: "Ok.. I think I got them."
** (196) Agatha raises an eyebrow at Git. **
** (185) Git opens the last chest first. **
(195) DM: A small, white rubbery bladder seems to be attached to the interior wall of the chest closest to you. It doesn't seem to be pierced, though it's constructed in such a way that the slightest hair's breadth tear would release its contents inside the chest....
** (185) Git is careful as can be in opening the lid, to get to the contents. **
(195) DM: Within is a robe made out of cloth-of-gold and sewn with countless miniature gemstones. It's resplendent and looks like it's fit for a king or a "Goddess".
** (185) Git picks out the flamboyant robe, looking it over curiously, before turning to Aggy, "You think Amilia(his daughter) would like this?" **
(187) Berard: "A bit flashy isn't it?"
(196) Agatha: (( hard to say since I'm not even sure who that is... :-P Hmm... ))
(185) Git: :shrugs to Berard: "Well. I was thinking for parties or such. It's hardly walking around clothes. Well behaved as she is, she'd wreck it in a day."
** (196) Agatha shrugs and returns to watching the hallways. **
** (185) Git tosses the robe to Berard and moves on to the third chest to check inside. "Speaking of children, what are we going to do about the ones here?" **
(187) Berard: "We can't simply leave them. As Kha has broken the enchantment, they should be able to recover in time given the proper surroundings."
** (187) Berard looks rather bemused at the robe. **
(185) Git: "I'm more worried about the nasties in this place being free-roaming. The undead alone would be a massive head ache, if they're still standing."
(196) Agatha: "Then we take 'em out and get the kids away."
(187) Berard: "Some may have passed with the death knight. Those that have not will hopefully be less organized."
(185) Git: "Yeah, undead running wild, that's so much better." :shakes his head:
** (196) Agatha looks back to Git. "Find any of these answers yet, or just gaudy clothes?" **
(187) Berard: "I would be more concerned about the genie and your fiendish female friend. I doubt either of them has been freed."
(185) Git: :checking the third chest: "You could help, got those other two chests."
** (196) Agatha moves to the nearest closed chest to her and flips the lid open with her foot. **
(185) Git: "If Talakara has lost her godly might, they should be free.. I think. Kha, you have any Divine knowledge on the subject to offer?"
(187) Berard: :dryly: "Kha is off and roaming."
(184) Kha: (( Kha wandered off =P ))
(185) Git: :suddenly wonders why it's quiet for a change: ".... Kha..?"
(185) Git: "Oh great.." :grumbles:
(195) DM: The lid flips open to reveal a number of shining diamonds inside, each of them easily as big as a small child's fist.
** (196) Agatha sighs. "Lets get these checkes then and see what trouble he's found." **
(196) Agatha: (( *checked ))
(195) DM: Lying atop one of them on a silver pillow is an amber ring of a snake eating its own tail.
(187) Berard: "Talakara has lost a powerful servitor, but I suspect the bulk of her powers remain."
(196) Agatha: "This looks interesting."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, I'll have you meet up with Rynn
(185) Git: (which chest is that?)
(196) Agatha: (( I assumed it was the one Aggy opened from the phrasing... ))
(195) DM: (second one from the left, the one with the needle coated in oil)
(185) Git: (ok. I find anything in chest 3?)
** (196) Agatha moves to the first chest, to get them all open. **
(195) DM: Within is an ermine-lined cloak in gold trim.
** (184) Kha unlocks the door and heads in **
whispering to Rob, describe yourself
(195) DM: Under it are several letters, scroll cases and oilskin wrapped packages.
(185) Git: "Huh.." :picks up the pretty cloak.: "I seem to have a knack for sartorial seeking."
** (185) Git lays the cloak aside and begins going through the letters. **
** (199) Rynn , lays on the ground, covered in dust and dirt as she tries to struggle off manacles, and at the sound of the door she looks up. Rynn's hair is cut short and red and her eyes a brown color with a yellow hue. Her clothes are thick, but nothing close to armor and her possetions left to the side of the room. She speaks up, "Hello, it's not what it looks like, honest." Her tone is surprisingly assured. **
(195) DM: Each are in envelopes that have been sealed with a dollop of wax and marked with Talakara's signet, that of a golden circlet.
(187) Berard: "Found something?"
(184) Kha: "Need help with those?"
(185) Git: "Letters.. from a secret admirer maybe..?"
** (196) Agatha flips open the last remaining chest as Git goes though his new-found letters. **
** (199) Rynn shifts a thoughtful mouth to the side before she replies, "If you don't mind." **
** (185) Git gets out a dagger to break the seal on the first letter to see what's been written. **
(187) Berard: "More likely her clothier."
(184) Kha: "I aint so good with locks, but a friend of mine up stairs is. Have not seen any of Talakara's 'followers' in manacles. How you get locked up, and why are you in this hell hole?"
(184) Kha: (( How old is Rynn? ))
(199) Rynn: ((27))
(209) No Name (enter): 22:31
(195) DM: Inside is a black cape, as if woven from a piece of the night sky.
(195) DM: Lying atop it innocently enough is a gemkey.
** (196) Agatha picks up the key and looks it over. **
** (185) Git moves on to the next letter in the pile, setting the first carefully aside. **
(195) DM: This appears to be a key crafted from solid crystal, although it's quite light (in weight).
** (199) Rynn shifts to her feet, "I take it you're not one of her followers either. Almeena sent some of her men here and I decided to tag along and someone decided that they didn't like them moving. If the knight who caught me is right, that would be Talakara. I don't care much for an open battlefield, so I took it upon myself to go on ahead." **
** (196) Agatha holds the key up to Git and Bernard. "Nice key, wonder what it goes to." **
(185) Git: :and the next letter...:
** (184) Kha nods "Well follow me. Not very smart of you to go into a house of undead all alone." **
(187) Berard: :raises an eyebrow: "Looks fancy. Once we have everything dug out, I can test for enchantments or fell influences."
** (196) Agatha gets the key onto the pile of gold and empties out the chest, seeing if anything is hiding beneath the dark black cloth. **
** (199) Rynn gives a small laugh, "Well it seemed a good idea at the time. You came after all, didn't you?" Rynn follows after Kha, knowing if this was a lie there wasn't much she could do to resist him anyways. **
(195) DM: There seems to be a ledger wrapped in oilskin underneath the cape.
(184) Kha: "I came with friends and a plan."
** (185) Git unwraps the book and skims the contents. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9)
** (184) Kha leads Rynn back to the silver Disk **
** (199) Rynn throws a backpack from the ground on and nods. **
(184) Kha: "Get on." ** steps onto the Disk after Rynn is on ** "Up one!"
(210) Mudguard (enter): 22:43
** (196) Agatha returns to the first chest she opened and removes the pillow with ring on it from the chest, so she can chest the rest of the chest to make sure there is nothing else in it besides the gems. **
(195) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(198) Mudguard' from room...
(198) Mudguard (exit): 22:43
(195) DM: (don't you mean up three?)
(196) Agatha: (( *check the rest of the chest... ))
(195) DM: That's about it as far as the contents of the chests.
(184) Kha: (( No he only went down 1 before. unless he had to go down all 3 to find Rynn ))
(195) DM: ((ah))
(199) Rynn: "I never thought teleporting would be that dull..."
(195) DM: That's it as far as you can tell.
** (184) Kha shrugs and leads her to where he last saw Git "Git I found someone for you to unlock." **
** (196) Agatha turns are Kha returns. **
(185) Git: :not looking up as he reads the ledger: "Is it a gem lock by chance?"
** (187) Berard looks thoughtful and stares intently at both Kha and the newcomer. **
(187) Berard: (( Detect Evil on both ))
** (184) Kha shrugs "Ask her, I didnt look at the Manacles." **
(212) Dahlia (enter): 22:53
** (199) Rynn drops the the backpack she held up awkwardly with the arm movement she had, "Hello, a little strange for me at least but in any other circumstance I assume it would be nice to meet you." **
(212) Dahlia (exit): 22:54
(185) Git: "Her?" :looks up: "Yes.. I'm sure you'd make a lovely acquaintance. Who are you?"
whispering to Zach, detect evil on what?
** (196) Agatha crosses her arms as she watches the newcomer. **
whispering to Zach, no evil
(199) Rynn: "My name is Rynn, my arms are also cramping a bit..."
(185) Git: "Yes, those look very uncomfortable." :nods:
(184) Kha: Discription:: Kha is a very tall (6ft 6in) Deeply Tanned, extremely thin Human. Though very thin he is extremely strong, agile. Kha has an irresistible urge to know EVERYTHING, he would sit down and chat with a Red Dragon until it tried to kill him. He refuses to believe anyone is outright evil so until they try to kill him or someone he knows does not deserve to be killed he will accept anyone as a friend.
He does have a very strong sense or morality though and will defend a total stranger who is in need of help. He spends alot of time in Library's reading on what ever his current obsession is, but don't assume that because he spends alot of time in the library he does not know how to fight. He is well trained with the Spear, Bow and Long Tooth Dagger and will use them quickly if he or someone he knows is attacked. He is slower to use deadly attacks when helping strangers until he determines the entire situation, and may switch sides once he does if he believes it is morally right to do so.
Kha is dressed in an outfit made from the skin of a large snake, his head is warped in a dark cloth, though if he moves just right you can see a Shiny metal helm under it which looks completely out of place. Strapped to his back is a short bow of extreme craftsmanships, and several short spears. On his left arm is a small leather buckler and warped around his left hand is a string a prayer beads. On his right hand is a fairly plain looking copper ring, and a bright gold and silver signet ring. Strapped across his chest for quick access is a 22 inch dagger. He also carries a quiver on his right hip and a backpack slung over his right shoulder.

(196) Agatha: (( Desc of Aggy will have to wait... :-) ))
(199) Rynn: ((Desc of Rynn is a bit higher, another coming once she cleans off))
(185) Git: Description: Git is a lithe figured man with fair young face, and honest blue eyes, which helps him easily garner trust and attention. As of late his light brown hair is worn short in spikey tufts, through which his elven ears are vaguely visible. His recent Desert travels have left him with a healthy tan, a bit out of place for the winters of Kern, offering him a nice touch of exotic, until it fades. To guard against the cold, he has pulled together an acceptable outfit, thanks to some helpful travelling merchants. Pale elk hide doublet and pants fit snug to is form, with enough room for a cushioning, insulating pair of green woolen breeches and sweater beneath. A black and white striped scarf and a grey cloak accessorize the outfit. A series of daggers are strapped at his thighs torso and bracers, while an exceptional bastard sword, short bow and quiver hang on his back. Yet his favorite weapon is still a disarming smile.
(187) Berard: Leaning against the wall is Berard, a slim young man with black hair and blue eyes. His black garments, though subdued in design, are of the most fashionable cut and highest quality materials. A heavy looking ring is worn on his left hand, the signet featuring the horse and ankh design of his order. The only visible weapon is an ornate dagger worn at his belt.
(185) Git: :glances to Berard: "Anyway you can tell if Kha's new friend is a daemon in disguise or something?"
(187) Berard: "She does not appear to be actively evil."
(187) Berard: "Probably."
(185) Git: "She's manacled. How active could she be?"
(187) Berard: "Depends on the manacle, doesn't it?"
(184) Kha: "She is even more foolish then I am Git, she came here with out any friends or a plan. I doubt she is a daemon. Though it would be more interesting if she was, I have never had a chance to talk to one before."
** (185) Git shrugs. "I guess, but they don't look fashionable enough to be recreational." :looks to Rynn: "How did you end up in them, out of curiousity?" **
(185) Git: "Oh well.. if Kah endorses you... then we really have to be careful."
(199) Rynn: "A knight, a pretty strong one too, he caught me and threw me in the room without a second thought."
(185) Git: "I see... And what were you doing here that he threw you in? On a day trip?" :asks as he puts down the ledger and moves toward Rynn, pulling a couple of picks and going to work on the manacles.:
(184) Kha: "Oh that reminds me, I am going to head back down stairs and talk to that Efreet and see if he will let me talk to the prisoner now that we chased the 'Goddess' off."
(187) Berard: "Kha!"
(184) Kha:
** (199) Rynn seems to find more amusment in the conversation that she probably should, "I think he was a little cross that I decided to attack him. He was rather nice about the situation though, I almost feel bad about it, even if he did lock me up. I got the feeling he didn't care if I got away or not, but he sure peeked my curiousity." **
(187) Berard:
"First, that wasn't an Efreet. It was Djinn. Djinn are mortal enemies of Efreet."
(184) Kha:
"Oh, not my specialty, though I am the Slayer of Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass."
(187) Berard:
"Second. Just because Talakara isn't right here, doesn't mean that all of her enchantments are broken. Nor does it necessarily mean that she cannot command her thralls."
(187) Berard:
"Third, in case you forgot, there could well be scores of undead still roming the castle."
(185) Git:
"Peeked your curiousity.. huh?" :glances between Rynn and Kha blabbing about slayer of so and so: "Are you two related?"
(187) Berard:
"Fourth, we will need your help with the children, so gettting yourself killed would be rather inconvenient."
** (184) Kha shrugs "He was nice enough before. I'll be downstairs if I dont find you before you find me." **
(187) Berard:
:sighs: "Do try to remember he isn't an efreet."
(185) Git:
(any trouble getting the manacles off?)
(195) DM:
(185) Git:
"Kha.. do I need to put these on you?" :holds up the removed manacles:
(196) Agatha:
"It might make our work easier."
(184) Kha:
"Wouldnt do much good, they arnt hooked to a wall."
** (184) Kha heads back out and down to the Djinn **
(185) Git:
"I can improvise. Just stop wandering o-... gah! my five year old listens better!"
(195) DM:
As you (Kha) head out of the room, you spy a shadow placing a black rose atop the spot where Talakara teleported away.
(195) DM:
It looks up at him.
** (195) The shade bows, with a faint amused smile on its shadowy visage. **
(184) Kha:
"Hello Shadow man."
(195) The shade:
"My masssssster bidssss you well, live one."
(196) Agatha:
(( going for a smoke. ))
** (199) Rynn walks over to her backpack and pulls out a simple cloth and mirror, wiping her face clean, "I doubt it, I've never seen him before in my life. However I am not good with faces." **
(184) Kha:
"Marking the spot so she can return with less risk?"
(195) The shade:
"She bound usssss against our will! We however, shall leave here forthwith, never to return."
** (185) Git sighs, turning to the others. "We met aswell start searching for the other worshippers. We need to get them away from here." **
(184) Kha:
"Ahh where is it you are heading to?"
(195) The shade:
"We owe you our exisssstence, live one. We thank you."
** (199) Rynn keeps rubbing until her freckles show through, freezing as she notices the shade. **
(195) The shade:
"Where sssssweet death callssss ussss, for thisssss issss not the world we belong to, the world of the living."
** (184) Kha shrugs "The Djinn still around downstairs?" **
(195) The shade:
"All who were bound to she who called herself 'the Goddess' have now departed. Thisssss" -- gestures arond him -- "issss a shell of what it wassss".
(185) Git:
(the shade is downstairs with Kha)
(195) DM:
(the shade is in room 71 actually, along with Kha)
(184) Kha:
(( no in the Garden room ))
(199) Rynn: (sorry)
(185) Git:
(oh, I thought you left)
(184) Kha:
"Ahh, so the prisoners are still down there though?"
(195) DM:
(he did leave, I mentioned that he saw the shadow as he was leaving you.)
** (195) The shade nods. **
(185) Git:
(so.. we don't see the shadow then?)
(195) DM:
(you're in 72 I believe)
(185) Git:
(184) Kha:
"Ok thank you, I wont keep you in the world of the living then, I gota go down to free the prisoners"
(195) The shade:
"We shall leave you now, live one."
(196) Agatha:
(( Rynn might still hear the discussion though... ))
(195) DM:
It disappears into the gloom that drapes the far wall.
(195) DM:
(199) Rynn: ((It's a conversation with a slurred voice, nothing to worrysome))
** (184) Kha heads down to where the prisoners **
(184) Kha:
(( *are ))
** (199) Rynn slips her mirror and cloth in her backpack and throws it on, keeping her back to the middle of the longest wall. **
** (185) Git spends some time loading luggage with diamonds coin and cloaks. **
** (187) Berard tosses the robe back to Git to put with the rest of the stuff. **
(195) DM:
(some time later -- Kha)
(195) DM:
The djann seems to have disappeared, true to the shade's word.
** (196) Agatha helps git make sure everything gets packed up before they leave. **
** (184) Kha heads into the prison area and calls out "Hello? Anyoone here?" **
(185) Git:
:once they're packed, Git pets the invisible luggage as he asks: "Alright, everyone ready to go?"
(187) Berard:
** (199) Rynn follows along, knowing no better option. **
** (196) Agatha nods in response. **
(195) DM:
The various cell occupants are still there however. A troll, by the looks of things. A creature with tentacles surrounding a sharp beak where its mouth would be. It's dressed in tattered rags and bound in silver manacles on one wall of its cell. There are also a number of green elves, though emaciated and beaten, barely alive.
(185) Git:
"Good, we'll sweep floor by floor looking for survivors. These kids are bound to be scared witless, so.. lets take it slow and easy. Okay?"
(195) DM:
One of the elves comes to his cell door with a look of amazement as if he'd never seen a living person before.
** (184) Kha attempts to open the door to the Green elves cell **
(187) Berard:
(196) Agatha:
"Sounds good."
(184) Kha:
"I chased the 'Goddess' off, so all her servents have returned to where ever it is the undead return when they die."
** (199) Rynn frowns looking upon the room, seeing the alternative, "I'll have to give that knight my thanks, I got off easy..." **
** (185) Git heads out, making his way back to the silver disk to try one floor down first **
(195) Arasthalion:
"Praise be to Elantir! Who are you? We thought we were dead!"
** (196) Agatha follows Git **
(195) Arasthalion:
"Sindorel, wake the others up! We are saved!"
(184) Kha:
"I am Kha Operan; Slayer of Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass; Seeker of Truth That Conquers All; Spear Dancer of Peace; Cleric of The Lord of Fate"
(209) No Name (exit): 23:35
(195) DM:
A scrawny elf in tattered leather armor opens his one good eye and smiles uneasily, showing chipped teeth as he hobbles about his companions.
** (187) Berard is also following Git. **
(187) Berard:
:to Rynn: "How long had you been confined?"
** (199) Rynn had folled as well and lets out a half grunt half chuckle, "And I don't even have a surname." **
** (199) Rynn looks over, "Not that long actually, I might have been placed here later, but the way that knight said "I'll deal with you later", his heart wasn't really in it." **
(195) Arasthalion:
"She..she slew several of us to make elixirs of youth. We are all that are left of a band that assaulted this place several months ago."
(195) Arasthalion:
"If you lead us out of this hellhole, we shall forever be grateful."
(184) Kha:
"Well I am not good with locks, let me go see if the Djarn left the keys laying around."
(195) Arasthalion:
"I...I do not think so. There is a knight who radiates death who carries a key that he claimed, can open any door and unlock any lock."
** (184) Kha wanders around the area looking for keys to the doors **
(195) Sindorel:
"Suila mainan. He speaks truth."
(184) Kha:
"Ahh, he had returned to death, my friends might have see the key then, I'll wait here for them since they know where I went. Dont want to wander off and have something happen to you while I am looking for my friends."
(184) Kha:
(( *has ))
(185) Git:
(we have two levels to go down before we reach you.)]
(185) Git:
(or is it three..? .. four..? hmmm...)
(195) Arasthalion:
"I am called Arasthalion of the Asta'rhimm. Our tribe is called "The Sons of the Wind" in the tongue of your people, Edan."
(195) Arasthalion:
"This is Sindorel, my first-brother. We are honored to meet you by the light of Elantir."
(185) Git:
:nods to Rynna, inquiring more curiously: "Well, I'm glad you felt safe with him, but that still doesn't really explain why you came here in the first place. Are you one of the forced worshippers?"
** (195) Arasthalion extends his hand and places it on his heart, as he covers his left hand with his right. Sindorel does the same. **
(184) Kha:
"Honored to meet you as well. Why did you attempt to assult this place, other then the obvious undead all over?"
** (196) Agatha keeps her attention on any survivors that might still be around as the group checks each level. **
(195) Arasthalion:
"The Edan who calls herself 'the Goddess'" (sneers) "has slain much of our tribe for her foulness. We had sworn an oath to Elantir and Pelindos Natarion that we would see her in death or die trying."
(195) Sindorel:
"Her foul magicka has spoiled the Land and the people she rules over. Our forests, our trees are no more."
** (199) Rynn shakes her head, "Nope, here of my own free will just like you, only I have no friends. As for my reasons, I am trying to conqure fear, and this seemed like a good place to do it. How about you? What would you be doing here?" **
** (195) Annuminariel gets up from where she had been sleeping and acknowledges Kha. "We thank you, Edan, for freeing us. But I must ask why?" **
(185) Git:
"Conquering fear as well.. I suppose. But to come to such a place alone I question if you could be considered brave or just stupid. What did you hope to find here exactly?"
(184) Kha:
"Oh we came here to kill 'the Goddess' She ran away to some meeting place of the Council of Nine."
** (199) Rynn thinks for a moment, "It's a good question. I don't question myself much because that leads to doubt, and worry and then fear. Besides, bravery and stupidity are one and the same. If I hadn't gotten caught I would have been brave. But I have, so I am stupid. It's a first for me, believe it or not." **
(187) Berard:
"Getting caught? Or being... reckless?"
** (195) Annuminariel looks at Arasthalion a long moment. **
** (195) Annuminariel then glances at Sindorel, then back at you. "We believe we might be able to help you. It would be the least we could do to repay you. For an Edan, you seem different." **
(199) Rynn: "Haha, reckless is a title I can really get behind. But we're all a little reckless, no? Or else we wouldn't be here."
(185) Git:
"I'll grant you that. But at least we came with back up. You should consider that for the future. You'll tend to live longer."
(185) Git:
"Well.. depending on the team you choose anyway."
(184) Kha:
"My friends call it foolishness, but they do what I want them to even if they dont realize it. So how can you help?" ** walks over and peers into the Trolls Cell ** "You understand common?"
(195) Annuminariel:
"I would not recommend freeing it. We are sworn to kill it."
** (199) Rynn sighs, "True, I did leave an army behind me, but I doubt they're in the mood to help out after I left them as I did." **
** (195) Annuminariel glances warily at you as you near the troll's cell. **
(195) Arasthalion:
"One of our number can accompany you as a guide. You are not of this land, Edan. You are far from home, whereever home is."
(187) Berard:
(184) Kha:
"Thats fine, you can kill it later. I'll free you, then have you go with my friends, then I can free the Troll and whatever that is" ** nods toward the tenecal thing **
(206) Observer (exit): 00:04
(195) Sindorel:
"That is an eater-of-thoughts. Freeing it would be suicide for you."
** (185) Git scours ther halls and rooms of the (fourth floor?) for anyone living **
(195) Sindorel:
"Suila mainan, stay a moment and lend me your ear, Edan. It deserves to be left alone."
(199) Rynn: "Almeena is the name. She sent her forces to this castle. Now what I heard of Almeena rubbed me the wrong way, so I thought I'd see who the other side was in case I could hire myself out. After I overheard where they were really going, I couldn't help but run ahead."
(184) Kha:
"I am not going anywhere until my friends get here"
(195) DM:
The halls seem to be empty. (rest of the group)
** (185) Git glances back to Rynn, raising a brow, "So, you followed, deserted and got caught infiltrating a place that had nothing to do with you?" **
(196) Agatha:
"Looks like this level's clear."
(185) Git:
(wanna FF level by level until we find survivors or reach Kha?)
(195) DM:
(187) Berard:
(Or what's left of him?)
(195) DM:
(196) Agatha:
(( good to me, but I'm not one of them actually RPing. ))
** (199) Rynn laughs, "Yes, that's it exactly. Are you saying you have a deeper agenda?" **
(195) DM:
The creature looks up at Kha, its tentacles quivering, though it collapses weakly against its manacles.
(185) Git:
:shrugs: "A bit, though I guess weve imposed ourselves as well."
(184) Kha:
"So whats an Eater of Thoughts?" ** heads over to its cell ** "Can you talk?"
(195) DM:
It gurgles a response that seems to be unintelligible. Perhaps if you stepped closer...
(185) Git:
"So, where are you from that you are so willing to risk your life in such a place? Poor home life, or just didn't feel challenged enough?"
** (195) Sindorel falls silent as he watches Kha. **
(184) Kha:
"Looks and sounds too weak to talk." ** heads back to the elves cell ** "So where can you guide us?"
(199) Rynn: "I spent my life moving to larger cities for work, then living like a queen in the poor corners of the countryside before I have to go back, I was looking for mercinary work when this caught my interest. Next thing I knew I picked a fight with a knight and was in manacles shortly after. Then you and the tall man saved me."
(195) Annuminariel:
"My apologies. I am Annuminariel, second-sister to Arasthalion. Choose one of us if you wish, Edan, and we can guide you to whereever you wish to go. We know the secret ways of the land, that no Edan walks."
(195) Annuminariel:
"Though we are sworn not to enter the places where Edanim gather, places of stone wrenched from the earth that cries out in pain, we can lead you there with the speed of the wind. Are we not of the Asta'rhimm?"
(185) Git:
"Ah, high risk employment. Well, I suppose that is as valid a reason as any. And what do you plan to do now that the job is done with?"
(199) Rynn: "I've never had one end on this strange of a foot. What I need is friends and you've already helped me once, I don't want to wait to see if that happens with the next person."
(195) Sindorel:
"An eater-of-thoughts is a thing of evil that lives in the lands below. It consumes thoughts and..." (shakes violently) "your insides."
(184) Kha:
"Oh that sounds interesting. Though I dont know where we want to go, I think we we need to go kill the lord in Suderham, since he bought the son of one of my friends."
(185) Git:
:raises a brow at Rynn: "Are you insinuating something?"
(195) Sindorel:
"It is a thing of Tenerael Undol, she who led the ilythi'iri astray many an Age ago."
(195) Arasthalion:
"Suderham is many many leagues to the south of this place, Edan." (quietly)
(199) Rynn: "That depends, do you do things like this often?"
(195) Arasthalion:
"It will take a long time to travel there, for no sla-mori exists within days of its place."
(185) Git:
"Search for brainwashed children in Castles of Death..? No this is a new one I think."
(184) Kha:
"Wonder how Thoughts can feed you, the insides part I can understand."
(195) Annuminariel:
"An eater-of-thoughts can enslave with a mere word. The wise Edan and Quessir does not dare face it alone."
(205) Teece (exit): 00:22
(185) Git:
"However.. we do have odd proclivities for finding our way into complicated and dangerous situations."
(199) Rynn: "If you have to go that far into detail to find a difference in this situation, I'd say so."
(185) Git:
:shrugs: "Alright, to be vague, we are adventurers of sorts."
(195) DM:
The elves observe you silently as they are slowly freed of their shackles.
** (184) Kha scratches his head "I wonder if I can use that magic the 'Goddess' used to enslave the children to make the Thought Eater friendly until it is back in it's home." **
(184) Kha:
(( Git and the others made it down? ))
(195) DM:
** (185) Git finally makes his way through the basement toward the prison area, after a tedious search. **
** (199) Rynn jogs behind **
(217) Nobody but us bugbears in this cave... (enter): 00:34
(185) Git:
:blinks at noticing Kha still where he said he'd be: "You stayed?"
** (196) Agatha reaches Kha with the others, slight surprise on her face to find that Kha stayed put. **
(184) Kha:
"Ahh hello Git, Found some prisoners. Didnt want to leave them since you knew where I was."
(195) DM:
Several green elves are here, stretching and lounging in their cell as they watch you warily.
(185) Git:
(they free of their cells?)
(184) Kha:
(( unless they got out themselves no ))
(195) DM:
(Kha freed them as best as he could)
(195) DM:
(it took him a long time which partially explains how you got down there and he's still there.)
(185) Git:
:strolling past Kha, patting him on the shoulder: "Good boy, you're learning. We'll buy you a toy later for your good behavior." :moves to the cell doors to check on the inhabitants. He offers a respectable bow to the elves, citing in their tongue, "Good day,cousins."
(195) Arasthalion:
"We welcome you. I am Arasthalion of the Asta'rhimm. This is my second-sister, Annuminariel, and my first-brother, Sindorel."
(195) Arasthalion:
"Your friend, that Edan, freed us from our imprisonment."
** (184) Kha shakes his head and goes ove to the Trolls Cell "You think you can break out of here on your own?" **
(195) DM:
It grunts and bellows curiously.
(195) Sindorel:
"He" (points to Kha) "is a strange one. He wishes to free a cave troll and an eater-of-thoughts."
(185) Git:
:nods, replying in elven: "Ah.. he has his uses at times. Usually when something needs to be blown up. Are you all well?"
(195) Sindorel:
"Were you not here, he might be dead now."
** (195) Annuminariel nods. "Suila mainan, we are well. Willl you not stay and lend me your ear?" **
(185) Git:
"Well.. I can't babysit him all the time."
** (185) Git nods to Annuminariel. **
(185) Git:
(is the cell door open though?)
(195) DM:
(yes and it's a sloppy job)
** (199) Rynn seems to take the most interest in the Troll and and eater-of-thoughts. **
** (184) Kha leaves and heads to the closes storage room and gathers alot of food before returning to the Cells **
(195) Annuminariel:
"The lesson of Pelindos Natarion demands that for a gift given, a gift is exchanged. Choose one of us, if you wish, that we might guide you to whereever you wish to go."
(217) Nobody but us bugbears in this cave... (exit): 00:46
(195) DM:
Both are shackled tightly and manacled.
(185) Git:
"That is generous of you. And we would be thankful for your aid. Which of you is the best guide?"
(187) Berard:
:to Kha: "You were going to let these..." :gestres to the troll and thought-eater: "out?"
(195) Sindorel:
"We each have gifts of our own. I am somewhat skilled in the art of the bow and the spear."
(195) Annuminariel:
"I have skills with woodlore, herbs and healing."
(184) Kha:
"Yes, they dont deserve to be in the Cell's any more then the elves do"
(195) Arasthalion:
"I know the ways of old, the heart of the earth and the tongues of beasts."
(187) Berard:
"I can respect that philosophy, but how did you hope to survive the experience?"
(195) Illuene:
"Pentammil Verisa has blessed me with the song of birds and the song of swords."
(184) Kha:
"Kill them if they try to kill me, Let themm live and leave if they dont. Fairly simple."
(185) Git:
:sighs: "Alright, Kha.. you can free them... as soon as the rest of us are clear of the castle, deal?"
(184) Kha:
((HP: 54 / 108))
(199) Rynn: "Well it is simple, you could also weaken the cells. The large one could probably break out on its own after we move on."
(184) Kha:
"That was the Plan."
(185) Git:
"Whatever.. the point is, no freeing man eating creatures until the innocent bystanders are clear."
(187) Berard:
"Lest the bystanders become lunch."
(184) Kha:
"I figured I would sleep in one of the storage rooms and free them after I am all rested. Fixing those children drained me."
(199) Rynn: :laughs: "Always a good rule of thumb."
** (184) Kha tosses the food he gathered into the Trolls Cell "Eat, if you are hungry" **
(195) DM:
It devours it and rails against its chains.
(187) Berard:
"Wasn't that food rotten?"
(185) Git:
:turns back to the elves: "Anyway... we would not ask you to fight our battles, so Sindorel, your spear is not needed. Arasthalion, I don't plan on spending much time conversing of the land and spirits, though I appreciate the offer. Since we must see a herd of weary children through the wilderness,and I worry for their health, Annuminariel, I think your skills would be of great assistance. If you would..."
(184) Kha:
"It's a Troll, I doubt it will care."
(195) Annuminariel:
"I would be honored, by the light of Elantir."
** (195) Annuminariel turns to face Arasthalion. "Suila mainan, second-brother, lead them to our lands and may Elantir guide you home." **
** (185) Git gives a slight grin and snicker at the mention of Elantir. With practiced ease he places his hands of his heart in a respectable bow to the elves, "Yes, may her star show you safe passage." **
(195) DM:
She lays her left hand on his heart and kisses him on both cheeks, then turns to Git. "If you would give me clothing, I can see myself out of this place."
(185) Git:
"Well.. I have a ridiclously flamboyant golden robe and matching ermine cloak.. not sure the warmth they'll offer though."
(185) Git:
(were there bedrooms with wardrobes/dressers.etc?)
(195) DM:
(only one bedroom and that was Talakara's)
(184) Kha:
(( AFK for a smoke ))
(185) Git:
"Would you care to take a trip upstairs to see what the Lady of the abode had available?"
(195) DM:
(we can probably stop here then)
(195) DM:
I'm not going to run the overland trip -- I'll just assume you eventually make your way to Safeton and resume there next session.
(185) Git:
(195) DM:
however it'll help if you have a plan as to what you want to do once there
(195) DM:
we could probably use this time between now and 3 am to discuss that OOC of course

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