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(4894) TaliesinNYC: Recap: (3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "My name, O Pharoah Who

(4894) TaliesinNYC: Recap: (3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "My name, O Pharoah Who Sits in Judgment Over the Unfaithful, is Mesaj al-Jabari ibh Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel. I live but to serve the wants and needs of the Goddess."
** (3550) Mesaj turns to Git and bows low. "Long have I pined over my station that I must serve the Goddess, O Most Noble and Esteemed Prince! These fiends are the greatest foes imprisoned by the Goddess and deserve her wrath!" **
(3567) Git: "Yes, but specifically, who are they?"
(3550) Mesaj: "There is a troll whose name is not important. A mindless creature who seeks nothing but food and destruction."
(3550) Mesaj: "An eater-of-thoughts, which you would do well to leave well enough alone."
** (3572) Agatha exchanges a glance with Kha. **
(3550) Mesaj: "A tribe of wise ones who have been suitably punished by the Goddess for daring to steal knowledge from her sanctuary."
(3560) Kha: "You serve this Goddess willingly? Oh the eater of thoughts, we need to talk to him."
(3568) Berard: "How did a master of the winds such as yourself come to serve in this place, far from the open skies?"
(3550) Mesaj: "This insignificant spirit lives to serve the will of the Goddess!"
(3550) Mesaj: "I am but an unworthy servant of the Goddess who reigns over all. She summoned me and bound me to her service." (bows to Berard)
** (3550) Mesaj apologoizes profusely to Kha. "I beg of you, O Esteemed and Most Noble Personage, not to talk to the eater-of-thoughts, lest I prevent you by injuring you. Such is my duty!" **
(3568) Berard: "And, if I may be so bold as to inquire, what are the terms of your diligent service?"
(3560) Kha: "Can we free you of her service?"
(3550) Mesaj: "Should you find it within yourself to slay the Goddess, then I will be freed of my servitude."
(3550) Mesaj: "But I am an unworthy spirit."
(3572) Agatha: "Slay Talakara? Oh there's a rosy thought."
** (3550) Mesaj flies over to a sealed pair of double doors that leads out of the chamber and interposes himself between them and you. **
(3560) Kha: "Noone deserves to be bound into service. Where is Talakara?"
(3567) Git: "Ok.. what if you talk to him for us?"
(3567) Git: "Is that against your orders?
(3550) Mesaj: "Within her sanctuary, high above this place. It is not given for me, this insignifcant spirit to know of where Her Grace does reign."
(3550) Mesaj: "I....I suppose I can."
(3567) Git: "Great" :looks to Kha: "Ask away."
** (3560) Kha nods "Ask the thought eater if he knows" ** looks to Agatha ** "Whats your sons name?" **
(3572) Agatha: "What?! What makes you think this thing knows a scrap about my boy?"
** (3550) Mesaj unlocks the double doors reluctantly as he glances suspiciously at you. **
(3550) DM: It seems to be the first time that he's lost his fawning demeanor, though in a flash, it returns swiftly.
** (3560) Kha waits where he is, not wanting to provoke the Djann **
(3560) Kha: "Just a guess Agatha, whats his name?"
(3572) Agatha: "You're asking me to put my faith in a damned thought-eater? I don't even know what a thought-eater is!"
(3560) Kha: "Dont care what one is. What can it hurt to ask?"
(3572) Agatha: "I've got a better question first. Does the thought-eater know where we might find a dead knight, a high-ranking servant to the Goddess?"
(3560) Kha: "That works as well."
(3550) DM: The djann floats inside the gaol chamber and heads over to a locked door that has a single barred window in it.
(3550) DM: Mesaj turns around expectantly.
** (3572) Agatha looks at the djann "Well? Go ahead at the godforsaken thing if it knows anything about a high-ranking dead knight that serves the goddess. Ask if it knows where the knight resides." **
(3572) Agatha: ((go ahead and ask the*))
** (3550) Mesaj floats over to the barred window and whispers inside. **
(3550) DM: The djann looks at you slyly and exclaims, "O Most Noble and Esteemed Personages! The eater-of-thoughts appears to be asleep."
(3550) Mesaj: "It is most definitely asleep."
(3568) Berard: :quietly to the others: "Do we have specific business with this eater-of-thoughts?"
** (3550) Mesaj peers into the barred window and recoils ever so silgihtly, a look of thinly veiled disgust ingrained on his handsome face. **
** (3572) Agatha whispers back. "Only Kha it seems. I'd rather have nothing to do with it. If it can eat thoughts, then it must also read them to see what it's eating, right?" **
(3572) Agatha: "It's bad enough the djann knows. It's bound to report us to the Goddess when called on. Mesaj has no choice."
** (3560) Kha shrugs "If he eats thoughts, I figure he might remember those thoughts." **
(3568) Berard: "Then I suggest we leave the djinn to his duties and return once our other errands have been accomplished. Right now, the djinn has no reason to volunteer any information..."
** (3560) Kha looks to Mesaj "Oh well guess you dont have to wake him, mind if we use the stairs here?" **
(3550) Mesaj: "By all means, O Most Esteemed and Noble Lion of Tomorrow!"
(3550) DM: Two archways can be seen, each leading to a circular chamber. Within each, to the north and to the south can be seen a flight of spiral stairs leading up.
** (3560) Kha enters the room and heads over to the (( [1d2] => [2] = (2) => [1] => 1 = (1) 1 stairs to 22, 2 to 22a )) **
** (3560) Kha starts up the stairs **
** (3568) Berard bows to the djinn. "Perhaps someday we shall meet again, spirit of the air, when you are once more at liberty. Until then, good day." **
** (3572) Agatha stops before she follows the others. "Mesaj, how long have you served the Goddess?" **
(3550) Mesaj: "Time has no meaning to me, O Most Esteemed Lioness of Tomorrow!"
(3550) Mesaj: "I live but to serve She Who Reigns Over All!"
** (3560) Kha looks around the room the stairs let out on **
(3550) DM: The stairs ascend into darkness. Shadows shroud the passage.
(3550) DM: There is a landing halfway up and an archway that looks out into a circular chamber. A door stands closed in one wall. Skeletons stand at the ready, armed with bows in front of arrow slits. They do not appear to notice you yet...
(3550) DM: (3 skeletons)
(3572) Agatha: "Hmm. We'll have to fix that, but I'm afraid not today. Be well, djann. Tell no one of our passing, as far as it is in your power."
** (3572) Agatha rushes upstairs to catch up with the others. **
** (3567) Git follows up after Aggy **
** (3560) Kha walks up to the closest skeleton and attempts to cuts it's bow string **
(3550) DM: (init)
(3560) Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26) => [12,7] => (12, 7) = (19)
(3567) Git: init: [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17) => [11,4] => (11, 4) = (15)
(3572) Agatha: init: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13) => [6,3] => (6, 3) = (9)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] => [18,9] = (27) => [8,9] => (8, 9) = (17)
(3568) Berard: Init [1d20] => [11] = (11) => [8] => 8 = (8)
(3550) DM: (19, Kha)
** (3560) Kha attempts to cut the bow string **
(3560) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28) => [14,8] => (14, 8) = (22) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [1,1,4] => (1, 1, 4) = (6) => [3,1,4] => (3, 1, 4) = (8)
(3560) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+13] => [7,13] = (20) => [6,13] => (6, 13) = (19) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [6,1,4] => (6, 1, 4) = (11) => [6,1,4] = (11)
(3550) DM: As your companion attempts to slice through one of the bows, as one, all three skeletons pivot around and fire.
(3550) DM: Each of their eye sockets gleams with a burning crimson glare.
(3560) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+13] => [6,13] = (19) => [17,13] => (17, 13) = (30) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [1,1,4] = (6) => [4,1,4] => (4, 1, 4) = (9)
(3550) DM: (but you must give me time to type. ^^)
(3550) DM: (miss, AC 27 and 24)
(3560) Kha: (( 2 hits, I didnt cut the bow string? ))
(3550) DM: One of the bows crumbles to a heap.
(3550) DM: ((yes you did. that's why there was a miss.))
(3560) Kha: (( Ahh ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8+2] => [3,2] = (5) => [8,2] => (8, 2) = (10),[1d8+2] => [6,2] = (8) => [2,2] => (2, 2) = (4)
(3550) DM: (15, Git)
** (3567) Git heads off in the opposite direction from Kha, aiming for one of the skeletons with a still functional bow, introducing himself blade first **
(3567) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword Attack Roll: [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21) => [17,9] => (17, 9) = (26) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [4,3,0] = (7) => [2,3,0] => (2, 3, 0) = (5)
(3567) Git: (+2 dmg for favored enemy, 7)
(3550) DM: (Your strike, while it hit, does not appear to have injured it much.)
(3550) DM: (9, Ag)
** (3572) Agatha drops her broadsword and draws her greataxe as she heads for the remaining archer. In a white flash, Agatha unleashes Bar'eth-el in an upwards slash. ((power attack)) **
(3572) Agatha: power attack 5: [1d20+13] => [13,13] = (26) => [14,13] => (14, 13) = (27)
(3572) Agatha: dmg: [1d12+6+2+4+5] => [2,6,2,4,5] = (19) => [1,6,2,4,5] => (1, 6, 2, 4, 5) = (18)
(3550) DM: Although one thighbone shatters, the blow does not appear to have injured the skeleton much.
(3568) Berard: (8, Berard!)
** (3568) Berard moves into the room trying to cover as many people as possible with his ward. (10'r) **
(3568) Berard: (( (Done. Can I cover everyone?) ))
(3550) DM: ((yes))
(3568) Berard: (( +2 AC, +2 saves ))
(3550) DM: ((though the room is 50' diameter. I'm assuming people are bunched together though.))
(3550) DM: (19, Kha)
** (3560) Kha strikes out at the skeleton now that its weapon is gone **
(3560) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+13] => [7,13] = (20) => [18,13] => (18, 13) = (31) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [1,1,4] = (6) => [3,1,4] => (3, 1, 4) = (8)
(3560) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28) => [15,8] => (15, 8) = (23) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [5,1,4] = (10) => [1,1,4] = (6)
(3550) DM: It crumbles to dust.
(3550) DM: (15, Git)
** (3567) Git keeps his new friend busy **
(3567) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword Attack Roll: [1d20+9] => [8,9] = (17) => [10,9] => (10, 9) = (19) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [4,3,0] = (7) => [2,3,0] => (2, 3, 0) = (5)
(3567) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword(2nd) Attack Roll: [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15) => [10,4] => (10, 4) = (14) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [3,3,0] = (6) => [5,3,0] => (5, 3, 0) = (8)

(4894) TaliesinNYC: (from last session)
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whispering to Dave, we'll get back to you as far as the interview is concerned but I can tell you that most of the players like you
whispering to Dave, I'll let you know after tonight one way or another. Most likely you'll get in. I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't.
(4894) DM: (so when last we left off, there was a combat between a few skeletons. use the init from last session detailed above.)
(4894) DM: (you're in room 22)
(4924) Dj Gilcrease: (( no it's Agathas turn ))
(4924) Dj Gilcrease: (( err *so ))
(4894) DM: (9, Ag)
** (4900) Agatha continues to slam on the skelton she attacked. (Power attack 5 still) **
(4900) Agatha: [1d20+13] => [5,13] = (18)
(4900) Agatha: (( Just copying move last seesion for now. :P ))
(4894) DM: (Brief description: a shadow shrouded tower chamber, from which are three arrow slits. in front of a couple are a pair of skeletons. their bones glow a dull red, and one wields a shortbow. A door (not clearly shown on the map) stands closed. A flight of spiral stone stairs leads up.))
(4894) DM: (the arrow slits clearly demonstrate that it's deepest night outside.)
(4894) DM: It evades your attack with clumsy movements.
(4894) DM: (8, Ber)
** (4923) Berard clumsily pulls out his rarely-used knife and circles around behind the skeleton Git is fighting. **
(4923) Berard: (( Move into position to give Git a flanking bonus. Done. ))
(4923) Berard: (( Everyone is still +2 AC, +2 saves. ))
(4894) DM: (19, Kha)
** (4924) Dj Gilcrease smiles as the skeleton crumbles and moves to the one Agatha is attacking **
(4924) Dj Gilcrease: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+13] => [4,13] = (17) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [3,1,4] = (8)
(4894) DM: Again, your attack doesn't connect with it.
(4894) DM: The skeleton that Kha moves against drops it's bow (aoo if applicable) and unsheathes a dull red short sword.
(4924) Dj Gilcrease: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+13] => [16,13] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [2,1,4] = (7)
(4900) Agatha: AOO: [1d20+13] => [17,13] = (30)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13)
(4900) Agatha: Damage: [1d12+12+5] => [6,12,5] = (23)
(4894) DM: It's twin attempts to slash at Agatha but misses. (AOO strikes.)
(4894) DM: Your riposte slams home through a few bones, and knocks a few chips loose but does not seem to slow it down much.
(4894) DM: Agatha's attack on the other hand, causes it to crumble to dust.
(4894) DM: (15, Git)
** (4902) Git trie sto put the flanking to good use **
(4902) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword Attack Roll: [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [9,3,0] = (12)
(4902) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword(2nd) Attack Roll: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [9,3,0] = (12)
(4902) Git: (and fails miserably)
(4894) DM: (9, Ag)
(4900) Agatha: (( how far apart were the last two skeletons? As in, how far is the remaining one from Ag? ))
(4894) DM: (The chamber is about 30' in diameter)
(4894) DM: (so not very far apart)
(4894) DM: (melee range.)
(4900) Agatha: (( close enough for a 5' step and full attack? ))
(4900) Agatha: (( k ))
(4894) DM: (more than enough)
** (4900) Agatha turns to the last skeleton and swings her battleaxe quickly. **
(4900) Agatha: Power attack 5: [1d20+13] => [2,13] = (15) and [1d20+8] => [2,8] = (10)
(4894) DM: (make that 50', sorry. needed to take another look at the map, but still more than enough room.)
(4894) DM: (and both miss)
(4894) DM: (8, Ber)
** (4923) Berard takes a swing: [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4) **
(4894) DM: (19, Kha)
** (4924) Dj Gilcrease steps over to the final skeleton and strikes out **
(4924) Dj Gilcrease: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [1,1,4] = (6)
(4924) Dj Gilcrease: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+13] => [8,13] = (21) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [3,1,4] = (8)
(4894) DM: The skeleton crumbles to dust, the sword it held clatters to the floor.
** (4924) Kha gathers a few of the arrows, then looks around the room **
(4923) Berard: "All things considered, this has gone a little too well."
(4894) DM: The tower chamber is otherwise still, albeit draped in shadows.
(4894) DM: A chill breeze flits through the arrow slits, as if slowly caressing your backsides, then is gone.
** (4900) Agatha replaces her battleaxe and moves to collect the broadsword she dropped earlier. **
(4923) Berard: "Kha, when you were scrying earlier, you did not see into this part of the castle correct?"
(4924) Kha: "Correct"
(4923) Berard: "Would you know if the spider-witch you saw was spying on us?"
(4924) Kha: "If I was holding the source of my power I might detect it, or if she was close."
(4923) Berard: "I can't help but wonder if we are walking into a trap."
(4924) Kha: "I figure we are, but not much we can do about it
(4923) Berard: :looks over at Git: "Then I suppose this door is next?"
** (4902) Git sighs, stepping over to the door. "I suppose so." :goes to work searching the door: **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] => [8,12] = (20),[1d20+9] => [18,9] = (27),[1d20+14] => [5,14] = (19)
** (4900) Agatha sheathes the broadsword and draws her axe back out again while Git works on the door. She swings a couple times, making sure the balance still feels right. **
whispering to Lunauc, it doesn't appear to be trapped, it's not locked and you don't seem to detect much noise outside.
whispering to Lunauc, It is however, quite dark outside given that it's in the middle of the night.
(4924) Kha: (( AFK to make some food ))
(4902) Git: :steps back from the door: "Heh... it's unlocked."
** (4894) DM found the F2 macro key **
** (4902) Git opens the door cautiously **
(4894) DM: There's a courtyard outside. All is silent...
(4894) DM: A perimeter wall separates this tower spire and a covered vestibule from the main structure of Caer Thorne, some distance away. A pair of double doors stands closed in the middle of the main keep. The castle towers over you, several stories high. A stable is some feet to your left.
(4894) DM: Shadows veil the entire place, shrouding the walls and grounds in gloom.
(4902) Git: (are we in the inner court?)
(4894) DM: Overhead, Beviir shines dimly, hidden as it is by clouds.
(4894) DM: (you're looking out on 23)
** (4924) Kha heads across the grounds **
** (4902) Git takes a moment to eye the sky and surroundings for movement before heading across the yard **
** (4923) Berard trails after Git. **
** (4900) Agatha sets his battleaxe back in place, but in easy reach and follows along. **
(4900) Agatha: (( *her ))
(4894) DM: There seem to be very little in the way of guards about.
(4894) DM: A pair of heavy wooden doors stands closed in the middle of a massive stone wall.
** (4902) Git moves across the yard to the massive doors, checking it over for traps, and then checking it a second time, just in case... **
** (4924) Kha steps aside to let Git check the doors **
(4894) DM: You have just entered what appears to be the inner ward of Caer Thorne. The courtyard is paved and roughly triangular in shape, with a tower at the opposite corners and the gatehouse behind you at another. There is a long wooden structure leaning against the inner curtain wall to your left. The huge keep looms up in front of you, behind some forebuildings. The only apparent access to the keep seems to be through a set of double doors in the wall, 100' across the yard.
** (4900) Agatha remains back, giving Git room to work. She uses the time to scan the skies and walls instead. **
(4894) DM: The battlements, 20' up are crenellated on both sides of the wall walk, and the towers and gatehouse are pierced by many dark arrow slits. All of the fortifications appear to be in good shape, but the whole area seems to be deserted.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] => [19,12] = (31),[1d20+9] => [11,9] = (20),[1d20+14] => [7,14] = (21)
whispering to Lunauc, It's locked all right, but you don't think it's trapped and you can't seem to hear anything beyond.
** (4902) Git gets out his lock picks and goes to work, advising the others in a whisper, "If you see anything scary coming down on us.. warn me." **
(4924) Kha: "Will do."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] => [12,12] = (24)
whispering to Lunauc, it seems to open fairly easily...too easily...
** (4902) Git gorans uncomfortably. Stepping back from the doors, he stairs at them a moment, before offering, "I have a bad feeling going into this." :glances to Kha: "Door's open." **
** (4924) Kha opens the door **
(4932) Elyas (enter): 00:04
(4894) DM: As you peer through the doors, the entryway looks out onto a completely bizarre environment. An unending gray void spreads out in all directions. Thick, tornado-like whirlwinds twist slowly at incredible distances, extending from ahead of you...
(4932) Elyas (exit): 00:04
** (4900) Agatha looks into the mist, then steps back to look over the wall to the keep behind it. **
** (4924) Kha heads though the door "Interesting landscape." **
(4902) Git: "Yeah, I really have to get the name of his designer. What an excellent use of space."
(4923) Berard: :hisses to Git: "Does he have no sense of self-preservation?"
(4934) Dave (enter): 00:08
** (4900) Agatha chuckles under her breath at Bernard's comment. **
(4902) Git: "No.. just figures he Fate promises him immortality."
(4923) Berard: "Tch. There is no such state. Death comes to all things."
(4894) DM: A silvery cord appears attached to Kha's side, as if anchoring him to a point not discernible to most of you. Around him stretches a vast gray void, to infinity.
(4894) DM: A path of gray stone appears briefly out of thin air and fades into the distance.
** (4924) Kha spins around rapidly with one arm pointing out, but stops as he sees the path apear **
(4902) Git: :calls to Kha: "Still alive?"
** (4924) Kha starts off down the path **
(4924) Kha: "You comeing or not?"
(4902) Git: "I'm thinking about it." :takes a moment before following after Kha:
** (4900) Agatha sighs and follows the pair. **
** (4923) Berard mutters a brief pair and heads out as well. **
(4923) Berard: (( pair = prayer ))
** (4924) Kha walks along singing ((Follow the Yellow brick road, just calling it the Grey brick road)) **
(4894) DM: The doors behind you swing shut with an ominous click and disappear, cutting you off from the courtyard. Silver cords trail behind each of you, stretching and intertwining backward into infinity.
(4894) DM: You realize you are still standing on a path of gray stone that extends to your right and to your left before it fades into oblivion.
(4894) DM: A few seconds pass, and a chunk of void coalesces into the rough dark outline of a man....
(4924) Kha: "Follow the path to the end, or wander off and get lost."
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(4923) Berard: "What path?"
(4938) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(4894) TaliesinNYC' from room...
(4894) TaliesinNYC (exit): 00:18
** (4924) Kha points to the gray stone path he is following **
(4938) DM: You realize you are still standing on a path of gray stone that extends to your right and to your left before it fades into oblivion.
(4938) DM: A few seconds pass, and a chunk of void coalesces into the rough dark outline of a man....
** (4900) Agatha resists the temptation to play with the cord and just follows Kha down the path. **
** (4924) Kha stops and looks at the outline of a man "Hello."

(4938) Voice: "Welcome, adventurers."
(4938) DM: The creature of darkness beckons to you.
(4902) Git: "Hello, strange shadowy figure."
(4938) Voice: "My master is expecting you. Please follow me, and stay on the path."
** (4924) Kha shrugs and follows **
(4924) Kha: "Are you the one who send the wonderfull invetation of black roses?"
** (4900) Agatha pauses a moment, but then follows Kha. **
(4923) Berard: "This can't possibly go well."
(4938) Voice: "My master serves the lord of Caer Thorne. He sent you the roses."
(4902) Git: "And you are..?"
(4924) Kha: "Ahh good."
(4938) DM: The shadow turns to you and peers at you, its' crimson eyes narrowed to mere slits.
(4938) Voice: "I am but a humble servant. My name, such as it is, is not important."
(4902) Git: "That's hardly fair. You know our names, I assume, but we don't know yours."
(4938) The shadow: "I was told to expect you. I am but a mere servant under the lord of the Keep."
(4934) Dave (exit): 00:30
(4938) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(4895) Dave' from room...
(4895) Dave (exit): 00:31
(4902) Git: "Right then.. lead the way, please."
** (4938) The shadow turns to lead the way, and stops in front of a door covered in frescoes that depict the Day of Judgment in Kern, by the goddess Talakara. **
** (4938) The shadow bows deeply in front of Git. "Please enter and may the Goddess be with you in your secret heart of hearts." **
(4902) Git: :grins: "I only have one heart.. and she's not invited."
** (4924) Kha heads though the door **
** (4902) Git heads in after Kha(the guinea pig) **
** (4923) Berard stays within 10' of Git. **
** (4900) Agatha takes the rear position. **
(4941) No Name (enter): 00:38
(4938) The shadow: The walls of the chamber beyond are garishly decorated with frescoes depicting the generosity of the goddess Talakara in judging the people of Kern, either with mercy or with righteous fire. A tall, svelte, blonde woman with wide blue eyes sits behind a desk covered with neatly stacked papers and a large book. She looks up at you and smiles broadly, winking lascvicously at Git.
(4938) The shadow: She appears to be dressed in a short black dress and stockings. Something clanks around her neck but you're unable to determine what it is at this distance.
(4924) Kha: "Hello."
** (4902) Git raises a brow at the woman, whispering to Kha: "You're undead knight is prettier than I thought he'd be." **
(4938) DM: (whoops)
** (4924) Kha laughs at Git **
(4938) Angelica: "Greetings, and welcome to Caer Thorne."
(4938) Angelica: "My my, what broad shoulders you have." (looks appraisingly at Kha and winks)
(4902) Git: "Yes.. it's a pleasure to be here." :makes his way casully toward the desk, trying to catch a glimpse at what is around her neck.: "And you are...?"
(4938) DM: She ignores Agatha thoroughly, instead gazing at Berard with undisguised longing while surreptitiously looking at him up and down as if appraising a side of beef.
** (4924) Kha raises one eyebrow, then diggs into his pack and pulls out one of the black roses and tosses it to Angelica "Thank you for the oh so plesant invatation." **
** (4900) Agatha glares at the woman. **
(4938) Angelica: "My name is Angelica, but you can just call me Angel." (smiles sweetly at Git, making sure to show more cleavage in her dress)
** (4923) Berard frowns disapprovingly **
(4938) DM: A faint flash of silver gleams in the chamber's light.
(4902) Git: :returns a mild grin: "Well.. Angel... would you be the one who invited us?"
** (4938) Angelica glances at the rose and winks at Kha. "There are more where those came from." She sighs with an adoring look at Berard. "What can I do for you?" (breathlessly) **
(4924) Kha: "I know, thats one I picked from downstairs. I burned the other two I recived."
(4938) DM: She turns to Git and croons softly, "I? I serve the Goddess with humility. My master summoned you to Caer Thorne. He sent the roses."
(4902) Git: "Ah.. and you are.. the receptionist then?"
(4924) Kha: "Well then send us to your master and stop wasting out time."
** (4938) Angelica nods at Git. "Why yes, indeed." (lets slip a flash of breast) "Won't you like some tea? Or me?" **
whispering to Lunauc, spot
(4902) Git: :lets slip a slight chuckle, "I'm afraid we don't have th time just now, Angel, may we see your Master first?"
(4902) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19)
(4938) DM: She pouts, a slight frown crossing her face.
(4902) Git: :leans in to whisper: "My friend's are getting rather frustrated I'm afraid."
(4938) Angelica: "I'm VERY good, I assure you. I am well versed in the Eightfold Dance of Manifold Pleasures and a well-trained sword dancer in my time."
(4938) Angelica: "Oh her? What does she know of the art of pleasure?" (jerks her hand at Agatha)
whispering to Lunauc, She seems to be wearing a necklace from which hang three keys -- two small and one large, gem encrusted key.
** (4900) Agatha continues to glare at Angelica, obviously not amused. **
(4902) Git: :archs a brow: "Well... I do hope I get an opportunity to test your skills. But I'm afraid Lady Agatha is not the only one lacking humor at the moment. I hope a cultured Lady like your self will understand."
** (4938) Angelica laughs coquettishly. "I'm sure I could talk to a friend of mine who might teach an old dog new tricks." **
(4938) DM: She sighs with thinly veiled desire, then glances up and down at Kha. "So manly..."
** (4938) Angelica thrusts a large leatherbound book at Kha and opens it to a crisp, unadorned page. "Please....sign here." **
** (4924) Kha flips back a page before signing it **
(4938) DM: There are rows and rows of names, each crossed out/
(4938) Angelica: "Oh those? They were tried by my master. They tried and failed, and died."
** (4924) Kha flips back to the page she opened it to and signs the top of the page **
(4938) Angelica: "You are strong, and powerful and have risked much to come here. You will not fail me." (sighs)
(4902) Git: "Fail you...? You have some personal stake in this matter?"
** (4938) Angelica glances around her fearfully, as if someone might overhear her, then looks at Git. Whatever momentary self-doubt might have crossed her mind is gone now. "Oh, did I say that? I meant you are the bravest I have met." **
(4902) Git: "I see.. so... are you a servant of Talakara as well? Or simply the servant of your master?"
(4938) Angelica: "I...serve the Goddess in all her glory." (winks at Git)
(4902) Git: :grins: "And I'd love to see that."
(4902) Git: Sense Motive Skill Check: [1d20+6] => [4,6] = (10)
(4902) Git: "So.. your Master makes a habit of inviting warriors to come challenge him?"
(4924) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(4900) Agatha: (( sounds good, while Git 'chats up' the secretary. ))
(4938) Angelica: "He summons those who have the means and the will to defeat him, ays."
(4938) Angelica: "You are famed throughout the land for having defeated a vizier of fire and flame."
(4902) Git: "Dangerous hobby.He must be very confident."
(4938) Angelica: "If in fact you are the same heroes the bards speak of."
(4938) Angelica: "None who have come to Caer Thorne have yet defeated him." (seems as if she is about to smother Git in her bodice and leans back)
(4902) Git: "Hmmm... guess he's reached that point in his undead life where other less lethal practices lose their appeal." :hooks an arm around her waist: "No wonder such lovely assistant is left wanting. I'm sorry for your plight."
** (4902) Git stares down her cleavage unveiled(and considering stealing her keys) **
** (4900) Agatha alters her glare back and forth between Angelica and Git. **
(4902) Git: "So.. where is Old Wrinkly now?"
** (4938) Angelica offers the book to Agatha, while speaking to Git. "Well, if you like, we could retire to my chambers." **
** (4900) Agatha looks down at the book and signs her name under Kha's. **
(4902) Git: :smiles brightly: "If I survive this meeting with your Master, it should be an interesting celebration."
** (4938) Angelica offers the book to Berard. "Oh! I concur most certainly." **
** (4938) Angelica smiles and nods eagerly. **
(4938) DM: ((and I'm fading, not to mention it's almost time for me to call it tonight since I need to get up in 6 hours.))
** (4923) Berard scrawls something vaguely name-like in the book. **
(4902) Git: "What do you know? Found a reason to fight him after all."

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