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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(3550) TaliesinNYC: Recap: (50) Agatha: "Well done."
(43) DM: A brass ring can be seen at the base of one of her scaly hands.
** (50) Agatha looks to Kha. "Are you alright lad? **
** (44) Kha wraps his leg as he focuses on himself ""Oneiros, The Lord of Fate, I beg of you, plead with Teleute that these wounds not be fatal." **
(43) DM: The snake whip for its part is still active, though lessening with each passing second.
** (48) Git removes the ring, lookign it over in appraisal. "Neat toy." Then he goes about seeking anything else on her person. **
(44) Kha: "I'll be fine."
** (50) Agatha shrugs as Kha patches himself up. **
** (44) Kha kneels down and picks up the snake whip "Wonder if it will stay alive." **
** (50) Agatha turns to look over the body. "I can't believe the medusa is actually real." **
(48) Git: :raises a brow: "Aggy.. after everything we've seen, this surprises you?"
whispering to Lunauc, just the ring and a snake whip. the whip by the way has a few strange runes you've never seen before
whispering to Lunauc, and a silver spider.
(48) Git: "Kha, Berard, either of you know anything about flaming snake whips?"
(50) Agatha: "The walking dead is nothing new. Harpies sometimes make off with sheep I here. And the rest I'd never even heard of before. But this?"
(47) Berard: "Strange as this may seem, it was not a frequent topic of discussion at the temple."
(50) Agatha: "A snake woman thing with snakes for hair that can turn you to stone. It's absolutely ridiculous."
(48) Git: "You saw a god mage battle an omnipotent efreet."
(44) Kha: "Never seen a flaming snake whip, but I can make flaming spears, so maybe it is similar."
(50) Agatha: "Aye, doesn't mean I believe that either."
** (48) Git picks up a silver spider from the body, holding it by its back in his gloved hand. "Jewlery?" **
whispering to Lunauc, the back of the spider has a rune as well
(47) Berard: "Or a badge?"
(50) Agatha: "I don't suppose it's a holy symbol for the spider god?"
(48) Git: "No idea." :holds the spider out: "It has runes on it, anyone care to take a look?"
** (47) Berard studies it for a moment, careful not to touch it. **
(47) Berard: (( Detect Evil ))
** (50) Agatha eyes the flute for a moment and ponders it. Then she gazes further down the corridor. **
(47) Berard: Knowledge: Arcana Skill Check: [1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19) => [7,5] => (7, 5) = (12)
** (47) Berard shrugs. **
(43) DM: The corridor seems to end in a dead end.
(47) Berard: "It isn't actively evil, but then, neither is a vial of poison."
** (44) Kha flips the whip back and forth a few times trying to make it wake back up as he walks **
(48) Git: (what corridor are we in now?)
(47) Berard: "Why would the medusa stop to play that flute?"
(48) Git: "Hobby I suppose."
(44) Kha: "To warn those ahead."
(43) DM: (18)
(50) Agatha: "Aye, I was thinking the same thing.
(48) Git: :sighs nodding: "I can hope not though, can't I ?"
(50) Agatha: "Hmph. For all the good it will do you, sure."
(47) Berard: "Wouldn't the mere appearance of a fleeing, injured medusa have served as sufficient warning?"
(44) Kha: "She was invisible"
** (48) Git continues to the end of the hall, searching for another entrance the medusa was likely heading for. **
(50) Agatha: "And the sound might carry further than we know."
(47) Berard: "But neither inaudable nor intangible. Had she continued, she might have survived."
(47) Berard: "A trap or warding ahead perhaps?"
(47) Berard: "Or an absolute restriction from an intolerant master?"
(43) DM: The passage appears to terminate at a dry stone wall.
whispering to Lunauc, it might take some time but there might be a secret door here
** (48) Git backs up the hall to the bend, checking the walls all the way back to the end again, looking for an entrance **
** (47) Berard increases the light radius to 60'. **
(43) DM: A panel slides in and to the right, and a section of the wall opens inward.
(50) Agatha: "Hmph. Maybe she got locked out."
(50) Agatha: "...Did you do that Git?"
(48) Git: "Maybe..."
** (48) Git sneaks throguh the new opening staying defensive as he moves to look around. **
(43) DM: There's a dry, musty odor in the chamber beyond. This is a circular chamber that seems to be the bottom-most level of a tower. Crates and barrels fill the room.
(43) DM: A wooden door stands closed in one wall.
** (48) Git waves a hand in front of his nose, trying to avoid the musty smell, as he moves to the door, listening for anything beyond, before searching for locks or traps **
** (50) Agatha keeps an eye on the stairs. **
whispering to Lunauc, all seems to be silent...
whispering to Lunauc, or rather, you don't seem to hear anything. this was probably a storeroom. the crates are all labelled, as well as the barrels.
** (47) Berard dials back down the light to 15' and moves into the chamber with the others. **
whispering to Lunauc, I say was because it doesn't seem to have been used in months.
(47) Berard: "Well, so far so good."
(50) Agatha: "Famous last words."
** (48) Git opens the door as quietly as he can **
** (44) Kha wanders around the room "Up or though the door. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch a baby by the toe. If it squeals let it go, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Door it is." **
(43) DM: The passage outside is shrouded in darkness, and eerily quiet.
(43) DM: Dust covers the floor, and walls. It doesn't appear as if anyone has been here in ages.
(48) Git: :to Kha: "You remember anything useful from your dreamwalk about the layout?"
(44) Kha: "Nope, told you I couldnt get inside."
(48) Git: :shrugs: "Just being hopeful."
(44) Kha: "Now that we are inside I might be able to take a look around if we find a place that is safe to sleep for a few hours."
(48) Git: "Yeah.. you're not sleeping in here."
(48) Git: "Or at the very least, I'm not waiting around for you to do it."
** (50) Agatha bends down and runs a finger along the dusty floor. **
(44) Kha: "Just an idea"
** (44) Kha heads out the door and turns left **
(48) Git: "Berard, Light please."
(47) Berard: "Do you want more light, less light, or a light for your very own?"
(43) DM: The passage runs to the south several hundred feet.
(48) Git: "Light in the hall."
** (44) Kha continues down the hall till he reaches the first door (( 17a )) **
** (47) Berard slowly increases the brightness of the sphere out to 45' **
(43) DM: It's quite dusty, dry and musty.
(43) DM: A pair of wooden doors, banded with silver, stand closed.
(50) Agatha: "Hmph. If that thing was looking for help, it wasn't coming from anywhere around here."
(44) Kha: "Wraiths dont leave tracks."
(47) Berard: "Or it wanted help from something that doesn't leave footprints"
(50) Agatha: "Lovely."
** (48) Git moves to the doors, the closest first, to listen and search it as normal **
** (48) Git gets out a pair of picks to workthe first door open **
** (47) Berard moves up to stay within 25' of Git. **
whispering to Lunauc, opens easily enough
** (48) Git gives a wave the others, before he leans in to open the door cautiously **
(43) DM: The room beyond is bathed in darkness.
(43) DM: It's also quite chilly.
** (48) Git leans aside to let Berar's light into the room **
** (47) Berard moves up closer to fully illuminate the room. **
** (44) Kha peers in over Gits sholder **
(43) DM: As light spreads within the chamber, it seems to scatter a few shadows around the room. Like all the other rooms you've been in thus far, the floor is literally covered in dust. Cobwebs hang from corners and the walls. The room contains a number of barrels, crates and boxes. Ropes of garlic hang from the ceiling along with chains of dried sausages.
(43) DM: It's a storeroom, and quite well-stocked.
(48) Git: "For a castle full of undead, they have a lot of supplies around here."
** (48) Git moves to the next door to listen and search for traps, letting the others prod around the storeroom **
(50) Agatha: "Aye, and all of it untouched."
** (44) Kha moves down to the next door since there is nothing interesting in the store room **
whispering to Lunauc, as before, locked but not trapped, and seemingly silent.
** (48) Git goes to work picking the lock **
whispering to Lunauc, opens easily enough...
** (48) Git opens the door **
(43) DM: As the other room, this one is covered in dust and cobwebs. Boxes, barrels and crates are stacked to the ceiliing and one wall has a few casks of ale.
(43) DM: Haunches of dried boar and sides of salt pork hang from hooks from the ceiling.
** (48) Git shrugs and continues down the hall. "I think I'm lost." **
(47) Berard: "Certainly not what I was expecting. Should we go up a level?"
** (50) Agatha decides to harvest some food, including some garlic for flavor. **
(43) DM: It's a bit stale.
(50) Agatha: "No there's bound to be something down here. And it seems the guards don't travel here. The ones that walk anyway."
** (44) Kha moves down the hall even further (( 17f )) **
(43) DM: After about another hundred feet, the corridor swerves around to the west and northwest. Another door (19b) is set within one wall and stands closed.
(43) DM: Off to the side near the door is an arch, and through it can be seen a flight of spiral stone stairs leading up.
(43) DM: As the spearman traverses the passage, you can spot a pair of wooden and silver-banded doors in one wall, also closed.
(43) DM: Shadows shroud the corridor.
(50) Agatha: "I just noticed something. There's all this food around, but not a single rat. Not even a trace of one."
(48) Git: "Right. Remind me to complicate their pest contorl agents."
(50) Agatha: "I suppose it ain't surprisin' but it's...odd."

(3550) DM: (from last session, fyi)
(3550) DM: (recall that you're at 17e while Kha is at 17f)
(3568) Zach: (( I thought we were at 19b... how did we get ahead of Kha? ))
(3567) Lunauc: :Next Panel: The cymals lay on the ground beside the sleeping, smiling polar bear, caption reads, "Some times you have to show the DM you are.... tasty."
(3550) DM: (ah then you're at 19b. I had described the corridor with the impression that folks went ahead)
** (3572) Agatha examines the corridors as far as the light will allow, still surprised that there is no one down here. **
(3550) DM: Silence reigns all around you. That, and dust motes.
(3550) DM: A chill runs through you however. Shadows drape the corridor in a dusky gloom that seems to drown out what precious light you might have.
(3550) DM: Somewhere down the corridor, you can hear muffled footsteps. Perhaps it's your companion as he makes his way down the passage.
(3588) Zane (enter): 22:39
(3568) Berard: "We probably shouldn't let Kha wander too far afield..."
(3572) Agatha: "Aye, but the lad can take care of himself...on occasion"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, The passage ends in a closed (and silver banded) wooden door. on the map, the corridor is a mirror of the one to the north so even though it doesn't show a door there, there is one.
(3567) Git: "And when he can't.. his screaming lets us know to run."
** (3567) Git does his thing on the door to 19b, listening for movement beyond before searching for traps **
** (3568) Berard is keeping an eye on the stairs. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] => [7,12] = (19),[1d20+9] => [4,9] = (13),[1d20+14] => [1,14] = (15)
whispering to Lunauc, it doesn't seem as if you were able to detect anything...
** (3572) Agatha Agatha keeps her eyes and ears focused on Kha's direction. **
** (3567) Git gets out his picks, working to get the lock open. "If one of you would like, you could go retrieve him before he turns the undead army on us." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+13] => [5,13] = (18)
(3550) DM: Something crosses the corridor and scoots around the bend. It's the largest rat you've ever seen.
** (3572) Agatha reaches to get her lantern, but stops at the movement. **
(3560) Dj Gilcrease: (( mm nice thunder storm is rolling in, it is still far enough away but if it gets close I am gona drop and unplug my computer so it dont get fried ))
(3572) Agatha: "Hmph. Guess I spoke too soon about the rats. Look at the size of that vermin!"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] => [16,12] = (28)
whispering to Lunauc, it opens
whispering to Lunauc, I mean you unlock it
** (3560) Kha it waiting quietly by the door (( 17f )) **
(3550) DM: It's definitely well-fed.
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, A rat scoots around the bend and squirrels through a crack in the opposite wall.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, It squeaks as it sees you but is quite unafraid.
(3567) Git: "Well, why let all that food go to waste?" :asks as he opens the door:
** (3560) Kha follows the rat and gets down on his hands and knees to look though the crack it went though **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, chittering, squeaking
(3550) DM: You (Agatha) peek round the bend and spot Kha bending down on his hands and knees looking at a crack in one wall. Shadows shroud the passage.
whispering to Lunauc, peek inside?
** (3560) Kha chitters and squeeks back at the Rat using the new skill the nezumi taught him **
(3567) Git: 0.o
(3546) Gabriel Elias (enter): 23:01
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, Pink skin speak?
(3546) Gabriel Elias (exit): 23:01
(3546) Gabriel Elias (enter): 23:01
(3546) Gabriel Elias (exit): 23:01
** (3572) Agatha starts to say something, but decides asking questions would probably be a bad idea. **
(3572) Agatha: "To hell with it. Lad, what do you think you're doing?
whispering to Lunauc, nope
** (3560) Kha looks up "Me?" **
(3572) Agatha: "Who else lad?"
whispering to Lunauc, no sound inside the chamber, but the odor of rust is quite strong. and it seems a bit damp.
whispering to Lunauc, as in most rooms you've been in thus far, it seems to be a store room of some kind. more light is best.
(3560) Kha: "Talking to the Rat" ** looks back into the hole and starts cuttering more ** (In Rat language) "Yes, I speak. You can come out I wont hurt you. So where are the other dangers in this place?"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, "Up. Up. Black room, candle, fire."
(3572) Agatha: "Of course you are."
** (3567) Git closes the door and heads down the hall after Kha, pausing behind him beut not looking at him, "What are you doing?" **
** (3572) Agatha sighs. What did she expect? **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, "Chains near gray black skin."
(3572) Agatha: "Apparantly, he's chattin' with the locals."
(3560) Kha: (In the rat language) "Could you lead us? We opened the door to the food store rooms, so you should have access to more food now."
(3567) Git: "Right.. be sure to ask where the keep their Death Knights."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, you get the sense that the rat is extremely frightened when you say that
** (3567) Git goes to check the door to 17f **
(3560) Kha: (In Rat language) "I understand, up there is death. All I need is the way to get there, one I can follow since I am larger then you."
(3550) DM: ((massive thunderstorm here in NYC))
(3560) Kha: (( nice big one here in Montana too ))
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, "Death! Black gray skin eat think!"
(3572) Agatha: ((afk. Dry as a bone here, but I need to get my snack on before I order something stupid.))
(3560) Kha: (In Rat Language) "It eats thoughts? Interesting. Could you tell me how to get there, then I will go make sure the door to the food is left open for you."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, "Blue air fly silk."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, it gives you directions
(3567) Git: (brb)
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, essentially it tells you that the "black gray skin eat think" and "blue air fly silk" are in area 16
** (3560) Kha gets up and heads back to the food store rooms and props the doors open **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, it thinks you're really crazy for a pink skin btw lol
(3550) DM: (k)
(3550) DM: A pair of really large rats cross the passage to 17f and scoot inside.
** (3560) Kha then heads back to Git "We need to go back around the other way. There is something the rat calls 'Black Grey skin that eats think' and 'Blue air Fly silk' back the other way. Whatever they are he is scared of the Black Grey skin thing. Figure it is some dead thing wearing black armor." **
(3567) Git: "uh yeah..." :blinks: "So which direction is 'bath the other way'?"
(3560) Kha: (( Back ))
(3550) DM: After a few seconds, a few more scoot out of the crack in the wall, across the passage and into the room that Kha opened...
** (3560) Kha starts heading back the direction they came ((To the door to 19c )) **
(3572) Agatha: "Hmph. These blighters are more articulate than I thought. Still not much help."
(3550) DM: (k)
(3572) Agatha: ((actually we came from 19a))
(3560) Kha: (( ya, have to pass there to get to 19c ))
(3567) Git: sighs and follows Kha, wondering: "Since when do you talk to rats?"
(3560) Kha: "Since the Nezumi I bought out of slavery taught me"
(3567) Git: "Uh... yeah..." :follows along, hoping Kha hasn't finally lost his mind:
(3550) DM: It's definitely gotten gloomier, and possibly, cooler.
(3550) DM: Silence reigns around you. It seems as if you're the only ones padding around the corridor.
(3572) Agatha: "Hmph. Some larder. Doesn't anyone in this keep eat?"
(3568) Berard: "The rats, apparently."
** (3560) Kha leads the others to the door then steps back so Git can work on the door **
(3567) Git: (what door?)
(3560) Kha: (( to 19c ))
** (3567) Git goes ahead to search the door **
(3550) DM: The passage swerves around a sharp bend, and heads in a general southwestern direction, coming to a halt in front of a closed wooden door.
(3550) DM: It, like most of the others you've seen thus far, is banded in silver.
(3550) DM: A pair of doors stand closed ((OOC: To 17c and 17d)) in one wall.
(3550) DM: Empty torch sconces sit alongside the passage every so often. Shadows flit here and there, and silence reigns over all.
(3550) DM: Flickering torchlight can be seen, albeit barely, underneath the door's threshold.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [1,14] = (15),[1d20+12] => [7,12] = (19),[1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12)
whispering to Lunauc, you don't seem to detect anything untowards...
** (3572) Agatha keeps her voice low now. "Looks like this place isn't completely deserted." **
(3568) Berard: "And the undead do not need light."
whispering to Lunauc, unfortunately, the door seems to resist your efforts at opening it
** (3572) Agatha nods and unsheathes her broadsword. **
whispering to Lunauc, it could be the scattering of rust in the lock. it doesn't seem to have been used for quite a while
** (3560) Kha frowns the pulls out his dagger **
(3560) Kha: (( *then ))
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(3553) Mordrellis (exit): 23:44
(3550) DM: So the door doesn't seem to want to open...
** (3567) Git presses his ear to the door, listening for anything moving or talking beyond it **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+14] => [14,14] = (28)
whispering to Lunauc, a whooshing sound
whispering to Lunauc, seems to be fairly regular
(3567) Git: :whispers to kha, "Hey, uh.. you know what the Rat meant about that blue fly air silk thing?"
(3560) Kha: "Not a clue, unless he meant a flying carpet or some such that would bring us up to the next area which is a black room with candel and fire"
(3567) Git: "Uh-huh... and do yo think it would make a *whoosh-whoosh* sound?"
** (3560) Kha laughs **
(3560) Kha: "Gona open the door or not?"
(3567) Git: "Depends, how sure are you of the rat's directions?" :asks will scrappig a pick int he lock, seemingly trying to celar out some rust before trying to unlock it:
(3560) Kha: "Sure enough."
** (3572) Agatha grips her blade with both hands. "We're ready. It's this or take our chances outside again." **
(3568) Berard: "Or go up one of the other stairways..."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] => [12,12] = (24)
whispering to Lunauc, unlock this time
** (3567) Git steps back from the door, pocketing his locks and drawing his sword, "Well.. it's open if you please." **
** (3560) Kha opens the door **
(3550) DM: The chamber beyond is dimly lit. Flickering torches can be seen every so often.
(3550) DM: It's also quite damp, as mold and mildew creep down most of the walls therein.
(3550) DM: Garish purple and glowing blue mushrooms litter the floor every so often.
(3550) DM: A muscular and fair-skinned humanoid wearing a blue silk turban capped by a gigantic star sapphire swooshes into view. Beneath him is a column of air.
(3550) DM: It appears to be a miniature djann.
(3550) DM: It halts for a moment and looks at you, wide-eyed.
** (3560) Kha enters "Oh hello, you must be the Blue Air fly silk." **
(3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "Most esteemed and noble personages! How can this insignificant one assist you?"
(3567) Git: "Heh.. we sure meet a lot of genies, huh?"
(3560) Kha: "My name is Kha Operan Slayer of Khalitarius, Lord of the Citadel of Brass. We were invited by and came to talk to the Death Knight."
(3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "Who is this knight of death you speak of?"
** (3550) Mesaj seems impressed. **
** (3560) Kha shrugs "Dont know, a servent of Talakara" **
(3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "Ah ha! So you are the mighty warriors who slew that infidel, long may he suffer the torture of the maridah vizier of the Ice Palace of Turqu Dash!"
(3560) Kha: "We hope so."
(3550) Mesaj: "You must mean she who has commanded me as the guardian of this room and the one beyond."
(3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "I am honored, O Esteemed and Most Noble Personages, to have finally met you!"
(3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "This insignificant one humbly begs to be in your presence, long may you sweep across the skies of the desert amidst steeds of wind and fire!"
(3560) Kha: "Of course you can come with us. The one who commanded you has dreams of granjure (sp) and thinks she is a Deity? Is there anyone else here with you, the rat spoke of one with black grey skin."
(3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "O Giver of Life That Takes Away, this insignificant one is not worthy to come near your Most Holy and Noble Presence! How may this unworthy spirit serve you?"
** (3567) Git stares curiously at the overly praising djann. **
(3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "There are quite a few prisoners here with me, O Lord of the Eternal Flame!"
** (3572) Agatha studies the djann, wondering why something so powerful is so humble. ((sense motive check: Is this an act to put us off-guard?)) **
** (3560) Kha raises his eyebrows "Oh I like that title, I think I'll keep it. Mind if we talk with the prisoners?" **
(3572) Agatha: sense motive check: [1d20+10] => [16,10] = (26)
(3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "Oh Seeker of Truth That Conquers All, this unworthy spirit cannot give you access to the prisoners as such is my duty. Please, accept my apologies."
(3560) Kha: "If I say you are welcome to join us you are worth of doing so. Whats your name by the way?"
(3567) Git: "Can you tell us who the prisoners are?"
(3550) Mesaj al-Jabari ibn Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel: "My name, O Pharoah Who Sits in Judgment Over the Unfaithful, is Mesaj al-Jabari ibh Huruq'a, of the Eternal Spire of Ice and Steel. I live but to serve the wants and needs of the Goddess."
** (3550) Mesaj turns to Git and bows low. "Long have I pined over my station that I must serve the Goddess, O Most Noble and Esteemed Prince! These fiends are the greatest foes imprisoned by the Goddess and deserve her wrath!" **
(3567) Git: "Yes, but specifically, who are they?"
(3550) Mesaj: "There is a troll whose name is not important. A mindless creature who seeks nothing but food and destruction."
(3550) Mesaj: "An eater-of-thoughts, which you would do well to leave well enough alone."
** (3572) Agatha exchanges a glance with Kha. **
(3550) Mesaj: "A tribe of wise ones who have been suitably punished by the Goddess for daring to steal knowledge from her sanctuary."
(3560) Kha: "You serve this Goddess willingly? Oh the eater of thoughts, we need to talk to him."
(3568) Berard: "How did a master of the winds such as yourself come to serve in this place, far from the open skies?"
(3550) Mesaj: "This insignificant spirit lives to serve the will of the Goddess!"
(3550) Mesaj: "I am but an unworthy servant of the Goddess who reigns over all. She summoned me and bound me to her service." (bows to Berard)
** (3550) Mesaj apologoizes profusely to Kha. "I beg of you, O Esteemed and Most Noble Personage, not to talk to the eater-of-thoughts, lest I prevent you by injuring you. Such is my duty!" **
(3568) Berard: "And, if I may be so bold as to inquire, what are the terms of your diligent service?"
(3560) Kha: "Can we free you of her service?"
(3550) Mesaj: "Should you find it within yourself to slay the Goddess, then I will be freed of my servitude."
(3550) Mesaj: "But I am an unworthy spirit."
(3572) Agatha: "Slay Talakara? Oh there's a rosy thought."
** (3550) Mesaj flies over to a sealed pair of double doors that leads out of the chamber and interposes himself between them and you. **
(3560) Kha: "Noone deserves to be bound into service. Where is Talakara?"
(3567) Git: "Ok.. what if you talk to him for us?"
(3567) Git: "Is that against your orders?
(3550) Mesaj: "Within her sanctuary, high above this place. It is not given for me, this insignifcant spirit to know of where Her Grace does reign."
(3550) Mesaj: "I....I suppose I can."
(3567) Git: "Great" :looks to Kha: "Ask away."
** (3560) Kha nods "Ask the thought eater if he knows" ** looks to Agatha ** "Whats your sons name?" **
(3572) Agatha: "What?! What makes you think this thing knows a scrap about my boy?"
** (3550) Mesaj unlocks the double doors reluctantly as he glances suspiciously at you. **
(3550) DM: It seems to be the first time that he's lost his fawning demeanor, though in a flash, it returns swiftly.
** (3560) Kha waits where he is, not wanting to provoke the Djann **
(3560) Kha: "Just a guess Agatha, whats his name?"
(3572) Agatha: "You're asking me to put my faith in a damned thought-eater? I don't even know what a thought-eater is!"
(3560) Kha: "Dont care what one is. What can it hurt to ask?"
(3572) Agatha: "I've got a better question first. Does the thought-eater know where we might find a dead knight, a high-ranking servant to the Goddess?"
(3560) Kha: "That works as well."
(3550) DM: The djann floats inside the gaol chamber and heads over to a locked door that has a single barred window in it.
(3550) DM: Mesaj turns around expectantly.
(3560) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (3572) Agatha looks at the djann "Well? Go ahead at the godforsaken thing if it knows anything about a high-ranking dead knight that serves the goddess. Ask if it knows where the knight resides." **
(3572) Agatha: ((go ahead and ask the*))
** (3550) Mesaj floats over to the barred window and whispers inside. **
(3550) DM: The djann looks at you slyly and exclaims, "O Most Noble and Esteemed Personages! The eater-of-thoughts appears to be asleep."
(3602) Quasalinar (enter): 00:59
(3550) Mesaj: "It is most definitely asleep."
(3568) Berard: :quietly to the others: "Do we have specific business with this eater-of-thoughts?"
** (3550) Mesaj peers into the barred window and recoils ever so silgihtly, a look of thinly veiled disgust ingrained on his handsome face. **
(3602) Quasalinar (exit): 01:02
(3560) Kha: (( back ))
** (3572) Agatha whispers back. "Only Kha it seems. I'd rather have nothing to do with it. If it can eat thoughts, then it must also read them to see what it's eating, right?" **
(3572) Agatha: "It's bad enough the djann knows. It's bound to report us to the Goddess when called on. Mesaj has no choice."
** (3560) Kha shrugs "If he eats thoughts, I figure he might remember those thoughts." **
(3568) Berard: "Then I suggest we leave the djinn to his duties and return once our other errands have been accomplished. Right now, the djinn has no reason to volunteer any information..."
(3604) Quasalinar (enter): 01:07
(3604) Quasalinar (exit): 01:08
** (3560) Kha looks to Mesaj "Oh well guess you dont have to wake him, mind if we use the stairs here?" **
(3550) Mesaj: "By all means, O Most Esteemed and Noble Lion of Tomorrow!"
(3550) DM: Two archways can be seen, each leading to a circular chamber. Within each, to the north and to the south can be seen a flight of spiral stairs leading up.
** (3560) Kha enters the room and heads over to the (( [1d2] => [1] = (1) 1 stairs to 22, 2 to 22a )) **
** (3560) Kha starts up the stairs **
** (3568) Berard bows to the djinn. "Perhaps someday we shall meet again, spirit of the air, when you are once more at liberty. Until then, good day." **
** (3572) Agatha stops before she follows the others. "Mesaj, how long have you served the Goddess?" **
(3550) Mesaj: "Time has no meaning to me, O Most Esteemed Lioness of Tomorrow!"
(3550) Mesaj: "I live but to serve She Who Reigns Over All!"
(3607) Windroth (enter): 01:18
** (3560) Kha looks around the room the stairs let out on **
(3607) Windroth (exit): 01:18
(3550) DM: The stairs ascend into darkness. Shadows shroud the passage.
(3550) DM: There is a landing halfway up and an archway that looks out into a circular chamber. A door stands closed in one wall. Skeletons stand at the ready, armed with bows in front of arrow slits. They do not appear to notice you yet...
(3550) DM: (3 skeletons)
(3572) Agatha: "Hmm. We'll have to fix that, but I'm afraid not today. Be well, djann. Tell no one of our passing, as far as it is in your power."
** (3572) Agatha rushes upstairs to catch up with the others. **
** (3567) Git follows up after Aggy **
** (3560) Kha walks up to the closest skeleton and attempts to cuts it's bow string **
(3550) DM: (init)
(3560) Kha: INIT: [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19)
(3567) Git: init: [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15)
(3572) Agatha: init: [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] => [8,9] = (17)
(3568) Berard: Init [1d20] => [8] = (8)
(3550) DM: (19, Kha)
** (3560) Kha attempts to cut the bow string **
(3560) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+8] => [14,8] = (22) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [3,1,4] = (8)
(3560) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+13] => [6,13] = (19) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [6,1,4] = (11)
(3550) DM: As your companion attempts to slice through one of the bows, as one, all three skeletons pivot around and fire.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] => [1,12] = (13),[1d20+12] => [15,12] = (27),[1d20+12] => [12,12] = (24)
(3567) Git: (kha get an aoo against the ranged attack?)
(3550) DM: Each of their eye sockets gleams with a burning crimson glare. (and yes)
(3560) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+13] => [17,13] = (30) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [4,1,4] = (9)
(3550) DM: (but you must give me time to type. ^^)
(3550) DM: (miss, AC 27 and 24)
(3560) Kha: (( 2 hits, I didnt cut the bow string? ))
(3550) DM: One of the bows crumbles to a heap.
(3550) DM: ((yes you did. that's why there was a miss.))
(3560) Kha: (( Ahh ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d8+2] => [8,2] = (10),[1d8+2] => [2,2] = (4)
(3550) DM: (15, Git)
** (3567) Git heads off in the opposite direction from Kha, aiming for one of the skeletons with a still functional bow, introducing himself blade first **
(3567) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword Attack Roll: [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [2,3,0] = (5)
(3567) Git: (+2 dmg for favored enemy, 7)
(3550) DM: (Your strike, while it hit, does not appear to have injured it much.)
(3550) DM: (9, Ag)
** (3572) Agatha drops her broadsword and draws her greataxe as she heads for the remaining archer. In a white flash, Agatha unleashes Bar'eth-el in an upwards slash. ((power attack)) **
(3550) DM: ((roll?))
(3550) DM: ((also going to stop in 10 min because I'm fading))
(3572) Agatha: power attack 5: [1d20+13] => [14,13] = (27)
(3572) Agatha: dmg: [1d12+6+2+4+5] => [1,6,2,4,5] = (18)
(3572) Agatha: ((done))
(3550) DM: Although one thighbone shatters, the blow does not appear to have injured the skeleton much.
(3550) DM: (19, Kha)
(3568) Berard: (8, Berard!)
** (3568) Berard moves into the room trying to cover as many people as possible with his ward. (10'r) **
(3550) DM: (yeah)
(3550) DM: (I'm definitely fading)
(3568) Berard: (( (Done. Can I cover everyone?) ))
(3550) DM: ((yes))
(3568) Berard: (( +2 AC, +2 saves ))
(3550) DM: ((though the room is 50' diameter. I'm assuming people are bunched together though.))
(3550) DM: (19, Kha)
** (3560) Kha strikes out at the skeleton now that its weapon is gone **
(3560) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+13] => [18,13] = (31) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [3,1,4] = (8)
(3560) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23) ===> Damage: [1d6+1+4] => [1,1,4] = (6)
(3550) DM: It crumbles to dust.
(3550) DM: ((sorry, really can't stay awake))
(3550) DM: (15, Git)
(3567) Git: (ok.. call it here for tonight?)
(3550) DM: (sure thing)
** (3567) Git keeps his new friend busy **
(3567) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword Attack Roll: [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [2,3,0] = (5)
(3567) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword(2nd) Attack Roll: [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [5,3,0] = (8)

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