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(227) DM: (ok)
(228) Lunauc: Oh YEAH!
(227) DM: (so I think a few weeks ago, maybe a month ago was our last session? you're attending a banquet that's being held by a duchess named Dame Gold. in the course of the banquet, she gets called away by an Aes Sedai. she goes to her room, followed by Git. (and Git knows the rest.))
(226) Dj Gilcrease: 2/16 was wour last session
** (227) Dame Gold wakes up groggily, all bleary-eyed and seems confused at seeing Git in her room. **
(226) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, we had a session after that
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, I have that log
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, but not the one after
(235) No Name (exit): 22:10
(235) No Name (enter): 22:10
(235) No Name (exit): 22:10
** (228) Git assures the lady in a caring tone, "Do not worry, Dame, I'll call you aid immediately." He turns and heads right out thedoor back to the hall, looking around for a servant or anyone else." **
(227) DM: A maidservant can be seen a few feet away.
(228) Git: :If there's no one in the hall, he closes the door and heads to find help:
(228) Git: (oh...)
** (228) Git calls to the maid, "You there.." **
(228) Git: "Is there a healer on the grounds?"
(227) Maeve: "Oh! My land. I din' see you there."
(227) Maeve: "There's a weavesinger of Almalexia at the shrine. Is something th' matter?"
** (227) Maeve looks up at Git as she approaches him. **
(228) Git: :nods: "Have them retrieved at once. There is something wrong with Dame Gold's memory."
** (233) Kith Continued slowly eating in the main room **
** (227) Maeve raises her hand to her mouth and looks up in alarm. "At once, sirrah." She turns away, pauses for a minute and then continues on. **
(228) Git: "That's a good girl." :offers her in retreating praise. Then he eases to lean back against the doorway, galncing back in at the Dame with a wry grin: "I'm sorry again to be bothering you, Dame. I know this must seem a strange evening."
(227) Dame Gold: "Who...who are you?"
(228) Git: :raises a brow, thinking on the answer a moment, before asking with a smile: "It depends. If you I tell you my name is it going to be the name you have me hunted down by for invading your bedchamber?"
** (226) Kha sits and chats with anyone willing to listen at the banquet **
** (231) Gautam has finished eating and is busy comparing notes with the local champions. **
(231) Gautam: (d'oh)
** (231) Agatha has finished eating and is busy comparing notes with the local champions. **
** (227) Dame Gold sits up and holds a hand to her head. "The last thing I remember was being at the feast and welcoming all to my manor..." **
** (233) Kith He laned back in his chair, watching everyone else with a wary haunted look **
(227) Dame Gold: "How did you get here?"
(228) Git: "Through the front gate."
(228) Git: :smartly replies:
(227) DM: Things have progressed past the main course and now dessert is being served. Roasted fruit, sweetened cream, honey fry and claret.
(227) Dame Gold: "Don't be pert with me. I mean in my room." (looks at you warily)
(228) Git: :gives a look of epiphany: "Oh, that!" :girns: "Snuck in your window, like all legendary lovers do."
(227) Dame Gold: "Well, whoever you are, I...I..." (holds up a hand to her head)
(228) Git: "Are you alright?"
(227) Dame Gold: "If you could get me Saren. The weavesinger...."
(227) DM: She wways unsteadily and sinks back down on the bed, yawning as she does so.
(228) Git: "I already sent your maidservant to fetch him the weavesinger"
(227) Dame Gold: "So sleepy..."
(227) Dame Gold: "Saren will know what to do...."
(228) Git: "No, no, no!" :moves back to the bed quickly, taking her by the shoulders and leading her to sit back up. "No more sleeping. Last time you did that you forgot a whole evening's events."
** (227) Dame Gold finds it extremely difficult to stay awake. **
(238) No Name (enter): 22:39
(238) No Name (exit): 22:39
(238) No Name (enter): 22:39
(228) Git: "Hey.. come on, Dame." :takes her by the chin to make her look in his eyes, judging her contidion by her pupils, "It's not like you need the extra beauty sleep. Trust me, you're looking fine. Okay? So, how about you stay awake, and we have a little chat, neh?"
(227) DM: "I'll try."
(227) Dame Gold: "I'll try."
** (227) Dame Gold lands back, sinking into her pillows. "I really can't stay awake though." **
(227) Dame Gold: "I'd like to know who you are though. You look like someone I should know."
(228) Git: :pulls her back up, by her shoulders, forcefully but gentle as possible: "Ah.. now that's a refined socialite lady for you. I'm sure you won't fall asleep on a guest like that. It would be rude."
(228) Git: "Me? No one of great importance. Just one of the friendly guests you invited to your table this evening. I'd rather here you talk anyway. Say, what led you to gather this group here tonight anyway? Can you rememeber?"
(226) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(227) Dame Gold: "Talk of resistance against..."
** (227) Dame Gold shifts her eyes and regards Git warily. "...against..." **
(238) Malborudus (exit): 22:46
(227) Dame Gold: "You're not familiar to me."
** (227) Dame Gold holds a hand up to her head. **
(228) Git: "I know I'm not. We only met tonight."
(228) Git: "Does your head hurt?
(227) Dame Gold: "...against the Nine."
(227) Dame Gold: "You seem like a trustworthy soul, and if you're not, there's precious little I can do about it if you mean to kill me."
** (227) Dame Gold yawns as she says this, even finding it a tremendous effort to stay awake. **
(239) Edward (enter): 22:48
(228) Git: "I have no desire to harm you. The weavesinger is on his way to help you now, remember?"
(227) Randallson the Neat: "So, yoush shaid you're from the south, ish that sho?" (turns and addresses Agatha)
(227) DM: The spellbeard looks up from his cups and leers at Agatha drunkenly.
(227) Dame Gold: "I... I hope so."
(227) Dame Gold: "As a scion of Kern when we were once self-governing, before the rise of the Nine Council, I remember what it was like to be free. All who are here have come at my invitation tonight. To help us be free." (makes an effort to steady herself)
(227) Dame Gold: "But I recognize not your face."
** (228) Git holds her cautiously at the elbows, helping her to steady herself respectably, but ready to grab her if she falls back again." **
(228) Git: "Like I said, we only met tonight. For some reason it seems your memory of this evening were wiped. and I fear if I let you fall back to sleep you will only forget more."
** (231) Agatha dismisses the dwarf tactfully. "I think you may have mixed me up with someone else." **
(239) Edward (exit): 22:54
(239) Edward (enter): 22:54
(239) Edward (exit): 22:54
** (227) Dame Gold steels herself with effort. "My thanks then." **
** (231) Agatha points in a random direction. "Perhap with that lass over there?" **
(227) Dame Gold: "I'm not certain if any of those who are here tonight would be able to take up my offer."
(228) Git: "Don't worry I'm glad to do it. Sneaking into a lady's room at night and rousing her in her bed... reminds me of years passed."
(227) DM: (he's not a dwarf, but a human)
(226) Kha: (( back ))
(228) Git: "I'm sure someone will take up the effort."
(227) Randallson the Neat: "No, I heard you talk. You'rsh not from here." (belch)
(227) DM: A few listeners color as the wizard belches loudly.
** (231) Agatha sips her ale. "Aye, what of it?" **
(227) Randallson the Neat: "A fine figure yoush got." (hic)
** (226) Kha looks around for the Aes Sedit that had spoken to Dame Gold **
(227) DM: She seems to not be here.
(227) Brother Thaddeus: "....I too received an invitation to be here, sent by an enspelled messenger three weeks ago."
** (233) Kith He continues watching the others in his room, his large (for an elf) muscled arms crossed over his chest **
** (226) Kha heads off to find her **
(231) Agatha: "My you have had a few stouts, haven't ya?"
** (227) Randallson the Neat wiggles a finger at her. "I knowsh my languages." (hic) "Yoursh not from here. Toralin wench are ye?" **
(233) Kith: *half-elf))
(227) Xavian, the Gray: "...the finest of Kern it seems to be. And one or two faces I recognize as well." (looks over the crowd)
(231) Agatha: "Wylund, actually."
(227) Randallson the Neat: "Wylunsh? Thash far." (hic) "Whash bring you here?" (hic)
** (227) Randallson the Neat looks up and down Agatha appraisingly. "Big shtrong woman fighter here, all by your loneshome. Need a fire or two on thash shword, eh?" **
** (233) Kith Turns to watch the drunken man talking to the large woman who seemed to travel with Kha **
(227) Asianna Corsair: "....that thief Midnight is making a name for himself it seems. Stole the Overlord's pendant right from underneath his nose the night of the Grand Ball. I've never had such a good laugh as on hearing that piece of news."
(227) Dame Gold: "So you're here. What (yawn) can I do for you?"
(231) Agatha: "Hmph. Even I if were alone, I do better than fine with axe as is, thank you very much."
(227) Dame Gold: (Yawn) "Are you come to join our cause, hopeless as it is?"
(231) Agatha: my axe*
(228) Git: :grins: "Maybe I am. Could you tell me a little mroe about what you want me to do?"
(227) Randallson the Neat: "An axsh, eh? Never had shex with an axsh." (belch, and takes a pull of ale)
(227) Randallson the Neat: "Namesh Randallshon, the Neat. Friends of mine call me Randy." (tries to touch Agatha's arm gently)
(227) Dame Gold: "Well, (yawn) not just you. Friends I hope you have brought with you. Against the Nine." (yawn)
(227) DM: A maidservant with a worried look on her face descends the stairs hurriedly and almost collides with Kha, mumbling "my apologies, sirrah"
** (231) Agatha pulls away. "Agatha Magveyd. Friends of mine know better than to leer and grope if they fancy to keep their hands and other extendable parts." **
(226) Kha: "Ahh sorry, you look like you are in a hurry but could you direct me to the Aes Sedi that I saw earlier?"
(228) Git: "Sure, I have... accomplices. A couple of them will probably jump at the chance for a new adventure. The other may join if the cause is worthy."
(227) Maeve: "I'm sorry, sir? Her Grace has no Aes Sedai here. She's not fond of those witches."
(227) Randallson the Neat: "Oooo, I like shpitfire. You an' I could have a wee little bit o' fun." (belch)
(226) Kha: "One came in and called her away from the banquet"
(227) Maeve: "You must be mistaken, sirrah. There are no Aes Sedai here in Manor Gold. Now if you can excuse me, I need to get Saren, the weavesinger. Her Grace has taken ill."
** (233) Kith He glances at The man and agatha again, and he slowly leaned toward them, and he grinned, mithlessly, almost evilly, at Randallson "Why don't you leave the lady alone sir, she obviously doesn't want you attention" **
** (227) Randallson the Neat lurches about in his seat and peers at Kith as if in shock. "Can't yoush shee, man? She's great." (hic) **
(227) Randallson the Neat: "Why, I should show her a shoken of my affection." (wiggles his fingers)
(226) Kha: "One dressed all in white, who had the look of an ..." ** pauses ** "Sick, that isnt good. I am some what of a healer, mind if I check on her as well?"
** (227) Asianna Corsair turns to Brother Thaddeus and refills her tankard. "Imagine that, an entire room full of nobles dancing, and one of the greatest heists pulled off without a hitch...." **
** (231) Agatha grabs the wizard's hand while he's turned away and twists it painfully. **
(227) Maeve: "Well, um, I really shouldn't." (looks around despairingly)
(227) Maeve: "Taran!"
** (233) Kith He grins at the wizard as she twisted his hand, that same, mean grin again. "I told you" **
** (227) Maeve beckons to a butler. "Taran, take him to see Her Grace. I need to find Saren. Her Grace's taken ill. He's a healer, he is." **
** (227) Taran sidles up to Kha and beckons you to follow him. "This way, sirrah." **
(226) Kha: "Thank you." ** follows Taran **
(231) Agatha: "Listen here, Randal the Limp. The only token of affection I wanna see is your tail between your legs as you walk away from here. Or limp away. It's your choice."
(227) Randallson the Neat: "Hmph. No appreciation for the fine arsh at all. Phillistinesh."
whispering to Drathmar, Randallson is the one you were told about
** (227) Randallson the Neat looks offended but backs down sulkily as he takes another pull of ale. **
** (231) Agatha releases the wizard and lets him sulk as she and walks away with Kith. **
** (233) Kith he reaches out and grabs a cinna bun and hands it to randallson "Now then, your lucky, she probably could have done worse, have a cinna bun, it might make you feel better" **
(231) Agatha: Or not.
** (231) Agatha turns to find someone of worth to chat with. **
(228) Git: (("I like my women, like I like my cheese. Aged and chunky."))
(227) Randallson the Neat: "Ooo, my favorish."
** (227) Randallson the Neat plucks the cinna bun and starts munching on it. "Thanksh. No appreciation of the fine arsh she has." **
** (233) Kith He nods, smirking slightly. "No, not at all, but I do, why don't we go speak of it...privately" **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "I see you managed to survive Randallson's attentions." (glances at Agatha with an amused grin)
(227) DM: A handsome half-elf in light blue robes with the symbol of an owl embroidered on his cuffs walks up to Agatha.
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "He's been eyeing you all evening."
(231) Agatha: "Hmph. That old lech? I've suffered worse."
(231) Agatha: "You should see how bad a dwarf is when he gets loaded."
(227) Randallson the Neat: "Oshay. Lead on." (munches the pastry and takes a tankard along)
(227) Dame Gold: "Why, no less than the fall of the Nine."
(227) Dame Gold: (yawn)
** (233) Kith grabs a few more buns and nods, walking, and heading to the ifirst door he sees, opening it, or trying to, to look inside **
(231) Agatha: "With enough beer in their eyes, every woman in the tavern is short and bearded as a goat."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Hammish. I'm from Whytecoin. Although Randallson is correct. It's rare we have Wylundians here these days. The Forest Kingdom bears no love for Kern."
(228) Git: "Oh.. And here I thought you'd ask something difficult of me." :smiling sarcasm: "We;;. m'lady, if that is your wish. Consider them fallen."
(231) Agatha: "Agatha Magveyd. Aye. You could say we're taking the long way home."
(227) Dame Gold: "Do you swear?"
** (227) Dame Gold sits upright, as if this exclamation has shocked her out of her stupor. "Do you so swear?" **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "I'd say. You have quite a journey ahead of you, if you can find your way to the coast. Dark days these are for Kern, what with talk of war on the horizon."
(228) Git: :his expression is pensive a moment. Taking a deep breath he offers a slow nod and speaks seriously: "I do not know yet what I will do. But...if it costs me my life, I will stop the nine."
** (227) Hammish of Whytecoin surveys the room with a melancholy gaze. "I wonder that coming here was a wise thing to do." **
whispering to Drathmar, it appears to be a sitting room
** (233) Kith He nods, and opens the door more, walking in and would wait for Randellson to follow, before he would shut the door **
(231) Agatha: "Depends on your point o' view, I'd imagine. It's dangerous in these parts, sure enough."
(231) Agatha: "Then again, in the short time I've been here, I've seen a lot of wrong."
(231) Agatha: "And this Nine is the source of it, it seems."
** (227) Randallson the Neat follows Drathmar inside. "Do tell." (hic) **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Those are dangerous words these days." (glances around) "It doesn't seem so safe here even though we're among friends."
** (233) Kith He smiles slightly and holds out another cinna bun "Another one?" **
** (227) Hammish of Whytecoin looks around and rests his gaze on you. "You're the talk of a few, you know. Not very many Wylundians in Kern, and all of a sudden, at a gathering here, three of you show up together." **
(231) Agatha: "Aye, but I wouldn't want to be the foolish soul who tries to pick a fight with this crowd."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "If I were a believer in destiny, I'd say you were more than happenstance."
** (227) Randallson the Neat takes it. "You're a goosh friend to have." (sits down) "Sure you won't join me?" **
(231) Agatha: "Aye. That or we were travelin' together to start."
** (233) Kith nods, and stands there, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall. "Thankyou, so, can you tell me why everyone is gathered here tonight?" **
** (227) Taran opens the door to Dame Gold's room and peers in, but his stoic expression doesn't change. "She's in here, sir." (ushers Kha in) **
(227) Randallson the Neat: (hic) "An invitation at Dame Gold's request. Was all mysterioush like." (hic)
** (226) Kha enters Dame Golds room **
** (231) Agatha does a double take. "Wait, did you say three?" **
(228) Git: "Hmmm?" :looks up as the door is opened: "Ah.. Kha... glad to see you. You know anything about a weave which causes people to sleep and forget their memories?"
** (227) Taran follows Kha in with a worried expression on his face. **
** (233) Kith He nods slowly. "Would you know why Dame Gold requested all of us here?" he hands him another bun, having 2 left **
(226) Kha: "Umm no, but I can try and figure it out. I was told there were no Aes Sedi here, but the woman who called Dame Gold away was one."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Yes, three. You, your half-elven friend and that randy youth. Though technically he's a plainsman. I have a good ear for languages myself being a sage and loremaster."
** (226) Kha goes over and sits next to Dame gold and closes his eyes **
(228) Git: "Heh... yeah, watched her leaving the estate from the window. I would have followed, but the Dame needed me more."
(227) Randallson the Neat: "She shaid it wash important. Free food ish important. Would be a shame to let it go to waste." (hic)
** (231) Agatha raises an eyebrow, "Is that so?" **
(228) Git: (how long ago did the Aes Sedai leave? and how far is it to the next town in that direction?)
(231) Agatha: "And just where do you stand with all this resistence business?"
** (233) Kith He shakes his head and nods. "So, would you know anything about Talakara's Manor?" **
(227) DM: (about 45 minutes ago)
(227) DM: (you're in town actually)
** (226) Kha nods to himself **
(227) DM: (in that direction? five days on horse)
(228) Git: (yeah, but if she was leaving town.. gotcha)
(227) DM: (as you'd be in the Ashen Mountains, more or less near Takalara's castle)
** (227) Hammish of Whytecoin regards Agatha warily all of a sudden. "Why, the same as anyone else in this room. " **
(227) Randallson the Neat: "Losh of walking dead. She's nosh one to be trifled with."
** (231) Agatha sizes up Hammish. ((sense motive)) **
(227) Randallson the Neat: "Hash a bonemaster or some such. Powerful being."
whispering to Gautam, roll
** (233) Kith He shrugs slightly, smirking. "Maybe, maybe not. Do you know of any way to stop the undead from attacking, or any....not so well known ways in?" **
(228) Git: :to Kha: "Well...?"
(226) Kha: "Give me a moment, I am trying to figure out how to undo what was done."
(227) Randallson the Neat: "No, nosh really. Wellsh. Maybe a shecret way in, I heard tell. Through the garden."
** (233) Kith he nods, smiling and haning the next to last cinna bun to him. "Very good, what about, a way to...nullify or weaken her power?" **
** (231) Agatha smirks and relaxes a little. "You reminded me I need to be careful, even in this place." **
(231) Agatha: "My companions and I came upon an interesting find. But we're not sure what to make of it all."
(227) Randallson the Neat: "I don' know. I think get rid o' her bonemaster."
(227) Randallson the Neat: "She'sh called the Goddesh, you know."
** (226) Kha opens his eyes "Well whatever was done to her is undone now." **
** (227) Dame Gold falls into a deep sleep. **
** (233) Kith He nods slowly, looking at him. "Yes, I am well aware. But I don't believe it. So, you think her bonemaster gives her her power? Do you know anything that could help defeat one?" **
(231) Agatha: "I thought for a moment that a loremaster might be able to help us figure it out."
(228) Git: "are you sure? " :asks Kha as the lady lays back to sleep?"
(231) Agatha: "Figured I should pause a moment 'fore I show my hand to just anybody."
** (227) Randallson the Neat takes a pull of ale. "No, I think she usesh her powesh to do thingsh. I don' know how though." (wipes some icing from his beard) "Hey, thish ish good shuff." **
(226) Kha: "Yes, it was some sort of mind foging weave. Could be useful if I can figure out how to use it myself."
** (233) Kith He nods and hands him the last cinnabun "That they are. So, do you have any ideas about the source of her power?" **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "I could, perhaps, if I knew where you stood."
** (231) Agatha smiles and takes a breath. **
(227) Randallson the Neat: "She'sh a powerful mage, I've deshermined. And her bonemaster she usesh quite a bit. And she ish one o' the Nine."
(227) Randallson the Neat: "I don' know much else."
** (233) Kith He nods slowly. "Well, thankyou anyway" he shrugs slightly, looking at him. "Hopefully that will be enough to kill her" He opens the door and walks out **
(228) Git: "Heh.. great.. then how about we go hunt down the weaver and ask her how she did it? They were travelling at a casual speed as they left. They shouldn't be far by now. If she isn't in one of the local inns she may be on her way out of town"
** (227) Randallson the Neat burps loudly in response **
(231) Agatha: "Three years ago, my son disappeared without a trace. I thought him dead. It was only recently that I learned that it was slavers who took him and took him alive. Slavers from Kern. My son was stolen from me, because the Nine allowed it and continue to profit from capture and trade."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "I see. Well then, any enemy of the Nine is a friend of mine."
(226) Kha: "Well the maid I spoke to didnt even remember her being here, so whatever was done to Dame Gold here was probably done to her and maybe others as well. I think I should beable to figure it out. Lets go get Agatha and Kith and find that Aes Sedi."
(227) Taran: "Will she be all right, sirrah?"
(226) Kha: "Yes, just let no woman in this room until she wakes."
** (228) Git stands fromt the bed and heads out the door and makes his way back down toward the banquet. **
** (233) Kith He leans on the wall at the edge of the room, scowling, and looking around **
(231) Agatha: "Well, alright then. Let's find somewhere to talk."
** (226) Kha follows Git but stops at the door for a moment **
(226) Kha: "Taran, come out here and stand guard to ensure Dame Gold stays safe."
(227) Taran: "Very good, sirrah."
** (227) Taran follows Kha out and stays put. **
** (227) Hammish of Whytecoin follows Agatha. "The safest place is the library. It's warded against eavesdroppers. You could say that Her Grace and I are good friends." **
** (226) Kha follows Git but keeps looking around **
** (228) Git heads down stairs and back to the banquet, looking for Aggy and Kith **
(227) DM: You (Kith) spot Agatha following a half-elf in light blue robes.
(227) DM: (same to Git)
** (231) Agatha nods. "That'll do. Just don't you get any funny idears. As I was tellin' that old lech, this axe ain't for show." **
** (231) Agatha makes sure that the Luggage follows. **
(228) Git: :jogs over to catch up with Aggy and her 'friend": "Excuse me... I hope I'm not interrupting."
** (233) Kith He follows behing Agatah and the half-elf **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "No, you're not."
** (227) Hammish of Whytecoin seems to be on his guard again. **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Your friends?" (jerks his thumb at Git, to Agatha)
(228) Git: :to Hammish: "Close enough." :turns to Aggy pointing aside: "May we borrow your ear a moment Aggy?"
(231) Agatha: "Excuse us a moment, Hammish."
** (231) Agatha turns to Git. "Where did you disappear to?" **
** (227) Hammish of Whytecoin shrugs. "I'll meet you in the library when you're ready, then." **
** (233) Kith He looks at git and Agatha, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms again **
(226) Kha: "He was visiting Dame Gold"
(228) Git: "Nothing more scandalous than yuo were doing, it seems." :teases as he steps aside with Aggy, giving Hammish a friendly wave in dismissal."
(231) Agatha: "I was getting information, thank you so much for the vote of confidence."
** (228) Git directs Aggy over toward Kith, being sure to be out of earshot of others, before speaking, "It would appear that Aes Sedai who pulled the Dame aside cast some sort of weave on her. Either of you fancy a hunt?" **
** (233) Kith He looks at him, and he shakes hish ead slightly. "You would be a fool to go after an Aes Sedai." **
(228) Git: "Is that a no then?"
(231) Agatha: "The Dame uses some impressive magicks to protect her home. She probably used better to keep herself safe. If anyone got by that, they won't be easy prey."
(226) Kha: "She cast some sort of mind altering weave on Dame Gold."
** (233) Kith He nods, agreeing with Agatha. "Also, you realize, unless shes a black sister, she could have a warder with her" **
(228) Git: "Uh... yeah... and?"
** (231) Agatha nods. "Well, so long as we know what we're getting into." **
(228) Git: :to Aggy: "Barely a clue."
** (233) Kith He looks at him and he shrugs shakes his head. "Unless shes a black sister, she was also trying ot do what was best for hte world here" **
(226) Kha: "Well from what I read about the Aes Sedi she shouldnt have altered someones mind."
** (231) Agatha pauses a moment. **
(228) Git: "I don't know what kind of sister she was, but disrupting the mind of someone against the Nine gives me a pretty good guess who she's working for."
(231) Agatha: "Git, is there anything else wrong with Dame Gold besides her fade out?"
(231) Agatha: ((afk))
(228) Git: :shrugs: "According to Kha, she should be fine now. I just figured it would be wise to capture the culprit before she was out of our grasp."
(226) Kha: "I agree"
** (233) Kith He tilts his head, and he nods slowly. "it...would be close to compulsion, so, she is probably black, by all evidence, yet, that just makes her more dangerous" **
(228) Git: :to Kith: "But it makes us less morally reprehensible for attacking her, neh?"
** (226) Kha shrugs "Not the first time we have met a black sister" **
** (233) Kith He nods slowly "Yes" **
** (231) Agatha slowly turns the wheels in her head. **
(231) Agatha: "She's only missing tonight's memories?"
(228) Git: :grins conspiratorially to Aggy: "Of course, you don't have to come if you're ... busy."
(231) Agatha: "It ain't that. I'm thinking, why Dame Gold. What did she she that everyone else didn't?"
(228) Git: "I have no idea. Which is rather why I want to find this Aes Sedai and learn why."
(231) Agatha: ((she see* rather))
(231) Agatha: "Alright. Do you have any leads?"
(228) Git: :shrugs: "I know which way they were heading as they left the estate. Other than that... not really. I figure we check the inns along that direction first. If we don't find her head on out of town along th eright and try to catch up."
** (226) Kha comes walking back **
(231) Agatha: "Kha can you grant us some flight?"
(226) Kha: "I am not a wizard."
(226) Kha: "And why do you want to fly?"
(228) Git: "No... but there seemt to be a couple of them here."
** (233) Kith He waits for them, and would travel with them when they left **
(231) Agatha: "Hmm. Might be dangerous to ask a stranger and half of these blokes are already drunk."
(228) Git: "oh.. but what about your library buddy?"
(231) Agatha: "He's the other half."
(228) Git: "Great, then lets see what the other half can do for us."
(231) Agatha: "Aye, that's not a bad idea."
(228) Git: (afk a min)
** (231) Agatha leads the way to the library...then asks a servant for directions when she realizes that she has no idea where it is. **
(226) Kha: "Well the Aes Sedi left the estate over here, I am gona go see where her tracks lead while you figure out if you want to get the help of others."
** (233) Kith he nods and looks at htem "Ill go with kha, unlessh e wishes to go alone" **
(231) Agatha: "Be careful, lad. The guards are still looking for a murderer out there."
(226) Kha: "Feel free to come Kith, maybe we will find the swordman who vanished when all this mess started."
** (226) Kha heads back to the tracks and starts following them, keeping alert to the One Power as he does so **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: (sec)
(226) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke, so feel free to ignore me for a bit ))
** (233) Kith He follows behind Kha, keeping a watch out for anyone trying to ambush them, hand over his shoulder on sword hilt **
(227) DM: The tracks continue for some time, and then cease, as if your quarry had travelled using some other means.
** (233) Kith Bends down and checks the ground, seeinf if there is grass, and if it was cut, and how **
** (233) Kith actually doesnt **
(227) DM: (?)
(228) Git: 0.o
(233) Kith: Ehh, if it was what I was thinking, that would kinda be metagaming))
(226) Kha: (( back ))
(233) Kith: wb)
** (226) Kha scratches his head "Wonder if she had a wizard friend" ** searches the area to see if there are any signs of another person **
** (233) Kith He nods slightly nad he looks around, trying to check from signs of where she ahd gone. "Maybe" **
** (226) Kha stops and stairs at a spot in the air **
** (233) Kith He turns and sees him sarring at the air. "find something?" **
(226) Kha: "She used the One Power in a way I didnt know was posible, some type of hole to another location"
** (233) Kith He nods slwoly and shakes his head "This is looking worse all the time. I think she used Travelling, which means, shes strong in the power" **
** (226) Kha walks around the examining the air **
** (233) Kith Watches him, and still looks around, keeping an eye out **
(226) Kha: "Thats interesting, I cant tell where she went though."
** (233) Kith He nods slowly and shakes his head "Im not sure whether thats a good thing, or bad thing. Should we tell the others?" **
(226) Kha: "Ya, I figured out how she did it though and I should be able to do it as well."
** (226) Kha heads back into the village **
(227) DM: The banquet seems to be winding down as various guests retire to their quarters.
** (233) Kith Follows him and blinks slightly at him thinking he could do it as well, then shrugs **
(227) DM: Randallson seems to have fallen asleep in a sitting room, surrounded by ale tankards and dishes of pastries.
** (231) Agatha enters the library slowly. "Hammish?" **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "I was about to head off to bed."
(226) Kha: "You remember where Agatha and Git said they were going? I stoped paying atention"
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "But what can I do for you?"
** (233) Kith He nodded "I think they said the library, but im not sure where it is" **
(227) DM: (a servant can take you there)
(226) Kha: "Well I could call them, but I would wake up the whole town in doing so. So lets find a servent to lead us."
** (233) Kith He nods, and he looks for a servant, and would have hte first one they found lead them to the library **
(231) Agatha: "My companions and I may have a long night ahead of us. Someone used magicked away Dame Gold's memories of the banquet. Our guess is that it was an Aes Sendai trying to hide someone's tracks. My friends are trying to follow her trail right now."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Ah, I see."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Aes Sedai are not unknown in Kern, though they are rarer than Wylundians."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Dame Gold was trained at the Tower, but is not a Sister herself."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "You look surprised. You shouldn't be. She has a storied history in Kern." (sips a cup of tea as he regards Agatha, watching her face for some reaction)
** (231) Agatha hides her surprise. "Hmph. Of course she does." **
** (231) Agatha takes a seat. "So pray tell, what is her story anyway?" **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Well. That's a long story."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "She's a descendant of the last Grand Duke to rule Kern, before the rise of the Nine."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "She's also an old adventuring partner."
(231) Agatha: "Well, that explains her influence and distate for the Nine."
** (227) Hammish of Whytecoin stares off into space. "We've seen each other through, Edara and I. But in the years before the last war between Kern and the Southern Kingdoms, we haven't been doing much. **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "When Kern went to war, most of our band dissolved or went into hiding. A few were discovered and slain in the course of the Purge that followed Kern's defeat, for 'crimes against the Duchy and aiding and abetting the Nine's enemies'.""
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Oh, right. I keep forgetting that most non-Kernin know nothing of history after the war. As you might know, Kern acted with the help of ilythi'iri and invaded the Southern Kingdoms."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "They would have won and kept most of their holdings were it not for a mysterious plague that wiped out most of their forces and in a strange way, helped turn the tide of the war."
(231) Agatha: "Aye, that much I know."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "The plague was the cause of many casualties in the conflict, but mostly acted to annihilate their ilythi'iri and orckin allies. Bereft of their assists, the Kernin were routed and driven back. The Nine sealed the Duchy's borders and fought amongst themselves for the better part of the last 30 years. Only in the past decade have they re-emerged, stronger than ever and now whispers fly of a new conflict to come."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "When the war broke out, Edara was sent away to the Tower for training as was custom with her House. She returned a few years ago, only to find her mother dead, from the machinations of Takalara."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Edara has bided her time since then, and built a coalition of individuals who stand against the Nine but this alliance is a fragile thing and open to infiltration from the Nine Council's agents. I suspect that this Aes Sedai your friends are looking for might have been one such."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "As for why we are here, only Edara knows as her message held nothing other than a dinner invitation."
** (226) Kha enters the Library "She go away." **
(226) Kha: (( *got ))
** (233) Kith He walks in behind him and he nods **
(226) Kha: "She used the One Power to go somewhere else. I couldnt figure out where, but I figured out how she did it."
(228) Git: "Figures.." :Git offers from his silent position leaning against the doorway"
(231) Agatha: "It was a long shot. Someone with her powers could vanish easily, I'd wager."
(231) Agatha: "Kha, could you do me a favor and check this room for magicks?"
** (233) Kith He shrugs slightly, leaning against the wall "She is above average strenght for an Aes Sedai" **
** (226) Kha shrugs and scanns around the room **
(233) Kith: at least, im guessing she is, do do what she did
(226) Kha: "Oneiros, The Mistlord, I ask of you to banish Mania from my mind and let me see clearly."
(231) Agatha: "From what we've been hearing, Dame Gold is no pushover. She's had training at the Tower, though I imagine you already knew that."
** (233) Kith He shrugs slightly "No, I didn't. I don't know every woman whose been to the tower. But, hopefully your right, about her not being a pushover" **
(226) Kha: "Only thing I see is magic in the walls, probably some type of protection."
(226) Kha: "I am gona go check on Dame gold and to see if I can find the swordsman."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "I suppose I'll see you all in the morning."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "But you wanted me to do something?"
** (226) Kha heads out to check on Dame Gold **
(231) Agatha: "Aye, that I did."
(228) Git: "I'll come along. I feel kind of responsible." :follows after Kha:
** (231) Agatha leans over the side of her chair and speaks to the ground. "Okay, Luggage, I know you're nervous, but I need you to show yourself to our new friend here. Can you do that for me?" **
** (233) Kith He turns and follows git and kha **
** (226) Kha turns to Git "Well traveling should be faster now that I figured out how to use the One Power to do so." **
(227) DM: It reveals itself: a construct shaped like a kind of cube-shaped container with leathery green skin and a million tiny pink feet.
(226) Kha: "Though it will be a little more taxing then my flaming spear or lightning, it could come in handy"
(228) Git: "Really? How'd that come about?"
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "What is that?"
(231) Agatha: "This is the Luggage. I can't tell you more than that, because simply I know little more than that. That's not what I wanted you to see."
(226) Kha: "The Aes Sedi we followed used it to get away, I just studied what she did, though it didnt tell me where she went I did figure out how she did it so now I can do it as well."
** (231) Agatha beckons the Luggage over and pulls a helm out of it. "A week ago, we stumbled upon the tomb of a man named Zathis. Have you heard of him?" **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Luggage? That must be powerful magicka. Or a creature of passing strange origin."
** (228) Git raises a surprised brow at the priest of fate. "Uh.. right..." **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "He was a rather demented wizard who chose to fight against the Nine during the Purge."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Fond of using magical items to kill those who opposed him."
(231) Agatha: "Aye. Apparantly, he had a small cache of these enchanted objects buried with him. However, we can't make heads or tails of any of it."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "I could identify a few of those."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "If the price were right, naturally."
** (231) Agatha smirks. "Hmph. A businessman first, eh?" **
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "A realist. When this event is over, I'll need something to ensure that I can disappear if need be."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "At least one person here has ties to the Nine."
(231) Agatha: "The events of this evening are proof enough of that."
(227) DM: "I meant at the banquet."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "I meant at the banquet."
(231) Agatha: "Do you suspect anyone in particular?"
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Everyone, of course." (shrugs)
** (231) Agatha rolls her eyes. "Well in a crowd of this size, there ought to be at least one spy." **
(231) Agatha: "Let's start at 50 crowns for the helm. If you can pull it off, we'll work out a deal for the rest."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Bernaldo is a famous but aged paladin of Solnor, except that he was briefly associated with Takalara in her capacity as the 'Goddess'. He was her enforcer.

"Katrina is a rough-speaking but nobly born fighter -- from Hyboras. She lost her way after being taken captive aboard a slave ship and worked for her freedom under a slave lord although she claims to have mended her ways.

"Thaddeus is a former guildmaster of Ashen Rose, a thieves' guild in Highport. You should ask him how he learned his assassination techniques given that very few tutors know how to kill by touch, at least in the style popularized by Jaxi, one of the Nine.

"Xavian, the Gray is an enchanter and alchemist of some renown, and a former apprentice of Almeena the Ever-Maiden.

"And those are just the ones I have explicit knowledge of."

(231) Agatha: ((??))
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "Very well then."
(227) Hammish of Whytecoin: "This will require a day of observation. Pearls are expensive you know."
(226) Kha: "Well Dame Gold seems to be sleeping well, lets go see if we can find the swordsman"
(227) DM: (swordsman?)
(226) Kha: (( the one who killed the grey man and swore he owed us a debut for buying his freedom ))
(226) Kha: (( he killed the Grey Man, which caused us to flee the Inn into Dame Golds party uninvited. ))
(228) Git: (the nezumi?)
(226) Kha: (( ya ))
** (226) Kha heads into the village and starts wandering down ally ways looking for the nezumi swordsman **
(227) DM: (hm)
(227) DM: (not prepared for that
(227) DM: (we could stop here)
(226) Kha: (( ok sounds good to me ))

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