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(930) Evil Joe (enter): 23:40
(928) DM: ** (123) Agatha throws on her chainshirt. "J'hzuu, get your gloves! We've got company!" **
** (107) J'hzuu has his gloves on already, but swivels towards the noise, readying himself to cast a spell if they seem hostile. **
** (99) Kha stands up and pulls out the long dagger **
** (99) Kha Consentrates on his dagger for a moment **
(118) DM: It's just a lone rider ambling down the trail from the west.
** (123) Agatha throws her fur overcoat back on and tightens her belt before picking up her axe and cautiously approahes the rider. **
(118) DM: He's on horseback. It appears to be a man with black hair, a red cloak and wearing an eye patch. A silver chain hangs around his neck ending in a skull medallion. He wears a sardonic grin as he spies your encampment.
(118) The rider: "Greetings! Wonderful day to think of all the deaths here, isn't it?"
** (99) Kha gives the man a puzzled look "Is it ever a wonderfull day to think of death?" **
** (107) J'hzuu 's eyes widen for a moment, and he takes a step behind Agatha, putting her between himself and the death-loving man. **
(123) Agatha: "Who are you, stranger?"
(118) The rider: "All life is a miserable existence, it is. The world is an unhappy place and filled with sin and misery. For most, death is just a merciful release from the toils and travails of existence. Don't you agree?" (chuckles)
** (99) Kha disagrees **
(118) The rider: "I? Steinmeyer of Lamaris, god of death and the dead, at your service. And who might you be?"
(99) Kha: "Um Agatha, he is probably from around here, so we would be the strangers."
(123) Agatha: "Agatha, a woman who feels death makes life worth living."
(88) Trieve (exit):
(118) Steinmeyer: "A pleasure to meet you both. Welcome by the way to Kern, as I see that you are not from here by your manner of speaking." (glances over at Git) "Are you in need of aid?"
(99) Kha: "God of Death? Isnt that Teleute?"
(123) Agatha: "Not around here apparantly."
(99) Kha: "He will be fine after a rest and food. He ate some bad plants."
** (118) Steinmeyer shrugs. "The name is not familiar to me. I do not worship Teleute, whatever god or goddess that might be." **
(123) Agatha: "And our friend will be doing much better once you take your leave."
(123) Agatha: "If you are a god, you're no god I'd like to have around."
** (107) J'hzuu leans foward and whispers in Agatha's ears. "Please don't annoy the death-god". **
(99) Kha: "Oh, the way you worded your statment I thought you were claiming to be a god. Not just a priest. Sorry I am very tired even though it is early yet."
(107) J'hzuu: *death-priest, whatever.
** (118) Steinmeyer shrugs again. "Suit yourselves then. This is after all the border of the Plains of Despair. Death IS a fact of life, for here was fought many a battle against those who served the Nine Council in times long past." **
(99) Kha: "Ya, and a few days further is a Manor full of undead. Lots of death around here."
(118) Steinmeyer: "Ah well. If you're heading in that direction, at least for you the end is nigh." (rubs his hands in satisfaction)
(99) Kha: "I doubt that. I hear the hostes is very nice to her guests, if you can stand being around the undead that long anyways."
(118) Steinmeyer: "With your deaths, you shall be liberated from the oppresive weight that is your existence in this life."
(118) Steinmeyer: "I doubt that very much. The lady Talakara is not known for her....hospitality, shall I say."
(123) Agatha: "Hmph, it wouldn't be the first time we heard prophecies of doom. I doubt it'll be the last."
(123) Agatha: ((this'll even))
** (118) Steinmeyer grins again, showing bright white teeth. "I prophesize not, m'lady. In any event, a pleasure it was to meet you both short as our meeting was in twain." **
** (99) Kha smiles then turns to Agatha "Well Git needs to rest the rest of the day, as do I. Do his horse tracks look like those you saw before?" **
(118) Steinmeyer: "Are you certain your companion does not need aid?"
(99) Kha: "I am sure. He will be fine. But thank you and your god for the offer."
(123) Agatha: "Out of curiosity, where are you off to?"
** (118) Steinmeyer waves his hand languidly. "May Lamaris bless this worthy soul in the hope that the weight of all existence shall be lifted off his shoulders and he find bliss in the never-ending fields of the life thereafter." **
(99) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke, Hope we dont have to fight ))
(123) Agatha: "Wait...you're not here for him are you?"
** (118) Steinmeyer smiles jovially at Agatha replying, "Why m'lady, the town of Leilon, a few days to the east yonder from which a road leads to the Caer you spoke of earlier. Another road leads further east from Leilon over the
Ashen Mountains to Stressex and points beyond. Why do you ask?" **
(118) Steinmeyer: "I? I come not for the dead, m'lady, but to witness those who are about to die. The god leads me whither he wills."
(123) Agatha: "What's happened in Leilon?"
** (123) Agatha begins regretting the question the moment it leaves her lips. **
(118) Steinmeyer: "There is talk of a revolt against the Lady Talakara, a revolt being organized by members of those who lead some kind of resistance against the Nine Council. I think of all the deaths that I shall witness in furtherance of the glory that is Lamaris, may his name be forever praised." (smiles widely)
(118) Steinmeyer: "And that is not all. A knight -- well, his bearing is not quite that of a knight but I think that he is one -- who bears ill will to the Nine Council, if his statements are to be believed. A glorious day it shall be to see his demise against the servants of the Goddess Talakara. I assume you have heard tales of the Goddess?"
(123) Agatha: "Hmph. Hasn't everyone? We learned her name after being in this land for not five minutes."
(118) Steinmeyer: "A false Goddess from what I know of her. Long will it be before she takes a fall." (shifts weight on his saddle)
(99) Kha: "She has wonderfuly interesting black roses that cause infertility. She, or one of her servents was kind enough to send me a few."
(118) Steinmeyer: "If you will be travelling to Leilon, perhaps I shall see you at Dame Gold's manor house. The good baroness has invited various adventuring groups in the land to take part in festivities at her estate, for what purpose I do not know. It would be good of me to gain the lay of the land however, in search of patrons who might wish to relieve themselves of this existence when it is time for them to do so." (chuckles)
(118) Steinmeyer: "A priest's work is never done."
(99) Kha: "True enough"
(118) Steinmeyer: "Well, I shall be off. Deaths to witness and sermons proclaiming the glory of the god to write, and all that. May your friend fare well! And even if he does not, may he die well indeed!" (grins)
(123) Agatha: "Well we won't keep you then. I'd like to wish you good luck, but it ain't my way. Not in this case."
** (99) Kha goes and lays back down "Since Git wont be ready to travel untill lat tonight I am going to take a nap. Wake me if anything arises" **
** (107) J'hzuu simply nods, eager to see the disturbing man leave. **
** (118) Steinmeyer takes a courtly bow from his saddle and snaps the reins on his horse. "Sweet death, may she come for you in swift embrace!" **
(118) DM: The cleric gallops away.
** (123) Agatha is plenty warm in her coat, but she shivers as the horseman leaves. **
(123) Agatha: "Just once, I'd like to have a day where nothing weird happens."
(123) Agatha: "Well, let's pack and get moving. This place gets more unsettlin' by the hour."
(118) DM: (curious...you're travelling at night?)
(123) Agatha: ((it's not morning?))
(99) Kha: (( it was morning, but Git needs to sleep ))
(154) Git: ((Git can sleep on J'zhuu's disc...))
(99) Kha: (( Ahh ok, guess we can travel then ))
(123) Agatha: "Kha, I need you to watch over Git if you know what we're dealing with. J'hzuu, can you manage one of those flyin' discs?"
(99) Kha: "Will do."
** (107) J'hzuu nods and takes a vial of mercury from his spellpouch. A few seconds of gesturing and muttering later, he is exhaling a mist that coalesces into a semi-solid disc. **
** (99) Kha picks Git up and places him on the disk **
** (123) Agatha is already packing up. **
(123) Agatha: "Much as I hates to follow him. Moving in death's shadow might be the best way to get to Caern. With any luck, we can sneak past Talakara while she's lookin' the other way."
(99) Kha: "I figured we just go knock on the door."
(123) Agatha: "The woman hands out infertility as a signature and we're trying to steal her favorite toy soldier. I say the less she sees of us the better."
(99) Kha: "But we have a bargening chip. We can tell her about Dranloc's plans"
(123) Agatha: "Knowledge she could just as easily get by torturing us or magicking it from our heads."
(123) Agatha: "We don't know what she's capable of. I don't aim to find out."
** (99) Kha shrugs "I think Git would agree with you if h was awake." **
(123) Agatha: "That makes two of us. I imagine he also wouldn't care to linger in a place that seems to draw so many bad omens. Are we ready?"
(99) Kha: "Aye" ** heads off toward to Caer Thorne **

(928) DM: (from last session)
(930) Evil Joe (exit): 23:41
(916) Kha: (( ok we are 2 days later? ))
(928) DM: ((yep))
(928) DM: You're on the road east of Heathwatch. A line of wooded foothills is on the horizon, and mountains rising from them in the far off distance. Gently rolling hills to either side of you, lightly wooded terrain. All seems peaceful.
(928) DM: You've passed the odd traveller on the road. Not as friendly as you're used to, or that might be because you're not familiar with the local countryfolk. Subdued, almost. Those that introduce themselves or take the time to be friendly say there's a town a few days away called Safeton, ruled by a baroness with no love for the Nine Council.
(928) DM: However there's a rather unusual ordinance in force. No magicka of any kind is to be practiced in the town limits. Apparently the baroness is no fan of wizards and their ilk.
(916) Kha: "Maybe this Barroness can help us out for finding a way to get in without being noticed."
(928) DM: Her name apparently is "Dame Gold."
(904) Agatha: "Or she could send us to a trap and present us to the Council like a mongrel looking for a treat."
(915) J'hzuu: ((What's the law like on magic items? J'hzuu's robes mebbe not go down so well))
whispering to Matt, you don't have identify, correct? not sure if you did
(928) DM: ((just no visible casting))
(916) Kha: "Acording to the locals she doent like the council."
** (904) Agatha looks back at Git, still resting on one of J'hzuu's floating discs. "The locals also say she's not so keen on mages. **
(904) Agatha: "Still.. No harm in asking a little more about Caer Thorn."
(928) DM: It's early afternoon, by the look of the sun in the sky.
(928) DM: You round a bend in the road when something catches your attention that doesn't normally happen travelling on a road in the countryside.
(928) DM: A corpse, horribly mangled, lies a few feet away. It's head appears to be tossed to one side.
** (916) Kha goes over and examins the corpse **
whispering to Drathmar, have we settled what Ajah she belongs to?
** (915) J'hzuu stops at the sight and immediately begins scanning the surrounding area for any dangers. **
** (904) Agatha looks around trying to spot a perpetrator. **
(928) DM: It's a woman albeit barely recognizeable.
** (904) Agatha speaks to Kha still looking around. "What the hell happened to her?" **
(915) J'hzuu: "She was killed?"
** (916) Kha tries to find anything to identify to woman "She got killed?" **
(928) DM: Her garments are tattered, as if torn to pieces by wild animals, her belongings ripped to shreds and scattered to the winds. A walking staff that she may have been using lies shattered to pieces next to her still form, the headpiece riven from the core. Scraps of parchment litter the roadside. The sheer savagery of her remains is quite jarring in contrast to your peaceful surroundings.
(928) DM: Her dress is rather ordinary save for an overabundance of green fabric and green trim around her robes.
(904) Agatha: "Obviously. Any idea how, smart mouths?
(916) Kha: "Looks like wild animals. But that seems odd to me. They didnt eat her, so I doubt it was natural animals, if animals it was."
(928) DM: Tracks -- a multitude of them -- can be seen on the road, most converging from different directions. A struggle took place here, one that the dead woman lost. Bushes lie trampled a few yards away and a birch tree is blackened as if struck by lightning. The only problem is that it hasn't rained in a day or so.
** (904) Agatha makes a feeble attempt to identify the tracks. **
(904) Agatha: Survival check (no track feat): [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25)
whispering to Gautam, they're hoofed.
(916) Kha: "I think she was killed by someone who can wield the Power I do. I can sense the use of that power here. The only other things we have met that use that Power are very unfriendly. Those eyeless things."
** (915) J'hzuu attempts to read the parchment scraps. **
whispering to Gautam, bipedal animals?
(915) J'hzuu: "Kha wields it. Perhaps the woman was evil?"
(904) Agatha: "Whatever did this had hooves...And two legs?"
(916) Kha: "No, the Aes Sedi Power feels differant then mine. It gives me chills" ** looks at Agatha ** "We met those when we foght that eyeless thing as well. Not sure what they were but they had animal heads and walked on two legs. Some had hooves."
** (915) J'hzuu holds up a scrap of parchment. "Scribbles. "Safeton, it says." he pauses, reading some more. "meet him in a day or so. I send all my..." He squints. "Adelle? Yes, Adelle, it says." **
(916) Kha: "Servents of the Shai`tan (sp)"
(904) Agatha: "Feels like a lifetime ago when we fought those things."
(916) Kha: "Well in any case, it would be best to be away from here. Git is stong enough to walk so we can bring her body to town to be delt with properly."
** (904) Agatha thinks about the natural accusations and opens her mouth to argue, but decides against it. "Aye, I suppose she deserves a decent burial. Just don't be too surprised when folks start pointin' the finger at us." **
** (916) Kha gathers up the womans remains and places them on the Disk Git was using **
(904) Agatha: "And cover her up would you? I can barely stand to look at her."
** (915) J'hzuu frowns at the thought of carrying about a corpse. "Yes, do this. Other travellers also might be... upset." **
(915) J'hzuu: ((How much further to the town?))
** (916) Kha diggs his blanket out of his pack and lays it over her, leaving just the top part of her head sticking out in the hope that people will think she is just sick **
(928) DM: ((3 days on foot))
** (916) Kha finishes with the blanket then walks into the woods "Well looks like she killed one of the beasts anyways." **
(916) Kha: "About a day ago. Her body is gona start smelling soon even though it is winter. Lets hope we make it to the city before that happens."
(904) Agatha: "Aye, we may have to bury her ourselves 'fore too long."
** (916) Kha keeps heading to the town keeping his senses alert for any use of the Power thats similar to his **
(933) nutritious (enter): 00:26
(928) DM: ((duration of the disc?))
(915) J'hzuu: Eight hours
(915) J'hzuu: ((Whoops. Nine, rather))
(928) DM: ((so you mean to tell me you're taking a disc with a corpse atop it to town? for 3 days?))
(916) Kha: (( going to drop the Disk an hour out of town or so ))
(928) DM: Time passes after you encounter the headless corpse (and loading her onto J'hzuu's disc) when there's a cart pulled by a couple of horses that comes upon you from the other direction
(928) DM: They appear to be farmers, and of course they stare at you while you trudge along the road.
** (916) Kha waves at the farmers as he passes **
(933) nutritious (exit): 00:37
(928) DM: Not precisely at you but at the disc and your um...burden atop it. True, it's early winter but there's a certain....odiferousness that's just beginning to manifest.
(916) Kha: (( she is covered, but not much we can do about the smell ))
(928) DM: ((which is why they notice. it is after all a disc floating in the air.))
(916) Kha: (( true ))
** (916) Kha keeps walking ignoring the stairs of the farmers **
(928) Setath: "Ahoy there! Well met, I think."
(916) Kha: (( guess I typed too fast ))
** (928) Setath nudges his companion who looks up from the road as he sits up with a start as you pass by. He whispers in his ear and pokes a finger at the disc while staring, his eyes bugging out. **
(904) Agatha: "Well met, yourself. Where you fellows headed from?"
** (915) J'hzuu nods in greeting, but says nothing, trying to resist the urge to step behind Aggie. **
(916) Kha: "Greetings. How far are we from the town, we found the sceen of a battle on our way in and would like to report the sceen to the proper people."
(928) Evarin: "From the shacktown outside Safeton. Market was a day or so ago and we're 'turning home. Now that there's a sight to see, eh? A horseless wagon."
(928) Setath: "Oh, um....you're a ways away. I reckon 'bout two, mebbe three more days walkin."
(928) Setath: "Oh ays, I'm Setath tho me friends call me Settie. This here's Evarin. Pleased ta meet'cha."
(904) Agatha: "Aye, the horses got spooked off a few nights ago and took the fool wheels with 'em."
(928) Evarin: "Well...um, 'tain't no wheels. How do it stay up like dat?"
(916) Kha: "Oh we missed the Market? I was hoping to make it in time so I could do some enertaining. Ahh that far? Names Kha. Nice to meet`cha as well"
(904) Agatha: "The 'cart' was the only thing that was loyal enough to stick around. Powerful thing, that."
** (928) Setath makes some waving motions with his hands. "You dinn' let loose, eh? What's dat smell?" **
** (915) J'hzuu opens his mouth, then closes it, realising what he was about to say would get them into more strife. "Of course it stays up. If it didn't, it would scrape along the road, no?" **
(928) Evarin: "Well, d'you know where we can get one o' dat there carts?"
(904) Agatha: "The name's Agatha, the lad over here is Kha, and the furry fellow is J'hzuu."
(928) Setath: "D'ye sell them?" (he looks at his cart and the horses) "Say, if we bought this cart from you we could make a mint. No more horses to feed."
** (915) J'hzuu nods again as he is introduced. "No. They are loyal, as Kha said. It follows J'hzuu only, yes?" **
(904) Agatha: "Naw, you wouldn't want one o' these. They don't last too long. Give me a horse anyday."
** (928) Evarin nods and waves over to J'hzuu. "Don't see many catmen here this here ways. They all been marched off when the lady duchess took 'em from the fields." **
(916) Kha: "Smell is the woman we found at the sceen of the battle."
** (904) Agatha winces at Kha's bluntness. **
** (915) J'hzuu simply nods, having no idea of local events. When Kha mentions the woman, he cringes. **
** (928) Setath looks a bit disappointed at hearing the news. "Naw? A shame, ma'am. Neber seen a horseless cart." **
(928) Evarin: "Well, aren't you gonna, you know like, uh, bury her? Startin' to stink up mighty bad."
(928) Setath: "Dame Gold's guards might have a word 'bout that." (looks at the disc again)
(916) Kha: "I was hoping to make it to town, but I am starting to agree with you. Since we are still three days out."
(928) Setath: "Ays, ays they might."
(904) Agatha: "We were hoping the town were closer, so we could maybe find her kin and hand her over proper."
(904) Agatha: "You boys ever hear of lass by name o' Adelle?"
** (928) Evarin looks at Evarin and they whisper amongst themselves for a bit, after which he says slowly, "Well, we could take you to town if'n you sell us dat there cart." **
(928) DM: (looks at Setath, sorry)
(928) Setath: "No, sorry, neber heard o' dat name. Pretty name tho."
** (916) Kha shakes his head and starts to move on **
(934) Ryuu (enter): 00:55
** (915) J'hzuu shrugs. "No. Like J'hzuu said, it follows him only. Selling... would not work, yes?" **
(904) Agatha: "Trust me, this cart'll be bust by day's end. It's only good when ain't got nothin' else like us."
(928) Evarin: "Weeelll...can't you tell it ta follow us?"
(935) Mini (enter): 00:57
** (928) Setath seems disappointed. "Weelll, we had ta try." **
(934) Ryuu (exit): 00:58
(928) Setath: "C'mon, Evar. Let's go. I tol' you dat wouldn't work."
** (915) J'hzuu nods. "Sorry." He seems to have a thought, and rummages about in his robes for a moment, pulling out five gold coins ((the name of which escapes me right now)) and offering them. "Could all still be show all to town?" **
** (904) Agatha smiles.
"Well, let me tell you what. Seein' as how we ain't anywhere near town, we need to bury this body now." **

(904) Agatha: "If you've got some shovels, we'll buy 'em off you for handsome."
(915) J'hzuu: "Or for shovels, yes."
(928) DM: The Windy Crag is the largest (and most expensive) tavern in Safeton and with good reason. Besides having an excellent selection of drinks on tap and a groaning board laden with food at most hours of the day or night, gleemen often stop by and regale the common folk with stories of their well-worn travels.
(928) Waitress: "Well, what'll it be?" (to Kithil'rian)
** (928) Evarin is about to crack the whip on the cart's horses when he catches sight of J'hzuu's offered hand. "Uhm, well, that's more'n enough for the losses we took on Market!" **
(928) Setath: "We might have a hoe here. We could help you too if'n you want. 'Tis the least we could do for the gold."
(915) J'hzuu: ((Erm... sorry, the inn is Drathmar, yes?))
(928) DM: (yes, because I don't want Drathmar to feel like he's not doing anything)
(935) Mini (exit): 01:06
(904) Agatha: "I'm not sure if you'd want to. It's a dreadful sight. Looks like a pack of wolves got to her the way's she's all torn up."
(915) J'hzuu: ((All good. Just wasn't sure how a waitress and inn appeared in the middle of nowhere, especially since there's no magic allowed))
** (901) Kith was sitting at a table, opposite thee door leading from the main street into the tavern. He glances up at the Waitress as she comes over. "Rubies Bloodwine" He spoke softly, glaning around for a moment then back to her "If I needed information about the land and rule hereabouts who would I speak too" **
(915) J'hzuu: "They can help dig the hole, no?"
(928) DM: ((as you know, I run split groups from time to time.))
(915) J'hzuu: (Indeed. You're going to run both now,or just Drath?))
(928) Waitress: "A tupper glass of bloodwine then. That'll be ten silver pence." She sizes you up and down as if trying to judge what you're about. "Yer a tough customer all right. No foolish sword talk by the looks o' you. I'd say more but that depends on the color of your coin."
(928) DM: ((both, of course.))
(928) DM: ((besides, Zane does it to me all the time. ^^))
(904) Agatha: "I don't see the harm in that. Just so long as they leave the layin' of the dead to us."
(901) Kith: He nods and he pulls out a shilling, then 2 crowns. He places the shilling in her palm "for the drink" he holds up the two crowns "for the other"
(901) Kith: *4 gold crowns (forgot shilling wasnt an actual coin) ))
(928) Waitress: "Name's Namaria by the way. Namaria of Tencrowns up north by the southern plains. A pleasure to meet you, neighbor." (as she palms the crowns) "If'n you want to talk about daggers and deeds," (lowers her voice above barely a whisper) "you might want to speak with Randallson. An' be sure to have a cinnabun in hand. He's addicted ta them."
** (915) J'hzuu allows the men to work - it saves him doing it. **
** (901) Kith He forces a slight smile onto his face as he nods to her and holds up another crown "Where can I find him?" **
(928) Namaria: "My but aren't you a shining pearl o' worth? Either here or at Lady Gold's manor. He's her astrologer, so they say."
(928) Namaria: "You do know about the feast in two days hence, right? Sellswords and wonderblades coming from all parts o' Kern at the request of Dame Gold. You look like you might'n fit there."
** (901) Kith He nods again, forcing another smile, though he did not feel like it. "Can you describe him to me, it would be very helpful." He nods slightly "Aye, that I might, and you may call me Kith" **
** (928) Setath hops off the cart with a dingy hoe and tugs at Evarin to join him. "Might as well put that coin to work then. The sooner she's buried, the sooner we can get home. I'm hungry." **
(928) Namaria: "Oh, he's 'bout the height o' a tallspear and ten or eleben stone by the looks o' you. Addicted to cinnabuns and buttercake, panfry and applecrumbs. He's a spellbeard though he has the good sense not ta cast here on account o' Dame Gold. Not since the duchess had a fallin' out with her if'n you know what I mean."
** (928) Namaria tightens the drawstrings on her apron as she casts a roving eye around the room before coming back to rest on you. "Cook's wavin' at me and wonnnerin' what the wait is. Can I get you anythin' else while we're at it, sweetling?" **
(901) Kith: "Aye, I think I do. You have been very helpful, and nay, there is nothing else I need right now, but you are kind for asking"
(928) DM: The two farmers begin to make headway on the nearly hardpacked dirt...slowly at first but within the space of an hour, an open grave is ready to receive the headless corpse atop J'hzuu's disc.
(928) Namaria: "I'll be back with yer tupper glass then." (turns around with a flounce of her skirts and scoots)
(904) Agatha: "Ya might want to turn away. This ain't so much a body as what's left over."
** (901) Kith as she walks away he turns, his face falling back to looking grim, and wary, with a touch of sadness around his eyes. He looked around for a man similar to the one she had descirbed to him **
** (904) Agatha isn't too eager to lift the cover herself. **
(928) Setath: "Pshaw. When you seen a gutless pig on the way ta bacon, what's annuder body?"
** (916) Kha pulls back the blanket and takes the womans shawl before dumping her into the grave **
(928) Evarin: "Um, Settie, they weren' lyin. Look." (he points at the remains that peek out from beneath the cover)
** (904) Agatha smiles. "Hmph. Good point. Don't say I didn't warn ya." **
(928) DM: He brings up his hand to cover his mouth and turns away, his skin rapidly paling and turning a shade of green as he retches.
(928) Setath: "AAAAAAGH!!!" (follows Evarin in suit)
** (904) Agatha swallows hard as she helps move the body. **
** (916) Kha helps cover the body letting the Farmers recover **
(928) Setath: "Where...where...didja find dat?" (after he recovers and composes himself) "Scared the stuffin' out o' me for the longest time! By the grace of Benvolio!"
** (928) Namaria comes back after a few minutes bearing a crystal glass filled with a bubbling crimson-purplish liquid along with a bottle half-full of the same liquid on a silver tray and places it on Kith's table. A copper key is next to the glass, hidden almost unobtrusively but still noticeable. She winks and mouths, "For later." **
** (904) Agatha grimly focuses on the task. "Found her on the road just a ways back. Looks like she ran and then she fought. She didn't have a chance." **
(916) Kha: "Not to much further down the road, found the corpse of a two legged thing with the head and feet of an animal not too far away as well."
(928) Evarin: "Um...."
(904) Agatha: "Kha! Don't you go scarin' them anymore then they ought to!"
(904) Agatha: ((ought to be*))
(916) Kha: "They should know whats wandering around in their woods."
(928) Setath: "I think I'ma goin' to be sick. We best be goin' soon, Evvie."
** (904) Agatha rise from the body and begins to cover it. "I don't blame ya. It's a horrible thing." **
** (901) Kith Forces another smile and he nods at her, and as she leaves, he sighs, glancing at the key, and he picks it up, gripping it tightly for a minute as his thoughts wadner, then he shakes his head, sliding it into a pocket, though he has no intention of using it. He picks up his glass and takes a small sip of the liquid, barely noticing the flavor as he continues scanning the room, making sure Randallson isn't there, before watching the door **
(904) Agatha: "Tell me. Have you heard any tales of something unnatural sneaking around recently?"
(928) Evarin: "Um...you tell her, Settie."
(915) J'hzuu: ((Erk... I've really got to head off and do some stuff, or shit's goin to hit the fan. Seeya tomorrow/next week folks))
(915) J'hzuu: Disconnecting from server...
(915) Matt (exit): 01:41
(901) Kith: See ya, good luck with whatever it is))
(928) Setath: "Weeelll...we been seein' things out o' the corners o' our eyes, you know? As if things weren't s'posed to be there, an' they weren't there when you looked later. There was a man. 'Least I thought he looked like a man. 'Cept I couldn't look at him. Like I was 'fraid to. Couldn't see past him, just couldn't look at him. He'd come up, up the road from the town and look over our fields. Neber said anything, neber wanted nothing. That was a couple o' weeks ago. Once evry so often, he'd come. And then after the sandy moon went full, he stopped comin'."
(928) DM: ((OOC: Recall that Andurin has three moons: Beviir, a beige colored or sand colored moon; Tintagel, a silver or pale white colored moon; and Elantyreth, an aqua or sapphire blue colored moon. Beviir is the largest and Elantyreth is the smallest.))
(916) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(904) Agatha: "Anything else? Strange tracks? Folks diappearin' suddenly?"
(928) Evarin: "Nopers. Nuttin. Jus this strange man, all in black." (seems to remember) "Oh, an' headless chickens one day. At first we thought a 'coon had gotten in the poke. Now we t'ain't too sure."
** (928) Setath coughs violently some more. "Pleasure to meet'cha though not at the body, may Solnor bless her spirit." **
(928) Evarin: "Ays, the Silverseal bless her soul." (looks up at Agatha) "Thanks for the coin, missy, but we best be leavin now."
(904) Agatha: "Could still be coons. But just to be safe, you fellows might want to spread word around not to travel alone and keep an eye out for anything strange. 'Sides horseless wagons with no wheels, that is."

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