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(20) TaliesinNYC: ok, let's go
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(20) TaliesinNYC: I don't have a copy of the log where Zane played Agatha
(18) Git: ((that's okay, I don't remember what happened in that log anyway. So lets just assume we were victorious and completed the dungeon earning loads of xp, cash and magic item. Agreed? great.)
(20) TaliesinNYC: no
(20) TaliesinNYC: lol
(18) Git: ((fine fine...))
(20) TaliesinNYC: I remember there was a cone of cold in 11b, a pit trap covered by an illusion in 11c
(18) Git: ((just xp and cash then.))
(20) TaliesinNYC: then you clambered down a shaft at 11d
(20) TaliesinNYC: entered a secret chamber at 11e
(20) TaliesinNYC: confronted the mage who blew himself up with a fireball
(18) Git: (don't you mean 11e?))
(18) Git: ((he did?))
(20) TaliesinNYC: and now there's a puddle of water
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(20) TaliesinNYC: well if he didn't, now he did
(21) Gautam: ((He melted?))
(18) Git: ((... and... he had a ton of cash nearby.. ?))
(20) TaliesinNYC: you're not sure. where there was a corpse is now a puddle of water
(20) TaliesinNYC: This is a plain bedchamber that contains a nightstand and a footlocker in addition to a sleeping pallet
(20) TaliesinNYC: That's where we left off
** (19) Kha goes over to look in the nightstand for anything interesting **
(20) DM: It's bare.
** (18) Git trapses carefully around the puddle of wizard on his way to the footlocker. "Well, he made that easy." He makes his way to the footlocker and begins his usual looking over for traps and locks. **
** (19) Kha moves on to the footlocker, but sees Git heading there so just wanders off in another direction **
** (17) Lellick moves slowly over to the puddle, staring down at it with a thoughtful frown. **
(18) Git: "Hey kha, can you check under the bed? Maybe he's hiding a diary."
** (21) Agatha eyes the puddle incredulously. "Kha, are you sure that's what's left of 'im? He ain't lurking in the shadows somewhere and putting us on?" **
** (19) Kha shrugs "I dont know, never seen anyone blow himself up and turn into a puddle of water before." ** heads over to the bead and looks under it **
(18) Git: :to Aggy: "He's not dead."
(17) Lellick: "It seems very suspicious."
whispering to Lunauc, there's a spellbook in here and enough spell components to last quite a while
** (18) Git takes out a book from the locker, looking it over with a lopsided grin. "Either way though, he doesn't protect his valuables very well." Adds in murmur to himself, could probably sell this for a bit to some needy wizard." **
** (21) Agatha shrugs. "Well, damned if I know how these magicks work. Hell, the stories always have evil wizards turn into frogs or some such when hit with their own spells." **
(18) Git: "It's a diversion. Makes you think he's dead then waits to set his next ambush."
** (18) Git whistles for luggage, as he waves the book in the air. **
(20) DM: As if on cue, a panel opens in the wall behind you, revealing a circular chamber with a flight of stairs leading down.
(20) DM: The luggage sidles up next to Git, purring contentedly.
** (18) Git hops up to a defensive stance as the door opens, and settles mildly as nothing immediately pops out to attack them. "And that would be the invitation to the ambush, I assume." **
** (18) Git stows the book inside of luggage, patting the strange creature's "head" affectionately while picking though the loose spell components in the chest, picking up a few choice pouches vials of random items. **
** (19) Kha finishes looking under the bed and heads to the new wall door **
** (17) Lellick shakes his head at that. "There must be some way to get straight to the wizard. I am growing weary of all these ambushes." **
(21) Agatha: "I'm open to suggestions."
(18) Git: "Fine then, lets just take his spell book and leave. Maybe he'll come to our ambush for a change."
(17) Lellick: "..That might work."
(21) Agatha: "That's assumin' he can't just zap over to cut us off."
(18) Git: "Doubt it, he can probably teleport around this place to set up his ambushes. ahead of us."
(18) Git: :grins to Aggy and give s a nod: "Great minds..."
** (19) Kha tilts his head to the side as if he is listening to someing far away **
** (18) Git turns to the opening to the next room, and raises a brow at Kha just standing there. "Hey.... you didn't charge right in?" **
** (19) Kha shakes his head but stays silent **
** (18) Git blinks black at the spearman and takes his cue to listen. **
(20) DM: There's a flight of stone steps leading down.
** (21) Agatha looks at the steps leading down and thinks about a way to get down without any rude surprises. **
** (19) Kha slowly heads down the stairs, while still listening as far ahead as his power will go **
** (21) Agatha keeps her voice low. "Kha. Lellick. Do you two still have any magick left in you?" **
(19) Kha: "Aye"
(17) Lellick: "I have some."
** (18) Git settles at the doorway to the circular chamber, looking about curiously. "Having anything to deal with invisible enemies?" **
** (21) Agatha looks at Git curiously then turns to listen for enemies as she follows. **
** (17) Lellick keeps his voice down as well, "I'm afraid not, though I can protect one of you from a specific spell, should it be needed." **
** (18) Git closes his eyes, listening for chanting, while secretly readying a dagger beneath his cloak to throw. **
(20) DM: All is silent...
** (19) Kha keeps moving **
(20) DM: Eventually you reach the bottom of the stairs, that opens up into a stone entryway (12a), which exits into a crawlspace about 4' high and 5' wide.
** (18) Git shrugs and follows down after Kha. **
(18) Git: "Lellick, I think we found the part of the dungeon built by your people."
** (18) Git looks over the entrance to the crawlspace, wondering offer the odd architecture and a possible trap involved. (search and srchitecture check) **
(21) Agatha: "Hmph. Well if we're walkin' into a trap, it's certain to be on the otherside of this."
** (17) Lellick snorts softly. "Uh-huh." **
(20) DM: There's a stillness in the air that's unnerving.
** (19) Kha crawls though the short passage **
** (18) Git sighs at the creepy low ceiling tunnel. "Alright.. once more into the breach I supp..uh... Kha...?" **
(18) Git: (can we see what's at the end of the tunnel?))
(20) DM: (a dimly lit chamber by the looks of it)
(29) strokes (enter): 22:54
** (18) Git kneels down, watching Kha's progress. **
** (21) Agatha follows Kha once he gets about halfway through. **
(19) Kha: "Ouch! There is glass on the ground"
(19) Kha: (( afk, phone and a smoke ))
(21) Agatha: "If something happens, I'll keep 'em busy while you figure something out. Off the top of my head, running would be a good idea."
(20) DM: Small sharp fragmented material litters the surface of the crawlway inside.
** (21) Agatha looks up ahead to Kha "Glass?" **
** (21) Agatha thinks back to Zayal. "Does it look like sand was there?" **
** (18) Git kneels down to pick up one of the fragments to examine it closer **
(20) DM: It seems to be glass.
** (18) Git waits until Aggy and Kha are through before followign after **
(20) DM: The passage opens up into a wider chamber, dimly lit and vaguely hexagonal in shape. An iron portal bars further progress.
** (21) Agatha tries to move past the glass without cutting herself. **
** (18) Git looks about the new chamber for distinguishing features beyond the big iron door, along his way to said portal, triple checking it for traps. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+18] => [14,18] = (32)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+19] => [11,19] = (30)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+19] => [8,19] = (27)
whispering to strokes , hi
(20) DM: As far as you can tell, the room is empty and quite uninteresting.
(21) Agatha: "Hm..Why line the entrance with glass shards?"
** (17) Lellick goes through the tunnel last, carefully. **
(21) Agatha: "Kha, you didn't cut yourself on these did you?"
(18) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(20) DM: It's also dimly lit.
(20) DM: Faint globes of light line the walls of the room.
** (18) Git has his tools out, busy getting the iron door open while the others gather into the room. **
(19) Kha: (( sorry back now ))
(20) Voice: "Congratulations, brave ones! You have reached the final resting place of Zathis the Insightful. Enter and take what you like, but I ask you not to disturb my remains. Surely you will grant me this. The treasures of a lifetime lie within. Enter and take what you so richly deserve, that you may overcome those who opposed me in life."
(20) DM: The voice echoes throughout the chamber but does not seem to have a source.
(18) Git: "Huh?"
** (18) Git opens the iron door, as he listens to the strange welcoming. **
(20) DM: The great portal opens into a small foyer about 10' square. The far wall is hung with a pair of drapes drawn shut across an archway. The east and west walls each display a large weathered tapestry. The floor is covered with a thick, heavy carpet.

The tapestry seems to depict a mage being judged in a trial by a council sitting in semi-circle of thrones around him.

(18) Git: :Eyes the tapestry with a grin.: "It's nice to have allies who spite the same people you do. Be nice if they were a bit saner though."
** (21) Agatha eyes the room. "You know, I think this may really be it. W'eve found the tomb." **
** (17) Lellick follows, humming faintly, "But not that wizard." **
(18) Git: ((the wizard in the tapestry resemble the one who went kablooey?))
(20) DM: (going to be typing for a bit, sec)
(20) DM: ((it seems to be the case))
(18) Git: "Not necessarily."
(18) Git: "Magic types, have your magic detectors ready for the expensive stuff." :offers as he makes his way into the room:
(20) DM: This is surely the object of your quest, the wizard's tomb. However, it bears little resemblance to any tomb you've seen before. IT looks more like a cluttered den or attic. The walls of this oddly shaped room are fairly bare, as is the ceiling 20' above. The floor on the other hand, is strewn with numerous rugs and carpets of varying size and quality. Practically every inch of the floor is covered.

In the center of the chamber lies a low stone bier, 5' wide and 4' high and 10' long. The top of the slab has been draped with a sheet of red silk and padded with numerous well-stufed pillows and cushions. Lying atop these cushions, looking perfectly relaxed, is a well-dressed, very old man. He appears to be asleep, but he never stirs and his chest never moves to draw a breath. His arms are folded over a stout wooden staff capped by a huge glittering diamond in a gold setting.

Next to the bier is a plain wooden table, atop which rests an opaquew decanter, a small table, and four crystal-shot glasses. At the head of the bier is a tall brass coatrack that seems to be the room's sole source of illumination. It glows as if magical. Directly over the bier, hanging from the ceiling is a plain unlit lantern with darkened crystal facets. At the very foot of the bier is a large brass brazier, filled with coals but unlit.

(20) DM: (still typing the description, don't interrupt until done pls)
(20) DM: To your immediate right stands a nicely carved stone statue of a well-muscled man clad in jester's motley. The face of the man depicted is handsome and youthful but wears an unsettling expression of abject horror. The statue seems to be serving as a sort of hatrack, as numerous objects are hung from it. A warrior's helm, much bejeweled, rests somewhat askew over its head. A conical silk hat has been laid over the statue's outstretched arm, and a dark brown cloak is pinned around its neck. Also strung around its neck are a belt and a scabbard containing a very well-used broad sword. Two robes of velvety black have been tossed over the statue's other arm. At the statue's feet lies a pile of armor, atop which a shield has been propped.
(20) DM: Immediately to your left is a monstrous shape, an enormous basilisk that rears up with a baleful glare in its glassy eyes but never moves to attack. Just before it, lying loose on the floor is a large egg, roughly 5'" to 6" in diameter.

Against the east wall, along the portion that slants diagonally NE to SW, an ornate wooden writing desk is covered with writing instruments and papers. Pulled before the desk is a well-cushioned wooden chair. A tin wastebasket rests to one side.

Hanging from a chain in the far NE corner of the room is a cloth-covered birdcage of some sort. Just beneath the cage is a well-appointed plush armchair. On the N wall, just a few fewet from the chair is a low two-shelf bookcase that holds numerous volumes. In the center of the N wall, a second set of drapes screens off another area. Against the NW wall is a large stone bench that supports a tremendous, three-tiered wooden rack filled with vials, bottles and flasks of every description. Two wooden stools are positioned in front of the bench.

(18) Git: (done?)
(20) DM: A long comfortable couch lies along the west wall, against the portion that lies NW to SE. A book lies open, face-down on one of the cushions. OVer the couch is mounted a unicorn's head, it's lips drawn back in a snarl. A small end table to the side of the couch supports a dirty pewter mug with an unwashed spoon beside it. There is a bowl filled with steaming cooked oatmeal here.
(20) DM: (done)
** (18) Git can't keep the smile off of his face at the sight of the haul, reaching down to pet luggage, "Oh, I hope you have plenty of room." **
** (19) Kha heads over to the writing desk and sits down to see if there is anything interesting there or in the trash bin **
(20) DM: It's purring.
** (21) Agatha tries to put aside the strange decor and checks the oatmeal. **
(21) Agatha: ((oatmeal still warm?))
(18) Git: "Magic detectors, look for the good stuff." :he advises randomly as he heads into the room, straight to the the table before the bier. Lifting the decanter, he sniffs at the contents curiously.
(21) Agatha: ((Oh. nvm))
(20) DM: Not only is it steaming but it contains raisins, almonds and walnuts.
(18) Git: (mmmm...))
(21) Agatha: "Hm. The food is still warm and the book has been put down so as to save the page. Someone has just been here."
(18) Git: "Hmph.." :with a grin, Git pours two shots of brandy and places one before the dead mage on the table in symbollic gesture. Then raising his own glass, he offers, " To our prosperous future together. May the Circle fall." :then he downs his shot:
(18) Git: (not circle.. Council)
(20) DM: (heh)
** (18) Git then moves toward the form of the basilisk, or more directly the egg on the floor, checking to see if it is possibly alive. **
** (19) Kha pulls out the draw of the writing desk to see if there are any letters **
** (21) Agatha takes a quick look at the book on the couch. **
(20) DM: It seems to be stuffed.
(20) DM: The book seems to be a treatise of the various planes surrounding Andurin, namely the plane of Sul, the Void and the Beyond.
(18) Git: (the egg is?))
(20) DM: The egg seems to be a rather large whitish egg.
** (19) Kha pulls out a handful of scrolls and looks them over to determin what they are **
(20) DM: ((the basilisk is))
(19) Kha: "A few wizards scrolls to go with the spell book you found Git."
(18) Git: "Great.. now I just need to get a wizard to teach me the secrets of the arcane and I'm set."
** (18) Git looks the egg over in his hands, holding it up to the light of the glowing coatrack to check for the shadow of anything within. **
(20) DM: All is silent...
** (19) Kha pops the sheets of vellum and the Ink into his Alter Case for storage **
(18) Git: "Holy crap!" :groans as he struggle to lift the hand held egg, setting it back down carefully. "Oi, what kind of creature ways ten times what it looks like it should?"
(18) Git: "hmm"
(29) strokes (exit): 23:59
** (19) Kha gets up from the desk and heads over to the egg to look it over (( Wilderness Lore to ID the Egg [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25) )) **
(18) Git: "Hey Kha, did he leave any kind of inventory of his belongings or anything in that desk?"
** (21) Agatha flips pages through the book that was sitting on the couch, trying to see what it's about." **
(18) Git: Appraise Skill Check: [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
(19) Kha: "Not that I saw"
(19) Kha: "The egg seems to be made of marble"
(18) Git: "Ah..." :looks the egg over: "Conceptual art, gotta love it." :whistles luggage over and hoists the egg up to dump the marble egg in."
(20) DM: It spits it back out.
(18) Git: "Aaaahh..." What? too heavy?"
(20) DM: It doesn't seem to have taken well to the marble egg.
(21) Agatha: "Maybe it's better to just leave the egg be. Last thing we need is some monster hatching from that thing looking for its first meal ever."
(18) Git: :shrug: "Doubt anything will come of it but a pay off, but I really don't feel like carrying it."
** (19) Kha walks over to the statue that is acting as a hat rack **
(19) Kha: "Oneiros, The Mistlord, I ask of you to banish Mania from my mind and let me see clearly."
(17) Lellick: Disconnecting from server...
(17) Lellick (exit): 00:09
(18) Git: "Wonder if luggage would mind the unicorn head. That thing would look great in my sitting room."
(21) Agatha: "Hmph. Looks like an eyesore if you ask me."
** (21) Agatha tosses the book into the luggage and starts examining the objects adorning the jester statue. **
(19) Kha: "Oh my, there is alot of magical stuff here"
(18) Git: "As to be presumed in a magician's tomb."
(21) Agatha: "Ya don't need to be magick ta figure that one out. The question is what do these things do?"
** (21) Agatha pays particular attention to the armor and shield. **
(19) Kha: "That I cannot tell you."
** (18) Git moves to the desk, hoping Zathis was inciteful enough to leave a list of his belongings for his beneficiaries **
(20) DM: It's a suit of chain mail (excellent condition; chain coif, shirt, gloves, leggings, boots) and a large shield.
(21) Agatha: ((Any notable markings on either?))
(20) DM: As for the rest of the items: a warrior's helmet set with opals, fire opals, rubies and diamonds; a conical silk hat, a brown wool cloak, black velvet robes and a broad sword with scabbard and belt.
(20) DM: On the shield, inscribed on the reverse is the phrase in runes.
(20) DM: The desk is a wooden writing desk of excellent craftsmanship. (Kha looked this over earlier)
** (19) Kha goes over to try and read the runes on the shield **
** (19) Kha reads them outloud "I belong to Naethara" **
(21) Agatha: "Naethara?"
** (21) Agatha ponders over the writing on the shield but then looks to the oatmeal. "Hmm. Perhaps we'd best keep our visit short and figure this lot out later before whoever was here gets back." **
(20) DM: The shield blazes forth with an incandescent light that almost blinds you.
(21) Agatha: "Gyah! Wow, that's bright! Turn off! Turn off!"
** (19) Kha repeads the runes again to see if it turns it off **
(20) DM: It blinks off.
(19) Kha: "Well we know how to use the shield now and what it does."
** (18) Git gives up on his overly hopeful search for an inventroy list. "Yeah, blinds us." **
(21) Agatha: "What? Lighting up like a torch? That's hardly going to undo the council. I hope the rest of this junk is more useful."
(19) Kha: "No but it will harm undead, and the place we were heading prior to our little detour is full of undead"
(18) Git: "Well, the more expensive pieces we can sell. the funds will definately come in handy."
(21) Agatha: "Undead? You're sure?"
(19) Kha: "I am sure. Undead guards all over the place, and an undead slave who wants to be free of the Council woman who enslaved him. He is the one who sent for us."
** (18) Git heads over to the statue, picking up one of the black robes and looking it over. **
(18) Git: "Great... what about the sword?"
** (21) Agatha puts the armor and shield in the luggage before examining the sword and scabbard. **
(20) DM: A wooden fan falls out of one of the pockets.
(18) Git: "Hm?" :kneels down to pick up the fan and open it to look it over.
(20) DM: It's actually not wooden...it has silk panels and is framed by teak wood.
** (19) Kha glances over at the fan (( Detect Magic should still be running )) **
(18) Git: "Nice."
(19) Kha: "Thats magical, so be careful with it"
** (21) Agatha busies herself with the sword for the moment. **
(18) Git: "Uh huh." :Nods to Kha then turns aside and gives the fan a wave toward the wall experimantally.:
(20) DM: The image of a fox headed human appears before you, clad in ornate silk robes. He glowers at you, sniffing the air.
(20) The man: "A long time, and yet the seeker comes again. Speak. What is your need?"
** (21) Agatha raises an eyebrow at the image. "Well that's new." **
(18) Git: "Uuuuh.. hi." :grins to the fox creature.: "Seeker, you say? I'm sorry, i don't understand."
(21) Agatha: "Who, or maybe rather what, are you?"
** (20) The man is silent and gazes at Git with unblinking eyes. He sniffs the air appreciatively. **
(18) Git: "I hope you forgive my scent, I was recently char-broiled."
** (20) The man does not respond, instead staring at you almost expectantly. **
(19) Kha: "We seek Agatha's son"
(18) Git: :blinks back at the foxman: "You know, when someone speaks to you it is polite to respond."
(20) The man: "Done."
(20) DM: It's a soft growl.
(18) Git: "Huh?"
(21) Agatha: "Done? What do you mean done?
** (20) The man doesn't answer, gazing at you and sniffing the air almost compulsively. **
(18) Git: "Right..." :closes the fan and pockets it away.: "It was lovely talking with you." :goes back to examining the robe, seeing how it would look on him.:
(19) Kha: "I seek to become the Champion of Oneiros"
(20) The man: "Done."
** (20) The man growls softly and waits. **
(21) Agatha: "This thing is beginning to unnerve me."
(21) Agatha: "It's creepy."
(19) Kha: "I seek to prevent the war between Kern and The Kingdom of Wylund"
(20) The man: "Done."
(19) Kha: "This is fun, you all should try it."
(20) The man: "Fool, fool, fool. Wise to ask three gifts when you set no price. I will set the price. The price will be paid."
** (20) The man vanishes. **
(19) Kha: "Oh?"
(18) Git: "Hmm?" :sees the man make an annoying declaration and disappear: "Kha what did yuo just do?"
(19) Kha: "I have no clue"
(21) Agatha: "A price?"
(21) Agatha: "Oh gods, could that have been djinn?"
(19) Kha: "Sound like he gave me three Gifts, and is going to make me pay for them" ** shrugs **
(18) Git: "Ah crap... now what kind of freaky spirit thing do we have hangin gover our heads?"
** (21) Agatha gulps, fearful for her son and of the horror they may have unleashed. **
(19) Kha: "Well lets just pack up what we can and go. We still have an undead spirit to free and a Council to take down."
(18) Git: "Yes, we can make new mystical debts there."
** (21) Agatha closes her eyes and takes a breath to regain her resolve. "No use worrying about it now, focus on the task. Apparantly our credit is good for the moment." **
** (18) Git takes up the brown cloak, removing his long gray one to try the brown one on. **
** (21) Agatha looks at the helm disdainfully before trying it on. "Well, how do I look? I bet I look godawful gaudy don't I?" **
(18) Git: "Eh... it is kind of flamboyant, but hopefully it's practicality outweighs its pretention."
** (19) Kha stops and turns to Agatha "Your son is somewhere along the coast, and the Knight in Black Armor, who called us to the house can lead us to him" **
(20) DM: The cloak seems to meld onto Git's skin.
(18) Git: "hmm..." :poses side to side in the cloak. "What do you say? Is it me?"
** (21) Agatha ignores Git for the moment and turns to Kha. "What? How do you know that?" **
(19) Kha: "Dont know, just kinda came to me, probably the Gift from the fox man."
(21) Agatha: "Hmph. He works fast."
(18) Git: "Let's just hope he's slower to collect on his debts.
** (19) Kha helps gather up items and puts them in his bag **
(20) DM: (do me a favor and keep track of what you picked up here so we can do a proper accounting later)
(19) Kha: (( taking everything magical except the Staff since that is with the body ))
(18) Git: "Right.. lets get to work packing up and be on our way."
(19) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(18) Git: ((also going to try to take the unicorn head and the more expensive rugs, provided luggage will choke them down. ^_^))
(20) DM: ((there IS a space limitation in the luggage. I'll tell you right now that that's not going to work.))
(18) Git: "I really want to take that egg...Aggy, you think you can carry it?"
(18) Git: ((that's why I said only the expensive looking rugs))
(21) Agatha: "Doesn't look like it's worth the trouble, but I'll give it a try."
(20) DM: ((sec then))
(20) DM: ((3 of the rugs are worth about 1,000 gp))
** (21) Agatha moves over to egg and tries to lift. She's still wearing the helm. **
** (18) Git whistles a happy little gnomish ditty while he feeds the unicorn head and what rugs he can to Luggage, promising he'll feed the creature whatever it wants later. **
(20) DM: ((the rugs, yes. the unicorn head won't fit.))
(18) Git: "Hmmm... Kha... you mind strapping a stuffed unicorn head to your back?'
** (21) Agatha barely manages to lift the egg then drops it in exasperation. "Augh!" **
(19) Kha: "Why do we want a stuffed head?"
(18) Git: "Status symbol..?"
(19) Kha: "Waste of space?"
(21) Agatha: "I don't care how much you think this thing is worth, we're not coming outta here with this egg without some help."
(18) Git: "Expensive heirloom to some dumbass collector."
(21) Agatha: "And the head is damned ugly. Hell, an elf is likely to skewer you if he sees the thing."
(18) Git: "I wasn't gonna sell it to an elf."
(18) Git: ((anyone check the birdcage?))
(19) Kha: "Well you want it you carry it."
(19) Kha: (( it's magical ))
(18) Git: ((that mean we packed it up?)
(18) Git: "Ah welll.. I guess we can come back for it."
** (19) Kha looks around the room for a way to cart the overly heavy egg and large statue out of the place **
(19) Kha: "Well I dont see anything that will let us get the Egg or the Statue out of here, and both are magical."
(20) DM: ((well the thing is, there are a lot of magical items in the room...and if you're telling me you packed up ALL the items in the room, that's almost impossible. the coatrack and the statue being two prime examples.))
(18) Git: "Eh... maybe we can hire some porters later and come back for it after we set up a buyer. We'll take what we can carry for now."
** (21) Agatha checks on the luggage. "How are you holding up little fella?" **
** (18) Git moves to the northern curtains, to see what lays behind them. **
(19) Kha: (( Well we wont take anything that is too large, eg the coatrack, the statue, the birdcage, the brazier, and the egg ))
(20) DM: It's purring but sidles slower than before.
(21) Agatha: ((check the birdcage at least))
(20) DM: It appears to be a storage area lined with bins and boxes and pouches hanging on small wooden pegs on the walls.
(20) DM: Inside is a rather small human man clad in clerical robes. He glances up at you pleadingly.
(20) DM: ((inside the birdcage is the human))
** (18) Git raises a brow to the assortment of boxes and bages. Curiously he moves in to look through some of the packages. **
** (19) Kha goes and opens the bird cage **
(19) Kha: "Why are you in there?"
(21) Agatha: "Oh gods. What happened to you?"
(20) DM: Short, overweight (obese really), beady eyes set close together and an oily smile that widens when he sees you.
(20) DM: The birdcage is strangely resistant to tampering.
(20) DM: The cleric shrugs and mimes freedom.
** (19) Kha looks over the cage "It seems to want to keep you." ** looks over then man to see if he can identify what god the man follows **
(19) Kha: Knowledge: Religion Skill Check: [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
(18) Git: ((how does one mime freedom? I'm not up to date on my Marcel Marceau))
(20) DM: ((he mimes as if he wants to be free.))
** (19) Kha exaimins the cage trying to figure out how to open it. **
(18) Git: :busy looking through boxes and pouches, and hearing voices in the main room: "Kha, what are you playing with now?"
(19) Kha: "A man in a cage"
(18) Git: "Say what?"
(19) Kha: "The birdcage has a man in it, but there is no way of opening it."
** (21) Agatha speaks to the caged cleric. "How do we open the cage?" **
(20) DM: The cleric is mute apparently.
** (18) Git strolls back out of the room carrying a pouch of gems which he makes a show of plopping back into the bag. "Found the good stuff." As he comes before the cage looking at the strange little figure within, he asks, "Does it talk?" **
(19) Kha: "Nope"
(20) DM: He runs up to the bars of the cage and rattles it, eyes looking up at you pleadingly.
** (19) Kha tries to pick up the cage **
(20) DM: He seems to be mouthing something but you're not sure what.
(21) Agatha: "Listen to me. Is there a key?"
(18) Git: "Hmmm..." :Moves to the desk and desk and gets a piece of parchment and some ink. Heading back toward the cage, he places the paper inside and holds up the ink vial to the bars for the little man to dip his hand in. Expecting him to write: "Who are you?"
(20) DM: He writes, "Dranloc. Dranloc of the Nine Council."
(19) Kha: "Oh we have our own caged counciler, that could come in handy in bringing down the rest of the council."
(18) Git: "Ah... one of Zathis' prosecuters, I presume."
(21) Agatha: "Hunh. Well that changes things now, doesn't it?"
(18) Git: "How long have you been in here?"
(20) DM: He writes, "A very long while. Set me free, and the rewards of the Council shall be given unto you."
(18) Git: "Rewards of the council you say?" :rolls his eyes up in contemplation: "I'll think it over." For now, I was wondering if you know anything of the magical items we've found here. And keep in mind, how helpful you are to us rightly corresponds to how helpful we will be to you."
(20) DM: He writes, "I've never seen any of these items. That foul wizard trapped me here and reneged on his agreement!"
(18) Git: "Ah.. too bad." :sighs: "So, what agreement?"
(20) DM: He writes, "In exchange for releasing him from the dungeons of Suderham, he would assist in maintaining my position on the Nine Council by plotting against a few of the others. He summoned me to this place for a conference and mentioned that he would need help in creating a tower from which he could work to further his plots. I agreed reluctantly but as soon as it was completed, he trapped me within the cage in revenge!"
(18) Git: "Oh, my condolences. Then.. how did he die?"
(20) DM: He writes, "He committed suicide by drinking from his favorite decanter of brandy."
(18) Git: "Say what?" :blanches:
(20) DM: He writes, "Yes, he told me before he died that this was just a ruse to entrap me within the cage, that if he could not reach the rest of the Council in Suderham, that it would be the least he could do to imprison one out of Nine. He transported this place from the Void and returned it to the world, then set his wards, and when all was in readiness, he gave me a toast to my future and the future of the Council, then laid down to rest."
(18) Git: "Well here's to hoping it was an organic based poison which broke down since then." Takes a breath and stays on business, "So, which council members was he helping you to plot against and how?"
(20) DM: He writes, "Almeena, Takalara, Uroz and Najardac mainly."
(19) Kha: "You shouldnt drink from strange evil wizards magical decanters Git."
(20) DM: He writes, "Almeena by discrediting her rule within her duchy; Takalara by attempting to subvert her role within the Council and by diplomatic means with the Empire; Uroz by framing him in the murder of Shinjiru of the Jade Hand; and Najardac by assassinating him."
(21) Agatha: "Nevermind that. We need some antitoxin or medicine if what this vulture says is true."
(18) Git: "Yeah, you make a good point." :nods to Kha, then turns back to the caged councilor: "You know... you might really come in handy after all. Tell you what. We'll make a deal. You act as our advisors in all things council as we seek to tear them down, and we'll help you get free. Heck, I may even have a position of power in mind for a gutless coniver like you. What do you say?"
(19) Kha: "Well lets go. Talakara's Undead guard wants us to free him, and she may be willing to let him go without a fight if we give her this litle man."
(21) Agatha: "That's assuming she'd care about the wee fellow."
(19) Kha: "She would, if only to kill him for ploting against her."
(18) Git: "Would killin ghim really be a worse punishment than this?"
(19) Kha: "No, my guess is she would just hang him in her front room as a display of power."
(18) Git: "Eh.. that doesn't sound like much incentive for her to give up her death knight to us though."
(18) Git: "I think he'd be more help to us in subverting the council members and setting them against one another. After all, they can't very well present a focused militay force against Wylund if they're busy with in fighting."
(19) Kha: "True"
(18) Git: "Of course, that would depend on our little friend's choice to aid in our acts." :swats the cage: "So.... what's your answer?"
(20) DM: He writes, "Anything! As long as I'm free of this infernal contraption!"
(21) Agatha: "Well, that's all well and good then. Problem is, we don't know how to do that, and we can't safely move you. So we'll be back for you once we've sorted out some business."
(18) Git: "That's very kind of you. Though it may take us a while before we figure out just how to do that."
(18) Git: "Yes.. for now we have to deal with this Death knight matter. But we'll be back. Keep an eye on my unicorn head for now."
(19) Kha: "I can carry the cage with him in it"
(18) Git: "Yeah, but he'll get in the way."
(21) Agatha: "If it comes to blows, you know it will, all he'll be is a burden. He won't even be able to run."
(19) Kha: "Not very nice to just leave him here alone though"
(18) Git: "That's alright, he seems to deserve it. If there's nothing else lets get going."
(20) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop.)
(20) DM: (next session will resume your journey to Caer Thorne)
(18) Git: (Yay!)
(20) DM: (in the meantime, I'll give a rundown of items on the boards but in general terms, not identified terms)
(20) DM: I take it you leave him here then?
(20) DM: and there's the matter of the toxin in Git's system.
(20) DM: (maybe. heh.)
(18) Git: (unless Kha insists on taking him.. and asking Lellick to look into my possible poisoning is priority one next session))
(21) Gautam: Yup. First thing is see what Lellick can do about this. Hopefully by now he has access to cure poison.
(20) DM: ok, cool

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