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(2) DM: (58) DM: It's moving noticeably slower now.
(58) DM: The creature seems to ignore Agatha's blows on it, still attacking Rin.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] => [12,12] = (24) => [7,12] => (7, 12) = (19)
(58) DM: (and misses)
(58) DM: (14, Git)
(43) Rin: (His AC is 25 from the slow, if that makes a difference.)
** (37) Git lets go of the rope ends in his hands and drops to the acid free ground. As the rope loop which held his legs up loosens, he rolls aside quickly, and once out from under the disk, he scissors his legs quickly to flip himself over to a squatting position as he draws the sword from his back. He rushes in the with a down cutting introduction. **
(37) Git: Dancing +3 Bastardsword Attack Roll: [1d20+10] => [19,10] = (29) => [17,10] => (17, 10) = (27) ===> Damage: [1d10+3+0] => [8,3,0] = (11) => [1,3,0] => (1, 3, 0) = (4)
(58) DM: It ceases moving.

** (1) Kha finaly finishes striping the lobster things hide and cuts several pices slightly larger then a buckler out of it and sticks them in his bag then looks down the acid covered hall pondering how he is going to cross now that all are on the other side already **
** (10) Lunauc resheathes his daggers and grabs his bastard sword from the air. "Right then. How about we get the others through the tunnel and get moving?" **
** (10) Git resheathes his daggers and grabs his bastard sword from the air. "Right then. How about we get the others through the tunnel and get moving?" **
** (12) Rin nods, gently returning his sword to it's sheathe. "That sounds like a good plan. I'm sure there are plenty more traps awaiting us." **
(10) Git: "Don't jinx it." :advises Rin, while moving to the next door to search for traps:
** (4) Lellick is also still on that side of the hall along with Kha, wondering what's taking the others so long... **
(10) Lunauc has sent you a tree node...
(12) Rin: "We should probably send J'hzuu back to get the others."
(10) Git: ((alright if we npc j'hzuu for portering purposes?))
** (13) Gautam gives the statue a little kick. "You buys do that....Is there some kinda handbook for building tombs fulla death traps?" **
** (13) Agatha gives the statue a little kick. "You buys do that....Is there some kinda handbook for building tombs fulla death traps?" **
** (10) Git shrugs at Aggy's question, while he works on the door. "If there is I haven't gotten to read it yet. Hmmm... maybe I could right it. I think some folks would be interested in buying it." **
(10) Git: (write it even)
(2) DM: ((ok))
** (2) J'hzuu goes back through the tunnel to get Kha. **
(12) Rin: "No doubt there is. I believe I once saw one called: 'How to kill those pesky people that keep invading your home, killing your minions, and taking your stuff'."
** (1) Kha hangs on tight untill they reach the other side "Looks like I missed some fun." **
(10) Git: "Really? Hmph... I'll have to pick it up sometime. It'll give me some incite to my book."
(1) Kha: "That would be a short book, just build this place, and store all your stuff in a small cottage in the woods"
(10) Git: "Which is a wonderful idea... until a someone wandering through the forest decides to squat in your cottage and stumbles on your goodies."
(10) Git: "Not to mention diviners can sniff out your horde easy enough. Heck, an intelligent enough thief will find the location through shadowing you."
(2) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu doesn't believe you did not hear anything."
(1) Kha: "I was busy cutting up that lobster thing to make a bucklet out of it's shell"
(12) Rin: "Ah, busy doing important work that's meaningful to the rest of the group. Good for you."
(13) Agatha: "Hmph. In any case, I can't believe there are two people in the world silly enough to create a living statue."
** (1) Kha ponders the statue for a bit to see if there might be anything interesting made from it, deciding not he wanders the room while Git tinkers with the door **
(10) Git: "Why not? they make wonderful guardian's if you can afford them."
(12) Rin: "They could have at least made it an interesting statue. Like a statue of a bear-scorpion hybrid or something."
(10) Git: "Well... everyone has their own tastes."
(13) Agatha: "It would be easier to just have some guard dogs, is all."
(13) Agatha: "Or undead I suppose. It's a tomb after all."
(10) Git: :smirks: "Have either such stopped us so far?"
(2) DM: It seems to be a normal statue now...
(2) DM: The door opens to reveal a shaft that plummets into the depths of the earth.
(2) DM: An iron ladder is affixed to the opposite wall.
(2) DM: All is silent...
(12) Rin: "......great."
** (10) Git stairs down the pit. "Hmmm... this should be interesting." **
(13) Agatha: "Looks like an invitation."
** (10) Git get out his rope. lashing is around the top iron rung and tying it off to his belt. "I'll lead the way down, I wanna make sure that one of these rungs isn't trapped. **
** (13) Agatha nods and lets Git go ahead. **
** (10) Git searches along the firest few rungs before he lowers himself down onto the ladder. Using the rungs for foot holds and the rope to stay independant of the ladder if he must, he carefully makes his way down before the others, testing the rungs as he goes. **
(10) Git: :once down 25', the end of the rope, he holds the ladder and relashes to a lower rung and continues his scouring descent.:
(10) Git: "Seems alright.. you guys can follow when you like."
** (10) Git continues down in the smae cautious fashion **
** (1) Kha follows after Git **
(1) Kha: (( AFK for a smoke, and to stand outside in 5 degree weather to wake up a bit ))
** (12) Rin peers over the edge, at the people descending the ladder. "I think I'll wait until they reach the bottom. Who knows how much weight it can hold." **
(2) DM: When Git gets down to the bottom, a loud bell begins ringing, echoing throughout the complex.
(2) DM: (at 11)
** (10) Git blinks at the bell's sounding. "What'd we win?" **
** (12) Rin shrugs, and starts down the ladder, hurrying as much as he dares. "That's not good." **
(2) DM: The bell ceases.
** (10) Git takes a moment gathering his rope back up, as he watches down the hall, waiting for the others. **
** (13) Agatha goes down next, expecting trouble. "I don't know what could still be crawlin' around that needs an alarm, but it can't be good." **
** (12) Rin pulls his sword as soon as he's free of the ladder. "Any idea what that bell meant?" **
(10) Git: "Probably an alarm." :offers casually as he begins down the hall:
(2) DM: At the bottom of the circular shaft is an archway that reveals a stone corridor, about 10' wide by 50' deep that leads further to a spherical chamber lit by a glowing ball of white light. (11a)
** (10) Git makes his way to the spherical chamber, looking it over curiously **
** (13) Agatha keeps an eye out for trouble while the rest of the party catches up." **
(10) Git: :ponts to the glowing orb, asking of the magic users: "Anyone know what that is?"
(2) DM: The chamber beyond is roughly 40' in diameter. A rope bridge connects the hallway to another hallway beyond. It's securely fastened by metal hooks set in stone. It's well lit by glowing spheres of white light within.
(2) J'hzuu: "J'hzuu thinks that it might be a spell used to light an area."
(10) Git: "Sure that's all?" :asks as he runs a gloved finger along the greasy wall of the room. Looking down the sloped wall of the shered chamber down to the body, he grins. "Heh.. cute"
** (10) Git moves to check the bridge's suspension; the strenght of the ropes. how they're connected. any visible differentiation, etc. **
** (1) Kha waits having noware to roam **
(10) Git: "You sure that ball can't shoot fire or anything?"
** (10) Git gets his rope back out, handing off one end to the others, before moving out to try his luck on the bridge. One end of his rope tied to his belt, he holds to the rope rails as he makes his way across **
(2) J'hzuu: "All is quite sure."
** (13) Agatha tries to keep a good grip on the rope. **
(12) Rin (exit): 23:36
(13) Agatha: "Hmph. I can't tell if the worst is over or if we're about to find ourselves knee deep in shite."
(2) J'hzuu: There is a sudden flash of light from the opposite end of the corridor...
(10) Git: :as he walks the bridge: "Well.. if the room bursts into flames, we'll have our answer."
(2) J'hzuu: ...and a ball of flame hurtles out, exploding in the spherical chamber...
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [10d6] => [6,6,6,2,3,5,4,2,1,3] = (38)
(10) Git: "Damn I'm good..." :before he moves to flattenlow:
(1) Kha: "Hope that didnt burn the bridge ropes" ** looks into the chamber **
(10) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+13] => [10,13] = (23)
** (13) Agatha ducks to the side. "Always with the damned fireballs! Don't these mages have any original magicks?" **
(2) DM: The rope bridge incinerates instantly and dumps Git onto the now burning floor of the room.
(2) DM: Footsteps can be heard on the other side of the corridor (at 11b).
** (10) Git falls to the pit's floor, his body instantly immolated **
(13) Agatha: ((Is Git's tether still intact?))
(10) Git: (the death of git... hmm... less climatic than I expected it to be. But I did call it in adcance. I'm kind of proud of that.)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [2d6] => [5,5] = (10)
(2) DM: (barely)
(1) Kha: "This kind wizard was not so nice it seems." ** looks at the fire trying to think of something he can do to put it out, but shakes his head ** "Pull him out before the teather burns"
** (13) Agatha grabs hold of the rope with both hands as the line goes tight. She pulls with all her might. **
(13) Agatha: "Git!!"
(13) Agatha: Str check to pull: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
** (10) Git burns **
(13) Agatha: "J'hzuu! Kha! Get over here and bring Lellick!"
** (1) Kha rushes to gits side to try and do what little ha can, trying to put the fire out and see if Git yet lives **
(1) Kha: Heal Skill Check: [1d20+6] => [18,6] = (24)
(2) DM: (trying to envision this, he was on the rope bridge and failed to jump free, the bridge incinerated and dumped him to the floor. one of you might have entered the room and dragged him to safety.)
(13) Agatha: ((Git tied a rope around himself before going across and handed the line to whoever would take it. That was me.))
(10) Git: (rope= no one having to enter)
(2) DM: (so then you probably pulled him to safety)
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, success
** (13) Agatha pulls in Git's smoldering body. "Good gods, tell me he's still breathing!" **
(10) Git: ((better know some reall good gods))
(10) Git: ((or lying ones))
(2) DM: He's not breathing.
** (1) Kha runs his hand over Gits burned body and shakes his head to Agatha, closing his eyes "I..I.." shakes his head in frustration "He had a child you bastard wizard, come back here!" **
(13) Agatha: "No, no, no. Lellick, do something!"
(2) DM: (Ash?)
(10) Git: ((well..I was hoping there was a bit more left of me than that..))
(4) Lellick: (..If memory serves, no one got Lel out of room 8)
(13) Agatha: ((ba-dum-dum-chish))
(1) Kha: They did, Jazzu was NPCed to get Kha and you out
(10) Git: ((we had j'hzuu port everyone else out on his disk.))
(2) DM: ((just assume you're with the party))
(4) Lellick: (Uhh, it was only stated that J'hzuu fetched Kha... but okay)
(2) DM: ((I missed the instruction to get you out. just assume you're with the group))
** (4) Lellick walks over to Git's body, brow furrowed, looking down at it solemnly. "I don't think..." **
(4) Lellick: (Rolling Heal check - )
(4) Lellick: [1d20+13] => [4,13] = (17)
(10) Git: (brb)
(2) DM: Receding footsteps can be heard down the corridor.
** (1) Kha thrusts his spear in the direction of the hall causing electrisity to fly down it (( [5d10] => [1,3,10,6,9] = (29) Ref Save DC 21 for half )) **
(1) Kha: "I said come back here you cowardly wizard"
(4) Lellick: (Do I get results for that roll?)
(1) Kha: (( he is very very dead ))
** (13) Agatha ends the trembling of her lip with a roar and as she chases after Kha and the unknown assailant. **
** (4) Lellick looks between them and Git's body, pausing for a few seconds before running after them. **
** (1) Kha look into the burning room trying to decide if he can make it across with the oil slick floors **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20)
(2) DM: (ok, 11a doesn't have a rope bridge anymore, so anyone entering the burning room will take damage for the period during which he or she is inside. also keep in mind the chamber is spherical so you'd need to find a way to climb up to the other side. the walls are coated in flaming oil.)
whispering to Lellick, it doesn't appear to have been successful
(13) Agatha: ((the assailiant was on the other side of 11a from us?))
(2) DM: You saw a glimpse of robes fleeing up the corridor.
(2) DM: ((yes))
** (4) Lellick stops shortly before the entrance to that spherical room, looking at the flames with gritted teeth. **
** (1) Kha lays down and watches as the flames burn "Nothing for it but to wait for the oil to bur out." **
** (13) Agatha steps back from the heat. "Bastard!!" **
(13) Agatha: "No weapon was worth this."
** (13) Agatha looks at Lellick. "Is there nothing you can do?" **
** (4) Lellick gives a slight shake of his head. "No. He's been burned too badly. It is beyond my power to raise the dead." **
** (13) Agatha sighs and falls back against the wall. "Can..Can you preserve him? I-I can't leave him here." **
(13) Agatha: "Not in this horrid place."
** (4) Lellick speaks with a slightly quieter tone, bowing his head, "I can. I must ask Tevesh for that power first, but it will be done." **
(1) Kha: (( AFK ))
** (2) Basht lays her hand on Git's side and sighs. "It is not given for you to die yet, t'ashmet." **
** (13) Agatha responds quietly and then slumps to the floor, devoid of energy. "Thank you, Lellick." **
(2) DM: "Now that you've passed beyond the veil that separates mortals from the spirits, you can see more clearly. Mrr."
(2) DM: (gah)
(2) Basht: "Now that you've passed beyond the veil that separates mortals from the spirits, you can see more clearly. Mrr."
(10) Git: :rolls over and replies in a put out tone: "Tell that to the guy throwing fireballs."
(10) Git: ((spirit Git does anyway))
** (2) Basht turns to Git's spirit form, her appearance taking on Ajaiyah's form. **
(10) Git: ((as in, Ajaiyah looks like Basht or Basht looks like Ajaiyah?))
(2) Basht: "Oh that. A minor annoyance and not at all a mortal. He is a guardian of this place and only an obstacle. Indeed, this place is not necessary for your journey but a way station."
(10) Git: "Ah that's good. I'd hate to think I died doing something worthwhile."
(2) Basht: "Mrr. Ever the cynic, you are."
(10) Git: :shurgs: "Why fight my nature?"
(2) Basht: "One of these days, your nature will be the death of you. Mrrow."
(10) Git: "Uhhh.... Yeah..." :blinks:
(1) Kha: (( guessing none of us living see or hear a thing? ))
(2) Basht: "Listen closely: the mage who created this place was a foe of the Nine Council and harbored ill will towards them, yet was evil to the core. Should you win past his guardians, you will be rewarded handsomely. But these rewards will not prepare you for what lies ahead unless you know a few things and are prepared."
(2) DM: ((correct))
(10) Git: :narrows an eye at the catwoman: "And you didn't feel it necessary to mention any of that before we entered?"
(2) Basht: "You have done much for my master, Ra, the Ever-Living and for those who live in the land where I am still revered, and in turn, I wish to do the same. I am in your debt. So I shall do three favors for you, of which this is the first."
(2) Basht: "There are rules, Aragit, and I am bound by them. I cannot speak freely on the mortal plane. Here, in the realm Beyond, I am able to."
(10) Git: :sighs: "Alright.. I'm all ears."
** (2) Basht smiles. "Perhaps, in time, you will understand. Your quest in Kern will take many turns but it is essential that you know the road you trod upon. The ruler of Caer Thorne is a wizardress who has bound in service, a powerful warrior of the undead. This warrior, this Knight, desires to be free of the shackles that bind him to the mortal realm. It is for this purpose that he has summoned you to his mistress' home. He wishes to be freed, yet he dares not reveal his intention to his mistress. He desires for you to free him of his shackle, and in doing so, he will die a true death. And in doing so, he will reveal much about his mistress that shall in turn bring about the ruin of the Nine Council." **
(10) Git: "Kill undead knight.. gotcha."
(2) Basht: "A direct assault on Lady Talakara's fortress will be impossible unless you are suitably armed. There are items of power in this place that will prove helpful, should you survive. Zathis was once a servant of the Nine Council until he fell into disfavor. He took it upon himself to gain revenge, although his quest for revenge cost him his life. He created this place, set his guardians and traps in the hopes of testing those who would see the Nine Council brought to ruin, to see if those would be worthy of his magicka. That is your goal here."
(10) Git: "That's good. I thought we were just intruding."
(10) Git: "So... what did hit me with that killer kaboom?"
(2) Basht: "You could say your finding this place was fated, for you have no Fate but the Fate you are given."
(10) Git: "Yeah.. so I hear."
** (2) Basht chuckles. **
(10) Git: "You mind if we walk while we talk? I want to do a bit of scouting while I don't have a body to get obliterated again."
(2) Basht: "Of course not."
** (10) Git stands... in a sense.. and floats off across the burning chamber toward the next hall, following his killer. **
(2) Basht: "Mrr. Your friend, Agatha. Her son is near here. She shall see him again, should you survive this place."
(10) Git: "Really?" :grins back at the goddess: "That's good. The lady deserves some relief."
(10) Git: "How many more 'tests' does this place have?"
(2) Basht: "Quite a few. This chamber is a gauntlet, as you have seen."
(10) Git: "Ugh... tell me about it."
(2) Basht: "After this level are two more rooms, and then Zathis' vault."
(10) Git: "Though I must say, it's reminding me of my thieving basics.. which I have been neglecting for martial training... Guess dying is a good enough warning for that."
(10) Git: "So... is there anything else I need to know?"
(10) Git: "Is there something particular which holds the knight to this world? A phylacetary or some such?"
(2) Basht: "Mrr. Well, never let your eyes eat more than your sense."
(2) Basht: "A control circlet, hidden deep within the inner recesses of Caer Thorne."
(10) Git: "Guarded, I assume?"
(2) Basht: "Who controls the circlet holds his destiny in their hand."
** (2) Basht raises her eyebrow at you and nods. **
(10) Git: "Hmmm.. that sounds too easy."
(10) Git: "Well.. should be fun."
(10) Git: "What about Lady Almeena? Can she be used as an ally? Or is she just as much a threat?"
(2) Basht: "What about her?"
** (10) Git scratches his spectral head: "Hmmm... guess I just like to find alliances where I can. No man can fight a war alone." **
(2) Basht: "Any of the Nine Council can be an ally as much as a threat. You need to discover their weaknesses, what each holds dear. For Talakara, her weakness is the death of her servant. For Almeena, her weakness is one who shows no fear."
(2) Basht: "For the others, you will find out in due time."
(10) Git: "Great... I'll sick Kha on her."
** (2) Basht chuckles. "He has an interesting future ahead of him." **
(10) Git: "I'm sure."
(2) Basht: "You should ask him about jie'toh."
(10) Git: "I would... but then he'd probably make me listen."
** (10) Git drifts back toward his body to check on his friends." **
(2) Basht: "Considering that you've saved his life enough times, his water is yours. Mrrow."
(10) Git: "I'd rather have his silence.. but some water to put out the flames on my corpse is nice."
(10) Git: "Which reminds me...." :floats over his corpse: "May I ask my favor now?"
** (13) Agatha is silently crying in the corner. **
(2) Basht: "He is a plainsman, most likely of Aire blood. The Aire value the concept of jie'toh, which translates roughly to 'honor and duty' or 'honor and shame'. You have saved his life enough times that he is honorbound to repay those debts a hundred times over."
** (2) Basht nods. "This favor is but the first of three. Ask and be answered for you have no Fate but the Fate you make." **
(10) Git: :grins and gives Kha a flance: "I'll keep that in mind."
** (10) Git turns back to the goddess, with a sincere expression, "Then, lovely kitten, I ask you, please, restore my life." :winks: "There's a girl waiting for me at home." **
whispering to Lellick, Your hands pulse with power, as if eager to work magicka.
** (4) Lellick blinks, stirring to look down at his hands, flexing his fingers experimentally. "....This is...." **
(4) Lellick: (Spellcraft check - )
(4) Lellick: [1d20+6] => [9,6] = (15)
** (13) Agatha sniffs and wipes her face. "Hm? What is it Lellick? Are you ready?" **
** (4) Lellick gives a slight shake of his head. His only response is to turn to Git's corpse, gesturing with his hands and chanting words that he only now knew how to speak. This continues for an entire minute, the halfling concentrating fully, before he kneels down and touches the body as the final part of the spell. **
(10) Git: (what spell? need to know if I get a negative level)
(4) Lellick: (Raise dead)
** (10) Git draws a sudden breath **
(2) DM: (if the spell doesn't exist in 3.5 (not looking at a PH), then use lesser ressurection.)
** (10) Git gives a groan... "That... hurt..." **
** (13) Agatha stops breathing as just as Git starts. Her lungs are quick to wake up and get back to work. **
(13) Agatha: "Git?!"
** (10) Git pushes himself up and looks around the group. "So.... everyone rested?" **
** (4) Lellick stares at Git in shock, having hardly believed that his own spell succeeded. "...I don't understand. I shouldn't have been able to..." **
(10) Git: ('Ajaiyah' still with us?)
** (1) Kha snorts "You need a bath Git, you stink and your skin is covered in black stuff." **
** (10) Git looks himself over. "Right... I'll put cleanup on my list of things to do." **
(2) DM: (nope)
** (1) Kha ponders a moment, "Nope dont think you will fit in the ... here did Ajaiyah go, I sware she was resting back there a moment ago" **
(10) Git: :noting the halfling's confusion, Git gives him an affable pat on the shoulder. "Don't argue over good results."
(13) Agatha: "But...but how? I-I saw you die! You were lying there dead and breathless for an hour!"
(10) Git: "Hmmm..." :shrugs: "It's good to have people owe you favors."
** (1) Kha glances back at the burning room then sits up "Not such a stange thing Agatha, I am proof enough of that." **
** (4) Lellick shakes his head with a frown. "I did not have that spell, I'm not nearly skilled enough for it..." He trails off and echoes with a sigh, "Don't argue, you said?.." **
(13) Agatha: "Near-deaths and reversin' time to change history aren't the same as dead!"
** (1) Kha suddenly looks to Git "So which one was it that followed us in Ajaiyah's form? Teleute? No I dont think she would do that, Basht then?" **
** (10) Git looks to Kha and brings a finger up to his own nose. "Got it." **
(13) Agatha: "Basht? I thought we were done with her. We're nowhere near Zayal."
(1) Kha: "Some times I think you have the right of it Git, the Gods meddle, but I have yet to find a complain when they do."
(10) Git: "Yeah.. but apparently she's very adamant about repaying her debts."
(10) Git: "Which reminds me... I have a few things to talk over with you all."
** (10) Git begins retelling the information Basht gave to him. **
(10) Git: :He speaks of the death knight and his bond, the meaning of this place and the rewarding awaiting them, and...:
(1) Kha: So the Lady does not know we are coming?"
(10) Git: "Oh, Aggy... it seems your son is somewhere nearby." :grins:
(10) Git: :shrugs to Kha.: "No idea."
(13) Agatha: "How close is nearby?"
(10) Git: "I didn't get an exact location. More like an assurance we'd meet him soon. First.. we have to get out of this dank hole."
(10) Git: "And the next step to that is down that hall, passed a greasy headed mage in a nifty pair od slippers."
(13) Agatha: "Agreed. Whatever weapon Zathis has isn't worth this. If this knight is acting secretly, then he's the only one who knows about us."
(13) Agatha: "If we free him, that's the end of it. We're not looking to start a war."
(10) Git: "Technically, we're looking to stop one."
(13) Agatha: "Are you saying you want to take on the Nine Council?"
** (10) Git grins. "I'm saying... I want to save my home... What that means... I don't know yet." **
(10) Git: "Before we worry about that though, lets deal with the tricky bastard down the hall."
** (10) Git keeps his voice low." He's standing on the wall... invisible.. over a pit... covered by an illusion of himself on solid ground. Have to admire his trickiness." **
** (13) Agatha tries not to look and whispers back, "How do you know that?" **
(10) Git: "Secrets of the afterlife."
(2) DM: (ok, we'll resume here next week then)

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