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(472) DM: Recap

(472) DM: Recap
(472) DM: Recap
(527) Kha (whispering): Are the game logs from the 5th up on the site.. mine got deleted some how, so I lost the data for what the oracle said
(515) Sarrim: Yay!
(472) DM: Last session, you conducted personal business and shopping. You also saw Maraeil again, this time at the Singing Siren
whispering to Kha, no, but I can always get it again
whispering to Kha, we can always do it again later I mean
(472) DM: Fessig met you and mentioned something about looking into some business with the Sisters of the Shadowed Eye. Something to do with a "demon-child" or so he put it.
(472) DM: Fessig also mentioned there was a thieves guild war brewing in Tolmara.
(472) DM: The implications of an underground guild war in the middle of the royal celebrations are quite troubling.
(472) DM: Surprisingly, there hasn't or haven't been any major incidents...yet. Perhaps this is the calm before the storm.
(472) DM: You've made an appointment with him to come back at a later date to meet this "demon-child", called Umbra.
(472) DM: From his description, she looks like a halfling...with a tail and horns.
(527) Kha (whispering): do you still have the game node I sent you with the info I wanted to reserch?
(515) Sarrim (whispering): Could I do a Knowledge (Religion) and Lore check to see if Umbra ties in with anything I know?
(472) DM: You've also decided to enter a dungeon delving competition -- which starts today.
whispering to Sarrim, nope
whispering to Sarrim, ok, roll
(515) Sarrim (whispering): Wait...What? Yes or no?
(472) DM: From drawing lots upon entering the competition, your group is first.
(512) Vrondard: woot
** (512) Vrondard is excited **
whispering to Sarrim, no I don't have the node. yes you can roll
(515) Sarrim (whispering): Ah, k. Thanks
whispering to Sarrim, send it to me again if you can
(515) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+6] -> [17,6] = (23)
(515) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+6] -> [4,6] = (10)
(515) Sarrim (whispering): In order noted above: Religion, then Lore
** (527) Kha readies his gear for the competition **
** (515) Sarrim tidies his armor and sharpens his sword. **
(509) Git: (we still at the inn we left off at?)
(515) Sarrim: (I think we're at the Dungeon Delving competition right now)
(512) Vrondard: "so whats in these here competition?"
(512) Vrondard: "the got any real orcs in there fer bashing and cutting der heads off?"
** (512) Vrondard looks hopeful that this is the truth of it **
(527) Kha: "Fun and excitment, one would hope anyways"
(509) Git: "Don't think we'll be facing orcs in this one Vronard"
(512) Vrondard: "bah.. what kinda dungeon is that then?"
(472) DM: Yes. (You've been instructed to go to the Citadel, for the competition.)
(509) Git: "Seems like undead if anything"
** (515) Sarrim is concentrating heavily on the shapening of his sword, but says, "Probably a puzzle dungeon. We'll need a mapper, for sure. And traps abound." **
(512) Vrondard: "buncha elf dancing from room to room?"
(528) Vrondard (enter): 21:59
(512) Vrondard (exit): 21:59
(509) Git: "Annoying dancing elves.... don't think so.... maybe..."
(529) Ravenlock (enter): 22:00
** (515) Sarrim grins. **
(529) Ravenlock (exit): 22:00
whispering to Sarrim, there is actually an obscure prophecy connected with Solnor and Oneiros that speaks of a daughter of a man who is not a man, from a city where eternity meets belief.
** (527) Kha hops around like an excited child temarelily forgeting the research he must compleat **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (528) Vrondard...
(528) Vrondard: (hmmm)
** (509) Git sits conversaing casually, though he seems rather thoughful of something **
(528) Vrondard: "well I'll be ready to chop thru any doors ifn yer need me too"
whispering to Sarrim, but you're not sure if that refers to Umbra and more research is needed
** (515) Sarrim mouth turns toward a frown and falls into contemplative silence, **
(509) Git: "So, share a drink before we go?"
(515) Sarrim (whispering): I'll be sure to stop in at the temple when I have the chance.
** (509) Git offers Vronard a grin and a firm nod. **
(472) DM: The Citadel is an imposing sight, because from all appearances, it appears to be a building studded with crystals and jewels -- in this case diamonds.
(528) Vrondard: "yer on... me whistle needs a wettin"
(472) DM: Rough, uncut, unpolished diamonds. Other times, its appearance changes so that it seems to be crafted or shaped from one immense, colossal piece of diamond. Regardless, clearly there is great magicka at work here.
(527) Kha: "That is an impressive building"
(528) Vrondard: "bah its fake mind ye"
(472) DM: A group of mages meets you on the promenade surrounding the Citadel. For most of you, this is the closest you've ever been to the Citadel. For others, some have even been inside it. (OC: I'm using you in the plural sense, not the specific sense.)
(528) Vrondard: "ifn the rock was real... then it would be"
(527) Kha: "Fake or not it looks impressive"
(515) Sarrim (whispering): To entertain my friends, might I be able to roll to dreg up some of the interesting history regarding it?
whispering to Sarrim, sure
(509) Git: "Aye" (before leaving share a toast) "To we band foolish clods... may we win this silly game and show up all the haughty losers who would get in our way"
(515) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+6] -> [12,6] = (18)
** (515) Sarrim grins at Git. "To the August Wanderers!" **
(472) Garath Tremaine: So, ye have come to best the priest Braxus in the tomb of Claarsh the Undying?
(472) Garath Tremaine: If this is so, then please present yourselves and state the name of your company, so that we may enter you into the Book of Names.
** (509) Git gives a brief wave to the hosting mages, "Oi, we come play your game" **
** (472) Garath Tremaine nods at Git. **
(472) Garath Tremaine: Ye are this good company's spokesman?
(515) Sarrim: *Bowing graciously* "Sarrim Veld, of the Order of Tammara. My friends and I are members of the August Wanderers."
** (528) Vrondard is displeased to be near such as these **
** (527) Kha looks at the other and shrugs "Guess he is" **
** (509) Git looks to his comrades, then to the mage as Sarrim answers, "And I'm Aragit Fellthorn..." holds up a hand to suggest whispering to the mage, "I'm only the spokesman sometimes" **
(472) Garath Tremaine: Very good. Ye have drawn lots and ye are the first of five companies to attempt this competition. Are ye aware of the rules, the penalties and the prizes or shall we repeat them for you?
(515) Sarrim: "It would be a comfort to hear them once more, would it not trouble you."
(528) Vrondard: "are we... I don't know em... but what does it matter?"
(527) Kha: "I would like a rehash on the rules"
(472) DM: As you glance around, the promenade is filled with people -- spectators, guardsmen, other mages, and presumably the other adventuring companies in the competition.
** (509) Git waits for the explanation as he takes in the scene, waving to the spectators happily and looking for familiar faces **
(472) DM: Amongst the obsevers, there is also a group of women -- mages from the looks of them, and yet different in appearance. They stand with the mages of the Citadel -- and yet apart from them. Much berth is given them and even fearful glances or respectful glances is tossed their way...
** (527) Kha looks at the 'strange' mages for a moment **
** (528) Vrondard will give them disdain if he pays heed to them at all **
** (515) Sarrim eyes stray for a moment and makes note of them, but focuses his attention on the Mages. **
(509) Git: (do the female mages dress similar to Maraeil?)
(472) Alicius Krendath: ...I am Alicius Krendath, Lady Mage of the Order of the White Hand and Mistress of Divination, of the Circle of Sorcery. Forgive me for doing so, but ye have been subjected to a casting when ye entered this event, to determine if ye harbor any evil intent and I am pleased to announce that ye have passed this first test. So, herein are the rules.
(472) DM: (no, but similar in appearance to Jenna)
** (515) Sarrim face darkens slightly at the insult to his character, but says nothing. **
(509) Git: (uh oh)
(472) DM: Ye may only use what skills and items ye have brought with ye, and none bought or purchased specifically for this event.
(472) DM: Prior to being transported, ye will assent to a divination to determine that those amongst ye are who ye state ye are.
** (527) Kha shrugs and moves tword the 'strange' mages then he remembers himself and starts listening to the rules **
(472) DM: Ye may, if ye wish, ask for one item of minor magicka to assist ye in this trial.
(528) Vrondard: "yer aint touchin me with strange magic yea aint unless it be the proper magic of the gods"
(472) Alicius Krendath: (smiles at Vrondard)
** (509) Git whispers to the dwarf, "Don't worry, it's only optional" **
(472) Alicius Krendath: Fear not, brave dwarf, no magick will touch ye. But in order to enter this game, ye must assent or forfeit your place.
(509) Git: "oh... except that part...."
(527) Kha: "I would like a potion of healing for my one minor item"
(528) Vrondard: "I gotta ass ent... whatda going to do to me behind?"
(472) Alicius Krendath: This is a timed trial, meaning that in order to successfully complete it, ye must acquire thy goal in the shortest possible time or within the time allowed.
(527) Kha (whispering): Are those strange mages channelers so I can finaly take my level of Wilder?
(472) Alicius Krendath: Now as to the penalties:
whispering to Kha, yes
(509) Git: "He means agree... don't worry, if you're afraid of the magick I'll even hold your hand through it if you like."
** (528) Vrondard looks at his posterior with worry **
(527) Kha (whispering): ok gona roll HP [1d6+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
(472) Alicius Krendath: If ye do not assent to the casting, ye forfeit your place in the trial.
(536) Clay (enter): 22:19
** (528) Vrondard looks thoroughly confused **
(536) Clay (exit): 22:19
(472) Alicius Krendath: There may be some interaction with other parties within the trial area. No blood shall be shed amongst ye. If thou dost so, thou shall forfeit thy place in the trial.
(528) Vrondard: "trial? I haven't even broken and rules yet.. and don't even know em and I'm trial already?"
(528) Vrondard: (on trial)
(472) Alicius Krendath: And the prizes:
(527) Kha: "How will we know if the people are another group and not the things we are saposed to kill?"
** (509) Git explains carefully to Vronard, "In this case trial means the period of time the game takes up... and don't worry about your ass." **
** (528) Vrondard calms down a bit **
(472) Alicius Krendath: If ye complete the trial of Claarsh the Undying within the shortest amount of time, ye shall win this game. If ye complete the trial but not within the time allowed, ye shall win your choice of prizes, but not all three.
(472) Alicius Krendath: The prizes are as follows:
(472) Alicius Krendath: Ye shall gain the right to advance to another duingeon-delving trial of your choosing.
(472) Alicius Krendath: Ye shall gain the right to a purse of no less than twenty score golden crowns and no more than one thousand golden crowns per person within your group.
** (528) Vrondard thinks that prize sucks goblin feet **
** (528) Vrondard thinks that sounds dandy **
(472) Alicius Krendath: Ye shall gain a title worthy of a champion.
(528) Vrondard: "bah!"
** (509) Git wonders if the title is Official Bikin Inspector **
** (527) Kha laughs at Vrond in an agreeing way **
** (515) Sarrim mouths the last prize silently, eyes light. **
(472) Alicius Krendath: All who complete this trial, regardless of standing will receive an invitation to the Royal Ball, to be held at the end of the celebrations. The winner of this competition shall receive an invitation to the Feast of Crowns, in three days time, at Castle Falconedge.
(509) Git: "Mmmm... feast... hope they have pheasant"
(472) Alicius Krendath: Now then, ye may ask amongst yourselves, one question per person. Any question that ye may have about the trial before ye.
(527) Kha: "Hey we gota win, I want to meet some Royalty, never met any Royalty before. That would prove most enertaining I think"
(472) DM: (OC: the total includes NPCs but not players in limbo.)
(528) Vrondard: "what is this here Claarsh the Undying anyway?" is his question
(472) DM: (OC: So 5 questions.)
** (515) Sarrim glances meaningfully at Vrond. **
** (527) Kha turns to the group "should I ask: How will we know if the people are another group and not the things we are saposed to kill?" **
(472) Garath Tremaine: Claarsh the Undying is the name of an ancient priest of Morgaul, an elder god who predates even the Dark Lord known as Gorgauth.
(515) Sarrim: "I believe we will be alone in the dungeon, Kha
(515) Sarrim: "
(472) DM: (When Garath says "Gorgauth", there are many in the crowd who make a warding sign as if to stave off incoming evil.)
** (509) Git answers Kha, "Look around, most of the other participants are here. besides... I don't think we're gonna have a problem telling the difference...." **
(527) Kha: "No he said we may see other groups in the Trial area and we should not hurt them"
(515) Sarrim: "Well...In that case, I think that we'll be fighting undead primarily."
(527) Kha: "Well if Jenna can make herself look like someone else what we are fighting might be able to make itself look like one of the people I see around here"
(515) Sarrim: "And that question is in regards to the rules. Clarification could be requested at any time.;"
(472) Garath Tremaine: Morgaul is, amongst sages who specialize in this sort of thing, an Aspect of the Elderlord, or some other being we have not yet divined. In any event, ye can expect undead within the dungeon, for it is written in the Book of Truth, that a priest of Morgaul shall hold dominion over the dead, the dying and the realm of death, and ever shall he war with the rightful lord of Death, Tharnak.
(528) Vrondard (whispering): where is Trayn when you need him?
whispering to Vrondard, hah
(472) Alicius Krendath: Ye have four questions remaining. Ask them or forfeit them.
(528) Vrondard (whispering): of course Trayn wouldnt participate in this tom foolery
(509) Git: "What can we expect of the setting as far as traps? Mostly magicka wards, is it too old a place for complex mechanics?
whispering to Vrondard, you're right as usual
** (527) Kha looks puzzled "I thought Teleute was the god of the death? I guess other gods can claim that as well" **
** (515) Sarrim turns to the mages. "You are very knowledgeable...If possible, after this is all said and done, I would like to question you about something, if I may. At this time, my question is: What is the layout of the dungeon, since any question is permissible?" **
(515) Sarrim: (Bleh)
(472) Garath Tremaine: Priests of Morgaul were expected to be proficient in the construction of tombs and crypts. As such, they were also expected to hire what they could amongst their means, among craftsmen and skilled workers, to construct such barriers as might halt the advance of thieves and tomb robbers. Ye may encounter both mechanical traps and magickal traps -- but none especially complex. On the other hand, ye might expect to encounter one well-constructed trap in the place ye least expect. Look sharp, be watchful.
** (509) Git whispers to kha, "should probably ask if ol' Claarsh has a weakness of some type?" **
** (515) Sarrim slips out some paper, ready to take notes. **
(515) Sarrim: (Ink and inkpen too, =) )
(472) Alicius Krendath: Teleute is an Aspect of Oneiros, and represents Death. Lady Death however does not rule the realm of the dead, nor does she hold dominion over dying. The act and the action are different even though they are the same.
** (472) Alicius Krendath smiles gently at Kha. **
** (527) Kha whispers back "A dagger in his back I would think" **
(472) Garath Tremaine: The layout of the dungeon consists of a series of caves which connect three main areas constructed of stone and wood.
(509) Git: :to kha: "He's undead though, that may not do the trick"
(472) Garath Tremaine: Ye will know ye are close to your goal by the complexity of the construction.
(527) Kha: "Ahh all very confusing, I have just started reserching the aspects of Oneiros, and do not understand the other religions very well at all"
(472) Alicius Krendath: Two questions remain...ask or forfeit them.
** (527) Kha shrugs "Does Claarsh have any know weaknesses?" **
(528) Vrondard: "besides this Claarsh fella.. what else is the most dangerous thing we may need to defeat in the dun-jin"
** (509) Git suggests to the mages before they answer kha's question, "And keep it quiet" Indicating the other competitors nearby. **
(472) Garath Tremaine: A very good question indeed.
(509) Git: (afk)
(472) Garath Tremaine: Ye will need all your wits to survive not Claarsh, who remains dead, but his keeper, the guardian priest Braxus. Braxus cannot be warded by a priest of the Light, and is invulnerable to magicks which affect the mind. In order to harm the guardian priest, ye must possess enchanted or magickal weapons. And ye must be prepared to face the Breath of Morgaul.
(528) Vrondard: "hmm than that is what I be needing then.. a magical axe (dwarven)"
(509) Git: (bak)
(472) Alicius Krendath: Fear not, only ye can hear these pronouncements. A shield descended upon your group when ye asked the first question. Another precaution that was taken without your knowledge. (smiles gently at Vrondard)
(515) Sarrim (whispering): Religion check! On breath of Morgaul...For that matter, on Claarsh and Braxus as well, and a Lore check too, just in case.
(515) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+6] -> [15,6] = (21)
(515) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+6] -> [8,6] = (14)
whispering to Sarrim, lol ok
(528) Vrondard: "so Braxus can be feelin me axe-is" missing Alicius comment in his own fun
(509) Git: "What's the breath of morgaul?"
whispering to Sarrim, the Breath of Morgaul is a power that only guardian priests have. Those who inhale and fall to the breath of the god are subject to transport to the land of the living. Morgaul releases those who are not dead. (and whether this is truth or fiction has never been determined satisfactorily)
(515) Sarrim: "A story...But a dangerous one nonetheless."
whispering to Sarrim, Claarsh was an ancient necromancer-priest of Morgaul in what is now modern-day Kern. Of Braxus, there is no lore or knowledge.
(515) Sarrim: "Those that inhale the breath may fall to the land of the dead."
(472) Garath Tremaine: One question remains. Ask it or forfeit it,
(527) Kha: "I do not know if a magical axe is considered a minor magical item there Vrond."
** (509) Git quirks a brow at Sam's explanation. "Splendid." **
(528) Vrondard: "hmmm... "
** (527) Kha turns to the group, "Should we ask if there is know secret way to the chambers of Claarsh?" **
(515) Sarrim: "Why not? It's an adequate question, and I'm at a loss."
(509) Git: :vronard: "That wouldn't be very sporting. doubt there would be"
(527) Kha: "That if there is and we found it it would cut our time down alot, and since this is a timed event that would be a very good thing"
(515) Sarrim: "Let me try and phrase it in a catch all then."
(509) Git: :shrugs: "Well, I can't think of anything to ask so... why not"
(527) Kha: "lets work on phrasing it together then"
(509) Git: "What phrasing? Just ask if there's a shortcut?"
(515) Sarrim: "Alright then. Here's my idea. "What secrets lie in the dungeon, both in the form of passages or knowledge, that may aid us?" Should we include it to try and locate traps?"
(515) Sarrim: "Because a general question yields a vague answer."
(472) TaliesinNYC: ((getting a drink))
(509) Git: "No, a vague question yields a vaguer answer."
(527) Kha: "No traps, just secrets that may Aid us, I was thinking more spesific. Is there a known faster way to reach Claarsh then searching the entire dungon?"
(472) TaliesinNYC: ((back))
(527) Kha: "Or maybe; What is the fastest way to reach Claarsh?"
(509) Git: "Exactly, shortcut"
(515) Sarrim: "Alright, go for ti."
(527) Kha: "Ok our last question is; 'What is the fastest way to reach Claarsh?'"
** (509) Git turns suddenly to Kha. "Maybe phrasing is a bit important" **
** (472) Garath Tremaine thinks a moment. **
** (515) Sarrim gives an exasperated look toward Git. **
(472) Garath Tremaine: Hm, well there are two ways to reach the crypt of the Undying Lord.
(527) Kha: "Umm yes phrasing is important if they are answering truthfully, if I had asked the way I phrashed it the first time it would have been a yes or no answer"
(472) Garath Tremaine: Both have their own set of perils.
(472) Garath Tremaine: The first is easiest in terms of speed, and yet hardest for a fool will find that death will find him if he is not fleet of foot and quick of wit.
(472) Garath Tremaine: The second is harder, yet not as deadly. Physical obstructions will bar your way, both natural and unnatural. Death may find ye, if ye are not strong of arm, strong of will and strong of valor. Courage is the key.
(472) Alicius Krendath: And now as to your goal:
(528) Vrondard: "hmmm I saw we go the second way"
(528) Vrondard: 9say(
(528) Vrondard: (say)
(472) Alicius Krendath: Ye have two goals. The first is to slay if ye can, the guardian priest Braxus. The second is to recover the Crown of Claarsh, an item that was much beloved of the necromancer-priest. 'Tis a golden crown, fit for the ruler of the dead. Ye shall find it in his chambers.
(527) Kha: "Sounds like the first is full of traps, but shorter. the second is full or creatures and longer. I think we should take the first and faster route. We do not have someone to heal our wounds if we get more then we can handle of the creatures"
(472) Alicius Krendath: As to weapons and items -- ye may find certain items in the chamber. These are yours to keep, regardless of whether or not ye finish the trial successfully. Ye may even find them of use in the final encounter.
(509) Git: "Oh, nice."
(472) Garath Tremaine: (grows serious)
(472) Garath Tremaine: And this is between myself and you.
(472) Garath Tremaine: Should you complete this trial, and should you desire it, I have need of your services. Or more precisely, I know of someone who desires your services greatly. Lord Faustmann sent word of you.
(472) Garath Tremaine: Consider this a test of sorts. (winks)
(509) Git: "Oh, yes, he was one of our satisfied customers..."
(509) Git: ".. we'll talk later"
** (527) Kha turns to the others "Wow word spreads fast" **
(472) Garath Tremaine: Yes, of course it does. Pigeons.
(527) Kha: ((Gona AFK for a smoke before we actualy start the dungon))
(509) Git: "So, what else we need before we start the audition?"
(472) Garath Tremaine: Now then (snapping his fingers). Once ye enter the Citadel's gates, ye shall be transported to the dungeon.
(515) Sarrim: "If I might ask, how long do we have to complete the test?"
(472) Garath Tremaine: Before ye go, ye may have a minor item should ye wish it. Merely insert your hand into this bag (produces a large burlap bag) and the item will appear in your grasp.
(472) Garath Tremaine: Ye have one day.
(472) Garath Tremaine: When ye enter the area, your spells and youselves will be refreshed.
** (509) Git stares at the bag, "luck of the draw?" **
(472) DM: (OC: whisper me your item)
** (527) Kha reaches in **
** (528) Vrondard grudgingly inserts his hand in the bag **
(527) Kha (whispering): want a potion of cure moderate wounds
(528) Vrondard (whispering): vial of healing
(509) Git (whispering): we choose what it is?
(528) Vrondard (whispering): would want something to make his axe better but thats a bit much to ask for
** (515) Sarrim thinks: "An object to detect hidden passages and doors. An object to detect hidden passages and doors...." And reaches in. **
(557) Eric (enter): 23:11
(557) Eric (exit): 23:11
whispering to Vrondard, you reach your hand in, and out comes a shining silver battleaxe.
(509) Git (whispering): could I get a filtering mask to protect from the poison of the breath of morgaul?
whispering to Kha, you reach your hand in and out comes a sealed glass vial filled with a clear blue liquid
whispering to Vrondard, battle axe +1
(528) Vrondard (whispering): doh!
whispering to Kha, potion of cure moderate wounds (3 doses)
(528) Vrondard: "bah yer wrong... here is me axe right here"
(528) Vrondard (whispering): battle axe or dwarven waraxe (his preferred weapon)
** (527) Kha pulls his hand out and looks and nods and tucks it inside his belt **
(515) Sarrim (whispering): An trinket that would allow Detect Secret Doors to be utilized, =)
whispering to Sarrim, you reach your hand in and out comes a gold medallion to which is embedded an amethyst
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (enter): 23:14
whispering to Sarrim, medallion of detection (wearer gains +3 to Search)
(527) Kha: ((OK AFK now))
(515) Sarrim (whispering): Cool
** (515) Sarrim slips the medallion onto his neck. **
** (509) Git reaches into the bag last curiously **
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): If iI may intervene, should I be able to see a map?
(560) No Name (enter): 23:16
whispering to Git, you reach your hand in and out comes a platinum circlet (circlet of protection vs. breath weapons) (acts as a +1 ring of protection and grants a +4 bonus to Fortitude saves that involve bw attacks)
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, what map?
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): the current map, and location of players, if there is one?
(515) Sarrim: "Good Tremaine, if I might ask a favor of you before we enter? It has nothing to do with the task at hand, I assure you."
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, not in the diungeon yet
(528) Vrondard: "a bit o' shiny axe to be cutting that undead priest up fer me"
(509) Git (whispering): cool
(472) Garath Tremaine: These items shall disappear from your inventory when you complete the trial.
(527) Kha: ((Back))
(509) Git: "Nifty" :slips on the circlet
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): Okay, so how do I change my status? If you have a minute, that is my last inquery tho
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, this is my Friday game
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, not open to pickup players
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): okey, I understand, ill just watch
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, you joined my Saturday group. =)
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): I know, ill just sit here and watch or read those files
(527) Kha: "Well I am ready now"
(472) Garath Tremaine: Then so be it and be it so! Enter the Citadel and meet thy fate, be it weal or woe!
(528) Vrondard: "as am I..."
(528) Vrondard: "it be woe... fer whatever gets in me way"
** (527) Kha enters the Citadel" **
(472) Alicius Krendath: Should ye die within the dungeon, ye shall reappear here, with youselves intact. But ye shall have failed the test.
** (509) Git Straightens his belt and takes a ready stance. "Let the fun begin" Walks into the citadel doorway. **
** (528) Vrondard trudges forth **
(528) Vrondard: "where do we start?"
(472) DM: Unless I say otherwise, all ceilings are 12' high and the area is a rough hewn tunnel or cavern.
(528) Vrondard (whispering): hoping he will get tricked and not know he is being transported
(515) Sarrim: "I suppose my favor will wait then. Good day, magickers."
(528) Vrondard (whispering): if that occurs since he will refuse to go thru that voluntarily
** (515) Sarrim steps into the citadel. **
(472) DM: Also, unless I say otherwise, the area is lit with torches set in sconces every few feet.
(472) DM: (You appear in the area I've just revealed on the map above.)
(515) Sarrim: "Alright. Lets get moving. We might well as not decide on which path to take. We didn't ask which was which.
(515) Sarrim: "
** (527) Kha looks around "Shall we get moving?" **
(509) Git: "Well, right now, there's only on way to go"
(528) Vrondard: "lets git goin... times a wastin"
(515) Sarrim: "Git...Take point...Move as swiftly as you can while being able to see any traps. I'll cover you."
** (509) Git carefully takes in the surroundings **
(472) DM: You appear in a cavern, from which you can see three means of egress. The sound of rushing water echoes in the distance, although you are unable to determine exactly in what direction.
(509) Git: "Check that... there are three ways to go"
(528) Vrondard: "bah..." as he reappears somewhere
** (515) Sarrim has his sword sheathed, and digs out his hammer. **
(528) Vrondard: "I've been sullied by foul magics... how did i get here?"
(509) Git: "We were teleported here for the competition."
(515) Sarrim: "Lets go right. Can't be any worse than the others."
(472) DM: There is a passage to the west, in the far end of the chamber, a passage to the east and a stone door set in the cavern wall, across the chamber. Two niches lie across the cavern, both of which contain heaps of rock and twisted iron. A pool of liquid lies at the base of a rough hewn basalt pillar inches away from the stone door.
(515) Sarrim: "Wait..."?
(515) Sarrim: "The stone door. They said increasing complexity leads to the goal."
(563) christoph (enter): 23:27
(472) DM: The entire chamber reeks of the sickly sweet odor of rotting flesh.
(515) Sarrim (whispering): While we get our bearings, I'd like to do a 4 round Detect Evil.
whispering to Sarrim, ok
(527) Kha: "That and the way that requires us to be quick of feet and wit is the fast way, so lets check the door."
(528) Vrondard: "bah smells of death in here"
** (509) Git looks around, "Aye aye, may wanna check among the rocks for hidden treasures while we have the chance. I'll check the door" **
** (528) Vrondard will examine the rocks **
whispering to Sarrim, you get a nagging earache from the aura of residual evil that permeates this place.
** (527) Kha check the left alcove while Git checks the door **
whispering to Sarrim, other than that, nothing
(515) Sarrim (whispering): Alright
(472) DM: Which niche? Left or right?
(515) Sarrim: East passage, with the door.
** (509) Git takes out his extending pole, opening it to it's full length of ten feet to give the stone door a couple taps from a distance and to the side before moving in to search tit for dtraps **
(472) DM: (All right. Vrondard, then Kha, then Git...in that order)
(509) Git: Search Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [16,7] = (23)
(528) Vrondard: search [Bad dice format]
(515) Sarrim: Hey! I wanna join in on the search...Put this thing to good use.
(528) Vrondard: [1d20+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(528) Vrondard: (ha)
(472) DM: Sarrim -- the door is NW.
(515) Sarrim: Ohhh...
** (528) Vrondard kicks a few rocks **
(472) DM: Vron: it appears to be a pile of ordinary-seeming rocks.
(515) Sarrim: Hehe...Anyway, search check, [1d20+5] -> [18,5] = (23)
** (528) Vrondard is pleased **
(527) Kha: Search Skill Check: [1d20+2] -> [9,2] = (11)
(472) DM: Kha: the "niche" is actually a hollowed out area that seems to be the collapsed foundation of some sort of building. Iron bars laid like rafters fill the area, along with a pile of ordinary-seeming rocks.
whispering to Git, no traps, as far as you can tell.
(515) Sarrim: (Ordinary SEEMING! But they hide an insidious nature!)
whispering to Sarrim, no traps, as far as you can tell...on the door.
(509) Git (whispering): is it locked?
(527) Kha: "Looks like this was a building at one time, how you coming along on that door?"
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): I would build a Fighter Paladin, could I be human?
(515) Sarrim (whispering): I meant the room, I can trust Git with the door.
(509) Git: "the door looks clear."
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, sure
(527) Kha: "Ok lets go then, I didnt find anything usefull here
whispering to Git, yes
whispering to Sarrim, all right
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): same build up as a normal human correct?
** (509) Git leans back against the wall beside the door, closing his pole back to it's original 1 foot length **
(509) Git: "Just give me a sec with the lock"
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): ctra feat and 1 xtra skill pt at 1st lv?
(528) Vrondard: "alrighty"
(509) Git: Open Lock Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [9,5] = (14)
(515) Sarrim: "Be careful if something's on the other side. You never know."
(509) Git: (16, MS tools)
(509) Git: Open Lock Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [20,5] = (25)
(472) TaliesinNYC: the pool appears to be just that, an ordinary pool of clear liquid. there is a pile of coins in the pool, with a few scattered here and there. Apart from that, nothing unusual about your surroundings except for the sound of rushing, tumbling water.
(515) Sarrim: (And the lock CRACKS!)
whispering to Git, Spot
(509) Git: (sirry about that)
(515) Sarrim: "There's some coins in there."
whispering to Vrondard, yes
(509) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [13,5] = (18)
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, yes
** (515) Sarrim smiles slightly, takes a silver from his pouch and flips it into the pool. "Tammara, bless us with luck." **
whispering to Vrondard, ignore that
(472) DM: hold on...
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): 1 last question, what lv for tommarow?
(515) Sarrim: "Alright...Got the lock yet Git?"
(472) DM: Git: You notice that the door seems to be reinforced with steel bands. (On the hinges.)
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): oh im sorry, an additional one, I can use any expansion book correct?
(472) DM: Sarrim: the coin hits the pool with a splash. (Spot, -2).
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, did you read ALL of the files?
(509) Git: (steel bands to hold the door closed or to hold it to the wall?)
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, read ALL of the files and ALL of the threads on the site before you make a character.
(515) Sarrim: Umm...K [1d20+1] -> [6,1] = (7)
(515) Sarrim: (+3, -2)
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): thats 2+ hours of reading, I cant stay focused that much bud, my bad. Im uncertain If i have them all ill recheck
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, sorry man, I will reject any character you make until you've read all of the files
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, if you can't do that, this game may not be for you. or you can wait until next week.
** (527) Kha taps his foot "Whats taking so long there Git?" **
whispering to Sarrim, nothing
(509) Git: (is the door unlocked?)
(472) DM: Git: (Steel bands that seem reinforce the door...probably to hold it closed. You're not sure why.)
(472) DM: (yes)
** (515) Sarrim heads over to the rest of the group. **
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, what is the book? most likely yes, just let me know what the book is.
** (509) Git begins to inspect the steel bands, "It's open anyway...." **
(509) Git: (search on the bands)
(515) Sarrim: "So, what's happening?"
(509) Git: Search Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(509) Git: (eesh)
** (515) Sarrim glances at Git. "What're you looking at?" **
(472) DM: You notice that Git seems to be inspecting the door.
whispering to Git, nothing special or unusual.
(528) Vrondard: "aint we in a hurry?"
(527) Kha: "Well lets go if its open, we dont want to waste time"
(509) Git: "Just these bands..."
(515) Sarrim: "We should be...Git?"
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): Book of Exalted Deeds, its an Anti-Book of Vile Darkness, im using it to make a good paladin
(472) DM: The door seems to be reinforced with a number of steel bands on the hinges.
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, fine
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): Must I remember all these guilds?
(515) Sarrim: "Bands? To prevent bashing...Perhaps?"
(509) Git: (architecture/engineering knowledge check for the bands)
(515) Sarrim: "Or...To keep something...In?"
(509) Git: Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [7,5] = (12)
(527) Kha: "Probable to make it hearder to break down for those that cant unlock it"
(528) Vrondard: "well this axe may still cut thru it"
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, just remember to read the files.
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): I read like 8 so far, so Im well on the way
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, what guilds?
** (509) Git steps aside, "No need to cut through. the door's open." **
(527) Kha: "It unlocked now he said, so I dont know what he is wasting time stairing at the door for"
(472) DM: Git: probably to keep the door closed, or tightly shut for some reason. you're not sure.
** (515) Sarrim holds his shield up, and opens the door slowly... **
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): Like the people in certain Quarters
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, no. we can do this later.
** (509) Git stands off a ways to the side, pulling his kukri in ready. **
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (whispering): okay, so what will the lv be? I need to contemplate it
(472) DM: As you open the door, it moves with effort.
whispering to Ron chkrs m8, I said 3rd. any combination is fine. 1/2 or 2/1. I'll answer your questions later, running my game now.
(515) Sarrim: And...?
(472) DM: The door opens to reveal a stone corridor, about 20' long by 10' wide, at the end of which is another stone door. The passage is quite dusty, as if nothing has been in here for centuries.
(472) DM: The stench of death is less here....
(472) DM: (Spot, anyone.)
(509) Git: "I'm guessing this is the path of wits rather than brawn."
(509) Git: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [15,5] = (20)
(515) Sarrim: [1d20+3] -> [14,3] = (17)
(527) Kha: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+4] -> [2,4] = (6)
whispering to Git, the walls are pockmarked with holes.
whispering to Sarrim, the walls are pockmarked with holes.
(528) Vrondard: spot [1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)
whispering to Vrondard, the wallls are pockmarked with holes.
(573) Kilgor (enter): 23:50
(515) Sarrim: "Right then...I wouldn't trust this hallway as far as I could throw a troll."
** (509) Git carefully moves in to inspect the walls **
(509) Git: Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(472) DM: Git: how far in?
(509) Git: Search Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(528) Vrondard: "think anything would be coming out of these holes.. like spears or somethin?"
** (515) Sarrim heads toward the pool, and takes out his cooking pot. **
whispering to Git, in terms of feet
** (515) Sarrim dips it in, filling it up, and trods back over to the hallway carefully. **
(527) Kha: "What holes?"
whispering to Git, Git?
(515) Sarrim: "This should clean the floor, and make it easier to see...And if luck would have it, trigger any plate traps."
(509) Git: (just in to get close enough to a hole, if that means moving into the room itself, I'd have to check the floor first for pressure plates)
whispering to Git, roll then
(515) Sarrim: "Get out of the way real quick, in case these things fire lengthwise through the hallway as well."
whispering to Git, you find one.
** (509) Git points out the holes on the walls to kha **
(528) Vrondard: "dem holes in the walls... not very good craftmanship ifn yer ask me"
whispering to Git, a pressure plate that is. One 3' from the door.
** (515) Sarrim splashes the water along the hall floor, trying to clear off the dust. **
(472) DM: Git is inching his way to inspect a hole. What are the rest of you doing? He's hugging the wall.
(509) Git (whispering): heh, didn't even roll yet, roll to search the floor as I go for them?
(472) DM: (hm)
** (527) Kha looks at the hole then and one of his spears compairing the size **
whispering to Git, I thought that search roll was for one
(553) Ron chkrs m8 (exit): 23:54
whispering to Git, in that case, ignore it
** (528) Vrondard awaits something to stick an axe into **
(573) Kilgor (exit): 23:55
(509) Git (whispering): reroll then?
(472) DM: The water splashes into the room, and the force of some of the water on impact triggers a series of audible "CLICKS"...
whispering to Git, if you want heheh
(515) Sarrim: "Git...Might wanna move!"
(528) Vrondard: "helmets up!"
** (509) Git glares suddenly back as the watter is poured, "What the ...?!" **
(472) DM: As the water hits the floor, several darts (not in front of Git) shoot from the walls. Both walls.
** (527) Kha waits for them to examin the holes **
(509) Git: :flinches back suddenly:
(472) DM: After a minute of this, the darts stop shooting.
(515) Sarrim: Does it look, if we were to crawl along the floor, that we could go under this barrage of darts? And, was there a pause between the triggering and the shooting?
(527) Kha: "That looks like it cleared the darts"
(472) DM: There was a pause.
(515) Sarrim: "They'll probably fire again, and no doubt the water didn't get them all."
** (509) Git groans in annoyance, "I was going to warn you guys about the pressure plates in the floor, but I thnk it's rather obvious at the moment" **
(515) Sarrim: "From what I can tell, if we bolt across there, we can make it without getting pincushioned."
(515) Sarrim: And the dart height?
(472) DM: The darts only occurred past the first 5' section of hall, meaning that the area where Git was did not trigger (if there was a plate trap there.)
(472) DM: From thigh height to chest height, from a human of about a spear's length. (6')
(515) Sarrim: "Alright...I think we could crawl under them too."
(509) Git: (thigh height, then we can crawl under... as long as there aren't lower holes as we go)
(515) Sarrim: (There could be...I think running would be safer)
(528) Vrondard: "yeah Im up fer that" checks hole heights to make sure thats a sensible alternative
(527) Kha (whispering): do I think I could out run the firing if I ran full speed, my movment is 40'
whispering to Vrondard, so it seems
whispering to Kha, probably
** (528) Vrondard will test out crawling if the holes arent that high... **
whispering to Vrondard, ok
(527) Kha: "I am just gona run across and see if they trigger again
(509) Git: (running, the traps will be set to pause until we reach that square, it'll depend on our individual reflexes)
** (527) Kha takes a step back and runns full speed acoss to the next door **
(528) Vrondard: "seems fine this way..."
(509) Git: (but if they're set before the section they trigger, might be safer to just walk it)
(515) Sarrim: "If one of us dies in here...Do we all lose?"
(472) DM: Nothing else seems to happen...
** (528) Vrondard shakes his head at tall logic **
(509) Git: "Not sure should have...." notices Kha suddenly run. "...asked"
(515) Sarrim: "Alright...That seemed to have worked...But let's not chance it. I'll try next."
whispering to Kha, the stone door that seals off the passage further is like the other, reinforced with steel bands.
(509) Git: "Uh you do know he might have gotten lucky and just not stepped on a trigger..."
(527) Kha: "Well it seems they are all trigered, it seems safe to walk across now"
(515) Sarrim: "Which is why I'm running."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [5] = (5)
** (515) Sarrim goes about 10 feet back, and sprints toward the other side, placing his luck on the Goddess. **
(472) DM: The same thing occurs...
** (509) Git shrugs, letting the paladin take the run as he pleases **
(563) christoph (exit): 00:04
(515) Sarrim: "Excellent...Git, we need you over here for this door!"
(509) Git: "Eh... what the heck..."
(527) Kha: "Like I said its safe now"
(515) Sarrim: "Can'
** (509) Git heads down the hall after the others. **
(515) Sarrim: "It can't hurt to take precautions though"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [20] = (20)
(472) DM: And again...nothing seems to happen.
(528) Vrondard: "not if it means getting a stick in yer eye"
** (509) Git moves in to inspect the next door **
(509) Git: Search Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [11,7] = (18)
(515) Sarrim: "And finally...Alright Vrond! Run or crawl, get over here!"
(509) Git: "A word of advice... just be careful. After all, we're in this to win."
** (515) Sarrim nods to Git. **
** (528) Vrondard gets there on his own time and way **
(472) DM: Nothing seems to happen as Vron ambles over.
** (515) Sarrim joins Git in the examination of the door. **
(515) Sarrim: [1d20+5] -> [12,5] = (17)
(515) Sarrim: "I don't know why...That just seemed too easy. You know?"
(472) DM: The door, as before, is made of stone and is tightly shut. It too is reinforced with steel and iron bands. A lock is evident.
** (509) Git gives the paladin a sideways glance over his shoulder. **
(515) Sarrim: "Sorry..." *Grins and backs away*
** (509) Git gives Sam a grin, "You know of traps and mechanics?" **
(509) Git (whispering): traps?
(515) Sarrim: "Heh. What you saw back there was about the limit of my resources in dealing with traps."
** (515) Sarrim chuckles lightly. **
whispering to Sarrim, yes, traps on the door
(509) Git: "Ah...." then maybe we should have taken the tunnel of death, more undead to fight probably and less traps to deal with"
whispering to Git, yes, two traps on the door
(509) Git: "Such as these..."
(509) Git (whispering): individual rolls, or one for both?
whispering to Git, Opening the door will trigger one of them. There is a needle trap in the lock.
(515) Sarrim: "Heh...But this is faster...Despite trapped doors like these and dart infested hallways."
whispering to Git, two rolls to disarm.
** (509) Git takes out his tools to work, advising, "you guys might want to back up" **
whispering to No Name, who is this, btw?
(509) Git (whispering): can I tell what the other traps is?
** (515) Sarrim peers into the hallway, still no trusting it, and backs against the wall adjacent to the door, holding up his shield. **
** (528) Vrondard does so **
(509) Git: Disable Device Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
whispering to Git, it has something to do with counterweights. not sure.
(509) Git: Disable Device Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [11,7] = (18)
whispering to Git, for the needle trap or the other trap?
(509) Git (whispering): if I could I'd rather try to set off the needle trap some how,and disarm the counterweights
whispering to Git, You're unsure about the needle trap. Next time, I roll the disarm rolls.
(582) Ravenlock (enter): 00:13
(509) Git (whispering): okay, you can reroll
whispering to Git, I'll let the rolls stand
(509) Git (whispering): alright, then might as well do them in that order, needle, weights
whispering to Git, ok then. unlock the door?
(509) Git (whispering): you wanna roll searches and such to? I'll send you a node of the character
(472) DM: (conferring with Git, sorry.)
(509) Git (whispering): both disarmed?
(515) Sarrim: (So k)
(509) Git: Open Lock Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [5,7] = (12)
whispering to Git, I do Search automatically actually and most Spot checks unless I tell you otherwise
(509) Git has sent you a tree node...
whispering to Git, and Disable Device (for traps). thanks.
(509) Git (whispering): gotcha
(472) DM: Git: As you unlock the lock, there is a slight "hssst" sound, and in response, a needle shoots out from the lock. (Reflex)
(509) Git: Reflex save: [1d20+6] -> [13,6] = (19)
(515) Sarrim: (Nice)
(472) DM: The needle falls to the floor.
** (509) Git grins in satisfaction "too easy" **
(509) Git: (door open?)
(472) DM: (No, still closed. You have to physically open the door)
(509) Git: (probably not)
(515) Sarrim: "That was unpleasant."
(509) Git: (I mean locked)
(582) Ravenlock (exit): 00:20
** (515) Sarrim steps forward, hammer and shield ready. "Safe to open?" **
(509) Git: "Eh... that was nothing."
(472) DM: Oh no, it's open.
(509) Git: "Should be now"
(528) Vrondard: "doubt much is safe around here"
** (509) Git steps back to give one of his tougher comrades the lead, rolling up his tool pouch **
** (515) Sarrim carefully opens the door, entering carefully. **
** (528) Vrondard follows second **
(472) DM: As Sarrim opens the door, there is an audible grinding noise and a "CLICK". The door to the entry chamber starts to move in response...and then is halted.
(509) Git: "I beg to differ Vronard.... You're safe.... because you have us." :offers the dwarf a friendly smile:
(528) Vrondard: "what the hecks is that?"
(472) DM: Sarrim: the door to this new chamber is quite heavy and seems to not want to open but you do so...eventually.
** (509) Git readies his kukri and tenses at the sound of the click **
(515) Sarrim: "I think the hallway just rearmed."
(509) Git: "In that case, let's get out of it"
(515) Sarrim: "I'm all for that..."
** (509) Git moves ahead to look into the next room before entering **
(472) DM: This next chamber is made entirely out of stone. It seems to be an octagonal chamber, about 40' across. In the center of the room are two unmoving forms. The door across the chamber is closed and appears to be a stone door.
(509) Git: (what kind of unmoving forms?)
(515) Sarrim (whispering): Detect Evil, focusing on the room and the forms.
(472) DM: (They appear to be bones.)
whispering to Sarrim, nothing.
(527) Kha: "This is a Undead place right?"
(509) Git: "Watch those things..." gesturing to the bone statues ".. and mind your step. There may be more traps in here"
** (527) Kha readies his dagger **
(515) Sarrim: "I would guess that this room would be magically trapped. If we trip anything, those bones'll wake. I've got the hammer, I'll watch them while you guys case and clear the room."
(528) Vrondard: "well if they move I'll chop em"
(472) DM: (you can load your minis if you want. I'll resize them)
** (509) Git moves into the room carefully, watching his step for plates or falls as he heads to inspect the next door: **
(515) Sarrim: Done
(472) DM: In fact, I recommend loading your minis.
(527) Kha: "Lets move to the door Git, I'll guard your back"
** (515) Sarrim follows Git's steps, but makes his way, cautiously, toward the forms, and holds his hammer at the ready to strike. **
(509) Git: "Great, while you're at it, someone check the room for hidden doors or hidey holes"
(509) Git: (when I get to the door, give customary trap search)
(509) Git: Search Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [16,7] = (23)
(472) DM: (Resized them, move them where you want to.)
** (528) Vrondard will look around a bit but keeps an eye on the bones mostly **
(509) Git: (sorry, moved sarrim, can't find mine)
(472) DM: (I moved Git into the room)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [19] = (19)
(509) Git: (gracias)
whispering to Sarrim, Two pressure plates next to the skeleton. Git narrowly missed one.
(515) Sarrim: "Careful. There's two plates here, near the skeletons."
(515) Sarrim: "You near hit one Git."
whispering to Git, One trap on the door. Two pressure plates on the floor, near the skeltons. You missed one by inches.
(528) Vrondard: "hmmm just a buncha traps...and more traps" he says dissapointedly
whispering to Git, The skeletons are crushed, distorted bones.
(509) Git: "Woah... guess I should heed my own advice"
** (509) Git gets out his tools again and goes to work on the door. **
(509) Git: Disable Device Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [20,7] = (27)
(515) Sarrim: (Ownt!)
(509) Git (whispering): forgot, you roll those
whispering to Git, you seem to have disarmed the trap. (next time, I'll roll.)
whispering to Git, heheh no worries
(509) Git (whispering): sorry
(472) DM: Still locked and closed.
(509) Git: "The plates might trigger a spell to awaken them bones. Smashing em might be a good idea"
(509) Git: Open Lock Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(515) Sarrim: "A pleasure"
(509) Git: (the price for one great roll)
(472) DM: Your pick breaks.
** (515) Sarrim takes aim and smashes his hammer into each skull, then moving to the arms, legs, and chest in turn. **
** (509) Git adds in offhand, "Then again, I know nothing about magick... CRAP!" **
(472) DM: The skeletons are already crushed. Fine powder, actually.
(515) Sarrim: Huh?
(472) DM: When you move to the skeletons, you note they're distorted and crushed.
(509) Git: "My pick broke in this stupid lock:"
(515) Sarrim: "That's...Weird."
(528) Vrondard: "well what do we do now? I cut down the doors?"
(515) Sarrim: "They must be decoys...Or something."
** (528) Vrondard seems more than happy to do that **
** (515) Sarrim takes quick looks around the wall and ceiling. **
(509) Git: "Sure, smash away"
whispering to Sarrim, Spot
(515) Sarrim: [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
** (509) Git steps aside for Vronard **
whispering to Sarrim, The ceiling is metallic.
(515) Sarrim: "Huh?"
(515) Sarrim: "Wait...Vrond."
(472) TaliesinNYC: Walls have greaves in them, as if something was sliding or scratching them.
(515) Sarrim: "Look at the ceiling..."
(515) Sarrim: "This...This is a crushing chamber...Look at the walls!"
** (509) Git looks up on Sarrim's declaration, examining the room **
(509) Git: Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [3,5] = (8)
(527) Kha: "Well I guess its a good thing we didnt activate it
whispering to Git, Apart from the metallic ceiling, you're not sure about the rest of the construction.
(509) Git: "The door's already disarmed though, so that shouldn't set it off"
(515) Sarrim: "Vrond...Okay...To get through, you're going to have to break that door. If it sets this off...Everyone, get to the door, and be CAREFUL. Be ready to run through if this place strarts going. Remember what happened when I actually opened the door though, Git?"
(509) Git (whispering): I still have more picks among my tools, right, as is usual in a thieve's set, I'm not completely incapable of picking locks in your opinion now, right?)
(528) Vrondard: "shouldnt we have someone at the door already?"
(515) Sarrim: "The door behind us will give us a few extra seconds, hopefully."
(528) Vrondard: "keep it open..."
(515) Sarrim: "I mean the other door. Break it down, run into it room past it."
whispering to Git, nope
** (528) Vrondard hefts his new axe at the door he is directed to chop **
(515) Sarrim: "I don't think that one door's going to move any time soon, It was hard as the Hells to open it."
(509) Git (whispering): phew
whispering to Git, can still pick locks of course
whispering to Vrondard, might want to move your mini
** (515) Sarrim double checks to make suyre everyone knows where the two pressure plates are, and carefully makes his way to Vrond, watxching for more plates. **
(527) Kha: "Wont stone hurt your new axe?"
(509) Git: "Well, I can still fiddle with the lock, just thought Vronard would enjoy this more."
(528) Vrondard (whispering): going to have to do it for me - map isnt 100% for me
(509) Git: "And I want to get even with the door for my pick"
(528) Vrondard: "better me new axe than me old one..."
(528) Vrondard: "cuz it aint really mine"
** (527) Kha shugs, "Have at it then" **
** (528) Vrondard will take a test whack **
** (527) Kha prepares to run if the roof starts to move **
** (509) Git whispers to Sam, "And I'm kind of curious if he can" **
** (515) Sarrim braces to run. **
** (515) Sarrim grins at Git. **
(472) DM: The door opens, slightly. A stream of stale air slips through, filling the chamber with the odor of rotting flesh.
(472) DM: It opens, grudgingly...as if the door were spring loaded...
** (515) Sarrim readies his hammer as well. **
** (509) Git pinches his nose against the offensive odor. "Vronard!" **
(515) Sarrim: (LOL)
(527) Kha: "Well that worked, would you like some help opening it?"
** (527) Kha laughs **
(472) Voice: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....................
** (509) Git takes a moment to examine the way the door opens **
(509) Git: Knowledge: Architecture and Engineering Skill Check: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(509) Git: (uurrrrggghhh)
** (515) Sarrim widens his eyes. **
(472) DM: (inward)
(509) Git: "Uh... that don't sound right..."
(527) Kha: "hey there is something for you to fight on the other side Vrond, hurry it up with the door"
(509) Git (whispering): oh, you want to roll the knowledge checks too?
whispering to Git, no
** (515) Sarrim uncertainly slips his hammer to his belt, and draws his sword. **
whispering to Git, don't worry about it
(528) Vrondard: "sure thats good fer me"
(509) Git: "Careful, stupid stench might be the breath of morgaul"
(472) DM: (Who's opening the door?)
** (509) Git pulls the ceremonial dagger, and moves to take position from the rear **
(509) Git: (vronard)
(528) Vrondard: (yep)
(472) DM: As you open the door, the second stone door swings shut, sealing the chamber,
(472) DM: (I mean, cutting off egress from this chamber. You have only forward to go.)
** (527) Kha looks back **
(509) Git: "Hope we aren't heading for a dead end"
(515) Sarrim: "No turning back.Lets go."
(528) Vrondard: "gol darn kobold kissers are trying to kill us"
(527) Kha: "Guess forward it is"
** (515) Sarrim holds his shield and sword ready, and starts moving forward. **
(509) Git: "That's the general idea Vronard"
** (528) Vrondard tries to aclimate to the new stench **
(528) Vrondard: (in difference to teh old stench may its feelings not be hurt)
(560) No Name (exit): 00:51
** (509) Git moves in to scope the next room, while covering his nose **
(528) Vrondard: "what smells like it died in here"
(509) Git: "That'd probably be the residents"
** (515) Sarrim stops at the hallway... **
(515) Sarrim: "Git...Could you take a look? See if it's safe?"
(527) Kha: "Probably Claarsh"
(472) DM: The third stone door opens to reveal a lengthy corridor, which contains several 5' niches, each of which contains a sarcophagus. A figure stands at the end of the corridor, in front of a stoen door. The stench of rotting flesh is particularly strong here, as is the scent of freshly killed meat.
(472) DM: (Switching maps.)
(515) Sarrim: (Scratch last dialogue)
** (509) Git moves in to look around the room, searching for traps or triplines as he makes his way down the hall(roll as necessary) "Just watch my back Sam, I don't need a mummy on my arse' **
(515) Sarrim: "Git...Wait...Look."
** (515) Sarrim points to the figure. **
(472) DM: (ok, have to reboot, Open is acting up. saving, brb.
(515) Sarrim (whispering): Detect evil, centered on the figure.
(509) Git: "What?"

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