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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated

Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(387) Kha: [4d6] -> [6,6,6,6] = (24)
(385) TaliesinNYC: gimme a couple seconds, have to get organized, just got home 10 min ago
(382) Git: take yer time. watching mr. bean anyhow
(387) Kha: (sorry still testing stuff, last 24 hours I have been doing MAJOR bug fixing for openrpg :)
(385) TaliesinNYC: oh, D, tomorrow's game is going to be rescheduled to 6 pm to 12 midnight, just FYI. will send an e-mail later
(385) TaliesinNYC: that's eastern time btw
(390) Vrondard: ok
(382) Git: btw... the 1.6.2 says it has problems with this server and dev II for me, any idea?
(385) TaliesinNYC: haven't downloaded the new version yet, work's been hell this week
(387) Kha: ((I fixed 18 of 25 known bugs in the last 24 hours))
(387) Kha: Whats it say exactly?
(382) Git: oh, good for you
(382) Git: it says the server works with 1.5.1 and 1.6.0, then there are a lot of rooms I can't enter on the server
(387) Kha: Helped not being able to sleep due to my normal weekly insomniac day
(387) Kha: Ahave you reDLed it since today?
(382) Git: yup, earlier tonight
(387) Kha: Thats one of the bugs I fixed, passworded rooms were reporting they had no password and would not let you in
(387) Kha: Last I updated it was around 7pm EST I think
(395) Sarrim (enter): 22:25
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (395) Sarrim...
(387) Kha: the zip size should be 784k not the 770is one
(382) Git: I d'led around 8:30
(395) Sarrim: Ello
(387) Kha: on the room list does orb of shadows say it has a password for you?
(382) Git: don't think it did. I'm on 1.5.1 right now
(387) Kha: ahh
(382) Git: nm... I'll bug ya about it later if it still gives me a problem
(395) Sarrim: Sooo....
(387) Kha: RE DLed it again anyway, I uploaded it alot today so maybe you DLed one between my updates
(382) Git: gotcha
(398) Cavalier (enter): 22:29
(395) Sarrim: Hey Stan...Could you approve my membership? I'm a pending one at the moment
(385) TaliesinNYC: gonna have to give me 10 min while I eat dinner
(385) TaliesinNYC: k
(395) Sarrim: k
(387) Kha: k
(395) Sarrim: 'kay
(398) Cavalier (exit): 22:30
(398) Cavalier (enter): 22:30
(398) Cavalier (exit): 22:30
(395) Sarrim: One thing before you head off, could I ask if there's anything different about the 2nd level Paladin powers?
(385) TaliesinNYC: for Tammara?
(392) Cethlyn (exit): 22:33
(385) TaliesinNYC: sure. heheh you get detect evil instead of detect law/chaos
(395) Sarrim: Wait a second...I had...Oops, hehe
(385) TaliesinNYC: approved
(395) Sarrim: Alright, thanks
(387) Kha: Man there was an opossom on my porch when I went out for a smoke
(385) TaliesinNYC: rooms 27 to 31 are your rooms
** (388) Aden is in rooms 31. **
(387) Kha: (So who am I bunking with?)
(382) Git: gasp.... tis an omen, for the opossum tis the messenger of doom
(382) Git: ...
(382) Git: or was tat mange?
(385) TaliesinNYC: each room is furnished as you would expect a bedroom in a noble manor
(385) TaliesinNYC: single rooms folks, think four poster beds, paintings, fireplace in each room, table, chairs, bellhop
(395) Sarrim: Just like the Ice Cream of eternal torment...With sprinkles!
(382) Git: (minibar?)
(385) TaliesinNYC: no, but there's a bowl of fruit in each room
** (387) Kha takes room 29 **
(395) Sarrim: Aww, oh well. I guess Doom Apples will have to do, =)
** (395) Sarrim is fine with 31 **
** (395) Sarrim Erm **
** (395) Sarrim Nm **
(382) Git: (I require Grapes of Wrath!)
(395) Sarrim: Make that 27
** (382) Git hits room 30, looks biggest **
** (390) Vrondard doesnt care too much **
** (387) Kha decides to enter a deep sleep quickly **
(385) DM: you're shown to your rooms by a rather buxom young maid named Mina
(387) Kha (whispering): Gona see if I can explore the place in TAR
(385) Mina: I tell ye, I've never seen a dwarf before.
whispering to Kha, ok, when?
(390) Vrondard: "well yer been in here too long"
(385) Mina: Is it true that your women have beards? Especially down there?
(390) Vrondard: (if in earshot)
** (382) Git giggles a bit **
(382) Git: "I assure you they don't...
(385) DM: Her eyes pop wide open.
(387) Kha (whispering): as soon as I get to my room. I want to see if I can find that ghost Lorell or what ever his name was.
(382) Git: "... if Vronard's mother's any example
** (382) Git slips into his room discretely **
(385) Mina: Oooo, REALLY?
whispering to Kha, ok
(395) Sarrim: "That...Git, was disturbing."
(388) Aden: (brb)
(385) Mina: Hm, well I've only been here half my life (to Vron) and I can tell ye, I've never been in love or out of here other than to town. I'd rather die than be with half the men I see traipsing in and out of this manor.
(390) Vrondard: "yer about right"
(395) Sarrim: "Good Gods...I'm going to my room."
(385) Mina: They're mostly self-centered boors, unlike you, Sir Knight. (to Sarrim)
(395) Sarrim: "Well, my thanks to you Mina."
(395) Sarrim: (Note that the above comment was to be said toward Git and Vrond)
(385) Mina: Fair dreams to ye, m'lord. (as she closes the door to your room)
** (395) Sarrim bows as she does so. **
(385) Mina: And what do ye do? (to Aden).
(385) DM: She's a bit unnerved by your appearance.
(387) Kha: ((Think he is AFK))
(385) Mina: Oh, the strong, silent type.
(395) Sarrim: (Poor soul must be vegetating...Young man and the rather attrative maid, =) )
** (385) Mina looks impressed. **
** (382) Git peeks his head back out the door. "By the way, Mina dear, could I get a warm brandy as a night cap? Thanks, lovely" **
(385) Mina: Well, if ye do need anything, please, please, pull the bellpull. G'night, m'lord. (closing the door to Aden's room)
** (382) Git heads back in, taking a deat at a desk to study the book on mesmerization **
(385) Mina: Certes, Sir.
(385) Mina: And your room, Lord Dwarf.
(385) Mina: That's a rather big axe you have there.
(385) Mina: I apologize about the beards question. I really haven't been out of here in a long while. I've been thinking about asking Lord Faustmann about leaving but I ha'en't got the courage to do that. (as she shows Vron his room)
(390) Vrondard: "yes it is"
(390) Vrondard: "not the biggest but its keen"
** (395) Sarrim unpacks his things, cleans his armor and polishes his sword, then goes about writing about the virtues of Tammara. **
(385) Mina: Oh, well, ye must put it to good use then. There. If ye need anything 't all, there's the bell. Pass the night well, m'lord dwarf.
(388) Aden: (back)
(388) Aden (whispering): sorry about that.
whispering to Kha, how long do you wait?
(395) Sarrim: (You unnerved a maid and she locked you in your room. It's been a week, and you starved to death...Sorry)
(387) Kha (whispering): before I sleep? just long enough to get my gear off and stored close by
(390) Vrondard: "sure will"
(395) Sarrim: ( :) )
whispering to Kha, ok
** (390) Vrondard ignores most of this as dwarf curiousity **
whispering to Kha, before you explore
(387) Kha (whispering): As soon as I enter TAR, I want to talk to that Ghost, so I am gona go around the whole place looking for him if I can
whispering to Kha, ok
(382) Git: (btw... do we know where in the mansion the other adventurerers are staying?)
(385) DM: No, as you were the first group to go up
whispering to Kha, that should give you an idea of what was hidden
(382) Git: (afk)
whispering to Kha, anything that's still hidden are rooms
whispering to Kha, which you would have to enter
(387) Kha (whispering): I will go downstairs if ya dont mind, since thats where I saw the ghost
whispering to Kha, ok
** (395) Sarrim will leave his room and go toward a nice window, and watch the falling snow for awhile. This is of course after he's finished a suitable pamphlet. **
(382) Git: (bak)
(382) Git: (... pamphlet?)
(395) Sarrim: (For the festival)
(395) Sarrim: (AFK for a few)
whispering to Kha, as before, anything that's hidden is a room
whispering to Vrondard, As you nod off to sleep, you hear a creak...
whispering to Vrondard, The door to your room opens slightly, but no one enters.
(387) Kha (whispering): the background didnt show up, but thats ok, I'll give up looking and just go back to sleep unless I saw anything that might point tword the ghost
whispering to Kha, nope
(387) Kha (whispering): ok back to sleep for now, dont want to stay in TAR tooo long, am still weak from the poison :)
(390) Vrondard (whispering): doi i know thas?
** (382) Git practices hypnosis techniquw on a cockroach **
** (388) Aden sits down and goes through his spellbook. **
whispering to Vrondard, yes you do since I'm telling you
(390) Vrondard (whispering): ok
(390) Vrondard: "hey whater doin?"
** (387) Kha starts snoring **
(385) DM: No response.
whispering to Vrondard, the door closes quickly
(382) Git: (vron, we hearing that through the walls or you just talking to someone?)
(385) DM: Halfway through the night, you're wakened by shouts, then rough hands pull you from your bed. "WAKE UP, in the name of the His Grace!"
(382) Git: (all of us?)
(385) DM: (yes)
(395) Sarrim: (Back)
(385) DM: Each of you is shoved unceremoniously awake, by a member of Lord Faustmann's house guard and told to gather in the dining room IMMEDIATELY.
(395) Sarrim: "Aye...Give me...Bloody....Be right there..."
(385) House guardsman: By order of the Baron, you are to hand over your weapons to us.
** (388) Aden rubs his eyes after the rude awakening. "..Where?" **
** (382) Git wakes with an annoyed groan, reaching for the dagger under his sheets before noticing the guard and begrudgingly following along **
** (388) Aden catches up with the others towards the dining room. **
(395) Sarrim: "You trust me not? Please sir, I am a servant of Tammara the kind."
(382) Git: "Is something the matter?"
(385) House guardsman: I care not if you are the First of Solnor himself! His Grace commands and you will comply. (to Sarrim)
(411) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 23:18
** (388) Aden left his quarterstaff back in his room. **
(385) House guardsman #2: (to Git) Yes, a death has occurred. Now move along.
(411) Kha (whispering): computer locked up
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (411) Kha...
(385) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(387) Kha' from room...
(387) Kha (exit): 23:18
** (395) Sarrim hands over his dagger and sword, and points out his sling by his pack. **
(388) Aden: "...a death?" He asks in a whisper.
** (382) Git leaves his weapon figuring a search is in order and follows along. "WHo's death? My comrades, how are they?" **
** (390) Vrondard wakes if he hears all this **
(385) House guardsman #3: Ays, a death, did you not hear? Now get ye downstairs!
(411) Kha (whispering): What I miss, I heard the yell for us to wake up
** (395) Sarrim slips on his vest to make himself at least somewhat presentable, and nods to the guard. He heads out and down the stairs. **
whispering to Kha, you're shoved awake by a house guardsman and ordered to present yourself in the dining room. your weapons (if any) are confiscated.
(385) DM: When you arrive in the dining room, an angry Lady Faustmann is pacing the dining room.
(390) Vrondard: "alrighty then"
** (390) Vrondard gets up and grumbles... grabs his stuff and goes downstairs **
** (411) Kha walks along peacfully after getting dressed **
** (395) Sarrim bows to him cordially. "It is good to see you in pleasant health, Lord. May I ask what warrants this disturbance?" **
** (382) Git , barefoot in his leather breeches with his maroon tunic hanging loose, takes count of his friends along the way and takes a studious look over the lady of the house **
(385) Lady Faustmann: One of you has slain a maid of our house.
(390) Vrondard: "what?"
** (382) Git raises a brow. "That I severly doubt" **
** (411) Kha looks around for the other adventurers **
(388) Aden: "My Lady, why would one of us slay a maid?"
(385) Lady Faustmann: When passage has cleared, we will send for an inquisitor but until then you are all under house guard.
(390) Vrondard: "well it aint be me... an prob not my fellow either"
(385) DM: Gasps, as the other adventurers look at one another and at you.
(395) Sarrim: (Lord = Lady, =) )
(382) Git: "Please, Ma'am.... if you aren't too shaken, my we ask a few questions of you?"
(385) Greggor: We're bloody well innocent, by Solnor!
(411) Kha: "May I ask what proff you have it was one of us? I dont know about the others but I went to sleep as soon as I got to my room, I am still recovering from some bad food a few days ago"
(385) Camille: N...none of us did it, we swear, m'lady!
(390) Vrondard: "gar.."
(395) Sarrim: "This...That's...*Takes a deep breath, and collects himself* May I perform the last rites for her?"
(385) Lady Faustmann: Proof? One of their number is missing, that is proof enough, but that does not mean he did not have any help (looking pointedly at Kha)
(385) Deidra: She's right, Cad's not here...
(385) Galavandril: 'E's probably drunk again.
(385) Galavandril: *cough*
(385) Lady Faustmann: (glares at Sarrim)
(385) Lady Faustmann: Isn't it enough that you've come into our house and abused our hospitality? No, ye may not.
(390) Vrondard: "I was sleepin.. and unless yea want help finding the culprit I'll be going back there"
(382) Git: :to Deidra: "When did you see him last?
** (411) Kha shurgs "I didnt notice one was missing" **
** (385) Mansfield enters the room and whispers something into Lady Faustmann's ear. **
(411) Kha: "May I go back to sleep now, I am still sick. I'll stay here for a while, but I realy do not want to miss the compititions in Tolmara"
(395) Sarrim: "...If he's not already in custody...He might be another victim. Has anything been stolen? Any possible reason for such a crime to occur?"
(390) Vrondard: "I am right here... thats all I be responsible fer"
** (382) Git sighs heavily and looks woefully to the Lady, "Please, Ma'am, hear us out before passing judgements" **
(385) Lady Faustmann: (glaring at Sarrim) His Grace, my husband, has decided that ye may try to prove your innocence, although how that is possible is beyond me.
(390) Vrondard: "I aint done nothin... and if yer talkin about being rude then accusin me of hurtin somone I avent"
(390) Vrondard: "tis about as rude as it gets"
(385) Lady Faustmann: (to all of the adventurers) Ye may search this house and look for the killer or killers. But your weapons are ours until YOUR innocence is proven.
(382) Git: "Vronard, please. The woman is upset"
** (395) Sarrim heats under the repeated insults, but nods quietly. **
(382) Git (whispering): sense motive on the Lady: [1d20+5] -> [1,5] = (6)
(390) Vrondard: "yeah and it aint me fault"
(385) Greggor: Well, a fine kettle of fish this is. We'll be the first to prove our innocence, by Solnor! I'd be willing to bet on it!
(382) Git (whispering): ewwww
(390) Vrondard: "and me weapon is mine... and yer can take it from me cold dead hand"
(385) Galavandril: Like I said, 'e's probably out on the ground some where, drunk cold.
** (411) Kha shakes his head and looks around, "I am going back to sleep I am tired and this rediculious acusation has no merit" **
(390) Vrondard: "I aint goin back to bed... I'm leavin this place"
(390) Vrondard: "aint wanted here then I wont be here"
(411) Kha (whispering): if there a way I can slip to the closest set of down stairs with out being seen?
(382) Git: :to gala: "Then perhaps you should find him before an angered and irrational member of the houehold comes upon him in slumber"
(385) Galavandril: I suppose we shall.
** (411) Kha walks off back tword the rooms **
(395) Sarrim: (To Vrondard and Kha) "She's given us shelter and food. We might as well repay her with some help."
** (388) Aden sighs, looking to the others. **
(390) Vrondard: "well she aint been askin fer me help"
(390) Vrondard: "not that I be hearin"
(390) Vrondard: (to Sarrim)
(411) Kha (whispering): as soon as I am out of sight of the group I am going to slip down stairs quietly and trying to stay out of sight
(385) Lady Faustmann: If ye wish to leave this place, then I shall not stop you, but neither shall we be forgiving nor forgetful. Flee if ye wish, that is proof only of your guilt. Go to a city or a town and show your face if ye must.
(382) Git: "Perhaps because you're too busy yelling indignantly."
whispering to Kha, ok
(411) Kha (whispering): if you want I can open another openrpg so I can be in a diffrent room for my solo exploration
** (382) Git approaches the Lady tentatively, "Pleases, Ma'am, understand, theses are proud men with high morals which you're casting aspursions of. Feelings are bound to be hurt" **
whispering to Kha, no, that's ok
(390) Vrondard: "I aint done nothing to be forgived or forgetted"
(390) Vrondard: "yer dont see no blood on me axe and me do ya?"
(395) Sarrim: "My comrades are innocent, I can assure you, my Lady. They are simply...Somewhat irate. Give me some time and I shall clear this situation up. And may Tammara guide the poor soul slain here." *Bows stiffly and heads to his room*
(385) Lady Faustmann: A death has occurred and justice will be done. You have but until passage clears to prove your innocence.
(390) Vrondard: "got until me thoat clears lady.. I dont know what yer sayin"
(382) Git: "As you wish, Ma'am. Then my I ask you, who found the bo... the girl?"
** (385) Lady Faustmann leaves the room angrily **
(385) Mansfield: One of the maids did, sir.
** (382) Git turns with uncharacteristically frightening eyes toward the dwarf. **
(385) Mansfield: The dead maid, her name was Mina, I believe. She was stabbed to death, many times, by the looks of it.
** (382) Git nods to mansfield, and mumbles offhand, "Explains why I never got my brandy." then aloud, "COuld we speak with the maid who did find her?" **
(390) Vrondard: "that the girl that showed us to our rooms?"
(388) Aden: "Where was she found?"
(382) Git: "Yes Vronard"
(385) Mansfield: Yes, m'lords.
(385) DM: The other adventurers, led by Greggor, leave the room, as Greggor loudly asks the group to go to sleep and they'll figure things out in the morning.
(390) Vrondard: "hmm maybe the kitchen should be asked if she ever got that brandy"
** (395) Sarrim will collect a lantern, his winter gear, his manacles, crowbar and hammer. I'll stuff the 3 latter items in a bag and head back down. **
(385) Greggor: No sense groping about in the dark when we can't do much about it!
(385) Mansfield: In the chapel, ironically.
(390) Vrondard: "well fer those that dont have the vision in the dark that be true"
** (382) Git passes a grin to the dwarf, "Now there's the justfully driven, stumpy guy we know" **
(385) Mansfield: If I may, m'lords, m'lady has not been quite right for a while. Too prone to anger, not the gentle soul she is.
(411) Kha (whispering): I am going to goto the basment and look around there for any clues. any shut doors I will listen at and examin the handles before opening. I will explore every room that I can get in down there. If there is more bellow the first basment level then I will go back to the group before going down there
(395) Sarrim: "Could it be because of her husband's illness?"
(382) Git: "It's understandable, given circumstances. May we see the chapel?"
(385) DM: You notice that Kha has slipped away from you.
whispering to Kha, you mean the wine cellar
(390) Vrondard: "who else visits the chapel often?"
whispering to Kha, and that's it, no doors in the wine cellar other than the one you open to get there
(411) Kha (whispering): ya ok down there :)
(411) Kha (whispering): I just remember seeing more stairs down when I went looking around while I was asleep
** (395) Sarrim glances about for the missing desert man, and shrugs, turning to the others. "Aye, it'd be a good place to start." **
whispering to Kha, 6 is the kitchen
(385) Mansfield: Just about every member of this household, and Lord Faustmann. M'lady is not usually as pious as she has been....
(385) DM: Room 7 is a garden which at the moment is covered in snow.
(382) Git: "Exactly, how long has the Lady been acting... odd?"
(390) Vrondard: "hmm sounds like if anyone has been acting suspicious its her"
(385) DM: Room 20 is the chapel, and as Mansfield opens the door, you see, just inside the threshhold, the now stone cold corpse of Mina, stab wounds aplenty.
(411) Kha (whispering): are those stairs in area 1 going down, or both going up?
(385) Mansfield: I should not talk, m'lords. Mmm..., about a tenday or so.
** (382) Git wishes he'd gotten dressed before coming down, as he crosses the snowy garden **
whispering to Kha, up, to the second floor
** (390) Vrondard looks at th wounds to see if an axe did it **
(382) Git: "hmmm"
(385) DM: Spot
** (395) Sarrim walks over, and examines her. I'll close her eyes if necessary, and give her a quiet blessing. **
(411) Kha (whispering): I'll look into the rooms off the kitchen then if there is nothing to be seen in the wine celler
(395) Sarrim: [1d20+3] -> [11,3] = (14)
(382) Git: [1d20+5] -> [17,5] = (22)
(390) Vrondard (whispering):

Spot check:

[1d20+2+4] -> [1,2,4] = (7) +1 vs Goblinoids

4 Ranks/+1 vs Goblinoids

(390) Vrondard (whispering): alright i dont see shit
whispering to Kha, a laundry room and a pantry
(388) Aden: [1d20+2] -> [17,2] = (19)
(411) Kha (whispering): k I'll go up the stairs in the kichen to the second floor again
whispering to Git, You find a single strand of yellow hair by her corpse.
(382) Git: "PLease don't disturb the body too much Sarrim"
whispering to Kha, ok
** (395) Sarrim nods. **
** (382) Git picks up a yellow hair from beside Mina **
(382) Git: "Hmmm...."
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Heal check to discern type of weapon, possible poisons, visciousness of wounds (Whether it was calculated and she just wouldn't die or if it was an act of passion)
** (382) Git begins checking the lenght and color, trying to think of a match. "Founf something.... perhaps" **
whispering to Sarrim, roll
(395) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+4] -> [11,4] = (15)
whispering to Kha, the halls are silent
** (388) Aden shifts his weight from one hip to the enxt, "And what did you find?" **
whispering to Sarrim, dagger, VERY vicious (knife wounds are deep), act of passion perhaps
(411) Kha (whispering): I'll go looking into every room then, same as before. Listen at the doors and if I hear nothing I'll go in and look around
(382) Git: "Just a hair... "
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Anything interesting about the body? Search check?
** (382) Git holds it to the others after looking it over, "Look familiar to anyone?" **
whispering to Kha, many doors are locked.
(390) Vrondard: "hmm not me either"
whispering to Sarrim, if you want
(390) Vrondard: "I'm cleared.. she aint been killed wid an axe and I gots red hair"
(411) Kha (whispering): make note of which are locked, and after I finish looking in all the open ones I'll go to the 3rd floor if there is one
(395) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+2] -> [3,2] = (5)
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Bleh
(390) Vrondard: "and I was sleepin till a certain someone came into my room the bugger"
whispering to Kha, practically all of them. There is an attic.
(382) Git: "we don't have evidence that this hair was from the killer, nor are you incapable of using a dagger"
(390) Vrondard: "but I dont got me no dagger"
(395) Sarrim: "Dagger wounds...Nasty at that. Greggor was a blond, if I'm not correct. But he's a ruffian, I think. He wouldn't use a dagger. And even then, there are quite a few people inside the house with blond hair."
(411) Kha (whispering): I'll take a look in the attic. as long as there is nothing in the open rooms to note, and I didnt hear anything in the locked ones
** (388) Aden searches the room for any other possible clues. **
whispering to Kha, snoring in the locked ones, mostly. or pacing feet.
** (382) Git stands and begins searching the area for any signs of the struggle and evidence of the killers escape route or any other clues **
(395) Sarrim: (Amend that, quite a few people inside that COULD have blond hair)
whispering to Kha, the attic is full of furniture. as you near the door, you notice a bricked up door to your right
(411) Kha (whispering): I want to note which are which if posible
(382) Git: (take 20 on that)
(382) Git: "well then perhaps its time to start comparing for a suspect"
** (385) Mansfield waits patiently, observing dispassionately. **
(382) Git: "Someone want to get on that?"
(411) Kha (whispering): I'll see if I can un brick the door quietly
whispering to Kha, not possible. you notice the ghost staring at you as you do so, however.
** (395) Sarrim stands and observes the building. Any indication of which God it is dedicated to? **
whispering to Kha, all of a sudden, it walks through a wall and stands next to you.
whispering to Kha, just what do you think you're doing?
(411) Kha (whispering): I am looking for clues to a murder
(411) Kha (whispering): Hey you could help. did you see who killed the girl last night?
(385) DM: Yes, actually there does seem to be a struggle. (Spot, anyone.)
(385) DM: The altar is dedicated to Tammara.
(395) Sarrim: [1d20+3] -> [12,3] = (15)
(382) Git: [1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19)
(388) Aden: [1d20+2] -> [5,2] = (7)
(382) Git: (not bad detective skills tonight)
** (395) Sarrim smiles, and kneels in silent contemplation for a time. **
(385) DM: Tammara, in her function as patroness of music and bards.
(382) Git: (I need a magnifying glass... or a pipe)
(385) DM: You find several hairs, all of them yellow, around the corpse.
whispering to Kha, Seems to me like you're picking apart stones from this door.
(382) Git: (any sign of where the killer ran off too?)
(395) Sarrim: *Says, without looking up.*
whispering to Kha, Not a clue. Well, maybe. You don't look much like a gargoyle.
(411) Kha (whispering): **Gets a puzzled look on his face** "Is this where your body is Lorell? I was looking for you lastnight as I slept, but I didnt check the att"
whispering to Kha, No, not here. (vaguely)
(385) DM: No clue that you can determine.
(411) Kha (whispering): Gargoyle, no I am not one of them, why do you ask?
(395) Sarrim: "The hairs might indicate defensive wounds. Check her fingernails for skin and blood. It would have to be one of the house staff. Guards wouldn't think to use a dagger in such a violent crime. And it does seem driven by passion. A guard would draw his sword first."
(424) Rejor (enter): 00:02
(424) Rejor (whispering): hello
whispering to Kha, Well, I saw one recently. Skin looked grayish.
(411) Kha (whispering): Is there a reason I should not be trying to open this door? I am sure you know this place better then I do?
whispering to Kha, Wandering the halls and suchlike. Was carrying a man.
whispering to Kha, It's my practicing room.
whispering to Rejor, yes?
(424) Rejor (whispering): D&D 3e?
** (382) Git nods to Sarrim, "Aye, probably pulled the hairs in the struggle with the killer." **
(388) Aden: "Unless said guard was smart, and didn't want to be caught as easily.
(385) DM: Search then (anyone who wants to inspect the body)
(411) Kha (whispering): Ahh ok, I'll leave it undisturbed if you want, unless I need to go in there latter. such as if clues point me that way.
(411) Kha (whispering): Where did the gargoyle carrying the man go?
** (385) Mansfield sits quietly on a pew and begins to pray silently. **
(395) Sarrim: "Yes...But look at her body. Whoever killed her couldn't have planned it. It would only take one thrust to kill someone, or mortally wound them."
(424) Rejor (whispering): just wondeirng, I'm lookin for a D&D camp to join but I'm not having any luck
(382) Git: (Btw... can we get a quick run down odf who has similar hair?)
(382) Git: search: [1d20+7] -> [18,7] = (25)
(390) Vrondard: "gah this is all a big hoo ha"
whispering to Kha, Not sure. Could be wrong but may be I wasn't dreaming. Nice chatting with you.
(385) DM: Yes: Galavandaril (the elf), Camille and Greggor
(395) Sarrim: "The only other people I could suspect would be the other adventurers. Unfortunately, they would seem more likely, though this could be a result of a long-standing rivalry between two staff members. Or perhaps..."
(411) Kha (whispering): Oh and after this is all done I would so love to talk to you, or help you find your body. I dont think it is fair to be traped here if you dont want to be
(385) DM: oh, and Lorell, the ghost. =)
(382) Git: (any members of the household?)
whispering to Kha, He doesn't seem to hear you, just walks through another wall.
** (395) Sarrim looks up from the floor and breaks out of his concentration. **
(385) DM: No.
(382) Git: "She said she was planning to leave this house... maybe someone didn't want her to"
(382) Git: (no at all, or just no for the ones we've met?)
(395) Sarrim: "Tammara forgive her, but Mina was fine looking, young and adventureous.. That much I can gather from the conversation we had. She might have struck a chord against someone's lover by bedding them."
(385) DM: Scratch that. Lunk, the cook, has curly blond hair (although these hairs are straight)
(411) Kha (whispering): makes note of what wall he walked though to compair with the rooms of other floors to see if I can figure out where he went
(411) Kha (whispering): Then I'll go back and try to find the group
whispering to Kha, South.
** (382) Git peers up questioningly to Sarrim, **
(424) Rejor (exit): 00:08
(382) Git: "Sarrim, lets not send the girl off with such rumors"
(395) Sarrim: "I know...I know...It's horrible, but...You saw how some of that group looked at each other...I can'
(382) Git: (so none at all then?)
(395) Sarrim: "Can't remember who, but Greggor had eyes for one of them, and I'm not sure if she returned his favor."
(382) Git: (oh and did my search of the body find anything?)
(385) DM: No one in the house other than Lunk the cook, Lady Faustmann, Greggor, Camille and Galavandaril.
(395) Sarrim: "However...A man is by all means far from virtuous, especially when sloshed."
(382) Git: (now Lady Faustmann...? thank you)
(395) Sarrim: "Or, even worse...Maids and their lords are infamous for such relationships."
(385) DM: Nothing, apart from more blond hair.
(382) Git: "Sarrim... rumors again... at least over her body please"
** (395) Sarrim blinks. "Yes...You're right. No need to defile the girl's memory." **
whispering to Sarrim, Search roll btw.
** (382) Git stands and heads over to mansfield, speaking up softly, "Forgive me for interrupting sir, but may we please meet with teh maid who found the body?" **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [4] = (4)
(411) Kha: ((AFK))
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Could I take a 20?
whispering to Sarrim, if you wish
(390) Vrondard: "well what now? gar.. I can see this goin ta be a lot of talkin"
(395) Sarrim (whispering): I would...That would put it at a 22.
(390) Vrondard: "and in the middle of the night too"
whispering to Sarrim, the altar seems to be offcenter.
(382) Git: "Then perhaps Vronard you'd prefer to go track down our suspicious colleagues instead"
** (395) Sarrim squints his eyes, and opens his mouth...Then cocks his head at the altar. **
(385) DM: Kha enters the room (from the hall).
** (395) Sarrim checks the floor around the altar. **
(390) Vrondard: "wouldnt mind it abit... rattle the marbles in there heads till one admits it"
whispering to Sarrim, spot
(395) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Blaugh
whispering to Sarrim, scuff marks on the floor, from the altar.
** (382) Git offers offhand to Vronard, "Or you could try talking first.." **
** (395) Sarrim looks at the altar itself intently. **
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Anything affixed to the altar?
whispering to Sarrim, nope.
whispering to Sarrim, well, sorry. holy symbols engraved on the altar.
** (395) Sarrim pushes on the altar. **
(395) Sarrim (whispering): In th direction of the scuff marks
** (382) Git glances up to Kha as he enters **
(390) Vrondard: "I find yellin and swingin gets more to the point"
(411) Kha: ((Back))
(385) DM: Suddenly, you hear a click. The altar moves back.
(382) Git: "right, forget I said anythi..."
(385) DM: with a sudden grinding noise, as Mansfield quickly looks up, surprised.
(395) Sarrim: "Secrets in a place of worship?"
** (382) Git looks to the altar **
(385) DM: Stairs down are revealed.
** (395) Sarrim concentrates on nothing in particular. **
(411) Kha: "hey all" all cheery like untill he sees the body "eww that does not look good"
(385) DM: "HELP! HELP!"
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Could I make a feel for evil about? Any lingering auras as well?
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Scratch that
whispering to Sarrim, INTENSE evil coming from below
(395) Sarrim: "Sweet Tammara..."
(395) Sarrim (whispering): nevermind, hehe
(411) Kha: "Wow I secret stairway, wish I would have found that last night"
(388) Aden: "...interesting."
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Overwhelming, even?
(385) DM: You can hear chanting.
whispering to Sarrim, actually no, but intense.
(411) Kha: "maybe thats where the gargoyle went with the man
** (382) Git arches a brow at the cry. "Nice chapel..." Heads for the stairs **
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Alright
(382) Git: "Gargoyle?"
(395) Sarrim: "Mansfield...May I take use of a sword, if you can spare it? The Lady should be informed of this."
(385) DM: The words seem horrifically out of place in this holy chapel. Mansfield bolts upright and starts quivering, covering his ears.
(411) Kha: "Oh ya Lorell told me he saw a gargoyl carrying a man last night
(385) Mansfield: Go, get your weapons!
(390) Vrondard: "ah see I was right..."
(382) Git: "Splendid" /me looks around for something resembling a weapon.
(411) Kha: "I found his room, up in the atic and we had a nice chat, but he didnt see who killed the girl only the gargoyle"
(395) Sarrim: "There's no time Mansfield. Please! Your sword!"
(382) Git: "think whatevers down there will be sporting enough to wait for us?"
(385) DM: A candelabra. Actually, not much. Not unless you count a chalice full of holy water.
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Diplomacy?
** (390) Vrondard will go fetch his gear **
(385) DM: (he's the butler, folks)
(385) DM: (so no, no sword)
(395) Sarrim: (Bah!)
(390) Vrondard: ((not the man at arms.... darn))
(395) Sarrim: "Tell her Ladyship, please!" *Bolts toward his room*
(390) Vrondard: ((hoping he had 3 swords and a few ballista draggin him))
** (385) Mansfield flees the room, shouting for the guards **
(411) Kha: "Grab my dagger and a spear please I'll stay here to make sure noone exits
(388) Aden: "I shall stay as well."
** (395) Sarrim grabs his armor and shield and dashes downstairs, buckling and strapping as he goes. **
** (411) Kha tries to find some shadows to hide in while watching the room **
** (382) Git shouts after the others to get his kukri and his boots if they have a moment, while he stays behind, grabbing the candleabra for improvisation **
(390) Vrondard: ((what is this? the Shopping Spree gameshow?))
(385) DM: Presently, two guardsmen come in and take a look at the scene before you. They glance wordlessly at you, and then a third enters...with your weapons.
** (395) Sarrim heads back out toward the chapel. "Alright! Weapons or no, we have to go....Oh, hello!" **
** (411) Kha quickly grabs my spear and dagger and slips silently down the stairs to take a look **
** (382) Git gives grin to the guards. "Welcome to the chapel of oblivion, and thank you for your donations" Takes his things **
** (395) Sarrim grabs his sparksword and dagger, and slips the dagger into the boots, then heads down. **
(390) Vrondard: "gar... me axe"
** (382) Git heads down the stairs **
(395) Sarrim: "Take heart m
(385) DM: The three guardsmen tiptoe timidly behind you...
(395) Sarrim: "My friends."
(390) Vrondard: ((sans armor AC shown))
** (395) Sarrim exudes a newfound confidence...Infectious, seeping into everyone (Within 10 ft, =) ) **
** (382) Git , sensing Sarrim's confidence, "What Are you so happy about?" **
(395) Sarrim: "I am always content when I can purify a chapel of my own following."
** (390) Vrondard leads them on... **
** (382) Git offers a lopsided grin, "Yes... big day for you..." **
(390) Vrondard: "aint going to be no talkin"
** (395) Sarrim looses his sparksword. (For roleplaying purposes, could I have little arcs of electricity spark from it when it's drawn or hits metal or stone?) **
(411) Kha: ((Its a pumpkin sword, orange glitter not lightning bolts ;p ))
(395) Sarrim: (Bah!)
(385) DM: As your eyes adjust to the gloom in the room below the chapel, a gruesome sight greets your eyes. A pentagram has been inscribed onto the floor of the room and inside the symbol, on top of a crude altar and chained to it is Cad -- only he's very much alive and gagged. Chanting in a strange, lyrical language is Lady Faustmann, her back turned towards you, as she leans forward, ready to plunge a dagger into Cad's chest. On your right, a beautiful blond woman lies chained to a wall, unconscious and bleeding. Numerous skeletons lie close by.
(395) Sarrim: (I dub it the Thanksgiving sword! =) )
(411) Kha: ((Sarrim the Pumkin Paladin))
** (395) Sarrim moves forward to strike Faustmann with the flat of his blade (Subdual) **
** (382) Git quietly sneaks up on the woman to put a kukri to her thraot **
(382) Git: (nm subtle)
** (388) Aden takes a position towards the back of the room, observing. **
(395) Sarrim: (-4 to hit, but a +4 to a helpless defender, if I'm not correct)
(385) DM: (Initiative)
** (411) Kha moves to the woman chained to the wall **
(382) Git: [1d20+3] -> [3,3] = (6)
(390) Vrondard: Initiative: [1d20+3] -> [13,3] = (16)
(411) Kha: INIT [1d20+4] -> [8,4] = (12)
(395) Sarrim: Sarrim ::[1d20+0+0] -> [18,0,0] = (18) Initiative
(388) Aden: [1d20+1] -> [11,1] = (12)
** (382) Git suddenly wishes he had been faster in his creeping **
(395) Sarrim: (Kekeke)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [9] = (9)
(385) DM: (18, Sarrim)
(395) Sarrim: (Does as above, trying to disable Faustmann)
(395) Sarrim: Weapons: Sparksword Attack (To Hit:[1d20+5] -> [14,5] = (19)) (Damage:[1d6+4] -> [1,4] = (5))
(411) Kha: ((Hey you can hit stuff with this sword ;p ))
(395) Sarrim: (Amazingly enough!)
(385) DM: As you try to disable the strangely chanting noblewoman, a strange, gargoyle-like creature suddenly steps out of the stone floor and intercepts your attack, shielding her from you!
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [15,3] = (18)
(429) Erendor (enter): 00:37
(429) Erendor (whispering): may I watch?
(385) DM: It parries your attack.
whispering to Erendor, if you want
(385) DM: switching to grid
** (395) Sarrim contorts into a mask of rage. "SAVE THE GIRL!" **
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Would this creature bear resemblance to my character history arch-nemesis?
(382) Git: "Sure...right after we save ourselves"
(388) Aden: (where are the stairs located?)
whispering to Sarrim, no, not in the slightest
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Alright, good, hehe
(385) DM: NW corner
(382) Git: "aden, you have anything that can get past ugly here to distrac the lady of the house?"
(385) DM: Lolth kyorl ussa, iblithen!
(411) Kha: ((The garg and lady just have fetching picks, they saposed to?))
(388) Aden: "Of course, Git."
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Drow! Can I pick anything up from the translation I studied?
(385) Lady Faustmann: Lolth kyorl ussa, iblithen! (cackles)
whispering to Sarrim, Lolth something something, fools!
(382) Git: "You better."
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Hehe
(395) Sarrim: "Let her go, Lady. Submit to the will of Tammara for defiling her so!"
(411) Kha: "She called us fools and something about a god. I think anyways The assasin said Iblith means fool didnt he?"
(385) DM: (16, Vron)
(382) Git: (think Cad's the one in more immediate danger at the moment)
** (390) Vrondard moves in shouting "now yer can accuse me of killin a girl you foul tongued wench... you!" (goes around gargoyle and then rages) **
(390) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+2+5] -> [2,2,5] = (9) Critical on Natural 20
(390) Vrondard: (its baaaack)
(395) Sarrim: (Ouch, hehe)
(385) Lady Faustmann: Usstan udwyssaren naut, rivvilen! Uk orl dharen lueth vishta Lolth xor ussa! (cackles)
(390) Vrondard: ((third game in a row i get 80% of rolls a 2))
(385) DM: (12, Kha)
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Lol...I might as well ask...Anything?
** (411) Kha move in behind the Gargoyle **
(411) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+6] -> [11,6] = (17)===> DMG: [1d6+1+4] -> [1,1,4] = (6)
(382) Git: "Vronard, she may be under something's control, try not to kill her!"
whispering to Sarrim, something something not, humans! something something something and something Lolth for something! (you think "ussa" might be a pronoun)
(395) Sarrim (whispering): I'll make a mental note of that...Always good to know your enemies.
(385) DM: (lightly wounded)
(385) DM: (12, Aden)
** (388) Aden weaves his fingers around each other, chanting a light language under his breath. **
(388) Aden (whispering): Magic Missile on Lady.
(388) Aden: [1d4+1] -> [2,1] = (3)
whispering to Aden, you can describe your spell if you wish
(388) Aden: - A bright light of energy flies from Aden's fingertips, connecting with Lady Faustmann effortlessly.
(385) DM: The gargoyle roars with rage, as the spark strikes Lady Faustmann, causing her chant to falter. As it does, she takes a step back and drops the dagger on top of Cad's chest, quivering with rage.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20, 1d20] -> ([14], [11])
(395) Sarrim: "Lady! Stop this madness! I beg you!"
(390) Vrondard (whispering): can only hope she is trying to coup and i we get an aoo for it
(385) DM: The gargoyle leaps forward and backhands Kha (AC 17, AC 14)
(411) Kha: ((Miss miss))
(385) DM: (6, Git)
** (382) Git groans as the beast blocks his path toward the Lady, and resigns to take a slash up under it's ribcage instead **
(382) Git: [1d20+3] -> [16,3] = (19)
(395) Sarrim: (Ooo)
(382) Git: [1d4] -> [4] = (4) [1d6] -> [3] = (3)
(395) Sarrim: (You have sneak attack, don't you? Flanking and all?)
(382) Git: (yep)
(395) Sarrim: (Ah...Nevermind, I see it, hehe)
(388) Aden: (You can sneak attack a gargoyle?)
(395) Sarrim: (It's living...I think...Aren't they?)
(382) Git: (oh and crit chance)
(382) Git: crit: [1d20+3] -> [5,3] = (8)
(382) Git: (bah)
(395) Sarrim: (Someone check to see if gargoyles are constructs or undead...)
(382) Git: (no wait, no crit chance.. hehe)
(395) Sarrim: (Maybe, if they are a construct or undead)
(390) Vrondard: ((abberations or magical beasts))
(429) Erendor (whispering): Construct
(411) Kha: (Thats the DM's job ;p )
(388) Aden: (I'm thinking it's stone, and I wouldn't think stone creations have organs of any sort :P)
(395) Sarrim: (Aye...What say ye, DM?)
(382) Git: (no one said stone gargoyle)
(429) Erendor (whispering): Medium Size magical creature(Earth) is what the manual said
(385) DM: (Magical beast)
(390) Vrondard: ((they arent stone - they are earth elemental plane creatures))
(395) Sarrim: (Well, there we are, hehe)
whispering to Erendor, no help needed, thank you.
(390) Vrondard: ((or earth subtype))
(385) DM: (damage?)
(395) Sarrim: (He did 7)
(385) DM: (lightly wounded). (18, Sarrim)
(395) Sarrim: (Non-magic though)
(385) DM: (understood)
** (395) Sarrim lauches himself at the Lady (Grapple) **
(382) Git: (12 if you don't feel like double checking. hehe)
(395) Sarrim: (LOL)
(395) Sarrim: [1d20+5] -> [3,5] = (8)
(395) Sarrim: (HELL!)
** (385) Lady Faustmann smiles wickedly **
(385) DM: (16, Vron)
** (390) Vrondard takes another swing **
(390) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+2+5] -> [16,2,5] = (23) Critical on Natural 20
(395) Sarrim: (Damn!)
(382) Git: (better)
(388) Aden: "Don't kill the Lady!"
(385) DM: (on the gargoyle?)
(395) Sarrim: (I'm more afraid of my getting killed, =) )
(390) Vrondard: ((on her if she is threatening with dagger))
(395) Sarrim: (She dropped it)
(382) Git: (what happened to those three guards?)
(385) DM: (she dropped the dagger)
(385) DM: They're quivering in their boots.
(390) Vrondard: ((ah then on the gargy))
(382) Git: (ah... fine workers)
(395) Sarrim: (I dunno, I guess my +4 bonus against fear just does not make up for the small cojones, =) )
(385) DM: (hit, of course)
(390) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+7] -> [7,7] = (14) damage
(385) DM: You're surprised by the ease with which your blade pierces its stony skin.
(395) Sarrim: (Damn Vrond!)
(395) Sarrim: (Mutilation!)
(390) Vrondard: "I chop yer up in two i will" he blathers
** (390) Vrondard is throwing a tissy at present **
(390) Vrondard: tissie
(395) Sarrim: (...?)
(382) Git: (don't ask)
(390) Vrondard: ((tizzie... what the hell is it?))
(395) Sarrim: (Fair enough)
(382) Git: (hissy fit, you mean?)
(395) Sarrim: (Ah...Hissy fit, Vrondard style, =) )
(390) Vrondard: ((yes maybe its tizzy - tizzy fit))
(385) DM: As you cleave the creature's hide in twain, yellowish ichor comes spurting out. (seriously wounded)
(395) Sarrim: (Ewwwww)
(385) DM: Again, you're quite surprised at the ease with which you pierce its stony hide.
(385) DM: (12, Kha)
(390) Vrondard: "gah yer bleadin like a stuck pig!"
** (411) Kha takes another stab at the Gargoyle **
(411) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [8,8] = (16)===> DMG: [1d6+1+4] -> [1,1,4] = (6)
(385) DM: (miss)
(385) DM: (12, Aden)
(382) Git: (it's the Lord turned into a gargoyle! and we're killing him as the false Lady desires!)
(395) Sarrim: (LOL)
(382) Git: (hehe)
** (388) Aden moves his position a bit, but does nothing else this round. **
** (411) Kha curses under his breath **
(385) DM: With a triumphant shout, Lady Faustmann points a finger at Sarrim, shouting "Dharen usst velven, rivvil!" (Will save)
(395) Sarrim: (You know, since the outter planes are the planes of belief, if you made a disbelieving Will save high enough against a Demon...Would he disappear?)
(395) Sarrim: Saves: Willpower: [1d20+6] -> [2,6] = (8)
(395) Sarrim: (Goddamnit!)
(385) DM: (nice try, Sar. not in this campaign. lol)
(382) Git: (no my friend... god damns you)
(395) Sarrim: (Hehe)
(411) Kha: (Not with will power like that he wont ;p )
(385) DM: You see Sarrim freeze into place, as his next move is frozen in space.
(395) Sarrim: (Shut Git! I'll turn my spell-addled mind on you! Or
(385) DM: (6, Git)
(395) Sarrim: Maybe I'll just...You know)
(395) Sarrim: (Stand there)
** (382) Git takes a slash for it's throat in passing **
(382) Git: [1d20+3] -> [6,3] = (9)
whispering to Sarrim, hold person
(382) Git: (pointless)
(395) Sarrim (whispering): K, =)
(390) Vrondard (whispering): she cast that right next to me... lets just say she made her concentration role...
(385) DM: (16, Vron)
(382) Git: "Some one please shut that woman up before she does something I'll regret"
(390) Vrondard (whispering): roll
** (390) Vrondard hacks again **
whispering to Vrondard, well aware of that
** (395) Sarrim rolls his eyes at Git...Given his lack of bodily command. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [2] = (2)
(390) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+2+5] -> [2,2,5] = (9) Critical on Natural 20
(388) Aden: (hah)
(390) Vrondard: ((ah another 2... how unusual))
whispering to Vrondard, she missed her roll.
(382) Git: ("... and from there it all went down the crapper.")
(395) Sarrim: (Isn't it though?)
(385) DM: (12, Kha)
** (411) Kha curses slightly then stabs at the gargoyle again **
(411) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [20,8] = (28)===> DMG: [1d6+1+4] -> [1,1,4] = (6)
(411) Kha: (crit chance)
(411) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+8] -> [19,8] = (27)===> DMG: [1d6+1+4] -> [5,1,4] = (10)
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Since I might as well try, could I attempt to disbelieve the Gargoyle?
whispering to Sarrim, sure
(411) Kha: ((woo 16 dmg))
(382) Git: (Damn! Nice!)
(411) Kha: ((Gota curse more offten when I swing ;p ))
(385) DM: (critically wounded) You're surprised at the ease with which you're able to strike at the creature. It slows its attacks in response.
(395) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+7] -> [5,7] = (12)
whispering to Sarrim, yes, it's Greggor.
(382) Git: (yup, makes all the difference)
(385) DM: (12, Aden)
(395) Sarrim: (Holy mother of PEARL!)
** (395) Sarrim opens his eyes wildly...Rolling them, rolling them AT the gargoyle. **
** (388) Aden weaves his fingertips again, preparing to cast one of this spells (magic missile) on Lady Faustmann if she begins to cast a spell her turn (Readied action). **
whispering to Sarrim, cannot take physical actions, so that didn't happen
(395) Sarrim: (Rolling rolling rolling. Keep those eye-sockets rolling. Rolling rolling rolling, roll high!)
(395) Sarrim (whispering): ARGH!
(385) DM: (Can't take physical actions, so ignore Sarrim's actions).
(395) Sarrim (whispering): I thought we could use our face...Poo
(385) DM: (Strike his comments.)
** (390) Vrondard strikes Sarrim and his comments! **
(385) DM: (On 10, she begins chanting...)
(395) Sarrim: (Yeah, I thought you could still use facial expression and *Dies*)
(388) Aden (whispering): Damage will be : [1d4+1] -> [1,1] = (2)
(385) DM: An ethereal bolt of silver light flies from Aden's eyes and strikes Lady Faustmann in the breast, causing her voice to die as she turns on Aden in a white rage.
** (388) Aden unleashes another bolt of energy at the Lady. **
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Alright...Given that I wouldn't be able to cry out, mind if I make a disbelieve on Faustmann?
(385) DM: On 10, the gargoyle advances on Vrondard...
whispering to Sarrim, ok
(395) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+7] -> [4,7] = (11)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20, 1d20] -> ([13], [18])
(385) DM: AC 19, AC 24
(395) Sarrim: (Doing great today eh? Bad rolls, bad roleplay, bad jokes)
(395) Sarrim: (Erm)
(395) Sarrim: (Me, that is)
whispering to Sarrim, it's not Jenna, but actually a drow female.
(390) Vrondard: (unarmored hits twice)
(395) Sarrim (whispering): You mean...Faustmann?
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4, 1d4] -> ([3], [4])
whispering to Sarrim, yes
(385) DM: take 7
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Alright, hehe, just checking
(385) DM: (6, Git)
(390) Vrondard: .
** (382) Git grunts, and rushes around Vronard, trying to hide sneak at the Lady in a blind spot to strike her with the butt of his kukri (subdual) **
(382) Git: hide, for sneak: [1d20+6] -> [4,6] = (10)
(382) Git: attack: [1d20+1] -> [16,1] = (17)
(390) Vrondard: ((ha))
(385) DM: (hit, damage?)
(382) Git: [1d20] -> [9] = (9)
(382) Git: [1d4] -> [2] = (2)
(382) Git: (well, think I manages to bug her a bit)
(390) Vrondard (whispering): ((subdual damage with weapon is -4 to attack))
(385) DM: (16, Vron)
whispering to Vrondard, ok, thanks
(395) Sarrim: (Hehe)
(390) Vrondard (whispering): and he cant be in my space anyway
whispering to Vrondard, so noted in the future
** (390) Vrondard attacks the gargoyle **
(388) Aden (whispering): Where's the dagger again?
whispering to Git, not subdual as its -4 to attack and you can't be in Vron's space in any event
whispering to Aden, on Cad's chest
(390) Vrondard: neatly switching places with Git
whispering to Git, consider it full damage so what's damage?
(390) Vrondard: (a manuver you wont see ever again!)
(390) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Attack (rage/charge/flank):
Vrondard attacks with his Dwarven Waraxe
[1d20+2+5] -> [14,2,5] = (21) Critical on Natural 20
(382) Git (whispering): ah.... 2 then
(390) Vrondard: hits ac23
(395) Sarrim: (Heh, too bad I can't turn my head to SEE IT!)
(385) DM: (hit)
(390) Vrondard: Dwarven Waraxe Damage:
Vrondard's Dwarven Waraxe does
[1d10+7] -> [7,7] = (14) damage
(385) DM: I take it on the gargoyle?
(390) Vrondard: "gar take be blade deap ya buggering bugger"
(390) Vrondard: (or Git... your option really)
(390) Vrondard: : )
(382) Git: (I choose the gargoyle)
(390) Vrondard (whispering): gargoyle
(395) Sarrim: (Git needs a good brush with death though, =) )
(382) Git: (may strain the team should that brush come from vronard)
(395) Sarrim: (Mayhap, mayhap)
** (390) Vrondard swings his axe wild and free... if you dont watch out you could catch the next swing **
(395) Sarrim: (I don't have much a choice there...I think a spider is nesting in my skull)
(385) DM: The gargoyle collapses, dies. As it does so, its form changes to that of Greggor...
(385) DM: (12, Kha)
(390) Vrondard: "where be the orc and goblin things... me axe needs the black blood of me enemies"
** (385) Lady Faustmann smiles grimly. **
(382) Git: (tsk, tsk, tsk... now look what you've done)
(411) Kha: "Well well, Guess I proved the sronger, well the dwarf did realy, but all the same"
(395) Sarrim (whispering): If I might, I'd like to make a disbelieve on both the pretty, bloodied lady, and the one on the altar, each roll coming respectively.
whispering to Sarrim, ok
(395) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+7] -> [4,7] = (11)
(395) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+7] -> [2,7] = (9)
(385) Lady Faustmann: (Kha?)
** (411) Kha turns to the lady "Stop fighting us and give up" **
(395) Sarrim (whispering): My God
whispering to Sarrim, they are what they are
(385) Lady Faustmann: (12, Aden)
(411) Kha: ((Ready action if she starts casting or attacking then I will stab her))
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Alright...I should keep rolling, maybe I can run this dice curse of mine into the ground, hehe
(390) Vrondard: "I smell the foul taste of the bad magic lady and i hears yer foul tongue! yer next"
(385) DM: She just shrugs and begins moving her lips...
** (388) Aden extends his hand towards the dagger on Cad's chest, bringing it to sit in the palm of his hand. (mage hand) **
(385) DM: (ok)
** (411) Kha stabs at her **
(411) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+6] -> [19,6] = (25)===> DMG: [1d6+1+4] -> [1,1,4] = (6)
(411) Kha: ((Crit chance))
(411) Kha: Long Tooth Dagger Attack Roll: [1d20+6] -> [3,6] = (9)===> DMG: [1d6+1+4] -> [3,1,4] = (8)
(385) DM: (ok)
(411) Kha: (Darn no crit :())
(385) DM: The room plunges into darkness as you do so.
(385) DM: You hear an anguished scream, and then...nothing.
(395) Sarrim: (Have I recovered from my bout of do-nothingness?)
whispering to Sarrim, eventually
(390) Vrondard (whispering): what about darkvision?
(395) Sarrim (whispering): Alright
(411) Kha: "oops, didnt mean to make it go black"
whispering to Vrondard, darkvision doesn't do much in this darkness.
(390) Vrondard (whispering): darkness spell works against it
** (382) Git shrugs. "It happens" **
whispering to Sarrim, you're free.
(395) Sarrim: "GAH!"
(395) Sarrim: "I'm BLIND!"
** (411) Kha will wait till it gets light enough to see again and free the two captives **
(390) Vrondard: "gah who turned out the lights... bloomin foul magic it is"
(385) DM: (fast forwarding...)
(382) Git: "Who's touching my butt?"
(395) Sarrim: (=O(
(390) Vrondard: "yer butt... thought that was your face"
** (395) Sarrim will try lighting a lantern. **
(390) Vrondard: "guess I'll stop tuggin on yer beard then"
(382) Git: "no, but if you compared with your own face, I see where you'd find the resemblance"
(395) Sarrim: (Ewwwww)
(385) DM: In the aftermath of your stay at Faustmann Manor, it was revealed that the Lady Faustmann was actually a creature that had been trapped inside the altar room for ages, and only released when an overly curious Lady Faustmann had ventured into the altar room in the first place.
(382) Git: (I don't even want to think about that one)
(390) Vrondard: ((yes tell Vrondard the story of the stupid humans))
(411) Kha (whispering): I want to go talk to Loell again if I can
** (382) Git offers deep condolences to the people of the houses and the adventuring party which lost their leader. **
(385) DM: The drow wizardress had somehow entrapped Greggor into slaying one of the maids for use in a blood rite ceremony underneath the manor. Lord Faustmann recovered shortly after you slew the drow wizardress. It seemed that she had poisoned the erstwhile nobleman and was keeping him in a sickened condition.
(382) Git: ("It won't effect our pay though will it?")
(395) Sarrim: What was the importance of the odd black bottle?
(382) Git: (It looked cool on the shelf)
(395) Sarrim: (Indeed)
(385) DM: The Baron allows you to keep anything you found in the secret room underneath the altar (which amounts to only a few items -- the sacrificial dagger, an iron ring and spell components, as well as Greggor's items.
(382) Git: (greggor's friends let us take his stuff?)
(411) Kha: ((I was gona offer it back to them))
(390) Vrondard: ((yeah they dont want to fight us for it I figure))
(382) Git: (sorry we killed your leader, here's his wallet back)
(395) Sarrim: (In Git's case, minus 20 dollars, =) )
(385) DM: Greggor's items: suit of chain mail (chain coif, chain tunic, chain leggings, chain gloves, chain boots) (all serviceable condition), bastard sword (very good condition), stiletto (good condition).
** (395) Sarrim seconds the motion of returning the goods. **
(395) Sarrim: Also, who was teh pretty, battered lady, and how's Cad doing?
(385) DM: The pretty battered lady was the real Lady Faustmann.
(382) Git: (oh....)
(388) Aden: (nice)
(385) DM: (a day after your harrowing adventure...)
(395) Sarrim: (Nifty!)
(385) Lord Faustmann: Many thanks for helping speed my recovery, I am indebted to you for your efforts.
** (395) Sarrim will, with the real Lady Faustmann's permission, give funereal rites to the maid and Greggor. **
(411) Kha: "This is posible the second drow we have met recently"
** (388) Aden hopes he gets to rest and regain his spells because he needs to do those kind of things. **
(385) Lord Faustmann: It is my understanding that subterfuge has occurred whilst I was sickened and ill.
(382) Git: "Yes, just a few distasteful ordeals while you were sleeping"
(385) Lord Faustmann: Most disturbing news indeed. And I am to understand you are on your way to the City of the Citadel for the celebrations which are now underway?
(411) Kha: "That we are!"
(385) Lady Faustmann: Yes, with my blessing.
(382) Git: "That is true"
(390) Vrondard: "yeah I think we are going there to join a drinking contest"
** (395) Sarrim will perform them then. He goes off to do it. **
(390) Vrondard: "and maybe that adventurers deally"
(411) Kha (whispering): were any of the skeletons Lorells body?
(390) Vrondard: "how tough could that be anyway"
(385) Lord Faustmann: Then, go, with our blessings. (thinks a moment) With all due speed, as you are within 4 days ride of the City. Fortunately for you, the festivities now are preliminary and do not become serious for at least another cycle.
whispering to Kha, no
** (382) Git shakes his head at vronard, "Yes, of course." **
(411) Kha (whispering): am I able to speak to him again before we leave?
(382) Git: "That is good. hopefully we can avoid further... distractions along the way"
(385) Lady Faustmann: I am of course highly indebted to you. Please accept my thanks as a token of our gratitude. Please also accept this (handing Vron a scroll tube) as a more substantial token.
(388) Aden: "Yes, it'd be best to get there as quickly as we can."
(395) Sarrim: "My thanks, to the
whispering to Kha, maybe. =)
whispering to Kha, yes, of course
** (388) Aden bows slightly to the Lady. **
(411) Kha: "May I ask you sir what the other room in the Attic used to be before it was sealed up?"
(385) Lady Faustmann: We hope to see you at Court, next cycle.
** (390) Vrondard hopes its nice fanny wipe he's heard about **
(385) Lord Faustmann: Ah, that. You've met our resident bard, I presume?
(382) Git: (the mystical scroll of Charmin)
(411) Kha: "Yes, I had a nice chat with him"
(385) Lady Faustmann: 'Tis his practice room. (smiling)
(411) Kha: "Well yes he told me that, but what was it prior to it being sealed?"
(411) Kha (whispering): I want to ask him if he knows where his body is and if he wants it found if he doesnt
** (385) Lady Faustmann glances at Lord Faustmann **
(390) Vrondard: "whadda we yappin for.. aint we supposed to go like the man said"
** (385) Lord Faustmann shakes his head slightly. **
** (390) Vrondard has little tolerance for chit chat **
(385) Lady Faustmann: (turns to Kha) Thank ye for your concern. (smiling)
(390) Vrondard: "not that I'm thinkin about it... i do want to drink someone under the table at this man-party"
(382) Git: "I absolutely agree, Vronard"
** (395) Sarrim nods. **
whispering to Kha, He's vague in his answer. He might, or he might not.
** (388) Aden shifts his weight to his staff. **
(411) Kha (whispering): All these smilling and vague answers are leading me to think he aint realy dead, and the Lord and Lady know more they they will say
** (382) Git gives a bow to the Lord and Lady. "Well, I'd like to say that this was a lovely visit, though frankly... I've had better. Hopefully next time, we get the real you as treatment. Good day to both of you then" **
(385) Lord Faustmann: Now then, if ye ride close and if ye ride hard, ye will be within sight of Tolmara in less than 4 days time. We wish ye godspeed and good luck.
(388) Aden: "Thank you both for your hospitality."
** (395) Sarrim bows to them both. It was my pleasure to be of service. **
(390) Vrondard: "aye..." he adds succintly
** (411) Kha scampers off to pack the rest of my gear and stop by the attic on the way back out **
(382) Git: "Great then, we're off"
** (390) Vrondard bows as well... (but its really just to show off the length of his beard) **
(382) Git: ( the other adventurerers still here?)
(411) Kha (whispering): Well I will offer to help find his body some day if he would like me to
(411) Kha: ((AFK again, will ride quietly comtemplating the things I have learned over the past few days))
** (395) Sarrim joins them, ready to ride. **
** (388) Aden is ready to be off. **
(385) Lord Faustmann: (they left earlier)
(429) Erendor (exit): 02:04
** (382) Git packs and gets ready to ride off on his trusty steed, Wimpy. **
(411) Kha: ((Back))
(385) DM: The countryside changes, from wilderness to farmland and rolling plains as you head closer inland and away from the southern wilds of the kingdom. The concerns of the past few weeks weigh heavily on your mind and perhaps the celebrations that hold much promise in Tolmara will erase that gloom.
(390) Vrondard: ((none of that is true of Vrondard!!))
(390) Vrondard: : )
(385) DM: And indeed, although you are not yet within the city, you are within sight of it for even two days away from Tolmara, it sits on the horizon like a beckoning jewel from afar. As you ride closer and closer, it becomes even more magnificent. A looming tower of crystalline jewels. A grand castle that towers over the city.
(390) Vrondard: "so what are goin to do when we get to this human city?"
(411) Kha: "have fun!"
(385) DM: More guard patrols are encountered. The presence of warriors and Knights is never far from your sight or minds.
** (382) Git seems much more at ease as they approach the city, lightly humming the song he asked the phantom bard to play **
(382) Git: "Exactly Kha. We're in need of some tnesion relief"
(411) Kha: "So what shall we call ourselfs, Gregor kept asking us that, maybe it is important to the competitions to have a good name"
(382) Git: "And besides, this is a great chance to find our next job"
(385) DM: Eventually you're within sight of the City, and it fills your vision. Massive walls surround it, barring your way. There is a long line of people, horses and wagons that seems to stretch endlessly as they clamor to enter the city. Eventually you do manage to enter, after paying a gate tax (assessed on the group at a rate of 2 hawks)
(382) Git: "Very true... we lack a company banner"
(390) Vrondard: "I thought "Yeah thats me boot up yer ass" has a nice ring to it"
(382) Git (whispering): btw... did you read my background yet?
(385) DM: And the bustle and energy of the people within amazes you to no end. Indeed, it is true that adventurers and folk from all over the Kingdom and the world have come to the City, in search of fame, fortune and who knows what else?
whispering to Git, yes
(382) Git: "Um.... lets keep that as an idea for the company slogan instead"
(382) Git (whispering): so you know I have his family here in Tolmara still then, right?
(390) Vrondard: "alright... whadda you got then?"
(385) DM: (before we proceed, what do you want to do, and what's your first order of business?)
(390) Vrondard: "everywhere we go we are finding ghosts.."
(385) DM: (answer as a group and as an individual. Tolmara is a BIG place even if the map doesn't show it.)
(411) Kha: "Shields of Fate, I like the sound of that"
(388) Aden: (I'm thinking we should find a place to stay as agroup.)
(382) Git: (Git plans to invite everyone to his place)
(411) Kha: ((Agreed, a place to stay then we can do some shoping individualy))
(390) Vrondard: "how about hmmm thats fine as long as I'm fated to meet a big Orc chieftan and stick me axe in his head"
(411) Kha: ((Oh we got a place to stay already?))
(382) Git: "Once more... that's more slogan really"
(390) Vrondard: ((i think shopping and maybe a drinking contest rigged by Git is on the menu))
(411) Kha: "I think he was agreeing to Shields of Fate as our name"
(382) Git: "Though perhaps if we get ourselves a group standard you can have it written on the flag"
(411) Kha: (Agreed, shoping then a drinking contest so I can drink this dwarf under the table ;p))
(382) Git: (lost the booze, remember, Id' have to buy more)
(411) Kha: ((Thats what shoping is for ;p ))
(382) Git: "Do any of us really use a shield?"
(411) Kha: "Umm" looks around "Nope"
(382) Git: (besides the major festivities haven't really gotten under way and the contests needs some time to promote)
(390) Vrondard: "I do.. got a sturdy oak shield"
(382) Git: "Then it doesn't really make much sense, does it"
(388) Aden: "It could be more metaphorical. As in we are the shields as a team, that guard the fate of the good."
(411) Kha: "Sure it does, we are the shield.
(382) Git: "Right... one shield then"
(390) Vrondard: "me beard musta been over it and you didnt notice"
(411) Kha: "You mean that mangy rat attached to your face" said in a light hearted jokeing tone
(395) Sarrim: (AFK)
** (382) Git stares blankly at his teammates..." ... right..." **
(385) DM: (all right, I don't have a particular scenario prepared, so I need to get some information from you as far as your plans. On the site is a partial key to the City of Tolmara which you should have downloaded and checked over. over the next week, try to formulate some plans and I'll have a better sense of what to do by next session.)
(390) Vrondard: "ha.. dont be making that a habit... you do that to a dwarf that dont know ya"
(385) DM: This week is Thanksgiving and we don't have a game this upcoming weekend.
(390) Vrondard: "and you wont be knowin nothin right quick"
(382) Git: (might take us that long just to get the name figured out)
(385) DM: I will be posting some descriptions to the site of a few places around town not listed on the partial key, and also descriptions of some events. Next session is in two weeks.
(390) Vrondard: (ok)
(411) Kha: ((Ok, can we do our shoping and just via email, we can also continue to talk about group names and such))
(385) DM: From those events, you need to let me know what you're interested in, and I'll then have an idea of what to use.
(385) DM: sure.
(390) Vrondard: (probably the adv challenge)
(382) Git: (not e-mail... the site, remember?)
(385) DM: Aden, if you would like to take your Test, we can do that next session. The group is invited to participate along with you.
(388) Aden: That would be nice.
(411) Kha: (I know I will want to do as many of the competitions as I can)
(395) Sarrim: Many many things to do, have we
(382) Git: (busy, busy, busy)
(411) Kha: (Same thing, the site just emails everyone what you post)
(385) DM: Just to warn everyone in advance, Aden's Test will take up an entire session.
(382) Git: (just to warn you I won't be there for it... hehe)
(390) Vrondard: ((that involve some stinking foul arcane magic?))
(395) Sarrim: Alright
(390) Vrondard: : )
(385) DM: heh. yes and no.
(382) Git: (it's not like a recital is it?)
(385) DM: no, not at all. his future as a wizard depends on it though. =)
(382) Git: hmmm....
(382) Git: will there be refreshments?
(385) DM: heheh
(382) Git: punch and pie for visitors perhaps
(411) Kha: (Not sure if I will wana help, have to give me a damn good reason, since I dont like arcane magic users much. both my parents were and I resent them and their magic ;p )
(390) Vrondard: (dwarf... enough said there)
(385) DM: As you enter the city, and take in all of the sights, a white robed figure slips out of the corner of your eye. A white shawl is draped across its back, as it turns a corner and down a side street.
(382) Git: do we have to stay for the whole thing or are our characters free to come and go? will we be in some danger for joining him?
(385) DM: (Can't answer at this time. =))
(382) Git: (right)
** (382) Git eyes the robed figure curiously **
** (388) Aden follows the white robed figure. "I'll be back." (not T2 style.) **
(382) Git: (wasn't Jenna in a white robe?)
** (411) Kha shrugs **
(385) DM: It stops as if checking to see if its being followed. Satisfied that it's not, the figure enters an alley and disappears from view.
(382) Git: "Friend of yours?" asks offhand as Aden disappears
(385) DM: (yes)
** (395) Sarrim raises an eyebrow. **
(382) Git: (that kind of robe?)
(385) DM: (yes)
** (395) Sarrim folows after Aden. **
whispering to Aden, The figure stoops over something in the alley, then straightens. It knocks on a door.
whispering to Aden, it appears to be a woman dressed in hooded, cowled white robe.
(411) Kha: "So give me directions to your house Git, I wana go do some shoping. I have some things I need custom made"
whispering to Aden, "Three geese fly overhead looking for their nest" (she speaks softly yet you can hear from your vantage point as you spy at the figure)
whispering to Aden, After a moment, the door opens and she slips inside.
whispering to Aden, The door closes.
** (382) Git hops down from Wimpy. " And leave our friends to the shadows of the alleys?" **
(382) Git: "Better get them before they get lost"
(390) Vrondard: "yeah I'd like to go find a dwarven smith if there is one in this city... gotta be... pleanty of people want good smithin I'm sure"
whispering to Sarrim, You spot the figure deep in the alleyway, stooping over something. Then it straightens as it knocks on a door. Aden spies on the figure. It spoke (you can make a listen check if you want)
** (382) Git follows after Sarrim, Aden and who he suspects is Jenna **
(388) Aden (whispering): Aden approaches the door, stooping over the same thing, knocking on the door, and speaks 'Three geese fly overhead looking at their nest.' softly.
(411) Kha: "Looked like magic user buisness to me, I say let them at it. I dont want to get involed with their buissness unless I have a damn good reason"
(385) DM: (This is only to Git, Aden and Sarrim)
(395) Sarrim (whispering): [1d20+3] -> [16,3] = (19)
** (411) Kha shrugs and looks at the dwarf **
(436) Blackd0g (enter): 02:35
(385) Voice:
Wrong answer, matey. (to Aden)
(411) Kha:
"Guess we find our own place to stay"
(395) Sarrim (whispering):
Did I hear her?
(385) Voice:
An' ye don't look like no bird to me. (to Aden)
whispering to Sarrim, yes
whispering to Sarrim, she said what Aden said
(395) Sarrim (whispering):
Alright, just checking, =)
(382) Git (whispering):
I have any idea where they just strolled into?
whispering to Aden, you see a small peephole revealed as the voice says this
whispering to Git, an alleyway, and Sarrim and Aden are in front of a sturdy wooden door to a ramshackle building.
** (395) Sarrim looks questioningly at Aden, then at the door. **
** (382) Git creeps up behind Sarrim and Aden. "Whatcha doing?" **
(390) Vrondard:
((oh we need to get our stuff Identified too))
whispering to Sarrim, you see Aden stop in front of a door, and a small peephole comes into view as he speaks, and the Voice answers.
** (395) Sarrim shrugs. Points to Aden. **
(382) Git:
(the citadel might be a good place for that)
(411) Kha:
"Should we wait for them Vrondard?"
** (382) Git glances to Aden **
(385) Voice:
Now, I suggest ye go back where ye came from. Unless ye have business with the Sisters.
(390) Vrondard:
"who the heck knows"
(382) Git:
"Which Sisters would that be?"
(411) Kha:
"Big city, we might not see them again if we take off, and he fogot to give us directions to his place before he took off"
(385) Voice:
hm, Outlander ye seem to be.
(382) Git (whispering):
since you mentioned bird, just figured it might have something to do with the Ravens, wondering if I know anything of the place
(385) Voice:
The Sisters of the Shadowed Eyes.
(411) Kha:
"I am gona go ask him for directions again, hope I dont get too tangled up in their magic mess"
whispering to Git, nope
(382) Git:
"Shadowed Eyes... lovely name."
(388) Aden (whispering):
I have to find a wizard to sponser me for the Trial, correct?
whispering to Git, the shadowed eyes are a thieves' guild though, within the Network but not like the Ravens. Open only to thieves who display magical talent.
(390) Vrondard:
"yep then lets ask then"
** (411) Kha saunters off in the direction Git went, walking slowly hoping Git will return before he gets involed in magic bussness **
whispering to Aden, yes
** (382) Git looks to Aden, "Did you have business with them?" **
(385) Voice:
Well...I'm waiting.
(388) Aden:
"I seek their counsel."
(382) Git (whispering):
what's their standing with the ravens?
(382) Git:
(385) Voice:
hm. A moment, then. Who do I say I have the pleasure to present to the Abbess, if she requests it?
whispering to Git, poor
(385) DM:
Moments later, Kha comes into view.
(388) Aden:
"Aden Moore."
** (395) Sarrim whispers slightly to Git. **
(385) Voice:
There are more of you? (incredulous)
(382) Git:
"We're just crawling out of the wood work, huh?"
(411) Kha:
"Umm Git you forgot to give Vrondard and I directions to your place, big city so I figured we might get lost if we just went off with out yall knowing where were planed to stay or knowing how to get to your place to stay"
(385) DM:
You hear scuffling behind the door...and then silence.
(382) Git:
"Right, be with you in a moment"
** (382) Git asks Aden, "Perhaps we could come back here another time?" **
** (411) Kha shrugs and tries to avoid eye contact with the un known robed people **
(395) Sarrim (whispering):
If I might, I'd like to do a detect evil, and focus on teh door and its potential contents
** (388) Aden sighs, "Yes, I suppose that would be best." **
whispering to Sarrim, ok. a mix. some evil, some not.
** (382) Git waves to the people behind the door, "Good day then wallflowers, enjoy your skulking" **
(411) Kha:
"I didnt mean to interupt your Buisness I just didnt want to get lost in the city"
** (382) Git strolls back. "No problem, Kha." **
(385) DM:
The door opens, and inside, you can see a half-elf in shadow leather armor, beckoning you inside, although wary of Sarrim.
** (388) Aden turns back to the door, "Well then." **
** (388) Aden enters, going where he is asked. **
** (395) Sarrim tries acting the part of a tough, perhaps Aden's bodyguard. **
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
Ill met although the skies are clear. Enter and be welcome.
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
** (382) Git grabs Sarrim by the back of his shirt discretely and gives a shake of his head **
(382) Git:
(oh wait... already started walking, nm)
** (395) Sarrim raises his eyebrows, and ceases. **
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
I swear by the dark of the sapphire moon that no harm will come to ye or your friends whilst ye are here.
** (411) Kha looks around again "Directions?" despretly trying to get out of the magic users buisness **
(388) Aden:
"I thank you for that."
** (382) Git casts back a shadowed glance on his way back to Vronard. **
** (388) Aden leans on his staff a bit. **
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
(hisses at Git and Sarrim) Either enter or begone.
** (395) Sarrim glances about, then looks at Aden, giving him a questioning look. **
** (395) Sarrim follows through. **
(390) Vrondard:
"yeah what.. they too long to follow?" not understanding the look
(395) Sarrim:
(I had understood that we were already inside, hehe)
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
(to Sarrim and Aden only) Your eyes adjust to the gloom, and you see that you're inside a small room with two doors, one that leads to the outside and another that leads inside the building. The half-elf squints from the light outside and is impatient with Git.
(395) Sarrim:
(Git left back to Kha and Vrond)
(385) DM:
(382) Git:
:to vronard: "So, a Dwarven smith then?"
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
So, ye have business with the Sisters (to Aden, ignoring Sarrim)
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
And what would that be?
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
(snapping his fingers)
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
(closes the door as the interior door opens)
(390) Vrondard:
"yeah... lets find where they sell weapons and armor and work from there"
** (388) Aden nods, "I'm looking for counsel on a few matters." **
(411) Kha:
"All I need is directions to your place, or a good place to stay, then you can bo back and talk with Aden's friends if you want."
(382) Git:
"RIght then. How about I give you the directions and where to meet me later, good?"
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
The figure robed in white stands in front of you, and raises her cowl. It's not Jenna....instead, it's a half-star elf. She opens her robe, discarding her shawl, to reveal a lithe figure garbed in shadow leather armor, like the half-elf male before you.
(411) Kha:
"Thats all I wanted"
(411) Kha:
"I figure I can find the shops I need"
(390) Vrondard:
"fine wid me.. we got to find a person to look at our stuff too"
** (388) Aden bows his head to the female elf. **
(390) Vrondard:
"figure out what it does..."
** (382) Git gives Vronard directions to a respectable dwarven smith in the city(considering I know of one as a long term resident, merchant and etc) **
(382) Git:
"The magick stuff we can take to a mage later. There are quite a plenty in this city"
** (395) Sarrim acknowledges the elf with a bow. **
(411) Kha:
"Yes, I need to stop by the Temple of Oneiros for some suplies, maybe they can figure out what it does"
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
Give ye good evening, warrior and mageling. To what do I owe the honor of one who reeks of godly magic and one who reeks of magic arcane?
** (382) Git then gives both men directions to a pub near Tinker Street instructing them to meet him at a building there **
(382) Git:
"Wizards are usually cheaper than religions"
(388) Aden:
"I've come to Tolmara to take my Test as a mage. I have little knowledge of this city and would be humbled if you would kindly give me any information as I may need to find a wizard to sponser me for my Test. I would be in your debt, my lady."
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
I am Maraeil and this is my shadow, Rivalanthiel. And you are?
(411) Kha:
"Thanks, Shall we stick together Vrond or just meet at the building letter?"
Blackd0g (exit): 02:59
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
A wizard who has come to take the Test? (glances at Rivalanthiel)
(388) Aden:
"My name is Aden Moore. This is...well, I'd prefer to not speak for others." He looks to Sarrim.
(385) DM:
(Spot, either of you)
(395) Sarrim:
[1d20+3] -> [20,3] = (23)
(388) Aden:
[1d20+2] -> [11,2] = (13)
whispering to Sarrim, you notice their fingers moving.
(411) Kha:
((You were paying attention ;p ))
whispering to Sarrim, very quickly
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
(395) Sarrim (whispering):
Arcane movements?
whispering to Sarrim, no, not at all
(395) Sarrim (whispering):
Passing things off to each other?
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
And why did ye come here?
whispering to Sarrim, nope
** (382) Git heads back toward the door after giving the others directions, and knocks on it firmly **
(395) Sarrim (whispering):
Well...Fast fingers, did I catch any whiff as to what exactly they were doing?
** (385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak glances at Maraeil **
(390) Vrondard:
"we can stick together... I'm not really sure of this place at all"
(395) Sarrim:
"I am Sarrim Veld. Aden is my charge. A favor for a friend."
whispering to Sarrim, just that they were moving very quickly
(388) Aden:
"As I said, I do not know much about this city. I saw yourself in the streets and was curious about the nature of your garm. Was I mistaken to think you as a mage?"
(395) Sarrim (whispering):
Alright, hehe
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
It seems safe. Open the door.
** (382) Git trails Wimpy along with him as whistles a happy little tune patiently **
(411) Kha:
"Alrighty, off to your Smith then, maybey he can make me a few things too"
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
Nay, you were not mistaken, young one.
(385) DM:
The door opens to reveal the male half-elf as before. Sarrim and Aden are deep in conversation with a female half-star elf, in shadow leather armor.
(390) Vrondard:
"yeah well we will see what he or she has in stock"
(382) Git (whispering):
is the robe a sign of the guild or of the citadel or just fashion coincidence or would I know?
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
And what can I do for ye?
(395) Sarrim (whispering):
By the way, could I do a lore check to see if I know anything about these...Shadow Sisters?
(382) Git:
"Ah... came back looking for my friends there actually"
whispering to Git, no, no, perhaps and no.
(388) Aden:
"I am in search of a sponser for my Test as a mage. I was hoping you could shed some light on how I may go about acquiring one?"
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
They're inside, if ye care to join them. (eyes narrowing)
(382) Git:
"Right then"
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
I could be a sponsor if ye wish it.
(395) Sarrim:
(I think he meant that to Git, =) )
** (411) Kha walks along with Vrondard taking in all the sights. Also looking for a respectable looking fletcher along the way **
(395) Sarrim (whispering):
Here's a roll for it, just in case.
(395) Sarrim (whispering):
[1d20+6] -> [15,6] = (21)
** (382) Git strolls in, leading Wimpy with him **
** (388) Aden looks to Maraeil, "That would be most generous." **
(385) DM:
(hold on. this encounter with Sarrim and company is the last for tonight. but noted.)
(382) Git:
"Isn't the citadel open freely to any young mages during the festival?"
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
(to Git) Either enter or begone. Or do ye wish to stand there bickering in the cold?
(411) Kha:
((NP, just seting up the shoping stuff that we will deal with via the site))
(382) Git:
(did walk in, with Wimpy if they didn't stop the donkey at the door)
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
Ask Maraeil. I'm not a wizard. (glares)
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
(closes the door firmly)
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
Ye look familiar.
(382) Git:
(was asking in general actually)
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
(to Git)
(385) DM:
((OC: didn't know, sorry))
** (382) Git raises a brow in curiousity, then offers a sly grin, "From your dreams perhaps?" **
(382) Git:
(np, I'll be more specific next time)
(385) DM:
They don't, but they're hesitant.
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
Ye realize that we'll have to move again as a result of this (to Rivalanthiel)
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
(to Git) Nay, ye're familiar somehow. But I can't place it...
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
(turning back to Aden) Before ye commit, ye might wish to know the price.
(382) Git:
"No need for that. WE aren't tax collectors just lost fools" (about the moving) :to Maraeil: "Well I have done some stage acting in the area before"
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
If I sponsor ye to the Test, ye in turn must become a shadow to a Sister.
(382) Git:
"But does he need a sponsor at this time of the year?" :asks offhand:
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
If ye are not prepared for that, this is at an end. Truth forbids me to tell a lie, so ask and I shall answer.
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
(to Git) For a Test, he does.
(437) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 03:12
(395) Sarrim:
"I counsel wariness in that Aden...Some of the presenses here...I feel some stains upon their souls."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (437) Dj Gilcrease...
(385) TaliesinNYC:
Booting '(411) Kha' from room...
(411) Kha (exit): 03:12
(382) Git:
** (385) Maraeil Winterbrook smiles slightly **
(388) Aden:
."To become a Shadow to a sSister....what exactly would that entail?"
(382) Git:
"Now Sam, they seem like decent enough folk. However Aden you really should conider carefully"
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
First, ye will enter our guild and swear an oath to uphold it.
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
Second, ye will be trained in the arts of theft and stealth.
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
Third, ye must commit an act against the Ravens that flitter in the shadows. The Four Ravens, a guild in this city.
(437) Kha (exit): 03:14
** (395) Sarrim listens closely, his eyes hardening. **
(438) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 03:15
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
Last, ye must seek to enrich our coffers, come to the Sister's aid whenever she calls ye, and defend our guild in need.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (438) Kha...
(382) Git:
"Wow... sounds like a lot of hassle"
(388) Aden (whispering):
Training in theft and stealth means a level of rogue needs/should be taken?
** (382) Git pats aden on the shoulder, "Frankly, I think you can get a better offer" **
whispering to Aden, yep. if you agree.
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
And this is your high offer. What did you REALLY come here for?
** (388) Aden leans on his staff, taking a lot of the weight off of his feet. He looks to Maraeil, "Would you allow me a night to hthink it over?" **
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
If ye insist.
(395) Sarrim:
"You seem rather knowledgeable of our intentions...Perhaps you already know?"
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
'Twas just a guess. He does not seem to be the thiefly type.
** (382) Git passes Sarrim a confused glance **
(382) Git:
"Yes, he hardly is, but he means well"
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
Think on't, if ye want. Ask Tonard, in the Chamber of Stealth and Shadow on how best to seek us.
(388) Aden:
"I thank you for your time."
** (388) Aden bows his head again to Maraeil. **
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
And to ye. (gathering the robe.) Not a bad disguise, an Aes Sedai witch, eh? No looks, and a wide berth. I should use it more often (to Rivalanthiel) (chuckling)
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
(turns around and winks at Aden) Good night, friends. Riv will show ye out. (closes the inner door)
** (382) Git happily leads the donkey out the doo **
** (395) Sarrim bows stiffly to them both.. "Know that I cannot stand those who would hinder the craft of honest men...But you have offered me peace within your domain, and I accepted it, and will not break it. I pray that you will come away from this path however." **
** (385) Maraeil Winterbrook smiles. **
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
Perhaps we can be of aid to each other both, Sir Veld.
(385) Maraeil Winterbrook:
When next we meet, if it be our destiny to do so.
(382) Git:
"I just hope you choose a more revealing costume next time" :gives a wink as he exits:
** (385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak says nothing, just stares sullenly at Sarrim. **
** (395) Sarrim eyes Maraeil with hard eyes, but curiously. He follows Git out. **
** (388) Aden takes his exit from the building. **
(385) Rivalanthiel Shadowcloak:
(closes the door firmly)
(395) Sarrim:
"Aden, you cannot be considering to JOIN them? They're thieves! They're the bane of everyone! Please...I can set something up...The clergy of magic, they could help you."
** (382) Git heads away from the door casually until their around the corner and he lets out a light chuckle. "You almost had me scared there Aden" **
whispering to Git, about the Sisters of the Shadowed Eyes. they're a new guild, you don't know too much about them. their relations with the Four Ravens are poor, bordering on war. They also don't like the Aes Sedai much, who have an ambassadorship in the city.
** (388) Aden looks to Sarrim, "Do not worry. I have no intentions of joining them." **
(382) Git:
"Almost thought you were chasing down friends of yours"
whispering to Git, Mostly half-elven and elven in membership.
** (395) Sarrim breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank you." **
(382) Git:
"We'll see what we can do about finding you that sponsor though"
(388) Aden:
"I thank you."
(395) Sarrim:
"Aye. Meanwhile, I need to visit a printer (Assuming they exist). Would you mind if I borrowed 15 gold from our pool?"
(385) TaliesinNYC:
(ending session)
(385) TaliesinNYC:
Vron and Kha, we can do a mini session during the week if you want
(385) TaliesinNYC:
for what you did. this is concurrent with the posts on the thread
(385) TaliesinNYC:
handbill printers exist, alright. fairly expensive.
(438) Kha:
No biggy, just gona do a little shoping, though I do have a few custom items I want made, but figure that can still be worked out via the board
(395) Sarrim:
How much could one estimate a cost to be if they wanted to print off 50-200 sheets?
(385) TaliesinNYC:
anyway, see you guys in two weeks. Thanks for showing.
(395) Sarrim:
Later Stan
(385) TaliesinNYC:
I have to think it out, but it might be high.
(388) Aden:
Take care.

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