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Kern: Currency
There is only one type of coin used widely in Kern. Other types of coins exist; up until the Great War of 3000, several coins of various metals, and some areas in Kern used such a system of coinage. In addition, several of the city states in Hyboras mint a gold coin (usually called a crown) that is worth about 40 shillings.

In Kern, the one coin normally used in transactions is the silver penny. This is a small coin, about the size of a modern American dime. About 300 pennies weigh one pound. All pennies are minted by the authority of the Nine Council, and each coin bears a balanced set of scales on one side, and a nine pointed star on the other. The Kernish penny has a good reputation among money changers.

Higher values of money are made by weighing out scoopfuls of pennies at a usurer. Even a modest fortune, therefore, is quite bulky. Money, valuable silver, gold objects, and jewels are normally kept at home in a heavy chest bound with iron. These chests are so heavy that they cannot be moved quietly, which provides a certain amount of security.

The following terms of account are used in Kern:

Shilling (abbreviated s.); 12 pence equals 1 shilling.
Mark (abbreviated M.); 168 pence equals 14 shillings equals 1 Mark.
Pound (abbreviated L.); 240 pence equals 20 shillings equals 1 Pound.
Penny (abbreviated d.); 1 silver penny equals 1/12 shilling.

Most transactions are recorded in terms of shillings. A shilling is equal in value to 2 cr. Recall that "cr" is the abbreviation for a Wylundi gold crown (1 cr = 1 gp). A single penny has little worth. Remember that a shilling is not a coin; it is a unit of 12 pennies.

Note that not everything from the 3.5 Player's Handbook is available in Kern, and that the comparative prices for several items are quite different.
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