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The Kingdom of Wylund
Wylund is a moderate sized country and is a member of the Southern Kingdoms. It is bordered on the north by the eastern Fhaard, on the west by the Kingdom of Toralin, on the east by the Principality of Cyrdd and the Kingdom of Damrosil, and on the south by the Azure Sea.

Capital: Tolmara

Principal Towns and Cities: Whytsun, Wintershivven, Highkeep, Seaton, Miirfast and Wyndhold. Click here for a series of maps showing locations within Wylund.

Population: 1,265,000; approx. 78% human, 12% elves and half-elves, 5% dwarves, 3% gnome, 1% sylvan, 1% other. No approximation is given for the humanoid population.

Exports: Grain, vegetables/fruit, wine, cloth, crafted items, jewelcraft, fish.

Who Rules: Ayyers I, King of Wylund and monarch of the Diamond Throne. The King is advised by the Magister of the Diamond Citadel and a council of advisors (most of whom are the titular heads of major noble houses, though a few are priests of various faiths or guildmasters within Tolmara). Officially the Crown holds an adverse view towards the thieves' guilds within Wylund; however, there exists a delicate (and complex) relationship in which these selfsame guilds are seen as a check on more lawless members of society, such as slaver rings and assassins.

Important NPCs: Some important NPCs and personages include: Ayyers I, King of Wylund and monarch of the Diamond Throne (LG hmPal25 (Solnor)); The Magister of the Diamond Citadel (LN hmW26 (invocation/evocation)); Asianna Corsair (CG efRog22); Morduin Oakenhammer, Hand of Tevesh (LG dmM5/P18 (Tevesh)); Dobhalain, Maiden of Celdenir (N efD24 (Elantra)).

Ayyers, the mage known as Garath Tremaine (now the Magister of the Diamond Citadel), Asianna, Morduin and Dobhalain are members of the Light of Truth, a famed adventuring company who was instrumental in successfully resolving certain events that occurred during the Kernin invasion. Briefly, the adventurers helped defeat an ilythi'iri conspiracy, that left unchecked, would have resulted in a much different history in the years to come.

The five remain the best of friends and hold positions of great power and responsibility in Wylund. Ayyers became King of Wylund; Garath was created the Magister of the Diamond Citadel. Asianna is the guildmaster of the Sisters of the Shadowed Eye, a prominent thieves' guild in Wylund and also rumored to be a guild secretly sponsored by the Crown. Morduin is the patriarch of Tevesh of Wylund and can be found at the Monastery of the Open Hand, a few days travel from Tolmara. Dobhalain lives simply within the Forest of Miir and can sometimes be found in the treetown of Amruene, near the border of ancient Celdenor. She is responsible for maintaining vigilance over the western portion of the wood and assists in the defense of the forest's denizens from attacks by orckin, giantkin and the horrors within ancient Celdenor.

Laws and Social Customs:

Wylund is unique in that it is not divided into districts or provinces. Rather the governance of the land is given over to a local lord (if a major city or town), or to a life peer (if a minor town, village or country holding). A life peer is considered to be a minor noble (albeit hereditary title) and uneligible to sit on the Royal Council.

Of the locales named above, only Whytsun, Highkeep and Wintershivven are close in size to Tolmara. Seaton, Miirfast and Wyndhold are considered towns.

Whytsun is located in the northwestern portion of Wylund, near the Tor'ali border and the forest of Mistwood. Wintershivven is a frontier city in northeastern Wylund, and one of the first signs of civilization that a traveller sees on arriving from the plains of the Fhaard. Highkeep is the Kingdom's primary port, and is situated on the Bay of Brenfaern. Each is ruled by a local lord or chancellor.

Adventuring companies must register themselves and their members with the Crown. Typically this is done during a session of Court (if in Tolmara), or in the presence of a local lord or life peer. Records are kept current, and a copy of each group's roster and current standing is placed in the Library Vault of Castle Falconedge.

Slavery is illegal within the Kingdom, and slaves brought into the Kingdom are considered free. Selling slaves within the borders is forbidden and strictly policed. Weapons can be worn openly and used in self-defense, but brandishing weapons in other situations is a crime. Wylundians also expect debts to be paid in full, even if that means the debtor must serve a form of indentured servitude to the creditor (in the case of small debts) or to the Crown (in the case of large debts). Duels (for reasons of specific, unprovoked injury) or legal only in specific places, must be judged by a guard, and are rarely to the death.

Major Geographical Areas

The Forest of Miir -- Situated in the central part of the Kingdom, the Forest of Miir is notable for being the site of many elven villages and ruins, not the least of which is the remnant of ancient Celdenor, a star elven elfdom. Many of the ruins have long been abandoned by their former inhabitants and have since been overrun by monsters such as orckin, trolls and the like. The promise of magical items of great power lures the adventurous and the unwary alike.

The western portion of the Forest is the domain of the Wildrunners, a knightly order of rangers and woodfolk dedicated to protection and the maintenace of order. In recent times, the eastern part of the Forest has increasingly come under the sway of various tribes of orckin. While not yet organized under one banner, the potential for harm remains high.

Mistwood and Lake Myrdyn -- Lake Myrdyn is home to an island which contains a castle of jewels and glass that is rumored to appear on certain nights when the moons of Andurin shine at their fullest. The inhabitant of the castle is said to be a wizard of great power, with lore not seen on the mortal plane since before the Invoked Devastation.

What is known is that the wood is home to sylvan creatures who are fiercely protective of their surroundings to the point of driving out all intruders who dare venture within. Located in the northwest part of the Kingdom and straddling its border with Toralin, Mistwood is often used as a route by escaped slaves fleeing their former masters into Wylund, for even the prospect of death at the hands of a silver centaur is more appealing than death chained to the yoke of an overseer.

The Dead Marches -- Long known for being the site of various bloody skirmishes and battles in Wylund's past between Men and orckin, the Marches are an extensive region of swampland and fens in south-central Wylund, located near the Bay of Brenfaern and the city of Highkeep. The area is often used by pirates, smugglers and thieves who seek to hide from the long arm of the law whilst engaging in their nefarious activities, and is especially effective since most of the region is blanketed by roaming pockets of dead magic.

The Fendian Plains -- The central floodplain of the Kingdom, wherein the capital city of Tolmara is located. The Plains are mostly rolling hills dotted by settlements of various sizes from villages and hamlets, to knights' holds and temples, to full-fledged towns and cities. The Plains are also home to the breadbasket of the Kingdom as numerous farms can be found dotting the landscape. The hospitality of Wylundi is legendary, and many a traveller has given thanks to the welcome shown to them by a farm household during inclement weather or a raging snowstorm.

Celdenor -- One of two ancient star elven elfdoms in western Telluria, the other being Quenaris in the Empire of Mel'Cendia, Celdenor is now all but abandoned by its former inhabitants in reaction to the ever-increasing numbers of Men. Still however, sentinels have remained as if to guard those treasures that have been left from those who would see such magic and lore plundered for their own ends.

Recently, a nameless evil has taken root within the borders of the elfdom, and for the first time in centuries, a call has gone out from the elfdom's ancient defenders for assistance against the encroaching darkness.

Places of Interest

Highkeep -- The City of Sevenscore Secrets, Highkeep is one of Wylund's two major ports, the other being the town of Griffonsmere. Highkeep is notable not only for its role as a gateway of commerce, but also for its thriving thieves' guild which plays a major role in the affairs of the city. Highkeep is traditionally ruled by a lord chancellor who answers to the Crown, and is advised by a council of nobles. Though slavery is illegal in Wylund, even that forbidden trade finds those who would engage in it within the city's walls.

Wintershivven -- The Eye of the North, as this frontier city is sometimes called. Wintershivven is the last (or first, depending on your point of view) town that a traveller would find between the wilderness of the Eastern Fhaard and the kingdom of Wylund. It is more hospitable than other places within Wylund in that half-orcs are a sizeable proportion of the population. The Silent Network maintains a foothold within the town but is not as active here as it is elsewhere within the kingdom.

Chateau d'Amberville -- The ancestral home of the d'Amberville family, Chateau d'Amberville ("Castle Amber") is a grand palatial estate that was constructed by magic. The d'Amberville family is noted for being reclusive and wildly eccentric, but benevolent at heart. Their family patriarch, Etienne d'Amberville, is an extremely powerful wizard who has not been seen in many years. A persistent rumor states that the d'Ambervilles are not of Andurin, having been exiled from a distant world many centuries ago.

Jeroth's Well -- Jeroth's Well is a trading outpost located near the kingdom's border with the Eastern Fhaard. Merchant caravans, orckin and Fhaardi barbarians use it as a travelling waystop before proceeding to their final destinations. The Well is so named for a spring that purportedly contains water that heals wounds and cures diseases. The legend continues that the spring will continue its blessings so long as it is shared by all who seek it. To that end, the trading post is seen as uncontested territory by those who use its services. Though the orckin and Fhaardi barbarians have long been uneasy neighbors, each side respects the legend of the Well enough to leave matters alone.

The Hall of Lost Voices -- The Hall is a set of ruins located within the Dead Marches. It was a castle dedicated to the defense of the land and garrisoned by a troop of paladins and knights templars. Now all that remains are the ghosts of its former inhabitants who trod the paths they once walked in life.

The Endless Stair -- This is a spiral staircase, seemingly composed of a series of freestanding marble slabs that ascends into the sky but does not appear to lead anywhere. Those who have dared to climb the Stair have never lived to tell the tale. The Stair is said to have been the creation of the Great Mage Cheiromar, also known as Aglahund the Mighty and who is now entombed beneath the Leaning Stone, a nearby rock outcropping. The Stair itself is impervious to all harm, including the ravages of time and the elements. Its purpose is unknown. Most give the Stair a wide berth, avoiding it out of fear and/or respect.

The Stair is located in the northeastern part of the Forest of Miir, near the border of the Kingdom of Damrosil.
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