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Wines of the Southern Kingdoms
Here are some wines and potent potables commonly offered in taverns, festhalls, eating clubs and inns across the Southern Kingdoms. The Southern Kingdoms are collectively, the Kingdom of Wylund, the Kingdom of Toralin and the Grand Duchy of Kern.

Some cities, towns and villages may have additional beverages not listed herein; that is to be expected as new experiences may arise from time to time.


Cathurian Red

A very dark reddish-purple wine, with appetizing plums and blackberries on the nose and palate. The first taste is like biting into a ripe, sweet plum, with juicy but tart blackberries following after, adding a whiff of fennel and soft tannins as intriguing back notes on the finish.

Cathurian White

Clear and very pale in color with a slight greenish glint, it offers the distinct scent of a ripe jalapeño pepper, so fresh and true that you almost expect the wine's flavor to be spicy hot. But of course it's not; it's full and round, though, tart white fruit flavors, lime and grapefruit, so fruity that it seems slightly sweet at first, but it finishes dry, snappy and long.

Widdershine Black

A blend of grapes from the vineyards of Wylund and Kern, this is an inky, blackish-purple wine, Portlike in its deep color and in its warm, pruney, grapey aromas. On the palate, though, it's bone-dry, ripe and bursting with lush if rather simple black fruit and crisp acidity with a tart lemony twang. Pleasant "barnyard" and "tarry" notes and a touch of herbs add rustic complexity and flavor interest.

Diamond Wine

This clear, pale-gold Wylundi wine offers delicate and appealing aromas of peaches and spice, with a hint of almonds in the background. Crisp and fresh, fruity but dry, with aromatic flavors that follow the nose. Not overly tart, but there's plenty of fresh-fruit acidity for balance, with the almond character adding just a hint of bitterness in the finish.

Fendish Ale

Hazy bronze color with a thin collar of foam, this ale has a rich, appealing aroma of vanilla and slightly toasted malt. Hops make an entrance on the tongue, the bitterness balanced by rich creamy malt. The full flavor lingers in the finish, with the malt giving way finally to bitter hops and tart fruit.


Alindel Commonwine

A wine served in inns and taverns in Toralin, this is a dark ruby wine with an orange glint, showing blueberries and spice and a whiff of caramel on the nose and warm, plummy fruit and zippy acidity on the palate. Simple and fresh, it makes a fine table wine.

Vaushen Spirits

Clear gold in color, this rich white wine from the coast of Toralin is probably predominantly Kernin in origin, although its composition has changed over the years. Its delicious and complex aroma features mixed white fruit with hints of almonds, honey and tobacco leaf. Full-bodied and rich in flavor, there's a pleasant whiff of toasted almonds behind abundant fruit, with plenty of zippy acidity and mouthfeel.

Hillbane Mirror

Made with hints of coriander, juniper, citrus peel, rose petals, and an infusion of cucumber. The taste is clean and refreshing yet unusually rich for a gin.



This rather light copper-red wine is not much darker than a rosé; it shows a hint of haze and a distinct orange tint when it's held against the light. Remarkable aromas catch your attention as soon as you bring your nose to the glass: A whiff of white pepper is quickly followed by a lovely minerality reminiscent of rainwater washing over limestone. Fresh strawberries follow, ripe and sweet, leading into a tart, bone-dry red-berry flavor that's light-bodied but mouth-filling. Lemony acidity, subtle berries and white pepper linger in a long finish.

Rubies' Bloodwine

Dark ruby in color, with a bold scent of wild cherries - over nuances of cedar and roses with an undertone of sweet oak. Textured and full, red-fruit and floral character follows the nose, well balanced with crisp acidity. Opens up to increasing complexity with time in the glass, smooth and structured, tannins so soft and ripe that you barely notice them on the palate.

Golden Plumwine

This clear cherry-red non-vintage Kernin dessert wine breathes warm, heady scents of stone fruit, plums and prunes, with overtones of brown spice and an odd, intriguing waft of bay leaves. Ripe and full in flavor, it's soft and very sweet, but there's sufficient lemony acidity in the background to keep the sugar from cloying; overall, the lingering black-fruit impression in the finish seems more snappy than sweet. Very pleasant dessert wine.


This Kernin whisky sports a deep copper color, medium body, creamy texture. Floral notes combine with honey, dried figs and caramel for a rich, lasting finish.

Elven Wines

Feandaril Glowfire

Attractive, soft and bright pink in color, this wine has a very interestingly delicate and complex bouquet with strawberry, rose petal, a touch of spun sugar, lime peel and some clove. The palate is generous, round and soft, yet brisk and firm with wonderfully balanced acidity and richness.

Feandaril Topaz

This dawn elven wine possesses a lovely, frothy mousse with aromas of ripe apples, flint, pear, toast and cream. Layers of richness carry through with generous fruit and supple body. The deliciously soft, creamy finish begs for just one more sip. A wine to entice you from start to finish.


This is a very pale straw-color wine, with fresh and appealing melon aromas. On the palate it presents crisp honeydew melon and gentle acidity in perfect balance, with a medium-bodied texture that becomes increasingly lush as the wine warms in the glass. A delicious wine, it seems so fresh and quenching that you're tempted to gulp it, but its clean, subtle delicacy is interesting enough to justify slowing down for more contemplative sipping.

Quendorien Tabledark

Clear dark amber with a reddish glint, on the red side for a tabledark. This star elven wine hails from the deep forests of Wylund and exhibits great depth. Appealing scents of stone fruit and orange peel, fresh and forward. Full and sweet flavor, burnt-sugar and stone fruit over crisp, lemony acidity. Smooth and warming, this is perfect for a pleasant after-dinner glass on a rainy early-autumn evening.

Celdeniiri Rubydusk

This green elven wine is dark, soft and spicy with a deep red-purple hue. The nose, reminiscent of dark berry fruits with smoky oak and chocolate undertones, yields to rich plum and cherry flavors in the mouth. There is a hint of tropical fruit in the wine that complements the red fruit character. Soft, mouth-filling grape and barrel tannins slowly lead into a long finish.


This rich, concentrated wine was made from elder's dark grapes that froze on the vine. The grapes were picked and pressed frozen, grudgingly yielding a rich, concentrated juice that fermented both in aged willow and in new oak barrels. Intense aromas of pineapple, citrus and vanilla are balanced by a bracing acidity and lead to a long, lingering finish. The wine is a complete dessert by itself. It also lends itself to pairing with other desserts, preferably those less sweet than the wine such as cream-based pastries or fresh fruit.

Sherries and brandies


Very clear dark amber color, with a delicious aroma of fresh pecans, this is a characteristic elven sherry, full and appealing, with nuances of mixed nuts, Brazil nuts and cashews, to lend complexity. The flavor is very full-bodied and dry, no hint of residual sugar, with mouth-filling nutlike flavors consistent with the nose, all framed by warm alcohol and snappy acidity. The appetizing quality of fresh cracked pecans carries through in a very long finish.


Brilliant clear amber, this dawn elven brandy is the color of a good Kernin whiskey. Lovely walnut, orange-peel, almond and spice aromas invite a taste, and the flavor rewards, full and rich, perhaps just a touch of sweetness, but with a good core of lemony acidity, it communicates itself as warm and dry.


This dawn elven brandy is derived from a popular spirit drunk by the barbarians of the Fhaard. Clear, dark copper-amber, this vintage posseses rich aromas of "stone" fruit, plums and prunes, citrus and odd but appealing earthy nuances, truffles and wild mushrooms and the leafy, not-quite-dank character that wine tasters call "forest floor." Sweet and tart, full and strong, piercing acidity makes a sturdy structure for warm stewed-fruit flavors with earthy notes.
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