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Toralin: Folk Sayings
Torali Folk Sayings

Never let a goat see you kiss.

The soul of a man who breaks a mirror will wander the world after death.

Never argue at a crossroads.

A drowned man must be buried with a stone in his mouth to prevent his spirit from haunting.

If a man suspects his wife does not love him, he should walk three times around an oak at dawn.

If a woman suspects her husband is cheating, she should break an egg in his bathwater.

Should a horse kill a man, a red eye must be painted on its forehead.

Do not touch a baby, a mother and a tombstone all in one day.

Three crows chasing a robin is bad luck. Three robins chasing a crow means you must watch the weather.

Pour fish oil on a unruly son or he shall bring you sorrow.

A kiss is worth a pence, a dance is worth a rhyme, a broken sack is useless, love lives for all time.

The child of three fathers is safe from evil.

To make a man yours, slip a locket of your hair into his pouch.

To make a woman yours, drop a smooth pebble into the well where she takes her next drink.

If you see the three moons full on the evening of a cloudless day, you are blessed.

The tail of a fox dead of old age is good luck.

Gold is made by honeybees of molten lava travelling through the earth. To see one is to be blessed by Maevas.
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