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The Lineage of Kings
The Lineage of Kings

I sing for you now of the Lineage of Kings, of Damrosil's mighty and doddering
Fools that japed and when all were done, proved worthless at best, all save one.

Alendus Crebus, first of the Kings, first of nine by his conquerings;
Ciron the Hearty, lover of ale, Son of Crebus, he drinks in death still.

Fenton the Foolish, moron well-named, glutton of mutton, third fool of the famed;
Heimwell the Haughty, brother of Ciron, the fourth he became by the slaying of Fenton.

Pelcoob the Pious, bastard of Fenton, first built the Temple, first one gone in;
Voltar the Victorious, paver of Kingsway, grandson of Crebus, so they all say.

Royberno the Bloody, bastard of Voltar, grim destroyer of clansmen, seventh so far;
Tornum the Terrible, tormentor of souls, grim as his father, may eight bake in coals.

Lascron the Last, ninth of the nine, father to no man, last of the line;
Karnac the Cairnlord, usurper maligned, Lascron's cousin, moved the first nine.

Agneus Expander, true lover of horses, sibling of Karnac, nine bairns were of course his;
Loring the Lost, foul slayer of eight, third of the Kings but a victim of fate.

Loring the Lost, known for his songs, played minstrel to devils as cursed by his wrongs;
Marcus the Marshal, of this line is fourth, four stones mark his cairn, pink ones of course.

Drellin the Scholar, first of the Witch-Kings, son of the bard who foresaw many things;
Argunth the Elf-friend, of this line is sixth, feared slayer of orc hosts, whom none trifled with.

Rikar the Roarer, seventh of seven, slain young in battle, first one to heaven;
Lightmal the Dark, first of his line, cousin of Rikar, awake for all time.

Dalenial the Light, Black Lightmal's spawn, cursed by his father, he's withered and gone;
Llewelyn the Just, slain at his dinner, gem of all kings, he was no sinner.

Logar the Loved, a shepherd in youth, Llewelyn's son grew ancient in truth;
Damocles the Mage, grandson of Llewelyn, second Witch-King for whom Time was the villain.

Rotkoddam the Strong, sixth of the line, lead his troops into battle, led from behind;
Claudius the Cautious, Rot's son and heir, died in his sleep, though none seemed to care.

Dacquiri the Witch-King, eighth of the nine, slew Ishcabeble, died the same time.
Kolm the Quick, first of the four, fought without weapons, died at the door.

Cemor the Valiant, kept up the bard's quest, tried as he might, but came in second best;
Dwarven Blaine Shortshanks for Cemor went on, third quester and king was merely Time's pawn.

Alendus the Second, rogue liar and cheat, destroyed the kingdom that lies at our feet.
Two hundred years have passed us hence, and foolish rhymes sometimes make sense.

That is the Lineage of Damrosil's Kings;
Fools, knaves, charlatans, blackguards and thieves.
But the price of the telling's an awful demand.
Hark to the wage the fiddler commands!

For now it is finished, my song is complete,
Your binding has ended, but you must be fleet.
For the third time you hear the name of me,
The third time is when they will come for thee.
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