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The Prophecy of Andurin ith-en
The Prophecy of Andurin'ith-en

The Company of Light

The Hammer of Justice
The White Lion
The Walker in Radiance
The Dragon Ascended
The Sword of Honor
Freeswords Eternal

The Sword of Valor triumphs over the Queen of Eternal Night, yet the night is not yet over. The Shadow grows longer with each passing day for the Song has yet to be sung, the Pattern has yet to be made, and the threads of Fate have not yet been woven.

Therefore, whether a blade of light and of shadow, or a sword of fire and of ice; whether a crown of truth and of courage, or a gauntlet of might and of mists; whether an orb of drakes unbidden and unbroken, or a pearl of daemonic desires; and whether a shield crafted with love and with passion, or a whip formed from malice and from despair: such are the tools which must be gathered by those who walk with Light or those who follow Dark in preparation for the Meeting Which Is Yet To Come.

A King must be crowned, a Sword must be wielded, a Knight must be slain. Three things to pass and that shall pass and will pass for Light.

A King overthrown, a Sword shattered asunder, a Knight eternal. Three things to pass and that shall pass and will pass for Dark.

The Company of Dark

The Circlet of Treachery
The Ebonfire Throne
The Statue In Shadow
The Wyvern of Hatred
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