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The Song of Ravens
The Song of Ravens

Some people think that seeing a group of ravens may have some sort of meaning depending on how many there are. There are many different rhymes that tell what the meaning may be. The rhymes have an unsavory reputation, and are not repeated in polite company. Children are slapped for saying them.

One for joy
Two for homes
Three for death
and four for bones
Five for dwarves in halls of stone
Six for trees from murders sown.

One for spirit
Two for life
Three for mothers
and four for strife
Five for luck and its glad tale
Six for flesh that soon fails

One for fish
Two for boats
Three for cows
and four for goats.
Five for gnomes and ticking wheels
Six for death from ice cold steel

One for earth
Two for sky
Three for ghosts that pass you by
Four for love
Five for hate
Six for the souls at the Bleak Gate.
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