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The Lay of Talkana Silumiel
The Lay of Talkana Silumiel

In Alústel there lived of old
Beneath the boughs awash with light
An elven maid with hair of gold
Where stars shone day and night.

No beauty grander ever graced
The lissome form of elf or man.
The good reflected in her face
She spread throughout the land.

The daughter of Balanuil
Wise patron of al-Dustríel
Elfhouses great and greater still
T'were none in Alústel.

Talkana they called her on sight,
The fairest daughter of the moons,
For in her eyes, both clear and bright
Grey magic sang in tune.

Capacity of priest and mage
And loving heart of elven maid
She traveled long in role of sage
From Sarumves she strayed.

Of elves, the wordsmiths, great was she,
Of dweomer magic greater still
And wandering, light-limbed and free
She taught them both with skill.

To beast and tree and delving dwarf
With lithe, quick step and watchful eye
The Élhil learning she brought forth
All learned it that would try.

Because goodwill she always sought
To liferock cold she learning bore
With tongue of gold full well she wrought
'Tween dwarf and elf rapport.

But fades the summer, comes the fall
And elven lands will wear away
And cold will grow both hearth and hall
For nature's law's decay.

From elven ken Talkana passed
Though loved they fierce the elven maid
They searched strange lands both cold and vast
But then returned to glade.

Now light shines pale in Alústel
And sorrow marks the Sarumves
Where Talkana's graceful feet once fell
But nevermore shall rest.

For fades the summer from glade and vale
And elven lands are brown and sere
As ever colder grows the trail
Of moondaughter who disappeared.
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