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Origin and Early History

As many believe, Argonians come from the central portion of Telluria. Imperials call it The Black Marsh, while the elves call it Argonia. Originally a race native to the continent of Naranduil, Argonians fled during the Invoked Devastation and can now be found in a wide range of environments and climates throughout Andurin, except in places where extremes are prevalent (such as the continent of Tincoras, for example).

On Telluria, Argonians are more common in central and northwestern Telluria, especially in the lands of the Empire. They are uncommon in the southern kingdoms and all but rare in the lands of the Council.

Shortly after Mel’Cendia was founded, the Imperials seized the Black Marsh, and not soon after discovered a race, that were referred to as Lizard-Men. The elves named them Argonians. They were an extremely solitary and timid race.

They also were a very primitive race. Huts had yet to be invented and the most used weapon was a branch with a pointed end, but unlike any other race they did not worship gods, but spore plants, and trees, such as the naming tree which we will discuss later.

In the year 560, a strange disease called the Knahaten Flu spread through Argonia, killing non-Argonians. It was discovered that the origin of the flu came from a spore plant worshipped by the lizardfolk, and that they were immune to its effects. Shortly thereafter, rumors spread that the Argonians created the disease to further genocide within the Empire, as revenge for settling in their lands. Hostilities grew towards Argonians, until a breaking point was reached, in the form of institutionalized slavery by the Emperor at the time, Cycrusius IV. History attributes that Cycrusius IV was responsible for re-creating the attitude towards slavery that the Empire has had since his reign to modern times.

Physiology and Culture

Like all reptiles, they are cold blooded, and in colder regions require sun basking, to raise their body heat.

They also have a very different way to identify sex. The best way is to look at their crest, like every other reptile only the male has a very pronounced crest, while the female has none.

Another way to identify the sexes is by the markings. Males have a different scale pattern on their back. This pattern is a large blue group of scales stretching from the top of their head to the tip of their tail. You will also find these blue scales on their hands, and hips. Their feet are also covered with blue scales in the middle.

Argonian claws are extremely sharp, as males use them as powerful weapons. Often an Argonian will sharpen their claws, both on the feet and the hands. The claws on the feet are very long, almost a foot in length. and can injure a creature severely in very little time.

Like every reptile they lay eggs; the eggs are soft and white. Argonians are very resistant of disease, and immune to most non-magical poison.

Argonians have a small figure, compared to orcs, but are tall, and males tend to be well-built, although short. Argonian males are 6’ tall and weigh about 165-170 pounds, while females are slightly shorter, by one or two inches and generally weigh about 20 lbs. less. Height ranges exclude horns or bone crests.

Argonians’ diet is composed of fish, small animals, plants, fruits and vegetables.

An Argonian will lay about one to two eggs that take an average of six months to hatch. At about 15 years of age, any hatchlings will become independent. Argonians tend to live lengthy lives (if not brought low by other circumstances). A typical Argonian life span is about 150 years.

Argonians are very primitive, and are not very social to other than their own race. When outside their country, they often seek a low population or a isolated region. Most will become farmers, while some will be captured and turned into slaves. Many times, they do not have the resources or don't make profit with farms, and go to a life of thievery. Their natural agility, and their keen sense of danger, makes them a perfect criminal. Because of their history, Argonians rarely find a job or get badly paid. Society largely distrusts them on this basis and also due to their past history.

Like every species they mate, and the female is often the one looking, they will wear various types of weeds and fruits, impaled on their horns, and dangling. Many females choose wisely the types of fruits and weeds, as some have a scent that some find more attractive, since Argonians often do not wear clothing.

Their language is very complex, it is composed of click, hisses, squeaks and growls, no other race has been capable to decipher their complex language and are also unable to make the sounds they make. A few have managed to learn how to communicate in Common, but not these are relatively rare.

Argonians live in small tribal groups. They build their homes in trees, caves, or make primitive tents.

Little is known about Argonian religious beliefs. The most known ceremony is called The Naming Ceremony. It is where the family of a new offspring goes to a large tree called the naming tree. It is there that a family will chose a name for their offspring.

When the Ceremony starts all the other Argonians watch the young one very closely, and from his or her acts a name is decided. The ceremony last about one to two weeks.

When a name is decided, it will be to best describe is or her personality. For instance, if an Argonian usually walks on all is or her four legs, he may get Nine-Toes. The name will be in Argonian language. For example, Hej-Ei is Hides-His-Eyes in English.

The name is usually a two to four syllable name, for example, Skink-In-Tree-Shade, would be given to an Argonian that spends many hours sun basking under a tree. A very popular name, Hides-Is-Tail, is often given to an Argonian that lives outside Argonia, where they may try to hide their own tails, so nobody finds out he is an Argonian.

Argonians call themselves "The People Of The Root". Some believe that their descendants are from plant life or evolved from plants. Some actually say that they lived on Andurin long before the elven races. None of these beliefs have been confirmed. Argonians tend to be pacifists but will act to defend themselves if provoked.

In Argonian culture, they treat each other as if all were part of a family. Greetings are usually given by saying "Tidings marsh sister" (for females of their own race), or "marsh brother" (for males).

A single hut or cave can house a minimum of two families.

Game Information:


(If you choose to create an Argonian PC, I will enforce the naming convention. --Stan)

An Argonian is given a name between 6 to 10 years of age during the Naming Ceremony. The parents of the Argonian will observe the young for a few weeks and decide a name that best describes their personality.

An Argonian that likes to climbs trees would be called Climbs-Trees.

Next thing to consider is the language. The language of the Argonians is called Hist. It is composed of clicks, grunts, hisses and other sounds that form words.

Every name can be translated into English which gives names similar to the one above.

Hist names

The names are not translated and are usually harder to pronounce. Ral-Jiktar is a Hist name.

There are three types of Hist syllables. Rough Rs, soft letters like E, J, I and glottal stops like K.

Certain sounds are pronounced a lot longer than other letters. Ex: Rrrralll. Rs are usually followed by E, A, I and O. but not always. Examples: Ramka, Rista, Imras, Lirme.

Soft letters are produced very softly, they are usually short and sound like a low hiss. Most soft letters are followed by an other soft letter. Examples, Hej, Eime, Mijei, Ema.

Now that you know the basics its off to complex names or adding the second part.

Ramka is a one part name, while Jel-Ramka is a two part name. The first part is usually 2 to 5 letters long. The second part is 2 to 8 letters long. Only in rare cases are there three parts


English Names

These are easier to say and remember but can be hard to find.

Argonian get names that best describes their personality. A caring Argonian could be called Gold-Heart
An Argonian that avoids eye to eye contact could be called Hides-His-Eyes. An Argonian that spends time sun basking could be called Skink-In-Tree-Shade.

Above are the three types of names. 2, 3 and 4 word names. They are all in the 3rd of the singular Verbs. (Sometime they have 5 words, but this is very rare.)

In other words He and She Went. Is a 3rd singular Verb.

In 3 and 4 Word Names their is no adjective (Gold, Big, Smelly, etc.). They all lack the word "The". The-Helping-Traveler does not exist it would simply be Helping-Traveler.

Names like these only have 2 to 4 Words, no more or less. He-Who-Think-He-Is-Big-And-Strong is not an Argonian word. One-With-Big-Strength is the same thing and much shorter.

Names are never used as an insult.

Lurks-In-Shadow is good for an assassin.
Seeker-of-Death is good for a barbarian.
Takes-Not-Need is a good name for a thief
Runner-Of-Magic is good for an arcane user.
Honor-That-She-Seeks is a great name for a paladin or a knight

Game Information (regular)
  • Argonian PCs are ECL +3, in light of their varied abilities and characteristics. Make your choice accordingly.
  • +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence. Argonians are hardy and able to adapt to rugged environments but are not particularly mentally agile.
  • Argonian PCs begin the game with an additional 2 HD worth of hit points.
  • Reflecting their origins as natural warriors, PCs begin the game with an additional base attack. Argonians have a natural AC of 15 and a +3 racial bonus to Reflex saving throws.
  • At 1st level, Argonian PCs receive +6 to Jump, +8 to Swim and +4 to Balance. They possess the Multiattack feat and are immune to nonmagical poison. They have a +4 bonus to Fortitude saving throws involving disease resistance
  • All Argonians have a base speed of 40 feet. They can see up to 30' with darkvision.
  • All Argonians are proficient in great spear or javelin, in addition to their normal preferred weapon proficiencies.
  • Argonians may be of any character class.
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