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Unlike the other races of Andurin, Khajiit are descendants from the great cats of the desert, and still bear a remarkable similarity to them. Khajiits are typically very fast and agile, and are as likely to become a master thief than anything else. They typically decorate their faces with colorful paints either to mark a clan or family, or merely for taste. The word khajiit comes from their native tongue.

A family-tribe of Khajiit, known as a pride, might include a wide variety of appearances, from those that still stalk on all fours, to those who are almost elven except for their tales. Khajiit attribute their strange biology to the workings of the ja-Kha'jay, or the 'Moonstrings' or 'Lunar Lattice', a magical and semi-divine phenomena believed to originate from the influence of Andurin’s moons. According to their native tradition, a Khajiit born while Beviir is full and Elantyreth a crescent will become a jaguar-like, cathay-raht, while one born under the opposite conditions will be nothing more than a smart house cat. Even the greatest cat, the Senche-tiger, has been found to merely be another form of a Khajiit. Over 20 distinct forms have been documented so far although in the Khajiit society, no one form is more important than the other, with the exception of the Mane form. The ohmes, or 'man-faced' Khajiit is the most common and is the usual type seen outside of their homeland, in the desert of Zayal.

The Mane, while the unofficial head-of-state, is no more a "breed" of khajiit than any other, he is simply unique. Khajiit tradition holds that only one Mane may be alive at any one time; indeed, it is believed among the Khajiit that there exists only one Mane, who is simply reborn in different bodies with the passage of time. Whether this is true or not, there has been no recorded instance of multiple Manes contending for power; if this in turn supports the Khajiti belief, or is merely the result of the ruling Mane eliminating any potential rivals ere they can mature, cannot be determined.

Khajiit are catfolk, and a race originally native to central and northwestern Telluria. Over time, Khajiit have travelled to other parts of Telluria and Andurin, and can now be found in just about most environments and climates. They have adapted well to most societies, having overcome prejudicial barriers for the most part although in some cases, old habits die hard.

The ja-Kha'jay makes the Khajiit culture quite strange and alien from that found elsewhere in Andurin. At a quick glance it may first appear as a form of lycanthropy although, unlike that disease, it is not contagious or temporal. A Khajiit retains its form of birth throughout its lifetime and the moons, although they affect in what form the Khajiit will be born in, do not affect it after that. There are no known shapeshifting Khajiit. Khajiit are often garbed in an ample shawl of brightly colored cloth for defense against the sun as well as the odd saber cut. The chief attire is the shirt, or budi which is fastened in braids down the right side and prevents any part of the torso fur from being seen. Often jewelry, trinkets and especially tattoos adorn the individual. Tattoos are known to have both religious and legal significance. Trends amoung younger ohmes are the addition of feline facial tattoos that make them resemble their more savage bethren. Khajiit favour the use of their sharp and retractable claws as weapons although many have also mastered the sabre, scimitar, dagger, and longbow.

Although the moons of Andurin shape the form of the Khajiit, they also greatly influence their society and religious worship. Each of the various breeds of Khajiit has its own patron deity represented by particular phases or combination of phases of the three moons. Although originally thought to be merely another form of ancestor worship, studies have shown that the Khajiitian deities of Thendras and the Zay’ali gods Thoth-ket and Basht are actually Aspects of several primary divinities commonly worshipped elsewhere in Andurin. Similarly, the dark spirits or dro-m'Arthra of their beliefs, represented by the inverse phases of the moons, are merely infernals from the lower realms of Sul, the immortal plane. Khajiit believe that the gods bestow blessings to their chosen people in the form of moon-sugar, a substance found native to the province of Belrath in eastern Thendras. By partaking of the sugar, the Khajiit believe they are consuming, in part, a small portion of the gods' eternal souls.

This belief, along with the natural narcotic effects of moon-sugar, drives the Khajiit into fits of ecstasy and abandon, leaving the streets of Mel'Cendia's major cities full of catmen shivering in the grip of sugar-fits. A particularly potent derivative of moon-sugar, known as skooma, is often smoked through a water-pipe, inducing upon the Khajiit wild bursts of passion greater than that experienced from raw moon-sugar; however, the use of skooma leaves its victims addicted for life, and in constant, alternating states of euphoria and lethargy. Nevertheless, moon-sugar is a daily part of Khajiit life, as well as comprising the chief export of Belrath, smuggled out in vast quantities of both raw and refined forms.

The natural propensity towards moon-sugar has lent a certain "sweet-tooth" to the Khajiiti, the food of Belrath invariably being sweet; candies, cakes, puddings, and sugar-meats are the staples of the Khajiit diet, each generously sprinkled or taken in part with moon-sugar.

Khajiit can vary in appearance from nearly elven to the cathay-raht "jaguar men" to the great Senche-Tiger. The most common breed, the suthay-raht (catfolk), is intelligent, quick, and agile. Many Khajiit disdain weapons in favor of their natural claws. They make excellent thieves due to their natural agility and unmatched acrobatics skill. Their angular faces feature prominent cheekbones, heavy brows and a jutting, somewhat pointed lower jaw. Underbites that display their sharp lower canines are common. Their fur is usually dark, shaded toward black, with reddish, purple or blue tints. Eyes can be brown, black, violet, yellow, or orange.

Males have shoulder-length manes that shade from black near the roots to a brighter display of tinting at the ends. Pointed, tufted ears stand up through the hair from a position slightly higher on the head than human ears. These have a bit of mobility, and can swivel and perk to a small extent. Females are slightly sleeker-looking than the males, with short hair on their heads and sharper, longer claws. Males normally trim their claws in a traditional display of peaceful intent.

Khajiit usually refer to themselves in the third person singular as the use of the word "I", "me", "mine" and other forms of the first person are rare in the Khajiiti language. This usage carries over to Common.

Game Information
  • +2 Dex, -2 Cha Khajiit are exceptionally agile and dexterous but are not particularly personable and are often deficient when engaging in relationships.
  • All Khajiit receive two free ranks in Hide or Move Silently (chosen at character creation), along with two free ranks in Jump.
  • Khajiit PCs start at 1st level with a racial bonus of +2 to Reflex saving throws and a racial penalty of -2 to Will saving throws, irrespective of their chosen class. This reflects both their physical nature and their tendency to be easily distracted or lose focus when engaging in important tasks.
  • Khajiit possess the ability to see as far as 60' with darkvision.
  • Khajiit are immune to enchantment/charm spells of zero level.
  • All Khajiit are proficient with a throwing weapon or a short sword irrespective of the preferred weapons of their character class(es).
  • Favored Classes: Algai'd'siswai*, Barber**, Beggar-thief**, Fighter, Rogue.
  • Allowed Classes: Algai'd'siswai*, Askar**, Barbarian, Barber**, Bard, Beggar-thief**, Cleric, Cleric of the Faith Ethical**, Cleric of the Faith Moral**, Cleric of the Faith Pragmatic**, Desert Rider**, Druid, Fighter, Elemental Mage**, Hakima**, Kahin**, Merchant-rogue**, Monk, Ranger, Rawun**, Rogue, Sa'luk**, Shai'ir**, Sorcerer, Wanderer*, Wilder* (cannot be Aes Sedai, asha'man or a Wise One), Wizard, Woodsman*.
  • * indicates Wheel of Time character class.
  • ** indicates Arabian Adventures character class.
  • Khajiit cannot be lawful in alignment.
  • Khajiit begin the game at social level 3 if below 9th level. If 9th level or above, they begin at social level 4, irrespective of their starting level. This reflects the slight notoriety that Khajiit possess, as a formerly wild race looked down upon by civilized folk. Khajiit have a slightly more difficult time raising their social level than other individuals. (Those who are rumored to be natural thieves have difficulties gaining the trust of society.)
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