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Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2988) J

Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2988) J.C....
(2984) Lunauc: thanks
(2985) TaliesinNYC: (2349) DM: The crow flies over to Amazzar's body and rests on it.
(2336) Helisandra: "No, I don't think so. The runes on the clay jar mentioned... uh.. an word to allow someone to visualize a place and be there." she explains, taking care not to mention the activation word while holding the rod.
(2337) Garret: "Teleportation Rod...? Sounds fun."
(2336) Helisandra: "Of course, it could still help us, as long as it could move us to places we haven't seen before."
(2337) Garret: :looks to the crow: "Good birdy."
** (2336) Helisandra looks a little closer at the rod, shielding her eyes from the inner light. "Not easy to hide though, must be why it was kept in the jar." **
** (2337) Garret moves to pick Amazzar off the floor, asking the bird, "Show me where to lay him...?" **
(2370) Ian: " Is anyone in need of healing?"
(2370) Ian: " Now is the time to speak up,for we can not be sure when the next battle may happen.''
(2351) Jaron: "I'm fine, thank you."
(2336) Helisandra: "I am well Ian, thanks for asking."
(2339) Calehan: "No harm here, thankfully."
(2336) Helisandra: "So, should we go ahead and check out Bzallin's old place while he rests? If we can get there and back magically, we should be able to be quick enough about it."
(2337) Garret: "I'm not bad off.. though yo may want to see to the wolf."
(2336) Helisandra: "And yourself. The two of you took the most hits."
(2370) Ian: " Tian may I offer you aide?"
** (2336) Helisandra looks to Tian, telling him to accept the help with her eyes. **
(2331) Tian: "Sure"
** (2337) Garret sees the mage off to his bed, while Tian gets fixed up **
** (2331) Tian is sitting and bleeding on the floor **
** (2370) Ian walks over to Tian,gently places his hand on his shoulder," May the grace of Solnor bind your wounds.'' ( Lay On Hands) ( 64 hp healed) **

(2985) TaliesinNYC: (from last session -- assume you rested up in the interim)
** (2983) Ian heals those who are in still in need. **
(2982) Zane: (( So - everyone agree to make a quick run to Bzallin's old place? Then back here to check on Amazzar before heading to the town to see if we can find this mysterious item (hoping Amazzar can tell us more when we return? ))
(2980) Donovan: ((That sounds like our best option, if we can get Amazzar to recover swiftly.))
(2984) Garret: (okay.. but only if we can stop for burgers on the way back)
(2980) Calehan: ((If we can't*))
(2982) Helisandra: "Is Amazzar likely to wake up soon? He seemed to take a nasty fall there."
(2980) Calehan: "I think having his home invaded like that was a nasty shock to him."
(2983) Ian: " I will tend his wounds Helisandra.''
(2985) DM: He's still sleeping.
(2982) Helisandra: "I ask because if he's not likely to wake soon, we might as well head out to Bzallin's and see if there is anything still there after the fire."
(2984) Garret: "Agreed. No point hanging around for days, if we can find what we need there on our own in hours."
(2983) Ian: " Will you be needing my services Helisandra?"
(2982) Helisandra: "No, I am fine. But thank you."
(2983) Ian: " Shall I stay here and tend to Amazzar or will you be wanting me to join you at Bzalin's?"
(2982) Helisandra: "There *should* be no trouble at Bzallin's - and Amazzar's attackers could return. However, it is your decision."
(2988) Jaron: "I didn't think there would be any trouble here either, that belief was wrong."
(2980) Calehan: "More to the point, if his attackers return, do you think that you could fend them off alone? Could any one of us?"
(2983) Ian: " As you say his attackers could return,so I will stay here in case they do return,I trust Solnor will look after the rest of you.''
(2983) Ian: " I am quite capable of fending off the undead Calehan.''
** (2982) Helisandra looks to Amazzar and then to the crow. "Actually, no Ian - let's all go. I'd rather we all stick together." **
(2982) Helisandra: (( she's a woman - she can change her mind. :-P ))
(2984) Garret: (You go girl)
(2983) Ian: " As you wish m'lady.''
(2984) Garret: "Yeah, Solnor will likely have our backs better, if his hand isn't a few leagues away."
(2982) Helisandra: "And we leave Amazzar here under Solnor's watch and care. Do what you can to keep him safe Ian, but then let's get going. With any luck, we'll get back before there's any trouble here anyway."
** (2983) Ian covers the man up with a blanket,placing a cool rag on his head,then bows his head and speaks a quiet prayer over the man. ( casting bless on him) **
** (2982) Helisandra absent-mindedly takes out her small smooth onyx stone which she begins rolling around in her hand while Ian does what he can. **
** (2988) Jaron pushes himself off the wall, rearranging his coat as the group prepares to leave. **
** (2980) Calehan goes over preparations before leaving, checking his blades for readiness before replacing them. **
(2983) Ian: " I am ready,I have asked Solnor to bless him.''
** (2982) Tian stands in a corner of the room, shifting from foot to foot waiting to get out of the enclosed room. **
(2980) Calehan: "Let's go then. The longer we're standing around here, the bigger that hole is going to get."
(2982) Helisandra: "Ok. Everyone gather around. I guess holding hands wouldn't hurt either." She replaces her stone and takes out the rod that the crow found for them. "Calehan, hopefully this will get us there properly, but I want to make sure that you are ready to return us here in case anything goes wrong."
(2984) Garret: "Great, so we're planning on everything going wrong now."
** (2988) Jaron smirks as he joins the rest of the group. **
** (2984) Garret moves to take a hand, offering, "At least we'll go to the Hell's in unison. **
(2980) Calehan: "Planning for everything to go wrong, anyway."
** (2980) Calehan looks around the room and focuses on a spot that'll be notable and easier to remember. **
(2988) Jaron: "My father always tried to teach me to prepare for the worst, there are less surprises that way."
** (2982) Helisandra holds hands with one person, keeping her other hand free to hold the rod. She closes her eyes, concentrating on Bzallin's old living quarters that were burned in a fire. She thinks on the place for a couple moments before finally uttering a single word, 'Transport". **
(2982) Helisandra: (( well - do that once we all get together. ))
(2983) Ian: " You may go there Garret,but Solnor will not let me go there,I am to sit at his table and serve him in the next life as well.''
(2985) DM: You appear on a small hill overlooking Bzallin's ruined citadel.
(2984) Garret: "An afterlife as a busboy... hope the tips are god at least."
** (2982) Tian breathes deep when they reappear, taking in the fresh open air. **
(2985) DM: There is a well-worn path that runs close by and leads up through the front gate surrounding the courtyard.
(2982) Helisandra: "Well, bless my soul - it worked."
** (2988) Jaron scans the area, hand one his hilt of his rapier. **
(2983) Ian: " See Solnor guided us.''
(2988) Jaron: "Or the item worked as it was suppose to."
** (2983) Ian begins to walk towards the citadel **
(2980) Calehan: "Something like that."
** (2984) Garret looks about cautiously, before resettling his eyes on the former citadel, "We're sure this is the right blasted stronghold, right?" **
(2982) Helisandra: "Or both. But we won't ever figure out which standing here."
(2982) Helisandra: "Only one way to find out Garret." she says with a smile.
(2982) Helisandra: (( Is the rod still glowly brightly? ))
(2980) Calehan: "How many blasted strongholds can there be around here?"
** (2988) Jaron follows Ian down the path towards the ruins. **
(2984) Garret: :shrugs: "True." :follows along toward the door.:
** (2980) Calehan draws his blades and approaches the ruins as well. **
(2985) DM: ((yes))
** (2982) Helisandra hides the rod away in an inner pocket before following the group down the path. **
(2985) DM: Bzallin's ruined citadel is contained by a high circular wall of mortared stone. Five towers are evenly spaced along its northern perimeter. The SW tower has been reduced to a pile of rubble, while three other towers suffer from collapsed ceilings and gaping holes. The northernmost tower stands taller than the wall and remains perfectly intact. The tower's entrance is blocked by a pair of scorched bronze doors.
** (2983) Ian comes to a stop near the door leading into the citadel,he closes his eyes briefly. **
(2985) DM: The courtyard has a grassy floor and its perimeter is lined with debris and rubble from the collapsed towers. The thick wooden doors which once secured the courtyard entrance have been scarred by fire and knocked to the ground.
** (2984) Garret stares at the ruined entrance a moment, breaking the silence in ironic comment, "So... should we knock?" **
** (2983) Ian he reaches down and slowly draws his longsword,the sound of the steel slowly being drawn from its scabbard makes a hissing sound as the blade softly glows. **
** (2982) Helisandra moves up to the entrance and peers into the courtyard, making sure there are no enemies around the corner. **
(2985) DM: It appears to be quite empty.
(2983) Ian: " There is evil here,I can taste it .''
** (2982) Tian snifs the air, as though searching for any ill scents. **
(2980) Calehan: "Is it kind of greasy?"
(2982) Helisandra: "Then I am very glad we talked you into joining us."
(2984) Garret: :raises a brow to Calehan: "I figured evil would taste more stale, no?"
** (2983) Ian smiles at her," Yes Solnor would not have been pleased if you were to face evil alone.'' **
(2982) Helisandra: "Well, I don't see anything immediately inside - so this evil is likely further in."
(2983) Ian: " It tastes like blackness Calehan.''
(2984) Garret: :glances to Ina, then to Cale: "Any idea what blackness tastes like?"
** (2983) Ian enters the courtyard **
(2982) Helisandra: "Not good." Heli replies, moving in behind Ian.
(2980) Calehan: "I might have some slight idea."
(2982) Helisandra: (( replies to Garret... ))
** (2984) Garret looks up at Heli's words, hand on his sword hilt **
(2984) Garret: (oh duh)
** (2982) Helisandra moves through the courtyard, her eyes scanning the towers, whole and ruined, for any signs of movement. **
(2983) Ian: " Solnor give my allies the strength to face this evil.''
(2984) Garret: :aside to Cale: "I think I had that at a bad inn once then."
** (2983) Ian begins to walk towards the tower that is not damaged. **
(2984) Garret: "Though it looked more grayish." :follows along afer Ian and Heli:
(2982) Helisandra: "Yes Ian, that would be the most likely path, but hold on."
** (2982) Helisandra moves up to the closed bronze doors, searching them for any traps and listening for any sounds on the other side. **
** (2980) Calehan looks around the courtyard for any lingering magical auras. **
(2985) DM: The ground begins to tremble.
** (2988) Jaron turns his back to the doors, keeping an eye out for movement while Helisandra works at the doors. **
** (2983) Ian stops as he turns to Helisandra," There is evil near,I will wait but not for long,for it needs to be destroyed.'' **
** (2980) Calehan quickly begins a spell as the ground begins to shake. **
(2982) Helisandra: "And it may have found us." she mutters, as the ground begins to shake.
** (2988) Jaron draws his rapier. "That can't be good." **
** (2982) Helisandra moves the the whole tower, and climbs up the wall a couple feet. **
** (2980) Calehan shuffles nearer the more whole portions of the courtyard wall. **
(2985) DM: Two gigantic forms begin to rise out of the earth in the center of the courtyard.
(2988) Jaron: "Yeah, definitely classifies as not good."
** (2982) Tian growls and draws out Frenzy Fang. **
** (2980) Calehan finishes his first spell, one blade taking on a wispy aspect as it's charged with magickal potential (Greater Invisibility ready, if I may.) **
** (2984) Garret squares his stance, as he watches the forms come into sight. "Door greeters perhaps?" **
** (2983) Ian turns facing the two large forms," Stay close and trust in Solnor my friends.'' **
(2985) DM: The forms are anthromorphic, yet feel alien in scope.
(2985) DM: Init
(2980) Calehan: Initiative: [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
(2982) Helisandra: Initiative: [1d20+8] => [7,8] = (15)
(2988) Jaron: Initiative: [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13)
(2984) Garret: init: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20-1] => [19,-1] = (18)
(2983) Ian: Init: [1d20+5+4] => [8,5,4] = (17)
(2982) Tian: Init: [1d20+11] => [7,11] = (18) (I think, but seems low)
(2985) DM: (you have 2 rounds to act before combat begins)
(2980) Calehan: ((Round 1, trigger invis and cast haste for everyone. Round 2, empowered Vampiric Touch.))
(2985) DM: (anyone else for round 1?)
(2982) Tian: (( move up to where the forms are emerging from - and prepare to attack. ))
(2985) DM: (k)
(2985) DM: It appears that the forms are composed of earth.
(2984) Garret: (how far away are the .. whatever they are?)
(2984) Garret: (Garrest will likely follow in with Tian, to hack at them before they form.)
(2985) DM: The courtyard is 150' in diameter and they are in the exact center. Each occupies 40' square.
(2982) Helisandra: (( hop off the wall and draw out my rapier, moving toward them, trying to keep out of sight (using others as needed) - 2 rounds total ))
(2983) Ian: " Helisandra now may be a good time to try the doors.''
(2985) DM: (18, Tian)
(2984) Garret: (40'? hehe.. escaping into the citadel may work too. ;p)
(2982) Helisandra: (( or not. Forget that idea - try the doors instead. One round to check the doors for traps, one round to unlock (if necessary) ))
(2982) Tian: (( this during the two free rounds? ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+24] => [2,24] = (26)
(2982) Tian: (( or is this after those two rounds? ))
(2985) DM: ((I'm going to rule during the two free rounds))
** (2982) Tian moves up to near where the closest figure is emerging from, Frenzy Fang out ready to attack. **
(2985) DM: (anyone else want to act? Garret?)
** (2983) Ian moves up next to Tian **
** (2984) Garret will follow toward the door, standing guard while Heli tries to get it open. **
(2985) DM: (2nd round commencing.)
(2985) DM: (18, Tian)
(2980) Calehan: ((So while we wait, how tall are these things?))
(2985) DM: ((gigantic))
(2985) DM: ((at least 20' high))
** (2982) Tian can't hold it in and attacks the form, Calehan's spell aididng his numerous attacks on the forming gigantic beast. **
(2992) Silverleaf (enter): 22:26
(2992) Silverleaf (exit): 22:26
(2982) Tian: Attacks: [1d20+32] => [20,32] = (52), [1d20+32] => [18,32] = (50), [1d20+27] => [13,27] = (40), [1d20+22] => [10,22] = (32)
(2985) DM: (just total up the damage)
(2982) Tian: (( crits applicable? ))
(2985) DM: (sec)
(2985) DM: (no)
(2985) DM: (wait, we're checking)
(2985) DM: (no, not applicable)
(2994) Donovan (enter): 22:32
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2994) Donovan...
(2985) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2980) Donovan' from room...
(2980) Donovan (exit): 22:32
(2982) Tian: Damage for four hits: [1d6+5+7+1d6+5+7+1d6+5+7+1d6+5+7] => [4,5,7,5,5,7,2,5,7,2,5,7] = (61)
(2985) DM: (k)
(2985) DM: It doesn't seem to have reacted all that much.
(2985) DM: (17, Ian)
(2983) Ian: Holy Longsword +3 Attack Roll: [1d20+25] => [13,25] = (38) ===> Damage: [1d8+5+3+2d6+5] => [8,5,3,3,6,5] = (30)
(2983) Ian: Holy Longsword +3 Attack Roll: [1d20+20] => [17,20] = (37) ===> Damage: [1d8+5+3+2d6+5] => [7,5,3,5,4,5] = (29)
(2983) Ian: Holy Longsword +3 Attack Roll: [1d20+25] => [1,25] = (26) ===> Damage: [1d8+5+3+2d6+5] => [2,5,3,5,1,5] = (21)
(2983) Ian: Holy Longsword +3 Attack Roll: [1d20+15] => [9,15] = (24) ===> Damage: [1d8+5+3+2d6+5] => [4,5,3,3,3,5] = (23)
(2983) Ian: Holy Longsword +3 Attack Roll: [1d20+10] => [12,10] = (22) ===> Damage: [1d8+5+3+2d6+5] => [7,5,3,1,1,5] = (22)
(2985) DM: (26, 24 and 22 miss)
(2983) Ian: ( so 59 total)
(2985) DM: (16, Cale)
** (2994) Donovan follows up his haste spell with another spell while unseen. (Empowered Vampiric Touch at the ready.) **
** (2994) Calehan follows up his haste spell with another spell while unseen. (Empowered Vampiric Touch at the ready.) **
(2994) Calehan: (And done.)
(2985) DM: (15, Heli)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+22] => [6,22] = (28)
(2985) DM: (13, Jaron)
** (2982) Tian quickly works on unlocking the doors, preparing to open them as soon as she can. (Next round I take it to open them?) **
(2985) DM: (k)
** (2982) Helisandra quickly works on unlocking the doors, preparing to open them as soon as she can. (Next round I take it to open them?) **
** (2988) Jaron looks back at Helisandra for a moment, noting her progress, before moving in towards the creatures before him. **
(2988) Jaron: (( Done. ))
(2985) DM: (5, Gar)
** (2984) Garret will stick by Heli for the moment, keeping an eye on the others, should they need aid before the door is open. **
(2984) Garret: (ready action to move if the monsters are ready early)
(2984) Garret: (done)
(2985) DM: (k)
(2985) DM: (18, the elementals)
(2985) DM: The forms finish rising out of the earth and commence their attack.
(2985) DM: (elemental 1 will proceed to crush Tian, 2 will turn on Ian.)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+38] => [2,38] = (40),[1d20+38] => [15,38] = (53),[1d20+38
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+38] => [11,38] = (49).[1d20+38] => [8,38] = (46)
(2985) DM: (AC 40, 53) -- Tian, (49, 46) -- Ian
(2982) Tian: (( one hit ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d10+15] => [4,1,4,15] = (24)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d10+15] => [2,1,2,15] = (20),[3d10+15] => [1,7,2,15] = (25)
(2985) DM: (18, Tian)
** (2982) Tian continues to hack at the same elemental, trying to keep it distracted. **
(2982) Tian: Attacks: [1d20+32] => [2,32] = (34), [1d20+32] => [18,32] = (50), [1d20+27] => [9,27] = (36), [1d20+22] => [20,22] = (42)
(2985) DM: (even the 2 hits.)
(2982) Tian: Damage for four hits: [1d6+5+7+1d6+5+7+1d6+5+7+1d6+5+7] => [6,5,7,3,5,7,4,5,7,2,5,7] = (63)
(2985) DM: (17, Ian)
(2983) Ian: Holy Longsword +3 Attack Roll: [1d20+25] => [1,25] = (26) ===> Damage: [1d8+5+3+2d6+5] => [4,5,3,1,2,5] = (20)
(2983) Ian: Holy Longsword +3 Attack Roll: [1d20+20] => [18,20] = (38) ===> Damage: [1d8+5+3+2d6+5] => [8,5,3,2,4,5] = (27)
(2983) Ian: Holy Longsword +3 Attack Roll: [1d20+25] => [3,25] = (28) ===> Damage: [1d8+5+3+2d6+5] => [1,5,3,6,3,5] = (23)
(2983) Ian: Holy Longsword +3 Attack Roll: [1d20+10] => [4,10] = (14) ===> Damage: [1d8+5+3+2d6+5] => [6,5,3,4,5,5] = (28)
(2983) Ian: Holy Longsword +3 Attack Roll: [1d20+15] => [16,15] = (31) ===> Damage: [1d8+5+3+2d6+5] => [1,5,3,4,6,5] = (24)
(2985) DM: (38 and 31 hit)
(2985) DM: (16, Cale. already calculated dmg)
(2983) Ian: ( 51 total )
** (2994) Calehan walks right up to the rock monster the others are focusing on and pokes it with his necrotically charged knife, setting himself in a position to easily reach at least the feet of the two creatures. **
(2994) Calehan: Attack: +4 Spell Storing Dagger [1d20+9+4+4+1+1] => [13,9,4,4,1,1] = (32)
(2985) DM: (dmg)
(2994) Calehan: Piercing/Slashing: +4 Dagger [1d4+4] => [1,4] = (5) Vampiric Touch [8d6*1.5] => 46.5
(2985) DM: 0.o
(2985) DM: (round it up)
(2994) Calehan: (That crazy dieroller.)
(2994) Calehan: (47 and 5.)
(2985) DM: (15, Heli)
** (2982) Helisandra opens the door to the tower. "Come on." she calls to the others (unless she missed a trap on the door...) **
(2982) Helisandra: (( if no problems, enter the tower and end turn. ))
(2985) DM: ah
(2985) DM: (who is next to Heli? anyone?)
(2988) Jaron: (( Garret was I think. ))
(2994) Calehan: ((Garret, m'fraid.))
(2984) Garret: (about 10' nearby waiting)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [2] = (2)
(2985) DM: On opening the door, she drops to the ground, unconscious.
(2985) DM: (13, Jaron)
(2984) Garret: "What the..?"
(2985) DM: A flashing rune appears on the door. It's quite visible.
** (2988) Jaron strikes out against the creature. (Same one Tian is on). **
(2988) Jaron: Shocking Burst Rapier - Full Attack Action:
Attack Roll: [1d20+17] => [6,17] = (23) (Crit on 35-37(18-20), x2) Damage Roll: [2d6+3] => [5,1,3] = (9)

Haste Attack Roll: [1d20+17+1] => [20,17,1] = (38) (Crit on 36-38(18-20), x2) Damage Roll: [2d6+3] => [2,1,3] = (6)

Attack Roll: [1d20+11] => [14,11] = (25) (Crit on 29-31(18-20), x2) Damage Roll: [2d6+3] => [2,2,3] = (7)

(2985) DM: (was that 3 attacks?)
(2985) DM: (if the AC you hit was 29 or less, you missed)
(2988) Jaron: (( Yeah, 3 attacks, 23, 38 and 25. 1 hit for 6 damage...)
(2988) Jaron: (( Done ))
(2985) DM: (5, Gar)
** (2984) Garret moves to check if Heli is still alive, and that nothing threatening is coming from the doorway. **
(2985) DM: Nothing comes through the doorway. Through the now open door is a circular chamber that appears to be empty. A closed wooden door is opposite you. Flanking it are two statues of a robed and uncowled wizard. They are quite lifelike in appearance and coincide with the description of Bzallin given to you by Amazzar.
whispering to Lunauc, she's still alive
(2985) DM: (18, the elementals)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+38] => [12,38] = (50),[1d20+38] => [8,38] = (46),[1d20+38] => [9,38] = (47),[1d20+38] => [9,38] = (47)
** (2984) Garret picks up Heli, hoisting her over his shoulder, as he moves into the building, calling back, "If you're coming in, now is the time!" **
(2985) DM: on Tian (AC 50,46), on Ian (47x2)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [6d10+30] => [8,4,6,3,3,2,30] = (56)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [6d10+30] => [2,9,9,3,1,2,30] = (56)
(2985) DM: (18, Tian)
(2982) Tian: Tian growls as the elemental strikes him solidly, "About time." he calls back to Garret - withdrawing from the elemental and moving into the tower.
(2982) Tian: (( done ))
(2985) DM: (17, Ian)
** (2983) Ian seeing Tian retreat,decides that it is not such a bad idea and follows suit,heading back to the tower. **
(2985) DM: (13, Jaron)
(2985) DM: (er sorry)
(2985) DM: (!6, Cale)
(2988) Jaron: (( Yeah... Cale... ))
(2985) DM: The elemental will get an AOO against both Ian and Tian
(2985) DM: (each of them)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+38] => [15,38] = (53),[1d20+38] => [9,38] = (47)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d10+15] => [5,8,3,15] = (31),[3d10+15] => [2,8,4,15] = (29)
(2985) DM: on Tian (AC 53), on Ian (AC 47)
** (2994) Calehan seeing as everyone else is retreating casts another spell to help keep the elementals from following anyone. (Freezing touch on the main target) **
(2985) DM: (remind me what that does again?)
(2994) Calehan: (Just gonna do a touch attack since I don't care about the damage.)
(2994) Donovan has sent you a tree node...
(2994) Calehan: (2d6 cold per round and entangle/hold.)
(2994) Calehan: Attack: +4 Spell Storing Dagger [1d20+9+4+4+1+1+2] => [13,9,4,4,1,1,2] = (34)
(2994) Calehan: (([2d6] => [5,6] = (11) cold damage, I should say))
** (2982) Tian gets knocked wide by the creature, but somehow keeps moving and falls though the door into the tower, coughing up blood from what is likely some serious internal injuries from the hits he took. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] => [5,10] = (15)
(2985) DM: It freezes into place.
(2985) DM: It freezes into place and collapses to mud.
(2985) DM: (13, Jaron)
(2984) Garret: :to tian: "Gladly you could join us, but I think you forgot a few organs outside."
** (2988) Jaron notices how lonely it has become and darts towards the now open door. **
(2985) DM: Ian is stunned on passing the theshhold and falls to the ground unconscious.
(2985) DM: All else makes it through. The elementals turn to pursue.
** (2984) Garret groans as Ian drops through the doorway. "Damn." **
(2984) Garret: (we still in battle turns?)
** (2982) Tian strugles to his feet a little, looking back at Garret's comment, seeing only one elemental still coming and he is thankful, for small miricles. **
(2985) DM: (belay that, both Ian and Tian are unconscious)
(2982) Tian: (( or - not. ))
(2985) DM: (if you're inside the tower, you're not in battle turns)
(2984) Garret: "Now lets just hope they are suppose to guard this place and won't smash it to bits to reach us inside."
** (2982) Tian gets knocked wide by the creature, but somehow keeps moving only to fall down just before the door to the tower, unconscious. **
(2985) DM: (is someone going to drag them inside?)
(2994) Calehan: ((Calehan is still outside, ready to go after the elementals make their move.))
(2984) Garret: (That would be nice. Garret will play fetch)
(2985) DM: (okay....)
(2982) Zane: (( I would - but *both* characters that I am currently running are unconscious now... ))
(2982) Zane: (( DJ is going to hate me. :-) ))
(2985) DM: The elementals halt at the door, unable to enter because of their size.
** (2985) DM looks at Cale's player **
** (2984) Garret lays down Heli and goes to grab Ian and Tian to drag them through the door, before the elementals squash them **
** (2994) Calehan squeezes into the tower around the elementals, seeing as they aren't actually pursuing inside. **
** (2988) Jaron helps Garret move the men inside. **
(2985) DM: (scroll above for a description of the room)
(2984) Garret: :to Jaron: "PLease tell me you're a healer."
** (2994) Calehan looks around the room for a magical disturbance that could have caused his companion's condition. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [5] = (5)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [3] = (3)
** (2982) Helisandra stirs from her spot on the floor a little. **
(2988) Jaron: "No, but I do have something that might help."
(2994) Calehan: ((Companions'* in fact.))
** (2982) Helisandra slowly sits up, holding her head with her hand. Seeing Garret and everyone inside, she tries to ask something, but is to confused to do anything but just open her mouth. **
** (2988) Jaron swings his backpack around, setting it on the floor and searching through it for a moment before pulling out two vials. (2 Potions of Cure Serious Wounds.) **
** (2994) Calehan points out the symbol on the threshold... **
** (2988) Jaron turns to look at Helisandra. "Welcome back." **
(2994) Calehan: "Oh yes. You still can't see me. There's a trap inside the door."
(2982) Helisandra: "Trap.. door.. Di... did I die again?"
(2994) Calehan: "Stunned or asleep, I think."
(2984) Garret: :kneels by Heli: "No.. but you did fall asleep on the job. What about a trap door?"
(2994) Calehan: "Fortunately, it passed quickly."
** (2988) Jaron waves one of the potions to Garret, "Want to give this to Tian, he appears to need it." **
** (2982) Helisandra sighs. "I miss enough traps as it is - but those ones at the top of doors I never seem to be able to find." **
(2984) Garret: :shrugs to Heli: "I must have missed it.." :takes the potion from Jaron with a nod, and moves to feed it to the beaten wolf brother
(2996) Cothian (enter): 23:41
** (2982) Helisandra stands up, making sure she is indeed whole. "Oh, the last one was in Acererak's second tomb. That one actually killed me though. I definately prefered this one." **
** (2988) Jaron moves to Ian's side, lifting his head and administering the potion to him. **
** (2982) Helisandra finally takes a moment to look around the room they entered, seeing that the others are tending to fallen comrades. **
(2985) DM: (to reiterate again -- ) this room, once the entranceway to a grand citadel, is a shadow of its former self. It is (or rather it appears to be) empty, save for two silver statues of a robed and uncowled wizard whose description is quite lifelike and matches that of Bzallin, as told to you by Amazzar.
(2982) Helisandra: (( oh, I had that - I was just commenting on what she was doing. :-) ))
(2985) DM: The statues flank the closed door opposite the door to the courtyard.
(2994) Calehan: "I don't see anything beyond the ordinary here. Well, far beyond the ordinary."
** (2982) Helisandra moves forward while the others work, checking the area before the statues, around the statues for traps before checking the statues themselves for traps - before even getting close to the door. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+27] => [19,27] = (46)
(2982) Helisandra: "Well, I found something for you Calehan. There seems to be some kind of magical barrier between these statues."
** (2994) Calehan takes a look at what's bothering Heli, using detect magic. **
** (2982) Tian opens his eyes and leaps up. But before he can fully find his feet Frenxy Fang falls from his graps and Tian collapses back to his knees, coughing up some blood. **
** (2984) Garret watches Tian hop up then inevitably collapse. The swordsman shakes his head in disbelief, "At least check if you're alright first." **
** (2983) Ian opens his eyes as he looks up at Jaron," May Solnor bless you for giving me aide.'' **
(2994) Calehan: "There's quite a lot of magick warding the doorway."
** (2982) Tian collects his sword and looks back out the door, making sure the elementals aren't finding a way through. "If I wasn't, checking would do nothing about it." **
(2994) Calehan: "Several, I'd guess, as well as quite powerful."
** (2983) Ian slowly sits up looking around him **
(2982) Helisandra: "It seems more and more unliely that Bzallin has actually abandoned this place."
whispering to Cothian, feel free to lurk
** (2988) Jaron stands, moving over to Calehan and Helisandra. "So, what are we dealing with?" **
(2994) Calehan: "A multilayered warding over the doorway. It stretches between the two statues."
(2982) Helisandra: "Strong magic fields. Thus, why I called Calehan over - see if he could help."
** (2983) Ian stands and walks over to Tian,takes off his pack,setting it on the floor next to him,opens it up and calls for something,a vial appears in his hand as he hands it to Tian," Drink this,it will heal your wounds.'' **
** (2982) Tian takes the vial from Ian with a slight nod of thanks, and drinks it down. **
(2994) Calehan: "I plan to try dispelling what I can of it, once everyone's ready."
(2985) DM: The elemental moves from its position in front of the tower entrance to the middle of the courtyard and waits.
(2988) Jaron: "Sounds like a decent plan of action, though I do believe I'll stand back a bit further, just as a precaution."
** (2982) Tian feels his wounds healing immediatelly and thanks Ian, returning the empty vial to him as he stands up. **
** (2983) Ian speaks softly once more and another vial appears in his hand,he opens it up and drinks it quickly. **
** (2982) Tian moves a little further into the room, keeping an eye on the remaining elemental as he moves to stand guard behind here Heli, Calehan, and Jaron are working. **
** (2983) Ian takes the empty vial along wth his and replaces them both in his pack **
(2982) Helisandra: "Go ahead Calehan."
** (2994) Calehan attempts to break through the wards with dispel magic. A pale, ghostly image of a knife flies through the air between the statues severing magickal links as it goes. **
(2983) Ian: " You all do realize that even if we find what we are looking for here,I must slay that creature out there,I can not just leave something that evil around it has to be dealt with.''
(2982) Helisandra: "Yes, but we can deal with it later - unless you want to rush back out there and visit with Solnor soon."
(2984) Garret: "What? Thery're guardians and we're trespassing. Plus, you didn't do so well the first time."
(2988) Jaron: "Perhaps we will find some more effective way to deal with them inside."
(2983) Ian: " I did not say I was going to deal with them now,Solnor would not be pleased if I were to fail in my quest.''
(2982) Helisandra: "Then your desire to return to finish them is noted, that work for you?"
(2983) Ian: " Yes Helisandra.''
(2982) Helisandra: (( just to make sure - we're still waiting to see what Cale can do, right? ))
(2985) DM: It takes a bit of work but the links are gone.
(2994) Calehan: "There. It looks clear now."
** (2982) Helisandra takes a moment to look over the area herself, checking again for any traps, magical and mundane. **
(2982) Helisandra: "Seems like it to me as well." Helisandra moves up to the door, checking it over for any traps on it specifically, being sure to look for signs of anything at the top of the doorway.
(2982) Helisandra: (( check for traps, listen for anything, unlock if necessary and then open it up. Going for a quick smoke. ))
(2985) DM: She opens the door, remarking that it's not trapped or locked.
(2982) Helisandra: (( back - thanks Stash. ))
** (2982) Helisandra peers into the room beyond before moving in. **
(2985) DM: The room beyond is littered with the remnants of broken shelving, shattered glass and smashed furniture. A dusty spiral staircase ascends to another floor. It seems to be otherwise empty.
** (2988) Jaron moves towards Helisandra and the now open door, since it appears it is safe. **
** (2982) Helisandra moves into the room and to the staircase, looking up. **
** (2982) Tian follows Heli. **
** (2994) Calehan heads through the open door, letting Heli examine the staircase. **
** (2988) Jaron moves around the room, looking for anything that isn't destroyed or may be a clue of some sort. **
(2988) Jaron: "Um..."
** (2988) Jaron begins pawing at the air around him. **
** (2982) Helisandra looks back at Jaron. **
** (2994) Calehan looks over at Jaron's pantomiming. "Something up?" **
** (2988) Jaron closes his eyes, mutters a few words and when he reopens them, they glow blue. (Arcane Sight) "I think there is something here." **
(2982) Helisandra: "Where, and what?"
** (2982) Tian sniffs the air, trying to locate what has Jaron bothered. **
(2988) Jaron: "Where... somewhere around here." His arms wave out in front of him, "What? I haven't the slightest."
** (2983) Ian steps into the room with the others,looking at what they are doing. " What is it you seek?" **
** (2984) Garret moves into te room, but stays on guard near the door, watching Jaron search the thin air **
** (2982) Tian growls, drawing Frenzy Fang out. "It smells dead, but preserved." **
(2988) Jaron: "Interesting."
(2988) Jaron: "Very interesting..."
** (2988) Jaron turns, looking around the room. **
** (2983) Ian closes his eyes briefly **
(2988) Jaron: "This isn't the only one." :Motioning to something over his shoulder.:
(2988) Jaron: "They all seem to be bodies, rather morbid now that I think about it, invisible bodies."
(2984) Garret: "Ok... so.. invisible bodies.. dead..?"
** (2982) Helisandra looks around, trying to figure out if they are in danger or not. **
(2994) Calehan: "I have good news, and bad news."
** (2988) Jaron looks at Calehan, "Does the good news outwiegh the bad?" **
(2994) Calehan: "The good news is I can see what Jaron is talking about. The bad news is, yes we are in danger."
(2985) Voice of Acererak: "How perceptive. Fire at will!"
(2988) Jaron: "I was afraid of that..."
(2984) Garret: "Shite. How bad?"
(2985) DM: As if on cue, all of the zombies fire their crossbows. (init)
(2984) Garret: "oh.."
(2982) Helisandra: Initiative: [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26)
(2985) DM: And come visible.
(2982) Tian: Init: [1d20+15] => [7,15] = (22)
(2984) Garret: init: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
(2994) Calehan: Initiative: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
(2984) Garret: (pft.. 2 2's in a row)
(2985) DM: (okay, I suppose I should load some minis)
(2985) DM: (sec)
(2994) Calehan: "About a dozen armed zombies."
(2983) Ian: Init: [1d20+5+4] => [18,5,4] = (27)
(2982) Tian: (( Garret is having trouble teleporting in... ))
(2985) DM: (map is roughly to scale)
(2985) DM: (that eight poked circle thing is the flight of stairs)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+25] => [20,25] = (45)
(2982) Helisandra: (( figured as much, thus why I put Heli and Tian there. :-P ))
(2999) J.C. (enter): 00:51
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+25] => [8,25] = (33),[1d20+25] => [18,25] = (43),[1d20+25] => [13,25] = (38),[1d20+25] => [9,25] = (34),[1d20+25] => [4,25] = (29),[1d20+25] => [6,25] = (31),[1d20+25] => [19,25] = (44),[1d20+25] => [9,25] = (34),[1d20+25] => [18,25] = (43),[1d20+25] => [10,25] = (35),[1d20+25] => [1,25] = (26),[1d20+25] => [5,25] = (30)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (2999) J.C....
(2985) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2988) J.C.' from room...
(2988) J.C. (exit): 00:51
(2982) Helisandra: (( the sight of so many zombies chased JC away. At least he overcame is shaken condition. :-) ))
(2985) DM: (so 2 zombies per PC and the lucky 13th will hit Ian)
(2999) J.C.: (( Thanks... ))
(2985) DM: (because he's a holy roller)
(2982) Helisandra: (( makes sense to me. ))
(2985) DM: (Tian: auto hit, 33), (Jaron: 43, 38), (Cale: 34, 29), (Ian: 31, 44, 34), (Heli: 43, 35), (Gar: auto miss, 30)
(2999) J.C.: Initiative: [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17)
(2985) DM: (if anyone was struck by a crossbow bolt, you need to make a Will save as well)
(2983) Ian: Will save: [1d20+12] => [7,12] = (19)
(2999) Jaron: (( Both hit, so I'm assuming I make 2? or just the 1?
(2985) DM: (if you were hit twice, 2 rolls are needed)
(2982) Helisandra: Will save: [1d20+14] => [12,14] = (26)
(2999) Jaron: Will: [1d20+17] => [17,17] = (34)
(2999) Jaron: Will: [1d20+17] => [4,17] = (21)
(2982) Helisandra: (( oops - that was Tian at 26. ))
(2982) Helisandra: Will: [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26)
(2982) Helisandra: Will: [1d20+9] => [4,9] = (13)
(2994) Calehan: Will: [1d20+16] => [16,16] = (32)
(2994) Calehan: Will: [1d20+16] => [4,16] = (20)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(2994) Calehan: ((both hit, so how much damage?))
whispering to J.C., 8 damage from the bolts to Jaron
(2984) Garret: (30 misses btw)
(2985) DM: (k)
(2985) DM: (let me set up init order and we'll proceed)
(2983) Ian: [1d12] => [2] = (2)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d6] => [5] = (5)
(2983) Ian: ( odd I do not remember rolling a d12)
(2985) DM: (27, Ian)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] => [7] = (7)
** (2983) Ian holds up his holy symbol of Solnor," In the name of Solnor,I command you to begone foul creatures of undead.'' **
(2983) Ian: Turning: [1d20+4+16] => [13,4,16] = (33)
(2983) Ian: [2d6+16+4] => [1,6,16,4] = (27)
(2985) DM: 9 zombies are now dust.
(2982) Helisandra: (( nice work. ))
(2985) DM: (26, Tian)
(2982) Tian: (( Tian is actually 22, but he was next in the PC list. ))
(2985) DM: (ok)
(2985) DM: (anyway, go)
** (2982) Tian spins on his heel as the crossbow bolt flies in, lashing out at the nearby zombie. **
(2982) Tian: Attacks: [1d20+32] => [20,32] = (52), [1d20+27] => [20,27] = (47), [1d20+22] => [12,22] = (34)
(2982) Tian: (( damn, all thses 20 - and no crits... ))
(2982) Tian: (( oh - attacking #3 ))
(2985) DM: (ok, well damage will probably kill it so it won't matter)
(2982) Tian: (( k ))
(2982) Tian: Damage for three hits: [1d6+5+7+1d6+5+7+1d6+5+7] => [4,5,7,5,5,7,5,5,7] = (50)
(2985) DM: For a foe as powerful as Bzallin, this was rather easy.
(2985) DM: Or that his minions were easy.
(2985) DM: In any event, it's now rotting dust.
(2985) DM: (17, Jar)
(2985) DM: (Jaron?)
** (2999) Jaron turns on the zombie in front of him. **
(2999) Jaron: Shocking Burst Rapier - Full Attack Action:
Attack Roll: [1d20+17] => [12,17] = (29) ---- Damage Roll: [2d6+3] => [1,5,3] = (9)
Attack Roll: [1d20+17] => [6,17] = (23) ---- Damage Roll: [2d6+3] => [3,2,3] = (8)
Attack Roll: [1d20+11] => [10,11] = (21) ---- Damage Roll: [2d6+3] => [3,2,3] = (8)

(2985) DM: It collapses in its tracks. (6, Cale)
** (2994) Calehan picks the zombie closest to the door and with a quick spell, orders it to "Stop fighting and turn around." (Command Undead.) **
(2985) DM: It doesn't respond.
(2985) DM: Instead, it drops the crossbow it was holding and tries to rip your head off.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] => [11,12] = (23)
(2985) DM: It's attack is quite ineffective but that doesn't stop it from trying.
(2985) DM: Its twin does the same (moving to Tian).
(2985) DM: (AOO by Tian)
(2982) Tian: [1d20+31] => [13,31] = (44)
(2985) DM: (dmg)
(2982) Tian: Damage: [1d6+5+7] => [3,5,7] = (15)
(2994) Calehan: "Hmm, it must like it's other master better."
(2985) DM: (5, Gar)
** (2984) Garret moves to finish off the last one, before it bites a new hole in cale's head. **
(2984) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana 2-hand Attack Roll: [1d20+27] => [1,27] = (28) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+3+6] => [3,4,1,3,3,6] = (20)
(2984) Garret: (all 2's and a 1.. :head slap:)
(2984) Garret: "Guess youjust aren't that appealing to rotting masses."
(2985) DM: (27, Ian)
** (2985) DM pokes our resident tin can **
** (2983) Ian tries to find out where the lich is **
(2985) DM: He's not here apparently. (still in combat, are you going?)
(2983) Ian: " Are you able to finish it off Garret? Or do you need my help?"
(2985) DM: (22, Tian)
** (2982) Tian tries to finish off the zombie that came after him. **
(2982) Tian: Attacks: [1d20+31] => [1,31] = (32), [1d20+26] => [4,26] = (30), [1d20+21] => [15,21] = (36)
(2984) Garret: "I can, but my heart's just not in it."
(2982) Tian: Damage for two (assuming) hits: [1d6+12+1d6+12] => [5,12,4,12] = (33)
(2985) DM: (well, a 1 is still a miss regardless of whether it's 1E, 2E or 3.5 D&D. =P)
(2985) DM: (17, Jar)
(2985) DM: (one hit, so total the damage please)
(2982) Tian: 16
(2985) DM: Okay, it's gone.
** (2999) Jaron moves in on the remaining zombie, striking out. **
(2999) Jaron: Shocking Burst Rapier:
Attack Roll: [1d20+17] => [12,17] = (29) ---- Damage Roll: [2d6+3] => [5,2,3] = (10)

(2985) DM: Likewise.
** (2982) Tian turns back to Heli - wondering why she didn't get involved at all. **
** (2984) Garret shrugs, resheathes his blade and looks around for further signs of threat **
(3001) CravesLove (enter): 01:34
(3002) J.C. (enter): 01:35
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3002) J.C....
(2985) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(2999) J.C.' from room...
(2999) J.C. (exit): 01:35
(2985) DM: That seems to be it....for now.
(2994) Calehan: "It would have been nice to have one shoot at that rock monster outside for a while. Oh well."
(3001) CravesLove (exit): 01:37
** (3002) J.C. scans the room again, eyes still glowing blue. **
** (2982) Tian waves his hand in front of Heli's face and pokes her gently to make sure she's still flesh. **
** (3002) Jaron scans the room again, eyes still glowing blue. **
(3002) Jaron: "What seems to be the problem Tian?" :Walking over to him and Helisandra:
(2982) Tian: "Don't know, she's just standing there, still."
** (3002) Jaron squints at Helisandra. (Still using Arcane Sight) **
whispering to J.C., she's paralyzed
** (2982) Helisandra remains motionless, a crossbow bolt sticking in her arm and another in her shoulder. She doesn't seemed to have moved a muscle since the zombies attacked. **
whispering to J.C., an aura of necrolytic magicka surrounds her
(2984) Garret: "Paralysis?"
** (2982) Tian removes one of the bolts as gently as he can, sniffing it, wondering if there is a poison on it. **
(2994) Calehan: "That's what it seems to be."
(3002) Jaron: "Yeah, definite nercolytic aura."
(2984) Garret: "Right.. Ian, can yo ufix it?"
(2983) Ian: " I can try.
** (2983) Ian walks over to Helisandra,examines her closely,gently places his hand over the wound," May Solnor guide you onto the path once more." ( remove paralysis) **
** (2982) Helisandra reaches up to her arm where Tian removed the crossbow bolt. "Well, it took you long enough. And Garret, what was with that attack, were you trying to blow the zombie over with a breeze?" **
** (3002) Jaron smiles, "Well, we can't all have your luck." **
(2984) Garret: "Trying to anyway.."
(2994) Calehan: "So, do you think he knows we're here?"
(2982) Helisandra: "Yeah, my luck. A door knocks me unconscious and a crossbow freezes me in place." She frowns a bit before looking back to the stairs. "Shall we get this over with?"
(3002) Jaron: "Well Calehan, there is only one way to find out." :Looking at the stairs:
** (2982) Helisandra starts up the stairs, looking ahead as she goes to keep an eye out for trouble, hoping it is visible the next time. **
** (2982) Tian follows Heli. **
** (3002) Jaron follows Tian and Helisandra as they start up the stairs. **
** (2983) Ian follows along **
** (2984) Garret brings up the rear up the stairs. **
** (2994) Calehan follows up the stairs as the others pass by. **
(2985) DM: You emerge into a study. The floor is dust-covered and the room is a shambles.
** (3002) Jaron scans the room quickly before fully entering. **
** (2982) Tian looks for signs of anything moving through the room recently, looking for any tracks in the dust. **
(2985) DM: The only furnishings are a pair of cracked stone tables, a hanging lantern and a tapestry rod mounted on one wall. The room is otherwise empty.
(2985) DM: The room doesn't appear to have been occupied in a very long time.
** (2982) Helisandra starts into the room but stops in her tracks upon seeing the wall. "I don't think so." she says, drawing out her crossbow and firing the loaded shot at the tapestry. **
(2982) Helisandra: Crossbow Attack: [1d20+19] => [19,19] = (38) ==> DAMAGE [1d8] => [2] = (2)
(2985) DM: (it's a tapestry rod, not a tapestry)
(2985) DM: (that didn't happen)
(2982) Helisandra: (( doh - I saw tapestry and thought it would be a funny move. I need to read more carefully. ))
(2985) DM: (gee, I can guess why she doesn't like them. =P)
** (3002) Jaron moves over to the stone tables, looking around them for anything that may be important. **
** (2982) Helisandra starts into the room but stops in her tracks upon seeing the tapestry rod, but seeing nothing hanging on it she relaxes. **
(2985) DM: Dark stains mar the surface of the tables.
** (2982) Helisandra starts searching the room for any other secret ways out of the room. **
** (3002) Jaron examines the stains, trying to identify what made them. **
** (2983) Ian moves over to the tables,looking down at them,mutters to himself," Blood.'' **
** (3002) Jaron nods at Ian before moving on in the room, looking for anything else. **
** (2994) Calehan looks around the room as well, though for magic instead of the mundane. **
** (2982) Tian sniffs the air for any signs of, well - anything other than the party and the dried blood. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+27] => [6,27] = (33)
(2984) Garret: (Sorry, but I think I'm gonna have to stop early tonight. I'm dozing off.)
(2982) Tian: "Nothing has been here for quite some time, not even a lingering odor."
(2985) DM: (np)
(2985) DM: (we're going to be stopping soon anyway)
** (2982) Helisandra stops near one wall, studying it more intently. **
(2984) Garret: (nite all, don't get killed without me)
(2982) Helisandra: (( see you tomorrow Lun ))
(2984) Garret: Disconnecting from server...
(2984) Lunauc (exit): 02:01
** (2982) Helisandra tries to open what she hopes is an unseen door in the wall. **
(2985) DM: Indeed, it is a secret door (or was secret, anyway).
(2982) Helisandra: (( woo hoo! ))
(2985) DM: It opens easily enough....
** (3002) Jaron flinches as Helisandra opens the door. **
** (2982) Tian grips Frenzy Fang tightly. **
(2985) DM: The chamber beyond contains a crystal dais, atop which can be seen a magical pentagram. Black candles surround it at certain points, all of them lit. A collection of skulls -- four of them human in appearance, one somewhat human but with miniature horns -- lies on the floor scattered about within.
(2985) DM: The chamber is otherwise empty....
(3002) Jaron: "That can't be good."
(2982) Helisandra: "Ian, you are going to want to see this."
(2982) Helisandra: "But you must hold back for now, just look."
** (2983) Ian looks into the room **
(2985) DM: (he sees that)
** (2982) Helisandra starts searching the doorway and the area inside the door for any traps. **
** (3002) Jaron looks at as much of the room as he can from his vantage point. (Arcane Sight still active.) **
(2985) DM: As if on cue, the skulls rise into the air and are suddenly immolated in flames.
whispering to J.C., alteration magicka on the pentagram
(3002) Jaron: "Are you always this lucky?"
whispering to J.C., the intensity of which makes you blink
(2982) Helisandra: "Of course. We have more company." she alerts everyone.
(2983) Ian: " There is great evil in there.''
(2982) Helisandra: "What was your first clue Ian?"
(3002) Jaron: "Not just evil, we are dealing with some very power magicks here."
** (3002) Jaron squints whenever he looks directly at the pentagram. **
** (2982) Helisandra remains outside the door, watching the skulls for a moment to see if they start coming after them, or seem to be waiting for them to enter. **
(2985) DM: They're floating in the air, as if expectant.
(2985) DM: The largest one, the one with horns, moves out of view.
(2994) Calehan: "I know everyone's interested in what's behind door number 3, but could I just get a peek?"
(2982) Helisandra: (( end here, so we can be at full strength PC wise next week hopefully? ))
(3002) Jaron: "You might not want to see this Calehan."
(2985) DM: ((up to you))
(3002) Jaron: (( I know that I'm fading out... ))
(2985) DM: ((okay, that settles that then))
(2985) DM: thanks for showing up folks
(2982) Zane: No rpoblem.
(2985) DM: I estimate that we have about six more weeks of this module before we revert to Damrosil
(2982) Zane: Ok, except for the typing - no problem.
(2985) DM: I have a surprise for some of you once that happens
(2982) Zane: Don't you always?
(2985) DM: Cothian you can talk now
(2994) Calehan: Will our heroes survive the travails of the flaming skulls? Will Calehan ever get to see what's behind the door? Find out next week!
(2985) DM: LOL
(3002) J.C.: I'm never sure what to think when the DM says, "I have a surprise."
(2985) TaliesinNYC: I hope I'm not that predictable

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