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(1963) TaliesinNYC: sorry I'm late
(1961) Zane: And there he is
(1961) Zane: Nap?
(1963) TaliesinNYC: no, Everquest 2
(1943) J.C.: Heh
(1961) Zane: lol
(1964) Aerik (enter): 22:02
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(1963) TaliesinNYC: so did you win Ian?
(1963) TaliesinNYC: it's been ages since I played chess. my rating sucks now
(1963) TaliesinNYC: anyway you didn't miss much, I was late, so let's go
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(1964) Ian: Actually it was my kids,my son ranked 4th and my daughter 6th in the 4-6 grade class
(1963) TaliesinNYC: nice
(1964) Ian: not bad concidering there were 43 kids in the 4-6 class
(1963) TaliesinNYC: okay, last session you recovered the orb, slew Briocht, freed Ocras from his possession and now you're resting in his cottage and are guests in his magical mansion
(1963) TaliesinNYC: Ocras has invited you to stay for any length of time (within reason) in gratitude
(1963) DM: so what would you like to do?
(1946) Tian: (( Tian will go out and pile up the Trollocs / eyeless and burn them ))
(1961) Helisandra: (( Heli has no need to stay more than a day to rest a little, of course - we need to figure out our next move. ))
(1947) Garret: (Garret will probably help Tian with the bodies, and spend the rest of his time between sword practice and goofing off by the pool. ;p)
(1961) Helisandra: (( hmm, Heli will avoid the pool ten, not wanting to see Garret in a swimsuit. ))
(1961) Helisandra: (( *then ))
(1945) Calehan: ((Calehan would like to take the time to set up some useful permanent spells. I'll get you the spells in a moment.))
(1943) Jaron: (( Jaron will explore the mansion, since he hasn't actually seen it, and probably learn more about the people around him. ))
(1966) alex (enter): 22:11
(1947) Garret: (he'll have a loin cloth ;p)
(1963) DM: (ok)
(1961) Helisandra: (( that's my fear... :-) ))
(1963) DM: (think of the mansion as small on the outside and large on the inside. there's a cottage that leads to an extra-dimensional space via an interplanar gate. it gives you the heebie jeebies.)
(1963) Ocras: "
(1961) Helisandra: (( he uses mirrors to make the rooms appear much larger than they are. :-P ))
(1963) Ocras: "Thank you for freeing me from the spirit of the orb."
(1961) Helisandra: "It was our pleasure."
(1961) Helisandra: "I wish we hadn't been forced to meet under those circumstances, but nothing could be done about that now."
(1963) Ocras: "Is there anything I can do to repay you?"
(1963) Ocras: "No matter. That will teach me not to bother with forces beyond my ken."
** (1946) Tian nods, then makes his way to the exit "I am going to deal with the corpses." **
(1961) Helisandra: "The orb and a little time to rest is all that I would ask for. I doubt that any of my companions would ask for more, but I will let them speak."
(1947) Garret: :scratches his chin in thought, before turning to Tian: @I'll give you a [email protected]
(1961) Helisandra: (( yes - I know he already offered it over, just saying that is all. ))
(1946) Tian: "Ok, the wolf corpses just toss into the woods as they will feed other animals and trees. but the Trollocs we need to burn as nothing will eat them and theu will just bring disease"
(1945) Donovan has sent you a tree node...
(1947) Garret: (that's weird.. the @ and " keys have swapped on my keyboard 0.o)
(1961) Zane: (( color test - don't want to use the same as DJ ))
(1961) Helisandra: (( color test - don't want to use the same as DJ ))
(1947) Garret: "In that case.." :looks to Orcas: "Got any oil?"
(1945) Calehan: "All I require is rest, as well, though I would appreciate some time to read in your library."
(1963) Ocras: "I have a few flasks I can spare."
whispering to Donovan, how much time do you need for all?
(1947) Garret: "It would be appreciated."
** (1961) Helisandra looks to Ian, to see if he needs anything. **
** (1964) Ian steps outside the cottage,gathing what herbs and items he is going to need for his potions. **
(1943) Jaron: "My reason for being here was simply to meet you, though after being turned to stone I think I'd also enjoy some rest. Though, if you have a library, I'd enjoy to take a look through it."
** (1947) Garret goes to collect the oil to follow after Tian and start the funerary duties. **
(1961) Helisandra: "It seems Ian just needs time as well. I thank you again Master Ocras for the time to recover."
(1963) Ocras: "Feel free to look around then."
(1966) alex (exit): 22:24
** (1964) Ian enters the cottage after gathing a rather large armload of herbs and other items,he sets them down on the floor as he looks over at Ocras," There is little you can offer me,other than to mend your ways and follow the path of light Ocras.'' **
** (1961) Helisandra glares at Ian. **
** (1964) Ian glances at Helisandra **
(1945) Donovan has sent you a tree node...
(1964) Ian: " What,he is neither good nor evil,in time those that sit on the fence must decide which side to stand with,better he choose now.''
(1963) Ocras: "I think I'll follow my own path. I haven't reached my age by playing the fool."
(1961) Helisandra: "Maybe, but we did not come here to try to convert him to your worship. He is being generous to us in thanks for the aid we gave. That is all that matters."
(1963) Ocras: "Now, if you don't mind, I have a few things I must do. Feel free to have the run of the mansion, save for my own personal quarters. If you need anything, there's a bell cord in each room that you can pull to summon one of the servants."
** (1945) Calehan enters the mansion to bring out some books he was interested in. **
(1961) Helisandra: "Thank you Master Ocras."
** (1963) Ocras bows and departs. **
** (1961) Helisandra looks back to Ian. "Now that he's gone, we need to chat." **
** (1946) Tian returns to the cabin after finishing with the corpses "I will be in the woods attempting to contact any wolves and bring in a pack or two to this area again. If you need me I wont be far." **
** (1961) Helisandra nods to Tian. **
** (1943) Jaron looks up from the book he's reading towards Calehan, "So, Calehan was it? What brings you here?" **
(1964) Ian: " From the tone of your voice this chat you speak of does not sound like a request Helisandra,what is it you wish to speak of?"
** (1945) Calehan looks over to the newcomer (in the library, I presume?), "I'm on a quest. Well, we're all on a quest, but I'm also on my own quest." **
(1961) Helisandra: "Your attitude here. You do realize that any evil you sensed earlier was from the drake that had taken over him, right?"
(1943) Jaron: (( Library is correct )) "Really, what sort of quest?"
(1964) Ian: " Of course,why else do you think I have not struck him down?"
(1961) Helisandra: "Then why still be so rude to him?"
** (1947) Garret takes a lay down in the beach room, for a well deserved nap, and tries getting the ghostly servants to fetch him a drink and snacks. **
(1964) Ian: " I have not been rude to him,I merely pointed out his shortcomings.''
(1945) Calehan: "I want to find out what happened to my father. My last contact with him leads me to believe the worst, but there's still so much I never knew that I simply must learn."
(1961) Helisandra: "And I thought paladin's were supposed to be civilized." Helisandra shakes her head. "Pointing out someone's shortcomings - especially a stranger's - [u] => uis[/u] => /u being rude."
(1943) Jaron: "And what of this other quest?"
(1961) Helisandra: "And I thought paladin's were supposed to be civilized." Helisandra shakes her head. "Pointing out someone's shortcomings - especially a stranger's - is being rude."
(1945) Calehan: "Apparently, we're prophecized to save Mel'cendia. Or at least to be able to."
** (1964) Ian continues to crush some herbs in his bowl," How is it being rude if I guide him onto the right path of life? " **
(1943) Jaron: "Really." Jaron stands, replacing the book he was reading, looking over the shelves for a new one, "Quite interesting."
(1945) Calehan: "That drake you ran into was in some way under the command of a lich with a long history of antagonism towards this country. It seems he has a scheme in motion to destroy it."
** (1945) Calehan moves between bookshelves grabbing the ones he wants to peruse. **
(1961) Helisandra: "Because you just stated that you believed he should change his ways. If you truely wish to convert people to your viewpoint, you must be more diplomatic about it. Ask questions of their viewpoints and direct questions to where you want the conversation to end."
(1961) Helisandra: "Guiding him is not being rude, but your methods are."
(1943) Jaron: "I see, and what brought you here?"
(1945) Calehan: "Though perhaps foolhardy, we followed a map from one of the lich Acererak's false tombs. Though maybe it was once his real tomb. Anyway, that's how we ran into the drake, Briocht."
(1964) Ian: " Solnor does not require me to convert others to his beliefs Helisandra,he wishes that they follow the path of good and righteousness,I was merely pointing out to Ocras that he has not chosen a path to walk.''
(1961) Helisandra: "And what if actions like yours, speaking the way you did, caused everyone with which you spoke to do likewise - to turn from good. Even if they don't turn to evil, they could easily be put off by your actions."
** (1945) Calehan looks around the library, though he's sure that they're still alone. **
** (1943) Jaron takes another book off the shelf and returns to where he was sitting. **
(1945) Calehan: "Truthfully, it was not really foolhardy. It was fortunate for us to meet the drake when we did, since the orb it came from long will have been our goal from the end."
(1943) Jaron: "You are after the orb that gave the drake the ability to possess Ocras? Why would you need such an item?"
(1961) Helisandra: "I wonder what Solnor would think of your mouth turning people away from goodness and righteousness."
(1963) DM: You're alone except for the silent ghostly servants who always seem to be about when you least expect them.
** (1964) Ian smiles at Helisandra," Speaking the way I do is comforting to those who follow the path of light,those that do not fear the words of Solnor.'' **
(1961) Helisandra: "Then perhaps you should remain talking with them."
(1945) Calehan: "It's part of a different prophecy. For some reason, the orb is vital, though it's not the only item that is. I believe it's able to contain a drake; that would explain why Briocht came out of it as well as how it could be useful in the future."
(1964) Ian: " There is little I need to say to those that are good,those that have not chosen or those that walk the path of darkness,they are the ones who need to listen to the words of truth,truth is not comforting to those that are not good Helisandra.''
(1961) Helisandra: "And yet the words you use to those who have not chosen will do very little to aid them in chosing your side."
(1963) DM: Burning the eyeless and Trollocs takes most of the day.
(1961) Helisandra: "Just something to think on." She smiles at Ian, "I know you are doing good work, but there are less forceful ways to do it as well."
(1963) DM: Ocras' library is quite extensive and contains a multitude of volumes on topics as wide-ranging as Imperial heraldry to flora and fauna of the Sharwood. You could spend months reading through it and still not be finished.
(1964) Ian: smiles at Helisandra," Perhaps that is why Solnor made me strong.''
(1961) Helisandra: "Perhaps... perhaps." She smiles and leaves him to his work, moving outside to watch Tian and Garret work.
** (1947) Garret whistles as he works, scouring for pocket change and belongings on the eyeless and trollocs, as he piles them on the fire. **
** (1964) Ian crushes some leaves,flower petals and tree bark in his bowl,adding other things as well until he has the right combination. **
(1963) DM: You find very little. Trollocs are not known for their material desires (except for food and breeding stock) and the eyeless have no concept of value.
(1947) Garret: (Violent and penniless.. damn commie monsters.)
** (1961) Helisandra sits in the shade, leaning against the cottage. She takes out her smooth black onyx stone, and rolls it around her fingers as she relaxes. **
(1963) DM: The shadowblades held by the myrdraal have long since melted into foul-smelling smoke.
** (1947) Garret leaves the wolves to their brother, Tian, while he focuses on the monsters. **
** (1946) Tian hawls the corpses into the woods, scatering them around **
(1947) Garret: (FF?)
(1961) Helisandra: (( sure ))
(1963) DM: A giant of a man comes strolling out of the woods and surveys the carnage with some satisfaction. His hair reminds you of a forest fire ablaze.
(1963) DM: (no, not ready to FF)
** (1947) Garret pauses, at the sight of the large figure, looking his way, while a slain trolloc hangs from the swordsman's shoulder. **
(1963) DM: He carries a wooden pole slung over one broad shoulder, on which is tied a cloth bag that acts as a makeshift knapsack. A gigantic broadsword is strapped to a massive belt that encircles his muscular waist. His garb is that of a seasoned warrior.
** (1945) Calehan turns with his arms full of books, "I'd prefer to read up in the quiet cottage. You're welcome to join us if you'd like some less spectral company." **
(1963) Olethros: "Quite a battle that occurred here."
(1947) Garret: :nods: "I'd have to agree."
(1963) Olethros: "Are you cleaning up the carnage or burying the dead?"
** (1947) Garret carries the body to the fire, tossing it in, before turning back to the large warrior, "Cleaning up." **
(1946) Tian: "Burning the Trollocs, leaving the breathren to the forest"
** (1963) Olethros gazes down at you with some amusement. He turns and lets out a low whistle as he sees the stacks of corpses. **
** (1961) Helisandra notes the newcomer, and watches him carefully from her spot at the cabin. **
(1963) Olethros: "I see. A lovely sight, it is. Very much so."
** (1946) Tian continues about his work, ignoring the Giant **
(1963) Olethros: "Care for some lunch?"
** (1963) Olethros strides over to an oak tree and sits down with a grace that belies his size, and unpacks his knapsack. Out comes a wheel of cheese, a loaf of bread and a few bottles of wine. **
(1947) Garret: :shrugs: "I wouldn't mind it." :stops to look the giant over:
(1947) Garret: "I'm Garret, by the way, and you are..?"
(1963) Olethros: "Olethros."
** (1943) Jaron replaces the book he was reading and moves towards the cabin. **
(1963) Olethros: "A pleasure to meet you. I'd shake your hand but I'm starving. All that walking makes me hungry."
(1947) Garret: "Well met, Olethros." :offers as he moves to pick up another body.: "Fair enough. Probably should let me clean the trolloc gore from my hands first anyway."
(1947) Garret: :carries the body toward the bonfire: "You come up this way for a reason?"
(1963) DM: He sets aside some bread and cheese for those of you who'd want some, opens a bottle and pours some wine into a skin, then leans back against the tree in contentment.
(1963) Olethros: "An afternoon stroll leads one in ways you don't expect. Here. Have a seat and eat. There'll be time enough for cleaning later."
** (1945) Calehan returns to the quaintness of the cabin loaded liberally with books. He sets up in an open space so he can read and cross reference several books as needed. **
** (1947) Garret tosses another body on the flaming pile, before looking back to Olethros. Garret pauses in thought a moment, before nodding, and moving to take a seat with him. "An afternoon walk, huh? You live so close by?" **
** (1961) Helisandra makes her way over, seeing the large man sitting down. As she approaches, she asks "Garret, are you actually making friends? So much better than just striking out." she says, her voice just barely keeping from laughing. **
(1963) Olethros: "In a manner of speaking."
(1947) Garret: :shrugs to Heli: "Free food..."
(1963) DM: He takes a bite of bread and one of cheese and chews thoughtfully.
** (1946) Tian continues working ignoring the offer of food **
(1963) Olethros: "If only we had some sausages. Pork sausages with dried berries and spices. Or venison." (sighs with contentment)
(1947) Garret: :to takes off his gory gauntlets to to get some wine and cheese. "The home owner may have some on hand." :nodding toward the cottage:
(1961) Helisandra: "That explains it." She says with a smile.
(1963) DM: His hands (or paws since they dwarf yours) strike you as the type that could smash a hole in your chest without so much as a thought. He seems unaware of his size though.
(1963) Olethros: "I'm sure he does."
(1963) DM: A flicker crosses his face, so swiftly you're not sure you imagined it.
(1947) Garret: "Were you here to pay him a visit, by chance?"
(1961) Helisandra: "Unfortunately, he went to rest for a while - so we won't be able to ask."
(1947) Garret: :to heli: "He's not sleeping in the pantry, is he?"
(1963) Olethros: "A visit? No, neighbor. Just taking my daily walk. Besides, there's a stench in the air that comes from blood spilled. I just followed it and here I am."
(1947) Garret: "Huh.. that bored, huh?"
(1961) Helisandra: "Well, no. But I wouldn't think it best to just take from him."
(1963) Olethros: "Indeed."
(1947) Garret: :to Heli: "He said make ourselves at home."
** (1963) Olethros watches Tian work and turns his attention back to his meal. **
(1961) Helisandra: "Go ahead then." she opens her hand out toward the cottage.
** (1961) Helisandra turns her attention to the large man. **
** (1947) Garret sighs, stands and heads into the house to look for sausage, or similar cured meats. **
** (1963) Olethros takes another bite of cheese and bread, chewing slowly and thoughtfully. **
(1961) Helisandra: "I'm sorry, Garret neglected to introduce us. I am Helisandra, and what was your name?"
** (1943) Jaron steps outside of the cabin, stretching and taking a deep breath, immediately stopping as the stench enters his nostrils. **
(1963) Olethros: "Olethros, love."
(1963) DM: The odor of burning oily flesh doesn't seem to bother the giant man one bit.
(1945) Calehan: "I'd guess from your reaction that you're experiencing the reason I'm staying indoors."
(1943) Jaron: "That's quite... horrid, to say the least."
(1961) Helisandra: "Well met Olethros. You said that you followed the stench of spilt blood here, yes? Why would you want to go where such a battle had occurred?"
(1963) Olethros: "It's my duty and my function."
(1963) Olethros: "And besides, it's a lovely day and I needed to take a walk."
** (1964) Ian turns his head as the Garret enters the cottage. **
(1961) Helisandra: "Your duty?"
** (1963) Olethros gives you a broad wink and tears off a hunk of bread. **
** (1943) Jaron looks back in at Calehan, "I can't say as I blame you, however, I've been inside too long, and after being stone, even this stench can be dealt with for a time." **
(1963) Olethros: "More cheese or bread?"
(1947) Garret: :to Ian: "You seen any sausage?" :as he scours the kitchen:
(1964) Ian: " No I have not,perhaps you should do as was instructed and use one of the pull cords to summon a servant Garret.''
** (1961) Helisandra holds her hand up, declining. "Thank you, but I am fine." Helisandra smirks a little, "And you aren't going to expound on your duty, are you?" **
(1963) Olethros: "Why, to take in all the lovely scenes of death and destruction that occurs on this mortal coil."
(1947) Garret: "I suppose.. just didn't feel like waiting for a ghost to take my [email protected]
(1963) Olethros: "Without destruction, there can be no creation. Conflict is in my blood, you could say."
(1961) Helisandra: "Intentionally? Most people try to avoid it."
** (1943) Jaron moves over towards Helisandra and the giant, keeping his distance from the piled trollocs. **
(1963) Olethros: "I have thought about ceasing my duty. But there are rules. There are always rules."
(1961) Helisandra: "I guess I can see that, definately not what one would call a popular view though."
(1964) Ian: " Besides Garret,why do you need more food in the first place?"
Sorry I don't know what /ne is!
** (1963) Olethros burps. **
(1961) Helisandra: "Most rules were made to be broken though. Or, at least bent."
(1947) Garret: "Because we have a large hungry guest... and it goes with the cheese."
(1963) Olethros: "Beg pardon. That was fine stuff."
** (1961) Helisandra waves it off. "You've met Garret, and the rest of the guys I have traveled with can be just as, uh, *manly*." **
(1963) Olethros: "Brave warriors?"
** (1946) Tian keeps working "So what are the rules surounding your ability to quit?" **
(1961) Helisandra: "Do you mind me asking, who gave you the duty to bear witness to destruction?"
(1963) Olethros: "Their time will come, and soon. Of that you can be sure."
** (1947) Garret heads back to through the portal to the subspace wing of the manse, to summon a servant to facilitate his protein needs. **
(1961) Helisandra: "They are typical males."
** (1963) Olethros turns to regard you intently for a moment. **
whispering to Zane, I need you to get on AIM for a minute please
(1963) DM: You find yourself looking into his eyes, as if you're mesmerized.
(1964) Ian: " What manner of large hungry guest Garret?"
(1946) Tian: (( That to Heli? ))
(1947) Garret: :before disappearing through the portal, "Take a look outisde and find out."
(1961) Helisandra: (( yep ))
(1971) Jade (enter): 23:43
** (1964) Ian sighs as he stands up and walks towards the door,opens it and steps outside looking around,his eyes falling upon the giant sitting down against a tree,he closes his eyes for a brief moment,concentrating **
** (1961) Helisandra quickly scampers to her feet, her limbs shaking enough so that she has more than a little trouble doing so. She is breathing hard for a moment, and looks at the giant - or at where he was last she remembered. **
(1963) DM: Helisandra is alone by her lonesome self.
** (1961) Helisandra looks around quickly, before raising a hand to her lowered forehead, trying to rub away a headache apparently. **
(1961) Helisandra: (( actually, since Tian was nearby - he would still be around, right? ))
(1963) DM: There's a bright red picnic blanket here however, along with slices of bread, cheese and a full wineskin.
(1963) DM: ((Tian was ignoring the giant, so he didn't see him vanish (if in fact the giant was ever here to begin with.) :) ))
** (1961) Helisandra reaches down for the wineskin, taking it to her lips and drinking a few swallows of it. **
(1946) Tian: (( I asked the giant a question ))
(1947) Garret: (yeah, and wasn't Jaron and Ian just out there?)
(1961) Helisandra: (( maybe just outside the door of the cabin. ))
(1971) Jade (exit): 23:53
(1963) DM: (I didn't see that until now)
(1963) DM: (it wouldn't have mattered anyway. there was something going on when you asked it.)
(1961) Helisandra: (( ok - so Heli was talking to the large man, got very still and quiet for a few moments, and then came out of whatever stupor she was in and started freaking out a little. Right? ))
(1963) DM: (pretty much.)
(1961) Helisandra: (( and since she is still where she was, everyone else is still in their place as well. Everyone good now? ))
** (1946) Tian comes back and picks up another body "Where did the Giant go, he didnt answer my question." **
(1961) Helisandra: "He... I don't know."
(1943) Jaron: "Rather rude of him to just leave like that."
(1946) Tian: "You all right?"
(1961) Helisandra: "Feyth'Alin, and Bzallin."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, Int check to remember
** (1943) Jaron looks at Tian with a confused look before looking back at Helisandra. **
(1946) Tian: "Say what?"
(1961) Helisandra: "I don't know exactly who he was or what he did, but he showed me something. Something bad, very bad." Heli shudders suddenly, unable to stop herslef.
(1946) Tian: Int check: [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14)
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, you recall something that Acererak said about Bzallin but you're not sure when or where.
** (1947) Garret eventually makes his way back out of the cabin, sausage in hand/ He makes his way back toward the impromptu picnic, asking, "Where's he go?" **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, you're not sure who Bzallin is either.
(1961) Helisandra: "Darkness, a darkness that destroyed. It wasn't right, darkness protects and allows one to hide safely. But this darkness..." Heli shudders again, her voice on the edge of breaking.
(1946) Tian: "Acererak mentioned Bzallin I think."
(1947) Garret: :raises a brow to Heli: "I miss something?"
** (1946) Tian sniffs the air to get the Giants scent **
** (1961) Helisandra takes the wineskin to her mouth again, drinking down a couple more gulps - which is already more than anyone has ever seen her drink in one night, muh less in five minutes. **
** (1961) Helisandra leans against a tree, trying to calm herself back down so she can make sense of what happened. **
(1946) Tian: "I think that Giant broke Heli while I was in the woods."
** (1964) Ian walks over to where the others are standing," What happened to the giant? I detected no evil,then I opened my eyes and he was gone,may I ask what name he was using.'' **
** (1947) Garret kneels down by Heli, looking her condition over a moment, before looking around for anything else the Giant left behind. "Broke..? What happened?" **
** (1961) Helisandra takes a few steadying breaths before looking into Garret's face. "I guess I'm being a hysterical female, aren't I?" **
** (1946) Tian starts tracking the Giants scent to see if he left by normal means or magical **
(1947) Garret: :shrugs to Heli, snidely retorting: "I won't hold it against you." :then seriously: "What happened?"
(1963) DM: (that's what he looks like in case anyone wants to know)
** (1961) Helisandra smiles gently to Garret. "I think I liked it better when I didn't meet your new friends Garret." **
(1947) Garret: :replies with a grin: "If you gelt like that, we wouldn't have Tian."
(1947) Garret: (felt even)
(1961) Helisandra: "I was just talking with Olethros there, and suddenly I wasn't here. Or I was, but I saw things. I think I saw events from his point of view, as strange as that sounds."
** (1946) Tian returns after a few moments "Bah, he left by magical means." ** takes a deep breath fixing the scent in his mind ** "If I smell him again he is dead." **
(1947) Garret: "Uh.. ok..."
(1961) Helisandra: "I saw a city, everyone was running scared. In the center of town was a ball of darkness. At first I thought little of it, but then I noticed that everything the ball touched, it destroyed. It wasn't normal darkness, obviously. It was evil."
(1947) Garret: "Did you know the city?"
(1961) Helisandra: "He said it was the city of Feyth'Alin, and it would be destroyed in a week."
(1961) Helisandra: "And after that, the next target was Mel Nethra."
(1947) Garret: "Hmmm..." :looks to Ian: "You know where that is?"
(1961) Helisandra: "The last thing he said was to seek knowledge in the library of someone called Bzallin."
(1946) Tian: "Maybe Ocras know who that is, I remember Acererak mentioning that name before"
** (1961) Helisandra shakes her head, "To show me that, to allow me to feel what I did at the sight, Olethros was very powerful." **
(1964) Ian: " Feyth'Alin is to the North of us several hundred miles give or take Garret.''
(1964) Ian: " Olethros is another thing altogether Helisandra,you spoke to the god of destruction.''
(1947) Garret: "A powerful, omen sharing giant, huh? That should be stranger, but with our regular activities.."
** (1961) Helisandra looks down at the wineskin in her hand, and throws it back down to the tablecloth. **
(1961) Helisandra: "What?"
** (1964) Ian looks around," What?" **
** (1947) Garret just looks up to Ian, waiting for an exlanation. "Seriously?" **
(1961) Helisandra: "What do you mean I spoke to a god?"
(1946) Tian: "Ok, maybe he wont be dead next time I smell him."
(1961) Helisandra: (( lol ))
(1943) Jaron: "That was a god? For some reason I would have expected more."
(1964) Ian: " Olethros is the god of destruction."
(1964) Ian: " If you spoke to him,then you spoke to the god of destruction.''
(1961) Helisandra: "But why would..." Heli shakes her head again, "Damn, but it makes sense."
(1964) Ian: " The gods tend to take on forms that are easily understood by those they wish to speak with or do other thing with.''
(1947) Garret: :blinks, then turns to Heli: "Well, on the brightside, how many girls can say they've been violated by a god of destruction?" :hols up his hand for a joking high five:
(1946) Tian: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** (1961) Helisandra just gives Garret a look. "We need to do something, somehow warn the people of Feyth'Alin." **
(1964) Ian: " You said in a week Feyth'Alin would be destroyed then Mel'Nethra is next correct?"
(1961) Helisandra: "That's was he said, yes."
(1961) Helisandra: (( *what ))
(1947) Garret: :nods: "Lets see if Orcas can offer us magical transport as well. The sooner we get there the better."
(1964) Ian: " I wonder what those towns did to anger the gods?"
(1961) Helisandra: "You think the gods are doing this to the cities?"
(1961) Helisandra: "Why would they warn us about it?"
(1947) Garret: "Heli's right.. I'd say someone else is pissing the gods off. for a change."
(1964) Ian: " Or perhaps Acererak made a deal with the gods to do his bidding.''
(1961) Helisandra: "And I have only one name on the list of suspects for that Garret."
(1964) Ian: " And Olethros decided to show us what lies in store for us in hopes we will be able to stop the destruction.''
(1961) Helisandra: "So Ian - you are saying that your gods made a deal with the uber lich Acererak, and that the god of desctruction warned me so I could stop the destruction?"
(1964) Ian: " The gods are just like all the other ones we have met on our travels,they never speak clearly or plainly,mostly in visions and cryptic messages.''
(1964) Ian: " Olethros is not one of my gods Helisandra.''
(1961) Helisandra: "Even still, it doesn't make sense."
** (1964) Ian leans forward,speaking softly to Helisandra," And the rest of what has happened to us has made sense?" **
(1961) Helisandra: "Some yes, some no." Heli turns from the site of the luncheon and heads back to the cottage. "If you need any rest, get it soon. We need to get going."
(1963) DM: (okay, NOW you can FF)
(1961) Helisandra: (( can't imagine why you didn't want to FF past that... ))
** (1947) Garret watches Heli walk off, making sure she gets to the cabin alright, before turning back to lunch... **
(1963) DM: (I assume you do research in between now and the morning)
(1947) Garret: (ok)
(1943) Jaron: (( That would be a correct assumption ))
(1963) DM: Ocras' library reveals a number of interesting bits of information.
(1961) Helisandra: (( once I get inside - I would use a cord to get a servant and tell them that when Ocras wakes up, I need to speak with him. ))
(1963) DM: (k)
(1961) Helisandra: (( and inform Calehan of what happened, since he missed the excitement, ))
(1963) DM: (k)
** (1946) Tian remains outside until the others decide where to go **
(1963) DM: Bzallin was once Acererak's apprentice but is still a wizard very much alive, kept living by potions of aging reversal and elixirs of youth. His current whereabouts are unknown.
(1963) DM: He is an accomplished sage and his specialty was interplanar travel.
(1961) Helisandra: (( going for a smoke during this... ))
(1963) DM: He too harbored an intense dislike for the Mel'Cendian Empire but it has, by all accounts, not bordered on hatred in the same vein as Acererak's has.
(1963) DM: His last known connection was with the magus Amazzar in the city of Horizon, a few miles away from Feyth'Alin. Perhaps you should start your search there.
(1943) Jaron: (( I'd also check to see what I could learn about Olethros, and anything about a Big Black Ball o' Destruction. ))
(1963) DM: Olethros is the name of one of Oneiros' Aspects. In this case, Olethros is the Aspect of Destruction.
(1963) DM: It is Olethros' duty and function to bear witness to scenes of destruction and to record all such events for posterity.
(1963) DM: Olethros, like Oneiros and each of his Aspects, is the only god in the Anduri pantheon that does not reside on the plane of Sul. He and his siblings are bound to the plane of Andurin and are thus not bound by the First Rule that restricts their fellow deities.
(1963) DM: The First Rule states that no god or Aspect apart from Oneiros may walk the mortal realm as an avatar or create a manifestation. Whether this is an actual rule or law of the universe is open to speculation.
(1963) DM: Because Olethros is the Aspect of Destruction, his converse is creation. However, he opposes nullity, or destruction without creation.
(1963) DM: You're not able to discover anything on a black ball of destruction without being more specific.
(1961) Helisandra: (( back ))
(1943) Jaron: (( I assumed as much ))
(1961) Helisandra: (( worth checking though. ))
(1963) DM: (players who play in both campaigns will note that Solnor broke the First Rule in the Friday game when his Aspect Ra manifested as Suhail.)
(1945) Calehan: ((Anything on nullity itself then?))
(1963) DM: (take that Ian. =P )
(1946) Tian: (( I was just thinking that, and Basht is an Aspect isnt she, or just a servent? ))
(1961) Helisandra: (( lol ))
(1963) DM: There are tomes that define nullity as a theme espoused by adherents of the Void, such as Acererak.
(1964) Ian: ( I coulda told them all that,but it sounds more official coming from someone other than me)
(1963) DM: ((Basht is a servant and technically, a demi-god.))
(1945) Calehan: ((And their nullity is limited to a theme or have they actually accomplished any voidments in the past?))
(1963) DM: ((well you've encountered examples of Acererak's magicka in the first tomb. remember the green devil face?))
(1961) Helisandra: (( slightly. Is that the one Calehan threw his dagger into? ))
(1945) Calehan: ((I take that as a yes. So, expect to find something that angers the god of destruction, joy.))
(1945) Calehan: ((Something like that. When in doubt, poke it with a stick.))
(1963) DM: There is mention of Acererak's involvement in the creation of the blade Souldrinker. It is a sword that has the ability to destroy a soul or spirit when used in an intricate ritual. The sword has not been seen for several centuries.
(1946) Tian: (( Thats Tians philosiphy ))
(1947) Garret: (afk)
** (1963) Ocras enters the room. "You mentioned you needed to see me?" **
(1961) Helisandra: "Ah, yes. I hate to impose, but you did ask if there was any other way you could help us. We were wondering if you had the means to quickly transport us to a city?"
(1946) Tian: (( I am tired, and since Tian isnt going to provide input on their destination or anything, I am gona goto sleep ))
(1961) Helisandra: "A city a couple hundred miles away, by report."
(1961) Helisandra: (( k - g'night ))
(1946) Tian: Disconnecting from server...
(1946) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 00:57
(1963) Ocras: "Which city?"
(1961) Helisandra: "Horizon, a few miles outside of Feyth'Alin."
** (1961) Helisandra looks to the others. "Might as well start with Amazzar if we are going to track down Bzallin." she explains. **
(1964) Ian: " I would have to agree.'
(1943) Jaron: "It makes sense."
(1963) Ocras: "Very well. I will need time to memorize the spell however."
(1963) Ocras: "I suggest that you make preprations to leave if you have not done so already."
(1961) Helisandra: "Of course."
(1964) Ian: " There is little I need to get ready,I have made what potions I could,as well as some salves.''
(1963) Ocras: "I shall see you in the morning then?"
** (1943) Jaron nods in agreement. **
(1961) Helisandra: "Excellent. Thank you for your aid."
(1961) Helisandra: (( did he show up the next morning, or earlier? ))
(1947) Garret: (....FF?)
(1963) DM: (yep)
(1963) DM: In the morning, Ocras instructs you to gather outside the cottage and hold hands linking in a circle.
(1947) Garret: (now sing along)
** (1961) Helisandra does as Ocras directs. **
** (1964) Ian stands outside holding hands with whomever is near him **
(1963) Ocras: "The spell will transport you outside the city of Horizon. I wish you luck in your future endeavors and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the deeds you have done for me."
** (1943) Jaron joins the circle. **
(1947) Garret: "And thank you for the transit and the glowy evil ball."
(1961) Helisandra: "Thank you Ocras."
** (1945) Calehan joins in the circle, knowing fairly well how this kind of travel goes by now. **
(1961) Helisandra: (( we did find a way to transport the ball without touching it, right? ))
** (1963) Ocras begins chanting. There is a flash of light, the ground drops from underneath you and it feels as if your stomachs have churned out last night's meal. The last thing you recall are the stones on the cottage's patio, singing as if in a chorus. When you come to, it appears that you've been transported to a pumpkin field on the outskirts of a small town deep in some wooded foothills. **
(1945) Calehan: ((My personal conclusion was that since the drake was killed, the orb is harmless and sitting in my pocket. :Fingers crossed:))
** (1947) Garret tries to shake off the post teleportation shivers, as he looks around there rural landing ground. "Are we in the right place?" **
(1943) Jaron: "That was interesting."
** (1961) Helisandra stands still for a moment, letting her mind reconnect with what she sees, trying to avoid the jaring that comes with being teleported. **
** (1964) Ian kneels down and thanks Solnor. **
(1961) Helisandra: "One way to find out," she answers Garret, indicating the nearby town.
** (1945) Calehan looks around to make sure there's not anyone, or anything, bearing down on them like a drake for example. **
(1947) Garret: :looks off to the town, before turning back to Heli: "Socialize with the commoners? Well.. if we must."
(1961) Helisandra: "And Jaron, you made it this far - are you planning on continuing with us?"
(1943) Jaron: "Well, if not for you, I'd probably still be a statue, that, and the time spent with you thus far has been interesting, I suppose I might as well join you."
(1961) Helisandra: "Very well, let's get moving then."
** (1964) Ian follows the others,his hand not far from the hilt of his sword. **
** (1961) Helisandra checks quickly to make sure she has everything still and then head off in the direction of the city. **
** (1947) Garret heads for the tow, careful not to trample the pumpkins on the way. **
** (1943) Jaron follows, staying near the front, though not leading. **
** (1945) Calehan heads off towards town with the rest of them. **
(1961) Helisandra: "Since there is apparently a week before Feyth'Alin gets attacked, I was thinking that gives us a week to try to find a way to stop it. If not, I want to get there to try to warn them, to get as many people out as possible. They likely won't listen, but we'll have to try."
(1963) DM: Horizon is a relatively small city, a town really on the outskirts of Feyth'Alin. It's a small farming community ruled in part by a mayor and a council of advisors. However, the town's population seems to have increased, and the general feeling in the streets seems to be one of fear.
(1964) Ian: " It seems Helisandra and I are thinking alike on this quest.''
(1963) DM: (well you'll see that when you enter the town)
(1963) DM: (sorry for skipping ahead)
(1961) Helisandra: "It's the right thing to do."
(1961) Helisandra: (( that's ok Stash. ))
(1947) Garret: :glances between Heli and Ian: "I wonder if that's another omen of destruction."
(1961) Helisandra: "Nah, that would be Tian and Ian agreeing on a path."
(1947) Garret: "Ah.. I see."
(1964) Ian: " Perhaps Olethros has stopped here too.''
(1945) Calehan: "There may be other hints of the destruction to come, however."
(1963) DM: There seems to be some kind of commotion going on in the central square.
(1963) DM: A man: "What's to be done about this crisis? Where are the arcanists?"
** (1961) Helisandra moves into the town, moving toward the square, but keeping back. **
(1963) DM: An elderly woman: "We've fled from Feyth'Alin and no help has been forthcoming! We are loyal subjects to the Emperor and do not deserve this fate!"
** (1947) Garret follows quietly into the square, listening in from the rear of the crowd. **
(1963) DM: A woman pregnant with child: "I lost my husband the third night after it started. Why have we been forced to flee our homes without aid or recompense?"
(1961) Helisandra: (( are they all calling out to a central person? ))
(1963) DM: A Khajiit, stooped with age: "S'zerah thinks it unwise that none have stepped forward. S'zerah pays taxes and demands to what use our coin finds itself!"
(1963) DM: ((they're haranguing a group of councillors who are trying to appease the crowd))
** (1961) Helisandra looks around for anyone that does not seem to be caught up in the events, someone standing and just watching the events unfold. **
(1963) DM: One of the councillors holds up his hands and replies: "We've posted word for adventurers but none have yet stepped forth that we hold confidence in. Rest assured by the Ten that we are trying our best. Please! You must believe us!"
** (1961) Helisandra glances back to her companions at the mention of adventurers, a sly smile on her face. **
(1963) DM: A shadow elf leans against a building and watches with detached interest.
(1973) No Name (enter): 01:39
** (1943) Jaron nods when Helisandra looks back. **
** (1964) Ian steps forward speaking out loud,'' What is it you seek?" **
(1947) Garret: :to Heli: "Yep.. it was an omen."
(1961) Helisandra: (( yes - Ian works as well as a large neon sign.... ))
(1963) DM: The councillor: "Who speaks?"
(1964) Ian: " I am Ian Cromwell,warrior priest of Solnor.''
** (1961) Helisandra indicates the shadow elf to the others she catches eyes with - to have them watch him as well. **
(1963) DM: The councillor: "Step forth and show yourself! So that we may know who we are addressing."
** (1964) Ian steps forward **
** (1943) Jaron moves to a position where he can watch the elf effectively without standing out from the crowd himself. **
(1963) Glynn Palderius: "Ill met this day, paladin priest. We seek those strong of arm and of sword to aid us and these fine people in our time of need. Serve you in the Emperor's name?"
** (1961) Helisandra steps forward behind Ian, standing where she can watch the shadow elf out of the corner of her eye. **
(1973) No Name (exit): 01:42
(1964) Ian: " I serve Solnor,his bidding guides me to give aide to those in need."
(1963) Glynn Palderius: "Then come with us to the Chamber of Seeing for there is much to discuss."
** (1945) Calehan hangs out in the back of the crowd; perhaps an unuseful place though he doesn't wish to draw undue attention himself. **
(1963) DM: The crowd turns to look at you and at Ian in particular.
(1964) Ian: " Lead on.''
(1963) DM: (including the shadow elf)
** (1961) Helisandra heads off with Ian. **
** (1961) Helisandra flashes a couple signs with her hands behind her back - telling Garret and the others to follow after a couple minutes. **
(1964) Ian: " I see I have not angered you this time Helisandra.''
** (1947) Garret notes the signals, and just waits in the crowd, listening in on other people's conversations. **
(1961) Helisandra: "Not at all. I had a slightly different method in mind, but I agree that we need to see what we can do. After all, this is likely this best and easiest path to Amazzar."
(1961) Helisandra: "The others will meet with us later." she informs Ian as they head to the Chamber of Seeing,
(1963) DM: Most of the people in the crowd seem slightly mollified now that you've appeared on the scene.
(1963) Glynn Palderius: "This way please."
** (1964) Ian follows the man," Atleast there was no evil in the crowd Helisandra.'' **
(1961) Helisandra: "Do you just always check, do you have no faith in there being good in people?"
** (1963) Glynn leads you to a large circular chamber in the town hall. Within is a large table around which can be seen several throne-like chairs. The chairs are occupied by a number of advisors clad in sky-blue robes with purple trim. All are observing a crystal sphere that hovers above the table. **
(1964) Ian: " I have faith Helisandra,but there are times when it is better to be safe than sorry,even Solnor knows that,why else did he give the power to me.''
(1963) DM: There is an image in the sphere that draws your attention.
** (1961) Helisandra nods, her attention drawn to the sight before her. **
(1963) DM: A hemisphere of impenetrable darkness has formed at the intersection of two main boulevards in Feyth'Alin.
** (1961) Helisandra gasps. **
** (1947) Garret watches for anyone following after Ian and Heli, waiting a moment before following **
(1963) Glynn: "The hemisphere was 1' in diameter when it first appeared three days ago. It's radius has since increased twentyfold. It is steadily growing and no amount of magicka has affected it. Nothing that enters the void emerges and anything that passes through its outer rim is irresistibly drawn inside."
(1963) DM: All eyes around the table now turn towards you.
(1961) Helisandra: "Then what is it you want adventurers for?"
** (1963) Glynn turns to you with deadly seriousness. "We have consulted with our resident arcanist, Amazzar, and he says that this dreadful void is a sphere of annihilation, although he has never seen one grow to this size. We need someone who can remove it or destroy it without destroying the city itself." **
(1963) Glynn: "If the sphere is not destroyed or removed, the entire city will be doomed."
(1961) Helisandra: "I see. And where is Amazzar now?"
(1963) Glynn: "He is in his magekeep, studying the phenomenon."
** (1963) Glynn turns to the assembled council. "These people have sought us out and perhaps might aid us." **
** (1947) Garret eventually follows the others to the hall **
** (1943) Cael moves to where Calehan is standing, "Should we join the others? I don't think there is anything else we'll be able to discover here." **
(1961) Helisandra: "Aye, this sphere is a terrible event and must be stopped. I can only hope that it is not to late to do so. If we are to help, we must speak with Arcanist Amazzar."
(1945) Calehan: "I suppose there isn't. Let's go on then."
** (1963) Glynn turns back to you. "According to Amazzar, the sphere utterly destroys everything absorbed into it. Many citizens believe that the city has been doomed by the gods. Some have moved away but most people have nowhere to go. Amazaar has other theories about its origin. He believes that the sphere was created by a magus named Bzallin, who once held the post of Feyth'Alin's wizard-protector before he vanished to do an errand to Sul. Amazzar, his replacement, found some of Bzallin's research notes hidden in the wall of his study. One of the notes described a "void of utter blackness" that could be controlled and used as a devastating weapon." **
** (1945) Calehan cuts around the crowd to catch up with Garret. **
(1961) Helisandra: "And yet with those notes, he hasn't determined a way to stop it yet?"
(1963) Glynn: "If the sphere continues to grow at its present rate, Feyth'Alin will be consumed in fewer than seven days. Nothing would remain except a crater in the ground, and there's no guarantee the sphere would stop increasing in size!"
** (1943) Cael follows Calehan, all the while trying to keep and eye on the elf. **
(1963) Glynn: "No." (shakes his head in despair)
(1963) Glynn: "He might have more information, as I am not a magus. Will you help us?"
(1963) DM: The elf turns and slinks into a tavern.
(1964) Ian: " Yes we were told of the coming destruction of Feyth'Alin,that is why we are here.''
(1961) Helisandra: "Yes. We actually came to town searching for Amazzar anyway."
(1963) Glynn: "You have?"
(1963) DM: Some of the council members begin murmuring in amazement at Ian's proclamation.
** (1961) Helisandra sighs inaudibly, but presses on. "Yes, and from some checking by another mage, we determined that Amazzar has the key to this problem, even if he doesn't realize it." **
(1976) Aries (enter): 02:06
(1961) Helisandra: "So, consider us on the case. We have a few other friends out in town right now, so don't think it is just the two of us."
(1964) Ian: " Where can we find Amazzar?"
(1963) Glynn: "We are truly grateful for your help. Amazzar is in his magekeep, located next to the library."
(1961) Helisandra: "As we are new to town, could someone direct us there. Time is apparently quite important, as you have seen from the local population as well."
(1963) Glynn: "Seek the ivory tower near the Street of the Twelve. There is a key that you will need to enter the tower. If you come with me, I will give it to you."
** (1964) Ian turns to leave," May Solnor bless us all on this day.'' **
(1961) Helisandra: "It would be appreciated." She moves to go with Glynn.
(1963) DM: He leads you to his office where, after searching for a few minutes, produces a delicate crystal rod from the top drawer of his desk.
** (1961) Helisandra accepts the rod, smiling at the 'key'. **
(1963) Glynn: "There is no conventional way to enter his magekeep except by use of this rod. Speak the word 'Open' and it will transport you safely to his workroom."
(1961) Helisandra: "Thank you. Hopefully we can solve this matter quickly and allow your citizens to return to their lives."
** (1964) Ian waits for Helisandra **
** (1961) Helisandra heads outside with the key, looking to gather everyone before heading to the ivory tower. **
(1963) DM: (and on that note, we'll have to stop because I need to plan a few things out and there's no way we can do this in the next 45 minutes)
(1963) DM: (and as usual Heli has the last word. =P )
(1943) Cael: (( Works for me, I'm fading. ))
(1961) Zane: woo hoo!

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