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Welcome to OpenRPG version 1.7.6...
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(602) TaliesinNYC (enter): 22:09
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(547) Ravn (enter): 22:09
(600) Darren (enter): 22:09
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The Tangled Web

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The Tangled Web
Standing outside the entrance to the cave, you are surprised to hear the sounds of music and merriment coming from deep within.
1) Enter the Cave
2) Run fast and far away

Moving to room 'MelNethra'..
(602) TaliesinNYC (enter): 22:09
Server Administrator->
(565) Tanesh (enter): 22:09
(566) Ian (enter): 22:09
(567) Lunauc (enter): 22:09
(568) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 22:09
(573) J.C. (enter): 22:09
(596) Zane (enter): 22:09
(601) Elizabeth (enter): 22:09
(567) Garret: (okey doke)
Attempting to assign the role of GM to (602) TaliesinNYC...
(602) TaliesinNYC: so anyway, let's continue
** (567) Garret stops at a spot in front of the door, studying the stone, looking for a way the floor may open there.(repost) **
(601) Elizabeth (exit): 22:11
(602) DM: There's a faint reply.
(604) Donovan (enter): 22:13
(567) Garret: :calls down through the floor, while randomly pushing and pulling on floor stones: "You have nay idea how to open this thing?"
(568) Tian: "There is a fancy hat in that closet if you want to check it out Cale"
** (568) Tian points to the room (K) **
(604) Calehan: "Fancy, hmm."
(602) DM: Something muffled in reply.
** (604) Calehan looks around the closet for the aforementioned hat. **
(567) Garret: "Say again..." :as he keeps trying to find the door in the floor: "Can you shadow walk outta there?"
** (568) Tian gets out of the way so Cale can get into the closet then lays down on the floor and puts his ear to it so he can hear better ((take 20 on listen for 45)) **
(602) DM: Something muffled in reply...
whispering to Zane, part of the problem could be the stone and the fact that the snakes' hissing echoes
whispering to Zane, which muffles you
(567) Garret: "Anyone got a prybar?"
(604) Calehan: "So this is the so-labeled 'vault.'"
** (566) Ian walks over to where the helmet is hanging,picks it up and inspects it. **
(606) Zane (enter): 22:22
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (606) Zane...
(602) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(596) Zane' from room...
(568) Dj Gilcrease: Booting '(596) Zane' from room...
(596) Zane (exit): 22:22
(606) Zane: (( a double boot - I feel special. ))
(567) Garret: (congratulations)
(604) Calehan: "Well, it's clearly a special helmet."
(567) Garret: (connection check)
(606) Helisandra: (( so far so good ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [10d6+10] => [1,4,3,1,2,6,6,3,1,6,10] = (43)
** (566) Ian drops the helmet as he shakes his hand **
** (568) Tian gets up and shakes his head "Cant hear any better that way." **
(566) Ian: " Careful,this helm shocks.''
(604) Calehan: "I think it's safe to expect a lot of things around here to be guarded at this point."
(567) Garret: "Hmm...?" :looks up: "Hey, Cale, you know anything about timelocks?"
(604) Calehan: "You mean locks that open at a certain time of day?"
(567) Garret: "Yeah... I think so."
(567) Garret: "Wanna take a look at this?" :gesturing to the spot on the floor:
** (604) Calehan bends down to inspect the floor. "Maybe he should have invested in a mop?" **
(567) Garret: "When we find him, we'll suggest he get his servants to spend more time in here. For now, you think you can get this open?"
(568) Tian: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(604) Calehan: "Hmm. Well, I do have a stain remover. Everyone be sure to stand back; this really wipes out spots."
(567) Garret: "Uh, this "stain remover"... doesn't clean "too deep", does it?"
** (604) Calehan takes his own advice to stand out of harm's way and, pointing at the spot he wants opened, incants a brief spell. (knock) **
(602) DM: The trapdoor opens.
(602) DM: Hissing reverberates throughout the chamber...
** (606) Helisandra rests against a wall of a pit, her feet and one hand against a wall. She looks up at her rescuers. "Thanks guys." **
(606) Helisandra: (( against the wall, at the top. ))
(567) Garret: :grins at the opening, but expression flattens for the hissing: "What was that?"
** (606) Helisandra climbs out the last little bit, finally letting her spider climb end as she clears the pit. **
(606) Helisandra: "Oh, a bunch of snakes. Well, more than a bunch, not sure the word to use."
(567) Garret: "Heh.. fun trap. Wonder who feeds them."
(604) Calehan: "Maybe he gets a lot of visitors."
(604) Calehan: "It would explain the broken statuary."
(568) Tian: (( back ))
(567) Garret: "Eh, wouldn't do much good, unless they are giant snakes. no regular snake can swallow a human."
(606) Helisandra: "Maybe, I'm just glad to be out. For some reason I couldn't use the shadows to escape."
(606) Helisandra: "So, what was in the room that I suffered those snakes for?"
(567) Garret: "An evil snake helmet."
(568) Tian: "A hat that shock Ian"
(568) Tian: "Maybe we should kick the snake hat in with the snakes?"
(606) Helisandra: "That's it?" Heli frowns slightly, looking at the other doors. "Makes you wonder what the right door has for a trap."
(604) Calehan: "The surprising helmet on a stick. Nothing more I could glean about it than that."
(567) Garret: "Well.. it maybe a more important helm than we know."
(606) Helisandra: "True, but I would expect him to protect himself more than any item."
(604) Calehan: "I do have to applaud the pit of snakes though. It is a classic."
(606) Helisandra: "Ok, so shall we try again? Unless someone else wants to take a shot at this, by my count there are still two doors to get past."
(567) Garret: "Yeah, lets get moving."
** (567) Garret heads back out of the room **
(606) Helisandra: "Go ahead and move back. You too Tian - you would not want to fall into that closed pit like I did, trust me."
** (604) Calehan backs out of the room. **
** (568) Tian nods and steps in front of the already open door so he is out of the way, yet still close **
** (567) Garret nods and gets out of the way. (afk a bit) **
(609) dustyme (enter): 23:05
(604) Calehan: "Actually, while it's open, shouldn't I clear out the snakes in case someone else falls in?"
(609) dustyme (exit): 23:05
(609) dustyme (enter): 23:05
(606) Helisandra: "We all know about it, so we can avoid it. But feel free if you need to."
** (606) Helisandra waits for Calehan to either move back or do whatever he was talking about. **
** (604) Calehan crawls to the edge of the pit so he can see to the bottom better, then with one hand gesturing down into the depths of the snake pit flings a fiery blade to the floor of the pit where it quickly expands into a 20 foot high, slighly curved wave of fire before extinguishing. A red glow from the pit heralds a change in the hissing to more of a sizzling. (fireballing the snakes.) **
** (568) Tian moves well away from the pit **
** (606) Helisandra shields her eyes a little from the glow. "I should hope that does it." **
(604) Calehan: "Now we don't have to worry about snake bites if someone did fall in."
** (568) Tian moves back near the pit to make sure he is out of Helis way while she works on the next door **
(606) Helisandra: "Just burns." she says, with a touch of a mocking smirk.
** (604) Calehan hides around the corner once again. **
** (606) Helisandra waits for everyone to back off before moving to the middle door (to J) - which she searches once again for traps, to be on the safe side. **
** (606) Helisandra starts unlocking the middle door (to J) **
** (606) Helisandra sighs **
(602) DM: A voice begins shrieking once Heli unlocks the door.
** (606) Helisandra opens the door to see what the shrieking is protecting. **
(604) Calehan: "Does that mean that he has more guards?"
** (606) Helisandra closes the door and tries to relock it, hoping that will shut it up. **
(602) DM: It continues shrieking.
(566) Ian: " Well if they did not know we were here,they do now.''
(567) Garret: "On the bright side, maybe he'll finely come investigate."
** (606) Helisandra gives up and tries to concentrate on the next door (to I), searching it over again, triple checking for traps. **
** (606) Helisandra unlocks the door (leading to I). **
** (606) Helisandra opens the door and with a wave to the others, starts down the hallway beyond. **
** (568) Tian moves quickly to catchup and follow closly behind Heli **
** (567) Garret follows along **
** (604) Calehan quietly follows the others. **
(609) dustyme (exit): 23:36
(602) DM: As you approach the door in the room beyond, a rune appears on its surface.
(611) Zane (enter): 23:38
** (611) Helisandra pauses as the rune appears on the door. "Calehan, what does this one say?" **
(602) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(606) Zane' from room...
(606) Zane (exit): 23:39
** (604) Calehan catches up and takes a look at the rune. **
(604) Calehan: "It seems to wish us good luck. Somehow that's not very reasuring."
(611) Helisandra: "Agreed. Now, if everyone is together - lets close that last door so that we don't hear that screaming so much."
** (611) Helisandra leaves the job of closing the door (between H and I) to someone else, and she moves up to the door before them (to JJ?) and searches it for traps. **
whispering to Zane, There don't seem to be any...
** (566) Ian closes the door as he is the last one to leave. **
** (611) Helisandra looks back to the others. "It appears to be clear." She then works on unlocking the door (if necessary). **
(602) DM: The room beyond seems to be bare.
(602) DM: There's another closed door though.
(602) DM: (to L)
** (611) Helisandra sighs and moves to the next door, searching it over for any traps. **
** (611) Helisandra works on opening the next door (to L), unlocking it if needed. **
(602) DM: This appears to be a library.
(602) DM: There's a door to your left and one on the near wall.
(602) DM: The room here is lined with shelves, each one filled with books, tomes, orizons and scrolls. The books continue out the adjoing corridor into the distance. Two ghostly attendants stand near the center of the library.
** (611) Helisandra passes by the doors, heading further down the corridor. ((Do the ghostly attendants react any differently to us than the others?)) **
(567) Garret: (afk)
** (604) Calehan glances over the shelves as he passes. **
(602) DM: ((nope))
** (611) Helisandra moves in further down the cooridor, seeing what awaits down there. **
** (568) Tian remines close to Heli **
** (611) Helisandra slows down, perring ahead intently. **
** (604) Calehan pauses at a few shelves, looking around the shelf's outskirts as well as a few books for anything wardish before selecting a book and pulling it out. **
** (566) Ian scans the shelves as he slowly walks past the tomes,seeing a few that have names he recognizes,he stops and takes one down,opens it up,and scans it quickly. **
** (611) Helisandra moves to the wall, carefully peering around the bends as she continues. **
** (568) Tian tilts his head to the side trying to catch whatever it is Heli hears **
(568) Tian: Listen Skill Check: [1d20+25] => [10,25] = (35)
(566) Ian: " I see we are both curious as to what tomes this person must have kept Calehan.
** (604) Calehan puts the book back as he grabs the one next to it, stuffing it into his belt. Rather, tapping it into his belt as unlike what usually happens, it doesn't disappear. **
(604) Calehan: "Hmm. I was hoping to read these a little later, but for some reason I can't get my pockets open."
(566) Ian: " There is little on religion,but he did amass quite a few tomes on the history of the empire.''
(604) Calehan: "There's definitely some articles that look interesting. Hopefully I'll get a chance to look at them carefully later."
(566) Ian: " And if one reads up on history,one is not doomed to repeat it as my old priest used to say on many an occasion.''
** (604) Calehan shakes the book in his hand gently. "Oh well. I'd best just leave it here," then puts the book back in place. **
(604) Calehan: "I certainly don't intend to repeat history."
** (566) Ian puts back the one book he took down,taking down another book,flips through the pages,smiles as he begins to read it as he walks along. **
** (611) Helisandra starts moving around the bookcases, puttng her head close to them as though looking for very small script or something. **
(566) Ian: " Ahh a more recent history book,the last 100 or so years of the empire.''
(611) Helisandra: "Anyone else hear that sound?"
(604) Calehan: "Not I."
(602) DM: There's a faint munching sound somewhere in the library.
(566) Ian: " What sound?"
(568) Tian: "Sound like a book is eating something"
(611) Helisandra: "Like something eating. And as crazy as it sounds, I think its coming from the books, or one of them."
(567) Garret: "Maybe a bunch of roaches eating the book bindings."
(611) Helisandra: "Well, that would make more sense."
** (568) Tian attempts to isolate the sound ((Taking 20 on listen as he walks up and down the rows of books)) **
(604) Calehan: "That's what I would expect. Which doesn't account for much here I imagine."
(566) Ian: " No the elders spoke of such a bug,it eats books,anything in book form,scrolls,magic books,they said it was a curse to those who have books.''
(566) Ian: " I can not seem to remember what it was they called it though.''
** (611) Helisandra shakes her head. "Anyway, I doubt that even a munching book would help us check on Orcas." **
(567) Garret: "Well.. I mourn for his library, if that is the case. Though if he's left it unchecked, it makes me curious when he was last around."
** (611) Helisandra lets the others check on the mucnching and she returns her focus to the area around her. **
(566) Ian: " Judging from the dust on these tomes,I would have to say years atleast.''
** (566) Ian continues to read the book he took **
** (611) Helisandra returns to the door they entered the library from and checks the door closest to it (door to the left of where we entering, heading out into the unknown) for any traps. **
(602) DM: (have to do more mapping)
(611) Helisandra: (( going for a smoke then ))
** (611) Helisandra looks over the door for a moment. "Strange." **
** (611) Helisandra turns around and heads to the door behind her, looking it over. **
(611) Helisandra: (( the one with the red arrow ))
** (568) Tian remains in the octogonal room searching for the book that is making noise **
** (604) Calehan looks around the library for the source of everyone's noisy book. **
** (568) Tian pokes the book with his finger "This is the munching book." **
(567) Garret: "That's nice."
** (568) Tian takes the book off the shelf "Could prove usefull, books dont make noise on their own usualy. And if it was bugs far more of the books would be making noise." **
(567) Garret: "Uh huh... why would a noisy book be helpful?"
(604) Calehan: "Maybe it's a guard book."
(611) Helisandra: "Calehan, that door," she points to the first one she studied, "appears to be made of lead and is bound with silver wire. And this one is also bound with silver wire."
(611) Helisandra: "What does that mean to you?"
(604) Calehan: "Well, a lead door would block certain divinations. I'm not certain what the silver wire is for though. It might be part of a spell, or possibly part of some trap."
(611) Helisandra: "Alright, let's see what I can find then." She begins her meticulous search of the door she is at (red arrow), searching it over for any traps. (Search twice)
** (611) Helisandra opens the door before her. **
(602) DM: The door blows wide open...
(602) DM: You're looking out on a vast expanse of....blue sky
(602) DM: There is no floor. The walls of the chamber are real stone, and you can spot two doors at the far end of the room. But there is no floor.
(602) DM: All that you can see is an endless expanse of blue.
(619) J.C. (enter): 00:43
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (619) J.C....
(611) Helisandra: "Hmm, interesting. I should be able to make it across - but what about the rest of you?"
(602) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(573) J.C.' from room...
(573) J.C. (exit): 00:43
(602) DM: It's extremely windy inside this "room".
(602) DM: You can hear the wind howling.
** (611) Helisandra looks upwards into the room to see if there is a ceiling. **
(602) DM: There is no ceiling either.
** (567) Garret leans in to the room, extending his sword to feel for a floor **
(568) Tian: "How about just try another door?"
(611) Helisandra: "What fun would that be?" She smiles at the wolf man, but nods and moves to the door behind her.
** (567) Garret kneels down reaching his sword further down, a good 4-5' for any sign of floor **
(620) Zane (enter): 00:52
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (620) Zane...
(602) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(611) Zane' from room...
(611) Zane (exit): 00:52
** (620) Helisandra opens the lead door, unlocking it if necessary. **
** (567) Garret straightens up, resting his blade on his shoulder as he looks into the sky room. With a sigh he turns back to the others. **
(602) DM: The door opens up to reveal a short passage that ends in a blank wall.
** (620) Helisandra moves into the passageway, looking for any other ways out of the small area. (Search fo secret doors) **
whispering to Zane, nope
(622) J.C. (enter): 00:59
** (620) Helisandra moves out of the small passageway, confused even more. "Well, that was useless." She moves back down the passage to where she left Tian (octagonal room). She checks over the door there for any traps. **
** (568) Tian opens the book that was making noise and starts leafing though it **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (622) J.C....
(602) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(619) J.C.' from room...
(619) J.C. (exit): 01:04
** (568) Tian drops the book and attepts to grab a worm that is leaping from it **
(568) Tian: Reflex save: [1d20+20] => [4,20] = (24)
** (620) Helisandra turns at the sound of the book hitting the floor. **
(602) DM: A worm immediately leaps out of the book and onto a shelf, then burrows into another book.
** (568) Tian goes over to the shelf and pulls out the book the worm dove into "That thing is fast" **
(602) DM: Tian tries to stomp on it but it's like hitting a fly with a broadsword.
(620) Helisandra: "Calehan!" she calls out, trying to get the mage in the back room.
** (604) Calehan comes running from the leaden doors. **
(568) Tian: "Anyone have something I can use to trap it in?"
** (567) Garret watches Tian chase a creepy worm, shaking his head, "Why are harassing that creature?" **
** (568) Tian shugs **
(604) Calehan: "What are you doing now?"
(620) Helisandra: "Well, it is ruining Orcas' books, and stopping it would help him. Even though we haven't found him yet - all good acts that we can do will go a ways to ensuring him that we are not here to rob him or anything."
(604) Calehan: "So kill it then?"
(620) Helisandra: "I'd say yes."
** (604) Calehan readies a spell for when it pops out again. **
(567) Garret: "Given the lack of upkeep, I find it hard to believe he's been here to care."
** (568) Tian opens the book and starts leafing though it "Here goes" **
(602) DM: It leaps out again.
(602) DM: (init)
(604) Calehan: Initiative: [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17)
(568) Tian: INIT: [1d20+15] => [1,15] = (16)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21)
(602) DM: (21, the worm)
(602) DM: It scoots over to a shelf and burrows in a book.
(620) Helisandra: (( lol - it's still too fast. ))
(602) DM: (17, Cale)
(568) Tian: "Bah, like I said, its fast. Lets try again."
** (604) Calehan walks over to the shelf and picks up the book, taking it with him as he heads out of the library. **
** (568) Tian follows Cale "Good idea, get away from the books." **
(604) Calehan: ((Heading down the hall and to the small empty room Heli found.))
** (567) Garret takes a look over the bookcase for just how many books this worm has eaten through before now. **
(602) DM: (k)
(604) Calehan: "Shut the door when we're inside, then I'll search it out."
** (620) Helisandra returns her attention to the scorched door as Cale and Tian take care of the worm. She carefully takes out a dagger and sees if she can clear off any of the scorching. **
** (568) Tian shuts the door behind him and puts his sword away and prepares to grab the worm **
** (604) Calehan flips through the pages of the book until he finds the worm. **
(602) DM: You finally corner it.
(568) Tian: Knowledge: Nature Skill Check: [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
(602) DM: (kinda fading)
(602) DM: (stopping in 5 min)
(568) Tian: "A bookworm, toss it in the sky room or just squish it?"
(604) Calehan: "How did a bookworm get in here I wonder."
(604) Calehan: "I'll leave that up to you."
(568) Tian: (( how big is it? ))
(602) DM: ((Tiny))
** (568) Tian pops it in his mouth and muches on it as he opens the door **
(620) Helisandra: (( lol - great ending image ))
(568) Tian: (( lol had to teach it what it was like to be munched on =P ))
(604) Calehan: "Wouldn't have been my choice, but it is symbolic, I suppose."
(602) DM: (going to go to bed)
(602) DM: (see y'all next time. sorry to cut out so early like this)
(620) Helisandra: no prob. see ya tomorrow
(622) J.C.: (( No problem, I was fading too. ))

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