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(87) Lunauc: sure

(87) Lunauc: sure. why not?
(89) DM: ((hum, well major battle in room 27 with Ulzaada, she almost kills Heli. you defeat her, then trigger a complex illusion of a horde of zombies))
(89) DM: ((close of last session, the party was resting))
** (84) Helisandra is woken by Tian after about 4 hours, and she takes watch while the remainer of the party rests. **
(87) Lunauc: "OpenRPG Dev IV: Half-orc Monks not allowed."
(87) Lunauc: ((write that one down))
** (84) Helisandra lets the others rest for the time they need, knowing they are all going to need their strength. **
** (87) Garret eventually comes quietly awake, healed a bit but still hurting. His pride is probably the deepest wound, though his stone expression does not show it. **
** (88) Dj Gilcrease sleeps for s few hours then keep Heli company "You must realy stop vanishing on us unexpectedly. Lible to get yourself killed if you keep doing it." **
** (88) Tian Keth sleeps for s few hours then keep Heli company "You must realy stop vanishing on us unexpectedly. Lible to get yourself killed if you keep doing it." **
(84) Helisandra: "Trust me, it is not something I like happening either. I just seem to find all the ways to new areas."
(84) Helisandra: "Luckily, it has always worked out, so far."
** (84) Helisandra pulls out a dark onyx stone, and flips her through her fingers as she keeps watch. **
(84) Helisandra: "So Tian," she pauses, and looks him straight in the eyes, and asks, "have you had any contact with your borthers recently?"
(88) Tian Keth: "No and this waiting is going to drive me mad, we need to be out of here to the area the wolves were killed. What killed them was far worse then anything we will find here."
(84) Helisandra: "Far worse than Acererak? I must admit, I am not looking forward to that meeting."
(88) Tian Keth: "Maybe not more deadly, but for more tainted."
(84) Helisandra: "Hmm, so worse than what they felt before we went to the Crystal Flying Palace?"
** (88) Tian Keth thinks back trying to remember that incident **
(88) Tian Keth: "Yes worse"
** (84) Helisandra gently rubs her neck. "Not good." She remains silent for a moment, thinking. "Well, as soon as we finish with this place and get outside again, we'll find the pack, and try to get some answers." **
(88) Tian Keth: "So where to next finder of the Ways?"
** (84) Helisandra gives Tian a strange look momentarily. "I would say that we head past these doors, and down the hallway, seeing where it goes." **
(95) Aerik (enter): 22:34
** (82) Calehan sleeps through, dreams of fire and ice, a giant skull and someone laughing just out of reach filling the void. **
(88) Tian Keth: "Well lets kick the other awake and move on then."
(84) Helisandra: "Very well." helisandra rises and goes to wake the others up, but by gently shaking their shoulders, not kicking them as Tian suggestes.
** (88) Tian Keth goes and gently kick the others **
** (95) Ian Cromwell opens his eyes as Helisandra nears him," I am awake." **
** (87) Garret looks up at Tian as he approaches. "Kick me and you'll regret it." **
(84) Helisandra: "Good, we were hoping to get moving, to finish Acererak and get out of here."
(88) Tian Keth: "I doubt that, but I would liike my leg left unbroken for a while longer"
(87) Garret: :Inquires of the Wolf brother,while rising: "How's walks?"
** (84) Helisandra then wakes Calehan up, "Time to get moving Cale." **
(95) Ian Cromwell: " This is not the easiest place to rest Helisandra,even in sleep I could not truly rest,as I am sure the rest of you felt the same way."
** (88) Tian Keth heads over to the door and waits for Heli to do her thing **
(88) Tian Keth: "Walks?"
(84) Helisandra: "True, but we needed the sleep, as restless as it was."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (95) Ian Cromwell...
(88) Tian Keth: "I slept fine considering I am traped underground."
(95) Ian Cromwell: " If any are in need of healing now would be the time to say."
(87) Garret: "Yo." :raises a hand to Ian: "I could really use some."
(84) Helisandra: "Actually, I still have a number of pains as well, but Garret needs it more, I am sure."
** (82) Calehan sits up to do his morning meditation when he's awoken. **
(82) Calehan: "I suppose this isn't the least pleasant place for a nap, but it has to be close."
** (95) Ian Cromwell walks over to Garret,inspecting his wounds,places his hand gently on Garrets shoulder " May Solnor grant me the wisdom to aide you." his hand glows a soft blue briefly as he heals you for [4d8+16] => [4,1,8,8,16] = (37) **
** (84) Helisandra heads over to Ulzaada's body, and looks at Tian, waiting at the door. "Be ready to open that door again." She then retrieves the dagger that she stabbed into the sorcerres' body. **
** (87) Garret gives a relieved groan as some of his pains are eased. "Thanks, that'll hold me a while. Now see to Heli before she does something dangerous again. **
** (95) Ian Cromwell walks over to Helisandra,he places his hand gently upon her shoulder," May Solnor grant me the wisdom to aide you." his hand glows a soft blue briefly as he heals you for [2d8+10] => [2,7,10] = (19) **
** (84) Helisandra smiles at Ian, as most of her bruises, and about all of her wounds heal uo. "Thank you Ian, that does feel good. Now let's hope that we don't need much more for a while." **
(95) Ian Cromwell: " We can only hope Helisandra."
(95) Ian Cromwell: " But I do have potions in case of an emergency as well as a few scrolls."
** (84) Helisandra returns to the door, sliding Ulzaada's dagger into her own belt. "Well, let's go." She then opens the door, and proceeds down the hall. **
(95) Ian Cromwell: " When we do face Acererak,if any of you wish to have greater strength just ask."
(87) Garret: "Hmmph.. strength hasn't done me much good yet in here."
** (88) Tian Keth follows closly behind Heli as usual **
** (87) Garret stands from the ground, giving a cringe. "Though a bit more healing may not hurt." **
** (95) Ian Cromwell brings up the rear as usual. **
** (84) Helisandra takes the path down, moving at a normal pace, until reaching the door. ((Even though Stash changed the map...)) **
** (87) Garret follows along, one hand as always rested on his sword hilts **
** (82) Calehan manages to stand up with some effort. "Ugh. I'm still sore from yesterday." **
(95) Ian Cromwell: " Ahh that I can do friend Garret,he places his hand upon your shoulder once more," May Solnor grant me the wisdom to aide you." his hand glows a soft blue once more as he heals you for [2d8+10] => [8,4,10] = (22)
(88) Tian Keth: (( I dont think Heli led us down the secret path ))
(87) Garret: "Much obliged." :offers a gravcious nod to the holy man."
(87) Garret: (afk a bit)
(89) DM: ((ok))
** (84) Helisandra opens the door, revealing the room that they were in earlier - with the acid moat where Ian tripped and fell. "Well, this isn't quite right." **
(84) Helisandra: (( we open the door in the east wall of 25 ))
** (95) Ian Cromwell takes off his pack,opens it up,speaks softly and begins to pile some vials on the floor in front of him,he stands and begins to hand five vials to each person," May the water of life aide you in our battles." ( giving each of you 5 vials of holy water) **
** (84) Helisandra looks to Tian. "This way must not be right, this is leading us backwards." **
(88) Tian Keth: "Lets go see if those nooks hold anything besids the dead."
(82) Calehan: "That's a lot of nooks."
** (84) Helisandra packs up the vials into various pockets of her vest and such. **
** (82) Calehan accepts the vials, depositing them into his belt pockets as he does so. **
** (88) Tian Keth does not take the offered vials "I'll do with out thanks." **
** (87) Garret takes the vials in hand, looking them over curiously before glancing to Ian, wondering what the paladin expects. **
(95) Ian Cromwell: " As you wish Tian." takes them and puts them back in his pack.
(84) Helisandra: "Well, the first time we faced that woman, there was a secref door. Maybe it's the same thing again." Helisandra walks back to the big room, to start searching for any secret doors. (( I'll start to the right of the door, near where she materialized.))
(89) DM: ((you mean the north wall of 25. ignore the compass rose please.))
(89) DM: ((there are 128 nooks in total. :) ))
** (88) Tian Keth heads back to the room and starts searching each of the nooks starting to the right of the doo "You go left Heli and we will make a full circle." **
(84) Helisandra: (( then yes - the north wall. :P ))
(95) Ian Cromwell: " Vials of holy water Garret,the undead do not like it."
** (84) Helisandra stops in her path and shrugs. "Sure." She then heads to the left of the double doors, and searches. (( should bring me to the S quickly )) **
(87) Garret: ""I know. But between these.. and theses..." :gestures to the vials and his swords respectively: "I'd reach for these first." :pats his blades:
(95) Ian Cromwell: " Not all blades can hurt the undead Garret."
(95) Ian Cromwell: " Just as not all spells can injure them either."
(87) Garret: "They can't always hurt people either it seems."
(95) Ian Cromwell: " Keep that in mind,when you think of the two that fell when we faced a mere mirror of Acererak Garret."
** (84) Helisandra gets the attention of the others after a very short time. "Found something." She then opens the secret door, and moves into the area beyond it, to see what awaits them next. **
(87) Garret: "Aye.... I will.."
** (88) Tian Keth stops his search and head over to follow Heli **
** (95) Ian Cromwell follows the others,his heavy flail gripped in his hand. **
(82) Calehan: "I'll keep them handy. Never know when it'll come up."
(89) DM: The vaulted ceiling in this chamber peaks to 35' above. There is a pool of clear liquid here, as well as three plots of white clay. A silver ladle lies next to the pool.
(84) Helisandra: (( desc of 28? ))
(89) DM: A closed stone door can be seen on the western wall.
(87) Garret: ((This seems creepily familiar))
** (88) Tian Keth goes and sniff the pool **
** (84) Helisandra makes her way to the pool, looking into it, and then glancing at the ladle. She passes by and looks over the plots, and then moves to the door, checking everything mentioned for traps. **
(88) Tian Keth: (( the lobster wasnt very mean though =P ))
(89) DM: ((that's cuz it missed. if it had even hit once, there'd have been chaos. :) ))
(88) Tian Keth: "It has no smell, even water has smell"
(87) Garret: "Not if it's pure water."
** (82) Calehan draws his blades, checking that they are ready should something show up. **
(84) Helisandra: "Must be something magical, as everything down here."
** (95) Ian Cromwell stands off to the side no touching anything **
(82) Calehan: "I wouldn't expect pure water down here."
(82) Calehan: "A ladle, a liquid, and some unusual ground. There's probably some ritual intended here."
(87) Garret: :gives a snicker: "The one plot of holy water is all the evil lairs in the world. We might be famous for a find like this."
(89) DM: The door has no lock. Leering, inhuman faces have been etched onto its surface.
** (84) Helisandra is careful to not touch the door. "Since there is no way I can see to open this door, I think your right Cale." **
** (88) Tian Keth picks up the ladle and scoops some water going over to the right most plot of clay and pours the liquid out **
(89) DM: Nothing occurs.
** (84) Helisandra watches the faces for any change. **
(89) DM: Doesn't seem to have provoked a reaction.
** (88) Tian Keth goes back then hands the Ladle to Cale "Reading this might help" **
(84) Helisandra: "three twixt two the dead asleep, each a key to mystic wall, sign to sign will make them fall."
** (84) Helisandra goes to check the plots more carefully, looking for any differences between the plots. **
(82) Calehan: "I think the line pertaining to this is a bit more clear."
** (82) Calehan inspects the ladle. **
whispering to Donovan, Stone portal locked up tight, pound and pull with all your might, precious metal waters clay, earthen being makes the way.
(89) DM: Something begins to emerge from the plot of clay that Tian watered...
(89) DM: It seems to be a hippo-headed human.
** (84) Helisandra backs away from the plot, drawing out her rapier in a blink of an eye. **
** (88) Tian Keth ajusts his sword as he turns back to the plot **
(84) Helisandra: "Wait."
** (84) Helisandra watches the hippo-headed human, to see what it does. **
** (87) Garret blinks at the hippo-man, not quite sure if he should draw a blade or not... but ready. **
(89) DM: It's incredibly obese and takes a while to emerge from the plot of clay.
(87) Garret: "Um.... good morning."
(84) Helisandra: "while hippo clears the way to go" she quotes. "Maybe it is not something we have to fight." she says, almost as if she is unsure about her own words.
** (84) Helisandra backs away from the door, giving the hippo access to it. **
(89) DM: Eventually it stands up and grunts, then waddles over to the stone door and begins pulling it open.
** (95) Ian Cromwell stands by the door we came in,watching the creature take form. **
(87) Garret: "Heh... nicest fellow we've met in a while."
(88) Tian Keth: "I guess we dont need to read it."
(82) Calehan: "Nice guess, I think."
(84) Helisandra: "Tian, as they say - 'Tis' better to be lucky than good.' I never agreed with that saying more than now." She flashes the wolf man a smile.
** (84) Helisandra relaxes her stance, but keeps her rapier out, since they don't know what is on the other side of the slow opening door. **
(88) Tian Keth: "Good and lucky is even better." ** smiles back **
(89) DM: Eventually it opens the door and stands it against the wall, then waits silently.
(87) Garret: :while looking at the waiting hippo: "Are we supposed to leave a gratuity or something?"
(84) Helisandra: "Uh, thanks" she says, as she looks though the door.
(89) DM: The corridor beyond is made of different stone from the rest of the tomb -- a sea-green marble with white streaks throughout each block. All is deathly silent and dusty, as if none have set foot in ages.
** (88) Tian Keth follows Heli **
** (84) Helisandra sheathes her rapier, and passes into the cooridor beyond, searching the hallway for traps as she goes. **
(89) DM: It proceeds for about 50' west, then turns to the south. Something protrudes from the right wall (at 29) that you can barely make out.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] => [18,28] = (46)
** (84) Helisandra proceeds down the hallway, pausing once she nears the item protruding from the wall, looking it over more closely. **
** (87) Garret gives the hippo-headed doorman a slight bow before passing through the door after their scout and wolf man. **
** (95) Ian Cromwell waits until the others hand entered the hallway,then slowly walks past the hippo person,not turning his back on it,stops as he enters the hallway,turning so that he can keep his eyes on the creature. **
** (82) Calehan passes the doorhop cautiously. "I wonder how long this is to stay open." **
(87) Garret: "I'd say until about right after we're all in."
(95) Ian Cromwell: " Long enough for us to eliminate Acererak and then get out of here."
(89) DM: The hippo waddles after Ian.
** (95) Ian Cromwell sheathes his heavy flail,drawing his holy sword. **
** (95) Ian Cromwell takes a defensive stance,his weapon at the ready. **
** (84) Helisandra stops at the corner, looking over the item protruding from the wall, trying to figure out how to proceed. **
(89) DM: It just stands there, its belly hanging out and waits silently.
** (84) Helisandra looks back at the others, and then notices that the hippo followed. She walks back to the hippo man and looks him over. **
(95) Ian Cromwell: " I have no idea why it is following me."
(88) Tian Keth: "Because you entered last."
(84) Helisandra: "Well, he opened one door, maybe he has a way to open another."
(95) Ian Cromwell: " Or perhaps it was because I spoke his name."
** (88) Tian Keth starts looking over the object that Heli abandon a moment ago **
** (84) Helisandra address the hippo-man. "Open the door in the wall." **
(89) DM: It doesn't do anything except look at Heli dumbly.
** (84) Helisandra tries, "While hippo clears the way to go." **
(89) DM: It stands there mutely.
** (84) Helisandra shrugs. "Well there appears to be a door in the wall there, but there is some part missing. I guess we keep going." **
(95) Ian Cromwell: " I think you may have to speak his name Helisandra."
** (84) Helisandra turns back and continues down the hallway, searching for traps. **
(84) Helisandra: "If you know his name, go for it." she calls back
(95) Ian Cromwell: " I do not mean the creatures name,I mean Acereraks name Helisandra."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] => [3,28] = (31)
** (84) Helisandra looks back to Ian, and shrugs, willing to try. She moves back to the hippo and says, "Acererak?" **
** (84) Helisandra then moves to the protrusion in the wall, seeing if the hippo does anything. **
(89) DM: No response.
(84) Helisandra: "Must be he likes you Ian, not me." She smiles at the paladin, but proceeds on down the hallway.
(82) Calehan: "Maybe it's just something to open the door from this side.
** (95) Ian Cromwell walks to the area that Helisandra just left. **
(89) DM: The corridor turns to the east and becomes a colonnade that enters a rather spectacular chamber.
** (84) Helisandra continues all the way to the next room, seeing what awaits. **
(89) DM: Several pillars of dark red marble run down the center of the colonnade. Etched onto the south face of each pillar are words in Common -- west to east -- TZOLO SHALL VANQUISH HER FOES.
** (84) Helisandra slowly enters the colonnade, reading the columns. **
** (95) Ian Cromwell follows the others,continuing to watch the creature to make sure it does not attack. **
(84) Helisandra: "Well, that's not ominous." she mutters.
** (84) Helisandra continues past the columns, checking for traps, as she approaches the chamber beyond. **
(87) Garret: :asks the obvious question: "Who's Tzolo?"
(89) DM: The chamber beyond is quite stunning. The ceiling is vaulted and peaks 45' at the center. The ceiling is painted to depict animal-headed humans with ornate blades,locked together in bloody duels. Turquoise and ebony tiles frame a long pool filled with crystal clear liquid. Eight red marble statues of tiger-headed humans, naked to the waist and brandishing elaborate polearms stand guard vigilantly in the chamber. A massive statue in the chamber's eastern alcove is the room's dominant feature. It depicts a kneeling elephant-headed human sitting back on its haunches with arms outstretched, palms open in welcome. It is naked to the waist, revealing a heavily muscled gray stone chest. The statue is 40' tall from its base to the top of its head. Baggy yellow pantaloons cover its legs and torso, and sandals gird its feet. A trunk rears back against its forehead. A HUGE ruby is set in the forehead just above the trunk, and its eyes are large black opals. Two great stone tusks, one painted red and one painted green jut out of the statue's fanged maw. Its fangs, which number 36, are blue smoky quartz stones.
(88) Tian Keth: "The one the snake talked about. This is her place not Acereraks"
(82) Calehan: "Isn't Tzolo the one that, I guess owns, this tomb."
(87) Garret: "Oh..."
** (95) Ian Cromwell enters the tomb,he looks everything over carefully,not touching anything,then glances back to see if the hippo creature has followed us. **
(84) Helisandra: "Wow. But didn't we leave her tomb, when we got teleported to fighting that woman? Or did we never leave? It's hard to tell, there are so many different stylings in the walls and walkways."
** (82) Calehan turns the looks around the room. "Do you suppose that would be a platinum beast with trunk and tusk?" **
** (84) Helisandra makes her way clockwise around the room, looking over four tiger statues before looking over the elephant, and then continuing and checking the other tigers out, searching for traps. **
(97) Tanesh (enter): 00:11
(84) Helisandra: "Could be, but how do you get it to walk?"
(95) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps something needs to be placed in its hands."
(82) Calehan: "It shouldbe placed in its tracks. Maybe something will show up."
(82) Calehan: "How many of these statues will animate like the other one they look like? All of them would be pretty woeful."
(84) Helisandra: "I'm not sure, but they don't seem like those other ones, no hinges. Although one of them did seem a bit odd, like it's head might come off. The thing that is intriguing me the most are these tiles." She indicates five tiles below the elephant's navel, "And there is a message in the tiles of the pool."
(84) Helisandra: "Seems to be a common theme, and if it is written twice already..." She looks back at the tiles, pointing back and forth between them.
(95) Ian Cromwell: " Can you tell what the message says Helisandra?"
(84) Helisandra: (( the message in the bottom of the pool is "TZOLO SHALL VANQUISH HER FOES". ))
(87) Garret: " I wonder if they'll listen that we are not Tzolo's foes."
whispering to Tanesh, hey there, this session doesn't count for lurking btw, as we ask that candidates lurk for 2 FULL sessions
(87) Garret: "Think the statues would treat us nicer if we said we're friends of Tzolo?"
(89) DM: The hippo statue follows Ian into the room.
(84) Helisandra: "Yeah, all the letters are right." She looks at Garret, "One way to find out." She bends down and presses the tiles before the elephant, in the order "T S V H F"
(89) DM: It's slow going.
(89) DM: There is a distinct click, and a panel opens in the statue's stomach, revealing a secret door. (see map above)
(84) Helisandra: "Well, it seems rather easy..."
** (84) Helisandra stands back up and looks back up at the elephant. **
(84) Helisandra: "Garret, the tiger directly to your left seems to have a removable head. In fact, I think it might unscrew. Could you see if you can get it?"
(87) Garret: "Alright."
** (87) Garret turns to the designated tigerman figure and reaches up to attempt it's decapitation. **
whispering to Lunauc, it does. within are three scrolls
** (84) Helisandra steps up to the elephant statue, and places her hands on it, and starts climbing up the front of the statue (Spider Climb). **
** (87) Garret tosses the head aside and pulls out three scrolls. "Paperwork.. who wants it? **
** (87) Garret waves the scrolls toward Cale **
** (82) Calehan puts away his knives to take the scrolls. **
** (84) Helisandra climbs up the elephant to get a closer look at it's tusks. **
** (82) Calehan skims the scrolls. "What's the news here?" **
(98) mini (enter): 00:43
(95) Ian Cromwell: " I could read those for you if you wish Calehan."
whispering to Donovan, two of them appear to be spell scrolls. one, you can't make heads or tails of. the other is the spell "strength"
whispering to Donovan, a third is written in that ancient language you've found all over the tomb
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** (84) Helisandra reaches the tusks and starts removing them, starting with the red one. **
(82) Calehan: "Yeah. One of these is in that strange language used in here."
** (95) Ian Cromwell takes the scroll from Calehan,and begins to read it silently to himself first. **
** (82) Calehan hands Ian two scrolls, "And the other looks like it's a spell, but I don't know what one." **
(98) mini (exit): 00:46
whispering to Ian Cromwell, possibly a divination spell though you're unsure
whispering to Ian Cromwell, definitely priest
(95) Ian Cromwell: " It is a priests scroll Calehan.
(95) Ian Cromwell: " Seems both of these are of the priest variety Calehan."
** (84) Helisandra removes the tusks, each about the lentgh of a dagger, and places them in her pack. **
** (84) Helisandra then climbs a little more up the elephant, staring it in it's left eye. **
** (95) Ian Cromwell holds the two scrolls out for Calehan," They are of no use to me,I can not cast the spells that are on these." **
(82) Calehan: "Oh. Well maybe I'll find a use for them later."
** (82) Calehan adds the scrolls to the contents of his belt pockets. **
(89) DM: (er, wait)
(82) Calehan: "Do you think it's safe to be taking about that statue?"
** (82) Calehan readies his daggers once again, in case it isn't. **
(89) DM: As soon as you (Heli) unscrews the green tusk, a cloud of gas begins pouring out of the statue, smelling vaguely of rotten fish.
** (84) Helisandra quickly tries to screw it back in place, while holding what breath she already had. **
(82) Calehan: ((Taking apart rather))
(89) DM: The gas pours out of the statue at an alarming rate, the vapor sinks to the floor as if its weight is heavier than its surroundings.
(89) DM: (anyone in room 30 needs to make a Fort save)
(84) Helisandra: (( another one? ))
(95) Ian Cromwell: Fortitude save: [1d20+18] => [5,18] = (23)
(87) Garret: (is it poison?)
(87) Garret: (can my periapt of poison protect me?)
(82) Calehan: Fortitude: [1d20+11] => [18,11] = (29)
(87) Garret: Fortitude save: [1d20+19] => [4,19] = (23)
(82) Calehan: ((Your dice certainly can't))
(89) DM: ((yes, as more than one round passes in the time it took you to screw it back on))
whispering to Lunauc, 4 Con damage this round
(84) Helisandra: Fortitude vs Traps: [1d20+13] => [4,13] = (17)
whispering to Donovan, 2 Con damage this round
** (82) Calehan backs away from the spreading cloud of poison. **
(84) Helisandra: (( +15 versus poison ))
(88) Tian Keth: Fortitude save: [1d20+17] => [13,17] = (30)
** (95) Ian Cromwell hands the last scroll back to Calehan,the one written in the odd language," It says,Ivory Blade,Crimson Sword,leads thee to the hidden hoard." **
** (84) Helisandra climbs to the elephant's head after returning the green tusk. **
(82) Calehan: "I'll keep that in mind."
** (88) Tian Keth coughs and spits out some blood "What was that?" **
(89) DM: You're not sure when the cloud will dissipate as the amount of gas that escaped the statue was quite a bit.
** (88) Tian Keth exits the room though the door in the elephants belly **
** (87) Garret hacks as the foul gas invades his lungs. "Alright.. hak hauk... I think we better get out of here for now. Ca-haff!" **
** (84) Helisandra coughs a number of times, even after reaching the top. "Damn." she spits out. "Everyone ok down there?" **
** (87) Garret moves to follow after Tian through the door in the elephant **
** (95) Ian Cromwell follows Tian,as he begins to cough uncontrollably. **
(88) Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke as I sense a fight aproching ))
(89) DM: ((oh? lol))
** (84) Helisandra remains on top of the statue, awaiting the gas to dissipate on it's own before she goes back down near it. ((Smoke as well, but because Heli is going to sit and cough, I might as well too.)) **
(89) DM: The passage behind the statue leads to a corridor that descends deeper into the tomb. It proceeds roughly about 120' to the south before turning to the west. Torchlight can be seen in the distance.
** (82) Calehan stays out of the way of the cloud. Trying to catch his breath, Calehan avoids the cloud until he can get through the door. **
(84) Helisandra: (( back ))
(88) Tian Keth: (( back ))
** (84) Helisandra watches everyone pass through the panel in the elephant. **
** (88) Tian Keth waits on the other ide untill everyone is able to get though **
** (84) Helisandra sees the gas starting to dissipate, albiet slowly, so she waits. **
(89) DM: (for the rest of you) the corridor eventually turns to the west and widens into a burial chamber. Lining the walls of this room are green basalt statues of fly-headed humans, naked except for white linen loincloths tied around their waists. There are 19 statues in all, and each brandishes a scimitar of red clay. There is a red marble sarcophagus in the center of the chamber. It, like many of the objects in this tomb, is garishly decorated.

It's engulfed with exquisite carvings of great serpents, sightless worms, blooming roses and slimy toads. A circular seal of a reddish substance can be seen from afar, with something engraved in it.

All is silent.

(89) DM: Heli joins you after a bit.
(82) Calehan: "Another dead end room. More statues. Another sarcophagus too. It looks like a trap to me."
** (88) Tian Keth looks around the room "That note said something about red swords? I see a few of them." **
** (84) Helisandra finally makes her way down the cooridor, and she looks into the room. **
(84) Helisandra: "More serpents, seem to be more of Tzolo's work than Acererak's."
(84) Helisandra: "Sorry about the gas, the first one came off with no trouble, so I thought the second one would as well." She says, as she steps into the room.
(82) Calehan: "Considering its size and representation, the scroll could mean that red tusk is a key."
** (84) Helisandra begins making her way around the room, sticking to near the walls, checking out the fly statues as she progresses around the room. **
** (88) Tian Keth follows closly behind Heli **
** (87) Garret waits at the entrance to the room **
** (84) Helisandra makes her way about the room, returning to the entrance. "I didn't see anything, but I can't shake the feeling that there is something more to this room - as you suggested Calehan, a likely trap." **
(84) Helisandra: "And the fact that the fourth mud sorcerer's symbol is in that large red seal on the sarcophagus doesn't help, either."
(89) DM: (stopping in 30 minutes for Tanesh's interview)
(87) Garret: "Shall we knock on the lid and see if she's in, then?"
(82) Calehan: "It'd be more polite, I guess."
(84) Helisandra: "Why not?"
** (84) Helisandra moves up to the sarcophogas and begins searching it for any traps, before anyone touches it. **
** (87) Garret follows heli to the sarcophogus **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] => [8,28] = (36)
(84) Helisandra: "Careful, there is something on the seal. Maybe you should stand back from it a little Garret."
** (87) Garret takes a few stabs back, as suggested **
** (84) Helisandra Heli moves to the head of the sarcophagus, on the far side from the seal, and knocks on the container. "Hello, Ulzaada?" **
(89) DM: By the way, the hippo statue waddles into the room.
(84) Helisandra: (( Tzolo, not Ulzaada... I forgot which name I had in my clipboard... ))
(89) DM: Nothing immediately occurs.
** (84) Helisandra looks to Garret, "Either she's not home, or can't hear me." **
** (87) Garret looks to the Hippo. "Maybe he should knock instead." **
(82) Calehan: "Either of those would be good news."
(88) Tian Keth: "Use the tusk you kept to knock"
(84) Helisandra: "Guess we have to do this the rude way." She moves back to the seal, searching it over very carefully, trying to pinpoint what she halfway found earlier.
(84) Helisandra: (( strike that. ))
(84) Helisandra: "You think that even though it is made of stone, it counts as ivory?
(87) Garret: "Works for me."
(82) Calehan: "I didn't build the place, but it does represent something that is ivory."
** (84) Helisandra walks over to the nearest fly statue and after saying, "Execuse me, I need to borrow this," she takes the red clay sword from the statue. **
(89) DM: The weapon slips out of the statue's grasp.
(84) Helisandra: "It was ivory blade and crimson sword, yes?" Heli takes out the red tusk as well, and with one in each hand, she tries to knock on the head of the sarcophagus with the two items.
(89) DM: The scimitar shatters.
(89) DM: Otherwise, nothing happens. :)
(82) Calehan: "At least we know the weapons aren't too dangerous. I think."
** (84) Helisandra returns the tusk to her pack. "Guess we do this the rude way. Unless there are any other ideas." **
(88) Tian Keth: "I got nothing"
** (84) Helisandra moves back to the seal, searching it over very carefully, trying to pinpoint what she halfway found earlier. **
(87) Garret: "Was the green tusk ivory?"
(84) Helisandra: (( checking ))
(84) Helisandra: "No, both were just painted stone. Ok, I can't get a good read on the seal, but there is something on it. Unfortunately, I can't tell what it is, or how to take care of it - only that it is activated on breaking the seal."
(84) Helisandra: "So, anyone got any good spells to sling at it, that would likely be safer than standing there and busting it by hand."
(89) DM: The clay statue stands in the entrance of the chamber, waiting silently.
(82) Calehan: "I can agree with that. Hmm."
** (84) Helisandra backs up to the doorway, to the clay elephant. "Do you know how to open it? Help Tzolo, open sarcophagus." **
** (82) Calehan casts a brief spell and examines the sarcophagus, and seal especially, for anything aside from the tomb's usual glow. (detect magic) **
(88) Tian Keth: "Try giving the tusk to the statue following us"
(84) Helisandra: (( *hippo - too many animals... ))
(89) DM: It waddles over to the sarcophagus.
whispering to Donovan, enchantment/charm on the seal
** (84) Helisandra nods to Tian, but then notices the hippo making his way. "Calehan, look out." **
** (82) Calehan avoids the hippo as he backs down the hall away from the sarcophagus. **
(89) DM: It breaks the seal on the sarcophagus and begins to lift the lid of the coffin.
(82) Calehan: "It was definitely enspelled. Not with anything that could affect a statue though."
(84) Helisandra: "So, it's good to know that talking to things around here can help."
(89) DM: The golem lifts the lid of the sarcophagus and places it gently on the floor next to the coffin. Within is a woman clad in flowing red robes. A deep-green silk kerchief is inscribed with a glowing white rune and covers her face. Her raven-black hair is visible and gathered through a platinum loop set with a small emerald. In her right hand, she holds a gleaming iron bastard sword with an obsidian hilt; it's blade is jagged and serrated. A ridged white ivory ring is on her left index finger. In her left hand, she clutches a blue metal box to her breast.
** (88) Tian Keth places his sword on her neck as a precotion **
** (82) Calehan edges close enough to be able examine the contents for any magic. **
whispering to Donovan, oh yes
whispering to Donovan, the handkerchief, the ring, the sword, her robes and in addition, a field that surrounds her body
(84) Helisandra: Hello Tzolo." Heli says, hoping that her converssations will continue to help.
(89) DM: No response.
(84) Helisandra: "Hmm, I could try the phrase in the other room, but I'm worried that might mark us an enemies, in need of being vanquished."
(82) Calehan: "I think she may be in stasis, though I have no other clues how it could be ended."
(87) Garret: "Yeah... let's not do that."
(84) Helisandra: "Last time we came across someone like this, when I tried to retrieve something, it awoke. Oh, idea." She moves to the hipppo, and looking at it, says, "Help Tzolo out of sarcophagus. Leave all else."
(89) DM: (I need to know where you are in relation to the sarcophagus. Please let me know in terms of feet.)
(87) Garret: (just inside the door)
(84) Helisandra: (( depends on where the hippo stopped ))
(88) Tian Keth: (( standing right next to it on the oposit side as the hippo man ))
(89) DM: (inside the door)
(87) Garret: (and a step to the right for hippo crossing)
(82) Calehan: ((60 feet away from the farthest end from the door, assuming it's not more than 5 feet high.))
(95) Ian Cromwell: ( just outside the room)
(89) DM: (well the room is 50' square, so you would be in the corridor behind Tian then)
(84) Helisandra: (( then to the left of the hippo, on opposite side of it from Garret. ))
(89) DM: (ok)
(95) Ian Cromwell: ( about 40 feet from it)
(89) DM: (so inside the room then, Cale?)
(82) Calehan: ((At least 10 feet in the hall, from those dimensions))
(89) DM: The hippo waddles over to the sarcophagus and lifts the handkerchief off her face...
(88) Tian Keth: (( sorry I though the hippo man stayed next to the coffin. my sword is resting on the womans neck, so thats how close I am ))
(89) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop)
(89) DM: because trust me, next session, it'll be quite chaotic
(84) Zane: Hey - I said pick her up, nothing about a handkerchief... :)

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