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(785) Lunauc (exit): 22:28
(763) DM: Several things occur at once...
(763) DM: A flash of light occurs as Helisandra releases a spell from a ring around her finger...
(763) DM: Most of the incoming water suddenly becomes dust...
(763) DM: ...and she vanishes from sight.
** (775) Ian Cromwell turns from facing the wall,now that he is not being pinned against it by the force from the water,looks around noticing the dust on the floor now. **
** (802) Calehan knows he can't swim so he is quite stunned when the water disappears. **
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Praise be to Solnor."
(806) Garret: "That's a lot of dust..."
(806) Garret: *ACHOO!*
** (802) Calehan looks around to see where everyone landed. **
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Better dust than death by drowning."
** (775) Ian Cromwell moves to the area that the water was coming from,looks into the opening. **
(806) Garret: "Granted." :dusting off caked dust, the swordsman makes his way to the destroyed doors calling out, "Heli.. you still here?"
(763) DM: A wall of iron appears out of nowhere blocking your view into where the water came from. In the brief glimpse that you had, it seemed to be an empty chamber.
(806) Garret: "Hmph..." :knocks his gauntleted fist against the iron door.:
(775) Ian Cromwell: " It would appear that whatever may be in there,is not meant to be seen by anyone."
(763) DM: It echoes...
(809) Donovan (enter): 22:38
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (809) Donovan...
(763) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(802) Donovan' from room...
(802) Donovan (exit): 22:41
(806) Garret: "Well... that's just rude. And after all we did to reach it."
(763) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(803) Lunauc' from room...
(803) Lunauc (exit): 22:41
(763) DM: Of Helisandra, there is no sign.
(775) Ian Cromwell: " From the sounds of it Garret,the room has not refilled with water."
(806) Garret: Which is good. If we can breacking down a giant wall of iron
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps it lifts or something,it had to come from somewhere."
** (775) Ian Cromwell looks the wall over to see if there are any seams **
(812) Donovan (enter): 22:43
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps Helisandra can tell us something about this wall Garret."
** (775) Ian Cromwell looks around," Where is she anyways? Did she do one of those shadow things again?" **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (812) Donovan...
(763) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(809) Donovan' from room...
(809) Donovan (exit): 22:46
(806) Garret: "I'm guessing so."
** (806) Garret stares at the wall.. considering the situation carefully for a moment. **
(806) Garret: :The he lurches forward andtries to push the iron wall down.:
(806) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [3,6] = (9)
(814) Donovan (enter): 22:47
** (775) Ian Cromwell watches Garret charge the wall," What are you trying to do Garret break an arm?" **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (814) Donovan...
(763) DM: There seems to be no visible consequence...
(806) Garret: :settles back and shrugs: "It was worth a try."
(814) Calehan: "Helisandra? Where is she?"
** (775) Ian Cromwell hangs his flail on his belt **
** (775) Ian Cromwell hands his shield to Garret," Perhaps I should give it a try." **
** (806) Garret takes the shield with a raise of the brow, but leaves the paladin to push **
** (775) Ian Cromwell tries to find a place to dig his fingers into,then tries to move the wall Str [1d20+5] -> [19,5] = (24) **
(763) DM: The wall seems to be affixed in place.
** (775) Ian Cromwell steps back from the wall,his face red from the excertion," It did not even budge." **
** (806) Garret groans, and tries calling out for some aid, "Heli. We could use and assist here." **
(763) DM: There is no response.
** (775) Ian Cromwell takes his sheild back from Garret," Garret,go check out the deadend hallway,there must be a secret door somewhere else down here." **
(806) Garret: "Heli! Stop playing around. We're in a hurry."
(814) Calehan: "Okay, I don't like this."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Maybe she found the way out of here when the water struck."
** (806) Garret furrows his brow with some as no answer comes. Seriously he inquires, "Did anyone see exactly what happened when she disappeared?" **
(775) Ian Cromwell: " I did not know she disappeared,I was forced against the wall,then suddenly I was not."
(814) Calehan: "I think she did something with a ring. It might have been the one the Efreet gave her, I didn't see."
** (806) Garret begins heading down the hall(23) to check the mouth with the drain **
** (814) Calehan follows Garret anxiously. **
(763) DM: Most of the water managed to be transformed to dust, but what little did not drained through the opening in the mouth in the stone face.
** (814) Calehan incants a brief spell and a hand lights up with cool, blue flame providing him the light to see as he heads down the opposite corridor from Garret (to 24) (Just a little light.) **
(806) Garret: "Hmm.. " :looks around with some annoyance. "The room looked empty before the iron wall popped up. But... she may have been out of sight when she went in."
** (775) Ian Cromwell draws his flail and swings it once with all his might at the iron wall, [1d20+24] -> [15,24] = (39) **
(763) TaliesinNYC: have to look something up
(763) TaliesinNYC: brb
whispering to Ian Cromwell, roll damage
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(812) Donovan' from server... Removing dead client
(812) Donovan (exit): 23:16
(763) DM: The wall holds, although Ian's attack makes a great deal of noise as the impact of his flail echoes throughout the tomb.
(824) ticattack (enter): 23:17
(806) Garret: "Cale? Did you find the hidden door heli mentioned?
(814) Calehan: "Nothing here that I can see."
(806) Garret: "Hmm.. she mentioned seeing it from the statue in the other hall... Maybe if check it from both sides..."
** (806) Garret heads back down the hall toward 20, heading for the face at 21 to check through the peep hole Heli mentioned. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (824) ticattack...
(763) DM: (bring Matt up to speed pls)
** (775) Ian Cromwell sets his sheild on the wall behind him,grabs his flail with both hands,looks at the dent he put in the iron wall,swings his flail at the wall once more,putting all his weight behind the blow,[1d20+24] -> [16,24] = (40) [1d10+1d10] -> [4,10] = (14) **
(763) DM: (damage please)
(775) Ian Cromwell: (14)
(763) DM: The wall still stands, although there is a larger dent than before.
** (775) Ian Cromwell smiles as he sees the dent become larger,he swings his flail at the wall again. [1d20+24] -> [16,24] = (40) [1d10+1d10] -> [9,3] = (12) **
** (806) Garret tries to peek through the hole for the secret door Heli spoke of **
(831) Pensador (enter): 23:33
(763) DM: You (Garret) can see the vague outlines of a door where the south wall of the passage (OC: 24) would be. However, the door is closed and there is no sign of your friend.
** (806) Garret looks for the otline of a handle or knocker or suck on the door **
(763) DM: Not visible on the side you're looking at.
** (775) Ian Cromwell looks at the now large dent in the iron wall," You see Acererak,your tomb." swings his flail at the wall once more with more force [1d20+24] -> [17,24] = (41) Dam: [1d10+10] -> [7,10] = (17) **
(836) Wile.E.Coyote (enter): 23:43
(836) Wile.E.Coyote (exit): 23:45
(806) Garret: (still connected?)
** (775) Ian Cromwell swings at the wall with his flail with even more force." Your minions." [1d20+24] -> [18,24] = (42) Dam: [1d10+1d10] -> [3,8] = (11) **
(763) DM: The wall's still standing, as before.
** (775) Ian Cromwell swings at the wall with his flail once more," And your magic." [1d20+24] -> [4,24] = (28) Dam: [1d10+1d10 **
(775) Ian Cromwell: [1d10+1d10] -> [8,7] = (15)
(763) DM: That wasn't really very effective, as the wall's still there.
** (799) Helisandra appears behind Garret, silently. She simply states, "Boo" to the big man. **
** (775) Ian Cromwell swings at the wall once more with his flail " Are no match." [1d20+24] -> [4,24] = (28) Dam: [1d10+1d10] -> [1,4] = (5) **
** (806) Garret spins round suddenly, his sword cutting out keenly from it's sheathe... and stopping just before heli's throat. "Oh..." :gives a relieved sigh: "Welcome back." **
(799) Helisandra: "Yeah thanks. So, did everyone survive the water then?"
(806) Garret: "Yep. All accounted for.. now." :resheathes his blade: "So, what happened to you?"
** (806) Garret begins back toward the others. **
** (775) Ian Cromwell steps back from the wall,looking at the large dent in the iron wall,his chest heaving from the swinging of his flail,he picks it back up once more,putting all his weight,strength,anger into his swing," For Solnor!" [1d20+24] -> [16,24] = (40) Dam: [1d10+1d10] -> [9,1] = (10) **
(799) Helisandra: "In short - I got transported away. At least I made a new 'friend' as well." she tells Garret as they return to the others.
(763) DM: The wall's still there...
(806) Garret: "Oh.. that sounds nice."
(806) Garret: :To Ian: "How goes the hammering?"
(799) Helisandra: "Well, it actually wasn't that bad. However, I want to warn you - I had to agree to help someone in the future in order to return, and I have no idea when, or if, they will collect on that. Just something to keep in mind."
** (824) T'a K'shet watches Ian. "Should T'a to remove the wall? He seems to be having trouble." **
(775) Ian Cromwell: " A few more swings and it shall fall like the rest of this place."
** (824) T'a K'shet looks sup. "Who?" **
(806) Garret: :shrugs to Heli: "Like once more life threatening agreement is going to kill us." :as he speaks with some sarcasm, he makes his way to the corner where he saw the outline of the door.
(799) Helisandra: "Who? Just one known as Basht." Heli seems to dismiss the whole thing.
** (806) Garret tries to get his bearings based on what he saw through the peep hole, then closes his eyes and tries feeling blindly for the unseen door. **
(799) Helisandra: "Anyway, it was worth since everyone survived."
** (814) Calehan comments as Garret paws at the wall, "I really don't think that will work." **
whispering to Lunauc, roll Search
whispering to Lunauc, I have to go map
(806) Garret: Search Skill Check: [1d20+2] -> [13,2] = (15)
(841) Nivloc (enter): 00:04
whispering to Lunauc, there's a button that depresses, that'll cause the panel to open
** (775) Ian Cromwell gets ready to swing his flail at the wall once more,when he realizes that Helisandra has returned. **
(799) Helisandra: "By the way Calehan, I think you should hold onto this." She pulls a clay ring out of her pocket and hands it to him. "It's better suited for use by a mage anyway - less drawbacks."
** (806) Garret gives Cale a careless shrug as he keeps feeling around. "No better ideas. **
** (775) Ian Cromwell places his flail back in its hanger,picks up his shield and walks over to where the others are gathered. **
(775) Ian Cromwell: " So where were you Helisandra?"
(841) Nivloc (exit): 00:08
(799) Helisandra: "The Beyond, or so I was informed. By the way, how much time has passed since the flood?"
(775) Ian Cromwell: " An hour more or less I would guess."
(799) Helisandra: "Hmm, she was right. Should have known." Heli looks over the wall of iron, and the large dent that Ian managed to put into it. "Hmm, that seems to present a problem, doesn't it?"
(775) Ian Cromwell: " What the wall or the dent?"
(799) Helisandra: "The wall." Heli looks over the wall for herself, searching for any clue as to how to open it.
(852) Nivloc (enter): 00:13
(852) Nivloc (exit): 00:13
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Well either the way out is behind some secret door,or it is behind this wall Helisandra."
** (806) Garret keeps pawing around with his eyes closed **
(799) Helisandra: "Then we try one, then the other. If the glass here was just for the water trap, I'd think that they would not need such a strong steel wall to replace it. Thus, I think there is more behind it."
(763) DM: (back)
(814) Calehan: "More what though? The room must have been filled with water, and I didn't get a chance to see what else."
(806) Garret: (welcome back!)
(775) Ian Cromwell: " That is what I was thinking as well Helisandra."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " There may be a secret door that leads out of here Calehan."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Why have a room filled with water,then close it off with an iron wall."
(799) Helisandra: "A door out? A ladder to the surface? A door to Acererak? Many things could be there."
(806) Garret: "Misdirection..."
(824) T'a K'shet: "To halt anyone who gets past the water?"
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Well if there is no other way to open the wall,I will get back to hammering on it with my flail."
(799) Helisandra: (( Just a moment ))
(775) Ian Cromwell: " It sprang up to fast for that T'a K'shet,we just barely got a look inside when the wall appeared."
(824) T'a K'shet: ((AFK a few. We got folks over fer a barbie, so I should make an appearance for lunch. Be back within a half hour or so most likely))
whispering to Lunauc, I mentioned that you found the panel that opened the secret door
(763) DM: ((so anyway, what next?))
** (799) Helisandra stops searching after a while. "Well, this is nothing like any door I've seen. If I had to guess, I'd say that there isn't anyway to open it. At least, not without magically removing it, or bashing it enough. So, have at it Ian, if you want." **
** (799) Helisandra then makes her way to Garret, in the area where the secret door that she and Garret both saw should be located. (Area 24). "Find anything?" she asks Garret. **
** (806) Garret grins as Helisandra asks the question, and he pushes something on the wall. **
** (799) Helisandra's jaw drops slightly. "But... how? Oh, nevermind." **
(763) DM: A panel slides open, revealing a corridor beyond.
(814) Calehan: "I can barely believe that actually worked."
** (806) Garret turns to Heli, and raises his hands in a meditative posture, as he explains sagaciously, "The way of the warrior is more than simple the pursuit of body. Mind and spirit must also be elevated, if one is to reach enlightnment." **
** (799) Helisandra peeks past the open door. "Well done Garret." She then calls back to the others. "Think Garret found our way out." **
(799) Helisandra: "Get off it Garret, you know you just got lucky." she gives him a quick jab in the side with her elbow before stepping into the corridor to determine where it goes.
** (775) Ian Cromwell walks over to where the others are gathered. **
(806) Garret: :shrugs before following: "Luck is a kind of wisdom."
(763) DM: The corridor proceeds westward, and descends deeper into the earth. A distinct aroma of saltwater reaches your nostrils.
(862) TOLAN (enter): 00:41
(862) TOLAN (exit): 00:41
(862) TOLAN (enter): 00:41
(799) Helisandra: "Not the way out, but it might lead to Acererak." she whispers back to whoever is behind her.
(862) TOLAN (exit): 00:42
** (775) Ian Cromwell follows along behind Garret," Luck has nothing to do with wisdom." **
** (799) Helisandra continues along the path - keeping a careful eye out as she progresses. She pauses before entering the room she comes to, trying to take in the contents of the room first. **
(806) Garret: "I beg to differ. You must be lucky enough to survive long enough to gain wisdom."
(763) DM: The surfaces of this chamber are made of the same dark green marble you found in the entranceway of the Tomb. The ceiling is 25' above and a central moat surrounds an island roughly 30' x 30'. At the center of the island is a body wrapped in white linen strips. A closed stone door can be seen at the east end of the room. An open archway and a canal leading out can be seen on the west end of the chamber.
** (799) Helisandra moves into the room and over to the central moat, looking into the water. **
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Luck is nothing more than fate,and neither one gives wisdom to any. Wisdom only comes from trial and error Garret."
** (775) Ian Cromwell stops at the entryway into the chamber,looking the entire area over. **
(799) Helisandra: "You have no Fate but the Fate you make, Ian. Thus, there is a little more to fate than luck. Not necessarily much more, but there is more."
(806) Garret: "Then I guess that just makes me fated. So.. some divine entity must appreciate my wisdom."
(824) T'a K'shet: ((Back))
** (775) Ian Cromwell looks at Garret,then the area,then back to Garret," It must be one of low wisdom to seek counsel with you Garret." then smiles innocently. **
(806) Garret: "Give me some credit. I am smarter than I choose to act, after all."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Then you have misssed your calling,you should have been a bard,for you are a good actor."
** (799) Helisandra walks along the edge of the water, heading east toward the stone door. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [1,21] = (22)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [1,28] = (29)
(806) Garret: "Not all bard's can at. And I am quite serious.. thank you." :follows after Heli, eyeing the water for more biting fish.
(806) Garret: (act even*)
** (775) Ian Cromwell walks over to the open doorway,looking at the water that separates the two doors. **
** (799) Helisandra moves to the stone door, checking it over. **
(763) DM: The water...assuming that it is in fact water, appears to be crystal clear.
(763) DM: (and its an archway that leads to a tunnel whose ceiling is about 10' high.)
** (799) Helisandra stands from the door and returns to the moat, following it around to the north, trying to go completely around the moat, seeing if there is ever anything in the water. **
** (799) Helisandra peers down the canal as she passes the doorway. **
** (806) Garret reaches into his pocket for the steel striker of his flint and steel. Curious of a strangely placed moat, he dips the metal into the liquid. **
(799) Helisandra: (( *archway ))
(763) DM: The steel immediately dissolves.
(763) DM: A strong acidic odor emanates from the moat, as the liquid churns and bubbles.
** (806) Garret lets the bit of metal go, frowning at the situation more than the loss. **
** (775) Ian Cromwell looks at the island,takes a few fast steps and leaps the moat,landing on the island. **
(775) Ian Cromwell: Jump Skill Check: [1d20-4] -> [5,-4] = (1)
(763) DM: Ian falls into the moat...
** (799) Helisandra looks back, upon hearing the splash Ian makes. **
(872) Lunauc (enter): 01:12
(824) T'a K'shet: ((Ian, you Kha!))
(799) Helisandra: (( lol ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [10d8] -> [3,6,7,4,2,8,5,5,6,8] = (54)
** (814) Calehan gets to watch Ian run past and very simply trip into the moat. **
(775) Ian Cromwell: Reflex save: [1d20+16] -> [1,16] = (17)
** (824) T'a K'shet 's jaw drops. "Stupid..." **
(799) Helisandra: "Ian.." she mutters, shaking her head.
(763) DM: (well, I tried. Ian dies.)
(775) Ian Cromwell: It was fun while it lasted
(824) T'a K'shet: ((So, uh... no divine intervention? Damn...))
(763) DM: ((you might have an out. I didn't keep track of your items. so maybe. maybe not. I wasn't expecting this to happen though.))
(824) T'a K'shet: ((Basht...? Baa-aasht?))
(814) Calehan: ((At least it wasn't lava, that hurts even more))
** (799) Helisandra stops simply shaking her head and let's her jaw drop open as Ian dissolves away. **
(824) T'a K'shet: ((You weren't expecting one of us to jump into a pit of acid? You're rather ill-prepared.))
(814) Calehan: ((wasn't the wand of resurrection for things like this, actually?))
(814) Calehan: "I wish he hadn't just done that."
(799) Helisandra: "Ian... What was he thinking?!?"
(799) Helisandra: "Wiat, what out the Efretti? Think he might help with this?"
(814) Calehan: "It could be able to."
(799) Helisandra: "As annoying as he was, I think we might still need him. Besides, I would not want his legacy to end dying in acid in a lich's tomb." Heli takes out the ring of the Ifriti and places it on her left hand.
** (814) Calehan reaches a hand into his pocket, looking for something. **
(814) Calehan: "I can't remember everything I put in this thing, but I might have..."
(763) DM: The ifrit appears in a column of fire and ash, and bows before Helisandra.
(763) Abdul, of the City of Brass and Flame: With sweetness and goodness, how may I serve you, O my mistress?
(799) Helisandra: "I have a job for you, as part of your payment to us."
(763) Abdul, of the City of Brass and Flame: "And how might this insignificant one serve you, O Light of the Morning whose radiance shines over us all?"
** (799) Helisandra rolls her eyes slightly to the ifirt. "A human known as Ian Cromwell just fell into this acid and was killed. I want you to return him to us, whole and in good health, with all possessions he held upon entering the pool, standing here beside us." **
(763) Abdul, of the City of Brass and Flame: "This magicka requires great power to cast, O Sweet and Wondrous Zephyr of the Western Sky, and in so doing, I will not be able to serve you for a while after the casting."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (872) Lunauc...
(799) Helisandra: "How long, in terms of time on this mortal realm?"
(763) Abdul, of the City of Brass and Flame: "Oh! As I am not a great and powerful lord vizier ifrit, my might is uncomparable to others, O Great and Magnificent Rawun'a Whose Thunder Roars Across the Desert Plain. I would not be able to bask in your glorious radiance for the space of one week of mortal time."
(881) Genrazn (enter): 01:36
(881) Genrazn (exit): 01:36
(763) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(806) Lunauc' from room...
(806) Lunauc (exit): 01:36
** (799) Helisandra glances back at the others to make sure they are ok with that. **
** (814) Calehan seems to be examining the wall behind him. **
** (872) Garret gives Heli a hasty nod. **
** (799) Helisandra turns back to the irfit. "Agreed." **
(872) Garret: "Before you do that though.."
(872) Garret: :speaks to the efreet: "You any good at bridge building?" :points to the acid moat:
(763) Abdul, of the City of Brass and Flame: "I beg your pardon?"
(799) Helisandra: "You really want to use him to do that, Garret?"
(872) Garret: "We want to get over the acid.. which is how the holy buffon took the scorching dive. Or better yet.. could you just float over and retrieve that linen wrapped bundle and save us the trouble?"
** (814) Calehan turns down that idea, though it seems he's having some trouble speaking, "I can get over the moat easily, myself." **
(824) T'a K'shet: "As can T'a."
(872) Garret: :to Heli: "What?"
** Abdul, of the City of Brass and Flame looks over at T'a and at Cale and at you. **
(799) Helisandra: "Then let's handle that ourselves." She turns back to the ifrit. "Just what I asked of you."
(763) Abdul, of the City of Brass and Flame: "With sweetness and goodness, so let it be done."
** Abdul, of the City of Brass and Flame claps his hands, and disappears in a flash of light. **
(763) DM: In his place is Ian.
(799) Helisandra: "Ian?"
** (872) Garret stares at ian a moment... before offering smartly, "So.. you were saying something about wisdom..." **
(886) Lucinda (enter): 01:45
** (799) Helisandra removes the ifriti's ring, placing it in her pocket. She instead places the cobra ring on her hand once again. **
** (814) Calehan breaks down laughing as soon as the Ifrit vanishes. **
** (775) Ian Cromwell stands there looking at the rest of you,then glances back at the moat," Why did you bring me back Helisandra,I would have stood at the side of Solnor for all of eternity,but I suppose it is because we are not finished dealing with Acererak." **
(886) Lucinda (exit): 01:48
** (814) Calehan struggles to talk again, "I'm really.. sorry.. Ian. That ifrit.. is just too much." **
(799) Helisandra: "What Calehan, don't you think I am a sweet and wonderous zephyr, of great and magnificent?"
(872) Garret: "Yeah.. somehow I doubt you would have been so much standing at Solnor's side... as sitting by as his laughingstock, for being the paladin who tripped himself to death."
(799) Helisandra: "Sorry, I didn't think that you would want to spend eternity with your remains, whatever little there still was, in the lair of a lich. Now I know - next time you can stay dead."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " I am grateful for being brought back Helisandra,and for that I am in your debt."
** (799) Helisandra turns from Ian and heads west. She approaches the archway and climbs onto the wall (spider climb), using the ability to enter the canal and pass through, avoiding the 'water' - to see what is on the other side. **
** (775) Ian Cromwell looks over his armor,shield and weapons,making sure he has everything. **
(814) Calehan: :In answer to Heli:"It's not that I don't believe that, of course, but I doubt that ifrit would be so pleasant if he wasn't indebted to you."
(814) Calehan: :And to Ian:"Honestly, I appreciate your strength and forthrightness. Still, if one were to be brought back, this is one of the worst places to be brought into. Yet, we all still have something important to do here."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Yes I agree Calehan,to end the riegn of Acererak."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Calehan,I still have those six swords from the Daemon,they still need to be identified,is that something you do?"
** (814) Calehan remembers the hangover he got last time. **
(814) Calehan: "Yes, it is."
(814) Calehan: "It seems you also have the wand you got from the temple as well."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Yes the one of resurecting right."
(814) Calehan: "Exactly. It might be wise for someone else to carry it."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " As you wish,whom shall I give it too?"
(814) Calehan: "I didn't want to consider it before. I think that I will have to carry it, since no one else here can get it to work, if it's needed."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [11,21] = (32),[1d20+28] -> [13,28] = (41)
** (775) Ian Cromwell takes off his pack,opens it up,speaks quietly,and pulls out the 18 inch rod and hands it to Calehan," I am not sure how many charges it has,the elders did not say." **
(814) Calehan: "That's something else I'd rather not find out."
** (814) Calehan deposits the wand into a belt pocket. **
(814) Calehan: "Now that the unpleasantness is past, who wants to pay a visit to our mummy over there?"
** (814) Calehan indicates with one hand the wrapped corpse across the moat from them. **
(872) Garret: "Can't wait."
(814) Calehan: "Such enthusiasm."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [12,28] = (40)
(891) DM Luzic (enter): 01:18
(891) DM Luzic (exit): 01:18
** (814) Calehan incants a spell giving Garret a pat on the back as well as flight. **
(814) Calehan: "This should lighten you, if not your spirits. It wouldn't be fair if I had all the fun."
(872) Garret: :floats into the air, and bows: "Why thank you."
** (872) Garret floats over to the island, not bothering to land, should some nasty trap's trigger wait on the floor. Airborne, he inspects the linen wrapped figure. **
** (775) Ian Cromwell stands on the other side looking at the wrapped corpse,waiting for Calehan and Garret to see what it is. **
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Calehan can you see if Helisandra is alright,it has been some time since she left and no word from her."
** (814) Calehan carefully walks around the pool to get a view through the open archway. **
** (872) Garret unsheathes his wakizashi, reaching down to begin cutting the wrappings from the body carefully. **
(763) DM: She's on her way back.
** (799) Helisandra crawls out of the canal, along the ceiling just as Calehan comes to look. **
(814) Calehan: "And here she is."
(799) Helisandra: "Here I am. Nothing much down there - except for another shroud wrapped body in a pool of this liquid, and an empty room."
(763) DM: Several items are revealed upon cutting the linens open. Two platinum coins cover the corpse's eyes. A scepter of ivory and fine silver filgree, topped by a diamond rests in the crook of the corpse's right arm. A jeweled girdle can be seen at the corpse's waist. Lastly, there is a star spinel held between its teeth.
(763) DM: Glyphs can be seen inscribed on the scepter.
(872) Garret: "Hey heli.. you want to take a look at this stuff before I start haphazardly snatching it off the body?"
** (799) Helisandra hops off the wall, into the main room. She spots Garret hovering. "Sure, I see you picked up a trick." **
(872) Garret: "Thank Cale." :floats back across the moat to retrieve the scout. "Personally, I preferr my feet on the ground."
(814) Calehan: "Flying is nice. I figured you'd find more use for it though."
(872) Garret: "Well.. it is handy." :replies as he offers Heli a ride over the moat:
** (799) Helisandra grabs onto Garret, using her own magic to stick to him ((spider climb )) "Let's go." **
** (872) Garret flies her to the island. **
** (799) Helisandra directs Garret slightly lower upon reaching the island, so that she can search for traps. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [13,28] = (41)
** (872) Garret does his best to follow Flight Commander Helisandra's orders. **
** (799) Helisandra directs Garret around the island, and then ends her spell - to drop the few feet onto the island. **
** (775) Ian Cromwell walks over to the only door in the area,drawing his flail as he nears the door. **
** (799) Helisandra more closely seaches the body itself. **
(814) Calehan: "Helisandra already inspected this door, I believe." :Out to the flight team: "What about this door?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [17,28] = (45)
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Something tells me that if you take anything off that corpse,one of three things will happen or all three,one the island will sink into the acid,two the area will fill with said acid and three something bad will step out of this door."
** (799) Helisandra looks up at Calehan. "It's unlocked and ready to go." **
(814) Calehan: "You forgot to mention the corpse reaching up and grabbing someone."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Remember the last corpse we took something off of,the room closed itself,crushing any who would have stayed."
(824) T'a K'shet: "It could be any number of things. None are good."s
(763) DM: (fading)
(763) DM: (stopping in 20)
(892) TOLAN (enter): 01:42
(799) Helisandra: "Well, it looks like the scepter could be useful. The girdle looks expensive, but only the scepter I would care about. Do we want it?"
(824) T'a K'shet: ((Ok))s
(892) TOLAN (exit): 01:43
(872) Garret: :shrugs: "It looks important. Might as well."
(775) Ian Cromwell: " The girdle may be useful as well,why else would it be there,is there anything else on the body?"
(799) Helisandra: "Just a few coins - like all the corpses."
(799) Helisandra: "Well, coins and the gem."
(814) Calehan: "You mean a precious stone?"
(775) Ian Cromwell: " Then take everything,we can sort it out later as to which is important and which is not."
(799) Helisandra: "Hmm, oh yeah - I guess it is."
** (799) Helisandra looks to Garret "Then, you better be ready to get me out of here." She stands as far from the corpse as she can - just in case it does come to life. She then reaches out and quickly grabs the star spinel first, moving her hand back as fast as she can.. **
(824) T'a K'shet: (Actually, if we're heading off in ten mins anyway, I'm going to bow out now. It's my little brother's birthday, so we're having a family board game. See y'all next week.))
(824) T'a K'shet: Disconnecting from server...
(824) ticattack (exit): 01:48
(763) DM: ((thanks))
(763) DM: ((ah))
(763) DM: Helisandra vanishes.
(763) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop.)
(799) Helisandra: "I just hate staying in one place..."
(872) Garret: seems about right
(814) Calehan: (I'm gonna have to get a leash or something.)

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