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(395) DM: (ok, let's start. last session, you explored the tomb some more, got ported elsewhere into the dungeon, battled a Ulzaada, Chosen of Acererak and a daemon. Ulzaada got away. Then Heli investigated a corridor, opened a door and is now facing a wall of swords.))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (385) TaliesinNYC...
(395) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(385) TaliesinNYC' from room...
(385) TaliesinNYC (exit): 21:32
(389) Zane: (( good summary. :P ))
** (387) Tian Keth steps back as the swords start moving and looks for a way past them or to make them stop **
** (376) Calehan stays back at the corner out of the way of the sword wall. **
** (383) Garret groans. "Someone here has an obsession." **
(395) DM: After a few minutes, the wall reaches the exterior door and reverses direction, moving south.
** (389) Zane has flattened herself agains the eastern wall, letting the wall of swords move past her - hiding her from the view of the others. **
** (389) Helisandra has flattened herself agains the eastern wall, letting the wall of swords move past her - hiding her from the view of the others. **
** (389) Helisandra waits for the wall as it begins moving south again, and once it passes her, she hops out from her hiding spot and makes her way north out of the small room, to avoid the wall if it moves again. "Well, so much for this being the way out." **
(383) Garret: "Right then... Cale you had an idea?"
(376) Calehan: "Yeah. Teleportation back to where we left from."
(398) gsman (enter): 21:43
(398) gsman (exit): 21:43
(383) Garret: "Can you do it?"
(376) Calehan: "I'm assuming the place can't be very far away. It should be easy to get close."
(387) Tian Keth: "Have we searched the big room yet? This tomb seems full of hidden doors, like the one behind the eyes"
(389) Helisandra: "Close? Is that good enough?"
(383) Garret: "Yeah... Cale.. I don't want to be teleport into someone's floor."
(389) Helisandra: "Well, I didn't notice any earlier, but I could look again if you want."
(395) DM: The wall of swords eventually reverses direction and moves north. Judging from observing this trap, it's confined to the space in this little nook. Woe betide anyone who enters the exterior door.
(376) Calehan: "It only hurts a little bit. It's not possible to physically occupy the same space as the rock in the floors, though."
(376) Calehan: "I believe that's how Ulzaada escaped, anyway."
(389) Helisandra: "Well, let's go with Tian's idea first - make sure we didn't miss anything. If Iwe find nothing, then we can go with Calehan's idea. Sound good?
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Do not forget Helisandra that the Lich Wizard is still lurking somewhere around here,perhaps it would be best if I stayed close to you,I am not affected by her evilness,unlike some of the others."
** (387) Tian Keth nods to Heli and heads back to the big toom and starts sniffing around trying to find anything hidden **
(401) Lunauc (enter): 21:48
(389) Helisandra: "Then come along Ian. Although, if I ask you to wait - it will be because of potential traps. You are welcome to still come at that point - just as Tian has a tendency to do, but I warn you that I will not vouch for your saftey if you do. Understand?" she explains to Ian as the group walks back to the main room.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (401) Lunauc...
** (376) Calehan follows back to the room with the pool of water and pillars. **
(377) Ian Cromwell: " I will listen to the wisdom of your words Helisandra."
** (377) Ian Cromwell follows the others,his heavy flail gripped in his hand **
** (389) Helisandra nods to Ian. "Thank you, and we all value your aid with this evil." **
(395) DM: All is as you left it a few minutes ago. Still and deathly silent.
(376) Calehan: "Of course, if there's no way other out, there'd also be no way in. We could use this room to rest up when needed."
** (389) Helisandra begins her search of the next room. She pauses for a moment, and starts off in the direction of where Garret hwas trapped behind the swords. **
** (377) Ian Cromwell enters the room of pillars,his body shakes briefly as if a cold shiver ran down his spine," There is great evil here,I can feel it in my bones." **
(401) Garret: "Ah so you've been hiding it in your bones have you?! Traitor!" :Jests rediculously:
** (389) Helisandra glances back at Garret, and Ian - not sure if the palladin will understand the jest. **
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Hiding? I am far to large to hide,also I am far to noble for such things Garret."
** (387) Tian Keth laughs and shakes his head **
** (401) Garret just stares back at the Paladin a moment, before turning away with a groan. "And people say I'm too dry." **
** (389) Helisandra gives Garret a glance an s slight shake of her head before continuing with her search. **
(401) Garret: "Speaking of which... hey Tian, is the water clean?"
** (401) Garret kneels by the pool **
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Concidering we just arrived here in a pool Garret,I do not think anyone would say you are too dry."
** (387) Tian Keth goes over and sniffs the water to see if it is drinkable **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [6,28] = (34)
(401) Garret: :glances back to Ian with a slight grin: "Hey that was almost humor. Good for. Don't start out to fast though... might hurt yourself."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, barely
(401) Garret: (for you that is*)
** (389) Helisandra kneels down, near the spot where the blade barrier was previously located. **
(377) Ian Cromwell: " I do not do anything fast Garret,the elders used to say slow and steady will win the race."
** (387) Tian Keth wrinkles his nose "You can drink if you want it shouldnt make you sick, but it isnt going to taste good" **
(387) Tian Keth: "You elders never ran with wolves."
(395) DM: A section of wall in the eastern part of the room swings open.
(401) Garret: :to tian: "I doubt anything you swam in would."
** (387) Tian Keth goes back to searching the room , then hears the door opening and heads that way **
(377) Ian Cromwell: " That is true Tian."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, Voices fill your head: pain. fire. burn. pain. fire. kill.
(376) Calehan: "So much for security."
** (376) Calehan walks over to where the door has been opened. **
** (389) Helisandra look up as she touches the wall, and a door opens in the north wall or the eastern part of the room, releasing a strong musty odor into the room. "Tian, could you not smell this?" **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, they sound like wolves.
** (401) Garret glances over to Heli upon the door's opening **
(389) Helisandra: (( *north wall of ))
** (377) Ian Cromwell moves over with the others. **
(392) ticattack: Disconnecting from server...
(392) ticattack (exit): 22:02
** (401) Garret heads over to the doorway, minding his breathing after Heli's advice to Tian **
(387) Tian Keth: Cale can you send me back to the woods quickly?" ** sounds very agitated and worried **
(389) Helisandra: "What's the matter Tian?"
(377) Ian Cromwell: " It is the smell of death,long ago."
(376) Calehan: "I'm not sure it's possible to completely leave the tomb."
(387) Tian Keth: "Wolves are being attacked by something very very evil, more so then this lich thing we hunt, though maybe not as powerfull"
(401) Garret: "Wolves.. outside are?"
(376) Calehan: "The front door, at least, was warded against it."
(387) Tian Keth: "Send me out any way you can. You can join me if you want but I must go now" ** starts to get very very agitated **
(376) Calehan: "Describe the place you want to go to me. It's important; I'll try."
(389) Helisandra: "Can you try Calehan? If you can't then, we will just haqve to hurry to finish this place."
(401) Garret: "Tian, are you sure about this. I mean it's not some illusion you're sensing, right?" :seriously spoken:
** (387) Tian Keth looks are Garret then lets his eyes roll back in his head for a moment **
(401) Garret: (is that a yes?)
(387) Tian Keth: (( not sure yet, waiting for an answer ))
** (376) Calehan explains while Tian's preoccupied. "If it's an illusion then someone is specifically trying to get Tian's attention. Even if it's not that may be the true intent. I trust they'll be surprised by his prompt arrival." **
(401) Garret: "Unless they were listening in on you talking about teleporting out earlier."
(377) Ian Cromwell: " I believe it is the Lich Wizard trying to get rid of the one who slayed the Deamon,and to split us up,to make her dealing with us all that much easier."
(376) Calehan: "She should pick someone less deadly then."
(406) MGCJerry (enter): 22:16
(401) Garret: "Eh.. if I were them, I'd want the deadly ones leaving first"
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(383) Lunauc (exit): 22:17
** (387) Tian Keth shakes his head "South South East, general direction of Briocht's lair, not an Illusion" **
(401) Garret: "Why would any evil entity target wolves I wonder..."
(389) Helisandra: "It could likely be Briocht attacking the wolves then."
(387) Tian Keth: "Not Briocht, Trollocs"
(376) Calehan: "Ready to go?"
** (387) Tian Keth nods **
** (376) Calehan walks up to Tian and places a hand on his shoulder. "I'll be going with you for this spell to work." **
(376) Calehan: /me focuses on the scene Tian describes and incants the words of teleportation.
** (376) Calehan focuses on the scene Tian describes and incants the words of teleportation. **
(401) Garret: "Right then. You two have fun. Stay sharp."
(395) DM: Nothing happens.
** (401) Garret blinks. "Wow.. that was a short trip. Welcome back." **
** (376) Calehan opens his eyes, though every other sense tells him he's not in the middle of a battle already. **
(389) Helisandra: "Then the only way to get to them ids to finish up here first. Let's go." Heli looks past the opened secret door and steps past it.
** (387) Tian Keth howls **
(376) Calehan: "Damn. Won't let me leave so like that."
** (401) Garret turns to head after Heli, "Lets make this a quick search then. **
(376) Calehan: "Trollocs being anywhere by the drake's lair is a bad sign, as well."
(387) Tian Keth: "Go now!" ** looks though the now open secret door and heads though but stops motioning Heli to hurry up and find the bad stuff**
(406) MGCJerry (exit): 22:23
(401) Garret: (brb)
** (389) Helisandra enters the hallway beyong, and seeing what awaits, heads to the east (room 19). **
** (377) Ian Cromwell follows along behind Helisandra **
** (389) Helisandra seems to move much more quickly down the hallways than she has in the past. **
** (387) Tian Keth follows right on Heli's heals **
** (376) Calehan follows them down the hallway, daggers at the ready. **
** (401) Garret stares down the long hall of doors curiously a moment, before following after **
** (389) Helisandra stops directly in front of the archway that leads into the room, so she looks into the room, without passing by the archway. She looks around the room, and seeing no doors out of it, she turns back down the hallway to head towards all the doors. "Don't see anything else that way." **
(395) DM: There is a strong musty odor in this area, as if its not been entered in a very very long time.
(395) DM: The corridor opens out onto a room, about 70' wide x 30' deep. A stone sarcophagus is directly in front of the archway.
(395) DM: There is an inscription on the wall directly above the sarcophagus.
** (401) Garret stares at the sarcophagus, "Well.. this is blatant." :reads inscription: **
(376) Calehan: "Probably another entombed priest."
(395) DM: Flanking the sarcophagus (which sits on a stone block) are two exquisitely fashioned suits of field plate armor, each holding outlandish polearms.
(401) Garret: "Yeah, the only one who got private digs though. He must've been popular."
whispering to Lunauc, "Let the chips fall where they may."
** (387) Tian Keth looks around to room, but seeing no doos starts back to the hall of doors **
(413) Jon Harker (enter): 22:36
** (377) Ian Cromwell reads the inscription above the archway. **
** (389) Helisandra begins checking each door, in sequence. She glaces at Tian. "This is going to take a while." She then concentrates on the first door to the west, checking it for traps, and then seeing what is behind it. **
** (401) Garret looks over the doors thoughfully for variations between them or inscriptions **
** (387) Tian Keth looks at Heli then moves three doors further down and starts trying to kick each eastern door in ((He will try once for each door then move on, so if the number of doors shown on the map is acurate you cant me to roll 8 Str checks?)) **
(413) Jon Harker (exit): 22:42
(395) DM: ((well that's 20 oak doors you realize))
(387) Tian Keth: (( Just the eastern side, and skiping the first 2 since thats the area Heli is working, so that makes 8 for Tian to try and kick in ))
** (389) Helisandra looks at the door, then seems to notice the windows in the doors. "Or maybe not." She peers past the first western door. "Well, no way out in there, just a skeleton and slight funrnishings." She then goes to the door directly across the hall. **
(387) Tian Keth: Str check: [1d20+7] -> [17,7] = (24)
(389) Helisandra: (( yeah - there a re little windows - makes it easier. Heli works her way to the north, checking each side of the hallway. When, and if, she finds one that either does not have a window, or shows more than the same type of room - she will stop at that one. ))
(387) Tian Keth: (( Ahh did not realize there were windows to look though, Oh well Tian still kicks them all in, or ties, maybe it will help vent his frustration ))
** (377) Ian Cromwell enters the room where the casket and the armor is. **
** (377) Ian Cromwell moves over to inspect the armor that is on the stands. **
** (401) Garret notes Ian's wandering, and leaves the doors to the others as he goes to back up the paladin. **
** (376) Calehan hangs back at the archway to the room with the sarcophagus to read the inscription. "Probably has another key of some sort buried with him." **
** (389) Helisandra avoids the doors that Tian has nmanaged to kick open, and sticks to the eastern dside of the hallway. **
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Well whatever is in here,it is meant to stay in here,it has three iron padlocks on it."
(395) DM: There's an inscription written on the sarcophagus.
** (377) Ian Cromwell steps back after reading the inscription. **
(417) Donovan (enter): 22:52
(395) DM: It reads, "Disturb not the slumber of Acererak!"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (417) Donovan...
(395) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(376) Donovan' from room...
(376) Donovan (exit): 22:52
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Acererak!"
(401) Garret: :reading the sarcophagus: "You're kidding, right?"
(417) Calehan: "I really doubt he's in there getting some beauty sleep right now."
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Gather the others Garret!"
(401) Garret: :calls down the hall: "Hey, Heli! How many keys did we find?"
(389) Helisandra: "Uh, I only have one that I haven''t used yet. Why?"
(417) Calehan: "I have a key from the fishy pool."
(401) Garret: "Oh.. cause this sarcophagus marked 'Acererak' needs three."
(389) Helisandra: "Hmm, let's have a look at it then." Heli stops her searching of the doors, after getting past a few doors and returns to the room where the others are. "I would not think it would be so easy to find him, but who knows."
** (401) Garret idly examines one of the armors, seeing if it's carrying on keys on it's (non)person **
(401) Garret: "Yeah.. this does seem way too convenient"
** (387) Tian Keth switches sides and starts kicking in the remaining doors while the others go look at dead ends **
whispering to Lunauc, something is written on the halberd it's carrying
(401) Garret: :reading something off one armor sets halbred: "Those who cower to the south fall into a hungry mouth." :pause: "What's that supposed to mean?"
** (401) Garret moves to check the other armor. **
** (389) Helisandra moves in to the sarcophagus, and pulls out a metal key they found, that she has not yet used - to see if it fits any of the locks. **
(389) Helisandra: "That's was part of Acererak's second poem.
(401) Garret: "Still doesn't explain what it means."
(417) Calehan: "It could mean a lot of things."
(417) Calehan: "That's only counting what I've seen in here already, mind you."
(401) Garret: :while looking over the other armor: "Which way is south in here?"
(395) DM: The sarcophagus (for Heli's benefit) is securely locked, with 3 large iron locks on its side.
** (377) Ian Cromwell stays over near the sarcophagus. **
** (417) Calehan pulls out another key. "I found this in the pool with the ravenous fish if you'd like to keep it handy." **
** (389) Helisandra accepts the copper key from Calehan. "Thanks." She also compares the copper key to the locks. **
** (389) Helisandra shakes her head, as she places both keys into her belt pouch. "Neither fit. So let's try this the hard way." She then pulls out a set of her newest picks and begins to work on the locks. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [10,28] = (38)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [13,28] = (41)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [17,28] = (45)
** (389) Helisandra fairly quickly pops each lock open. She glances up at the others. "Still seems easy." She gives the sarcophogas a look over as she stands, making sure there are no hidden traps on it for when they open it. **
(401) Garret: "Yeah.. I get the same feeling."
** (417) Calehan stands just clear of the doorway, expectantly awaiting the repercussions of opening the sarcophagus. **
(424) Roscoe (enter): 23:19
(389) Helisandra: "Ok, appears clear. Shall we find out just what Acererak left for us here?"
** (377) Ian Cromwell continues to stand next to the casket **
** (401) Garret stands by, hands on hilts, as he gives a brief nod." **
** (389) Helisandra takes a breath, but not too deep of one, due to the musty odor. She then reaches out and opens the lid to the sarcophogas. **
(395) DM: The hinges creak dramatically and reveal...
(395) DM: ...a mummified corpse clad in only a bright blue loincloth. A talisman of ebony and ivory rests around the corpse's neck on a delicate silver chain. A gruesome grin is frozen on the corpse's face and two ancient gold coins rest on its eyelids.
(389) Helisandra: "Silver in the mouth of one, gold on the eyes of this one."
(395) DM: The third mud sorcerer symbol can be clearly seen inscribed on the talisman.
(417) Calehan: "Precious metals. But I don't really understand the meanings."
** (389) Helisandra look at the talisman, checking to over to make sure it's nopt trapped. **
(401) Garret: "Right then..." :looks the body and talisman over: "Is this what we were looking for?"
(417) Calehan: "Something like that. In all likelyhood anyway."
** (377) Ian Cromwell moves over and inspects the other pole arm to see if anything is written on it **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [2,21] = (23)
(401) Garret: "Ok... now what?"
(417) Calehan: "Back down the hall the other way."
** (389) Helisandra collects up the talisman, removing it from the corpse. "Yeah, if this was actually Acererak - I'd think he would put up more of a fight." **
(395) DM: Suddenly...
(395) DM: Acererak's left hand rises with lightning speed and latches on Helisandra's left arm in a vise-like death grip, as an iron grate slams down the archway leading from the west corridor. The corpse sits up and the coins fall away from his eyes, revealing empty black sockets as mocking laughter fills the air.
(395) DM: At this moment, the north wall turns solid black and begins advancing slowly, as if it's a wall of annihilation.
(401) Garret: "That's more what I was expecting."
(395) DM: ...eating up the stone, bit by bit.
** (389) Helisandra tries to pull her hand out of the grip otf the corpse. **
(417) Calehan: "Enjoying some beauty sleep? I think you need to rest a bit longer."
** (387) Tian Keth is still kicking in doors **
(395) DM: The north wall moves slowly down the length of the room and appears to be a wall of annihilation....
** (389) Helisandra draws out a dagger and starts trying to cut the corpse's hand off it's arm. **
** (401) Garret cuts out with his blade suddenly, aiming for the mummy's wrist **
(395) DM: The north wall is now at the 10' mark...
** (377) Ian Cromwell grabs the polearm that had the writing on it,and throws it at the advancing wall. **
(389) Helisandra: "Someone want to try the door? Time is not on our side here."
(401) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana Attack Roll: [1d20+27] -> [2,27] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [10,4,6,3,6] = (29)
(417) Calehan: "I'll get the door then."
** (389) Helisandra stops trying to cut the arm with her dagger as she sees Garret scoming in to swing, and she gets her other hand out of the way of his swing. **
(395) DM: The polearm crashes into the wall with a thud and is slowly pushed southwards as the wall implacably advances, grinding noisily.
(395) DM: Nothing seems to affect Acererak's hold on Helisandra's arm.
** (377) Ian Cromwell turns swinging his heavy flail at the corpse. **
(377) Ian Cromwell: Icy Burst Heavy Flail of Disruption Attack Roll: [1d20+19] -> [12,19] = (31) ===> Damage: [1d10+1d10+5] -> [1,8,5] = (14)
(377) Ian Cromwell: Icy Burst Heavy Flail of Disruption Attack Roll: [1d20+24] -> [4,24] = (28) ===> Damage: [1d10+1d10+5] -> [10,9,5] = (24)
(377) Ian Cromwell: Icy Burst Heavy Flail of Disruption Attack Roll: [1d20+9] -> [20,9] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d10+1d10+5] -> [1,3,5] = (9)
(377) Ian Cromwell: Icy Burst Heavy Flail of Disruption Attack Roll: [1d20+14] -> [7,14] = (21) ===> Damage: [1d10+1d10+5] -> [3,1,5] = (9)
** (401) Garret curses, and is about to swing again, when he looks down at the coins, in the sarcophagus. strangely he reaches down to pick them up and toss them toward the advancing wall **
** (417) Calehan pivots to look straight at the grate gesturing quickly and incanting a disintegration spell, slicing away at the heavy iron grate. **
(389) Helisandra: (( does that clear the door? ))
(401) Garret: ...
(395) DM: Nothing seems to affect Acererak's hold on Helisandra's arm.
(395) DM: The north wall is now at the 20' mark...
(395) DM: ((yes))
(389) Helisandra: (( Did Calehan clear the iron gate in the doorway? ))
(389) Helisandra: "Every one get out!" She screams as Calehan clears the door. "And get those lights put away once you do. NOW!"
** (401) Garret rushes out the door, hoping he understands what she's planning, and stowes his torch under his coat quick **
(395) DM: The coins hit the advancing wall (as the halberd) and are slowly pushed towards you...
(395) DM: The wall is at the 30' mark...
** (417) Calehan rushes out of the room before he loses all the light. **
** (377) Ian Cromwell sheathes his flail,moves and grabs the polearm along with the coins,tossing the polearm at the southwall. **
** (417) Calehan looks back inside as the glow from Garret's torch disappears. **
(395) DM: Heli reappears ahead of you just in time as the wall slowly grinds past the archway, the platform supporting the sarcophagus sinks into the ground and the sarcophagus and its contents slide to the south...
(430) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 23:44
(389) Helisandra: "Whew - that was close."
(431) mini (enter): 23:44
** (401) Garret takes his torch back out, offering Heli a grin, "Well.. at least done have boring jobs." **
(389) Helisandra: "Oh, and Garret - you can pull your torch back out. I'd hate to have you stumbling around down here."
(401) Garret: "You got the talisman?"
(389) Helisandra: (( good question - Was I able to keep it? ))
** (377) Ian Cromwell stands there looking at Helisandra," How is it that you were able to get out?" **
(389) Helisandra: "Oh that? It's some magic that I can do - mbut I have to be in shadows for it to work. Thus, why I asked Garret to hide his light."
** (401) Garret begins back down the hall to see what Tian is up to. **
(395) DM: ((yes))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (430) Dj Gilcrease...
(431) mini (exit): 23:49
(395) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(387) Dj Gilcrease' from room...
(387) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 23:49
(431) mini (enter): 23:49
(417) Calehan: "It's a useful trick to keep up your sleeve."
whispering to mini, CC2
** (389) Helisandra holds up the talisman. "You mean this little thing?" she asks with a mischevious smile. **
(395) DM: ((he's kicking open some doors))
(377) Ian Cromwell: " I see you managed to dislodge yourself from the corpse as well."
(401) Garret: :nods back to Heli: "That's the one. Now we just have to find you the matching earings."
(431) mini (exit): 23:50
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Why in the name of Solnor would she wish to wear something as vile as that Garret?'
(389) Helisandra: "Hmm, not my typical style, but then again..." She glances down at her left hand, where instead of the serpent ring she had before, there is now what appears to be a simple clay ring.
(389) Helisandra: "Nah, who knows what this thing would do. But if nothing else - it will piss off Acererak that we got it."\
(417) Calehan: "Considering where it came from, I'd advise against wearing it for now as well."
(401) Garret: "Cale... I understand Ian not getting the joke, but... try not to fall in after him."
(389) Helisandra: "Yeah, definately." She tucks the talisman away into her pack. "So, shall we see if Tian has found anything interesting?"
(401) Garret: :heads down the hall after Tian: "How goes the kicking?"
(430) Dj Gilcrease: "Slow, still no way out."
** (377) Ian Cromwell moves down the hallway with all the kicked in doors,glancing into each room,to see what is inside before moving on. **
** (389) Helisandra glances into the windows of the doors she had not yet checked - at least, the ones that are not yet kicked down. **
(417) Calehan: "I understand the joke; however, it may really be a talisman of some power. Like you said, he must have been popular to get his own tomb like that."
** (401) Garret takes the long walk down the hall, checking through the doors on his way to see what's round the corner. **
(401) Garret: "Yeah... that's why we took it."
(377) Ian Cromwell: " He was not popular,he was and is evil,he had this place built on the backs of those whose bodies now have turned to dust,as well as some other beings who were slaves of his as well."
(395) DM: One of the doors reveals an open passage (to 23).
** (417) Calehan sighs, "That wasn't Acererak in there. That was a corpse and also a trap. Considering the trap he may not have been well liked after all." **
** (430) Dj Gilcrease heads down the passage a few feet the stops and waits for Heli **
(389) Helisandra: "Well, nothing on that side of the hall. And this hallway appears to be the only thing of consequence. Unless Garret found something." Heli steps to the end of the hall to see what Garret finds at that end.
** (417) Calehan follows Garret down the hall. **
(389) Helisandra: (( seeing what is at 21. ))
** (377) Ian Cromwell moves in and out of each room,spending several minutes in each room. **
** (377) Ian Cromwell after stepping out of each room,turns,clasping his hands together,bows his head,and says " May Solnor grant you peaceful rest." **
** (377) Ian Cromwell continues doing this until he reaches the end of the hallway or there are no more chained up skeletons. **
(395) DM: Around the corner (21) is a stone face, different from all the others you've seen thus far. This one has eyes squinted shut as if in pain, sharp teeth gritted and hair messed up.
(389) Helisandra: "So, we may be seeing more signs of Acererak, but there are still the stone faces.
(401) Garret: "Was there mention of a constipated face in the poem?"
(417) Calehan: "No idea."
(389) Helisandra: "Not really." Heli moves up and searches over the stone face.
** (377) Ian Cromwell studies the face to see if he can determine what is causing the pain. **
(417) Calehan: "It doesn't look like a pig or camel. Nor does it look platinum in any way. I don't think it's covered in the poem at all."
(401) Garret: "Shall we ignore it and move on then?
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps it is depicting those who were chained back there in the cells."
(417) Calehan: "It seems that way."
(389) Helisandra: "Maybe not. There is a latch and hinge on it. I am fairly certain that it does something - of course, I have no idea what."
(401) Garret: :sigh:"We're gonna find out though.. aren't we?"
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Well the only way to find out is to try it."
(389) Helisandra: "Well, I do have an idea, but nothing solid. The jaw is hinged, and I believe opens. What if there is a ley in there that we need?"
(389) Helisandra: (( *key ))
(417) Calehan: "Or else it'll try to bite you."
(389) Helisandra: "Of course we are Garret. Now, do you all wanna step back some?"
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps the rest of us should move back in case some more of those spinning blades appears."
** (417) Calehan moves back as far as the corner. **
** (401) Garret steps back **
** (389) Helisandra steps to the side of the stone face, and reaches out, flipping an eyelash of the statue. **
** (377) Ian Cromwell moves back with Garret and Calehan **
(389) Helisandra: "Well, that was not what I expected. Just a peephole." She waits a moment, then lowers her head slightly. "I thought it would open the jaw, but apparently not."
(417) Calehan: "A peephole? For where?"
(389) Helisandra: "Not sure yet." She moves her head to the peephole and peers through.
(389) Helisandra: "Looks like a door in a wall. Might be hiding a secret door behind it."
(417) Calehan: "That seems to be a common theme with these stone faces."
(439) Lunauc (enter): 00:33
(389) Helisandra: "Shall we see where it leads?"
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Yes Helisandra."
** (430) Tian Keth nods still in a hurry to get out of here but slightly tired from busting open doors **
(417) Calehan: "Go for it."
** (389) Helisandra nods and attempts to find a way to get past the face to the hidden door. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (439) Lunauc...
(395) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(401) Lunauc' from room...
(401) Lunauc (exit): 00:36
(389) Helisandra: "I'm not finding anything here. I'm not even sure that it is a doorway, as opposed to simply a peephole elsewhere." She steps away from the stone face, back down the hallway, awhen she get to the corner, she turns south, counting off her steps. She stops when she reaches the exposed hallway from Tian's outburst. "Let's go."
(430) Tian Keth: "Finaly, we realy need to get out of here"
(417) Calehan: "We aren't sure if this is the right way yet either. Still, we need to press on."
** (439) Garret follows along down the new corridor **
(395) DM: A field seems to block further progress down the hall even though it appears to be clear.
** (389) Helisandra follows the hallway down a ways. She pauses at another interesection and turns north, counting her steps. She passes by two large doors and stops when she reaches the same number of steps as before. She turns to the west and searches the wall, expecting a hidden door. **
(389) Helisandra: (( or not... ))
** (377) Ian Cromwell follows along behind the others,stopping at the double doors. **
** (389) Helisandra starts to progress down the hallway, but runs smack into some kind of field. "Ouch" she states as she steps back. **
(417) Calehan: "Ouch?"
** (417) Calehan steps forward to examine where Helisandra stopped. **
(389) Helisandra: (( was this field right at the beginning of the hallway? ))
(389) Helisandra: "Yeah, something stopped me."
(395) TaliesinNYC: ((yes))
** (417) Calehan puts a hand out to press against the field. **
(389) Helisandra: (( quick smoke break ))
(389) Helisandra: (( back ))
(417) Calehan: "I do believe this is becoming a habit. Unless there's a trigger for it somewhere, there's only a few ways to destroy a barrier like this."
(389) Helisandra: "Stay here for a moment then." Heli haeds back to the stone face she was at before and concentrates on the hinged jaw, trying to find a latch to open it.
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps the key lies behind these doors."
** (417) Calehan waits patiently while Helisandra checks on something. **
(417) Calehan: "That's a lot of rooms to check. Did you see anything while you were in them before?"
** (430) Tian Keth shakes his head "straw, buckets and bones" **
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Rotting wooden furniture,straw and people shackled to the walls,well they were until I put them all to rest."
(382) Niente (exit): 01:04
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Although I do not think any of us searched each room carefully."
(395) TaliesinNYC: have to reboot.
(395) TaliesinNYC: brb
** (377) Ian Cromwell takes out the two gold coins he retrieved from the collapsing room. **

(417) Calehan: ((We were worried about you =P))
(452) DM: ((ok, where were we?))
(389) Helisandra: (( Heli is at the statue, Calehan was waiting, Ian was talking about searching the rooms better. ))
(377) Ian Cromwell: (( searching the rooms))
whispering to Ian Cromwell, you're not finding much except what was found earlier...
** (377) Ian Cromwell finishes searching all the rooms," Well there is nothing in any of them." **
(389) Helisandra: "Garret, could you come help me with this?"
** (377) Ian Cromwell heads back to room 19 **
** (439) Garret goes to be helpful **
** (430) Tian Keth stands around becoming increasingly frustrated while they try and find a away out. "What happened to the idea of us going back to where we were before we enterd this area?" **
(389) Helisandra: "This jaw should open, but I am not quite strong enough to get it on my own. Could you lend your muscles to it?"
(439) Garret: "For you.. sure."
** (439) Garret digs his hands and commences the pulling **
(439) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [17,6] = (23)
** (417) Calehan leans against the invisible wall. **
(452) DM: (assuming both combined)
** (377) Ian Cromwell heads back to the others. **
(452) DM: The jaw opens and reveals a small lever deep inside the mouth.
(377) Ian Cromwell: " Well the closing room is just that,closed."
** (389) Helisandra suddenly remembers Calehan's comment and so wedges a dagger's hilt into the open mouth, just in case it is trapped to close on her. She then reaches in and trips the lever, quickly removing her hand again. **
(417) Calehan: "That would be by using the teleportation spell I tried earlier. As long as we can keep moving, we're really not sure where the end is, so one direction is about as good as any other."
(389) Helisandra: "That do anything?" she calls down the hallway to Calehan after tripping the lever.
(430) Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(452) DM: There is a loud bang elsewhere in the complex, and the jaw snaps shut quickly.
whispering to Donovan, yes, the field disappears
** (417) Calehan suddenly falls backwards, smoothly rolling as he hits the ground come back up on his feet in one easy, practiced motion. "The barrier's gone," He calls back in answer. **
(439) Garret: "That went well."
** (439) Garret turns and heads back to the newly opened hallway **
** (389) Helisandra looks at her busted dagger. "All things considered, yes." **
** (389) Helisandra follows Garret to the now opened hallway. "It's time to move on, wouldn't you say?" **
(439) Garret: "Gladly."
** (389) Helisandra starts down the hallway. When she reaches the intersection, she pauses. **
** (389) Helisandra looks both directions to see what awaits them. **
** (439) Garret follows Heli down the way **
** (377) Ian Cromwell follows the others. **
** (417) Calehan follows down the hall. **
(424) LtFiend (exit): 01:55
(389) Helisandra: (( Stash? ))
(455) LtFiend (enter): 01:57
** (389) Helisandra directs the others to wait for a moment, and she turns to the north at the intersection. She counts her steps once again, but stops in mid count when she gets to a set of green glass doors. She pauses just before them and gets on the floor, then slides forward and peeks through them. **
(439) Garret: (still here?)
** (377) Ian Cromwell waits for Helisandra to say it is alright to continue onwards. **
(389) Helisandra: (( yep - still here ))
(417) Calehan: ((Sleepyheaded, but here.))
(430) Tian Keth: (( noding off but here ))
** (389) Helisandra slides away from the glass area and makes her way back to the group. "Something is very strange, even for this place. That area up there, that place that looks like dark green glass doors? Well - it's actually a section of the wall - not doors. And it feels quite cool, and almost seems to have slight vibrations to it." **
(439) Garret: "Is it the exit?"
** (430) Tian Keth raises and eyebrow and shrugs not careing about stangeness unless it leads out **
(389) Helisandra: "I can't tell - the glass is too dark to see through."
(417) Calehan: "That doesn't sound like anything from the poem either."
(377) Ian Cromwell: " It may be a way to another area of this place."
(439) Garret: "Right.. why would this be easy?"
(377) Ian Cromwell: " In the interest of Tian,perhaps we should see if it is a way out,atleast to another area."
** (439) Garret continues down the hall (toward 23) **
(456) mini (enter): 02:16
** (389) Helisandra nods and turns back north, this time counting her steps the entire time, passing by the glass wall. She continues on, until she just about runs into where the hall turns - the same place where she steps the same steps as before. **
(452) DM: This appears to be a stone face, but different from all the others: the eyes bulge, the nostrils pinched as if held tight by an invisible hand, the lips are closed tight, the cheeks puff out, the hair is matted down as if wet.
(439) Garret: "Heli, if the other face opened this path, could this one open the green door?"
** (377) Ian Cromwell stops near the green glass doors,placing his hand lightly upon the door **
** (389) Helisandra turns to the west when she counts off her steps (stopping right about the 24), and searches the wall for the hidden door she saw through the peephole. "Could be." she responds to Garret. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [9,21] = (30)
(389) Helisandra: "I'll be there in a moment to check." she continues.
** (439) Garret examines the stone face for a hatch or lever. **
whispering to Lunauc, the jaw is indeed hinged
(456) mini (exit): 02:23
** (377) Ian Cromwell closes his eyes as he concentrates,as he faces the green doors. **
(439) Garret: :callls down the hall: "The mouth is hinged. Shall I open her up?"
(389) Helisandra: "I guess so, the last one wasn't trapped until after pressing the lever."
** (439) Garret shrugs, grabs the mouth and yanks **
(439) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [13,6] = (19)
whispering to Lunauc, it'll take a bit more than that
** (377) Ian Cromwell checks the doors to see if they are locked. **
(439) Garret: :braces a foot on the wall and pulls again
(439) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [20,6] = (26)
whispering to Lunauc, the jaw comes apart and inside, you can see a tapering stone plug
(439) Garret: :looking into the now open mouth. "Um... Heli... it's not a lever?"
** (389) Helisandra gives up on trying to find her secret door and heads back to Garret. "What did you find?" **
(439) Garret: "It's some kinda plug."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [1,21] = (22)
** (389) Helisandra looks over the face, and then at the plug. "A plug on a stone face that seems to depict someone drowning." **
(439) Garret: Yeah... I don't wanna pull that either/
(389) Helisandra: "Well, since I couldn't find that door I saw earlier, we might need to."
(439) Garret: "Ugh... but really don't feel like drowning."
(417) Calehan: "It'll probably be a trigger for something like the door as well as a trap."
(389) Helisandra: "Calehan, do you think you could have a speel ready to open that door - in case it just a trap?"
(389) Helisandra: "Besides, if it is a drowning trap - it would have to fill the entire area down here. That's a lot."
(389) Helisandra: (( *spell ))
(417) Calehan: "Shouldn't be a problem."
(417) Calehan: "Though if it's determined it probably doesn't need a whole hallway full of water to try to choke someone."
(430) Tian Keth: (( I am nodding off, so gona goto sleep now ))
(430) Tian Keth: Disconnecting from server...
(430) Dj Gilcrease (exit): 02:42
(389) Helisandra: "And, I have another idea." She takes out some rope and cuts off about a foot length of it. She then untwines the rope and ties the small pieces together. She then tightly ties one end of the new smaller rope around the cork and steps back as far as she can with the string in hand. "Ready?"
(439) Garret: :backs up: "Ready"
** (417) Calehan steps back to the intersection to watch if something happens to the door. **
(417) Calehan: "Ready."
** (389) Helisandra pulls the string, to pop out the cork. **
(452) DM: The plug slips out....and nothing happens.
(439) Garret: "That was.. almost disappointing."
(417) Calehan: "Every twisted feature of this place is a new mystery."
(389) Helisandra: "Well, that was anticlimatic. A pop, and nothing else. Reminds me a few bad dates."
** (389) Helisandra heads back over to the stone face, to see if there is anything that was hidden by the cork. **
** (377) Ian Cromwell continues to watch the wall that looks like glass doors. **
(389) Helisandra: "Nothing. Well, the only thing else I can think of is that secret door, but I was having trouble finding it."
(377) Ian Cromwell: " There has to be something behind this wall,why else would it be here."
(417) Calehan: "I agree. Since the plug didn't do anything, that makes it my turn."
** (389) Helisandra moves over to the glass area, searching it over more closely, trying to see if she can find a way to open it. **
(389) Helisandra: "I'm sure there is another answer, but I don't know what it is." She steps back to let Calehan do his thing.
(417) Calehan: "It may have to do with a part of the riddle that won't make sense."
** (417) Calehan disintegrates this barrier as he has before. **
(377) Ian Cromwell: " The whole riddle did not make sense."
(417) Calehan: "Well, I think I understand what the last lines mean. I just can't see where what they refer to is."
(452) DM: (um...sec)
(452) DM: As soon as the barrier disintegrates...
(452) DM: A wall of water slams into the entire group, hurtling you against the opposite wall.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [6d10] -> [6,7,3,4,10,10] = (40)
** (389) Helisandra grabs onto the wall, and climbs it, getting above the water level. **
(452) DM: (20 damage to all, no Reflex save because of the immediate effect of thousands of gallons of water pouring out of the now-vanished barrier)
(452) DM: The party is separated as half of you are swept to the north part of the corridor and the other half to the stone face.
(452) DM: (and on this note, we'll stop)
(452) DM: (next session will begin as the party attempts to prevent themselves from drowning...)
(439) Garret: (fair enough)
** (377) Ian Cromwell holds his breath as he is swept along with the wall of water. **
(417) Donovan: Well we did expect water
(452) TaliesinNYC: to be fair
(452) TaliesinNYC: I've run this module once before under 2nd ed AD&D rules
(452) TaliesinNYC: the party before you shattered the glass wall
(417) Donovan: I'd have done that
(417) Donovan: But I don't know shatter
(452) TaliesinNYC: whether or not they drowned...well you'll find out after the module
(417) Donovan: On the bright side, we did pull the drain plug first
(452) TaliesinNYC: they broke it when the paladin swung his hammer at the glass
(389) Zane: lol - but with shattering it, you would also have glass pieces that could cut floating around. This way - no glass. :)
(417) Donovan: Oh. Physical harm. How quaint. =P


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