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(132) DM: (1184) DM: Within the opening created by the blast is a coffin made of purple wood that sits upright

(132) DM: (1184) DM: Within the opening created by the blast is a coffin made of purple wood that sits upright. The coffin lid seems to be secured by dozens of nails. It is painted to depict a beautiful woman with flowing black hair, hands crossed over her chest, eyes closed as if in a deep dream, a silver pendant hanging over her neck bearing the first mud sorcerer symbol.
(1158) Helisandra: "Acererak's first love maybe?"
** (1195) Ian Cromwell closes his eyes as he concentrates on the coffin. **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " I sense no evil."
(1162) Tian Keth: "So knock and see if anyone is home"
** (1195) Ian Cromwell draws his flail,walking towards the coffin,he swings it at the wooden lid,trying to smash it open. **
** (1158) Helisandra takes a look at the coffin and the way that the lid is nailed shut, searching for any hidden traps awaiting them. **
(1162) Tian Keth: "Thats NOT what I ment Ian"
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " What that is how I knock on a dead persons coffin,easier this way."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Granted up until now,this is the first coffin I have tried knocking on."
(1184) DM: Well, the coffin falls forward. (Ian, reflex)
(1195) Ian Cromwell: Reflex save: [1d20+14] -> [16,14] = (30) -> [13,14] -> (13, 14) = (27)
(1184) DM: The coffin falls to the ground, breaking open. As it does so, a cord made out of human hair dangles from the ceiling of the inner core of the pillar.
** (1158) Helisandra looks down at the coffin, before looking back into where it fell out of, to make sure there was nothing behind it. **
(1184) DM: Within the now smashed coffin is the corpse of a male half-elf, a horrid, mummified grimace of pain on his face. The corpse wears a silver pendant identical to the one painted on the now-broken coffin lid. In his left hand is a sealed metal scroll tube.
** (1195) Ian Cromwell looks at the dangling cord," That does not look good." **
(1165) Calehan: "Another scroll. I wonder what this one says."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Another riddle."
** (1158) Helisandra looks into the hollow pillar, and looks up, to try and see where the cord comes from. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell reaches down and pulls the pendant off the corpse,taking the sealed tube as well. Handing the tube to Calehan. **
(1158) Helisandra: "Well, no sense in stopping now." Helisandra steps back from the pillar, but then reaches out and pulls on the cord.
(1184) DM: There is a dull "click".
** (1158) Helisandra steps away from the pillar as the click happens. **
** (1158) Helisandra then looks around to see what happened. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell turns quickly,putting his shield out in front of him. **
(1184) DM: Suddenly, the inner core comes crashing down.
(1184) DM: Anyone who was standing inside the pillar when the core came hurtling down from the ceiling would now be dead, crushed to a lifeless pulp.
** (1158) Helisandra waits for the smoke from this crash to clear. "Wow, kinda nasty - although a bit obvious." Heli puts her head back into the pillar to look up and see what she can see. **
** (1194) T'a K'shet raises a brow. "Yes. The click served as a warning. It should have been muffled or silenced somehow." She frowns. **

(115) Helisandra: (( there was a bit more after that... ))
(132) DM: (1158) Helisandra: "Well, even the cord went straight up into the middle of the ceiling of the inside of this collumn. Obvious even before the click."
(1162) Tian Keth: "I did not know hair was that strong"
(1158) Helisandra: it likely just tripped something that allowed the rest to fall. But yes - woven together, hair can be quite strong."
** (1158) Helisandra steps away from the exposed core of the column. "So Calehan, did you figure out what that scroll says yet?" **
(1165) Calehan: "I didn't. Someone else can read them though."
** (1194) T'a K'shet holds her hand out for the scrolls, to try and decipher them. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell looks at the pendant he is now holding in his hand,handing it to Helisandra **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell kneels down and inspects the half elf and the coffin,to see if there is something else inside. **
** (1158) Helisandra takes the pendant and looks over it, realizing it holds a mud sorcerrer symbol, she stashes it away with the other possible keys that she has found. **
(1194) T'a K'shet: "To sail the ship that is smiled upon, the silver necklace must be donned."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Well that was alot of trouble to get a key that led us to nowhere."
** (1158) Helisandra makes her way back to the basalt key, which she removes and stores as well. **
(1158) Helisandra: "Sail the ship that is smiled upon? What in the world does that mean?"
(1165) Calehan: "I hope it makes more sense when we find it."
** (1194) T'a K'shet shrugs. "T'a would guess it will make sense at some point deeper in this place.s" **
(1158) Helisandra: "Let's hope so. I guess that's why we got the key that led us nowhere Ian."
** (1158) Helisandra smirks at Ian and heads out of the room, taking the passage as far south as she can. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell follows along behind the others. **
** (1162) Tian Keth follows along quietly **
(1184) DM: You eventually end up in the colummned hall (area 10).
** (1158) Helisandra reaches the next intersection and she looks right, and then left. She searches the hallways before entering it, and then proceeds slowly to the east, checking the hall as she goes. **
** (1194) T'a K'shet eyes the columns warily for any sign that they might collapse, explode, animate or otherwise kill the group. **
(1184) DM: The ceiling in this wide corridor is 20' high and the thick pillars are made of black marble. To the west lies some sort of ceremonial chamber. To the east lies a chamber filled with more columns. There is a door far down the hall, on the left wall, as well as a suit of armor (10b).
** (1162) Tian Keth stays right behind Heli **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [3,28] = (31) -> [10,28] -> (10, 28) = (38)
** (1158) Helisandra proceeds down the hallway. When she nears the suit of armor, she intentionally stays to the south of the pillars, but still searches as best she can for traps, making her way to the large room. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell heads towards the ceremonial chamber,stopping just at the opening of the room as he looks around. **
** (1158) Helisandra then turns back and approaches the suit of armor, trying to check it and the door for any traps. **
(1158) Helisandra: (( uh Ian - did you go the opposite way as me intentionally? ))
(1165) Calehan: ((Coincidentally I think))
** (1165) Calehan hangs back at the intersection watching both explorers for signs of trouble. **

(132) DM: ((Test))
(132) DM: ** (1165) Calehan hangs back at the intersection watching both explorers for signs of trouble. **
(1158) Helisandra: (( just want to make sure that he understand Heli went left - toward 11, not towards 12. ))
(1195) Ian Cromwell: ( I saw an altar,guess where I am going)
** (1194) T'a K'shet glances after Heli and Tian, then at Ian, sighs and walks after Ian, staying about fiteen feet back to avoid any disasters he creates. **
(1158) Helisandra: (( wait wait wait, could Ian have seen the alter? ))
(1162) Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke, and I doubt it unless he has Darkvision or this place is lit well ))
(1158) Helisandra: (( it hasn't been lit so far, that's why I'm asking. Stan is giving me some desc, so he will answer in a moment. ))
(1184) DM: ((unless Ian can see in the dark, then no.))
(1184) DM: ((he has an item apparently))
(1165) Calehan: ((I'm surprised he doesn't shed light, to be honest.))

(115) Helisandra: (( working properly? ))
(132) DM: no
(134) Jordan (enter): 21:06
(132) DM: (1184) DM: ((only T'a and Ian can see the following (along with anyone who tags along with them): in room 12, this appears to be some sort of ceremonial chamber. the ceiling, 18' above, is painted with swirling patterns of churning water filled with alien creatures that struggle in the chaotic whirl. The once-bright paint on the walls is now a faded red, and various items seem to be located around the room, namely a rug, a pair of braziers in the NW and SE corners of the room, a pair of tapestries -- one on the N wall and one on the S wall, and candles on a triangular deep-red marble altar. There are also a number of items on the altar, namely an ebony box, an obsidian dagger, a piece of torn green silk and four marble disks.))
(134) Jordan (exit): 21:06
(132) DM: ((there seems to be a limit of how much text I can send which was never the case before))
(132) TaliesinNYC: ((test))
(103) Tian Keth: (( mmm Does it give you an error when you try to send too much? ))
(115) Helisandra: (( Zane looks to DJ for answers. ))
(132) TaliesinNYC: ((it closes the window is what it does))
(132) DM: (1195) Ian Cromwell: " T'a perhaps you should gather the others,Helisandra has the pendant,and from the looks of the painting perhaps it was meant to be used here."
(132) DM: ** (1158) Helisandra continues on her search as previously described, not realizing that two of the group have left. **
(1162) Tian Keth: (( back ))
** (1194) T'a K'shet nods and hurries up to Heli and Tian, telling them what is down in the other end of the corridor. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell continues to stand where he is,not entering the room,just looking around. **
** (1162) Tian Keth shugs at T`a "Sounds like Ian's buisness" **
** (1158) Helisandra is standing in front if a large metal door, looking at an obsidian set of armor. "What? You mean, you two just...?! Fine, I will head that way when I finish down here. Try not to fall into any pit traps." **
** (1158) Helisandra continues her examination of the armor and door. **
** (1194) T'a K'shet grins and nods, then moves back to Ian. "They will be here shortly." She then studies the ceiling, attempting to identify the creatures. **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " There are four discs and we have four gems,perhaps they are some kind of key or clue as to where we go next T'a."
** (1194) T'a K'shet shrugs, and gestures to the creatures. "Daemons." **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Then it is better they fall into the waves and be drown."
** (1158) Helisandra looks to Tian and indicates the door. "Shall we see waht awaits us now that I unlocked it, or go see what the other two found?" **
(1162) Tian Keth: "Lets take a look here first"

(132) DM: ** (1158) Helisandra nods to Tian and opens the door. **
(1184) DM: ((at 2 am))
(1162) Tian Keth: (( NP ))
(1184) DM: The room beyond contains a large metallic chest.
(1158) Helisandra: (( k ))
(1194) T'a K'shet: ((Alrighty. That'd be about 35 mins from now, right?))
(1184) DM: ((that's 10c, viewable only by Heli and Tian))
(1184) DM: ((yes. if I get my 2nd wind, might continue))
** (1158) Helisandra checks the room for traps as she walks around the chest. She then works over the chest, checking it for traps. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [3,28] = (31) -> [15,28] -> (15, 28) = (43)
** (1162) Tian Keth stays close to Heli, listening closly for any ominious clicks **
** (1158) Helisandra moves to the front of the chest and looks over the lock, to see if she can unlock it. If so, she pulls out her tools and begins to do just that. **
** (1158) Helisandra opens the chest up. **
** (1162) Tian Keth peers inside **
(1184) DM: ((inside are eight sealed glass vials filled with an amber colored viscous liquid, a number of odd-looking metal tools and a thick book entitled "Codissus il Yurushui Itemmet"))
** (1158) Helisandra looks up at Tian. "Well, interesting enough. Shall we go make sure everyone else hasn't fallen in a pit or been smashed under a column?" she asks, as she collects the tiems from the chest. **
(1162) Tian Keth: "Not smashed we would have heard it"
(1158) Helisandra: "True." Helisandra stands and exits the room, heading back to where T'a said she and Ian were waiting.
** (1162) Tian Keth follows Heli "So whats so interesting that you decided not to follow us?" **
** (1158) Helisandra grabs Calehan from the intersection as they pass by, getting the group together again. "By the way, found something you two might be interested in." She pulls out the thick book, showing it to Calehan and T'a - offering it to the two of them to make sense of. **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " There is an altar here,but it was the painting the made me stop."
** (1194) T'a K'shet takes the book and attempts to read the thing. **
** (1158) Helisandra looks into the room. "Ok, this is something." **
** (1162) Tian Keth looks up "Ok, interesting painting, but art isnt why we are here" **
(1184) DM: A metal key falls out of the inside back cover.
** (1194) T'a K'shet bends down and picks up the key, examines it, and hands it to Heli before going back to the book. **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " It depicts water,a ship sails on water,and Helisandra has the pendant."
(1194) T'a K'shet: "The creatures are daemons" she says without looking up from the book.
(1162) Tian Keth: "I see no ship"
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " That and there are four discs on the altar,and we have four gems."
** (1158) Helisandra takes the metal key and looks over it. "Ahh, that's where you were hidden." She then puts the key away, with the others. **
(1158) Helisandra: 'Yes Ian, but water is also one of the four signs of the mud sorcerrers, so that doesn't automatically mean this is where the boat is. But, it could be."
** (1158) Helisandra begins her search for traps within the room, slowly going from the north wall to the south wall, slowly making her way from the east side of the room to the west. **

(103) Tian Keth: (( yes, yes it does... that is an interesting side effect ))
(103) Tian Keth: (( actualy it just seems to move the window to the background at least for me ))
(103) Tian Keth: (( still shouldnt do that though ))
(132) DM: ((aaaa))
(132) DM: ((ok, that works. but if I paste large amounts of text in the library, it doesn't work and closes the window))
(132) DM: ((incredibly annoying))
(115) Helisandra: (( #1 on DJs todo list - fix the thing that is annoying the DM. :P ))
(103) Tian Keth: (( already working on it =P ))
(132) DM: ((ok, so last session I think the party split up yet again. Ian and T'a went to view area 12 and the rest of you were down the long corridor.))
(115) Helisandra: (( and then we all got back together, finally. ))
(103) Tian Keth: (( we all came back to room 12 after Heli and I got what was in the chest in room 10 ))
(132) DM: ((there was the inscribed stones in the coffin room, and the pillar trap in the empty chamber))
(123) Calehan: ((Calehan stayed in the middle and the others came back to 12))
(132) DM: ((yes))
** (115) Helisandra begins makeing her way through the room - moving north and south through the room from the east to the west - looking for any traps. **
** (103) Tian Keth stands just outside the room and watches Heli work **
(137) Lunauc (enter): 21:20
** (123) Calehan waits at the edge of the light alternately watching Helisandra work and the gloom beyond. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (137) Lunauc...
(132) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(131) Lunauc' from room...
(131) Lunauc (exit): 21:22
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [15,28] = (43)
(139) 0zio (enter): 21:24
** (137) Lunauc takes his usual stance, in the entryway to the altar room, awaiting Heli's go ahead, while he hums a little tune stuck in his head **
(137) Garret: (erk)
** (137) Garret takes his usual stance, in the entryway to the altar room, awaiting Heli's go ahead, while he hums a little tune stuck in his head **
** (115) Helisandra makes her way though the room, all the way up to the alter. There, she stops after looking around it and stands before it, looking over the items a little closer. As she does, she bend her right arm and waves the group into the room, although she keeps her back to them. **
(139) 0zio (exit): 21:27
** (123) Calehan moves in a bit closer, close enough to see, but not so close as to get in the way. **
** (137) Garret strolls in to see what has their scout's attention **
** (103) Tian Keth enters the room and looks over the alter **
(142) No Name (enter): 21:30
** (115) Helisandra stands before the alter, and indicates the rug that is on the floor just before her feet as the others enter. "Be careful, there is something about that rug." **
** (137) Garret minds the rug, walking around to approach, **
(137) Garret: "So... what'd you find?"
** (115) Helisandra avoids the rug, and spends time looking over the items on the alter, especially the box and disks. **
(115) Helisandra: "Nothing special yet - other than the rug. But I figured everyone would want to see this area, so I figured I'd let you know it was safe enough."
(144) Lunauc (enter): 21:35
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (144) Lunauc...
(132) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(137) Lunauc' from room...
(137) Lunauc (exit): 21:38
(144) Garret: (..am I still online?)
(103) Tian Keth: (( yes ))
** (115) Helisandra points out some items of interest in the room once they all approach. She points out the two braziers in the NW and SW corners of the room, complete with still red-hot coals inside, that flank the alter. Along the north wall hangs a massive (32' x 17') tapestry that depicts several animal-headed humans as if in a trance. "I don't have to tell you I was not happy to see another tapestry here." she comments before pointing out more items. The alter itself is triangular and made of red marble, with a tall brass candelabra on it, with two black candels and one red one, in the most southern position. The alter is almost completely covered in mud sorcerer symbols and has a few other items of note on it. A closed ebony box, an obsidian dagger, a small piece of torn green silk, and four octagonal gray marble disks, each with a mud sorcerer symbol. "So, any ideas?" **
** (144) Garret eyes the red coals in the braziers. "Depends... what's in the box?" **
** (115) Helisandra remains just looking at the items on the alter for now, not yet ready to touch them. "Well, there is only one way to find out." She searches the items for any traps as she looks them over. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [15,28] = (43)
** (103) Tian Keth goes and warms his hand by the NW brazier **
(115) Helisandra: "Woah." she suddenly says. "That's going to be interesting. Ok - everyone go ahead and step back to the hallway, if you would. There are quite a few traps on these items."
(123) Calehan: "Be careful."
(115) Helisandra: (( and apparently there is also a tapestry on the south wall as well that was forgotten in the original description. ))
** (123) Calehan moves back down the hall. **
(144) Garret: "Yes, Ma'am" :moves back to the hallway:
(115) Helisandra: (( the tapestry is a banquet scene in which animal-headed beings are fighting one another for scaps of food. ))
** (115) Helisandra looks to Tian to get him to actually leave as well, before she gets to work. She first works on the alter, trying to disable the trap on it, before moving to the box itself. **
** (103) Tian Keth looks up and follow Heli **
(115) Helisandra: (( follows her, or follows her diections? ))
(103) Tian Keth: (( aye ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+25] -> [1,25] = (26)
(103) Tian Keth: "The coals were distracting, Sorry"
(144) Garret: (Yes... looka lika man.)
(115) Helisandra: "Fine, but please leave me for now so I can concentrate."
** (115) Helisandra finishes with the alter, and makes her way to the box, trying to disable a couple traps there. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+25] -> [3,25] = (28)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+25] -> [5,25] = (30)
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(142) No Name (exit): 22:02
** (115) Helisandra spends some time on the box, and then she steps away from the alter, leaving the box sitting there. Even from the doorway to the room, it is obvious that her body suddenly relaxes. "Ok, I got them." she calls back, before moving back to the alter, to see if she can now open the box. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [20,21] = (41)
** (144) Garret heads back toward the altar to see what Heli's uncovered **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d4] -> [4] = (4)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d12-1] -> [9,-1] = (8)
** (115) Helisandra snaps her arm back away from the box. "Bright burning hells!" she screams and she twists away from the box, cradeling her right hand in her left. **
(144) Garret: "What?!" :hurries to see what's happened:
(103) Tian Keth: "Didnt get them all?"
** (115) Helisandra nods to the box, which now has a needle sticking out of the keyhole. "I missed one." **
** (103) Tian Keth walks into the room and looks at the box **
(144) Garret: :groans as he looks over Heli's hand: "Poisoned, right?"
(132) DM: Just a slight pin prick apparently. Looking over at the lock, you see the culprit, a tiny pin dripping with sap.
** (115) Helisandra shakes her hand out a bit. "Wow, that did sting. Anyway, let's try this again." She turns back to the alter and steps around to try from another angle. As she does, she stumbles a little and catches herself by leaning on the alter. "Ok, shouldn't move so fast. Might have been, not sure. But I do feel a bit weaker." **
(144) Garret: (can we auto ian?)
(115) Helisandra: "I'm sure it's just shock though, don't worry."
(132) DM: ((someone can run him if you want))
(132) DM: ((who wants to?))
** (144) Garret tightens his brow as he looks her over. "Take it easy a minute." **
** (115) Helisandra glares at Garret for a moment, but after a second, looks away, knowing that he knows her too well. **
(144) Garret: (I'll run him for healing bot purposes.)
(144) Garret: (he just a level 16 pallie?)
** (115) Helisandra remains in her leaning position for a few moments, catching her breath again. **
(149) Gil (enter): 22:20
(149) Gil (exit): 22:21
** (103) Tian Keth pokes the box with his sword to see if anything else happens **
(132) DM: ((yes))
(132) DM: As the lid opens, a lightning bolt zaps straight at Tian. (Reflex, all. be mindful of the rug...))
(144) Garret: :glances to Ian: "Hey, holy man, Heli needs some attention."
(103) Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+20] -> [6,20] = (26)
(144) Garret: Reflex save: [1d20+12] -> [20,12] = (32)
(115) Helisandra: Reflex vs Traps: [1d20+23] -> [10,23] = (33)
(132) DM: ((assume he's there but as an NPC))
(123) Calehan: ((How far does that reach?))
(123) Calehan: Reflex: [1d20+19] -> [5,19] = (24)
(132) DM: ((well the bolt flies out of the box and out of the room. normal range for a lightning bolt cast at least 16th level.))
(123) Calehan: ((Pretty darn far down the hall then))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [10d6] -> [3,1,1,1,1,2,2,6,6,5] = (28)
(103) Tian Keth: (( you just wana know if it did enough damage to the pillars to knock them down =p ))
(132) DM: ((Tian and Cale take 28 damage, Garret takes 14, Heli takes none.))
** (144) Garret flinches from the burst of electricity, adding through clenched teeth to the paladin, "And maybe some of the rest of us." **
(103) Tian Keth: "You missed another one" ** laughs after he scapes the burned skin from his face **
** (144) Garret casts Tian a glare **
(103) Tian Keth: "She said she got them all" ** shrugs **
(115) Helisandra: "Guess so. And I thought I had been doing so good too. Sorry." She looks away from Tian for a moment, concentrating instead on the alter.
** (144) Ian moves in to the room, hurrying to Heli's side and casting neutralize poison. **
(103) Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [4,28] = (32)
(115) Helisandra: "Thanks Ian, I appreciate the thought." She moves to the box that is now opened, to see what all the fuss was about.
(144) Ian: "This spell will keep the poison from spreading further, the damage already done will have to heal on its own. Everyone else alright?"
(132) DM: Within is a red silk pillow upon which sits a tiny snake coiled in a circle. The snake has shimmering green and azure bands and watches you with great interest.
(144) Garret: (it's alive?)
(132) DM: ((yes))
(115) Helisandra: "So, you are what all that fuss is about, huh?" She avoids moving to touch the thing, just watchs it for now.
(144) Garret: :blinks a moment, staring at the snake.: "This is.. unexpected."
(132) Daedis Ko: "That you have made it this far speaks well of your abilities, O Seekers. Ask and may wisdom smile upon you."
(144) Garret: :turns to Heli: "Did the snake just speak?"
** (115) Helisandra blinks a few times, "Uh, yeah Garret it did. At least it wasn't just me that heard it." **
(144) Garret: :nods, then turns back to the snake: "What are you?"
(132) Daedis Ko: "I am one of the guardians of my mistress' tomb."
** (123) Calehan walks back to the altar room, brushing off a few last specs of ash. **
(144) Garret: "Right... And what wisdom soes a snake in a box have to impart?"
(115) Helisandra: "Mistress? But we thought this was Acererak's tomb."
(132) Daedis Ko: "I possess much knowledge, O Seeker, about many things."
** Daedis Ko flickers its tongue at Garret. **
** Daedis Ko laughs harshly. "You stand in the tomb of Tzolo of the Iron Circle. Acererak has no power here." **
(144) Garret: "Really? Because, locked in a box in a forgotten tomb.. you don't quite seem in position to learn much. You don't even have a book in there."
(115) Helisandra: "Then why does he lay claim on it?"
(132) Daedis Ko: "If you are here because of Acererak, it must be because he wishes something from my mistress."
(115) Helisandra: "Hmm, could be, I guess. It was his riddle and map that led us here. So Guardian, any idea what he would want from your mistress?"
(123) Calehan: "Ah. So that means that the clues he left leading here would be genuine, and misleading."
(132) Daedis Ko: "Acererak desires one thing and one thing only, and that is to have dominion over all that is Death and undeath. It may be that he knows of power that my mistress lays claim to. It may be that you are his unwitting pawns."
(103) Tian Keth: "Wasnt Acererak part of some council or something that said they would come back, maybe this Tzolo is another of them"
(144) Garret: :to tian: "Well, her tomb is full of mud sorcerer symbols. I'd say that's a connection."
** (103) Tian Keth shrugs "I dont remember any in Acereraks tomb, but I wasnt much for trying to read them if there were" **
(115) Helisandra: "That's probably the only way that Acererak could even claim to have anything to do with this place - the fact that the symbols all matched what is known of him."
(151) atticus (enter): 22:47
(151) atticus (exit): 22:47
(103) Tian Keth: "So your mistress was the one painted on the coffin in the pillar?"
(132) Daedis Ko: "Yes."
(144) Garret: "And who exactly is your Mistress? I don't recall a Tzolo mentioned up until now."
(103) Tian Keth: "That pillar wasnt very nice, it exploded on us. So I am guessing that your mistress is also the power that the land disagrees with."
(132) Daedis Ko: "Tzolo she was who ruled on the Iron Circle, the Queen of the Circle as she was known. And did Acererak seek to supplant her, so that he would achieve that which he had sought out, of old. And did my mistress, in her glory, strike down the Seeker of Death that he would live in the earth and gnash his teeth in anger and in wroth."
(144) Garret: "Translation...?"
(115) Helisandra: "Well, he appears to be back now. So, if Acererak is not here, where did your mistress strike him down to?"
(103) Tian Keth: "Maybe he sent us here to kill Tzolo as a last act after we choped up his head"
(103) Tian Keth: (to Garret) "She stuck Acererak in the ground so he could rot in his own anger for all time"
(144) Garret: :dryly: "Thank you, Tian." :then turning to the snake: "Alright, if this is true, may we meet with your Mistress?"
(132) Daedis Ko: "Acererak even now lives on as a mere shadow of his self, and he seeks dominion over Death and undeath. And he seeks to complete a spell, that when cast, will bring doom over those who oppose him, over those who rule this land, this Empire."
(103) Tian Keth: "So he head wasnt the only part of him that still lives?"
(103) Tian Keth: (( *his ))
(132) Daedis Ko: "And it may be that it is not given to you to cause his plans to fail or to bring it to fruition. For it is written that you have no Fate but the Fate you are given, or that you have made."
(132) Daedis Ko: "Acererak lives yes, but not where you saw him last. Seek his tower to learn more of the Seeker of Death."
(144) Garret: :sighs: "And his tower is, where..?"
(115) Helisandra: "Well, if we don't try - then he is even more likely to succeed, someone has to try at least. Where is this tower?"
(123) Calehan: "Does Acererak have any allies?"
(132) Daedis Ko: "In the city of Moil."
(103) Tian Keth: "What can you tell of of the prophacy of the 'Lions of Tomorrow'?"
(132) Daedis Ko: "In life, yes. But Acererak is not alive."
(103) Tian Keth: (( *us of ))
(132) Daedis Ko: "That is not something I am given to know."
(132) Daedis Ko: "The city that waits was the city of Moil,
Where dreams truly died but bodies yet toil;
In slumber unrelenting they lie yet in wait,
Biding their time to seal your fate.

Discovery of the Void and my Fortress within
Demands exploration through peril again;
Find amid towers ruined the single key
And resolve the dilemma of problems three.

Beard the emerald drake in it's weirdling hollow,
Remove it's prize and avoid it's starved swallow.
Beneath webs of glowing emerald
Hangs a riddle box, ripe to be solved.

The darkweaver endures the cold in her lair;
Grasp your fate with consummate care.
The lifeless dream that marks the crime,
Is the vestige that guards the sand of time.

Each resolution removes one obstacle,
For those who peruse this written oracle:
The phantom released follows you in fashion,
To my inevitable fortress of conclusion.

(144) Garret: "Great.. now can we meet your mistress?"
(132) DM: Suddenly, the snake shudders, opens its jaws agape..and then disintegrates into a pile of powder.
(103) Tian Keth: "Ok well then we goto Moil after we get the ring that dragon wanted for his orb. And eliminate whatever power it is that poisons the land here"
** (115) Helisandra has been listening, thinking about something. "As much as I am not inclined to believe a snake in a box..." she stops short when the loud voice speaks out. "Well, I guess maybe the little critter didn't know everything." **
** (144) Garret raises a brow at the snake's death and looks about sudden;y for it's killer **
(132) DM: The voice seemed to emanate from the box.
(123) Calehan: "I guess it didn't keep up on current events."
(123) Calehan: "Acererak may not be so powerless."
(144) Garret: :replies to the voice: "That was rather immature, oh insecure one."
** (115) Helisandra looks back over her shoulder, down the corridor that they have not yet fully explored. "So, he has indeed invaded the tomb of his lover, and the one that struck him down." **
(123) Calehan: "Acererak wants something from the tomb, perhaps. The drake definitely does. They may be working together rather than against each other."
(103) Tian Keth: "Acererak is a rotten corpse that doesnt yet know it is dead, guess it's our job to fully inform him." ** pokes the box that had the snake in it with his sword **
(153) Telgore [5] (enter): 23:09
(132) DM: Something shifts within the pillow.
(115) Helisandra: "Well, we won't figure it out staying here." She begins to collect the marble disks and the obsidian dagger. She looks over the piece of silk, and takes it as well.
** (115) Helisandra watch Tian out of the corner of her eye. **
** (144) Garret unsheates his wakizashi and prods in the box to see what the pillow hides. **
** (103) Tian Keth cuts open the pillow **
(132) DM: Its....a ring that seems to be made of clay.
** (103) Tian Keth lifts the ring out on the end of his sword "Anyone want it?" **
(144) Garret: "Talking snakes and moving jewlery. this gets stranger by the second.
(123) Calehan: "It's probably significant."
** (115) Helisandra reaches out and takes the ring, looking it over. **
(103) Tian Keth: "What did that dragon who guided you here say the ring he wanted looked like?"
(115) Helisandra: "Not this one."
(115) Helisandra: "Briochet's ring is a ring of jade and silver and the purest diamond on this world of Andurin."
(115) Helisandra: (( what's a dragon? :P ))
(103) Tian Keth: (( drake sorry, tired =p ))
** (103) Tian Keth shrugs and pokes anything else remaining on the alter to see if anything else moves unexpectedly **
(153) Telgore [5] (exit): 23:14
(132) DM: There seems to be no other effect.
(144) Garret: "Well then. Shall we continue through this place?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [13,28] = (41)
** (103) Tian Keth nods "It is clear to the next door, and that room is cleared as well already" **
** (115) Helisandra looks over the ring, but sees nothing significant with it. As her pocket of possibly relevant items is full, and she does not wish to break the clay ring, she slides it onto her left hand, next to the hooded snake ring from Acererak's other tomb. **
(115) Helisandra: "Yep, let's go. Calehan and I will meet you all down the hall momentarily. Calehan, will you wait with me for a moment?"
(123) Calehan: "Of course."
** (103) Tian Keth trots down the hall to the door then mills around the hallway studying the walls and pillars nearby out of bordem **
** (115) Helisandra lets the others head down the hallway, and she walks Calehan to the doorway of the room. **
** (144) Garret takes a bored look around the altar room, as if expecting more conceited voices, before following down the hallway **
(123) Calehan: "A box. Pretty fancy one too."
(115) Helisandra: "You remember those tapestries in the other tomb, yes? Well, I want to check something." She pulls out her crossbow, a rarely used item. "I wanted you here, just in case - since you took care of them so well last time."
** (115) Helisandra takes aim with the crossbow at the tapestry on the southern wall, and lets fly. **
(123) Calehan: "I wonder if it's a common motif to have trapped tapestries among mud sorcerers or if it is a peculiarity of Acererak's."
(115) Helisandra: Crossbow Attack: [1d20+20] -> [4,20] = (24) ==> DAMAGE [1d8] -> [3] = (3)
(115) Helisandra: "That's what we will find out."
** (115) Helisandra loads another bolt as they watch the tapestry to see if it does anything. **
(132) DM: The tapestry drops to the floor and reveals a blank wall.
** (115) Helisandra fires a bolt at the tapestry on the north wall. **
(115) Helisandra: Crossbow Attack: [1d20+20] -> [12,20] = (32) ==> DAMAGE [1d8] -> [4] = (4)
(132) DM: This tapestry falls to the floor and reveals a blank wall.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [16,28] = (44)
** (115) Helisandra loads one more bolt. "Now, this one might do something." She turns this time and aims at the rug that felt odd to her earlier - and fires at it. **
(123) Calehan: "I guess it was just Acererak's idea
(115) Helisandra: Crossbow Attack: [1d20+20] -> [14,20] = (34) ==> DAMAGE [1d8] -> [7] = (7)
(132) DM: The crossbow bolt disappears on contact.
(132) DM: ((getting food))
(103) Tian Keth: (( lol, suddenly change the map, then just walk away for foo. Nice clif hanger there =P ))
(115) Helisandra: "Well, nothing on the tapestries, but there was something with that rug. And.. well well well, what do you know. There is one thing that seems to be common among mudsorcerers." She re enters the room and moves to where one of the tapestries fell away, and she begins examining the wall closely. "Change of plans, get the others back over here, if you would Calehan."
(115) Helisandra: (( getting a smoke. ))
(103) Tian Keth: (( same ))
** (123) Calehan goes down the hall and fetches the rest. "Looks like there may be a passage behind one of the tapestries." **
(144) Garret: "Tell me it leads someplace without more exploding things." :follows back:
(115) Helisandra: (( back ))
(123) Calehan: "I don't know where it leads yet, but there is good news. The tapestry in front of it wasn't a trap.
(115) Helisandra: (( along the N wall btw. ))
(144) Garret: :appraoaching Heli: "So, what do we have now?"
(115) Helisandra: "Seems like the Iron Circle does like to hide secret doors behind tapestries."
(144) Garret: "Who doesn't?"
** (115) Helisandra shrugs. "It does help hide them more I guess." **
(123) Calehan: "Especially if you've met Acererak already."
** (103) Tian Keth reenters the alter room and moves close to Heli knowing she is about to begin searching the hall once again **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [4,28] = (32)
** (115) Helisandra examins a section of the wall carefully for a few moments. "Well, I'll be - I don't see anyway to open it." **
(159) Ghaele (enter): 23:51
** (123) Calehan looks at the wall a bit, fixing the right spot into mind. "I can try opening it." **
** (115) Helisandra steps back. "If you wish." **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+4] -> [19,4] = (23)
(159) Ghaele (exit): 23:54
** (123) Calehan motions everyone back out of the room so he can try getting the door out of the way. **
** (115) Helisandra moves out, figuring she doesn't want to be around for this. **
** (103) Tian Keth moves back **
(123) Calehan: "Since teleportation was blocked earlier, this may be prevented as well. It's not how one usually deals with a door though."
** (123) Calehan weaves a pattern with his knives in the air and green light flashes forth to slice at the wall. (Disintegrate, naturally.) **
(132) DM: The door vanishes.
(132) DM: ((and on that note, we'll stop))

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