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(1160) Lunauc: (yes, please)
(1184) DM: ((got past the wall of crying eyes, had a difficult time resolving the statuary room, managed to successfully decapitate a tiger-headed human, discovered a burial chamber and encountered two different stone faces, one of which probably conceals a secret passage))
(1184) DM: ((so to recap, area 7 apparently contains a bunch of sarcophagi, all of which are sealed with mortar. none of you opened them. area 8 has a stone face which looks toward the north. its lips are pursed as if in the act of blowing air. the door leading to area 7 is actually a metal gate that is covered with innumerable daggers pointing outwards. Area 9 is a 50' square room that is seemingly empty except for a green basalt pillar about 6' diameter in the center of the room.))
** (1162) Tian Keth walks around the room sniffing for anything out of the ordinary **
** (1165) Calehan stands at the mouth of the hallway and looks around the very spartan chamber. **
(1184) DM: (141) DM: A quick check of the eastern door reveals no apparent surprises, and you unlock it easily enough.
** (153) Helisandra opens the door once Tian turns the central statue. **
** (138) Tian Keth rotates the statue to point at this door **
** (185) T'a K'shet shakes her head. "Not so far as T'a can see." **
(141) DM: The door opens to reveal a room of similar dimensions as the one you had seen a few moments ago. Like its twin, it's mostly empty, save for a huge stone face that's been carved into the rear wall. The face easily stands as high as that of an upright great spear and has heavy, blind eyes, a great bulbous nose and a pair of dull fangs.
** (138) Tian Keth clances around the room but smells nothing out of the ordinary **
** (153) Helisandra slowly enters the room and searches for any hidden traps. **
** (153) Helisandra moves in front of the face and examines it, messing around with waving her hands in front of the face of it a few times. **
(153) Helisandra: "Ok, both of these nostrils seem to be openings, there is cool air coming through them. And there appears to be something behind the face, but whether it is an exit, or something else, I don't know."
** (138) Tian Keth walks up to the face the tugs on one of the tusks (The left) **
(141) DM: It doesn't move.
** (138) Tian Keth tries the other **
(141) DM: Ditto.
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs "I am not good at figuring this stuff out." **
** (153) Helisandra pulls the piece of silver back out and holds it in front of the nostrils. **
** (185) T'a K'shet scans the thing for any auraus, as well as trying to notice anything behind the face. **
(141) DM: It's certainly small enough to slip through them.
** (154) Calehan hands T'a the first parchment then opens the new metal case. "Here's the first message, and now the second. Recognize it?" **
** (185) T'a K'shet frowns. "The first is from the poem..." **
** (153) Helisandra holds onto the silver for now, and returns it to her pocket. "Well, there must be something to it, but I don't know what for sure. We can always just try to get what is back there." **
(138) Tian Keth: "We could just make it vanish like we did at the other Tomb"
** (138) Tian Keth looks to 'Ta and Cale **
(154) Calehan: "It's probably just a decoration. The hungry mouth is supposed to be towards the south."
** (185) T'a K'shet shrugs. "If all can get around it without resorting to destruction, this would be better, no?" **
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs "Ok lets open the south door then" **
(153) Helisandra: "When was the last time Acererak had anything that was 'just a decoration'? After all - those tapestries in the other place looked like decorations, and weren't.
(154) Calehan: "Doesn't seem to have an aura about it though?"
(154) Calehan: "I mean that he could have just had a nondescript wall here. Instead it's this thing."
** (153) Helisandra sure, we can head to the south for now - and see what's there. But we should be very careful with that direction." **
(153) Helisandra: "Sure, we can head to the south for now - and see what's there. But we should be very careful with that direction."
** (138) Tian Keth goes back out looks over sword that the tigger headed statue was holding to see if it too turned to stone **
** (153) Helisandra looks at the face one more time before heading to the south door, which she checks for traps before starting to unlock it. **
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs then moves to the central statue and rotates it to face the southern door **
** (153) Helisandra looks back to see Tian rotate the central pillar, and once it is in place, she steps to the side of the door and reaches over and opens it. **
(141) DM: Beyond the stone door is a corridor that leads further into the tomb. It progresses southwards, then turns to the west.
** (138) Tian Keth moves up to his standard position right behind Heli **
(153) Helisandra: "Hallways are good. Shall we?"
** (138) Tian Keth nods **
** (153) Helisandra starts down the hallways, searching for traps as she moves. When she reaches the bend, she peeks around the corner before heading down that hallways as well, sticking to the north end of the hallway. **
** (138) Tian Keth stays close to Heli as sh works **
** (153) Helisandra stops suddenly, just before entering another room. She points out the metallic door on the other side of the room to Tian. "Iron portal locked up tight?" **
(138) Tian Keth: "Probably"
(153) Helisandra: "Then extra caution, I don't want to be bound up down here any more than you do. Are the others behind you? if not, we should get them down here."
(154) Calehan: "So what's the second message?"
(185) T'a K'shet: "I delight in the service of my mistress. It is for her that I live or die, whatever her choosing. May the gods of Earth and Water bless her every endeavour."
** (153) Helisandra walks back with Tian to get those still in the statue room. "I found a room down this way with a metal door on the far side that could be the iron door bound up tight. So, either we go to te south, and the iron door - or we see what is behind the face. Which way?" she asks the others. **
(185) T'a K'shet: "The south may hold some sort of pit trap, according to the poem. Did you find anything like this?"
(153) Helisandra: "Not yet, but I didn't enter that room, in case it was a trap - since everyone else was still up here and wouldn't know what was happening."
** (185) T'a K'shet nods. "Wise. Perhaps all should investigate this, then, if none has any clue as to the face on the wall. At least all has suspicionsa as to what to expect" **
(153) Helisandra: "Very well, let's go. Actually, follow me in about 20 seconds. The hallway is clear of traps, even past the corner."
** (153) Helisandra turns and heads back down the hallway. **
** (185) T'a K'shet waits twenty seconds, the follows the woman. **
** (154) Calehan follows after them. **
** (153) Helisandra waits for the others, along with Tian, right before the entrance to the next room (room 7) **
** (138) Tian Keth scans the room while waiting for the others **
(153) Helisandra: "The good news is, I can do my teleport down here - it must have been something with the screaming or the main door that blocked it. Bad news is those." She points to the six stone sarcophagi in the next room, with the metal door on the far side.
(138) Tian Keth: "Hope what ever is in them stays in them like that priest did"
(141) DM: There are seven sarcophagi in the room and they're all HUGE
(153) Helisandra: "Yes, that poor guy." heli takes a breath once and enters the room, after making sure everyone was ready to proceed. She passes through the room slowly, checking for any possible traps, either in the room design itself or on any of the sarcophagi as she passes them.
(153) Helisandra: (( sorry seven - I just counted from the map. :P ))
(141) DM: Well...two of them are larger than normal. All the coffin lids appear to be sealed with mortar.
** (138) Tian Keth stays right behind Heli ready to grab her should the floor fall away and try to swallow her like the poem says **
** (153) Helisandra reaches the far side of the room without incident and so she looks back at the others waiting. She simply shrugs, as she had been expecting something to hamper their travels. She then turns her attention to the metallic door before her, searching it before testing to see if it is truely bound tight. **
** (138) Tian Keth walks around the room, after Heli starts examining the door, checking out the sarcophagi **
(153) Helisandra: "Most strange. The door is covered with curved daggers pointing straight out, but they are on the other side of the door. And there is another one of those faces on the opposite wall. It's looking south and almost seems to be whistling."
(138) Tian Keth: "Maybe we found the back way in, so the door daggers would have been a trap if we were coming from the other direction"
** (153) Helisandra begins to unlock the door, concentrating on one thing at a time. **
(153) Helisandra: "It's possible."
(154) Calehan: "Teeth like daggers, I suppose."
** (153) Helisandra works on the lock a bit, but manages to unlock the door. **
** (153) Helisandra stands up, putting her tools away. She pulls out an older set of tools, one in which the picks are now missing. She chooses a couple thin items in there and looks though the gate-like door. She then tosses the three items through the opening in the door, aimed at the face on the opposite wall. **
(141) DM: Nothing happens once they hit the ground.
(153) Helisandra: "Well, better safe than sorry." She then opens the door. ((does it open in or out?))
(141) DM: ((opens out))
** (138) Tian Keth heads back to the door as Heli opens it **
** (153) Helisandra opens the door fully, and still holding onto it with one hand to keep it open, she collects her toseed tools. "Well, let's go see whatelse we have." **
(153) Helisandra: (( *tossed and *what else ))
** (153) Helisandra looks up and down the hallway she is now in, trying to decide which way to go. **
** (138) Tian Keth nods and follows Heli *
** (185) T'a K'shet moves cautious after the pair. **
(185) T'a K'shet: ((*cautiously, even))
** (152) Walks-With-Spirits as well follows Heli and Tian. **
** (154) Calehan follows 20 seconds behind. **
** (153) Helisandra makes sure that everyone crosses the room. She then jambs the door open with her retrieved tools, so that it cannot close on them, hopefully. She then proceeds down the short path to the west, checking for traps as she does. **
(153) Helisandra: Sorry, but I don't trust the doors in this place anymore.
** (153) Helisandra proceeds on down the short hallway to the intersecting hallway. She peeks her head into the N-S hallway to see what lies each way. **
(153) Helisandra: "Room or another hallway? Let's try the room." She then checks the N-S passageway as she makes her way north, toward the room she barely saw.
** (138) Tian Keth stays right behind Heli the whole time **
(141) DM: A lonely pillar of green basalt stands in the center of this chamber, which contains a 15' high ceiling. The pillar is huge, approximately 6' in diameter. The room is otherwise empty.
** (154) Calehan eyes the daggers behind them, "I think that north sounds like a better idea than south at the moment." **
(153) Helisandra: "Well, that's kind of disappointing." she mutters, upon seeing the room.
** (138) Tian Keth scans the room a little confuse at it's emptyness **

** (1158) Helisandra moves around the room, checking it out for any hidden traps or secret ways, trying to figure out why this room would be here. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [10,28] = (38)
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, as far as you can tell, there doesn't seem to be anything unusual about this room
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [17,21] = (38)
** (1162) Tian Keth finishes his scan and goes and waits by the entrance "I didnt find anything" **
(1160) Garret: (does the pillar reach the cieling?)
** (1158) Helisandra makes her way around the room, and then looks over the central pillar. "Well, I did. Another keyhole." **
(1184) DM: ((yes it does))
(1162) Tian Keth: "Does the key you have work?"
(1158) Helisandra: "Doesn't looks like it. There must be another key for this one. Maybe back with the sarcophagi?"
(1162) Tian Keth: "We could check"
(1194) ticattack (enter): 22:19
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1194) ticattack...
** (1162) Tian Keth head back to the sarchophagi room **
(1158) Helisandra: "Yeah, we could. I just don't care for the idea of discupting more sarcophagi while in a lich's stronghold than necessary."
(1193) MGCJerry (enter): 22:20
** (1158) Helisandra follows Tian, making sure that her improvised door prop is still holding solid. **
(1160) Garret: "Why not? We're here to kill undead either way." :follows after Tian:
(1184) DM: (yep)
(1195) Aerik Blackwolf (enter): 22:21
** (1158) Helisandra begins looking over the sarcophagi, trying to find an easier way to open them than just smashing them open. **
** (1162) Tian Keth stand in the middle of the room sword at the ready **
(1184) DM: They appear to be heavily sealed with mortar. You'd need to chip the mortar out and then lift the lids off. Recall that there are 6 sarcophagi in the room -- 4 normal sized and 2 HUGE ones.
(1158) Helisandra: "This is going to take a while." she mutters to Tian. It is just as likely that the key would not be in these sarcophagi, maybe we should check elsewhere first?"
(1162) Tian Keth: "Any one have a crow bar?"
** (1158) Helisandra shakes her head no. **
** (1162) Tian Keth looks to Garret **
(1160) Garret: "Fraid not."
(1165) Calehan: "You know what I've got."
** (1194) T'a K'shet shakes her head. **
(1162) Tian Keth: "Ok lets look elseware then for now"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (1195) Aerik Blackwolf...
** (1158) Helisandra nods to Tian and moves back out of the sarcophagi room, and down the hall to the second face, but this time turns south towards the pillars. As she begins her southern route, she moves slower, checking for traps as she progresses. **
** (1162) Tian Keth follows Heli pausing for a moment to look into the mouth of the face **
(1184) DM: (Aerik is Ian, your favorite pally, fyi)
(1158) Helisandra: (( Pally! ))
(1195) Ian Cromwell: ((HP: 157 / 157))
(1181) Walks-With-Spirits: ((Lies))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [19,28] = (47)
(1184) DM: An evil chuckle resonates throughout the tomb.
** (1162) Tian Keth shakes a little as a shiver goes up his spine **
(1162) Tian Keth: "I hate it when stuff like that happens when I am under ground"
(1184) Voice: "Colored stones to thee bequeathed, bitten tightly in priestly teeth, each a key to mystic wall, sign to sign will make it fall. In heart of stone a gem beneath, three twixt two the dead asleep, each a key to mystic wall, sign to sign will make them fall."
(1158) Helisandra: "I hate it when stuff like that happens, whereever I am." she says back, very softly.
(1165) Calehan: "That second verse was new."
** (1158) Helisandra looks back over her shoulder to the room she and Tian just left. "Back there, there must be something in that room." **
(1162) Tian Keth: "Think it means the keys are with the dead, I didnt see anything the the stone faces mouth though, so the priestly teeth must be the one we dug up already"
(1158) Helisandra: "Yeah, likely. I guess we should find a way to open those sarcophagi after all.
** (1195) Ian Cromwell walks around the six sarcoficas's ( or how ever you spell it.) holding his hand above each on,his eyes closed as he concentrates(detect evil) **
** (1160) Garret leans against one of the sarcophogi, waiting patiently **
** (1158) Helisandra returns to the sarcophagi room where the others wait. "So, I guess that voice might be telling us to open these things after all. Of course, it could be a trap, since we are planning on following a path based on an eerie voice that we heard while in a lich's tomb." **
(1160) Garret: :nods to Heli: "Ok... got a chisel in your tools?"
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " A moment if you will please Helisandra."
(1158) Helisandra: "Not so much. I figured one of you big stong boys could take care of that mortar for us. You wouldn't want to see little ol' me doing so hard work, would you?" She bats her eyes at Garret before smiling and turning to Ian. "Yes Ian, did you find something?"
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " The four smaller ones have no evil coming from them,the two larger ones well that is a different story."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " There is an evil that I can taste coming from them."
(1162) Tian Keth: "That would be the two we need then"
(1165) Calehan: Under heart of stone, three twixt two.
(1193) MGCJerry (exit): 22:56
(1158) Helisandra: "Figures that it would be the two largest ones. Oh well - lets find out what we are missing. Who is going to take the role of opening these evil treasure chests?"
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " If I bless the area before we open them up,it will weaken whatever undead lies within."
(1165) Calehan: Shouldn't that mean it's not the two, but three that we should open?"
** (1162) Tian Keth shrugs "Riddles are not my thing, never like them" **
(1158) Helisandra: "Is that what 'twixt' means?"
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Well first things first."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " It means inbetween."
(1165) Calehan: "Isn't it?"
** (1160) Garret moves between the two huge sarcophogi, curiously looking over the brick work of the floor **
whispering to Lunauc, three of the flagstones bear mud sorcerer symbols
whispering to Lunauc, between the two sarcophagi
** (1160) Garret points out three flagstones marked with the mud sorcerers' symbol. "One, two, three." **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell takes off his pack,opens it,speaks for his small alter,taking it out,setting it on the floor,opens it up,takes out a small bowl,pouring some water into it,lowers his head and says a small prayer( Create Holy Water),continues to kneel,begins to slowly pour the water onto the floor," In the name of Solnor I consecrate his ground,may it remain holy under his name." ( Consecrate Ground) **
(1158) Helisandra: "That sounds more like it. Let's leave the undead where they are for now Ian, we can take care of them later - but let's get what we need first."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Something tells me,as soon as you open one of those tiles the undead will answer."
** (1158) Helisandra moves to where Garret is indicating the flagstones, and tries to see if the flagstones can move. "Then, I suggest everyone get ready." **
** (1162) Tian Keth just stands and waits with sword at the ready near one of the large coffins **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell closes his alter,putting it back in his pack,slinging his pack back onto his back,drawing his heavy flail **
** (1160) Garret kneels down next to one of the symbols, muttering, "Sign to sign...." :looks up: "What does that mean?" **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps each tile is the key to a certain tomb."
** (1165) Calehan makes sure he's ready. **
(1165) Calehan: "If the undead in those large stone sarcophagi can get out, they must be quite strong."
(1158) Helisandra: "Could be, they appear to be buttons. But why are there only three and not four?"
(1194) T'a K'shet: "Unless the lids remove themselves when triggered."
(1165) Calehan: "Should there be four?"
(1160) Garret: :shrugs to Heli: "Three twixt two... maybe the sarcophogus turned sideways is separate. Or this has nothing to do with them."
(1158) Helisandra: "There are four mud sorcerror symbols. There were all four on the collumns where we entered, and on the pillar I unlocked to get us here. But only three of them are here."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Well in the words of Tian,pick one and lets get this over with."
(1162) Tian Keth: "When did I say that?"
(1160) Garret: (afk a sec)
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " In the first tomb of Acererak,back when you were more rash than you are today."
(1162) Tian Keth: "Being sucked into a Gem does that to a man"
** (1158) Helisandra reaches down with two hands and presses the button for Earth and the button for Water at the same time. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell laughs **
(1184) DM: There is a soundless explosion as the lids of the four small sarcophagi disappear.
** (1160) Garret looks over for what will appear. **
(1158) Helisandra: "Well, it did something..." She keeps the buttons depressed for now, but looks back over her shoulder.
** (1162) Tian Keth spinds to the nearest one and holds his sowrd ready to hack anything that moves from it **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell glances at the four lidless sarcophagi **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Well four of them are open."
** (1195) Ian Cromwell walks over to the one that is different from the others,the one closest to the door,peering inside. **
(1184) DM: Within each is a rotting corpse in red robes, wearing begemmed phylacteries made out of gold and other jewelry. Each also holds a semiprecious jewel clenched between its teeth.
** (1158) Helisandra sees nothing exit the sarcophagi, so she asks "What inside?" **
(1184) DM: Each also holds a bronze mace, green with age.
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " This one has a gem between its teeth."
(1160) Garret: :glancing into one of the boxes: "Dead people..."
** (1194) T'a K'shet approaches on of the sarcophagi. "Dead. With gem and mace." **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell reaches down and picks up the bronze mace,inspecting it. **
(1158) Helisandra: "Gem in teeth? I guess that silver was really nothing after all. Well, collect them - they are part of the riddle and I am sure we will need them. Oh, and check for anything that looks like a key."
** (1160) Garret reaches into the middle sarcophogus with his gauntleted hand, to pluck the gem from the dead priest's mouth. **
(1160) Garret: "I thought the gems were the keys."
** (1162) Tian Keth take the Gem, Mace, phylacteries and jewlery out of the one he is standing over **
(1158) Helisandra: "I mean another actual key - one that might work in that single pillar room. The gems will be used I'm siure, but there might be more than just one thing in there."
** (1195) Ian Cromwell grabs the robe of the priest,rolling the corpse over looking under the body. **
** (1162) Tian Keth searches the rest of the coffin to see if there is a key **
** (1160) Garret searches for the key, after grabbing the gem. **
whispering to Lunauc, Each of the gems are inscribed with a mud sorcerer symbol.
** (1195) Ian Cromwell takes the robe,the jewerly,and the gem from the dead priest,walking over to Garret,handing him the gem,tossing the mace back inside the sarcophagi. **
(1184) DM: ((four different gems: a ctirine, a bloodstone, a carnelian and an onyx))
(1184) DM: ((Each gem is inscribed with a mud sorcerer symbol.))
(1158) Helisandra: "Everyone got their hands out?"
(1165) Calehan: "Now there's four. I think you pressed the right combination."
** (1195) Ian Cromwell takes everything from the last sarcophagi as well,except for the mace. **
** (1160) Garret gets his hands clear "Clear." **
(1162) Tian Keth: "Yup" ** is stuffing stuff into one of his packs **
** (1194) T'a K'shet nods. "Yes." **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell takes everything he has acquired,and folds it up,placing it in his pack," Tian I can carry that robe if you wish." **
(1158) Helisandra: "Good." Heli then stands up, removing her hands from pushing down the buttons. She moves over to Garret and looks over the gems. "Interesting."
(1162) Tian Keth: (( I left the robe ))
(1194) T'a K'shet: ((AFK a few))
** (1162) Tian Keth finishes packing the jewlery and Phylacterie in his bag then hands the Gem to Garret **
(1160) Garret: :looks between the gems in his hands and the one Tian is holding out to him. "Why do you guys keep giving me these things?"
(1184) DM: The lids return and settle into place.
(1158) Helisandra: "Well, I'll take them, since I will likely be finding the doors anyway."
(1162) Tian Keth: "Safer with you then me."
** (1162) Tian Keth shrugs and hands it to Heli "Any of you find a key in your coffin thing?" **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " I did not find one."
** (1158) Helisandra collects the four gems, looking them over before storing them away with the obsidian key. **
** (1160) Garret hands the gems to Heli. **
(1158) Helisandra: "Oh well - it was a longshot that two types of keys would be in the same place."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps the key lies within the two that have not been opened.''
(1158) Helisandra: "Well, I guess we can find out. After all, I am sure that you won't leave this room without removing those evil undead, would you Ian?"
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " No I would not."
(1160) Garret: "What? It's not like they're going anywhere."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " I am here to destroy this place Garret,that includes all his minions,better to kill them now then face them later when we are injured."
(1158) Helisandra: "Then let's get started. Hmm, I wonder." Helisandra kneels back down to the buttons.
(1162) Tian Keth: "Leaving them alone for now would be the best idea, but arguing over evil with Ian is unproductive"
** (1162) Tian Keth holds his sword ready to stab into one of them as soon as the lid vanishes **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell steps over to the one that Tian is not standing over,his flail at the ready. **
(1158) Helisandra: "Ian is right about one thing though - we might as well deal with them now, when we are prepared."
(1158) Helisandra: "Let's try this." Helisandra reaches down and presses the button that corresponds to the convergence of water and earth.
(1184) DM: There is a soundless explosion as both of the HUGE sarcophagi are reduced to rubble. Nothing else occurs.
** (1195) Ian Cromwell puts his flail away,and begins to sift through the rubble to see if there is a key. **
(1162) Tian Keth: "That worked well"
** (1162) Tian Keth keeps his sword out as always **
(1184) DM: There is a green basalt key in the rubble of the left coffin.
** (1195) Ian Cromwell picks up the key," Here it is." **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Or atleast I hope it is the one we need."
** (1195) Ian Cromwell hands the key to Helisandra. **
(1165) Calehan: "It looks like it matches."
** (1158) Helisandra takes the key. She then compares it to the obsidian one she collected earlier. **
(1158) Helisandra: "Looks like it might be. Shall we see what that lone pillar does now?"
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Lead on."
** (1158) Helisandra smiles and heads back to the disappointingly plain room with the single collumn. ((room 9)) **
** (1162) Tian Keth follows closly **
** (1160) Garret follows along leisurely **
(1184) DM: ((ok))
** (1195) Ian Cromwell brings up the rear. **
** (1158) Helisandra approaches the pillar, and finding the keyhole again, she makes sure that everyone is close before inserting the keyinto the keyhole. **
** (1165) Calehan is between Garret and Ian by the process of elimination. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell stops near the pillar. **
** (1158) Helisandra inserts and turns the key a few times, but to no avail. **
(1162) Tian Keth: "The other way maybe?"
** (1194) T'a K'shet stands near the others, at the back of the group. When the key fails to work, she frowns. **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps you need to place the gems in the pillar."
(1158) Helisandra: "Let's try something else first." She then turns the key in the opposite direction, using the same strategy as before.
(1184) DM: "CLICK"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [10d6] -> [4,3,2,1,1,1,6,6,2,4] = (30)
(1184) DM: Suddenly, there is a tremendous explosion which occurs without warning as a chunk of the pillar explodes outwards. (Reflex, -5, all within 10')
(1158) Helisandra: reflex -5: [1d20+18] -> [15,18] = (33)
(1162) Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+15] -> [12,15] = (27)
(1195) Ian Cromwell: Reflex save: [1d20+14] -> [1,14] = (15)
(1165) Calehan: Reflex: [1d20+19] -> [2,19] = (21)
(1162) Tian Keth: (( mine included the -5 ))
(1195) Ian Cromwell: ( 10 here)
(1184) DM: (Tian, Ian and Cale take 30 damage)
** (1162) Tian Keth falls back as chunks of pillar slam into him **
(1162) Tian Keth: "All standing close to an exploding pillar, Bad idea!"
** (1158) Helisandra somehow twists as the explosion occurs, avoiding the blast. She comes back to her feet, still looking at the pillar. "Well, that was close." She then looks around the room to see whatelse happened when it clicked. **
(1165) Calehan: "That wasn't what it was supposed to do, was it?"
** (1195) Ian Cromwell takes a few steps back,going down to one knee,muttering something under his breath,he looks up to see what else is there after the explosion," I do not think turing it the other way was wise." **
(1158) Helisandra: "Well, according to the plans I had when I designed this place. I have no idea - I have no idea what is supposed to happen."
** (1162) Tian Keth stands back and and looks around the room **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell stands back up," Acererak,I swear by all that is holy and in Solnor's name,that when we finally meet face to face,I will cleave you limb from limb.'' **
(1184) DM: Within the opening created by the blast is a coffin made of purple wood that sits upright. The coffin lid seems to be secured by dozens of nails. It is painted to depict a beautiful woman with flowing black hair, hands crossed over her chest, eyes closed as if in a deep dream, a silver pendant hanging over her neck bearing the first mud sorcerer symbol.
(1158) Helisandra: "Acererak's first love maybe?"
** (1195) Ian Cromwell closes his eyes as he concentrates on the coffin. **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " I sense no evil."
(1162) Tian Keth: "So knock and see if anyone is home"
** (1195) Ian Cromwell draws his flail,walking towards the coffin,he swings it at the wooden lid,trying to smash it open. **
** (1158) Helisandra takes a look at the coffin and the way that the lid is nailed shut, searching for any hidden traps awaiting them. **
(1162) Tian Keth: "Thats NOT what I ment Ian"
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " What that is how I knock on a dead persons coffin,easier this way."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Granted up until now,this is the first coffin I have tried knocking on."
(1184) DM: Well, the coffin falls forward. (Ian, reflex)
(1195) Ian Cromwell: Reflex save: [1d20+14] -> [13,14] = (27)
(1184) DM: The coffin falls to the ground, breaking open. As it does so, a cord made out of human hair dangles from the ceiling of the inner core of the pillar.
** (1158) Helisandra looks down at the coffin, before looking back into where it fell out of, to make sure there was nothing behind it. **
(1184) DM: Within the now smashed coffin is the corpse of a male half-elf, a horrid, mummified grimace of pain on his face. The corpse wears a silver pendant identical to the one painted on the now-broken coffin lid. In his left hand is a sealed metal scroll tube.
** (1195) Ian Cromwell looks at the dangling cord," That does not look good." **
(1165) Calehan: "Another scroll. I wonder what this one says."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Another riddle."
** (1158) Helisandra looks into the hollow pillar, and looks up, to try and see where the cord comes from. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell reaches down and pulls the pendant off the corpse,taking the sealed tube as well. Handing the tube to Calehan. **
(1158) Helisandra: "Well, no sense in stopping now." Helisandra steps back from the pillar, but then reaches out and pulls on the cord.
(1184) DM: There is a dull "click".
** (1158) Helisandra steps away from the pillar as the click happens. **
** (1158) Helisandra then looks around to see what happened. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell turns quickly,putting his shield out in front of him. **
(1184) DM: Suddenly, the inner core comes crashing down.
(1184) DM: Anyone who was standing inside the pillar when the core came hurtling down from the ceiling would now be dead, crushed to a lifeless pulp.
** (1158) Helisandra waits for the smoke from this crash to clear. "Wow, kinda nasty - although a bit obvious." Heli puts her head back into the pillar to look up and see what she can see. **
** (1194) T'a K'shet raises a brow. "Yes. The click served as a warning. It should have been muffled or silenced somehow." She frowns. **
(1158) Helisandra: "Well, even the cord went straight up into the middle of the ceiling of the inside of this collumn. Obvious even before the click."
(1162) Tian Keth: "I did not know hair was that strong"
(1158) Helisandra: it likely just tripped something that allowed the rest to fall. But yes - woven together, hair can be quite strong."
** (1158) Helisandra steps away from the exposed core of the column. "So Calehan, did you figure out what that scroll says yet?" **
(1165) Calehan: "I didn't. Someone else can read them though."
** (1194) T'a K'shet holds her hand out for the scrolls, to try and decipher them. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell looks at the pendant he is now holding in his hand,handing it to Helisandra **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell kneels down and inspects the half elf and the coffin,to see if there is something else inside. **
** (1158) Helisandra takes the pendant and looks over it, realizing it holds a mud sorcerrer symbol, she stashes it away with the other possible keys that she has found. **
(1194) T'a K'shet: "To sail the ship that is smiled upon, the silver necklace must be donned."
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Well that was alot of trouble to get a key that led us to nowhere."
** (1158) Helisandra makes her way back to the basalt key, which she removes and stores as well. **
(1158) Helisandra: "Sail the ship that is smiled upon? What in the world does that mean?"
(1165) Calehan: "I hope it makes more sense when we find it."
** (1194) T'a K'shet shrugs. "T'a would guess it will make sense at some point deeper in this place.s" **
(1158) Helisandra: "Let's hope so. I guess that's why we got the key that led us nowhere Ian."
** (1158) Helisandra smirks at Ian and heads out of the room, taking the passage as far south as she can. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell follows along behind the others. **
** (1162) Tian Keth follows along quietly **
(1184) DM: You eventually end up in the colummned hall (area 10).
** (1158) Helisandra reaches the next intersection and she looks right, and then left. She searches the hallways before entering it, and then proceeds slowly to the east, checking the hall as she goes. **
** (1194) T'a K'shet eyes the columns warily for any sign that they might collapse, explode, animate or otherwise kill the group. **
(1184) DM: The ceiling in this wide corridor is 20' high and the thick pillars are made of black marble. To the west lies some sort of ceremonial chamber. To the east lies a chamber filled with more columns. There is a door far down the hall, on the left wall, as well as a suit of armor (10b).
** (1162) Tian Keth stays right behind Heli **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [10,28] = (38)
** (1158) Helisandra proceeds down the hallway. When she nears the suit of armor, she intentionally stays to the south of the pillars, but still searches as best she can for traps, making her way to the large room. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell heads towards the ceremonial chamber,stopping just at the opening of the room as he looks around. **
** (1158) Helisandra then turns back and approaches the suit of armor, trying to check it and the door for any traps. **
(1158) Helisandra: (( uh Ian - did you go the opposite way as me intentionally? ))
(1165) Calehan: ((Coincidentally I think))
** (1165) Calehan hangs back at the intersection watching both explorers for signs of trouble. **
(1158) Helisandra: (( just want to make sure that he understand Heli went left - toward 11, not towards 12. ))
(1195) Ian Cromwell: ( I saw an altar,guess where I am going)
** (1194) T'a K'shet glances after Heli and Tian, then at Ian, sighs and walks after Ian, staying about fiteen feet back to avoid any disasters he creates. **
(1158) Helisandra: (( wait wait wait, could Ian have seen the alter? ))
(1162) Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke, and I doubt it unless he has Darkvision or this place is lit well ))
(1158) Helisandra: (( it hasn't been lit so far, that's why I'm asking. Stan is giving me some desc, so he will answer in a moment. ))
(1184) DM: ((unless Ian can see in the dark, then no.))
(1184) DM: ((he has an item apparently))
(1165) Calehan: ((I'm surprised he doesn't shed light, to be honest.))
(1184) DM: ((only T'a and Ian can see the following (along with anyone who tags along with them): in room 12, this appears to be some sort of ceremonial chamber. the ceiling, 18' above, is painted with swirling patterns of churning water filled with alien creatures that struggle in the chaotic whirl. The once-bright paint on the walls is now a faded red, and various items seem to be located around the room, namely a rug, a pair of braziers in the NW and SE corners of the room, a pair of tapestries -- one on the N wall and one on the S wall, and candles on a triangular deep-red marble altar. There are also a number of items on the altar, namely an ebony box, an obsidian dagger, a piece of torn green silk and four marble disks.))
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " T'a perhaps you should gather the others,Helisandra has the pendant,and from the looks of the painting perhaps it was meant to be used here."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [2,28] = (30)
** (1158) Helisandra continues on her search as previously described, not realizing that two of the group have left. **
(1162) Tian Keth: (( back ))
** (1194) T'a K'shet nods and hurries up to Heli and Tian, telling them what is down in the other end of the corridor. **
** (1195) Ian Cromwell continues to stand where he is,not entering the room,just looking around. **
** (1162) Tian Keth shugs at T`a "Sounds like Ian's buisness" **
** (1158) Helisandra is standing in front if a large metal door, looking at an obsidian set of armor. "What? You mean, you two just...?! Fine, I will head that way when I finish down here. Try not to fall into any pit traps." **
** (1158) Helisandra continues her examination of the armor and door. **
** (1194) T'a K'shet grins and nods, then moves back to Ian. "They will be here shortly." She then studies the ceiling, attempting to identify the creatures. **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " There are four discs and we have four gems,perhaps they are some kind of key or clue as to where we go next T'a."
** (1194) T'a K'shet shrugs, and gestures to the creatures. "Daemons." **
(1195) Ian Cromwell: " Then it is better they fall into the waves and be drown."
** (1158) Helisandra looks to Tian and indicates the door. "Shall we see waht awaits us now that I unlocked it, or go see what the other two found?" **
(1162) Tian Keth: "Lets take a look here first"
(1184) DM: ((have to stop early tonight, fading here.))
** (1158) Helisandra nods to Tian and opens the door. **
(1184) DM: ((at 2 am))
(1162) Tian Keth: (( NP ))
(1184) DM: The room beyond contains a large metallic chest.
(1158) Helisandra: (( k ))
(1194) T'a K'shet: ((Alrighty. That'd be about 35 mins from now, right?))
(1184) DM: ((that's 10c, viewable only by Heli and Tian))
(1184) DM: ((yes. if I get my 2nd wind, might continue))
** (1158) Helisandra checks the room for traps as she walks around the chest. She then works over the chest, checking it for traps. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [15,28] = (43)
** (1162) Tian Keth stays close to Heli, listening closly for any ominious clicks **
** (1158) Helisandra moves to the front of the chest and looks over the lock, to see if she can unlock it. If so, she pulls out her tools and begins to do just that. **
** (1158) Helisandra opens the chest up. **
** (1162) Tian Keth peers inside **
(1184) DM: ((inside are eight sealed glass vials filled with an amber colored viscous liquid, a number of odd-looking metal tools and a thick book entitled "Codissus il Yurushui Itemmet"))
** (1158) Helisandra looks up at Tian. "Well, interesting enough. Shall we go make sure everyone else hasn't fallen in a pit or been smashed under a column?" she asks, as she collects the tiems from the chest. **
(1162) Tian Keth: "Not smashed we would have heard it"
(1158) Helisandra: "True." Helisandra stands and exits the room, heading back to where T'a said she and Ian were waiting.
** (1162) Tian Keth follows Heli "So whats so interesting that you decided not to follow us?" **
** (1158) Helisandra grabs Calehan from the intersection as they pass by, getting the group together again. "By the way, found something you two might be interested in." She pulls out the thick book, showing it to Calehan and T'a - offering it to the two of them to make sense of. **
(1195) Ian Cromwell:
" There is an altar here,but it was the painting the made me stop."
** (1194) T'a K'shet takes the book and attempts to read the thing. **
** (1158) Helisandra looks into the room. "Ok, this is something." **
** (1162) Tian Keth looks up "Ok, interesting painting, but art isnt why we are here" **
(1184) DM:
A metal key falls out of the inside back cover.
** (1194) T'a K'shet bends down and picks up the key, examines it, and hands it to Heli before going back to the book. **
(1195) Ian Cromwell:
" It depicts water,a ship sails on water,and Helisandra has the pendant."
(1194) T'a K'shet:
"The creatures are daemons" she says without looking up from the book.
(1162) Tian Keth:
"I see no ship"
(1195) Ian Cromwell:
" That and there are four discs on the altar,and we have four gems."
** (1158) Helisandra takes the metal key and looks over it. "Ahh, that's where you were hidden." She then puts the key away, with the others. **
(1158) Helisandra:
'Yes Ian, but water is also one of the four signs of the mud sorcerrers, so that doesn't automatically mean this is where the boat is. But, it could be."
** (1158) Helisandra begins her search for traps within the room, slowly going from the north wall to the south wall, slowly making her way from the east side of the room to the west. **
(1219) Lunauc (enter): 01:51
(1184) DM:
Attempting to DISABLE moderation in the current room...
Server Administrator-> This channel is now unmoderated
(1158) Helisandra:
(( call it then? ))
(1194) T'a K'shet:
(1162) Tian Keth:
(( good place to stop anyways ))

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