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(144) Jess: Hi what kind of game is this

(144) Jess: Hi what kind of game is this?
(144) Jess: Disconnecting from server...
(144) Jess (exit): 20:40
(147) Shade (enter): 20:53
(147) Shade: (( Hello, I came to sit in on a session. ))
(141) TaliesinNYC: hi
(141) TaliesinNYC: the session doesn't start for another 45 minutes
(141) TaliesinNYC: are you lurking officially?
(147) Shade: (( Fourty-five, really? That's not what I read on the schedule...and yes. ))
(141) TaliesinNYC: typically begins at 9:30 pm
(141) TaliesinNYC: even though it says 9 pm EST
(147) Shade: (( I'll stick around, then. ))
(141) TaliesinNYC: I wait for everyone to show up
(141) TaliesinNYC: so which are you?
(147) Shade: (( Which....what? ))
(141) TaliesinNYC: player
(147) Shade: (( I'm not any player. I came to watch a session and see if it was a good campaign. You still have an opening, yes? ))
(141) TaliesinNYC: there are something like 3 or 4 players interested in one of the 3 games I run
(141) TaliesinNYC: yes
(141) TaliesinNYC: well there are certain requirements we have in addition to the lurking
(141) TaliesinNYC: you might want to be apprised of those as well
(147) Shade: (( I've read about them. ))
(141) TaliesinNYC: and?
(148) Swirln (enter): 20:59
(148) Swirln (exit): 20:59
(147) Shade: (( And they seem reasonable, though I expected better grammar from a GM who had so many requirements. I guess grammar doesn't make the GM, though. ))
(141) TaliesinNYC: I see
(147) Shade: (( Before I get cracking on making Bob the Warrior, though, I'd like to see if this is a campaign I'd like. Oh yeah...the logs which were mentioned. Where are they? ))
(149) ticattack (enter): 21:02
(141) TaliesinNYC: they're where they've always been
(147) Shade: (( Where is that, then? ))
(141) TaliesinNYC: in the game logs menu
(147) Shade: (( Is that anywhere in the forums? ))
(141) TaliesinNYC: they're on the site
(141) TaliesinNYC: you '
(141) TaliesinNYC: you've seen the requirements, so you should have seen the link to them
(147) Shade: (( Hrm, let me check again. ))
(153) Zane (enter): 21:05
(152) Walks-With-Spirits (enter): 21:05
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(138) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 21:05
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (138) Dj Gilcrease...
(154) Donovan (enter): 21:07
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (154) Donovan...
(141) TaliesinNYC: just need Lun and we're off
(157) ticattack (enter): 21:12
(141) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(149) ticattack' from room...
(149) ticattack (exit): 21:13
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (157) ticattack...
(157) ticattack: ((Much better. Bloody thing...))
(141) TaliesinNYC: start in 15 regardless of Lun
(138) Dj Gilcrease: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(141) TaliesinNYC: so in the meantime, anyone need a recap?
(153) Zane: (( we are in an even wierder room - and Calehan is currently holding open the door to the acid eye room. ))
(141) DM: (heh. that's about right)
(141) DM: ** (3538) Helisandra makes her way to the secret door they opened and looks into the next room, to see what awaits them. **
(3529) DM: The room beyond is even more bizarre than the one you are in, if it can be believed.
(3529) DM: This chamber appears to be made up of a central area criss-crossed with four alcoves, each at the compass points. There are also three other doors leading out of the chamber. Its not the layout of the room that's bizarre but the contents therein.
(3529) DM: In the center of the chamber (4a) is a statue made of green basalt. It depicts an elephant-headed human that's 9' tall, pointing an accusing finger at you. Its other hand reaches for the hilt of a sheathed sword. The statue is bare-chested and heavily muscled, and wears baggy pantaloons and sandals. It sits on a 1' high circular base.
(3529) DM: To the NE and SE alcoves are statues but you can't make out details at this distance. NE seems to be a tiger-headed human and SE seems to be a black pillar.
(3529) DM: There is an alcove to the NW and SW but you can't really tell what's in those areas where you are without entering the chamber.
** (3538) Helisandra carefully steps into the room, keeping an eye on the central figure. She searches the immediate area around the entrance and then proceeds to make sure the room is clear of traps. **
** (3541) Tian Keth stays close to Heli as she works her way though the room **
(3529) DM: The door leading out of 4 (to 3) slams shut.
** (3538) Helisandra looks back at the door that slammed shut. "That can't be good." She makes her way back to the door and tries to see if she can open it from this side. **
(3529) DM: ((to everyone else on the other side of the chamber, all of the eyes open in unison and the wailing commences))
** (3538) Helisandra looks to Tian after failing to open the door. "Well, we might be here a while." **
(3541) Tian Keth: "May as well search the area so when they get it open again they can come though right away"
** (3678) Garret 's eye twitches at the annoyance of the resuming wailing. "Oh.. no way." **
** (3538) Helisandra nods to Tian and does just that, searching for any traps in the room. **
** (3541) Tian Keth goes to the center statue and sees if it rotates to point elseware **
** (3531) Calehan quickly covers his ears as he backs away from the wall. His mouth moves but you can't tell what he tried to say. **
** (3678) Garret goes over and retrieve the wet blanket, wrapping it on his arm for added protection, before following Tian's ealier example of poking the eyes to reveal the knob and openthe door. **
(3529) DM: ((going to further describe the room but going to do it in the main window for everyone's benefit))
whispering to Lunauc, you manage to find where the door is...
(3529) DM: 4a: This is a statue depicting an elephant-headed human, about 9' tall. Its pointing an accusing finger at the door to the west. Its other hand reaches for the hilt of a sheathed short sword. Its bare-chested and heavily muscled and wears baggy pantaloons. It sits atop 1' high circular base.
(3529) DM: 4b: This is a black pillar that bears all four mud sorcerer symbols, forming a diamond. Further inspection requires approaching the pillar.
(3529) DM: 4c: This is a 6' tall bronze statue of a mole-headed human gripping a REAL wooden handled shovel in both hands. The statue is green with age. Further inspection requires approaching the statue.
(3529) DM: 4d: This is a 6' tall bronze statue of a tiger-headed human wearing ornate armor and wielding a jagged-toothed bastard sword in one of its clawed hands. Further inspection requires approaching the statue.
(3529) DM: 4e: This is a 5' tall statue of green, aged bronze, depicting a fly-headed human, crouched for attack. It wears crimson plate mail and wields a REAL dirk and a wickedly curved short sword. Further inspection requires approaching this statue.
(3529) DM: 3 other doors lead out of the chamber. The N door is stone, the E door is silver and the S door is steel.
(3529) DM: Garret opens the door from beyond, causing the wailing to cease and the eyes to close in unison.
(3541) Tian Keth: "All in, it's safe around the door anyways"
** (3538) Helisandra moves over to the open door. "Hi there. You might want to find a way to hold the door open before coming in. Otherwise, this room is safe, so far." **
(3678) Garret: "I can't take anymore of that noise."
(3541) Tian Keth: "Garret you want to help me turn this statue?"
(3678) Garret: :to tian: "Sure.. we can stick it in the doorway."
(3541) Tian Keth: "Turn not haul off to the door"
** (3531) Calehan asks Walks, "Going in or staying out here?" **
** (3541) Tian Keth rotates it to point north once Garret helps **
(3678) Garret: ""Fine.. fine."
** (3678) Garret follows and helps tian **
** (3538) Helisandra heads off to the north to examine the fly-headed statue more closely. **
** (3531) Calehan follows Garret into the next room. **
(3531) Calehan: ((I'm standing in front of the door, I suppose I may just hold it.))
** (3538) Helisandra checks out the statue for a moment before making her way over to the next corner, with the tiger-headed statue (4d). **
(3541) Tian Keth: (( anything happen when Garret and I turn the statue to face north? ))
(3529) DM: ((not as far as you can determine))
** (3538) Helisandra makes her way to the next corner (4b) to check out the pillar there. **
** (3541) Tian Keth goes and checks out the northern door **

** (153) Helisandra has checked out the pillar and moves to the next corner, checking out the figure in 4c. **
whispering to Shade, and I take it you also know that the Sat game is 2 games in 1, correct?
(159) Lunauc (enter): 21:19
(159) Lunauc: yo
(157) ticattack: ((You're late))
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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
** (153) Helisandra plays around with the statue in 4c a bit, manipulating something. **
** (154) Calehan wedges a spare knife into the doorframe to hold it in place. **
(159) Lunauc: (sorry, I'm late, but I also can't play tonight. I just popped on to let you all know. I have a 102 fever and am violently nauseaus. I can't function like this. Sorry.)
(153) Helisandra: (( sorry to hear that Lunuac. Get feeling better. ))
(159) Lunauc: (have a good game. I'll be sure to read the log.)
(157) T'a K'shet: ((Ouch. Go sleep! Have fun with your nausea))
(159) Lunauc: Disconnecting from server...
(159) Lunauc (exit): 21:23
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28[
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [14,28] = (42)
(138) Dj Gilcrease: (( back ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [19,28] = (47)
** (153) Helisandra turns away from the statue in the corner of 4c, holding her dagger in one hand and what appears to be a scroll case in the other. She looks around and then makes a beeline for Calehan. "Look what I found." **
(138) Tian Keth: "Finding anything Heli, this door is locked and the central statue does not seem to do anything when rotated"
** (138) Tian Keth goes and checks out the eatern door while Calehan looks at the scroll Heli found **
(153) Helisandra: "Couple things. The statue over there," (she points at 4e) "Has some kind of hinges on it's fingers, like they should move so that one can obtain the items it holds, maybe. But I couldn't move them. Similar thing with the one over there," (she points at 4c) "although it also had a hinge jaw - inside of which I found this scroll case."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, its locked
** (157) T'a K'shet approaches the tiger-headed human, studying it carefully. **
(138) Tian Keth: "This one is locked too" ** pointing at th eastern door **
** (138) Tian Keth moves on to the southern door **
(141) DM: It's certainly fierce looking.
(153) Helisandra: "Oh, and there is a keyhole in the pillar over there," (points to 4b) "and the key I found might fit it, but I wanted to wait until we were ready before I went to just trying random locks."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, locked as well
(154) Calehan: "His keyholes have been rather permanent so far."
(138) Tian Keth: "Well all the doors are locked"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, I take it you haven't tried to open them or search for traps?
(153) Helisandra: "Tian, why were you trying to turn the central statue anyway?"
(154) Calehan: "Can you see any auras about the scroll case, T'a? Just in case."
(138) Tian Keth: "Dont know, cause it was pointing at the door we came in and thought maybe if I made it point at another door it would open that one"
** (138) Tian Keth goes back to the central statue and rotates it to point toward the statue in the northwest corner (4e) **
** (157) T'a K'shet studies the case for a moment. "No, nothing so far as T'a sees." **
** (153) Helisandra sees where he it pointing the statue. "Yes, it might work." She goes and helps Tian before heading back over to the statue in 4e. **
** (138) Tian Keth goes over to the statue (4e) with Heli to see if the fingers open **
** (153) Helisandra shakes her head at Tian. "Nope." **
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs "Was worth a try" **
** (154) Calehan opens the scroll case in front of the door to see what's inside. **
(153) Helisandra: "The one key might unlock everything. Although I wonder why that central statue turns if it doesn nothing - Acererak usually has a purpose to everything."
whispering to Donovan, Within is a piece of vellum that's been rolled up tightly
(138) Tian Keth: "We have not tried every point yet"
(157) T'a K'shet: "To confuse?"
** (138) Tian Keth goes back to the statue and rotates it to the Northeastern statue (4d) and waits to see if anything happens **
** (154) Calehan pulls out a rolled up vellum parchment and drops the case into a pocket as he unrolls it. **
(153) Helisandra: "No, but if it did nothing to the statue or the door, I wouldn't think that it would change anything with other locations - but we can definately try."
(141) DM: After waiting a moment, nothing happens.
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs and continues rotating to the eastern door **
whispering to Donovan, It's written in an ancient language, much like what you saw in the entrance corridor to Acererak's first tomb.
(141) DM: The same process occurs, as you rotate the statue. Nothing happens.
(138) Tian Keth: "Heli want to see if that does unlocked itself?"
(154) Calehan: "Great, more of the ancient languages."
** (153) Helisandra nods to Tian and moves to the door, to see if it is unlocked. **
** (138) Tian Keth waits for Heli to confirm that the door remains locked then rotates it to the pillar (4b) **
** (153) Helisandra shakes her head at Tian to indicate that it is still locked. **
(141) DM: Nothing happens, as before.
(138) Tian Keth: "May want to try the key while this is pointing at the pillar."
(141) DM: ((If Calehan left the door to 3, then the door to 3 slammed shut. Just wanted to let you know that.))
(153) Helisandra: "Ok, everyone get ready for whatever." She goes over to the pillar and pulls out the key. She studies the keyhole for a couple moments to make sure the proper direction to insert the key. And then she does just that - inserts the key and turns, as long as it fits.
(166) ticattack (enter): 21:45
(154) Calehan: "Looks like the same thing he used in the first tomb. while we were treading the tongue-like path."
(153) Helisandra: (( that's why he said that he wedged a spare knife into the door jab, to prop it open. ))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (166) ticattack...
(166) T'a K'shet: ((That was my network, not the server.))
(154) Calehan: ((I'm standing in front of it reading the scroll. I don't know if the knife will keep it open or not.)
(141) DM: ((didn't see that. my bad.))
(141) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(157) ticattack' from room...
(157) ticattack (exit): 21:45
(141) DM: Several things occur all at the same time as Heli inserts the obsidian key and turns it a few times...
(141) DM: The bronze statue of a mole-headed human drops the shovel that it's been holding all this time, as the tiger-headed statuette suddenly animates and leaps into battle.
(141) DM: (init and load minis)
(154) Calehan: Initiative: [1d20+4] -> [5,4] = (9)
(138) Tian Keth: INIT: [1d20+15] -> [10,15] = (25)
(153) Helisandra: Initiative: [1d20+8] -> [13,8] = (21)
(166) T'a K'shet: [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
(153) Helisandra: (( which door did we enter? ))
(152) Walks-With-Spirits: Initiative: [1d20+7] -> [5,7] = (12)
(141) DM: (not the best mini, but it'll do. all squares are 5')
(141) DM: (secret door below)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+10] -> [2,10] = (12)
(153) Helisandra: (( so where Heli is standing is where the keyed pillar was, yes? ))
(138) Tian Keth: (( the secret door is the one we came in right? ))
(141) DM: ((correct))
(141) DM: ((yes to Heli))
(141) DM: (Tian, 25)
** (138) Tian Keth moves to cage in the statue to prevent it from leaving the alcove **
(170) ticattack (enter): 21:58
(138) Tian Keth: (( done ))
(141) DM: The tiger-headed human statue becomes as flesh, as if it WERE a tiger-headed human. It wields a jagged-toothed long sword in one of its clawed hands. The blade glimmers with a dull gray aura surrounding it.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (170) ticattack...
(141) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(166) ticattack' from room...
(166) ticattack (exit): 22:00
(141) DM: (Heli, 21)
** (153) Helisandra turns to see what all is happening. She notices the shovel and points to it. "Calehan, be a dear and get that shovel if you would." With that said, she turns to the tiger-headed statue and draws out her rapier, preparing an attack. **
(153) Helisandra: (( done ))
(141) DM: ((combat's going to be somewhat longer than normal because Matt is having problems loading the map))
(141) DM: (Walks, 12)
(172) ticattack (enter): 22:02
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (172) ticattack...
(141) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(170) ticattack' from room...
(170) ticattack (exit): 22:03
(172) ticattack: ((Ok, I seem to be in now...))
(154) Calehan: ((The shovel is to my left?))
(153) Helisandra: (( yes. ))
(153) Helisandra: (( oops, nope - right. sorry. ))
** (152) Walks-With-Spirits dips a clawed hand into a pouch, and produces a handful of shimmering dust, which he speaks a prayer over, and then sprinkles on himself, causing his skin to harden. (stoneskin) **
(141) DM: (the tiger, 12)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+12] -> [14,12] = (26),[1d20+10] -> [12,10] = (22)
(173) Jlar (enter): 22:11
(173) Jlar (exit): 22:11
(141) DM: It charges Tian (AOO by Walks) and attempts to impale the wolfbrother on its blade (AC 30), missing on its return stroke.
(138) Tian Keth: (( miss ))
(141) DM: (T'a, 10)
** (172) ticattack focuses for a moment, then leaps in at the statue, her hands bursting with fire as she makes contact ([1d20+20] -> [9,20] = (29), [1d20+15] -> [3,15] = (18)) **
(141) DM: (both miss)
(141) DM: (Cale, 9)
(152) Walks-With-Spirits has sent you a tree node...
** (154) Calehan draws his favored daggers and draws out the pattern for a spell. Everyone moves a bit faster (haste). **
(152) Walks-With-Spirits: ((Wait, wait, sorry. Great Spear: [1d20+15] -> [11,15] = (26)))
(141) DM: (np, and that's a miss as well.)
(141) DM: (Tian, 25)
** (138) Tian Keth growls at the tigger headed thing before attacking **
** (138) Tian Keth thrusts Frenzy Fang out in a quick stabing motion **
(138) Tian Keth: (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 1): [1d20+30] -> [5,30] = (35)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [2,14] = (16) ))
** (138) Tian Keth quickly shifts the thrust into a right to left sweep **
(138) Tian Keth: (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 2): [1d20+25] -> [18,25] = (43)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [5,14] = (19) ))
(138) Tian Keth: (( Frenzy Fang (Crit Check): [1d20+25] -> [4,25] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [4,14] = (18) Vorpal Effect. ))
** (138) Tian Keth finishes with a downward left to right cross attack **
(138) Tian Keth: (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 3): [1d20+20] -> [5,20] = (25)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [3,14] = (17) ))
(141) DM: Two of those blows strike deep into the creature's flesh, as thick, black ichor seeps out of its wounds.
** (138) Tian Keth continues to growl **
(141) DM: (Heli, 21)
(138) Tian Keth: (( Oh I get 1 more attack from hate ))
** (138) Tian Keth thrusts Frenzy Fang out in a quick stabing motion **
(138) Tian Keth: (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 1): [1d20+30] -> [4,30] = (34)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [1,14] = (15) ))
(141) DM: (k)
** (153) Helisandra seems to take only a step, but in a blink she is right up to the side of the tiger-faced creature, striking out with her rapier into its side. **
(141) DM: It staggers slightly, yet remains on its feet, blade firmly in its grasp.
(153) Helisandra: [1d20+25] -> [18,25] = (43)
(153) Helisandra: Crit Check: [1d20+25] -> [2,25] = (27)
(141) DM: Great rivers of black ichor gush out of a deep wound in its left flank, yet the strange warrior takes no notice.
(141) DM: (Walks, 12)
** (152) Walks-With-Spirits me steps forward to flank the beastman, and stabs out repeatedly with his spear at its chest and abdomen Attack 1: [1d20+17] -> [6,17] = (23) Attack 2: [1d20+17] -> [2,17] = (19) Attack 3: [1d20+12] -> [16,12] = (28) **
(141) DM: (all three are misses)
(141) DM: (the tiger, 12)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+20] -> [14,20] = (34),[1d20+15] -> [17,15] = (32)
(141) DM: There is a dull flash of light from a black carbuncle embedded in the blade's pommel; the creature seems to draw from a hidden reservoir of strength. It raises the sword as if it were a spear and plunges it deep atop Tian's head, attempting to split him in twain (AC 34), then tries to slice downwards and to the left (AC 32).
(138) Tian Keth: (( both miss ))
(141) DM: (T'a, 10)
** (138) Tian Keth ducks and dodges the attacks laughing madly **
(174) ticattack (enter): 22:29
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (174) ticattack...
(141) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(172) ticattack' from room...
(172) ticattack (exit): 22:30
(174) T'a K'shet: ((Has the haste been cast yet?))
(154) Calehan: ((Yes))
(138) Tian Keth: (( yes ))
(141) DM: ((last round))
** (174) T'a K'shet leaps in at the tiger-beast again, striking it with even more speed than usual. (([1d20+21] -> [10,21] = (31), [1d20+21] -> [11,21] = (32), [1d20+15] -> [14,15] = (29))) **
(141) DM: (first two hit)
(174) T'a K'shet: (([2d8+4] -> [7,2,4] = (13) plus [1d6] -> [2] = (2) fire, [2d8+4] -> [4,7,4] = (15) plus [1d6] -> [1] = (1) fire))
(141) DM: It staggers slightly, as if its balance seems to be slipping.
(141) DM: (Cale, 9)
** (154) Calehan draws more arcs in the air, his blades flashing, and a handful of shimmering blades fly at the tiger-headed creature. **
(154) Calehan: Force Damage: empowered Magic Missile [5d4+5*1.5] -> [1,1,3,1,4,7.5] = (17.5)
(154) Calehan: ((Hmm, that doesn't work quite right. How's it go?))
(138) Tian Keth: (( [(5d4+5)*1.5] -> 24.0 ))
(154) Calehan: (anyway, 22.5)
(141) DM: It doesn't seem to be injured, and in fact, the missiles are unerringly drawn into its sword which then causes its wounds to knit shut and close.
(141) DM: (25, Tian)
** (138) Tian Keth continues to dance around laughing madly while pressing the attack **
** (138) Tian Keth thrusts Frenzy Fang out in two quick stabs **
(138) Tian Keth: (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 1): [1d20+30+1] -> [18,30,1] = (49)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [4,14] = (18) ))
(138) Tian Keth: (( Frenzy Fang (Haste Attack): [1d20+30+1] -> [2,30,1] = (33)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [2,14] = (16) ))
(138) Tian Keth: (( Frenzy Fang (Crit Check): [1d20+30+1] -> [13,30,1] = (44) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [1,14] = (15) Vorpal Effect. ))
** (138) Tian Keth quickly shifts the thrust into a right to left sweep **
(138) Tian Keth: (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 2): [1d20+25+1] -> [7,25,1] = (33)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [3,14] = (17) ))
** (138) Tian Keth finishes with a downward left to right cross attack **
(138) Tian Keth: (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 3): [1d20+20+1] -> [3,20,1] = (24)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [3,14] = (17) ))
(141) DM: (all three hit)
(138) Tian Keth: (( [18+16+15+17] -> 66 and no head if it is not immune to crits otherwise [18+16+17] -> 51 ))
(141) DM: A sudden flurry of attacks from Tian, and the creature's head spins across the room. (Reflex) In the blink of an eye, its form petrifies and becomes stone.
** (138) Tian Keth howls in joy as the head goes flying **
(138) Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+20] -> [9,20] = (29)
(154) Calehan: Reflex: [1d20+19] -> [17,19] = (36)
(153) Helisandra: Reflex: [1d20+21] -> [13,21] = (34)
(141) DM: (Only Tian. His sword is embedded in the statue.)
(153) Helisandra: "Tian, I'd say you are enjoying this too much, but you know - I gotta agree with you." She then frowns as Tian finishes off the creature. "Typical male, it's over before I really get into it." With that, she turns and heads back to the pillar to try to retrieve the key.
(154) Calehan: "There's still three more statues."
** (138) Tian Keth yanks on his sword "Cale can you unstone this thing so I can get my sword back?" **
(174) T'a K'shet: ((Relex: [1d20+19))
(174) T'a K'shet: ((Sorry, missed the call))
(153) Helisandra: "The mole already dropped it's shovel. And there is something about the other, but I would expect it to attack at the same time if it was going to do so."
(138) Tian Keth: (( was only for Tian anyways ))
(138) Tian Keth: "Or does anyone have a hammer?"
(174) T'a K'shet: ((Oh. Duh. I thought he meant only Tian failed :p))
(154) Calehan: "Unstone it? Maybe something else will do."
** (153) Helisandra stops before she retrieves her key. "Although..." Heli makes her way over to the fly-headed statue to see if she can open the hands now. **
(138) Tian Keth: "Anything that gets my sword back out of this stupid thing will work"
(174) T'a K'shet: "T'a could use her magics to disintegrate it, if necessary, but she would rather save this spelll for later, if another way can be found."
** (153) Helisandra starts to fiddle with the fly-headed statue in the opposite corner from the pillar. **
** (154) Calehan holds up a dagger in his right hand "How about this? Take a bit longer but just chisel it free." **
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs and takes the dagger setting to work on freeing his sword **
(138) Tian Keth: Str check: [1d20+7] -> [1,7] = (8)
** (138) Tian Keth shakes his hand from the vibration of the impact "Ouch, this is hard stone" **
** (138) Tian Keth moves around the statue examining his embeded sword to find the best angle to break the stone from **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [4,28] = (32)
(179) Findarato (enter): 23:00
(178) Rayman (enter): 23:01
(138) Tian Keth: (( AFK bio and Smoke break ))
** (153) Helisandra moves from the fly over to the mole, where she picks up the shovel it dropped. "Thanks, I think." she says to the statue. On her way to the pillar, she decides to try one more thing and tries the door between the mole (4c) and the pillar (4b) to see if it is now unlocked. **
** (153) Helisandra fails to open the door easily so she returns to the pillar, where she attempts to retrieve the obsidian key. **
** (154) Calehan stuffs the unreadable message back into its case for now and files it under "ask someone else to read it." **
(178) Rayman (exit): 23:07
** (153) Helisandra turns back to the others, tossing the obsidian key into the air and catching it with ease. She moves up to the statue that at one point in time was a tiger-headed figure. "So, how goes the sword and the stone?" **
(138) Tian Keth: (( back ))
** (138) Tian Keth continues to work on it without comment **
** (152) Walks-With-Spirits calmly reaches down and grasps the pommel of Tian's sword, both his body and the sword he now grasps becoming translucent and wispy, and with no effort at all, he draws the blade from the fallen statue, the magick ends, and both he and the blade are once again solid-he takes hold of it's hilt, and unceremoniously presents the weapon, pommel first, to Tian. **
(138) Tian Keth: "Hay! Oh thanks, that was alot faster then reducing the statue to gravel"
(141) DM: (sec)
** (138) Tian Keth takes the sword back and cleans it **
(141) DM: (I need to look something up first)
(154) Calehan: "I'd applaud, but my hands are a bit full."
** (153) Helisandra leaves the boys to their work and heads to the first door Tian tried (to 5), where she attempts to use the obsidian key to open the door. **
** (153) Helisandra finds pretty quickly that the key doesn't fit the door and so she puts the obsidian key away in a pocket and in a flash has a set of tools out, which she uses to unlock the door. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [18,21] = (39)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [10,28] = (38)
** (138) Tian Keth hand the dagger back to Cale "You need a spell that makes rock into mud so this does not happen again" **
** (153) Helisandra picks the lock to the door and looks back to Tian. "And behind Door #1..." **
** (138) Tian Keth walks over to Heli holding his sword at the ready **
(154) Calehan: "Well, I have what I have. If things're desperate, I can try something less certain. It's not something I'd like to practice on breaking rocks."
** (153) Helisandra makes sure that Tian is again ready and she steps to the side, standing up, and opens the door. **
(141) DM: (a bit too fast)
(141) DM: Even though Heli was able to unlock the door, something prevents it from opening...
** (153) Helisandra looks over at the door, and turns the knob, and it easily turns, but the door still does not open. "Well that's unexpected. Although..." **
** (153) Helisandra heads back over to the pillar and inserts the obsidian key again, turning it a little bit before pausing. "Get ready, something else might come alive." **
** (153) Helisandra then turns the key a little more, so that it is in the same place as when the statue came to life. **
(153) Helisandra: "Try it now Tian."
** (138) Tian Keth tries to open the door **
(141) DM: It doesn't open.
** (138) Tian Keth shakes his head "Nope" **
(153) Helisandra: "Well, that's what awoke tiger man. Maybe a little more?" She tries turning the key a couple more times in the sam,e direction.
(153) Helisandra: "So, it's not this key." She retrieves the key from the pillar. "I guess that pillar was only for the fight. What about that central statue now, now that the door is unlocked?" (The door in question is the one to 5 btw, just in case there was any confusion.)
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs and moves to the central pillar to rotate it to face the Northern door **
** (153) Helisandra moves to help Tian a little and then goes to try the door. **
** (153) Helisandra smiles at the door opens, to expose what lies beyond... **
** (138) Tian Keth steps away from the statue and redies his sword as he follows Heli to examin the new room **
(154) Calehan: "So that's another secret."
(141) DM: The door opens to reveal a mostly empty chamber, approximately 30' wide by 20' deep (unless otherwise noted, all ceilings are 12' high and the walls are constructed out of tightly fitted white stone blocks). Mostly empty...that is, except for a simple dirt plot in the center of the rear of the chamber.
(153) Helisandra: "This place is full of them, and we keep uncovering them."
** (153) Helisandra looks at Tian. "Does that look a bit out of place to you too?" **
(154) Calehan: "And the shovel is quite suspicious."
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs, no more then a tigger headed statue that comes alive **
(154) Calehan: "These doors must be the sacred walls. Sign to sign to make it fall is probably referring to the central statue pointing at it."
(138) Tian Keth: "So digg with it, there is dirt and you have a shovel"
(153) Helisandra: "Shovel that drops out of the hand of a statue, and fresh dirt plot. Well, only one way to solve this secret." Heli heads into the room and grabs the shovel that she retrieved. She moves to the dirt and looks over it, to see if anything points out at her as a place to start searching.
(174) T'a K'shet: "'Colored stones to thee bequeathed, bitten tightly in priestly teeth.' This could mean there is a priest buried in this plot..."
(138) Tian Keth: "I think that was talking about the scroll that was in one of the statues mouths"
** (138) Tian Keth sniffs the dirt to see if he can small anything other then dirt (( Scent ability )) **
(154) Calehan: "How are you at obscure, dead languages? There's something written on the scroll Heli took from out of one of the statue's mouth, but I don't know what it says."
(174) T'a K'shet: "That would depends on the language. T'a knows some, yes."
** (138) Tian Keth sneezes "Smells like old dirt" **
(153) Helisandra: "Well, it's not going to dig itself." Helisandra starts digging in the NE corner of the plot.
** (138) Tian Keth steps back to let Heli dig **
(174) T'a K'shet: ((brb))
(141) DM: After digging for a while, you eventually uncover a wooden coffin.
** (138) Tian Keth helps Heli lift the Coffin out of the ground **
** (153) Helisandra stops momentarilly when she gets to the coffin, and then she clears the dirt all off it. She lays the shovel to the side and gets down to the coffin level, checking it over for any traps. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [6,21] = (27)
(154) Calehan: "Strange place to bury someone."
** (153) Helisandra then climbs out and apparently works with Tian to remove the coffin. She then looks down to see what was under the coffin. **
(153) Helisandra: "Nothing down there. So, which of you gets the joy of opening our little present?"
(138) Tian Keth: "I will"
** (138) Tian Keth tries to pry the lid from the coffin **
(141) DM: The lid flies open and reveals a rotting corpse dressed in once-fine clothing. One mummified hand clutches a sealed metal scroll.
(154) Calehan: "Maybe you should knock first?"
(153) Helisandra: "Knock knock."
** (138) Tian Keth snorts the the smell of the corpse **
** (138) Tian Keth steps back sword at the ready if the thing starts to move **
(153) Helisandra: "Well, another scroll case. Another present for you Calehan."
(141) DM: A gold ring set with a small topaz adorns its right hand. A silver denarius is gripped between its teeth.
(153) Helisandra: "Colored stones. Priestly teeth."
(154) Calehan: "A real stone this time. And another scroll."
** (153) Helisandra looks over the ring, scroll, and denarius to make sure removing them does not set off any traps. **
(141) DM: ((OOC: gp in Mel'Cendia are called aureus (plural: aureum or ar for short); sp are called denarius (plural: denarii or dn for short); cp are called solidus (plural: solidium or sd for short); platinum and electrum are unknown))
(141) DM: ((OOC: that's not to say that ep and pp don't exist, just that modern-day Imperial versions are unknown as its not a widely used currency in the Second Empire))
(185) ticattack (enter): 00:00
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (185) ticattack...
(141) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(174) ticattack' from room...
(174) ticattack (exit): 00:01
(153) Helisandra: "Looks clear." She reaches for the silver piece, to remove it. She pauses for a moment, 'Well, that's just mean."
** (153) Helisandra shakes her head than proceeds to recover the piece of silver. **
(141) DM: It slips out easily enough.
** (153) Helisandra collects the silver and looks it over, wondering what possible significane it holds. **
(141) DM: From what you can make out, it doesn't seem to have been in circulation for well over two thousand years.
** (153) Helisandra shrugs and places the coin in the same pocket where she has the absidian key stored. **
(141) DM: (what next, folks?)
** (138) Tian Keth still stands guard over the corpse not trusting it to stay dead **
** (153) Helisandra then grabs the scroll case and hands it to Calehan before leaving the room and heading over to the next noorway, the one to the east. **
** (138) Tian Keth slips the ring off it's hand after Heli leaves then follows here out **
(138) Tian Keth: "The eastern door next?"
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [11,28] = (39)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [4,21] = (25)
(154) Calehan: "Nothing on this case either, right, T'a?"
** (153) Helisandra goes through the same motions of searching and unlocking, having Tian rotate the statue, before opening the door. (brb - need a smoke) **
whispering to ticattack, no magic
(141) DM: A quick check of the eastern door reveals no apparent surprises, and you unlock it easily enough.
(153) Helisandra: (( back - sorry, just needed it ))
** (153) Helisandra opens the door once Tian turns the central statue. **
** (138) Tian Keth rotates the statue to point at this door **
** (185) T'a K'shet shakes her head. "Not so far as T'a can see." **
(141) DM: The door opens to reveal a room of similar dimensions as the one you had seen a few moments ago. Like its twin, it's mostly empty, save for a huge stone face that's been carved into the rear wall. The face easily stands as high as that of an upright great spear and has heavy, blind eyes, a great bulbous nose and a pair of dull fangs.
(185) T'a K'shet: ((Sorry, was called AFK a tick.))
(153) Helisandra: (( so - would we recogonize it as a hippo, or would we not know what a hippo is? ))
(188) Happy_Badger (enter): 00:20
** (138) Tian Keth clances around the room but smells nothing out of the ordinary **
** (153) Helisandra slowly enters the room and searches for any hidden traps. **
(141) DM: ((uh, no))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [20,28] = (48)
(153) Helisandra: (( just checking. :P ))
** (153) Helisandra moves in front of the face and examines it, messing around with waving her hands in front of the face of it a few times. **
(153) Helisandra: "Ok, both of these nostrils seem to be openings, there is cool air coming through them. And there appears to be something behind the face, but whether it is an exit, or something else, I don't know."
** (138) Tian Keth walks up to the face the tugs on one of the tusks (The left) **
(141) DM: It doesn't move.
** (138) Tian Keth tries the other **
(141) DM: Ditto.
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs "I am not good at figuring this stuff out." **
** (153) Helisandra pulls the piece of silver back out and holds it in front of the nostrils. **
** (185) T'a K'shet scans the thing for any auraus, as well as trying to notice anything behind the face. **
(141) DM: It's certainly small enough to slip through them.
whispering to ticattack, not magical
whispering to ticattack, can't determine
(192) Evil Joe (enter): 00:33
** (154) Calehan hands T'a the first parchment then opens the new metal case. "Here's the first message, and now the second. Recognize it?" **
(192) Evil Joe (exit): 00:36
** (185) T'a K'shet frowns. "The first is from the poem..." **
** (153) Helisandra holds onto the silver for now, and returns it to her pocket. "Well, there must be something to it, but I don't know what for sure. We can always just try to get what is back there." **
(138) Tian Keth: "We could just make it vanish like we did at the other Tomb"
** (138) Tian Keth looks to Ta and Cale **
(154) Calehan: "It's probably just a decoration. The hungry mouth is supposed to be towards the south."
** (185) T'a K'shet shrugs. "If all can get around it without resorting to destruction, this would be better, no?" **
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs "Ok lets open the south door then" **
(153) Helisandra: "When was the last time Acererak had anything that was 'just a decoration'? After all - those tapestries in the other place looked like decorations, and weren't.
(154) Calehan: "Doesn't seem to have an aura about it though?"
(154) Calehan: "I mean that he could have just had a nondescript wall here. Instead it's this thing."
** (153) Helisandra sure, we can head to the south for now - and see what's there. But we should be very careful with that direction." **
(153) Helisandra: "Sure, we can head to the south for now - and see what's there. But we should be very careful with that direction."
** (138) Tian Keth goes back out looks over sword that the tigger headed statue was holding to see if it too turned to stone **
** (153) Helisandra looks at the face one more time before heading to the south door, which she checks for traps before starting to unlock it. **
(141) DM: ((yep to Tian))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [17,28] = (45)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [12,21] = (33)
** (138) Tian Keth shrugs then moves to the central statue and rotates it to face the southern door **
** (153) Helisandra looks back to see Tian rotate the central pillar, and once it is in place, she steps to the side of the door and reaches over and opens it. **
(141) DM: Beyond the stone door is a corridor that leads further into the tomb. It progresses southwards, then turns to the west.
** (138) Tian Keth moves up to his standard position right behind Heli **
(153) Helisandra: "Hallways are good. Shall we?"
** (138) Tian Keth nods **
** (153) Helisandra starts down the hallways, searching for traps as she moves. When she reaches the bend, she peeks around the corner before heading down that hallways as well, sticking to the north end of the hallway. **
** (138) Tian Keth stays close to Heli as sh works **
** (153) Helisandra stops suddenly, just before entering another room. She points out the metallic door on the other side of the room to Tian. "Iron portal locked up tight?" **
(138) Tian Keth: "Probably"
(153) Helisandra: "Then extra caution, I don't want to be bound up down here any more than you do. Are the others behind you? if not, we should get them down here."
(154) Calehan: "So what's the second message?"
(185) T'a K'shet: "I delight in the service of my mistress. It is for her that I live or die, whatever her choosing. May the gods of Earth and Water bless her every endeavour."
(185) T'a K'shet: ((Testing to see if I've been dropped...))
(138) Tian Keth: (( your here still ))
(138) Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(141) DM: ((stopping at 2:15 am because of Findarato who wants in on the Wed game, so I figured I'd get the interview out of the way tonight))
** (153) Helisandra walks back with Tian to get those still in the statue room. "I found a room down this way with a metal door on the far side that could be the iron door bound up tight. So, either we go to te south, and the iron door - or we see what is behind the face. Which way?" she asks the others. **
(185) T'a K'shet: "The south may hold some sort of pit trap, according to the poem. Did you find anything like this?"
(153) Helisandra: "Not yet, but I didn't enter that room, in case it was a trap - since everyone else was still up here and wouldn't know what was happening."
** (185) T'a K'shet nods. "Wise. Perhaps all should investigate this, then, if none has any clue as to the face on the wall. At least all has suspicionsa as to what to expect" **
(153) Helisandra: "Very well, let's go. Actually, follow me in about 20 seconds. The hallway is clear of traps, even past the corner."
** (153) Helisandra turns and heads back down the hallway. **
** (185) T'a K'shet waits twenty seconds, the follows the woman. **
** (154) Calehan follows after them. **
(138) Tian Keth: (( back ))
** (153) Helisandra waits for the others, along with Tian, right before the entrance to the next room (room 7) **
(188) Happy_Badger (exit): 01:21
** (138) Tian Keth scans the room while waiting for the others **
(153) Helisandra: "The good news is, I can do my teleport down here - it must have been something with the screaming or the main door that blocked it. Bad news is those." She points to the six stone sarcophagi in the next room, with the metal door on the far side.
(138) Tian Keth: "Hope what ever is in them stays in them like that priest did"
(200) Fist Master 9000 (enter): 01:25
(141) DM: There are seven sarcophagi in the room and they're all HUGE
(153) Helisandra: "Yes, that poor guy." heli takes a breath once and enters the room, after making sure everyone was ready to proceed. She passes through the room slowly, checking for any possible traps, either in the room design itself or on any of the sarcophagi as she passes them.
(153) Helisandra: (( sorry seven - I just counted from the map. :P ))
(141) DM: Well...two of them are larger than normal. All the coffin lids appear to be sealed with mortar.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [6,28] = (34),[1d20+21] -> [14,21] = (35)
** (138) Tian Keth stays right behind Heli ready to grab her should the floor fall away and try to swallow her like the poem says **
** (153) Helisandra reaches the far side of the room without incident and so she looks back at the others waiting. She simply shrugs, as she had been expecting something to hamper their travels. She then turns her attention to the metallic door before her, searching it before testing to see if it is truely bound tight. **
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(147) Shade' from server... Removing dead client
(147) Shade (exit): 01:29
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [15,28] = (43)
** (138) Tian Keth walks around the room, after Heli starts examining the door, checking out the sarcophagi **
(153) Helisandra: "Most strange. The door is covered with curved daggers pointing straight out, but they are on the other side of the door. And there is another one of those faces on the opposite wall. It's looking south and almost seems to be whistling."
(138) Tian Keth: "Maybe we found the back way in, so the door daggers would have been a trap if we were coming from the other direction"
** (153) Helisandra begins to unlock the door, concentrating on one thing at a time. **
(153) Helisandra: "It's possible."
(154) Calehan: "Teeth like daggers, I suppose."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [7,28] = (35)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [4,21] = (25)
** (153) Helisandra works on the lock a bit, but manages to unlock the door. **
** (153) Helisandra stands up, putting her tools away. She pulls out an older set of tools, one in which the picks are now missing. She chooses a couple thin items in there and looks though the gate-like door. She then tosses the three items through the opening in the door, aimed at the face on the opposite wall. **
(141) DM: Nothing happens once they hit the ground.
(153) Helisandra: "Well, better safe than sorry." She then opens the door. ((does it open in or out?))
(141) DM: ((opens out))
** (138) Tian Keth heads back to the door as Heli opens it **
** (153) Helisandra opens the door fully, and still holding onto it with one hand to keep it open, she collects her toseed tools. "Well, let's go see whatelse we have." **
(153) Helisandra: (( *tossed and *what else ))
** (153) Helisandra looks up and down the hallway she is now in, trying to decide which way to go. **
** (138) Tian Keth nods and follows Heli **
(141) DM: ((anyone follow both of them?))
** (185) T'a K'shet moves cautious after the pair. **
(185) T'a K'shet: ((*cautiously, even))
** (152) Walks-With-Spirits as well follows Heli and Tian. **
** (154) Calehan follows 20 seconds behind. **
(141) DM: ((ok, when you leave room 7, the door slams shut))
** (153) Helisandra makes sure that everyone crosses the room. She then jambs the door open with her retrieved tools, so that it cannot close on them, hopefully. She then proceeds down the short path to the west, checking for traps as she does. **
(141) DM: ((so that the daggers are pointing directly at the back of whomever left the room last))
(141) DM: ((strike that then))
(153) Helisandra: (( I had never let go of it... ))
(141) DM: ((k))
(153) Helisandra: Sorry, but I don't trust the doors in this place anymore.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [11,28] = (39)
(153) Helisandra: (( Gah! that was OOC ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [7,21] = (28)
** (153) Helisandra proceeds on down the short hallway to the intersecting hallway. She peeks her head into the N-S hallway to see what lies each way. **
(153) Helisandra: "Room or another hallway? Let's try the room." She then checks the N-S passageway as she makes her way north, toward the room she barely saw.
** (138) Tian Keth stays right behind Heli the whole time **
(141) DM: A lonely pillar of green basalt stands in the center of this chamber, which contains a 15' high ceiling. The pillar is huge, approximately 6' in diameter. The room is otherwise empty.
** (154) Calehan eyes the daggers behind them, "I think that north sounds like a better idea than south at the moment." **
(153) Helisandra: "Well, that's kind of disappointing." she mutters, upon seeing the room.
(141) DM: ((we can stop here by the way.))
** (138) Tian Keth scans the room a little confuse at it's emptyness **
(153) Helisandra: (( brb - smoke while interview gets started. ))
(138) Tian Keth: (( sounds good ))
(185) T'a K'shet: ((H'ok))

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