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(3529) DM: (whenever you're ready)
(3542) ticattack: Ready when you are.
(3542) ticattack: ((And obviously, you are, so...))
** (3538) Helisandra heads towards Acererak's lair with the party, worry evident on her face. **
(3529) DM: (22) Ian: " I can not imagine speaking to such a vile creature,let alone taking its word for anything,I would not trust it if it said it was daylight,I would still look to the sky to see if it were true."
(22) Ian: " So what else did this Drake have to say for himself?"
(28) Helisandra: "Hmm, I guess I can understand that. Maybe that's why I came to speak to me instead of you. I am not saying that I am willing to blindly trust it, but when it stands before me - talking to me, I nod and smile and agree. I don't know if it had any ketchup, but I am sure I would have been plenty crunchy with my armor on."
** (22) Ian brings Justice to a walk,continuing towards the area where Calehan and the others should be waiting **
** (28) Helisandra fills Ian on all that the drake said, as best as she can remember. ((Sorry to do it this way, but I need a smoke...)) **
(22) Ian: " May I see this map it gave you?"
(33) Calehan: "Yeah, it's right here. Seems to have given us some sort of puzzle to go along with it."
** (33) Calehan greets them as they return, "Run into any trouble?" **
(22) Ian: " Some,seems I was to be sworn into service of the Overlord,I was busy healing the wounded from the Drakes attack."
** (22) Ian takes the map and looks at the writing on the scale. **
(28) Helisandra: "But nothingwe could avoid. Garret should be along shortly with the cart and horses.
** (41) Garret steers the wagon down the road a short while after the Heli and Ian. **
(22) Ian: " It would seem that this Drake has alot of knowledge of the tomb,atleast that is what this writing says."
(28) Helisandra: "You can read it?"
(22) Ian: " Of course."
(28) Helisandra: "Well, what does it say?"
** (28) Helisandra waves to Garret as he pulls up. **
** (41) Garret waves as he halts the horses **
(22) Ian: " It is a history on Acererak,how he was a member of the Jezulien cult,also called the mud scorcers,and how they were very protective of there tombs,often times having many traps,false sephulchers,tricks and other things before finding the actual tomb itself."
(28) Helisandra: "Glad to see that you had no further problems Garret."
(41) Garret: "Yes, somehow I managed without you." :grins as he listens in on Ian's reading:
(28) Helisandra: "Hmm, about what we would expect after the last tomb then."
(41) Garret: "So... ready to go?"
(22) Ian: " Four glyphs of power are found in most mud scorcers tombs,Kaia Jezulien Braeu Majorum."
(22) Ian: " The first symbol Kaia,represents the convergence of Earth and Water."
(22) Ian: " Jezulien represents Earth Dominant."
(22) Ian: " Breau represents Water Dominant."
(22) Ian: " Majorum represents the harmony of Earth and Water."
(28) Helisandra: "Hmm, those are new. Any idea what these glyphs look like?"
(33) Calehan: "Briocht seems to have some history with the mud sorcerers. Maybe Acererak in particular."
(22) Ian: " Earth and Water play a major role in mud scorcers tombs but spells dealing in these spheres either malfunction or have otherwise adverse effects."
(22) Ian: " Augury and Divination spells tend to malfunction or not work altogether."
(22) Ian: " Due to the powerful magics that went into creating these tombs."
(28) Helisandra: "So avoid earth, water, augury, and divination spells. Check."
(22) Ian: " Members of the mud scorcers spoke a dead language called Taalese,knowledge of this ancient tongue or other means of desiphering the glyphs will be greating helpful."
(22) Ian: " Poison gases,liquids,disease and the like have also been known to be in an abundant in these tombs."
(28) Helisandra: "I don't suppose that you have that knowledge, do you Ian?"
(22) Ian: Names: Finally, the list gives the names of the governing members of the Iron Circle: Acererak, Alyph, Aqui, Boukettu, Bzallin, Daedis Ko, Eyenne, Graptis, Irdraz, Iyayo, Jikyor, Lalotte, Markule, Nagiyat, Nala, Oiru, Oyallum, Piyyat, Szew, Tilyat, Timla Ji, Tzolo, Ulshidar, Uso, Visivus and Xialta
(22) Ian: " I myself no Helisandra,but as long as I wear this helm I understand all languages."
(28) Helisandra: "Bzallin? There is a name I recogonize."
(28) Helisandra: "Very nice than, at least we have a little better idea of what we might come across."
(33) Calehan: "That's a helpful thing to have."
(22) Ian: " Yes it is the one we were told knew something of Acererak,perhaps that is why he does."
(22) Ian: " Well the priests of Solnor knew that I would be venturing to different lands,and tis better to understand what is being said so as to not ruffle any feathers,I am an embassador of Solnor after all."
(28) Helisandra: "Very wise investment. So we know where the tomb is, we have Acererak's riddle, we know some spells that will not work, and we know to watch for any of these glyphs."
(22) Ian: " Guess it is a good thing I brought as many healing potions as I did since Divination spells will not work in this tomb."
(30) DM: After travelling a bit further, you come to a clearing near the reputed location of the tomb indicated on the map that Briocht gave you. Tian is here, along with a number of wolves.
(28) Helisandra: "Well, hello stranger."
** (31) Tian Keth looks up, "Took you long enough to get here" **
(22) Ian: " Though one thing bothers me,we were told it would take months for us to travel here,and we were sent here via a spell,once we are done,will it not take us months to return?"
(33) Calehan: "While I know you knew where we were going, I'm astounded how fast you made it here."
(28) Helisandra: "Yeah, we had a little run in back in town. You definately made good time though."
(30) DM: (the journey there took the better part of the day, so by the time you arrive it's almost highmoon (OOC: 9 pm))
(33) Calehan: "As long as it's somewhere I've been, I can get us back just as quickly, and with about as much accuracy."
(28) Helisandra: "Most likely Ian, yes. Unless we find something to aid us while we are in the tomb."
(22) Ian: " It may not be much,but I can summon a meal for all of us here,may be awhile before we get any real food once we enter."
(28) Helisandra: "All of us Calehan? Wonderful - that will be handy indeed."
(30) DM: (well it took you a week to get to Kha-Shugal from the tomb, and recall that Tian left you as you left Acererak's tomb. so he's had a 10 day headstart on you.)
(31) Tian Keth: "My brothers knew of this place and were glad that we destroyed the taint at the other location so lead me to it quickly."
(28) Helisandra: "I agree, let's enjoy one more evening here under that stars, and then enter the tomb."
(22) Ian: " No offense meant Calehan,but I would rather take a few days or longer traveling once we exit this place before you get us back,being in the out of doors will be a welcome refreshment for all of us."
(33) Calehan: "If we travel the whole way overland, it will be a few weeks, not days. Though I don't blame you for wanting to avoid travel like what we just went through in general."
** (31) Tian Keth rolls up off the ground and lopes off into the woods with his brothers, returning a few minutes later **
(31) Tian Keth: "So how was your trip down, and what did you run into in town?"
** (22) Ian kneels on the ground,lowering his head," Solnor,you humble servant asks for you to give us your bounty so that we may partake in your goodness." having said this he opens his hands and there is a meal of gruel,bread,water and fruits before you. **
(28) Helisandra: "The trip was fine, athough being dropped off just about smack under a drake was not as enjoyable as it sounds. And in town - well, let's say that the local Overlord was looking to recruit Ian here, and that's not something we would have wanted."
(31) Tian Keth: "The deer over here may tast better then Solnor's Gruel, though you all may want it roasted" ^em**walks to the edge of the woods and drags a partialy eaten deer carcus back with him** "I asked my brother to not eat it all since I figured you would want real food when you got here"
** (28) Helisandra thanks Ian, and Solnor, and begins munching on some fruits. **
(22) Ian: " I was busy healing the wounded,and apparently the Overlord took that as an opening to have some of his guards try and make me serve him. Had it not been for Helisandra I am not sure what would have happened."
(46) Garret: "Not to say i', too good for a half-eaten deer carcus.. but no. Thank you, Tian."
(31) Tian Keth: "Thats a good enough reason for me to continue avoiding the city, and a Drake you say? was it the one who has our Orb?"
(28) Helisandra: "Yes, and he has agreed to give it to us in exhange for a ring in the lich's tomb. Of course, if he doesn't try to go back on his word."
(31) Tian Keth: "I killed it today and the best parts are un touched, My brothers only ate the stuff you would throw out anyways, heart, liver, intestine and such"
(33) Calehan: "The same. It claims to have some disagreement with the Overlord. Seems to know quite a bit about Acererak as well."
** (22) Ian scoops up some gruel into his bowl,tears off a piece of bread,pours some water into his mug,and begins to eat,dipping his bread into the gruel,then takes a bite out of an apple,sits and eats quickly and quietly,listening to the others talk. **
** (28) Helisandra holds up her hand to Tian. "I'm good with the fruit, but thanks." **
(46) Garret: "All the same.. your brothers may have the better parts as well. I'd say they deserve it."
** (31) Tian Keth procides to cut a large chunk off the hind leg and start eating **

(3529) DM: (Ian's player isn't here so just assume he's present but being unusually reticent)
** (3542) T'a K'shet eyes the meat with a look of mild nausea and takes a piece of fruit. **
** (3538) Helisandra continues to much on the fruit, looking out among the wilderness area, her thoughts many miles away. **
** (3541) Tian Keth munches on the raw meat **
** (3543) Lunauc settles in to relax while he can, keeping to the fruit as well, rather than eat something a wolf recently chewed on. **
(3543) Lunauc: (agh)
** (3543) Garret settles in to relax while he can, keeping to the fruit as well, rather than eat something a wolf recently chewed on. **
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((AFK one min for lunch))
(3531) Calehan: "I appreciate the offer, but you're right about preferring it cooked."
** (3538) Helisandra finishes a few berries and looks over at the others sitting around. "Does anyone happen to remember the poem that Acererak left for this new tomb? **
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Back.))
(3568) Cresell (enter): 21:46
** (3542) T'a K'shet gestures at the meat. "Gather some wood, T'a will make a fire." **
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Wait... we're outside or inside?))
(3568) Cresell (exit): 21:47
(3538) Helisandra: (( outside ))
(3542) T'a K'shet: (('k, thought so, map just threw me.))
(3529) DM: ((in a clearing outside the entrance to the dungeon, no less...))
** (3541) Tian Keth goes and gathers some wood **
** (3542) T'a K'shet pushes the wood into a pile, then puts her hand over it, palm open. A flicker of concentration, and her hand bursts into flame. ((Using Fist of Energy, just not in the normal way.)) **
(3509) Eats-Many-Cheezits (enter): 21:53
(3538) Helisandra: "No one? Oh well, maybe we won't need it. I know there was something about dancing, signs, and water in the beginning."
(3531) Calehan: "It's written on the map he left."
** (3531) Calehan pats a belt pocket. **
(3538) Helisandra: "Is it? Great! May I?"
** (3531) Calehan pulls out the map and turns it over so Helisandra can see the riddles. **
** (3538) Helisandra takes a few moments to read over the riddle, trying to commit it to memory. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3509) Walks-With-Spirits...
whispering to Walks-With-Spirits, eats many cheezits? lol
(3538) Helisandra: "Seems shorter than the first one, but it definately has the 'Acererak charm' to it." She hands the map back to Calehan after glancing at it once again to make sure she knows which direction to head. "This isn't going to be easy, is it?"
(3542) T'a K'shet: "If it was, Acerak would not be employing it."
(3538) Helisandra: "That's true, I guess. Just can't seem to shake this feeling I have - but it's likely just this area."
(3529) DM: (FF?)
(3538) Helisandra: (( please. ))
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Fine by me))
(3529) DM: You're encamped in a clearing outside the supposed entrance to Acererak's tomb, which is a sealed doorway in the side of a cliff face. Its a dark block of granite etched with strange, geometric designs and inset with buttons that spell out three words. The letters are engraved with platinum insets.
(3529) DM: The words read: "Errukiz", "Ezdrubal" and "Elomcwe".
** (3541) Tian Keth waits with sword at the ready **
** (3542) T'a K'shet studdies the doorqy and the symbols. **
(3542) T'a K'shet: "These markings are stone dwarven, very ancient. Treachery, Sloth and Foolishness."
** (3538) Helisandra looks over the door face as well, studying it in her own way. **
** (3543) Garret stands aside letting the more knowledgable work on their entrance. **
(3581) Joe (enter): 22:15
(3581) Joe (exit): 22:16
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
(3541) Tian Keth: "Poke one and see what happens?"
** (3538) Helisandra shakes her head. "Well, no traps that I would expect, but there must be something to the words. Like T'a said - very treacherous." **
(3543) Garret: "Anything in the beginning of the poem relate to this?"
** (3542) T'a K'shet nods. "A riddle of some sort. Is there a reference in the poem?" **
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Can we get the poem written out again? I don't have a copy.))
(3529) TaliesinNYC: sec
(3538) Helisandra: "Dacing on the first great signs call lying blades unkind." So, I would guess that the first one is srong.
(3538) Helisandra: (( *wrong ))
(3529) DM: Dancing on the first great sign calls lying blades for cuts unkind.
The dancer finds another room and suffers here a watery doom.
Colored stones to thee bequeathed, bitten tightly in priestly teeth,
Each a key to a sacred wall, sign to sign will make it fall.
Pig or camel brings thee woe, while hippo clears the way to go
Those who cower to the south will fall into a hungry mouth.
Iron portal locked up tight, pound and pull with all your might,
As precious metal waters clay, earthen being makes the way.
Four fair stones that bear four signs, keys to whom whose tongue maligns
Those who dare disturb thy sleep, grief and woe is what they'll reap.
Bearing gems upon its back, place the creature in its tracks.
Trunk and tusk have platinum beast
By its walk you will release.

(3538) Helisandra: "But that part could also be for something that is inside the tomb. So, I am not positive."
(3543) Garret: "I say... foolishness... seems Acerak's style."
(3541) Tian Keth: "I was gona say Sloth was good, going slow cannot be a bad thing though this place"
(3592) No Name (enter): 22:26
(3592) No Name (exit): 22:26
(3538) Helisandra: "No, Acererak rewarded thought - not follishness, and would punish greed. But Sloth? Maybe."
(3542) T'a K'shet: Sloth is also laziness. I doubt he would admire this.
(3531) Calehan: "I don't think these are necessarily any attributes he admires."
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Gah!)) "Sloth is also laziness. T'a doubts Acerak would admire this"
(3531) Calehan: "But Sloth could also refer to patience."
(3538) Helisandra: "If we think what he would admire - why not treachery?"
** (3542) T'a K'shet shrugs. "Then why does it not say patience? Foolishness could be naivity, could be innocence. Treachery could be opportunism. But it says Sloth, and Foolishness, and Treachery, not these others". **
** (3543) Garret picks up a rock from the ground and begins scraping letters into the surface of the cliff face as he offers, "He may have been a wizard who admired cleverness and intellect, but he focused on games, riddles, puzzles. He made foolishness into an art form. And..." Steps back after scraping one word into the stone, "Welcome" It has the same letters as the common spelling for elomcwe." **
(3541) Tian Keth: "Interesting"
** (3542) T'a K'shet eyes Garret for a moment, takes a deep breath, and puts her hand onto the word "treachery". **
** (3538) Helisandra glances over at Garret and back at the door. "It does fit his style. Any objections, since none of the words themselves are worth anything?" **
(3543) Garret: "Sighs, dropping the rock: "Don't quote me on this though. This kind of thing is not my job."
(3538) Helisandra: "Or not." she says as T'a touches 'Treachery'.
(3543) Garret: (.... does Ta' push the button, or just put her hand on it?)
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Push the button))
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Everyone duck...))
(3529) DM: ((they're individual buttons, each button marked with a letter))
(3542) T'a K'shet: Ahh...
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Whoops. So each letter is a separate button? Oh... ok, hold on))
(3529) DM: ((three rows of buttons, the first row spells "Errukiz", the second row spells "Ezdrubal" and the third row spells "Elomcwe"))
(3538) Helisandra: (( so the middle row is longer than the other two? ))
(3529) DM: ((it seems so))
** (3542) T'a K'shet presses the letters in order, spelling "welcome". **
(3529) DM: "Click".
** (3538) Helisandra steps to the side of the door as T'a pushes the buttons, her hands free of anything at the moment. **
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((A disembodied voice says "There has been an illegal operation. Press A to abort,i to ignore, or r to retry"))
(3529) DM: The slab begins to sink downwards, very slowly. As it does so, a tremendous wailing begins to emanate from the space beyond. It is so loud it makes your teeth ache.
(3529) DM: Its as if a thousand thousand banshees were all keening at the same time. Its the sound of a nation in misery.
** (3543) Garret looks about curiously at the call of alarm. "What in the...?" **
** (3538) Helisandra covers her ears to try to block the sound some. **
(3529) DM: The slab continues sinking into the earth. It is -- 7' x 4' x 5'...
** (3542) T'a K'shet clenches her teeth, hissing quietly as her ears flatten against her head. **
(3598) Silverstar (enter): 22:40
(3529) DM: It continues sinking into the ground....
(3598) Silverstar (exit): 22:41
(3598) Silverstar (enter): 22:41
(3598) Silverstar (exit): 22:42
(3529) DM: After about a minute more, the entrance is clear, as the slab settles into the ground with finality. A horrible wailing emanates from the cavern within. It is quite dark inside and you cannot see very far into the tomb.
(3543) Garret: "So...." :stares into the opening: "... we're in?"
** (3538) Helisandra shakes her head to try to remove the sound's effects. "I'd say he knows we are here, if he didn't before. Wait here." **
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...
(3541) Tian Keth: (( this reminds me of the 2nd DnD movie, but without the hord of orc pressing us while we open the tomb ))
** (3538) Helisandra steps into the tomb entranceway and slowly starts to make her way in - as long as she can see and doesn't run into magical darkness. **
** (3531) Calehan slowly removes his hands from his ears, trying to get used to the noise. **
(3542) T'a K'shet: "T'a is coming with Helisandra. It is unwise to enter alone, especially when guards may have been roused."
(3538) Helisandra: "As long as you can see, fine. Just no lights yet."
** (3542) T'a K'shet follows the rogue, moving quietly and cautiously. ((Hide/MS [1d20+20] -> [17,20] = (37), [1d20+20] -> [2,20] = (22))) **
** (3541) Tian Keth shadows Heli, staying just a few feet behind her **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [15,6] = (21)
** (3542) T'a K'shet whispers back as her pupils expand in the dark. "Khajiit sees better in the dark than human does." **
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits steps forward, stopping briefly to eye Garret, and then follows after the human and the cat. **
(3529) DM: Outside the tomb, the wailing is tolerable. Inside, well...you can barely stand it.
** (3543) Garret hangs back at the entrance for a moment, taking a look around to make sure nothing from outside was called to attention by the alarm. Eventually he follows in as the rear guard. **
(3541) Tian Keth: "Not better then all humans." ** grins at the Khajiit as his eyes glow green **
(3538) Helisandra: "Shh." Heli hisses back at the two behind her. They son reach some columns and after Heli looks over them, she motions to T'a to check them, if she can. Heli then proceeds slowly further into the room.
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...
(3538) Helisandra: (( *soon ))
** (3543) Garret Heli a look as she shushed them, as if to say, 'you must be kidding' **
** (3541) Tian Keth stays shadowing Heli moving quietly **
(3529) DM: The wailing is ceaseless...
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [1,6] = (7)
** (3543) Garret follows along, watching their backs, while muttering most likely unheard, "well.. it's definately one of the more annoying places I've ever been." **
** (3542) T'a K'shet tries to make herself heard over the din. "The symbols are not magickal!" **
(3529) DM: The stone slab begins to rise slowly...
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...
(3531) Calehan: "It's going to be pretty dark in here soon."
** (3542) T'a K'shet glances behind them. "Out!" she yells, grabs Heli by the shoulder and runs to the closing entryway. **
(3543) Garret: :looking back to the closing entrance, calls to the head of the group: "Should we be worried about that?"
(3529) DM: (T'a is nowhere near Heli)
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Gah? I thought we were all examining the symbols?))
(3538) Helisandra: (( can Heli hear T'a yell? ))
(3529) DM: (Heli is at 2c)
** (3538) Helisandra Heli progressed further in, and apparently Tian followed. **
(3538) Helisandra: (( Heli progressed further in, and apparently Tian followed. ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+20] -> [3,20] = (23)
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Oh. Missed it it. Well then, dart foward, get her attention, move out. Just going for the poor human who can't see in the dark.))
(3529) DM: ((ok...))
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Is there lighting in here?))
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((I'm getting confused, apparently.))
(3529) DM: ((no lighting at all unless you have it with you))
(3538) Helisandra: (( pitch black ))
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...
(3529) DM: The wailing is so loud you can barely hear yourselves speak.
** (3531) Calehan makes she he's not standing on any moving blocks outside. **
(3529) DM: ((at this point, I need to know who is OUTSIDE))
** (3538) Helisandra notices that T'a is running back to her and she grabs Tian and clicks her heals to run back outside again - moving as fast as she can. **
** (3542) T'a K'shet pushes those still near the slab outside as she races out the closing hole. **
** (3543) Garret heads back to the entrance while Ta goes to get the two wanderers. With a shrug he figures 'what the heck' and tries to hold the slab from closing with sheer force **
** (3541) Tian Keth follows Heli **
(3538) Helisandra: (( maybe Calehan and Walks - everyone else entered. ))
(3543) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [20,6] = (26)
(3529) DM: The stone slab rises inexorably upward as the wailing continues. As it rises, the wailing decreases in volume (because of the mass of stone blocking the sound)
(3509) Walks-With-Spirits: ((No, Walks entered))
(3538) Helisandra: (( ok. so where did everyone wind up at? ))
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Outside, I think, for all.))
** (3541) Tian Keth slows and stops following Heli so that he will be inside once the thing closes all the way "Should stay inside I doubt it will stay open no matter what we do" **
** (3543) Garret holds the portal for just a moment, long enough for Heli and Tian to get out, before he hops clear with a groan. "Remind me not to try that again." **
(3529) DM: (um, is Tian in or out?)
(3541) Tian Keth: (( in ))
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...
(3543) Garret: "Huh?" :glances back to see Tian still inside.: "Yeah... unless whatever is wailing, is just afraid to come near the light...."
(3538) Helisandra: "Get out here!" she yells at Tian, as the door closes.
(3529) DM: Tian did not follow you outside, and with a resounding finality, the slab slams shut.
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits holds up a hand to cover his left ear, cocking his head to the right to watch the door with one eye.. **
(3538) Helisandra: "Damn him to the abyss! Ok, I did manage to find somethings before everyone ran out."
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, You can't hear yourself think its so loud inside
** (3543) Garret stares at the closed portal a moment before shaking his head. "Ok, Heli, what's up?" **
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, the wailing echoes throughout the chamber
** (3542) T'a K'shet frowns at the stone that sits between the group and Tian, then turns her attention to Heli. "Yes?" **
(3529) DM: ((so everyone but Tian is outside, correct?))
(3531) Calehan: ((walks is letting us know he wants to be called an idiot too))
** (3541) Tian Keth starts sniffing around to see if there is anything else down here with him **
(3538) Helisandra: "There are a couple pools of water in there, with lots of bones. interesting, but not as much as further in - at the back of the room. There is a small pool back there, and I did note that as the door was closing, the water was emptying out of the pool - so there must be a connection." She looks around at everyone as she tells what she found, but then she stops short. "Wait, where is Walks-with-Spirits?"
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits turns away from the stone slab door to follow after Tain, but doesn't bother to ask any questions. **
** (3542) T'a K'shet glances around, then back to the slab, and groans. **
(3543) Garret: :thumbs toward the door: "Accompanying the other idiot."
(3538) Helisandra: "Damn them both! Well, if they are too stupid to exit when we tell them to, they can wait a little until we figure out what to do."
(3541) Tian Keth: "Ahh someone else with some though in their head. May as well get some light down here while we wait for them to open the door" ** lights a tourch **
** (3531) Calehan ponders the signs on the door further."Errukiz, Ezdrubal and Elomcwe. Are there any other creative translations?" **
(3538) Helisandra: "Now, there was one other thing. There was an obsidion bell in the back of the room, held between two malachite columns. It was not the source of the wailing, as it was remaining still - but I before I could find out if it would cancel out the sound, T'a was running up to us."
(3529) DM: ((ok, for those of you INSIDE, the wailing is SO LOUD, you can't hear each other talk))
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits raises a hand to shade his eyes as they again readjust to a change in illumination, "We do not require it." **
(3529) DM: ((and its dark if that matters))
** (3541) Tian Keth rips chunks of his clothing off and stuffs them into his ears **
(3538) Helisandra: "Oh yeah, and a passageway off to the side of the room near the back as well. So, I say we reenter. As long as we can - we are fine. One person can stay out here to reopen it when it closes until we figure out how to stop that terrible wailing. But we do not need everyone in there by any means, not yet.
** (3541) Tian Keth examins the wall where the entrance was to see if there are any markings on this side **
** (3542) T'a K'shet nods. "Agreed. T'a will go in. A volunteer to remain out here?" **
(3538) Helisandra: "I know where I am going in there, and I want to see what that bell does. Once we can stop the sound, or find a way out of it, we can collect everyone else and go from there."
(3538) Helisandra: "There. T'a and I will enter - we don't need light anyway. You two (Calehan and Garret), wait here. Ok?"
(3618) Lunauc (enter): 23:15
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3618) Lunauc...
(3529) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3543) Lunauc' from room...
(3543) Lunauc (exit): 23:15
** (3531) Calehan looks at Garret a moment and answers, "Very well. Ladies first." **
(3542) T'a K'shet: "The symbols, they are of Earth and Water. T'a would think this relates to the watery doom mentioned in the poem."
** (3538) Helisandra searches her person and finds some pieces of cloth to insert into her ears to try and soften the noise before nodding to Garret to push the buttons again. **
(3531) Calehan: "How long do you want to let it stay closed?"
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, there is an ovoid depression in the middle of the granite slab, but other than that, nothing
(3538) Helisandra: "Whatever you are comfortable with. I can always get back out here if needed - just have Garret stand over there to cast some shadow on the door."
(3618) Garret: "Are we sure we want to push the same buttons?"
(3538) Helisandra: (( What time of the day is it, anyway?" ))
(3529) DM: ((evening))
** (3542) T'a K'shet pulls her shirt up a bit, cushioning the material around and over her ears. She looks to Garret and shrugs, then presses W-E-L-C-O-M-E again. **
(3538) Helisandra: "Well - it should open the door again. If not, we'll find out soon enough. One way or another we need to get to the others."
(3618) Garret: "Maybe we should try it backwards."
(3531) Calehan: "It's really not a very inviting welcome."
(3529) DM: The slab begins to descend again as before...
(3538) Helisandra: (( then ignore the comment about Garret standing somewhere to cast shadow on the door... ))
** (3541) Tian Keth steps back from the slab **
(3618) Garret: "Never mind." :tries to brace himself for the wailing, while pulling out his everburning torch for light this time.
(3529) DM: It descends after about two minutes, and settles into the ground as before. The wailing emanates from within and you can see Tian and Walks, none the worse for wear.
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((T'a can always disinntegrate it if necessary))
** (3538) Helisandra waits for the slab to be about halfway down and she clicks her heels together once again, before looking at T'a and smiling at her, mouthing the word, "Ready?" **
** (3541) Tian Keth stands in the way so Heli cannot get past and points back outside and starts moving his mouth as if talking **
** (3542) T'a K'shet nods and steps into the darkness, grimacing against the noise. **
** (3538) Helisandra steps aside to let Tian exit the tomb. **
** (3541) Tian Keth grabs Helis arm and points back out and starts up **
(3538) Helisandra: (( since you were at the entrance, Heli hasn't actually entered yet, she was just preparing to. ))
** (3538) Helisandra reaches out and helps Tian and Walks out. **
** (3541) Tian Keth gets outside where voice can be heard again and says "There is a depretion in the back of the slab that should hold something" **
** (3538) Helisandra looks for T'a to see if she is also coming back out after stepping in or not. **
(3538) Helisandra: "Which slab?" she yells, trying to be heard.
(3623) Anonymouse (enter): 23:23
** (3541) Tian Keth shouts back "The one the blocks the exit when it is up" **
** (3542) T'a K'shet exits again to hear what Tian is saying. **
(3529) DM: ((you can hear each other if within 10' of the slab. each square above = 10'))
** (3538) Helisandra simply nods to Tian and nods her head into the tomb again, Heli grabs Tian arm and nods into the tomb, to indicate that she is heading in. She then looks at Garret and Calehan to make sure they remain still and she enteres the tomb once again. **
(3618) Garret: "Perhaps something is placed into the depression to open the slab from the inside. Tell me though... does the wailing continue with the door open?"
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...
(3538) Helisandra: (( uh, I repeated myself some there... forget the double Tian. ))
** (3541) Tian Keth shouts "It does not stop when the door is closed" **
(3529) DM: (Walks is inside)
** (3541) Tian Keth follows Heli back into the tomb stuffing his ears again **
** (3542) T'a K'shet reenters. **
** (3538) Helisandra enters the tomb, blocking her ears with the cloth as much as she can, before heading back to the back of the room again. **
(3541) Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Sorrry folks, I gotta go. Thunderstormm just hit.
(3538) Helisandra: (( k ))
(3529) DM: ((Walks headed further inside))
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits glances back to see Helisandra entering once again, and starts down the hallway, one hand cupping one ear hole, the other holding his spear. **
(3542) T'a K'shet: ((Doesn't look like it'll last long, so I should be back in half hour or so.))
(3542) T'a K'shet: Disconnecting from server...
(3542) ticattack (exit): 23:28
** (3538) Helisandra heads to the bell in the back of the room (area 2c) **
** (3618) Garret waits at the entrance **
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits takes a few steps back, the turns and lopes back down the hallway to escape, clawing at his nose and snorting copious ammounts of mucous. **
(3529) DM: The small pool of liquid is now empty and the bottom is covered with bleached white human and demihuman bones.
** (3538) Helisandra stops right before she goes to ring the bell - noticing that the pool of water before it is empty. **
** (3538) Helisandra makes her way to the pool and searches it for a moment. **
(3529) DM: Your Argonian companion, Walks, emerges from a side passage to the south, fleeing.
** (3538) Helisandra glances up at the commotion and directs T'a to Walks, asking her to take care of him. **
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...
(3541) Tian Keth: (( back ))
** (3538) Helisandra starts to climb down into the now empty pool, head first. **
(3529) DM: ((someone just RP T'a since Matt is offline please. see above))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [8,6] = (14)
(3538) Helisandra: (( oh, forgot which one left. ))
** (3541) Tian Keth stands at the top of the pool watching Heli **
** (3538) Helisandra glances up at the commotion and directs Tian to Walks, asking him to take care of Walks.. **
(3529) DM: Walks emerges from a side passage and flees, clawing at his nose and snorting tons of mucous.
** (3541) Tian Keth head over to Walks and taps him on the sholder pointing back to the bell **
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits wipes his nostrils with his forearm, squinting at Tian, then at the bell **
(3529) DM: The stone slab begins to rise again once more.
** (3541) Tian Keth looks at Walks wondering what happened to him but shrugs unable to be heard down here **
** (3541) Tian Keth walks back to the pool and looks down to make sure Heli is alright **
** (3538) Helisandra is. **
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits says nothing, and doesn't appear very interested in playing charades. **
** (3618) Garret waits at the entrance, and seeing the entrance closing again simply groans. They can't hear him from here,so all he can do is wave at his companions hoping they'll take notice and start running **
(3529) DM: (unlikely, as they're at least 100' from you)
** (3538) Helisandra climbs back out of the pool, with an obsidian key in her hand. She sees the door closing and just shrugs. She turns to Walks, noticing something on his nose. She points to his nose, as if asking what happened. **
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits points with two fingers at his nostrils, takes a very deep breath, and then points at Tian's torch. **
** (3541) Tian Keth shugs an apology **
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...and begins to increase in volume from echoing in the chamber now that the stone slab has risen once more.
** (3618) Garret sighs as he rests his head against the slab... outside. At least he gets a moment of quiet. **
** (3538) Helisandra looks to Tian and motions for him to put outn the torch. She looks back at Walks and points in a circle around the room, asking where? **
** (3541) Tian Keth extinguishes the torch **
(3531) Calehan: "Give them a minute, I'd say. That's not long enough to drown I think."
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits cocks his head at Tian, curious, but points back at the corridor when prompted by Heli. **
** (3538) Helisandra waves the two of them to follow her and she heads to the corridor Walks indicated. Before she walks down it, she starts her ritual of checking for traps - in case Walks somehow bypassed one the first time through. **
** (3541) Tian Keth follows Heli **
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits follows after the two. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [12,6] = (18)
** (3541) Tian Keth sniffs the air to see if there is anything besides the three of them near (Scent ability) **
(3639) Joe (enter): 23:48
** (3538) Helisandra walks down the cooridor slowly, checking the area as they walk. She continues forward, trying to locate the source of what may have burned Walks. **
** (3541) Tian Keth taps Heli on the shold and shakes his head then rips a few more strips of cloth off and stuffs them in his nose **
(3509) Walks-With-Spirits: ((damn, brb))
** (3541) Tian Keth motions for her to do the same **
whispering to Walks-With-Spirits, Dj Gilcrease, Zane, TaliesinNYC, (GW): can you hear me?
** (3538) Helisandra looks back and nods to him, indicating that she smells it as well. She takes some cloth and does the same before continuing onward. **
whispering to Walks-With-Spirits, Dj Gilcrease, Zane, TaliesinNYC, (GW): The wailing increases in volume to the point where it becomes overwhelming.
whispering to Walks-With-Spirits, Dj Gilcrease, Zane, TaliesinNYC, (GW): The acidic odor also increases in strength as you continue down the side passage.
** (3538) Helisandra strains against the increased wailing, but presses on, certain that her goal is ahead. **
** (3541) Tian Keth shifts his grip on his sword and follows after Heli **
** (3618) Garret lets his ears clear out a moment as he eyes the buttons curiously. After a moment, he decides to see if the doors open with any old combination to the wailing. So, he tries entering the welcome backwards, "emoclew". **
whispering to Walks-With-Spirits, Dj Gilcrease, Zane, TaliesinNYC, (GW): The side passage broadens into a rather small chamber but you are unprepared for the sight that greets your eyes. The walls of this chamber are literally covered with eyes of all shapes and sizes, from beholder-size eyes to tadpole-size eyes. They're squinting, blinking and crying. This chamber is the source of the wailing. In addition, the eyes are crying tears of acid. There are stone gutters on the floor that catch the tears and drain them into murder holes on the bottom of the floor, located at each of the corners.
(3529) DM: ((no effect, to Garret))
(3618) Garret: "Guess not." :types welcome and waits for the door to open back up.:
whispering to Walks-With-Spirits, Dj Gilcrease, Zane, TaliesinNYC, (GW): Talking is impossible in this room because of the volume of wailing. Also, I need a Fort save from each person in room 3))
(3541) Tian Keth: Fortitude save: [1d20+17] -> [9,17] = (26)
(3529) DM: The stone slab descends again, as before...
** (3541) Tian Keth relights his torch and holds it out to see how the eyes react **
** (3618) Garret tries to ignore the wailin as he makes his way in by torch light to catch up with the others. **
** (3538) Helisandra quickly looks around for any place where her key might fit, or anything that looks as though it might stop the acid. **
whispering to Walks-With-Spirits, Dj Gilcrease, Zane, TaliesinNYC, (GW): They don't.
** (3531) Calehan shrugs and waits outsde, since Garret can't hear him as he makes his way in. **
** (3541) Tian Keth stays just outside of the room not wanting to get near the acid **
** (3538) Helisandra gets Tian's and Walks' attention and points back out to the main room. **
** (3541) Tian Keth nods and starts back **
(3529) DM: ((set up an OOC GW for everyone else and bring Garret up to speed as far as description of areas 2 and 3 are concerned))
** (3538) Helisandra follows Tian and Walks back out to the main room. **
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits likewise follows Tian. **
** (3618) Garret approaches the group as they converge in the main room. Using their teams honed signalling, developed over years of working together, he inquires of the situation **
(3618) Garret: :Shrug:
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...
** (3538) Helisandra enters the main room and heads to the right, back to near the bell. There, she starts checking the walls for any signs of the key's use. **
** (3541) Tian Keth stays close to Heli **
** (3538) Helisandra starts moving around the edge of the room, going in a clockwise manner. **
** (3538) Helisandra (after about an hour) finishes checking the perimeter of the main room and moves around to gather everyone, directing them back outside so they can talk once again. **
** (3538) Helisandra gathers everyone near the door, which had just drecently closed. She suddenly remembers Tian's comment about a depressions and so she quickly checks the back of the doorway for it. **
(3639) Joe (exit): 00:14
(3646) ticattack (enter): 00:15
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3646) ticattack...
(3529) DM: ((bring Matt up to speed pls))
(3647) Lunauc (enter): 00:15
(3647) Lunauc (exit): 00:15
(3647) Lunauc (enter): 00:15
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3647) Lunauc...
(3529) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3618) Lunauc' from room...
(3618) Lunauc (exit): 00:15
(3649) Jax (enter): 00:16
(3649) Jax (exit): 00:16
(3529) DM: ((and just checking, everyone except for Cale and T'a is INSIDE, correct?))
(3541) Tian Keth: (( yup ))
(3529) DM: ((kk))
(3646) ticattack: ((T'a went inside...))
(3529) DM: ((ok))
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...
(3538) Helisandra: (( yeah - should be only Calehan outside. ))
** (3538) Helisandra puts the key away into a pouch and turns away from the door, to where T'a is near the columns, looking over them a little bit. **
** (3538) Helisandra tries to get T'a to show her where the symbols she mentioned are located. **
(3646) ticattack: ((The symbols are on the columns, no?))
** (3647) Garret walks the length of the room, looking over the long pools curioulsly as he waits. **
(3529) DM: ((yes))
(3538) Helisandra: (( yeah, well - I was trying to get t'a to point them out directly instead of just searching the entire four columns... :P ))
whispering to Lunauc, the pools are filled with a clear liquid and are heavily littered with bleached bones on the bottom
whispering to Lunauc, except for the small pool near 2c, which is devoid of liquid
** (3646) ticattack points to each symbol. "Earth-dominant, water-dominant, earth-water convergence, earth-water harmony." **
** (3646) T'a K'shet points to each symbol. "Earth-dominant, water-dominant, earth-water convergence, earth-water harmony." **
(3646) T'a K'shet: "T'a would think this would be the line in the poem about a watery doom."
** (3538) Helisandra nods to T'a. She responds with a shout "Or lying blades for cuts unkind, or both." **
(3529) DM: The wailing continues...
** (3538) Helisandra grabs Garrets hand and leads him to the door, while motioning for him to put his torch out. **
(3646) T'a K'shet: ((Oh, duh. No speaking...))
(3651) Lunauc (enter): 00:29
** (3538) Helisandra grabs Garrets hand and leads him to the door, while motioning for him to put his torch out. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3651) Lunauc...
(3646) T'a K'shet: ((Can we mouth slowly and carefully, or no communication whatsoever?))
(3529) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3647) Lunauc' from room...
(3647) Lunauc (exit): 00:30
(3529) DM: ((mouth slowly is fine. hearing speech is impossible))
(3529) DM: ((sign language is also another method))
(3529) DM: ((bathroom break brb))
** (3538) Helisandra directs Garret to stand still before he puts his torch out. **
(3651) Garret: /me tucks the torch back into it's sheathe.
(3651) Garret: 0.o
** (3651) Garret tucks the torch back into it's sheathe. **
** (3538) Helisandra revels for a second in the darness once again, before she turns to the door and disappears from sight, even from sight of those that normall can see in the dark. **
** (3646) T'a K'shet leaves Heli to study and approaches the pools, crouching down and examining them carefully. (Detect Magic when you get back, Stan)) **
(3646) T'a K'shet: ((Bah. Bloody thunderstorms coming back over. Sorry folks, just took a look at the radar, looks like this'll be it fer me for tonight. Grr... Bloody weather. Someone needs to work out how to defy the will of God properly. It gets in the way of my gaming. Stan, can you tell everyone what the pool radiates, if anything? T'a would've told 'em. See you next week, folks.))
(3646) T'a K'shet: Disconnecting from server...
(3646) ticattack (exit): 00:36
(3655) WaHe (enter): 00:37
(3529) DM: ((pools are nonmagical))
(3529) DM: ((Heli's power does NOT work, so strike that))
** (3538) Helisandra tries to step through the door, but instead just steps into it. **
(3651) Garret: :yells out in the darkness: "What am I waiting for?"
** (3538) Helisandra steps backwards, giving the door a look. She reaches over to Garret and pulls out his torch from where he had sheathed it. **
** (3538) Helisandra simply mouths the word 'Sorry' to him and turns back to the columns. **
(3538) Helisandra: (( after handing him his own everburning torch that is. ))
** (3651) Garret replies with his masterful signalling **
(3651) Garret: :shrug:L
(3529) DM: ((so what now?))
(3541) Tian Keth: (( one of us is still routside right? ))
(3531) Calehan: ((yes))
(3538) Helisandra: (( yep - Calehan ))
(3529) DM: ((yep, I just assume that Cale opens the door as needed.))
(3657) Zek (enter): 00:47
(3531) Calehan: ((You never have to wait long, I open it about a minute after it closes))
(3529) DM: ((it takes about 2 min to close and the same amount of time to fully open))
** (3538) Helisandra directs everyone out the door when Calehan reopens it. **
** (3651) Garret heads out so they can at least talk... and not go deaf **
** (3541) Tian Keth goes back outside and away from the door a bit before unpluging he ears and nose **
** (3538) Helisandra makes sure EVERYONE gets outside - including Walks, before she heads out herself. She takes a couple of breaths of non-acid air before speaking. **
(3538) Helisandra: "Ok, so I found another key in there - seems to be a common theme of Acererak's. But, I did not find anywhere that the key fit. And we found another room with lots of eyes that were crying acid, but no keyhole there either.
(3538) Helisandra: "Oh, and something was blocking some of my magic to leave the place earlier."
** (3651) Garret nods along to Heli, remaining silent for a moment before responding, "WHAT?" .... apparently he was still hearing the wailing. **
** (3541) Tian Keth rubs his ears trying clear them **
(3538) Helisandra: "Key, no keyhole. Adic eyes, and blocked magic."
(3651) Garret: :nod nods: :pause:
** (3538) Helisandra summarizes for Garret. **
(3651) Garret: "WHAT?"
(3657) Zek (exit): 00:57
** (3538) Helisandra simply waits for the stone to close again, since Garret obviously is still having trouble. After it closes, and they can not hear the wailing, Helisandra repeats her abbreviated story, very slowly, looking at Garret so he might be able to read her lips, if he still can't hear. **
(3651) Garret: "Just eyes? how many?"
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits gestures for Garret's attention, taps his eye lid, and points at a scattering of pebbles, "Many." **
(3651) Garret: "And all of them crying acid, huh?"
(3651) Garret: "Anything resembling the sign in the first line of the poem?"
(3538) Helisandra: "Hmm, too many to count. They covered all the walls of a good sized room, all various sizes, and each creying tears of acid. Not a nice room. The sound of the wailing also came from that room, but I could not find a way to turn it off."
(3538) Helisandra: "Not really. Just the eyes all over the walls.
(3651) Garret: "Hmmm... Crying eyes... wipe them clean?" :offers in a simplistic manner:
(3538) Helisandra: "Of acid? Do you have something that acid won't hurt?"
(3651) Garret: "Sure.. a wet rag. Acid dissolves metals, and water dillutes it.A heavy wet cloth should suffice."
(3651) Garret: "Don't know how you'd reach the ones onthe ceiling though"
(3529) DM: ((none on the ceiling))
(3538) Helisandra: "Well, it might work. There are the pools in there that appear to be water."
(3666) Astradan Ferenex (enter): 01:06
(3651) Garret: "Maybe.." :shrugs: "Or I could be horribly wrong. Once more.. this is not my job."
(3623) Anonymouse (exit): 01:07
(3538) Helisandra: "Well, this is a different style puzzle for me - and you were right on how to enter the tomb."
(3538) Helisandra: "We could try it. Also, we might try the bell again - I got the key from the pool, so I can't figure that the bell would cause any more harm."
** (3541) Tian Keth sits quietly having nothing to add to the conversation **
(3651) Garret: "Alright... back into the crying game then?"
(3538) Helisandra: "Any other ideas?"
(3531) Calehan: "I can use some magicka to protect someone from the acid."
(3651) Garret: "Unless you can think of the name of a dance using those letters on the door, or a dwarven word for "shut up"
(3538) Helisandra: "If so, be sure to plug your ears and nose - the sound is even worse in there, and the acidic odor burns."
(3538) Helisandra: "Hmm, can't say that I know any dwarven."
(3538) Helisandra: "That might help Calehan. Just one, or a couple?"
(3531) Calehan: "Several if that's what's needed."
(3531) Calehan: "I don't know how much it'll help with the smell though."
(3538) Helisandra: "Well, a few of us survived the smell - but we avoided touching it. That is what I would be most worried about."
** (3541) Tian Keth stands and gets ready to reenter the tomb by replugging he ears and nose **
** (3538) Helisandra replugs her nose as well. "Let's do it Calehan. Anyone else going in, or just myself Tian and Garret?" **
** (3538) Helisandra begins to open the doorway, since it takes a couple minutes to open anyway. **
(3529) DM: And once again, the wailing continues...
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits doesn't say anything, but steps up behind Helisandra to follow. **
** (3531) Calehan works his magic on those going in. The familiar warding glow fades into them. **
(3651) Garret: :looks over the glow before admitting freely: "Somehow, I think I'm going to regret this idea."
** (3538) Helisandra thanks Calehan with a look as she plugs her ears against the wailing, and she then enters the tomb and heads back to the acid tears room, pulling out a blanket from her pack. As she passes the pools, she dips a far corner of the blanket into the pool. **
(3529) DM: ((anyone outside the tomb this time?))
(3538) Helisandra: (( Calehan again I believe ))
(3529) DM: ((ok))
** (3541) Tian Keth follows Heli to the crying room and looks around a bit this time **
(3529) DM: You proceed into the cavernous depths of the entrance chamber's interior. Nothing seems to have changed betwixt this and the previous time you were here. The wailing is as loud as ever and echoes off the walls of the room.
** (3651) Garret follows along with Heli, wondering just what an acid crying room looks like... until they reach it. **
** (3538) Helisandra sees the pool act like water, so she dips the rest of her blanket into it and heads to the crying room. **
(3529) DM: The side passage leading south (to 3) broadens into a chamber, roughly 30' square. Helisandra's description does nothing, however, to prepare you for the bizarre sight of hundreds of eyes covering every square inch of each wall in this room. All of the eyes are crying, squinting or blinking tears of acid that fall down into stone gutters that line the floors. The gutters collect the acidic tears and drain them into murder holes located at the corners of the room. The sound of wailing in this chamber is overwhelming.
(3529) DM: There is an unbearable acidic odor in this chamber.
(3651) Garret: :looking the room over stoically: "I think we're gonna need a bigger blanket."
** (3538) Helisandra shakes her head and heads to the right, trying to use her blanket to wipe off the acid. **
(3529) DM: (Each person in this chamber (not Cale) needs to make a Fort save)
(3541) Tian Keth: Fortitude save: [1d20+17] -> [17,17] = (34)
(3651) Garret: Fortitude save: [1d20+19] -> [8,19] = (27)
(3509) Walks-With-Spirits: Fort: [1d20+12] -> [3,12] = (15)
** (3541) Tian Keth continues to walk around the room poking an eye every so often with his sword to see what behind them **
(3529) DM: Application of the blanket to the wall does nothing.
(3529) DM: ...or seems to have no apparent effect.
(3651) Garret: "Maybe.. they don't all cry acid."
(3529) DM: (Walks: 2 hp damage)
(3529) DM: (Garret: 2 hp damage)
(3509) Walks-With-Spirits: ((Acid resistance doesn't help?))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+30] -> [12,30] = (42)
** (3538) Helisandra tries to wipe off some adic, but notices that it has no effect, so she simply tosses the blanket into the corner. **
(3529) DM: ((if you have acid resistance, it might.))
(3651) Garret: (cale gave us acid resistance ;P)
(3541) Tian Keth: (( all of us have acid resist 30 ))
(3509) Walks-With-Spirits: ((Yeah, 170 minutes, 30 resistance))
(3541) Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+20] -> [17,20] = (37)
(3541) Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+20] -> [5,20] = (25)
(3541) Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+20] -> [10,20] = (30)
(3541) Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+20] -> [3,20] = (23)
(3529) DM: ((well then ignore the damage))
(3538) Helisandra: (( lol ))
** (3651) Garret takes out a steel mirror from his pocket and tries something tedious, going from one eye to the next, testing if the liquid dripping is acid, by it's effect on the steel. He wipes it clean with a torn piece of wet cloth from the blanket between eyes. **
** (3538) Helisandra's mouth moves, at which point she realizes that no one can hear her, including herself. So she just looks at the others and shrugs. **
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits watches Helisandra and Garret patiently as they both make their attempts at bypassing this obstacle, studying the walls of eyes, and after they seem to have no luck, a rippling sphere of flame flares to life in the open palm of one hand. **
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits plucks from the sphere a handful of flame, which he then hurls at a mass of eyes cluttering the west wall. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [1,6] = (7)
** (3538) Helisandra raises an eyebrow at Walks and steps aside to be out of his way. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [16,9] = (25)
** (3541) Tian Keth goes over to Hili and draggs her to the east wall and traces something out along it **
(3529) DM: The impact of flame striking the western wall seems to have caused no apparent effect, except to increase the temperature in this chamber...
** (3541) Tian Keth pokes all the eyes in the area so they stop leaking acid for a bit to give Heli a better view of the door he outlined **
** (3538) Helisandra watches Tian and looks for what he is trying to point out. **
** (3509) Walks-With-Spirits cocks his head to eye Helisandra, and closes his fist, extinguishing the sphere of flame flame. **
(3529) DM: Some of the eyes momentarily cease their crying, long enough to reveal the outline of a door in the eastern wall of the chamber. However, you are at a loss to get the door to open given that the eyes regenerate continually as fast as Tian gouges them out.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
** (3541) Tian Keth tries to rip the eyes off the wall in the area **
whispering to Lunauc, sorry, didn't see this until now. yes, they're crying acid
** (3538) Helisandra taps Tian on the shoulder, pointing at one small area, trying to get him to concentrate on it. She radies her hand to slip in as soon as she sees the knob. **
(3538) Helisandra: (( *readies ))
** (3541) Tian Keth concentrates on the area trying to keep the eyes away long enough for Heli to open the door **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+21] -> [16,21] = (37)
** (3538) Helisandra slinks her hand in almost a quick as Tian can stab at one point, and she turns the handle to open the secret door. **
(3529) DM: It opens, and suddenly, the wailing ceases as the eyes close in unison.
** (3538) Helisandra visibly relaxes, as the sound ceases. She motions for everyone to wait and she heads back out to the main stonedoor, to get Calehan. **
(3651) Garret: "Finally!"
** (3541) Tian Keth rubs his ears again "That this was hidden well" **
(3651) Garret: :looks to Tian:
(3651) Garret: "WHAT?"
** (3531) Calehan notices quickly that the sound has stopped and calls into the cavernous doorway. **
(3531) Calehan: "Can you hear me? It stopped."
** (3538) Helisandra pops out of the shadows before Calehan. "Yes it did." **
** (3531) Calehan manages to not look surprised. Much. **
(3531) Calehan: "Do you know how to keep the door open from the inside?"
(3538) Helisandra: "Feel free to join us," she says, removing the cloth from her ears and nose, "but I want to warn you that I just tried to escape using my magic again, and it didn't work - even after the wailing stopped."
(3538) Helisandra: "No. However, I am sure that the depression on the back will open it, I just haven't found what fits in the depression as of yet."
(3651) Garret: "Something in this place must be blocking, I suppose."
(3531) Calehan: "His wardings here are more thorough then."
** (3541) Tian Keth unstopers his ears and nose **
(3538) Helisandra: (( Calehan and Heli are at the entrance, at 1. Everyone else is in 3. ))
(3538) Helisandra: "It appears so. I figured you would want to know. But I am sure we will find someway out."
(3538) Helisandra: "Anyway, they are all waiting. Are you going to come, or wait?"
** (3531) Calehan considers the options a moment. **
(3531) Calehan: "I might as well come in now. We're going to be getting too far from the door for me to know what's happening."
(3538) Helisandra: "Follow me then. Garret has a light, so you can keep a hand on my shoulder for now to follow me until we get there."
** (3531) Calehan places a hand on Helisandra's shoulder to follow her back to the room of wailing acid. **
(3678) Lunauc (enter): 01:57
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3678) Lunauc...
** (3538) Helisandra leads Calehan back into the room where the others are waiting, keeping an eye back on him to make sure he makes it fine and does not stumble. **
(3529) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3651) Lunauc' from room...
(3651) Lunauc (exit): 01:58
(3529) DM: (the wailing ceased)
** (3538) Helisandra makes her way to the secret door they opened and looks into the next room, to see what awaits them. **
(3529) DM: The room beyond is even more bizarre than the one you are in, if it can be believed.
(3529) DM: This chamber appears to be made up of a central area criss-crossed with four alcoves, each at the compass points. There are also three other doors leading out of the chamber. Its not the layout of the room that's bizarre but the contents therein.
(3529) DM: In the center of the chamber (4a) is a statue made of green basalt. It depicts an elephant-headed human that's 9' tall, pointing an accusing finger at you. Its other hand reaches for the hilt of a sheathed sword. The statue is bare-chested and heavily muscled, and wears baggy pantaloons and sandals. It sits on a 1' high circular base.
(3529) DM: To the NE and SE alcoves are statues but you can't make out details at this distance. NE seems to be a tiger-headed human and SE seems to be a black pillar.
(3529) DM: There is an alcove to the NW and SW but you can't really tell what's in those areas where you are without entering the chamber.
** (3538) Helisandra carefully steps into the room, keeping an eye on the central figure. She searches the immediate area around the entrance and then proceeds to make sure the room is clear of traps. **
(3680) Demian (enter): 02:04
** (3541) Tian Keth stays close to Heli as she works her way though the room **
(3529) DM: The door leading out of 4 (to 3) slams shut.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [8,6] = (14)
** (3538) Helisandra looks back at the door that slammed shut. "That can't be good." She makes her way back to the door and tries to see if she can open it from this side. **
(3529) DM: ((to everyone else on the other side of the chamber, all of the eyes open in unison and the wailing commences))
** (3538) Helisandra looks to Tian after failing to open the door. "Well, we might be here a while." **
(3538) Helisandra: (( taking a smoke while the others try to figure out what to do. ))
(3541) Tian Keth: "May as well search the area so when they get it open again they can come though right away"
** (3678) Garret 's eye twitches at the annoyance of the resuming wailing. "Oh.. no way." **
** (3538) Helisandra nods to Tian and does just that, searching for any traps in the room. **
** (3541) Tian Keth goes to the center statue and sees if it rotates to point elseware **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [5,6] = (11)
** (3531) Calehan quickly covers his ears as he backs away from the wall. His mouth moves but you can't tell what he tried to say. **
** (3678) Garret goes over and retrieve the wet blanket, wrapping it on his arm for added protection, before following Tian's ealier example of poking the eyes to reveal the knob and openthe door. **
(3680) Demian (exit): 02:09
(3529) DM: ((going to further describe the room but going to do it in the main window for everyone's benefit))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+3] -> [9,3] = (12)
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+2] -> [16,2] = (18)
whispering to Lunauc, you manage to find where the door is...
(3529) DM: 4a: This is a statue depicting an elephant-headed human, about 9' tall. Its pointing an accusing finger at the door to the west. Its other hand reaches for the hilt of a sheathed short sword. Its bare-chested and heavily muscled and wears baggy pantaloons. It sits atop 1' high circular base.
(3529) DM: 4b: This is a black pillar that bears all four mud sorcerer symbols, forming a diamond. Further inspection requires approaching the pillar.
(3529) DM: 4c: This is a 6' tall bronze statue of a mole-headed human gripping a REAL wooden handled shovel in both hands. The statue is green with age. Further inspection requires approaching the statue.
(3529) DM: 4d: This is a 6' tall bronze statue of a tiger-headed human wearing ornate armor and wielding a jagged-toothed bastard sword in one of its clawed hands. Further inspection requires approaching the statue.
(3529) DM: 4e: This is a 5' tall statue of green, aged bronze, depicting a fly-headed human, crouched for attack. It wears crimson plate mail and wields a REAL dirk and a wickedly curved short sword. Further inspection requires approaching this statue.
(3529) DM: 3 other doors lead out of the chamber. The N door is stone, the E door is silver and the S door is steel.
whispering to Lunauc, and open the door as before...
(3529) DM: Garret opens the door from beyond, causing the wailing to cease and the eyes to close in unison.
(3541) Tian Keth: "All in, it's safe around the door anyways"
** (3538) Helisandra moves over to the open door. "Hi there. You might want to find a way to hold the door open before coming in. Otherwise, this room is safe, so far." **
(3678) Garret: "I can't take anymore of that noise."
(3541) Tian Keth: "Garret you want to help me turn this statue?"
(3678) Garret: :to tian: "Sure.. we can stick it in the doorway."
(3541) Tian Keth: "Turn not haul off to the door"
** (3531) Calehan asks Walks, "Going in or staying out here?" **
** (3541) Tian Keth rotates it to point north once Garret helps **
(3678) Garret: ""Fine.. fine."
** (3678) Garret follows and helps tian **
** (3538) Helisandra heads off to the north to examine the fly-headed statue more closely. **
** (3531) Calehan follows Garret into the next room. **
(3541) Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(3529) DM: ((someone tell me if the door to 3 was propped open as Walks isn't responding))
(3538) Helisandra: (( no idea - I suggested they do so... ))
(3678) Garret: (I guess not)
(3541) Tian Keth: (( back ))
(3531) Calehan: ((I'm standing in front of the door, I suppose I may just hold it.))
** (3538) Helisandra checks out the statue for a moment before making her way over to the next corner, with the tiger-headed statue (4d). **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [1,6] = (7)
(3541) Tian Keth: (( anything happen when Garret and I turn the statue to face north? ))
(3666) Astradan Ferenex (exit): 02:41
(3529) DM: ((not as far as you can determine))
(3684) Lunauc (enter): 02:42
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3684) Lunauc...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3678) Lunauc...
(3529) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3678) Lunauc' from room...
(3678) Lunauc (exit): 02:43
** (3538) Helisandra makes her way to the next corner (4b) to check out the pillar there. **
(3686) Silverstar (enter): 02:46
** (3541) Tian Keth goes and checks out the northern door **
(3686) Silverstar (exit): 02:46
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+6] -> [9,6] = (15)
(3529) DM: ((we can stop now if you like, or continue, it's up to you.))
(3541) Tian Keth: (( I vote sleep, I cannot think and have to get up at 6AM ))

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