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(30) TaliesinNYC: hm

(30) TaliesinNYC: hm
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (28) Zane...
(30) TaliesinNYC: no healer
(21) Walks-With-Spirits: ?
(28) Zane: Ian is too here.
(21) Walks-With-Spirits: Stash.
(22) Ian: ?
(30) TaliesinNYC: ok, its your funeral
(28) Zane: Who are we missing that you were thinking of as our healer?
(21) Walks-With-Spirits: Walks has sorcerer-like divine spellcasting ability, and spontaneous healing, with the possibility of casting two heal spells in addition to the lesser curatives. We've got plenty o' healin' power :)
(30) TaliesinNYC: Matt
(28) Zane: Ahh.
(30) TaliesinNYC: its ok lol
(30) TaliesinNYC: I'll go easy on you
(30) TaliesinNYC: heh
(22) Ian: do we have a thief to find traps?
(28) Helisandra: But of course. At least - I'll do my best...
(22) Ian: ok
(30) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
(21) Walks-With-Spirits: Don't believe so.
** (22) Ian raises his hand **
(22) Ian: I do
(30) TaliesinNYC: hm let's see
(30) TaliesinNYC: PCs released a succubus
(30) TaliesinNYC: came back from the dungeon, Euriale told them about some court intrigues, you made plans to travel to Orend, you destroyed an evil blade
(22) Ian: ok don't know anything about an evil blade,but the rest of the stuff I know about
(30) TaliesinNYC: there's a mage named Bzallin who might have connections with Acererak but Euriale didn't say much more
(26) Garret: wasn't the succubus in the other saturday group?
(30) TaliesinNYC: that's because you weren't around for that
(30) TaliesinNYC: no
(22) Ian: her name was selena i believe,and she will come and help us once I call her.
(30) TaliesinNYC: a succubus named Serina
(28) Helisandra: (( no - there was a fiend in that one, succubus and ifrit in this one ))
(22) Ian: yea that one. serina
(22) Ian: so is this mage bzallin in orend?
(30) DM: ((she didn't say where Bzallin is located. she didn't say much about him at all. just that the Emperor might have need of the party's services later.))
(31) Dj Gilcrease (enter): 22:01
** (21) Walks-With-Spirits tips his hat to DJ. **
(31) Tian Keth: Ello, sorry I am late I was reading and didnt notice the time
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (31) Dj Gilcrease...
(30) DM: ((its ok, I was late too. ^^))
(30) DM: ((ok, Euriale basically teleports you to Orend...or more accurately, some distance outside of the city since magicka doesn't work in the city. Orend is at located near a river delta/swamp on the edge of the river Cyrad.))
(30) DM: ((south of the river are the Plains of Cyrad, north are lightly forested foothills which give way to heavily forested land))
(30) DM: You appear slightly shaken by the spell, in the midst of a heavily travelled road that parallels a placid river nearby. The lights of a large city can be seen on the horizon in the distance.
(28) Helisandra: "Well, I guess we made it." She takes a couple steps, but then stops, trying to fid her balance again.
** (26) Garret takes a moment to get his barings. looking about the roadway for witnesses of their arrival, before looking ovv to the city. "Lets just hope she got the right place." **
** (22) Ian looks around him,making sure we did not get dumped in the middle of a battle or worse **
(22) Ian: " Tis going to be a long walk for most of you."
(26) Garret: "S'alright... we're use to marching."
(28) Helisandra: "For all of us. Remember - this area does not view magicka kindly. Even divine magicka provided to you by Solnor. It will be best if we remain as unnoticeable as possible."
** (22) Ian closes his eyes,bowing his head,begins a prayer to Solnor," I call forth the right hand of Solnor to do my bidding." a few moments later a shimmering light can be seen a few feet from Ian,then a form begins to take shape,a smoky grey stallion steps forward,his mane and tail are the color of the purest silver,it walks up to Ian and nuzzles him,Ian lifts his head and smiles," It is good to see you once more Justice." **
(28) Helisandra: "Or completely ignore me. I'm sure you know best." Heli turns back to the roadway and looks around for a moment.
(26) Garret: :to Heli: "Relax.. on that thing he'll get to the city before us. We can just pretend we don't know him.
** (22) Ian looks at Helisandra," They may view magic as an evil thing,but that does not mean I can not ride Justice to town and then dismiss him does it." **
(28) Helisandra: "We can hope." she mutters in response.
(28) Helisandra: "Fine, just keep that in mind, alright. Everyone ready? The sooner we get going, the faster this is over."
** (22) Ian steps into the saddle and knees Justice towards town,keeping him at a slow walk. **
(26) Garret: :shrugs as he begins the walk toward the city: "Bold words, though I doubt any of this will end quickly."
(28) Helisandra: "I can hope can't I?"
(30) DM: (It's early morning, by the way.)
(22) Ian: " I can only imagine what this dungeoun will be like,it is bound to be more expansive and deadly."
** (28) Helisandra flashes Garret her usual smile and starts off for the city in the distance. **
(26) Garret: "I suppose so. Though I try to keep hoping to a minimum...breeds disappointment."
(22) Ian: " Hope is what makes us carry on Garret."
(28) Helisandra: "That's because you are such a sour apple.
(30) DM: Suddenly, a vast shadow covers the ground, and the distinct beat of leathery wings can be heard from far above you. Craning your neck, you see that the largest of all emerald drakes is moving at breakneck speed in a southeasterly direction from the city. It does not appear to have seen you, although it is clearly enraged.
(30) DM: (Will save. Your horses are ready to bolt.)
(22) Ian: ( Umm I have the only horse)
(26) Garret: "I like sour tastes. It makes you enjoy sweeter flavors more, when you get to enjoy them."
(28) Helisandra: (( did horses teleport with us? ))
(30) DM: ((yes))
(28) Helisandra: Will: [1d20+9] -> [12,9] = (21)
(26) Garret: Will save: [1d20+10] -> [11,10] = (21)
** (21) Walks-With-Spirits comes to a halt, staring off into the distance at the sky above the city before them, "Careful we must be." **
(30) DM: ((oops))
(33) Donovan (enter): 22:22
(30) DM: ((scratch that, Ian has the only horse.))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (33) Donovan...
(28) Helisandra: (( k ))
(30) DM: ((I was thinking of the other group))
(26) Garret: (are we in the anti-magic zone yet?)
(30) DM: ((no))
(30) DM: ((bring Cale up speed and have him roll a Will save))
(22) Ian: " Well I am not sure if it should be viewed as a good thing or not,but atleast we will not be facing that,though something must have driven it off,better keep a sharp eye about us."
(30) DM: (Heli and Garret fail; any others?)
(30) DM: (so Heli, Garret and Cale fail as the shadow of the drake passes over them.)
(22) Ian: Will save: [1d20+11] -> [13,11] = (24)
(30) DM: (and Ian fails as well)
** (26) Garret stiffens at the sight of the beast. Wide-eyed he hopes the thing is too caught up in other matters to care for a small group walking along the path. **
** (22) Ian ducks low in the saddle,urging Justice off the path and into the woods. **
(30) DM: (woods are far far to the north)
(22) Ian: ( is there any cover?)
(30) DM: (not really.)
** (28) Helisandra looks up at the shadow of the drake, but only for a moment, before the sheer size of the beast overwhelms her and she takes off running - right for the river. **
(30) DM: (unless you dig a hole in the ground in a minute)
(30) DM: (or as Heli does)
** (21) Walks-With-Spirits glances from the beast above them, to the colums of smoke rising from the city, and back again to the drake above them, **
** (22) Ian ducks low in the saddle,kicking Justice into a full gallop,as he rides towards town. **
(30) DM: The drake is flying at top speed in the direction of the southeast. It does not appear to have seen you, and even if it had, it does not seem to care much.
** (26) Garret seems to control himself from shaking, as he watches the monster fly away. Seeing Ian already on the move, he calls out, " Heli, this isn't time for a dip. Come on." Begins at a jog toward the city.: **
** (28) Helisandra reaches the water and gets a foot in. Whether it is the water or Garret that brings her to her senses - no one knows. But she stops, glances back up at the retreating drake, then at Garret - and moves up to follow Garret, saying nothing else. **
(30) DM: The drake banks a wide turn and returns in your direction. It appears to be descending.
** (22) Ian continues to ride at a full gallop towards the city **
(28) Helisandra: "Uh, this is not good." she mutters as she moves with Garret, determined to not get frightened away again.
** (21) Walks-With-Spirits stands his ground, not moving one inch from his current position-he gazes aloft at the massive beast bearing down upon him. **
** (33) Calehan ducks down and tries to get his bearings. He's clearly quite startled when the drake flies overhead as well. **
(26) Garret: "Oh you have got to be kidding me!" :seeing the drake's descent, trying to determine if it's aiming for them.:
(30) DM: It's descending gently (or as gently as a wyrm of its size can do so), spiraling down. It does not seem as if it wants to attack you for some reason.
(28) Helisandra: "Do you see what I am seeing? It doesn't seem like an attack, but then why?"
(26) Garret: "I don't know... wants to gloat about the city he just destroyed maybe."
** (28) Helisandra continues to move, albiet it slowly, towards the drake and where it seems to be landing. **
** (21) Walks-With-Spirits doesn't answer the question, he merely beging striding in he direction of where he thinks the drake may land, if indeed it decides to do so. **
** (26) Garret twists quick, grinding to a halt as he looks up to the drake. Knowing they can't outrun it, he readies somewhat unsurely to avoid a sudden attack. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [4d6] -> [3,5,2,5] = (15)
** (33) Calehan draws his daggers and takes up a defensive posture in the rear. **
(30) DM: The dragon lands gracefully (or as gracefully as its size wil allow). It speaks, "Stop."
(30) DM: (drake*)
** (28) Helisandra stops before the drake, her hands removed from any weapons. "The Great drake Briocht, I presume?" **
** (26) Garret stands still, blades undrawn as he eyes the drake **
(30) Briocht: "You are pert, for a human. Yes, I am Briocht. And you are?"
** (21) Walks-With-Spirits comes to a halt as well, leveling his spear at the drake. **
(28) Helisandra: "I am Helisandra. And these, well they are my companions. It is a pleasure to meet you on speaking terms."
(30) Briocht: "You are headed to that nest of ants called Orend."
(30) DM: It is a statement, not a question.
(28) Helisandra: "In that direction, yes. But hopefully avoiding the city itself."
(30) Briocht: "The ruler of Orend, the Overlord of the Rainbow Citadel has broken an ancient compact held betwixt myself and he and all his predecessors. I would have a service from you."
(30) DM: Again a statement, not a question.
(30) Briocht: "You want what any Man wants, power, wealth, riches. Fine."
(28) Helisandra: "Of course, we are not one to deny just a request."
(30) DM: If the drake could shrug, it did.
** (21) Walks-With-Spirits glances at Helisandra briefly, then back at the drake, deciding to remain silent for the moment. **
(30) Briocht: "You are humble. That is well." (stretches his wings apart)
** (28) Helisandra has an idea to cross her mind. "Of course, if you would be willing to pay us for our services, I know a single item that would be sufficient payment." **
(30) Briocht: "This human, this Man, dared to call me forth, claiming that our compact had changed, and then he attacked me, but with some magicka that worked within the bounds of the city. Not a spell but some other strange power. And not with the force of one mageling, but with a force of a thousand suns."
(30) Briocht: "You have but to name it and it shall be yours."
** (28) Helisandra looks thoughtfully at Briocht, trying to think of what this could be. "Oh yes - payment. We would request the Dreaming Orb in payment." **
(30) Briocht: "Payment for a service you do not know of? Done." (chuckles)
(28) Helisandra: "True. And exactly what service would you have us complete?"
** Briocht looks at you appraisingly. "Merely to acquire an item from a long forgotten tomb." **
(30) Briocht: "And once you have this item, you may come to my lair and exchange it for the Orb."
(28) Helisandra: "A long forgotten tomb with an occupant that might not appreciate a visit I take it?"
(30) Briocht: "You are adventurers, heroes of renown, powerful heroes. You should be able to take care of yourselves. How you get it is not my concern."
(28) Helisandra: "Very well. What item, and in which tomb is it located?"
(30) Briocht: "It is a tomb located to the northeast of Orend. It was once known as the tomb of Acererak the Mad, before his downfall when the Iron Circle of the Jezulein unseated him long, long ago."
(28) Helisandra: "Of course it is." she halfway mutters, in a resigned tone.
(30) Briocht: "Deep within this tomb, which is the tomb not of Acererak but of his lover, a wizard-priest whose name is long forgotten, is the item I seek. It is a small thing, a ring of jade and silver and the purest diamond on this world of Andurin."
(28) Helisandra: "Sounds quite beautiful. But I am guessing it is more than just that. Very well - one ring for one orb."
(30) Briocht: "All the other treasures within the tomb are yours to keep." (waves one talon magnaminously) "Save for this one ring. Do this service for me, and you shall have your Orb."
(28) Helisandra: "And so we shall. One more thing though. Since I am but a lowly human, could you provide us with exactly which tomb it is? We are slow witted compared to yourself, and I fear that we would take much longer than you wish to wait for revenge, without any more information."
** Briocht nods wisely. "Indeed." **
** Briocht plucks forth a scale from her hide, easily the size of a dinner plate and as iridescent as the finest cut emerald you've ever laid your eyes on, and inscribes something on it, then drops it at your feet. **
** (28) Helisandra kneels down and picks up the scale, looking for what she expects to be a map on the back. **
(30) DM: It is a map and there's more. Something, not particularly legible and in a language you've never seen before.
(28) Helisandra: "Thank you Briocht. But what does this writing say?"
(30) Briocht: "I shall be expecting you, mortals. Do not fail me. Remember, the ring for the Orb. The map shows you where the tomb is and where my lair lies."
(30) Briocht: "That is for you to figure out." (smirks)
** Briocht leaps into the sky and flies off. **
(28) Helisandra: "As you wish. We shall find you once we have your ring. Now, if you don't mind - I need to go sit down - it is not typical for me to have the privaledge of speaking with one as great as youself."
** (28) Helisandra looks up to see that Briochet flew off during her last flattering comment and so she does just that - sits down. Although it appears to be more of a collapse than taking a seat. **
** (26) Garret relaxes his stance a bit as the drake takes flight. Drawing a deep breath to calm himself, he muses aloud, "Well.. this does cut down our workload a bit." **
** (33) Calehan puts away his daggers once the drake is out of sight. He sits down next to Heli to compare maps. **
(33) Calehan: "More trouble?"
** (28) Helisandra lies on the ground, sprawled out - staring up at the sky. **
(28) Helisandra: "Did you see that?!? I was bargining with the largest drake I have ever even heard of. Wow, that was amazing!"
** (28) Helisandra hands the 'map' over to Calehan to look over and compare. **
(26) Garret: :steps over to Heli glancing down at her: "Aye.. very brave of you. Think you'll be ready to stand again soon?"
(28) Helisandra: "Maybe, although I could use a hand." She holds her arm out to Garret.
** (26) Garret reaches down to help her up **
** (28) Helisandra pops up to her feat with Garret;s help. "What whould I do with you Garret?" she asks, flashing him a smile before turning back to Calehan. "So, do the maps agree?" **
** (33) Calehan pulls out the map to Acererak's tomb and tries to match the two maps together. **
(28) Helisandra: (( brb ))
(33) Calehan: "It's the same place at least. I wonder what the real connection is."
(37) Lunauc (enter): 23:26
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (37) Lunauc...
(30) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(26) Lunauc' from room...
(26) Lunauc (exit): 23:26
(33) Calehan: "Our destination is doubly clear now."
(37) Garret: "Wonderful... how far?"
(33) Calehan: "Depends on where exactly we ended up. As it said, it's northeast."
** (33) Calehan points off in what is probably a semi-random direction. **
(28) Helisandra: "One destination, and we will end up with all that we came here for. Sounds good to me."
(37) Garret: "Well.. provided the drake keeps her word."
(28) Helisandra: "True. But that is something we can worry about later. First we have to figure out a way to remove Acererak, once and for all. And with the trouble we had against the fake Acererak, this one will be even more dificult most likely."
(37) Garret: "Shall we go to the city and get some mounts first?"
(28) Helisandra: "I think it would be best to avoid the city if possible. After all - the Overlord fought against Briochet with magic. Briochet knew we were here - it is my guess the Overlord does as well. And I would not want to enter Orend, not when being expected."
** (22) Ian continues to ride towards the city **
(37) Garret: "The city doesn't seem all that ready to be focusing in and attacking a random group od travellers. After all, they have some fires to put out."
(33) Calehan: "I wish Tian were here; he's got a good sense of direction."
(28) Helisandra: "It's not the city itself - it's the Overlord that I worry about. If he knew we had entered the city, he would also draft our services - and I have a feeling that they would go against what Briocht already laid out,"
(28) Helisandra: "If you absolutly insist, a couple of us can enter. Two people would draw less suspicion than our entire group entering at once."
(37) Garret: :Sigh: "Alright. It beats walking. We'll just get a couple horses, and maybe a wagon to haul loot from the tomb."
(28) Helisandra: "Ok. So who goes? Remember - there is no magic, and we would want to appear as common as possible."
(37) Garret: "Well.. Ian's already on his way. I don't depend on magic anyway. So at least I can defend myself. Anyone else need to go just to buy some horses?"
(28) Helisandra: "If Ian enters, it might be best to avoid him. I doubt that he would play the 'commoner' role very well. So, I guess you and I can enter Garret. We could say that the evil drake had attacked us while we worked our family farm, and so we came to Orend to get some horses and a wagon so that we could move away from that evil beast."
(37) Garret: :sighs and continues toward the city.: "Oh yeah... we pass for farmer." :peering back: "You're just looking to shop, aren't you?"
(28) Helisandra: "No, I'm looking to keep you out of trouble. I've been around the kind of people in Orend more than you. You only had the one real run-in with them, but I grew up around them."
(37) Garret: :sarcastically: "Yeah... how would I ever get by without you?"
** (28) Helisandra thinks for a moment. "Although, a drake would not attack a farm most likely. Maybe bandits will be better. And as far as the look, we close our cloaks, hide our items, and set some mud from the river. I am sure we can make reasonable enough disguises." **
(37) Garret: "How about we just stroll into the city like travellers on our way to Orend, and buy some mounts like travellers on our way out of orend, and leave the mud in the river?"
(39) Walks-With-Spirits (enter): 23:56
(28) Helisandra: "Ok, but if we get called to a metting with the Overlord - I reserve the right to haunt you for all eternity telling you that I told you so."
(37) Garret: "Well, if he's watching us, then he'd just tell his guards to look for the two adventurers trying to pass themselves off as dirty farmers. Besides.. if he knows what we're up to, he might just send out mounted soldiers to stop us while we slowly make our way on foot anyway."
** (37) Garret makes his way toward the city with Heli, hoping this is a quick purchase run. **
(28) Helisandra: "Very well, let's just try to get in and out as quickly as we can." She travels with Garret, keeping on his heels.
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (39) Walks-With-Spirits...
(30) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(21) Walks-With-Spirits' from room...
(21) Walks-With-Spirits (exit): 00:01
(33) Calehan: "Just you and me then, Walks-With-Spirits."
(37) Garret: (... and somewhere a man running around with wolves.)
(28) Helisandra: (( way up north. ))
(28) Helisandra: (( or maybe north, and way east... ))
(30) DM: ((not going to RP buying horses, lol))
(28) Helisandra: (( well - we, or I, wasn't sure that we might run into some trouble, so we wanted to make sure. ))
(37) Garret: (wasn't expecting to)
(30) DM: ((assume you slip in and out easily enough. lots of refugees streaming out of the city. it appears as if a third of the city is destroyed. most of the populace are common folk. lots of fighters, rogues, barbarians, some rangers. very few priests, no wizards that you could see. mostly human and dwarven. no elves. some Khajiit.))
(30) DM: ((lots of halflings and gnomes.))
** (28) Helisandra comes back out of town with a couple horses pulling a wagon, heading for where they left the others at. **
(28) Helisandra: (( nice ecletic mixture. Did we see Ian as we got to the city - as in, what ahppened to him after riding off into the sunset? ))
** (37) Garret rides in the wagon, greeting the others with a wave. "Ian back yet?" **
(22) Ian: ( do I see them enter the city? Or did I end up going to an entirely different town?)
(37) Garret: (.. sunrise.. actually)
(28) Helisandra: (( yeah - but sunset sounded better. ))
(30) DM: ((well, Ian? what did you want to do there?))
(30) DM: ((and yes, you do see them enter Orend.))
(22) Ian: ( offer my services when I see the devistation of the fires and what not)
(30) Guard: "You there! What's your name?"
** (22) Ian looks around to see who the guard is talking too. **
(30) DM: (you)
(30) DM: (unless you take pains to disguise yourself, let's put it this way, you stick out)
(22) Ian: I am Ian Cromwell,servant to Solnor. And whom might you be?"
(30) Guard: I serve the Overlord. I am Jheryn. Well, Atosh Cromwell, I heard that you offered your services. If so, the Overlord would welcome your good self.
(22) Ian: " Is he injured?"
(30) Jheryn: A gigantic emerald drake attacked and destroyed most of our beloved city. We have need of fine warriors (looks you up and down) like yourself to hunt down and put an end to this menace. Or to help maintain order within Orend.
(30) Jheryn: "He may be. Are you a healer?"
(22) Ian: " I have been trained in the art of healing yes."
(22) Ian: " Though I have to say,I will tend to those that most overlook before I tend any others."
(30) Jheryn: "I see." (peers at you shrewdly) "Come this way, then, if you please. I should take you to the Rainbow Citadel so that you can be inducted into His Lordship's service."
(22) Ian: " I must decline,I serve no king,I serve Solnor,and there are wounded here that need my tending,if he wishes to speak to me,have him come here."
(30) Jheryn: "You decline?" (smirks) "We shall see about that."
** (22) Ian walks around applying what bandages he can to those that are the most in need of healing. **
** Jheryn walks off, yet keeping one eye on you as he beckons a few guardsmen over to him. **
** Jheryn strides down the street with a few more guards accompanying him.

** (22) Ian bandages the leg of a small child,then turns his attention to an elderly man **
** (37) Garret groans at the sight of Ian in trouble again. "Can we just pretend we don't know him?" **
** (22) Ian after bandaging the head of the elderly man,turns his attention to the next person in need of healing. **
(28) Helisandra: "We could, but we will need him, and from what I've heard - Ian likely doesn't realize what he is about to get into with the Overlord."
(37) Garret: :watches the guards, getting a count of them and trying to guesstimate their strength by the way they carry themselves:
whispering to Lunauc, 4 guards, possibly little more than recruits. not as experienced in battle but certainly used to being obeyed
whispering to Lunauc, armed with short swords or morning stars and shields, one in chain mail, the others n leather armor
(41) Lunauc (enter): 00:44
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (41) Lunauc...
(30) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(37) Lunauc' from room...
(37) Lunauc (exit): 00:45
(41) Garret: (stupid disconnect-happy openrpg.. grumble grumble)
** (28) Helisandra side steps into some shadows and seems to concentrate, before widening her eyes. "I should have known" she mutters, as if she had expected something to happen. She steps back up with Garret, "Shall we save him from himself? We still need the cart and horses too." **
(39) Walks-With-Spirits (exit): 00:47
(41) Garret: (didn't catch how many guards there were(
(41) Garret: "I'd rather not pick a fight with local law enforcers if i could avoid it... but..."
(28) Helisandra: "You get the cart, I'll try to get him out of here. If I can't come save us both."
(30) DM: ((4))
(41) Garret: "Hmmm.. lets see if this can be handled peacably instead."
** (28) Helisandra races over to Ian, where he is working, running as fast as she can to beat the guards there. **
(41) Garret: "Besides.. I suck as shopping."
** Jheryn gestures to Ian, talking to his fellows as he walks down the street. **
** (41) Garret hangs back, waiting to see if Heli can get him out before the guards harass them further **
** (22) Ian finishes bandaging another person,then turns to work on the next one **
** (28) Helisandra rushes up to Ian. "Sir sir, please - you must help. My father is bleeding very badly. I need your help." she says aloud, and then quickly whispers, "Ian, go with it, please trust me on this." **
(28) Helisandra: (( all said to Ian, btw ))
** (22) Ian looks up as Helisandra speaks to him," Helisandra,I am glad to see you,there are so many injured here,I could use some help." **
** (22) Ian looks at her curiously," What father?" **
** (28) Helisandra keeps her voice low. "The city will have to manage without you. Come on, we have to go. Now!" she points to her shoulder, indicating that he peer over it. Then in a louder voice, she says, "Please sir, there is no time. Come with me now." Heli then grabs Ian's hand and attempts to lead him out of the city, in a hurry. **
(30) DM: Jheryn is about half a block away, heading purposefully in your direction.
** (22) Ian looks up and over her shoulder,seeing the guards approach," What!?,you want me to abandon these injured,because of those men? What could they possibly do to me? I am here helping." **
(28) Helisandra: "And they will make sure you stop. Trust me, please. Trust me now, or never." she says in hushed, but hurried tones.
(22) Ian: " One of them mentioned that they wanted me sworn into some guard or something and to fight the Drake that we saw earlier this morning."
** (28) Helisandra tugs on you (Ian) to follow. **
** (22) Ian summons Justice,reaching out to whoever is near him,laying his hand on them,healing what wounds they have as he follows Helisandra. **
(30) Jheryn: "Seize him!" (points to Ian) "In the name of the Overlord!"
** (28) Helisandra quickly gets Ian, and the magically appearing horse, out of the city as fast as possible. **
(22) Ian: ( up to 64 hp to those who need it,spreading it around as I leave.)
(28) Helisandra: (( but maybe not fast enough to avoid the DM and his guards... ))
(30) DM: A mass of people, seeing the guards approach you, scatter.
(41) Garret: (we have the horses and wagon yet?)
(30) DM: (well, roll 1d20 to see. :) ))
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20] -> [20] = (20)
(41) Garret: [1d20] -> [13] = (13)
(30) DM: (yes)
(41) Garret: (the guards have horses?)
(30) DM: (Heli and Garret, 13)
(28) Helisandra: "Ride Ian. Ride back to Calehan. Now! Just do it!" she whispers to him, as she lets herself fall to the ground as if frightened of Ian suddenly.
(30) DM: (they're on foot)
(30) DM: (so I need an action from you, Gar and Ian)
** (22) Ian steps into the saddle,strapping on his sheild,reaching down and grabbing Helisandra,kneeing Justice into a gallop towards the gate. **
(22) Ian: " He has protected you once before he will do so again Helisandra."
** Jheryn sees that you're riding off and out of the city, holds up his hand and ceases pursuit. **
** (28) Helisandra grabs onto Ian, and buries her face in his back - so that the guards can't tell if she is frightened out of her wits, excited, or what. She also purposfully avoids looking at Garret, knowing he will get out on his own. **
(41) Garret: (whcih way is out of the city? toward me? away or a side street from where garret is? If the latter he'll start leading the horses toward a sidestreet to cut the soldiers off if they follow after Ian)
(28) Helisandra: "This works too Ian, thank you."
(22) Ian: " Do not get used to this Helisandra,but I could not leave a companion alone and behind,either we both get out or we fight."
(30) DM: ((I fucking hate this. Seaghn is dropping his PC out of the game because he hates playing epic level PCs.))
(30) DM: ((but let's carry on))
(28) Helisandra: "Well, I doubt that they would have tried to fight me, but I appreaciate it. After all - it was you they were interested in."
(41) Garret: (this isn't epic level)
(22) Ian: " I thank you for the warning,I was engrossed in healing those that were in need."
(41) Garret: :with Ian and Heli seeming to be safely on their way, Garret leads his wagon to casually follow along:
(22) Ian: " Though I do not like leaving my charges when there were so many still in need of healing,seems I am to run all day,first from the Drake and now from them,why would they not want the poor healed?"
(28) Helisandra: "Yes, the Overlord has a habit of 'recruiting' those powerful into his service, one way or another. You might have avoided it, but not without having to fight many guards, and likely kill some of them.
(22) Ian: " It would have been regretable,but the poor have to come first,what is a King without those who serve him,hard when all your serfs are killed or badly hurt."
(28) Helisandra: "That city is likely very different from any other you have visited. They will take care of their own, in time. And you did what you could. Had they caught you, you would have been no more good to the common man than you are by leaving. And this way you can still aid us in taking down a lich."
(28) Helisandra: "Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way - some seize power and will do what it takes to keep it, regardless of who gets hurt."
(22) Ian: " Then perhaps my blade should be used to dethrone this King. Once we have finished with Acererak that is."
(41) Garret: (brb)
** (22) Ian continues to ride back the way he came,in hopes of meeting up with the others. **
(22) Ian: " May I ask what you were doing in that city Helisandra."
(28) Helisandra: "Maybe, although the one that takes his place will likely not be much better. It is the entire city there. Oh, me? Garret and I were obtaining a couple horses and a cart to transport us to and from the lich's lair."
(22) Ian: " Garret was there as well? Seems he has adapted some of your hiding skills."
(28) Helisandra: "Well - he knows when to stick to the background."
** (22) Ian brings Justice to a slow trot **
(22) Ian: " So it would seem,a trait I seem to lack."
(28) Helisandra: "You have many other fine traits instead. There are certain places in this world though, such as Orend, where fitting in is more important than anything else - unfortunately.":
(22) Ian: " And fitting in is keeping your boot on the throat of those that serve you? If that is the case,then I guess it is better that I do not fit in,next time we head to a town or city,perhaps it would be in my better interest to have you along as a guide as it were."
(28) Helisandra: "Perhaps, at least if it is a town like that. I do not approve of that city either, which is why I originally wish to avoid it all together. You were only helping, and doing the right things. Those in charge in that city just don't care about right and wrong."
(22) Ian: " It would have been better had the Drake leveled the city leaving no building standing,but now it seems I have another foe to face once we are done with Acererak,I will cross blades with this Drake for the suffering he placed on the poor."
(28) Helisandra: "Before you go rushing off after the drake, remember that things are not always the way they seem."
(22) Ian: " Oh? How so?"
(28) Helisandra: "After all - the drake would have never attacked had the Overlord not betrayed a pact and attacked the drake himself. So, perhaps it is the Overlord that should be held accountable?"
(22) Ian: " What pact? What are you talking about?"
(28) Helisandra: Some pact that the rules of Orend had with Briocht - the drake. I'm not sure of the specifics, but I would guess it was a peace treaty pact. 'Leave me alone, I leave you alone' type of thing."
(22) Ian: " And you say the Overlord broke this pact with the Drake? How is it you know this?"
(28) Helisandra: "That's what Briocht told us. Well told me. That's right, you had already rode on ahead. The drake landed and talked with me for a bit. It was quite the experience."
** (22) Ian laughs **
(22) Ian: " You...you spoke with a Drake,an evil creature,and you took its word?"
(28) Helisandra: "For now, yes. After all, he freely admitted that a mere human had fooled him, and can you imagine a drake saying that if it were not true?"
(28) Helisandra: "And even if we were not to believe it, I would not trust those of Orend any more than I would the drake. So, as I mentioned - things may not be as they seem."
(22) Ian: " I can not imagine speaking to such a vile creature,let alone taking its word for anything,I would not trust it if it said it was daylight,I would still look to the sky to see if it were true."
(22) Ian: " So what else did this Drake have to say for himself?"
(28) Helisandra: "Hmm, I guess I can understand that. Maybe that's why I came to speak to me instead of you. I am not saying that I am willing to blindly trust it, but when it stands before me - talking to me, I nod and smile and agree. I don't know if it had any ketchup, but I am sure I would have been plenty crunchy with my armor on."
** (22) Ian brings Justice to a walk,continuing towards the area where Calehan and the others should be waiting **
** (28) Helisandra fills Ian on all that the drake said, as best as she can remember. ((Sorry to do it this way, but I need a smoke...)) **
(22) Ian: " May I see this map it gave you?"
(28) Helisandra: (( brb ))
(33) Calehan: "Yeah, it's right here. Seems to have given us some sort of puzzle to go along with it."
** (33) Calehan greets them as they return, "Run into any trouble?" **
(22) Ian: " Some,seems I was to be sworn into service of the Overlord,I was busy healing the wounded from the Drakes attack."
** (22) Ian takes the map and looks at the writing on the scale. **
(28) Helisandra: "But nothingwe could avoid. Garret should be along shortly with the cart and horses.
(30) DM: ((I would like to break at 2:15 am so I can discuss something with you folks, plus I have someone who wants in on the Fri game and it would be nice to have an interview))
(30) DM: ((so 45 minutes))
** (41) Garret steers the wagon down the road a short while after the Heli and Ian. **
(28) Helisandra: (( k ))
(22) Ian: " It would seem that this Drake has alot of knowledge of the tomb,atleast that is what this writing says."
(28) Helisandra: "You can read it?"
(22) Ian: " Of course."
(28) Helisandra: "Well, what does it say?"
** (28) Helisandra waves to Garret as he pulls up. **
** (41) Garret waves as he halts the horses **
(22) Ian: " It is a history on Acererak,how he was a member of the Jezulien cult,also called the mud scorcers,and how they were very protective of there tombs,often times having many traps,false sephulchers,tricks and other things before finding the actual tomb itself."
(28) Helisandra: "Glad to see that you had no further problems Garret."
(44) No Name (enter): 01:46
(41) Garret: "Yes, somehow I managed without you." :grins as he listens in on Ian's reading:
(28) Helisandra: "Hmm, about what we would expect after the last tomb then."
(41) Garret: "So... ready to go?"
(22) Ian: " Four glyphs of power are found in most mud scorcers tombs,Kaia Jezulien Braeu Majorum."
(22) Ian: " The first symbol Kaia,represents the convergence of Earth and Water."
(22) Ian: " Jezulien represents Earth Dominant."
(44) No Name: Bye Bye
(44) No Name (exit): 01:51
(22) Ian: " Breau represents Water Dominant."
(22) Ian: " Majorum represents the harmony of Earth and Water."
(28) Helisandra: "Hmm, those are new. Any idea what these glyphs look like?"
(33) Calehan: "Briocht seems to have some history with the mud sorcerers. Maybe Acererak in particular."
(22) Ian: " Earth and Water play a major role in mud scorcers tombs but spells dealing in these spheres either malfunction or have otherwise adverse effects."
(22) Ian: " Augury and Divination spells tend to malfunction or not work altogether."
(22) Ian: " Due to the powerful magics that went into creating these tombs."
(28) Helisandra: "So avoid earth, water, augury, and divination spells. Check."
(22) Ian: " Members of the mud scorcers spoke a dead language called Taalese,knowledge of this ancient tongue or other means of desiphering the glyphs will be greating helpful."
(45) Kalliger (enter): 01:56
(22) Ian: " Poison gases,liquids,disease and the like have also been known to be in an abundant in these tombs."
(28) Helisandra: "I don't suppose that you have that knowledge, do you Ian?"
(22) Ian: Names: Finally, the list gives the names of the governing members of the Iron Circle: Acererak, Alyph, Aqui, Boukettu, Bzallin, Daedis Ko, Eyenne, Graptis, Irdraz, Iyayo, Jikyor, Lalotte, Markule, Nagiyat, Nala, Oiru, Oyallum, Piyyat, Szew, Tilyat, Timla Ji, Tzolo, Ulshidar, Uso, Visivus and Xialta
(22) Ian: " I myself no Helisandra,but as long as I wear this helm I understand all languages."
(28) Helisandra: "Bzallin? There is a name I recogonize."
(28) Helisandra: "Very nice than, at least we have a little better idea of what we might come across."
(33) Calehan: "That's a helpful thing to have."
(22) Ian: " Yes it is the one we were told knew something of Acererak,perhaps that is why he does."
(22) Ian: " Well the priests of Solnor knew that I would be venturing to different lands,and tis better to understand what is being said so as to not ruffle any feathers,I am an embassador of Solnor after all."
(28) Helisandra: "Very wise investment. So we know where the tomb is, we have Acererak's riddle, we know some spells that will not work, and we know to watch for any of these glyphs."
(22) Ian: " Guess it is a good thing I brought as many healing potions as I did since Divination spells will not work in this tomb."
(30) DM: After travelling a bit further, you come to a clearing near the reputed location of the tomb indicated on the map that Briocht gave you. Tian is here, along with a number of wolves.
(28) Helisandra: "Well, hello stranger."
** (31) Tian Keth looks up, "Took you long enough to get here" **
(22) Ian: " Though one thing bothers me,we were told it would take months for us to travel here,and we were sent here via a spell,once we are done,will it not take us months to return?"
(33) Calehan: "While I know you knew where we were going, I'm astounded how fast you made it here."
(28) Helisandra: "Yeah, we had a little run in back in town. You definately made good time though."
(30) DM: (the journey there took the better part of the day, so by the time you arrive it's almost highmoon (OOC: 9 pm))
(33) Calehan: "As long as it's somewhere I've been, I can get us back just as quickly, and with about as much accuracy."
(28) Helisandra: "Most likely Ian, yes. Unless we find something to aid us while we are in the tomb."
(22) Ian: " It may not be much,but I can summon a meal for all of us here,may be awhile before we get any real food once we enter."
(28) Helisandra: "All of us Calehan? Wonderful - that will be handy indeed."
(30) DM: (well it took you a week to get to Kha-Shugal from the tomb, and recall that Tian left you as you left Acererak's tomb. so he's had a 10 day headstart on you.)
(31) Tian Keth: "My brothers knew of this place and were glad that we destroyed the taint at the other location so lead me to it quickly."
(28) Helisandra: "I agree, let's enjoy one more evening here under that stars, and then enter the tomb."
(22) Ian: " No offense meant Calehan,but I would rather take a few days or longer traveling once we exit this place before you get us back,being in the out of doors will be a welcome refreshment for all of us."
(33) Calehan: "If we travel the whole way overland, it will be a few weeks, not days. Though I don't blame you for wanting to avoid travel like what we just went through in general."
** (31) Tian Keth rolls up off the ground and lopes off into the woods with his brothers, returning a few minutes later **
(31) Tian Keth: "So how was your trip down, and what did you run into in town?"
(45) Kalliger: Bye Bye
(45) Kalliger (exit): 02:11
** (22) Ian kneels on the ground,lowering his head," Solnor,you humble servant asks for you to give us your bounty so that we may partake in your goodness." having said this he opens his hands and there is a meal of gruel,bread,water and fruits before you. **
(28) Helisandra: "The trip was fine, athough being dropped off just about smack under a drake was not as enjoyable as it sounds. And in town - well, let's say that the local Overlord was looking to recruit Ian here, and that's not something we would have wanted."
(46) Lunauc (enter): 02:12
Attempting to assign the role of LURKER to (46) Lunauc...
Attempting to assign the role of LURKER to (46) Lunauc...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (46) Lunauc...
(30) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(41) Lunauc' from room...
(41) Lunauc (exit): 02:13
(30) DM: (after Ian and Tian comment, we'll stop)
(31) Tian Keth: "The deer over here may tast better then Solnor's Gruel, though you all may want it roasted" ^em**walks to the edge of the woods and drags a partialy eaten deer carcus back with him** "I asked my brother to not eat it all since I figured you would want real food when you got here"
(30) DM: (hey, those rhyme, lol)
** (28) Helisandra thanks Ian, and Solnor, and begins munching on some fruits. **
(22) Ian: " I was busy healing the wounded,and apparently the Overlord took that as an opening to have some of his guards try and make me serve him. Had it not been for Helisandra I am not sure what would have happened."
(46) Garret: "Not to say i', too good for a half-eaten deer carcus.. but no. Thank you, Tian."
(31) Tian Keth: "Thats a good enough reason for me to continue avoiding the city, and a Drake you say? was it the one who has our Orb?"
(28) Helisandra: "Yes, and he has agreed to give it to us in exhange for a ring in the lich's tomb. Of course, if he doesn't try to go back on his word."
(31) Tian Keth: "I killed it today and the best parts are un touched, My brothers only ate the stuff you would throw out anyways, heart, liver, intestine and such"
(33) Calehan: "The same. It claims to have some disagreement with the Overlord. Seems to know quite a bit about Acererak as well."
** (22) Ian scoops up some gruel into his bowl,tears off a piece of bread,pours some water into his mug,and begins to eat,dipping his bread into the gruel,then takes a bite out of an apple,sits and eats quickly and quietly,listening to the others talk. **
** (28) Helisandra holds up her hand to Tian. "I'm good with the fruit, but thanks." **
(46) Garret: "All the same.. your brothers may have the better parts as well. I'd say they deserve it."
** (31) Tian Keth procides to cut a large chunk off the hind leg and start eating **

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