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(3740) TaliesinNYC (enter): 20:07
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(3718) Darren (enter): 20:07
(3722) Amreth (enter): 20:07
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(3729) Valerie: Ever danced with the moon by the pale devil-light?
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(3741) No Name (enter): 20:07
Moving to room 'interview'..
(3740) TaliesinNYC (enter): 20:07
Server Administrator->

It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

(3741) No Name (enter): 20:07
(3741) No Name: I'm entirely new to this setup, so bare with me if I'm slow with it.
(3742) Lellick (enter): 20:09
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3742) Lellick...
(3740) TaliesinNYC: this player is interested in the FR game
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I just need someone to sit in on the interview because none of the regular players are online atm
(3742) Lellick: Not a problem
(3740) TaliesinNYC: This is Ash who's a player in my Friday Andurin game
(3741) No Name: Hello. I'm Lance K.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: the interview is part of the screening process
(3742) Lellick: Nice to meet you ^^;
(3722) Amreth (enter): 20:11
(3740) TaliesinNYC: so tell us a little bit about yourself Lance
** (3722) Amreth tips hat. **
(3740) TaliesinNYC: and be detailed in your answers
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3722) Amreth...
whispering to Amreth, how did you guess? lol
(3741) Lance K: Hmmm, well I started playing RPG's when I was 9. Started with home made d6 rules based off my cousins D&D experience.
(3741) Lance K: From then I on I was hooked, Im 26 now, so I've been playing for 17 years. I've played in a multitude of settings and systems.
(3741) Lance K: Hmmm, I also do a lot of reading, video/computer gaming, comics, the usual geek chic stuff.
(3741) Lance K: Also, I read that IC posting is required, I have done a lot of IC posting for another game, I can supply details and a link if necesary.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: that would be nice
(3741) Lance K: I've been looking around the net for about two weeks for an IRC game. I used to do some IRC gaming back when I was in high school, I found openRPG while doing some searching.
(3741) Lance K: Alright, the IC posts were for a site that is about wrestling, as I'm a big fan. Basically, you create a character and do IC promos, the strength of the promos determine win/losses and storyline progression.
(3742) Lellick: Awesome, another IRC veteran!
(3740) TaliesinNYC: so why my game and not some other FR game like Lando's?
(3741) Lance K: Well, first off, I recieved a PM from you, after my first post, I hadn't looked around the forums that much yet.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: this is true
(3740) TaliesinNYC: but there ARE other FR games on the forums
(3741) Lance K: I'm looking now, ah, well, one of the big things was simply that I didn't look in his thread, as it had 90ish replies.
(3741) Lance K: I'm looking for a game as quickly as possible. When you contacted me, I replied.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: any particular reason why the speed?
(3741) Lance K: Also, once I looked into the Anduring site, I was impressed by the layout and obvious work that had been done.
(3722) Amreth: It's a bit of pretty, to be sure.
(3741) Lance K: I've not been in a serious game for over a year now. I moved away from all my gaming friends, and can't find a table top game locally.
(3741) Lance K: I joined a site called In The Time of Hereos, A Call To Duty RPG, and have been disappointed by the lack of effort.
(3741) Lance K: They claimed to train people, so I went to a session, was told to come back next week, and no one showed up.
(3741) Lance K: I tried to watch to of their scheduled games, the first was cancelled due to lack of players, the second due to lack of GM.
(3741) Lance K: I also discriminat against some posts in the forums, proper capitalization, sentence structure, and grammar is a must for me, so if I see a post that is illegible then I skip past it. Same goes for current players.
(3741) Lance K: http://forums.rajah.com/search.php?searchid=429695
(3741) Lance K: That's a link to my posts at the wrestling RPG site, not every post is a IC promo, but a high percentage of them are.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: requires registration
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I'll take a look at it later
(3741) Lance K: Hmm, that's odd.
(3741) Lance K: Sorry about that, I didn't realize that.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: so tell us what you look for in a game, specifically FR and what you consider to be ideal (as a player and as a DM)
(3741) Lance K: Well, honestly, I had given up on FR as a good campaign setting. The reason being that I want something from a game that most people don't. I don't want a magic intensive world, with chara
(3741) Lance K: With characters that have a multitude of magic items at low levels, and leveling every session.
(3741) Lance K: I am currently working on a game in which the PC's will maybe be level 10 after two years of playing every other week.
(3741) Lance K: I'm looking for a slower paced game, one that isn't about hack and slash. I like RP'ing. Changing who I am to be something I'm not. Yes, kicking ass is fun, but there is more to it that that.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: lol remind you of anything familiar Ash? ^ ^
(3742) Lellick: Heh heh, yep :D
(3741) Lance K: Players, well, I'm hoping to make friends with the other players, I hope that we share the same itnerests, and that everyone is more mature about the game.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: well I don't know what to say. FR is somewhat more magic intensive than most regular game settings
(3740) TaliesinNYC: in fact, FR is about 4 steps above Andurin
(3741) Lance K: Oh, and I don't like character builds specifically to get to Prestige Classes as soon as possible.
(3741) Lance K: In any game I run, I plan on putting level restrictions in the low to mid teens before prestiging.
(3741) Lance K: I like a character to develop first, then choose the appropriate route for their stat development.
(3741) Lance K: I'm not a fan of 'I have to put my skill ranks here, and take these feats to get this class at 6th level.'
(3741) Lance K: FR is just a setting though, it's up to the GM to manage magic levels as he sees fit. If this is counter to how you run the game, then it might not suit me, but then again, if there is slower progression overall, then I think it balances itself out somewhat.
(3749) Meldethar (enter): 20:33
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I'm going to be honest here, progression will be quite slow BUT it will be true to FR in spirit
(3740) TaliesinNYC: so the level of magic will remain constant which is to say that it isn't a low magic world
(3741) Lance K: Hmmm, what I mean by less magic intensive, is that I'm not a fan of a party of level 2's each having magic weapons +2, magic armor, wands, and potions to cover all circumstances.
(3749) Meldethar: Off to see the wizard...
(3749) Meldethar (exit): 20:35
(3740) TaliesinNYC: to me, an FR campaign is not a low magic setting
(3740) TaliesinNYC: ok
(3741) Lance K: Well, it's looking like I might not fit this campaign after all. Just as a side note, what is the Andurin campaign like, I know you might not have openings for it, but I was wondering how you run it?
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I think you misunderstand
(3751) Ruric (enter): 20:37
(3751) Ruric (exit): 20:37
(3740) TaliesinNYC: a party of level 2s will not have +2 weapons and armor, wands, potions etc.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: but at the same time I'm not going to run FR as a low magic setting
(3740) TaliesinNYC: that's not FR to me
(3740) TaliesinNYC: what is Andurin like? I'll let Lellick and Amreth describe it to you
(3740) TaliesinNYC: Andurin is two games, one on Friday and one on Saturday
(3740) TaliesinNYC: its way way more involved than FR
(3741) Lance K: Alright, I think our definitions of low magic were a tad bit off, I'm just tired of games where the collection of magic items is more key than RP'ing.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: and its a steeper learning curve
(3742) Lellick: Yeah.. I'm not in the FR game, but I can pretty much assure you that no one's going to end up with items beyond their means XD He doesn't DM like that
(3741) Lance K: Is there a file sharing function for this program?
(3722) Amreth: Believe me. We focus very much so on roleplay.
(3722) Amreth: There's node sharing, in the game tree. But that's it.
(3741) Lance K: I keep WordPerfect.docs of all my writings and I may be able to share some of them.
(3742) Lellick: I really think you'll enjoy RPing in these games. What you described is almost exactly how the games are ran
(3722) Amreth: Hmm, heh. I've got a few docs tucked away here and there, too.
(3742) Lellick: I'm really bad at explaning things in general, but if you have any specific questions..
(3741) Lance K: I was just wondering about the magic levels, and things of that nature. Nothing really in mind, just the key differences between it, and other home brewed settings.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: you can best judge that for yourself by reading the files on the site
(3740) TaliesinNYC: again, Amreth and Lellick have a lot of experience with the game, so I'll bow out for now
(3740) TaliesinNYC: the Andurin games that is, Amreth is in my FR campaign as well
(3741) Lance K: For some reason FireFox is reporting that andurin.com has no information, and won't load it.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: it's http://andurin.digitalxero.net
(3740) TaliesinNYC: not .com
(3741) Lance K: Ah, maybe that was it. Well, google brings it up as andurin.com.
(3742) Lellick: Well.. there's a difference between a setting where magic's readily available and where it isn't, and games where people get a lot of lewt. I can understand why you're wary.. it sounds like you've been burned by bad games before
(3722) Amreth: Actually, www.andurin.com works, too. :)
(3741) Lance K: Sure, [email protected]
(3740) TaliesinNYC: Andurin
(3722) Amreth: Gotcha. The currupshun of Jeri inbound..
(3742) Lellick: The games in the Andurin setting are more low-magic.. in that its people are really wary of magic in general and as such there's not enchanted items lying all over the place ;)
(3741) Lance K: Ah, wary of magic, the last game I ran was like that, the sorcerer was ran out of town for using magic in defense of said town.
(3741) Lance K: Also I included xenophobia, the town was mostly human and thought the cause of their problems was an elf that was travelling through, the PC's had to stop a lynching.
(3756) Chase (enter): 20:48
(3742) Lellick: Sounds really interesting ^^
(3756) Chase (exit): 20:49
(3740) TaliesinNYC: the Friday Andurin camp actually does have an opening for one player but I haven't been focusing on that because its quite difficult to get players for the game as most players would rather not do the reading (which is required)
(3741) Lance K: I was trying to stay away from typical stuff. I was also doing a different XP granting system. In that I gave them XP based on what I wanted to give them, so that I knew when they would gain levels, which was going to be every 3-5 games, which playing every other week was going to be a level every 2ish months.
(3741) Lance K: RP'ing in reading go hand and hand in my eyes.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: are you sure? lol. its about 2 weeks of reading, both the files and the logs. the logs are about 2000 pages or thereabouts
(3740) TaliesinNYC: there is no reading requirement for the FR game (mostly because the game hasn't been going on for very long)
(3741) Lance K: Wow, that is bit much.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: well the Friday game has been running for over 2 years
(3740) TaliesinNYC: and the game setting has a lot of material
(3741) Lance K: Here's a question, as a new character, why is reading *all* the previous game logs necessary?
(3740) TaliesinNYC: because the logs develop the world beyond the rules files
(3741) Lance K: It seems that is a bunch of info the character wouldn't have.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: there is a shit load of information in the logs that isn't in the files
(3740) TaliesinNYC: you're not asked to memorize it
(3740) TaliesinNYC: and the key is that there's nothing in the logs that you will find beneficial to you IC if you read them
(3741) Lance K: Ah, so the information from the games aren't gathered up every once and a while and added to the core files.
(3741) Lance K: The Tolmara logs starte at number six?
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I can tell you that if you choose not to read the logs (though those are not required), you'll find that you know very little about the world
(3740) TaliesinNYC: yes
(3763) Gautam (enter): 20:56
(3763) Gautam (exit): 20:56
(3763) Gautam (enter): 20:56
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3763) Gautam...
(3763) Gautam: Howdy.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: Lance wants in on either the FR game or the Tolmara camp
(3740) TaliesinNYC: G is in the Tolmara camp
(3763) Gautam: So who are we interrogating?
(3740) TaliesinNYC: Lance
(3763) Gautam: Er, interviewing.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: heh
(3763) Gautam: I meant interviewing.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: he wants to know what makes Andurin special and why the reading is necessary
** (3763) Gautam whistles nonchalantly. **
(3741) Lance K: Well, here's what I'm thining, if you decide that I can do the FR game, I could start there, and begin reading the Andurin logs, that gives me time, while giving me some place to play. In the long run, it seems like the Andurin game would be more my style, especially knowing that it's run so long..
(3741) Lance K: That's not quite how it was really, I wondered why the play logs where necessary reading, I thought that the world info in them may have been put into a core group of files.
(3763) Gautam: For me, it's that you are dealing with a homebrew setting, so you reading the material is a must to have an idea of what's going on and why.
(3741) Lance K: I agree. The more information the better, what I didn't know was that so much world setting information was only to be located in the game session logs.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I didn't say that
(3763) Gautam: The logs are necessary for you to get a better idea of how we play and what themes are running through the campaign.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: both the rules files and the logs contain information
(3722) Amreth: I had almost the exact same objections. My primary concern was getting to know the other characters before getting into the group.
(3741) Lance K: But the logs contain a lot of information about the setting that is an almost necissity?
(3741) Lance K: *necessity
(3742) Lellick: Yes, I'd say so
(3740) TaliesinNYC: you can separate IC from OOC, right?
(3763) Gautam: ((OOC))
(3763) Gautam: IC
(3741) Lance K: Yes, I can distinguish between IC and OOC.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: so you should have no difficulty with the logs then
(3741) Lance K: I'm already viewing them.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: and just to give you an idea of why its important to read them
(3740) TaliesinNYC: the Fri PCs spent about 9 months real time in an Arabian type setting
(3740) TaliesinNYC: within Andurin
(3740) TaliesinNYC: that information is not found in the rules files
(3740) TaliesinNYC: because I didn't write up that section at the time the rules files were created
(3740) TaliesinNYC: and believe me, it's A LOT of information even for me to process
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I would say from Tol29 to the current one which is I believe Tol88 (the last few haven't been uploaded to the site), that's over 50 logs of material about the world that's additional stuff
(3740) TaliesinNYC: maybe 10 months, I can't remember
(3763) Gautam: Definitely the better part of the year.
(3763) Gautam: Went from like level 4 to 9 in that time I think.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: so in those 50 logs, you have information about the government of Zayal, the various races, the religion(s), the political and socio-economic conflicts, the history and other things besides the IC material
(3741) Lance K: Well, I am most interested in Andurin, but am also interested in getting into a game currently. Since getting a player into the setting is hard, due to the reading involved, if I read the logs, while playing the FR game, I think we could work something out. As it would be easier to replace me in the FR game if I read everything, and was allowe dto move to the Fri. game.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: that's why reading the logs is important
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I do more work developing the world in game than outside of the game
(3740) TaliesinNYC: if you want
(3740) TaliesinNYC: tell us what you like to play (PC wise) and why
(3763) Gautam: And after that we'll give you some Roarshach tests. ;)
(3741) Lance K: I'm usually the muscle of a group. I like playing them in different ways than most people percieve the typical archetype.
(3741) Lance K: I like using the various rules, such as Disarm, Trip, etc. to change the pace of a combat.
(3741) Lance K: I also like to be the guy in front, the one who stands between his friends and danger.
(3763) Gautam: brb. Gotta grab some eats.
(3722) Amreth: Could definitely use some muscle in the FR group... Currently, Am's just about it as far as frontliners are concerned.
(3741) Lance K: Although I do also enjoy the stealthy Rogue character. But once again, I try to be a tad bit different. He's usually not a selfish rogue, he's doing it for a more giving reason, trrying to prove to himself or others that he has a place in the world.
(3764) Donovan (enter): 21:12
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3764) Donovan...
(3740) TaliesinNYC: last few questions
(3740) TaliesinNYC: what is your preferred scenario (city, dungeon or wilderness, combat heavy, puzzle heavy, intrigue) and why?
(3741) Lance K: Wow, that's a difficult one. As I really enjoy City/Dungeon/and Wilderness settings. I would say that I like it to be a bit of all, if possible. Keeping to one setting over the course of a year or two would become stagnant. If I had to say just one though, I would go with wilderness, with smaller cities involved.
(3741) Lance K: As far as combat/puzzle/intrigue goes, once again, I feel a combo is necessary, but I would rate them in order of puzzle, then intrigue, then combat.
(3741) Lance K: I never played the Zelda games because I liked whacking the baddies, it was fun for it's puzzles, and it's storyline which dealt with intrigue, but also included comabt.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: and do you have any questions for us?
(3740) TaliesinNYC: or more specifically, the players?
(3741) Lance K: For the FR players?
(3740) TaliesinNYC: for either
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I run 3 games and everyone here is a player in either the FR game, the Fri or Sat games
** (3722) Amreth slips off to his wardrobe. **
** (3722) Walks-With-Spirits returns a lizardman. **
(3741) Lance K: Well, if there are FR players here, I would ask them if they've been enjoying the game, and where do they see the group going, as a whole.
(3741) Lance K: I would ask you how you work the creation of the group, what do you do to bring them together?
(3764) Donovan: I have been enjoying it, it looks like we're going to be doing some dungeon exploring and political intrigue.
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: Yes, I have. As for what brings Amreth into the group, well.. He's got a contract with the noblewench. There's more to it than that, but I'm gonna be tight lipped.
(3764) Donovan: And as for bringing the group together, I don't know exactly how it managed =P
(3764) Donovan: As will I
** (3722) Walks-With-Spirits rubs fingers together. **
(3741) Lance K: I meant in a general way, as I've been in groups that came together for IC in game RP reasons. And groups that started out together, prior to the first game, for back story reasons.
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: Can't really say where the group's going as a whole, yet. Seems we're about to have a base of operations, and Amreth's kinf of got himself a hobogoblin lackey, who really loves his foodin'. Hims not gud killin'.
(3776) Zane (enter): 21:25
(3740) TaliesinNYC: da boo..da boo...da smartz place
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (3776) Zane...
(3741) Lance K: Oh, I'm not good at typing in accents, so it'll be straight English from me mostly, is that a problem?
(3776) Zane: Sorry about the time - I got busy and completely lost track.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: np
(3740) TaliesinNYC: not a problem Lance
(3741) Lance K: Hmmm, 7 PM EST is what in GMT? Or better yet, what time is it CST?
(3776) Zane: 6 PM
(3740) TaliesinNYC: FR is 7:30 pm to 12:30 am EST or GMT -5
(3740) TaliesinNYC: 6:30 pm CST to 11:30 pm CST
(3740) TaliesinNYC: CST is GMT -6
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: CST, eh? Where you at?
(3741) Lance K: I'm in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
(3741) Lance K: Originally from Southwest Missouri, one of seven RP'ers from the area.
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: Ah, pity. Guess a night of drinkin' and trollin' for hookers is out of the question then. Bit too far north.
(3741) Lance K: It is to far North, and it's damn cold in the winter.
(3742) Lellick: Oh? Where're you at, WWS?
(3741) Lance K: Oh, and I'm entirely new to OpenRPG, it's a great little function, but I wonder why IRC went out of style?
(3742) Lellick: I wish I knew.. It's like everyone there just started disappearing, bit by bit
(3741) Lance K: I like it for it's ability to have multiple windows, one for IC, and one for OOC.
** (3722) Walks-With-Spirits is still partial to IRC, just can't find a decent game. **
(3776) Zane: I use IRC for some resources, but I've only played one game on it - and that was after I started playing here. And OpenRPG was so much better of a platform.
(3776) Zane: Multiple windows is true, but that's another use for group whispers.
(3742) Lellick: I dunno if the FR game uses it, but DJ has made a new version of Open that has the ability to group-whisper in windows.. it's practically like having seperate ones for IC and OOC
(3740) TaliesinNYC: yes, we use it
(3740) TaliesinNYC: or at least people who have 1.7.0 do
(3741) Lance K: Speaking of, I've yet to find a dl spot for 1.7.0. anyone know where the link is on the site? And are there other plug ins that I would find useful/necesary?
(3740) TaliesinNYC: in the links section
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: Ah.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: http://openrpg.digitalxero.net/wiki
(3776) Zane: 1.7.0 comes with most of the useful plugins. I also use the HTML code one, so all links typed appear to me, with HTMl coding so they are usable. But other than that, I use the ones that DJ has integrated into Open.
(3741) Lance K: Alright, well, I have the dl's now, I can install it after we are done here.
(3741) Lance K: Ah, wait a quick question, first level character creation? I know the game has only been going on for a bit, so I don't know what level the group is at.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: 1st
(3740) TaliesinNYC: started in April 2006, took a 1 month break in June because of real life, resumed in mid July
(3740) TaliesinNYC: they're still 1st level
(3740) TaliesinNYC: character creation guidelines are on the site
(3741) Lance K: And what is the party consist of so far?
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: Send you a node for rolling your character up, if that's on the agenda. Just double click to open, and hit the send button.
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: Two druids, a not-quite-evil necromancer, a bard, a sorceress, and a rogue/fighter.
(3776) Zane: Here we go... Human rogue/fighter, halfling druid, halfling bard, human sorcerer, gnome druid, and uhh... what's Lunuac?
(3776) Zane: Oh yeah - the necromancer. Duh.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: human necromancer
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: As you can see, we're quite light on melee capability. Another strong arm would be welcome.
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: Am's pushing his luck as it is.
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: Lots of death in his wake thus far, and unscathed. That won't last long, though, I'm sure.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: for Fri, it is halfling cleric, human algai'd'siswai/wilder/cleric, half-elven rogue, Khajiit sorcerer, human barbarian/fighter. can't remember what Rin is
(3741) Lance K: As far as you talking about nodes, and what not, that totally went over my head.
(3742) Lellick: Rin's a... *snaps fingers* human duskblade?
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I think, yes
(3722) Walks-With-Spirits: Check the game tree there. Should be a dealy in there called "Dice Roller"
(3741) Lance K: I saw that there wer some WoT references in there.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: there is
(3740) TaliesinNYC: quite a bit actually
(3741) Lance K: I'm a big Jordan fan, I've rad the series, through book 11, I thnk about 7-8 times.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: we've adapted material from WoT and put a new spin on it
(3741) Lance K: For the Stats, the thity point buy, is it one for one, or does the price of increasing stats get higher as the stat increases?
(3740) TaliesinNYC: as per the book
(3741) Lance K: Alright.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: FR game is mostly 3.5
(3740) TaliesinNYC: Andurin games have their own house rules
(3740) TaliesinNYC: ok, if you have no other questions, that wraps the interview up. we ask that you lurk for at least 1 session for each game (FR and Tolmara). For the Tolmara camp, 2 is preferred
(3788) Howy (enter): 21:53
(3788) Howy (exit): 21:54
(3740) TaliesinNYC: and going to start tonight's game shortly. Matt isn't online yet
(3741) Lance K: I'm available to watch the next Wed session.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: and Fri?
(3741) Lance K: In the long run, I can lurk them all, I babysit my flat mates kids on Fridays and am available.
(3740) TaliesinNYC: ok
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(3791) Lunauc (enter): 21:57
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(3740) TaliesinNYC: speak of the devil lol
(3776) Zane: Yay - you made it.
(3791) Lunauc: hehe... had the right server... just forgot to check what room.
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(3742) Lellick (exit): 21:58
(3740) DM: (anyone need a recap?)
(3791) Lunauc: (nope)
(3776) Zane: (( uh, we've spent one night already - and how far into the next day are we? ))
(3740) DM: ((morning))
(3740) DM: ((you're still in Euriale's tower))
(3741) Lance K (exit): 22:03
** (3791) Lunauc once more loafs about, sleeping in and avoiding his usual morning practices, as he seeks out a large breakfast on their host's expense. **
(3791) Lunauc: (oops)
** (3791) Garret once more loafs about, sleeping in and avoiding his usual morning practices, as he seeks out a large breakfast on their host's expense. **
** (3776) Helisandra rises and checks on Calehan. Seeing that he is still working his magic, she wanders back into the main room to leave him to work (since we said it took Calehan more than one night to ID it all). She notices Euriale, and approaches her somewhat. Helisandra remains a decent distance away, making sure that Euriale appears to be not busy. **
** Euriale d'Elinhir seems to be conversing someone within a crystal sphere. The image is hazy as if you can't quite make the appearance out. **
(3740) DM: She doesn't notice your approach, so deeply engrossed in the conversation is she.
** (3776) Helisandra keeps some distance, not wanting to interrupt any spellcasting or conversation. But unable to help herself, she does silently move forward some, in an attempt to catch snipets of the conversation. **
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "The lich escaped to another location."
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "That IS disturbing. Do you think I should ask them?"
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "But what if we don't contain it?"
** (3776) Helisandra moves a little closer, trying to get more than just half the conversation. **
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "I think you should determine if there is a connection between Acererak and Bzallin. The magicka used by Bzallin seems to be too closely connected to be a coincidence."
(3763) Gautam: Disconnecting from server...
(3763) Gautam (exit): 22:15
** (3722) Walks-With-Spirits lumbers nearly into the room shortly after Helisandra, overhearing mention of Acererak, and takes a step back the way he'd come, stopping there to listen, just outside the room. **
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "If you think that's the wisest course of action then." (seems resigned)
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "True, they'll have their hands full in Orend. The Overlord will be drawn to them like flies to honey. But they can take care of themselves, I'm sure."
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "That's pure speculation. We don't know there's a link between the Overlord and this emerald drake any more than the next person. But it does make sense considering how little sorcery is practiced within the city and how close the drake's lair is rumored to be to its location."
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "Very well then. Until the dawn, love."
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "You can come in now." (without looking up as she concentrates on the sphere, causing it to lower to a marble pedestal by sheer will)
** (3722) Walks-With-Spirits takes a further step back, cocking his head to one side to fix an eye on Euriale. **
** (3776) Helisandra steps out of the shadows within the room. "I was wondering if it really took that much concentration. Know that I did not intend to interrupt you, but after catyching a little - I could not leave either." **
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: A shadow elf's ears are sharper than her eyes. (rises as the sphere comes to a rest and darkens)
** (3722) Walks-With-Spirits quickly takes a glance back the way he'd come, briefly considering returning to the quarterss he'd been provided, then snaps his head back to see Helisandra, and takes a few steps forward into the room. **
** Euriale d'Elinhir turns around to face you. "So, you overheard my conversation. It's not important...yet." **
(3776) Helisandra: "Yes, I should have realized. Well - at least now I know. Actually, I only overheard a small part of it, and only your half - so I doubt that truely quallifies as a conversation." Helisandra gives her a slight smile, trying to make light of the situation slightly.
** Euriale d'Elinhir shrugs. "It might be that the Emperor will have need of your services at a future point, but there's nothing we can prove for the nonce. You've done more than your share for the Empire and for that, he and I thank you." **
** Euriale d'Elinhir gestures to a pair of soft down-filled chairs. "Sit and be at ease. Have you eaten yet?" **
(3776) Helisandra: "I see. Many thoughts and ideas abound, but nothing with proof - thus the desire to not spread the rumors further." Helisandra sits down at Euriale's request. "Thank you, and no I haven't, not yet. I had a couple interesting encounters last night that I wished to ask you about, since they deal with this empire, and this city in particular."
** (3776) Helisandra glancves back over her shoulder to see if Walks is going to remain at the door, or enter the room. **
** Euriale d'Elinhir snaps her fingers and a pair of trays appear on a nearby table. One is loaded with broiled sausage, bread, fruit, steamed eggs, cheese and other foods, whilst another has jugs and pitchers of various liquids, along with mugs, cutlery and plates. **
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "Serve yourselves." (takes a plate and heaps it with food)
** (3722) Walks-With-Spirits averts his gaze briefly as Helisandra looks to him, looking back only for a moment before taking a few steps back to stand just outside the room again. **
** (3776) Helisandra gathers some food on a plate, food that seems best for nibbling on - bread, cheese, fruit. **
(3776) Helisandra: "Walks-with-Spirits, there may be just us two females in this room - but that is nothing to fear, I assure you." Helisandra flashes him a charming smile. "Enter if you wish, eat. Her invitation was for us both."
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "I think you should know exactly what you're about to get into." (eats) "Where you will be going, you'll definitely be the center of attention. And it won't be welcome attention."
** (3776) Helisandra shrugs and turns away from Walks, concentrating again on Euriale as she begins to speak. **
** (3776) Helisandra nods in understanding about the attention as she nibbles on her food. **
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "You're going to the other end of the Empire, to a land where magicka and those who use it are not exactly looked upon fondly. Those who do use it are seen as tools to be used against one's enemies."
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "The province of Cyradia, where barbarians, assassins and rogues are commonplace." (levels her gaze at you)
** (3776) Helisandra's eyes drop just slightly. "Yes, I know they type you mean." **
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "That's not all. Orend is the capital of Cyradia and is located within a bowl-shaped depression, deep within an area that's devoid of magicka."
** (3776) Helisandra raises her eyes back up, raising an eyebrow even more. "Devoid? So our magickas would not work there, even if we had to use them?" **
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "Priests are not as affected as wizards and their ilk, so there is that." (butters a roll)
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "Items of power derived from the arcane and spells of an arcane nature may fail or cease to function within the city."
(3776) Helisandra: "I can easily see why the barbarians and assassins rule the city then."
(3776) Helisandra: "How far out from the city walls is this magicka devoid area?"
** Euriale d'Elinhir spears a bite of sausage, not at all the picture of daintiness that she normally projects. "At least four or five miles in all directions. To the south lies the lair of Briocht, an ancient emerald drake. To the east are several ancient ruins and tombs, one of which is where the lich resides." **
** (3776) Helisandra stops mid bite of a piece of fruit. "Wait, the lich's tomb is within this area? How is that possible? Wouldn't the magicka failure mean his death?" **
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "Outside of the area. It is an interesting connection." (eats)
(3776) Helisandra: "That makes more sense. If only there was some way to trick Acererak to follow us into the magickaless zone." Helisandra smiles at the thought, as improbable as it is, as she takes a big bite of fruit.
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "Cyradia was where the Jezulein first took shape as a cult. Half of those tombs and ruins are former lairs."
(3776) Helisandra: "It makes sense that Acererak would be there then, back where it all began. Now, I simply must ask while we are discussing this. Who were you referring to as the Overlord?"
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: The ruler of Orend is traditionally known as the Overlord. He or she rules the city and is ranked above the patriarchs of the temples, the guildmasters and mistresses of the guilds and the commanders of the Imperial Legion.
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: He is also the ruler of the province and answers only to His Imperial Majesty.
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: It is a position I would not want for the Overlord is continually a target of assassination and intrigue.
(3776) Helisandra: "I see, and do you know anything of the current Overlord?"
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: An Imperial named Cendos Xarmendius. A recent edict of his is that any individual of high enough social or material standing is automatically in his employ, as a means to keep that person in check while within the bounds of the city.
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "If you enter the city, you will need to be incognito."
(3776) Helisandra: "Interesting policy. Yes, that would seem best. And although I was originally jesting that Ian would be able to keep Tian company outside of town, I am getting the feeling that only two of us should enter the city - if we need to at all. A pair of travellers would be nothing, a large group would be obviously noticeable."
** Euriale d'Elinhir nods. "Precisely." (thinks) "What are your plans once you go to Orend?" **
(3776) Helisandra: "Well, we do not have any yet. After we arrived last night, we all needed some time apart after crawling through that tomb - so we have no had a chance to discuss it as of yet."
(3776) Helisandra: "But I am open to any suggestions you have, that I will pass on when we do discuss it."
(3831) Red (enter): 23:24
(3831) Red (exit): 23:24
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "Well...."
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "His Imperial Majesty might have need of your service at a future point. More than that, I cannot say. There is a possible connection with Acererak that has recently come to light but we need more proof."
(3776) Helisandra: "We do intend on returning here once we finish with Acererak, so I would guess that means our services would be available."
** Euriale d'Elinhir nods. "Well then, I wish you luck by the grace of Almalexia. For all our sakes." **
(3776) Helisandra: "Thank you. One further question if I may, I met an individual last night of a race I did not recogonize. He stood about this tall (she raises her hand above her head, her hand about a foot above her head), with blueish fur over his body, and well, he had four arms."
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "A Skandar. A native of Arator, although they are also known to live in Tincoras. There is a small colony here in Kha-Shugal. Skandar are noted for being traders and wanderers so the presence of one in this city is not that unusual."
(3776) Helisandra: "I did not figure it was unusual, as no one else seemed to take particular notice. Thank you for your time m'lady." Helisandra stands from her seat and curtsies, then leaves Euriale to herself - under the watchful gaze of Walks-With-Spirits.
** (3776) Helisandra heads back to the common room to see what everyone else is doing. **
(3776) Helisandra: (( takin' a smoke ))
** (3791) Garret lounges about, eating, drinking and reading a book **
(3825) Fetus (enter): 23:39
(3791) Garret: (hmmmm... FF?)
(3791) Garret: (Am I frozen?)
(3776) Helisandra: (( actually, I was going to do some party RP - unless everyone wants to FF ))
(3791) Garret: (nah, rp away)
(3776) Helisandra: (( and either Walks wishes to talk with Wuriale, or he was just wandering by - I'm not sure which. ))
** (3776) Helisandra enters the common room and moves behind Garret, reading over his shoulder for a moment to see what he is reading. **
(3791) Garret: :seems to be some sort of epic war story:
(3854) Lurker (enter): 23:49
** (3776) Helisandra frowns slightly, bored after reading just a couple lines. She starts talking aloud, as if she was reading it - but she changes just about every word, turning it into an espionage story. **
(3854) Lurker (exit): 23:49
(3825) Fetus (exit): 23:50
(3740) DM: ((so what's going on?))
** (3791) Garret continues his reading, nonplussed, and seems to listen along to Heli's altered tale as well. It's a peacable enough scene, until he randomly offers in criticism, "You just said the hero was a souble agent, at least stay somewhat consistant." **
(3776) Helisandra: (( I was planning on just general RP stuff during the down time, but nothing too specific, yet. Got some plans for the evening - but nothing specific until then. ))
(3791) Garret: (double agent even)
(3776) Helisandra: "Well, that what happens when I try to alter a story on the spot. You busy?"
(3791) Garret: "You can't tell...?" :asks dryly as he stuffs another bit of bread in his mouth and keeps reading.:
** (3776) Helisandra grins at him. "Well, I just finished an interesting conversation with our hostess - if you are interested." She sits down next to him, no longer reading - or storytelling. **
(3791) Garret: "Oh?" :offers carelessly as he reads. Anyone he didn't know him so long wouldn't know that meant he was listening.:
(3776) Helisandra: "Yeah, it turns out that Orend itself is located in some sort of magicka devoid area, although Acererak's tomb lies just outside said area. Could definately make things interesting." She offers nonchelantly, following his mannerisms as she inspects her nails.
** (3764) Calehan sets down the quill at last and wanders into the common room to check on everyone and have a bit of lunch now that he's finished writing notes on what they brought back from Acererak's vault. **
(3791) Garret: :gives and uncommited nod: "Yah... could be troublesome for some of our comrades. Though,, if we could use that field to our advantage.. well.. what is a lich without his magicks?"
(3776) Helisandra: "Yes, but somehow I doubt that we could trick him into the void area, although that would be a very fun way to deal with him." She raises her head as Calehan enters and gives him a wave.
(3791) Garret: :nods to Calehan:
(3776) Helisandra: "Euriale also asked me what our plan was once we get to Orend - and I realized that we might want to start thinking about that."
** (3764) Calehan waves to the others while he finds his meal. **
(3860) Lunauc (enter): 00:06
(3776) Helisandra: ((repeating for Lunuac)) "Euriale also asked me what our plan was once we get to Orend - and I realized that we might want to start thinking about that."
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(3740) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(3791) Lunauc' from room...
(3791) Lunauc (exit): 00:10
(3860) Garret: "Hmm... last I can recall, we were debating between the orb and the lich, no?"
(3776) Helisandra: "Yes, and that seems as good of a starting point as any. Based on a couple comments that have been made - I think that the lich should be our first consideration."
(3860) Garret: :nods: "True. We don't need him popping up and impeding us in the future."
(3776) Helisandra: "Exactly. And there may be more connections with him that might couse more problems."
(3860) Garret: "Fine then, we'll head straight for the tomb."
(3776) Helisandra: "I think that would be best, yes. And I think it would be beneficial to not have to actually enter Orend, if we can avoid it. Although with what information we have, I'm not sure that's possible." ((Since we don't know IC that we have a map showing the location of the tomb, yet.))
(3764) Calehan: "What information are we lacking? Acererak apparently had a failing memory because he left a lot of clues."
(3860) Garret: :shrugs: "If we must, some of us who don't depend on magicks can enter the city to do what we must."
** (3764) Calehan takes a bite before elaborating. **
(3860) Garret: :glances to Cale.:
(3776) Helisandra: "Well, we don't have a map like we did to get to the last tomb. So either enter the city to get information - or we use the sword to find our way."
(3863) Lynna (enter): 00:19
(3863) Lynna (exit): 00:19
(3764) Calehan: "Actually, we do have a map, now."
** (3776) Helisandra looks up excitedly, 'We do?" **
** (3764) Calehan reaches into a pouch on his belt and withdraws one of the scroll cases taken from the vault. "Just what I was looking for." **
(3764) Calehan: "It's right here, I can't vouch for its authenticity but he left his riddle on the back as well."
(3776) Helisandra: "Well, that sounds like Acererak. Confident to the end. 'Here is where I am and how to get to me. Come on by sometime.' Unfortunately, it seems he has reason to be so confident."
(3764) Calehan: "Maybe he expected to have allies, but he certainly doesn't write that way. it remains to be seen exactly where we'll be arriving in Orend though."
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "And you, Argonian. Welcome to my home."
(3776) Helisandra: "I am sure well outside the city, since magicka doesn't work within four or five miles of the city itself. Hmm, now that we have a map, maybe we can talk to Euriale and have ourselves be transported closer to the tomb."
whispering to Walks-With-Spirits, so dunno what you wanted to do with Euriale
(3740) DM: ((so do we FF?))
(3776) Helisandra: (( well - I guess Walks doesn't want to talk. And no one else said anything to Heli's idea... sure. ))
(3776) Helisandra: (( anyone else even still here besides myself and the DM? ))
(3740) Euriale d'Elinhir: "Whenever you are ready to leave, let me know. The spell can only be cast at night, as you will be transported by the power of the moons of Andurin. Since I cannot teleport you directly into the city, you will appear at a random location outside of the dead magicka zone."
(3764) Calehan: "There are some things he had stored that I don't think we have any immediate use for, actually."
(3740) DM: ((that happens later, in case some of you are thinking))
(3776) Helisandra: "Very well. Too bad we can't get to a specific spot, but this will still save us lots of time. Thank you for your hospitality, how soon can we leave? This evening, tomorrow?"
(3776) Helisandra: ((previously, to Calehan)) "Did you happen to make a list? Perfect, may I see it?" Helisandra views the list and works with the others to split the treausre up. ((So that we can get back to one time period)).
(3776) Helisandra: (( the first was was to Euriale, in case you couldn't tell. ))
(3860) Garret: (hehe... dozed off in front of the computer... gomen)
** (3764) Calehan goes over the list pointing out the items, "This sword; none of us use anything like it. You've been around the town, is there someone who might buy it?" **
(3776) Helisandra: "Actually, I know of at least one weapons dealer. If he's not - I am sure there are others in a city this size."
(3764) Calehan: "If he's not, maybe he knows someone who is."
(3776) Helisandra: "That too. In fact, the one I know had a number of daggers that I thought you might be interested in."
(3776) Helisandra: "None of them appeared overly special, but they did seem good quality."
(3764) Calehan: "Acererak had an interesting dagger, as well. I haven't seen anything quite like its enchantment."
(3776) Helisandra: (( do we want to RP out the division then? we can - I just wasn't planning on it. ))
(3764) Calehan: ((Maybe not the division, but should have a talk about the dagger.))
(3776) Helisandra: (( k ))
(3776) Helisandra: "Really, what's so special about it?"
(3764) Calehan: "As if it's a living, or maybe unliving, thing it seems it would be able to draw sustenance from its victims and grow in some way."
(3764) Calehan: "Though what will come of it I can't tell."
(3776) Helisandra: "Grow? like it becomes a short sword, then a longsword, and eventually a greatsword?"
(3764) Calehan: "It's not a material kind of growth. The enchantment itself is what grows."
(3776) Helisandra: "Oh. But you have to admit - that would be an interesting ability."
(3764) Calehan: "While I'm naturally wary of something that feeds on battle, I'm also curious what potential it has."
(3776) Helisandra: "Yes, something about that seems... unsettling. But I admit, I am a little curious as well."
(3764) Calehan: "So can we pay a visit to that weapons dealer?"
(3764) Calehan: "A final thought, maybe. There are as many reasons for conflict as there are people, and a weapon of its power won't long go unused. I'd rather know it's being used for a good cause."
(3776) Helisandra: "Yes, let's do that." She glances at the treasure as she stands, her eyes drawn to the cobra ring. "You know, that ring is awfully pretty." She picks it up and tries it on. "It's a nice fit too." She finally looks back up at Calehan, "Well, even if we decide not to sell the large sword, you can still take a look at his daggers."
** (3764) Calehan fetches the greatsword from where he studied it and sets out with Helisandra to find what that weapons dealer has to say. **
(3776) Helisandra: "Yes, we can always ask. Do you have any preference Garret?"
(3860) Garret: "Yes...."
(3860) Garret: :looks up from his book, with a serious expression:
(3860) Garret: "Get sticky buns on the way back."
(3776) Helisandra: "And why in the world would I sit in honey?"
(3860) Garret: "Some men find that attractive. Maybe even you could find a husband." :jokes from behind his book.:
(3764) Calehan: "It's a.. Right, of course. Enjoy your book."
** (3776) Helisandra strokes her chin, as if considering something. "Nah, I don't think that's the type of guy I would want anyway." **
(3860) Garret: "Can you really afford to be picky? You aren't getting younger." :tries to get in the last word:
** (3776) Helisandra turns and prepares to leave with Calehan, making sure one of them grabbed the greatsword. **
(3776) Helisandra: "Maybe not, but at least _I_ am still pretty." she calls back over her shoulder at Garret as she walks out the door.
(3860) Garret: :asks Calehan before he follows her out: "Don't let her near my buns.... I don't know what she might do to them."
** (3764) Calehan laughs and shakes his head as he leaves. "Of course, of course. We" **
(3764) Calehan: "We'll be well away from your buns while we visit this weapons dealer."
(3860) Garret: :nods as they go, refocusing on his reading:
** (3776) Helisandra leads Calehan back to the Bazaar of the Bizarre, and to Majaeras' booth. **
(3740) Majaeras: To have wondered if you were coming by today. (upon seeing you)
(3776) Helisandra: "I said I would, and so I have. My friend and I had a couple questions for you, about some weapons."
(3740) DM: The Skandar weapons merchant looks up from polishing a blade as you approach his stall.
(3740) Majaeras: "To be somewhat of an expert regarding blades and blade styles throughout Imperial lands."
(3776) Helisandra: "That is good. Now, does this expert buy rather unique blades, or just sell them?"
** Majaeras sheathes the blade he was previously polishing and turns his attention to you, two furry arms at his side, another pair holding his hips. **
(3740) Majaeras: "To be a trader and a drifter, and to have seen much over the years."
(3740) Majaeras: "To buy and sell as whims and the market dictate."
(3776) Helisandra: 'That is what we wanted to hear. We have recently received a greatsword that we really have no use for."
(3740) Majaeras: "To want to know if this sword is present."
** (3764) Calehan brings forward the greatsword, prenting it by the ebony pommel for inspection. **
(3764) Calehan: ((Presenting))
(3776) Helisandra: "Of course." She steps to the side as Calehan presents it, and she watches the Skandar's reaction very closely.
(3764) Calehan: "The enchantments about it are as articulate and as potent as its craftsmanship warrants."
(3895) Edga (enter): 01:36
** Majaeras turns the blade over and over, his brow creasing and furrowing. **
(3895) Edga (exit): 01:36
(3740) Majaeras: "To wonder where you have gotten this."
(3776) Helisandra: "It was recently liberated from an evil being's personal belongings."
(3764) Calehan: "It was north, wasn't it, and fairly deep underground. Judging by some of the other things stored there it may predate the Devastation."
** Majaeras drops the blade and rubs his hands together as if trying to wipe them of touching the blade. "To have only seen this once before, many years ago. To know this weapon as a bearer of a lifedrain enchantment. To be an instrument of great power and great evil." (looks at you, frightened) **
(3764) Calehan: "As was said, we have no use for such a weapon. It is not something that can be left laying around."
(3776) Helisandra: "Yeah, it seemed a little unsettling. If it is truely that evil Calehan, it might be best that we hold onto it, so that it doesn't get used."
(3776) Helisandra: "Even though we won't use it, I'd hate to think of what would happen if we did sell it, and it got passed on unintentionally into evil hands again."
(3900) Khazibuhl (enter): 01:44
(3900) Khazibuhl (exit): 01:44
(3764) Calehan: "If it's really evil, the local temple may help dispose of it."
(3776) Helisandra: "Good idea. Well, let's put it away for now, no need to keep it out."
** (3764) Calehan picks up and stows the sword, "I didn't plan on waving it around." **
** Majaeras appears relieved. "To recommend that you visit a temple to Odion or to Almalexia should you wish to dispose of it." **
(3776) Helisandra: "I think Ian was going to visit a temple of Odion, if I remember correctly. So he should be able to point us in the right direction, and to the right people."
(3776) Helisandra: "Now, the other thing we came for. I was hoping to show my friend your great supply of daggers."
(3764) Calehan: "Away with the unpleasantness now; I was told you have a wide variety of styles of daggers."
(3764) Calehan: "I'd like to see what kind of throwing daggers you have, especially."
(3740) Majaeras: "To wish to know if you want one for battle or for other uses."
** (3776) Helisandra takes the greatsword from Calehan so that he can better browse, and she sticks to the back. **
(3740) Majaeras: "To have a wide range, from a jambiya used in Zayal, to a longtooth that is more commonplace in the lands of the Southern Kingdoms. To have a toothknife which is the style of the Empire, and also to have bought a few fangtalons which are daggers in the style of Cyradia."
(3764) Calehan: "It might prove useful, since I'll be traveling there soon, to have something in the style common in Orend. Something which emphasizes precision would be practical."
(3905) DeadEarth (enter): 01:58
** (3764) Calehan gets some advice from Heli and clarifies, "The fangtalons, then." **
(3905) DeadEarth (exit): 01:59
(3740) Majaeras: "Very well, then. To wish to know if you desire a masterwork or an enchanted fangtalon?"
(3764) Calehan: "I believe a pair of masterwork daggers would suit my purpose well."
(3740) Majaeras: "One hundred septims then, for two pair."
** (3764) Calehan retrieves the appropriate amount from his belt pouches, "A fine exchange." **
** Majaeras nods. "To have done good business with you." **
(3776) Helisandra: :to Majaeras: "Thank you my friend. Good business to you, and thank you for your help."
(3764) Calehan: "We'd best get to that temple now. Good business to you."
(3740) DM: ((going to stop here))
(3740) TaliesinNYC: not going to RP the destruction of the sword or transport to Orend
(3860) Garret: ok..ok... I'm nodding off anyway
(3740) TaliesinNYC: next session, I'll assume that Euriale sends you to Orend's outskirts and we'll pick up from there
(3740) TaliesinNYC: I'd like to hold off on entering the tomb until DJ gets back
(3740) TaliesinNYC: figure 2-3 more Mel Nethra sessions before we go back to Damrosil

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