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(212) TaliesinNYC: (its the evening of the day of last session fyi)
(205) Zane: (( about how late in the evening? ))
(212) DM: ((8 pm or thereabouts))
(212) DM: (59) Euriale d'Elinhir: What took you so long? It has been well over three weeks since your departure from the city.
(60) Garret: :watching her collapse: "So... how have things been?"
(46) Ian: " Perhaps I should speak with him Eruiale."
(46) Ian: " Disposing of a Lich is no easy task,if it were it would have been done long ago."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Not well. There have been a few assassination attempts against His Imperial Majesty in your absence. The Emperor thinks that there is a traitor in our midst.
(46) Ian: " Two weeks traveling and a week of finding it and disposing of it,so three weeks is about right."
(60) Garret: :shrugs: "That is always possible."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Jobasha is a friend but his zeal for justice has blinded him. But you have returned....with good news, I hope.
(46) Ian: " I am not one to cast words lightly about,but seems that the Elder has more than our good will on his mind,perhaps it is he who is making a bid for the crown."
** Euriale d'Elinhir shrugs. "Perhaps. Court intrigues have never been my forte." **
(46) Ian: " Well we are here and the Lich is no more,atleast the one you sent us after,it was merely a construct,a version though powerful but not the Lich himself."
(62) Calehan: "In short, we have destroyed the resident of Acererak's tomb, but the lich itself is at another stronghold."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: He still exists...?
(71) ticattack (enter):
** Euriale d'Elinhir raises her hand to her mouth as if in shock. "Why are you here then?" **
(46) Ian: " So it seems,though we have no idea where it is located now."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (71) ticattack...
(59) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(61) ticattack' from room...
(61) ticattack (exit):
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: This does not bode well then...not well at all. I suppose you should at least be compensated for your efforts. (numbly)
(46) Ian: " Well if we would have started searching for the real Acereraks stronghold,we would have been gone alot longer than 3 weeks m'lady."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Then you must, please you must! For the sake of the Emperor and the Empire, you must! I beg of you, please.
** Euriale d'Elinhir seems almost as if she is about to cry. "He still exists..." **
(60) Garret: "We shall. Please calm yourself. You'll get wrinkles."
(46) Ian: " I have no idea where to begin to search for him,do you have any ideas?
(59) DM: (actually you were told where by the Scion...)
(59) DM: (or at least the general area)
(43) Helisandra: (( yeah - near the city of
Orend I believe. ))
(62) Calehan: "He did leave a location marked from the tomb. As well as a taunting riddle to follow."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: If there is anything I can do to help you in this, you have but to ask. But I beg of you, please, for the Emperor and the Empire...
(46) Ian: " We will need provisions,no telling how long we are going to be on the road,so we will need a wagon if one is available."
(62) Calehan: "We came back to inform you of what progress there is; it's better than being left wondering. We also need to re-provision for another trip. Towards Orend."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: It will take you months to reach Orend by normal travel. Better to send you along wings of magicka.
(60) Garret: "That would be appreciated assistance."
** Euriale d'Elinhir slowly calms down. "Be at ease, and be guests in my home. Araevas will show you to your quarters." **
(46) Ian: " If it were that easy then how come you did not send us to the tomb using magicka?"
** Euriale d'Elinhir lifts a small silver bell on a table next to her and rings it. "He will be here momentarily." **
(60) Garret: "Much obliged, good Lady, Though, do you mind if i ask a bit about these assassination attempts?"
(62) Calehan: "Some things the lich has grudgingly provided. There may be invaluable items among the assortment of gems and jewels from his vault."
(46) Ian: " Very little in the way of healing Calehan."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: The tomb was warded against spells of that nature.
(46) Ian: " There is no Temple of Solnor here Calehan,Odion sure but I am not sure how well I will be recieved."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: His Imperial Majesty has been travelling to various outposts in the Empire over the last year but has not made his presence known here within Kha-Shugal. And yet, there have been four attempts in the last three weeks against his august self.
(60) Garret: "Was anyone captured, or even held suspect?"
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: There are whisperings of a traitor within our midst, and Jobasha thinks that I am involved. You see, I am the only shadow elf in a position of importance in the Empire, and high enough within His Imperial Majesty's circle to have his ear.
** (43) Helisandra moves to Ian and speaks softly to him. "If you don't want to visit their temple, I am sure one of us could visit them and attempt to purchase what we need." **
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: The Emperor's Blades have taken prisoner one or two assassins, who have committed suicide by self-administered poison. Deathspeaking has proven ineffective.
(46) Ian: " It has always been my beliefs that the one who shouts traitor to another is the one who should be watched."
(60) Garret: "I see."
(46) Ian: " I thank you Helisandra,but I fear you may not recieve a welcome at all,better to send a man of the
Temples speak with the Elders."
** (43) Helisandra nods. **
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: I have never found it worthy to spend time amongst the Imperial court. Perhaps I should have.
(60) Garret: "Where was the last attempt on the Empereor?"
(46) Ian: " I know how you feel,until recently I was not a man of the commoners,no offense meant to any here."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: As I have knowledge of His Imperial Majesty's movements within the city, I have naturally fallen under suspicion. However, it is my belief that these attempts are coincident with the object of your quest, that the lich is somehow involved. His presence is a malignant tumor on our land and his influence reaches far beyond the grave.
** (46) Ian whispers to Helisandra," Did you bring the blade?' **
** (62) Calehan waits for Araevas to arrive and requests some specific supplies. "I'll need a few bottles of wine and a supply of crushed pearl. Over a thousand septims worth. Bring an extra owl's feather as well." **
** (43) Helisandra pats the wrapped blade she is carrying. **
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: At dinner three days ago. His meal was poisoned except that it was his food taster who fell, as the Emperor is not given to eating sweets. We have determined it was a five part poison, activated upon consumption of all parts.
(46) Ian: " Show it to her,perhaps she knows of it."
(43) Helisandra: "Shouldn't Calehan study it first?" she whispers back.
(46) Ian: " It may be an elven blade of long ago,her kind were known for making such weapons,as were the dwarves."
(46) Ian: " She may not be able to tell you everything about it,but she may know its history."
** (43) Helisandra nods to Ian and waits until she finishes speaking with Garret. **
(59) DM: The apprentice hurries away after receiving Calehan's request.
(43) Helisandra: "M'lady, there is one other thing that Ian believes you might be able to help us with. Do you know of anything that uses a symbol of a white arrow against black?"
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: A few things...why?
(60) Garret: "Hmmm... if they fear it is you, you might as well be temporarily withheld knowlegde of his Majesties schedule. And if there is another attempt in that time, it proves more or less you are not the leak."
(43) Helisandra: "Well..." Helisandra brings forth the wrapped blade and unwraps it, keeping it still in the blanket, but open enough for her to see. "Is this one of them?"
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Jobasha has requested that I be kept in sequestrance for the next few days. And so I have been here in my tower. As my champions, your presence here in the city will have been noted as well.
** Euriale d'Elinhir gasps upon seeing the sword. "Mother's mercy...!" **
(60) Garret: "I take it this mean syou recognize it."
(43) Helisandra: "I take that as a yes."
(59) DM: She lays her hand, tremblingly upon the hilt and jerks it away as if jolted.
** (43) Helisandra looks at the hilt, then back at Euriale. "Are you alright?" **
** Euriale d'Elinhir glances up at you (Helisandra) with an awed expression on her face. "You do not know what you hold here in your hands..." **
(60) Garret: "Obviously.."
(46) Ian: " It is a symbol I am not familiar with,so I figured one such as yourself would know of this blade."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: This is no ordinary sword, but the Sword of Wisdom.
(43) Helisandra: "Not exactly. I figured, based on the metal chosen, that it is old and powerful. And based on it's condition after being stuck hilt deep in a tree for who knows how long - it is definately magical. Other than that - no idea."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: One of the Twelve. How...how did you find it?
(46) Ian: " See I told you."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Within a tree? Then you are fated...or fools. Or both.
(46) Ian: " I would have to say both."
(60) Garret: "Probably both..." :sighs: "So.. what does it do?"
(43) Helisandra: "Uh, well - now I'm a little embaressed. I caught the glint of sunlight at dawn off the metal as I scouted our camping area before we left Acererak's tomb. That's it. Pure luck."
** Euriale d'Elinhir recites, "Who holds Wayfinder finds good roads, its master's step is brisk. The Sword of Wisdom lightens loads but adds unto their risk." **
(46) Ian: " Now that is a good name for our little company,The Fated Fools."
(43) Helisandra: "Gee, first the tapestry makes me a fool, now a sword does too? It's almost enough to make me give up."
(71) T'a K'shet: "Speak for yourself."
(71) T'a K'shet: (To Ian)
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: A verse from an ancient song, the Song of Swords. The Sword of Wisdom allows you to find that which you seek...but not necessarily the safest way.
(60) Garret: "Better to be lucky than smart sometimes."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: It is the opinion of many of the past owners of the Sword that it actually picks the worst, most dangerous path for its user to follow.
(60) Garret: "So... if we were to ask it say... Where do we go to kill Acerak...?"
(71) T'a K'shet: ((AFK a few))
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: It would point you in his general direction. A warning: the Sword functions best in the broadest sense, but less so in a more specific sense.
(43) Helisandra: "Well, in that case - it doesn't need to be out like this any more." Helisandra wraps the sword back up again and steps back with the others.
(60) Garret: "Eh.. as long as it gives us some hint of where were going."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: You do not know what a dangerous item one of the Twelve is. You should not use it openly for such items of Power are noticed and noticeable by those who are attuned to such magicka.
(43) Helisandra: "So we only use it if absolutely necessary."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: When a spell of great strength is cast or an item of power is used, one who is attuned to the ether can sense its use and certain generalities of the user or users.
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: There are many who would give anything to possess one of the Twelve, even a Sword such as Wayfinder.
(46) Ian: " And once more what I said is true."
(43) Helisandra: "Wait, I thought the only way to find one of the Twelve was to first find it's memory. Or something like that."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Or to find it freely.
(46) Ian: " So who is attuned to this sword?"
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: There are some who say that the Swords are not found unless They want to be found.
(43) Helisandra: "Of course, the dumb luck exception to the rule. Why me?"
(46) Ian: " Better you than anyone else Helisandra,you will use it sparingly."
(59) DM: (she is basically saying that if someone were to cast an 8th level spell, for example, wizards of great power can sense the working of such magic in the world. or if someone were to use an artifact, arcane users of high level can sense such a use.)
(59) DM: (because its usage creates a disturbance in the "ether")
(43) Helisandra: "Are you kidding? I barely know how to hold the thing, of course I won't be using it."
(46) Ian: ( Ahh so someone like a lich or other higher up baddies can tell we have it when we use it and get a general location of where we are,so the more we use it the easier for them to find us)
(59) DM: (kind of. the truth is more complex than that but that's the general essence)
(60) Garret: :to Heli: "Seems you just need to point it... Think of t as an oversized compass."
(60) Garret: (brb)
(46) Ian: " Yes like what Garret just said."
(43) Helisandra: "Well, I'll definitely keep it wrapped for now then."
(46) Ian: " Seems I was right on both counts on this sword."
(46) Ian: " And keep it well guarded as well Helisandra."
(43) Helisandra: "So you have said, well done Ian. Next topic please."
(46) Ian: " When would be a good time for you to send us on our way to the Lich?"
(43) Helisandra: "So, we have plenty to think on, all of us apparently. Do you have some beds we can use, the room we akoe in originally would be perfect."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: This spell will take some time to prepare. A few days at least.
(43) Helisandra: (( *awoke ))
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: As I do not know where his true tomb lies, I can send you to Orend where you can at least begin your search.
(46) Ian: " Well we can stay here until you are ready,there are a few things we need to gather while we are waiting."
(46) Ian: " That is good enough."
** Euriale d'Elinhir sizes you up with an appraising eye. "Of you all, Ian would be a stranger there. Orend is aptly named the City of Sevenfold Shadows." **
(46) Ian: " I will go to the Temple of Odion and see about getting some more healing potions and some scrolls. I am sure with all the gems we collected we could afford some."
** (43) Helisandra perks her ears up slightly at the mention of Shadows. **
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: The rule of the sword (and the dagger) is what serves for justice in Orend. Wizards and priests and such are as rare as rain in a desert.
(46) Ian: " No more out of place than the rest of the places I have been to recently."
(43) Helisandra: "I guess Ian can keep Tian company outside of town then." she says with a smirk.
(46) Ian: " I am sure Tian will like that."
(62) Calehan: "It sounds like a place that'll be in for a surprise when we show up then."
(46) Ian: " To say the least."
(75) Lunauc (enter): 02:31
(46) Ian: " Does anyone need anything else while I am out getting healing supplies?"
(43) Helisandra: "Yes, but it's not something that you can get."
(43) Helisandra: "Anyone else?"
(62) Calehan: "Maybe, it would be useful to have some excess diamond dust handy."
(46) Ian: " As you wish Helisandra,I shall take my leave now and head to the Temple.'
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (75) Lunauc...
(43) Helisandra: "Very well Ian. Calehan, where would that be obtained from?"
(71) T'a K'shet: ((I'm going to have to head off early. See you all later.))
(43) Helisandra: (( later ))
(59) DM: ((probably should stop here considering that Cale will be IDing the items and I need to hear from you what you want to do over the next three days or so until Euriale is ready. so next sesh is RP time))
(75) Garret: (nite)
(59) DM: ((DJ will be gone for about a month))
(62) Calehan: "A well-to-do temple would keep a suitably large supply for some rituals. That's why I mentioned it."
(75) Garret: (hai.. gotcha)
(59) DM: ((you guys wanted downtime, well now you have it.))
(43) Zane: Sounds perfect, as I am about to fall asleep as well. :)

(212) DM: (read that and then start when ready. be afk for 20 minutes)
(214) Garret: (are we staying in the tower, or expected to find an inn?)
(205) Zane: (( she better be providing us a room. :P ))
** (210) Ian follows the orderly to his room **
** (205) Helisandra looks out a window at the dark sky. "Beautiful out there. I am going to see if I can locate a couple items, I'll be back later. And Calhean, I'll see if I can find some diamond dust for you - although that will likely have to wait until tomorrow. Anyone else need anything?" **
(212) DM: ((in the tower))
(214) Garret: :offers to Heli as he heads for the stairs: "Just.. a drink."
** (210) Ian asks the person who shows him his room for some items,such as a pail of warm water,a bar of soap and a towel. **
** (205) Helisandra smiles at Garret and getting no other responses, she disappears into the shadows, creeping out into the city. **
** (214) Garret heads out in search of a nice quiet pub **
** (210) Ian once the items are delivered,begins to take off his armor,inspecting each piece then laying it off to the side,washes his body,towels off,changes into some clean clothes,then begins to clean his armor piece by piece,then takes out his prayer chest from his pack,opens it up and begins with his nightly prayers,once finished,places the box back in his pack,lays down to get some much needed sleep. **
** (213) T'a K'shet strolls around the place, just getting a feel for it, as well as noting anything that could be useful to the group. **
** (207) Calehan sits in his room with all the magical items gathered together and spends the night next to a case of wine identifying their function, item by item. As Calehan completes each inspection he write down a description for each. **
whispering to Donovan, send me a list of all the items you have and I'll send you back approximate descriptions of each
whispering to Donovan, we can either do it in a whisper or you can send me a node
** (210) Ian awakes in the morning,takes out his prayer box once more and does his morning prayers for an hour,then works out with his sword and flail for an hour,then washes up once more,puts on clean clothes,puts on his armor,places his prayer box back in his pack,straps on his weapons,grabs his pack and heads out to the Temple of Odion. **
(212) DM: (this is for Heli and Garret only)
(205) Helisandra: (( Heli parted from Garret when she went to the Bazaar, if that matters... ))
(212) DM: ((ok))
(212) DM: (then for Heli only)
** (214) Garret goes off a' drinkin' **
(205) Helisandra: (( woo hoo - I'm special. :P ))
(212) DM: You pass by a stall. It seems to be a weapons merchant, though the merchant is of no race you've ever seen. It seems to be fully a head above your height, entirely covered in bluish-gray hair, large slate gray eyes and...it has four arms. Its inspecting a broadsword.
** (205) Helisandra is intrigued by the new character, but not enough to interrupt it. She notes the location in case Calehan needs some daggers and she continues on. **
(205) Helisandra: (( brb while IDing gets done. ))
(212) DM: A few stalls down, you (Heli) find what you're looking for. Quite interestingly enough, picks and such are sold openly by the Khajiit behind the counter.
(212) Ra'Zhid: Ra'Zhid sees that you are interested, outlander. Is there something that you would like to buy?
** Ra'Zhid looks up and down Helisandra with a shrewd glint in her eyes. **
(205) Helisandra: "That I would like to buy? Many things." She smiles at the Khajiit and then spends time looking over the lock picks and other theive's tools, trying to find some that are of better quality (looking for masterowrk ones). "Right now though, I really need to places some tools."
(205) Helisandra: (( *replace.. ))
(212) Ra'Zhid: Ah, Ra'Zhid sees that you are a discerning customer and not an inferior one like so many who frequent Ra'Zhid's shop. Very well, then. Ra'Zhid has a set or two of tools that might interest you...for a price. Mrrow.
(205) Helisandra: "Of course. The best things always cost more. I would be intyerested in two sets, if you have them."
(205) Helisandra: (( Zane smacks himself with a dictionary... *interested... ))
(212) Ra'Zhid: Two sets of needle-thin tools then? Five hundred septims. These are the best in the Empire. Ra'Zhid ought to know.
(218) Lunauc (enter): 22:44
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (218) Lunauc...
(205) Helisandra: "The best you say? Surely you would be willing to at least allow me to see these first, yes?"
** Ra'Zhid chuckles and pulls out a set from underneath her, presenting it to Helisandra. "One of the advantages of being in a city like Kha-Shugal is that the Thieves' Guild operates openly here, having the ear of the Matron of the city. That the Matron was once the guildmistress can only help, not hurt." **
(205) Helisandra: "That does explain things a bit, yes." She takes the set and looks it over, keeping it in plain sight the entire time to avoid any misunderstandings.
(212) Ra'Zhid: So...your accent is strange for an outlander. You are not from the Empire. Mrrow. (casually inspects her fingertips)
(212) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(214) Lunauc' from room...
(214) Lunauc (exit): 22:53
(205) Helisandra: "No, I am not. My friends and I are passing through our way south. Very quality work indeed. Pass along my compliments to the maker. However, 500 seems a little much. How about 400 for the two sets? That should still be a good profit for you."
(218) Garret: (afk a sec)
(212) Ra'Zhid: Ra'Zhid sees that you are a shrewd bargainer and would be willing to settle for four hundred and fifty septims. Think of the ease with which you can now open the most difficult of locks. And these picks have the added bonus of being enchanted, albeit with limits.
** (205) Helisandra thinks for a few moments then asks, "Enchanted? How so?" **
(212) Ra'Zhid: It will bypass any magically trapped door on the first such use.
(205) Helisandra: "Hmm, I do suppose that is worth the extra fifty. Very well, 450 then."
(212) Ra'Zhid: Only one pick per set is enchanted in such a fashion, hence the price per.
(205) Helisandra: "I understand." Heli pulls out her coin purse and counts out the little bit the she still has, leaving 450 gold in the pouch. She places her leftover coins in her belt pouch and sets the purse of 450 gold on the counter.
** Ra'Zhid pockets the septims purring contentedly. "Ra'Zhid thanks you for your generosity, outlander, and would like to know if there is anything else you might want before this shop closes." **
(205) Helisandra: "Not this evening, although I may be back tomorrow."
** (205) Helisandra collects her two sets of picks as she prepares to leave. **
(212) Ra'Zhid: "Very well. If you could procure some skooma (voice drops a bit on mentioning this), Ra'Zhid can think of a way or two to thank you. Mrrow."
** (205) Helisandra nods in response and smiles, then heads out. **
(212) DM: ((where next?))
(205) Helisandra: (( well - got what I need, and based on her comment, Heli would be expecting the shops to be closing up soon. Swing back by the weapon merchant if he's still open. ))
(212) DM: ((still open))
** Majaeras is haggling with a dwarf over a double-headed axe engraved with runes up and down the length of its oak handle. **
** (205) Helisandra pops in and gives the merchant a nod as she checks out a couple of items, concentrating on checking out the daggers. **
(212) DM: Two furry arms hold the axe in front of the dwarf while the other two gesticulate wildly as the two haggle.
** (205) Helisandra keeps her hands by her sides, hands actually being held behind her back, as she looks at the daggers. **
(212) DM: The dwarf snorts and storms off looking a bit nonplussed. For his part, the strange furry humanoid sighs with relief.
(205) Helisandra: "Another 'interesting' customer, huh?" she asks with a smirk, glancing back at where the dwarf exited.
(212) Majaeras: "To close my shop soon and to see you as my last customer." (nods)
(205) Helisandra: "I will be but a moment. I am looking for some quality daggers and wished to see what you have available."
(212) Majaeras: To have traded for a few daggers and knives in days past. To have some for sale. To take a few moments to look.
** Majaeras rummages about his stall, talking over his shoulder. "To wish to know if you would like daggers unique to the Empire or those from distant lands." **
** (205) Helisandra pauses a moment, working out what he is saying. "Myself, it doesn't matter. My friend that I am also looking for would likely prefer those from distant lands." **
** Majaeras nods, arms waving about. "To have a set of longtooth daggers from the lands of the Southern Kingdoms as well as one jambiya from Zayal. To have sold a talon not too long ago before you arrived." **
(212) Majaeras: "To notice that you are not from the Empire. To know that one is not alone in this. To be relieved."
(205) Helisandra: "You are not alone. In fact, there are many in the world not from this Empire. You are far from alone. As far as the daggers, those sound like what he would like. I will bring him by tomorrow evening to check them out himself. I appologize for keeping you open, have a good evening."
** Majaeras stands up after a long moment and presents a tray for Helisandra's inspection. "To have a few for you to look at. To hope that you might see something that interests you." **
** (205) Helisandra glances at the selection passing, pausing on a couple she looks at. "Yes, good quality. I am sure he will be as interested as I am." **
(212) Majaeras: "Ah well. To be here in the morning after the tenth hour. To bid you good evening."
(205) Helisandra: "Good evening." She gives the daggers one last glance and heads out.
** Majaeras rubs one of his wrists absentmindedly as you head out. **
(212) DM: (FFing to the next day)
** (205) Helisandra wonders about this new merchant, but lets it go for now - knowing that she is no longer in the world she knows. Helisandra makes her way back to the tower, but does not enter. She instead disappears into the shadows across the street from the tower. **
(212) DM: (after I'm done with Heli of course)
(205) Helisandra: (( go ahead - FF. I'm whispering to you... ))
** (210) Ian leaves the tower,stopping near a guard and asking for directions to the Temple of Odion,once given,heads out to the Temple. **
** (218) Garret spends a good portion of the night enjoying some relaxing drink in a quiet pub. The next morning he uncharacteristically sleeps in. When he does rise he forgoes his usual training regiment to seek out breakfast in this strange tower. **
** (210) Ian walks down the street towards the Temple,taking in all he sees. **
** (210) Ian stops just at the doors of the Temple,watching others enter to see what rituals they preform as they enter. **
** (205) Helisandra sleeps in late, as she did not return until just before runrise. She eventually wakes up (10 or 11ish) and makes her way to get some bread to much on and she heads over to where Calehan was to see how he is doing. **
** (207) Calehan refreshes himself with meditation and breakfast before returning to his work on a few more objects. **
** (205) Helisandra quietly enteres where Calehan works and she sits in the corner out of the way, being sure not to bother him and just waiting until he has a moment free. **
(212) DM: As people enter the temple of Odion, they say a short prayer at an altar in the main vestibule, light a candle or ring a small crystalline bell set to the side of the altar, then head inside the refectory of the temple.
whispering to Ian, lost the tab, whisper me again
** (210) Ian enters the Temple,taking off his helm,setting his shield aside,bows his head,says a prayer to Solnor,then rings the bell,picks up his shield and enters the Temple,finding an empty seat,looking for an Acrolyte to pass by. **
(205) Helisandra: (( brb - smokin' ))
(212) DM: After a few moments, an acolyte enters the refectory.
(222) Donovan (enter): 00:13
** (210) Ian motions for the man to approach me **
(223) Lunauc (enter): 00:19
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (222) Donovan...
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (223) Lunauc...
** Tertius approaches Ian. "What can I do for you?" **
(210) Ian: " I wish to speak with an elder if none are too busy."
(212) Tertius: Master Germanicus will be along shortly. Services will begin in a few minutes.
(212) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(218) Lunauc' from room...
(218) Lunauc (exit): 00:30
(210) Ian: " Thank you I would greatly appreciate a word with him,if you see him could you tell him that Ian Cromwell,knight of Solnor wishes to speak with him."
** (210) Ian sits quietly as the services begin,watching the other patrons,to see what and how they react during the morning services. **
** DM nods and heads off to the altar, sitting in a chair near the front of the room. After a few moments, a short, white-bearded half-elf garbed in shining white robes enters the chamber. The symbol of Odion is promiently displayed on the centerpiece of his robe. **
(212) DM: (Tertius*)
(212) DM: The temple doesn't seem to be particularly busy this morning. It's half filled though the congregation is quite lively. The half elven elder leads the service, his baritone echoing throughout the refectory.
** (210) Ian bows his head towards the half elf as he enters **
** (210) Ian studies the symbol of Odion,committing it to memory. **
(207) Donovan (exit): 00:44
(212) DM: ((OOC: Odion's symbol is a sword (blade pointing upwards) through the Crown of the Emperors against a golden background))
(212) DM: After the service is over, the half elf walks over to Ian.
(212) Germanicus of Odion: Tertius said you wished to see me. How can I help you?
** (210) Ian stands as the elder approachs him," I wish to purchase some healing potions and perhaps some scrolls if any are available,I also would like to make a donation to your poor box." reaching into his belt and pulling out a small sack of coins,handing it to the elder." My the blessings of Solnor smile upon your Temple." **
(210) Ian: ( 500 gold coins)
(210) Ian: *May
** Germanicus of Odion seems a little perplexed. "Solnor?" **
(210) Ian: " The Temple I serve from where I am from,I am not of this country."
** Germanicus of Odion accepts the donation, nodding in thanks. "If you will come with me, I can arrange to see to your needs. I am not familiar with your god, I'm afraid." **
(210) Ian: " Nor am I with yours,perhaps we could have a conversation about each of our dieties."
(223) Garret: (afk)
(212) Germanicus of Odion: "Ah, a traveller. Odion is a patron deity of the line of Emperors, dating back for thousands of years. He is a god who stands for the light, and for those who live to serve the Emperor and all that his House might require. Vigilance, devotion and honor are his meat; loyalty, obedience and rulership his drink."
(210) Ian: " Solnor demands no less from those who serve him as well."
(210) Ian: " I was raised by those of the cloth,and grew up to serve Solnor and to spread his word in my travels,I do not mean any disrepect,I am sure when your clergy make their travels into wayward lands they too spread the words of Odion."
(212) Germanicus of Odion: "Interesting. Our two faiths may be much alike, so it seems. However, matters within the Empire are such that those who practice the faith are inextricably intertwined with Imperial politics."
(210) Ian: " Ahh now there in lays the difference,the Temple of Solnor has no politics involved,government and Temple are separate."
(210) Ian: " Though I can see the practicality of having a gods ear along with that of a King."
(212) Germanicus of Odion: "For instance, though I am but a priest of Odion, we are but one of a triad. The faiths of Almalexia and Hamlin are our counterparts. Together, we compose the Tribunal Temple. Others within the Empire worship the Nine, gods who we of the Tribunal do not believe in or follow. (sniffs)
(210) Ian: " Though I must ask,what happens when the two conflict against each other,who is it that you listen to more?"
(224) Lunauc (enter): 01:15
(210) Ian: " Do you not seek out those who serve the Nine and convert them to your beliefs? I find it hard to comprehend that there could be so many diverse religions and each are aloud to flurish."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (224) Lunauc...
(212) Germanicus of Odion: As long as a member of the faith does not act against the Empire, then things are left to unfold through natural action. There are many checks and balances within our land.
(212) Germanicus of Odion: "We serve the Empire in our own ways. Our faith is so different from the Nine Divines that to convert an adherent to our order would be an impossible task."
(210) Ian: " Ahh kind of like placing ones hand in a gauntlet,the glove and fingers meshing together as one."
(210) Ian: " I too understand that notion,the companions that I travel with are as hard to convert as any that I have met,each one has their own beliefs,some coincide with the teachings of Solnor,while there are others that will not even think of another diety other than the one they were taught."
(210) Ian: " Yet when gravely wounded,they do not hesitate to call out to the one who serves another diety other than their own. Hense the reason I am here to make some purchases from your Temple,perhaps in showing them that I hold no grudge against their beliefs,it may in fact make it easier in the long run to convert a few of them to the ways of Solnor."
(212) Germanicus of Odion: "We wish...I wish I could be as open in my faith as you are in yours, sirrah. I am afraid that we are too much set in our ways. The time of the Temple is drawing to a close for if we do not instill new blood within our ranks, we will no longer be relevant in the eyes of the people."
(210) Ian: " Perhaps you should do as the Temple of Solnor did when faced with the same problem,take in some of the more desolate of your followers and teach them the ways of Odion,thus not only bringing in new blood as it were,but also showing to the Kingdom that you are in fact a Temple to be worshipped."
(210) Ian: " As my elder once said to me. One can not take without first opening his hand and giving."
(213) ticattack (exit): 01:37
(212) Germanicus of Odion: "This idea has merit, yes. Will you be in the city for a few more days?"
(210) Ian: " Yes,I am a guest at the tower of Euriach." (not sure of the spelling)
(223) Lunauc (exit): 01:44
(210) Ian: *Euriale
(212) Germanicus of Odion: "Ah, Euriale d'Elinhir. A fine woman. I must be going. Please, if you have a moment, stop by again. I enjoyed our conversation and it is refreshing to hear one of your talents."
(210) Ian: " I shall,as for my purchases,I would like those that heal critical wounds and those that heal wounds completely,I trust and hope that you will be able to furnish me with these items,if you wish I can give you payment for them now."
(212) DM: (he does so)
(212) DM: (ok, anyone else before I press the magic button?)
(224) Garret: (not really. Just planning to vacation a couple of days)
(205) Zane: (( can wait - Heli would see if Calehan wanted to go shopping - but it would wait until after he sobers up from IDing. :P ))
(222) Calehan: ((I'll finish the identifying on the second day at this rate.))
** (210) Ian places 10 gems on the table as he leaves,2 diamonds,2 rudies,3 saphires and 3 emeralds. **
(210) Ian: " These were ill gotten gains from the construct Asererak,it is he whom we seek,the real one,I shall stop back in a day to see how things fair,I am sure these will be sufficient payment for what I have requested."
(212) DM: The priest is stunned.
(212) Germanicus of Odion: "Words cannot express our...my gratitude. Thank you noble paladin! I will see to it personally that your potions and materials are ready."
(210) Ian: " I thank you,may Solnor smile upon you in all your endeavors this and every day."
(210) Ian: " I take my leave,tis been long since I have broke bread and I fear the emptiness of my stomach is getting the better of me."
** (210) Ian bows to the elder as he leaves,stopping just before he leaves to say another prayer and light a candle as he leaves the Temple,heads back to the tower to get something to eat now that he is a pauper once more. **
(212) DM: ((the staff: this item bears a moderately powerful enchantment such that it can be used in battle as a weapon. in addition, when the command word is spoken, it can be used to store spells equal in level to its current owner but not more than a certain number. when a second command word is spoken, its user can release the stored spells as if cast by him or her. spells in excess of the number of levels stored by the staff cannot be added as the energy is simply lost and the spell is wasted. this item contains a moderately high number of spells at this time and is not attuned to an owner.))
(212) DM: ((it should be noted that this item has not been seen on Andurin since before the Invoked Devastation.))
(212) DM: ((steel scroll case: map showing the location of Bzallin's tower.))
(227) Lunauc (enter): 02:15
(212) DM: ((bone scroll case marked with Acererak's name: map showing the location of Acererak's true tomb))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (227) Lunauc...
(212) DM: ((as expected, a taunting poem is written on the back of the map))
(205) Helisandra: (( hmmm - that just seems too easy... ))
(212) DM: ((a greatsword: this item bears a moderately powerful enchantment. when it strikes a creature in an accurate fashion, it further weakens that creature provided that the creature does not resist the effect ((OOC: fails a Fort save)). There is something quite unsettling about this weapon.))
(212) DM: ((clear viscous golden liquid: this potion heals its imbiber and acts as a moderately powerful curative.))
(212) DM: ((transparent light blue: this potion causes its imbiber to fly as per the spell, as if he or she had cast as a mage of equivalent level))
(205) Helisandra: (( I take it these are the notes that Calehan gives us all about the items? ))
(212) DM: ((deep purplish: this potion causes its imbiber to see as a dweller of the Sunless Lands might ((OOC: darkvision. if you have darkvision, your range is doubled.))))
(212) DM: ((yes))
(212) DM: ((figured he'd repeat so I save him the trouble.))
(205) Helisandra: (( cool ))
(222) Calehan: ((You figure correctly.))
(212) DM: ((transluminant green: this potion is a powerful poison and is lethal upon opening the flask as it becomes a gas.))
** (222) Calehan shares his determinations about the items they brought from the Acererak's vault with everyone that evening so they can settle any accounting. **
(222) Donovan has sent you a tree node...
(212) DM: The poem on the reverse of the map is as follows: Dancing on the first great sign calls lying blades for cuts unkind.
The dancer finds another room and suffers here a watery doom.
Colored stones to thee bequeathed, bitten tightly in priestly teeth,
Each a key to a sacred wall, sign to sign will make it fall.
Pig or camel brings thee woe, while hippo clears the way to go
Those who cower to the south will fall into a hungry mouth.
Iron portal locked up tight, pound and pull with all your might,
As precious metal waters clay, earthen being makes the way.
Four fair stones that bear four signs, keys to whom whose tongue maligns
Those who dare disturb thy sleep, grief and woe is what they'll reap.
Bearing gems upon its back, place the creature in its tracks.
Trunk and tusk have platinum beast
By its walk you will release.

(210) Ian: " Haven't we heard this poem once before?"
(222) Calehan: "It's definitely familiar. The fake lich's final message sounded like this.'
(205) Helisandra: "And know we know where his tomb is even, so we can finally end his threat."
(210) Ian: " With Solnor's aide I am sure this time he will feel his wraith,as well as mine."
(224) Lunauc (exit): 02:41
(212) DM: (and on that note, we'll stop. next session, more of the same as Euriale prepares you for your journey.)

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