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(57) DM: (so what's going on folks

(57) DM: (so what's going on folks?)
(47) Tian Keth: (( colecting loot then heading out as far as I know ))
(48) Walks-With-Spirits: ((They loot, Walks watches unconcerned))
** (43) Helisandra collects what she cans and sees that almost everything has been gathered. "Well, shall we try to find our way out of here?" **
** (47) Tian Keth nods "Hopefully it wont be as hard as the way in" **
(43) Helisandra: "Should be fewer surprises, but I wonder about the portals we used."
(50) T'a K'shet: "Hopefully, but T'a would not put too much faith in this..."
(43) Helisandra: "Only one way to find out. Let's get out of this miserable place and back to the open air."
** (55) Calehan pats his filled belt pouches. "This thing greatly helps with carrying stuff. Let's get outta here." **
** (43) Helisandra turns to head back out of the room, back the way they came in. **
(57) DM: You make your way back through the torturous passages...
(57) DM: ...and somewhere in the distance can be heard ethereal singing...
(43) Helisandra: "Still going? That's not right."
(46) Gabrielle: " Perhaps if I am lucky and Solnor deems it so,I will be transformed back into my regular self."
** (43) Helisandra starts to head toward the singing that they passed up the first time. **
** (50) T'a K'shet mutters something about less testosterone not being such a bad thing. **
** (47) Tian Keth follows close to Heli **
(57) DM: (to 31)
** (43) Helisandra slows down as she starts down a previously unexplored passageway, searching it over for traps. **
(43) Helisandra: (( I don't remember exactly where it came from, where we came from, or anything - just that we bypassed it the first time, sorry. ))
** (46) Gabrielle looks over at T'a," Perhaps had you been transformed into a dog you too would wish to be back to normal." **
(46) Gabrielle: ( and then Tian growled at me)
(59) DM: There is a pit that was uncovered just inches away from a closed door. As with all the other pits in this tomb, this one is covered in spikes inside.
(59) DM: The singing seems to be coming from behind the closed door...
** (46) Gabrielle follows along behind,hoping that the others know the way out of here. **
** (43) Helisandra tightens the straps on her pack and places her hands on the wall and climbs along the wall to the other side of the pit. She gets back to the ledge before the door and checks the door out for any traps before opening it. **
(50) T'a K'shet: ((AFK a few))
** (43) Helisandra finds nothing and opens the door to expose... **
(60) Lunauc (enter): 22:14
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (60) Lunauc...
(59) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(51) Lunauc' from room...
(51) Lunauc (exit): 22:14
(59) DM: A corridor leads eastwards...and is filled with what seems to be sparkling mist. Ethereal singing can be heard in the distance...
(43) Helisandra: (( does the mist come right up to the door? ))
(47) Tian Keth: (( how wide is the pit? ))
(43) Helisandra: (( entire hallway width it appears. ))
** (43) Helisandra looks at the mist, wary of it. But the singing makes her want to continue. She searches the entryway of the cooridor for any traps before moving at all. **
(60) Garret: "Well... should we bother going in? Or just assume anything like this in such a place would be a trap?"
(43) Helisandra: "Well, I am still very curious. The only other trap that used sounds was the sounds of lots of people playing and then moving away. But this just seems different."
(59) DM: (10x10)
(46) Gabrielle: " Is this the way out,or are we still exploring this place?"
** (47) Tian Keth gets a running start and tries to jump the pit **
(47) Tian Keth: Jump Skill Check: [1d20+7] -> [3,7] = (10)
(43) Helisandra: "Well, it might be. After all, we had to pass through a couple archways to get here, and there weren't archways to lead us backwards."
** (43) Helisandra takes a deep breath to steady her nerves and steps into the cooridor, just ahead of Tian's jump (which would have landed on her btw... :P ) **
(59) DM: The singing appears to beckon you onwards...
** (43) Helisandra continues onwards, slowly, scanning the hallway as she goes, checking for any traps within the mist. **
(59) DM: The corridor turns and eventually widens into a crystalline cavern filled with sparkling mist. In one corner of the cavern is an extremely beautiful woman clad only in a diaphanous silk gown. She appears to be shackled to one wall. This is the source of the singing.
** (43) Helisandra notices the woman, but still makes her way slowly up, searching for any other traps. **
** (47) Tian Keth lands softly next to Heli "Almost landed on you" then follows her down the hall giving her enough room to do her work **
(43) Helisandra: (( *up to the woman ))
** (43) Helisandra waves back to Tian to follow before she goes around the corner, letting him know everything was safe that far at least. **
** (60) Garret lays the heavy pack of treasure and follows after Heli and Tian. **
(60) Garret: Jump Skill Check: [1d20+14-7] -> [17,14,-7] = (24) (includes Armor Penalty of -7)
(59) DM: ((success))
(60) Garret: :following along behind them: "So.. what's the fuss now?"
** (47) Tian Keth follows Heli, and looks at the Woman "Hello there" **
(59) DM: She appears to be a succubus.
** (50) T'a K'shet growls "Be careful..." **
** (46) Gabrielle waits until the others have crossed the pit,then walks to the edge and does a light leap over the pit,landing on the other side. **
** Serina smiles gently, winking at Garret. "My rescuers..." (sighs) **
** (43) Helisandra makes sure the area is not trapped before stopping and getting a good look at the woman. **
(43) Helisandra: "Guess it's not what I was hoping after all."
(60) Garret: :raises a brow: "Shall we slay it or leave it?"
(59) DM: As you enter the cavern, the mist disappears and you can see the woman for what she clearly is...a demon (albeit an extremely beautiful succubus).
** (46) Gabrielle stands in the doorway of the room,looking it over,disappointed that it is not the way out,takes a deep breath,closes her eyes and concentrates on the room before entering. **
whispering to Gabrielle, no evil
(50) T'a K'shet: "T'a is not fond of the idea of releasing evils into the world..."
** (46) Gabrielle enters the room smiling at the Demon. **
** (47) Tian Keth offers no comment **
(46) Gabrielle: " She is not evil."
(59) Serina: Evil? I have been trapped here for ages on ages and I seek to be freed by you, my rescuers. I am not evil.... (smiles gently at T'a)
(60) Garret: :to gab: "Are you sure she is not hiding her true intent?"
** (50) T'a K'shet cocks a brow at Gabrielle. "Are you sure? There are ways divinations can be misled." **
(43) Helisandra: "Are you kidding Gabrielle? You are the one that find evil everywhere. And yet you cannot see it when it is plain in front of you?"
(46) Gabrielle: " True evil can not be hidden,not from one who is a follower of Solnor."
** (50) T'a K'shet snorts. **
(50) T'a K'shet: "Such blind faith is easier than most to hide from."
(47) Tian Keth: "Well Demons are you line of work so I'll agree to whatever you decide"
** (46) Gabrielle looks over at T'a once more. " Though true stupidity can be easily masked it seems." **
** (43) Helisandra looks to Gabrielle uneasily, but nods. "Yes, as Tian said. This is your area of expertise. You listened to me earlier, this is your call. But be careful." **
(46) Gabrielle: " She harbors no ill towards us,free her if you can Helisandra."
(60) Garret: :standing before the demon: "Why would you be imprisoned here so?"
(46) Gabrielle: " I would say the Lich put her here to do his bidding,bound here by this chain."
** (43) Helisandra looks back at the succumbus. "Very well." She moves to the demon and examines how she is bound. **
(59) Serina: I was summoned by Acererak to perform a service, and when that service was done, instead of releasing me, he bound me here. (sighs)
(60) Garret: :thumbs back to Gabrielle: "Are we sure she's not under some freaky control?"
(59) Serina: If you would release me, I shall come to you when you are in need.
** (50) T'a K'shet narrows her eyes. "T'a wishes to point out that succubus excel at influencing others..." She glances at Gabrielle. **
(46) Gabrielle: " She just confirmed what I said Garret."
** (43) Helisandra whispers to the demon as she studies the chains. **
(50) T'a K'shet: "If you were under her influence, that would not mean a great deal."
(46) Gabrielle: " Now that the influence of the Lich is gone,she is free to return to her world."
(46) Gabrielle: " I am not under any influence T'a."
(46) Gabrielle: " I trust in the powers that Solnor has bestowed upon me,they have not failed me in the past,nor will the do so now."
** (55) Calehan joins the rest in the chamber, watching the discussion and considering the discussion before him quietly a moment. **
(60) Garret: :to the succubus: "What task were you called to perform?"
** (43) Helisandra looks at the succumbus for a moment and pulls out a set of picks. With her other hand she makes a quick motion to Tian and Garret to prepare themselves, out of sight of the succumbus. **
** (60) Garret makes no noticable sign of readying for battle, other than to rest his wrists on his blade hilts **
** (43) Helisandra looks back to Gabrielle to make sure that she is certain before trying to open the locks. **
** (50) T'a K'shet moves discreetly behind Gabrielle, ready to act if the paladin should try anything. **
(61) ticattack (enter): 22:49
(46) Gabrielle: " I detect no evil from her,free her if you wish,having a demon on ones side can be beneficial,such as getting us out of here quicker or aiding us in a fight,I say free her,but I am just one person."
** (47) Tian Keth sniffs the air **
** (60) Garret quirks an eye back act Gabrielle. **
(46) Gabrielle: " It is up to you,I have spoken,trust me or not."
** (43) Helisandra steadies herself and unlocks the shackles. **
** (46) Gabrielle turns around,seeing T'a and heads towards the door. **
(60) Garret: "I can't shake the feeling that this is a bad idea."
(59) TaliesinNYC: brb
(48) Walks-With-Spirits (exit): 23:00
(47) Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke ))
(55) Calehan: "It always seems like a bad idea when dealing with demons. This time it seems like less of a bad idea than it could be."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (61) ticattack...
(59) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(50) ticattack' from room...
(50) ticattack (exit): 23:01
(60) Garret: "No.... bad is bad."
(59) Serina: I helped in the construction of his tomb.
(43) Helisandra: "So why keep you here, instead of killing you?"
** Serina shrugs. **
(59) Serina: He is a mortal. Who can fathom the ways of Men?
(55) Calehan: "So no one else can learn what she knows of the contruction of his secret tomb."
(43) Helisandra: "I sure can't."
** (46) Gabrielle leaves the room,heading back to the open pit,easily jumps over it,stops and stands next to the pack that Garret left behind. **
(60) Garret: "Most likely as a trap."
(60) Garret: "I say we kill the hag and get on our way."
** (46) Gabrielle takes off her pack and begins to study the scrolls that she recovered from the Lichs room **
(59) Serina: I can be of service. (smiles sweetly at Garret)
(60) Garret: "And why isn't anyone following the potentially mind controled gabrielle?"
** Serina lets her arms fall, bowing in thanks to Helisandra. **
** (43) Helisandra stands up, putting her tools away. "So, just how much do you know about this tomb's details?" **
(59) Serina: Not everything of course. But enough that I can determine where I am depending on the room and navigate accordingly.
(60) Garret: "Aren't we done here?"
** (47) Tian Keth nods to Garret "Lets be gone from this place" **
(43) Helisandra: "Neat trick. That should make it easier for you to get around and return home and do whatever it is you do."
** (43) Helisandra moves to the others. "Yeah, let's go. I know I'm not the only one longing to see the sky again." She smirks slightly at Tian, but in a friendly manner. **
** (46) Gabrielle clicks her tongue as she scans the last of the scrolls,then begins to study the potions she found. **
** (61) T'a K'shet makes a low growling noise. "All should continue then." She waits for the others to move, walking behind Serina. **
** (47) Tian Keth starts heading back out again, carfully jumping the pit **
(59) Serina: And now, I bid you adieu. But before I go, a gifting. (gesticulates at Gabrielle)
(59) Serina: Remember my name and I shall come when you need me.
(59) Serina: At the dawn of the next day, your true form shall be returned to you. (to Gabrielle)
(46) Gabrielle: " I thank you,though no gift is necessary."
(46) Gabrielle: " I serve Solnor that is gift enough."
(61) T'a K'shet: "And this will render all even with yourself, yes?"
** Serina smiles sweetly at Gabrielle and says nothing. **
(61) T'a K'shet: "None has a debt to the other?"
(59) Serina: I am in your debt. When you have need of my service, speak my name and I shall come. And we shall then be even.
** (46) Gabrielle bows her head to Serina **
** (61) T'a K'shet frowns slightly, but says nothing. **
(46) Gabrielle: " May your travels bring you peace."
** (46) Gabrielle puts two of the potions back in her pack,leaving the rest on the floor along with the scrolls. **
** Serina vanishes in a cloud of sulphur. **
** (46) Gabrielle gestures towards the potions and scrolls on the floor," They are of no use to me,take them if you wish." **
(43) Helisandra: "Any idea what they are?"
(60) Garret: "Well now I feel oh so blessed." :offers sarcastically before heading back the way they came:
(46) Gabrielle: " Arcane in nature is all I can say."
(46) Gabrielle: " They are not of the curative value so I have no idea what they are actually."
** (43) Helisandra looks to Calehan, knowing they would have little use for her as well. **
(60) Garret: "Such things should sell for a high enough price though, no?"
(43) Helisandra: "Once we know what they are, yes."
(46) Gabrielle: " Who is to say Garret,perhaps they are nothing more than colored water,can you trust my word now?"
** (46) Gabrielle waits for the others to begin their walk out of here. **
(60) Garret: "Ah.. true. Are you even the real Gabrielle?" :Offers in smart ass manner as he continues back toward the exit:
** (43) Helisandra leads the way back up once all the scrolls and potions have been recollected. **
(62) Donovan (enter): 23:28
** (46) Gabrielle follows along,staying in the middle of the group,knowing that T'a and others are watching her every move. **
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (62) Donovan...
(43) Helisandra: (( I'm guessing the new map means we make it out? ))
(59) DM: ((yes))
** (43) Helisandra runs the last few yards out from the tomb, taking in the open sky and fresh air again. "Ahhhh..." ((what time of day is it, btw?)) **
** (47) Tian Keth breaths deeply apon exiting the tomb "Ahh the open air" Howls with glee **
** (46) Gabrielle steps out into the fresh air,breathing in deep,shading her eyes if sunny,kneels down and begins to say a prayer to Solnor **
** (61) T'a K'shet takes a deep breath, and runs her fingers through her fur, letting the fresh air touch her skin. **
** (43) Helisandra laughs openly at Tian as she spins in the open outdoors and begins humming a short little tune. **
(59) DM: ((evening. moonrise (OOC: midnight)))
** (60) Garret strolls out into the night air with a grin on his stern face. "Beats stinking tomb air." **
** (62) Calehan takes in the darkness, breathing deeply as he looks around to see if he can still recognize the copse of trees from what must be days before. **
** (43) Helisandra eventually makes it back to Tian and puts her arm around his for a moment. "Congratulations Tian. You made it down there for so long with so little problems." **
(46) Gabrielle: " Solnor,I call upon your great wisdom to send Justice to the one who serves you,so that I may carry your word further into the world."
(47) Tian Keth: "What direction are you all planing on heading, I need to go visit some of my brothers for a time to cleanse myself of that place"
(46) Gabrielle: ( a soft simmering light can be seen near the kneeling Gabrielle,as you look you see that it begins to take form of a steel grey stallion with a lighter mane and a long flowing tail,it is saddled,it walks over to Gabreille and nuzzles her)
(43) Helisandra: (( what city did we start in? Mel Nethra? ))
** (61) T'a K'shet looks at Tian. "Your brothers?" **
(47) Tian Keth: "Ahh I forget you have not traveled with me for long"
** (46) Gabrielle looks up smiling at her horse Justice," I see Solnor has answered my prayers once more." **
(61) T'a K'shet: "Were you expecting Him not to?"
(59) DM: (Kha-Shugal.)
** (46) Gabrielle stands up,steps into the saddle,having no reins to hang onto,knees the horse to begin to walk,leans over and begins to pat his neck. **
(59) DM: (the tomb is a week's travel from the city.)
(43) Helisandra: "Well Tian, I'd guess that we would head back to Kha-Shugal to let them know what happened, before we head out again."
(46) Gabrielle: " There are times T'a when even a Diety is busy,but to have their ear when needed one never forgets to give praise."
(47) Tian Keth: "Ok, when my brothers get here I'll be going out with them, and will either catch up with you at the city or after you head back out"
(60) Garret: :whispers not so low to T'a: "Besides, she did just let a demon loose on the world."
(43) Helisandra: "Sounds fine. I remember the map and the way here well enough that it should be no problem to get back."
(59) DM: A pack of wolves appears in the distance, howling.
** (43) Helisandra looks to the grove of trees to see if the horses are still around. **
** (47) Tian Keth Howls back **
(59) DM: There seems to be at least seven of them, loping along the plains.
(59) DM: Yes, though some are skittish.
(43) Helisandra: (( seven wolves, or horses? ))
(59) DM: ((wolves))
(60) Garret: (with 7 wolves around, no wonder they're skittish)
(43) Helisandra: "We shall see you later then Tian. Our rides don't seem to care for your brothers."
** (47) Tian Keth smirks and heads off toward the wolf pack **
(60) Garret: "Shall we camp here until morning?"
** (46) Gabrielle stops her horse near Garret," Just remember Garret,when you life is in peril,will it be at that time you trust me? Or will I miscast and end up taking your life? Hard to think of things like that when you do not trust the word of a paladin my friend." **
(59) DM: The pack stops a hundred feet away from you, observing your group quietly.
(60) Garret: :to Gabrielle: "You really need to learn to take a jest."
(43) Helisandra: "Yes, let's do that. After all that we did and went through, we could use a rest."
(46) Gabrielle: " I see no humor in mistrusting my honor Garret."
** (47) Tian Keth howls in greating to the wolves and lopes into the woods **
(60) Garret: "Exactly why you need to learn."
** (60) Garret grins before heading off to get some firewood. **
** (46) Gabrielle shrugs her shoulders," He is an odd person Justice." **
(43) Helisandra: "And he no doubt says the same about you." she responds to Gabrielle, with a genuine smile.
(61) T'a K'shet: "The fact is, you let a demon loose. Regardless if she was good or evil, you refused to entertain the notion that she may have been misleading you. Anyone could see how this would worry others nearby."
(55) Donovan (exit): 23:51
(43) Helisandra: "Most of us are much more relazed than you are Gabrielle, just something to keep in mind. There is nothing wrong with being yourself, as long as you realize that not everyone is going to be like you."
(46) Gabrielle: " So if we find you chained up to a wall some day and I say you are not evil,we should slay you outright due to the things you may or may not do in the future T'a?"
(61) T'a K'shet: "If T'a suggested that all should destroy a village, because it had been tainted by a mad wizard, would you not wonder?"
(43) Helisandra: (( *relaxed ))
** (61) T'a K'shet lets out a low, annoyed hiss. "It is so good to see that you recognise the difference between a mortal and a creature of evil. Why did you not seek to speak civilly with the lich?" **
(46) Gabrielle: " I was raised in a ridgid regime of ethics Helisandra,prayer,training,prayer,training,and so on,it is not something you break with over night,I was raised this way for a reason and I shall continue on with my practices as I was taught."
(59) DM: The pack follows Tian and leaves your party.
(61) T'a K'shet: "Fine. T'a does not wish you to forget your training, but do not get so offended that all do not take your word as fact. In any case, all should drop this. All should move, no?"
** (43) Helisandra lays down on her back in the grass, crossing her arms behind her head to keep it propped up. "Easy you two, I am too tired to get in the middle of another fight. Gabrielle, I do not wish you to change who you are, or any of your practices. If you did - you would no longer be Gabrielle. Just as I would not wish for Garret to cease making snide remarks to everyone. If so, he would not be the same Garret I have known all this time." **
(46) Gabrielle: " The lich T'a was evil,so it had to be destroyed simple as that,I would not raise a blade to an innocent creature,she was not evil,can you tell the difference between good and evil? I can,so either take my word she is not evil or track her down and slay her."
(43) Helisandra: "We might as well rest until dayl;ight T'a. I am sure that we could all use a calm evening after that tomb."
** (61) T'a K'shet frowns again, and turns to Heli. "Very well." **
(43) Helisandra: "Think of it like this Gabrielle. What if we had come across a spot in the tomb down there. You could see a rope across the pathway, the tips of some axes sticking down from the sealing, and some drops of what appeared to be acid dripping down the wall, all concentrated in one spot. Would you believe that there was a trap there?"
** (46) Gabrielle rides about 300 yds away from the others,dismounts,takes off her pack,takes out her small prayer box,opens it up,kneels down and begins to pray.( evening prayers last for 2 hours) then eats a small meager meal before putting everything away then settles down for a rest. **
(43) Helisandra: (( so I talk to the wind? ))
(60) Garret: (unless you yell really well)
(46) Gabrielle: ( no I rode off after you spoke)
(43) Helisandra: (( so you didn't respond then? ))
(60) Garret: ((Rest until morning and set out fro the city.. right? FF?)
(46) Gabrielle: ( nope,I figure you see things in black,white and grey,I see things in black and white,you have your beliefs no matter how flawed they are)
(61) T'a K'shet: ((Ooh... Ignoring her... Gabbie's looking for a CDG while she sleeps... :)))
(59) DM: ((yes))
(59) DM: ((if you want to FF))
** (43) Helisandra just watches Gabi's back as she rides off. "Oh well, I was going to try to explain. Go ahead and rest T'a, I will keep watch." **
(46) Gabrielle: ( CDG?)
(43) Helisandra: (( let's FF. ))
(61) T'a K'shet: ((CDG = Coup De Grace))
(59) DM: It's morning. And Tian has not returned.
** (46) Gabrielle awakes with the sunrise,takes out her prayer box once more and begins her daily prayer( lasts for an hour) **
(59) DM: When you awake, Gabrielle is now Ian.
(59) DM: (so I'll edit the log)
(46) Gabrielle: ( why do you think I am praying,well not just for that,but for thanks )
** (43) Helisandra rises, and not seeing Tian, is not worried. She shakes her hair out before pulling it back again. She takes a souting route around the campsite, making sure things are safe all around. **
** (46) Ian puts his prayer box away,stands up and stretches to his full height of 6' 6'',draws his sword and begins to practice with it for a half an hour,then practices with his heavy flail for another half an hour,enjoying the feeling of being himself once more. **
** (62) Calehan performs his morning meditations to prepare for the new day. **
** (60) Garret does his morning exercises, befoore getting his horse saddled up and ready to go. **
** (61) T'a K'shet rises and sudies her spellbook before meditating for short while. When she comes out of her trance, she rises and waits for the others to be ready. **
** (43) Helisandra returns from scouting around and seeing the others up and about for the most part, prepares her stuff as well. **
** (46) Ian finishes his morning workout,begins to put on his armor,once fully armored,calls for Justice,steps into the saddle once more,and rides back to the others. **
** (43) Helisandra suddenly looks off to the side and moves to a nearby scrubland tree. **
(43) Helisandra: (( nearby ~ 200 feet away ))
** (61) T'a K'shet watches Heli with mild curiosity. **
** (43) Helisandra moves to the tree and starts pulling on something on the trunk. **
** (46) Ian rides up to the camp,dismounts,and walks over to Calehan,taking off his helm,and looks down at him," Well seems she did what she said she would do Calehan." **
(62) Calehan: "She probably prefers you in this form, you know."
(46) Ian: " I prefer me in this form."
(46) Ian: " I have been humble before,but never in the form of a female,it gives one a better out look on how things happen around them."
(60) Garret: :What'd ya find heli?"
** (43) Helisandra continues to struggle with something on the tree. **
** (46) Ian glances over at Helisandra **
(43) Helisandra: "I'm not completely positive, yet."
** (46) Ian walks over to her and looks to see what she is doing **
** (43) Helisandra suddenly steps back from te tree, with something glittering in her hands. "Never mind, I got it." **
** (43) Helisandra returns to the group, carrying a longsword of bluesteel, with a black hilt with a symbol of a white arrow on it. **
(46) Ian: " Well it must have been important."
(43) Helisandra: "Look what I found. It was buried almost up to the hilt in that tree."
** (46) Ian glances at the sword,studying the symbol **
(46) Ian: " It is of no temple that I am familiar with."
(43) Helisandra: "Nor I, if it even is part of a temple. But due to the rarity of the metal, it must be special, and likely powerful."
** (60) Garret looks it over with mild curiousity. "We'll check it out in Kha-shugal." **
** (43) Helisandra offers it to Garret, as it is obviously not a sword that she is used to using. **
(60) Garret: "I'll stick to my swords. thank you."
(62) Calehan: "When we get to town, I'll find some pearls and put together some things to tell us what it does."
** (43) Helisandra shrugs. "Sure." she ties the sword to her backpack and heads to a horse, preparing to leave. **
(59) DM: You travel for quite some time...and Tian has not returned.
** (43) Helisandra continues traveling, keeping one eye out for Tian, but not overly worried yet. **
** (46) Ian rides along with the others,studying the sword now tied to the pack of Helisandra," No mar on the blade,no rust nor nicks,were I you Helisandra,I would keep that blade under wraps until Calehan can tell you what it is,something like that will attract attention no matter where you go." **
(43) Helisandra: "Well, it's a lot larger than what I normally use - so I don't really have anything to wrap it up with. Do you?"
(46) Ian: " I have a blanket you can use."
(43) Helisandra: "Sure, that will work as well as anything."
(46) Ian: " Perhaps it is one of the blades that was spoke of."
** (46) Ian reaches into his saddle bags and pulls out a folded up blanket,rides up and hands it to Helisandra. **
(46) Ian: " This is twice you have used this blanket,perhaps you should keep it."]
** (43) Helisandra takes the blanket with a polite nod and carefully wraps the longsword with it, placing the wrapped blade across her lap until a later point when she can find a better place to store it. **
(43) Helisandra: "I thank you for your generosity Ian, I will see that you get another blanket. Fair?"
(46) Ian: " Quite alright,I have another,I was taught to always be prepared."
(43) Helisandra: "As far as the blade, it may be - however I doubt it. We'll see what we have when we get back to town."
(43) Helisandra: "Always be prepared. Good lesson, I'll have to keep that in mind."
(46) Ian: " Hense the healing scrolls and potions that I came with on this journey."
(46) Ian: " The priests must have known that I would be the only healer in this group."
(43) Helisandra: "And it was I that needed the most of that. Not a position I am used to fulfilling. But really - who has wall tapestries that turn into slime?"
(62) Calehan: "They probably had a pretty good clue to our capabilities from examining our possessions."
(46) Ian: " The lair of an evil Lich I would guess."
(46) Ian: " That is true Calehan,though I was not privvy to what they may or may not have known."
(43) Helisandra: "Yes. In a small way, I am almost glad that we are not done with that lich. I owe him for that fake tapestry."
(46) Ian: " It may be some time before we actually face the real one,I have the feeling there are other constucts out there."
(43) Helisandra: "Then we keep going until we do find him. After all, we can't let him continue whatever plans he has for your kingdom, can we?"
(59) DM: It takes you several days to return to Kha-Shugal. In all that time, Tian has not returned.
** (43) Helisandra takes a long look at the horizon around them. "Well, he never cared for the city anyway." **
(59) DM: The approach to the city is as magnificent as it was on your first sighting of it.
(60) Garret: "Don't worry, he'll catch up when he feels like it. He can track our scent."
** (46) Ian rides into the city,his armor all bright and shiny having polished it before entering,Justice walks with a graceful step as we enter the city **
(43) Helisandra: "True. Let's see where Ian leads us to, shall we?"
(59) DM: (Three mesas each connected by natural sandstone bridges, with buildings carved in the sides of the mesas. A rock bridge ascends to one of the mesas and serves as the main entrance to the city. Pegasi approach and depart from mesatop towers as well.)
** (46) Ian rides towards the Kings manor **
(59) DM: You recall being instructed by Euriale to return to her tower upon completion of your task.
(46) Ian: ( ok I ride there)
(43) Helisandra: (( but we haven't _really_ compleated the task... :P ))
** (46) Ian stops at the gates to Euriales tower,dismounts and waits for the others. **
** (43) Helisandra follows Ian up to where he dismounts. She does the same, gathering up her pack and the wrapped longsword. **
** (60) Garret follows along quietly. **
** (46) Ian looks at the guards standing at the gates," None are to touch my mount,inform Eruiale that we have returned." **
(59) Guard: And who are you?
(46) Ian: " Ian Cromwell,servant to Solnor."
(62) Calehan: "I guess we are a bitfar from home, still."
(59) Guard: Must be one of those newfangled gods from the south. And your friends? (seems bored)
(61) T'a K'shet: "T'a K'shet."
(46) Ian: " Helisandra,Calehan,Garret,Donovan,T'a and Tian who is not with us at the moment."
(59) Guard: I'm sure they can speak for themselves. Does your company have a name?
(43) Helisandra: "Yes we can, but Ian does a fine job of it, so we let him."
(62) Calehan: "I can, but it sounds much more impressive coming from over six feet of steel plates, don't you think?"
(46) Ian: " We were sent out to dispose of a Lich,we have done so,now inform her we have returned."
** Guard shrugs. "You look fit enough to be a Templar. Ever think of signing up for the Legion?" **
** (43) Helisandra smiles at the guard, awaiting for him to comply with Ian request. **
(46) Ian: " I server Solnor."
(46) Ian: *serve
** Guard shuffles over to the door reluctantly opens it, motioning you inside. **
(61) T'a K'shet: ((Hey stranger, want to join our organisation? Stan, your Morrowind's showing...))
(59) Guard: Aye, I'm sure you do.
** (46) Ian enters the gates,looking back to make sure no one touchs Justice,then smiles as he gives Justice the command to let no one touch him save for me. **
** (43) Helisandra follows Ian in. **
** (46) Ian walks forward towards the large doors. **
** (60) Garret heads in, paying the guards little mind. **
** (62) Calehan follows the others in. **
** (61) T'a K'shet takes the rear. **
(46) Ian: " No offense meant to Tian,but with his gruff behavior,the guards would have brought him in in chains.
(59) DM: You can hear a loud argument coming from within the upper echelons of the tower. Voices carry down the central shaft (around which rises a graceful winding marble staircase).
** (46) Ian stops just inside the tower,looking for a paige. **
(59) Voice: It is not given for one of YOUR KIND to order a Chosen of Odion, woman!
(59) DM: An apprentice magus exits from a room off to the side, through a bead curtain, stopping a few feet from you.
(59) Araevas: Who...who are you?
(46) Ian: " You there,inform Eurales that Ian Cromwell has returned,we have disposed of the Lich."
(43) Helisandra: "If Tian had not been magically sent into town the first time, he would probably never have entered."
(46) Ian: *Euriale
** (60) Garret stands listening to the conversation above, ignoring the paige. **
(59) Araevas: Um...I....the High One is here meeting with my mistress. (gulps)
(46) Ian: " Matters not to me,inform her if you please."
(60) Garret: "High one...?"
(59) Voice: Did you not hear His Imperial Majesty? A traitor lurks within our midst and it all started with your appointment to Listener!
(46) Ian: " The Elder of the Temple Odion Garret."
(59) Araevas: I...cannot. My mistress gave orders not to be disturbed.
(60) Garret: "Then you need not disturb her." :offers affably as he pats the boy's shoulder: "We'll do it for you."
** (46) Ian looks up," I take it she is up there." **
** (60) Garret begins up the steps, taking his time to listen in on the conversation along the way. **
(59) Voice: Well, you had better be correct, because they have NOT returned, not for two cycles of the sapphire moon!
(46) Ian: " Seems we follow Garret now."
(46) Ian: " I believe they are speaking of us."
(43) Helisandra: "You gave him the idea Ian."
** (46) Ian heads up the stairs **
(62) Calehan: "If it's to be rudely interrupting a meeting, I think it's more Garret's area of expertise."
** (43) Helisandra takes off behind Garret. **
** (62) Calehan follows up the stairs. **
(43) Helisandra: "You think we have been gone for that long?"
(60) Garret: "Sounds about right."
(62) Calehan: "It was no short trip, as well there were many strange portals in Acererak's tomb."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: You *will* leave my tower, Jobasha, or I *will* not be held responsible for *my* actions. (quietly as you enter her chambers)
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: And see, they have returned.
** Jobasha, of the Chalice whirls around angrily, his face flushing with rage. He opens his mouth as if to retort and closes it again. **
** (60) Garret offers a slight bow. "Forgive or tardiness. Our paladin had a gender malfunction." **
** (46) Ian nods to Jobasha,then looks at Eruiale **
(46) Ian: " We have returned."
** Jobasha, of the Chalice shoots a look over at Euriale. "A miraculous recovery, shadow elf. For now." **
** (62) Calehan tries to silence his amusement at Garret's explanation. **
** (43) Helisandra enters with the others, but remains in the back of the group once they all get up the stairs. **
** (61) T'a K'shet remains silent, unsure as to the current situation. **
(60) Garret: :whispers aside to Ian, semi-seriously: "How about checking them for evil."
** Jobasha, of the Chalice grabs his walking staff and angrily storms out of the sitting room. "Out of the way..." **
** (46) Ian smiles at Garret **
** Euriale d'Elinhir says nothing as the Khajiit cleric strides out of the room. **
(46) Ian: " He seemed almost disappointed that we made it."
** (43) Helisandra whispers to Calehan, "Do you remember him being so easily upset?" she asks, indicating the storming out Jobasha. **
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Yes. (worriedly)
(46) Ian: " Not the attitude an Elder should be having."
(59) DM: She collapses into a chair after a few minutes.
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: What took you so long? It has been well over three weeks since your departure from the city.
(60) Garret: :watching her collapse: "So... how have things been?"
(46) Ian: " Perhaps I should speak with him Eruiale."
(46) Ian: " Disposing of a Lich is no easy task,if it were it would have been done long ago."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Not well. There have been a few assassination attempts against His Imperial Majesty in your absence. The Emperor thinks that there is a traitor in our midst.
(46) Ian: " Two weeks traveling and a week of finding it and disposing of it,so three weeks is about right."
(60) Garret: :shrugs: "That is always possible."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Jobasha is a friend but his zeal for justice has blinded him. But you have returned....with good news, I hope.
(46) Ian: " I am not one to cast words lightly about,but seems that the Elder has more than our good will on his mind,perhaps it is he who is making a bid for the crown."
** Euriale d'Elinhir shrugs. "Perhaps. Court intrigues have never been my forte." **
(46) Ian: " Well we are here and the Lich is no more,atleast the one you sent us after,it was merely a construct,a version though powerful but not the Lich himself."
(62) Calehan: "In short, we have destroyed the resident of Acererak's tomb, but the lich itself is at another stronghold."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: He still exists...?
(71) ticattack (enter): 01:37
** Euriale d'Elinhir raises her hand to her mouth as if in shock. "Why are you here then?" **
(46) Ian: " So it seems,though we have no idea where it is located now."
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (71) ticattack...
(59) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(61) ticattack' from room...
(61) ticattack (exit): 01:38
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: This does not bode well then...not well at all. I suppose you should at least be compensated for your efforts. (numbly)
(46) Ian: " Well if we would have started searching for the real Acereraks stronghold,we would have been gone alot longer than 3 weeks m'lady."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Then you must, please you must! For the sake of the Emperor and the Empire, you must! I beg of you, please.
** Euriale d'Elinhir seems almost as if she is about to cry. "He still exists..." **
(60) Garret: "We shall. Please calm yourself. You'll get wrinkles."
(46) Ian: " I have no idea where to begin to search for him,do you have any ideas?
(59) DM: (actually you were told where by the Scion...)
(59) DM: (or at least the general area)
(43) Helisandra: (( yeah - near the city of Orend I believe. ))
(62) Calehan: "He did leave a location marked from the tomb. As well as a taunting riddle to follow."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: If there is anything I can do to help you in this, you have but to ask. But I beg of you, please, for the Emperor and the Empire...
(46) Ian: " We will need provisions,no telling how long we are going to be on the road,so we will need a wagon if one is available."
(62) Calehan: "We came back to inform you of what progress there is; it's better than being left wondering. We also need to re-provision for another trip. Towards Orend."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: It will take you months to reach Orend by normal travel. Better to send you along wings of magicka.
(60) Garret: "That would be appreciated assistance."
** Euriale d'Elinhir slowly calms down. "Be at ease, and be guests in my home. Araevas will show you to your quarters." **
(46) Ian: " If it were that easy then how come you did not send us to the tomb using magicka?"
** Euriale d'Elinhir lifts a small silver bell on a table next to her and rings it. "He will be here momentarily." **
(60) Garret: "Much obliged, good Lady, Though, do you mind if i ask a bit about these assassination attempts?"
(62) Calehan: "Some things the lich has grudgingly provided. There may be invaluable items among the assortment of gems and jewels from his vault."
(46) Ian: " Very little in the way of healing Calehan."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: The tomb was warded against spells of that nature.
(46) Ian: " There is no Temple of Solnor here Calehan,Odion sure but I am not sure how well I will be recieved."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: His Imperial Majesty has been travelling to various outposts in the Empire over the last year but has not made his presence known here within Kha-Shugal. And yet, there have been four attempts in the last three weeks against his august self.
(60) Garret: "Was anyone captured, or even held suspect?"
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: There are whisperings of a traitor within our midst, and Jobasha thinks that I am involved. You see, I am the only shadow elf in a position of importance in the Empire, and high enough within His Imperial Majesty's circle to have his ear.
** (43) Helisandra moves to Ian and speaks softly to him. "If you don't want to visit their temple, I am sure one of us could visit them and attempt to purchase what we need." **
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: The Emperor's Blades have taken prisoner one or two assassins, who have committed suicide by self-administered poison. Deathspeaking has proven ineffective.
(46) Ian: " It has always been my beliefs that the one who shouts traitor to another is the one who should be watched."
(60) Garret: "I see."
(46) Ian: " I thank you Helisandra,but I fear you may not recieve a welcome at all,better to send a man of the Temples speak with the Elders."
** (43) Helisandra nods. **
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: I have never found it worthy to spend time amongst the Imperial court. Perhaps I should have.
(60) Garret: "Where was the last attempt on the Empereor?"
(46) Ian: " I know how you feel,until recently I was not a man of the commoners,no offense meant to any here."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: As I have knowledge of His Imperial Majesty's movements within the city, I have naturally fallen under suspicion. However, it is my belief that these attempts are coincident with the object of your quest, that the lich is somehow involved. His presence is a malignant tumor on our land and his influence reaches far beyond the grave.
** (46) Ian whispers to Helisandra," Did you bring the blade?' **
** (62) Calehan waits for Araevas to arrive and requests some specific supplies. "I'll need a few bottles of wine and a supply of crushed pearl. Over a thousand septims worth. Bring an extra owl's feather as well." **
** (43) Helisandra pats the wrapped blade she is carrying. **
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: At dinner three days ago. His meal was poisoned except that it was his food taster who fell, as the Emperor is not given to eating sweets. We have determined it was a five part poison, activated upon consumption of all parts.
(46) Ian: " Show it to her,perhaps she knows of it."
(43) Helisandra: "Shouldn't Calehan study it first?" she whispers back.
(46) Ian: " It may be an elven blade of long ago,her kind were known for making such weapons,as were the dwarves."
(46) Ian: " She may not be able to tell you everything about it,but she may know its history."
** (43) Helisandra nods to Ian and waits until she finishes speaking with Garret. **
(59) DM: The apprentice hurries away after receiving Calehan's request.
(43) Helisandra: "M'lady, there is one other thing that Ian believes you might be able to help us with. Do you know of anything that uses a symbol of a white arrow against black?"
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: A few things...why?
(60) Garret: "Hmmm... if they fear it is you, you might as well be temporarily withheld knowlegde of his Majesties schedule. And if there is another attempt in that time, it proves more or less you are not the leak."
(43) Helisandra: "Well..." Helisandra brings forth the wrapped blade and unwraps it, keeping it still in the blanket, but open enough for her to see. "Is this one of them?"
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Jobasha has requested that I be kept in sequestrance for the next few days. And so I have been here in my tower. As my champions, your presence here in the city will have been noted as well.
** Euriale d'Elinhir gasps upon seeing the sword. "Mother's mercy...!" **
(60) Garret: "I take it this mean syou recognize it."
(43) Helisandra: "I take that as a yes."
(59) DM: She lays her hand, tremblingly upon the hilt and jerks it away as if jolted.
** (43) Helisandra looks at the hilt, then back at Euriale. "Are you alright?" **
** Euriale d'Elinhir glances up at you (Helisandra) with an awed expression on her face. "You do not know what you hold here in your hands..." **
(60) Garret: "Obviously.."
(46) Ian: " It is a symbol I am not familiar with,so I figured one such as yourself would know of this blade."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: This is no ordinary sword, but the Sword of Wisdom.
(43) Helisandra: "Not exactly. I figured, based on the metal chosen, that it is old and powerful. And based on it's condition after being stuck hilt deep in a tree for who knows how long - it is definately magical. Other than that - no idea."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: One of the Twelve. How...how did you find it?
(46) Ian: " See I told you."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Within a tree? Then you are fated...or fools. Or both.
(46) Ian: " I would have to say both."
(60) Garret: "Probably both..." :sighs: "So.. what does it do?"
(43) Helisandra: "Uh, well - now I'm a little embaressed. I caught the glint of sunlight at dawn off the metal as I scouted our camping area before we left Acererak's tomb. That's it. Pure luck."
** Euriale d'Elinhir recites, "Who holds Wayfinder finds good roads, its master's step is brisk. The Sword of Wisdom lightens loads but adds unto their risk." **
(46) Ian: " Now that is a good name for our little company,The Fated Fools."
(43) Helisandra: "Gee, first the tapestry makes me a fool, now a sword does too? It's almost enough to make me give up."
(71) T'a K'shet: "Speak for yourself."
(71) T'a K'shet: (To Ian)
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: A verse from an ancient song, the Song of Swords. The Sword of Wisdom allows you to find that which you seek...but not necessarily the safest way.
(60) Garret: "Better to be lucky than smart sometimes."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: It is the opinion of many of the past owners of the Sword that it actually picks the worst, most dangerous path for its user to follow.
(60) Garret: "So... if we were to ask it say... Where do we go to kill Acerak...?"
(71) T'a K'shet: ((AFK a few))
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: It would point you in his general direction. A warning: the Sword functions best in the broadest sense, but less so in a more specific sense.
(43) Helisandra: "Well, in that case - it doesn't need to be out like this any more." Helisandra wraps the sword back up again and steps back with the others.
(60) Garret: "Eh.. as long as it gives us some hint of where were going."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: You do not know what a dangerous item one of the Twelve is. You should not use it openly for such items of Power are noticed and noticeable by those who are attuned to such magicka.
(43) Helisandra: "So we only use it if absolutely necessary."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: When a spell of great strength is cast or an item of power is used, one who is attuned to the ether can sense its use and certain generalities of the user or users.
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: There are many who would give anything to possess one of the Twelve, even a Sword such as Wayfinder.
(46) Ian: " And once more what I said is true."
(43) Helisandra: "Wait, I thought the only way to find one of the Twelve was to first find it's memory. Or something like that."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: Or to find it freely.
(46) Ian: " So who is attuned to this sword?"
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: There are some who say that the Swords are not found unless They want to be found.
(43) Helisandra: "Of course, the dumb luck exception to the rule. Why me?"
(46) Ian: " Better you than anyone else Helisandra,you will use it sparingly."
(59) DM: (she is basically saying that if someone were to cast an 8th level spell, for example, wizards of great power can sense the working of such magic in the world. or if someone were to use an artifact, arcane users of high level can sense such a use.)
(59) DM: (because its usage creates a disturbance in the "ether")
(43) Helisandra: "Are you kidding? I barely know how to hold the thing, of course I won't be using it."
(46) Ian: ( Ahh so someone like a lich or other higher up baddies can tell we have it when we use it and get a general location of where we are,so the more we use it the easier for them to find us)
(59) DM: (kind of. the truth is more complex than that but that's the general essence)
(60) Garret: :to Heli: "Seems you just need to point it... Think of t as an oversized compass."
(60) Garret: (brb)
(46) Ian: " Yes like what Garret just said."
(43) Helisandra: "Well, I'll definitely keep it wrapped for now then."
(46) Ian: " Seems I was right on both counts on this sword."
(46) Ian: " And keep it well guarded as well Helisandra."
(43) Helisandra: "So you have said, well done Ian. Next topic please."
(46) Ian: " When would be a good time for you to send us on our way to the Lich?"
(43) Helisandra: "So, we have plenty to think on, all of us apparently. Do you have some beds we can use, the room we akoe in originally would be perfect."
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: This spell will take some time to prepare. A few days at least.
(43) Helisandra: (( *awoke ))
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: As I do not know where his true tomb lies, I can send you to Orend where you can at least begin your search.
(46) Ian: " Well we can stay here until you are ready,there are a few things we need to gather while we are waiting."
(46) Ian: " That is good enough."
** Euriale d'Elinhir sizes you up with an appraising eye. "Of you all, Ian would be a stranger there. Orend is aptly named the City of Sevenfold Shadows." **
(46) Ian: " I will go to the Temple of Odion and see about getting some more healing potions and some scrolls. I am sure with all the gems we collected we could afford some."
** (43) Helisandra perks her ears up slightly at the mention of Shadows. **
(59) Euriale d'Elinhir: The rule of the sword (and the dagger) is what serves for justice in Orend. Wizards and priests and such are as rare as rain in a desert.
(46) Ian: " No more out of place than the rest of the places I have been to recently."
(43) Helisandra: "I guess Ian can keep Tian company outside of town then." she says with a smirk.
(46) Ian: " I am sure Tian will like that."
(62) Calehan: "It sounds like a place that'll be in for a surprise when we show up then."
(46) Ian: " To say the least."
(75) Lunauc (enter): 02:31
(46) Ian: " Does anyone need anything else while I am out getting healing supplies?"
(43) Helisandra: "Yes, but it's not something that you can get."
(43) Helisandra: "Anyone else?"
(62) Calehan: "Maybe, it would be useful to have some excess diamond dust handy."
(46) Ian: " As you wish Helisandra,I shall take my leave now and head to the Temple.'
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (75) Lunauc...
(43) Helisandra: "Very well Ian. Calehan, where would that be obtained from?"
(71) T'a K'shet: ((I'm going to have to head off early. See you all later.))
(43) Helisandra: (( later ))
(59) DM: ((probably should stop here considering that Cale will be IDing the items and I need to hear from you what you want to do over the next three days or so until Euriale is ready. so next sesh is RP time))
(75) Garret: (nite)
(59) DM: ((DJ will be gone for about a month))
(62) Calehan: "A well-to-do temple would keep a suitably large supply for some rituals. That's why I mentioned it."
(75) Garret: (hai.. gotcha)
(59) DM: ((you guys wanted downtime, well now you have it.))

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