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Attempting to ENABLE moderation in the current room...
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(14) Walks-With-Spirits: ((was init 18))
(28) TaliesinNYC: whisper me your init order again please
(18) Donovan: (I think I got a 6, hold on let me check)
(15) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
(15) Dj Gilcrease: (( just sent you the node I wrote them in ))
(18) Donovan: (Ok, I can't find "last week"s log anyway)
(28) TaliesinNYC: isn't uploaded yet
(28) TaliesinNYC: is why
(28) TaliesinNYC: Matt just got online
(18) Donovan: I mean my own log actually got cut off
(28) TaliesinNYC: its ok
(36) ticattack (enter): 21:55
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (36) ticattack...
(14) Walks-With-Spirits: Sweet.
(28) DM: ((so to recap, Acererak is behind a wall of scintillating light, radiating all colors and none.))
(28) DM: ((in room 33))
(28) DM: ((you're on the other side of the wall))
(28) DM: (Tian, 29)
** Tian Keth shields his eyes and draws his sword preparing to fight, but not sure if he should yet ((Delay, if the thing makes an offencive move Tian will attack)) **
(28) DM: (T'a, 24)
(40) ticattack (enter): 22:06
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (40) ticattack...
(28) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(36) ticattack' from room...
(36) ticattack (exit): 22:07
(28) DM: ((we're consulting each other in whisper land, fyi))
(41) DM: (anyway, T'a, 24...)
Tian Keth: (( might be my fault cause I am copying 80 gigs of stuff from one computer to another over my network, it's almost dont though ))
(41) DM: (ok, then Walks, 18)
T'a K'shet: ((Ok... sorry, was just about to start typing. Fair enough.))
** (14) Walks-With-Spirits sidesteps slowly to his right to flank the bejeweled skull, slowly at a crouch, eyes quinted through the glare as he murmurs supplications to the good spirits for their protection. (Death Ward Self) **
(18) Donovan: "I didn't get a good look at Acererak, if that's what that thing is, before this wall appeared, but that's a scintillating barrier; really powerful and, moreover, reallly complicated, magicka."
(41) DM: (Calehan, 8)
Tian Keth: "I figured that, that why I dont want to go though it till ya decide it is safe"
** Calehan taps his leg with the pommel of his dagger and its glow fades as Calehan himself fades from sight, but his voice continues now in an arcane chant. When he finishes everyone feels slightly swifter (haste since we're all stuck here). **
Calehan: "Be wary, he could come through at any moment."
(20) Garret: "I doubt he'd be that dumb
Calehan: "No, he'll use it's protection to get prepared before he comes out probably, and then retreat back through it if hard-pressed. I wish I could think of some way to thwart that barrier."
(41) DM: Muffled laughter escapes from behind the wall.
(41) DM: (Tian, 29)
** Tian Keth shrugs and steps a little to the side to give the those who know magic more room to do what the need ((Delay, will attack if he comes to this side of the wall)) **
(20) Garret: "Don't suppose we could break through one of the side walls to come at him?"
(41) DM: (T'a, 24)
Calehan: "Creative, that may work. He'd still have a mobility advantage, but not be unassailable."
T'a K'shet: ((Just checking, the S is a secret door, yes?
T'a K'shet: ((Is that still accessable?))
(41) DM: ((yes))
(41) DM: ((yes))
T'a K'shet: Me turns and runs back through the secret door, then turns to face a section of the wall behind where the prismatic wall would be. ((The wall between 30 and 33)). She takes a deep breath and lifts her arms up, speaking carefully in her arcane tongue. A ball of crackling blackness forms around her arms. She pauses, then brushes it towards the wall with a final word, shouted at the lich. (Disintegrate, at the wall))
(41) DM: The wall flashes and quickly changes color, becoming less radiant quite suddenly.
(41) Voice of Acererak: Well done, live one, well done. (chuckles)
Tian Keth: (( I think he ment at the stone wall between 30 and 33 ))
T'a K'shet: ((Erm... what are the walls made of?))
(41) DM: (stone.)
T'a K'shet: ((She's ducked out and disintegrated the wall of the building, not the prismatic...))
Calehan: (Aren't they covered in some luminous gold tiles too?)
(41) DM: (ah)
(41) DM: (not the burial chamber I don't think)
T'a K'shet: ((To make a passageway between 30 and the section behind the prismatic))
(41) DM: (ok, so a section of the wall disappears)
T'a K'shet: ((So there's a path into Acererak?))
(41) DM: (yes, so it would seem.)
T'a K'shet: ((Done))
(41) DM: (Walks, 18)
Calehan: (That where you aimed? Freeform pen power)
T'a K'shet: ((Meh. It'll do just as well as anywhere else.))
** (14) Walks-With-Spirits utters a venomous hiss, and slowly begins to fade from view, disppearing almost entirely from sight, now seeming no more than a featureless grey apparition shrouded by concealing mists as he moves towards and through the wall between the chest and stature near the breach. **
(41) DM: In the space behind the wall, where the breach now appears, there is a pile of gems, coins, vials, scrolls and other items. Against the rune-scribed far wall is a stone bier. On the bier is a thick layer of dust mixed with bone shards and a gem-encrusted skull.
(48) ticattack (enter): 22:51
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (48) ticattack...
(41) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(40) ticattack' from room...
(40) ticattack (exit): 22:52
(20) Garret: init:[1d20+3] -> [7,3] = (10)
(41) DM: (Garret, 10)
** (20) Garret follow's after T'a into the next room. As she cuts an opening to their enemies. With a grin, he whips his longbow to bear(quick draw) and takes aim on the skull. "Hello ugly." **
(20) Garret: Seeking Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+15] -> [16,15] = (31) ===> Damage: [1d8+1+0] -> [6,1,0] = (7)
(20) Garret: Seeking Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+20] -> [6,20] = (26) ===> Damage: [1d8+1+0] -> [6,1,0] = (7)
(20) Garret: Seeking Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+5] -> [2,5] = (7) ===> Damage: [1d8+1+0] -> [1,1,0] = (2)
(20) Garret: Seeking Longbow, composite Attack Roll: [1d20+10] -> [3,10] = (13) ===> Damage: [1d8+1+0] -> [7,1,0] = (8)
(20) Garret: (just first shot, ac 26)
(41) DM: The skull seems to mock your efforts as a glimmering shield appears in front of it, reflecting one arrow back at you, while deflecting a second. Two other arrows seem to miss their mark.
(41) DM: (7 damage self-inflicted)
(41) DM: (Cale, 8)
(20) Garret: (only fired the first shot.. it just rolls all four automatically)
(41) DM: (ah. then the shot was reflected at you for 7 damage)
(20) Garret: "Ow..." :groans as he shoots himself.: "Guess he's not so vulnerable after all."
** Calehan can be heard to run around next to Garret, he asks quickly, "That the laughing skull?" but you can't see if he points at anything. **
Calehan: "Oh, right. Anyway."
** Calehan casts another spell. Spectral white knives seem to streak past the skull as if cutting away at some unseen force around it (Greater Dispel Magic, targeted.) **
(41) DM: Laughter, mocking your efforts, issues forth from the skull.
Calehan: "Yes, I think that's the right laughing skull."
(41) Acererak: You are fools to think you can contend with me. I offer you now one last chance to leave this tomb, with your lives intact.

Should you think you can counter this plot against the Empire, you are wrong. Even now, wheels within wheels are turning, and the
Iron Circle will rise again.
(41) DM: The gems encrusting the skull gleam wickedly as it speaks.
T'a K'shet: "Turning wheels can be disrupted by a mere stick in them. And if you were truly powerful enough to defeat all without fear, you would do so, instead of pleading for all to leave as you hide behind your magicks"
(41) Acererak: "Then, live one, behold the wrath of Acererak!"
(41) DM: The skull rises into the air suddenly and sends forth a blinding ray of scintillating emerald light at Garret.
(20) Garret: Fortitude save: [1d20+19] -> [14,19] = (33)
(20) Garret: and sr.. 15 I think
(20) Garret: y
(41) DM: The light seems to have no visible effect against Garret. The skull sinks back down on the slab.
** T'a K'shet smirks. "Yes. Quite impressive to behold." **
** (20) Garret shrinks back a bit from the horrid light, before calling back at the skull. "What the hell?! She's the one who called ya a coward." :points to T'a: **
(41) DM: (Tian, 29)
** Tian Keth rushes to follow Garret, but stops just short of the skull, ^t^"Which skull is it?"^e^ ((Done)) **
(41) DM: (T'a, 24)
T'a K'shet: ((Sorry, there's more than one skull?))
(41) DM: ((nope))
Calehan: ((Only one jeweled skull, I was just making a joke.))
Tian Keth: (( ahh, ok change that to "What am I choping up?" ))
** Calehan answers Tian from Garret's direction, "That one... Maybe someone else can point it out?" **
** T'a K'shet lets out a snarl, then leaps in at Acererak, lashing out with her foot, then following up with a punch. As the blows strike at the skull, they burst into flame. ((Attack: [1d20+20] -> [20,20] = (40), [1d20+15] -> [18,15] = (33), Damage: [2d8+4] -> [2,1,4] = (7) plus [1d6] -> [1] = (1) Fire, [2d8] -> [2,4] = (6) plus [Bad dice format] - [1d6 Fire])) **
T'a K'shet: ((Ruddy Dice. That's a 40 and a 33 to hit))
(41) DM: The skull seems to be impervious to the Khajiiti's attacks.
(41) Voice of Acererak: (chuckles)
(41) DM: (I assume the damage you rolled was for both strikes, which hit by the way.)
(41) DM: (However, as you can see, it hasn't even been touched.)
T'a K'shet: ((Uh-huh. I stuffed up on the fire, but I get the feeling it wouldn't have mattered.))
(41) DM: (Garret, 10. Walks is delayig)
(20) Garret: "
(20) Garret: (delay,since T'a couldn't hit it doubt he could either)
(41) DM: (Cale, 8)
(20) Garret: "Oi... how long could .. whatever magick he's using to avoid us.. last?"
(41) DM: ((if Ian were here, this would have been different. ^^))
** Calehan casts a spell (though nothing visible occurs yet), then goes silent as he attempts to creep up next to the skull [1d20+4] -> [14,4] = (18) (Freezing Touch prepped on main dagger.) **
(41) DM: It seems to be unaffected.
(41) DM: (strike that)
Calehan: Attack: +4 Spell Storing Dagger [1d20+9+4+4+1+1] -> [11,9,4,4,1,1] = (30)
Calehan: (Touch attack, mind you. Not hoping for much this round though.)
(41) DM: (damage)
(41) DM: It seems to be unaffected.
(41) DM: The skull rises into the air and turns its gemmed visage towards T'a. (AOO by T'a and Calehan)
Calehan: Attack: +4 Spell Storing Dagger [1d20+9+4+4+1+1] -> [6,9,4,4,1,1] = (25)
(41) DM: (25 is a miss.)
(41) DM: (I need an action from you Matt, otherwise he's going to attack.)
** T'a K'shet lashes out again with her fists. (([1d20+20] -> [3,20] = (23), [2d8+4] -> [4,6,4] = (14))) **
(41) DM: (miss)
T'a K'shet: ((That
T'a K'shet: 's a miss))
(20) Garret: (taking delayes action now)
** Acererak fires a scintillating beam of emerald from one of the skull's eye gem and directs it at T'a, immolating the Khajiit in its garish light **
(20) Garret: (er... after skulls attack's done... heh.. didn't mean to hit enther yet...)
whispering to ticattack, Fort save
(20) Garret: ('Enter' even)
(41) Acererak: You have mocked me for the last time, live one!
(41) DM: Immediately, T'a collapses to the floor and crumbles to dust. You can see that the skull's right eye socket contains an emerald which flares with a sickly green radiance.
** (20) Garret gives a gasp at the disappearance of the kha'jit. No hesitation.. he grabs the hilt of his katana and rushes in to the room, coming upon the skull with a lightning fast draw and slice. **
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana Attack Roll: [1d20+27] -> [9,27] = (36) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [3,4,2,3,6] = (18)
** (14) Walks-With-Spirits appears from the wall behind the floating, speaking in gutteral grunts and hisses of the argonian tongue as he tosses a handful of small stones to the floor behind Acererak-but only one of the stones splits and shatters into a billowing dust cloud, clearing to reveal a massive creature of stone. **
(41) DM: (hit. A slight hairline crack appears at the top of the skull but it seems to be otherwise uninjured.)
(20) Garret: "And that's the last mistake you'll exist to make!"
(41) DM: (Tian, 29. By the way, its becoming a bit crowded in front of the skull.)
** Tian Keth seeing T`a cruble to dust he finaly figures out that it must be the Lich they came hunting and lets out a piercing howl before moving behind to attack attacking fully **
** Tian Keth thrusts Frenzy Fang out in a quick stabing motion (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 1): [1d20+30] -> [1,30] = (31)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [6,14] = (20) )) **
** Calehan's invisible reaction is best left unseen, and unsaid, but a growl issues forth from the air nearby before he asks stubbornly, "Countermeasures? Reversals?" (Tian would be proud.) **
(20) Garret: (Don't worry.. we can stack atop eachother like totem poles. Team Cheerleader training finally pays off!)
** Tian Keth quickly shifts the thrust into a right to left sweep (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 2): [1d20+25] -> [3,25] = (28)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [1,14] = (15) )) **
** Tian Keth finishes with a downward left to right cross attack (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 3): [1d20+20] -> [6,20] = (26)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [6,14] = (20) )) **
Tian Keth: (( oh ya forgot haste attack ))
** Tian Keth thrusts Frenzy Fang out in a quick stabing motion (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 1): [1d20+30] -> [3,30] = (33)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [4,14] = (18) )) **
: ((Ah, Acerererak is still in reach of the floor, right?))
(20) Garret: (I hope so.. or all this sword swinging's gonna seem pretty silly))
(41) DM: (wow, lol. only one of those actually hit)
(41) DM: (its on the stone slab, yes)
Tian Keth: (( ya, sucky rolls, 1, 3, and 6 :( ))
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, what kind of blade is Frenzy Fang?
whispering to Dj Gilcrease, just checking
(41) DM: Another hairline crack appears in the skull, this time near its jawline.
(41) DM: (Walks, 18)
(14) Walks-With-Spirits: ((Right. Attacks from Pebbles the elemental)): [1d20+12] -> [18,12] = (30) and [1d20+12] -> [2,12] = (14) - Damage: [2d8+7] -> [8,4,7] = (19) and [2d8+7] -> [8,6,7] = (21)
(41) DM: The skull seems to be unaffected.
(41) DM: (Garret, 10)
** (20) Garret plants his feet and explodes in a quick flurry of slashes **
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana Attack Roll: [1d20+27] -> [16,27] = (43) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [2,4,5,3,6] = (20)
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana(2nd) Attack Roll: [1d20+22] -> [4,22] = (26) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [10,4,6,3,6] = (29)
(20) Garret: +2 Frost Wakizashi, 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+22] -> [5,22] = (27) ===> Damage: [1d6+2+1d6+6] -> [4,2,6,6] = (18)
** (14) Walks-With-Spirits himself emerges on the heels of the elemental, emerging fully corporeal and lancing rapidly at the floating skull with his spear: [1d20+17] -> [6,17] = (23), [1d20+17] -> [1,17] = (18), [1d20+17] -> [16,17] = (33), and [1d20+12] -> [9,12] = (21). ((Argonian extra attack and hasted attack)) **
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana(3rd) Attack Roll: [1d20+17] -> [19,17] = (36) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [3,4,4,3,6] = (20)
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana(4th) Attack Roll: [1d20+12] -> [7,12] = (19) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [2,4,4,3,6] = (19)
(14) Walks-With-Spirits: ((Hey))
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana Attack Roll: [1d20+27] -> [5,27] = (32) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [8,4,5,3,6] = (26)
Calehan: ((We got all chopped up))
(41) DM: (sec, I have to sort this out)
(20) Garret: (4 regular katana cuts, one off hand from waki, and 1 for haste ^_^)
Tian Keth: (( looks like a 46, 36, and maybe a 32 hit for 20, 20 and 26 dmg respectivly ))
(20) Garret: (Yeah, I tend to roll low when it counts)
(41) DM: (ok, 3 of Garret's attacks hit. however, a sliver of diamond flies off the base of the skull as a result of his attacks. it seems to be otherwise unaffected.)
(41) DM: (as for Walks, 1 strikes, so roll damage for 1 hit.)
(41) DM: (Calehan, 8)
(41) DM: The skull seems to be, yet again, unaffected by the Argonian's attack.
** Calehan attacks with amazing ferocity, even though he's invisible to most bright flashes mark where his dagger must have connected with the skull. (Full attack from flanking position, Arcane Strike lighting it up for a 7th level spell slot.) Spectral daggers seem to aid the invisible assault once again assailing the skulls protection simultaneously. (Greater Dispel Magic through Daggerspell Flurry.) **
Calehan: Full Attack: +4 Dagger [1d20+9+4+4+1-2+2+1+7+2] -> [12,9,4,4,1,-2,2,1,7,2] = (40) and [1d20+5+4+4+1-2+2+1+7+2] -> [2,5,4,4,1,-2,2,1,7,2] = (26) and Haste [1d20+9+4+4+1-2+2+1+7+2] -> [10,9,4,4,1,-2,2,1,7,2] = (38) +1 Dagger [1d20+9+4+1+1-2+2+1+2] -> [20,9,4,1,1,-2,2,1,2] = (38)
Calehan: (And if one hit, releasing the stored spell.)
Calehan: (Looks like, 2 main hits, 1 off hit, here ya go.)
Calehan: Piercing/Slashing: +4 Dagger [1d4+4+2+7d4] -> [1,4,2,4,1,3,2,4,1,2] = (24)
Calehan: Piercing/Slashing: +4 Dagger [1d4+4+2+7d4] -> [4,4,2,4,3,1,4,4,3,4] = (33)
Calehan: Piercing/Slashing: +1 Returning Dagger [1d4+1+2] -> [1,1,2] = (4)
Calehan: Force Damage: empowered Magic Missile [Bad dice format] - [5d4+5x1.5]
(41) DM: (3 hits)
Calehan: (Hmm, dice format.)
Calehan: Force Damage: empowered Magic Missile [5d4+5*1.5] -> [4,3,2,4,1,7.5] = (21.5)
(41) DM: (ah ha)
(41) DM: (well its not affected by the magic missile)
(41) DM: (sec)
Calehan: (Oh, that didn't work right either did it. Shoot. Oh, nevermind then)
Calehan: ((And let me get you more dispel checks. Joy))
(41) DM: Several more chips fly off the surface of the skull. It seems to not be injured all that much from the force of your blows however.
(41) DM: Without warning, the skull rises into the air...
(41) DM: (AOO all)
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana Attack Roll: [1d20+27] -> [2,27] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [10,4,1,3,6] = (24)
(14) Walks-With-Spirits: AOO: [1d20+17] -> [10,17] = (27)
Tian Keth: (( my ToHIT roll is actualy +3 from what the roll says, it's just hard to edit they way I have it setup right now ))
** Tian Keth thrusts Frenzy Fang out in a quick stabing motion (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 1): [1d20+30] -> [4,30] = (34)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [3,14] = (17) )) **
Calehan: Attack: +4 Spell Storing Dagger [1d20+9+4+4+1+1-2+2+7+2] -> [20,9,4,4,1,1,-2,2,7,2] = (48)
(14) Walks-With-Spirits: Pebbles: [1d20+12] -> [1,12] = (13)
(41) DM: (nice.)
Calehan: (Yay, critical threat. Go me.)
Calehan: Piercing/Slashing: +4 Dagger [1d4+4+2+7d4] -> [2,4,2,3,1,3,4,3,1,4] = (27)
(20) Garret: (+3 for flank and haste, ac 32 on my attack.. if that helps)
(41) DM: (ah ha. so full damage then per our house rule for Cale)
Calehan: (So, I rolled a 4 instead of 2? Whee.)
(41) DM: (is the 27 a 32 with mods?)
(41) DM: (um...)
(41) DM: (Garret is a hit with AC 32. Tian definitely hits. Calehan needs to roll a crit check. all other attacks miss.)
Calehan: Attack: +4 Spell Storing Dagger [1d20+9+4+4+1+1-2+2+7+2] -> [9,9,4,4,1,1,-2,2,7,2] = (37)
Calehan: (He's undead, what'm I gonna do to him?)
(41) DM: (never mind then)
Calehan: (Not just undead, but a floating skull.)
(20) Garret: (yeah.. but if you stab one of those cracks... could be devastating)
(41) DM: (just roll damage then)
(41) DM: A large chunk of gem-encrusted bone falls off the skull's right face.
Calehan: ((It's up there. Got 27. 29 if you upgrade the 2 to a 4.))
(41) DM: (ok)
(41) DM: ...and then it sends a beam of scintillating emerald at Tian. (Fort)
Tian Keth: (( not another one :( ))
Tian Keth: Fortitude save: [1d20+17] -> [3,17] = (20)
(41) DM: Tian collapses to the ground into a morass of corruption.
(41) DM: (Walks, 18)
(41) DM: Very rapidly, your friend's body begins to disintegrate.
** (14) Walks-With-Spirits seeing his attack, much to his surprise, has had no effect, he instead turns, after witnessing the effects of the thing's attacks have had, and skirts around Acererak to Calehan, murmuring his supplications once more to shroud him in their protection (death ward for him) **
(41) DM: (Garret, 10)
(14) Walks-With-Spirits: And pebbles: [1d20+12] -> [8,12] = (20), [1d20+12] -> [9,12] = (21)
** (20) Garret gives a withering friend a hard stare, before returning his attention to the bejeweled bastard with all the more fury. "Why can't you die with some damn honor?!" **
Calehan: ((So, how far up is he now?))
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+25] -> [16,25] = (41) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [1,4,1,3,6] = (15)
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana(2nd) Attack Roll: [1d20+22] -> [20,22] = (42) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [8,4,5,3,6] = (26)
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana(3rd) Attack Roll: [1d20+17] -> [12,17] = (29) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [8,4,3,3,6] = (24)
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana(4th) Attack Roll: [1d20+12] -> [5,12] = (17) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [6,4,2,3,6] = (21)
(20) Garret: +3 Icy Burst Katana 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+25] -> [5,25] = (30) ===> Damage: [1d10+4+1d6+3+6] -> [9,4,3,3,6] = (25)
(20) Garret: +2 Frost Wakizashi, 2-weapon Attack Roll: [1d20+22] -> [20,22] = (42) ===> Damage: [1d6+2+1d6+6] -> [4,2,2,6] = (14)
(20) Garret: (+3 on all attacks. btw)
(20) Garret: (so that 29.. might hit)
(41) DM: The third or fourth successful katana strike shatters the skull into innumerable shards, causing its socketed gems to fall to the ground. (T'a and Tian, Will save please.)
Tian Keth: Will save: [1d20+14] -> [15,14] = (29)
(41) DM: Mocking laughter issues forth from the air in the instant the skull shatters.
(20) Garret: "Where are you really, you miserable festering mass?" :breathes out as the skull busts apart:
Calehan: "What is it now? That looked like a pretty grievous injury."
** (14) Walks-With-Spirits turns away from the scene, showing complete disinterest in the remains of whatever it is they'd confronted, remarking to himself, "The one we have sought is not to be found here.." **
(41) Voice of Acererak: Dancing on the first great sign calls lying blades for cuts unkind.
The dancer finds another room and suffers here a watery doom.
Colored stones to thee bequeathed, bitten tightly in priestly teeth,
Each a key to a sacred wall, sign to sign will make it fall.
Pig or camel brings thee woe, while hippo clears the way to go
Those who cower to the south will fall into a hungry mouth.
Iron portal locked up tight, pound and pull with all your might,
As precious metal waters clay, earthen being makes the way.
Four fair stones that bear four signs, keys to whom whose tongue maligns
Those who dare disturb thy sleep, grief and woe is what they'll reap.
Bearing gems upon its back, place the creature in its tracks.
Trunk and tusk have platinum beast
By its walk you will release.

(41) Voice of Acererak: I congratulate you on your victory.
Until we meet again, live ones.

(41) DM: (Matt, please make a will save.)
** (20) Garret listens to the poem with hard clenched teeth. Looking around the room, and the damage done, he has little energy for retorts. **
(41) DM: And with that, all is silent save for you and your companions.
(20) Garret: (you have matt's node?)
(41) TaliesinNYC: (nope)
(20) Garret: (d'oh)
(41) TaliesinNYC: someone roll a will save for him
(41) TaliesinNYC: I don't care who does it
(41) TaliesinNYC: the DC is quite low
(14) Walks-With-Spirits: Will: Saving Throw: [1d20+15] -> [6,15] = (21)
(41) DM: (success.)
(20) Garret: (afk a sec)

** Calehan walks over the shards to the site of T'a's demise. Glancing back at Tian's 'remains' as well he fervently requests, "I wish, however limited my power may be, that there is some way you two can be alive to see this victory. It seems hollow to win at such cost." **
(41) DM: **begin interlude**
(41) DM: (please don't interrrupt during the interlude)
(41) DM: Etienne d'Amberville: Now, then, there are many many questions you have, and I shall do my best to answer them.
Etienne d'Amberville: About the Prophecy of Andurin'ith-en.
Rainur Swiftblade: "What of Tamuril Monsieur, is she still alive?"
Sevis Goloens: "When we become these personas of the past will we remember who we truly are or will we become them compleatly untill it is time for us to return to the world?"
Etienne d'Amberville: I will get to that in a moment, Rainur.
Dranath: "What about the Prophecy of Andurin'ith-en?"
Etienne d'Amberville: You will not remember your experiences, save in dreams.
Etienne d'Amberville: The Company of Light is as follows: The Hammer of Justice, the White Lion, the Walker in Radiance, the Dragon Ascended, the Sword of Honor and Freeswords Eternal. You are identified as Freeswords Eternal. It remains to be seen if you are those others.
Dranath: "Who?" He asks, looking over at the group that found him in the Castle Amber, "Rainur, Morti, Thom, Atross?"
** Thom shakes his head at Dranath. " **
Etienne d'Amberville: As for the Company of Dark, it is known that there is a group that mirrors yours, they are known as the Company of Whispered Secrets, but it remains to be seen if they are what Dark demands of them for those titles.
Thom: "I only joined with them right before entering the Chateau
Dranath: "Ah."
Etienne d'Amberville: Yes, Dranath, this group is known as the Company of Freeswords Eternal.
Etienne d'Amberville: Now
Atross: "And I didn't bring a sword, actually. I blame Rainur for the title."
Etienne d'Amberville: The prophecy states the following:
** Thom glances at Dranath, "Guilty by association I guess." **
Etienne d'Amberville: The Sword of Valor triumphs over the Queen of Eternal Night,
yet the night is not yet over. The Shadow grows longer with each passing day
for the Song has yet to be sung, the Pattern has yet to be made,
and the threads of Fate have not yet been woven.
Morti: :shrugs to Thom: "I was just acting as a porter in a merchant caravan they were in"
Etienne d'Amberville: This describes the events that occurred 30 years ago, when certain events occurred in the realm of the gods that caused an event that occurred a great deal of time in the past to be healed.
Etienne d'Amberville: The Shadow is a reference to Shai'tan, the Dark One.
Etienne d'Amberville: The Song is a reference to the fate of the world, as to whether it will be ruled by the Dark or if the Light shall bring balance to the world.
Etienne d'Amberville: The Pattern is the choice that mortals face, whether to choose for Light or for Dark. The final battle between Light and Dark has not been fought or decided, and it is not known if this battle, the battle we are in now, is the final battle. It is known that if Dark wins, if Shai'tan wins, then all is lost. Now. The Prophecy further states:
Etienne d'Amberville: Therefore, whether a blade of light and of shadow, or a sword of fire and of ice;
whether a crown of truth and of courage, or a gauntlet of might and of mists;
whether an orb of drakes unbidden and unbroken, or a pearl of daemonic desires; and whether a shield created with love and with passion, or a whip formed from malice and from despair: such are the tools which must be gathered by those who walk with Light or those who follow Dark in preparation for the Meeting Which Is Yet To Come.
Etienne d'Amberville: Light and Dark must each gather items or attempt to stop each other from gaining their items for successful completion of Andurin'ith-en.
Etienne d'Amberville: For Light: there is a blade of light and of shadow, a crown of truth and of courage, an orb of drakes unbidden and unbroken, and a shield created with love and with passion.
Etienne d'Amberville: For Dark, there is a sword of fire and of ice, a gauntlet of might and of mists, a pearl of daemonic desires, and a whip formed from malice and despair.
Etienne d'Amberville: These tools must be gathered for the Meeting Which Is Yet To Come -- a reference for the meeting between Light (yourselves and others) and Dark (Almeena and her ilk, and others) where the choice that will determine the fate of this world will be made.
Etienne d'Amberville: Now.
Etienne d'Amberville: A King must be crowned, a Sword must be wielded, a Knight must be slain.
Three things to pass and that shall pass and will pass for Light.
Etienne d'Amberville: This refers to events that must and will happen for those who follow Light.
Etienne d'Amberville: A King overthrown, a Sword shattered asunder, a Knight eternal.
Three things to pass and that shall pass and will pass for Dark.
Etienne d'Amberville: This refers to events that must and will happen for those who follow Dark.
Etienne d'Amberville: I shall endeavor to explain these at this time.
Etienne d'Amberville: A King must be crowned, is a reference to the White Khahan of the Ulu'taari. You (points to Rainur) must become Khahan and rule your people.
Rainur Swiftblade: ::bows his head::
** Morti pats Rainur on the back. "Congratulations!" **
** Sevis Goloens is listening intently **
Rainur Swiftblade: "If it comes to be my fate, it will be an honor"
Etienne d'Amberville: A Sword must be wielded. This refers to a Sword of Power, but not the Sword required to rule the Ulu'taari. This you will accomplish both now and in the future. You will gain the memory of a Sword, which Sword is up to you. When you return in the future, you will then quest to locate and recover the Sword you have chosen. Choose wisely.
** Thom raises an eyebrow. "Rainur - king?" **
Etienne d'Amberville: A Knight must be slain. This refers to a Knight of death, who shall come to you willingly. You must find a way to slay this Knight, for doing so will release his soul to the grave. And in so doing, you will save a kingdom from despair.
Etienne d'Amberville: A King overthrown. This refers to a plot to overthrow the Grand Dukes of Kern. Should the Grand Duchy fall, then will the Dark gain a foothold over those who would serve it.
Etienne d'Amberville: A Sword shattered asunder. This refers to a Sword that shall be destroyed. Which Sword of Power it is, I do not know.
Etienne d'Amberville: A Knight eternal. I do not know the meaning of this passage except that it involves the same Knight that you are meant to slay.
Etienne d'Amberville: A choice must be made, and the Balance maintained.
Etienne d'Amberville: This refers to the Meeting That Is Yet To Come.
Etienne d'Amberville: This will determine who saves the world, and who dies as a result.
Etienne d'Amberville: As for the items:
Thom: "So, it is possible that both sides will accomplish their tasks, depending on what the Dark have to do with the Knight/"
** Morti sits taking notes **
TaliesinNYC: A blade of light and of shadow. This lies on a plain where both kingslayers and kingmakers rest for all eternity. Look in the
Kingdom of Damrosil. Seek out the singer of the Lineage of Kings.
Etienne d'Amberville: A crown of truth and of courage. This is part of the regalia of Wylund, the Crown of Solnor, and was lost several centuries ago. The Crown is currently located in an ancient tomb, somewhere near the
Forest of Miir, ironically within a day's travel of Tolmara.
Etienne d'Amberville: An orb of drakes unbidden and unbroken. This refers to an Orb of Drakes, one of seven created in the world. For this, you will need to best the emerald drake Briocht. Briocht's lair is located in southern Hyboras.
Etienne d'Amberville: Briocht is especially formidable and has a love of puzzles and riddles.
Morti: "Best a drake? Hope he does just mean puzzles."
Etienne d'Amberville: A shield created with love and with passion. This refers to the Eye of Solnor, a powerful weapon in the hands of those who would follow Light. This item is truly lost and has not been seen for several centuries.
Morti: "Sure... an eye can't see itself"
Dranath: "Not without help, anyhow.."
Etienne d'Amberville: It lies within Mel'Nethra, and this is a most perilous journey, for at this time, the city at the center of the Empire has not yet become a dread necropolis. The Barrier has not yet been raised. But it soon will be...in a few years.
Thom: "At this time? Which time is that?"
Etienne d'Amberville: Why, at the time of the Kernin invasion. The year, 3000.
Thom: "Oh,Each ok."
** Etienne d'Amberville turns to Rainur. "Tamuril, your love, is alive at this time....you cannot change her fate, but you can learn the truth of what will befall her." **
Rainur Swiftblade: "What do you mean Monsieur...I need to know...It is better I know now"
Etienne d'Amberville: As to you, Thom, you cannot slay the Tempest at this point in time. What you will be doing is gaining in skill and power, and learning of her weaknesses for when you do return in the future.
Thom: "As long as she is defeated. Or, the deamon is defeated. Whichever."
Etienne d'Amberville: You will then have the opportunity to defeat her in the future. You will learn of her nature, for defeating her true nature is what you shall face.
**Etienne turns and faces Rainur. "She is alive, but is now a Kernin slave and serves a Kernin master." **
Rainur Swiftblade: "Those bastard dogs...they will taste their own blood as I slice my blade through their throats!
Morti: "Can't do that. Remember? No changning past. Unless that was supposed to happen... Hmmm..."
Morti: "How do we know what was supposed to happen?"
Rainur Swiftblade: "I will find her once this is all done, and make them pay!"
Atross: "That'll be now though, not then."
Atross: "So it'll be alright on the unmaking us front."
Dranath: "Im well versed in history... but I have been absent for a while, it seems.."
Rainur Swiftblade: "Is she at least treated with some measure of decency?"
** Dranath remains quiet, in respect for Rainur **
** Rainur Swiftblade is seething with anger and is having a tough time controlling his temper **
Etienne d'Amberville: Events you cannot change are anything that have to do with your own individual circumstances. That means, you cannot change the manner of your lives, or something that would radically alter your life prior to this point without some drastic change occurring in the future.
Etienne d'Amberville: That includes killing the one who would become the Tempest, for instance.
** Thom frowns for a moment, but relazes, knowing that it is the truth. **
Atross: "Wait, you say we cannot change these events or we risk altering our lives such that we never even will be here ot free you. Wouldn't that prevent us from making the changes as well?"
Morti: "What if we do something that seems insignificant, but has dire consequences." :runs off on a tangent: "Like, in the past I get hungry so I stop to have a meal.."
Sevis Goloens: "I think that prevents a paradox from happening Atross"
Morti: "That was the last of the food a the inn and now when a starving messenger on his way back to a post in wylund arrives there's no food. Now he's hungr and starves on the way, passing out and never delivering message of an oncoming invasion force."
Morti: "This results in a large military victory by the Kernins overturning the war and altering all our futures!"
Rainur Swiftblade: "I do not understand this talk...I will do my part for the light"
Atross: "In that case, Morti, you will likely let slip some knowledge from the future assuming they already knew about the invasion force and effictively take the place of the messenger so that everything works out. We'll make sure of it since I'd rather continue to exist."
Morti: "But what if we mess up and the Kernins were suppose to win that battle?"
** Morti is looking very nervous **
Atross: "Then how did you change anything by stopping the messenger and causing us to lose?"
Morti: "Because he was hungry!"
Etienne d'Amberville: Very well, then. To make it easy on yourselves, the only thing that you need to worry about is to avoid, if possible, from slaying the Tempest.
Rainur Swiftblade: "If possible?"
Etienne d'Amberville: The temptation will be great, considering that you will have the opportunity to do so.
** Thom sits down trying to take this all in as he digs through his bag a bit. **
Morti: "Phew. That's a load off"
Thom: "But, if we do, it will be bad - worse than how things are now, correct?"
Rainur Swiftblade: "Well, let us find Morti's family"
Rainur Swiftblade: "That seems a logical place to start"
Morti: "Eh?" :raises a brow at Rainur: "30 years ago, my family didn't even exist yet. My parents were just teenagers who hadn't even met yet."
Rainur Swiftblade: "Or rather Rhian's brother"
Etienne d'Amberville: If you wish to defeat the Tempest in the future, you will need to recover an item in the place known as the House of Cards. There is a great possibility you will come face to face with the one who will become the Tempest.
** Morti scratches his scabby head **
Rainur Swiftblade: "Or perhaps that is our first option"
** Thom gets a twisted smile on his face. "Now, would her say... getting a broken leg from falling change the future?" **
Morti: "I wonder if I still have citadel access in the past"
** Sevis Goloens shakes his head **
Sevis Goloens: "Did he not say you will not remember these lives except partialy in dreams, so who is to say you will remember to go meet certain people. I say just focus on what is important getting this item from the house of cards, and posible gathering a sword of power, or some of the other items for the Prophacy. If you try to focus on too many things your dreams will be unclear and you may remember none of it"
** Thom nods to Sevis, "Very true." **
Morti: "Concentrate. Got it.... I think..."

(41) DM: A memory makes itself manifest in your minds.
(41) DM: **end interlude**
(20) Garret: :blinks at the strange and sudden flash: "What... was that?"
(41) DM: Of your companions, Tian and T'a, there is no sign...save for two emerald eye-gems, each radiating a sickly green emanation.
** Calehan loses his concentration before the strange memory. "Like a waking dream?" **
(20) Garret: :randomly offers(almost Morti-esque): "I suddenly feel real tall." :As he crouches down by the glowing eyes.: "Are they...trapped?"
** Calehan turns to the argonian, "So, you hunt the undead, right? Ever heard of anything like this?" **
Calehan: "There is some way to counter and reverse that spell, isn't there?"
(58) Walks-With-Spirits (enter): 00:56
** Calehan looks down at what remains, "If it even was a spell; I don't recognize it myself." **
(14) Walks-With-Spirits (exit): 00:58
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (58) Walks-With-Spirits...
** (58) Walks-With-Spirits returns his attentions to the others, quietly observing them discuss and debate the the fate of their companions. **
** Calehan looks about at the survivors, "None of us knows how, hmm?" **
(20) Garret: "Fraid it's not my area of expertise." :offers as he resheathes hi blades and takes a seat on the slab which the skull so recently occupied:
Calehan: "Then I'll do it. No objections, it's my own risk for tampering with such a thing. It's too bad T'a can't help me finalize it. I'll have to do with a rough draft under the circumstances."
** Calehan sheathes his knives and wanders over to the pool of water to focus his thoughts. **
(41) DM: A shaft of light comes into being in the chamber.
(41) DM: It seems familiar. For many of you, you've seen it before....
Calehan: "Oh no you don't, I'm not done here yet."
(41) DM: Its soft white radiance fills the chamber in its entirety. It seems warm...comforting...almost inviting.
(41) DM: (revert to your usual Saturday PCs please)
(41) The Scion of Light: We have met before.
Tian Keth: (( even the soul captured of us? ))
(41) The Scion of Light: (yes)
(41) DM: (yes, the reason why will become apparent shortly)
** (20) Morti likes about suddenly, with some confusion. "Eh? Eh? eh? What now?" **
** Calehan's voice fades away, but you think you hear him asking to not be interrupted. **
(20) Morti: (looks about* rather)
** Sevis Goloens blinks **
(41) DM: (to explain this, your usual Saturday PC will be speaking in your alternate Saturday PC body. recall that the alternate PCs are the regular Saturday PCs' subconscious)
(41) The Scion of Light: We have met before. Well...some of you, that is.
** (58) Yazut holds his hand up to his eyes to sheild them from the light, "Mmhhw..?" **
(20) Morti: "It's a pleasure to see you." :bows to the scion: "I think."
** Atross looks around the room quickly taking in the difference between scenery and potential hazards, "Sheesh, never looking out for the danger, that one," he comments to himself. "He'll learn the hard way like I did, I guess." **
(41) DM: There IS a being in the column of light. It seems perceptible, as if you can make out its form but looking in the column is almost impossible without blinding yourself.
** Sevis Goloens thinks back trying to remember meeding the voice **
(20) Morti: :As he straightens up, and notices his relative height to everyone else, Morti looks about and gives a little grin. Dumbly he blurts, "Hehe.. I'm tall."
Atross: "I don't recall meeting anyone like you. Though it seems you know some of us."
(41) The Scion of Light: For some of you, we have not met. You are either newly come to this world of Andurin, or you are new companions of this company. Either way, you are part of an ancient prophecy, one that is now being fulfilled.
(41) The Scion of Light: Your companions are still present, trapped in those gemstones.
(41) DM: Two emeralds lie on the floor amidst the shards of the gem-encrusted skull, emanating a sickly green radiance.
(20) Morti: "Gemstones?" :kneels down by the gems, looking them over with some thought.
** (58) Yazut 's head jerks around to gaze on the direction of Morti's voice, then back to the silhouetted figure within the light, "Mmmh? Stones?" he asks, glancing around, then down at the floor, only to notice his two clawed toes, "Hwaaa.. What be this?" **
(41) The Scion of Light: Without a physical form, they shall remain trapped within them.
(41) The Scion of Light: I see. You are unfamiliar with your personal circumstances. Permit me to show you.
(20) Morti: "Hmmmm... how do you make a body?"
(41) DM: There is a slight pause...and a wave of memories rushes through your mind, a jumble of images that seems quite overwhelming to behold.
(20) Morti: :ponders to himself as he stares at the gem eyes:
Atross: "Not quite like what happened to Nerick, then. How can... ghrk."
(41) DM: ((in other words, what the Scion is doing is showing you in OOC terms what happened throughout the course of the campaign to each of your characters so that you can understand ICly. call it a DM cheat. :) ))
** Atross is unintelligible as whatever he was asking is pushed aside momentarily. **
Sevis Goloens: (( so now the Melnethra chars have all the memories of the normal Saterday chars? ))
Sevis Goloens: (( and viseversa? ))
Atross: ((Um, the other way around I think)
(41) DM: ((they always did. the memories were just buried on purpose because of Etienne's spell.))
(20) Morti: (Dm memory cheat: Up, up, down, right, left, down left, b,b,a,b, down, select)
(61) ticattack (enter): 01:27
(41) DM: ((the Mel Nethra PCs are really the Damrosil PCs' subconscious brought to life))
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (61) ticattack...
(41) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(48) ticattack' from room...
(48) ticattack (exit): 01:27
Jarvis: ((Jarvis' subconscious is a cat-girl. Somewhere in Andurin, a psychiatrist just had an overwhelimg urge to check the prices of lucury yachts))
Jarvis: ((*luxury))
(41) The Scion of Light: I am here to illuminate to you why you are here and why this is happening, and to answer any questions you might have about your role in all of this.
(41) The Scion of Light: ...and also to help restore your friends to their normal forms.
(20) Morti: :as the wave of memories passes over him, Morti grabs his head to keep it from spinning. Feeling the wisp of hair on his fingr tips, it starts to dawn on him this isn't his body, after he smiles. Then looking over this body, this armor, these swords, it all falls into place. All he can really note aloud though is, "Woah."
Sevis Goloens: "A body would be good" Talking to him self since he is unsure if anyone can hear him
(20) Morti: :zeroes in on what he wants to hear: "You can restore them? How? How?"
(41) The Scion of Light: This IS your body. It is after all, your belief that gave it form.
Atross: "Well then, that revelation brings me to what Calehan was doing starting into a pool while potentially hazardous statues still ringed the room."
** Atross addresses pillar of light as he states, "I wish to know how we can undo the effects of the attack that killed T'a K'shet then Tian Keth." **
(41) DM: ((Tian/Sevis and T'a/Jarvis are trapped in the gems. So no, no one can hear you.))
Atross: "That's what was going through his mind, just as you showed up."
(41) The Scion of Light: Calehan shall cast a spell which I shall empower.
(41) The Scion of Light: In the instance that the spell is cast, your friends shall be restored. But Calehan must make sure to cast the spell correctly.
Atross: "Maybe I should write this down for him. What's after that?"
(20) Morti: "Hoi Hoi. Here that Atross. make sure he does it right."
(41) The Scion of Light: You will remember this conversation. It is necessary for you to do so.
Atross: "Ah, hum."
(41) The Scion of Light: Once you left Chateau d'Amberville, you were sent back in time to the year 2999, nine months before the invasion of Wylund by Kern. You were told to gain in power and to acquire certain items to help successfully resolve a prophecy known as the Prophecy of Andurin'ith-en.
(41) The Scion of Light: You began your journey and in so doing, gained entrance to a phenomenon of Andurin known as a Focus of magicka. You gained entrance to one such Focus in order to destroy a cursed item known as the Book of Blood.
(41) The Scion of Light: All of this is in your memory.
(41) The Scion of Light: Because the Foci are places of great power near the source of magicka on the mortal plane, the spell that was cast on you by the mage Etienne d'Amberville was warped by the power within the Focus. Your true selves were separated from your subconscious for the most part.
(41) The Scion of Light: Your subconscious has been given physical form and sent elsewhere, and when you awoke, you awoke here, in Mel'Cendia.
(20) Morti: :nod nod: "That does sound rather problematic"
(41) The Scion of Light: Even so, your true selves and your subconscious selves are bound to the Prophecy of Andurin'ith-en, as the Company of Light. The same things that have been done to you have been done to your counterparts, the Company of Dark.
Atross: "So we're not the only ones going through this..."
(41) The Scion of Light: The magicka that binds you to the Prophecy is a strong magicka that will by its nature eventually cause your true self and your subconscious to rejoin. It is the nature of this world for these things to happen.
(20) Morti: "Hiow long will that take?"
(41) The Scion of Light: Now, as to the items in the Prophecy: a blade of fire and of ice, a crown of truth and of courage, an orb of drakes unbidden and unbroken and a shield created with love and with passion. Two items your true selves will discover: a blade of light and of shadow, and a crown of truth and of courage. Two items will you discover: an orb of drakes and a shield of love and of passion.
(41) The Scion of Light: I do not know, Morti. I only know that you cannot continue separated from yourselves for very long. Time is measured differently by I and my Other, compared to mortals and the gods.
** Sevis Goloens remembers the items **
(20) Morti: :nods: "I have no idea what you mean, but I'll take your word for it."
Atross: "I certainly agree with your assessment. We can't keep up this separation forever. It's stressful."
(41) The Scion of Light: There are only seven Orbs on Andurin. By chance, one of them, the Dreaming Orb, lies within the lair of Briocht, an elder emerald drake somewhere within Hyboras. By chance, Briocht's lair is not far from Acererak's true lair near the city of Orend in the province of Cyradia.
Sevis Goloens: "Chance has little to do with it I think" (again talking to himself)
(41) The Scion of Light: As for the shield of love and of passion, that is the Eye of Solnor, a powerful divine relic that lies in the city of Mel Nethra. The Eye can only be held by someone of pure heart and mind. Where the Eye is, I do not know. The city of Mel Nethra is a den of corruption and not for the unwary.
(41) The Scion of Light: Once you have gained these two items, you shall be rejoined with your true selves.
(41) The Scion of Light: You have not destroyed Acererak, but a construct that was made to appear as he. On the other hand, at the moment that the construct was destroyed, you heard a poem that gives you clues as to his true lair.
(41) DM: (gave*)
(41) The Scion of Light: What Acererak intends to do is unknown to me, but it is clear that he desires something. What I do know is that the information that you have gained, has also been given to your counterparts to do as they will.
Atross: "Just a construct of his? We really may meet again."
(41) The Scion of Light: Now then, if you have any questions for me, I shall do my best to answer them.
Atross: "Better tell me about the spell Calehan's gonna cast, so I don't lose track."
(41) The Scion of Light: It is a spell that allows the caster to change a very small part of reality. It is an extremely powerful spell and a rare one at that. It is, I believe, called a wish of limitations.
Atross: "Ah, well. That's simple enough. Now then, how heavy would you say all these gold and jewels are, altogether?"
(63) ticattack (enter): 02:12
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (63) ticattack...
(41) TaliesinNYC: Booting '(61) ticattack' from room...
(61) ticattack (exit): 02:13
(41) The Scion of Light: I am certain you could do something with them. (chuckles)
** Atross looks about, seeking inspiration. **
** Sevis Goloens tries to think of anything to ask but cannot at this time **
Atross: "I know how to fix the gems, I know where to find the shield and orb, I know that we'll get put back together after we find those. Um... What's in the boxes?" he asks abruptly.
(41) DM: (boxes?)
Atross: ((Yeah, I'm outta meaningful questions too))
(41) DM: (what boxes?)
(63) ticattack (exit): 02:23
Atross: "Those boxes, what's with them?"
(41) DM: (you need to remind me about which boxes OOC)
Atross: ((They not circled on the map? The two heavily locked boxes in room 30.))
Atross: ((Behold the power of pen.))
(41) The Scion of Light: What one would expect to find in a false burial chamber.
(69) ticattack (enter): 02:27
Atross: "Excitement and danger and little else then."
(41) The Scion of Light: If you have no further questions, then we shall meet again.
(41) DM: The column of light slowly fades away.
(41) DM: (back to your alt PCs)
(41) DM: (except you remember the previous conversation)
(31) Reis (exit): 02:29
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (69) ticattack...
** Calehan looks around at everyone, "You all heard that, right?" **
** (20) Garret gives a slight smirk, and nods. "Yeah. Good luck." **
Calehan: "Hey, you're stuck in this too."
** Calehan picks up the emeralds, holding one in each hand for effect as he incants his wish. **
Calehan: "I wish to restore T'a K'shet and Tian Keth to their respective living forms."
(41) DM: There is a flash of light as the emeralds disappear and your two companions reappear as they were before.
(20) Garret: "Welcome back."
Calehan: "How's that for a magick trick? Ian'll be jealous."
** Tian Keth growls "Blodyless skulls should not be deadly" **
** T'a K'shet blinks, then looks around. "What... happened?" **
Tian Keth: "So whats next, find the sku;;s real lair or go after the Orb?"
** T'a K'shet raises a brow at Tian's question. "So. Not an illusion then" she mutters. **
"Nope, apparently not an illusion."
(20) Garret:
"Welll... I really wanna kill this creep.:"
"I think we'd better get the orb first. If we know where it is, so do they."
Tian Keth: "True, and it is near the skulls real lair anyways"
** T'a K'shet snickers. "Kill being a relative term... It is very possible he has been alerted to all's presence here. T'a feels that all should waste little time in destroying the lich, but Calehan's words are also true... If they are near each other, T'a feels the orb should be all's first goal, followed quickly by the destruction of Acererak". **
"So secure the orb first, then it'll be time to crack a skull."
** Tian Keth nods **
"With that out of the way, I brought up an interesting question. How are we gonna carry this?"
** Tian Keth shrugs "On our backs?" **
"I suppose so."
(70) ticattack (enter): 02:51
(69) ticattack (exit): 02:51
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (70) ticattack...
** Tian Keth sets his backpack down and opens it to be filled with stuff **
"Time to start cleaning up this mess."
Tian Keth: "I think we should try to only grab the most valuable stuff and leave the rest"
Tian Keth: (( I am fading ))
** Calehan goes around the piles packing his belt. **
((Yeah, not much else we're gonna get done tonight))
(41) TaliesinNYC:
ok, we can stop here

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