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(17) TaliesinNYC: Helisandra: "Sorry to cause so much panic back there

(17) TaliesinNYC: Helisandra: "Sorry to cause so much panic back there. Tian and I were doing great - until a tapestry turned into that slimy mess and covered me. I mean, who has turns a tapestry into slime?"
(17) DM: Helisandra: "Sorry to cause so much panic back there. Tian and I were doing great - until a tapestry turned into that slimy mess and covered me. I mean, who has turns a tapestry into slime?"
Garret: :nods deftly: "Fair enough. It is a lovely name." :rests back against the wall:
** Calehan surveys the carnage and finds the room to look significantly tidier for his work before floating back out of the room and down the hall past Tian. **
Calehan: "Come on, don't you want to hear what they have to say about you?"
Gabrielle: " Sometimes the most simpilist of traps are the deadliest Helisandra."
** Tian Keth enters the room after Cale leaves and attempts to make his way to the exit that Heli was tring to investigate **
** Helisandra remains wrapped in the blanket for a while, feeling somewhat safe for the time being. **
Calehan: "Oh well, I still have something to talk to Ian about."
Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+19] -> [7,19] = (26) -> [18,19] -> (18, 19) = (37)
Helisandra: "Yeah, I just hoped everyone else would have been able to rest up. T'a - did you figure out what that creature was?"
** Gabrielle walks over to her mount,speaking softly in its ear,turns around,taking her bedroll with her,finishes removing her armor,lays down and goes back to sleep. **
** Calehan flies back over the pit, through the alchemy lab (waving to the jelly in the vat as he passes) and around the corner to find the rest actually talking peacefully. He makes a big show of floating leisurely just below the ceiling and lands slowly with a big smile. **
Calehan: "I have some announcements to make."
Calehan: "First, I'm glad to see everyone getting along so well."
Helisandra: "Let's hear them."
Calehan: "Second, the slime, and indeed the tapestries, are now gone."
Calehan: "Third, Tian went ahead and is checking out what was behind that tapestry, apparently."
Helisandra: "Oh, the second tapestry. No one got covered with any slime from the second one?"
Garret: "You let Tian go unsupervised?"
Calehan: "And finally, Ian, would you like me to try to reverse the magic that was done to you?"
** Helisandra groans slightly. "Damn, this underground maze is really getting to him. I'm going to go make sure Tian hasn't gone to far and try to bring him back." **
Calehan: "I tried to entice him to come back now but he went ahead anyway. I think he finds the room fun or something."
Gabrielle: " And if it does not work? What will I be then?"
** Helisandra rises, and heads on down to the shaking room, still wrapped in the blanket. **
Calehan: "If it does not work? Why wouldn't it work? It'll work."
** Garret rises to follow after Heli **
Gabrielle: " What happens to me if it does not work?"
Garret: "Take it easy, you just almost melted to death."
Helisandra: "Maybe, but I am not going to leave Tian, or anyone else, down there alone. Especially now that I am finding traps all over the place."
DM: The steed follows Helisandra and attempts to shield her protectively while keeping each of you at bay.
Calehan: "It's just a simple alteration to reality. If it doesn't work, and there's no reason for it not to, probably nothing will happen to you. If it doesn't work, and again there's no reason it shouldn't, there's honestly no limit to what may happen instead; as such it will most likely not happen to you."
Garret: ((the horse follows Heli?))
** Helisandra stops before even leaving the mummy room, noticing the horse. "Horse, you aren't going to be able to follow us, unless you can fly. I don't know how Ian, I mean Gabrielle got you down here, but stay with her." **
Gabrielle: " Ummm with that type of wording,I would say no."
Calehan: "How should I say this most precisely, I will return you to the form you had before you stepped into the arch at the top of these stairs."
** Tian Keth comes back out of the shaky room and sits down again back in the hallway **
Gabrielle: " Uh-uh,I will only trust to Solnor or my order to do such a thing,one change in my life is enough."
T'a K'shet: "If you would prefer, T'a can turn you into a ferret"
Calehan: "Thought it would be best to ask before I do anything to you. Understood."
Gabrielle: " Sure T'a,go ahead,watch all those you admire die because there is no one to heal thier wounds,I am sure that would go over nicely with Tian."
** T'a K'shet glares at Gabrielle, then just shakes her head. **
Calehan: "So now that you're not going to be Ian, what'll it be? I could wish up a name for you if you like but that's less of a good idea than turning you back."
Gabrielle: " Gabrielle"
Gabrielle: " Helisandra,Justice will not let you leave."
Calehan: "Hmm, Gabrielle. Kinda rolls off pretty easily doesnt it. Okay then. Now where does everyone else think they are going?"
Gabrielle: " I am going no where,I require rest,as does the rest of you."
Helisandra: "Well, I was planning on going to make sure Tian hadn't fallen into some trap, since they are becoming more and more frequent."
Garret: :to Heli: "I'll get Tian. You .. rest." : pats her on the head like he would a child and heads off through the lab fro the stairs.:
Helisandra: "Wait a second Garret!"
Calehan: "Garret, there's a trap Tian showed me."
Garret: :pauses a moment at the steps:
Gabrielle: " Well if he falls into a trap,either he will still be there or he will come back here,kick me and make me heal him."
Helisandra: "Yes, you can pass the pit along the left side going down, but you need to jump over the last four feet of the ledge, or have a bunch of spears flying at you."
** Calehan floats up a foot from the floor then flies over to Garret. "I took a different approach." **
Garret: "Left sidem jump last four feet. Alright." :waves and heads down stairs:
Garret: :to Cale: "Obviously:
** Calehan puts his arms out and spins around some. "I've got at least a couple minutes left. You know how fun this is?" **
Garret: "Not as much as you."
Garret: ((I assume we see Tian sitting in the hall across the pit?))
** Calehan holds up his daggers placatingly, "You could. You could." **
DM: ((yes))
Garret: "Maybe later, Cale."
** Tian Keth looks up as Garret aproches "Watch the last few feet of that walkway" **
Calehan: ((How far away is Tian?))
DM: ((this seems a good place to stop. next session will resume 10 hours from this point, assuming the PCs rest and memorize spells, etc.))
DM: ((outside the small room))
T'a K'shet: ((Sweet))
Calehan: ((Excellent, you mean outside room 21?))
** Helisandra curls back into a seated position, still wrapped in the blanket. She puts her head down and rests for a few moments more. **
Garret: :sighs with some relief to see Tian sitting in wait. "So I've heard." Glancing about at the scattered spikes from the originally burst. "Come on, heel boy. We're going back uypstairs to rest for a while. We'll fo more damage in the morning."
Tian Keth: "I'll stay down here, I dont want to be near Ian"
TaliesinNYC: ((yes, outside the small room next to 21))

(3) Zane: No - I am reading it right now
(2) Dj Gilcrease has sent you a tree node...
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Server Administrator-> This channel is now moderated
(17) DM: (quick mapping)
(21) Gabrielle (enter): 23:02
Helisandra: (( well well well, there he is ))
(5) Garret: ... freaky timing
Calehan: (And to think we were just about ready to make a mock-up dummy-healer to use for tonight)
(5) Garret: really dael, or dj in disguise?
Calehan: DJ's mock-up healer won't be named gabrielle. And had AC 27 I thought =P
** Of course, no one will be able to tell the difference between the fake and the real thing if it's done so expertly as this. **
(17) DM: (describe your um friend, Tian)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (21) Gabrielle...
(2) Dj Gilcrease: A Tall dark haired man in full plate armor that is rather unadorned and a simple looking mace and no other belongings stands infront of you. He appears to be very very dirty and has a lost look to his eyes. He also appears to be in his late years.
(17) DM: ((we thought you were dropping out of the game, D))
whispering to Gabrielle, what's your real name? can't remember
(5) Garret: (Greetings obscured old dude)
(21) Gabrielle: ( no just trying to get things done,we bought a house and are in the process of closing things up and such)
(17) DM: (when we last left off, Heli had just discovered this four way intersection and a pit trap in the center, as well as in front of the door at 31)
(17) DM: (so should I remove you from the game?)
(5) Garret: (We use to have that problem at my mom's house. The wood warped and you couldn't get the door closed anymore.)
Helisandra: (( where is this at? ))
(17) DM: ((recall that room 21 was the room with the tapestries/green slime trap))
: ((Yes, room 31? =P))
(17) DM: ((there was a secret door behind one of the tapestries that led to stairs down, this is the next level))
Helisandra: (( oh, ok. ))
Helisandra: So I guess I found and tripped the traps so that everyone can see them, right?
Helisandra: (( oops, sorry... ))
(17) DM: ((you found and deactivated them, yes))
** Helisandra has moved around the trap that lays before the door at 31, checking the door over. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [20,28] = (48)
** Helisandra cracks the door open about an inch or two and peers into what lays beyond. **
** Tian Keth stands close by Heli making sure there is no more slime monsters laying around **
** (5) Garret hangs back across the pit from 31, giving Heli room to work, but ready to jump the pit if needed. **
** (21) Gabrielle stays next to Garret watching the others work. **
** Calehan hangs back by the pit at the crossroads, daggers drawn and eyes open for trouble from the other directions. **
(21) Gabrielle: " You inquired as to why I chose this name so easily Garret,if you will allow me to tell you a tale taught to us by the elders of the temple."
(5) Garret: "Huh?" :glances over, apparently not expecting the paladin to suddenly speak. In his regularly disinterested tone, he concedes: "Sure, talk away."
** Helisandra opens the door (31) and reveals yet another mist filled hallway. **
(21) Gabrielle: " In the time when man had just arrived here,the gods walked amoungst us,both the good and the evil,those of us who were worshippers built shrines and temples to these gods."
(5) Garret: :sighs at another misty room, calling up to Tian: "Smell anything funny in there?" :glances to Gab: "Sorry, go on."
(5) Garret: :whether he's really listening is questionable:
** Tian Keth snorts and sniff the mist **
(21) Gabrielle: " Well some of the other gods were enraged at seeing shrines and temples being built,they in turn began to destroy what was built,this angered some of the gods and in turn caused a great war to ensue."
Tian Keth: "just fruitr small"
Helisandra: "Hmm... white this time." she mutters.
(5) Garret: :nods: "Jealousy. It's an ugly thing." :then to tian: "Fruit?"
Tian Keth: "Apricots specificly"
Helisandra: "That is not something I would expect this far underground. Would you?"
Calehan: "Nope, apricots is definitely a surpise."
(5) Garret: "Can you see anything? Hear anything?"
(21) Gabrielle: " Well Solnor led his army out onto the field of battle,facing a great and evil army,the battle lasted for days,both sides taking heavy losses,but Solnor was struck down and lay mortally wounded on the field,and peasant not much unlike myself ran up and grabbed Solnors sword and stood above him defending him against all odds,the man fell to his great and many wounds,but not before turning the tide of the war,Solnor seeing this man fall defending him,decided that this man would be on his right side when he assended to greatness,that mans name was Gabriel,thus at times the sword of Solnor is often times called the sword of Gabriel."
** Tian Keth pokes his head in the room to see whats in there **
** Helisandra gets a strange look on her face for a moment "Music? This seems kinda like the lava trap." **
(5) Garret: :gives a stiff nod to Gab as she finishes her tale: "Then I suppose it's a great name after all." :shurgs and turns to watch Tian's experiment, adding chidingly: "A bit prsumptious maybe."
** Calehan adds from the back, "Mist filled anything seems to be a trap of some kind. At least arches have generally had a correct answer, this kind of thing I don't trust already.." **
Helisandra: "Yes, but we had to pass through one other hallway to get this far in. This could be another like that."
** Helisandra simply waits to see the result of Tian's test before actually doing anything else. **
(5) Garret: :Sigh: "Shall we check one of the other doors first then?"
Tian Keth: "A hall full of platnium coins leading down it"
Calehan: "That smell of apricots?"
Tian Keth: "And harp music, Lets look at a diferant door for now"
Helisandra: "Most likely a trap for those greedy enough to follow blindly."
(5) Garret: "Yeah.... and the half-naked harem girls are where?"
** Helisandra nods in agreement and heads back to the crossing hallways, moving to the left (the non-numbered door), checking it over carefully. **
** Tian Keth follows Heli closly **
** (5) Garret hangs around by 31, making sure nothing is coming out while the others go to check the next door. **
** Calehan stands well away from the door Hilsandra is checking over, in fact he seems rather intent on watching the opposite door. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [12,28] = (40)
** Helisandra cracks this door open after a little while and peeks beyond it. **
** Helisandra lets out a disappointed sigh and opens the door to show the blank wall behind it. "Not this way." **
(5) Garret: "Sure the wall's not an illusion?"
(5) Garret: "Or a false wall?"
** Tian Keth pokes the wall to make sure it is solid then follows Heli to the next door **
** Helisandra turns and heads to the remaining door, going through the same process on this one. **
Calehan: "Maybe he ran out of time to finish construction."
** Calehan walks over to the door to look it over anyway once everyone's attention is opposite it. **
whispering to Donovan, quite solid appearing
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [15,28] = (43)
** Helisandra also looks over this door for a moment, but finding nothing she opens this one up, starting to get anxious to get finished. **
** Helisandra knocks on the stone wall that was behind the door. "Another one." **
Tian Keth: "Guess we go toward the music"
(5) Garret: "One of the walls have a hidden door maybe?"
Helisandra: "I didn't see any, but I can look more."
** (21) Gabrielle watches the others move around from door to door,wishing there was something she could do to help. **
** Calehan turns around to see that the other door opened up on a solid wall as well. **
** Calehan walks over towards that blocked door to investigate more closely, explaining as he walks, "That can't be right. This is the left path so I thought it would have been the right way. This must be the part about finding the false with the true." **
** Helisandra searches the area around the door to 23, then moves on down the hall, moving to the non-numbered door hallway, and then finally to the mist filled walkway. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [13,28] = (41)
** Tian Keth peeks down the two pits to see if there is a switch or something down there **
** Helisandra starts to head away from the door (at 23) but stops in her tracks. "What do you know?" She returns to the stons wall behind the door and works her hands over the stone wall. **
** Tian Keth turns to Heli **
Calehan: "What do I know? Just a hunch actually."
Helisandra: "They are good hunches. Now just to find out how to open it..."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+25] -> [4,25] = (29)
** Helisandra finally takes a step back and turns her head to the side some, staring at the door. "Well, I know there is something there, but I can't figure out how to open it." **
(5) Garret: "Can you see what it is?"
(21) Gabrielle: " Perhaps it needs a word to open it."
Helisandra: "There is a door right here," she says, tracing the outline in the stone wall.
Calehan: "I've got a few words that should open it up, though probably not the sort of ones you had in mind."
** Tian Keth looks around the door and hall leading to it but staying out of Heli's way **
(5) Garret: "Is it held magically or mechanically?"
** Helisandra frowns slightly. "I don't know. I am stumped as to what is holding the door closed." **
Helisandra: "It is possible that there might be a hint down that mist-filled pathway."
Calehan: "It's also possible that there is not a hint."
(5) Garret: "Does the other wall seem to have a door as well?"
Helisandra: "True. In that case - maybe we sould find another, non-traditional, way of opening it."
Calehan: "One thing to try then, before I do something more permanent. If it's a door, then maybe a key will open it."
(5) Garret: "Is there a lock?"
** Helisandra searches to try to find a keyhole. **
** Calehan reaches into a pocket and pulls out the golden key they found in the lab. "I don't know where this would go but..." **
** While Helisandra searches, Calehan taps the key against the blocked door lightly looking for an opening or reaction. **
Helisandra: "I'm not finding anything, you?"
Calehan: "Nothing's happening here either."
Tian Keth: "Try kicking it"
Helisandra: "Not my style Tian, besides - it is stone."
Calehan: "I'm pretty sure I couldn't reliably open a wooden door by kicking it; maybe you'd like to try?"
** (21) Gabrielle walks up and down each side of the hallway,running her hand along the wall,trying to see if any of them may be a panel to open the door. **
** Tian Keth strugs and moves to kick it **
Tian Keth: Str check: [1d20-2] -> [12,-2] = (10)
** Helisandra moves out of Tian's way. **
** Calehan stands back and let's him try it. **
Tian Keth: (( oops wrong char ))
Tian Keth: Str check: [1d20+7] -> [6,7] = (13)
** Calehan drops the key back into a belt pocket and readies his daggers for spelling. **
** Tian Keth hops back, "Seems solid to me" **
Calehan: "Since it seems none of us can find how this is supposed to be opened, if everyone will get ready, I'll remove the door like I removed that wall yesterday. No telling what's on the other side though."
** Tian Keth moves back and shifts his grip on Frenzy Fang in preperation **
** Helisandra takes a couple steps back, peeking out from behind Tian. **
(5) Garret: "If you want to save the spell, Me and Tian could try a joint ramming.. though I doubt it'll do much better
(17) DM: Someone starts singing an operatic aria.
(17) DM: The singing seems to be coming from the mist-filled corridor.
** Helisandra looks around, trying to pinpoint the source of the sound. **
** (21) Gabrielle listens to the song to see if she recognizes it. **
** Helisandra moves back to the mist hallway, not entering but looking into it. **
Calehan: "I'm really not worried about the spell right not. I'm worried about who sings in a lich's tomb."
** (5) Garret looks to the doorway near him, waiting casually for what will exit the door **
** Calehan weaves his daggers in front of him drawing an intricate pattern in the air as he incants his spell, ending with a sharp, green spike of radiance striking out at the blocked doorway. **
(17) DM: The wall vanishes with a poof.
(17) DM: On second thought, you do recognize the aria. It's a famous aria by an elven bard who lived over a thousand years ago, about a comedy involving a human barber and an elven sailor's mistress.
(21) Gabrielle: " Evil though this place is,the music is rather enjoyable."
Helisandra: "That does not sound like a song a lich would sing." she shakes her head and turns back to look at the stone door once she realizes that Calehan has stopped casting.
** Helisandra notices the stone gone and tries to see into the area beyond it to see what it reveals. **
(17) DM: (sec)
** Tian Keth pokes his head through the door **
(17) DM: A short corridor, ending in a flight of stone stairs that leads nowhere. Oh, and a stone door on the far right wall, just before the stairs.
** Helisandra sees that no enemies await, so she quickly makes her way to the front to check the area before everyone moves into the next room. **
** Tian Keth follows Heli **
Calehan: "Stairs up to a wall. It really is clear he didn't finish building this place. Maybe he forgot to tip the stonemasons."
** Calehan waits at the doorway for Helisandra to finish her inspection. **
(17) DM: (hold on there, lol)
(17) DM: As soon as Heli enters the corridor, a trap door opens just in front of the passage. (So Heli and Tian, since you followed Heli, need to make Reflex saves)
Helisandra: Reflex vs Traps: [1d20+23] -> [13,23] = (36)
Tian Keth: Reflex save: [1d20+19] -> [15,19] = (34)
(17) DM: Tian drops into the pit.
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [3d6] -> [5,6,6] = (17)
** Helisandra manages to jump forward as she starts to feel the floor give way, allowing her to escape the trap. She immediately realizes that Tian is no longer beside her so she spins around and looks down into the now open pit. "Tian?" **
Tian Keth: "Ouch"
Helisandra: "Are you ok?"
Tian Keth: "Sprained my foot when I fell"
Helisandra: "At least it wasn't a poisoned spike, or a pool of slime."
(5) Garret: "At least that's all you sprained." :Calls out, while remaining by the door to the mist filled room:
Helisandra: "Can you move on it?" she asks down to Tian.
** Tian Keth looks around the pit **
(21) Gabrielle: " Have him search the pit before he leaves it."
Helisandra: "Good diea, while he is there. Anything special down there Tian? It's not like Acererak to have a blank pit trap."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+9] -> [14,9] = (23)
Calehan: "Maybe he forgot to include the spikes, like the rest of this hallway."
Tian Keth: "A door here"
Helisandra: "It's possible, I guess."
Tian Keth: "Heli want to climb down and check it out?"
** Helisandra looks down into the pit again when Tian comments on the door and makes her way into the pit. "May I?" **
** Tian Keth steps back favoring his right foot slightly **
** Helisandra smiles at Tian as their thoughts work together yet again and she begins checking the door for any nasty surprises. **
(21) Gabrielle: " I do not believe that the lich forgot anything,if anything I believe him or her to be mad,why else all the hidden doors,secret messages,doors that go no where,he did it to confuse those who would venture into his lair."
Calehan: "Well, whatever the case there's something missing from his head."
Tian Keth: "Probably his body" **Tian tries to joke**
(21) Gabrielle: " Would you want to be a Lich Calehan?"
Tian Keth: "A lich is just a wizard who did not want to die"
Calehan: "Well, it seems that it would be hard to be a lich and not want to be a lich, so I don't think that's his problem."
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [20,28] = (48)
(21) Gabrielle: " Just think about how long he has been down here,no one to talk to,no one to intact with,that in itself is enough to make one go mad."
** Helisandra gives the door a complete lookover and finally seems satisfied. She cracks the door open an inch and peers beyond it. **
Calehan: "If he was going to be so bored, maybe he should have reconsidered living forever."
** Tian Keth peeks though the door over Heli's sholder **
Helisandra: "This is different" she mutters to Tian, as she opens the door fully to let him see the very small (5' by 5') passageway beyond it.
Tian Keth: "Thats a short hall"
Helisandra: "Yes, not much room. Wait here."
** Helisandra seems to wait for Tian to agree before doing anything else. **
** Tian Keth nods **
** Helisandra looks into the cooridor, calculating room a bit. She checks the area just inside the door for any traps before crawling along the right hand wall, looking for traps as she slowly moves down the hallway towards the door on the opposite end. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [2,28] = (30)
** Helisandra continues all the way to the door, which she also checks for traps. **
Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke ))
** Helisandra cracks open the door and peeks inside. **
** Calehan loiters about above the open pit, "About how far down do you think that is?" **
(21) Gabrielle: " Far enough for Tian to sprain his ankle."
Tian Keth: (( back ))
** Helisandra crawls back to where she left Tian and the others. "There is a door at the end of this hallway, and beyond that door another small hallway. It seems to go on more than a random path would, I think this is the way we need to go - even if it is a tight fit." **
** Tian Keth pokes his head in the small hall and growns, but starts following after Heli **
** Helisandra nods at Tian, understanding. "Let's make this as quick as possible, ok?" She heads back down the hallway and enteres the first door. She then starts searching the next, snaking hallway for traps. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+28] -> [5,28] = (33)
** Helisandra makes her way down the snaking hallway and to the next door, which after a couple moments of searching it over - she also opens to reveal yet another small passageway. "I think this will be the last one, Acererak likes sets of threes in his hallways, I hope at least." **
** Helisandra begins moving down the next hallway, searching for traps as she moves along. **
** Tian Keth follows Heli growling from time to time **
** (21) Gabrielle continues to wait to see if this is infact the right path to take,figuring either Helisandra or Tian would return to tell them. **
(5) Garret: :calls from his spot near the misty room: "Oi, what are they doing down there?"
(21) Gabrielle: " I can not say Garret."
(5) Garret: "Well, keep an open dialogue, so at least we know if they're in trouble."
(21) Gabrielle: " I do not believe that they are close enough to even hear us Garret."
(17) DM: (this next room is really complicated, so please bear with me until I finish describing it)
** Helisandra finally leads Tian into a much larger area - a large room. **
** Tian Keth breaths a sigh **
(17) DM: (it's in 3D, those are pillars so imagine it in 2D, and you'll see its rows and rows of pillars)
(17) DM: The first thing you see on peeking past the door that Heli checked is that this is a rather large chamber with 50' high ceilings.
(17) DM: (approx. 110' x 110')
(17) DM: Next, it's filled with pillars, each literally covered with uncut star sapphires.
(17) DM: To your immediate left, floating about 24' off the floor is an exact replica of the green devil face that you first saw on entering the Tomb. Except that this is an image, not a mosaic.
(17) DM: To your right, in the middle of the far right wall is an elaborate throne atop a dais. Something glints at the base of the throne.
** Tian Keth nods to Heli still stairing around the room **
(17) DM: Set at regular intervals on the left wall (north wall, OOC) are three doors. (OOC: in order from left to right, the doors are electric blue, scintillating violet and electric blue. they correspond to 26, 27 and 26 respectively)
(17) DM: At the opposite wall, to your right (OOC: SE corner), there can be seen an intense orange glow in the otherwise dark chamber.
** Tian Keth takes a few steps into the room then turns to wait for Heli to return with the others **
** Helisandra takes in the room in admiration. "I'll be back shortly" she says softly as she clicks the heels of her boots and moves back down the hallways, crouching over this time but moving very quickly. **
** Helisandra suddenly appears again to anyone watching the pit, coming out from the door at the bottom. She clicks her heals together and calls out to everyone. "We found the columned hall." **
Calehan: "Ok, hold on, and into the columned hall we'll come."
(21) Gabrielle: " Very well,I shall be right behind you."
** Calehan relays this message to Gabrielle and Garret before lowering himself carefully to the floor of the pit and following. **
** Helisandra turns once she hears others responding and she progresses back down the hallway, at her normal speed this time. **
** (21) Gabrielle carefully enters the pit,kneeling down,now that she is smaller,moves through the tunnel rather easily. **
** (5) Garret gives a grunt and a nod before leaving his post/leaning spot and making his way over to the pit to climb down after the others. **
** Helisandra leads the way down the twisting hallways into the columned room, and Tian. **
Helisandra: "Nothing has been checked in this room yet, so be careful."
(17) DM: ((stopping in 15 minutes, since I'm not going to be able to run this room adequately in 45.))
** Helisandra heads over to the throne first, to check out the glow that was coming from it. **
Helisandra: (( *the glint, sorry ))
** Tian Keth follows Heli and keeps his eyes ears and nose pealed for danger **
** (21) Gabrielle heads towards the altar as soon as she enters the room" Helisandra,touch nothing,even if no traps are present." **
Helisandra: "Understood." she calls back to Gabrielle. In the mean time, she still searches the throne over for traps or keys or keyholes, keeping in mind not to actually touch it.
(17) DM: Contrasting with the pastel colors of the pillars and the floor (the floor is a glittering aqua color) is the stark blackness of a huge dais atop which rests an obsidian throne inlaid with silver and ivory skulls. Upon the throne rest a crown and a scepter, both of which glow with a soft blue light. The crown is made of gold and the scepter is platinum, with a golden sphere at one end and a silver knob at the other.
** (5) Garret squeezes his way in after everyone else, stretching out as he takes int the collumed room **
** Calehan waits by the door trying to see past the many pillars. **
(17) DM: ((no altar...))
** (21) Gabrielle walks over to the throne,studying it,and the items on the throne. **
whispering to TaliesinNYC, [1d20+25] -> [15,25] = (40)
Tian Keth: "This must have been a very skilled wizard to have the welth to build this place."
Helisandra: "I would guess the scepter is what would act as a key, of any of it."
Helisandra: "Then again..."
(21) Gabrielle: " The scepter could also be used to control evil as well,same goes for the crown."
** Helisandra bends down and studies the base of the throne intently. **
Tian Keth: "Well just leave it alone for now"
Helisandra: "Very interesting, there is much here. But let's see what else this room holds." Helisandra backs down from the throne and starts to make her way around the room, checking for traps as she moves along. ((moving to the east from the throne, then heading in a counter-clockwise direction to return to the door we entered from eventually.
** Tian Keth follows Heli and keeps his eyes ears and nose pealed for danger **
** (5) Garret walks the room randomly, idly observind the pillars for odd variations from one to the next, or more importantly, anything skulking among them. **
(17) DM: You seem to be the only living individuals in the area.
(17) DM: The southeastern corner of the room contains cinders, ashes, charred bones and skulls, the crisped and blackened remains of clothing, gear, arms and armor encircling a huge, glowing orange gem. The gem is the size of a small cat.
Helisandra: "So many gems here, so much temptation for greedy individuals." she mutters as she passes by the orange gem.
(17) DM: The NE corner of the room contains an exact replica of the devil face mosaic you saw on entering the Tomb, except that this is an image AND it is blue-tinged, and floating 24' off the floor. (OOC: at 25b)
(21) Gabrielle: " Perhaps that is what this room is designed for Helisandra."
** Tian Keth stops well away from the Gem. "I hope that thing did not do the charing of who ever was wearing that stuf" **
(17) DM: No other special features can be seen at this time.
(21) Gabrielle: " No I am guessing it would be the floating image above us Tian,you take something and it ends your life."
** (5) Garret stops at what seems to be the edge of the 'killzone' of the gem; a bit away from the furthest remains. Curiously he reaches into his pocket, takes a bit of hard jerky and tosses it at the gem to see if there's a response **
Helisandra: "Yes, for there is enough here to tempt most people. Fortunately, glowing gems tend to make me more wary than tempted." she adds with a smirk as she continues her rounds. She keeps away from the devil faces, not trusting them one bit. After being satisified that there was nothing else to notice, she begins to check the three doors on the north wall for any traps.
(17) DM: ((and on this note, we'll stop))
Helisandra: (( k ))
(17) DM: ((next session, and the next 3 sessions after that will be Mel Nethra))
(3) Zane: yippee! Sorry, but I missed Helisandra.
(17) DM: ((when was the last time I handed out XP for the Sat group (Damrosil)?))

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