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06:26 Server Administrator-> Kicking '(420) [DG][Mod]Jason' from server... Removing dead client
06:26 (420) [DG][Mod]Jason (exit): 18:26
06:26 (402) TaliesinNYC: also tonight's session will begin in 5 min and also will have an interlude
06:26 (402) TaliesinNYC: pls don't talk during the interlude
06:32 DM: **begin interlude**
06:33 DM: She tapped her fingers on the ebony throne.
06:33 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: Begin the casting.
06:34 ** Lyme, the Spider Mage nods in acquiesence to his Matron's command and lapses into concentration. **
06:35 DM: As one, glowglobes surrounding the central chamber of the matron mother's inner sanctum dowsed themselves in unspoken agreement as the ilythi'iri mage began a low, droning chant. Likewise, his apprentices joined in strengthening the chant, adding their voices in muted chorus.
06:37 Venorik L'Abeth, of House Auvryath: Naut dos think udos...
06:37 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: Silence! (points her finger in rage towards the ilythi'iri male who dared speak in her presence) Kneel!
06:38 ** Venorik L'Abeth, of House Auvryath drops to the floor, unable to resist her command, pressing his head to the cool stone floor, under the weight of Eclavdra's spell. **
06:39 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: You will stay there as commanded until I give you permission to leave! Do not move if you value your unworthy miserable skin! (glowers at the house patron)
06:40 ** Lyme, the Spider Mage reaches a crescendo in the spell, ignoring the scene unfolding in front of him yet unable to resist a smirk at the patron's predicament. He shot a look at Venorik as if silently mocking him. **
06:42 DM: As the ilythi'iri magus released the spell of communication, a group of shimmering globes appeared out of nowhere centered in the room. A low mutter arose among the ranks of the assembled ilythi'iri courtiers at the unexpected sight, but their eyesight gradually acclimated themselves to the light...or perhaps the light was slowly suffused by the surrounding gloom.
06:42 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: Make your reports now. The spell is fragile, and as my house magus is a male, will not last long. (impatiently)
06:43 DM: Slowly, the shimmering globes coalesce into vaguely recognizeable images.
06:44 Almeena Darlastair, of Kern: Although the lich was dispatched by His Majesty of Wylund, we have been successful at infiltrating the palace with our spies.
06:45 Melisana Rothovien: The Magister took the blow meant for that miserable wretch of a paladin. At least we now know that the Diamond Throne possesses the Sword of Love.
06:46 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: Good, good. Make contact with your underling amongst the Sisters of the Shadowed Eye. I want that Sword removed, for our plans proceed apace.
06:46 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: Xarth. (twists her face in a grimace) Report.
06:47 Xarth: Uh....yes. I was able to destroy my companions and escape their untimely demise. (grins maliciously at a thought)
06:47 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: Do you have the coffer with you? (loses her composure briefly eager with anticipation)
06:48 Xarth: (pauses, a flash of worry crossing his face)
06:48 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: Well? Do you?
06:49 Xarth: No, my matron...I do not. The Aes Sedai was freed by adventurers. But fear not! She is currently a guest of the ruler of Highkeep. A permanent guest, I believe. (looks up at the matron)
06:51 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: I see. (coldly) This is most unfortunate. You have until the next rising of the sapphire moon to see to it that she is released from being a  "guest" of the Tempest. I do not care how you do it. Lolth does not tolerate failure, and neither do I.
06:51 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: And what of the Sword of Kings?
06:52 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: (looks towards Almeena)
06:52 Almeena Darlastair, of Kern: Our agents in Damrosil have not yet unearthed the location, my matron. But rest assured that we are near its impending discovery. (soothingly)
06:54 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: You should pray that they are, Almeena. Pray that you are successful soon, or you will know pain worse than that which your children know.
06:54 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: (laughs maliciously)
06:55 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: Go now. The Spider Queen commands that you do not fail, and fail you shall not. Aluve'!
06:56 DM: As one, the images wink out.
06:56 Eclavdra, of House Auvryath: Leave us. (to Lyme and the apprentices)
06:56 Lyme, the Spider Mage: Xas, usst'a matron. (turns to leave)
06:57 ** Venorik L'Abeth, of House Auvryath dares to lift his head from the stone and rises. **
06:57 ** Eclavdra, of House Auvryath catches sight of Venorik out of the corner of her eye. "I did not give you permission to move!" (rises from her throne in rage and unclenches her barbed mace from her side) **
06:58 ** Eclavdra, of House Auvryath strides over to the cowering patron threateningly... **
06:59 DM: **end interlude**
07:00 ** (415) Ian Cromwell heads to the room with the evil alter in it,stopping to ask if any of his companions are a believer in Solnor. **
07:01 DM: ((does anyone need a recap from the last Mel Neth session?))
07:01 (418) Garret: (It couldn't hurt))
07:01 Helisandra: (( quick would be nice, to position ourselves appropriately. ))
07:03 DM: 3900) DM: The passage behind the black orb consists of a crawlspace about 5' high and 5.5' wide, at a 10 degree decline. It proceeds for several feet below the chamber of orbs, into the depths of the earth.
** (3890) Helisandra peaks her head back out to make sure everyone got back up from the other room. **
(3890) Zane: "Garret, wait for the others - I am going to start checking the passageway out."
** (3891) T'a K'shet emerges from the room and waits for the others. **
(3891) ticattack: "T'a will come too. Moving alone is unwise"
** (3898) Calehan climbs back out of the lowered room, seeing as T'a has the ring in hand. **
** (3890) Zane steps into the pathway behind the black orb and starts slowly making her way down, checking the area as she goes for traps. **
(3888) Garret: "Agreed. no point in splitting up."
** (3891) T'a K'shet moves after Heli, remaining a step or two behind. **
(3890) Helisandra: "Very well, I just knew that this would take me a while, so I wanted to get some done before I had to hold everyone up."
** (3888) Garret follows aloing **
** (3898) Donovan ducks down and follows after Garret, this time with his daggers ready. **
(3900) DM: The passage eventually opens out into a rather extraordinary and outlandish chapel. (room 14 above)
(3900) DM: A mosaic of reddish tiles proceeds from the entranceway to the altar.
** (3890) Helisandra walks slowly for a long time (see map) before finally coming to a point where it opens up into some kind of chapel. She pauses to look over the entryway before pointing to the floor of the chapel. "More red tiles." she states, and then she enters the room, staying on the red tiles. **
(3900) DM: There are scenes of normal life painted on the walls, but the people have rotting flesh, skeletal hands, worms eating them and crawling out of their eye sockets. Yet here are also depicted various symbols of deities of good alignment, specifically Solnor and Odion. There is a mosaic path of reddish tiles leading up to an opalescent blue altar, and wooden pews with hinged seats on either side of the path. A wooden railing divides the room in half, and south of it is the altar, a tiered dais with a wooden throne, 2 large brass candelabra and in each corner, a large white pottery urn stoppered with a brass and wood plug. A skeleton garbed in ebony chain mail points toward an open archway to the west, filled with luminous orange vapors.
** (3890) Helisandra makes her way up the path, staring in amazement at the paintings and the mixture or ideals protrayed. **
** (3891) ticattack looks open-mouthed at the room. "This place truly is evil" **
** (3888) Garret follows up the path after Heli, eyeing the pictorial of undead daily activitiues, remarking arcastically, "So.. there is life after death." **
** (3890) Zane looks at the path, and sees it doesn't end at a door, so she steps off it and moves over to the skeleton corpse, watching it to make sure it doesn't rise and attack. **
(3900) DM: Nothing seems to happen...yet. :)
** (3890) Helisandra moves on to the doorway the skeleton points at and looks it over, searching for anyway to turn off the mist. **
** (3898) Donovan enters the room and looks around as well. **
(3888) Garret: "Maybe it's his ring." :remarking of the corpse, while inspecting the throne idly
(3891) T'a K'shet: "T'a would doubt it. She would think it more likely it was placed their by whoever designed this place"
(3898) Calehan: "What cheery decorations. So the skeleton points over to that archway. Looks familiar. So where's the traps I wonder."
(3888) Garret: "Should we put him in the seat?" :points to the throne.:
(3890) Helisandra: "Strange, this doorway is unlike the other ne. No glowing stones, and it's orange mist instead of just plain mist."
(3891) ticattack: "Be very careful" she motions to the skeleton "He did not die of his own accord..."
** (3890) Zane heads back to the skeleton. "Not of his own accord? So, was he trying to get to that door, or did whoever attacked him go that way, or something else even?" **
(3891) T'a K'shet: "He triggered a trap, he was attacked, he sat on the throne and was cursed... T'a does not know. But we stand in a room with a dead man. Let all assume his killer, whatever it is, is still here and active"
** (3888) Garret looks over the white urn, giving it a shake to determine if it's contents are liquid of solid **
(3890) Helisandra: "Well, the only other thing I see here is that doorway. Hmm, orange mist. Maybe the doorway behind the orange stone would give us some way around that mist."
(3891) T'a K'shet: "It is possible. After the previous puzzles, even probable"
(3890) Zane: "I don't see any other way out of here, so let's go try that one then. We can come back later."
** (3898) Donovan raises his blades to do a little spellcasting, explaining as he does so, "Really should check for potential magical dangers before you go shaking urns." **
(3898) Calehan: ((Detect Magic))
(3891) T'a K'shet: "T'a can see any magicks. You need not waste your spells"
(3890) Zane: "Yet, it hasn't hurt to have two pairs of eyes checking"
** (3891) ticattack shrugs. "True" she throws a glance around the room. **
(3890) Zane: "Let's go guys." she says as she heads back up the path to head back to the room of orbs.
** (3888) Garret pulls a dagger, to pry at the stopper in jar, curious of its contents **
(3890) Zane: "Guys and lady, of course." she says to T'a.
** (3891) T'a K'shet follows Heli, throwing a last glance at the skeleton, and smiling faintly at Heli's self-correction. **
** (3888) Garret looks into the pot then about the twisted chapel, before turning to his comrades: "Coins..... do you think this urn could be for gold 'sacrificed' to the church?" **
(3898) Calehan: "Altar is probably desecrated, or maybe consecrated I suppose. Unless it's a trap of course. Probably another portal in the archway, but definitely something else as well. Nothing else leaps to my attention though."
(3890) Zane: "Either way Garret, leave it for now, besi..." she stops midsentence.
(3891) T'a K'shet: "What is wrong?"
(3888) Garret: :arches a brow to Heli's halt:
(3890) Helisandra: "I just noticed something..." She moves quickly to the side wall of the chapel, almost directly across from the orange mist doorway.
** (3898) Donovan starts walking back towards where they came in after making his guesses, but waits curiously at Heli's sudden silence, **
** (3891) T'a K'shet hurries over to stand at Heli's side. "What is it?" **
** (3888) Garret watches Heli work **
(3890) Helisandra: "There is a slot here, it appears to be just about right for a ring to fit in. You still have the ring from the other room?"
** (3891) T'a K'shet holds the ring up, then tries to insert it into the slot. **
** (3890) Helisandra looks around to see what happens as T'a slides the ring in. **
(3900) DM: it fits.
(3900) DM: There is a grinding noise as a section of the wall slides down, irrevocably destroying the ring and revealing a passage beyond.
** (3891) T'a K'shet tenses up. Her recent experience has taught her to be ready for anything (Readying an action for a response) **
(3890) Helisandra: "Good call on taking the ring." she says as the wall moves, revealing a secret door.
** (3891) T'a K'shet smiles, revealing her teeth. **

07:04 DM: ((you explored more of the tomb, a room with a broken statue, the hall of the orbs, and some secret passages, and then the profane chapel))
07:05 (415) Ian Cromwell: (( Thats where I am heading the profane chapel))
07:05 ** Helisandra stands before the now opened doorway, peering into what's beyond. **
07:05 Helisandra: (( we are already there... ))
07:05 ** Tian Keth stands ready with his sword Frenzy Fang drawn and in a ready position **
07:05 DM: ((ok, sec))
07:06 ** T'a K'shet stands ready as the door opens, prepared to strike against any threat. **
07:06 ** (418) Garret stands by the door, one hand idly resting on his sword hilt. **
07:06 ** (415) Ian Cromwell shoulders his way into the room **
07:07 ** Calehan watches the wall open up with his daggers held casually at his sides. **
07:07 DM: The door slowly reveals a wedge-shaped corridor leading east, that gradually widens to a landing roughly 10' square atop a flight of stone steps that leads into darkness below.
07:08 ** Tian Keth moves over to where Heli is and waits for her to give the ok to pass though the secret door **
07:09 (402) TaliesinNYC: ((2 min))
07:09 Helisandra: "Looks like another passageway, let me check it out." Heli looks over the doorway carefully, wanting to make sure there aren't any traps to release by passing through before she starts slowly making her way down the hallway, checking it out as she moves as well.
07:09 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Is anyone besides me a believer in Solnor or a follower of Solnor?"
07:10 (418) Garret: :glances back to Ian: "I don't believe so."
07:11 ** Helisandra keeps out of the conversation as she busies herself with searching. **
07:11 ** Calehan answers contemplatively, "Well, when you put it that way; yes and no, not really." **
07:11 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Then I guess it is up to me."
07:12 (416) Tian Keth: "Up to you to what?"
07:12 Calehan: "Do I believe in Solnor? Sure, who wouldn't. However, not really been a follower; have no time for religion, really."
07:12 ** (415) Ian Cromwell shrugs off his pack,opens it up,speaks a quiet word,and pulls out a small footlocker looking box. **
07:13 (415) Ian Cromwell: " To cleanse this foul chapel."
07:13 ** (418) Garret keeps an eye on Heli, letting the paladin go about his blessings. **
07:14 ** (415) Ian Cromwell sets the box gently down on the floor,kneels down,slowly opens the box and takes out a small golden bowl,takes his waterskin and pours some water into the bowl,claspes his hands together and begins to chant. **
07:14 ** T'a K'shet glances at the paladin. "T'a is not sure this is such a good idea. Surely your magicks could be better put to use slaying the minions of evil. After all have slain the lich, then perhaps you can cleanse this place" **
07:15 T'a K'shet: "Besides, progress through this place seems to be very heavily tied to magicka, most likely the lich's. If all destroy this, it may make progress difficult, or even impossible"
07:15 (415) Ian Cromwell: " It is an evil place T'a,Solnor commands that it be cleansed."
07:15 (416) Tian Keth: "Leave the chaple as it is Ian, we can cleanse it after we do what we must in this place"
07:15 Calehan: "Such temples provide a stronghold for evil and the undead, it's not unwise to break the defense they have here."
07:16 Calehan: "Just don't strain yourself and I'm sure we'll be fine."
07:16 (416) Tian Keth: "Cleansing it may alert whever made it foul in the first place. I would prefer who ever that is not know about us just yet if at all posible"
07:17 ** (415) Ian Cromwell stands up and takes the bowl of water with him,approaches the alter,slowly begins to pour the holy water over the alter,then places his hand on the alter as the last of the holy water is poured onto the alter," In the name of Solnor,I purge the evil from this place now and forever." (( consecrate ground,aka holy ground)) **
07:17 ** Helisandra starts making her way into the hallway, moving slowly as she checks the safety of it. **
07:17 (434) ticattack (enter): 19:17
07:18 Calehan: "Whoever desecrated it in the first place will have other ways to learn of our coming. He's had to have planned for centuries."
07:19 Server Administrator-> Kicking '(414) ticattack' from server... Removing dead client
07:19 (414) ticattack (exit): 19:19
07:19 Calehan: "I expect the only surprise we can manage is in exceeding his expectations, and we certainly will."
07:19 ** (418) Garret follows cautiously behind Heli **
07:19 ** Tian Keth dicides to let it drop and follows Heli **
07:20 ** Helisandra spproaches the landing atop the set of staris and she peeks around the corner, holding up a hand to keep the others from crowding too much. **
07:20 Helisandra: (( *approaches ))
07:23 ** Tian Keth stops at Heli's motion and ajusts his stance slightly to move a little more quietly **
07:24 Helisandra: "Large set of stairs. Don't see anything, so we're clear for now. I'll keep looking, this seems to easy."
07:25 ** Helisandra moves around the corner after whispering back to Garret and Tian and slowly starts moving down the stairs, trying to keep up her searching. **
07:26 ** Tian Keth follows Heli quietly sniffing the air for any danger **
07:26 ** Calehan slowly moves forward as Heli begins to descend out of sight, following Garret and Tian. **
07:27 ** (418) Garret lets Tian follow, lagging back a bit him self, following at a repectable pace. **
07:29 ** Helisandra finally approaches the bottom of the stairs. She peeks around the corner again to make sure nothing is waiting for them before decending the final stair. **
07:30 ** (415) Ian Cromwell places his bowl back in his box,closes the lid,placing the box back in his pack,puts his pack back on,draws his heavy flail and begins to slam the head of his flail into the altar,trying to reduce it to rubble before he leaves. **
07:30 Helisandra: "Got a door a little bit down a passageway. Still clear though."
07:31 DM: As Tian's flail strikes the altar, a bolt of lightning erupts from it blasting him in the face. (Reflex)
07:31 ** T'a K'shet looks up at the sound of flail-on-altar, and throws a glance back in the direction of the paladin, hissing under her breath. **
07:31 DM: (er, sorry Ian)
07:31 ** Calehan cringes at the sound, "That might constitute straining." **
07:32 ** (418) Garret nods to Heli and turns back at the explosive sound. TO Cale he inquires: "What was Ian doing?" **
07:32 (415) Ian Cromwell: Reflex save: [1d20+14] -> [7,14] = (21)
07:32 ** Tian Keth looks back at the sound o the explotion "He should have listened to me" **
07:32 Calehan: "He just hit the altar; it hit back."
07:32 ** Helisandra moves around the corner, continuing her search for hidden traps. She jumps at the sound behind and abover her. She takes a moment to catch her breath again and continues her searching, muttering "paladins..." **
07:32 DM: (failure)
07:33 T'a K'shet: (To Ian, matter-of-factly) "It seems you should have listened to T'a, no?"
07:34 ** (418) Garret trots back upstairs to go check on the paladin. **
07:34 ** (415) Ian Cromwell picks himself up off the floor looking at the altar," No T'a,listening to you would mean doing nothing." **
07:35 T'a K'shet: "It would mean you would not have just been struck by magickal lightning" She smiles thinly and cocks her head to the side, looking at Ian with no small amount of satisfaction.
07:35 (416) Tian Keth: (whispering) "You alright Heli?"
07:35 (415) Ian Cromwell: " I may not be able to dispel the evil here in this room,but I will cleanse this place,if it takes my last breath."
07:36 ** Helisandra nods back. "This place is just a little stressing." **
07:36 ** T'a K'shet shrugs. "Perhaps it will". She turns and heads after Heli, Calehan and the others. **
07:36 (418) Garret: "Keeping wasting time on small alters when you're in one big pit o' evil, and your last breath will come pretty soon."
07:36 ** Helisandra continues on doing her thing and slowly makes her way to the door. **
07:37 DM: This seems to be a simple stone door.
07:38 (418) Garret: :To Ian: "Are you alright to continue?"
07:39 ** Helisandra attempts to see if the door opens, or if it is locked. **
07:39 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Yes Garret I am well enough to continue."
07:40 ** (418) Garret just gives the pious man a nod and heads back downstairs **
07:40 ** Helisandra kneels down to play with the lock on the door since it doesn't open. **
07:41 (418) Garret: ((did he manage to break the altar?)
07:41 DM: ((well I don't know if he continued to flail at it after the first reaction))
07:41 DM: ((so let me know if you continue to strike at it))
07:42 ** (415) Ian Cromwell strikes the altar one last time before leaving the room **
07:42 ** Helisandra repockets her tools and opens the door. **
07:43 DM: The stone of the altar swiftly turns a brilliant blue-red hue and explodes in a shower of shrapnel. (Reflex, Ian)
07:43 (415) Ian Cromwell: Reflex save: [1d20+14] -> [13,14] = (27)
07:43 ** T'a K'shet arrives just at Heli and Tian just in time to hear the explosion. She turns back around to look down the corridor. "Does Solnor demand that his followers be suicidal or just stupid?" **
07:44 Helisandra: "I believe that's personal choice, not Solnor's. But of course, I've never met him and asked either."
07:44 ** (418) Garret pauses on his way to the stares as another explosion sounds. **
07:44 ** (415) Ian Cromwell staggers back from the explosion,a look of satisfaction on his face as he plucks bits of stone from his face **
07:45 DM: ((updating map, brb))
07:45 ** Calehan considers whether to applaud or not, "Rather impressive fire work. Anyway, are you alright?" **
07:45 (416) Tian Keth: "If he is still alive when he catches up to us and fails to listen to my orders again he will no longer be welcome to travel with me"
07:45 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Yes Calehan,I am better now,this place has been purged of evil."
07:45 (418) Garret: :With Ian seeming happy with the result, offes to Cale before heading down: "He's fine."
07:46 DM: The door opens to reveal another length of passage that ends in yet another simple stone door.
07:47 ** (415) Ian Cromwell turns and leaves the room,following the others down the stairs. **
07:48 Helisandra: "More of the same it seems." she says back to Tian softly before making her way forward again, keeping up her search for the expected traps.
07:48 (415) Ian Cromwell: " One less place for evil to draw its power from."
07:49 DM: ((btw, assume that the map is oriented correctly, and each square on the map grid equals 5'. so the profane chapel is 70' x 70' and is oriented to the north))
07:49 ** Tian Keth wirles around when Ian arives and growls menicinly, but keeping it quietly "If you do not listen to my orders again, You will not be welcome to travel with us, prophacy or no" **
07:50 ** T'a K'shet shrugs. "He could still travel with us, even if it as a small statue in Ta's robes" **
07:50 (415) Ian Cromwell: " I had no idea you spoke for everyone in this group Tian,in case you do,you do not speak for me,I take my orders from a higher plane."
07:51 ** Helisandra begins to move down the hall but stops in her tracks. **
07:51 ** (418) Garret moves passed Tian, ignoring his temper with the paladin and looks to Heli, "Something wrong?" **
07:51 (415) Ian Cromwell: " So If I want to speak to Garret or Helisandra,I have to speak to you Tian since you speak for them?"
07:51 Helisandra: "I was wondering where you were" she says softly to the ground inside the door and she begins to study the floor intently.
07:52 ** Tian Keth growls quietly and very threatingly "If you are traveling with us and we are out side a city, consider my voice the voice of the higher plane, or leave" **
07:52 Helisandra: "Just finally found a trap. I had been expecting more, and was wondering where they were." she says over her shoulder back to Garret.
07:53 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Strange you do not look like Solnor,nor do you wear his symbol,until then,I shall do as I see fit in my own eyes,you nor anyone else in here speaks for me."
07:54 (416) Tian Keth: "Next time you do not listen to my orders and your actions cause greater danger to my friends or myself I will not hesitate to kill you. I have given you far far more warnings thenn I normaly would due to the fact you belive you are part of what ever prophacy we got tangle up in."
07:54 ** (418) Garret leans against the doorway as Heli works, apparently ignoring the infighting for the moment **
07:54 ** Calehan explains, "We all have our expertises, Tian's is safety, caution, and the wild. If he says something's dangerous, it almost certainly is. I'm sure everyone else can come up with some more." **
07:54 (415) Ian Cromwell: " I shall not be bullied nor pushed into submission as your other companions have been."
07:54 Helisandra: "And there!" Helisandra comments, mainly to herself. She stands up and starts to walk down the hallway to the next door.
07:55 ** Tian Keth turns back to Heli and keeps an eye on her making sure all is still well **
07:55 (415) Ian Cromwell: " I hate to inform you Tian,but being in here puts all of you in danger,with or without me in the group."
07:55 ** Tian Keth growls to himself and ajusts his grip on Frenzy Fang **
07:56 ** (418) Garret reaches over with out looking back and sets his hand consolingly on Tian's shoulder, "Calm." **
07:57 Sorry I don't know what /.me is!
07:57 ** Tian Keth breaths deeply and whispers "One more word from him Garret, thats all it will take" **
07:58 ** Helisandra gets to the next door and after searching it over, pulls her tools back out and proceeds to work on unlocking it. **
07:59 (418) Garret: :states solemnly as he enters into the next hall: "I've warned you about keeping your cool. You may consider yourself alpha male in the wild, but here Heli is in charge. Rember?"
07:59 Helisandra: (( that hole in 15a is not actually there btw - that is where Heli had been working for a little while - so just you all know. :P ))
07:59 (418) Garret: :avoiding hte spot Heli had been working on he finds a spot on the wall to lean agains, waiting for the next door to open.:
08:00 T'a K'shet: "T'a thinks it would be best if Helisandra is in charge. She seems to be adept at avoiding traps, as opposed to triggering them" She glances wordlessly at Ian.
08:01 ** (415) Ian Cromwell stops in the doorway,looking down the hallway,breathing deeply," This place has lost an altar,you can almost feel the evil loosing its grip in here." **
08:04 ** Helisandra works on the second door for a couple moments and then opens it up. **
08:05 DM: And yet another passage, seemingly the same as the one before, that ends up in front of a simple stone door.
08:06 ** (418) Garret 's eyes scan this hallway and the next beyond trying to notice any differences **
08:06 ** Helisandra begins looking around inside the next hallway before passing through the door. **
08:08 ** Tian Keth keeps sniffing the air and listening to the echo's for any danger **
08:08 Helisandra: "Well well well, this seems familiar." Helisandra kneels down and begins to work around on the area of the floor just inside the door, just like last time.
08:08 ** Calehan glances one more time over the chapel and now destroyed altar then hurries down the stairs. **
08:11 ** (415) Ian Cromwell glances behind him,at the sound of approaching footsteps,seeing that it is Calehan,turns back and continues to look down the hallway towards Helisandra. **
08:11 Calehan: "More traps? Would those happen to be pits? Two fortuitous falls came after the loop of magical metal in the scroll. 'So check the wall,' it said."
08:11 ** Helisandra stands up and walks down the hallway to the next door. **
08:12 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Check the wall for what Calehan,and which wall?"
08:13 Calehan: "Just check the wall. It's a riddle not an instruction manual."
08:13 ** T'a K'shet glances around, scanning for any magick auras that could be of import. **
08:13 ** Tian Keth glances at the walls **
08:14 T'a K'shet: ((*Importance))
08:14 ** Helisandra stops after looking over the next door and turns back to Calehan. "Pits? Oh yea - they are. I forgot all about the riddle." **
08:14 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps we should check the walls after Helisandra opens the next door Calehan."
08:15 Helisandra: "Let me get this door and then I'll see what I can find back there as well." Helisandra turns back and hums a smooth tune very softly as she works on the lock of the third door.
08:16 ** (418) Garret waits patiently **
08:17 ** T'a K'shet crouches down. "They are pits?" She looks around for a minute. "It would seem that all must go down them. Despite his evilness, the lich's riddle has served us well this far. There is no reason to believe it would suddenly lead to certain death" **
08:19 ** Helisandra stands from the door and heads back to the second disabled pit (in 15b). "Be careful if you decide to go beyond the door - I haven't checked past it yet." she tells Tian and Garret, as they are closest to the door. She gets to the pit and starts looking at the walls right around the disabled pit, looking for anything that's different and might suggest a door or key of some kind. **
08:19 ** Tian Keth studies the wall past the newly opened door, but not going though it yet **
08:20 Helisandra: "That aside, I'd rather see what we can find first, before jumping into some pit just because a lich said to do so."
08:20 Calehan: "Well, it wouldn't hurt to open it up and look first, right?"
08:20 ** T'a K'shet nods, smiling faintly. "Agreed" **
08:21 DM: The third stone door reveals yet another length of corridor, only this time it goes down for another 40' before turning to the north...
08:24 ** Helisandra peers into the pit and looks around the walls. She stands and shakes her head. "I'm not finding anything, but I'll check the other one as well." **
08:24 ** Helisandra heads back to the first pit and peers into it, carefully looking over the walls of it also. **
08:24 Calehan: "How deep is it?"
08:24 (416) Tian Keth: (( AFK for a smoke ))
08:25 Helisandra: (( good Q Donovan. Stan? ))
08:30 Helisandra: "I'd say about 10 feet deep" she calls back. "Not counting of course the spikes at the bottom."
08:31 Calehan: "Still, that's pretty shallow. A short drop."
08:31 (416) Tian Keth: (( back ))
08:31 T'a K'shet: "All could lower themselves down, avoiding the spikes"
08:32 Helisandra: "Yeah, but why? So far, I'm not seeing any reason to. We can always come back if the rest of this passageway is a dead end."
08:32 (418) Garret: "Descending into spoikey pits, does not seem all that productive."
08:33 (415) Ian Cromwell: " You can lower yourself into the pit,I shall stay up here and watch to make sure nothing evil comes at us.''
08:33 Calehan: "We wouldn't even all fit in the pit."
08:33 (416) Tian Keth: "Didn't you say check the walls after the two pits Calehan?"
08:34 ** Helisandra stands from the first pit and returns to the middle pit. "I didn't find anything in the first one either. I say we just go on for now." **
08:34 Calehan: "Said two pits along the way will be found to lead to fortuitous falls, so check the walls. No more clues than that."
08:34 Calehan: "Spikes don't look too lucky though."
08:35 T'a K'shet: "The walls near the pits, or the walls of the pits?" There could be a secret doorway..."
08:35 Helisandra: "I proably would have noticed anything on the walls of the passageway when I was seaching for any other traps."
08:35 (416) Tian Keth: "Maybe just refering to the location of the things to disarm them"
08:36 (416) Tian Keth: "Either way lets move on" **Waits for Heli to take the lead again**
08:36 ** T'a K'shet nods. "Yes, so the doors in the pits would not be found... Those who did not find the traps would fall onto the spikes. This fits what all has experienced of the lich so far, yes?" **
08:37 Helisandra: "Could be. Well, let's see what is beyond the next door, shall we?" Heli smiles slightly as she moves to the third door and peers past it, seeing a longer cooridor this time. "Seems different at least." She mutters before checking the floor and then the walls past the doorway.
08:37 Calehan: "I think in the pit makes more sense, but sounds like they'd be fortuitous in the first place. Not sure."
08:40 ** (415) Ian Cromwell moves past the two pits in the floor,stopping when the others stop,watching Helisandra. **
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08:43 ** Helisandra stops once again before passing through the doorway, again kneeling and doing something to the floor. **
08:45 ** (415) Ian Cromwell looks back at Calehan **
08:46 (415) Ian Cromwell: " It would seem that having Helisandra with us has proven to be useful,were it not for her,I am sure some of us would have met our demise at these pits we have encountered."
08:46 ** (418) Garret just nods, waiting for the ok to continue **
08:48 ** Tian Keth follows along silently sniffing and listening **
08:48 ** Calehan answers blankly, "Yes. 'Useful'." **
08:49 ** Helisandra causes yet another pit to show itself beyond the thrd door. "One guess as to what I found." she calls back. She then looks down into it and searches the walls for anything. **
08:50 ** (415) Ian Cromwell smiles at Calehan's answer **
08:50 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Seems everyone here either runs hot or cold with their emotions."
08:50 (418) Garret: ((where the heck did that come from?))
08:51 (418) Garret: ((Oops.. never mind))
08:51 Helisandra: "Well, that is different." Helisandra crawls on her hands and knees into the pit, head first, and disappears into the pit.
08:52 ** (418) Garret appraoches the pit carefully and kneels down to see what she's up to. **
08:52 DM: She's inspecting one of the walls.
08:53 ** (415) Ian Cromwell walks up to the doorway,watching Garret,then glances down the hallway. **
08:54 (418) Garret: :calls down: "FInd anything promising?"
08:55 ** Helisandra crawls back up the wall of the pit to everyone else. There is definately something strange about one of the walls in this one. It's wodden, but painted to appear as stone. However, i couldn't really find any door or compartmant or anything." **
08:55 Helisandra: "There is definately something strange about one of the walls in this one. It's wodden, but painted to appear as stone. However, i couldn't really find any door or compartmant or anything."
08:55 (418) Garret: "Fine then.. we break it."
08:56 ** T'a K'shet looks at Garret. "Do you not recall what happened when T'a broke the chest?" **
08:56 Helisandra: "Very well. Be careful, there is a small area where you can stand and not be on the spikes, which I believe are poisoned in additioned to just sharp."
08:57 (418) Garret: :to T'a: "Hopefully a faux wooden wall is less protected."
08:57 ** T'a K'shet shrugs. "Hopefully..." **
08:58 ** Tian Keth stands away from the pit to let Garret in and avoid any explotions **
08:58 Calehan: "Well, you don't see anything evocation in the pit, right? Shouldn't be any explosions."
08:59 ** (418) Garret takes his time lowering in to avoid the spikes and finding a decent stance before ramming shoulder first into the wood. **
08:59 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
08:59 ** Calehan is standing behind everyone else despite his words. **
09:00 DM: There is the sound of splintering wood.
09:00 DM: ...but not much else.
09:01 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps you should let Helisandra check it out once you have opened it Garret."
09:01 ** (418) Garret rears back for another smash **
09:01 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [4,6] = (10)
09:01 ** Helisandra peers down into the pit. **
09:01 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Would you like my flail Garret?"
09:02 DM: Nothing seems to occur, except for more splinters in Garret's shoulder.
09:02 ** (418) Garret grunts and throws his weight into it. **
09:02 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [7,6] = (13)
09:02 (418) Garret: :and one more time!:
09:02 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [10,6] = (16)
09:02 ** Helisandra smiles slighty at the sight. "I think our Garret is having a little fun with this." **
09:03 (416) Tian Keth: "Would you like some help down there, sound like you are trying to break your sholder not the wall"
09:03 (418) Garret: "I have been..." :smash:
09:03 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [14,6] = (20)
09:03 (418) Garret: "Rather bored." :smash:
09:03 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [2,6] = (8)
09:03 (415) Ian Cromwell: " And yet I am yelled at for destroying an altar."
09:05 ** Helisandra looks up at Ian thoughtfully. "You do have a point. You felt it needed to be done, and maybe it did. We are obviously never going to make it to the end without attracting attention." **
09:05 (418) Garret: :smashy smashy:
09:05 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [5,6] = (11)
09:05 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [12,6] = (18)
09:05 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [8,6] = (14)
09:05 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [14,6] = (20)
09:05 (418) Garret: Str check: [1d20+6] -> [18,6] = (24)
09:05 ** Calehan offers slowly, "Maybe.. you could use.. my dagger?" Calehan holds out his adamantine blade. "Should cut through the wood easily." **
09:06 (416) Tian Keth: "Garret Stop before you hurt yourself. Let me hop down, we'll both smash it together"
09:06 (415) Ian Cromwell: " They knew we were here the second I stepped into this place Helisandra."
09:06 Helisandra: "Hold on Tian, there is barely enough room for one down there, much less two."
09:07 Helisandra: "Garret, how's it going?"
09:07 (415) Ian Cromwell: " They can sense me just as I can sense them."
09:07 ** Helisandra nods to Ian, understanding his comment. **
09:07 (418) Garret: :pauses a moment, breathing heavy: "Wow.. it's ... like ... really sturdy, huh?"
09:07 (416) Tian Keth: "Ok, Garret give your sholder a rest atleast and let me give it a smash"
09:08 Helisandra: "Sounds good Tian. Garret, come on up and take a breather."
09:08 DM: Eventually, the wall breaks, and a doorway is revealed.
09:08 ** (418) Garret climbs on out: "Have fun." **
09:09 DM: ((you guys were too fast, the last roll did it))
09:09 ** (418) Garret accidentally kicks an errant piece of lumber on the way out and the whole wall falls. **
09:09 Helisandra: (( whoops... oh well. ))
09:10 ** Helisandra looks down. "Why didn't you try kicking it earlier?" **
09:10 (416) Tian Keth: "Umm well kicking it on your way out works as well I guess."
09:10 ** (418) Garret shrugs as he lowers back into the pit, "Dumb luck beats brawn." **
09:11 (418) Garret: :hand rests on his sword as he waits for any dangers from the room he peers into.
09:11 Helisandra: "My turn again it appears." Helisandra climbs down the wall of the pit and examines the now exposed doorway.
09:11 (418) Garret: (or.. is it just a door?))
09:11 ** Helisandra I'll stay on the wall and just look for now, since Garret is standing in the one clear spot on the floor. **
09:11 DM: The doorway appears to be a stone arch through which can be seen sickly orange mists that obscure all sight beyond.
09:11 Helisandra: (( I'll stay on the wall and just look for now, since Garret is standing in the one clear spot on the floor. ))
09:12 (418) Garret: :calls out to the others: "Does anyone know anything about orange fog?"
09:12 ** Helisandra frowns at the sight. "More of those mists again. I've never liked them." **
09:13 (416) Tian Keth: "Dont breath it?"
09:13 Helisandra: (( as we approach the stone archway, does anything light up, like the first one? ))
09:13 DM: ((nope))
09:14 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Do not go in there,you could end up somewhere else."
09:14 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps we should find out where this hallway leads before we go somewhere else."
09:14 ** Helisandra shakes her head at Garret, while attached to the wall upside down to Garret. "I don't like it at all. There must be another way." **
09:14 (418) Garret: "Hmm.. maybe there's something further down the hall up there to clear this path?"
09:14 Calehan: "There should still be a second one, anyway."
09:15 Helisandra: "Only one way to find out." She climbs out of the pit and starts down the hallway, searching for any other pits and for anything that might remove the fog.
09:15 ** (418) Garret climbs up from the pit **
09:16 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Should be a second one what Calehan?"
09:17 Calehan: "Should be a second pit."
09:17 ** Tian Keth waits paitently keeping his nose and ears alert for danger **
09:17 Calehan: "Well, second pit with an unusual wall."
09:17 (418) Garret: :to Cale: "There were two. Third one might be the charm."
09:21 ** Helisandra approaches the end of the corrider before it turns again. She stops and listens for a moment before peeking around the corner. **
09:22 ** Helisandra then proceeds down the next long hallway, checking the hallway as she has been doing. **
09:22 ** (415) Ian Cromwell steps past the last doorway,heading down the hallway,following the others. **
09:22 ** (418) Garret follows after Heli, as always watching for surprises. **
09:23 ** T'a K'shet follows, wary for any threats. **
09:23 ** Calehan trails behind, skirting the pits as he passes. **
09:24 DM: The corridor proceeds for at least 100' before ending in an stone door that appears to have a multitude of locks on it.
09:25 ** Helisandra moves along the corridoir, heading slowly for the door. Finally, she reaches it and looks it over carefully before touching it. **
09:25 ** (418) Garret stares at the super-locked door a second, before pattin Heli on the back and offering out of nowhere, "Good Luck." **
09:26 ** Helisandra glances back long enough to stick her tongue out at Garret for a split second before truning her attention back to the door. **
09:26 (418) Garret: :Snickers and leans against the wall:
09:26 ** (415) Ian Cromwell stops looking at the door. **
09:26 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Well seems they want to keep whatever is beyond that door safe."
09:27 Helisandra: "Or make it seem that way."
09:27 Calehan: "Just how many locks can one door have?"
09:28 (418) Garret: :to Cale: "Hey, what did that poem say after the fortuitous falls?"
09:28 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Before you try and open it,perhaps T'a should see if there are any spells on the door,it may be locked that way to keep something bad inside."
09:29 T'a K'shet: "This entire place reeks of magick. T'a's magick has difficultly sensing anything specific..."
09:29 Calehan: "These keys and those are most important of all, and beware of trembling hands and what will maul. Murky."
09:29 Helisandra: "Good idea. I'm not finding any traps, but I could miss high magic ones. T'a, would you?"
09:29 ** T'a K'shet leans down and studies the door nonetheless. **
09:30 ** Helisandra leans to T'a and whispers to her, "Just do the best you can with all the background magic." **
09:30 (418) Garret: "Hmm.... maybe we need to go through the mist to find the keys."
09:30 T'a K'shet: "There is a small aura... Faint"
09:31 Helisandra: "And maybe that mist will transport us all to small cells that we have to claw out of."
09:31 Calehan: "The door could just be a trick; something to waste time or set us up for a trap."
09:31 T'a K'shet: "T'a does not think there are any traps... None that she can detect, anyway"
09:31 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Yes I know what you mean T'a,this place reeks of evil as well,so unless it is very evil and close by,I can not sense anything but the general evil of this place."
09:32 Helisandra: "I found none either, so let's see if it is something worth protecting or not. Keep alert everyone." Helisandra gets to the door and starts working on the door's locks.
09:33 ** Helisandra pauses for a moment and leans her ear against the door. **
09:34 ** Helisandra gets a very confused look on her face. "Music? Singing? That is strange for this place." **
09:34 T'a K'shet: "The aura... it is of all the kinds of magicka... Odd..."
09:34 (418) Garret: "A siren's song perhaps."
09:34 Helisandra: "Odd magic and odd sounds. I'm not liking this so much."
09:35 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Could the sound be that of chanting Helisandra?"
09:35 (418) Garret: "Or maybe he just likes some entertainment in his undead abode."
09:37 Helisandra: "It was happy singing. I couldn't make out words." Helisandra has kept working on the locks and seems to go from one to the next easily. "Now, it's stopped. Footsteps, moving away quickly. The unlocking didn't make that much noise. None of this is how I expected."
09:37 ** Helisandra stands before the door for a moment and then puts her ear to it again, listening. **
09:38 (418) Garret: "I doubt much anything in this place is as you'd expect."
09:38 Calehan: "That is certainly a bit strange."
09:38 ** (415) Ian Cromwell closes his eyes for a moment,clasping his hands in front of him,concentrating ( detecting evil) **
09:39 ** (415) Ian Cromwell opens his eyes looking around **
09:39 Helisandra: "Silence now, whoever it was is gone. I have an uneasy feeling about this. Either the strange singing that was and odd magic, or the orange mist. What do you all think?"
09:40 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Well there is a faint taste of evil,but I am not sure what lies beyond the door."
09:40 (418) Garret: "Flip a coin?"
09:40 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Well we are here,lets see what lies beyond the door."
09:41 whispering to TaliesinNYC, I am still back at the pit that had the mist listening and sniffing for danger, just an FYI
09:41 Helisandra: "Ok, be sure to hold back a little - with all that we've detected, there's bound to be something on the other side."
09:42 ** Calehan brings up his knives ready for 'anything'. **
09:42 ** (415) Ian Cromwell folds his arms across his chest,waiting **
09:42 Calehan: "At least like this we can see what's in front of us."
09:42 ** Helisandra smiles slightly at Garret as she places her hand on the door's handle. "Heads." she says as she looks back to the door and opens it up. **
09:43 ** (418) Garret reached for his sword hilt ready for anything that may come through **
09:44 DM: The door reveals another section of corridor that contains an extremely smooth and highly polished rose quartz marble floor, and extremely smooth and highly polished walls of white alabaster.
09:44 DM: It ends in an alabaster wall that glows with a faint white light.
09:45 Helisandra: "Well, that's different."
09:45 ** Helisandra searches the inside of the doorway before stepping through, half expecting another pit trap. **
09:46 ** Calehan says "And yet familiar at the same time," as he points to the glowing wall at the end. **
09:47 ** T'a K'shet studies the walls, gently touching the glowing material. **
09:47 Helisandra: "At least there is no pit like before. Give me a moment then follow." She steps into the room and slowly moves forward, searching the hallway for any other traps or hidden levers.
09:48 T'a K'shet: "There seems to be no magicks... Yet the walls glow... Odd"
09:48 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Perhaps opening this door,has disapated the orange mist from the pit."
09:49 Helisandra: "Would you go check Ian?"
09:50 Calehan: "I can't see any reason why it would do that. Therefore, it's worth checking on."
09:50 (415) Ian Cromwell: " I shall return."
09:50 ** (415) Ian Cromwell heads back down the passageway,stopping when he gets to the pit,kneels down and looks to see if the orange mist is still there. **
09:51 ** (415) Ian Cromwell stands,turns around and heads back to the others. **
09:52 ** Helisandra feels the floor moving. "Back, go back" she yells and runs back out the door she just entered. **
09:53 DM: (rest of the party, NOT Ian -- as he is at least 150' away from the group, the north end of the corridor past the far door begins to sink as Heli proceeds 30' past the door)
09:54 ** T'a K'shet instinctive crouches as the floor begins to sink, then turns and moves back out of the corridor, looking to make sure everyone else is following. **
09:54 DM: Helisandra spins around on her heels and rushes out of the room, just in time too as the floor collapses from under her and tilts into a pool of lava.
09:55 ** (418) Garret makes sure Heli gets out before taking off running for safety. **
09:55 ** Calehan looks in from the doorway at the back still, "That fall would not be fortuitous to us." **
09:56 (443) ticattack (enter): 21:56
09:56 ** Helisandra sprawls out onto the floor of the long cooridoir after barely avoiding the lava. "Well, apparently it's the orange mist after all." **
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09:57 (439) ticattack (exit): 21:57
09:57 (418) Garret: :nods: "Seems so."
09:58 (418) Garret: :calls to Ian: "How is the mist situation?"
09:59 (415) Ian Cromwell: " It is still there,how about the room beyond the door?"
09:59 (418) Garret: "It's... no longer there."
09:59 Calehan: "It's a bit submerged. In lava."
10:00 (418) Garret: "Shall we draw straws to see who plays guinea pig to the mist?"
10:00 Helisandra: "You know, has anyone tried to magically remove any of the mists before?"
10:01 ** (415) Ian Cromwell stands and stares at the others **
10:01 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Lava?"
10:01 Calehan: "Really hot rock. Hotter than that altar."
10:02 ** (415) Ian Cromwell walks to the door,stopping short and looking in to see if there is any ledge that may skirt the lava pit **
10:02 ** Calehan offers in response to Heli's question, "I didn't think it'd make a difference, but I can try it." **
10:03 Helisandra: "Since that's the only way, I doubt it could hurt to try, right?"
10:03 Helisandra: (( *way to go, ))
10:03 DM: (there's no floor. the "floor" is in reality a highly polished and extremely smooth chute that drops into a pool of molten rock. :))
10:04 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Well I guess its the orange mist for us."
10:05 Calehan: "All right, stand back a little bit then."
10:06 ** Helisandra heads back to the thrid pit with Calehan to see what he can do. She does as he suggests and remains back some, but she remains close enough to see. **
10:06 ** (415) Ian Cromwell stands 20' away and watches Calehan. **
10:07 (415) Ian Cromwell: " If it backfires on you Calehan,I can heal your wounds,but after that I am afraid we are going to have to rest in order for me to do any more healing."
10:07 ** Calehan moves up to the edge of pit so he can see the mist and waves his knives at it mysteriously speaking words you don't recognize before saying, "And part the mists." (Area dispel in the pit) **
10:21 (447) Demian (enter): 22:21
10:21 DM: Nothing seems to have happened when that happens.
10:22 (447) Demian (exit): 22:22
10:22 ** Calehan shrugs, "It didn't seem to do anything, not sure what to expect." **
10:22 whispering to Zane, Ok sounds good
10:22 Helisandra: "Well, it was worth a shot. It's hard to know what will and what won't do the job around here."
10:23 ** (418) Garret sighs before looking up to Tian. "You want to go first, or shall I?" **
10:23 (448) [DG][BU]Extrimis (enter): 22:23
10:23 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Well brute force worked with the destroying of the altar."
10:24 Helisandra: "This is a mist though, not a solid thing."
10:24 (448) [DG][BU]Extrimis (exit): 22:24
10:25 (415) Ian Cromwell: " How are we to know if we enter the mist we will all be sent to the same place?"
10:25 (418) Garret: :To Ian: "We don't."
10:25 ** Tian Keth shugs "I would prefer not, last time I ended up somewhere I did not like" **
10:25 Calehan: "We don't, but we've asked that before. It's not unreasonable to expect that though."
10:26 ** Helisandra nods in agreement to Garret's and Calhean's comments. **
10:26 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Well if that is the case,then Helisandra should enter first,that way if there are any traps she can find them before anyone else ends up in a pool of lava."
10:27 (418) Garret: :shakes his head: "But if there's something nasty waiting in ther me or Tian would have a better chance."
10:28 ** Tian Keth nods. "How about Heli and I enter at the same time?" **
10:28 Helisandra: "Probably so Ian, but Garret also has a point. If you want to go Garret, then I will wait just outside. Keep talking to me so we know if you are there or not."
10:28 (418) Garret: "Of course, for all we know it might drop us over a bottomless void."
10:29 ** (415) Ian Cromwell slides down into the pit,next to the doorway with the orange mist. **
10:29 Calehan: "Well, we can just check, or if you like I can prepare something for nearly all those calamities
10:29 (415) Ian Cromwell: " Well faith has been known to move mountains,so in Solnor's name I hope to see you on the other side."
10:29 Helisandra: "Either way. I believe I could survive most things, although an all out attack by the "trembling hands" and "what will maul" might be a little much for me.
10:29 ** (415) Ian Cromwell steps into the mist **
10:30 (418) Garret: "Tian, follow Ian, I'll be right behind you.
10:30 Helisandra: "Well, I guess that solves that." Helis quickly moves to the pit and crawls down the side to where she can see into the doorway. "Ian, you still there?"
10:30 ** Tian Keth nods and waits to slid down into the pit when there is room **
10:32 ** (418) Garret will follow down after Tian enters **
10:32 ** Calehan shifts around at the top of pit restlessly a moment. "Just check it is then." **
10:32 ** Tian Keth enters a few moments after Ian **
10:33 ** T'a K'shet waits a few moments after Garret enters, then calls out. "Hello?" **
10:33 (415) Ian Cromwell: (( I think our dm has frozen again))
10:33 (446) TaliesinNYC: sec
10:34 T'a K'shet: ((Give him a minutes))
10:34 Helisandra: "Well, I'm not going to miss out on all the fun." Helisandra says as she sees the others progress into the mist. "I guess we are all going, you two coming as well?" she calls up to T'a and Calehan as she lands on the floor of the pit after Garret enters the mist.
10:35 Calehan: "I'm just waiting my turn; I'll be right along."
10:35 DM: ((um, again a little too fast for me. Ian stepped through the mist, and something happened. sec pls))
10:35 Helisandra: (( k ))
10:41 DM: ((ok, as soon as Ian steps through the mists, the mists disappear, and Ian is no longer...Ian))
10:43 (418) Garret: ((what is he?))
10:44 ** Tian Keth stops just before entering seeing someone who isnt Ian standing there **
10:44 DM: Where once there was a man, is now a woman.
10:46 (416) Tian Keth: "Hey maybe it's an improvment"
10:46 ** (415) Gabrielle stops in his/her tracks,looking down then around in a panic **
10:46 (418) Garret: :brow twitches: "I-Ian?"
10:46 (416) Tian Keth: "Are you, or were you Ian?"
10:47 ** (404) Zane peers at the now female Ian from her perch above the doorway. "This place is full of unexpected results." **
10:48 Helisandra: (( sorry, wrong persona... ))
10:48 ** Calehan looks down at the unthreatening newcomer and comments quietly to those still above the pit, "I'd ask where Ian is but I don't think anyone really cares. Oh well." **
10:49 ** Calehan calls down, "You look still look like a paladin." **
10:49 ** (418) Garret 's usually stone face faults a moment in amusement. Biting his lip he turns away, excusing himself. Taking a few steps aside with his back to the group, he shakes a bit from restrained snickers. **
10:50 ** (415) Gabrielle turns around drawing her longsword,the sword glowing brightly in the dim light," Hold your position,and in the name of Solnor what has happened." **
10:50 ** Helisandra just watches in amazement, not overwhelm with amusement or fear, just curious as to what happened. **
10:50 T'a K'shet: "If T'a had to guess, she would say you were the victim of a spell"
10:51 Calehan: "Yes, perhaps some malign teleportation has landed you in the middle of our group of misfits."
10:51 ** Tian Keth laughes out loud "It is Ian, I hope the female version of him know how to listen better" **
10:51 (415) Gabrielle: " I do not think so Calehan."
10:52 (415) Gabrielle: " Listening to you Tian is like listening to a small dog bark,thats all it is good for and nothing more."
10:53 (415) Gabrielle: " Well enter if you dare."
10:53 T'a K'shet: "Small dogs are also often good at hunting rats and other vermin, and also make quite tasty eating, if the situation is dire enough"
10:53 ** (415) Gabrielle sheaths her sword,turns around and begins to walk deeper into the mist. **
10:53 ** Helisandra enters the hallway beyond the archway by crawling in along the ceiling and then droppping to the ground a few feet from Ian/Gabrielle. "Are you ok, except for the obvious difference?" **
10:53 (416) Tian Keth: "Yup same Ian, Well you have ten second to apologize for the insult or you can go meet Solnar in female form"
10:54 ** T'a K'shet shrugs and follows the newly-feminine Ian. **
10:54 ** Tian Keth ajusts his grip on Frienzy Fand **
10:54 (416) Tian Keth: "Nine"
10:54 T'a K'shet: "Try anything, and T'a will have you both immobilised"
10:54 (416) Tian Keth: "Eight"
10:54 (415) Gabrielle: " Eight,seven,six,five,four,three,two,one,times up."
10:54 ** (418) Garret taks a moment to regain his composure, before turning back, his usual cool self and climbing down to join the other in the tunnel. **
10:55 T'a K'shet: "All should get on with this. You can kill each other once we have slain the lich and left"
10:55 ** Tian Keth launches at Gabrielle full force with his sword **
10:55 ** Tian Keth thrusts Frenzy Fang out in a quick stabing motion (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 1): [1d20+30] -> [4,30] = (34)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [5,14] = (19) )) **
10:55 ** Tian Keth quickly shifts the thrust into a right to left sweep (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 2): [1d20+25] -> [11,25] = (36)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [6,14] = (20) )) **
10:55 ** Tian Keth finishes with a downward left to right cross attack (( Frenzy Fang (Attack 3): [1d20+20] -> [15,20] = (35)(Threat: 12 - 20) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [6,14] = (20) )) **
10:55 (416) Tian Keth: (( Critical Check: Frenzy Fang (Crit Check): [1d20+20] -> [11,20] = (31) ===> Damage: [1d6+14] -> [3,14] = (17) {Vorpal Weapon} ))
10:55 DM: ((the mist disappeared btw))
10:56 ** Helisandra starts to approach Tian, but stops as he charges and attacks before she can do anything. "Tian!" is all she has time to say. **
10:57 Calehan: "All he's -- she's said is that it hasn't changed much of anything."
10:57 T'a K'shet: ((T'as going to cast a spell. Init?))
10:57 DM: ((so you're fighting in the doorway beyond the archway? If Gabrielle is out in front, she needs to make a Reflex check or fall down a flight of steps.))
10:57 (416) Tian Keth: (( thats 3 hits, last one is not a crit so 59 damage ))
10:57 DM: ((yes, init if you want to enter combat))
10:58 T'a K'shet: (([1d20+6] -> [5,6] = (11)))
10:58 (416) Tian Keth: INIT: [1d20+15] -> [3,15] = (18)
10:58 Calehan: Initiative: [1d20+4] -> [19,4] = (23)
10:58 (415) Gabrielle: Reflex save: [1d20+14] -> [15,14] = (29)
10:58 Helisandra: Initiative: [1d20+8] -> [11,8] = (19)
11:00 T'a K'shet: ((Gabrielle? Or does Tian get a surprise round?))
11:00 Calehan: (That's a reflex save)
11:00 T'a K'shet: ((Ah, whoops. Sorry, missed that))
11:01 (416) Tian Keth: (( I took my surprize round alreay, unless I dont get one. Up to Stan ))
11:02 DM: ((no you don't get one))
11:02 (418) Garret: ((So... is everyone frozen in shock?))
11:02 T'a K'shet: ((Calehan's next, I believe...))
11:02 (418) Garret: (oh.. I guess just I froze up.))
11:03 ** (415) Gabrielle spins like a matador,now that her form is smaller,watches Tian go charging past her,reaches out and tries to grab him before he falls down the stairs. **
11:03 (418) Garret: Init: [1d20+7] -> [14,7] = (21)
11:03 Helisandra: (( should be, but waiting for Stan to say for sure what's happening. ))
11:03 DM: ((so I need an init roll from Gab))
11:03 DM: (Cale, 23)
11:03 (415) Gabrielle: (( I have no intention of fighting))
11:03 Calehan: "Tian, you can't take insult at someone describing the sound of your voice seriously, can you?"
11:03 ** Calehan tries reason as a free action **
11:04 DM: (21, Gab)
11:06 DM: (19, Heli)
11:06 Helisandra: (( where did Tian end up at? the edge of the stairs, or down them? ))
11:07 DM: (edge of stairs)
11:08 (418) Garret: ((I think I got skipped.)
11:08 ** Helisandra moves to be directly in front of Tian when he turns around, but trying to give him enought room so that he won't fall backwards. "ian! Please stop this. This will not help us remove the lich from power, and Ian has just been put under a lot of stress. Surely you can understand stressful situations and what they do to your thoughts." **
11:08 Helisandra: (( *Tian ))
11:09 (415) Gabrielle: Reflex save: [1d20+14] -> [16,14] = (30)
11:09 DM: (didn't see your init sorry)
11:10 DM: Gabrielle manages to catch hold of the wolfbrother before he falls down the stairs.
11:10 ** (415) Gabrielle manages to grab onto Tian just as he nears the stairs,stopping him from falling down them." See Tian,there are times when anger are not a good thing,times like this one must use ones brains." **
11:10 DM: (21, Gar)
11:10 ** Helisandra nods to Gabrielle in thanks as she tries to reaons with Tian. **
11:11 (418) Garret: :delay for the moment to see how tiam reacts to being saved, if he still attacks, I'm ready to rush him:
11:12 (415) Gabrielle: " Push or pull Tian your call."
11:14 ** (415) Gabrielle pulls Tian back from the edge. **
11:15 (415) Gabrielle: " I can see we are going to be at each others throats for a long time,but in here,perhaps it would be best for all if we decided to fight together instead of against one an other."
11:16 ** T'a K'shet lowers her hands, slowly. "This would certainly make sense. Are you both capable of following such an agreement?" **
11:17 ** (415) Gabrielle looks down at herself," This is going to take some serious getting used to,I do hope that there is a way of reversing what has happened to me." **
11:17 ** Tian Keth pushes the womans arm asid as he slids past after finishing his attack then turns to face her. "One last chance to apologize!" **
11:18 (415) Gabrielle: " For what if I may ask."
11:18 (418) Garret: :speaks only in firm warning: "Tian...."
11:19 ** (418) Garret 's hands rest on his katana hilt, ready to quick draw **
11:19 ** (415) Gabrielle steps back from Tian **
11:19 ** T'a K'shet raises her hands again, ready to cast a spell if either of them so much as move. (Readied action) **
11:20 (415) Gabrielle: " Let me get this straight,you can order me around,push me into doing what you want,insult me,and if I return the favor,I am to face your sword for speaking up against you is that what you are saying?"
11:21 (416) Tian Keth: "I will clerify since you seem too dense to comprehend what an insult is. You called me a small dog, Dogs are brothers who have lost thier will to survive off thier own wits. It is the worst insult I have suffers. so enough talk apologize or die."
11:22 (415) Gabrielle: " No I did not call you a small dog,I compared you to one big difference."
11:22 Helisandra: "Look, this stops here and now. Both of you, shut up and listen for a moment, or I will disappear from sight and leave you both to find your own way through this place."
11:23 (415) Gabrielle: " You bark and everyone is supposed to jump."
11:23 Helisandra: "Tian - step back and lower your blade now!" "Ian, close your mouth and listen."
11:24 (416) Tian Keth: /me doesnt budge, but he does appear to be listening for the moment
11:24 Helisandra: "First Ian - you could stand to learn to keep some comments to yourself. It should be obvious that Tian does not respond well to your jobes - so the only use I see for them is to annoy and anger him. Which I must admit is not something I would expect from one who claims to represent Solnor. Not that all the blame lies here, but you must realize what you are doing."
11:25 ** (418) Garret stands across from Tian, set in ready stance to draw and strike, staring down the wolfbrother sternly. **
11:25 Helisandra: "And you Tian - I expect better from you. Maybe he doesn't know exactly what his comments mean to you, but can you not overlook them to see the need of the entire party, your pack, to finish this quest?"
11:27 Helisandra: "Now, I don't expect either or you to be friends, but you work together until we finish this quest. Or you Ian can spend your last breaths trying to stop the lich on your own and you Tian can spend the last of your days underground, here in the tomb - far from the open sky. Is that what you two want?"
11:27 ** Helisandra finally pauses for a moment, her body heaving as she tries to catch her breath after exploding at the two of them. **
11:29 (416) Tian Keth: "He has nothing to do with this, he is some random body that claimed to be tied into the what ever prophacy brought us to this place when we steped into that focus. I know nothing of this prophacy and as far as I have seen we would be better off without him. He continues to ignore my warning and put us all in greater danger then we are already in. He appologizes and keeps his mouth shut unless he has information pertaining to the situation at hand or he dies. Those are the only two choises and if it means I have to leave after so you can finish what must be done in pece I will
11:29 ** (415) Gabrielle looks at Helisandra **
11:31 (418) Garret: "Spoken like a true coward." :offers grimly:
11:31 Helisandra: "Tian, whatever brought us here has some kind of plan. And apparently Ian is part of it, just as T'a is. I don't want you to leave us, either of you. But this tension is just too much. This place is stressing me out all on its own, and I can't take any more of this fighting. Please, try to relax some."
11:31 (415) Gabrielle: " See this is what I have been saying,it is his way,he does not like that fact that I stand up for myself and will not be bullied or pushed into submission,either appologize or die thats all I hear from him,yet he can insult me and push me around,by saying I either do this or I die,I am sick of it,if I am to die here and now so be it."
11:32 T'a K'shet: "Here is what will happen. You - Both of you - will be quiet. You will not attempt to harm or antagonise each other, or T'a will snap both of your necks. You will shut your mouths, and all will continue with this. Once all have left, you can kill each other if you wish. But in the mean time, you will swallow your egos and due what you have agreed to do. Is T'a clear?"
11:32 (415) Gabrielle: " And yet he sees no reason for him to appologize."
11:32 ** Tian Keth looks hard at Gabrielle "When did I insult you?" **
11:32 Helisandra: "You must understand Ian, that this is Tian's way - it always has been and most likely always will be. He says what he does to try to protect us all."
11:33 T'a K'shet: "You both have need to apologise. But neither of you will. This leaves only one choice - Silence"
11:34 Helisandra: "You both want to protect others. Can you not see that commonality? Yes - you both have different methods - very different methods - but you both want to help, to save others. How then is it that you can't work together?"
11:35 (415) Gabrielle: " From the first moment you opened your eyes back in the city,you did not like the fact that a newcomer was added to your group,I am a paladin,trained by the high priests,I am their right arm,a protector,just like you and from the first you have done your best to assert your authority over me,by saying if I do not do as you say you will kill me,yet have I threatened you in any way? No I have not,I have even offered to heal your wounds and yet I still am faced with do as you say or I die."
11:36 (416) Tian Keth: "
11:36 ** Helisandra remains standing between the two, but lets them talk for a bit, hoping that they might finally resolve this at least slightly, and with only words. **
11:38 (415) Gabrielle: " I speak my mind,just as you do Tian."
11:38 (416) Tian Keth: "Ian, I have no problem with stangers traveling with us. I established the ground rules you had to follow when we first met. I have only threadened to kill you twice. The first time you insulted me and Now after I have given you five warnings about insulting me. And several after you have ignored my orders and your resulting actions have put us in greater danger. Never once did I insult you or your god."
11:39 (415) Gabrielle: " How have my actions put any of you in any greater danger?"
11:39 (415) Gabrielle: " By destroying that altar? Do you not think they did not know that a holy person enter this place the very moment I set foot in here?"
11:40 DM: ((in 20 minutes, there will be a short interlude before the session ends. for this interlude, each of you will need to revert to your regular Saturday PCs. I will let you know when the interlude begins.))
11:40 (416) Tian Keth: "Garret, Heli Cale and I have been traveling together for a long time. We have a rutine we follow and for strangers to join us they must fit in that rutine or they may get us all killed. That is why you must follow my order, I do not throw orders around for no reason. I dont enjoy it, but I do it to keep us as safe as posible"
11:41 Calehan: "Example, when I say duck, it's best to duck."
11:41 (415) Gabrielle: " Do they order you around as well?"
11:41 (416) Tian Keth: "Yes"
11:42 (415) Gabrielle: " Uh huh."
11:43 (415) Gabrielle: " So there is an evil altar here,and you say do not harm it and I am supposed to listen?"
11:43 (418) Garret: "Case in point, we're ordering him to put away his sword and relax before he regrets it."
11:43 Helisandra: "When I told Tian to hold back while I checked out an area for traps, he does. And when he tells me of danger, I listen. We all have our strengths, areas where we excell. Listening to each other is what allows us to work as a team."
11:43 (416) Tian Keth: "Both Garret and Heli have given me orders since this started and so far I have headed them by stoping to talk"
11:43 (415) Gabrielle: " And yet here he stands with his sword in hand."
11:44 T'a K'shet: "T'a wishes to point out that Garret, Helisandra and Tian have all travelled together for some time. There is a trust there that has not formed with yourself, Ian, or T'a"
11:44 DM: ((clarification. I mean, you will need to switch to the version of Tian, Garret, Calehan, etc. prior to stepping into the Focus. I realize that Daelan and T'a did not exist yet, so therefore, they will not be present when the interlude takes place.))
11:45 Helisandra: "In the case of the alter, I believe Tian was in error there. Now Tian - as we have said, everyone has their speciality. Ian's is fighting pure evil."
11:45 Helisandra: "So, maybe we should have listened better to his suggestion about what to do with the alter."
11:46 DM: ((erp I mean T'a did not exist yet. Daelan will be present.))
11:46 T'a K'shet: "And he is correct, it was likely the inhabitants of this place likely knew of all's presence the second all first entered. One does not create such a structure then leave it without any sort of alarm"
11:46 ** Tian Keth lowers his sword **
11:46 (415) Gabrielle: " Altars are how a place or good or evil gather strength,destroying them weakens them,not alot but knock out a few altars and you can weaken them greatly."
11:47 Helisandra: "So for that Ian, I will appologize for not listening to you on that. I assure you we will listen better in the future, right Tian?"
11:48 (415) Gabrielle: " Not a problem Helisandra,I did not expect those not of the faith to understand the strengths of altars."
11:48 Helisandra: "And Ian, will you try to watch what you say to Tian? You both have very different backgrounds so a meaningless comment from you can very easily mean something to him."
11:48 (416) Tian Keth: "I still think it should have been left alone for the time, but as it has not caused any greater danger and he only injured himself I will apologize."
11:48 (415) Gabrielle: " Very well Helisandra."
11:49 (416) Tian Keth: "I am sorry Ian for ordering you not to destroy something that so insults everything you belive in."
11:49 ** (418) Garret eases up from his stance, yet leaves his hand resting on his hilt **
11:49 Helisandra: "Thank you both." She visibly relaxes her stance. "Now, can we plase move on and concentrate on kicking the lich's ass instead of each other's?" She lets a slight smile creep forward as she asks.
11:50 (415) Gabrielle: " If my comments have caused an insult to you Tian,I appologize,but you must remember I speak my mind just as you do,and honesty can be brutal at times."
11:51 ** Tian Keth nods to Heli. "Lead on." **
11:51 (418) Garret: :speaks semi-sarcastically: "Well, hooray for mutual fanaticism."
11:52 ** (415) Gabrielle looks down that stairway. **
11:52 ** Helisandra moves on to the staircase, glancing at everyone one last time to make sure things have calmed down before moving to the stairs and examining them. **
11:54 ** Calehan waits for everyone else to be out of the way then flips over over the side and drops nimbly down into the clear area. **
11:54 DM: There is a small landing past the door in the pit that leads to a steep staircase (about 100') descending to another small landing before turning west and descending another flight of stairs. The second staircase leads to another corridor, in which can be seen a closed stone door on the left wall.
11:55 ** Helisandra starts making her way down checking for hidden traps. "Stay off the stairs until I finish them, just to make sure, ok?" **
11:57 (415) Gabrielle: " Well if we come to a mist covered doorway again,someone else can enter first this time."
11:57 ** Tian Keth stays a few paces behind Heli keeping his nose and ears on the look out for danger **
11:57 (418) Garret: :to Ian: "Why? next one might turn you back."
11:58 ** Helisandra stops on the landing after the first set of stairs. **
11:58 ** (418) Garret waits until Heli finished searching a flight of stairs before following down. **
11:58 DM: ((ok, stop here))
11:59 Helisandra: "Looks like yet another hidden door." she says sa she runs her hand along the wall, looking for a way to open the secret door she found.
11:59 Helisandra: (( ahh, we started tonight with an open secret door, I was hoping we could end it opening another secret door. :P ))
11:59 DM: ((again, for this interlude, Jarvis will not be present as he did not enter the game until a later point. everyone else will need to revert to their version of Tian, Garret, etc. at 9th level. Daelan will be present.))
12:00 DM: **begin interlude**
12:00 (446) TaliesinNYC: Vale of Yvvivor: (76) Calehan: Look at the door, Garret.
(77) Garret: "Well... that's a door."
Tian Keth: "A floating one at that"
Helisandra: "Yeah, kind of at least..."
(77) Garret: "Wonder if it does any other tricks."
(76) DM: After a moment, the word Ery'hiln forms within the door.
(76) Calehan: Speak the name, Garret.
(77) Garret: "Hmm.." :glances back to Cale, befor turning back to the door: "Ery'hiln."
** Helisandra keeps silent, watching the magic and letting the others deal with things as she keeps her eyes out for any visitors, in case they don't quite make it before their electrical friends arrive. **
(76) DM: A long, blank-walled corridor appears before you. It appears to stretch away from you 100', and at its end is another doorway filled with gray mist.
** Tian Keth looks to Cale "We enter now?" **
(77) Garret: "I suppose that's what doors are for."
** (76) Calehan nods **
** (77) Garret moves to the gate, picking up a stone alone the way, which he tosses into the hall beyond in precaution **
** Helisandra follows Garret, keeping a close eye on things ahead of them as they walk, hoping she will notice any surprises before it's too late. **
(76) DM: The stone disappears down the corridor.
(76) DM: As you enter the corridor, you find that you exited through the far corridor simultaneously....and....

12:01 (416) Tian Keth: (( hope this does not involve combat since I dont have Tians node from when he was 9th level I dont think ))
12:01 ** DM whistles. :) **
12:01 Helisandra: (( I got Heli's. I kept it, just in case... ))
12:01 Calehan: ((I've got mine, as the DM must have suspected))
12:03 Drenla: This is a place born of old, ancient magicka when the world was young and Men were not yet within the world as they are now. (is awed)
12:03 (418) Garret: "So... it's old then." :looks around suspiciously:
12:03 Drenla: I expect that when you leave here, things will be greatly changed for you. In what ways, I do not know nor can I dream of them.
12:05 (415) Daelan: " To bad they can not as they are now."
12:05 (418) Garret: "I'm not gonna sprout big ears and a tail or anything, I hope."
12:05 ** Helisandra simply stares, unsure of what to think. **
12:06 ** Tian Keth looks around place searching for anything that may pose a threat **
12:06 Etienne d'Amberville: Mais oui, yes you will be greatly changed. This place stands in between worlds and apart from the world that you know.
12:07 (418) Garret: :stares coldly to the newcomer: "Change hoow?"
12:07 DM: The image of an ancient, elderly human in amber colored robes appears in your midst. The image wavers in and out of reality, as if something is not quite there or as if the spell has difficulty maintaining itself.
12:07 DM: He seems familiar.
12:08 (416) Tian Keth: "Who are you?"
12:08 (415) Daelan: " Well this would be a nice place to go when we Quessir cross over,a place with no Edan."
12:08 Calehan: "Illusions can't be maintained in here, you should know."
12:09 Etienne d'Amberville: You yourselves do not remember it, but you are changed from your original selves. It is the nature of a Focus to alter that which enters it should one be enhanced with magicka. That a Focus would strip one of magicka is a false rumor spread by those who are not well-versed in the Art.
12:09 (415) Daelan: " I am not changed."
12:09 Etienne d'Amberville: You know me but do not remember. Quite simply, I am a friend. (smiles warmly)
12:09 Helisandra: "Our original selves?"
12:10 Etienne d'Amberville: Not now you are, Quessir, but you will be when you leave this place.
12:10 (418) Garret: :to Dael: "Well.. have you always had that red bump on your forehead?"
12:10 (416) Tian Keth: Spot Skill Check: [1d20+33] -> [19,33] = (52)
12:10 ** (415) Daelan reaches over and pinches Calehan hard on the arm. **
12:10 ** Calehan yelps, "What was that for?" **
12:10 (415) Daelan: " Making sure you are not an illusion."
12:11 (418) Garret: :to Ettienne: "Once more, how will we be changed?"
12:11 (415) Daelan: " Changed,how am I going to change? Am I going to like the Edan now?"
12:11 Calehan: "I just said, didn't I? As he explained magicka is altered in here."
12:11 Helisandra: "Wait, does this have something to do with the other selves that Mnemone mentioned?"
12:12 (415) Daelan: " Or worse yet,will I become one?"
12:12 Etienne d'Amberville: Once you leave here, you shall be increased in power....but this is a temporary change, as what is given freely can be taken away. Such is the whim of the gods. (shrugs) In the meantime, I would use the power granted to you to accomplish certain tasks which are beyond your ken.
12:12 ** Tian Keth shrugs not caring about changes **
12:13 Etienne d'Amberville: As for you, Quessir, you will become what you are not. (smiles gently)
12:13 (418) Garret: "Civilized?"
12:13 ** Tian Keth laughs **
12:13 (415) Daelan: " Do any of you give a direct answer? Or is it always cryptic with you?"
12:13 (418) Garret: "Emotionally stable?"
12:14 Calehan: "So cryptic, you must be a wizard."
12:14 Helisandra: "I think this is the way it's always worked Daelan. As annoying as it is, it seems familiar."
12:14 Etienne d'Amberville: Oui. (winks at Calehan)
12:14 ** Drenla simply stares at Etienne. **
12:14 ** (418) Garret looks around a moment before inquiring further, "May I ask, what tasks it is you have in mind for us?" **
12:15 (415) Daelan: " Uh uh there is no us,I am here for one reason only,to kill Almeena."
12:15 Etienne d'Amberville: You already know. (smiles gently) You already know what they are.
12:16 (454) Halcyon Faeris (enter): 00:16
12:16 Helisandra: "The Swords?"
12:16 (418) Garret: "Then I must have forgotten."
12:16 (454) Halcyon Faeris (exit): 00:16
12:17 Etienne d'Amberville: That is one of those tasks. There are others.
12:17 (416) Tian Keth: "A crown of truth and of courage, An orb of drakes unbidden and unbroken, A shield created with love and with passion, A blade of light and of shadow. The blade is known as Darkmoon"
12:17 Etienne d'Amberville: Yes, you remember. Bits and pieces though.
12:18 Etienne d'Amberville: It is not for me to repeat what you know. I am forbidden by the laws which mark me as a mage.
12:18 (415) Daelan: " The swords of old,pfft,giving them a sword of old to an Edan is like giving a bow to a child,they can not understand the power behind it."
12:18 (416) Tian Keth: "We came here, if I remember correctly as part of some other prophacy about the coming of a new king that we learned about when we were investigating Darkmoon"
12:19 Calehan: "Something about an undying tyrant. Bit and pieces is about right."
12:19 ** Etienne d'Amberville merely smiles on hearing Daelan. "In time, you will learn that many of the truths you were taught as a child are...different." **
12:20 (416) Tian Keth: "I cant seem to remember what is was we were after in this place though, something to do with music. So if this apperition is done talking of inevitable change maybe we should look for what ever it is we came here for?"
12:20 (415) Daelan: " Yes and many will be the same."
12:20 (418) Garret: "Are you going to give us any actual information, or just pick at our supposed memories, effectively turning this into and exaggerated meet and greet?"
12:21 ** Elamurix Celendil clutches his head and stumbles against a wall in the corridor. "I think I need a moment to catch myself." **
12:21 ** (415) Daelan laughs at Garrets comment **
12:21 ** Helisandra moves over to Elamurix. "Are you ok?" **
12:21 (415) Daelan: " Well nice to see that others have the same feelings as I do."
12:22 Etienne d'Amberville: I have already given you information, my child. This will be the first meeting of five. The spell that holds me to this plane is weakening. We will meet again.
12:22 DM: **end interlude**
12:22 (418) Garret: :nods to Dael: "Aye, take us in and don't even have punch and pie to serve." :looks to see how Elamurix is:
12:23 (418) Garret: ((Fun session))
12:23 (446) TaliesinNYC: and on that note, we'll stop
12:24 (404) Zane: Sounds like a plan. Damrosil next week, yes?
12:24 (446) TaliesinNYC: yes

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